Unforgivable Mistakes

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Jul 29, 2017

19. Beachy, Sandy and Wavy (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)

19. Beachy, Sandy and Wavy



Rolf was currently in the kitchen making some pancakes. He switched off the stove and moved the pancakes to a plate. Placing the plate and a glass of juice on a tray Rolf took the tray and walked to Adil who was still on the same couch staring at the same wall.

“Eat something” Rolf said placing the tray before his friend.

“Adil” Rolf patted his shoulder and Adil jerked. “Eat” Rolf said pointing to the tray.

Adil shook his head and Rolf said, “You didn’t even drink a drop of water since yesterday evening. It’s 11am now!”

“I don’t want to” Adil mumbled.

“God” Rolf cried, “Thank god I heard that voice! NOW EAT OR ELSE I’M GOING TO STUFF THIS INTO YOUR MOUTH!”

Adil sighed and took one pancake. He took a small piece and started chewing on it.

“How is it?” Rolf raised his eyebrow.

Adil looked at him and said, “You did not add sugar”

“Is it?” Rolf said with eyes widened. He took a bite and gasped, “Oh god! How could I miss that?”

Adil kept the fork down.

“Hey mister, that’s not an excuse. Drink the juice!” Rolf said pointing to the orange juice.

Adil silently took the juice and took a sip. The next moment he spit that and looked at Rolf. “Why would you add salt to orange juice?” he cried.

“Did I?” Rolf cried and snatched the glass. He took a sip and scrunched his face. “Oh god! What did I do?”

Adil chuckled loudly and Rolf looked at him.

“Chalo, my stupidity caused you to smile!” Rolf said fondly and Adil smiled.

“I’ll get you some takeaway” Rolf said and walked away muttering something about his stupidity.

Adil chuckled and looked at his cell phone which was blinking on and off. He had switched off the notification sound and was now unaware how much thousand notifications he had.

He took the phone and saw his inbox loaded.

From: Anikha di

What the **** did you tweet?

Received: 6.05 am


From: Anikha di

Anjali bua called. She talked with Aarav bhai who said that it’s true! Adil, I wanna hear it from your mouth! Tell me the truth!

Received: 7.43 am


He skipped the rest of the messages and switched to twitter.

The worldwide trends caught his eye and he sighed.


@Adil_Raizada So literally you killed your father and your mother took blame. Then you bashed on her during all your interviews and let the world call her MURDERER and ****. I wish no one gets a son like you. #Adilthekiller #WorstSON

I can’t believe that @Adil_Raizada lived peacefully all these years after killing his father and calling his mother a killer. He doesn’t deserve the stardom and success he has.

@Adil_Raizada just tell us the truth Adil. What is happening? #truthplease

Stop bashing on @Adil_Raizada people. There must be something more into this. Trust him; he is the same guy who wowed us with his talent. #stopthehate

Adil smiled and pressed like button to that tweet.

He scrolled down to stop at a particular tweet.

@Adil_Raizada you once said in an interview that you wish to make your father proud. How ironical when you’re the one who closed his eyes forever! #Adilthekiller

He bit his lip but suddenly gasped when someone snatched the mobile from him.

“Stop reading them!” Rolf chided and threw the mobile to the couch.

Adil looked away and Rolf said, “I did not bring food. We’re going somewhere”


“Delhi. ASR, I mean Anjali bua, has done all the arrangements. Within minutes a helicopter is gonna land on the helipad of this hotel!” Rolf said.

“And Aarav bhai....mamma....” Adil asked.

“They’ll be coming in AR’s private jet. Apparently Aarav bhai’s apartment is not much crowded. They can make up to the airport! But we, my man, cannot even step out of the room without someone catching us! So let’s now sneak to the helipad!” Rolf said.





Adil leaned back on the helicopter seat and looked down at Mumbai which seemed so small. He smiled faintly at the huge ocean and his mind flew back to the time when he first stepped on a beach.


“Daddy look” Adil squealed as he rolled on the sand.

“Adil!” Arnav chided and lifted his 4 year old in his arms. “You’re dirtying yourself little boy” he said making the boy sit on the large towel they had spread on the sand with Khushi and Aarav sitting on it. Khushi forwarded a glass of watermelon juice to Aarav who started gulping it.

“I wanna play on sandy” Adil squealed and he started crawling out of the towel.

“No way” Arnav blocked his way and lifted him to his lap.

“Daddy sandy is calling me” Adil whined pointing to the sand.

“Who is this Sandy?” Aarav frowned and looked around.

“Sandy!” Adil pointed to sand.

“It’s called SAND not Sandy idiot boy” Aarav chided.

“Sandy” Adil whined.

“He is too excited” Khushi giggled and pulled her son’s cheek. “Of course he is. He is seeing a beach for the first time!” Arnav said ruffling his son’s hair who was clapping and giggling looking at the waves.

The family was here at Hawaii for a vacation and the couple had decided to take Adil to a beach which was actually a fantasy for him. There are no beaches in Delhi and Adil thought that beaches are something that only appears in movies!

“So little brother, this is called a BEACH not beachy!” Aarav said widening his arms and spreading over the huge area. “This” he pointed to sand and said, “Is called SAND not Sandy. And that” he pointed to waves, “Are WAVES not wavy!”

Adil looked at Arnav and said pouting, “Bhaiyya is meany”

“Aarav! Don’t be mean” Arnav said to Aarav.

“Meany bhaiyya” Adil pouted.

“And it’s MEAN not Meany” Aarav said raising his eyebrow.

Khushi rolled her eyes and said, “Aarav you can never be a teacher!”

Aarav scoffed and Arnav said, “Now take your brother and play ball with him!”

“Chalo bhaiyya” Adil jumped from Arnav’s lap and squealed.

Aarav took a plastic ball and muttered, “At the age of 11 I’m playing plastic ball instead of a football!”

“Come on Aarav, don’t be a grumpy old man!” Arnav said laughing.

“Grumpy bhaiyya” Adil squealed.

“Finally you got a word right!” Aarav said in disbelief.

Adil giggled and ran away. “Adil wait” Aarav cried and ran behind his brother.

“I swear Adil is gonna be the end of Aarav” Khushi said laughing. Arnav chuckled and watched his elder son catching his younger son by his hips and throwing him over his shoulder, the young boy squealing and kicked his legs.

“Waise” Arnav turned to Khushi, “You look good in this dress!”

