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Jul 20, 2017

Chapter 10 - Beg and heart apology (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

“Is everything okay?” she asked him softly.

“Yeah.. I’m calm now..” he said breathing normally.

“Ok then.. I’m going to finish cleaning the room..” she got up from the bench.

Arnav stare at her going for some time, before he called her name “Khushi”

Khushi turned to him, and raised her brows gesturing for him to speak up.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone yesterday.. “ he said with guilt on his eyes. Khushi walked back to him and sat with him on the bench.

“I shouldn’t have blamed you before knowing the truth..” she said.

Arnav placed his palms on his chest near his heart, and Khushi joined her hands like praying with a cute puppy face.

“What the.. what is she doing now? Am I God that she is praying to me?” Arnav raised his one eye brow confused.

“First sneezing, then coughing, hey DM is he going to get an heart attack now?” she thought making weird faces at him.

“You want to go to Mandir?”/“You want to go to hospital?” both asked to each other at the same time.

“Me and hospital. Why?” he frowned.

“Then me and Mandir, why?” she also asked him.

“You’re praying right!!” he pointed to her joined hands.

“What? And you’re having a heart attack right?” she asked angry thinking that he was making fun of her.

“No man.. I’m saying sorry to you! It’s a sign language if you don’t know” he replied irritated.

“I am also saying sorry to you” she fumed in anger.

“Can’t you say it aloud?? Or your big fat ego doesn’t let you?” he asked.

“Arnav I’m begging you to forgive me. Is there any greater way to say sorry?” she asked in disbelief.

“And I’m saying sorry to you by heart. Is there any greater way to say sorry also??” he replied sarcastically.

“Just stay with your heart by sorry!! I don’t want..” she pouted and went from there.

“As if I want you begging sorry..” he looked away “You shouldn’t have said sorry to her Arnav, first person in your life you said sorry and she returned back to you..”


Restaurant XYZ.

“Gosh I just don’t believe this.” Payal rolled her eyes staring at her husband who sat on another table and hid his face with the menu card.

“So Payal how’s life now?” her friend asked her.

“Very bad yaar! I have a husband who keeps following me now, who knows he is hiding here somewhere in another table watching me chat with you guys..” Payal said it loud enough for him to hear.

“What the.. Payal I’m following you?” Akash appeared in front of them with a frown on his face.

“Payal you were right!!” her friends said with Akash sudden appearance.   

Payal shook her head in disbelief and pulled Akash away from there.

“What are you doing here?” she asked clearly angry with him.

“I came here to see what you’re doing! If there isn’t any man behind this sudden change of yours” he replied frustrated.

“Ohh now you care!! I must say Akash, I really got a disgusting husband like you and I’m repenting it now badly. You don’t even trust me. Did you saw my friends? Are you happy now?” she asked him sarcastically.

He raised his hand to slap her, but Payal held his hand “Don’t do this mistake! You will pay badly for it..”

“You’re not that Payal I know..” he said sighing to make her feel guilty.

“When you’re not the same Akash, why should I stay the same?” she asked him with moist eyes, but quickly composed herself because she can’t fall weak this time.


“Oh God! My bones are broken today.. Anjali bitiya just give some massage please..” Mami sat on the living room exhausted.

“Mamiii even I’m tired now..” Anjali said making faces.

“Di she is elder to you. Respect her words” Arnav said, then looked back at the television.

Anjali sighed frustrated, what’s wrong with her Chote? He is making her work today, and didn’t even say a word against.

But since she knew he was angry, she thought obeying his words would calm him and make him forgive her soon.

Khushi came and sat with them on sofa, she changed the channel Arnav was watching to some hindi movies.

“Khushi seriously don’t find ways to irritate me” he glared at her snatching the remote from her hands and changed to his channel again.

Khushi pouted and crossed her arms leaning on the sofa, “Are we seriously going to watch this boring news channel. And on top of that they aren’t showing something of our country, why should we give attention to what’s happening in other countries?”

“The hindi movies you want to see aren’t only shot in India, but in their countries also. So it’s important to know what’s happening there so that you inform your favorite actors which place is best and safe for shooting” he teased her.

“Devil..” she glared at him.

After massaging Mami, Anjali went to her room and quickly came back dressed beautifully.

“Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull (the beautiful girl has made me crazy)” Khushi sang loudly for Arnav to shift his attention from television and look at his sister.

Arnav glared at her for singing badly and loud, she eyed to Anjali. Arnav also looked at Anjali and understood what she is saying.

Arnav was like she-can’t-have-a-boyfriend.

Khushi shrugged her shoulders singing “Kya karoon haaye, kuch kuch hota hai (What do I do, Oh, something something happens)”

As soon as Anjali left, Khushi looked at Arnav: Pathi ji let’s go for an ice-cream date..

Mami widened her eyes when Arnav nodded and held Khushi’s hand leaving the mansion fast.

“What’s happening with Arnav bitwa? Ice cream date?” Mami asked shocked.

“He has fallen in love with his wife!! “ Mama replied to her and went to his room.

“No Arnav bitwa can’t fall in love with this nightmare. If this happens, then we finished forever..” Mami thought crying.

HP came running to her, “Ma’am what happened?! Why are you crying? Did sir left you?”

“Go away from here. You wished my husband leaves me na..” she shouted to him angry.



Anjali walked on the roads alone, and Arnav and Khushi were walking behind her.

“Arnav go and buy that newspaper” Khushi told him while looking at Anjali going. 

“Mama brought it in home, you will read there..” he frowned at her.

“Duffer we have to hid our faces na, we need that newspaper. One page hid your face and other page for mine” Khushi punched his shoulders.

“Tell earlier na. I never played a detective before, unlike you who I’m sure used this newspaper to steal gol gappe from the vendors..” he said angry with her.

“Urgh..” Khushi slapped him quickly on his face, she made sure it didn’t hurt him a bit.

“Khushi HOW DARE YOU SLAP ME” he gritted his teeth.

“Hey girl this is domestic violence you know..” a police came running to them and soon they were crowded by people who were like yes she slapped her husband.

“But it was playfully done” Khushi said scared of the police officer.

“What? I saw you slapping him angry. And sir please don’t hesitate, tell us if she beats you. No one will get to know, media and all. I promise she will get her punishment..” the police officer said as soon he recognized ASR.

“What the.. she doesn’t beat me!” he widened his eyes looking at officer, who gave him a pity look like the lion in AR is a scared cat in RM.

“Haan he only likes to torture me” Khushi said blaming Arnav now.

“But we saw her slapping you” everyone said shouting.

Arnav was trying to spot his sister in between all those people blocking their way, he sighed irritated “She wasn’t slapping me dammit.. when her..hmm..I mean.. it’s her..way of romance.. when her hand touches my cheeks it’s like kiss whatever.. “ Arnav said everything that came in his mind.

Everyone just nodded confused, what’s this way of romancing with slaps. Arnav held her hand and took her away from the crowd.

“Why did you told them that?” Khushi was with her open mouth shocked.

“Does it matter? What matters is that we managed to go out na! And see we lost Di from our sight..” Arnav said frustrated.



Thank you: Skalpana, Londoner, Arshi95twilight, Maahiak, Sukanya74, arshigeet, Isabellaallan2108, Cutesowji, Lazydoll: Ajeeb means strange, and her dress wasn't torn, it just revealed a part of her back, not the whole back, Candie, Lily30, Noordina, Khushisingh96. 

(Something like this outfit was Khushi's)

Jul 20, 2017

Chapter 11 - Arnav upset - Khushi tries to make him happy!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

Khushi sigh sadly, "How did she disappear like that?"

"Miss Khushi she didn't disappear okay. We lost her from our views.." Arnav replied to her angry.

"As if it's my fault.." she crossed her arms and looked away shutting her eyes, yes it was her fault only, had she not slapped him and they would be still following Anjali.

"I won't even say anything.." he glared at her.

"Acha okay. It's my fault only. I'm only spoiling your plans. Do what you want now, I won't interfere.." Khushi said and walked back to the mansion.

"Tom is incomplete without Jerry Khushi.." he said and she stopped walking.

"Aww how cute.." she ran to him and clenched his cheeks.

"Let's go now. It's your fault and I'm the one who has to butter you.." Arnav frowned and continued walking.

Khushi stuck her tongue to him and followed him.

"Khushi see Di is there.." Arnav pointed to a place.

"But this is my NGO.." Khushi looked confused "What is Anjali doing here?"

"Do you live here?" he asked her.

"Yes.." she nodded.

"What is Di connection with this place then?" Arnav thought.

And that's when Shyam came out of the NGO and hugged Anjali smiling.

Arnav and Khushi widened their eyes and hid behind a tree.

"I was right.." Khushi said "He is Shyam, he helps our NGO by distributing toys for them every week" Khushi looked at Arnav.

"I know he is Shyam. He is one of Di's friend. But I didn't knew she was dating him.." Arnav said shocked.

"Sachi? Then it's more easy na. He is her friend, then both gradually fell in love. That's it Arnav, we were worried like it's something big and all. And she will tell you, don't worry.. I think they started dating now.." Khushi patted his shoulder.

"That's not the thing Khushi. I wonder how Di accepted to date Shyam because he isn't of the same class as her. And Di doesn't like it. I thought both hate each other for staying in the same group but still with different classes.." Arnav said explaining her.

"Really, but it's possible that she fell in love with him na. Arnav promise me that you won't play a bad here  and forbid her from dating the guy she wants just because she didn't tell you anything.." she looked at him.

"I won't.." he sighed "Let's go, when she feels the need to sharing it with her brother, she will.."


Raizada mansion.

"Payal make coffee for me.." Akash looked at her, who was busy applying cream on her feet.

"Akash my hands are dirty now.." she showed him her hands.

"Go and wash them.." he said irritated.

"I would wash them for you if you deserved it. But since you don't, it's better to ask someone else.." Payal glared at him and continued her job.

"If you start behaving like Khushi, I will throw you out of here.." Akash warned her.

"If you throw me out of here, you will need me the most.." she replied with attitude and proud feeling of herself.

Akash left from the room angrily, and found his mother on the way.

"What happened bitwa? Why are you so red?" Mami asked him with wide eyes.

"We have to do something about this Khushi. She is the problem for all of us.." Akash said clenching his fist.

"You're right! Even me and Anjali bitiya thought to do something.." Mami said whispering in his ear their plans.

Meanwhile, Arnav and Khushi reached back home.

Arnav went directly to his room upset, he closed the door.

Khushi knew that he was upset, since Nani explained her when he gets angry or upset, he goes to his room and stay there alone for hours.

