Unforgivable Mistakes

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Jul 19, 2017

Unforgivable Mistakes (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 40 times)






“Sir, it’s time!” security guard dressed in black said.

He nodded and slipped back his black aviators. Pocketing his iPhone, he stood up straightening his navy blue blazer jacket paired up with a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans, his signature outfit. His security guards created a semi circle around him and he walked forward out of the hotel lobby with his hands slipped inside pocket.

One of his guard opened the glass door of hotel and he walked outside to be blinded with flashes. Paparazzi surrounded him and his guards cocooned him shoving the press people out of his way.

Mr. Raizada, your mother is out of jail today. How do you react to this?

Are you going to accept your mother?

Will you be there at central jail to welcome Mrs. Raizada to your life?

Is it true that you influenced judge to lower your mother’s punishment?

Ignoring the question thrown by the paps he entered his limo and removed his aviators. Driver drove the black limo with his PA, Rolf, seated in the front.

“Where are we going?” he asked and Rolf turned to look at him, “You have a full day shoot and then an appointment with Dr. Raizada at 9 pm!”

He nodded and looked out of the window.

“Why don’t you visit her? She is getting out today” Rolf asked softly.

He glared at him and said sternly, “Don’t ****ing mention her! She is no one to me!”

“She is your mother” Rolf said rolling his eyes.

“And my father’s killer” he spat and looked out of the window.

Rolf said nothing and turned to the front. After a brief silence he heard his boss saying, “I ****ing hate her. I cannot forget what she did!” he said with his blood boiling as flashbacks played before his eyes.

Rolf nodded and driver said, “Sir we’re here!”

He sighed and opened the door walking towards the film shooting set.






He held the beautiful brunette’s hand and whispered looking at her eyes, “I wanted to do this for a long time!”

She bit her lip and asked, “Do what?”

“This” he said and smashed his lips to her. She gasped but then wrapped her arms around his neck deepening into the kiss.

“CUT! That was brilliant!”

Lights glowed and he pulled away from the brunette. He turned to the director and smiled, nodding his head.

Crew became busy and he turned to walk away when he heard the brunette actress calling his name. “Yes?” he turned to her.

“Are you free tonight? We could go get some coffee” she asked seductively.

He chuckled and said, “Not today. May be some other day”

She walked to him and slipped a card to his pocket. “Call me” He nodded and he walked away.

Rolf came running to him and he rolled his eyes, “What is it?”

“You have a message from Dr. Raizada!” Rolf said handing him his phone.

“Aarav?” he frowned and took the phone.


From: Dr. Brother

I got her. She is at my apartment. When are you coming?


He gritted his teeth and attacked the phone keyboard.


To: Dr. Brother

I’m not coming


His phone blinked with an incoming message and he opened it.


From: Dr. Brother

You cannot run forever Adil.


To: Dr. Brother

Easy for you to tell. It was me who witnessed her killing our father.


No message came after that and he handed his phone to Rolf. “What is it?” Rolf asked. He didn’t answer but walked to the caravan of the brunette beauty he was kissing for the film before.

“Hey, I’m free tonight! Shall we go?” he asked and the girl smiled taking out her purse.




Sorry, I'm just too obsessed with Arshi's next generation. :)

Jul 19, 2017

Character Sketch (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 38 times)

Character Sketch



Arnav Singh Raizada (Late)

The best businessman of his time. His murder, 10 years ago, created a roar across the world. Police suspected business rivals or personal enemies for the murder but the case turned 180° by the eye witness, his own son.




Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

For a woman who was once famous for her catering business and her charity works, Khushi today is well known as “the vile woman who murdered her own husband”. People who called her Mrs. Raizada in the past call her Criminal Raizada in the present. Her punishment was 10 years in jail.

(I know that 10 years in jail is not the punishment for a murder but since this is a fiction and increasing the jail life would age all the cast and crew we can imagine that 10 years was her punishment!)




Adil Singh Raizada

The 23 year old heartthrob is the youngest one in the Raizada clan. He is a popular film actor and has many awards on his fireplace. Hates his mother to core. The only witness of his father’s murder, it was Adil’s statement that brought ASR’s murderer to limelight!




Aarav Singh Raizada

The 30 year old paediatrician is the eldest of Raizada clan. He was adopted by Arnav and Khushi, thus saving him from Sheetal’s vile plan to get money from Raizadas. Loves his parents and even today he refuses to believe that his mother killed his father.




Akash Singh Raizada

Settled in Toronto, he looks after the business of AR group there. Divorced from his wife Payal he has cut all his ties with her and her family.



Anjali Singh Raizada

CEO of AR fashions. For a woman who had nothing but kindness in her heart, Anjali today is nothing but a heartless monster. Filled her brother’s void after his death. People call her an exact replica of ASR. Hates Khushi and her family for killing her brother.




Anikha Singh Raizada

The 25 year old model stays with her father at Toronto for two reasons – one, she has a better career there. Two, she hates her mother who still supports her uncle’s murderer. Loves her little brother to core and it was her who helped him to come out of the post-trauma he had after witnessing his father’s death.




Payal Gupta

Works as a cashier in a textile shop, the only job she got since no one was willing to give job for a murderer’s sister. Still supports her sister. She was kicked out of Raizada house and even her daughter spat at her face for voicing out for Khushi.




There are no mama-mami, Buaji, Garima, Shashi and Nani in the story. NK may or may not enter the storyline. I haven’t fixed his character.

P.S. This isn’t a murder mystery. I know, all my stories consist of extraordinary twists and turns. Even this one MAY has that but more than suspense, I’m focusing on parent-children relationship.



Jul 20, 2017

1. The Interview (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 47 times)

1. The Interview



“Ok bua...fine I got it!” Adil said exasperated by his bua’s lecture.

“Fine. But let me remind you again and again. DO NOT lose your cool before camera. Try to dodge the interviewer’s questions” Anjali said.

“Bua I’ve been doing this since I was 19. Interviews are not new to me!” Adil said.

“But today you’re going to face more questions on your family rather than career and relationships” Anjali said.