Khushi smiled and looked at her ankle length floral dress. She had a hat on her head and had left her hair free.

“But I think the slim woman there wore it better!” Arnav said looking back at her. Khushi frowned and turned back to find a beautiful woman wearing a similar dress to her and drinking some juice.

“Hey, look at me. You’re MY husband” Khushi said slapping Arnav’s arm.

Arnav smirked and looked at the other woman who noticed that he is looking at her. She smiled and walked to them and Khushi had her mouth in O.

“I swear on devi maiyya, if you talk to her.....” Khushi began when Arnav stood up, “Oh hello Rachel!”

“Hii Arnav” the woman hugged him.

“Rachel? You know her name?” Khushi asked aloud.

Rachel turned to her and said, “Oh we were classmates at Harvard! How are you Arnav? And this is your wife?”

“Yes, Khushi!” Arnav said and Rachel smiled at her. Khushi stood up and nodded.

“So you’re the one who got ASR on her reign?” Rachel said laughing, “You know Khushi, back at college many girls, including me, tried to seduce this guy but Arnav was like “Stay away from me woman. I’m waiting for my angel” How cheesy he was!” Rachel said pulling Arnav’s cheek.

Arnav blushed and looked at Khushi who was smirking at him.

“Ok guys, I gotta go. Hey are you staying at Hawaii beach resort because I’m there too with my husband!” Rachel asked and Arnav nodded.

“Great! We should definitely get together dude” Rachel said and went after hugging both Arnav and Khushi.

“So, waiting for angel?” Khushi asked raising her eyebrow.

“Err....yeah” Arnav said scratching the back of his neck.

“You’re so cute” Khushi said and pinched his nose. “Hey that’s my job to do” Arnav said and pinched her nose.

“DAD! MOM! If your romance is over, please save me!” Aarav shouted and the people at the beach looked at the couple.

Arnav and Khushi rolled their eyes and looked at Aarav who was lying flat on sand with Adil who was covering his brother’s body with sand. “Sandy bhaiyya” Adil squealed.

Arnav ran to the kids and lifted Adil.

Aarav sat up and Khushi brushed off sand from his hair. He said “This boy is...”

“Naughty?” Khushi completed.

“NO! PEST!” Aarav screamed.

“Meany bhaiyya” Adil cried and cuddled into Arnav.  

Aarav stick out his tongue to his brother.

“Daddy let’s play with wavy!” Adil said pointing at waves.

“Of course we’ll play with wavy!” Arnav cooed and father-son duo walked to the water.

Arnav set Adil on his feet but kept a strong hold under the boy’s arm. “Daddy wavy!” Adil squealed as waves started coming to them.

“Wavy” Aarav mimicked as he stood near his father. Khushi joined them.

The wave hit their legs and Arnav lifted Adil a little so that the boy doesn’t sink in water. The waves hit Adil’s little legs causing the boy to giggle and kick the water with his feet. “Watery watery”

“WATER” Aarav said exasperated.

“Aarav don’t ruin the moment!” Khushi chided.

“Ruiny!”Adil squealed and Aarav shut his eyes tight and Arshi laughed out loud.





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Jul 29, 2017

20. Anjali – the female ASR (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 67 times)

20. Anjali – the female ASR



“We’re here” Rolf sang and woke Adil from his sleep. Adil rubbed his eyes and looked out of the window to find the familiar top view of Delhi. They were at AR’s helipad.

Adil walked down and saw Anjali bua standing with Aman uncle, his dad’s right hand and now his bua’s too, and some other men dressed in black.

“Hello ASR” Rolf said shaking Anjali’s hand. The word brought back many shivers to his spine. ASR!

Anjali looked at him and then said “Let’s go” Anjali said and looked at Aman who nodded. “Vehicles are ready to leave!” he said. Anjali nodded and walked away. Adil sighed and followed her.



Aman got in the driving seat with Rolf next to him. Anjali and Adil sat in the backseats with both of them staring out of their respective windows.

“What about Aarav bhai and others?” Rolf asked Aman.

“They’ll reach by night” Aman said.

Adil looked at Anjali who was typing something in her phone. She had not even said a single sentence to him since he stepped on Delhi. Why had she called him here if she is gonna stay mum?

“Why aren’t you talking?” Adil asked catching the attention of Rolf and Aman. Both men kept quite but watched the bua-nephew through rear view mirrors.

Anjali snapped, “What am I supposed to say? Wait....Oh hello my nephew, how was it killing your own father? Or should I try something else? So Khushi spend ten years in jail taking up the blame for your crime and we all just called her names. Sounds amazing right?

Adil gulped and looked out of the window.

“That’s rude Anjali” Aman retorted.

Adil and Rolf looked at him surprised at the tone he had used and yes, NO ONE, NO ONE calls Anjali Singh Raizada her name!  

“Shut up” Anjali snapped.

Aman turned at her and gave her a death glare. And then he turned back to concentrate on roads. Anjali sighed and turned to Adil, “I’m sorry Adil”

Adil and Rolf sat open mouthed and stared at Aman. Did he just get ANJALI SINGH RAIZADA, the lady version of ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA to apologize?

“After the present drama is settled, I wanna know the details of THIS drama!” Rolf said pointing between Aman and Anjali.

“There is no drama” Anjali said coldly, “We’re friends with benefits!”

“WHAT?” Adil and Rolf screamed.

“Jesus Anjali, you could’ve brought that up in a gentle note!” Aman said laughing.

“Bua, what the hell?” Adil cried.

“Why?” Anjali frowned, “You go around sleeping with actresses and models. Why can’t I kill my loneliness with my most trusted Friday man?”

“That could’ve also be brought up in a gentle note” Aman piped in.

“I mean....how?” Rolf cried.

“What do you mean by how? Should I teach you how to have ****?” Anjali snapped.

“That could’ve....” Aman began when Rolf cried, “I get it. Gentle note! Apparently even single woman of Raizada family has become sassier and snappier in the past ten years!”

“From when is this going on?” Adil asked.

“Since Akash and Anikha settled in Toronto!” Anjali said.

“7 years!” Adil gasped.

“I was alone” Anjali shrugged.

Adil cried, “But bua....this is...wrong!”

“How is this wrong?” Anjali raised her eyebrow, “My life, my choices. You better stay out of this nephew boy!”

“Couldn’t that be anymore sassier?” Aman laughed.





