Unforgivable Mistakes

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Jul 23, 2017

9. “Come home” (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 85 times)

9. “Come home”



“YOU DID WHAT?” Khushi screamed.

Aarav looked down.

“Aarav you promised me that you will NEVER EVER tell him!” Khushi cried.

“I cannot hold this anymore” Aarav cried, “His hatred for you is increasing every moment. He deserves to know that the woman he is despising is the one who actually saved him from going to juvenile home!”

“It’s not his fault Aarav. It was my choice” Khushi whispered.

“Whatever you say, it was Adil who threw the knife! YOU TOOK THE BLAME AND DEFAMED YOURSELF IN FRONT OF THE WORLD FOR HIM!” Aarav screamed, “He should know the truth!”

Khushi pulled her hair and said, “Why did you have to bring it up Aarav? It’s over. Arnav ji is gone, I was at jail for ten years...and that’s it! OVER!”

“Is it really over? I don’t think so” Aarav whispered, “It’s just a beginning mamma. A new beginning. You saved Adil and now it’s time for the family to know your innocence!”

“NO!” Khushi cried, “No one in the family must know! I KILLED ARNAV JI! The fact that it was Adil must die within us!”

“Too late mamma. Adil already knows and I’m just one phone call away from Akash chachu!” Aarav said.


“No matter how much you shout you can’t change what happened mamma” Aarav said calmly, “This cannot be hidden for long. Letting Adil know was the first step. It’s not like I want to make him repent or something but you don’t deserve the murderer tag!”

“IT WAS MY CHOICE” Khushi screamed.

Aarav shook his head and was about to say something when his phone rang.

“It’s Rolf. Adil’s PA” Aarav said and took the call, “Yes Rolf”

“Aarav bhai, I’m calling as Adil’s best friend not as his PA. Lemme be straight, what truth did you tell him yesterday night?”

“What happened?” Aarav frowned and looked at Khushi who raised her eyebrows in question.

“He is acting weird. Silent, zoned out, emotionless....and yes we had a scene where he and heroine talks about the character’s late mother and he ACTUALLY cried. Well everyone thought that he is acting but I know him. He was crying for real!”

“Can you get him to come to my apartment?” Aarav asked with a sigh.

“I suggested that to him and he just walked off. Bhai, what is wrong?” Rolf asked concerned.

“He is disturbed. We...err....talked about...past” Aarav said and looked at Khushi who was looking at him with worry, “I’ll call and talk to him Rolf. Don’t worry” he said and hung up.

“What is it?” Khushi asked.

“Adil is....umm....numb” Aarav said looking everywhere but Khushi.

“Of course he would be” Khushi said.






Adil bid bye to his co-actors as the shoot for the day wrapped up. Since it was first day of movie shooting, producers kept it only up to 3 pm in the afternoon.

“Bye Adil. It was a great day at work with you” Zoya said and hugged him. Adil hugged her back and soon the actress left in her car.

Adil turned to Rolf who opened the car door for him. He was about to enter when he heard someone calling his name. He turned back to find Karan Johar.

“Can I have a word with you?” the director asked.

Adil nodded “Sure” and walked to him.

Both of them walked to a quiet area and Karan said, “I’m sorry”

“For?” Adil asked frowning.

“I had the script writer take extreme cautious steps in writing those dialogues. I know about your past....umm....everyone knows! It was in news” Karan said.

Adil looked away and Karan said, “I know that you weren’t acting today. You were crying for real”

“Was it so obvious?” Adil whispered looking at Karan.

Karan smiled sympathetically and said, “Well I don’t know about others but....I can see it. That’s why I stepped in and kind of convinced everyone that it was an act. I’m a senior director you know! I know when actors acts and behaves.”

Adil sighed and nodded.

“I’m really sorry if the dialogues hurt you in any way.”

“Sir” Adil said forcing a smile, “I should apologize for mixing my personal problems in my work. I promise, this won’t happen again.”

Karan was about to say something when Adil cut him, “I’m just....a bit troubled...with the recent events....”

“It’s ok. I understand” Karan patted his shoulder.

Someone walked to them. It was someone from crew and Karan turned to Adil, “Okay lad, will see you tomorrow”

Adil smiled and Karan walked away.

Adil felt his phone vibrating with a message and opened it.


From: Doctor Brother

Come home


He gulped and typed.


To: Doctor Brother

I can’t face her


From: Doctor Brother

Reminds me of a quote. “Running away won’t solve problems” – Arnav Singh Raizada


Adil dialled his brother’s number who took it within a ring.

“Bhaiyya....I can’t come....” his voice started shaking, “I can’t face her...” he gulped and said, “I’ll go mad bhai. I just want to kill myself!”

A silence prevailed and Adil said in his quivering voice, “Tell me something. What should I do?”

“Come home” a soft voice said.

It was not his brother’s voice!

Adil felt every cell of his body freezing hearing that voice after long ten years.




Jul 23, 2017

10. Pakodas (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

10. Pakodas



Adil took a deep breath and lifted his finger to press on the calling bell.

He wiped his sweaty palm on his jeans and started breathing through his mouth to get maximum oxygen into his system.

The sound of door getting unlocked hit his ears and he sucked a deep breath. The door opened and a smiling Aarav greeted him.

“Come in” Aarav opened the door wide and Adil stepped in. He moved forward giving Aarav space to close the door and stood in the corridor.

“Go in” Aarav said smiling, “She is there in kitchen”

Adil bit his lip and looked at his brother. Aarav patted his shoulder and said, “I’m going out for a bit. You go in and be with her!”

“Where are you going?” Adil asked and clutched Aarav’s arm, “Don’t go”

Aarav chuckled and said, “I’m giving you and mamma some space you idiot! It would be better if you both talk and....have a moment!”

Adil sighed and Aarav said smiling, “Don’t worry. It’ll go well!” and he opened the door and left the apartment.

Adil sighed and locked the main door. He took small steps through the corridor and reached the living room. He could hear some frying noises coming from kitchen and his nose sensed a familiar smell of pakoda.

He walked to the kitchen and stood by the kitchen door.

His eyes saw a thin woman with her hair down her waist standing near the stove with her back faced to him. She was humming some song as she took out hot crispy pakoda using her spatula.

Gulping down the lump at his throat he inhaled the smell of pakoda.



“Pakoda pakoda

We get pakoda!

Hot crispy pakoda!

We love pakoda!” Adil sang as he circled around his mother who was bringing a plate full of pakoda to the living hall.

“Bhaiyya PAKODA!” Adil cried at his brother who was glued to his phone.

Aarav looked up and scrunched his eyebrows, “Pakoda? Seriously mom?”

“What’s wrong with pakoda? Khushi maasi makes the best pakoda in the world!” Anikha said hopping on her couch.

Arnav scoffed and buried his head in his laptop.

“Why are you scoffing?” Khushi asked narrowing her eyes as she kept the plate on the table. Arnav shrugged and Adil grabbed as many pakodas he could hold in his small hands and plopped on the couch near Aarav dumping all of it to his brother’s lap.

“Adil” Aarav cried.

Adil giggled and spread the pakodas on Aarav’s lap. “I wanted a plate” he said innocently as his brother’s glare.

