FF-Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family(Discontinued)

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Jul 21

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 1 times)

Ok ,First of all I wanna say that my English is very weak so pls forgive me 4r my bad English.....

So the story starts when Gauri was four months pregnant.Background of the story is like that-

After Janvi says about parents affects on children Omkara's attitude towards Gauri started to change.During this one month time Omkara and Gauri started to come close.But still Om thinks that he cares about her only because of the baby.But he also knows that somewhere he has developed a soft corner for her so he wants to give Gauri a chance in his life.But he denies about his feelings to himself..... he thinks that he is thinking his future with her only because of the baby.But before that he thought he will warn Gauri to change herself for good and not to run behind money anymore and live a normal life in OM with their child as his child's mother.

Otherside Bhavya is finally able to catch Sultan successfully....she took permission from Commissioner to stay one more day at OM.During this one month Rudra and Bhavya both fall in love.Rudra still doesn't know that Bhavya is a cop he thought he will propose her.Meanwhile Bhavya was thinking she will say all truth about her and apologize,after that will confess her love.She will accept whatever Rudra decides after hearing all.

In this one month time Anika came to know that Mahi and Shivay both r actually Pinky and Shakti's sons only.Kamini with her dead child changed both twins and after that give one of them to Shakti saying its her child.Ragini's psycho behavior revealed. Pinky who almost lost her son Shivay to death because of Ragini was saved once again by Anika so she realized her mistake and apologized to Anika.Anika with the help of DNA test proved that Mahi and Shivay both r Pinky's sons so being thank full and feeling guilty she accepted Anika whole heartedly.Infront of Shivay they only reveal this much that Pinky was feeling insecure because of Shivay's attention towards Anika so she only asked Anika to leave the house so that's why she(Anika) did all the drama. They know if Shivay knows whole truth then he will hate his mom so they said only this much.Now he is very angry with Anika and his mom both because they played with his feelings like that and never thought about him but he is also feeling guilty that he misunderstanderstood­ his Anika.Now Anika is in mission to make everything normal between them once again and reduce the distance between mom and sons also discover the whole truth of Kamini.

So the story starts now....

Its Gauri's fourth month regular check up time.Buamaa being overprotective don't want her to go in hospital. She call her doctor at home onlywith all the arrangements. Doctor came and as usual did fake check up.When Doctor was leavingBhavya also goes with her .Everyone else also leave Rikara alone to rest.After coming infront of the main door Bhavya warned the doctor that even if she leave the house no one should know about the fake check up and child.

Bhavya-"I hope u remember doctor ,what I can do(She said in a serious warning tone)....So be carefull that no one ever come to know about Gauri bhabi's fake child"

Dr.-"Yes inspector I remember. Pls don't put me injail.I even stopped my illegal works now and I promise I will never say about Mrs.Oberoi's fake pregnancy to anyone"

Giving the doctor a warning eye once again Bhavya leave towards Rudra's room to confess all about her and her feelings.But in her nervousnessand excitement she didn't notice that behind her in two places two more people heard her conversation with the doctor. One is Buamaa and other one is Rudra.....

Jul 21

Dil Bole Oberoi -The story of Oberoi family (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 2 times)


Prithviraj Singh Oberoi thought that he is the happiest man in the world.Why will not he two sons ,one daughter ,lovely wife and a younger sister with this sweet family he felt completed.He didn't wanted anything more from life,without his asking God has always gave him everything. He has a good running business which he started with his hard work and he has a lovely family. He always believed that ''One who has just money is the poorest".He values family more.But it seems that his lovely family got catch in a bad sight,maano kisiki buri nazar lggai.


Sometimes inside and outside of a person is not same.....



Omkara Singh Oberoi is sleeping on his king size bed.Besides him his wife is lying who is wide awake ,after all its middle of the day ......so she is not sleepy. Her eyes r fixed towards ceiling.....lying there a lot of things r running in her mind.Between them lying two pillows .....indicating the separating border between them.They r beside eachother yet so far and this is what hurts her the most.She,Gauri Kumari Sharma have learned from her young age that after marriage husband is everything for a girl and its a wife's duty to do anything she can to make her husband happy and for his well being. This belief in her is so strong that after bearing all the disrespect also she is not able to leave him in this danger.But she is also afraid that what will happen when Om will come to know about the fake baby.....