“What do you mean by I’m not living here anymore?” Adil cried standing in front of the huge Raizada mansion.

Anjali sighed and said, “I moved out a year ago to Aman’s place”

“WHY and how come I was not aware of this?” Adil asked.

“I wanted to move out with Aman. So I did. And you being unaware, well when have you ever called me to enquire about my life? All we talk about is AR’s fashion shoots where you sometimes comes as model or about your interviews!” Anjali said shrugging.

Adil looked away feeling guilty that he had not been in her life since when he was 18, that was when he moved to Mumbai to try in film industry.

“And tell me one thing nephew dear, when was the last time you came here?” Anjali asked raising an eyebrow.

Adil sighed and Anjali said, “I’ll tell. You never came back after leaving for auditions at Mumbai!” and she walked in leaving Aman and Rolf with luggage.

“She is upset” Aman said and Adil looked at him.

“She is too lonely and is trying to find ways to kill it. One among her number of ways is ME” Aman said shrugging, “Even I’m alone. Unmarried 48 year old man and a divorced 51 year old woman...we match in many ways; mentally, financially, physically and ****ually!”

“But she....she never appeared upset...” Adil said and Aman chuckled.

He looked at the boy and said “Do you remember seeing your father upset? Just once?” Adil frowned and nodded no.

“That’s ASR. There were many times he was upset over things. But no one saw that except Khushi bhabhi and sometimes Anjali. After ASR’s death Anjali turned into a stone. Another version of ASR, or even worse than ASR! She has every emotion hidden under a facade! I have seen her through that mask and trust me, it’s pretty bad!”

“Are you guys coming or not?” Anjali called out from the main door.

“I don’t know how much of that tweet is true but trust me when I say this; you have a hell lot to do! A hell lot of things to set right!” Aman said and walked in.

Jul 29, 2017

21. Stand in front of a mirror (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 72 times)

21. Stand in front of a mirror



“So this was your room?” Rolf asked running around the huge room. Adil nodded and plopped on the bed. “It’s huge!” Rolf cried, “Oh my see this!” Rolf took the photo of baby Adil with Arnav.

“Hey!” Adil snatched the photo frame and Rolf said laughing, “You looked so chubby!”

Adil rolled his eyes and kept the frame on the bedside table.

“What are you doing here in my room? Go to guestroom!” Adil said and buried his face in pillow.

“Your Anjali bua asked me to stay here. Rooms are dusty! She has got only some rooms cleaned!” Rolf said kicked Adil out of the bed and getting the huge mattress for himself.

“Rolf” Adil cried and rubbed his back where he fell.

“Will you tell me what exactly happened?” Rolf asked sitting up, “I want to hear it from your mouth – the truth!”

Adil walked to the recliner and sat on it. He looked at Rolf and said, “It was dark. I was searching for emergency lamp. I got hold of something. I did not know what it was, but it was not lamp. I got angry and threw it.”

Rolf rubbed his face and said, “So apparently that "something" was a knife and it stabbed your father! Mamma dear took the blame!”

Adil nodded and clasped his fingers tight.

“Ok, be prepared to say this at court!” Rolf said taking out his phone.

“What?” Adil asked shocked.

Rolf looked at him. “Obviously you’ll have to go to court young man. The tweet has caused ruckus. ASR’s murder case would be reopened; I contacted a lawyer who said the same. Anjali bua contacted IG and that’s the reason no one came to arrest you but you’ll have to be presented before court. The date is not set!”

“What will be the punishment?” Adil asked sighing.

“Depends on the judge. Sometimes you’ll be set free since you were a kid and it was a pure accident. But there is a chance for one or two years of imprisonment, according to law! If it was back that day, when you were 13, you would've been punished or sent to juvenile home! Well juvenile homes are the worst punishment!” Rolf said reading from his mobile.

Adil leaned back on the recliner and closed his eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry!” Rolf said walking to him, “I’m here na. I’ll save you!”

“I’m not worried about punishment!” Adil opened his eyes, “I have to set things right according to Aman uncle and NK chachu. Did you notice Anjali bua? She was not like this! She was extremely sweet before dad’s death. Then she changed. I didn’t meet her since I left home at the age of 18 and now she appears more heartless!”

Rolf nodded and Adil continued, “Akash chachu is also in the same boat. He was a calm and composed man but now, an angry business man. After she separated from her mother, Anikha didi also grew a bit reserved. Payal maasi’s family is broken. Anikha di hates her! It’s all because of me! I have ruined everything! EVERYTHING! It’s all because of me! All...”

“Adil...Adil...relax” Rolf said and pulled him for a hug. “It’s all gonna be fine!”

Adil nodded and Rolf wiped his tears.

“Right now you better tweet something. Your fans have gone mad. You didn’t tweet or do any activity and people are thinking that you died!” Rolf said handing his phone.

“What fans? How many fans do I have now?” Adil asked bitterly.

Rolf shrugged and corrected “Followers”

“What should I tweet?”

“Something wise?” Rolf raised his eyebrow.

Adil sighed. Rolf said, “Adil you cannot change what happened but you can definitely change what’s going to happen!”

Adil looked up at him and Rolf said pointing to the mirror, “And if you’re waiting for that one person who can help you to achieve this, go and stand in front of the mirror!”

He smiled and switched on to his twitter profile.

@Adil_Raizada: You cannot change what happened but can definitely change what’s going to happen. And the only one who is going to help you is the person you see when you stand in front of a mirror!




 Short update. I know. But don't worry. By the end of this day I'm going to shower you all with updates. :)

Jul 29, 2017

22. "No Bathy" (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 95 times)

22. "No Bathy"



Anjali opened the door of RM and came across Aarav, NK and Khushi.

“Hii” Anjali said smiling faintly, “Err....come in....yeah” she stammered and opened the door wider.

NK hugged her and Aarav stepped forward. “I’m sorry bua. I spoke very harshly today morning”

Anjali waved it off and turned to Khushi who was standing uncomfortably.

“Hii” Anjali whispered. Khushi looked up and smiled, “Hello di”

Anjali waved her hand to the living room motioning them to walk in and Khushi nodded.


The trio sat in the living room and Rolf came stumbling down the stairs. “Hello people” he said and hugged Aarav.

“You must be Khushi aunty. Hello, I’m Rolf, Adil’s PA and his only best friend” Rolf said and shook hands with Khushi. “And you are the infamous NK chachu” Rolf cheered and NK laughed and said, “I like this guy! How come khadoos Adil got such a jolly friend?”

