Ocean's Mystic Happiness

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Jul 13, 2017

Ocean's Mystic Happiness (By Jossy) (Thanked: 41 times)

Ocean's Mystic Happiness

Name credit : Aru Arshi


Edit by Semi Arshi

Part 1


*Please ignore my mistakes*

It been two week since Arnav arrived in this small town near the sea s**** away from the bustling c****s of his life. On the second day of his exploration of the town, he found her sitting near the cliff. It was her blue eyes that pulled him towards her. At first she was very hesitant to talk with him. Both of them sat near the cliff enjoying the view of sea on their first meeting. He did all the talks while she merely listened to him. This continued for the next two day, and on the third day she too started talking to him.

He came to know that her name is Khushi ,a native of this town who worked at a small shop & living with her buaji.  Arnav and Khushi used to talk about random things related to life. Thought their conversions, he found that she was so innocent and unaware of all the pompous of life. She was too simple. ..

“Am I late?” Khushi asked

“no, I came earlier’ Arnav said looking at the girl standing in front of him cladded in a simple blue skirt and top with open hair.

“Why is your hair looks wet always?” Arnav asked

Khushi looked at him for a second and replied.

“hmm..I…always comes here after having a shower.” Khushi replied touching her hair.

Khushi sat near him and both of them looked at the vast sea in front of them.

Khushi don’t know why she feels the urge to see him again and again. When she was with him she feels so happy…so content. She doesn’t know why she is taking this risk. At first she thought to ignore him but she couldn’t. She don’t know what is going to happen in the future but she decided to enjoy this phase of her life..

They usually meet at evening, few minutes before the sunset. They will watch the sunset together and talk. Later he will drop her home.

As Arnav came to know more about Khushi, he loved her simplicity, her view towards life, her small and silly doubts everything made him attract towards her.

Arnav always wanted to find a soul mate, who will complete him just like the way his parents completed each other. Growing up seeing their love for each other made him desire for such selfless love. He knows that his parents are watching over him and his sister. It’s been sixteen years since his parents died in a car accident.

He can never forget that incident, that day when he and his sister were thrown out from his own house by his father’s business partner. His nani , Devayani Mallik took the two under her shelter. The Mallik family welcomed them wholeheartedly but, he missed his parents.

Now, Arnav Singh Raizada is one of the richest men in the country, the CEO of AR Designs. It took him six years to build his empire in the corporate world. He has seen so many women in his life but none of them attracted him, but with Khushi it’s different. She evoked a bundle of feelings in his mind, he don’t know why all these are happening. Whatever it is he know that Khushi have already became a part of his life which can’t be separated or replaced.


“Arnavji, why did you came here?” Khushi asked Arnav

“To meet you”

“No, that is not what I mean…why did you come to this small place? You were in da…dahi?” Khushi asked trying hard to remember the place.

“Dahi…ohh you mean Delhi? Haven’t you heard about Delhi?” Arnav was confused

“Yeah…I know…Delhi” Khushi tried to smile.

“But you said dahi…not Delhi.”

“maybe you didn’t heard me clearly. So tell me why did you come here from Delhi?” Khushi tried to change the topic.

“I was working continuously after my college, building my empire. Then suddenly I felt that I should take a holiday. I don’t know why I felt like that but something within me urge me to take this holiday but, now I think I found the reason” Arnav said looking into her eyes while a confused Khushi looked back at him.

“Khushi, do you mind coming to my villa and having food with me tomorrow?”

“food…tomorrow…But when?”

“For dinner, I will take you back home. Should I come and ask you buaji?”

“no..no…” Khushi became restless.

“I mean…I will tell buaji…and make her understand…ok…I will come”

“Khushi, hmm, can you please wear this and come?” Arnav asked hesitantly and hold a gift pack in front of her.

“What is it?”

“It’s a saree, will you wear this for me?”

‘saree…ohh my varun devji…now what is this?. I don’t even know what is a saree..Then how can i wear that…my lord, I know that I have done a grave sin…but I can’t help myself. i feel like he is the reason for my existence..i know that I shouldn't be like this. Please don’t punish him for my sins. I do want to tell him the truth, but I can’t. What if he feels disgusted by me? I can’t tolerate that.’ Khushi thought while holding the saree.

“Khushi…are you here or still day dreaming?” Arnav asked flashing his handing in front of her.

“I think I should go now Arnavji.”

“Come, let me drop you”

Arnav used to drop her near her street.


Next day, Arnav was waiting for Khushi near the cliff. He has already arranged everything for their first date. He was getting restless.

Finally, his dream came into reality. Khushi was standing there cladded in a red saree with open hair, her ear adored with a red sea shell earring.

Khushi stood in front of him nervously.

“You look so beautiful… better than my imagination.” Arnav said

“So shall we move?” Arnav asked her forwarding his hand in front of her.

“Yes” Khushi said placing her hand in his hand.

They felt an invisible connection as soon as their skin met with each other for the first time.


Khushi looked at the house in front of her. It’s beautiful. Arnav lead her inside the house and took for a tour. What Khushi loved most is his pool adjacent to his bedroom. He has already arranged their dinner near the pool.


After a few minutes, both of them sit down to have food.

Khushi looked at the food with amu****t. It was entirely different from the food she usually has.

“Khushi I thought you may be comfortable with this food” saying this he opened the lid of the dishes. The dishes consist of naan, palak paneer, aloo sabzi, poori, paneer matar masala.

“I hope you are ok with it?” saying this Arnav served the food for both of them. Khushi smiled at him instead of replying.

“What are you waiting for? Have it please.” Arnav said dipping a small piece of naan in the curry.

Seeing this Khushi also took a small piece of naan and dipped it in the curry.

‘it is so tasty…and delicious’ Khushi thought to herself.

They continued to have the food while Arnav talk about things. Suddenly Khushi’s gaze went to a red coloured thing in the curry and she took a bite of it.

“ahhh…it is burning..paining…” Khushi screamed in pain placing the chilli back on her plate.

“Khushi, drink this water… why did you ate that chilli?” Arnav asked making her drink the water.

“I don’t know…I mean I didn’t see that?” Khushi said.

After a few seconds,

“How are you now? A concerned Arnav asked her.

“I am ok”

And they resumed having food. Both of them were having ice cream as the dessert.

‘I loved this food…what did Arnavji say…ice…scream…no…ice cream…it is so tasty…..ohh no, my ice cream will finish soon…how will I ask him more..what will he think of me’ Khushi thought

“Khushi, do you want some more ice cream?”

