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Aug 1, 2017

Chapter 20 - Shopping journey continues.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 120 times)


"After you end this ice cream, we are going to buy clothes for you.." he said and concentrated on his phone.

"Why? Arnav I said I don't need to.." she replied.

"I will pay it Khushi! You're doing so much for my family. Today Akash and Mama are bonding well. While Di is with Mami. Then you also did a plan to reunite Akash and Payal. You deserve something.." he said.

"Okay.. Thank you.." she smiled shyly, and she wonders why is she behaving like that. 

"Tell me when you're done.." he said with a smile on his face.

"Oh DM. Did he just SMILE in front of me? Am I drunk or what?" Khushi looked at him with big eyes.

"What's wrong? Are you seeing ghost here?" he waved his fingers near her face.

"Tum.. You're ghost only.." Khushi eat her ice cream.

"You really decided that every bad thing in this world is me only.." he raised his one eyebrow.

"Hmm.. Nahin, if seen properly then you're that beast in that princess's movie..Beauty and the beast, outside a beast and inside a prince.." she said chirpily.

Arnav shook his head, and concentrated on checking his emails.

He has changed himself into a beast only, a man who doesn't show his sentiment or emotions to anyone. Who suffered alone, and never let anyone enter in his dark world, after his parents and Nani death. He totally disconnected himself from the normal things people like Khushi do in this world. He just kept his focus on getting famous and rich enough to sustain his family at such a young age. Now it's more than difficult to express himself for others, which he doubts they will ever understand him. Only SHE. Khushi is an exception, and he didn't want to admit that, but she is the one who he feels he can share and she will listen to him without judging him! What an irony. The girl he thought he would hate more than anyone in this world for snatching his rights and torturing his family, is now the girl who he feels comfortable with!

"Do people send emails to you all the time? Don't they have any other work to do?" she glanced curiously at his phone.

"That's their work!" he replied.

"I finished my ice cream. Shall we go now? I'm getting irritated by seeing you working in Sunday! Seriously you're like a Robot.. alcoholic to workaholic!!" she pouted taking her purse as she stood up.

"What the.. I'm not alcoholic, I just drink in parties.." Arnav shook his head, and both went from the cafeteria to other shops.

"But I hate that smell! You know I promised to DM that I will never marry a man who drinks and smokes, because it's urghhh.." Khushi clenched her fist irritated.

"Second wish fulfilled! I don't smoke.." he grinned "This shop is full of your kind of dresses.. Let's get in.."

Both entered in the shop.

"Choose.." he said placing his hands on his pockets looking around.

"Should I buy the shop itself?" she asked sarcastically.

"If you want.." he smirked.

"What do you mean by choose? First I don't even know what I want.." she pouted.

"You need help even to choose  clothes for yourself Khushi?" he looked at her in disbelief.

"Yeah I need! Ma used to help me choose.. I become very confused when it's to choose something for myself.." she said embarrassed.

Arnav looked at the shop keeper, "Can you show me the best salwars you have?"

The man nodded: Sure sir..

Arnav: It should be simple like she is wearing now.

The man smiled and ordered his employees to pick up the best salwars they have for ASR's girl.


"Raj please help me choose! Which sari should I buy?" Ratna whined staring at her husband, who was busy talking over the phone with his business partners.

"Mumma?" a four years old Arnav asked his mother hugging her legs.

Ratna looked at Anjali playing with her toys with Akash running around the shop. Then she looked at Arnav picking him from the floor, "What happened to my baby?"

Little Arnav smiled and pointed with his fingers to a sari for his mother..

"Take that sari Mumma.." he said grabbing the sari with his little hands.

"Aww I will surely buy it now.." Ratna kissed his cheeks.

Raj returned to them, after speaking over the phone.

"Yes wifey. What do you want?" he smiled.

"Go now! My son already helped his mother to choose sari and I'm taking it" Ratna pouted looking away.

Arnav giggled at his father's sad face when his mother ignored him.

Raj hugged Ratna from behind, and Arnav looked at his father placing his chin on his mother's shoulder to see what is his father doing.

"I'm sorry Princess. I know you get confused when it comes to choose things for yourself and I let you alone in that. But my baby boy did his father's duty today.." Raj said caressing Arnav's hair.

Flashback ends..

Arnav clutched the salwar in his hands with moist eyes.

"Should I take this one?" Khushi asked him.

Arnav composed himself and turned to her, "Take this blue and white salwar, I think it will suit you .."

Khushi nodded: Ok! I will just try it and come to show you..


Akash approached Payal, staring at her, he smiled: Payal!

Payal and Rahul turned to him.

Payal smiled: Akash you! What a surprise, you hate shopping! What are you doing here?

Akash: Actually Khushi wanted us to enjoy Sunday, se we all came here! Only you were missing..

Payal noted the upset tone he used to share the last line with her.

"I'm not missing! I'm here with Rahul.." she faked a smile.

"Hi Rahul.." Akash side hugged him surprising Payal.

"So you want to join us? We just finished selecting new shirts for me! And now it's time for my Payuu to choose.." Rahul said and pinched Payal's cheek.

Akash plastered a smile on his face, even though he wanted to punch hard this man.

"Payal I want to talk with you.." Akash whispered to her.

"Later Akash.. Now I can't leave Rahul alone.." she said.

"Ok! I will wait for you.. Khushi is planning to watch a movie in evening time, will you come?" he asked.

Payal nodded: I will come!

Akash walked back to Mama, and Payal kept staring at him.

"I want to forgive you Akash! But the pain you gave me, a sorry isn't enough!" she thought with tears in her eyes.


Anjali handled the bags to Mami, "Please hold this mami! I will just come back"

Mami: But bitiya I'm already tired of walking, why don't you give it to Arnav bitwa to keep it in the car?

Anjali sighed: Mami please. Go and sit somewhere to rest..

Mami nodded sideways: What will I do alone? Didn't I told you to bring Khushi with us? At least now I would have stayed with her waiting for you to come back..

Anjali rolled her eyes: Okay then! Go and stay with Chote and Khushi..

Mami: Where will I find them now?

Anjali irritated: Mami they must be somewhere!

Mami: You want to go to your friends and leave me alone here! I don't know why I accepted your company, Khushi was a better one.. She wouldn't leave me alone like this!

Anjali: Acha! You're choosing Khushi over me now?

Mami pouted and left her bags on the floor, "Yes! She wouldn't abandon me like this.."

Mami went from there looking for someone to stay with her.

Anjali clenched her fist irritated, she picked the bags from the floor and hurriedly went to meet Shyam before Shyam goes to talk with Arnav.


"Arnav..." she whispered his name appearing in front of him.

"Beautiful.." she heard two different voices complimenting her.

One Arnav's and the other, she turned to see..

"Mami ji!" Khushi exclaimed.

Mami smiled sheepishly: Anjali bitiya left me..

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other with a suspicious look.

"Where did she go?" Arnav asked.

"I think she left me to meet her friends!" Mami whispered.

Arnav nodded knowing very well who did she went to meet.

"Who choose this salwar for you Khushi?" Mami teased her, seeing only the two in the shop.

"Arnav.." Khushi replied smiling, but staring at Mami smirking, the smile on her face faded as she remembered today's morning conversation with Mami.

"Mami is here Khushi. Choose what you want with her, then call me when you're done.." he said.

"Where are you going?" she asked not wanting him to go.

"Nowhere.. I'll sit here waiting for you both.." he said.

"Okay then.." Khushi nodded and called Mami to choose salwars with her.


"Shyam have you gone mad? Why did you come here? Do you want to tell the truth to my brother?" Anjali scolded him.

"Excuse me Anju! I came here with my family.. Look there they are! I just messaged you that we are in the same shopping! Nothing else, why are you worried? Anju are you hiding something from me?" he looked at her suspiciously.

"No! I was just scared that you would say everything to Chote.." Anjali hugged him tightly.

Shyam hugged her back confused, "Okay! But I won't tell him, because I want you to say it to him.."

"Chote can't see you here Shyam. Otherwise he will be angry with me.." Anjali said breaking the hug with him.

"Come on Anju! Now I won't stop enjoying with my family here because your brother will see me here.." Shyam rolled his eyes.

"You don't care for me!" Anjali frowned.

"What!.. I do care for you Anjali, it's you who never understands my side.." he said hurt.



Arnav and his family entered in the cinema hall.

Khushi excitedly sat with popcorn and cold drink, Arnav bought for her, even though first he was denying because they were many people there and he didn't want to stand in the line, but it was quite easy for him, as everyone recognized him as ASR, and let him go first.

Everyone sat on their respective seats, prepared to watch a Salman's Tubelight movie.

Akash glanced at Payal, she blinked her eyes and moved out of the hall followed by him.

Mama smiled, Mami looked at him: Why are you smiling? Flirting with other women here?

Mama nodded sideways: When my Madhuri Dixit is here, why should I flirt with other women?

Arnav glanced at both, and uttered his favorite "What the..".

Khushi giggled: Arnav let them romance na! Why are you poking your nose in their matters?

Mami and Mama blushed profusely, and thanked God that the lights were switched off, otherwise they wouldn't be able to face Arnav, with his stern look now.

Arnav leaned on his seat, and stayed silent staring at the screen.

He snatched the cold drink from Khushi's hand, and put in his straw.

"Awww that's mine! Give it back Arnav.." Khushi started her fight with him.

"I'm thirsty Khushi.." he said, melting her heart.

"Acha drink it then.." she said staring at Salman dreamily.

"We will share it!" he pointed to the two straws.

Khushi blushed thinking about the movies she used to watch, when hero and heroine share their drinks and popcorn in cinema romantically.

"If you don't want, it's okay.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders hearing no response from her.

"No! I want.. I mean.. I want it, it's mine after all.. I should be asking you if you want to share or not, not you!" she pouted.


Inside the car..

"I miss you.." he whispered staring at Payal.

Payal smiled astonished, but then she had to be strong.


"Payal are you angry with me?" he tried to make her speak.

"That time also passed Akash.. Not I don't feel anything.." she looked into his eyes.

Akash looked down: Payal I know I give a lot of importance for my work.. You have to understand that it's to secure our future..

Payal: You called me here to explain why you ignored me for three years of our marriage?

Akash nodded sideways: Payal wait.. Don't go! I'm sorry Payal..

Payal smiled faintly: Let's think now I'm Akash, and you're Payal. We both got married, and in one year everything went well, for you, Payal.. I, Akash was the best husband one could ever get, everyday I used to wake you up with kisses, whenever you cooked for me I used to kiss your lovely hands, when my mother scolded you, and you stayed upset I used to take you outside to make you feel better, when at night you were washing plates in the kitchen, I used to come and help you, only then we both went to sleep together!! And many other sweets things I used to do for you! Now think, after one years, I stopped doing all that, I start giving my attention to my work, to earn more and secure our future and in all this, I completely forget I have a wife, you Payal.. Payal you started staying alone all day, I let my mother treat you as a slave, I let you wash plates alone at night, and didn't even bother to give at least one look or a good night to you, and just went to sleep like that, I started avoiding your phone calls purposely as if she doesn't matter to me, or she doesn't want anything important, when you get sick, I just say "Go to hospital!!" and go to my office normally as if nothing happened. Tell me Payal, doesn't it hurt? Doesn't it prick your heart being ignored by the man you thought is the best husband you have? What made him change so much? Why doesn't he give you attention anymore when you give your life to him? Why suddenly he starts thinking that you're irritating? Why Payal, why? What wrong did you do to him? Did you find any answer? Bolo!

Akash nodded sideways.

Payal: Exactly! I also didn't had any answer, I didn't saw my fault, but there was na Akash? Somewhere I was at fault, otherwise why would change drastically like this?

Akash cried and pulled her into a tight hug, "No Payal, it wasn't your fault.. It's was only my fault.. I'm sorry Jaan.. I'm so sorry.. I made you suffer so much.. (he kissed Payal's forehead, she closed her eyes while tears started flowing from her eyes) I'm sorry.. I will change into your Akash again..

She pushed him gently, "I don't want you to say sorry for me, I want you to earn this sorry! It's easy to say sorry for a mistake you committed for three years.."

Akash nodded, "I will Payal.. I will earn this sorry.. But will I get a positive response for it? Will you come back to me?"

"Don't worry, if the sorry is from your heart and you still truly love me, no one will stop us from being one again!" she blinked her eyes.


Khushi gulped feeling ticklish on her neck, his hair was responsible for it because he was sleeping on with his head rested on her shoulder.

She stare at him, and with trembling hands started brushing softly his hair away from her neck.

" Aww.. it's so soft hair.." she thought, and brushed her cheeks on his hair, enjoying the ticklish feeling now, she smiled happily.

Mami cleared her throat teasing Khushi, as she saw Khushi playing with Arnav's hair, while he is peacefully sleeping snuggled to her.

Khushi sat straight with wide eyes then, and didn't dare to look at Mami, she only stared at the screen now.

"What's wrong with me?" she thought frowning.





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Aug 2, 2017

Chapter 21 - He trust her! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 129 times)

Early in the morning, the new best friends, Khushi and Mami were enjoying preparing breakfast together.

"Mami ji.." Khushi glanced at her "Can I ask you one thing?"

"Haan ask two!" Mami laughed.

Khushi giggled: Actually. Why do you hate Payal?

Mami frowned: She is very irritating, she does everything purposely for Akash bitwa to get angry on me.. So I only reply her back, showing her that he is my son first!

Khushi shook her head: This is wrong Mami ji! Tell me what Payal does wrong to you?

Mami stammered thinking: Woh.. She..haan..she..

"See you don't know! You just kept it in your mind that a mother in law and daughter in law are like enemies in which both kept fighting to get attention of the husband/son! It's typical and your friends must have advised you to make Payal's life a hell when she reaches here, they must have told you that Payal will be lazy, will distance yourself from Akash, Akash will stop giving his salary to you and will start giving it to Payal, Payal will start commanding you if you don't take any action. All this right? You just have it in your mind that Payal is bad, but deep inside you, you know she is not. But your ego doesn't let you start a healthy relationship with her. Why Mami ji? Did Nani treated you in the same way you're treating Payal? Don't think I'm lecturing you! It's up to you if you want to listen to me or not.." Khushi said and left the kitchen with Arnav's black coffee and a plate with his sandwich.

Mami stood still thinking about her relationship with Payal since the day one she came to their life.

Khushi walked to table and placed the coffee and his sandwich on the table.

Arnav took the sandwich from the plate quickly.

"Are you getting late?" she asked.