“Every ASR has an Aman Mathur” Aman joked walking into the living room with a tray of juices.

Everyone fell silent at the mention and Aman placed the tray on the table. “Hello bhabhi” he said to Khushi who smiled and folded her hands in Namaste.

“Aman my man!” NK said and hugged him, “How’re you dude?”

“Fine!” Aman said hugging him.

Anjali cleared throat and asked, “Payal....ji?”

“She is a bit tired so...she is resting at Gupta house!” Aarav said. Everyone in the room knows why Payal was suddenly “tired”.

“Where is Adil?” Khushi asked.

“He is sleeping. The boy is sleeping a lot!” Rolf said frowning.


Everyone sat down and Anjali said, “Well, I called you here to know the exact truth. I’m confused! What’s the actual story?”

“I’ll tell” Aarav said patting Khushi’s knee who sat extremely uncomfortable.

“Aarav, I want everything in exact detail” Anjali said.

“Bua, I was there. I witnessed everything” Aarav said.

Anjali looked at him and so did Aman.

Aarav sighed and began telling everything while Khushi’s attention was on the huge photo of Arnav in the living room wall with a garland across it. Near to it was Nani’s, mami’s and mama’s pic.

A faint smile spread her lips when her mind went back to Nani ji’s barsi, 21 years back.



“Laxmi ji, I know you’re sad but stop eating the leaves from pooja thaal” Khushi chided at the goat who was hell bend in eating the leaves on pooja thaal kept for Nani ji’s barsi.

“Aarav beta, take Laxmi ji to poolside!” Khushi called out. A 9 year old Aarav came running and dragged Laxmi away saying, “Mamma Adil is torturing papa there!”

“This boy! It’s just 2 years that he is born and is already eating everyone’s head!” Khushi chuckled thinking about her 2 year old son.

As if she waiting for that, a familiar wail reached her ears and she stood up in the living room. Turning to the stairs she found a completely wet Arnav ji walking downstairs with an equally wet Adil who was wailing loudly.

“I was trying to give him a bath. He gave me a bath instead” Arnav said and handed Adil to Khushi who stopped wailing once he reached his mother’s arm.

“Oh god! Such a mamma boy!” Arnav shook his head.

“You’re jealous” Khushi said laughing.

“I’m not jealous” Arnav said crossing his arms under chest.

Khushi laughed and looked at Adil who was giggling and kissing her cheek. “Aww mere bacha....why don’t you be a good boy and let papa bathe you?”

“No bathy...” Adil squealed.

“Mom” Aarav said coming to them, “I was thinking, why I don’t start teaching him words?”

“He is learning words” Arnav frowned.

“Really?” Aarav raised his eyebrow, “Adi bacha what is my name?”

“Aaya” Adil grinned cheekily.

“See that! It’s AARAV! AAAARRRAAAAAVVVV” Aarav said.

“Aaya” Adil said clapping his hands.

“Look at that!” Aarav cried looking at his parents.

“He is just 2. How on earth can he spell R?” Arnav said amused.

“Aaya” Adil said innocently.

“But he tells his name perfectly. Adi! But not my name! At least he can spell the V. He is calling me AAYA!” Aarav pouted.

“Aaya no cry-cry” Adil said leaning and patting Aarav’s cheeks.

Arshi laughed and Khushi said to Arnav, “Arnav ji arrange this pooja thaal. Let me give Adil a bath!”

“No bathy” Adil whined.

“What the! You want me to arrange a pooja thaal?” Arnav gasped.

“Why? It won’t bite you” Khushi said raising her eyebrow.

“But ME? Arnav Singh Raizada?” Arnav asked pointing to himself.

“DO IT!” Khushi said sternly.

Aarav giggled and Khushi turned to him, “And you help your father!”

“Err....Anjali bua and Payal maasi wanted my help in kitchen!” Aarav said and ran upstairs.

“Wait! Kitchen is downstairs! Aarav!” Khushi cried and looked at Arnav.

“Err...I need a bath! Look at me!” Arnav said pointing to himself.

“You already had a bath! Go change your clothes and do the thaal!” Khushi said with Adil playing with her hair.

“I’m too lazy to change clothes. Err...will you help me doing that?” Arnav asked smirking.

Someone cleared their throat and Arshi turned to find pandit ji lighting some agarbatis, looking at them with a sly smile.

Arnav looked away and Khushi turned beetroot red. She hurried upstairs and Arnav smiled sheepishly at pandit ji who was trying hard to hide his smile.




 Akash and Anikha in the next update

Jul 30, 2017

23. Arrogant and cocky (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 68 times)

23. Arrogant and ****y



“Wakey wakey!”

Adil groaned and buried his face in pillow hearing that familiar and sickening voice. “Go away Rolf” he mumbled.

“You have been sleeping for hours baby boy” Rolf said shaking him, “It’s 9pm now!”

“I’ll wake up tomorrow morning” Adil mumbled and covered the duvet over himself.

“Aww cuddly boy” Rolf cooed and snatched the blanket from Adil’s body. “GET UP!” he cried.

Adil moaned and groaned. Rolf frowned and looked at him “Are you ill? You appear pale!”

“I have AIDS” Adil mumbled.

“Not surprised considering the number of girls you have slept now! NOW GET UP” Rolf said.

“I was joking” Adil mumbled.

“I AM NOT! GET UP ADIL OR ELSE....” Rolf shouted when a voice came, “Why are you shouting Rolf?”

“Ah Khushi ma...your son is being an ass!” Rolf said.

Khushi smiled at her son who had his face covered with a pillow.

“Go and have dinner Rolf. I’ll bring him!” Khushi said and Rolf nodded. He threw the duvet to Adil who lifted his leg in air in an attempt to kick Rolf.

Khushi smiled and sat on the bed. She patted Adil’s shoulder who removed the pillow and looked at her. “I’m sleepy” he whined.

“You’ve been sleeping a lot. Are you okay?” Khushi asked and pressed her hand on his forehead.

“I feel weak” he mumbled and closed his eyes “I wanna sleep” he mumbled and turned to her. Khushi smiled and patted her lap. He looked at her and she nodded. He smiled faintly and moved sideways to keep his head on her lap.

Adil let out a relaxed breath as Khushi started caressing his hair. “I think I’m ill” he whispered slowly.