“Adil!” Khushi said, “Go get a plate from kitchen!”

Adil nodded no and continued to eat from Aarav’s lap who was groaning in irritation.

“For a seven year old, you’re a very disobedient kid” Arnav said with anger lacing his voice, “Go get a plate from kitchen!”

Adil pouted and looked at Khushi.

Khushi shook her hand and said, “I’m not supporting you this time! Go get a plate and also clean Aarav’s jeans!”

Adil ran to kitchen and got a plate. He gathered all pakodas from Aarav’s lap and dumped it on the small plate he had brought. Then he patted his hands (pretty hardly) on Aarav’s thighs in an attempt to clean his jeans.

“Hey kid” Aarav cried, “Why are you beating me?”

Adil smiled innocently and said, “Sorry bhaiyya” and started munching the delicious pakodas.

“He is growing as an angry young man! Dad we should do something” Aarav said ruffling his brother’s hair who in return glared at him.

“Even I think so” Anikha said sipping her tea.

“Di...” Adil whined.

“And the main reason is your mother Aarav” Arnav said and glared at Khushi who had her mouth in O.

“What did I do?”

“You’re spoiling him” Arnav said crossing his arms.

“No...Mamma is nice” Adil cooed.

Aarav rolled his eyes and said, “Mamma remember when I was of his age and dad was pampering me. You scolded him telling me that I’ll get spoilt. And now....”

“You all are jealous of me!” Adil cried.

Anikha chuckled and said, “And why would we be jealous of you Spiderman?”   

Khushi sighed and said, “I know that I’m pampering him too much” Adil’s head snapped to her and so did others.

“But what can I do? How can I refuse looking at his face. Ah, look at him, just look at him!” Khushi said pointing to Adil who had pulled up his cutest face.

“He know that you’ll fall for that and is taking advantage of it! Dramebaaz” Arnav said smacking his son’s head who whined.


“You’ve grown handsome”

He jerked from his past and looked at his mother who was smiling at him.

He gulped and looked around at the kitchen and then at her.

She smiled and forwarded the plate of pakodas, “I knew you would come” she said softly, “So made this.”

He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans and took one pakoda. Looking at her, he took a bite and chewed it – a familiar delicious taste making him to smile.

“Is it good?” she asked with hopeful eyes.

He nodded and took one more pakoda.

Her face brightened and said, “I was worried whether you still like this or not!”

He forced a smile and looked down. “Err....we” he stammered, “We....have to....talk” he finished and looked at her.



Jul 24, 2017

11. Pijja days (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 81 times)

11. Pijja days



“We....have to....talk”

She nodded and said, “Let me make some tea for us. You sit in the living room” and she handed him the plate of pakodas.

He nodded and took the plate making sure not to touch her fingers. He looked at her and she smiled warmly.

He walked to the living room and sat on the couch. His mobile suddenly beeped with a notification and found a tweet of Aarav.

It was pic of him with a large pizza before him and a caption.

@AaravRaizada: Pijja time! @Adil_Raizada hope you remember our “pijja” days!

He chuckled genuinely even with all the tension, anxiety and awkwardness inside him.

He immediately retweeted it and wrote.

@Adil_Raizada: @AaravRaizada of course I remember you trying to teach me words and failing miserably. #pijjadays

His mind flew back to his old days. I mean, the pijja days.





“Paaaaaa” Adil squealed and ran to the main door as he heard Arnav’s SUV entering the garage.

“Why is he so happy?” Aarav asked to his mother, looking at his 3 year old brother who rushed to the door.

Khushi chuckled and said, “He had asked Arnav ji to bring pizza!”

“Ma pijja!” Adil squealed loudly as he stormed into the living room holding a big pizza packet with his both hands.

Adil placed it on the table and opened it. “Yummy” he said and took a piece, taking a bite.

Aarav chuckled and took a piece for himself. Adil was already stuffing the piece to his mouth with cheese dripping to his chin.

“Eeew....” Aarav scrunched his brows and Adil grinned cheekily. His cheeks and hands were full covered with remaining of pizza and Aarav said, “Dirty boy”

“I lub pijja” Adil said.

“First of all its lOVE, secondly its, piZZa and thirdly you don’t eat food like that dear!” Aarav said and threw a tissue to Adil.

“Pijja” Adil said throwing away the tissue..

“Pizza” Aarav said.

“Pijja” Adil repeated.

“God take him to a doctor” Aarav said to Khushi who was laughing at the scene.

“He is a toddler Aarav. They have a limitation in their pronunciation” Khushi said rolling her eyes. She bend down and wiped Adil’s cheeks and chin with a tissue.

“Pijja” Adil said again looking at Aarav and Khushi with his round eyes.

“Pi...ZZZZZZZZZ....a...try that!” Aarav said leaning to Adil who was standing near the table.

“Pi.....jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj...a” Adil said trying hard.

“Ok. I quit!” Aarav said and leaned back on the couch. Khushi laughed and pinched Adil’s cheeks.

“Adi...where is your daddy?” Khushi asked frowning and craned her neck to look to the door.

“Pa chen tar...”Adil said chewing pizza.

“What?” Aarav and Khushi frowned.

“Chen tar” Adil said narrowing his eyebrows.

Khushi frowned and asked, “Tar? Tyre? Do you mean tyre?”

Adil nodded and Aarav said groaning, “He is changing tyre and my brother made it sound like chaining tar. How can tar be chained?”

Khushi ruffled Adil’s hair and stood up. “I’ll go check him” and she walked out to the door and Adil continued to eat his pizza.

Aarav lifted his brother who squealed at the sudden contact. He placed him on the couch near him and the 3 year old continued stuffing pizza.

“Little bro, let’s try some new words!” Aarav said seriously.

Adil looked up and gulped down pizza. “Yes....wods!” he said happily.

Aarav shut his eyes tight and then opened it. “It’s words”

“Wods” Adil said nodding.

“No... It’s not WO it WOU....WOURD. Say it!” Aarav said gently.

“Wod” Adil said.

“WOUrd” Aarav said.

“WOD” Adil said straining his throat.

“Oh let’s forget that. Say ty.....re”

“ta.....re....” Adil said.

“TY TY TY” Aarav said.

“Tere...” Adil said shrinking back to the couch.

“TYRE!” Aarav screamed.

“Tare” Adil said and jutted his bottom lip out.

“Oh god” Aarav groaned as Adil burst into tears.

“Adi....I’m so sorry...” Aarav cooed and lifted his brother to his lap. “Don’t cry baby” he said gently and wiped his tears.

Adil cried more and sobbed, “You bad...”

“Na na...you don’t say that to your older brother” Aarav said shaking his head.

As if it’s a perfect moment Arnav and Khushi walked in and gasped.

“What happened?” Arnav asked and Khushi ran to her children. Aarav stood up and looked at Adil and then at his parents.

“Why is he crying?” Khushi asked lifting Adil from Aarav who hugged her mother and started crying hysterically.

“Err...I was just trying to....improve his vocabulary” Aarav said scratching the back of his neck.

Arnav and Khushi glared at him and he raised his hands in air. “Ok I surrender. I quit!” he said and slumped on the couch.