She has seen the change behavior of him from some days.He is so caring. But this soft side of his is only for the baby.....isn't it?

Thinking all of this her eyes got teary.....she turns toward his side .There he is sleeping all calmly .She remembers before some months he used to sleep all disturb but now he has calmness in his face.But he looks tired.....he does as much as he can to take care of the baby.Yesterday night also when she was having a little fever he took care of her whole night staying awake. After Doctor and everyone leave she insisted him to take some rest.He said her also to take some rest and after confirming that she is ok then only he has slept.

She thinks that with that calmness while sleeping he looks so cute.Thinking this a small smile apears on her lips.She took out her mobile to capture this moment.....after all who knows what fate has store for us in future....Kal kya pata mile na mile nazdikiya....

Some seconds latter suddenly Buamaa came in the room.Gauri gets startled and unknown to her with double tap video option got clicked.She looks toward the room door where Buamaa is standing spitting fire from her eyes....she is looking more scary. Buamaa looks toward sleeping Om then without saying anything holding Gauri's hand drugged her toward store room.Gauri was not able to think anything properly seeing Buamaa's face.Before she knows anything she find herself standing in store room in front of Buamaa.

Jul 22

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family-Part 2 (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 2 times)


Gurmeet Singh Randhawa a famous business tycoon, friend of Prithviraj Singh Oberoi. At the initial days when Mr.Oberoi has just started his business Mr.Randhawa has helped him a lot.They both meet in a business party and from there started their journey of friendship. Soon they r going to become partners in business too.Gurmeet really adores the genuineness of Prithviraj. Gurmeet has two sons and one daughter. Recently he came to know that his elder son Kunj really liks ,actually loves Prithviraj's daughter Roop very much. After knowing that Gurmeet felt really happy but he knows his shy son will never propose Roop so he thought he will go to Prithviraj with the marriage proposal.


Abhishek Sarna was also famous business tycoon..... His business field was different from Oberoi and Randhawa . He and Prithviraj become friends because of his wife and Prithviraj's sister. Both ladies were friends so that's how they meet.After his wife's death Mrs.Kalyani Singh Oberoi and Ms.Dolly Singh Oberoi took care of his only daughter Janvi. Janvi was 14 years old when her mother died. After some days Dolly also got married and leave with her husband to abroad. Then Kalyani become her only support. With time little by little Janvi fell in love with Angry young man Tej Singh Oberoi, unknown to every one.


Pradeep Rana one more famous name from business industry.He and Abhishek Sarna were business partners.Mr.Rana's son Vikram was best friend of Tej.The way Kalyani gave a mother's love to Janvi same way she gave the same love to Vikram also as Vikram also lost his mother in a very young age.With time unknown to all Vikram fall in love with Jhanvi .

Abhishek wanted to turn the business relationship into family relationship. So he proposed his daughter's hand for Mr.Rana's son . They both didn't bother to ask their respective children about their opinion and fixed the marriage.



Gauri was really shocked ,with this shock she felt her whole body become numb.Buamaa after throwing Gauri in ground turnd and locked the door.When Buamaa throw Gauri in ground her mobile sliped from her hand and fall in a way that now its camera facing half of the room and Gauri.Buamaa came back and hold Gauri's chin very roughly.....

B-"How dare u say lie to me.U b***h...."

Gauri-"Aah!Buamaa u r hurting me.....I haven't said anything Aah.....I m not lying"

B-"How dare u huh!How dare u......u said u r going to become mother ......U lied to me ,u lied to me(She screams angrily)......My Ratan ,My Ratan (She starts to chant with broken tone)....

leaving Gauri's face she started angrily"U ruined everything ,u ruined everything. That Om I loved him like my own son but....but what he did he killed my son....Oh my Ratan....He was so small. That day it was Om who was supposed to die but because of him my Ratan died.I did each and everything so that u both came close and my Ratan comes back to me but....but u spoiled everything. U know how happy I was that Om married u because u were so typical Indian DIL .....I thought u will follow as I will say.....U will take care of my Ratan very well for nine months...... but u witch ruined every thing.I hated Swetlana because I knew she can never fulfil my wish.....I was expecting so much from u but u ....what u did hun....what u did!! U just ruined everything.That day when I mixed drug in Omki's milk so that u both came close u drunk that.....after that other day when finally Omki got drunk and came close to u ,u both become one but next day what u said that u can't become mother......u played with me....u think u r very smart right.... after hearing about ur infertility when I tried to kill u in pool ,if u had died that day then till now I would have made Omki married to someone else and my Ratan would have returned...... but u spoiled everything then u again played with me with this fake baby news"She said all these things with mixture of anger,rage,cry,psycho tone.....

