I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage

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Jul 31

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 33 times)

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My name is Khushi,Khushi Kumari Gupta and after two days I will become 'Singh Raizada'.Yes,after two days it's my marriage. Like most of the Indian middle class family my marriage is also an arranged marriage. We are from a higher middle class family.Here I am sitting in my room thinking about all these things.... as I can't share these things with anyone so for the first time I am writing diary......

It's been two weeks since my marriage preparation has started. Everyone is so happy. But I don't know about me......am I happy?After the engagement ceremony which happened one and half week ago my Mom too did asked me same question......

"Are you happy with this relation?"

I looked at her eyes which are showing the happiness because of this marriage and I replied....

"Yes,I am."

But really am I ?Now I am asking this to myself......

I am 28.I have a job,I am a college professor. It's been 4 years since my mom is hell bent on after my marriage. My Buaji was talking about my marriage from the time when I was just 20.However it was my dad who was on my side but since the time I got my job,he thinks that as I have completed my studies and have achieved my dream job too so now its time that I should get marry.After that it was really hard for me to ignore these marriage topics but somehow with my lame excuses I managed almost two years. But after some time realizing this my whole family started their emotional drama and now here I am going to change from Miss.Khushi to Mrs.Khushi.... after only two days.

Everything is more than perfect in my marriage. But still I am not sure that I am happy......because I AM AFRAID OF MARRIAGE...... yes I am afraid of marriage.

Aug 1

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 40 times)

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Everything is more than perfect in my marriage. But still I am not sure that I am happy….because I AM AFRAID OF MARRIAGE…yes I am AFRAID of marriage. It’s not like that I believe in live-in relationship because I consider live-in is also a kind of marriage….a none committed marriage.

My mom and dad are married its more than 30 years now. They care for each other. They complete every responsibility towards each other but still there is something missing in their relation. They still don’t have the comfortableness to speak with each other care freely, heartily. I am afraid ….afraid of this kind of relation, this kind of marriage.

My Buaji was married in a young age after two months of her marriage her husband died. After that her in-laws send her again to her paternal house to her brother saying that she is a bad omen and because of her only their son died. I am afraid of this kind of marriage. I know my would be in-laws and I know they are not like this but this fear is with me from my young age..... from the time I have just started to know a man and a women’s relation in life partner view.

It was not just one or two incidents because of which my view towards marriages or any kind of man-woman relation got changed which is related to other than blood or friendship relation. So obviously it’s not easy for me to accept this marriage so suddenly and happily.

I was in class eight when our senior Rupa di did suicide. She was in 11th. She was from a small village. She was in love with her senior Raj. They were in physical relationship. When she got pregnant he broke up with her. As in our society it’s a bad thing to get pregnant before marriage so after knowing Rupa di’s situation her family did her marriage to some one else and when her in-laws came to know about her pregnancy truth they kicked her out . After that whole society came to know all these things. After that her brother and uncle tried to abort the baby and after some days of this incident her family also kicked her out. She couldn’t take the disgusting look that she was getting from each and every one from the society and finally after giving birth to her child she did suicide. After that her family blamed Raj for her death and no one was ready to take the responsibility of the new born. Raj’s family just shows disgust towards the baby, they said it is not their blood…..they bad mouth about Rupa di’s character. After much discussion their village Panchayat gives the responsibility of the new born to his mother family and having no option Rupa di’s family has to take the baby with them. But the play of the fate changed everything and Raj died in an accident after six month. As Raj was the only son of the family after his death his family started the custody case for the baby. Other side after the insults that Rupa di’s family has to bear because of Raj’s family they also to take revenge started to use the baby as their pawn. The custody case is still in court, the baby is now 15 years old. He hates his father and his family the most. Rupa di’s family was invited in my marriage, as her son now does part time job in my brother’s hotel. Yesterday was my haldi function and I saw him there ….the hate, the rage that was inside of him I can see that in his eyes. He is just a teen age boy but the teen age boy is like died long before, the thing that is left now is just his body and which carry only hate ness.