"Yeah.." he nodded glancing at his wrist watch.

"Good morning Arniee.." Meera smiled and sat on a chair.

"Good morning Mad Girl.." he smirked glancing at her.

Khushi smiled: Good morning Meera..

Meera jaws dropped by hearing Khushi greeting her normally and not with a jealous tone.

Arnav smirked: Meera you kind of forgot your boyfriend is my best friend!

Meera pouted: Urgh I will kill Karan for spoiling my play! It was so fun seeing your wife jealous of us.. She looks so cute fuming in anger. Did you saw her cheeks and her nose all red yesterday? I thought she would kill me.. But it's good when a wife is jealous, it proves how much she loves and is possessive of you, my boy! (Meera patted Arnav's shoulders)

Arnav said sarcastically: Meera your boyfriend called me, he must be outside only. Go and meet him..

Meera giggled: Ok! I'm going..

Meera went running to meet Karan.

Khushi blushed clutching her duppata. Arnav looked at her sipping his coffee.

Rabba vee... Rabba vee..

"What happened? Don't think I'm in love with you.." Khushi sat on her chair.

Arnav didn't say anything this time, and shifted his attention back to his coffee.

Akash came downstairs sending a message for his wife.

"Good morning my Angel! Hope you slept well.." he clicked to send and smiled as his plannings to woo his wife back just started!

Mami served the tea for Akash and Mama.

"Where is Anjali?" Khushi asked not seeing her on the table.

"Must be in her room.." Akash said.

"HP call Di to have her breakfast.." Arnav ordered HP, who was passing by to keep the fresh vegetables he bought from the market in the kitchen.

Khushi stood up and took the bags from his hand, "Go and call Anjali, HP ji.. I will keep it in the kitchen.."

HP nodded and went to call Anjali. Some minutes later, he returned with a worried face.

"Malik.. " he said panicked.

"What?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

"Anjali madam is not feeling well! She is weak now.. She told me she has fever and will not come downstairs.." HP said everything in one go.

Arnav worriedly rushed to his Di's room.

"Di.." he called her and sat on the bed beside her.

"Kya hua? You're not feeling well.. I'll call the doctor now.." he said caressing her forehead.

"Nahin Chote.. I'm fine, I just have fever.. I will sleep for a while then I will feel better.. Don't worry about me.." she smiled a little.

"Are you sure?" he asked with a worried tone.

"Hmm I'm sure it's just fever.. Chote can I ask you something?" she raised her hand to cup his face.

Arnav held her hand and kissed her palms nodding: Bolo Di..

"Will you forgive me for lying to you?" she cried.

Arnav looked at her, "You did wrong! Di what was the need to lie to me? I wouldn't refuse your relationship with Shyam.."

"I was scared Chote.. I was scared that you wouldn't accept him because he wasn't as rich as you would like and he is a middle class man.." she bit her lips.

"I wouldn't.. In fact I was surprised because I thought you wouldn't like him as he is not rich as you. But you proved me wrong.. I'm happy if you're Di.." he caressed her palms.

Anjali nodded: This means you forgive me?

Arnav nodded and kissed her forehead.

"Do you want me to stay with you today? I will cancel all my meetings.." he asked concerned for his sister's health.

"Nahin Chote! I told you that I will be fine.. You go to your office.." she smiled faintly.

Arnav patted her cheeks: Did you take your medicines at least? Nahin na!

He gave her the medicine and water, then walked out of the room to go to his office.

Anjali smirked and sat on the bed leaning on the headboard.

"Are wah! Chote believed that I'm really sick.. I might be a good actress then.." she spitted out the medicine he gave to her.

Khushi watched all this behind the door, "Shii.. You faked sickness so that Arnav forgives you.. I never saw someone disgusting as you Anjali.."

While downstairs, in the living room Arnav was searching for Khushi.

"Mami where is Khushi?" he glanced at Mami drinking her tea.

"She went upstairs behind you bitwa.." Mami said.

"I think she is with Anjali now.." Mama looked at Arnav.

Arnav nodded: Okay! That's what I wanted to tell her to stay with Di.

Mama nodded: Don't worry beta. We will take care of Anjali..

Arnav took his bag and went outside the mansion with Akash.



"Oh Baby I missed you.." Meera hugged Karan again smiling.

Arnav rolled his eyes and continued his orders to Aman.

"And yeah..take these love birds out of my office too.." Arnav eyed to them again.

Aman chuckled.

Karan pouted: You're very mean yaar..

Meera: What else? He didn't let me have my breakfast at home, I'm so famished Karan.. Let's go to the cafeteria and eat something..

Karan nodded and took Meera out of Arnav's cabin, followed by Aman.

Arnav shook his head at their craziness, and remembered about his crazy wife at home.

"Pagli.." he shook his head smiling and shifted his attention back to his laptop.


Raizada mansion: 

"Nahin HP.. Put that vase on the left side.." Khushi was ordering HP to reorganize the pots in Arnav's garden.

"Khushi madam, Malik likes this pot of flowers here.." HP stood confused whether to follow her orders or Arnav's.

"Acha..if he likes it, then let the pot there.." Khushi nodded.

HP left the pot on it's place, Khushi smiled thinking about Arnav.

"Laad governor.." she whispered shaking her head.

"Talking about Laad governor, should I tell him that Anjali is lying to him? Hey DM tell me na.. I'm so scared to see him hurt again! I don't want to see pain in his eyes again. Now that he talks normally with me, I don't this to end. If I tell him about Anjali, he will go back to his dead body mood..but I also can't see him being made a food by his sister.. I don't like it. He is really concerned for her and she is acting! What do I do?" Khushi cried staring at the sky..


Night time:

Akash brushed his hands nervously, before knocking the door in Payal's house.

"I hope this goes well!" he thought praying to DM.

Payal's mother opened the door and found him praying with shut eyes.

She smiled, "Akash beta!"

Akash quickly opened his eyes and smiled embarrassed: Namaste Ma.. How are you?

Payal's mother blinked her eyes indicating she is fine, and caressed his hair, when he touched her feet to take blessings.

"Come in..Payal look who is here!" her mother shouted to grab attention of her daughter playing chess with her father and Rahul cheering for her.

Payal glanced at him surprised. Akash smiled at her and walked near her bringing the bouquet of roses he was hiding on his back to her.

"This is for you!" he said.

Payal's parents looked at each other smirking.

"Roses not bad ahn.." Rahul patted Akash's shoulders.

Payal took it from his hands, he brushed his hands on her purposely to grab her attention, as she was looking down while receiving it.

Sun mere humsafar

Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar

Rahoonga bas wahi umr bhar

(Listen, O my co-traveler..

Do you have even a little bit of idea

That the way your breath moves

I'll be there, all my life)

Payal stared at him, he bit his lips.

"Beta join us for dinner.." her mother said smiling.

"Yeah sure Ma.." he said.

Payal blinked her eyes, her heart somewhere was satisfied when he accepted her mother invitation. Only she knows how much she denied her mother invitations, stating that he was work or was sick and couldn't come to dinner or lunch with them, when it was himself who denied because he didn't like to stay with her family, or Mami used to deny him going. Today seeing him accepting by his own, made her heart beat once again!


Raizada mansion..

Arnav descended the stairs after freshening up, he went to the living room and sat with Mama who was watching TV with Meera.

"Is Di fine now?" he asked.

"Hmm. I think so, she is preparing the dinner now for everyone!" Mama said confused with Anjali's behavior.

"What? Didn't you all stopped her from doing so?" Arnav frowned.

"We did! But she insisted.." Meera replied.

Arnav walked to the kitchen, "Di stop this! Why are you working when you're sick?"

"I'm feeling better now Chote. And it's Khushi's orders so how can I refuse to the owner of this mansion?" she faked a smile.

"Khushi told you to do so!" Arnav looked at her.

Anjali nodded.

"Where is she?" Arnav asked.

"I don't know.." Anjali replied "But it's okay na Chote.. I'll just finish this and rest then.."

"Di..Di..Di.. I'm not calling her to scold her.. Just to clarify if you're telling the truth or not. Because if seen by the records of lying to me, you're much ahead of her.." Arnav rested his hands on his pockets.

"Chote are you believing in her and not me?" Anjali cried.

" You first ordered your friend to molest her, then you tried to burn her hand with coffee, and then you also lied to me that you have a boyfriend. This is just a small lie Di.. I'm sure you're capable of doing it.. And about her, a girl of fought for her dignity alone when you and your friends were enjoying the scene, a girl who is always trying to change our family even though we are nothing for her, she has her own life but what made her do that is a simple promise to an elder woman, who is already dead and she could easily not do that, but just claim her property and throw us out of here, a girl who left her anger on me and came running to give me my pen drive on time so that people don't think wrong about me even though I talked badly with her, a girl who is the owner of this property and mansion but still never used a penny for her own benefits, a girl who filled her own diary with my likes and dislikes! Which one should I trust Di?" Arnav asked standing face to face with Anjali.

Anjali didn't say anything, she avoid eye contact with him.

Arnav patted her cheeks, "I may melt sometime when it comes to you. But don't forget Di, this brother of yours stopped thinking by heart long ago.. "

Anjali looked at him gulping her saliva.

Khushi watched all this overwhelmed by the way Arnav defended her but when Arnav turned to her, she went running from there. 

But she was late, he saw her duppata flying on air..

"Next time don't lie to me Di..I'm younger than you but you know very well that I'm no less than a father figure to you and you hold the place of Mumma in my life.. But these lies you think are small ones and won't harm anyone, are completely destroying our relationship.." he said and walked out of the kitchen.

Anjali fumed in anger, she threw the knife to the floor.


Arshi room:

Khushi covered herself with her blanket and turned to his side, a little smile wasn't leaving her face today.

"Good night Arnav.." she said.

Arnav was watching TV, completely lost in his thoughts.

"Arnav.." she called him again, now she knows he is thinking about Anjali.

"Why does she lie to me?" Arnav whispered in a broken voice.

Khushi pulled her blanket away and went to sit with him on his bed.

"Why are you getting upset because of Anjali?" she pouted.

"Khushi she is my sister.." he glared at Khushi "Whatever she does, affects me.."

"I know.." Khushi sighed.

"I promised to Mumma that I would take care of my sister like a princess.. Sometimes I wonder where did I fail? And why is everything changing between us!?" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"You didn't fail.. Maybe she isn't the same anymore.." Khushi whispered.

She opened his fist, and caressed his palms.

He stared at her, but didn't say anything for the time. He let her care on him and both kept silent after their little conversation. Only the sound coming from TV was being heard.


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Aug 3, 2017

Chapter 22 - Arnav's mood swings! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

"Should I tell you something?" Khushi glanced at his side.

"Bolo.." he looked at her.

"You look better as ASR, this sad puppy look doesn't suit you.." she showed him thumbs down.

"What the.. You're calling me a dog?" he asked.

"Dog nahin, puppy..small one.." she smiled sheepishly.

"Oh really!" he raised his one eyebrow.

"How do you do that with your eyebrows?" she looked at him trying to raise her eyebrow like him.

"It's not for everyone!" he teased her.

Khushi: Aree why not? I also can do that, you know after some 50 years of trying. I will come then to show you..

"50 years!! Your eyebrows would be in white color then.." he chuckled.

Khushi stood up smiling, "My work is done now! I am going to sleep.. Good night.."

"Which work?" he asked confused.

"Make you smile!" she replied pulling her blanket as she laid on the recliner.

Arnav: Make your husband smile is a work for you now!?

Khushi opened her one eye to him: A tough one!


Early in the morning Arnav returned from his jogging, and went to his room to freshen up.

He opened the door and thought as usual he would find Khushi still sleeping, but no!

He heard her voice coming from the poolside, he let the sound guide him.

"Khushi what happened?" he asked her.

She looks worried, and was talking with someone over the phone.

"You should have called me na at that time! You know you never disturb me Arjun.. Why? I'm coming okay.. Please don't worry .. We will find a solution for it.." she ignored his question and answered to person she was talking with.

After that she cut the call, and walked to him.

"Arnav my NGO caught fire yesterday. Arjun and Ma said it was an accident, and some of the kids injured themselves but they are in hospital now. I don't know why they didn't call me yesterday only. I'll have to go and stay with them for few days.." Khushi explained him in one go sobbing.

"So you're not any firefighter that they would need you.." Arnav frowned.

"Arnav.. How can you say such thing?.. I wouldn't help, but I would support them, and that's what they need the most.." she sobbed.

"They don't need you, you want to be with them.. I even doubt this accident is a true one, or is just your act to leave your responsibilities here.." he yelled.

"Why would I do that?" she asked in disbelief.

"Why wouldn't you do that?" he replied back.

"You know what you're disgusting.. I hate you.. I don't know why I started being friendly with you.." Khushi cried and walked inside the room packing her bag.

Arnav infuriated went to the bathroom.



Khushi reached with her bags. Madhu and Arjun came running to her crying.

"We couldn't save our place!" Madhu cried.

Khushi hugged her tightly, "Ma why are you getting worried? We will find a solution for this.."

Arjun wiped his tears, faking a smile: That's what I was telling her yesterday. But she doesn't listen to me!

"What will happen to my kids? Where will they stay now? I can't let them on the roads.. Everything is destroyed!" Madhu hit her forehead crying.

"Nothing will happen to the kids Ma. Please calm down.." Khushi cupped her face.

"How will I renovate this NGO again?" Madhu cried again.

"Why are getting worried? We will do something about it Ma. Arjun and I are here right?" Khushi wiped her tears.

Khushi: Arjun I think we should shift to our old NGO for now. Then we will start thinking how to renovate this place again.

Arjun nodded: I didn't think about that. You're right, we should shift to our old NGO.

"Why Kids? Don't you all want to visit our old home again?" she tried to smile for the kids.

All nodded with a smile and ran to hug her.

Madhu: You're right Khushi. But we can't leave without Sheena, Aansh, Kriti and Rohan. They got injured and are in hospital now.. I want to see them..

Khushi nodded: Don't worry about them Ma. I will talk with some bus driver to take you all to our old NGO. And I and Arjun will wait till they get discharged. For now please go with the kids to our old home.

Madhu nodded and Arjun and Khushi went to talk with the driver to take them.



"Aman come here.." Arnav called him after his meeting in the conference room came to end, and all started to leave.

"Yes ASR. Is there any work??" Aman turned to him.

"Hmm.. Khushi's NGO caught fire and they might need some help to renovate the place or help the kids with clothes, food and all. You know what you have to do.. And I will text you the address.." Arnav said closing his laptop.

