Did the backlash by Sanaya Irani-Barun Sobti fans hurt IPKKND 3’s TRP ratings?

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Jul 30

Did the backlash by Sanaya Irani-Barun Sobti fans hurt IPKKND 3’s TRP ratings? (By V1184) (Thanked: 6 times)

Did the backlash by Sanaya Irani-Barun Sobti fans hurt IPKKND 3’s TRP ratings?

Can poor public sentiment impact the fortunes of a show? Well, it is quite possible. The case in point being Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3. In recent times, we cannot remember any show or even in the history of TV, any show getting such backlash from fans. Month before it was slated to go on air, fans demanded that Shivani Tomar be replaced by Sanaya Irani, who created magic with Barun Sobti in season one. However, the TV confirmed that she was not offered Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3, which further enraged fans. #ArShi lovers pleaded with the producers to cast Sanaya with Barun in what was touted as revenge cum love story. 

However, when it was clear that there would be no Sanaya in season three, it was obvious that a legion of fans would boycott. #NoIPKKND3withoutSanaya, #NoIPKKND3without Sarun were the buzzwords and frankly many producers would have either given in to the demand or opted to change the name of the show. Did they underestimate the fan following of the jodi? Sadly, it seems to be so. If they were circumspect they would have launched the show with a new name and excluded the iconic Rabba Ve. Fans would have found the absence of Sanaya more digestible and maybe given it a chance without the emotional baggage.

Well, the barbs against Shivani Tomar seem to be never-ending. From being termed as an incompetent actress and being called ugly, the hate mail directed at her is quite pathetic. To be frank, Shivani is not bad – looking at all. Her she might be overtly styled for the show but that does not make her ugly. And she has a tougher character to portray than Khushi in season one. Sanaya Irani’s Khushi was a simple feisty girl while Chandni is recovering from a traumatic past. Yes, it is not a very relatable character but audiences who can relate to literally anything including daayans, makkhis and vengeful devi’s on TV should not be complaining, we guess.

The show has a big canvas, some good dialogues, romance totally in a slightly different format. Maybe Advay Singh Raizada is more subtle than Arnav, which is why he is not working. It takes time for TV audiences to accept layered characters. We hope public sentiment changes for better. Everyone deserves a fair chance.

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