“You’re tired and your body needs rest!” Khushi said.

He hummed and Khushi said, “I know that you’re blaming yourself for whatever happened Adil”

He hummed again.

“Arnav ji’s death was an accident. It is what we call fate. Of all his enemies and rivals, Arnav Singh Raizada was destined to die in a simple accident!” Khushi said, “That is what we call destiny. Something which we cannot stop!”

“You’re trying to make me feel better” Adil mumbled.

“No. There is no fault of yours in your father’s death! You did not mean it but....in case of Babuji, you’re at fault!” Khushi said sighing, “You could’ve helped but you didn’t. You know Arnav ji used to hate me during our initial days and we used to fight a lot. He loved me but to hide that he insulted me, hurt me and whatever he could do. But in spite of everything when my father was ill he was the one who personally came to hospital and paid his bills. He lent me a shoulder to cry, despite the fact that he had insulted me that morning. When Shyam misunderstanding came, Arnav ji hated me to core. But that hatred stayed between me and him. He never took it out on my family, especially jiji who was also at RM as Akash ji’s wife!”

Adil opened his eyes and looked up at her.

“This is one thing Aarav learnt and you never learnt from your father! Don’t take out the hatred you have for someone on their loved ones. Your hatred was for me and it should’ve stayed between us. It shouldn’t have extended to my family!” Khushi said.

Adil sat up and looked at her. Tears were rolling down his cheek and Khushi wiped them.

“You wanted to audition for film at the age of 18, good! You went to Mumbai, good! But you left Anjali di here at RM, alone! Not good! Aarav was at states for studies, Akash ji and Anikha shifted to Toronto and then you went! And then you never came back. Occasional calls and video chats cannot kill her pain! She was alone! Aarav used to visit Delhi once in a month but he was a medical student and had his own pressures! On top of that Akash ji was not able to run AR alone. And thus Anjali di changed into ASR! The Anjali bua you’re seeing right now is worse than the ASR I met at Lucknow fashion show, for the first time!” Khushi said.

Adil looked down and said, “I made many mistakes. I want to rectify them! I want to make my father proud!”

“Just two things – bring back the old Anjali didi and amend Akash-Payal-Anikha family!” Khushi said ruffling his hair, “Arnav ji will be so proud!”

Adil bit his lip and nodded.

“Now come downstairs and have dinner. I cooked food today!” Khushi said.

Adil looked at her surprised. Khushi nodded and said, “Your brother tried to help and nearly burnt the whole kitchen! I have banished him from entering there!”

Adil chuckled and Khushi smiled watching his laugh.





“When will Akash chachu and Anikha didi come?” Adil asked to Anjali.

“They’ll be here at any moment” Anjali replied and continued eating.

No one spoke after that. An awkward silence filled the room. After Aarav narrated the whole flashback Anjali had walked out of the room to her room and then slammed the door shut. She came out after three hours and everyone could see that she had cried her heart out by her red eyes. She didn’t even look at Khushi and was trying hard to avoid her.

“How long are we staying here?” Rolf asked breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Why? You wanna go somewhere urgently?” NK asked raising his eyebrow.

“No but I wanna clear this guy’s schedule” Rolf said pointing to Adil, “My phone is about to burst from emails and calls from reporters, producers, directors and all sorts of people!”

“No one is going anywhere for a while” Anjali said sharply and Rolf shrunk back to his seat. “Ok ASR” he mumbled and dig into paratha.

Khushi smiled and looked at Anjali. Anjali noticed it and asked, “What?”

“ASR” Khushi said smirking.

Rolf piped in “As in short for Anjali Singh Raizada”

“Name suites you. Behaviour too! But Arnav ji wasn’t too arrogant and ****y!” Khushi said smiling.

Aarav started coughing and NK choked on water. Rolf gaped and Adil looked at Khushi and Anjali and hid his smile behind a glass.

Anjali looked at everyone and then looked down at her food. No one missed that small smile that she had on her lips.

“We’re here!” a voice came and everyone looked at Anikha running to them with Akash following her.

“Anikha di” Adil stood up and hugged her.

Anikha hugged him and then Aarav, Rolf and NK.

She looked at Khushi and then looked at Anjali and Akash. She smiled faintly and took small steps to her. “Err....hi maasi” she stammered.

Khushi chuckled and hugged her. “You’ve grown up to a beautiful woman!” she whispered. Anikha smiled and hugged her back. “I’m so sorry maasi” she whispered and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You owe a sorry to someone else” Khushi said withdrawing from the hug. Anikha looked down uncomfortably and looked around. “She is not here! At Gupta house” Khushi said and looked at Akash who was standing with his vision down.

“Hello Akash ji” she said and Akash looked up. He nodded and then looked at Anjali and then at Khushi.

“Did you have food?” Rolf asked breaking the tension in the room.

“Nope” Anikha said.

“Let’s sit” Anjali said and everyone sat down.

“I’m missing some people here!” NK announced, “Where the hell are our Prakash brothers?”

Khushi nodded and looked at Anjali.

“Err...I don’t live here anymore so I fired them!” Anjali said.

“WHAT?” NK and Khushi shouted.

“I take care of their expenses and their sons work at AR canteen” Anjali said shrugging.

NK and Anjali started talking about something and Khushi looked at her left to find Anikha in middle of Adil and Aarav and the siblings in some serious conversation. Akash was chatting with Rolf and Khushi slowly stood up. She sneaked out of the dining room and walked up the stairs.

For her stay here she had chosen the guestroom in the east wing of Raizada mansion. After his death, their room was locked up. No one entered the room for the past ten years and Anjali had promised her that she would get someone to clean it.

Khushi walked through the corridor and stood before the room which held so many memories for her. Their room!

She looked at the lock and groaned. Well, playing with Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?

Khushi took out hairpin from her long mane and started working. She smiled triumphantly as she heard the lock clicking. She threw the hair pin away and removed the lock. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open.

Jul 30, 2017

24. Daddy mummy kissy (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 93 times)

24. Daddy mummy kissy



She ran her fingers over the green recliner and sat on its dusty surface. Her mind suddenly went back to years back when once she had pushed him to the very same recliner.


“Adi....” Arnav cooed as he patted his 4 year old son’s back who was in his arms and crying loudly. Arnav pressed his little head on his shoulder. Adil laid his head on his father’s shoulder and started sobbing.