Adil had stopped crying by now and Aarav said, “I will NEVER teach you words!”

“Wods” Adil said.

“WORDS” Aarav screamed and Adil jutted his bottom lip again for the second time that day.

“Oh god” Arnav and Khushi groaned.




I know you all wanted Adil-Khushi talk. But really sorry because I really need to think and bring out wise words for the most awaited confrontation. Till then, enjoy the cute flashbacks of Arshi family.


Jul 24, 2017

12. "Adi shouldn't know" (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 84 times)

12. "Adi shouldn't know"



Khushi sat before him and motioned towards tea. He nodded and took the cup. Taking a sip of the tea he looked at her.

“You look like him” she said softly, “Exactly like him!”

He gulped and set the cup down.

“I watched your interview two days back! Are you okay now? You had a live panic attack” she asked.

“How can you talk so normally?” he blurted out.

She smiled and asked, “I’m just having a normal conversation with my son!”

“It’s not normal! You know that it’s not normal! IT’S FAR FROM NORMAL” he cried.

Her lips formed a thin line and asked, “Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Give answers” he said sternly.

“For what?”

“Why?” he stood up angrily, “It was me! I threw the knife that killed him! I AM THE KILLER! THEN WHY THE **** DID YOU TAKE THE BLAME?”

“Sit down Adil and don’t raise your voice before me” Khushi said sternly.

“I want answers. Why would you do that?” he cried.

“Sit. Down.” She said.

He sighed and sat on the couch.

“You must be glad that your brother was frozen at the incident or else he would’ve taken the blame” Khushi said her tone turning soft.

He looked at her and she said, “Anyone at my place would do that Adil. You asked me; why did I do that? Hear it then, I didn’t want you to be tagged as a murderer. Trust me, it’s not a wonderful tag!”

He gulped down a lump at his throat and bit his lips to prevent tears. “I killed him” he chocked.

“You did not. It was an accident! That was his fate!” Khushi whispered.


“There is one more reason why I took the blame” Khushi said.

“What reason?” Adil asked.

“Arnav ji” she said.



“Can I kiss you?” he asked in a whisper.

“What if I say yes?” she whispered.

“I’ll kiss you”

“What if I say no?”

“I’ll kiss you deeper!” Arnav whispered with a chuckle.

“Well in that case...it’s a no” she whispered.

Arnav smirked and leaned. Their lips were about to meet when a thunder erupted and power went off.

“Hey Devi mayya” Khushi cried and hugged him tight.

“It’s too dark in here dad” She heard his son telling.

“Light your mobile Adi” Arnav said and patted her back soothing her. Even after years, her fear for lightning never died.

Khushi felt herself relaxing in his hold and hugged him tight.

“Mobile is dead! Where the hell is emergency lamp?” she could hear her son shouting in anger.

“Khushi...it’s okay. You’re fine!” he whispered.

“Emergency lamp! Lamp! Where are you?” she heard Adil singing and withdrew from the hug.

“I’ll go and take it. It’s on the table near steps” she said. She walked away and Arnav stood in the middle of living room letting his eyes adjust to darkness.

She took the lamp and was struggling to find the switch on it when she saw Adil walking around in search of lamp.

Adil shouted Adil bend down and took something. Her eyes were adjusted to darkness and she could see the outline of knife in his hand.

“Lamp? Oh I got it! Wait what is this? No. WHERE IS THE LAMP?” Adil cried and threw the knife. Khushi gasped and was about to shout at Adil for throwing knife when she heard an ear piercing scream that sucked out air out her. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHH”

“Dad? DAD? What happened? WHERE ARE YOU DAD?” she heard Adil’s scream and ran back to the place where Arnav was standing.


Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness and she kneeled to Arnav. “Arnav ji” her voice came out as a whisper and ran her fingers through his body stopping above his heart.

She couldn’t feel his body warmth but just the steel surface of the knife that was standing upright.

“Ar....n...” her voice chocked and felt herself freezing.

“Khushi” she heard him whispering weakly.

She clutched his palm and heard him whispering, “I...ha...ve...to...g...o....”

“Dad? DAD? What happened? WHERE ARE YOU DAD?”

She heard Adil screaming.

She wanted to scream, cry, call an ambulance, console Adil but she felt numb. As if she was frozen to the ground.

She felt him raising his hand to her hair, “A...di.... sho...ul...dn’t kno...w...”

Her breath sucked as his hand on her hair suddenly fell down with a small thud. Her hands shivered as she ran her finger over his face.

Adi shouldn’t know!

Gathering all her senses she moved her hand towards his chest and pulled out the knife. She stood up and looked around to find Adil but frowned seeing another figure behind him.

The lightning struck and she saw a shocked Adil and a frozen Aarav standing behind hm.

 “Mom?” Adil whispered in shock.

“Run Adil! GO!” she said in a tone she had never heard herself using.

“NO. DAD? DAD WAKE UP!” Adil cried and ran towards his father.



Adil gasped and fell out of the couch. He slumped on the floor and buried his face in his palms. His palm was soon wet and dripping with his fresh tears and his shoulders raked as he broke down completely.

“He never wanted you to know” she whispered, “Investigation would’ve happened and police would’ve definitely reached you. So I found the easiest way. Take the blame. A vile woman who killed her husband so that she can continue her extramarital affair with an unknown male” she said imitating the words of reporter who had read that headline ten years ago.

 He looked up from his palm and gasped for breath. His vision was blurring and felt his chest contracting. The room seemed small and he felt himself being suffocated in a small space. He gasped hard and threw his head back on the couch looking up at the ceiling with his mouth open to catch breath.

“Adil” Khushi sprang up and joined him on the floor. She moved her hand up and down on his chest to calm him down.

“Do you have an inhaler?” she asked in worry.

He nodded no and clutched her hand.

“Okay okay relax” Khushi said and held his palms. She clutched it and said, “Focus on me. Take a deep breath and exhale out! Adil...I want you to focus!”

Adil gasped heavily and then closed his mouth but soon to open it like a fish. She was rubbing up and down his chest and he could feel his breath coming back. He slowly inhaled air and then exhaled out. “Relax. You’re fine” he could hear her whisper and closed his eyes. He closed his mouth and started breathing through nose.

“Okay good...now take more deep breathes!” she whispered and continued rubbing his chest. He took a deep breath and then exhaled out.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a whisper after more intakes of air.

He opened his eyes and whispered, “Water”

She sat up on the floor and took some water from the jug kept on the living room table.

He gulped it down and she held his shoulders, “Take some rest. Come”

“I’m fine” he whispered.

“You’re not!” she snapped and forced him to stand up. She walked him slowly to the bedroom he recognize it as Aarav’s.

“Lie down. We’ll talk later” she said and made him lie.

He didn’t object this time and closed his eyes. He felt her placing a warm blanket over his chest and soon felt her fingers on his hair.

“Don’t think too much. Take rest” he heard her soft whisper in his half-sleepy state, enough for him to fell into deep slumber.

 Somewhere in his sleepy world he felt a familiar feeling of her lips on his forehead.


Jul 25, 2017

13. The Killer (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 86 times)

13. The Killer



He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. No, it was not his apartment. Where am I? He asked himself and sat up. He looked around and saw the familiar setting of Aarav’s apartment.