Whats the meaning of this kind of relation where love is nothing but one more name of need and lust? I am afraid of this kind of relation. When I am single I at least have this power to ignore such relation but when I will get merry…. how am I supposed to ignore these things? What if my husband lust over me? What if he sees this relation just as a need? Or, what if thinks me and our relation just as a responsibility? …… I am afraid of this kind of relation …..I am afraid of marriage.....and after two days its my marriage. I am feeling so helpless......

................. .................................

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Aug 2

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 29 times)


When I was in class nine my classmates Shila and Nuri run away with their respective boy friends. We used to read in same class but Shila was not my friend. They were having their own group of friends and I had my own with my close friends. Shila and Nuri were from same group. As a classmate Shila and I just used to do hi-hellos if we come across, nothing more. But Nuri was quite talkative so she used to talk with everyone, so was a friend of mine but not so close as whenever they used to get time mostly they used spend it with their group. Shila did run away in March and Nuri in September.

After that with lots of problem Nuri’s family accepted her but because of Nuri’s this act her father felt so hurt that he lost his smile and had gone to Tablighi Jammat to get some peace. We heard that even Nuri’s in laws also finally accepted her. Where as Shila’s family never accepted her, but we heard that her in laws did. But in December we came to know that Nuri is back in her father’s house and she don’t want to go back there. She said that after two months of her marriage her husband has left her to her in-laws saying that now he need to earn as he is married now and to get a good job he left to Mumbai where is one of the friends of his has promised to give him a job. Here in her in-laws house she needs to do house hold works but in her maika (maternal home) she had never done any of these. Meanwhile Nuri’s father came back from tabligh. At that time her husband demands for a car as dowry. But Nuri’s father denied giving any. While all these going on finally fad up with her irresponsibility in house hold work her mother in law in rage cut her hair and she couldn’t take this insult so she came back to her maternal home. After some days of this incident she came to know her husband has a new girlfriend in Mumbai. After that she takes Talak (divorce).

Other side after Shila run away we never knows much about her life. One day it is in the local news paper that she died because of gas cylinder blast and her family is having doubt that it was not accident but a planed murder. They said that her in-laws used to torture her for dowry. When she died she was pregnant. Some day there was police investigation but after that the file got closed.

What these marriages means? Didn’t they have love marriage? Then where have their love run away? I am afraid of this kind of fake love, this kind of betrayal, this kind of marriages….

I look at the pictures which are lying in my table.....these are my engagement pics.As marriage preparation is going on and everyone is busy so my sister left these on table only, in rush.There I was standing beside him after the ring ceremony. How will be our marriage?I am trying my best but I feel again and again my fear is dominating me.I am just not able to forget the things that I have seen and have experienced.I am not able to come out of this......I am afraid of marriage......

................. .................................

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Aug 3

I Am Afraid of Relationship?/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 43 times)


I look at the pictures.....there my would be husband was posing looking at camera. I tried to read his face.....but I am bad at reading faces. I look at his eyes......he has something in his eyes which can pull any person towards him and I am not an exception.In spite of my fear for relationship and marriage I can't deny the fact that I feel attraction towards him because of his eyes. I have never felt like this before for anyone.I have read in many books that more than a person his/her eyes speaks volume.But from life I have also learned that 'There are somethings that which look good only in the books but in reality they have another faces.'