Seeing Buamaa like this Gauri has realized one thing clearly that Buamaa needs psychiatric help very badly.....

Gauri with teary eyes said to Buamaa"Omkaraji loves u Buamaa..... why r u doing this to him...."

Buamaa replied with angry scream "He killed my son ....He killed my son....I hate him...Do u hear that I hate him.....Omki will go and Ratan will come......"She continued in a scary madness tone"Now u will see ,I will not kill u nor kick u out of this house..... but Om will do so.....U remember the hate in his eyes which now a days he doesn't shows much .......u will see that again .....u remember when Kali kidnapped me and blackmaild u ,I lied to Omki ......U remember the hate he showerd on u thinking u were lying.....Remember when I was going to kill u he thought u were killing me.....He will never believe u as always...... Now u will see the Xtreme version of that hate.... U did everything to save him,for his happiness but he will burn u alive knowing how u played with his feelings lying about baby.....oh poor u"

Gauri imaging all this felt really heartbroken.She whispers with broken tone "No no this can't happen"saying so when she looked up she find Buamaa has gone locking the door from out side......

Jul 26

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family Part-3(A) (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 1 times)


Kalyani sat beside her husband silently and placed her hand on his shoulder. Prithviraj who was sitting in his study was lost in a deep thinking look at his wife and came out of his thoughts when she placed her hand in his shoulder. Seeing his tensed form she hold his hand in between her palms and asked him"Thinking about Dolly?"

In return he asked lovingly "How do u always come to know what I am thinking?"

"The way u know me better than myself"she said placing her head in his shoulder.He placed his head also in her than continued"She will reach India tomorrow and day after tomorrow we have to start for Amritsar"

"Don't worry everything will be ok"

"Hmm...I just hope so...."

"She is a brave girl and we all r with her......we all will pray for her. In the form of Dr.John we got a ray of hope and if we have blessings of God then surely she will become mother"

"hmm....(remembering something)oh Kalyani I forgot to say after visiting Amritsar I have to go to a nearby village also as there one of my old friend Jaggu has kept Matarani's Puja.....will u all join me"

"Sure....why not and I think Dolly will also love to join us as she will get blessing of Matarani too"

"What about Shakti?"

"U know he never goes against u"

"Sometimes this is what worries me"

She looked up with confused eyes.He slowly left a sigh and continued,with a lost look"Tej shows his emotions out clearly.He may looks angry always but he shows his emotions without hiding.I know he loves challenges and he have a passion to win every challenge which can lead him into any problem someday but he is someone who knows how to come out of that.He knows how to protect himself.

But Shakti ....he is someone who stays so reserve that being father and mother also we are not able to come close enough to him. Yes he never goes against me but he should share his opinions too.... U know he does not understand this world much and this is what worries me as anyone can take advantage of his this nature and even can manipulate him.I am noticing from last two years how he is more going into his shell. "

"But....how can...."before she completed he started again with a frown

"No Kalyani there is surely something bothering Sakti but he is not sharing....."

"Yes I have also noticed his worried behaviour sometimes.I even asked him about this but it seems he want to say but he is not able to say....."

"When I asked last week he said it's nothing to worry and if there is anything then when right time will come he himself will tell us"

"I just...."she was interrupted by a servent.,who informed that Mr.Randhawa has came to meet.Nodding both husband wife started towards hall.

Mr.Randhawa was sitting in hall.Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi came and greet him.Three of them settled down on sofa .They started to talk while having snacks.

Gurmeet-"I came to a nearby place so thought to give a visit to all."