"Di is wrong also, he does everything for them and she can't even share this with him.." Khushi sigh and went to the kitchen.

After sometime Payal joined her in the kitchen.

"Payal what happened?" Khushi smiled at her.

"Nothing!! I'm just too happy you know.. First time I'm feeling like I'm someone important too.." Payal smiled dreamily.

"Aww that's good.." Khushi said.

"What are you doing Khushi?" Payal asked her seeing her cook something.

"I'm making kheer for Arnav.." Khushi said sad, "Anjali made him upset and now he is alone in his room"

"Hmm. Khushi how do you know kheer is his favorite desert?" Payal asked smirking.

"Nani told me.." Khushi said "Do you want? I will serve for you too, but it's sugar free .."

"No, thank you.." Payal smiled "Khushi you know each and every thing about Arnav ji.."

Khushi looked at Payal with the tray in her hand, "Hmm. Nani told me everything. But still I'm figuring it out if he is a good person or a bad one..this is so confusing.." Khushi said shaking her head and left from the kitchen heading to Arnav's room.

She knocked the door, "Arnav open the door.."

"Leave me alone Khushi.." he barked.

"I made Kheer for you Arnav. Open the door.." Khushi said frowning.

Arnav was surprised with this girl, she knows everything about him. He opened the door for her and Khushi quickly came inside.

"What else do you know about me?" he raised his one eyebrow and snatched the bowl of kheer from her hand.

As soon as he tasted the kheer, it reminded him of his mother and Nani. He gulped it with moist eyes and completely switched himself off the real world. Leaving his wife blabbering what she knows about him.


"Mumma I loveeee kheer.." little four years old Arnav hugged his mother resting his head on the crock of her neck after ending his favorite food.

"Arnav beta tell me who makes better kheer? Me or your mumma?" Nani asked him tickling him on his belly laughing.

"Both.." he smiled cheekily.

"And we both love you baba.." his mother and Nani said smiling. And he placed wet kisses on his mother's cheeks.

"Mumma.." he called her cutely when she left him to attend the kitchen works.

Ratna came back running to him, "What happened to my baby?"

He quickly hugged her with moist eyes and then rejected to come out of her embrace. Later Mami and Nani had to work in the kitchen, because little Arnav didn't want to leave his mother.

Flashback ends..

"Arnav are you listening to me?" she shook him.

"Hmm.." Arnav said coming back to earth, he sat on the bed relishing his favorite.

"Hmm what? Tell me what did I say?" Khushi sat beside him raising her brows suspiciously.

"Even if I didn't hear you, I would answer it correctly because it's about me only fool!!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi shook her head and sat quietly playing with her fingers, while Arnav finished his kheer.

"I want more.." he said.

Khushi smiled faintly and took his bowl to serve more for him.

Arnav waited for until she came back with kheer again for him.

"Do you like my kheer that much?" she asked him.

"Nahin, it's so horrible that I asked for one more.." he replied sarcastically.

Khushi pouted and looked away.

"It's delicious Khushi. It reminded me of my mumma and Nani.." he sighed telling her the truth he wanted to share with her but was hesitating and she wanted to hear from him.

Khushi clapped her hands like a kid who got an ice cream as an award for doing something good, "Sachiii! I'm so happy you liked it.."

"Should I gift you a princess doll Khushi?" Arnav teased her smirking.


Mama's room:

"So what's the plan?" Arnav asked his team.

"Your family will change gradually na. Plans aren't going to work.." Khushi put her hands on hips.

"And you want us to keep waiting for years and years till they change?" Arnav glared at her.

"If you know a better plan tell us.." Khushi said showing her tongue to him like a kid.

Arnav let out a chuckle staring at her face, instead of becoming angry.

Mama and Payal looked at him surprised.

He immediately put his ASR expression and said "I will handle Akash at office, means I will let him come early to home so that he starts spending time with his family. And about Di I will..(he cleared his throat and Khushi smirked) stop pampering her. Then Mami can be handle by Khushi, Payal and Mama"  Arnav said resuming his work.

"Ok! Payal you will handle Mami and Akash. Means making Akash a good husband and trying to build a healthy relationship with Mami. But remember never fall weak, if they fight with you, you should fight back only then they will learn your importance.." Khushi said.

"And Mama you will handle your wife. Show her the things where she goes wrong.. Well.. She is always wrong by the way.." Arnav said giving a task to his mama.

"And Khushi you will make sure everyone has a hard time here.." Arnav said giving her task, which he knows that she is the best at giving people lessons.

"Including you too na.." she said smiling and blinking her eyes.

"Of course I'm included, after all I will spend my whole life with a nightmare like you. Their punishment will end, my will continue till I die.." he replied.

Payal and Mama laughed out loudly.

Khushi slapped his lips with moist eyes, "Don't talk about death.."





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Chapter 12 - Arnav behaving like a good husband! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)


While Arnav left to his office at night for an urgent meeting.

Khushi stayed at home with Mami, Payal, Akash, and Mama.

Mami was massaging Payal's head as usual making her faces.

"But why are you making such faces Mami? This has become your daily routine na.." Khushi chuckled at her face.

"And Manorama tomorrow you will go with me to the market. HP's wife is sick so tomorrow he will come late.." Mama added.

Mami widened her eyes, "Me and market? No way!!"

"Yes way!! (eying to Anjali who just reached now) take Anjali with you also.." Khushi said.

"Payal will go and that's final.." Akash glared at Khushi.

"I'm not going Akash! I have to go to my house tomorrow.." Payal looked at him smirking.

"And why?" he looked at her confused.

"I'm going to spend time with my family for five days. Rahul is coming there also.." Payal said and returned to her phone.

"Let her go Akash. Otherwise she knows how to run away from here.." Khushi joked laughing with Payal.

Akash looked at Mami, Mami gave him a be-calm look.

He went to his room frustrated, Payal will spend five days with her childhood friend, he was burning in jealousy now. His wife was close to her friend, they share a lovely bond which is intolerable for him.



The meeting with Ranawat Khanna came to an end. He specially came from Paris, to meet ASR and to his luck Arnav accepted to work with him in his next fashion show.

To celebrate this good news, Arnav was invited to dinner with him and his team.

"It's quite late no Mr.Khanna.." Arnav said with a polite smile.

"Ohh young boy please accept my invitation. We never know when we will get you free.." Ranawat side hugged him laughing.

"Accept it ASR.." his daughter, Preeta smiled charmingly at him.

"That Jerry must be waiting for me.." Arnav thought and plastered a smile on his face to both father-daughter.


"Khushi I'm going to office. An urgent meeting.." Arnav said grabbing the car keys on their room.

"So late!! Is this a real meeting or fake one?" Khushi raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

"Don't worry, girls don't come near me since they got to know in that party that I have a Jhansi ki Rani type of wife!" Arnav smirked.

Khushi rolled her eyes, "And boys will never come to me, because I've got a beast type of husband.."

Arnav shook his head, "Listen I'm tired of eating the tasteless food made by Mami and Di. You could cook something for me when I return.."

Khushi: I just made kheer for you. Don't think I'm your chef now. You will get to eat what is made here only.

Arnav glared at her and went from there.

Flashback ends.

"Alright! Let's go.." Arnav said.

"Great. I asked our chef to make some delicious Italian food for you.." Preeta said  and the three with the rest of the team walked out of AR and went to their mansion.

"ASR did you like our mansion here in Mumbai?" Ranawat said and guided Arnav inside.

"Yeah.. Nice one.." Arnav said appreciating the decorations inside, and he didn't fail to notice a small yet well treated and decorated with lights garden.

"ASR would you like to drink something?" Ranawat asked him and at the same time his phone rang.

Arnav looked at the caller Id surprised, "Excuse me.." he said and walked to a corner.

"Hi Jerry.." he smirked.

"Hi Tom!! Where are you? I'm waiting for you since so long! I'm falling asleep now you know.. Come fast na.. I'm very hungry now.. I will attack my food if you don't come back in time.." Khushi said everything in one go.

"What the..why didn't you eat then?" Arnav asked.

"I'm waiting for you Arnav! Didn't you told me to cook for you today?" Khushi frowned.

"And you cooked for me?" he asked and hit his forehead for his stupidity. He thought she wouldn't but how could he forget she is Khushi! He looked back at the table where Ranawat was waiting for him on the table and the servant ready to serve them, then turned back to his position and thought how could he afford to lose Khushi's handmade food after he tasted her kheer today!!

"Of course! Where are you?" Khushi asked annoyed.

"ASR leave your phone for a while. Let's have dinner.." Preeta shouted to him waiting on the table.

Arnav shut his eyes tightly.

"Ohh so you are going to have dinner somewhere else with your new girlfriend! Good.. Next time don't make waste time to cook for you and make a fool out of myself.." she said gritting her teeth and he could feel she was hurt too.

"Khushi.." he tried to speak but she cut the call on his face.

Arnav went near Ranawat and his daughter, "I'm sorry Mr.Khanna but I have to go!"

"Why?" both asked disappointed.

"Why! Because she is mad at me and I have to go.." Arnav said walking towards the exit door.

"She??" they shouted to him with confused faces.

"My Jhansi ki Rani wife.." Arnav shouted back.

And both smiled.


Arnav walked inside his mansion and found all lights switched off, "Did she slept now?"

He went directly to his room and opened the door, there he found her sleeping on the recliner. Khushi turned to other side pouting.

"So you're awake?" he asked standing near her.

"Nahin I'm sleeping, that's why I opened my eyes.." she replied sarcastically at him.

"I left the dinner with my new girlfriend. Shall we eat now?" Arnav said.

Khushi jumped from the recliner, "You left her for me?!"

"No, for your delicious dishes.." he said smirking and walked outside the room heading towards the kitchen with Khushi.

Khushi frowned and followed him.

"Didn't your girlfriend got hurt?" she asked him while he pushed the chair aside to her.

"Yeah but I told her it's okay. She will not have her dinner one day, it will help her to stay more fit and you will have dinner today, tomorrow you will wake up like a ball.." Arnav teased her serving first for her then him.

Khushi pouted and punched his shoulders, "I'm not going to be fat okay.."

"You will Khushi..let me show you how you will look like.." Arnav smirked and took his phone out of his pocket and showed it to her.

"Urgh concentrate on your food.." Khushi was left with open mouth looking at him who was enjoying pulling her legs.


Anjali's room:

"Oh god.. oh god.. Chote has come back Shyam" Anjali looked at him frightened! 

"So let's tell him about us Anjuuu.." Shyam shrugged his shoulders, not understanding why does she wants to hide about them from her brother. 