Khushi instantly nodded her head and Arnav refilled her bowl.

“You are cute…” Arnav said flicking her nose tip to wipe of the ice cream.

Khushi don't know why but her heart started to beat rapidly as soon as Arnav did that.


After having the food, Khushi was standing near the pool looking at the fairy light works as Arnav left from there for a work.

Khushi sensed Arnav standing behind her and turned around.

“Khushi, will you do the honour of dancing with me?”

“Arnavji, I don’t…I don’t know how to dance”

“Just trust me” saying this Arnav forwarded his hand in front of her. Khushi looked at his eyes and placed her hand on his hand.

Khushi heard a song playing in the background.

“Arnavji, who is singing there?” Khushi asked curiously.

“Khushi, I played the music player. Nobody is there to sing a song. May be I can arrange that for our next date.” Arnav said playfully.

Khushi could understand what he meant by music player and date. She didn’t ask him anything as she don’t want to complicate things

Arnav pulled Khushi towards him. She can sense his breathe on her cheek.

I have already completed this story. will post each parts one by one.

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Jul 14, 2017

Teaser for Part 2 (By Jossy) (Thanked: 19 times)

Jul 15, 2017

Part 2 - Confession (By Jossy) (Thanked: 25 times)

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Part 2

Arnav pulled Khushi towards him. She can sense his breathe on her cheek.


(Pee loon tere neelay neelay nainon se shabnam

Let me drink, the dew drops from these blue eyes of Yours)

Arnav sang looking at her eyes. His intense gaze conveying Khushi his feelings for her

(Pee loon tere geelay geelay hoto ki sargam

Let me drink, the melody from these drenched lips of Yours

Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Let me drink, it is the season of drinking)

He looked at her plump lips and touched her cheeks with the back of his hands

(Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too

Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too)

Arnav twirled her and snaked his hands around her waist.

(Tere bin jee nahi lagda

Without You my heart is not happy

Tere bin jee nahi sakda

Without You I cannot live

Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan

On You I have lost and given away both the worlds

Kurbaan, meharbaan

Sacrificed, for Your Kindness

Ke main toh kurbaan

I am sacrificed now

Sun le zara, tera kurbaan

Listen to this please, I have sacrificed for You)

Arnav touched her hairs while they danced slowly

(Hosh mein rahun kyun aaj main

Why should I remain in my senses today

Tu meri baahon mein simti hai

You are shrinked in my arms

Mujh mein samayi hai yun

You are united with me

Jis tarah ki koi ho nadi

Just like there is a river

Tu mere seenay mein chupti hai

You are there inside my heart hiding

Sagar tumhara main hoon

I am Your sea

Pee loon teri dheemi dheemi lehron ki cham cham

Let me drink, this slow rhythm movement of waves

Pee loon teri saundi saundi saanson ko har dum

Let me drink, this light breath of Your forever

Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Let me drink, it is the season of drinking)

Khushi kept looking at his face. At that instant she knew what the song conveys is true, he is her sea where she want to seek solace.

(Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too

Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too)

Arnav gazed at Khushi’s eyes which conveyed a lot of emotions. Her gaze moved to his eyes…nose..and finally at his lips. Her breathe was getting heavier with each passing seconds.

(Shaam ko milun jo main tujhe

If I meet You in the evening then

Toh bura subah na jaane kyun kuch maan jaati hai yeh

The morning feels bad, I don't know why

Har lamha, har ghadi har pehar

Every second, every hour, every day

Hi teri yaadon se tadpa ke mujhko jalati hai yeh

Your memories are torturing and burning inside of me

Pee loon main dheere dheere jalne ka yeh gumm

Let me drink, this sadness of burning slowly

Pee loon inn gore gore haanthon se hum dum

Let me drink, with these white hands of Yours, My Beloved

Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Let me drink, it is the season of drinking)

Slowly Arnav lean forward looking at her lips and then her eyes. He stopped for a moment to know her reaction. Seeing this, Khushi lean forward closing her eyes. Arnav got the answer and placed his lips on her. It was their first kiss. It conveyed their love, desire, desperation for each other.

(Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too

Tere sang ishq taari hai

With You, love is happening

Tere sang ik khumari hai

With You, there is an intoxication

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko

With You, I have a relief

Tere sang bekraari hai

With You, there is restlessness too

Tere bin jee nahi lagda

Without You my heart is not happy

Tere bin jee nahi sakda

Without You I cannot live

Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan

On You I have lost and given away both the worlds

Kurbaan, meharbaan

Sacrificed, for Your Kindness

Ke main toh kurbaan

I am sacrificed now)

After a few minutes both of them broken from the heated kiss. Khushi was still closing her eyes. Seeing this, Arnav cupped her face,

“Khushi, please open your eyes…”

Khushi slowly opened her eyes and looked at his eyes.

“Khushi, don’t shy away from what we shared now. It was beautiful. I know everything is happening so fast. But I want to tell you something. I don’t know what your definition of love, but to me it is that power that binds people together. Love is when one can’t live without another, sharing happiness and sorrows together, standing for each other, caring about each other’s wellbeing. Khushi, I care for you a lot, I want to you to share your happiness and sorrows with me and I can’t live without you. Khushi I want to tell you that I love you with my all heart.”

Tears were flowing from her eyes; all this is so overwhelming for her. She hugged him and cried.

Arnav hugged her back and Arnav stoked her her.

‘he..loves me…my Arnavji loves me…hey, varun devji my lord..what should I tell me… what future we have…should I deny him or accept him…he is so happy now…I can’t snatch away his happiness…let me live this moment…I don’t want to think about anything..for now it’s me and my Arnavji.’ Khushi thought

“Khushi, you don’t have to answer this right now…take your…” Arnav was interrupted by Khushi.

“I love you Arnavji…I love you very much…” Khushi said looking at his eyes.

Arnav cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

“I promise you Khushi that I will love and cherish you forever”

‘Forever’ it pained Khushi that she is giving him all false hope.


Arshi was walking to Khushi’s house.

“Khushi, I should meet your buaji today” Arnav said planting a kiss on her hand

“No Arnavji, you can’t…I mean…I will tell buaji everything first and then you come and meet her”

“Khushi, this is the last time I am saying this…it is not Arnavji…it is Arnav…come on say my name”


“If you don’t say it now, I will come and meet you buaji today itself.

“no..Arnavji…I mean Arnav…ok..Arnav..?”


“Khushi, I love you”

“I too love you, Arnav” saying this Khushi moved to her house.