Khushi stood near the green recliner and glared at Aarav who was standing looking down.

“Explain!” Khushi demanded.

“We were playing” Aarav said, “Building blocks. I built a house and Adil destroyed it. Then he started throwing blocks around and I got angry!”

“And?” Arnav asked.

“I scolded him but he didn’t listen. So I beat him!” Aarav said looking down.

“Slapped him on his face” Khushi corrected.

Aarav bit his lip and looked down and Arnav patted Adil who had his swollen red cheek pressed on his father’s shoulder. He was crying and crying and Arnav was trying to calm him down while Khushi was lecturing Aarav.

“Yeh koi tarikha hota hai Aarav? If Adil is being naughty you could have told us! Why did you slap him? He is a child! Look at his cheek! It’s swollen and red! I had put ice pack on his cheek to lessen the pain! You cannot hurt your brother like this! Of course you scold him, correct him BUT YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT HIM!” Khushi scolded.

“Sorry ma....sorry Adil” Aarav said looking at his brother.

Adil looked up from Arnav’s shoulder and said pouting “Meany bhaiyya” and he turned back to cuddle Arnav.

“But Adi” Khushi turned to Adil, “You should obey your brother. Why did you throw blocks?”

“Bhaiyya was making stupid housy!” Adil said looking up.

“House” Aarav corrected and Adil stuck his tongue out.

“See where his tears are? He is not crying anymore” Aarav pointed to Adil, “Drama king!”

“Bhaiyya is meany, irri-ta-ty-i-ngy” Adil stammered and Arnav corrected, “Irritating”

“Ha” Adil nodded.

“Bhaiyya is not irritating” Khushi said, “He is trying to teach you things!”

“Bhaiyya no teachy” Adil said.

“Teach” Aarav corrected.

“See” Adil pointed to Aarav and looked at Arnav.

“He is correcting you bacha!” Arnav said calmly.

“Bhaiyya no correcty” Adil pouted.

“Corr...” Aarav began when Khushi said, “Okay stop it you two!”

The boys fell silent and Khushi said, “Aarav you’re not supposed to beat Adil. If he do something wrong, tell us! Scold him but no physical harm, do you get me?”

Aarav nodded and Adil giggled.

“And Adil” Khushi said sternly, “You’re going to obey your brother! And STOP THROWING THINGS AROUND! If I hear one more complaint from Aarav about you, I’ll personally make sure that you get NO chocolates and NO games for ONE month!”

Adil gulped in fear and nodded his head vigorously. He looked at Aarav who was smirking at him.

“Now go and play boys” Arnav said and kept Adil down. “Chalo...let’s play with blocky” Adil said holding Aarav’s palm. Aarav raised his eyebrow and Adil pouted, “Block” he said.

“See that was not hard” Aarav sang and lifted his brother.

Arshi laughed at the boys who left the room and Khushi shook her head, “Yeh bache bhi na!”

Arnav smirked and said, “Tum pe gaya he”

“Oh really? As if you do not fight with me!” Khushi raised her eyebrow.

Arnav chuckled and pulled her arm. “Arnav ji” Khushi gasped as she hit his chest. “Kya kar rahe hai aap?” she whispered as Arnav snaked his arm to her waist.

“Arrey romancing with my wife!” Arnav said shrugging.

Khushi rolled her eyes and pushed him. Arnav fell on his back on the green recliner but as he had a hold on Khushi, he fell down bringing Khushi on top of him.

“Oh looks like you have some dirty plans wifey” Arnav said smirking and snaked his arms around her back preventing her from getting up.

“Arnav ji ****iye hume” Khushi whispered.

“I need a kiss” he said.

“Fine” she said and kissed his cheek.

“Are we husband-wife or brother-sister? Kiss me on lips woman!” Arnav said.

“No” Khushi said and flipped her hair which fell on Arnav’s face. Arnav lifted his hands to remove her hair from his face and getting the chance Khushi got up from him and smirked.

“Khushi” he whined and got up from the recliner.

Khushi turned to leave but Arnav was fast enough to get hold of her wrist and pull her to him. He locked her arm behind her and pulled her to his chest.

“You know it’s been 37 hours, 48 minutes and 19 seconds that you’ve kissed me!”

“What?” she asked eyes widened.

“20 seconds”

“You were counting?”

“21 seconds”

“Arnav ji”

“22 seconds”

“Are you mad?”

“23 seconds”

“Hey Devi maiyya”

“24 sec....” he couldn’t complete it as he felt her lips crashing into his. His hand left her arm and held her waist and felt her hands cupping his face.

“Mamma, Adil is again...OH GOD!”

Arnav and Khushi broke away with a gasp and looked to the door to find a wide eyed Aarav and giggling Adil in his arms.

“Daddy mummy kissy” Adil sang and jumped down from Aarav’s arms.

“Adi” Adil!” Arnav and Khushi cried as the little boy ran down the stairs screaming at the top of his lungs “Daddy mummy kissy!!!!!!!!!!”

Jul 31, 2017

25. The Boy Who Killed His Father (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 84 times)

25. The Boy Who Killed His Father



Khushi was deep in slumber when she felt someone calling her name. She opened her eyes tiredly and saw Anjali standing next to the bed.

She sat up and looked at Anjali who was looking around the room. “It’s so dusty in here. You could catch cold!” Anjali said and Khushi smiled faintly saying, “This room can never hurt me right?”

“Err....its morning. So I....thought to wake...you up!” Anjali said stammering and Khushi nodded smiling. The clock said that it was 8 o’ clock in the morning.

Khushi suddenly sneezed and Anjali looked at her. Oh, she was right! I have caught cold! Khushi thought as she rubbed her nose. “Want some adrath ki chai?” Anjali asked.

“You still make them?” Khushi asked surprised.

Anjali shrugged her shoulders and Khushi nodded smiling. Anjali smiled faintly and walked out.

“Di” Khushi called out and she turned.

“You needn’t be awkward around me. And don’t blame yourself for whatever happened! I forgive you” Khushi said.

“You’re trying to make me feel better!” Anjali said.

“No. You don’t owe any apology to me. If something like this happened with my family, I would’ve done the same. But you certainly owe an apology to my sister! She is the one who lost her family!” Khushi said seriously.

Anjali nodded and walked away.





“SWITCH OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!” Aarav screamed at Rolf who was laying on the living room couch with the TV on.