When I was in class ten our home maid Madvi maasi’s daughter’s marriage was fixed. Next day of Shagun maasi narrated what all happened that day in their house happily when Buaji asked for that…..in this narration I discover, I show how they were talking about the girl, it was looking like she is an object and if they can merry her off then they will be relieved from a very big burden. Girl’s family and would be in-laws were bargaining about the dowry and maasi said all these so casually that I was not able to decide how to react at that moment….in these barging talk I again felt that for them the girl is nothing but an object. After some time when I came out from my shocked state I tried to make her understand that dowry is illegal but she said me that without dowry no one will be ready to merry their daughter……I was so frustrated with her that I told her “Then don’t merry your daughter”….she looked at me and laughed a meaningless laugh and said “Without marriage and husband there is no meaning in a girl’s life. If she don’t get merry who will feed her? No one can spend their life alone. Also she is not good at study, have already failed three times in tenth and she doesn’t look much beautiful too” saying this she again laughed that meaningless laugh. I replied to her “ I know you maasi its more then six month,you are working in our house from six months and it's been two months your husband died so does that mean you have no meaning in life now ? Aren’t you the one who smiles more then before after the death of your drunkard husband? I know even you didn’t realize that. About feeding, are not you the one who earn for your family? Infect your husband used to waste YOUR money in his drink and …..” I was going to say more but that time my Buaji stopped me and scolded me to go from there. At that moment I saw maasi’s face it was pale and her eyes were having tears so I felt may be in rage I talked much so saying a sorry and saying to think about what I said, I left from there. While going I thought she would think about my words but next day she left the job of our house. She married her daughter to the same person with whom it was fixed earlier at same date it was fixed with the same amount of dowry it was said. I remember each and everything about that day when I argued with her about dowry for a moment seeing her face I thought she realized what I was trying to say but….. I don’t know is her daughter happy now or what she is doing now? After the argument my mom and Buaji scolded me for saying all these to her. They said I am not big enough to understand all these, the world is bigger then I think. I thought at least my father will support me but instead of that he said that some things there are which looks good only in the books but in reality they have another face. That day my mother said in her clear words that 'If a girl isn’t studying then its good to merry her off before she run away with anyone.'

That day I decided I will never merry in my life and will prove to everyone that girls are not burden. I will study enough, will get a well settled job, will build my own house and I will not be dependent on anyone. I will be independent…….

I have achieved all these ……. I write articles in news paper about girl-women’s development. 5% of my salary and whole money from my articles and 70% from my book sale go to women’s development. I have done my PhD. on feminism .. I have a well settled job, I am a college professor. I have purchased a land with my own money. I was even going to build a house for me but things got changed with the emotional blackmail of my family.


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Aug 21

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 33 times)

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Well, like me even he is blackmailed to accept this relation.After our marriage got fixed,at engagement day he confessed to me that he is also afraid of marriage type of relation. I was a little surprise but I knew about this before from Jiji.The way he confessed his fear I wish I could say the same.But I know Jiji must have said him about my unwillingness towards marriage.

After one year of Jiji's marriage when I came to know about his mother's suicide and when because of his brother-in-law's lust his sister's married life got ruined I never thought that because of these he is that much effected.That day when he confessed his hatred and fear towards marriage explaining the reasons I realized how deeply he is effected because of these. I saw incidents which make me afraid of marriage and relationships like these but he?.....He is living with such horrible experience. He and his siblings ,his whole family suffered such a horrible pain.

At his elder sister Anjali's wedding day his mother come to know that his father was having affair with another woman.After knowing this his mother did suicide shooting herself in front of him.His sister's would be in-law family left her shuttered breaking the alliance and after that feeling guilty even his father shoot himself same day.He was just twelve years old at that time. Within some ours everything ruined in front of his eyes.All this incidents poisoned his heart very badly.

Before some years ago when his sister fall in love with a lawyer named Shayam and wished to marry that man he was so afraid for his sister that he made his brother inlaw to stay with them in the same house. He did full background check before his sister marry that man. He don't wanna marry but that doesn't mean that he will not let his sister or brothers also marry. But after some years of marriage his brother-in-law's attitude started to change. He came to know about his brother-in-law's lustful and greedy character. He warned Shayam,threatened to ruined him but stayed quiet for his sister's happiness as she was pregnant at that time.

After that Shayam acted as if he is changed. But his mask fall off and his true nature came out when he crossed the limit and proposed me for marriage four years ago.

All this things made a fear in his heart towards marriage relationship. He confessed all this things before our engagement. While he was saying all these I saw how broken he is because of these incidents. But usually he don't show his emotions exposing like this.I saw him crying for the first time that day.He tried to control his emotions, tried to hide his pain as usual but that day it seemed he was not able to do so. In spite of knowing him from more than eight years I still feel that I don't know him .....not a bit.That day I didn't knew how to console him but seeing him like that I felt like my heart was tearing apart.It was looking like his years bounded dam of emotions finally broke and found a way to flow.Unknown to myself when and how I hugged him I didn't knew. But that worked.... that made him calm.