He hummed and looked at his bedside table to the photo of his and his father. A smile formed at his lips as he looked at his dad who was smiling to the photo with himself, 10 years, hugging him from behind, both of them smiling cheekily to the camera.

“Adil....you there?” Anjali asked.

“Yeah....listen bua, I gotta go. Bye” he said as he watched Rolf entering his room.

“Bye. Take care dear” Anjali said and cut the call.

“Shall we leave?” Rolf asked and he nodded.






“And here we have the heartthrob of Bollywood, none other than, ADIL SINGH RAIZADA!” interviewer said and Adil walked out the stairs to the live interview smiling and waving at the screaming fans.

“Hello handsome” the bob haired girl gave him a formal hug and he hugged her back, “Hello to you too”

“I’m Clara” she said breaking off the hug and he nodded smiling.

He waved at the audience and sat down on the couch opposite to Clara.

“Before we begin, let me take this opportunity to admire your dressing sense. It would be an offence if I didn’t mention how hot you look in this outfit!” Clara said motioning to his black shirt with dark green checks and black skinny jeans with black-brown boots adorning his legs. He had an expensive watch round his wrist, that too black!

“Well thank you Clara” he said smiling.

“You surely love black don’t you?” Clara asked taking the notepad which was on the table near her.

He chuckled and nodded.

“People who love black are said to have a colourful mind. Is it true in your case?” she asked.

Adil smiled faintly and said, “That depends on how you define colourful”

Clara frowned and asked, “Can you explain?”

Adil sat up straight on the couch and said, “Well for some colourful mind describes peaceful and calm while for some it’s fun mode.”

“What about you? How would you define a colourful mind?” she asked.

“I would say a colourful mind all the bright colours that had been in his/her life and do not let the dark colours of life ruin their brightness!” he said.

Audience clapped and Clara said smiling, “That was deep Raizada”

Adil smiled and Clara asked, “Speaking of dark colours of life...yesterday a dark memory of yours was reopened is it not so?”

Adil’s lip formed a thin straight line and nodded.

“Let me be straight Adil. Your mother walked out of the jail finishing her prison life, yesterday evening. How was your reunion with her?”

Adil took a deep breath and asked, “Who told you that I had a reunion with her?”

The hall fell silent and Clara raised her eyebrows.

Adil rested his arm on the side of the couch and said in a neutral voice, “She is a closed chapter of my life. Someone whom I don’t like to be reminded!”

“It must be hard to forget!” she said.


“And to forgive” she added.

“Some things cannot be forgiven” he said, his voice growing a bit hoarse.

“It was your statement, about what you witnessed, that turned the murder case. You saw the culprit stabbing the victim on.....” she was cut off by him.

“Arnav Singh Raizada, that’s his name. My father! He’s not just a bloody victim” he said, his tone now very angry and hostile.

Clara shrunk back alarmed and watched the 23 year old lad starting to sweat. She saw his manager, Rolf, offstage signing her to change the topic.

“Err...speaking of your film, I heard that you’ve signed your next movie with Karan Johar. Is it true that....”

But he heard nothing.

Adil felt his breath becoming faster and hands sweating. His whole body started burning. The huge room felt so small and started to suffocate him. His chest contracted and he gasped for breath.

“It’s too dark in here dad”

“Light your mobile Adi”

“Mobile is dead! Where the hell is emergency lamp?”


“Dad? DAD? What happened? WHERE ARE YOU DAD?”


Flashes of that night appear before him. Images of his dad with blood flowing out of his chest appeared as a movie playing. The lightning lit the room giving him a perfect view of the person with the knife.


“Adil! GO!”



He fell down from the couch and held the couch arm for support as he felt more and more suffocated.

He could hear someone yelling and people around him. Slowly he fell down unconscious with many voices pondering over his ear drum.


Jul 20, 2017

2. Mamma Boy (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

2. Mamma Boy




“Go and stand in that corner” Arnav said pointing to the corner of the living room.

“Dad!” Adil whined.

“GO” Arnav shouted.

Adil huffed and walked to the corner. He looked around at the family member and jutted his bottom lips getting extremely successful in looking cute and chubby a seven year old can get.

“Aww my baby” Khushi cooed and walked to him. She scooped the 7 year old boy in her arms and looked at Arnav.

“Now don’t give me that look. He is being way too reckless! I’m gonna enrol him for anger management classes!” Arnav said angrily.

“As if you’re the most patient and least angry person in the world” Khushi chided rolling her eyes, “he is learning things from you!”

“How is it my fault?” Arnav shouted.

“See...this is what it is” Anjali said piping in, “you’re shouting unnecessarily.”

Adil giggled and Arnav glared at him. Adil pouted and hid his face in Khushi’s hair, wrapping his small hands around his mother’s shoulders.

“Aww” the whole family awed and Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Seriously” he said, “You all are supporting him? He behaved badly with his teacher and when teacher took stick to beat him, he snatched the stick and threw it away!”

Adil looked up and said in his cutest voice, “She was a witch”

“Haww! She took a stick to beat my son? How dare she?” Khushi said angrily.

“You know what...” Arnav cried, “I’m done! You mother-son duo is driving me crazy! Do whatever you want!” and he walked away.

Adil and Khushi giggled, something that the both has for common, and Aarav rolled his eyes, “You guys definitely know how to piss him off!”

“Go away daddy boy” Adil said waving his hands and everyone laughed.

“Okay bye-bye mummy boy” Aarav said and walked away laughing.



She jerked from her flashbacks and looked up to find her thirty year old son holding out a coffee mug. She smiled and accepted it.

Aarav sat opposite to her on the couch and watched her sipping coffee.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

She nodded smiling. “How have you been son?” she asked softly.

Aarav chuckled and said, “You say it as if it’s been years since we’re met. Mamma, we met a week ago!”

“Things change over a week...in fact they change within a single second” Khushi whispered and kept the coffee mug on the table between them.

Aarav looked at her and she said smiling faintly, “You used to be a daddy boy and he was mumma boy. And now, tables are turned!”

Aarav sighed and Khushi said sitting up, “Forget it. How are things going at hospital?”