"Okay ASR. I know.." Aman nodded his head and walked to leave.

"Aman.." Arnav called him again "Don't tell anyone I send you there.." he finished his sentence when Aman turned once again to him.

Aman smiled: Don't worry, as always I will hide your good deeds!

Arnav glared at him: I didn't said for you to start your comments section on me Aman.

Aman bit his tongue: Sorry ASR..

Arnav took his laptop and walked to leave the conference room.



Khushi entered in the room the kids were.

She saw them resting, and kissed each one's forehead.

"Everything will be fine!" she whispered crying.

"I don't like your husband Arnav, but Khushi I think we should ask him for help. He is such a big business man and he can help us to renovate our place again. He will get praised by media for doing a good deed, and we will get our place as it was!" Arjun looked at her.

Khushi thought, then looked at Arjun: Nahin! It's his money, why would he spend on us? I won't beg that man anything..

"Why not Khushi? Now it's not about us and Ma, but all these kids. Please think about them too.." Arjun said worried.

"I know Arjun, but we can do that alone. We don't need him. He is not the only business man who can help us, we can ask for help on another companies who are willing to help us.. He thinks that I lied about this accident, you think he will help us? I don't know anything, but we will find a solution for this problem. For now, we will shift to our old NGO. And then we will think with cool mind what to do next.." Khushi said brushing her fingers on her cheeks to wipe away her tears.

Arjun nodded: You know I trust you na. We will do it the way you want Khushi..

Khushi: Don't worry Arjun! You, Ma and the kids mean the world to me, you all helped me when I had no one, I won't abandon you all. I will never let you all suffer.. I'll always be here.

Arjun hit her forehead playfully: Who said we think that you would abandon us Pagli? Don't talk nonsense now.. I know you're always here, that's why I called you in the morning, and not at night because I knew it, you would leave everything and come running to us.



"Chote have a look at the pictures of the models.. Are you okay with it?" Anjali spread the pictures on his table.

"Take it away.." he glanced at her.

"But Chote we need your approval to publish this!" Anjali looked at him confused.

"I don't want to see it now" he gritted his teeth.

"Okay!" Anjali shrugged her shoulders and took them back again with her.

Aman was about to knock the door, when Anjali opened it to leave.

Arnav stood up eagerly to know what news Aman brought for him.

Aman walked in, while Anjali sighed frustrated going away.

"What happened?" he curtly asked.

"Nothing ASR. I reached but no one was there, seems like they vacant the place and shifted to another. That's what people around were gossiping to each other.." Aman said.

"Ohh alright.." Arnav nodded and walked back to his chair.

"ASR do you want me to do something else?" Aman asked.

"No!" Arnav said and concentrated back to his laptop with a stern face.

While Anjali found her friend Kritika on the way.

Kritika: What happened? You look angry!

Anjali: I'm angry, frustrated, upset and what not with my life! Everything just happens the opposite of what I think. My life is such a mess. I'm working in AR, I should be treated like a boss and I'm like a mere employee here who is scolded by her own brother! Like really.. And other things are also disturbing me a lot..

Kritika: Hey Anju relax na! Don't take stress, you already know how your brother is, his anger is no news to anyone here. You already faced it, Akash also, even Karan, his best friend also. Nothing to worry.. Let's go to the cafeteria..

Both went to the cafeteria, and sat on a table for two.

Karan and Meera were also there chatting.

Karan: Are you sure? I mean it's common Tom and Jerry fights for them. It's nothing serious..

Meera: No, I think it's serious. Khushi didn't had her breakfast and left with bags stating that she has to go her NGO because it caught fire. But Arnav maintained his expression intact! It's like he cared less. And there was anger on his eyes too. We both know how Arnav is, when it's something serious, he would help her or at least send someone to help her. He let her go alone Karan, didn't even asked the driver to take her.. I felt bad, you know.. I didn't like the way Arnav behaved with Khushi, she is a good and sweet girl for me, she doesn't deserve this..

Karan nodded: I will talk with him and ask what happened.

Meera: No! Don't ask him, I'm just sharing with you my point of view Karan. We shouldn't interfere in their marriage life.

Karan: Marriage life? Arnav doesn't consider her as his wife..

Meera: This is what you think and what Arnav makes you believe. He himself doesn't know his feelings for Khushi..

Karan: Meera are you trying to say that he loves her? You should have seen the way both fight!

Meera: Why not Karan? If Arnav cared less for Khushi, he wouldn't order you to explain that I'm your girlfriend and not his, he would let Khushi live in a misunderstanding, which would prove to be quite good for him, because he doesn't like her and wants to be far away from her, am I right?

Karan nodded: Are wah baby, you're quite smart.. I didn't even thought it in that way.. Arnav has started liking her man, that's why he didn't want Bhabhi to think that you're his girlfriend..

Meera raised her imaginary collar smirking.


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Aug 4, 2017

Chapter 22 - Roke na ruke naina (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

During one week..

Arnav woke up and looked at his recliner empty, there wasn't her, her blanket, her pillow! It was empty.

He frowned "Why should I waste my time thinking of her?"

He went to the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

After freshening up, he opened his closet and choose the suit for him.

"HP.. HP..." he yelled.

HP came running to his room, "Yes Malik.."

"Go and.." he sighed "It's nothing.. You go.."

HP nodded scratching his forehead, and went from there.

Arnav then headed to a room, and ironed his suit and shirt alone.

He remembered about her teaching him to iron his clothes, the way she hugged him from behind, then placed her hand on his guiding him.

"Arnav!" a Khushi of his dream appeared in front of him.

She smiled and hugged him from behind, placing her hand above his and guiding him how to iron his suit just like the way she taught him.

He let her hands guide him, and stare at her behind him, who was giggling at him like an angel.

"Arnav bitwa.." Mami widened her eyes when she saw the iron on his finger, and he completely lost that didn't even realized he was hurting himself.

"Ouch.." he hissed in pain coming back from his dream land to the earth with Mami's shout.

He sucked his index finger that got hurt while he was ironing thinking about Khushi.

"What are you doing bitwa? Leave all this.. HP will do it.." Mami ran to him worried.

"I'm fine Mami.." Arnav said and ironed his suit with a frown on his face.

Mami stood still staring at him, she wondered what happened with him.

 Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi

 Tujhko dekhe bin main marna jaun kahi

(When tomorrow, you will not be before my eyes

 Without seeing you, I just might die)

"Bitwa are you okay na?" Mami looked at him concerned.

"Hmm.. I'm.." he said without looking at her.


Mami passed by the corridor and found Akash going to office with his bag.

"Akash bitwa.." she called him.

"Yeah ma.." Akash turned to her.

"Call Payal bitiya home. It's been a long time since I saw her.." Mami smiled faintly.

"Why Ma? You want to scold her for going to her parents home! Please Ma.. I'm trying to mend our relationship now, don't separate us more than we are now.." Akash said.

"No bitwa! I swear I don't wish bad for you. The same way you're trying to mend your relationship with Payal, I also want to give our relationship a chance.. I realized that there is no point in treating her badly, she is not wrong.. My point of view is wrong.." Mami said, and her eyes showed she was truly repenting for what she did.

Akash nodded surprised: I will inform her, but if she doesn't want. I won't force her..

Mami smiled: Okay! 


Arnav was driving back to home, he stopped the car when he saw the red signal, and sighed seeing the traffic ahead.

He tapped his finger on the steering wheel impatiently, that's when his eyes landed on a lady whose height was similar to Khushi, and was wearing the red salwar Khushi wore when they went to shopping.

"That's not me! Stop looking at other girls like that.." he turned to other side of his car and saw her leaning on the back side of his car pouting.

"You! What are you doing here?" he asked with a confused smile on his face.

"Why were you staring at her like that?" a jealous Khushi asked him.

"No! I wasn't staring at her, I was thinking about you.." he smirked.

"Acha! She reminds you of me!" Khushi widened her eyes.

"What the..." Arnav frowned when cars honked at him, he looked in front of him and saw the green light on, now he understood why were they honking at him.

He started driving, and then glanced at her through his mirror, but she wasn't there anymore.

Tujhko bhool jaun kaise

 Maane na manaun kaise

 Tu bata…

(How do I forget you

 How do I make myself understand

 You tell me…)

"What the.. What's wrong with me?  Why am I day dreaming of her?" he frowned slamming his fist on the steering wheel.


Khushi rolled on the floor trying to sleep at night, she wasn't able to now. Because everytime time she turned she thought she would see him on his bed sleeping.

She thought she was on his room,  on his recliner with one of his pillows that had his smell!!

"Thinking of me Jerry.." Arnav appeared in front of her and leaned on the floor beside her.

"Hmm.." Khushi nodded staring at him, while he looked at the dark sky filled with stars on the terrace.

"You shouldn't have talked with me like that! I'm hurt you know.. Say sorry now.." she pouted while big fat tears came out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry my Jerry.." he held his ears with a smile on his face.

Khushi giggled seeing him say sorry by holding his ear.

Madhu woke up hearing Khushi's voice, "Kya hua Sona? Aren't you getting sleep here?"

Madhu pulled her old bed sheet to cover Khushi properly, that was sleeping with her.

Khushi looked at Madhu shocked that she woke up, she turned to Arnav's side to tell him to go away as Ma would scold him.

But when she turned Arnav wasn't there, it was her imagination only.

She sighed sadly and cuddled to Madhu to sleep with tears on her eyes.

Roke na ruke naina

 Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna

 Roke na ruke naina…

(The eyes are unstoppable

 They want to remain towards you

 The eyes are unstoppable…)

"Why are you crying Sona?" Madhu kissed her forehead caressing her hair.

"I'm not.." Khushi quickly wiped her tears.

"Acha! Now you will lie to your mother.." Madhu smiled.

"No! Ma why do I let people affect me? Why am I so fragile? Why do I break down so easily? I hate myself.. I really hate me.. I try to be strong but I can't.. His words affect me.. His hurtful words prick my heart.." Khushi cried.

"Don't say like that my Doll. You're strong, if you weren't strong then how come you managed to change his family, how come you fight with that man who tried to molest you, hmm answer me?" Madhu patted her shoulders.

Khushi nodded and hugged her mother tightly, "I'm strong only.."

"Are you talking about Arnav? Didn't I told you to forget him and just concentrate on changing his family? Khushi don't get much attached to him, that one day it will be difficult to leave him forever.." Madhu said.

"Ma.. I know, I said that after fulfilling Nani's last wishes, I would give him divorce.. We both don't love each other, so there is no reason to continue this marriage.. But he can at least be friends with me, am I that bad?" Khushi looked up to her mother.

"No! You're not bad.." Madhu kissed her forehead "Sleep my dear.. Good night.."


Arnav was going through the magazines of AR models.

He was just flipping the pages, his attention wasn't there..

"Karan look at this outfit! My God Arniee you're genius.. I want this for me.." Meera couldn't stop gushing over Arnav's designs.

Arnav looked at both sat in front of him, but he didn't register anything they were talking.

Kaat’tha hoon lakhon lamhe

 Kat’te nahi hain

 Saaye teri yaadon ke

 Hat’te nahi hain

(Millions of moments are spent

 Yet they remain

 The shadows of your memories

 Don’t go away)

Karan: Arnav don't give your collection to her.. She cheated on you.. She started wearing outfits from your rivals.. Shii what a friend you're..

Karan laughed and Meera started beating him, he got up and ran around the cabin.

Arnav was completely unaffected by their childish act, he didn't glared, yelled or asked them to go out of his cabin.

Karan and Meera stopped running, and looked at him with wide eyes.



Khushi sat on the floor of the living room, after serving everyone their lunch.

She was really happy by seeing their neighbors helped them by distributing food and drinks for the kids after knowing about the accident.

She looked around and saw everyone satisfied at least.

Madhu came to her and gave her a glass of juice.

Khushi took it from her hand with a fake smile on her face, but even that fake smile didn't last for long on her face when she saw it was an orange juice, his favorite.

Sukh gaye hain ansu teri judai ke

 Palkon se phir bhi badal

 Chhat’te nahi hain

(Tears of your separation have dried up

 And yet the lashes are clouded

 With sorrow)

"Drink it Jerry.. I want to see that yuck face of yours.." he chuckled and sat beside her.

"Who said I don't like this juice? I like it and I will drink it and not make any faces.." Khushi said with a challenging tone.

She drank the juice in one go, and looked at him smirking.

Then turned her back on him, and shut her eyes tightly, and stuck her tongue out unable to bear the taste of the juice.

Arnav chuckled and came in front of her, "You look cute!" he pinched her nose.

Khushi opened her eyes, and he wasn't there anymore.

"Arnav.." she whispered his name looking around.

"Didi what happened to you? Why are you talking alone?" Kriti looked at her with a confused expression.

"Nothing.." Khushi hit her forehead, scolding herself for dreaming so much about him.


"Khushi stop doing that.." Arnav frowned still with closed eyes.

"God Khushi.. Just stop it.. Let me sleep.." Arnav shoved the hand patting his cheeks.

"ARNAV BITWA" Mami screamed trying to wake him up, he fell asleep on the sofa.

Akash, Mami, Mama, Meera and HP couldn't stop laughing by seeing him thinking that Khushi was here and trying to wake him up. Now they saw Arnav was missing his wife.

Arnav slowly pulled the pillow off his face when he heard laughter sounds, and opened his eyes embarrassed for his outburst.

He sat on the sofa, and caressed his neck biting his lips, hell embarrassed!

"Woh.. I was just.." he tried to look out for an excuse.

"It's okay.. We know you miss your wife!! I will call her and ask when is she coming back" Mami clutched her belly controlling herself from laughing at his face.

"NO.. Don't call her.." he shouted.

Everyone laughed again at his face, only he wasn't finding anything funny without her!

Khud ko main hasaun kaise

 Maane na manaun kaise

 Tu bata…

(How do I make myself laugh

 How do I make myself understand

 You tell me)

Roke na ruke naina

 Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna

 Roke na ruke naina…

(The eyes are unstoppable

 They want to remain towards you

 The eyes are unstoppable…)

"Don't tease him Manorama.." Mama said and patted Arnav's shoulder.

"Go and sleep in your room Arniee.." Meera said.

He nodded and went to his room with his mood completely off.


One week later...