Rolf glared at him and took the phone. “Oh ****! It’s KJ!” he said and took the phone, “Hello sir, yes this is Rolf Augustine!”

Aarav frowned seeing Rolf’s face falling and heard him saying “But sir, how can you do this?”

“Sorry Rolf, the producers do not want any loss! It’s not in my hands you know!”

Rolf sighed.

“I cannot tell this to Adil myself. Please inform him and tell him that I’m extremely sorry!”

Rolf hang up the call without any goodbye and looked at Aarav. Aarav raised his eyebrow and Rolf said, “Adil’s contract with KJ is terminated!”

“What?” Aarav gasped.

“The film is produced by a group of businessmen who doesn’t want a loss by casting a boy who killed his father!” Rolf said quoting their words.

“It was his dream project” Aarav whispered.

Rolf sighed nodding. “Every single film he had signed up is gone! I never told Adil but his career is doomed!”

It was then Anjali walked up to them. “Tomorrow” she said.

“What?” Aarav and Rolf asked.

“Adil will be presented at court tomorrow!” Anjali said.

Rolf sighed and Aarav looked at her in fear, “Will he be punished?”

“I don’t know” Anjali said honestly.

Rolf stood up and asked, “So how is he going? Will he be taken by police?”

Anjali nodded, “As per rules! Police would come here by noon and take him in custody. They need his statements and also ours!”

“Where is Aman uncle?” Rolf asked and Anjali said, “Office”

“I need to talk to him. We need to control media!” Rolf said and took out his phone and began making calls. He walked away and Anjali looked at Aarav.

“That boy has many faces” Anjali said looking at Rolf who was walking away.

Aarav nodded and said, “A friend face and a PA face – the most prominent ones!”

They heard some footsteps and saw Akash and Anikha walking into RM with dejected faces.

Aarav looked at Anjali who said, “They had gone to Gupta house!”

“Why didn’t you go?” Aarav asked.

“I went yesterday evening” Anjali said and Aarav looked at her. “And?” he asked. “She kicked me out” Anjali said sighing.

Akash stormed upstairs but Anikha walked to Anjali. “What is it?”

“She said she forgave me but need some more time! And she will NEVER forgive dad, Adil and....you”

Anjali nodded and walked away. Anikha looked down and Aarav hugged her. “She will accept you” Aarav said, “She is a mother and mothers cannot hate their children!”

“I can’t believe that I hated two innocent women for all these years! Khushi ma and mamma....” Anikha cried.

“It’s okay Anu...” Aarav said and patted her back.

“I’m such a horrible person!” Anikha sobbed.

“Anu this is not the time for this. We have a big problem coming up!” Aarav said and explained the court thing to her.

“Adil will be punished?” Anikha asked withdrawing from hug.

“May be” Aarav said.

Anikha looked down, “It was an accident. He didn’t mean to do it!”

Aarav sighed and said, “A crime cannot be justified”

“You want him to be punished?” Anikha asked incredulously.

“No but if he do gets punished I’ll accept it!” Aarav said and walked away.



Jul 31, 2017

Hello readers (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 36 times)

So it's my last day at home and I'm feeling extremly angry and frustrated. I really don't feel like going. Chalo vo sab ****o. Let's talk about the story. Honestly i wanted fo talk this story to some 50 chapters but i reached only 25. Since I'm not sure whether i would be able to update from hostel, Im gonna wrap up the content into a single chapter. So the next post in this page would be the EPILOGUE. I feel very bad because like all of you I don't want this story to end. (Nor my life at home) but kheir har ek acha kaam ko bhi ek andh hota haina? Forgive me if my hindi is wrong. So see you all in a while when i come back with epilogue. Love Archana a.k.a Achu

Aug 1, 2017

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 110 times)




2 years later




“Well done Annikka” the French photographer said trying hard to pronounce her name.

“Thank you Louie” Anikha said smiling walked out of the room where they were having Photoshoot. She sat before the mirror and the makeup artists started working on her hair for the next costume.

She took her mobile and smiled seeing the message.

From: Mamma

He’s here.

Anikha chuckled. Typical Payal mamma. Straight and blunt!

To: Mamma

Did you welcome him with aarti thaal?


From: Mamma

Aarti thaal? My foot!


Anikha laughed aloud and the stylist said, “Ma’am please don’t move” in a reprimanding tone. Anikha mumbled a sorry and sat still in her position as the blonde woman continued her work.

She typed back.

To: Mamma

How does he look like?


From: Mamma

(pic attached)

Anikha clicked the pic and a wide smile adorned her lips. He looked the same! Yeah, his beard is grown as a stubble and hair has grown more thicker. He appears thin? No, not at all! The same.

“Isn’t that your brother? Adil?” the blonde stylist asked. It was only then Anikha realized that the woman was standing behind her and could read the conversation.

“You’re not supposed to look at other’s conversation” Anikha said sharply.

“Sorry mam but...he looked familiar so I just...” the blond flustered.

“Yes, this is my brother!” Anikha said.

It was then Anikha’s phone rang and she motioned the stylist to move. The woman moved and Anikha stood up walking over to the window and received the call.

“Ha mamma” she said.

“When are you coming?” she asked straight to the point.

“Right after the shoot!” Anikha said.

“Ok then. He is here and your maasi is crying buckets! Women!” Payal muttered.

“Aren’t you a woman?” Anikha asked laughing.

“Yeah but I’m exceptional!” Payal said chuckling.

“So what is my little brother doing now?”

“Uh....let me see....oh yes he is sitting in the living room with Khushi on his left, Aarav on his right, Anjali di sitting on opposite couch with Aman near her, NK bhai is clicking pics and Rolf is wandering around the room!”



“One more person!”

“Oh specs? Mr. Spectacle is roaming around the room with his phone! Oh Khushi is calling me. Talk to you later. Bye dear”

“Bye mamma” Anikha said smiling.





Things have grown better in the past two years.

Adil was present before the court the next day and despite the efforts of the lawyer, he was sentenced to two years in prison. Court reprimanded Khushi for fooling judiciary and also apologized and paid compensation for the ten years she had to bare in jail.

Media celebrated the news of the hottest Bollywood star in jail for murder of his father and the story gained popularity. Adil’s fans were divided into two categories – one who wanted him to be in jail and the other who wanted him free. The justification was that Adil was a child when it happened and he did not mean to kill him. It was a pure accident! But no justifications were approved by the judge who stuck to the fact that the boy killed his father! Since it happened when he was under 18, judiciary gave the verdict according to the juvenile law.