Adil rubbed his eyes and everything came back to him. How he visited his mother, talked with her, had a mini panic attack and then sleeping peacefully.

He looked around the room which was lit by dim lights and looked out of the window to find black sky.

Hell! How long did I sleep? He groaned and stepped out of the bed. He walked to the door and opened it.

He looked around as he walked to the living room not finding anyone. Where were his brother and mother? He walked to the kitchen and found it empty.

Suddenly he heard some voices from another room. It was the guestroom.

He walked to the room and saw that the door was ajar. He pushed the door wide open and stepped in, in a hope that his brother and mother would be there.

But instead he was greeted by his mother talking to a person he had insulted and hurted for ten years.

“When did you come?” he asked.

She looked up and suddenly scowled. “What is he doing here?” he heard her asking his mother.

“Err....jiji he had come to meet me!” Khushi said looked at Adil who was standing by the door.

“Why?” Payal stood up and looked at Adil with fiery eyes, “To insult my sister more?”

“Jiji” Khushi whispered, “He knows”

“Knows what?” Payal snapped.

“The truth” Adil said slowly.

“Finally” Payal scoffed, “So Aarav told you the truth and you came running to your mother for take back every insult you had thrown to her at the court room?”

Adil looked down and then looked up. He asked, “You knew the truth?”

Payal scoffed and said, “Not until three years ago. I had visited her in jail and made her swear on her dead parents and Arnav ji to tell me the truth! I always knew that Khushi can never kill Arnav ji. She may even kill herself for him, but will not kill him. I believed in her, right from 10 years back, UNLIKE YOU!”

“Jiji please stop!” Khushi stood up, “Don’t blame him! It was my choice! It was not his fault!”

“It’s HIS fault” Payal said angrily, “Your husband died, you went to jail, your reputation before the world broke, Raizada family broke into pieces, Anjali di changed into another ASR, they all kicked me out, my husband called me a gold digger and that I also had a hand in Arnav ji’s murder, my own daughter hurled insults on my face, ALL BECAUSE OF HIS ANGER AND HABIT OF THROWING THINGS IN ANGER!” Payal finished pointing her finger to Adil.

“For god sake” Khushi cried angrily, “I have been telling this to you and Aarav. IT WAS MY CHOICE! Don’t blame...” Adil cut her off and said, “It’s indeed my fault!”

Khushi looked at him and he said, “It’s because of me that dad is not alive. You had to spend ten years of your life in jail. I broke the family” he whispered and Khushi saw some tears rolling down his eyes.

Khushi was about to walk forward but Payal said, “Don’t believe him Khushi. He has won national award for best actor twice!”

“Jiji” she gasped.

“Don’t jiji me!” Payal snapped, “You’re seeing him after ten years. But I have seen him many times during that time span. I have seen his true nature! The hatred he has for you and the Gupta family.”

“Jiji listen...” Khushi tried and looked desperately at Adil who was biting his lip and looking down.

“Let me finish. There is something I never told you!” Payal said, “Remember I told you Babuji died due to stroke just an year after Amma’s and Buaji’s death from an accident?”

Khushi nodded.

Payal looked at Adil with pure disgust and said, “That day Babuji was admitted in city hospital. I did not have money to pay for his treatment. I called Aarav but he was in states working there and couldn’t receive the call since he was at duty! I did not have anyone to turn to! Thus I decided to swallow my pride and walked into Raizada mansion!”

She paused and looked at Khushi who was looking at Adil who had his head down.

“Why don’t you continue the story Adil?” Payal scoffed, “No? Ok then, I’ll do it! So Khushi, when I went in, everyone was out. Only your son was there!”

Payal looked at Khushi and said, “I fell at his feet for money. And he said “It’s time for you and your sister to experience fatherless days” and he ordered security to throw me out!”

Khushi gasped and looked at Adil who didn’t dare to look up.

“Finally Aarav called back. He arranged money but we were late. Our father died due to delay in treatment!” Payal said and looked at Adil with pure hatred, “He killed Arnav ji and also Babuji!”

Khushi clamped her palm over mouth to prevent sobs. Adil bit his lips and looked up, his face now wet with fresh tears.

“He loved you” Payal cried, “He loved you so much. You were his favourite grandchild! How could you even do that? I begged at your feet, showed you the hospital papers and every proof to make you believe that he is indeed ill and what did you do? NOTHING! You killed your grandfather who loved you so much! You killed your father who loved you so much! YOU’RE A KILLER!”

Adil broke down into tears and looked at Khushi. Khushi wiped her tears and walked forward to him. She raised her hand to cup his cheeks when he stepped forward.

“Don’t touch me. I ruined your family mamma. I don’t deserve your love!” he whispered.

“No” Khushi shook her head and stepped forward to him but he turned back and stormed out of the apartment.

“Adil! Wait” Khushi cried.

But he didn’t stop. He rushed to the elevator and pressed the ground key with his shivering hands.

He stormed to the car parking and got inside the vehicle. He could see his mother running to the car parking but started the engine and rushed out of the apartment premises.



Ok, I’m crying!

I’m sorry if I made anyone of you cry.

Stay tuned because I’m going to bring someone in the next update. (It’s NOT Arnav. Please don’t build hopes. I know most of you want him to be alive but.....you know it’s not possible now. But then, the coming chapters would have major flashbacks showing our Arnie!)


Jul 25, 2017

14. Misleading Brain (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 96 times)

14. Misleading Brain



Raizada mansion was echoing with a nine year old Adil’s cries and the family rushed to Arnav’s room where he was beating Adil with a stick.

“Arnav ji” Khushi cried, “What are you doing?”

Arnav threw away the stick and yanked the boy with holding his arm, “Ask your son!”

Khushi looked at Adil who was red with tears.

“Chotte...whatever it is, you cannot beat children like this” Anjali hissed.

Adil got himself out of Arnav’s tight hold and ran to Khushi. “Mamma” he hugged her by her waist and burst into tears.

“Tears won’t work today Adil!” Arnav shouted.

“What is the problem?” Khushi asked and kneeled down to Adil’s level, “What happened bacha?”

“Dad is....beating me....” Adil cried.

“Ask him why!” Aarav came there in his school uniform and said, “Dad did nothing wrong! Adi must be punished!”

“Will anyone tell us what happened?” Payal asked.

“Ma I’ll tell” Anikha said, who was also in her school uniform, “Adil slapped a girl of his class!”

“What? WHY?” Khushi cried and looked at Adil who said, “She was teasing me that I look like a girl with this long hair!” he said pointing to his thick black hair which almost reached his shoulder.

“And you slapped her?” Khushi asked angrily.

Adil looked down and said, “I got angry!”

“ANGER IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT” Arnav screamed and everyone flinched at his volume.

“Then why are you shouting now?” Adil asked.

“This boy” Arnav hissed and bend down to take the stick he had thrown away. Adil screamed and ran to hide behind Anjali.

“COME HERE ADIL!” Arnav screamed.

“Arnav ji calm down” Khushi said.

“Calm down? You want me to calm down?” Arnav shouted, “He slapped a girl and you’re supporting him! You should’ve seen her swollen cheek. Her parents wanted principal to take action on him but she managed it because I’m sponsor of the school!”