It’s been a week after confession. Arshi was so close to each other. Arnav always insisted that he want to meet buaji, but Khushi always deny him from meeting her buaji.

Khushi as sitting on the couch near the poolside waiting for Arnav. She doesn’t know why Arnav called her here.

Arnav came in front of her.

“Where did you go leaving me here?” Khushi asked garlanding her hands around his neck

“Come with me Khushi” Arnav said forwarding his hand. Khushi placed her hand in his and walked.

They reached near the garden which was decorated beautifully.

‘This is so beautiful Arnav” Khushi said smelling a red rose.


Khushi turned back only to see Arnav kneeling on one leg.

“Arnav, why are you kneeling like this? What happened to you? Did something happen to your leg?” saying this Khushi too kneel down.

Arnav smiled at her seeing her concern for him.

Arnav stood up and made Khushi stood up in front of him.

“Khushi, you know that I came here for a holiday. Next week, I have to go back to Delhi. When I took this holiday, I don’t know why did u do that. But now I knew the reason. It was in my destiny to meet the love of my life here. I don’t want to leave you here and go back to that hectic life. I want you with me. I want to sleep and wake up seeing your face. I want us to spend time with each other. I want us to share our happiness and sorrows. I want you to be a part of my life. So, Khushi Kumari Gupta will you do the honour of making me a part of your life and accepting me as your husband to share your life with me?” Arnav said holding a box in front of her.

Khushi looked at the box and then at him.

‘We can’t live together…I have to go away from your life at some point. But I too want your love. I know I’m selfish to do this to you. But I don’t have any other way except this.’ Khushi thought and took a decision which is good for both of them.

“Yes…I want to be your wife…Arnav…”

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Jul 17, 2017

Part 3 - Marriage (By Jossy) (Thanked: 27 times)

Part 3


“Yes…I want to be your wife…Arnav…” Arnav smiled at her and opened the box which contained a mangalsutr, two bangles and a box of vermillion.

“This belongs to my mother. My mother wants to give this to her daughter in law. Now it is yours.”

“Arnav, can you make me wear this now?”

“Khushi, what are you saying? I will marry you with our families presence. Soon me and my family will come and meet your buaji.”

“No…can you marry me now. At this moment.” Khushi said with tearful eyes.

“Khushi what happened? Tell me.”

“buaji won’t agree for this marriage Arnav…she won’t…I don’t want to loss you.” Khushi said hugging Arnav.

“Shh…Khushi, don’t cry…we will make everything right.”

“Arnav, can you please marry me now? Please try to understand me”

“Khushi, are you sure about it. What will happen when your buaji will came to know about it? I want her to give her niece hands to me wholeheartedly.”

“Arnav, we can get married again with the presence of everyone later.” Khushi lied to him

“So, are you ready to become Mrs.Raizada?”

“Yes. Very much”

“Khushi, I promise to keep you happy and will always love you.” Arnav kissed her forehead.

Arnav took the mangalsutr and tied it around her neck and kissed her on her cheeks. He placed a pinch of vermillion on her forehead followed by a kiss on her forehead.

Arnav grabbed her hands and slid the bangles placing kisses on her hand.

“Now you look like a bride…my bride…”

Khushi smiled at him and hugged him.

“Khushi, it is already late and I have to drop you back home”

‘Arnav…woh..Can I stay here today?”

“No…I mean yes…but what about your buaji?”

“Hmm…I told her that I will be staying in my friend’s house today. So I have permission.”

“ohh my…Khushi..you planned to stay with me today!!! I am impressed Mrs.Raizada.” Khushi smiled at him

“so Mr.Raizada….now I am hungry.”

“Come, let me feed you some food wifey”

Both of them had food from a plate, teasing each other.


Khushi is standing in front of the mirror looking at her. The vermillion on her forehead, the mangalsutr and the bangles made her feel so special and beautiful. It was the second time she was seeing herself in the mirror where she looked more beautiful than the previous experience during their first date.

Arnav stood behind her wrapping his hands around her, placing his chin on her shoulder.

“We make a great pair, aren’t we?”


“Mr and Mrs. Raizada.’ Arnav planted a kiss on her neck and Khushi turned around.

She garlanded her hand around his neck and kissed him on his lips. It was the first time she is taking initiative, Arnav get startled at first then gave into the kiss. Soon the kiss grew intense; Arnav ran his hands over her body; squeezed her waist and started placing kisses on her jaw and neck. Khushi moaned when he bite her on the shoulder.

Arnav pulled away as soon as he heard her moaning.

“Khushi, we should stop”

“I don’t want you to stop, Arnav”

“Khushi, do you know what you are asking for?”

“Yes. I know what happens with a man and woman. Arnav I just want you to love me…please”

“Khushi I too want to love you. Show my love to you.

“Then love me..i am all yours”

Arnav kissed her forehead

“Are you nervous Khushi?”

“Very much…but I trust you”

“I am also nervous. It will be a first time for me. I want you to tell me if you feel uncomfortable at any time.”

“I will….”

Arnav started undress Khushi teasing her with his touches and kisses. Khushi started to breathe heavily. She clenched his shirt in her hands. Khushi tried to cover her modesty when Arnav told her,

“Don’t shy away from me Khushi. You are beautiful. Trust me” Khushi put down her hands.

“Khushi can you please undress me now” saying this Arnav placed her hands on his shirt buttons.

Khushi looked at Arnav and then started undressing him till he was in his boxers.

“Khushi, I will be try to be gentle with you. Tell me if I am not.”

Khushi nodded her head. Arnav lifted her and made her lie on the bed.

He placed kisses all over her body.

“Touch me Khushi” saying this he placed her hand on his naked chest. Slowly Khushi too started exploring his torso.

“Khushi, it will hurt a little bit, but I will try to be gentle.”

Khushi didn’t understand what he meant. Even though she told Arnav that she knew what happened between a man and woman, she don’t know what exactly happens, in fact the whole process.

Finally they found the age old rhythm of love which took them to ecstasy.

Arnav is lying on Khushi, his head buried in her neck.

“Now we are one in every sense…we will be together forever” saying this he kissed her neck.

“Arnav” Khushi called him. Arnav pulled out of her and cupped her face.

“Khushi, are you in pain?”

“Arnav, I love you…I love you very much…”

“I love you too, Mr.Raizada.” Arnav placed a kiss on her lip and moved out of the bed.

“Where are you going Arnav?”

“I will be back soon Khushi”

Arnav moved to the bathroom while Khushi pulled the comforter till her neck.

Arnav came near the bed with a towel and a bowl full of water. He pulled away her comfortable.