"What does she think of himself? Can't she call me one time? Ohh her big fat ego doesn't let her.. I called her once and she didn't attend my call.. Dammit.. I hate her.. I really do.. Don't know why I gave her so much importance.. It's better she stays in her NGO or wherever she is hiding from me and never comes back in my life.. Why didn't she call Mama at least to inform where is she now! One week and she completely forgot about us.. She is not responsible at all.. All she does is claim that she wants to fulfill Nani's last wishes but where is she now? Disappeared! And doesn't even call me to inform where is she staying now.. I hate her.. I don't know why I called her.. Heyy are you both listening to me?" he looked at both his friends, Karan leaned on his chair rolling his eyes and Meera yawned playing with hair.

"You're repeating all this since 8am Arnav.. One hour Arnav.. I even memorized everything now you said.. I can repeat it for you.." Karan cried.

"Yes! I can also repeat it for you. But please Arnav keep quiet now!! We need shanti (peace).." Meera said.

 Arnav sighed and looked at his table, playing with his pen.

There was silence now, all over the cabin.

"I MISS HER.." Arnav broke the silence.

Karan's phone slipped from his hand and hit the floor, but he cared less. And only looked at Arnav shocked.

Meera fingers came to halt while playing with her hair, she looked at Arnav with big eyes.

"Stop giving me those looks.." Arnav frowned.

"Are you serious?" both asked to Arnav at the same time.

Arnav nodded and bit his lips, "I'm.."

 Meera smiled and hugged herself: Awww.. Arniee you're cute!

"You're gone dude!" Karan shook his head in disbelief..


Khushi leaned on a tree, and hugged her knees.

She was missing HIM and his family terribly. Now she was used to live with them, their cute fights all the time, Mami cool talks, Mama talking about his old times, HP running around the house scared of Arnav, everything now she missed. When she entered in their mansion, it was like a hell to her, but now she wants to go back to that hell!! 

A kid came running to her, "Didi.. Someone called you.."

Khushi nodded and took the phone, she glanced at the caller Id and almost gasped.

"Arnav called me yesterday! What does he want? Don't think too high Khushi, he surely wants to scold you.." Khushi thought.



Arnav's phone rang, he picked it without glancing at his phone to look who is calling him, as he was irritated with his friends look at him. Like he was an alien for missing someone! But well, he also admits it's kind of rare for him!

"Yeah.." he glared at his friend.

"Arnav, you called me?" her sweet voice played a melody on his ear.

Arnav blinked his eyes, feeling her voice, which he didn't hear for one whole week!

"Arnav..are you there?" she asked.

Karan and Meera were like is he romancing with his phone now!

"Yeah! I did call you and you made it a purposely-missed-call.." Arnav frowned.

"I don't even have time to check my phone. I'm helping the kids with Arjun and Ma. A kid only came to give the phone now.." Khushi replied.

"Ok! Now tell me where are you hiding from me now?" he asked with a sad tone.

Karan and Meera were like Awww by seeing his cute sad face.

"I'm at NGO.." Khushi replied.

"Why are lying to me?" he frowned.

"I'm not lying to you Arnav. Why do you always falsely accuse me?" Khushi said.

"You're lying because I send Aman to your NGO and no one was there.." he gritted his teeth.

And there wasn't a response now. He glanced at his phone, "Dammit..she cut my call.." Arnav left the phone on the table.

"One more week.." Meera sighed.

"You will make her become Slow and Furious Bhabhi.. Now she will take more time to come back.." Karan face palmed.

Arnav leaned on his chair, and closed his eyes.

"Continue your lecture!" he sighed.

His phone rang again, Arnav opened his eyes and glanced at it. A smile appeared on his face.

"Khushi.." he immediately picked up the call.

"Sorry for not explaining! I'm at my old NGO.." she said with a serious and hurt tone, he could feel that.

"No! I'm sorry for showing you my anger all the time" he said.

Karan jaws dropped seeing ASR say sorry to a girl!

"Address?" he asked hesitantly.

"Address.. Note down.." she said still in shock, he said sorry to her!

Arnav quickly took his notebook and pen, and wrote the address she told him to.

"Ok! See you soon.." he said and hang up the call.



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Aug 5, 2017

Chapter 24 - Arshi meet! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 120 times)

"Laad governor said Sorry to me!! And send Aman to my NGO.. Unbelievable.. Just unbelievable.." Khushi blinked her eyes surprised staring at her phone.

Arjun came to her, and sat on the grass, "What are you doing here Khushi?"

Khushi smiled: Arnav called me!

Arjun shrugged his shoulders: So?

Khushi shook her head: Nothing.. I think he is coming here.

Arjun frowned: Why is he coming here? Does he want to help us?

Khushi: No! He wants to talk with me, but I will show it to him that I'm still angry! He will have to pacify me..

Khushi stood up and went running inside the NGO.

She entered in the room of the kids, and looked at herself on the old mirror.

"Shiii.. I look so tired. Arnav will say I became old in just one week.." Khushi touched her face.

Some kids started laughing at her, on the room.

"What are you doing here?" she turned to them.

"Didi it's our room! We should be asking you.." they giggled.

"Didi are you talking about Beast Arnav?" a four years old, Ruchi asked her with a scared tone.

"No! (she picked Ruchi, and made Ruchi sat on her lap, while she sat on the bed) You know I didn't end the story that day.. Princess Khushi found that Beast Arnav, isn't really what she thinks he is, inside he is a prince and circumstances made him behave like a beast.." Khushi kissed Ruchi's cheeks.

Ruchi pouted: Didi.. I didn't understand..

Khushi giggled: Ruchi Arnav isn't a beast. He is a prince only..

Kunal interrupted: Didi is he like  Beauty and the beast movie?

Khushi nodded: Understood now Ruchi?

Ruchi nodded smilingly: Then I'm not scared of him anymore..

Kunal: Didi when are we going back home?

Khushi: Very soon Kunal. Now that you're all comfortable here and have enough clothes and food. I will start looking out for help to renovate our place.

The kids nodded their head in positive.

Arjun came and sat beside Khushi: We will start Khushi! Not you alone..

Khushi smiled and nodded. While Madhu stood on the door of the room.

"I wish you were married to Arjun, Sona. You would be so happy with him, we would live together and happy. There wouldn't be any Arnav to hurt you.. " Madhu thought staring at both.


After sometime, Khushi was talking with Arjun on the living room about the NGO.

She suddenly stopped talking, and clutched her salwar near her chest.

"Dhak Dhak phir se (Dhak dhak again) is he here??" she thought.

"What happened Khushi?" Arjun asked her.

Khushi stood up and went running outside the NGO. Her doubt and dhak dhak were right, he was there only.

Arnav climbed down his car with his bags, and closed the door.

He turned to the NGO, and his eyes landed on her.

Dehleez pe mere dil ki

Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

(As you have stepped

on the threshold of my heart..

O my beloved,

I’ve written my life in your name..)

Both kept staring at each other from distance.

Madhu came to Khushi, and patted her cheeks: What happened Khushi? Why did you came running here?

Khushi broke the eye lock with Arnav, and turned to Madhu: Woh.. Arnav..

Arnav walked to them, and stood beside Khushi, "Namaste Aunty.." he said to Madhu.

Madhu replied sternly: Namaste. Did you came here to take Khushi away from us?

Arnav: No! I came here to stay with my wife..

Khushi stare at him astonished.

Arnav glanced at her, "And also to help the kids.." he added.

Khushi: So now you believe that it was a real accident?

Arnav: I never doubted it..

Khushi: Then why did you say that?

Arnav: Won't you ask me to come inside?

Madhu: We don't have space here! You already live in a mansion, why come here?

Khushi interrupted: Arnav will sleep with me on the terrace Ma. You will sleep with Arjun and the kids on their room. 

Madhu looked at Khushi in disbelief.

"What! Terrace Khushi.." Arnav freaked out.

Khushi glared at him, he sighed in defeat.

"From king size bed to terrace, wow Arnav welcome to a new life.." he mumbled enough for her to hear.

"Want to go back? You still have time.." she whispered to him.

Madhu smiled sarcastically: You can stay here, but will you be able? Now only you made a face just for sleeping at the terrace. What will happen later?

Arnav thought how he lived without Khushi one whole week, and then how will he live here, which is so not kind of his lifestyle.

"Don't worry Aunty.. I will manage to live wherever Khushi is.." he said confidently.

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

(I learned how to live life,

I learned to live my beloved.

But I didn’t learn how to live

without you, O my beloved)

A smile couldn't hide anymore from her face, by hearing his last line!

Madhu left from there, leaving both alone now.

Arnav glanced inside the NGO: Won't you ask me to come inside now?

Khushi came back from her dream land, and nodded: Come inside..

Arnav entered with her, while walking to the terrace, he started a conversation with her.

Arnav: I just talked with an architect friend of mine, and he will design and renovate your place again and in a better way than before. He will just start working from tomorrow with his partners and builders on the same. And Aman is coming here with basic things like clothes, blankets, water and medical supplies.

Khushi nodded: Thank you for doing this much for the kids.

Arnav entered in the terrace, "Woah.. Are we going to sleep in an open place like this?" his tone was a complaining one.

Khushi nodded: Yes Arnav, if you will not be able to manage..

He cut her off, "I said na.. I will manage.."

Khushi: The question is why will you manage to stay in a place like this?

Arnav turned to her: The question is do you want me to stay here or not?

Khushi looked at him dumbfounded, he knows very well how to turn tables!

Arnav walked near her, she looked at him, her heart beats increased thinking what is he going to do next.

Arnav slowly snacked his both arms around her waist, he was himself unsure and kind of scared of her what her reaction would be.

Khushi shivered when his arms found way to rest on her waist, she kept staring into his dark brown eyes.

Arnav pulled her slowly near him till she crashes with his chest, Khushi hands touched his shoulders for support.

He tightened his grip on her, "I missed you Khushi.."

Her breath hitched hearing this from him, she smiled slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I missed you too Arnav.." she whispered near his ear.

"Khushiiiiiiiii.. Come here quickly..." Madhu shouted.

Khushi broke the hug panicked, she went running downstairs.

Arnav cursed the old lady for spoiling their first hug!

He picked the call from his friend, Karan who must be calling him to ask if he reached well or not.

"Hi Karan.." he said.

"Hi Arnav.. Did you reached or not?" Karan asked.

"I'm ASR.. I think you should stop asking me such stupid questions.." Arnav smirked.

"Okay! Did you talk with bhabhi?" Karan asked smiling.

"Hmm.. I hug.. What the.. Karan I hugged her! And also said I missed you.. What the.. What's going on with me?!.. I just have no control over myself now.." Arnav face palmed.

"How boring! Just a hug and I miss you! Looks like best friends.." Karan pouted.

"It's our first hug Karan.." Arnav said.

"Hahaha you're making me laugh.. Don't talk like you're a saint with girls.. First hug.. Seriously Arnav.." Karan laughed out loudly and even fell from his sofa, making his parents glare at him.

"Khushi is not that type of girl for me.. She is different okay..Anyways if you don't stop laughing at me, I will tell Meera about your so called girlfriends when she wasn't here.." Arnav warned him.

"Ok! Don't blackmail me now. Bye.. Enjoy first hug, and then call me when it's first kiss okay.." Karan chuckled and hang up the call.

Arnav shook his head, and put his phone on his pocket again.

He looked at the bed sheets on the corner of the terrace.

"She could have told me we are going to sleep on the floor!" he rolled his eyes.


Arnav went downstairs behind his wife, he looked at Aman on the living room, and all kids excitedly gathered around him distributing clothes for everyone.

Khushi, Madhu and Arjun looked at them overwhelmed, all they want to see is a smile on their kids face.

"Thank you for helping us.." Madhu said to Arnav, when he stood with them.

"It's ok! You don't need to say thanks aunty.." Arnav looked at her.

Khushi smiled staring at him, she was supposed to be angry with him but how can she now, when he did such sweet things, helping her kids, stay with her in a place he isn't comfortable at, hugged her for the first time, and the last but not the least, he admitted he missed her!!

Khushi: How is everyone at home? Did you keep a watch on them? Are they on the right path now?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders: I don't know..

Khushi looked at him with big eyes: Arnav! What do you mean by  I don't know? You should know about them. After all you're a part of the team also.. How irresponsible from you!

Arnav looked at her irritated: I said I missed you, I couldn't think of anything apart from you.. I didn't even paid attention to my work, my meetings, my friends, my surroundings. You expect me to look at them, when my heart was looking for you?

Khushi blinked her eyes in astonishment..

Arnav covered his mouth with his palms, and looked back at Aman with the kids.

"What is wrong with me? When I'm with Khushi, I just can't control myself.. It's like I have no pause on my mouth, it keeps on playing what's in my heart.." he thought.

Khushi also looked at the kids shouting and running around the living room happily.

 "DM aww see na.. He really missed me!!" Khushi squealed in happiness.

Both were so happy with each other but still confused about their own feelings. Arnav couldn't understand why is he getting attached to Khushi when he himself said that he hates her and Khushi also didn't understand why he is the man she hates the most yet she cares for him, still today she didn't figured out if she hates him so much why did she filled her diary with HIM, what they didn't even realize is that slowly their hearts are accepting each other! And they were destined to meet by DM and the work of making them one was given to Nani!



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Aug 5, 2017

Chapter 25 - Arnav's mischief! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 137 times)


"Just one bed sheet?" Arnav frowned.

"Yes Mr.Raizada just one. And look there is no recliner or bed here, so you and me will sleep on the same bed sheet okay.." Khushi said spreading the bed sheet on the floor.

"That's not a problem for me too.." he said.

Khushi widened her eyes, "Are you sure you?"

Arnav nodded, then realized what he said, "What the.."

"Is this the effect of missing someone so much? I start speaking without control.." Arnav thought.

Khushi sat on sheet, and looked at him: Come and sleep Arnav!

Arnav laid on the floor, and Khushi stood up to go somewhere.

Arnav: Where are you going now? You don't stay quiet in one place, looks like a bee..

Khushi giggled: Wait.. I'll be back in a while.

She went running and returned with blanket on her hand.

She covered him with the blanket and then laid beside him.

After sometime Khushi fell asleep, but Arnav was still struggling to.

Now he was missing his bed terribly, sleeping on the floor is a difficult task.

He turned to left side in order to get some sleep, but no, then turned to the right side again, facing Khushi. Still he wasn't able to sleep, and he wondered how could she sleep like an angel!

And on top of that mosquitoes started their work, of sucking his blood and not let him sleep with their irritating sounds.

Arnav slapped his arms trying to kill the mosquito.

"Dammit now this was left.. I will have to beat myself to kill them.." Arnav rolled his eyes. 

He raised his hand to kill another mosquito, but his eyes landed on Khushi staring at him.

"What are you doing?" she asked confused.