"Shup. Are you mad? Chote will never accept you, because you're middle class man.. you know that I already explained you the same" Anjali sat with him on the bed worried. 

"I have an idea, let's tell this to Khushi. She knows me a little and will help me go out of here without being noticed by Arnav" Shyam smiled. 

"What no!!! If she gets to know this she will purposely tell to Chote everything so that he scolds me and she fulfills Nani's last wishes. And about her I already planned something with Mami and Akash.." Anjali smirked. 

"What??" Shyam shook his head. 


"Tasty Jerry.." Arnav smirked at her, who was stuffing everything in her mouth, she was really hungry!! 

"I know!!" she replied glancing at him "Better than any food your GF would offer you.." 

"Yeah wow-man.." he nodded.

Khushi laughed out loudly, "You still remember that!! Wow-man"

Arnav stare at her laughing.

Rabba vee... Rabbe vee..

"Damn.." Arnav looked around him as the lights went off. 

"Ahhhhhhhh..." Khushi shouted scared of darkness. 


"This is the right time Shyam.. Lights also went off to help us.. Let's gooo.." Anjali pulled him out of the room praying to not be caught by her brother. 

Thank you: Noordina, Khushisingh96, Isabellaallan2108, Arshi95twilight, Londoner, arshigeet, Candie, skalpana, Lazydoll, Lily30, Prachi21.

Jul 23, 2017

Chapter 13 - Arnav save Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

The light coming from his phone helped both come out from the kitchen.

"DM raksha karna.." Khushi mumbled alone clutching his shirt from behind.

Arnav was like what-the! But still he decided to ignore her craziness for a while.

Both ascended the stairs heading to their room.

Khushi clutched Arnav's shirt more, "I'm scared. I will fall off the stairs.."

"First of all Khushi leave my shirt, because you're going to tear it, and second I won't let you fall.." he glared at her.

"Acha tik hai.." she clutched his shirt and wiped the small tears in her eyes.

"Khushi it's my favorite shirt man.." he shifted the light from his phone from the stairs to her face, "Alright I will buy another shirt Jerry.." he said it after seeing her cry.


A vase broke down grabbing attention of Arnav and Khushi.

"Bhoot again.." Khushi cried clutching his shirt pulling Arnav backwards as he was going to the place the sound was coming from.

"Thief again.." he glared at her.

After some seconds, both looked at each other with wide eyes realizing who it might be now.

"Di/ Anjali!!" they whispered at the same time.

Arnav: Wait here Khushi..

Khushi looked at him going annoyed, she is scared of darkness and he is leaving her alone!

Arnav walked silently around the corridor trying to spot his Di..

Akash and Mami walked out of their rooms and decided to implement their plan now itself.

"This is the right time to make that Khushi fall off the stairs. Now everyone will blame the darkness only.." Mami smirked evilly.

Akash nodded, "Go and set to work.." 

Mami went from there and switched on the torch, she went near Khushi and stood behind her.

"Khushiiii.." Mami whispered in a scary voice.

Khushi jumped from the place she was standing scared, she immediately shouted: Bhoooottt (ghost) saveeee mee... Arnav...

Arnav who was about to catch Anjali and Shyam that were hiding behind a pillar, turned back, "Khushi.." he whispered her name and walked fast to reach her.

Khushi turned behind shivering, and screamed more after seeing Mami with a face pack smiling like a ghost.

She walked backwards not realizing she is going to fall off the stairs.

Mami was praying for her to walk more smiling, "Go..go..go.. Don't stop.." she prayed looking at Khushi.

Akash also watching the scene behind a pillar smiled.

Anjali and Shyam were also seeing that Khushi is going to fall off the stairs, from another pillar different from Akash.

Shyam looked at Anjali shocked: Was this your plan Anju? You have lost it..

Anjali frowned: What? She will have a small accident only and after that will stay in bed only and we will be able to live our lifes normally like we used to.

Shyam shook his head: You don't know what you're saying! It will not be a small accident okay! It will be a big one, she can even stay in coma or die because of your stupid ideas.

Shyam pushed her and went running to save Khushi.

Khushi took the last step backwards and was about to fall off the stairs but he caught her hand at the right time and pulled her back to him.

She held his arms trying to balance herself, and both looked into each other's eyes. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

She hugged him, her heart was beating abnormally, she closed her eyes resting on his shoulder clutching his shirt tightly.

Arnav knew she was shocked and numb, he didn't ask anything only caressed her back trying to calm her down.

"Thank God.." Shyam said sighing in relief but didn't realize he brought trouble for himself as the lights came on.

Arnav eyed to him, "What are you doing here?"

Mami clutched her sari scared of the consequences now.

Akash came running there to save his mother, "What happened bhai?"

Khushi broke the hug with Arnav, and pointed to Mami: She scared me!!

Mami widened her eyes: Me?? What have I done Khushi? I was just asking you what are doing here!

Khushi pouted, Arnav: What is this on your face mami? Of course she would get scared seeing your face in darkness.

Khushi nodded wiping her tears with her both hands.

"And I asked you, what are you doing here?" he looked again at Shyam.

"I.. I came..here to meet Anjali.." Shyam stammered scared of Arnav.

"At this hour?" Arnav pointed to his wrist watch.

"Chote woh.." Anjali came there trembling "I called him to talk about  work!"

"Di don't take me a fool okay. Shyam works in a shop, what work do you have with him?" Arnav gritted his teeth and walked near her.

"If you don't want to tell me, at least don't lie. Because you know very well I hate when someone lies to me, specially when it's someone close to me.." he looked intensely in her eyes.

"He..is.." Anjali stepped back in fear.

"Boyfriend.. Tell your brother na Anjali.." Khushi said annoyed of waiting too much for a simple thing.

Shyam squeezed her hand gently, Anjali: Haan Chote, he is my boyfriend!! I didn't tell you because..

Before she could complete Arnav went from there taking Khushi with him by holding her hand.

Anjali gulped: Chote is angry with me now.

Shyam: Why do you lie to him then? Anjali I really don't understand you. And please for God sake you three stop planning against that girl. She is only fulfilling the wishes of your own Nani!

Akash and Mami rolled their eyes sarcastically.

Anjali: Shyam go to your home now. It's getting late..

Shyam nodded and went from there.

Mami: What the hell is this boy think of himself? Couldn't you get another one Anjali? He is busy supporting Khushi instead of us.

Anjali frowned: Haan I don't know why he likes to be good good man all the time!! If today Chote caught us then it's because of him only.


Arshi room:

"I told you don't eat much Jerry. See today you couldn't even balance yourself and would fall off the stairs like a ball if I didn't reached on time.." Arnav smirked.

"Ha ha ha very funny Mr.Tom!" Khushi laughed sarcastically.

"See my shirt got wrinkles because of you.." he scolded her and went to the bathroom to change his clothes.

Khushi smiled at him going, "Thank you for saving my life Arnav.." she whispered and leaned on the recliner.



Payal was packing her things to pass few days in her parents home.

Akash came out of the bathroom and hugged her from behind, kissing her hair.

Payal found it strange, he and romancing these days, yet she felt good. It's a sign that he is thinking about her nowadays.

"Payal don't go.." he whispered in her ear.

"Sorry Akash! I just confirmed with ma that I'm going.." she smile turning to his side.

"But.." he tried to say something but was too late, she already picked her bag and went downstairs looking gorgeous!

Downstairs, Anjali specially prepared breakfast for her brother to calm him.

She waited for him to come downstairs eagerly with Mami who took care of making the table perfectly. They don't want to witness an angry Arnav today.

Khushi clapped her hands astonished, "Are wah Angry Raizada makes everyone dance on his tunes. If I knew this formula before, I would surely use this to make them do what I want.."

Mama came back home with newspaper on his hands, he couched trying to control his laughter.

Khushi asked him what happened and he started narrating to her.


"God please save me from Arnav bitwa anger.. I don't want to face him as rakshas tomorrow.. You know I didn't push Khushi off the stairs.. My face packwa did that.. Punish my face packwa..not me.. Please.. Tomorrow I will do everything Arnav bitwa likes.. I will make the table and breakfast for him on time.. I will.. I promise.. Just don't make him discover I did that to Khushi.. Please.." Mami mumbled sweating on her sleep.

Mama looked at her confused, "Manorama what happened? What are you mumbling to yourself? Have you gone nuts?"

Still she didn't respond to him, instead held her ears in her sleep, "I'm sorry Hitler Singh Raizada.."

Mama laughed out loudly and slapped her cheeks lightly, "Manorama wake up from your nightmare.."

Flashback ends.

"Hahaaha.. Hitler Singh Raizada.." Khushi laughed and went running to her room to tease Arnav.

"Huh! Where is he? He was here now only.." Khushi thought rubbing her chin.

She went out of the room and found HP mumbling alone something..

"HP did you saw Arnav?" she asked him.

"Malik is in ironing his clothes.." HP said with a surprised tone.

"Acha.." Khushi whispered with a surprised smile also, she went to the room and opened the door.

And she found the most cute scene ever for her, Arnav ironing is shirt alone like a good boy and OP trying to make him leave all that.

OP: Malik I will do it, please leave it Malik.. Did I do something wrong? Please don't fire me.. I will iron your clothes..let me..

Arnav glared at him: OP just disappear from here like HP did. You're more stubborn than him..

OP cried: Malik please.. Don't work.. I'm here.. I will do it.. This is my job Malik..

Arnav glanced at him: Are you iron man that this is your job only? OP just go!

OP went from there and Khushi walked inside the room.

"Good boy. I like it.." she crossed her arms smiling.

"Good morning for you too.." he replied sarcastically.

Khushi: Arnav you're too good yaar.. Not more than me.. But you just did magic to Mami and Anjali. You need to see them downstairs, they are cooking for you and all to calm you down.

Arnav frowned: What the..

Khushi: Are you angry with Anjali?

Arnav: No..

Khushi nodded and stood there silently.

"How would you feel if you were in my place Khushi? I took care of her like my little sister and what I got in return is discover her with a boyfriend in our house like that! And she didn't even look into my eyes to tell the truth, she lied to me in my face Khushi. If not angry, what would I be?" Arnav looked at her in her eyes unknowingly he touched the iron with his hand.

"Ouch.." he hissed in pain looking at his hand.

Khushi ran to him and held his hand, Arnav winced and withdrew his hand from her.

She looked at him worried and made him sit on a chair.

"Wait.. I'll bring first aid box.." she said it running outside the room and returned in seconds back to him.

She applied ointment on his hand slowly, Arnav hissed: Leave it dammit.. 