“Arnav what are you doing?”

“Shh…let me take care of you. I know that you are sore. Just lie back and let me do my job.”

Arnav saw the blood and started tending her with hot water.

Khushi had tears see him taking care of her.

‘How can I go away from this man? The man who loves me..my husband…I wish our circumstances were different…I love you a lot Arnav, but I have to go away from you…please don’t hate me’ Khushi thought to herself.

Arnav moved to the bed and laid next to her. Khushi placed her head on his chest, while Arnav stroked her head.

“Sleep Khushi…” Arnav said planting a kiss on his forehead.

“I love you Arnav…always remember that” Khushi said placing a kiss on his chest.


Around early morning…4 am…

Khushi eased out of Arnav’s hold and wore her dress. She removed her mangalsutr and bangles with tears. She looked at the sleeping Arnav and stroked his hair.

“I am sorry Arnav….i have to do this…I have to leave you and go away. It is for both of our betterment. May be after tomorrow, you will start hating me for leaving you. I won’t ever forget this night. I will love you forever but we can’t be together. Take care Arnav” whispering this to Arnav and placing a kiss on his forehead, Khushi walked towards the door with his shirt secured in her hand.

She turned back to see him for the last time and walked towards the cliff with a heavy heart. On reaching the cliff she wore his shirt and jumped into the deep ocean.


Next morning, Arnav tried to hug Khushi and forwarded his hand, but the place was empty.. Arnav slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

“Where is she?” Arnav mumbled and got out of the bed getting dressed.

‘She must be in the bathroom’ Arnav thought and moves towards the bathroom.

‘Khushi, are you there?” he opened the door and looked inside but nobody was there.

“Where is she?” Arnav whispered and moved to the poolside. Again the same result.

Arnav came near to his bed; saw the blood stained bed sheet. Then his gaze fell on the mangalsutr and bangles.

“Why did she keep this here? Where is she? What happened to her?”

Arnav took the mangalsutr and bangles. He tried to find her dress, but nothing was there. He tried to find his shirt to wear but that too was not there.

Arnav get dressed and decided to visit Khushi’s house.

He reached the street. He asked a woman about Khushi’s house. What that woman replied left him surprised.

“Son, nobody lives in this street named as Khushi. I have been living here for the past 27 years, there is neither anyone named Khushi nor her buaji. Hmm..did she have any nick name?”

“I don’t know” Arnav replied.

“Do you have any photo?”


Arnav showed her the photo.

“I don’t know her. She doesn’t live here at all. Somebody must be fooled you.”

“Is there any other street here?”

“No, this is the only street here. Son, I know each and everybody in this street. you may ask anyone if you don’t believe me. One thing is clear; somebody really made you a fool. Wait…( that lady called her friend) garima do you know anyone named Khushi who live here with her buaji who was a teacher?”

“Khushi…I have heard this name somewhere, but where?” garima tried to recall it.

“This is her picture?” Arnav showed the picture where Khushi was sitting near the cliff.

“I have met her.” Garima told Arnav after seeing the picture.

“When?” Arnav asked

“A few weeks back, she came here and asked me to help her to wear a saree. In fact I draped the saree on here. She told me that she is new here, came with her husband for a holiday and he wants to see her in saree. She asked me to help her as she doesn’t know how to drape a saree. She told that her name is Khushi and came with her husband Arnav from Delhi.”

This left Arnav shocked. His mind was filled with lot of questions

Why did she lie to that lady?

Who is she?

Why did she lie to him?

What did she want?

Arnav’s chains of thoughts were interrupted by garima.

“Are you her husband?”

Arnav didn’t get a chance to reply as vimala started narrating everything to garima.

“Hey devi maiyya, now a days some girls are ready to do anything for money. Son, make sure that she didn’t steal anything from you.” Garima told Arnav

Arnav started walking forward without caring about what the ladies are telling. Finally he reached the end point of that street. All he can see was rocky cliff and the vast ocean.

He knew that what those ladies told him was true. She indeed stole something precious from him that is his heart and his happiness.

Arnav reached the villa and asked the security about Khushi. Again he was shocked.

The security told that he didn’t saw any girl going in or going out with Arnav.

“What do you mean by you didn’t saw the girl who came with me?” Arnav asked in anger.

“Sir I have seen you talking to yourself while you enter this villa. I thought that you are talking with someone through Bluetooth. There was no one with you.”

“Shut up…no..you are lying” Arnav roared.

“Sir please believes me. You always came and went out alone. If you don’t believe me, please check the cctv recordings.” That security man pleaded to Arnav.

Arnav get hold of the cctv recordings of that two days.

What he saw left him mortified. There was nobody with him; he was talking to himself while his left palm curled around something.

Arnav rushed to his room and saw the blood stained sheet and the ornaments of his mother.

Arnav threw away everything in anger and screamed.

“Khushi, whoever you are. Now I hate you very much…”saying this he fell on his bed.

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Jul 18, 2017

Part 4 - Identity (By Jossy) (Thanked: 41 times)

Part - 4


Arnav was trying to unmask the mystery. Nobody in that area knows a girl named Khushi. He was going crazy.

One day, Arnav was getting some sleep at night. Now a day, he can’t sleep properly. Whenever he closes his eyes, all he can see was her face…the moments they shared together. He lied in the bed closing his eyes.

Suddenly he felt like someone caring his hair. Arnav slightly opened his eyes and saw Khushi sitting near his bed, stroking his hair.

Khushi tried to move away as soon as she found him waking up. But Arnav acted swiftly, he pulled Khushi to the bed and straddled her. He caught hold of her hands restricting her movement.

“Who are you? What do you want? I know all about you lies.” Arnav asked her with a piercing gaze while Khushi remind silent.

“Tell me damn it” Arnav screamed at her. Tears started to flow from her eyes.


“Don’t…don’t ever take my name with your mouth. What mind game are you playing with me? Am I just a one night stand for you? Do you know how I feel knowing that you just used my body? What do you want and who are you? Why the hell did you lied that you love me? Why are you here now? To torment me more?” Arnav screamed at her and moved to the pool side.

Khushi did expect an outburst, but the intensity of the outburst left her speech less.

She wiped her tears and decided to tell him the truth. She stood next to him near the pool.

“I am sorry for leaving you. But I had to do that…I knew that I lied to you…I was afraid. In fact still afraid to reveal the truth…what if you feel disgusted by me after knowing about me? That’s why I didn’t reveal anything to you. My love for you was truth, everything we shared were so precious to me. Don’t degrade our love, because it was the most beautiful thing that happened to me.”