“I’m not supporting him” Khushi said calmly, “What he did is completely wrong. But beating him is not a solution. We’ll talk to him. Calm down your anger!”

“No mamma he needs to learn his lesson” Aarav said glaring at his brother who was hiding inside Anjali’s pallu, “He throws things in anger, shouts at people no matter whom they are, and today slapped his classmate. This is not gonna work! Always talking things out will not work for a disobedient kid like him!”

“Yeah just make him starve for a day and he’ll come around” Anikha said, “He slapped the girl pretty badly. I saw her!”

Anjali pulled Adil out of her sari pallu and made him stand in front of glaring parents.

“I’m sorry” he said slowly.

“You better tell that to the girl tomorrow” Arnav growled.

Adil looked at Khushi and understood that she won’t be supporting him like always. Sighing hard he said, “Okay papa”

“Now go to your room and finish your homework. Don’t come out without completing it and Aarav,” Arnav turned to the older boy, “Take away his gadgets and video games! And yes” he turned back to Adil, “You’re grounded for a week!”

“For god sake” Adil shouted, “I just slapped a girl who was teasing me! What’s wrong in that?”

“GROUNDED FOR A MONTH!” Arnav shouted and pointed his hand to the door, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

Adil walked out of his room.


Adil walked back to the room and took the flower vase there. The next moment he dropped it to the floor and it shattered into pieces.

“ADIL!” everyone screamed.

Adil breathed in anger and Arnav said angrily, “I’m going to take you to some treatment. If this goes on...one day you’ll throw a knife on me!”

He stamped his foot and ran to his room.


Adil stopped his car on a bridge and got out. He walked forward and held the railing of the bridge.

He throws things in anger, shouts at people no matter whom they are, and today slapped his classmate. This is not gonna work!

Aarav’s words, 14 years back, was bouncing in his ears. He suddenly recalled Rolf’s words a week back when he threw his new iPhone.

“You better control that anger of yours dude.”

He gripped the railing and bit his lip harshly to prevent tears but was unsuccessful.


You killed your grandfather who loved you so much!

You killed your father who loved you so much!





Adil burst into tears and his mind suddenly went to the interview when he had spoken about his mother.

She is a closed chapter of my life.

Someone whom I don’t like to be reminded!

He took a deep breath and looked down to the river.

His conscience mocked him, “You’re a killer. You killed two innocent people – your father and grandfather. You broke a family. You don’t deserve love. The only thing you deserve is DEATH!”

His mind started chanting “JUMP! Just JUMP AND END YOUR LIFE! Do something good for people! JUMP!”

He gulped and climbed the railing of the bridge.

One day you’ll throw a knife on me!

He gasped and sucked in air. Hot tears rolled down his cheeks without a stop.

One day you’ll throw a knife on me!

One day you’ll throw a knife on me!

How true the words became? It was purely unintentional but his father’s words came out true.

One day you’ll throw a knife on me!




You killed your father who loved you so much!



His mind and heart started chanting and he closed his eyes. He spread his arm and slowly let his shoes lean forward when he felt someone grabbing his jacket and pulling him down.

“Don’t even think about jumping!” he heard a stern voice as he fell on the ground.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he heard the same voice this time in anger. Adil opened his eyes and looked at the person before him.

“Stand up! NOW!” the person said sternly. Adil slowly lifted himself up from the ground and looked at the man before him. He seemed unreasonably familiar.

“Get in the car!” he said angrily.

Adil looked at him trying hard to remember him. Who was he? He seemed so familiar!

Suddenly his mind gave him flashbacks of someone he had not seen for 15 years.

“NK chachu?” he whispered.

NK looked at him and nodded grimly, “Yes NK chachu! And get in my car. We’ll get Aarav to take your car later!”

Adil looked back to the water and NK hissed, “Are you getting in the car or should I drag you?”

“Why did you stop me? How did you know that I was here? And most importantly, where were you for all these years?” Adil whispered.

“I’m a patient person but right now I have the anger and energy to kill ten people. So Get. In. The. Car.” NK hissed in anger.

Adil didn’t argue and got into the black Mercedes which was behind his car.




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15. Shwetlana, Jhanvi and Sunny Leone (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 86 times)

15. Shwetlana, Jhanvi and Sunny Leone



A 6 year old Adil held on his brother’s hand and was hopping, as the brothers were walking home from school, when 13 year old Aarav chided, “Adil, my hand hurts. Stop jumping!”

And of course, Adil didn’t obey.

Aarav groaned and said, “Adil, I’m gonna smack you!”

“And I’ll papa that you kissed Jhanvi!” Adil said.

“What the! How do you know that?” Aarav stopped walking and turned to him.

“Shwetlana told me!” Adil said.

“Shwetlana who?” Aarav asked.

“She studies in 7th std and has a huge crush on you. She saw you kissing a girl, she said her name is Jhanvi, and reported it to me!” Adil shrugged.

“Oh god!” Aarav said.

“So, don’t even think about threatening me because I know your secret!” Adil smirked.

“What the!” Aarav cried.

“And today afternoon I was searching for you and found you behind that huge tree behind the canteen with a long haired girl. I guess that’s Jhanvi!” Adil said crossing his arm.

“What do you want?” Aarav asked.

“Hmmm? Get me all the gadgets of mine that dad took away!” Adil said smiling.

“You threw that apple iPod and dad took away everything. Now how can I get it back!” Aarav cried.

“Ok then, I’ll announce in Raizada house about Jhanvi” Adil said.

“NO! I’ll get it for you” Aarav said groaning.

Adil smirked and said, “Ok brother, I trust you!”

Aarav cursed and walked forward. Adil laughed and ran behind him chanting about Jhanvi.




“How many times have you kissed Jhanvi?” Adil whispered to Aarav as the boys entered Raizada mansion.

“How do you even know about kissing?” Aarav whispered.

“Why do Bollywood has Sunny Leone for?” Adil chuckled.

“What the! You’re 6 years old and watches Sunny Leone? I’m not gonna get you the gadgets!” Aarav hissed, “From where did you watch Sunny Leone huh? What the hell were you thinking?”

“Bro relax” Adil said, “Get me gadgets or I’ll tell everyone about Jhanvi!”

“And if you do then I’ll tell everyone that you have watched Sunny Leone!” Aarav said smirking.

“Well since you are so familiar with Sunny Leone, everyone will realize that you also watch Sunny Leone!” Adil hissed.

Aarav smirk died and Adil said, “And then I’ll tell them that I watched Sunny Leone because once I was checking your search history and clicked on that YouTube link!”

Aarav gulped and looked around. Thank god no one was there in the corridor.

“And then I’ll tell them that you’re trying out Sunny Leone moves on your Jhanvi girl!” Adil said crossing his arms.

“I’ll get you the gadgets!” Aarav said.

Adil nodded and then a voice said, “I heard you!”

Adil and Aarav looked at each other and then looked around.

“Gotcha!” a voice yelled and suddenly someone jumped in front Aarav and Adil.

“Aaaah” the boys staggered back and looked at the person before them.

Aarav face formed a wide smile.