Khushi blows air softly on his hand, "Shh.. it will hurt it a bit na.." she scolded him in a soft tone. 

"It's already hurting a lot.." he said hinting at Anjali. 


Thank you: Malarun, Noordina, Maahiak, Londoner, sujesan61, Arshi95twilight, Jelebigirl, Spriya, Isabellaallan2108, arshigeet, Asyaarshi, Prachi21, Lazydoll, Candie, Lily30. 

Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 14 - Khushi hurt, Akash jealous (By Angel23) (Thanked: 122 times)


"So Anjali hid from you her boyfriend?" Karan asked confused with Anjali's behavior.

"Hmm. I really don't know why, I would never refuse if she wanted to date Shyam. Yeah, I would ask Aman to check if he is a good boy or not for her, but never refuse it just like that. And I don't get why is she hiding it from me, because she shares everything with me, then why not this? Am I not a good brother for her? I let her live the way she wanted, even though I knew it was wrong, Nani never accepted it, still I ignored Nani's scoldings and let her do what she wants but still.." Arnav said disappointed.

"Relax Arnav. Now you know it na.." Karan said calmly.

"Yeah. Because of that Jerry.." Arnav said.

"You mean Khushi?" Karan asked laughing.

"Yes, I joined their team to change this family. Everything is going out of control in that family.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Look he is never busy..he must be barking at someone inside there. Let me in.." they heard Khushi shouting.

"My tension has come.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

Karan laughed out loudly, and Arnav opened the door for Khushi.

"Hii.." Khushi waved at him smiling.

"Byeee.." he waved at her sarcastically.

"Laad governor. Instead of thanking me that I applied ointment on your hand, you keep throwing your attitude to me.." Khushi pouted and pushed him gently backwards and made way for her inside the cabin.

Arnav whispered "What the..", Khushi sat on the chair beside Karan.

Khushi: Hi Karan. It's good you're here only. Look what I brought for you both.. Alu matar, chana dal and dessert Kheer!!!

She opened the tiffin showing to them.

"Wow..awesome..thanks bhabhi.." Karan said smiling.

"What the..who told you to bring this here?" Arnav shouted to her.

"You like it na.." Khushi looked at him.

"Yeah.. We like it.." Karan said quickly.

"I would eat something here in the cafeteria, why did you made all this? Listen I don't need you to show me that you care for me or whatever.. I joined the team and had few talks with you that doesn't mean you're close to me or I'm going to accept you as my wife and talk sweet things with you. Whatever happened with you because of Di, I already said sorry but don't think I started liking you, etcetera etcetera..this isn't a movie.. I don't like you and never will accept you as my wife, so stop doing all this as your duty or whatever.." he yelled angry with her.

Khushi stood up with moist eyes, "I don't think of you as my husband also. You aren't worth to be anyone's right man. I only did this for you because I thought we are friends now okay.. Don't think I love you or want to be your wife.." she said furious and walked to leave.

"Was it necessary?" Karan asked him.

"I told you I don't like anyone showing fake care for me.." Arnav frowned and sat on his chair.

Karan: Alright! I will get going now, have a photo shoot with Sania.. Bye..

Arnav nodded and Karan also left.

He glanced at the dishes made by her, and pushed it away. Then continued to work on his laptop.

But the smell of her delicious handmade food wasn't letting him work properly.

He quickly grabbed the tiffin for him and ate the food she made for him. Then tasted her kheer.


Khushi went to her NGO sadly.

"What does he think of himself? Why did I cook for him in the first place? You shouldn't have done that for him Khushi..he just wants an opportunity to show his ego and attitude for you. I thought we would be friends now that he joined our team, but no.. Mr.Grumpy wants to continue our hate relationship!! Why should I beg for him friendship too? Let him stay with his big fat ego.. I will also teach him a lesson.." she complained talking with herself on the garden.

All kids left Madhu's lecture in form of a story and went running to their Didi.

"Didi..Didi.." the kids shouted happily trying to hug her at the same time.

Khushi smiled and spread her arms to hug them.

"Ohh my kids.. Did you miss me??" Khushi asked them.

"Haaaaan" the kids said in unison.

"Didi also missed you all a lot.." Khushi giggled and took some candies from her purse handling them to the kids.

"Khushi you're spoiling their teeth now" Madhu scolded her.

"Aree yaar.. They are kids Ma, if not candies what you expect them to like? Karela?" Khushi sat on the grass with the kids, who were like Didi is right!!

Madhu also sat with them: Let me finish my story please..

Kids made boring face: Nahin..

Khushi laughed: Wait.. Let me tell you my story..

Kids looked at her eager to hear, according to them Khushi tells better stories than Madhu.

Madhu pouted, and looked at Khushi: Go on..

"So the story is about a Princess named Khushi, and a beast name Arnav.. Princess Khushi is doing everything in her hand to change beast's family, but none of them seems to have changed.. Only two of them changed, and they are beast's uncle and sister in law. Now beast also realized his family need to change, that's why he decided to help Princess Khushi. Khushi became very happy thinking that now she would change him into a prince and he would be her friend but no.. Like always he proved to be a beast only.." Khushi end the story with tears in her eyes.

The kids looked at her confused like why is she telling them stories with sad ending.

Madhu looked at Khushi, who went running from there.

Madhu: Kids go inside the NGO, Ma will come to serve lunch to you all..

The kids nodded and went from there running.

Madhu went behind Khushi, she placed her hands on Khushi's shoulders.

Khushi turned to her and hugged her crying.

"I hate him.. I hate him Ma.. He only hurts me, nothing else.." Khushi sobbed "I don't know why for a moment I felt like Nani's words were true..for a moment I wanted to make her wish come true.. But I failed to see he is different from me.. He isn't the one for me.."

"What happened?" Madhu asked patting her back.

Khushi told her everything she did for him and how he received it.

"He is worse than what I thought.." Madhu shook her head.

"Khushi listen to me. You know marriage isn't a child's play bitiya. You know very well that both need to friends, need to trust each other, need to fight for each other, need to care for each other.." Madhu said only to be cut by Khushi.

"I do Ma.. Didn't I cook for him today? Isn't that my care for him? Still he is the one who always shoves me away.." she pouted sobbing.

"Wait Khushi, and last you need to love each other.. Do you love him?" Madhu asked her.

Khushi nodded sideways.

"Then? Khushi this is madness you know.. How will you live with a man for your whole life without loving him? You want to keep fighting with him all day, is this the definition of Marriage according to Nani? I don't want this life for you Khushi.. I don't want.. Have you ever thought about your kids? Do you want to live all your life fighting with your so called husband? And change this family? He doesn't love you Khushi, and he clearly told you that na. What are you doing with him then? This loveless marriage won't take you anywhere! And I want to see my daughter happy wherever she is with a man who can take care of her..are you getting me Khushi?" Madhu scolded her.

Khushi nodded sobbing: What should I do then?

Madhu sighed: Khushi you want to fulfill Nani's last wishes na? Then do it, change his family and unite them. After this, I want you to leave him, give him divorce and continue to live your life normally and get married to a man who you love, not the one who makes you suffer.

Khushi thought for a while, then sighed nodding: I will Ma.. I will leave him after changing his family once and for all. Unfortunately this last wish of Nani, I won't be able to fulfill..

Madhu: Nani last wish is wrong itself Khushi. How can she expect you to live with someone who doesn't love or care for you? This is like sacrificing your life for people who don't even care. Promise me Khushi, that you won't be selfless in this decision. It's your life dear..

Khushi nodded: I promise Ma. This time I will do it for myself without thinking about others..

Madhu pulled her into a tight hug. Khushi smiled feeling relieved after sharing her problems with her mother.


Payal's parents house:

Payal's mother looked at her daughter coming inside with her bag, she smiled when she saw a change in Payal.

"Bitiya come.." she guided her daughter inside the house and made her sit on sofa.

"Ma.. I missed you.." Payal hugged her mother tightly with tears in her eyes.

"Miss? Liar, you don't miss you mother.. After your marriage, it's like you forgot us. No phone calls, no visits.. Your bhai was missing you so much, you know.. And I have so many things to share with you.. I'm so happy you came back.." her mother cried.

"I'm sorry Ma.." Payal held her ears.

"It's okay dear, a mother is never angry with her daughter, you may do billion mistakes, I would still forgive you with a smile on my face" her mother smiled faintly.

"I know Ma.." Payal said.

"Payal you look so beautiful bitiya. Is my son in law behind this look of yours?" Payal's mother teased.

"Nahin Ma.. If I tell you what happened with me, you won't even believe.. Akash isn't the man I fell in love with Ma.. And this change in my look is because of Khushi, Arnav ji's wife.. She is a good girl Ma.." Payal smiled.

"What? Arnav beta got married? How and when?" her mother asked worried "Is everything alright?"

Payal nodded: Till now everything was messed up, now that Khushi came in our lives, everything is going to change for good.

Her mother looked at her: Let's go to your room, I guess you have a lot to share with me!!

Payal giggled, taking the pani puri plate on the table she followed her mother to the room.



"What's wrong Akash?" Aman asked him after seeing Akash was all disturbed during their meeting.

"Nothing!! My wife went to her mother's house and will be spending time with her close friend!! Nothing happened to me.." Akash said frustrated and loosening his tie.

"Woah are you jealous Akash?" Aman smirked.

"What jealous? She is my wife and will never leave me for anyone.. I know Payal loves me a lot.." Akash glared at Aman.

"The question is do you love her? No matter how much she loves you Akash, if you don't love her back, then there will be a day you will find the other side of your bed empty.." Aman said in a warning tone.

"Of course I know.. I love her too.." Akash scoffed "And today bhai scolded me in front of everyone in the meeting! It's just a bad day for me really.."

"But he was talking with you and you were distracted during the presentation, what do you think he would do? Scold you na.." Aman rolled his eyes.

"I know but he didn't need to be that rude! Bhai treats me and Di like his slaves. We also helped him to reach where he is right now.." Akash shrugged his shoulders.

"I treat you all in the same way Akash. Now I can't start pampering you here because you're my brother right? Get this straight, outside we are brother, but inside of AR we share a formal relationship, means I'm the boss and you're my employee. Now it's time to pack up and go to home.." Arnav stood behind them with a stern face.

"Woh..Haan.. I'm sorry bhai.." Akash stammered gulping.

Arnav nodded.

"Bhai I still have some files to check. I will not go now to home.." Akash added when Arnav was going.

Arnav stopped walking and turned to him: Akash go back home! Tomorrow is also a day and you will complete the work.

Akash nodded and went from there with Aman.

Arnav sighed and went to his cabin, packing his things he walked to leave.