“You are a mystery Khushi… what is that truth you are so afraid of revealing?”

“I will tell…no…I will show you everything today. Come with me.” Saying this Khushi grabbed his hand and started walking towards the street.

“Where are you taking me?”

“At the end of the street…near to the s****.” Khushi replied.

On reaching that rocky s****, Khushi lead Arnav towards a group of rock. He saw her entering into a small hole surrounded by rocks.

“Come with me, it is safe.” Khushi told Arnav.

Arnav entered through that hole. Even though it seems like a small hole,  it had space for two persons to go inside at a time.

He saw a huge rock inside that small chamber. Khushi draw a pattern on a rock and it move apart.

Khushi grabbed Arnav’s hand and entered into a big chamber which had a small pool on its side and a small rocky table like structure where her dresses were arranged. He saw the saree he gifted her among the dresses. The whole chamber had light, but he didn’t find the source of that light.

“Where are we? Who are you?”

“I will tell you everything. Arnav…but before that please remember that I loves you a lot.”

Saying this Khushi started to shed her dress and took a dress from the table and wore it. 

‘please don’t get afraid Arnav…I am your Khushi who loves you a lot.” Saying this she jumped into the pool.

“Khushi…Khushi…” Arnav called her out and moved to the direction of the pool. Suddenly he saw her coming up.

“Khushi” Arnav started to move near her.

“No Arnav stay there” saying this she jumped and dived back to the pool.

It only took him a second to realize that his Khushi had a tail.

Khushi jumped to the floor and lied there.

“This is me Arnav…this is my identity.”

Arnav saw her lying on the floor…her bottom shaped into a fish tail with scales.

“You are a…”

“MERMAID” Khushi completed his sentence.

Arnav kept looking at her from far.

Her hairs were wet. Her upper body is of a human while her lower body that is below her waist, the tail starts from there. Her tail is in golden colour with scales. What he then noticed was her hands; her hands were joined together by a thin transparent skin.

“Are you disgusted by me?” Khushi asked with a heavy heart. Her sorrow is clear in her voice while her eyes pooled with her tears.

Arnav moved forward and kept her head on his lap.

“I am absorbing all this Khushi. I never imagined things to be like this. But I am never disgusted by you. Even though you are a mermaid, you are still my Khushi.”

“Do you still love me?” Khushi asked hopefully

“When you leave me, I thought I hated you. But the truth is, I can never hate you. I always loved you and still love you.”

“I too love you Arnav.” Saying this Khushi kissed him.

“Will you join me in the water? I want to show you something.”

Arnav nodded his head and joined her in the water.

“Hold my hand Arnav.” Khushi asked him.

The light goes out.

“Arnav, can you please come under the water?”

Arnav ducked under the water.

What he saw was beyond his imagination. His Khushi was laminating…the golden light from her body fell on his body. She looked divine…So beautiful… Arnav cupped her face and Khushi placed her hand on his. They lean towards each other and kissed. There brightness increased as their kiss grew intense. But Arnav pulled away soon and came up to take breathe.

“You ok Arnav?” Khushi asked

“Yes. I am…”

Khushi moved towards the side and took her human form. She wore a skirt and sat near the pool while Arnav sat next to her. Khushi placed her head on his shoulder.

“I am Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta. I am a princess. I never knew about your world till I was 20. My father was very protective. He never let me leave our territory. We have a sacred box; one day out of curiosity I opened it. Then I got this chant which helps us to turn into a human. But it had some conditions.”

“What are those?” Arnav asked

“I can only use this chant from a few minutes before the sunset to the sunrise. During that time, I can remain in my human form. But when the sun rises, I will automatically go back to my mermaid form. i can decide who can see me and cannot. That’s why your security or the small box…what is that?”

“cctv camera…”

“Yeah, that’s why they can’t capture my face. Do you remember when you started talk to me at first; I couldn’t understand well what you talked. So many words were new to me.”

“So you know hindi?”

“Yes, I know that, but not the other language you speak. You know when we had food; it was entirely new thing to me. The ice cream..naan..curry everything was new to me. In our world, we have plants. Each moment I spend with you was precious and new to me. The saree, it was the most beautiful dress I have ever wore. Then the song, we do communicate and dance in our world. But it was a new experience in your world. Then that night, the most beautiful day in my life. I don’t know what will happen to our relationship now. But thanks for everything Arnav.”

“We will find a way Khushi, I won’t let you go away from me. Khushi may be that box may contain something which will help us.”

Khushi nodded.

“Arnav, would you like to visit my world?”

“Will it create any problem for you?”

“No…tomorrow my father and everyone are going out. So we don’t have to worry a lot.”

“Khushi, what about your mother?”

“She died giving birth to me. It was my buaji who brought me up. But she too left me two years back.” Khushi said with a lump in her throat.

Arnav kissed her on the forehead.

“I have a doubt Arnav, how will you stay under water for long? You have to take breathe, how will we manage that?” Khushi asked confusingly.

“Khushi, we have equipment which helps us to breathe under water. I will manage that, don’t worry about it.”

Arnavji, you have to go now. There is only an hour left for sunrise. I don’t want anyone seeing you going from here.”

“Ok, bit Khushi how will you go?”

“There is a tunnel under this water which paves way to the ocean. In fact this is not a pool; it is actually the sea water.”

“Khushi, can I come here to meet you?” Arnav asked placing a kiss on her palm.

“No, you can’t come here. My presence is required to open this chamber. And we reside in the deep sea far away from the land. I will come to meet you at our usual time in your house.”

“I will be waiting for you Khushi”

“I know”

“You will come, won’t you?”

“I don’t want to leave you….and I will come…go from here Arnav.” Saying this Khushi jumped into the water and Arnav returned to his villa.


 ‘Khushi is a mermaid. I am in love with a mermaid…it was all real…how will we rectify this situation…I can’t loss her…I needed her in my life.’ Arnav thought.


Arnav brought everything for swimming… Khushi came there at evening.

“Arnav, what all these things?”

“Khushi, these are the things which will help me to breathe underwater.” 

“ohhh... how many hours you can sustain with this?”

“Maximum 2 hours”

“Ok, I will keep that in mind”

Just before the sunrise, Arshi reached the chamber. Khushi changed her dress and Arnav worn his swimming apparatus. Both of them are in water.

“So, ready for the swim?” Khushi asked.

“Yes…” saying this Arnav kissed her for a few seconds.

“Arnav I have something for you.” Saying this she opened her palm and showed him the gift.