"I.. (he pointed to the sky) I'm counting stars.." he said.

"Are you kid to count stars?" Khushi rolled her eyes.

"No, but on a empty place like this with no television, laptop and my phone battery dead. What do you think a person would do?" he said sarcastically.

"And I already said it to you, that you're not comfortable here. Then you should go back to your house.. I will come back after few days.." Khushi looked at him.

Arnav: Khushi shut up! I already said that I will stay here, means I WILL.. Go back to your dream land!

Khushi shook her head and closed her eyes to sleep once again.

"I can't even tell her that I'm not able to sleep here otherwise she will start with her lectures on me.." Arnav thought.


Early in the morning, the sun rays peek on the terrace, and made Khushi open her eyes disturbed.

She rubbed her eyes frowning, feeling a weight on her belly, then she opened her eyes to see what clearly it is.

She gasped shocked, seeing him sleeping peacefully burying his face on her belly.

"Arnav.. Arnav.." she called him, but of no use. He was actually in a deep sleep.

Her cheeks changed it's color by staring at their position. 

She remained in her statue position thinking whether to wake him up or let him sleep.

She raised her hands slowly and careful to not wake him and ruffled the back of his hair with utmost care.

"Soft hair.. It's the second thing I like in you after your eyes.." she smiled.

"Khushiiiiii bitiyaaa.. Where is she?" she heard her mother looking for her.

Khushi got scared that Madhu would see them like this, she had no heart to disturb his sleep, but had to pat his back.

"Arnav..wake up.. Arnav.. Ma will come here.." Khushi said worried.

"Nooo.. Let me..sleeeep.." Arnav whined digging his face more to her belly. 

Khushi shut her eyes shivering with his touch on her.

"Ar..nav.. It's gett..ing late.." she stammered trying to get away from him.

Arnav opened his eyes and sat on the floor pouting, he rubbed his eyes angry.

"Why are you getting angry? And who told you to sleep on me like this?" Khushi asked.

"You only gave me a blanket, what about a pillow? So I made your belly my pillow.." Arnav replied irritated "And I didn't sleep all night, now only I was sleeping well and you disturbed me.."

"Awww I have other works to do also!" Khushi mouth shape formed a big "O". 

"Then go na.. You already disturbed my sleep.." he yelled.

Khushi stood up angry and went from there.

Arnav looked around him, a sunny day, which had everything to start in a better way, but he already fought with the one who makes him happy.

Sighing he went downstairs with his toothbrush and towel on his hand.

"Where is the bathroom?" he looked around him confused.

His eyes landed on his wife ordering the kids to get in the bathroom. All of them had a towel on their hands and were singing waiting for others to come out.

Arnav walked near them. Khushi looked at him and signaled him to follow the queue.

"Are you mad? Isn't there another bathroom here?" he widened his eyes in shock.

"No! Wait for the kids to freshen up, they are waiting here also. And you don't have to wait much, there are only few kids that rested to bath.." Khushi said with crossed arms.

"But I'm getting late for office na!" Arnav said impatiently.

"I have a solution for that. You can freshen up outside with our neighbors.." she giggled.

"Khushi I'm serious.." Arnav replied in ASR tone.

Khushi looked at the kids, "Let bhaiya freshen up first okay.."

Ruchi, that was the first one, smiled at Arnav: Bhaiya take my place..

Arnav knelt down to reach her level, "Thank you little angel.." he whispered to her.

Ruchi smiled shyly. And Khushi wondered what he said to her.


Arnav sat on the floor waiting for Khushi to serve breakfast to them.

This one was an easy task for him, he thanked his mother for that.


Little four years old Arnav was running around the house troubling his mother.

"My baby please come here.. Look mumma prepared aalo paratha for you.. Please Arnav.. Come here.." Ratna stood tired calling him. 

Arnav also stopped running, and pouted.

"I don't want Mumma.. Didi scolded me.." Arnav complained to his mother, his eyes glistened when he remembered that Anjali scolded him for breaking her toy.

Ratna looked at Anjali eating her lunch, and understood that Arnav didn't want to sit near her.

"Why did you scold him princess?" Raj asked to Anjali.

"Papa he broke my toy!" Anjali complained.

"So what! I will buy another one for you.." Mama said caressing Anjali's head.

"No Mama! It was my favorite one.." Anjali cried.

Arnav eyes got moist hearing that from his sister, he ran and hugged his mother's legs to hide his crying face.

"Did you broke her toys Arnav?" Ratna asked him caressing his hair.

Arnav nodded sideways crying: I didn't want to break Mumma.. I..

Ratna lifted him from the floor, and patted his back: My baby don't cry.. Mumma isn't scolding you.. Tell me! Did mumma scold you? .. Hmm.. Don't cry..

Raj immediately pushed his chair aside and ran to Arnav, he kissed Arnav's forehead: Heyy aren't you my strong boy? Why is my baby crying? No one will do anything to you.. Stop crying..

Ratna wiped his tears with her hands, he blinked his eyes and snuggled on his mother's chest.

"Now my baby will eat na.." Ratna said and pushed the chair to sit with him.

"Naaaa.. I don't..want..to eat.." Arnav cried again.

Raj: Anjali talk with your brother.. He wants to be friends with you again..and look you're scaring him now that's why he doesn't want to eat..

Anjali cried: Papa he broke my toys.. Why should I say sorry to him? Why do you always scold me not Arnav?

Ratna shook her head: Princess it's not like that.. He is younger than you.. He will always cry for little things, but you have to understand him, and take care of your little brother.. One day we will not be here, then my little Anjali will take care of her brother hain na?

Anjali: But Mumma it's my favorite toys..

Arnav held his ears and looked at his sister: I am sorry Didi..

Ratna and Raj smiled staring at the cute Arnav saying sorry to his sister. But Anjali was adamant on not forgiving him.

Ratna sighed and took the plate, then sat on the floor with Arnav.

"Eat now baby.. Now you aren't sitting with Didi.." Ratna feed him.

He looked around and saw that his sister's glare wasn't on him anymore and accepted his mother feed him.

Raj also joined them on the floor, followed by Nani, Mama, Mami, Akash, only Anjali denied as she was angry with Arnav.

The elders reminded of their old days when they weren't rich. Their struggling days yet with beautiful and lovely memories. All this because of the little Arnav and his mother.

Arnav was enjoying eating and listening to his parents stories.

Flashback ends..

Arnav smiled faintly remembering of old days.

He then looked at Khushi serving the breakfast to the kids, they were sitting in a circle.

She then moved to serve Arjun, much to Arnav dislike!

Arnav frowned, his heart didn't want her to serve Arjun first..

And his mischievous mind came up with a solution.

He quickly grabbed the ketchup and splashed it on his finger.

When she was about to serve to Arjun.

Arnav hissed in fake-pain: Ouch..

Khushi looked at him, and seeing blood coming out from his finger, she panicked and went running to him.

She knelt down, "What happened? Are you mad? Where did you got hurt!? It's bleeding.."

Without wasting a second, she brought his finger near her lips, and sucked it to relieve him from the pain. Tears start flowing from her eyes, her heart didn't stopped beating from the moment he hissed, she was worried as if he got an heart attack! But for her, a little injury on him is enough to make her this worried!

After tasting his blood, she looked at him confused.

She left his finger, and licked her lips tasting his blood.

"This is.." she widened her eyes when she realized it wasn't blood, but ketchup!

Arnav smirked: Ketchup!!

Khushi: Why did you lie to me? You're very bad, do you know how worried I was? I was crying and you're making fun of me!

Arnav wiped the rest of the ketchup on her lips with his finger.

"A wife should serve to her husband first, then she can serve to others.. Didn't Nani taught that?" he whispered huskily to her.




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Aug 7, 2017

Chapter 26 - Payash get to know Anjali's truth! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 111 times)


Arnav was walking with Aman and Anjali towards the room where they keep all the outfits.

He caressed his back that was paining due to sleep on the floor.

While they entered in the room, Anjali and Aman looked at him weirdly.

"ASR are you ok?" Aman asked.

"Yeah! What happened with me?" Arnav frowned.

"You look tired Chote and why are you time to time caressing your back?" Anjali raised her eyebrows.

"Nothing! So choose what's the outfit you want for the models in this photo shoot.." Arnav said waiting for them.

Anjali went on to choose, and Arnav called Aman to come to him.

Arnav: Aman buy two pillows!

Aman chuckled: Kyaaa? (What?)

Arnav glared at him. And Aman pressed his lips to suppress the smile on his face.

Aman: It will be done ASR!

"Khushi's belly is a better pillow than the pillow itself! Why should I buy it? But then I will spoil her sleep too.." Arnav thought.

Arnav: Aman wait! Just buy one..

Aman nodded and went from there.


Shyam's shop:

Khushi and Arjun were on the shop to buy few toys for the kids, as all they toys got burn on the accident.

Shyam: I feel very sorry for what happened with you guys! You were doing such a great job by living and caring for those kids whose parents are no more, or even abandoned them.

Khushi nodded: But don't worry Shyam ji. Everything will be fine now, that Arnav is with us!

Arjun glanced at her: What do you mean by Arnav is with us?

Khushi: He is the one who is helping us to renovate our NGO. Without him, we would be still struggling to get a help. But with him, everything is being done quickly-quickly! I will never forget what he did for me.. I will always be grateful to him for being with me, when I needed the most.

Shyam smiled while staring at Khushi talking proudly of Arnav.

Shyam: I really thought Arnav wouldn't find someone who will love him truly. But I'm happy to know he did!

Khushi: What do you mean Shyam ji?

Shyam: I mean that Arnav is one of the biggest business men in his field and for such people it's difficult to find true love, most of the girls are really behind the status or his money. But you're not Khushi, it's clearly written in your eyes.

Khushi blushed with the compliment.

"Talking about Arnav, I should buy one pillow for him! He is doing so much for me, and I'm making him suffer.. This is not done!" Khushi thought.

Khushi: Arjun you carry on with the kids toys. I will be back in a while.

Arjun nodded and Khushi went to buy a pillow for him.



Akash entered in Arnav's cabin, and found him as usual with his files and laptop.

"Bhaii.." Akash called him, to get his attention.

"Hmm.." Arnav glanced at him.

"Bhai can I leave early from office today?" Akash bit his lips.

"Akash.. hmm..yeah off course you can.." Arnav said stunned with Akash, as it is the first time Akash pleading him to leave early.

"Thanks bhai!" Akash smiled.

"Anything special?" Arnav asked, his smart mind already informed him it must be related to Payal.

"Yes. I'm going to take Payal to dinner in our room!" Akash said excitedly.

"Akash it's not good to be a stingy with girls, you know.. Take her to a five star restaurant.." Arnav looked at him weirdly.

"It's not like that Bhai! I would take her to a restaurant, but she doesn't like such places. It doesn't make her happy, but I used to see a smile on her face when we both secretly had dinner on our room together.. I know she loves that.. " Akash chuckled.

"Really? So you both will go through an adventure today by secretly having dinner in your room alone.." Arnav raised his eyebrows.

Akash nodded: It might sound funny, but yeah.. I will do it for her!

"Ok! You can go Akash.." Arnav said.

Akash went outside of his cabin, and Arnav kept thinking about Khushi. If Payal likes this. Then what does Khushi like? He is sure that like Payal. Khushi also wouldn't like to dinner in a five star restaurant.

Karan walked in with a smirk on his face, he took his seat.

"What are you thinking lover boy?" Karan asked.

"I'm not lover boy!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"I know! By the way how was the experience?" Karan asked smiling.

"Horrible.. My back is paining and I'm very sleepy.." Arnav leaned on his chair.

"Really?" Karan made a pity face for Arnav.

Arnav nodded: You don't believe I  escaped standing in a queue to use the bathroom!

Karan laughed out loudly, "Oh God..  It must be horrible for you, as you're not used to this lifestyle.."

Arnav: Aren't you getting late for the photo shoot? Di already took out the outfits for the models and you should be there..

Karan bit his tongue, "Yeah.. but I will be back to know more.." he went running from Arnav's cabin.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief. Yes it was horrible for him to live in a way he is not used to, but at the same time it felt good to be there because Khushi was with him. He can say that living without her in his mansion, is way more difficult than staying with her in a place he is not comfortable.


At 11pm Arnav reached in the NGO,  there was silence around the living room. The kids must be sleeping, he thought.

Her anklets sound made way to his ear, and he glanced at her coming towards him.

"Where were you? It's so late.." she asked him putting her hands on her hips.

"I had a meeting late.." he explained.

Khushi shook her head with an angry sigh, she said: Go and keep you things on the terrace. I will warm the food for you..

She moved to the kitchen, and he went to the terrace, now his room!

He was about to keep the pillow on the floor when he saw there was already one pillow there.

"What the.. She also bought one pillow for me.. Now how will I share it with her?" Arnav thought.

His eyes landed down the terrace, he quickly threw his pillow off the terrace and it fell to the road.

"Someone has to take that pillow from there.." he prayed, then walked to take his tracks pants and his tee on his bag.

He quickly changed his clothes and went downstairs to have dinner.

Khushi: It would look odd if only we both sit on the floor to have dinner. Let's have it on the terrace itself..

Arnav nodded: Ok! But what do you mean by we? Didn't you had dinner?

Khushi smiled: Can Jerry have dinner without Tom?

Arnav frowned: You should have eat! Why did you wait for me? Did I told you to? I didn't right..

Khushi: Look I'm not in mood to fight with you. So Mr.Raizada now you should keep your ASR uniform in your office and come here like Arnav only.

Arnav: What the.. ASR uniform!

Khushi shook her head smiling, and he followed her to the terrace.

Khushi glanced at the pillow she bought for him when they reached, "Did you see your new pillow?"

"Hmm.. I saw it.." he said and sat on the floor with her.

"I bought today for you. I went to Shyam's shop to buy toys for the kids too.." Khushi smiled.

"It seems you didn't liked to be my pillow.." he smirked digging the roti on his rajma dal.

Khushi's cheeks changed it's color, but she managed to compose herself and teased him back.

"Should I throw this pillow then if you don't need? Then don't complain.." she said.

Arnav widened his eyes, and choke on his food. He started coughing baldy.

Khushi worriedly placed the glass of water near his lips, and made him drink.

"What happened? Are you okay?" she asked.

Arnav nodded: Ye..Yeah.. I'm fine.. You don't need to throw that pillow..

Khushi continued to eat her food, and after both finished, she left downstairs with the plates.

Arnav arranged the bed sheet on the floor and waited for her to come.


Raizada mansion..