Raizada mansion:

Mami leaned on the sofa smilingly, today Anjali is preparing the dinner and Payal isn't there also. So she is free now..

Mama stand with his hands on his hips: Manorama my back is hurting. Come to massage me..

Mami looked at him with big eyes: Ask HP na..

Mama: You're my wife and it's your duty to do this for your husband. If you don't, I will go to police station and tell everyone what kind of wife you're.

Mami pouted and walked with him to their room.

Mama looked back at Khushi, he winked at her, and Khushi showed thumbs up to him.

She then went to Anjali in the kitchen, and sat on the table looking at her.

Khushi: Why did you hid from your brother that you have a boyfriend?

Anjali looked at her: And it seems you did a lot of research on me!

Khushi nodded: I did. But your foolishness revealed your truth. Now tell me why did you hid it from him? Do you know how much it is hurting him?

Anjali rolled her eyes: As if I care!! 

Khushi was left with open mouth: You're very shameless you know. He should be the first one to know you had a boyfriend okay. He is your brother, he does everything for you and this is like you return it to him.

Anjali fumed in anger looking at Khushi: It's my life and my rules. Why should I inform him about everything I do? I'm his elder sister, it's not the opposite. I'm tired of being treated like a child in this house and I know very well what I do or don't. You don't need to preach me okay. Am I not doing what you want? I'm cooking dinner for you all, now please leave me alone, don't come to me with your relationship lectures.

Khushi sighed: When you're in trouble also, don't come to your brother.

Anjali glared at her leaving the kitchen.

Anjali whispered: I wish I could kill you and end your chapter from my life.


Arnav and Akash returned home, and after freshening up, everyone went downstairs to have dinner.

The dinner was a silent one. Khushi and Arnav kept stealing glances at each other secretly.

Anjali was angry in her side, and Akash worried about Payal and her friend. His jealously was increasing every time he tried to message her and she didn't respond to him, which means for him that she is having fun with her friend that she completely forgot about him.

Jul 27, 2017

Chapter 15 - Khushi can't see her husband in trouble! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 124 times)

Khushi opened her eyes frowning, as the sun rays disturbed her sleep. She looked at his side and found him getting ready to leave for office.

He didn't look at her side, but he knew she was awake now.

Khushi pouted and went to the bathroom.

Arnav went downstairs to have breakfast.

Mami served him, Mama, Akash and Anjali.

"Where is madam?" she rolled her eyes.

Everyone looked at Arnav, like he is the one who should have an answer for this.

"What the.. Don't ask me anything about her!" he replied irritated.

Mama: Is everything alright between you both?

Arnav: First there isn't between us Mama. Khushi isn't my wife in all senses. I don't consider her one, and I'm just handling her because Nani wanted this. Don't expect "US" in all this..

Anjali, Akash and Mami smiled satisfied while Mama sighed sadly.

Khushi descended the stairs after sometime and joined them for breakfast.

Mami wanted to serve for her, but she stopped her and served alone.

"She isn't in a good mood today na" Mami whispered to Anjali.

"Yeah. And I don't even want to know what's behind this bad mood of hers.." Anjali whispered slowly.

Akash left the table and went to a corner, calling Payal.

"Hi Payal.." he smiled when she picked up the call.

"Bye Akash.. I'm really busy now, please don't call me na.. You're wasting your precious time and mine also.." Payal smirked and high five with her friend who was standing beside her.

"No Payal..I'm not busy for you.." he whispered but it was too late, she already cut the call on his face.

Akash returned to the table with a sullen mood.

Khushi looked at everyone and cleared her throat: Tomorrow is Sunday. So I was thinking we should opt for a outing! We can go do some shoppings, then lunch at some restaurant and in the evening we go and watch some movies.

Mami nodded excitedly: Yes! I would love to go out!!

Mama and Akash also agreed. Anjali frowned: I'm sorry, but I won't go. I have to meet Shyam.

Arnav stare at her, and in the next minute she repented what she said.

"I..will.. go.." she stammered and looked at Khushi.

Arnav: I won't go beca..

Khushi cut him off: Your presence isn't needed also. Everyone agreed, that's what matters to me..

Arnav gritted his teeth: When I'm talking, don't cut me..

Khushi: Are you prime minister or what?

Arnav: What the.. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada..

Khushi chuckled sarcastically: A beggar who is staying in my mansion and working in my company as if he is the boss!!

Arnav: AR is mine because I did the efforts to make it reach where is it now, your name in that property paper means nothing to me.

Anjali glared at Arnav and clenched her fist.

Khushi noticed her expressions changed suddenly and she wondered why!

Arnav took his bag and went outside, followed by Anjali and Akash.

"Does Anjali treats Arnav well because she wants Arnav's position in AR??" Khushi thought looking at them leaving.


Mami's room:

"Horrible.." Khushi entered in the room making a yuck face.

"What? I'm looking beautiful okay.." Mami glared at her.

"Really you think so.. You look like a joker mami with colorful sari and loud make up.." Khushi laughed and sat on the bed.

"Hmph.. You know a lot about fashion na.." Mami pouted.

"Little bit.." Khushi shrugged her shoulders "First of all go and wash your face.."

"Why?" Mami looked at her with big eyes.

"Just go na Stubborn woman.." Khushi whined.

Mami went to the bathroom to wash her face and returned to Khushi, who was messing up with her wardrobe.

"What are you doing girl?" Mami shouted.

"Relax! I'm choosing clothes for tomorrow.." Khushi said picking a royal blue sari for Mami.

"This one will suit you, hain na?" Khushi asked placing the sari on Mami's shoulder.

" I never noticed I had this sari.. Sasuma gifted me this one.. I never use it, it's old fashioned.." Mami pouted.

"Just go and try. We will see if Nani choices are good or not.." Khushi smiled and pushed Mami gently back to the bathroom.

Mami changed and after sometime she came back, and went running to the dresser to check herself on the mirror.

"I.. look..pretty.." Mami smiled astonished.

Khushi nodded smiling, "Yeah.. Nani has good choices then.."

Mami nodded, "Sit here. Let's do my makeup.." she invited Khushi.

Khushi sat on the bed with Mami and started applying make up to Mami.

When she was ready, Khushi told her to open her eyes, and at the same time Mama came in the room.

"Are wah.. Manorama you look beautiful.." he complimented her with a blush on his face.

Mami looked at herself on the mirror and was surprised with the change, she looks simply elegant and beautiful.

"Thank you.." she blushed at her husband.

"Finally you changed your boring looks.. You look the woman I fell in love with.." he said and sat beside her on the bed.

Mami looked away blushing: Ap bhi na..

Khushi silently left the room leaving the couple alone for a while, she closed the door smiling.

Payal called her and she quickly picked up the call and went to her room.

"Yes Payal. How are your holidays going?" Khushi asked.

"Awesome Khushi!! You don't believe Akash just called me at least some 70 times yesterday.. And today only I picked up his call and said to him that I'm busy.. I'm sure he must be burning in jealousy.." Payal giggled.

"Yes he is and upset too. That shows he still loves you but for his selfish reasons he stopped showing his love to you.. Keep it up Payal.." Khushi smiled.

"Yes Khushi. And tomorrow I'm supposed to go with my friend to the shopping na?" Payal asked.

"Yes. We will continue the jealously plan there.." Khushi chuckled.



"What the.. It must be in my car Aman.. Just go and check properly.." Arnav frowned.

"No ASR. I checked two times in your car before coming here. The black pen drive isn't there.." Aman said.

Arnav shut his eyes frustrated, and picked his phone to call his wife.

Khushi purposely didn't attend his phone calls.

He called her again frustrated, "Dammit. I knew it you would do something like this.." he mumbled irritated.

Aman looked at him like since when do you talk alone.

Arnav glared at him, "Since the day she came in my life.."

"Ohh.." Aman raised his eyebrows.

"Ohh what Aman? Give me your phone.." he said and Aman handled it to him.

Arnav called Khushi from Aman's phone. She picked it up: Hello Mr.Raizada!

Arnav: How do you know it's me?

Khushi: Because I have Aman's number and he wouldn't call me unless you ask him to. Bark what you want!

Arnav frowned: I forgot my black pen drive in the room..

Khushi: In this black and white like  old movie room you want me to find a black pen drive!! Seriously come and take your things. Don't take me as your maid..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Fine! I expected this from you only..

Khushi: And I didn't expect you to talk with me like you did yesterday.. Mr. Stone..

Arnav: Crying baby!! You're still on yesterday..

Khushi cut the call on his face.

Arnav handled the phone back to the owner, and sat thinking what to do. Mr.Khanna and his team are coming now and he didn't had the presentation on his hand. They would think he is irresponsible and not interested to work with them.

Aman left the cabin worried, his phone rang again. And he picked it up: Yes bhabhi..

Khushi: Aman ji does he need the pen drive urgently?

Aman: Haan Bhabhi. ASR's partner is coming in like 15 minutes and in this short time he wouldn't be able to leave AR and then come back.

Anjali smiled, "Finally today you will be proved wrong ASR!" she left from there after hearing Aman's half phone conversation.

Khushi: Acha.. If it's urgent then I'm coming..

Aman smiled: Thank you bhabhi!!


In the car..

"Driver ji please drive fast na.." Khushi whined.

"Ma'am have patience.." he tried to calm her down.

"Listen you will have to reach in AR in five minutes!" she glared at him.

"Ma'am we are almost there.." he sighed.

"You're saying this everytime and we didn't reach there still.." Khushi pouted.

"We will meet an accident ma'am if I drive faster than this.." he looked at her with a crying face.

"Aree if I reach late there and they talk bad about Arnav, I will cut your salary.." Khushi looked away crossing her arms.

The driver nodded scared of his ma'am.



Khushi went running inside AR, she called Aman to come downstairs.

Aman and Karan also came running to her: Ohh God thanks Bhabhi. You reached on time..

Karan: Like Fast and furious!!

Khushi smiled proudly: You don't need to say thank you.

Arnav reached downstairs staring at her. Khushi also glanced at him once, then looked away.

Dil Kho Gaya, Ho Gaya Kisi Ka... (My heart is lost and it has become someone else's)

Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka...(Now, I have found the road that leads to happiness)

Aankhon Mein Hai Khwaab Sa, Kisi Ka...(There is a dream of someone in my eyes)

Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka...(Now, I have found the road that leads to happiness)

Rishta Naya Rabba, Dil Chhu Raha Hai (This new relation is touching my heart)

Kheeche Mujhe Koi Dore, Teri Ore...(Some string is pulling me towards You)

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Hai Rabba... Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore (Towards You, O God! Towards you)

Khushi looked at Aman and Karan: I will go now..