“Will you wear this for me?” instead of replying Arnav forwarded his hand and Khushi tied it around his hand.

‘It is beautiful.” Arnav said touching the bracelet.

He wore the nose plugs, swimming goggles and the snorkel.

“Arnav, gesture me if you feel uncomfortable.”

Arnav nodded.


They travelled through a medium sized tunnel which ended near the bottom of the sea. Khushi took his hand and swim very faster which he couldn’t imagine.

Soon they reached near a big pit like area surrounded by green plants.

Khushi squeezed his hand and took him to the pit.

Soon they were in front of a sand castle like structure. Khushi sneaked inside with Arnav. It is a rock castle, where pictures of fishes and ocean creatures were carved.

Khushi took Arnav to an area, there here is a statue of a man with four hands mounted on a sea creature which resemblance a crocodile. He saw Khushi folding her hands and closing her eyes. Arnav understood that it is her god. He too prayed with her.

‘My lord varun dev, please find me a way to be with my Arnav forever. I don’t want to live without him.’ Khushi silently prayed to her god.

‘Please give me my Khushi…I will treasure and cherish her forever. I will always keep her happy’ Arnav too prayed.

Khushi took him to her room which was decorated with sea shells. He saw a big oyster shell and doesn’t understand what it is for.

Arnav gestured her what is it. In reply she took Arnav to the oyster and sat there with him. She gestured him that she sleeps in this. Arnav’s gaze caught hold of another thing in that room, his shirt.

Arnav took it and showed it to her. Khushi gestured him that she took that because whenever she misses him she used to hug that.

Arnav hugged her in response.

“omg..Khushi..what have you done?” Khushi heard someone’s voice and saw her friend Tarang.


Arnav saw a small mermaid swimming towards them. Arnav understood that it is Khushi’s friend about whom she told him.

Khushi introduced Arnav to tarang. Arnav saw him swimming around his body with amu****t.

“Why he has all these things with him?” tarang asked pointing at the swimming apparatus.

“It will help him to breathe in water.”

“Khushi, both of you look beautiful together…but how can you live with him? What will you father do when he know about this?” tarang asked Khushi.

“I don’t know…I don’t know about that…I just know that I love him.” Khushi hugged him while Arnav stroked her hair; he understood a bit what they talked with each other.

“Khushi…” Khushi got startled by the voice she heard. She looked at the door and saw her father standing there with a shocked face.

“What is happening here? Guards…Catch him now” Khushi’s father ordered his guard.

Everything happened so quickly. Khushi been dragged out of the room by her father and Arnav was taken away by the guards. Khushi pleaded her father to leave Arnav.

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Jul 20, 2017

Part 5 - Separation (By Jossy) (Thanked: 28 times)

Part 5


Everything happened so quickly. Khushi been dragged out of the room by her father and Arnav was taken away by the guards. Khushi pleaded her father to leave Arnav.


at the open space in the palace

“Khushi, who is he? How did he come here? Her father asked her in anger.

“Father…I brought him here…i…love him…” Khushi replied while looking at Arnav.

“What? That can’t happen? Do you know what grave mistake you have done. You have to forget him.”

“No father…I can’t do that…I love him. Please understand me.”

“Khushi, if you don’t do that I have to outcast you from here. You won’t be able to live here after that.”

“How can you say like that father…you can’t do that to me….”

“I will do that if you don’t forget him”

“Then does it father….i don’t want to be with him…” Khushi said.

Arnav did understand what is going on between them. He understood that she is crying all the while. Hearing the commotion, so many mermaids and sea creatures surrounded them.

“Then what about I kill him?” her father asked ruthlessly.

“No…you can’t do that….”

“I can always do that…” saying this her father moved towards Arnav…asking the guards to leave him.

“You can go from here safely if you promise to leave my daughter. Will you do that?” her father asked him, which he understood.

Instead of replying, Arnav moved towards Khushi and grabbed her hands in his pulling her close to himself.

“I love her and will never leave her.” His bold reply made him furious and he throw a rod at him which damaged his snorkel . Arnav find it hard to breathe…Khushi saw this and tried to help him, but her father caught hold of her. Khushi struggled to free her hand, while Arnav struggled to get breathe. Khushi saw her friends standing there; she signaled them pleading to help her.

Soon her friends, a group of squids sprayed their ink on the water making it dark everywhere.

Within the time she got, she grabbed hold of Arnav’s hand and swim faster to reach on the surface of water.

She know that her father’s guards where following them. Arnav was in half conscious. Somehow she reached near the land and made him caught hold of a rock…asking him to climb on it. Somehow she pushed him to the rocky area. She saw some sound and understood that some people are near that area. She made a sound to attract them so that they can save him. Khushi was invisible to them while she watched them taking her Arnav away from her. The last thing Arnav saw was his Khushi, who kept looking at him with tearful eyes.


It’s been two months, since he had seen her. On that day, he woke up in a hospital. The people who saved him told him that they saw him lying on the rocks unconsciously and taken him to the hospital. Arnav hoped that Khushi will come to see him that day, but she didn’t come. After two weeks, he started to get call from his assistant regarding the matters related to his company. He was in a dilemma at that time; he can’t ignore his company and also can’t leave this place. Somehow Arnav stayed there for a month while managing his works from here. He tried to find Khushi’s place, but couldn’t. All he had was the bracelet she tied on his hand.

After a month, he realized that his presence is need in AR. So he left that place with a heavy heart. He instructed the security to notify him if Khushi came there, for this purpose; he showed him the photo of Khushi.

Everyday one Delhi felt so hollow for him. He was very much disturbed. Every day, he used to call the security after the sunset to check if anybody came there for asking him. Every day, he was disappointed with the answer.


It’s been two months since she saw her Arnav lastly. She walked faster to reach his villa. She doesn’t know if he was there or not. She saw the villa being locked and the security sitting there.

“Namaste, is Arnav here?” Khushi asked the security who can only see a small part of her face through the gate.

“Who are you?” the security asked her.

At that moment, his cell started to ring.

“Hello” the security answered the phone.

“Did anybody come there?” Arnav asked desperately.

“No sir. I mean one girl is here now asking for you.”

Hearing this Arnav was very hopeful.

“What is her name?” Arnav asked.

The security asked Khushi her name and she replied. Arnav was on the cloud nine knowing that his Khushi was there.

“Open the gate and give this phone to her.” Arnav instructed.

The security gives the phone to Khushi.

“Khushi…” Arnav called her out.