It was a crying mess at RM. Khushi was heartbroken. Aarav was sad. But Adil didn’t shed a single tear. He just smiled at them and walked away with the police but not after giving a look to Aarav. Aarav knew the look – take care of mamma.

Payal forgave Anikha and the pair grew very close in two years span. But she never forgave Anjali and Akash. Both accepted that they would never get forgiveness. Payal act formally with them and sometimes stay over at RM at Khushi’s or Anikha’s insistence!  





“Don’t worry Khushi ma, I’ll solve all your problems” Rolf said plopping on the couch near her.

“Says the most problematic human in the world” NK said rolling his eyes.

Khushi sighed and said, “Do whatever you want but just get my two sons married!”

“Adil is just 25!” NK said frowning.

“Ok not Adil but Aarav? He is 32!” Khushi cried, “At his age Arnav ji had two sons!”

Rolf gasped and asked, “Did ASR have an extra marital affair and two sons in that? Oh god! Does Aarav bhai and Adil knows?”

“I’m talking about them you clot!” Khushi said and slapped the guy’s head.

“Oh sorry” Rolf said smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t worry Khushi ji, we’ll find a perfect wife for Aarav dear!” NK said patting her shoulder.

“Strange kid! Why doesn’t he fall in love? Arnav ji fell in love at the age of 27!” Khushi said.

“EVEN Arnav ji fell in love” NK said emphasising EVEN.

Rolf chuckled and Khushi smiled.

Rolf smiled and said, “Finally I got to see this beautiful smile after two years!” he said placing a hand over his heart. Khushi laughed and Rolf said, “Where is your doctor son and actor son?”

“Out in the balcony having a bro-moment!” NK said.

“And we’ll have friends-moment here!” Rolf said hopping on the couch causing NK and Khushi to burst into laughter.






“Please” Adil whined pulling up his puppy face.

“I’m not your mother. So nope! The face won’t work here!” Arnav said and buried his head in laptop. He was sitting on the green recliner with laptop before him. Aarav was on his knees on the floor leaning on the laptop as both father and son were registering for his NEET medical entrance examination when 10 year old Adil came running to the room with a demand of an iPhone.

“Daddy” Adil whined.

“Stop being a baby Adil” Arnav said sharply not looking up from the screen. Aarav snickered and looked at his brother who glared in return.

“Daddy please”

“Date of birth Aarav” Arnav asked ignoring the whining boy.

“April 1” Adil screamed.

“January 13, 1985” Aarav said and Arnav typed it.

“DAD!” Adil screamed.

“Type the address” Arnav said and stood up. Aarav nodded and started typing his residential address. Arnav walked to the drawer and started looking for Aarav’s Adhaar card.

“Are you listening to me?” Adil asked running behind Arnav.

Arnav didn’t respond and Adil huffed in anger, “I WANT IPHONE”

“Dad they are asking for number. Whose should I give?” Aarav asked.

“100” Adil shouted.

“Give my mobile number” Arnav said and took out the Adhaar card.

“Why is no one listening to me? I NEED AN IPHONE!” Adil cried.

“Ho gaya?” Arnav asked walking to Aarav who nodded.

“For the last time, I NEED AN IPHONE” Adil screamed.

“Click next!” Arnav instructed and Aarav clicked the next button. “They have sent an OTP to your phone!” Aarav said and Arnav nodded.

He turned to the bed where he had kept his phone but had his eyes widened.

“Adil! Give me the phone!” he said to his 10 year old son who was hopping on the bed with his dad’s iPhone in his hand.


“Adil!” Aarav cried angrily, “Give it! It’s the last day of registration!”

“GIVE IT ADIL” Arnav shouted.

“NO!” Adil cried and jumped from the bed.

Arnav walked forward and Adil screamed, “If you come to me I’ll throw this! Devi maiyya ki kasam I’ll throw this!”

“Adil, baby please” Aarav begged.

Arnav felt his blood boiling and he shouted at the top of his voice, “STOP YOUR DRAMA AND BRING THAT MOBILE HERE ADIL SINGH RAIZADA!” Aarav gasped and Adil flinched at his tone. Everyone heard Arnav’s voice across RM and ran to the room, Khushi being first.

“What happened?” Khushi cried.

Aarav cried, “Tell him to give dad’s phone. We need the OTP message to complete registration!”

“Adil!” Khushi said sternly.

“I need an iPhone and if I won’t get one, I won’t let anyone have it either!” Adil said angrily and threw the phone to floor.

“NO!!!!!” Aarav cried and Arnav shouted, “ADIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Adil raised his shirt collar and Arnav strode to the bed and yanked the boy to floor holding his arm.

“ARE YOU MAD? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE?” Arnav screamed and looked at Aarav who stood in tears.

“Aarav, how long do we have till registration ends?” Arnav asked. Aarav looked at the clock and said, “10 minutes”

“Quick! Login to the site and do the whole thing again! Give your mobile number instead” Arnav said and turned to Adil, “Now go to your room and I’ll be coming there to teach you a lesson!”

Adil gulped in fear and looked at Khushi who was also standing in the same anger mode.

“Sorry” he said in tears.


“What are you thinking?”

Adil jerked from flashback and looked at his brother who was standing near him. They both were now at the balcony and Adil smiled, “About the day of your NEET registration! When I threw dad’s mobile and....”

“Oh god! Don’t remind me! I really felt like throwing you into the pool that day!” Aarav groaned.

Adil chuckled.

“You were such a stubborn kid” Aarav said shaking his head.

“I am!” Adil said laughing.

Aarav smiled and Adil took a deep breath. “It feels so good to be back!”

Aarav nodded.

“I hope he is happy” Adil said looking up. Aarav too looked up and said, “Mamma says that dead people appear as stars! Do you believe in that?”

“Yes” Adil said, “It makes me feel better!”

“So tell me, which one of these stars is dad?” Aarav asked. Adil smiled and pointed to one, “That one”

“That’s pole star you idiot!” Aarav said slapping his brother’s head.

“I believe that it’s dad!” Adil said shaking his head.


“Because it’s always there” Adil said smiling.







 I know it's not the best end but this is what came across my busy mind. Packing and all sorts of stuff....sorry if you didn't like it. 

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