“NK chachu?” he cried.

Adil looked at Aarav and then at the person. It dawned upon him. It’s dad’s cousin. He has seen his pics in family album.

“You’re that guy who calls my dad Nannav right?” Adil asked and NK nodded.

“Aye my rockstar! Look how much you’ve grown!” NK said and scooped the boy.”Hey” Adil whined as NK kissed his cheek and cuddled him.

“NK chachu!!!!!” Aarav cried and hugged NK by his waist and NK hugged him with one hand around him and one hand holding Adil.

He withdrew from the hug and set the boys down.

“When did you come?” Aarav cried.

“Wait, why have I never seen you around?” Adil asked.

NK ruffled his hair and said, “My boy, I’m a traveller. I travel all around the world and click amazing photographs. Then I sell it for magazines and earn millions! So I’m always on tour!”

“The last time you were here was when Adil came out of mamma, after torturing her for nine months!” Aarav said.

“I didn’t torture her!” Adil cried.

“Of course you did! Nannav told me how you played football inside her” NK said narrowing his eyebrows, “You hurt Khushi ji! Not good my boy!”

“I didn’t hurt her!”Adil said huffing.

“And she had strange cravings. Like she ate rice and jam!” Aarav said and looked at Adil, “And it’s said its baby’s cravings that makes pregnant women cry out for strange things!”

Aarav scrunched his brows at the mere thought of eating jam with rice and then eyes widened realizing that it was him who craved for that. “I don’t eat that!” he whined.

“You did when you were inside her! Such a strange kid” Aarav said shaking his head.

“Wait wait....don’t change the topic” NK said, “I heard you boys talking. So....watching Sunny Leone huh?”

Aarav and Adil blushed and looked at each other.

“Gotta report this to Nannav” NK said crossing his arms.

“NK chachu please” the boys cried.

“Nah! You, 6 year old, should play video games not watch ****! And you, 13 year old, should learn about adolescence and stuffs related to that not watch ****!” he said pointing finger to both the boys.

“Sorry chachu” the boys said slowly.

“Hmm....totally Arnav’s children! What else can I expect from the guy who stood on a huge rock, when he was nine years old, to kiss a girl who was sixteen years old?” NK said sighing.

“WHAT?” Adil and Aarav cried.

“WOW! Now I have got dad’s secret! I’m gonna blackmail him with this!” Adil said and ran in.

NK laughed and looked at Aarav who was shaking his head.

“And you boy, who is Jhanvi?” NK asked smacking his head.

“Err...she is my girl...mate...” Aarav said.

“Girl what?” NK raised his eyebrows.

“Girlfriend” Aarav said blushing.

“Oh my, look at your face!” NK said pulling his red cheeks.


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16. Unknown Contacts (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 73 times)

16. Unknown Contacts



“Come out”

Adil jerked from the flashbacks of meeting NK for the first time and looked to his left hearing NK’s voice. NK had already got out of the car and Adil opened the door.

He stepped out of the car and looked around. It was a hotel.

“I’m staying here” NK said, “come”

Adil nodded and took a step forward but stopped. NK looked at him and Adil motioned him towards a bunch of reporters with cameras standing crowded near the lobby.

“Justin Bieber is staying here. He is playing in Mumbai tomorrow right” NK said and Adil said, “Oh yes. I forgot!”

“Come. It’s Biebs day. No one will bother you” NK said and Adil nodded walking behind him.


It was absolutely fine till they reached the door of hotel.

“OMG isn’t that Adil Singh Raizada?”

“Is here to visit Bieber?”

“Adil, over here! Is it true that you’ve disowned your mother?”

“Aren’t you gonna visit your mother?”

“Are you in a relationship with Zoya, your co-actress?”

“Over here Adil!”

“Let’s get in fast” Adil hissed to NK knowing that once the reporters circle around him, there is no way out! NK nodded and both of them rushed inside the lobby.

They made it to the reception and a man in suite came to them.

“I’m extremely sorry. We weren’t informed about your coming and couldn’t arrange any security for you” he said to Adil.

“No it’s fine” Adil said and looked at NK who was talking to the receptionist.

Adil turned to the manager and started talking with him when he heard a commotion. He and the manager turned to the elevator of the hotel and found Justin Bieber walking out with his guards around.

“Hello Alex” Justin shook hands with the manager, “I’m loving the service here man!”

“Thank you sir” he said smiling.

Justin looked at Adil and then at the manager Alex who cleared his throat and said, “Sir, meet Adil Singh Raizada. He is...”

“I know! I have seen his cameo in Dunkirk of Nolan and also heard a lot about him!” Justin said smiling. “Hello” he said extending his hand and Adil shook it smiling.

Justin looked at the time and said, “Sorry gentlemen, gotta go!” Adil and Alex nodded and Justin left.

NK walked to them with his room key and said, “Let’s go!” Adil bid bye to the manager and walked with NK.



The men stood in the elevator in silence until NK said, “Inform Khushi ji that you’re with me!”

Adil sighed and took his mobile.

74 missed calls from +91944*******

Adil frowned. Which is this number?

NK leaned over his shoulder and read the number. “That’s Khushi ji’s number! So heart-warming to know that you don’t have her old phone number in your phone! Ah yes, closed chapter of my life right?”

“You know a lot of things about me, despite not being around me” Adil said.

“You are a celebrity you fool” NK said and leaned on the elevator wall.

Adil looked back to his phone and read the next call log.

58 missed calls from Doctor Brother.

29 missed calls from Rolf.

1 missed call from KJ.

2 missed calls from Zoya.

Ignoring KJ and Zoya for the moment and not wondering why they called him, Adil opened a text message.

To: +91944*******, Doctor Brother, Rolf

I’m with NK chachu at his hotel.

And he clicked on the number and added it to contacts.

Mamma +91944*******

Contact saved.



NK opened his suite door and Adil walked in.

“Sit” NK said pointing to a chair in the balcony.

Adil walked to the balcony silently and sat on the chair. He looked over the balcony to the amazing view of Mumbai Marine Drive which was lit with beautiful lights.

He heard movements and looked back to find NK sitting opposite to his chair and placing two coffee cups on the small table between them.

NK motioned to the cup and Adil took it.

“So,” NK began, “Care to explain what has gotten into you that you decided to jump over the bridge?”

Adil looked away and sipped the coffee. NK sighed and said, “Suicide is not a solution”

“I don’t want to live anymore” Adil said hoarsely.

“Great! Go ahead! Jump over this balcony!” NK said angrily, “And then the whole world would blame Khushi ji for driving you to suicide. Your fans would rip her apart and Raizadas would get another reason to hate her. Perfect solution na? Go ahead!”

Adil looked at him.

“I...” he said, “I didn’t think...”

“About all this” NK completed, “Why would you? When have you ever thought about others? Right from childhood you used to take advantage of people and get things according to your ways, be it emotionally blackmailing Khushi ji or blackmailing Aarav or sneaking into Nannav’s room!”

Adil looked down and at the cup and asked, “You were never home. The last time I heard of you was when I was six years and you had visited us. Then you went for trip and never called or visited. Sometimes you left an email to dad or Akash chachu and that’s it! Even then, how do you know this much about me?”