"Akash are you mad?" Payal giggled, after their secret dinner in their room, they were secretly going out of the room like thieves.

"Isn't this fun for you anymore?" he asked and turned to her with a sad tone.

"It is! How can I forget these special moments in my life?" she replied.

"So.. I'm on the right track to get your forgiveness?" his face lit up in happiness.

Payal nodded and glanced at Mama going downstairs. She quickly pushed Akash with herself to a pillar.

Akash heard Mama's voice and sighed: We escaped! That was close..

They looked at each other, and after few seconds laughed silently.

Anjali also secretly came inside the mansion with Shyam.

Payal looked at them going upstairs, in direction of her room.

Payal: Akash look there. Di is with Shyam this late at night..

Akash nodded confused: But we now know about them! What is there to hide from us?

Payal: Don't you find her strange?

Akash: Yes, since we got to know about her relationship with Shyam, she has been isolated from everyone. Even at office she looks disturb or upset.. I don't know..

Payal looked at him, " Akash I think we should.. Don't think wrong but.."

Akash placed his finger on her lips, "I know what you want to say Payal.    It's ok! We are just going to check if everything is alright with her or not.."

Payal smiled a little and he held her hand, both tip toed to Anjali's room.

And stood behind the door.

Anjali sat with Shyam on the bed, and she looked frustrated staring at him.

Akash and Payal wondered why such an expression when she is meeting with the love of her life.

Anjali: Shyam what is this? Why did you call me when I asked you not to? Ten missed calls! Are you mad?

Shyam sighed and cupped her face: I was worried for you Anjali. You weren't responding to my messages. So I had to call you once, when you didn't replied even after that.. I got worried..

Anjali rolled her eyes: I was busy you know! I work in AR..if you don't know. If Chote sees me glued to my phone, he would scold me! But no! You don't understand.. Stop behaving like my husband okay..

Akash and Payal sighed in relief. 

Akash: They are just fighting over petty issues..

Payal nodded, and both walked to go but Shyam's loud reply made them looked at each other shocked to the core.

"I'm your HUSBAND Anjali.." Shyam yelled.

Payal held Akash's shoulder, "Did you hear what he said??"

"This is not possible.. God.. Di married him!.. What if bhai gets to know about this?" Akash touched his forehead with his palms worried.

"Haan you're my husband Shyam. But no one knows about this! So please try to behave yourself.." Anjali said angry.

Payal gulped when she heard Anjali accepting it.

Payal: I'm scared Akash! What will be everyone reaction on this? Especially Arnav ji?

Akash: I'm more worried for Bhai only Payal. Others may accept this, but Bhai will break down.. He loves Di so much. She means the life for him, after his parents died! He worked day and night for her, and she hide her life biggest truth from him..

Payal pushed him a little when Anjali glanced at the door.

"Keep calm! We should go away from here first before she see us and create a scene for eavesdropping her conversation.." Payal said.


Arnav pointed the pillow to Khushi.

Khushi looked at him confused, "What's the problem now?"

"Like we share a cold drink on cinema hall that day. We will share the pillow today.." he said and placed his head on half part of pillow resting the other half for her.

Khushi chuckled: It's not needed. I will manage to sleep without it..

"Kyun? Do you have lice on your hair?" Arnav smirked, he knows she isn't going to give in so easily.

Khushi glared at him, and rested her head on the half of the pillow.

Arnav smiled satisfied, then stared at the sky.

"Are you happy by sharing the pillow with your enemy?" she asked.

"Are Tom and Jerry really enemies?" he asked her.

"I don't know.. It depends on the perspective of each one.. Or they are the biggest enemies who can't see each other happiness or they are the true friends who always irritate each other and behave like enemies, but at the end they are always with each other.. at the end one is incomplete without the other.. Which one we are?" she glanced at him.

"I think the second explanation suits us perfectly.." he whispered still staring into the dark sky.

"So Arnav Singh Raizada, the youngest yet the biggest business men in Fashion world you're accepting a deal of friendship with Khushi Kumari Gupta, a simple, sweet and stubborn girl?" she asked giggling.

Arnav nodded sideways.

Khushi pouted: Kyun? I complimented you so much, still you didn't accept.. You're really Laad governor..

Arnav chuckled, "My friendship is reserved to.."

"It's okay! You another best friend which you cannot give her place to me right?" Khushi said with moist eyes.

Arnav nodded: You're quite smart Khushi! 

Khushi faked a smile: That I am! Now let's sleep.. It's quite late..

She closed her eyes ready to sleep, she was hurt, her heart was aching by thinking that he had another special girl on his life which he couldn't give her this space, now she thanked her movies for already preparing her for such situations. Before he could say that he had a childhood best friend, she cut him off because she knew how much it would hurt her to hear him saying that.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. That's my only friend name.." he whispered near her ear.

She slowly opened her eyes, she could feel his breath, and that gave her goose bumps.

Arnav leaned back on his pillow, and glanced at her.

"What did you thought?" he smirked.

"I thought you had another friend.." Khushi pouted.

"No! I only have three childhood friends, that's Karan, Meera and Nisha.." Arnav said.

"Liar.. Then I'm not your only friend.." Khushi bit her lips sadly.

"You're my first and the only Jerry friend.." he smirked.

Khushi squealed in happiness, "Aww you're also my only Tom friend.."


Akash dropped Payal home, he left her on her room safe and sound.

Although she insisted him to leave her on the gate only, he neglected saying that her parents would think bad of him, and especially now he can't let anything spoil their relationship.

Payal stare at him going, she called him: Akash..

Akash turned back to her: Need something?

Payal: It's quite late no? You should sleep here..

Akash smiled: No, it's ok! I will go..

Payal: No, please stay. I'm not having a good feeling..

Akash's father came to them, who were on the door of her room.

"Beta hear your wife! Stay here. It's not safe to drive alone at these hours.." her father patted Akash's shoulders.

Akash nodded: Okay then.. I will stay..


"We will go back after two days ok?!" she looked at him sleeping uncomfortably, he was really trying to sound comfortable with the place, but she knows yesterday he wasn't counting stars but killing mosquitoes. And seeing him accepting her lifestyle only to stay with her, means a lot to her.. What was this feeling growing inside her heart for him?

Arnav still with his closed his eyes, brushed his nose on her forehead.

"You don't need to do that for me.. Give me a chance to see who is Khushi.." he mumbled.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch on her, she didn't say anything after that. 


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Aug 7, 2017

Chapter 27 - Arnav jealous.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

"Arjun.. Arjun.. Arjun.." everyone cheered up for him as he was doing push ups on the courtyard with the kids.

Arnav rolled his eyes when he saw Khushi screaming for him like he was a super man!

He walked near her, "What's happening here?"

"Competition of Push ups. And as always my Arjun is winning.." Khushi squealed in happiness.

Arnav pulled her near him by holding her arm, "He isn't yours.."

"What's wrong with you?" Khushi asked him startled.

"Don't say my Arjun again! And he is winning like always because he is competing with kids.." Arnav said angrily.

Ruchi walked near both, she held Arnav's finger.

Arnav shifted his attention from Khushi to the little girl.

"Bhaiya join the boys in the competition.." she smiled.

Arnav couldn't deny to a little cute girl like her, he nodded.

"Now this is what we call a real competition.." he smirked glancing at Khushi.

Khushi looked at him astonished, while everyone moved away letting the space only for Arnav and Arjun.

The kids stood in a circle and were excited to see the two man competition.

A little and mischievous Aryan jumped in front of Khushi, pretending to be a journalist and hold a pencil like his mic.

"So this competition is between your husband and your friend! Who will you support?" he asked her smiling.

Khushi widened her eyes staring at him, "Keep quiet you Naughty Aryan.."

Arnav smirked: Answer him! He is just doing his job..

Aryan nodded excitedly that Arnav accepted his play, "Yes!! Please be a little understanding like your husband and let me do my job! This should be at news at time. The nation wants to know who will you support!" he giggled.

Everyone laughed at Aryan's talks.

Khushi stare at Arnav, "A wife should always support her husband.. Nani did taught me that.."

He smiled at her answer, and both remember yesterday morning, when he purposely splashed ketchup on his finger to grab her attention.

"Yaay! So dear viewers it's now clear that Didi will support her husband, means our Bhaiya.. I just didn't understand why did she brought Nani in between.. But okay.." Aryan smile to his imaginary camera.

The girls started singing teasing their Didi.

"Meri saason mein tu hai samaya (You occupy every breath of mine)

Mera jeevan to hai tera saaya (My whole life is under Your shadow)

Meri saason mein tu hai samaya (You occupy every breath of mine)

Mera jeevan to hai tera saaya (My whole life is under Your shadow)

Teri pooja karoon main to hardam (I worship You always)"

Khushi looked at the kids singing for her with wide eyes and open mouth.


Madhu, Arjun, Khushi and the kids were watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham movie.

And Khushi was getting emotional with the movie, she couldn't stop her tears, while the kids were laughing because she was crying over a movie!

"See kids! This is how a wife and husband should be like. Always support each other.." Madhu said smiling.

Khushi cried, "I also want a husband like him Ma..But boys these days are not like in movies, especially that Arrogant Raizada.. I hate him, I don't know.. if I married him, I would never support or pray for him everytime.. DM spare me from that man.."

Everyone laughed at her.

"You will get a prince Khushi. Because you're good, simple and my sweet daughter.." Madhu wiped her tears.

Khushi nodded her head smiling

Flashback ends..

"Shup!" she placed her finger on her lips embarrassed.

The kids laughed again and went back to their circle position.

The competition started, and Arnav and Arjun were on the same level.

"Arnav.. Arnav.." Khushi cheered for him with Ruchi, who was in her arms watching Arnav.

"Arjun.. Arjun.. Arjun.." other kids supported the one they know always win.

Arnav and Arjun looked at each other smirking.

Their competition intensified as no one was giving up.

"Bhaiyaaa.. You have to win.." Ruchi shouted clapping for him.

Arnav stare at her, and a smile appeared on his face by seeing Ruchi on Khushi's arms, both cheering for him.

He send a flying kiss to both, and started doing one arm push ups.

Khushi and Ruchi widened their eyes.

And other kids were impressed with Arnav.

Leaving Arjun, everyone started giving attention to Arnav.

"Arnav.. Arnav.. Arnav.." now the sounds were screaming his name.

As time passed by, both were very tired. Arjun gave up and laid on the floor sweating.

Arnav smirked seeing him accept defeat, he got up.

And every kid ran to hug him screaming his name.

Ruchi also wanted to go, "Didi.. I want to hug Bhaiya.."

Khushi let her on the floor and she went running to the crowd.

She was jumping to grab Arnav's attention, then pouted when everyone wanted to hug Arnav, not letting her.

She glanced back at Khushi with a crying face.

Khushi came running to her and picked her from the floor, "Arnav look at your youngest fan.."

Ruchi smiled, finally Arnav became visible for her.

Arnav lifted Ruchi, and she hugged him tightly, "Congrats Bhaiya.. I knew you would win"

Arnav hugged her back, caressing her hair, "Thank you! Ohh I knew you knew it because you're an angel.." he whispered to her.

She giggled.

Khushi noticed him sweating, "Kids leave Bhaiya now. Go and quickly wash your hands to have breakfast.."

All nodded and went running inside.

Arjun walked to Arnav, "You're good.."

Arnav nodded, Arjun went from there behind the kids.

Khushi: Congrats! You won the competition..

Arnav mimicked her: Now start blabbering "My Arjun always wins.." 

Khushi widened her eyes smiling: You did this competition to show me..

Arnav nodded: To show you that he isn't the best! And definitely not yours..

Khushi blushed: Haan haan, he is not mine! Are you happy now?

Arnav sat on the bench, "Very much.."

She went running inside and brought a bottle of water for him.

Arnav took it from her hand, and drank it, then splashed it on his face, wetting his hair also.

Khushi stare at him, "How can he look this handsome?"

She looked away when he glanced at her side, that's when her eyes landed on the pillow on the road.

"Who threw that pillow on the road like that?" she asked scrunching her eyes brows.

Arnav spilled the water he was drinking.

Khushi looked at him: What happened?

Arnav glanced at the pillow, "Nothing! Who threw that? Must be someone who doesn't want it.."

"He must be a Donkey.." Khushi fumed in anger.

"What the.." Arnav said angry.

"What the what? There is something called dust bin to throw the things they don't want anymore! What's this on the road? Seriously.." Khushi crossed her arms.

"Maybe he was caught in surprise and had to throw it.." Arnav said.

"Oh really? Do you know this man? You seem to know about it a lot.. You don't even know if it's he or she?" Khushi rolled her eyes.

Arnav coughed and stood up to ran away from Khushi.

Khushi walked to the road, he glanced back at her and saw her going to catch the pillow.

He face palmed, "Miss Bee never stays quiet on her place.."

He went behind her, "What are you doing Khushi? Just leave this.."

"Wait.. " Khushi said and made him hold the pillow, while she went running inside again and returned with a pen and blank paper.

She wrote, "This is not your father's road.." and kept the paper above the pillow.

Arnav read what she wrote and started laughing out loudly.

Khushi looked at him astonished, this is the first time she is seeing him laughing like that.

Arnav pinched her cheeks while laughing, "You're too cute.. Really.."

He said and walked inside the NGO.

Khushi touched her cheek, where he touched. She closed her eyes smiling.

Madhu came near her, she looked at Khushi confused.

"What happened Khushi?" Madhu asked.

Khushi opened her eyes, "No..nothing.. Ma.." she stammered.

"Why are you holding this pillow??" she asked.

"This.. I don't know who threw it.. But I already wrote a warning to him or her, next time that person will not dare to throw things on the road like that.." Khushi said and kept the pillow on a corner with her message.



Arnav reached in his office late, and he wasn't angry over it.

He went to his cabin, and Aman followed him.

"ASR did I bought the pillow of your like?" he asked smiling.

"Poor you Aman.. I didn't even use it.." Arnav thought staring at Aman.

"Aman can we talk about work instead of a pillow?" Arnav asked tired of the "Pillow" issue.

Aman nodded, "Yes ASR.."

Arnav sat on his chair. And Aman informed him about his scheduled and his important works. 

"ASR, Nisha is refusing to come here. She said you have to go to Mauritius if you want to work with her.." Aman said.

"What the.." Arnav frowned and picked his phone to call her.

"Hi Free man!" she greeted him.

"Hi Busy woman! Why are you refusing to come here?" he smirked.

"I'm very busy you know! So you have to come here.." she said.