“Arnav..” saying this both of them held the phone silently while tears started to flow from their eyes.

“Khushi….i am coming…I am coming for you sweetheart. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Arnav….i missed you…please come here soon…I’m waiting for you.”

“Khushi…wait for me in our room. Please don’t leave without seeing me…I will be there soon.”

“Please come soon Arnav”

“Give this phone to the security.

Khushi gave the phone to the security. Arnav instructed the security to open the villa for Khushi and provide her with food, also to help Khushi if she wanted something….


 Arnav was trying to call the security, but it was switched off. He couldn’t also get the landline.

Thousands of thoughts ran on his mind.

Why no one is taking the call?

What happened?

What if something happened to Khushi?

He knows that his security was a loyal man.

Because of bad weather Arnav can’t fly at this time, he was waiting for the weather to get cleared.

On early morning, he reached there on his chopper.


Lying on his bed, Khushi thought about the past two months.

How her father’s guard caught her after she saved Arnav.

Her imprisonment

The failed efforts to get escaped

She cried remembering everything and slept.

When she woke up from her sleep, she found that she was transformed back into her mermaid form. She can’t stay that longer on land with this mermaid body. She doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly her gaze fell on the pool. Khushi crawled towards the poolside and entered the pool. She lay there, waiting for Arnav.


Arnav entered to his room. He tried to find a glimpse of her but could.

“Khushi” he called her out but, nobody replied him.

He saw the door of the pool side been open. Arnav moved there and saw that Khushi sleeping peacefully in the water.

He wanted to hug her and tell her how much he missed her.

Instead he decided to let her sleep.

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Jul 21, 2017

Part 6 - Permanency (By Jossy) (Thanked: 30 times)

Presenting you the small banner of this story.

Part 6


After 3 hours, Khushi woke up from her sleep. She looked around and found Arnav sleeping on the couch near the poolside. Khushi rose from the water and moved to the poolside. Arnav woke up when he heard the splashing of water.

“Khushi” Arnav moved to the poolside and cupped her face.

“Arnav….i missed you…I missed you every second…”

“I won’t let you leave Khushi…I won’t let you go away from me Khushi….” Saying this Arnav entered into the water and hugged her. He cupped her face and kissed her. Both of them showed desperation, the love, the eagerness through that kiss.

“Khushi, why didn’t you come to meet me till now? What happened?’’

“Arnav, they…they kept me imprisoned…I was not allowed to go outside my room. They outcasted everyone who tried to help me. My father’s guards were always with me. I always tried to escape from there, but my every efforts failed miserably. This time, I had to escape from there…for me..for our baby…” Khushi replied.

Arnav was shocked with this revelation. His Khushi is pregnant. They have created a life.

“Khushi, you are pregnant?”

“Yes…are you not happy with this news?”

“Yes…I am happy. We have created a life…this baby will be a part of you and me.”

“Arnav, they told me that our baby is a sin and tried to get rid of it. I couldn’t do that to our baby. And I escaped from there somehow.”

“I won’t let anything happened to you or our baby.”

“But what if the baby is like me? How will we manage it?”

“Khushi, don’t think about all these now. We will find a solution.” Saying this he ducked under the water and kissed her belly.


Whole day, Khushi stayed in that pool. Arnav was trying to think of a way to handle all these. He knows that their baby will be a human, because Khushi was a human when she conceived the baby.

The first thing Khushi did after getting back her human form was hugging Arnav. She cried out while he too was in tears.

“Khushi, I decided something”


“We are moving from here”

“Where? To your house? but what will happen when they came to know about my truth.?”

“no..Khushi, we are not going to Delhi…we are moving to Mumbai…but before that I have to complete some work, we will move there next week.”

“But, how will I….i don’t know anything. How will I travel?”

“Khushi, trust me..i will take care of everything…your and this baby is my top most priority. I will make sure that both of you were comfortable.”

“I trust you.”

“Khushi, here wear this. We are going to a hospital.’’


“It is a place where people get treatment for diseases and ensure health related stuffs. We are going to make sure that you and the baby is health or not.”



On their way to the hospital.

“Arnav, I heard that there is temple near this area. Can you please stop there?”

Arnav nodded his head.

Khushi took hold of his hand and lead him to the temple.

“Arnav can we get married in front of god?”

Arnav smiled at her, took the mangalsutr from the box and tied it around her neck. He placed a pinch of vermillion on her forehead and made her wear the bangles.

After prayed to god they left to the hospital.


 The gynecologist checked Khushi and told them that Khushi is little weak. She prescribed some vitamins tablets for Khushi and told Arnav to make sure that Khushi have food on time.


It’s been a week since they are living together. Arnav took care of her very well. he made arrangements for their stay in Mumbai.

“Tomorrow we are moving from here and before that can we go and sit near the cliff for some time? Khushi asked arnav.

Both of them were sitting near the cliff…looking at the sea.

“Will I ever them again? “ Khushi asked looking at the vast sea. He knows that she is referring to her family.

He side hugged her.

“I am sorry Khushi”

“No don’t say that. I don’t regret meeting you. I wish the circumstances were different. I am happy with you and this little on growing inside me.” Khushi said placing here hand on her belly.


Next day at night

Khushi was nervous sitting in the helicopter.

“Don’t be nervous Khushi. We are safe.”

“No Arnav, what if this heli…coter fell down? I don’t want to die now, I want to live my life with you and our baby.”

“It is helicopter. And it won’t fell down.” Saying this he pulled her to his lap.

“Arnav, how will you manage everything? Me..our baby…your work? Sometimes I feel bad that I can’t give you a normal life like others.”

“Khushi, if you are in my life. Everything is normal.so don’t think like this.”

“You very well how to make me smile, Mr. Raizada.”

“And I am intending to keep that smile always on your face.”

Arnav kissed Khushi which she responded back.


 Arshi reached Mumbai at midnight.

“This is the place we are going to stay.”

“This is beautiful Arnav.”

“Come, let me show you something.” Arnav took her inside to the balcony by covering her eyes.

Arnav stood behind her and slowly uncovered her eyes.

“Arnav…this…” Khushi was so emotional seeing the view in front of her.

“I thought this will makes you feel closer to your home. This is the least I can do for you”

Khushi got overwhelmed hearing his words.  Khushi hugged him and cried.

“Come, its already late…you should sleep now.” Arnav lifted Khushi and took her to their room.

He showed her the pool near to their bedroom.