Kalyani-"U did good visiting us Bhaisaab. Actually we were also thinking to visit ur place as we weren't able to attend Kunj puttar's success party."

"R a....Tej attended na that was enough.We understand, Roop puttar was not feeling well that's why u weren't able to come....it's ok.(Thinking something,He started again)

I will not beat around the bush Bhabiji ..... actually there is one more reason why I come here today.....I can't wait to talk this and as U will go to Amritsar so if I don't say this today then I will have to say this after one week when u return.But as I said , I can't wait to say this."Seeing them frowning hearing his worried talk he chuckled and continued"Don't worry..... nothing horrible. Actually my son Kunj likes your daughter Roop very much.So I have this proposal,will you give your daughter's hand for my son?.....I know she just has completed her graduation and if she wants to continue her higher education than also there is no problem.We are not in any hurry."

Both Mr.&Mrs.Oberoi look at eachother in confusion and thinking what to say and what not. They haven't expected something like this.Seeing their confusion Gurmeet started again"Haha .... don't worry u both don't have to answer me right now.Take time ,think ,talk to Roop as its her life's decision and then reply and don't worry if u have a negative reply then also I assure u that it will not affect our friendship or partnership any way"

Then he stand up and continued"So,I will take your leave now. I know I don't have to say it but pray for us also in Gurudwara..."

P-"Sure Bhaisaab.After coming from there as soon as possible we will reply to your proposal."

After greeting eachother Mr.Randhawa leave.

(I know this part has only past story but next part will have a long present story.This part is to know more about Tej and Shakti's character)

Aug 1

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family Part 3(B) (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 1 times)


In Shivika's room .

After coming from Rikara's room Shivay was getting ready to go office..... Anika tried to talk to him but he totally ignored her and get ready silently. After getting ready he has gone to office.

Anika is in room.She is thinking how to pacify her Bagad Billa.She knows that he is really very hurt that she didn't believed in their relation's strength and didn't trust him enough to share her worry.He thinks that she leave him on just saying of Pinky Auntie. He is much angry with Pinky auntie too as she also didn't discussed her insecurities with him and upon that said me to leave him.While she is thinking all these things her phone starts to ring so seeing the Id she received that call.....

Anika-"Hello,yeah Mahi say.....you found something there?"

Kamini and her parents were from Amritsar.So to find the root of Kamini and to know more about her Mahi has gone to Amritsar.

Mahi-"No Anika....mmmm......Not much.Aaaa....I am coming back.I will reach till tonight."

"Are u ok....why r u talking like this?"

"Yeah ,I m ok.Ok,I will talk to u after sometime."

She was having a lot of hopes that they will find something strong about Kamini's past from Amritsar but with this news she really felt disappointed.

"Ok.You come back then we will talk later."

After cutting the call she heard that from Hall Buamaa is calling Omkara's name loudly.So she also rushes towards hall .


Rudra Pov

I tried to reconfirm with myself. Have I heard something wrong?Or Am I seeing something wrong?I pinch myself to confirm I m not imagining.Auch!Oh its real......very much real .She is a inspector.I was thinking her some small town sensitive 'Abla Nari' and here she is in real a inspector, who is warning my Bhabi's doctor to hide about her fake baby's truth? Ok, maybe there is some reason.....but why she lied to me?I fall in Love with her ,I was thinking to propose her but she looks stranger to me now.I haven't fall in love with some inspector Bhavya.I fall in love with a girl who cares for my family like her own.If she is a inspector, does that change the moments we have spent with eachother? No na?Then?Yes ,I have to ask her.....I have to know why she hides her true identity......yes I have to ask.

End of POV

Thinking so he left in search of Bhavya.

Ruvya's Room

After warning the doctor she entered in room thinking Rudra must be there.When she entered she found Rudra is not there.At that time a video call came from commissioner so she received? that.....

B-"Hello,yes sir" she saluted him her formal duty salute.

C-"Bhavya ,I called u to show this."Saying he shows some video and pics which contains some locations .

C-"This locations are Sultan's secret place .We found these in that locket which was having a chip inside of it.We have to raid this places.As u were on duty officer of Sultan's case and it was ur mission so I m giving u this responsibility......U will be commanding officer of this raid mission."