“It’s rainy season and kids in Mumbai are affected with diseases. Although I’m getting a lot of patients, it’s a bit heartbreaking to watch small cute kids lying on bed with medicine injected into their systems” Aarav said sipping coffee.

Khushi nodded and asked, “Don’t you have to go?”

Aarav checked his watch and sprang up. “Oh god, I’m late! Gotta go mom!” he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

“Have a nice day dear” she said smiling.

Aarav looked at her and smiled. “My mother is wishing me a good day at work....for the first time. I’m sure the day will be great!”

Khushi smiled and stood up. She kissed his forehead and said, “Go and save little children’s lives”

Aarav smiled and walked out of his apartment.


She sat on the couch and switched on the tv. Her fingers which were surfing the channels stopped at a familiar figure who was hugging a girl.

“I’m Clara” she said breaking off the hug and he nodded smiling.

He waved at the audience and sat down on the couch opposite to Clara.

Khushi felt her eyes tearing up. Surely she had seen his pic through Aarav’s mobile when he visits her every month at jail but this was the first time she was hearing his voice and him moving!

“Before we begin, let me take this opportunity to admire your dressing sense. It would be an offence if I didn’t mention how hot you look in this outfit!” Clara said.

Khushi smiled at the boy who was dipped in black. Even Arnav ji loved black. She said to herself.

“Well thank you Clara” he said smiling.

“Woah” she gasped at his voice. How can someone bear so much resemblance to his father? “He sounds so much like Arnav ji” she whispered.

“You surely love black don’t you?” Clara asked.

He chuckled and nodded.

“People who love black are said to have a colourful mind. Is it true in your case?” she asked.

Adil smiled faintly and said, “That depends on how you define colourful”

Clara frowned and asked, “Can you explain?”

Adil sat up straight on the couch and said, “Well for some colourful mind describes peaceful and calm while for some it’s fun mode.”

“What about you? How would you define a colourful mind?” she asked.

“I would say a colourful mind cherish all the bright colours that had been in his/her life and do not let the dark colours of life ruin their brightness!” he said.

She leaned on the couch and smiled faintly. The dark colours were definitely meant for her, she knew!

Audience clapped and Clara said smiling, “That was deep Raizada”

Adil smiled and Clara asked, “Speaking of dark colours of life...yesterday a dark memory of yours was reopened is it not so?”

Adil’s lip formed a thin straight line and nodded.

Khushi took a deep breath and sat up straight.

“Let me be straight Adil. Your mother walked out of the jail finishing her prison life, yesterday evening. How was your reunion with her?”

Adil took a deep breath and asked, “Who told you that I had a reunion with her?”

The hall fell silent and Clara raised her eyebrows.

“No....I know that you hate me but please don’t tell that.....I know that but I cannot hear that out of your mouth....” Khushi whispered clutching the arm of the couch.

Adil rested his arm on the side of the couch and said in a neutral voice, “She is a closed chapter of my life. Someone whom I don’t like to be reminded!”

Closed chapter! The two words started echoing in her mind.

“It must be hard to forget!” she said.


“And to forgive” she added.

“Some things cannot be forgiven” he said, his voice growing a bit hoarse.

“It was your statement, about what you witnessed, that turned the murder case. You saw the culprit stabbing the victim on.....” she was cut off by him.

“Arnav Singh Raizada, that’s his name. My father! He’s not just a bloody victim” he said, his tone now very angry and hostile.

Clara shrunk back alarmed.

“Change the topic....please Clara...change the topic” Khushi whispered.

“Err...speaking of your film, I heard that you’ve signed your next movie with Karan Johar. Is it true that it’s Anushka Sharma in your next movie?”

Khushi sat frozen as she watched her son on TV gasping for breath. He was clutching the arm chair and sweating like hell. Soon he fell off the couch and Khushi gasped seeing the boy having a panic attack on live television. She saw Clara standing up in shock and many people dressed in black running to the stage and then the TV started showing adverti****ts.




Jul 20, 2017

3. Shiva wouldn’t mind, right? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 50 times)

3. Shiva wouldn’t mind, right?



From: Doctor Brother

You better come and visit her little brother.


To: Doctor Brother



From: Doctor Brother

Hey, our mother has a pretty face. 


To: Doctor Brother

Firstly, she is NO ONE to me and secondly, **** OFF AARAV!


From: Doctor Brother

Lemme remind of you of something dad used to tell you. Never call your brother, who is 7 years elder than you, by his name.


To: Doctor Brother



No message came afterwards and Adil groaned in anger. He threw his phone across the room and Rolf came running in.

“That was the fifth iPhone you’re breaking this month Adil” Rolf said picking up the sim and memory card that flew out of the phone due to the impact.

“Get me a new one. It’s not that I cannot afford another phone!” Adil snapped angrily.

“You better control that anger of yours dude.” Rolf snapped and walked away.

His laptop blinked indicating an incoming Skype call and he logged in seeing his cousin sister’s name.

“Hello di!” he mumbled.

“Hey baby bro!” Anikha said smiling “Bad mood?”

Adil sighed and said, “Our big brother is pestering me to visit his apartment!”


“She is there” he said bitterly.

“What?” Anikha cried, “Why the hell did he get her from jail? I thought she would walk out to the streets and rot there!”

“Well he is such a softie. He got her and has her living in his apartment. And now, he wants me to visit her!” Adil said angrily.

Anikha groaned and said, “Bhai still thinks that she is innocent and still loves her!”

Adil hummed and looked down.

“Are you okay? I saw the interview” Anikha said.

“Yes. I’m better now. Just had a panic attack” he said.

“Not worse right?”

Adil nodded and said, “I’m fine di. Rolf was there!”

“Gotta thank that boy to work with you despite your attitude!” Anikha said laughing.

“What does that mean?” he growled.

Anikha laughed and he sighed, “Well how’s chachu?”

Good. Hey you didn’t ask if I was fine” she said.

“You look fine!”

Anikha smiled and said, “So what’s the plan? Do you have shoot today?”

“Rolf cleared my schedule. He ordered me to take rest!” Adil said smiling and Anikha nodded.

Okay then, go and lie down on the bed! TAKE REST!” Anikha said and the siblings stopped their video chat.