Arnav reached near her: Wait here. I will drop you home.

Khushi: Driver ji is waiting for me..

Arnav: Aman go and tell the driver to go back.

Khushi looked at him with big eyes: I said na I will go with him.

Arnav: And I'm saying you will go with me..

Khushi frowned: I'm going.

She walked to go, he caught her hand and pulled her back wrapping his one arm around her waist.

She looked at him and he also looked at her. Both kept staring into each others eyes.

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Hai Rabba... Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore (Towards You, O God! Towards You)

"Lovely Jodi..Lovely.." they heard Mr.Khanna voice and broke the eyes contact.

Jul 28, 2017

Chapter 16 - This time.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 110 times)

Arnav greeted Mr.Khanna and his daughter, Preeta.

Khushi recognized the voice of Preeta, "Ohh so he made me come here like a plane for his new girlfriend meeting. Couldn't break her heart na? As she is his new prey. Yeh Aman bhi na.. He told me it's urgent, if I knew it was for his not so important girlfriend I would never come here.." 

Khushi looked at Arnav with sharp eyes.

Mr.Khanna smiled at her: You're very lucky dear. You got him as your husband. Girls die for his one look!

Khushi chuckled: What else can girls do? Die na after seeing his Dracula's look..

Mr.Khanna faked a smile with a confused expression.

"If I didn't land in your boring life, you would have been married with some Dracula by now. Be thankful, that God had some pity on you and gifted you a husband like me..which is very rare to find.." he glared at her.

"You're not Salman Khan that I should be thankful to DM for sending you in my life.. " Khushi yelled.

Aman came running with a glass of water for her, she was already sweating for running like a plane in order to give them the pen drive in time, and now is sweating more by fighting with Arnav.

Khushi shoved the glass angrily: I'm not an old lady who will get tired of fighting with this worth for nothing man..

Arnav turned to Mr.Khanna: Let's proceed with the meeting.

Mr.Khanna nodded and whispered to Arnav: If you want to pacify your Jhansi Ki Rani, take your time boy. She must be angry with you because of your busy schedules hain na? You don't get time for her..

Arnav plastered a smile on his face: Nothing like that Mr.Khanna. Aman will take you and your team to my cabin.

Aman nodded and guided them to Arnav's cabin.

Arnav returned to Khushi: Sit in that chair quietly.

Khushi smiled sarcastically: Nahin.. I will sit in your head instead. You send the driver back without me, made me fight with you when I was  tired of running, now do you expect me to keep standing here and wait for you? Off course I will sit in that chair!!

Arnav shook his head and went to attend the meeting.

Khushi waited for him meanwhile.


Anjali was passing by with her friend, she noticed Khushi.

"What are you doing here?" Anjali asked as she approached her.

"None of your business Miss Anjali.." Khushi replied.

Anjali glared at her and returned to her friend.

"Just throw this hot coffee on her dress.." Kritika, her friend smiled slyly.

"Actually not a bad idea. A small revenge.." Anjali smirked taking the cup of coffee in her hand.

"But don't go now otherwise she will get suspicious.." Kritika said and both kept talking for sometime.

Then walked to Khushi's direction again.

Aman at the same time, reached to Khushi.

"Bhabhi are you hungry?" he asked and stood in front of Khushi not permitting Anjali succeeded in her plan.

"Nahin Aman ji.. I'm fine.." Khushi smiled.

Aman nodded, "If you need anything, just call me out.. I'm here only.."

Khushi nodded: That's so sweet of you. That Dracula doesn't even do that for me. He is such an irritating person, I never saw an arrogant man like him.. Like really.. He told me the truth that day.. He is a beast only.. I repeat everyday that he is a beast..and he proves me that also everyday.. Laad governor.. What does he think of himself? Did you hear him when he said I should be thankful because he is my husband? He is the one who should be thankful to me that I accepted to enter in his asylum like mansion and treat his full mad family.. Including him, he is like the biggest mad person.. No one understand his mood swings.. He looks like a pregnant man for me..sometimes smiles,  sometimes show his gussa, then he is hurt for his Di, then becomes irritated, then teases you..  Aman ji I can guarantee you that even a pregnant woman isn't irritating as him.. He could be an actor like that, so many emotions in one person in one day.. God.. Aman ji he doesn't even know how to say sorry.. Keep showing me his sign languages..

Aman chuckled: Calm down..

Khushi breathed in and out: Thanks Aman ji.. I just needed to take out my frustration..uff.. I'm alright now..

Aman nodded and went running from there otherwise he will listen another round of lecture.

Arnav finished his meeting, and went directly to Anjali's cabin.

He sat on the chair staring deeply into her eyes.

Kritika left the cabin for both siblings.

Anjali smiled at him: Chote..

Arnav rested his hands on the table:    You tried to hurt Khushi again..

Anjali: Nahin.. I didn't do anything Chote.. What did she told you? She is lying to you.. I didn't hurt her..

Arnav: She didn't told me anything. You're forgetting that I can see what's happening in my office through my cabin. And I saw your dirty plan to hurt her with coffee, that's why I send Aman to save her and not let you succeed in your plannings.

Anjali looked away: Chote she is really irritating me now. First she took AR, then RM and now my brother from me.

Arnav: Don't use these old arguments to defend yourself Di.

He sighed and left the cabin.


Arnav sat on the chair beside Khushi and looked at her sobbing.

"What the.. Now what happened with you?" he asked with a worried tone.

"What happened with me?! Nothing! I'm just like a big fool who got trapped in your innocent eyes because other than your eyes, everything of yours are shameless, haan I got trapped in your eyes pleading for that pen drive.. I came here running like a mad just to save you and you wanted that pen drive to win your new girlfriend's heart.. Like I made an unnecessary effort don't know why.. I should always doubt you.. Because you're stupid..(she beat him on his chest)  laad governor..egoistic.. Mr.Stone..Dracula.. Rude..Arrogant.. Tom.. Devil.. Beast..you're like everything bad in this world.. Every bad thing is you only.." she sobbed still beating him.

"And you're everything good in this world.." a little smile played on his lips, which he quickly covered with his stern look "Thanks for bringing the pen drive in time Khushi.."

"For your girlfriend? See for your girlfriends you even know how to forget our earlier fight and say Thank you.. How shameless you're Mr. Dracula.." she pouted.

"Preeta isn't my girlfriend! She is Mr.Khanna's daughter.." he said.

"Sachi?" she asked with big eyes.

"Hmm. Remember when I returned home late to dinner with you. I was in their mansion. And you heard her voice, which you mistook her to be my new girlfriend and I let you live in your lie.." he smirked.

"Aww such a big lie to me!" she widened her eyes more.

"Seriously Khushi..it's a small lie.." he shook his head and stood up. She followed him to the car.

While driving, Khushi was in a better mood now.

"You said I'm everything good in this world" she glanced at him driving.

"Really, did I? I must be drunk at that time then.." he looked away to hide his smile.

"Mr.Liar.." she fumed in anger "I will never help you again.."

"Then don't.. I'm not dying for your help.." he smirked.

"Ohh really! Why did you call me from Aman's phone then Mr. Impatient?" she smirked.

"That's because I knew you were purposely not attending my phone calls Miss Ignorance.." he said.

"I was angry with you.." she pouted.

"I know.." he said.

"Then say sorry.." she looked at him with big eyes.

"Why? You're not my real wife that I should say sorry and pacify you.." he smirked.

Khushi glared at him.

"You have reached home!" he said pointing to his mansion.

Khushi opened the car's door in anger and left from there.

Arnav leaned on his seat, staring at her disappearing figure.

Khulti Fizaein, Khulti Ghatayein (The breeze is flowing and so are the clouds)

Sar Pe Naya Hai Aasamaan (There's a new sky on top)

Chaaro Dishayein, Hass Ke Bulaye (All the four directions are calling me with a smile)

Yun Sab Hue Hai Meharbaan...(They've all become benevolent)

Haan... Hume To Yahi Rabba Kasam Se Pata Hai (We know this for sure, O God!)

Dil Pe Nahi, Koi Zor, Koi Zor (That there is no ruling over the heart)

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Hai Rabba... Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore (Towards You, O God! Towards You)

"No matter how much I try to stay away from you, destiny always brings us close.. What's happening with me? I write my own destiny, but this time the pen isn't with me.." he thought..



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Jul 29, 2017

Chapter 17 - Sweet innocent confessions.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 118 times)

Khushi entered in the mansion cursing Arnav.

Mami: What happened Khushi?

Khushi sat with her on sofa: Arnav is my problem!!

Mami looked at her listening to her words carefully.

Khushi started narrating everything that happened with her and Arnav today.

Mami giggled with Mama.

Khushi looked at them in disbelief: Why are you both laughing? It's something serious!

Mami: Arnav beta is like this only. You will never understand him, what he does or why?

Mama nodded: But there is always a reason behind his doings.

Mami: But Khushi you should be happy that he talks, scolds or tease you. Because with us, he only use like you said..haan..sign languages..

Mama laughed: Yes. Arnav is like a dead body here with us..

A smile appeared on her face after hearing that Arnav only shares other than his feelings, his mood swings with her!!

HP who was passing by heard that, "Ma'am why forget us? He shows his gussa everyday for us!!"

Khushi, Mama and Mami giggled at HP's crying face.

Mama eyed to Khushi smirking, Khushi looked at Mami then looked back at him, she showed thumbs up!

Today Mami at least changed her way of dressing, and is talking with Khushi and Mama normally without making fuss over anything.

"Thank You DM! Please keep me strong enough to change this family, never let me accept defeat please.." she sent a silent prayer to DM.


In a restaurant..

"Anju please tell them the truth! You know I'm really tired of lying.." Shyam sighed and kept the toast back to his plate without even tasting it.

"Shyam didn't I tell Chote that we are in a relationship? What more do you want?" she looked at him in disbelief.

"Really? What kind of relationship we share Anjali? That you didn't told him.. You told him we are boyfriend and girlfriend, which we are not and you know that.. Dammit.. We are married Anjali! You're my wife and I'm waiting for the day you will come to my house.." he yelled losing patience.

"Hey calm down.." she caressed his shoulder.

"What calm down Anju? Do you know what your brother will go through when he gets to know we married without his permission? It will be such a mess that I'm scared to even imagine that.. You should have told him the truth that day they found us in your house.. And if you don't have courage to tell him, I will do that Anju.. But I don't want to lie anymore.." Shyam caressed his temples.