B-"But sir I asked for leave."

C-"Yes and if u remember ur leave is ending today.So report tomorrow."

Then only Bhavya realises that oh yes 2 days leave is going? to end today only.She took that leave to confess her love and truth to Rudra but she wasn't able to.She is known as a brave officer but whenever she comes to confess her love in front of Rudra she feels so nervous.She was determined that today anyhow she will confess her love and truth of her to him.Actually,from morning itself she is trying to talk to him but they weren't having any lone time.Before sometime also she came to room thinking to talk with Rudra but commissioner's call came.....she sign thinking this .She is so desperate to talk to him and now that she realizes her leave also finished ,she is more desperate to talk to him....

C-"Bhavya are u listening?U r looking lost...."

B-"Yes sir .... I am ok.I am thinking about Rudra(she said without her knowledge still lost in thinking about Rudra)"After saying this only she realised what she said so she was thinking what to say now but before she says something commissioner started...

C-"Oh,yeah.It is not a small thing to use Oberoi's son.You have used him as sacrificing sheep.Well, you recognized him in first meeting only......you said right he is a fool and we can use this fool as our pawn and the same happened. You completed your mission and now Sultan is behind the bar.Well done ACP. That Rudra...."He was going to say something more but she cut him in middle....

Bh-"Sir,its not like....."She didn't like the way commissioner was talking about Rudra so she thought to defend Rudra and say how good he is but when she started she show that Gauri's call is coming.She is surprised and wondering that why Gauri is calling at this time?She has come from her room just sometimes ago along with the doctor. Commissioner heard Bhavya was going to say something but stopped in the middle staring at mobile screen so he started to talk again.

C-"Ok Bhavya, so from tomorrow you are continuing ur duty again.See u tomorrow, Jai Hindh."

As she was worried for Gauri she didn't said much and cut the call saying 'Jai Hindh..... Sir.'giving a salute.

Cutting the call she quickly received Gauri's call.

Aug 4

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family (Part-4) (By Parichayhin126)


Kalyani-"What are you thinking?"

Prithviraj-"Don't you know?" He left a sigh.

Kalyani-"We know Gurmeet Bhaisaab and Kunj puttar from many years.Our daughter will be so happy if she gets married to that family."

Prithviraj-"You know I believe in Ishqbaazi."

Kalyani-"So, do think that there is an Ishqbaaz made for our daughter and he is not Kunj?"

Prithviraj-"I am not saying this....I am just saying that day by day our daughter is becoming arrogant.She was not like that before but from some months she is behaving rudely with people around her who are not family member."

Kalyani-"(Thinking something and feeling a little hesitant she started)she talks rudely with Shakti and Tej also sometimes. I haven't said you about this before as you are already tensed thinking about Dolly. Don't know what is happening with our children....Shakti and Roop are behaving strange from a year."

He somewhat having a idea about this already as he knows his wife to well to understand without her saying anything.So ignoring that he focused on current topic which the marriage proposal.

Prithviraj-"If Roop agrees for this proposal I will be happiest.Kunj is a boy whom every father will want to give their daughter.He is such a sweet gentleman."

Kalyani-"Hmm not only father even mother also....." She said with a small smile on her lips.

Prithviraj-"But will Roop agree? Will their relation have takkr ki ishqbaazi as Kunj is so silent type and so gentle where as our daughter is total opposite of him.She has anger issues and....."

Kalyani cut him middle.....

Kalyani-"But if once she accepts Kunj then she will give her everything to him and even she will fall in love with him also. If she falls in love with him she can give her life for him. About opposite well opposite attract right? Sometimes when we lack something our partner's complete that....If our daughter has dicompouse in nature then he has compose.We should talk to her....."

Prithviraj-"Hmm ......we will talk tonight."

Then they both saw that Tej is going somewhere so Prithviraj stopped him and asked

"Where are you going Tej at this time?"

Tej-"To meet Vikram,Papaji.I will come till dinner."




Gauri realises that Buamaa has locked her inside the store.She starts to bang hard on the door. Then to break the door she starts to find something useful in the store room.At that time her eyes fall on her mobile and she quickly grabs that to call Om for help.But then sees that there is video recorder is on.As she doesn't have time to see what has been recording so she saved that video and calls Om.But after several ringing also he doesn't receive .