Arnav arranged a dress changing room adjacent to that pool so that she can get dress when she came out of the water. He also built a chair in the pool so that Khushi can sit there and have food. There also a TV and other facilities near that pool. He also implemented  some security measures in the villa which restricted the entry of unauthorised people. Servants were allowed only on a part of villa and had time restictions. he made sure that no one see khushi in her mermaid form.

Khushi was very much touched by his acts; it conveyed his love for her.

Arnav laid her on the bed and lied next to her.

“Sleep Khushi….” Stroking her hair Arnav told her.

Khushi hugged him and slept peacefully.


The following months went blissfully. Arnav took care of her very well, fulfilled her wishes and done her checkups on time. He made sure that she took food on right time. He took her out for site seeing at night. Khushi felt like she was living in a dream land where she was surrounded by love and love only.

Khushi is in her 6th month, the baby bump is visible.

“Arnav, I want to tell you something”

“What is it Khushi? Do you need anything?”

“Arnav, before that promise me that you won’t interrupt me when I talk with you.”

“Ok…I promise..what is it Khushi tell me?”

“Arnav, if there is any situation arise where you have to choose me or our baby. Please choose our baby. Even if something happened to me, promise me that, you will give yourself a chance to love someone else. I don’t you to be alone, If I couldn’t make it. Will you do that Arnav, for me?”

“no…first I won’t let anything happen to you. So there is no need for me to answer your other questions. And I don’t wish to talk about it again.”

Saying this Arnav moved to the balcony.

Khushi came and hugged Arnav from back.

“I am sorry Arnav, but I couldn’t help myself from thinking all these.” Khushi said while crying on his shoulder.

“shh..don’t cry Khushi. Please don’t like that ever.”

Khushi promised Arnav.


Khushi was nearing her due date. Arnav already arranged a doctor with whom he signed a non-disclosure agreement. He also made sure that medical treatment would be available for Khushi whenever it is needed.

One day, afternoon

Khushi was in the pool when the pain started, it was getting intense by each passing minutes. Arnav heard her cries.

“Khushi, we have to call the doctor now.”

“no Arnav…I have read that pain like this will come 5 or 6 hours before the actual delivery. Please don’t call anyone now.”

“Khushi…try to understand…it is not safe for both of you.” 

“we will be ok Arnav. Please stay here with me. I will tell you if it is worse.”

Arnav couldn’t deny her. It pained him to see her like this.

Finally Khushi is in her human form, Arnav called the doctor. Arnav already shifted her to their bed and changed her dress.

The doctor checked Khushi…with each passing minutes the contractions were getting worse.

“Mrs. Raizada, please push hard when I tell you too push.” The doctor told Khushi. She nodded her head and gripped Arnav’s hand tightly.

“Push Mrs,Raizada…I can see the head.” The doctor asked her.

Khushi pushed hard while Arnav gave encouraged her to push.

“one final push..you can do it Mr.Raizada.”

“I cant..Arnav….i don’t have any energy..please I can’t…” Khushi said panting

“Khushi, sweetheart. One final push….then it is over.” Arnav said tp Khushi.

Khushi took all her strength and pushed hard.

The room was filled with a loud cry.

“it’s a girl, would you like to cut the umbilical cord Mr.Raizada?” doc asked Arnav

Arnav cut the cord.

“Mr.Raizada please hold your baby, I have to clean the baby.

The doc gave the baby to Arnav and started cleaning the blood and fluids.

Finally the baby was cleaned; Arnav got a perfect view of the baby. Their baby looked so perfect.

Arnav took the baby near Khushi.

“Khushi, our baby…she is so beautiful..perfect..” saying this he kissed on her forehead.

“she is perfect” Khushi said looking at the baby before closing her eyes.

“Khushi..Khushi…open your eyes…”

“Mr.Raizada, she is sleeping because of the delivery. She will be ok.”


Khushi opened her eyes after a few hours. She was lying on a bed in another room. The baby was sleeping peacefully next to her while Arnav sitting next to them.

“How are you feeling?” Arnav asked

“tired..happy…emotional..i don’t know what to describe.”

Their convo was interrupted by their baby girl who cried out loud.

“Seems like someone is hungry.” Arnav said.

Arnav made Khushi sat on the bed. Arnav gave the baby to her hand and instructed how to feed the baby.

“how do you know this Arnav?”

“I took a class for this. So that i can assist you.”

 “you didn’t told me about that.”

“it was meant for a surprise.”

“well I am surprised.”

Khushi was feeding the baby.

“she is so perfect, isn’t she?”

“yes, just like her mother.” Arnav replied.

“Arnav, I will be never able to be a normal mother. She will miss out so many things because of me….not only our baby but also you.”

“Khushi, we will face everything together. Forget all about it…don’t you want to know the name I selected for her.”

“yes, what is it?”

“Sagarika Singh Raizada, how is it?”

“it is beautiful…Sagarika”

(her baby is not a mermaid...ignore the tail in this pic)


For a month Arnav was working from home. He used to take care of both Khushi and the baby. Arnav placed a small crib near the poolside, so that Khushi can feed the baby herself. Khushi argued Arnav for placing the crib near the pool. She feared that she may drop the baby in the water. But Arnav assured that he has taken care of everything and ensured both of their safety. He also added that he trusted her with their baby.

One day Khushi was taking a nap in the water. Suddenly she felt suffocated and rose from the pool. She felt something weird and looked down. Instead of her tail, she saw her legs. Khushi looked outside to see that it was still day time.

“Arnav..Arnav..come here..”

“Khushi, what happened?”

“Arnav… what time it is?”

“Khushi…you standing here…it is not evening…”

“Arnav…I think…I am losing my mermaid form.”


“Arnav..i have been noticing the changes that is happening with my body…at first I thought that it was because of my pregnancy. But it is not… may be my lord showed kindness on us.”

Khushi said hugging Arnav.

“Khushi we have to make it sure. We will wait for two days to confirm it.”

Khushi nodded her head.


After a month,

Khushi is standing in front of the Mallik mansion in Delhi. They had been remarried in his family’s presence.

Yes, her god indeed showed kindness on them. After that day, she continued to stay in her human form.

Soon after that Arnav informed his family about Khushi and their baby. At first they were angry on him. Arnav made them understand his situation without actually revealing the truth of Khushi.

Mallik family loved Khushi and Sagarika(nickname – Saro). In fact, they adore them.

“Khushi, take Saro in your arms.” Arnav told Khushi and she followed that.

Then he lifted Khushi who had securely held Saro in her arms and walked inside.

They walked together to a life full of happiness and joy

Finally the ocean find his happiness and the happiness find its source.

The End

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