Adil opened his twitter and saw it blasting with mentions about his interview where he had live panic attack, two hours ago.

Fan messages were increasing and he sighed. Opening the tweet box he typed,

@Adil_Raizada: Thank you for your concern everyone. I’m fine. Happy and healthy

He clicked at his mentions and saw many fan messages wishing him the best and....well pretty much worse about the woman he despise.

Get well soon Adi...we love you.

Don’t let that criminal weaken you. You have the whole world with you.

Love you Adil!

Your father must be proud of you!

His eyes stopped at the last tweet.

Your father must be proud of you!

He smiled faintly. “I do hope that he’s proud of me!” he whispered.

His smile grew wider as he recalled the last time his father told him that he is proud of him.


“I don’t wanna go for pooja!” Aarav whined.

“Me too son but we don’t have a choice!” Arnav said.

Adil groaned and said, “Dear daddy boy, you’re 20 years old and can’t even stand for a minute before an idol for our mother?”

“How does me being 20 bring emphasis for the matter?” Aarav frowned.

Adil huffed and said, “Look you’re 20 and I’m 13. You’re much much much grown up than me. So you gotta be more understanding towards our mother’s feelings!”

Aarav and Arnav stared at him.

“When did you become so wise?” Aarav asked gaping.

“He has got my brain!” Arnav said laughing and ruffled Adil’s hair.

“Boys, let’s go!” Khushi came to them with a pooja thaal and her two sons stood up.

“I meant you too husband” Khushi said looking at him.

“I’m not a boy. So I won’t get up” Arnav shrugged.

“Fine. Let’s go swami” Khushi said and the boys giggled.

Arnav sprang up and said with his cheeks red, “Don’t call me that!”

“Swami” Khushi said and Adil giggled.

“SWAMI” Khushi shouted and Aarav burst into laughter.

Arnav groaned and walked out to the car.

“Swami...wait for us” Adil said running behind him.




“So that’s it? We have to stand in queue and reach the Shiva idol. Then pour the milk over the idol and walk out!” Arnav said.

Khushi slapped his forehead and said, “Two minutes praying won’t do any harm!”

Aarav scoffed and Khushi said, “Learn something from my son. Mere raja, shall we go?” she turned to her son who was frowning at something.

Arnav and Aarav looked at Adil who was standing with a frown. Following his vision, they saw that he is staring to a group of beggars who were sitting a feet away from the temple steps. Near to them was a small narrow canal through which huge amount of milk was flowing down to the area where wastes are dumped.

“Adil” Khushi patted his shoulder. Adil turned to her and said “Let’s go mamma”

And the family walked up the steps of the temple.


After standing for half an hour the four reached the idol. Aarav, Arnav and Khushi poured down the milk over Shiva idol and turned to Adil who was praying.

“Pray” Khushi hissed to her husband and eldest son who pouted and closed their eyes, folding their hands.

The trio prayed and opened their eyes to find Adil missing. “Adil” Khushi looked around when pandit ji said, “Your son didn’t pour the milk but walked out with it!”

The trio looked at each other and walked down the steps of temple.

“Where is he?” Arnav frowned when Aarav said, “There” he was pointing to some direction and Arshi looked following his vision.

There were the group of beggars and Adil was standing near them pouring the milk to their small plates.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and Adil walked to them emptying his milk bowl.

“What was that?” Aarav asked.

“What is the use of this pooja if all the milk is being wasted to a garbage pit?” Adil shrugged and asked to Arnav, “Shiva wouldn’t mind, right?”

Arnav smiled fondly and patted his shoulder. “I’m proud of you son!”

That was the last time Arnav got the say that to his son since his life on earth ended the next night.




The temple scene was inspired from Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) entry in Saraswatichandra.


Jul 21, 2017

4. The Unanswered Question (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 74 times)

4. The Unanswered Question



“Here you go mother!” Aarav sang as he handed a thick paper to Khushi.

Khushi frowned and read it. She gasped, “Tickets to Delhi?”

Aarav nodded.

She smiled and said, “Jiji called me today afternoon. I was about to ask you to book tickets and you already did!”

Aarav lifted his collars, “Thank you mom!”

“Well Aarav, I was thinking to stay with jiji” Khushi said.

“That’s for what you’re going there Sherlock” Aarav said laughing.

“No, I meant...I am going to settle with jiji” Khushi said biting her lip.

“WHAT?” Aarav jumped from the couch, “You’re not staying here with me? Mamma, you promised me that you would be here forever!”

Khushi smiled sadly and said, “My sister is alone Aarav.”

“She is not alone! I have been supporting her since the day she was out of RM!” Aarav cried.

“Not that. Her husband kicked her out and her daughter disowned her. She is in pain for the past ten years and it’s all because of me! So now I want to stand by her” Khushi said calmly.

Aarav sighed and said “But mamma, even I was suffering for ten years”

“You had a family” Khushi whispered.

“Family cannot be you, mamma! No one can replace you!” Aarav cried.

 Khushi sighed and said, “Fine. I won’t move out but why don’t we bring jiji to Mumbai?”

“Ah she won’t” Aarav said, “I tried a lot but she sticks to the Gupta house in Laxminagar!”

Khushi smiled sadly and said, “That house is really special. Holds an emotional value for us!”

“But now, no matter what I’m going to pull her roots from Delhi and plant it in Mumbai because I cannot let you go! Tickets to Delhi from Mumbai CANCELLED and tickets to Mumbai from Delhi BOOKED!” Aarav said.

Khushi laughed and ruffled his hair. For a 30 year old, Aarav now spoke like a 10 year old who was determined to find the candy his mother had hidden.






1.30 am


Khushi had fallen asleep and Aarav was busy with the medical file of an eight year old child when his phone rang.

“Hello” he said not checking the caller id.

“Why the hell do you have HER at your house?” Akash chachu’s voice boomed through the phone.

Aarav jerked by the high volume and said, “What happened chachu?”

“Seriously, that’s what you’ve to ask?” Akash asked angrily.

“Answer to your question: The HER in the context happens to be my mother. So naturally she belongs to where I belong!” Aarav said keeping the file aside.