"Why Omkaraji doesn't receive the call when I need him so much....." She cried.

Then she remembers how Bhavya helped her so she calls Bhavya.But she finds Bhavya is busy in another call.


Rudra came towards his room searching Bhavya.He found her in his room.

C-"Yes and if u remember ur leave is ending today.So report tomorrow."

Her back was facing him.He found her talking to commissioner in a video call. So he silently stood behind her to finish her call but next second he felt his whole world got crushed,he felt as if his heart shuttered into pieces.

C-"Bhavya are u listening?U r looking lost...."

B-"Yes sir .... I am ok.I am thinking about Rudra...."

C-"Oh,yeah.It is not a small thing to use Oberoi's son.You have used him as sacrificing sheep.Well,you recognized him in first meeting only......you said right he is a fool and we can use this fool as our pawn and the same happened. You completed your mission and now Sultan is behind the bar.Well done ACP. That Rudra...."

Feeling of hurt,anger started to dominate him.He felt suffocating there so left towards terrace in hurry.

After inhaling a god amount of air he sits in a corner. Sitting in a corner he started to think.

Aug 9

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family (Part-5) (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 1 times)


In Rana Mansion

Tej-"I hope u remember our bet Vikram?"

Vikram-"For u its maybe just a bet ,a challenge but she is more than that for me...."

"She is more than bet or challenge to me too...."

"But I don't wanna ruin our friendship Tej."

"It will not ruin.... It will be same forever even after her answer too...."



After dinner in Roop's room

Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi entered their only daughter's room....

Prithviraj-"Roop we want to speak something...."

Roop-"Yes papaji say na...."

P-"U know that u r my ladli gudiya ,my lovely daughter."

"I know papaji and u also know that I love u more than anyone else...right?Sorry Maa but Papaji is my life(she said showing her all teeth with a big smile)and I can do anything for u Papaji...."

P-"I know puttarji...."saying this he looked at his wife. Blinking her eyes to him she started....

K-"How do u find Kunj puttar Roop?"

Roop looked at them with doubt and asked ...


P-"Gurmeet bhaisaab came with a proposal of your and Kunj's marriage and we want to know your opinion about this proposal and we...."before he completes behind them Tej came in the room suddenly and started saying...

"Wow ....Its great.Gurmeet uncle and Kunj has a great name in business field.If this relation happens then our share in market will increase automatically.... This relation will be really beneficial and......"Cutting him Roop said angrily....

"So you wanna do business using me?....U wanna sold me?"

Tej looked at his parents who r having a disappointed look ....

Tej-"No...never.I didn't meant something like this.I am just saying that we know them from so many years and they r great people. Papaji and Gurmeet uncle has such a good relation. It will be great na if your relation happens to that family and....."

"I know what u r trying to say and what u means Veerji. Papaji I don't want to marry now ."

Tej-"Roop see....."Cutting him Prithviraj said....

"Its ok puttarji.... but don't take any decision in rush or anger. Kunj puttar is a nice person. Think calmly.... whatever u will decide we will accept that.

And remember Tej is ur elder brother, don't talk like that puttar.(Turning to Tej) and Tej remember one thing always that running behind money gives nothing,one who has just money is the poorest ....."Before he completed Tej started with a sorry look

"Sorry Papaji I didn't meant that in that way....I mean I just...."

"Hmm its ok puttar but don't repeat something like this again and remember one more thing we r humans so mistakes happen by us but if same mistake happen again and again then that is not a good thing....Do u understand what I m trying to say?"

"Yes Papaji..... I will not repeat something like this again.I am sorry Papaji,Maa.I am really sorry Roop I didn't meant something like that."

"But bhai u said...."She started with her grited teeth but Kalyani cut her in between seeing her reaction....

K-"Leave it Roop puttar ....he is saying sorry na...."Diverting the topic she continued "U know Roop puttar Gurmeet bhaisaab said that if u want to continue ur study also then there is no problem....they can wait. I meant say puttar as ur father said Kunj is a really nice boy and u know him....Gurmeet bhaisaab will also love u like his own daughter. Think calmly puttar. We will come back from Amritsar after one week....we have said to Gurmeet bhaisaab that we will tell him your answer after coming back....So think and then only give ur reply and then whatever will be ur reply we will accept that.....ok puttar?"