"Nisha! Don't start.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"I won't come Prince! You have to come here to pick me.. You completely forgot about me.. I'm angry. And if you don't come, then I will not work with you in your next fashion show.." she said whining.

"Oh really! You're not that important so.. Bye bye Nisha.." Arnav smirked.

"Heyy you're so bad!! I hate you.. Wait.. I will come back.." Nisha cried.

"When did I say I love you?" he teased her.

"Good! We have the same feelings then.." she hang up the call.

Arnav shook his head, and looked at Aman: She is coming back!

Aman nodded and went from there. Arnav kept himself engrossed on his work after that.


Akash just looked at the screen of his laptop lost in his thoughts.

He called Payal, "Payal.. I just can't keep calm.. I want to tell bhai the truth about Di. But at the same time I'm thinking it's her life and she should be the one to tell bhai about this.. I think bhai will be angry if he gets to know from me.."

"Akash calm down! You know very well Di will not tell Arnavji about this so soon.. I think you should tell him, he has the right to know about what his sister did behind him.. And what's the reason she is hiding this from us!" Payal replied.

"You're right.. I will go and tell him now.." Akash said.

He cut the call and went to Arnav's cabin, there he found Anjali talking with Arnav.

He sighed, "It's better to tell him when we leave.."

Anjali walked to leave and saw Akash on the door.

"What happened Akash?" she asked him.

"No..Nothing.." Akash nodded sideways.

Anjali: Are you okay? You look disturbed..

Akash: You also look disturb Di these days! Can I know why?

Anjali: It's nothing! I was worried about work..

Akash: Only work?

Anjali nodded confused: Yeah just work! Is there something else?

Akash: Di you see our friend Kanika, she is getting married next month..

Anjali smiled: Really?

Akash nodded: Don't you also think to get married one day?

Anjali nodded: Yeah, why not? I also wish to have a grand wedding..

Akash was astonished with the way she spoke.


It was lunch time in AR, all the employees retired themselves to the cafeteria and others went outside.

Arnav in his cabin, closed his laptop.  

He went to the parking lot and walked to his car.

He drove back to the NGO. As soon as he reached there.

"Come outside Jerry.." he typed.

"Why?" she replied.

"Leave your irritating Khushi uniform and come here like my Jerry.." he messaged her back.

After waiting for a few minutes, he saw her coming towards his car.

He got up from his seat and went to open the door for her, like a gentleman.

Khushi smiled and got in the car. He walked back to his seat and helped her with the seat belt.

Her heart was going dhak dhak again when he was so close to her, she could feel his breath, his smell and his cheek brushed with hers.

They headed to a restaurant, and Arnav glanced at her when they reached.

"Do you like such places?" he asked.

"No!" she nodded sideways.

"Really. Then tell me where is the place you like? I will take you there.." he said upset.

"You don't have to do that.. Give me a chance to know who is Arnav.." a warm smile appeared on her face, repeating his words.

Arnav stare at her stunned, this woman never fails to surprise him.


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Aug 8, 2017

Chapter 28 - My wife! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 140 times)

In the restaurant..

Arnav ordered the dishes of his like, as Khushi told him to.

"Are you sure you don't want anything else?" he asked once again.

"Yeah! I'm sure Arnav.." Khushi smiled.

"Ok then. When you will be hungry all day, don't complain.." he shrugged his shoulders.

"I won't, I will eat the food of your like Arnav.. And if I don't like, then..hmm..yeah I will eat in NGO.." Khushi said.

"Who said that? After lunch, I'm going to take you to office.." he smirked.

"Why? What will I do there?" she asked confused.

"Just like that.." he simply said.

"Just like that? What do you mean?" Khushi asked.

"Deals are made in my office and then we work on it.. Our deal of friendship was made on the terrace but we will work on it in my office.." Arnav said playing with his fork.

"Now I really feel like saying your famous What the.." Khushi looked at him weirdly.

"Then why do you ask me questions which I don't know the answer?" he  said irritated.

"Laad governor.." Khushi whispered looking around the restaurant.

"What did you say?" he raised his one eyebrow.

"I said I want to break your face with this plate.." she pouted.

"It wasn't such a long sentence.." he said.

"How do you know?" she crossed her arms and rested on the table.

"I was trying to read you lips.." he smirked.

"Ohh you have that talent also.." Khushi raised her eyebrows surprised.

"After all my name is.." he tried to say his favorite line in a proud way only to be cut by her.

"What do you think I don't know the name of the man who married me?" she cuts him off smirking.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Let's leave this sarcastic-conversation for the time we are like ASR-Khushi. Right now we are Arnav-Jerry.."

"Acha! Then I will invite you to my favorite place, and we will go like Khushi-Tom Jodi, done?" she smiled  excitedly.

Arnav nodded: You know I was talking with Akash yesterday. He was pleading that he wanted to leave early from office..

Khushi: Yeah. Must be for Payal right?

Arnav: Yes, I also thought that it would be for Payal. He said that he would take her to dinner..

Khushi smiled, her eyes lit up: Really? Where? Beautiful restaurants like this one!

Arnav: No! In their room! I really thought it was so funny, but then he explained me that they both used to do it in home, secretly having dinner without anyone knowledge on their room.. So he want to revive that moment in their life..

Khushi nodded: It's a sweet gesture from his side. And most important that he still remembers what she likes..

Arnav: Yeah! Seems like you managed to change our family..

Khushi smiled, then nodded in no: We managed to change them. Because if it wasn't by your, Payal and Mama willing.. I would have still trying to change them..

Arnav: Just Di is left..

Khushi nodded: I know.. We will change her too. I don't know but I feel so strange about Anjali.. It's like everything Nani told me about Payal, Akash, Mami and Mama came out true, and I managed to change them. But Anjali I feel like Nani failed to read her..  There is something more which we don't know..

Arnav: I also feel like that. Nani told you to change everyone. But you didn't say anything about me that day you came with Nani's lawyer..

Khushi pouted: Nani also didn't tell me anything to change in you. I just don't understand, she told me all your bad habits and I must say you win in the list of "The bad habits" but at last she didn't tell me to change you..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: I win? How?

Khushi rolled her eyes: You seriously don't know why.. An arrogant and egoistic business men..who bark with his employees without any mercy.. A man that changes girlfriends like clothes.. who drinks and that's yuck.. who doesn't give time to his family but surely has time to party all night.. who doesn't pray to DM.. Who practically doesn't care about anyone..

"Yeah right.. everything you said is true.. Just the last bad habit isn't true.."

He pinched her nose, "Because you're not included in that list.."

Khushi blushed staring at the plate, avoiding eye contact with him, otherwise she would lose herself on his dark brown eyes.

"DM am I that important for him? Does he only care for me!? Just me!!.." she thought, and clutched her salwar near her chest, trying to control her heart beats.

"We didn't start eating still Khushi! Where did you find red chili now?" he smirked teasing her.

Khushi glared at him, "You don't change na! You came back to your Tom/ASR form"

Arnav: What to do? See I was talking about Akash, and where have we reached. And yeah don't start thinking I only care for you Khushi.. I do care for Di, Karan, Meera and Nisha also..

Khushi jaws dropped, she smacked his shoulders.

"I knew it.. You were just teasing me as always.. It's your work only Laad governor.." Khushi looked away angry.

"Khushi did you stole chili in this restaurant?" he asked chuckling.

"No! I'm not thief.." Khushi looked at him with big eyes and threw her purse to him.

Arnav held it on his hands, "Why are your cheeks red then?"

"Urghhh Arnav stop teasing me.." she shut her eyes irritated.

Arnav opened her purse smirking, and caught her diary.

"Just leave my diary Arnav.." Khushi gritted her teeth.

"I know it's personal. But I have rights over this diary, because it's all about me.." Arnav replied.

Khushi shook her head and sat silent staring at him with a serious expression.

Arnav kept back her diary on her purse and handled it to her again.

"I won't read anything without your permission.." he said.

Khushi smiled faintly at him.

"Actually talking about Akash, I wanted to tell you that I.." Arnav stopped staring at her.

"Hmm.." Khushi looked at him.

"I brought you here because it was my parents favorite restaurant.." he  warmly smiled.

"I know.." Khushi blinked her eyes.

"How do you know every single thing of me?" Arnav asked astonished.

"Nani told me that you always have your lunch here or at your office when you don't have time. I asked why only this restaurant, and she told me that you liked this place because it has memories of your parents, you feel close to them.." Khushi explained.

"I do miss them a lot Khushi, that's why I choose to stay at their favorite places to feel close to them.. You don't know how much it hurts to live without lovely parents like them.." Arnav looked down to hide his moist eyes.

Khushi caressed his cheeks with her thumb, "Arnav look at me.. Life is like this, one day we all have to go.. Think this like a little separation, and after that you will meet them in Heaven and no one would separate you all then, not even DM.."

"You make things sound good.." he looked at her.

"Yeah, but there is one thing also. To meet your lovely parents in Heaven you must do good deeds, because if you don't you won't meet them. You will go to hell!" Khushi smirked.

"Few prayers from angels like you and Ruchi will save me from hell.." he winked at her.

The waiter came with the manager, who ordered him to serve ASR and his wife.

"Congrats sir. You got married and I guess it was a secret one.." the manager smiled.

"Yeah, even I didn't knew that I was going to get married that day. So it was a big secret one!" Arnav said taunting Khushi again.

Khushi glared at him, while the manager and the waiter went with confused faces.

"I didn't force you too.." she replied tasting the food.

"Oh really.. Phati ji marry me now otherwise I will send your family outside the mansion.. Wasn't that you?" he mimicked her.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "Nani told me to do that otherwise you wouldn't listen to me. If I told you please Arnav marry me, would you? No right?"

"I don't know at that time, but if it was now I would.." he smirked and sipped his juice.

Khushi looked at him startled, her dhak dhak started again.

And her cheeks turned her enemy by glowing in red!

Before Arnav could tease her, she excused herself to the washroom.

"I tried to stay away from you Khushi, but I just can't do that.. Are my feelings for you changing?" he thought staring at her going to the washroom.

While in the washroom, Khushi stood in front of the mirror.

"What's wrong with Arnav? Why is he behaving strangely with me? But DM I won't lie to you, I like this Arnav to me!! See Khushi according to what you see in Karan Johar's movie, when a guy starts coming close to you means Something Something happens. But what's happening in that Laad governor's heart? He can't be in love with me, because he only told me that he will never consider me as his wife.. Leave all this Khushi, maybe he is teasing me now also.." Khushi thought and sadly she went back to the table.



Arnav and Khushi were walking towards AR, but one of Arnav's business partners came to him. And Arnav stopped to greet him.

He turned to Khushi, and whispered: Go inside.. I will come after a while.

Khushi pouted: I will lose my way alone..

Arnav: You won't Khushi.

Khushi nodded sideways: I can only walk till there (she pointed with her finger) then I will wait for you!

Arnav nodded: Ok!

She went and Arnav shook his head smiling, then turned to his partner.

"You seem happy with her! New girlfriend ASR? Lavanya out.. And she doesn't seem to be your kind of girlfriend.." his partner looked at Khushi, making faces.

"She isn't my girlfriend. She is kind of more than that.. But I won't waste my time explaining my personal life with you.." Arnav said serious.

The man gulped scared of him.

While Khushi waited for him at the entrance of AR.

One of her friends, was going out of AR.

She looked at Khushi smiling, "Khushiiii what a surprise!"

"Sheena how are you?" Khushi smiled.

"I'm fine! My husband is working here in AR.. And soon we will shift from our house to a new and bigger one.. Life is going great for us! While for you.." she smirked.

"For me?" Khushi asked her confused.

"Khushi you don't need to lie to me! What are you doing here in AR? It's obvious you're married to this guard.. Hain na? A poor, orphan and good girl like you can only get such man, this is your destiny.. Let alone dreaming of a man like ASR, you can't even dream about his employees here. You will only get a guard like him to be your husband.. But it's okay, I'm sure you are used to it.." Sheena smiled politely, after saying disgusting words to Khushi.

Khushi tried to smile, but even that didn't reach to her moist eyes.

The guard looked at Sheena smiling, as ASR was just standing behind both and heard her hurtful words to Khushi.

Arnav clenched his fist when he heard that girl talk badly with Khushi, and still behaving like a friend.

He walked near them, and wrapped his one arm around Khushi's waist possessively, smirking "She doesn't need to dream about me, because I'm a reality in her life.."

Sheena looked at both with big eyes.

"What are you doing with ASR Khushi?" she asked stammering.

"She is my wife!" Arnav said.

Khushi stare at him, a little smile was playing on her lips, while a lone tear escaped her eyes.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"Now just get lost from here.." he gritted his teeth.

Sheena still shocked that Khushi is Arnav's wife, walked to go.

She was all disturbed thinking how did Khushi managed to trap ASR.

"Next time call her with respect *Mrs.Raizada*" Arnav said to Sheena.

Then he held Khushi's hand and walked inside AR.

Sheena looked back at them angrily, "God! Why do you always give her the best?"

The guard laughed, "Because you don't deserve the best! Aren't you ashamed to insult a woman like you? So what if we are poor, we have self respect!"




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Aug 9, 2017

Chapter 29 - Khushi realizes her love for Arnav/ Anjali-Shyam confusion (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)


As soon as Arnav reached in the cabin with Khushi, he closed the door and turned to her.

"You should have slapped the truth on her face.." he said still burning in anger because of Sheena.

"What's wrong with you Khushi? You're not so weak to cry in front of her when she insults you. Are you that woman who knows how to answer me back?" he yelled.

Khushi didn't waste a second and threw herself on him.

She clutched his shirt crying, and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I would answer her, if she was wrong.. Whatever she told is truth only.. An orphan and poor girl like me doesn't deserve all I'm getting.." she sobbed.

"What the.. This is rubbish Khushi.. You shouldn't think like that.. Do you think my mother was rich that's why she married my father? She also wasn't rich, stil my father fell in love with her. There is no rule that rich people should get married to people according to their status. And if there is that rule, then rules are meant to break na!" he said trying to be soft and calm with her, his heart broke in pieces when he saw her teary eyes, but at the same time he didn't find any logic behind her explanation.

"Hmm.. But I'm not bad girl like you.. I don't break rules.." Khushi pouted still on his embrace.

"Ohh really! Who steals gol gappe from vendors? Isn't that breaking a rule called "You shouldn't steal from others" bolo?" he smirked.

Khushi broke the hug, and faced him giggling.

Arnav was contented that she smile now.