“Aarav! She killed your father. Why don’t you get that in your head?”

“I get that but I also believe that forgiving is divine!” Aarav said relaxing on his chair.


“Thank you for your encouragement” Aarav sassed.

“Talking to you is a waste of time” Akash said angrily.

“That’s not something my patients say. Many parents have said that their kids get healed half when they talk to me!” Aarav said chuckling.

He didn’t hear anything but a beep after that. Akash had hung up the call.

He sighed and walked to the balcony. The busy night roads of Mumbai greeted him. It was just thirty minutes drive from his place to Adil’s apartment and the young boy didn’t turn up even after the third day of their mother’s release.

Aarav sighed and dialled his brother’s name.

After a long wait, and third dial attempt, the call was finally attended.

“Hello” a female voice said sleepily.

Aarav frowned. “Umm.....can I have Adil on line?” he asked.

“He is sleeping” she mumbled.

“Wake him up” Aarav ordered.

“Who are you?” the girl snapped.

“I’m his elder brother. Who, the hell, are you answering my brother’s phone and asking me questions?” Aarav asked angrily.

He heard no reply but some movements and whispers over the phone. Aarav rolled his eyes and waited sighing.

“What is it bhai?” Adil asked.

“Who is that girl?” Aarav snapped.

“She is my colleague, co-actor!” Adil said.

“And I’m sure you guys slept over discussing the scripts? Or was it enacting the scripts?” Aarav asked sassily.

“Bhai, please don’t interfere in my **** life” Adil said. Even though they were on phone, Aarav could feel his brother rolling his eyes.

“Come here NOW” Aarav said.

He heard Adil sighing. “I told you bhai. I’m not coming!”

“She is sleeping. So you don’t have to see her face. I want you to come because I have something to tell you!” Aarav said calmly.

“Tell what?” Adil asked.

“The answer for the question which was left unanswered for ten years!” Aarav said.

“Oh! So she finally told you the reason why she brutally killed dad!” Adil said angrily.

“She told me ten years ago Adil. It was me who kept quiet for all this while!” Aarav said calmly.

“What?” Adil asked shocked.

“Arnav Singh Raizada’s murder case had one single witness – you! Right?” Aarav asked.

“Yes” Adil whispered.

“Wrong! There were two witnesses” Aarav said.

A silence prevailed which was followed by four words.

“Leave your door open”


God, I'm obsessed with my own story! I just love updating this one. Hope no one is complaining!

Jul 21, 2017

5. Where is the lamp? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 64 times)

5. Where is the lamp?




Aarav looked up from his text book to find his 13 year old brother walking to his study table.

He raised his eyebrow and Adil frowned, “Why are you always studying? Take a break brother!”

“I’m a medical student Adil. I gotta study 24x7!” Aarav said rolling his eyes and Adil said smiling, “You could’ve joined dad in business!”

“I want to save lives not design clothes” Aarav said chuckling.

“Sshh! don’t let dad hear that. He thinks that he’s doing a great social work by designing clothes!” Adil whispered.

Aarav chuckled and said, “Now what is it? Why are you here?”

“Why is everyone giving me a special treatment?” Adil asked frowning. He jumped on Aarav’s study table and started swinging his legs.

“Because yesterday evening you gave milk to those poor people instead of pouring it over Lord Shiva” Aarav said highlighting some line in his textbook with his highlighter.

Adil smiled and said, “I felt really bad seeing huge amount of milk being wasted on a stone idol! Devotion towards god is great but what is the use of that milk pouring ritual if it is flowing out to a waste bin when there are people who do not get a drop of milk ever in their life?”

Aarav looked up from his textbook and said, “I think you should drop your idea to be a superstar and be a psychiatrist.”

“Thank you” Adil said giggling.

“Now go away you pest. I have to complete this book tonight!” Aarav said.

Adil gaped at the size of the book and cried, “This book WITHIN ONE NIGHT?”

Aarav shrugged and Adil jumped down from the table, “I’ll never ever take biology as major!” and he ran out while Aarav chuckled.







“Where is everyone?” Adil asked to his parents as he sat with them for dinner.

“They went out for a movie” Khushi said.

“WITHOUT ME?” Adil cried.

 “It’s an English movie son. Considering the fact that you’re a mammy boy who loves Salman Khan, it would be an offense to send you to a Christopher Nolan movie!” Arnav said dipping his paratha in curry.

“Hmm...wo toh hai” Adil said, “By the way who is this Christopher Nelan?”

“NOLAN! Christopher Nolan! One of the best directors of Hollywood!” Arnav said.

“Better than Karan Johar?” Adil asked raising his eyebrows.

Khushi burst out to laughter and Arnav smiled amused.

“What?” Adil asked, “Dekhna, one day I would be acting in Karan Johar movie!”

“By the time you enter film industry, Karan Johar’s grandchildren would’ve died!” Arnav said.

“DAD” Adil cried, “First of all, I’ll be a SUPERSTAR and secondly, KJ don’t have grandchildren!”

“I was just predicting the future” Arnav said and Khushi giggled.

Adil pouted and then asked, “Where is Aarav bhai?”

“Went out to get your dad’s diabetes tablets” Khushi said chewing her food.

“But it’s raining heavily!” Adil said looking at the curtains which was flying in the wind and the sound of downpour reaching their ears.

Arnav nodded and said, “He’ll be back soon!”






“Okay Aarav bhai. Take care” Adil said over his phone. He was by the side of living room tending to the roses there when Aarav called him to inform him that he would be late since it’s raining heavily in Delhi.

“He is standing by the shade of a shop. Said that he would come when the rain lessen” Adil said to his parents who were pacing in the living room since it was 11 pm now and Aarav was not back.

Arshi relaxed and sat down on the couch in the middle of living room.

“What are you doing with that knife Adil?”Arnav frowned.

“Digging the mud. It’s too solid for roots to penetrate” Adil said.

“With a kitchen knife?” Khushi frowned.

“I didn’t find anything!” the boy shrugged.

“Give it here you idiot. I cut vegetables with that” Khushi cried and Adil giggled. He threw the knife to the couch and Arnav caught it wide eyed.