"Ok maa."

P-"So u sleep now.....good night puttar."

Tej-"I am sor...."before he completed Roop said...

"Its ok veerji....Good night."

.......................................................................... ****************************


Sitting in a corner he started to think.

Rudra's POV

In my wildest dreams also I have never thought that she can do something like this with me.I love her whole heartedly and she just played with my feelings....all that beautiful moments that we spent together means nothing to her and me like a fool was thinking that she also loves me.She said right I am a fool,an idiot who was thinking to propose her where as I was just a sacrificing sheep for her.(He felt some tears on his cheek, touching that)Am I crying? crying for her who just used me , played with my family and my feelings? (Wiping those tears he shook his head )No, she has no right to play with our feelings.We all thought her as a family member and she just used us.I risked my life to save her so many times and she just used me.If she wanted to catch a criminal staying undercover at OM she could have said to us or atleast she could have stayed just as a friend.If I means nothing in her life other than a pawn then why the hell she acted as if she is in love with me....why dammit!(He thought with a determined mind)No,I will not cry for her. I am Rudra Singh Oberoi and playing with Oberoi's feelings is not easy. I am a happy go lucky boy but that doesn't mean anyone will come and take advantage of my nature. I was right there is nothing called long lasting relationship. I was wrong to thought to propose her.And now I know what I have to do....."

POV ends

Thinking this he rushed towards his room.



Finding that Bhavya is busy in another call Gauri is thinking whom to call next at that time suddenly Bhavya receives the call....

"Is everything ok Bhabi?"

"No,Bhavya..... pls come to store room fast."

"What happened Bhabi ?U r sounding tensed...."

"I will tell u latter ....pls come fast to store room .I am locked here....."

"What!!Who locked u?.....Ok I m coming, don't worry."

Bhavya rushed towards store room.While going from corridor she heard Buamaa is loudly saying something in hall.But she ignored that as Gauri is locked in store room and now she has to go there first.

Aug 23

Dil Bole Oberoi-The story of Oberoi family (Part-6) (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 1 times)


After praying at Gurdwara of Amritsar Prithviraj with his family means with Kalyani, Shakti, Dolly and her husband Surjeet head toward his friend Jagjindar aka Jaggu's house.

From evening Matarani jagrata will start so in morning when they have reached Jagjindar's house he send them to guest rooms to take some rest.

At evening everyone leave to hall where Puja is kept.Shakti was a little late as while coming toward hall in corridor he heard that some people were planning to hurm Jagjindar the village Panchayat. When he head toward them to confront they run away seeing him.He thought to share this with his father so that he can warn Jagjindar about this.

When Shakti reached the hall every one was chanting 'Jai Matadi' but a loud voice catchs his attention which was saying O My Mata!He looks at this voice's owner ....a teenage girl while closing her eyes in her own world saying loudly 'O my mata' with funny worried face .His Buamaa who is sitting beside that girl trying not to laugh and concentrate on Puja. That girl calling 'O my mata' run into a room nearby.Shakti also chuckling sat beside his father joining the puja.

...................................**************** .......................


Yesterday he had gone to Bareilly again to bring her favorite golgappe from there AGAIN. She just once said that she want Bareilly wali golgappe and now whenever she wants to eat golgappe he brings that from Bareilly.... she does'nt know about this.Women in their pregnancy have so strange demands right?Oh... how happy he feels whenever he thinks that he is going to become a father.

But this time at Bareilly he came to know a new information about Gauri. Here he meet Gauri's chacha-chachi accidentally. He came to know that their surnames r 'Yadav' but he is confuse that why Gauri says that her surname is 'Sharma' then.He didn't ask about his confusion to that couple as in one meeting only he realized that this couple is really selfish and greedy so he ignored them.

He thought after coming home he will directly ask about this to Gauri but after coming home he saw that she is having fever and in this tension he forget asking her about surname.He took care of her whole night staying awake.In morning when Gauri's fever cured he said her that how he meet her uncle-aunty in Bareilly and came to know that their surname is 'Yadav' ......Gauri replied that 'Sharma/Sarma'is her mother's surname and they r not her real uncle-aunty.She was going to say that why she uses her mother's surname but before that Buamaa came with the doctor in room.