“I’m a good observer!” NK said sipping his coffee.

Adil looked at him.

NK set the cup down and said, “True, I don’t visit RM often. Sometimes the forests I was visiting did not have network and thus we became estranged. I went to Amazon rainforest after Nannav’s and Khushi ji’s marriage and came back two years later when Nannav informed my PA that he had a son. I named you Adil, you know that don’t you?”

Adil nodded, “Mum said that once!”

NK nodded and said, “Then I left for Egyptian pyramids and then to many places. After six years I decided to come back. I used to get pictures from Nannav through email and my desire to come home grew. So I came! Remember our first meeting? Jhanvi, Shwetlana and Sunny Leone!”

Adil smiled faintly and nodded.

“I had stayed for a week and I observed you. I could see a snobby pompous spoilt brat and did warn your parents. Apparently Arnav was aware of that and was trying hard to get you on tracks but you seemed to be difficult!” NK said, “I then went back to my tour and then one day I got an email from Akash that my Nannav is dead! Murdered by his own wife! I was sent this email the next day of his death but I did not have internet connection at the village I was staying and came to know about it after three weeks of the incident!” he took a sigh and said, “My cousin is no more! And he was killed by the person who loved him more than herself, who fought with goons for his life, who changed an arrogant businessman into a love sick puppy – Khushi ji! Apparently Khushi had an extra marital affair with another male, whom she didn’t wish to reveal, and killed Arnav so that she could get with him but didn’t expect her son to witness that. It was an unbelievable story but the world accepted it since it was witnessed by the couple’s 13 year old son. World tagged her as a criminal, Raizadas spat at her and her family but I knew – KHUSHI CAN NEVER KILL HER ARNAV. Then why? Why would she not defend herself? Why did she take the blame unless she was forced or she knew who the killer was? This means the killer is someone she loves. Possibilities – the whole world because Khushi loves everyone in this world. But if Khushi didn’t kill Arnav why did you, the witness, said that you saw the incident? That means that you were also there during the killing and Khushi appeared to take the blame. Why? Because someone whom she loves killed Arnav and she didn’t want that person to be a criminal. So who is that person? The most probable conclusion, the person who was with them during the time of incident. The only witness of the case – Adil Singh Raizada!”

NK finished and looked at Adil who was gripping the coffee mug.

NK said, “I knew that it was you. I came back to Delhi and found that Khushi was in jail and Raizadas had kicked Payal out. Even Anikha disowned her. I talked with Aarav and asked if he believes that Khushi is killer. He was hesitant. I knew he was hiding something. I told him my conclusions and like a parrot, he recited things to me!”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Adil asked in tears.

NK chuckled and said, “I tried. I tried to talk to Akash and Anjali di. But both of them snapped at me telling me that I’m trying to save Khushi ji and trap you! Aarav then stopped me telling me that Khushi chose to take the blame and had made him promise not to reveal it to you. And Arnav also wanted the same. But still I wanted everyone to know the truth but no one chose to listen to me nor would anyone believe when I start speaking. I got angry and frustrated. I left the country and never came back, until today!”

Adil looked at him.

NK sighed and said, “Aarav was trying to contact me for many days. It was yesterday I got in touch with him. He told me everything and asked my help to set things right. And here I am. I reached today evening and booked a room here. Actually I was planning to drop by Aarav’s apartment tomorrow morning and was on my way to a club tonight when I saw “someone” trying to end their life by jumping over a bridge! Amazing isn’t it?”




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17. “Set things right Adil” (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 65 times)

17. “Set things right Adil”



From: Adil

I’m with NK chachu at his hotel.


Khushi looked at Aarav and asked “How come Nanhe ji is here?”

“I called him” Aarav shrugged.

“And how did NK bhai get hold of the superstar?” Payal asked munching chips.

Aarav shrugged and said, “Don’t know but don’t worry. He is with NK chachu and thus safe and sound!”

Payal scoffed “Who said that I’m worried!”

“You crossed your limits jiji. You shouldn’t have said that to him!” Khushi cried.

“I just said the truth and I don’t regret that!” Payal said.

“Truth is always bitter” Aarav piped in.

“Who asked you anyway?” Khushi raised her eyebrow and turned to Payal, “I know you want the whole world to know the truth but why don’t you understand that I don’t want that to happen? I never wanted Adil to know and now that he knows I expect you all to be a little gentle on him!”


Aarav and Khushi stared at her open mouthed and Payal sighed and said, now in a gentle tone, “Whatever you say Khushi, his deeds cannot be justified and his mistakes cannot be forgiven!”





“Why have you brought me here?” Adil asked.

“To have a talk with you” NK said.

Adil looked at him and NK asked, “Do you think that suicide is the best thing you can do right now?”

“I don’t know” Adil said slowly, “I killed my father. I am the reason for my grandfather’s death, my family’s sufferings and every bad thing that happened to us! So the best punishment for me is death!”

“Wrong! Death is not the punishment for you. You messed up many things! Your mother is out of jail after ten years and the world is spitting at her, calling her names. Your father’s sister is now an emotionless woman. Your father’s brother is now settled abroad because hometown reminds him of his brother. Your mother’s sister was kicked out by her husband. Her own daughter disowned her. It’s your duty to set things right!” NK said.

Adil looked up at him. NK stood up and stood facing the view of Marine Drive with his back facing Adil. He sipped his coffee and said sternly, “Whatever she says and however she try to justify you, you are the killer. The world must know the truth. Khushi should no longer be tagged as a murderer.”

He turned to the 23 year old and said, “Payal ji should get back the family she lost. It’s up to her whether she forgive Akash and other Raizadas but she deserve to hear the word “mamma” from Anikha. Anjali di must come back to the jolly kind woman she was. She should visit temples like she used to and should conduct poojas for the peace of mama, mami and Nani. Akash should come back to Delhi. There is a lot you have to do Adil!”

Adil bit his lip and nodded.

NK bent to the sitting boy and held his shoulder.

“I know you’ve suffered a lot. You had slipped into a depression from which Aarav and Anikha pulled you out. But don’t forget that your mother suffered thousands times than you. She saw her husband’s death by her own son and spent in jail taking up the blame. And trust me when I say this, her life at jail was not heavenly. She was treated badly by jail mates and police. She was in a world you can’t even imagine. And even after stepping out of that world, the outside world is being cruel to her. She is ready to take that for you but we, Aarav, Payal and myself, are not! We don’t want her to suffer anymore! Set things right Adil! THIS MUST END!”







Khushi sighed and said, “I know but....it happened! There is nothing we can do about it right now. It was what meant to happen! So instead of crying over spoilt milk we should try to get things right!”

“And how is that gonna happen?” Payal asked raising an eyebrow.

“Tell the truth to Raizadas” Aarav said.

“NO” Payal and Khushi said together.

“I don’t want to see those monsters’ faces” Payal said angrily.

“And I don’t want the family or the world to know that Adil killed Arnav ji” Khushi said.

“Are you serious about hiding that even now?” Aarav cried, “I knows, Payal maasi know, NK chachu know and heck, even Adil know that now! Why are you still hiding that from others?”

“Because I want to” Khushi said.