“Adil! You cannot go around throwing knives on people!” Arnav said angrily.

“I knew that you would catch it daddy” Adil said and Khushi shook her head. She walked off to poolside and walked back to her son giving him a garden knife.

Adil snatched it and continued his process and Khushi walked back to the couch where Arnav was cleaning the muddy knife with her shawl.

“Arnav ji!” she cried and snatched her shawl tearing it in purpose.

Arnav laughed and threw the knife of the table. He said, “Didn’t find any other cloth piece!”

“Why are you throwing knife to floor idiot?” Khushi asked angrily.

She placed her hands on hips and huffed in fake anger. Arnav laughed and leaned forward to flick her nose. “Laal ho gayi!”

Khushi smiled and touched her nose. Arnav looked at Adil who was busy with his roses. “While he’s busy...why doesn’t we....?” he said and leaned forward.

“Patience Raizada. First take that knife from floor” Khushi whispered chuckling and Arnav whined in response leaning to her lips.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked in a whisper.

“What if I say yes?” she whispered.

“I’ll kiss you”

“What if I say no?”

“I’ll kiss you deeper!” Arnav whispered with a chuckle.

“Well in that case...it’s a no” she whispered.

Arnav smirked and leaned. Their lips were about to meet when a thunder erupted and power went off.

“Hey Devi mayya” Khushi cried and hugged him tight.

“It’s too dark in here dad” Arnav heard his son telling.

“Light your mobile Adi” he said and patted Khushi’s back soothing her. Even after years, her fear for lightning never died.

“Mobile is dead! Where the hell is emergency lamp?” he heard his son shouting in anger.

“Khushi...it’s okay. You’re fine!” he whispered. He could hear her breathes relaxing and felt her withdrew from the hug.

“Emergency lamp! Lamp! Where are you?” he heard Adil singing and chuckled. “I’ll go and take it. It’s on the table near steps” Khushi said slowly, her breath now relaxed. She walked away and he stood in the middle of living room letting his eyes adjust to darkness.

“Lamp? Oh I got it! Wait what is this? No. WHERE IS THE LAMP?” Adil shouted.

He chuckled at his son’s banter and the next moment felt something piercing into him “AAAAAAAAAHHHHH”

“Dad? DAD? What happened? WHERE ARE YOU DAD?”



Adil breathed heavily and buried his face in his palm. Aarav forwarded him a glass of water and the boy gulped it down.

“So that’s what happened” Adil said with his voice shaking, “Are you telling me that someone else other than me was there?”

“Yes” Aarav said calmly.


“Me” Aarav said.

Adil gasped in shock and Aarav said nodding, “I was there. I had walked into the room when lights went off. You were by the end of living room tending roses and dad and mom were on the couch....about to kiss.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Adil asked frowning, “And if you saw that why are you supporting her?”

“Because she didn’t kill him Adil” Aarav whispered.

Adil narrowed his eyebrows.

Aarav nodded and said, “Mamma didn’t kill him Adil. She did not do that!”

“Then who killed him?” Adil shouted.

Aarav sighed and whispered, “You did”



Special mention to @Londoner who saw this coming


Jul 21, 2017

6. It’s a Karan Johar movie (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 72 times)

6. It’s a Karan Johar movie



Aarav walked into the living room to find his parents about to kiss. He stopped on his tracks and looked to his left to find his brother digging mud from a pot.

Aarav smiled slyly and walked forward to take the stairs and slip into his room without disturbing the love birds when a thunder erupted and lights went off.

He stopped in surprise and soon heard his brother’s shouts for lamp. He took out his mobile and found that it’s dead. Perfect!

“Emergency lamp! Lamp! Where are you?” Adil was singing.

He muttered under his breath and walked forward. His eyes were fast to adjust in the darkness and he could find his mother walking towards the stairs, dad in the middle of the living room. He turned to his left to find Adil walking like a ghost in an attempt to find a lamp.

He frowned as he watched Adil leaning down as his feet touched something. His brother took it and cried, “Lamp? Oh I got it! Wait what is this? No. WHERE IS THE LAMP?”

Adil finished in anger and threw that thing forward, something he always do in anger.

The next moment Aarav heard his father’s scream.


Aarav froze at his position. His eyes were still adjusted to the darkness and could find his mother’s dark figure running towards his father who had fallen now.

“Dad? DAD? What happened? WHERE ARE YOU DAD?” he heard Adil shouting and looked to left to find the boy running towards front.

He wanted to move forward but felt his limbs numb. His breaths grew shallow and he turned his head towards his parents. Khushi’s dark figure was kneeling on Arnav and then he saw her standing up.

A lighting struck lighting the whole room and he saw Adil standing with his back faced to him. He saw the boy freezing looking at Khushi who had a knife covered with blood in her hand.

“Mom?” Adil whispered in shock.

“Run Adil! GO!” Khushi said in a stern voice Aarav had never heard her using.

“NO. DAD? DAD WAKE UP!” Adil ran towards the direction he had found his dad in a pool of blood and cried.

“DDDDDDAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD” he screamed as he kneeled down and felt his father’s cold face with his fingers.

The power came the next moment and Adil gasped seeing his father’s blood covered figure before him.

The next moment he fell unconscious.

Aarav was still numb on his position and looked at Khushi who stood emotionlessly.

“Mamma” he somehow whispered.

“How much did you see?” she asked him with a steel voice.

“Everything” Aarav whispered hoarsely, “Adil...he....”

“I killed him!” Khushi said with her voice void of any emotion.

“No...” Aarav whispered, “Its Adil. He threw the....”

“I KILLED HIM!” Khushi shouted.

“Mamma please....” Aarav cried as he walked to her. He looked down at Arnav who had blood flowing out right from his left part of chest. Being a medical student he can see it – a perfect, powerful stab no one can survive!

“It’s Adil! He threw the knife!” Aarav hissed.

“He don’t know that” Khushi hoarsely, “And he will never know that!”


Aarav finished and looked at his brother who sat pale as a ghost.