"Nahin.. I can't tell him the truth..Chote is worried about Khushi's matter now, let him handle her first then we will talk about us.." Anjali faked a smile.

"Anjali if you don't know Arnav will handle Khushi for all his life, he is her husband!" Shyam rolled his eyes.

"No.. Chote doesn't accept this marriage. He will soon find a way to kick Khushi out of our lives.. Till then you don't tell anyone about us.." she kissed his forehead.

Shyam just looked away and took his juice from the table.

"Now you don't have to be angry with me.." she glanced at him.

"I should be happy then?" he asked her sarcastically.

"Nahin, but.. Shyam please..understand my situation also.." she pouted.

"You keep complicating your own life Anjali! When the truth comes out, I fear Arnav will kick you out of his life, not Khushi.." he warned her.

"Can we change the topic?" Anjali rolled her eyes.

"No! I will get going now.." he said and stood up from his chair, paying  the waiter who came to him.

Anjali looked at him with open mouth, "Urgh.. Shyam is also becoming like that Khushi..lecture after lecture.."


After a tired day of working, the three siblings reached home, and went to their respective rooms.

Arnav reached his room, and took his wrist watch placing it on the dresser, then took out his shoes and like Khushi taught him placed it on his closet on it's place.

Khushi watched him doing all this, she smiled faintly.

"At least my words affect him!" she thought.

Arnav glanced at her standing alone smiling.

"I didn't suck your blood yet, and you already died.." Arnav smirked.

"I didn't die yet.. You wish so Mr.Dracula.." she stuck out her tongue to him.

"I really wish so.." he teased her back, but secretly crossed his fingers invalidating his own statement.

Khushi handled him his tee and track pants well ironed.

"Come downstairs then.." she walked to leave the room.

He held her hand stopping her, this is the second time in a day that he is touching her, and her heart beats abnormally playing a dhak dhak sound.

"Khushi I will go with you all tomorrow.." he said leaving her hand slowly and unwillingly.

"Okay.. What was the reason you denied first?" she turned to him biting her lips and playing with her hands, which were just touched by his, she felt her own hand strange to her. His touch was still felt by her.

"I want to pick my friend from the airport, but then I asked Aman to do this job for me, and I will go with  YOU.." he said in his husky voice, and she felt he stressed the word "You" for her, and his naughty yet innocent eyes revealed he did that purposely.

"Thank you.." her cheeks bleed with his stare at her. She cursed him inside, for only staring at her as if there is no other place he could look at now.

She walked backwards smiling awkwardly at him, but bumped with the bed footboard on her way.

Arnav held her by her waist protecting her from falling on the floor.

He placed his index finger on her lips not allowing her to scream, "You're saved" he whispered.

"Ha..haan..I'm..sa..ved.." she stammered getting lost in those brown chocolate eyes.

Kheeche Mujhe Koi Dore, Teri Ore...(Some string is pulling me towards You)

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Hai Rabba.. Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore (Towards You, O God! Towards You)

Arnav helped her stand straight, Khushi went running downstairs when he left her.


Anjali served dinner for everyone and then sat on her chair.

Mami was chatting with Khushi over the daily soap they just watched when the three siblings returned. And Mama looked happily at cute Jodi they both formed, both are jovial persons. But Mami lost her this good personality by becoming greedy. He doesn't understand why, because they have everything others are praying for!

"Wah Mami you found a new friend!" Anjali said with a sarcastic tone.

Mami smiled sheepishly: No Anjali.. We were discussing about the serials. You know she wants to watch something. And I want to watch my things, that's why.. Tell her Khushi.. I'm fighting with you..

Mami winked at Khushi, Khushi chuckled silently but nodded looking at Anjali.

"We both are like Tom and Jerry.." Khushi said fake-glaring at Mami.

Mami acted like she is angry with Khushi.

Arnav cleared his throat, Khushi looked at him: Do you need water?

Arnav cleared his throat again glaring at her.

"Mami doesn't suit to be Tom.." he whispered to her.

Khushi smiled: You're my Tom! I was just kidding with Mami..

Arnav looked at her surprised.

Khushi blinked her eyes, then quickly gulped her juice..

"I didn't mean it like that.." Khushi explained him.

"Like what?" he glanced at her.

"Like you know.." she pouted.

"Like I know what?" he smirked.

"Like you know what I know.." she looked at him confused with her own statement now.

"You're my Jerry and I'm your Tom! Simple as that Khushi. You're talking like you said I'm your husband and you're my wife!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Yes, at least you're little smart that you understood what I meant.. You're my Tom and I'm your Jerry.. That's what I meant.. Only.." she satisfied herself by explaining him the same thing.


Akash tiredly walked to his bed, and  leaned staring at the right side. It was empty and it was strange for him to be empty since Payal never leaves him after they got married. It's the first time he is not seeing her smiley face at him, and then she used to massage his head and he used to fall asleep like magic!

Though he always denied her touch on him, when he was extremely tired, but she was also stubborn, when he closed his eyes, and she thought he was sleeping, she silently massaged him. And he slept peacefully after that.

Work keeps him so busy, that he didn't had time neither to say thank you or to see the little things a wife like Payal does for him. She was the perfect wife but he never admitted it. She lived for him and he lived for his work.

But now she isn't that Payal anymore, she changed and he missed those unnoticed cares by him of her. Now at every single step  he takes at his mansion, reminds him of her.

At the night time, he used to hear her sweet voice with "Good night" and he used to glare at her, without responding he continued talking over the phone with his so called important clients! Today he wants to say Good night but she didn't picked up his calls.

Jul 31, 2017

Chapter 18 - Shopping Day! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)


"Mami what happened? Why did you pulled me suddenly?" Khushi glanced at Mami in her room startled.

"Shhh.. I want you to make up me!" Mami smiled and pulled her to the bed.

"And you could have asked me normally na?" Khushi rolled her eyes.

"But Anjali would take it bad that I'm talking with you.." Mami explained her.

"Aww you're using me then.." Khushi jaws dropped.

"No.. I like you, you're not that bad!!" Mami smiled sheepishly.

Khushi shook her head smiling, and started applying make up to Mami.

"Thank you for making me look pretty.. He liked it a lot, he said I looked like Madhuri Dixit.." Mami blushed profusely.

Khushi smiled, "Acha! So now you want to look beautiful for Mama ji?"

Mami nodded: Every woman should look beautiful for their man! When they appreciate us, it's the best feeling in the world.. (glancing at Khushi) you should try for Arnav bitwa too!!

Khushi looked at Mami with wide eyes: Mami app bhi na.. Why should I do all this? I'm fine the way I'm!

Mami giggled and caressed Khushi's cheeks.

Khushi liked it when Mami caressed and talked with her normally.


Arshi's room:

Arnav was getting ready, he glanced at his sister coming inside of his room.

"Need something?" he curtly asked.

"Chote I need money! We are going to shopping so I need to buy some clothes and my things.." she smiled.

"Di you work right and every end of the month you receive your salary! Why are you asking me for money?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

Anjali nodded: When Khushi wasn't in our life, you didn't ask me such questions..

"Maybe she opened my eyes.." he said and left the room.

Anjali glared at him going.

Khushi walked out of Mami's room, and bumped with Arnav on her way.

"Ouch.. Can't you see while walking? In such a big mansion with such a big space you still had to bump with me.." Khushi rubbed her shoulders frowning.

"Perhaps this is your first time in a big mansion with big space which is normal for people to bump with each other.." Arnav smirked.

"Mami says I should look beautiful for him! He doesn't even deserve that.." Khushi thought staring at Arnav.

"I look handsome I know. Stop checking me out.." Arnav winked at her.

"Ha ha ha.. In your dreams I would check you out.." Khushi smiled sarcastically and walked in the direction of their room.

Mami walked out of her room looking elegant and simple with the royal blue sari Nani once gifted to her.

Arnav glanced at her, he still remembers the day Nani returned from her trip to Lucknow and brought for them gifts and that included the sari Mami was wearing now.

He looked at his wrist, and then the watch, it was her gift to him. She knew very well what her family members loved and needed.

"She was just..perfect.." he thought with a smile on his face.

Mami reached Arnav, "Bitwa I'm ready now.. Let's go.."

Akash and Mama were also waiting downstairs with Anjali.

Mami and Arnav descended the stairs.

"Khushi is missing.." Arnav spoke a loud staring at his family members.

"She is changing her clothes.." Mami said.

Arnav: Okay then, you all wait in the car and I will come with her.

All nodded their heads and walked outside of the mansion.

Arnav sat on the sofa waiting for his  wife.

Meanwhile Khushi was having a hard time choosing the salwar to wear.

She glanced at her red salwar and reminded of Mami's words, and then Nani.


"Red?! He likes red.. Is he romantic?" Khushi asked excitedly.

Nani laughed out loudly staring at lake view in front of them.

"He is very romantic.." Nani smiled.

"Huh! Nani I was just asking you like that.. In reality I know he is an arrogant and rude business man, who isn't and doesn't seem to be romantic at all.." Khushi giggled.

"He is romantic Khushi..but doesn't show it.. His every designed outfit screams his love for his profession.. He secretly waits for me to sleep and then comes to my room and give a good night kiss.. He does everything to see a smile on his sister's face.. He handles Manorama's tantrums.. He likes when his brother Akash achieves success on his own.. He does everything secretly.. He loves but doesn't show it.. So in my opinion he is very romantic but.. " Nani raised her eyebrows to Khushi.

"Doesn't show it!!" Khushi completed the sentence sighing, she doesn't understand why this man is so complicated.

Flashback ends..

Khushi picked the red salwar, and went to the bathroom to change it.

After changing the red salwar, she glanced at herself on the mirror.

"Why am I doing this?" she thought with a crying face and combed her hair.

Unwillingly or willingly she was getting ready for him only. But she didn't want to admit it for herself.

After some minutes, she descended the stairs. And the scene in front of her made her jaws drop in shock.

"What's happening here?" Khushi screamed with shut eyes.

Arnav and the lady, who were on each other arms on the sofa, looked at her side with wide eyes.

Arnav then gulped staring at her dressed in his favorite color. While Khushi was fuming in anger, and her cheeks now matched with her salwar color.

The girl stood up and smiled awkwardly.

Khushi looked at Arnav hurt: You brought your girlfriend home?

Arnav nodded sideways: No! She is my friend, the one I had to pick in the airport..

Khushi: What were you doing with her on the sofa then?

Arnav: She just ran to hug me, and in that process we both fell on the sofa Khushi.. It's not like what you're thinking.. She is NOT my girlfriend..

The girl nodded, "I'm his permanent girlfriend! What say Arniee?"