After doctor left ,seeing his tiredness Gauri said him to sleep for a while .At first he was not ready but instead said her to take some rest.But because of her insistence after getting assurance from her that she will take rest too and confirming that she is comfortable he lie down on the bed. As he was awake whole night so now at this day time because of tiredness he is in a deep slumber.

Because of a knock in door his sleep got disturbed.A servant came and informed him that Buamaa is calling him in hall urgently.

Waking up the first thing that he did was he looked beside him and the first thought that came in his mind was about Gauri.Where is this Gauri?May be with Buamaa .....Is she ok?Is the baby ok?Why is Buamaa calling him URGENTLY?

How much he tried to deny but at last he has to agree to his heart that yes he has a unknown place and feeling for her in his heart .His heart cares for her.....

Nodding at servant he said that he is coming.After he leaves the room his phone starts to ring which he left in room.


In hall

Everyone gathered in hall hearing Buamaa. Buamaa was calling Om's name loudly ....she ordered a servant to call him from room.Everyone started to ask what happened ,why she is calling like this?But she didn't answer and said she will say when Om comes.Then she saw that Om came.Going towards him she dragged a confuse Om to canter of hall. Then said....

"Omki u remember before going to coma u had seen that Gauri was trying to kill me in pool?"

Om looks at the faces of his family ,there is clearly shock written in everyone's faces......

He remembers that incident...... after coming from coma he even said about that .....his mom also was there when he acused Gauri but Buamaa only said that because of coma effect his mind is showing him all these.

He looked at his mother....yesterday night he has promised to his mother that he will try to give Gauri a chance in his life leaving all the past misunderstanding behind. Why is Buamaa asking about that incident suddenly?He hesitately starts...

"Buamaa ,Why u now.....I mean......"he trailed of.

Buamaa-"U were right. She tried to kill me....Because I came to know she is a gold digger."

Everyone is shocked. Om felt numb....

Dadi fall on the sofa beside her with a thud.Anika came out of the shock with this and rushed to dadi,she made her sit properly supporting her.Then turning towards Buamaa she asked....

"Then why didn't u said about this before?"

B-"I was going to say but then she came to me and said that she want to start afresh her life with Om as she is pregnant with his child.Believing her I gave her a chance but that girl cheated me (her tone slowly started to change, she started to talk madly)She cheated me....cheated all of us....she is not pregnant.... she played with my...our feelings.....that girl lied to us...she is not pregnant."looking at everyone she controled her mad tone.Then with teary eyes looking at Om she said...."She lied to u Omki....she is not pregnant. She tried to kill ur Buamaa. She is gold digger...."

But she get no response from him.He was standing there numbly without any emotions....


Here in store room.

After Bhavya said that she is coming.... Gauri cut the call and opened her video gallery in mobile....

She saw all the things that Buamaa said recorded in her mobile.She felt so happy that now she has proof against Buamaa. She was thanking her Sankarji when she heard the sound of door opinion.

Bhavya rushed inside and asked...

"Bhabi what happened and how u ended up here ?Why r u locked here?"

" Sorry Bhavya I will tell u all latter ,first I need to show this to Omkaraji....sorry..."

Saying this Gauri rushed outside. Bhavya also with confused look run behind Gauri....

After coming to their room Gauri saw that Omkara is not there that time Bhavya informed her that while going towards store room she heard Buamaa was saying something about Om from hall. But she is not sure as she was in a rush and hall room and corridor has a long distance so she didn't heard properly.


In corridor

Rudra saw that from opposite side his bhabi and Bhavya both r running towards hall.He stopped them and asked controlling his emotions.....

"Bhabi u shouldn't run like this in this condition..... Is everything ok?"

"Yes Rudy bhaiya....I need to go to hall urgently.... I mean Omkaraji is at hall room...so... I mean ....wo.... I will talk to u latter."

Saying this she runs towards hall before he says something more.....

Bhavya was going to follow Gauri when Rudra stopped her and dragged her towards their room.

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