He took a deep breath. This was what he was afraid of. Adil’s reaction! It had taken him and Anikha a lot of effort to pull the 13 year old lad from depression. He had promised his mother that he will not tell the truth to anyone but the hatred Adil and the rest of the family has for Khushi is something he can’t bear. He held on for ten years! Not anymore! Adil should know the truth! The family should know! The world must know that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada DID NOT kill her Arnav ji.

Aarav moved from his position and sat on his knees before his frozen brother. He held Adil’s palm and whispered, “I know it’s hard for you but this is the truth Adil!”

Adil didn’t move. His vision was fixed to the empty wall opposite to him and Aarav sat up on his knees. He pulled his brother for a hug and caressed his back.

Aarav frowned as he felt Adil pushing him gently. He withdrew from the hug and watched his brother who was looking at him emotionlessly.

When we’re happy we feel healthy. When we’re sad we feel like crying. When we’re angry we try to express it in different ways. But when we feel any emotion extremely, we feel numb!

Aarav knew this feeling. That was what happened when he witnessed his father’s death through his hawk eyes moving around in darkness. He knew that Adil was also feeling the same. He rubbed Adil’s arms and said in his soothing voice, “Let it out Adi....” Aarav himself was surprised on how calm his voice was. Now he know why some parents say that their children heal half when he talks to them.

Adil stood up and said in a steel voice, “I gotta go. I have early morning shooting”

Aarav sprang up surprised at his tone. He felt a bad vibe about it. The steel tone was something he hated when people used it. Reminded him of the night when Khushi spoke to him like that.

“You can stay here” Aarav offered.

Adil said nothing but walked out of the door.

“Adil wait. I’ll drop you” Aarav said scared to let his brother drive.

Adil stopped at his tracks and nodded.



The drive was silent. Aarav kept on glancing at his brother who was looking out of the window at nothing particular. Aarav stopped the car before Adil’s apartment building and turned to him.

Adil silently got out of the car and walked towards the building. He suddenly stopped and turned back. He walked back to Aarav’s car who had lowered the glasses.

Adil leaned down and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s first day shoot of new movie! Wish me luck”

Aarav smiled faintly, surprised and confused at why he is mentioning it, and said, “Good luck”

Adil nodded and whispered, “It’s a Karan Johar movie” and he walked away.

Aarav gaped realizing hitting him.

Karan Johar movie! Adil's dream since childhood. He was gonna fulfil it. He was gonna work with Karan Johar for the first time.

And he is not happy.





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Jul 22, 2017

7. The Art of Giggling (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

7. The Art of Giggling



“Adi...mera baccha.....mat ro baba...don’t cry....” Arnav cooed as he rocked his three months old son who was crying hysterically.

“You have to sing him to sleep dad” Aarav who was solving maths on bed said.

“Just do your work” Arnav hissed.

“Shouting at me will worsen Adil’s cries” Aarav chuckled. True to his words Adil started screaming louder.

“Why is he crying? He had milk, burped.....then giggled uncontrollably and now what?” Arnav asked frowning keeping scrunching his brows as his son was blasting his ear drum.

Aarav suddenly scrunched his nose feeling a smell and looked at Arnav who also had the same expression.

“Oh god” Arnav groaned.

Aarav laughed and started hopping on bed. “Wow I’m gonna watch business tycoon ASR, the angry young man, change his son’s nappy!”

Arnav sighed and placed the toddler down walking towards the wardrobe.



“Ah, my baby is clean” Arnav cooed and pinched Adil’s chubby cheeks who giggled in return.

“Look at him. Just minutes ago he was screaming inside my ears” Arnav said to Aarav.

Aarav closed his notebook and crawled to his brother who was lying on the bed on his stomach. Aarav crawled beside him and said, “Hello baby bro”

Adil looked at him and lifted his small chubby hand to press his brother’s nose. Aarav smiled and Adil started giggling.

“I think your mother’s giggling trait was inherited by you in an exceeding volume” Arnav said sitting on the floor and leaning on the bed to his son.

Adil was making some noises and patting Aarav’s cheeks when Khushi walked in.

“And I’m back from shopping!” she sang and placed the shopping bags on the couch walking towards the three men (well a toddler, a boy and a big “angry” baby boy).

“What’s my bacha doing?” Khushi cooed and lifted Adil who was forwarding his small hands towards her.

Adil giggled happily and pressed his mouth to his mother’s cheek dipping her in his saliva.

“He is giggling too much” Arnav frowned, “Is he okay?”

“He is my son” Khushi said shrugging.

“That’s the problem” Arnav muttered.

Aarav stifled a laugh and Khushi glared at her husband.

Arnav shrugged and stood up. “Adi beta...come to daddy!”

Adil looked at him and then hid his face in Khushi’s hair. Khushi burst out laughing and Aarav chuckled. “Don’t worry dad. I’ll come with you” he said patting his father’s shoulder.

Arnav glared at him and Aarav raised his hands in surrender.

“Let me try again” Arnav said and Khushi nodded her head.

“Adil” Arnav called out softly. Adil looked up and blinked his eyes.

Arnav forwarded his arms and said, “Come baba....”

“Aaa....” Adil said with saliva dripping out of his mouth as he leaned from Khushi’s hold and pulled a single hair strand of his father which was falling to his forehead.

“Aww” Arnav cried as Adil held the hair and brought it to his mouth.

“Na na na...” Khushi said and Aarav came forward to get his brother’s hold out of Arnav’s hair.

Arnav got his hair out of his hold and Khushi sighed, “Oh no” Arnav and Aarav looked at Adil who narrowed his eyebrows and jutted his lips. Water was forming in the toddler’s eyes.

“He’s about to cry” Aarav whispered.

Arnav took the rattle and waved it in front of Adil creating a tinkling sound. Adil’s face brightened and he forwarded his hands to the rattle creating strange voices.

Arnav gave him the rattle and Khushi smiled rocking him. Adil giggled and started shaking the rattle. The rattle made sound and the toddler laughed loud. He looked at Aarav who was filming it in a phone and then threw the rattle to him.

“Ouch! That hurts!” Aarav said the rattle hitting his head.


A knock at the door jerked Aarav from his flashbacks. He sat up from the couch and looked at the watch.

It was 4 am in the morning.