“SHUT UP KHUSHI!” Payal screamed, “You suffered 10 years and now...”

“It’s not the matter of suffering!” Khushi cried, “I don’t want anyone to call my son a murderer. If media comes to know? They are going to rip my son apart! The whole world who now loves him will hate him! His fans would spat on his face, his film career would end, his life would be spoilt!”

“So you’re spoiling yours and your sister’s life for him?” Aarav asked.

“Forget my life, think about yourself Khushi!” Payal cried.

“This is what I chose and there is nothing you can do about it!” Khushi said.

“I don’t buy that! Whatever it is, I WILL TELL THIS TO RAIZADAS! I’LL MAKE ADIL TELL THIS TO RAIZADAS AND....” Aarav was cut off by his phone.

“Who is it?” he asked angrily taking the phone.

“Bhai its Rolf. Check your twitter. Adil has posted something....terrible!”

“What did he do?” Aarav asked.

“Check it and then tell me whether it’s true” Rolf said and cut the call.

Aarav ran to his laptop and Khushi asked, “What is it?”

“Adil has posted something on twitter. Rolf sounded pretty disturbed!” Aarav said switched on to twitter. Payal and Khushi crowded around him with their eyes on screen.

He logged onto twitter and eyes widened at the number of his notifications.

“What is happening?” he asked and read through his mentions and finally stopped at the profile pic of his brother.

He clicked on the tweet and heard Khushi gasping after reading it.

@Adil_Raizada: A part of you breaks when you find that your father is dead. Another part burns when you find that it’s your mother who killed him. The next part freezes when you find that she had actually taken the blame. And you completely die when you find that it was actually you who killed him.




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18. Aarav looses cool (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 81 times)

18. Aarav looses cool



@Adil_Raizada: A part of you breaks when you find that your father is dead. Another part burns when you find that it’s your mother who killed him. The next part freezes when you find that she had actually taken the blame. And you completely die when you find that it was actually you who killed him.

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OMG! What the hell is this?

Are you bluffing? Why would you tweet something like this?

@Adil_Raizada are you drunk?

So 10 years in jail was actually meant for you, not for Mrs. Raizada?


You killed your father? And your mother took blame?



Worldwide Trends





His phone was constantly beeping with all sorts of notifications – twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook. Whatsapp, messages, calls.

He sat on his rocking chair with his eyes fixed on the blank wall. He could hear noises down. The whole apartment premises were crowded with reporters. Rolf sweated really badly to get into the apartment avoiding every question thrown by media.

Rolf! The guy didn’t question about anything but walked into his apartment and made a strong coffee. He then made some calls with a lawyer, producers and directors and now he was checking his phone.

Adil suddenly felt someone touching him and looked to his left to find Rolf pressing fingers on his left wrist. He looked at him and Rolf smiled sheepishly, “Err....just making sure that you’re alive”

If it was some other day Adil would’ve laughed and rolled his eyes but right now, he just looked back to the wall without any remark.

“Do you want to talk?” Rolf asked softly and held his shoulder.

Adil didn’t reply and Rolf sighed.






“Hello Rolf, where is he?” Aarav asked.

“At his apartment. I’m with him!”

“How’s things?”

“WORSE! The whole area is covered with reporters. We can’t even go to the balcony!”

Aarav rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Is there any way that he can come here or I can come there?”

“No bhai don’t even think about it. Press is gonna whitewash you! Stay there. Let me find a way to bring him there!” Rolf said.

Aarav hummed and Rolf asked, “Is it true? Whatever he wrote on twitter...”

“Yes” Aarav said.

Rolf didn’t say anything and Aarav said, “He didn’t know this. I told him the night before yesterday!”

“That explains his mood yesterday!” Rolf said, “Ok bhai, let me see what I can do!”

“Erm...how is he?”

“If I hadn’t felt his weak pulse, I would’ve definitely called him dead! Sitting there looking at the blank wall while his phone is constantly ringing with all reporters and people.”

Aarav sighed and said, “Ok Rolf. We’ll talk later”

“Yeah bye”

He cut the call and looked at Khushi who was pacing around the room.

“What will we do now?” Khushi cried.

Aarav sighed and said, “I don’t know. I didn’t expect this, not so soon!”

The door knocked and Payal went to open it.

NK walked in and Khushi shouted, “What did you tell to him that he tweeted that?”

NK laughed and said, “Hello to you too Khushi ji. I’m fine, thanks for asking!”

Khushi groaned and NK said, “I didn’t ask him to tweet but I asked him to set things right!”

Khushi glared at him and NK said, “I just brought him on the right track, You should be thanking me for pulling your son back from suicide!”

“SUICIDE?” Aarav, Payal and Khushi shouted.

NK nodded and said, “I was driving to club last night when I found him on the railing of a bridge, about to jump. I pulled him back, took him to my hotel and had a long talk with the boy!”

Khushi slumped on the couch, “This is why I never wanted him to know. It’s really hard for him. He was about to take his own life and....” she burst into tears and NK sat on knees before her. He held her palm and said, “Khushi ji, he won’t take any drastic step. I can assure you that. He was confused and broken. He did not know what to do. He thought that his death would set things right and I cleared that misconception. Now he has some sort of determination in him. He wants to give you back everything you lost!”

“Everything that she lost? Can he bring back Arnav ji?” Payal scoffed.

NK sighed and turned to Payal who had her arms crossed under her chest, “Payal ji, I know that you hate him and Raizadas. You’re justified in hating Anjali di and Akash but you can’t blame Adil. He was unaware! Nannav’s murder was purely accidental! He didn’t do it intentionally!”

“And Babuji? He did that intentionally right?” Payal snapped.

“I don’t have an answer for that” NK mumbled.


“Please stop!” Khushi cried, “This is not the time to fight! We have to do something. Adil’s tweet is now being celebrated by media. The whole world now knows. The case of ASR’s murder is gonna be reopened for sure. Adil will be arrested!”

Aarav and NK looked down and Payal scoffed looking away.

“I’m in a dilemma” Aarav said, “I wanted your name to be cleared but that means declaring Adil as murderer. I don’t want my brother to be arrested and at the same time I don’t want you to be called as murderer!”

“That means...nothing” Payal said frowning.

“He is talking about his inner conflict” NK said rolling his eyes, “Years have made your more sassy and insensitive Payal ji”

“Well that’s because “some” people ripped my delicate heart into pieces” Payal snapped.

“Stop fighting” Khushi warned.

It was then Aarav’s phone rang.

“I swear if this is some reporter....” Aarav muttered and looked at the caller id. “Oh god! Anjali bua!”

“Great” Payal muttered.

“Loudspeaker” NK said.

Aarav took the call and switched on the speaker.

“What the **** has Adil tweeted?” Anjali’s angry voice boomed.

“The truth” Aarav said calmly.

“What?” Anjali asked shocked.

“Bua whatever he wrote is true”

“IS this some story that she told you? SHE KILLED HIM AND ADIL WITNESSED THAT. AND NOW THE **** IS TELLING YOU AND HIM SOME STORIES!” she screamed.


Khushi, Payal and NK gulped and looked at each other hearing Aarav shouting for the first time. Anjali said nothing after that and the call was cut.



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