"I like that woman who said "Go and tell your parents, that the glass slippers didn't fit in you, and Arnav's Cinderella turned out to be a girl named Khushi Kumari Gupta" NOT this loser with Devdas uniform.." Arnav said with a scolding tone.

"Heyy I'm not Devdas because.." Khushi laughed.

"Because he drinks and that's yuck.." Arnav completed for her.

Khushi nodded chuckling.

"You still remember that day with Lavanya.. Even my dialogue Arnav.." Khushi said with a surprised tone.

"While you keep my things in your Diary, I keep yours in my heart.." he smirked and sat on his chair.

Khushi blushed. Can she beat this man with words?

"I really don't know how you manage to eat red chili everytime Khushi!" he teased her.

Khushi sat opposite of him, "Just shut up Arnav.."

"Ohh I see you stole it from the cafeteria when I wasn't with you. Do you love red chili that much?.." Arnav said concentrated on his laptop now.

"Yes I love red chili that much, that don't be surprised if you find your dinner hot today!" she grinned.

"What a come back! From Devdas to Dabbang Khushi! Keep it on.." he smirked teasing her while working.

He was just enjoying her company today.

Khushi rolled her eyes, "What am I going to do? Why are you looking at your laptop? Look at me na.."

"If you look at you, then who will work?" he asked.

"Look at me! I don't like to talk with someone when their attention is on something else.." she pouted.

Arnav closed his laptop, and stare at her.

"So I'm supposed to chat with you in my office instead of working?" he raised his brows.

"Didn't you said that we will work on our friendship in your office?" she shrugged her shoulders smiling.

Arnav was about to reply her, when his phone rang.

Khushi frowned, "I will murder your phone one day!"

Arnav chuckled and answered the call, it was Aman who was outside for some work and wanted Arnav confirmation on something.

Khushi smiled when he cut the call, "Can we talk without interruption now?"

"Yeah! We can.." he said.

A knock disturb them, Khushi face palmed.

"How could I forget? This is AR.. There one ASR and his minions who will never let me talk.." she made a crying face to him.

"Come in.." Arnav was having a hard time to control his laugh with the faces and comments she was giving.

Akash opened the door and came inside tensed.

He looked at Khushi, then at Arnav.

"Akash need something?" Arnav asked.

"Akash how are you?" Khushi asked smiling.

"I'm fine Khushi! And what about you?" he faked a smile on his face.

"I'm also fine.." Khushi smiled.

"Bhai actually.. I wanted to tell you that.. I.. " Akash gulped staring at both.

"What do you want to say Akash?" Arnav asked.

"How will I say to you that Di is married Bhai? It's like dropping a bomb here.. And you look so happy with Khushi now.. How can I spoil your mood now?" Akash thought.

"Akaaaash.." Arnav called him.

Akash: I only came here to greet Khushi.

Saying this he left the cabin disturbed.

Khushi turned to Arnav: He came to greet me! Even our relationship is changing now.


Akash went to his cabin, when he entered he found Anjali with his phone.

"Akash.." she whispered his name with a tensed face.

"Di what are you doing here with my phone?" Akash asked her suspiciously.

"Dekho na Akash. Your phone was ringing and no one was here, so I picked it and when I attend the call it was Payal. I don't know what's wrong with her! She was telling something like have you told Chote that Di is married! What is this? Doesn't she know that Shyam is my boyfriend?" Anjali asked faking anger.

"Di you don't need to lie to me anymore. We both know you're married.." Akash said disappointed with her, that even after hearing the truth from Payal, she still dares to lie to him.

"I'm not married Akash! Have you gone mad? Do you think I can get married without Chote's consent?" Anjali shouted to him.

"Di please stop this drama okay.. We both saw you with Shyam yesterday and heard your conversation too.." Akash frowned.

"What!" Anjali whispered with wide eyes.

"Yes! We know that you're married with him. That day we were having dinner in our room, and we were about to leave then we saw you secretly going to your room with Shyam, we followed you both and heard him telling you that he is your husband.." Akash said.

"You.." she turned her back to him, and shut her eyes desperate now.

"Come on Di! Why did you turn your back to me? Face me, say the truth that you're married to him.. And also kindly tell me why did you do this?" Akash shouted.

Anjali turned to him crying, "Yes..yes I'm married to Shyam.."

"Why didn't you tell this to anyone? At least to your Chote, you could share with him.." Akash said hurt.

"Akash please don't tell this to Chote.. Please I beg of you.." Anjali hugged Akash crying.

"Why Di?" Akash asked.

"Because I don't love Shyam.." Anjali whispered.

"What??? You're confusing me more Di.. Please tell me everything clearly.." Akash said shocked.

"Haan Akash! This is the truth. I don't love that man.. We both married not because we wanted to.. I was drunk that night, so was he.. And we went to mandir and married each other.. I wasn't even conscious of what I was doing.. Then the next day I told Shyam that I want divorce but he denied.. He said that he wants to fulfill this marriage.. He practically is forcing me to behave like his wife and I'm trying to solve his problem without letting Chote know.. " Anjali cried.

"Kyaa? He forced you to accept this marriage? How dare he.. And why didn't you tell anything to bhai? Bhai would handle this man.." Akash clenched his fist.

"Nahin Akash! The mistake was committed by we both.. I don't want Chote to think wrong about me, that's why I want to handle all this alone.. I will manage to get divorce from Shyam.." Anjali said wiping her tears.

"Is Shyam doing all this because he knows you're rich?" Akash asked.

"Hmm.. I also think like that! Anyways promise me you won't tell Chote about this.." Anjali looked at him.

"I won't tell him anything.. But if are in any problem, then don't hesitate to tell me.." Akash caressed her cheek.

She smiled and nodded.


"Akash tell me what are we doing here?" Payal asked looking around the road.

Akash took his handkerchief and wiped the sweat beads that formed in her forehead.

"I'm sorry.. I'm giving you trouble.." he said in a lovely tone.

"No! What are you saying Akash? You don't give me trouble.. I just asked what are we doing here?" Payal smiled.

"This is Shyam's shop.. I want to ask him why did he got married to Di.." Akash said.

"But she already told us.." Payal raised her brows.

"She lied Payal.. Do you think a shopkeeper like Shyam would have dared to force Anjali Raizada, ASR's sister! Isn't this too strange?" Akash headed to Shyam's shop.

Payal followed him nodding, "Strange it is.."

"That's why I want to hear his side before telling everything to Bhai.." Akash said and both entered in Shyam's shop.

"Akash tum.." Shyam looked at him surprised.

"Hi Shyam.. We..actually we want to talk something with you.." Akash said.

Payal nodded: Can we go at that coffee shop there?

Shyam nodded confused.

At the coffee shop, Shyam sat on his chair, and Akash sat on his after pushing the chair for his lady love.

Shyam: What do you both want to talk with me? Something happened with Anju?

Akash nodded sideways: No! Relax she is fine..

Payal: Actually we want to tell you that we both already know what kind of relationship you both share.. You both are married, right?

Shyam shocked: How do you both know this? Anjali told you?

Akash: No, she didn't told us but we heard your conversation with her yesterday..

Shyam: And you want to know how we got married?

Akash and Payal nodded at the same time.

Shyam smiled: Thank God you both know it now! I'm much relieved that at least someone from her family knows about us, I don't like to lie but Anju forces me to. I even scared of Arnav's reaction when he gets to know about us.. He will be very angry..

Payal: Shyam ji please can you tell us the reason now? It's really urgent..

Shyam nodded: Haan we both got married because we love each other.. We were dating for one month and suddenly one day she told me that she wants to get married. I told her we will, but we have to tell our families first.. She started doing a drama telling me that I don't love her.. And if I do, I have to prove it by marrying her.. So I accepted because I can't lose her.. I love Anjali a lot, no matter how she is.. And then I told her to tell her family..she told me that they will never understand our love because I'm not rich as her, Arnav would never accept a man like me to her, I kept quiet.. But then my family also started talking to take their bahu home, and I again talked with her that we can't lie anymore about our marriage.. She said okay, she is waiting for the right time to tell her family, once Arnav ends with Khushi matter, she would tell him.. So here I am waiting for that day..

Akash and Payal looked at each other shocked.

Shyam looked at their faces: Kya hua? Is everything alright?


Khushi and Arnav returned to the NGO. 

Khushi: Go and change your clothes, I will serve dinner for you..

Arnav nodded and headed to terrace.

Khushi went to the kitchen and found Madhu with her friend.

"Namaste Sarla aunty.." Khushi smiled, and took the plate to serve to Arnav.

"Namaste bitiya. Nowadays serving your husband, you don't have time for us.." she giggled.

Khushi blushed: Nothing like that aunty.. I'm here..

Sarla: You're here, but your heart is upstairs on the terrace.

Madhu shook her head: Shup Sarla. Khushi doesn't love that man.. Didn't I told you why she married him? And after that she is going to divorce him, right Khushi?

Khushi stare at her mother talking about their separation, she became upset. Her heart pricked at the thought of living without Arnav now, she didn't want to leave him. Everything is so perfect now with him, but she also knows that there isn't love between them and just by being friends this marriage can't go on.

Sarla smiled: Madhu maybe you forgot how love is, but I don't. Whenever a girl smile alone, means someone is there in her life.. Hain na Khushi? You have fallen in love with him right? Tell us.. You're in love with him bitiya.. I don't see any hate between you both.. Why today morning were you cheering for him to win the push up competition? Why are you serving the food for him now? Don't you hate him like your mother is telling me? Is this hate when someone talks about him you blush? Bolo na Khushi..is this hate?

Madhu: Tell her na Khushi.. You can never fall in love with that man. Who made you suffer so much.. Don't forget he ordered a man to molest you. He isn't worth of your love Khushi.. You deserve someone better than him, like my son Arjun.. who has always supported you in good and bad times..

Khushi nodded sideways crying: Nahin Ma.. He didn't even knew that man was trying to molest me.. He didn't do anything.. It wasn't his fault.. It was his Di's fault Ma.. Arnav never did that.. Anjali ordered that man to molest me, not Arnav..

Sarla clapped her hands once, "See I told you.. This is love and nothing else.. She can't hear wrong about her husband.. How much will I prove to you both that Khushi loves him? Look I have to go now.. But Khushi bitiya do think about my words..

Khushi smiled a little and the lady went from there.

Madhu: You didn't told me it was his Di who did that..

Khushi: I forgot Ma. I was also so shocked like you, but anyways I don't want to talk about that day..

Madhu nodded, then glanced at her: And do you love him?

Khushi glanced at her, she took the plate from the table, stammering she told "Arnav.. is waiting for his..dinner.."

She went running from there escaping from this question.

"Why can't I say no now? Earlier it was so easy to say that I hate you Arnav.. Why today my heart is denying to say that words? Why today I don't want to answer that I don't love you? .. Wait.. Am I really in love with you?.. " she stopped on the stairs with wide eyes.

Arnav descended the stairs and found her frozen on the place.

He patted her cheeks, "Khushi which alien land are you in now?"

Khushi looked at him startled, "Main.. woh.. haan..dinner.. yes.. Your dinner.."

"Ohh you were bringing it to our terrace.. I thought we would have it with everyone.." Arnav said.

"If you want, we can have it with everyone.." she said and both went to the living room.


Payal's home:

Akash was silent in the car, lost in his thoughts.

Payal cupped his face, "Akash don't worry.. We will surely find a solution for this.."

Akash sighed: How Payal? I don't know now who is telling the truth.. His story is so simple.. And her story way different from his..

Payal: To tell you the truth. I believe in Shyam's story.. He looks like a simple man..

Akash nodded, "Even I believe in his story.. But we can't conclude anything now.."

Payal planted a kiss on his forehead, "Don't take stress.. We will find a way to expose all this to Arnav ji.. We have to think of a plan now.. And how to make them tell the truth in front of Arnav ji.."


Arnav stare at his wife sleeping peacefully, she was so close to him sharing the same pillow as him.

Unfortunately they won't be sharing the same space when they return home, she would be in her recliner and he on his bed.

They will return on Monday, and tomorrow is Sunday.. Which means he only has one more night like this with her.

A mosquito landed on her soft cheek, he quickly slapped her on her cheeks to protect her.

Khushi screamed in pain, "Aaaaaahhh.." she sat on the floor with caressing her cheek.

Arnav also sat, and looked at her red cheek shocked.

"I was.." he tried to explain to her.

"You wanted to kill me? Are you taking revenge on me or what? Aaah.. Do you know how much it's hurting? You're a man and you slapped me.. Are you paying me for that day when I slapped you? My slap didn't hurt you as yours hurt me.." she started crying badly.

Arnav felt guilty seeing her crying, he moved near her, and planted a kiss on her red cheek now.

Khushi widened her eyes, her dhak dhak started again, and her red cheeks turned more red if possible.

"I'm sorry Khushi.. I didn't want to slap you.. I was.." Arnav tried to explain her again.

She slapped him on his cheek, "You shouldn't kiss a girl without her permission.."

"What the.." Arnav looked at her shocked.

She leaned on the floor, and rested her head on the pillow, "Don't talk with me. Did you slap me to get a chance to kiss me? How cheap of you.."

"How cheap of you Khushi to think of me like that.. I didn't slap you because I want to kiss you okay.. There was mosquito on your cheeks, and I wanted to kill him, but I didn't realize that I slapped you so hard.. That's why I'M SORRY.." he frowned and moved far from her to sleep, he left her with the pillow alone.

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him far from her.

She felt guilty for accusing him without even knowing the truth. 

"I'm sorry.." she whispered with a sad puppy face.

Arnav looked away, and closed his eyes to sleep.

"Arnav I said I'm sorry! I didn't knew why you slapped me.. That's why I spoke like that.." she cried like a baby.

Arnav didn't respond to her. And after sometime, she saw him, he was sleeping now but she wouldn't get any sleep after doing wrong with him.

She moved with the pillow near him, and raised his head with her hands, she placed the pillow under his head, and then made him rest his head on the pillow.

She caressed his cheek where she slapped, and kept staring at his face.

"I'm sorry.." she whispered and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

She rested her head on the pillow, close to him.

"If you smile, then my heart dances like Sachin won a match..

If you're sad, my heart cries..

If you cry, my heart break in pieces..

If you're hurt, I feel the pain..

If you're angry, I hate the person who spoiled your mood..

If you scold me, I will be shattered..

If you care for me, I will feel like I'm in heaven..

If you're away from me, I find no reason to live.. Finally you fell in love Khushi! .." she smiled staring at him, as she remembered the words once she said when her friends asked her what is Love for her!


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