Aarav frowned and opened the door. It was his neighbour. “Aarav really sorry to disturb you at this time. But my daughter is seriously ill. She is burning with fever and....”

“Relax Mrs. Sharma” Aarav said calmly, “I’ll come now! Let me take my kit!”







Adil opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. The clock dinged and he looked at it to read the time as 4 am.

His alarm clock started beeping loudly. He had set it at 4 since he assumed that he would be sleeping and may get late for his shoot! 

Well he didn’t sleep at all. All he did was strip down his clothes and slip inside the covers in his boxers and stare at the ceiling. Then he closed his eyes for a minute and opened it again. Nothing was in my mind, nothing was in his vision....just BLANK space. It was as if he had a vacuum inside him.

“Baby....” he heard the brunette lying beside him groaning at the alarm clock. He sat up on the bed and switched off the alarm clock.

“When did you come back?” the girl sat up. She was wearing his shirt, he noticed. He said nothing and heard her saying, “You went out yesterday night. Where did you go? Is your brother okay?”

“I have shooting. I need to get ready” he said in an emotionless voice.

“Adil baby...is everything okay?” the girl cooed and leaned on his bare shoulder.

“I think you should leave” he said hoarsely.

She moved back and stared at him. “You want me to leave at 4 am in the morning?”

He said nothing and stepped out of the bed. He heard her shouting, “You are such an ****! You ****ed me for hours and then want me out in dark sky?”

He entered the washroom and slammed the door shut.


Gosh I just love writing flashbacks. How many of you love baby Adil and arshi on mommy-daddy role? 

Jul 22, 2017

8. “Gossips were right” (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 73 times)

Double update 



8. “Gossips were right”



“Are you okay?” he heard Rolf asking for the eighth time.

It was 6.30 am now and he was at the sets of Parindey, his new movie with KJ as director. They had a small pooja since it’s the first day and Adil met up with his co actress Zoya Alexander and other popular faces who were supporting roles.

He was now sitting in his caravan with stylists working on his hair and his hands gripping the script. They were going to shoot the first clip of the movie which is the scene before interval where his character, Rehaan, have an emotional heart-to-heart talk with the Zoya, whose name is Kriti in the movie, about his late mother. And let’s just say that the lines aren't doing well with him.

“Are you okay?” Rolf asked again, the ninth time.

The stylist looked at Rolf and then at the star who was staring at the paper.

“Can you leave for a minute?” Rolf asked to the stylist who nodded and walked out leaving the two.

“Adil” Rolf said softly and took the script from his friend’s hand. Adil looked at him and Rolf said “I have read the script. I know that you have never done any scene like this and it’s going to be hard for you....but let’s just not mix professional and personal life dude”

Adil nodded and Rolf asked, “You were fine yesterday. What happened today? You are acting weird!”

Adil shrugged and Rolf narrowed his eyebrows, “Did Aarav bhai scold you or something because that’s only when you behave strange?”

Adil nodded no and said, “I met him yesterday night”

“And?” Rolf asked.

“Learnt the truth” Adil whispered.

“What truth?” Rolf asked.

Adil stood up and snatched the script. “Sometimes our eyes deceive us” he whispered and walked out of the caravan.





“You love her so much don’t you?” she whispered softly rubbing her hand over his arm.

“More than my life” he said smiling sadly, “I wanted to be big, to be rich and give her the comforts she deserved. But....” he looked down and sighed.

She leaned on his shoulder and said softly, “She is watching over you Rehaan. She must be so proud of you”

He looked up to the early morning sky and nodded. He bit his lips and said with quivering voice, “I once broke my father’s brand new mobile and hid under a table to escape his wrath. I was ten then and....she took the blame.”

He felt her palm caressing his back relaxing him. “I’ve done many mistakes....and....” small tears rolled down his cheeks and his voice cracked, “she always...took the blame!”

“Rehaan....” she whispered and turned him to her. He looked at her in tears and she lifted her hand to wipe his tears. He bit his lips and more tears made out of his eyes and she pulled him for a hug.

He hid his face in her long hair and let out silent sobs. They stayed for three seconds and she said, “She loves you so much”

He withdrew from the hug and she wiped his tears. He said looked at her, with his voice hoarse, “I don’t deserve her love”

“CUT IT!” Karan Johar’s loud voice said and lights lit the set.

Adil and Zoya moved from their positions and looked at KJ. Everyone was standing up and looking at KJ too.

Karan sighed and said, “Guys...that was....” he shook his head sideways. He looked down and then at the actors. “THAT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!”

Everyone clapped and Karan ran to the duo. He hugged both of them and said, “Superb guys! It was amazing! You got me in tears!”

“Thank you Karan” Zoya said withdrawing from the hug and Karan turned to Adil.

“Well young man, I have heard rumours that you feel the character and that you don’t need glycerine to cry. For the first time in the history, gossips were right!” he said and patted Adil’s shoulder.

Adil smiled and nodded.

Karan turned to the crew and said in his mic, “Well that was the first scene we shot for Parindey and we did in ONE SINGLE SHOT!”

Everyone cheered and Karan said, “This is my first time working with the handsome Raizada and the boy got me in tears within minutes.” He turned to Adil, who smiled at him, and said, “I really hope that you won’t kill me by the end of the movie”

Adil’s smile was wiped off but he soon replaced it with a fake one. Karan patted his shoulder and turned to Zoya, “And you my girl was perfect too! I’ve got a feeling that Rehaan-Kriti Jodi would win an award!”

Zoya chuckled and nodded her head.

“Well take your breakfast everyone and we’ll continue the shoot after that!” Karan said and walked away.

“That was good” Zoya said to Adil who nodded grimly.

She walked to him and hugged him. Adil was taken aback but still hugged her back anyways.

She whispered in his ears, “Just remember this, you deserve all love in this world”

She withdrew from the hug and he looked at her in shock. She smiled and whispered softly, “You weren’t acting Adil. You were crying out your heart when you hugged me, hiding your face from camera.”

He looked around and found that no one was listening to them. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me”

He nodded and she said, “I know it’s related to your....mother. If you have pain, then share it with someone. Don’t hold it inside you” she patted his shoulder and walked away.


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