Arnav shook his head in disbelief: Meera just keep quiet for a while!

Meera pouted, "Look Khushi I know he is your husband! But he is my boyfriend since we both were small kids.. He is mine you know.."

Khushi frowned and looked at Arnav, Arnav looked at Meera with a shut-up look.

Khushi stomped her feet on the floor and walked outside of the mansion.

"She stole you from me!" Meera cried.

"And you're mad! She will really think I'm your boyfriend.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"If you're!" Meera smirked "You send Aman to pick me from the airport, just to go out with her.."

"Yeah. What's the problem with Aman now?" Arnav asked.

"Not a problem! But you should be the one to pick me, you're my friend!!" Meera cried.

"The last line you said, go and say it to Khushi NOW Meera.." Arnav said pushing her outside the mansion with him.

"You're my boyfriend Arniee.. Permanent one.. Bye bye.. I need to rest.." Meera ran inside the mansion.

Arnav muttered "What the..", he glanced at Khushi in the car glaring at him. She just saw him pushing Meera outside the mansion, and thought again wrong about him!


Arnav parked the car, and his family excitedly got out.

Anjali and Mami went to the ladies shop, Mami wanted to take Khushi also to choose for her, but Anjali denied.

Khushi was like it's-okay! She smiled and started roaming around few shops which grabbed her attention.

Mama and Akash, went to men's shops, to buy new shirts for them. They asked Arnav to join them, but Arnav denied and followed Khushi.

Khushi entered in a supermarket, taking out her diary from her purse she checked in the list what's need to be bought.

Arnav chuckled staring at her doing that, she never leaves her diary!

Khushi took the shopping cart and started looking for the items she need at home.

Arnav followed her, he cleared his throat.

Khushi turned to him, "What do you want? Write down in my diary, I will buy it.. Then go away from here.." she handled him the diary and a pen.

"I don't want anything!" he gave it back to her.

"Why did you came here then? Go with Mama and Akash to men's shops.." Khushi glared at him.

"I have everything they are going to buy.." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Then what do you want?" she looked at him in disbelief.

"I..will..haan.. I will help you.. Since everyone is in two-team!" he said taking the shopping cart from her hands.

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Aug 1, 2017

Chapter 19 - Red makes Arnav flirt! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)

In the supermarket:

Khushi was trying to hold the packets of milk on her hand.

Arnav held it for her, and placed on the shopping cart.

"If you need help, then tell me! Why are you acting like you're super woman?" Arnav looked at her.

"I don't need your help! Go and help your girlfriend at home, she needs a clean room to rest.." Khushi rolled her eyes.

"I already asked HP to do that.." he shrugged his shoulders.

Khushi glared at him, and walked forward.

Arnav pushed the shopping cart with him following her.

"Khushi I said she is not my girlfriend. You're misunderstanding things.." Arnav said.

"Why did she say she is your girlfriend?" Khushi looked back at him.

"She was kidding with you.." he sighed.

"Oh really! She didn't seem to be kidding.. She said you're her permanent boyfriend.." Khushi gritted her teeth handling him a orange juice.

"Khushi you seriously noted everything about me in your diary! My favorite orange juice also.." he said with a surprised smile on his face.

"Who said it's your favorite? It's my favorite that's why I'm buying it.." Khushi frowned.

"Don't lie Khushi! I saw the yuck face you did when you drank that juice.." he rolled his eyes following her to another section.

"Acha.. You have a lot of time to waste on staring at me?" she smirked.

"At home I have.." he said.

"Yeah.. Karan.. Hmm.. Talk with her.." Arnav talked over the phone with his friend, Khushi turned to him finding it strange that suddenly he started talking things with no sense for her.

Arnav glanced at her and handled the phone to Khushi: Talk with him..

Khushi frowned: Why?

Arnav groaned: God Khushi..just talk with him..

Khushi took the phone from his hand glaring at him.

"Yes Karan.." she said.

"Hi Bhabhi! By Arnav's orders, I just called you to explain who Meera is. You don't need to be angry or insecure over Meera, Fast and furious Bhabhi, because she is my girlfriend!!" Karan said giggling.

"What?" Khushi asked shocked "Is she your girlfriend? Then what is she doing in our home?"

"Because my parents won't allow my girlfriend to live with me! You know they will start with "Get married" lecture so I told Arnav to keep her in your house.. And don't mind ahn, she is little mad!" Karan said.

"Ohh okay.." Khushi nodded smiling.

The smile on her face made Arnav sigh in relief.

Khushi handled the phone back to him, "Such a tiny simple matter.. Couldn't you explain me with your mouth? What was the need to call Karan?" she giggled.

"Khushi I will kill you very soon! As if you were letting me talk or explain it to you with your glares and angry statements.." he glared at her.

Khushi bit her tongue taking the red chilli powder and placed it on the trolley.

"Khushi why are you taking that? That's not written in the list.." he showed her the diary.

"Ohh" Khushi hit her forehead.

"You wanted to take the black pepper.." he said taking it for her.

"That's why you're Tom and I'm Jerry.." she smile sheepishly.

Arnav shook his head, and stayed silent for a while staring at her choosing other items.

"By the way, like this red chilli powder, you're also hot today.." he smirked openly flirting with his wife.

"In RED.." he added "Wait here, I will bring butter and cheese from another section.."

He walked to another section leaving her.

Khushi looked at him going with big eyes and open mouth.

"Heyy DM did this Laad governor just complimented me now?" her cheeks reddened.

Khushi clutched her salwar near her chest, "What going on heart? Why are you always dhak dhak when he talks or behaves with me like this?"

Arnav returned and saw Khushi clutching her dress.

"Kya hua? Did you taste that chilli powder to check if you like this powder?" he chuckled silently.

Khushi glared at him and left her dress.

"Khushi..seriously..you tasted it? Why are your cheeks red? It's was just a comment..You took it really serious!" he joked.

"I don't know what type of husband you're.." Khushi took the butter and cheese from his hands angrily and left them at the trolley.

"Tom's type!" he grinned.

Her phone rang, and she picked it smiling, "Have you reached?"

"Yes! Where are you all?" Payal asked.

"We are just coming to you.." Khushi said and hang up the call, placing her phone back in the purse.

Khushi: Payal has reached. Let's pick her..

Arnav: What is Payal doing here?

Khushi: Our plan! She is going to make Akash jealous.

Arnav frowned: Wait, since when it's our plan Khushi? You didn't inform me about this..

Khushi: I was angry with you that day, I forgot to tell you..

Arnav: You're ousting me from the team!

Khushi: No, it's not like that Arnav..

Arnav: You go and pick Payal, I will pay this.

He walked to go, Khushi went to pick Payal outside the shopping.


"Hi Payal.." Khushi smiled.

"Hi Khushi! Hmm.. He is my friend.." Payal introduced her friend to Khushi.

Khushi greeted him and then the three went to look out for Akash.

"Look there.." Khushi pointed at Akash with Mama in a shop talking with each other.

"Okay! We should start our plan na.." Payal said playing with her hand nervously.

Khushi caressed her shoulders: Don't be nervous! Everything will go well. Now I have to go to Arnav, he must be waiting for me..

On the other side, Arnav went to look for Khushi but didn't find her, only Anjali and Mami.

Mami laughed at his face holding the plastic bags.

"Are you okay bitwa?" she giggled.

Arnav nodded.

"Chote give it to me, I will hold it for you.." Anjali said.

"You don't need to Di. I am going to  keep it in the car.." Arnav said serious.

Anjali pouted and stepped back.

Khushi came running to their side, "Here I am.."

Arnav: Follow me!

Khushi pouted and followed him outside again.

"Why did you bring me outside? You know how much tired I'm!" she fumed in anger.

Arnav kept the bags in the car and closed it.

Then turned to her: Let's go to a cafeteria then..

Khushi nodded excitedly, but after few seconds, she pouted sadly: Are you angry with me?

Arnav: Why would I be?

Khushi: I know you're! Nani used to say to me that you don't show your feelings to anyone, but I can clearly see what's written on your face. That's why I'm sorry! I promise I won't hide any of our plans now from you! Pinky promise..

"Pink no! Give me a red promise.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi blushed profusely, she walked faster than him to not face him.

Arnav followed her with a sweet smile playing on his lips. Is this a start of a new life for him?.. He wants to stay away from her, but always does the opposite, is it a sign from DM that both are made for each other?!


Rahul and Payal were in the same shop as Akash and Mama.

Payal winked at Rahul, and spoke aloud: Rahul just try this shirt. I'm sure it will suit you..

Akash heard her voice, after such a long time for him. He smiled and turned back only to see her showing shirts to another man, her friend.

He felt jealous, Mama smirked staring at him: Akash.. Look Payal bitiya.. Is that her friend?

Akash nodded: And my enemy! Papa how do you handle when someone else comes close to Ma? Don't you feel jealous?

Mama laughed: I used to beta.. But with time, you realize you don't need to feel jealous you know..if she loved those men more than me, she wouldn't have been here with me and you wouldn't be within us! Understood? Your mother's attention is always on me, and not other men, but if she goes away from me for a while and spends time with another man, then it means I did something wrong.. Do you think you did something wrong with Payal bitiya?

Akash nodded his head: I did.. I did wrong with her Papa..

Mama patted his cheeks: It's the right time to apologize right? Otherwise you're seeing a glimpse of your future now..

Mama pointed to Payal with Rahul smiling and chatting with him. Akash looked at them, "No! I don't want this future.." he murmured and went near Payal.

"So my job is done now.." Mama smiled and continued to select shirts and pants for him.



Arnav and Khushi sat on a table for two.

"Shall I order red chilli for you?" he teased her going through the menu.

"It's enough now!! How much will you tease me?" Khushi pouted crossing her arms.

"What do you want then?" he asked.

"Strawberry vanilla ice cream!!" she said smiling.

"Okay! One black coffee and strawberry vanilla ice cream.." he said to the waiter.

The waiter nodded and went from there taking the menu card from the table.

"Don't you want to buy anything? Di and Mami are still in the ladies shops.." he looked at her.

"No!" she nodded sideways.

"Are you sure? Buy something.." he insisted.

"No. I don't need to.." she said.

"Why? Every girl likes shopping! And you have lot of money to spend on it.." he smirked.

"It's not my money. Its yours and your family! I just keep saying that it's my money, my property because I want them to fear me, and do what I want! But I will not use your money for my benefits.. It's yours only.. You worked hard for it, and you're earning what you deserve.." she said playing with her fingers.

Arnav stare at her impressed, this woman attracts him because she is different from everyone else he has ever met!

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