His mother and sister both were married to such persons who didn't value this relation.Loyalty is a essential element of marriage. But what do both their marriages means?I look at his picture again.... how will be our relation?Will we both be able to complete our relation? He said that he will try to give a chance to our relation.. Where will we land with this forced relation after marriage?He said he will try to forget his hatred and fear towards marriage and will try to give a chance to this relation whole heartedly but will I be able to give the same? Will I be able to come out of my fear?

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I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 28 times)


My Jiji Payal ,she is a crazy girl. She is full of life and always a happy go lucky type of girl. She doesn't think much before doing something. The day she gave her last day of her graduation exam the very same day she run away with Akash jiju and married him in temple. Running away was her idea only.

They were in relationship of two years.Akash jiju had gone to her college as a chief guest in a function there they meet for first time. After that they meet couple of times coincidentally at mall and at film theatre .Then they felt that they have an unknown connection and started to meet often and soon they fall in love and confessed to eachother.In college days I used to spend my all times in lectures, books and free time in library and in giving tuition so I wasn't aware of my sister's love life.

During that time only our brother Ranveer had opened a small restaurant near our college.He was not good in study so left study after his H.S.He is my twin brother, we r one year younger than Payal jiji.When jiji was in her last year and Akash jiju was 27 years old his mother started to look for girls to marry him.At that time jiju said to his family that he loves a girl named Payal. After knowing that we are from middle class family Jiju's mother was not ready to make Payal jiji her daughter-in-law.Here in our family when everyone came to know this maa scolded Jiji saying "We send u to college to study not to have affair".Buaji taunted saying "Today's generation only knows how to give pain to parents. I told Shashi to marry you one year back only as u have reached ur marriage age but he didn't listen to me.If people come to know about your affair do u know how much people will talk bad about us! U have a younger brother and a sister.... what will they learn from u.Have some shame....". And papa said with a disappointed look "Monorma ji questioned what lessons we teaches our children...... Akash's family and we have a great difference in status. For a girl feeling attraction towards a boy in this age maybe normal but we should know how to control ourselves and focus on our future.... right? If u want to marry now we will find a boy of our status...... No one should get another chance to question us something like this again.... do u understand?" .

That whole night jiji cried. We used to share the same room but had separate single bed.Love means to me family, sibling and parents other than these I actually don't understand this concept of love and all that.That night I didn't said anything to jiji ....I even didn't tried to console her for once. Was I judging her? I don't know but I had already resolved with myself that I will never marry.

After three months of this incident when Monorma Auntie with her emotional blackmail almost was forcing jiju to marry a model... jiji said juju to run away with her as both family will never agree.Finally seeing the situation and failing in front of jiji's blabbering jiju agreed to run away. Somehow jiju managed with Monorma Auntie two more weeks as jiji's exams were going on that time.The day exam ended same day they run away and married in temple.

I don't know about Raizada family but our family broke down totally. People bad mouth, gossip about our family.... questioned culture and teaching of family....questioned about jiji's and even mine character.... they called us gold digger.Maa and Dad had not eaten or speak to anyone properly for weeks.Buaji cried loudly for days and cursed jiji for weeks.Maa's situation came to that point where we had to admit her to hospital. After seeing maa's condition Buaji took determination to make me marry as soon as possible as she thought what if I also run away with someone. I felt hurt hearing her but didn't said anything. Dad only made her understand that I will never do something like that.But after that whenever Buaji got a chance she used to bring the topic of my marriage.Dad,Buaji, Maa strictly warned me and my brother not to have any contact with jiji ever again.They even said she is dead for our family.

It was not like that Raizada family accepted this marriage openly. Anjali di did Jiji's grihapravesh ritual but didn't speak with her.No one in the family speak with the newly wedded couple. Monorma Auntie cursed jiji and our family, called us with names....she almost kicked her out of the house but as Nani believes in marriage's sacred relation so she didn't let her do so but that doesn't meant she accepted jiji.

During that time only I met Arnavji for the first time.After the marriage fiasco seeing the suffering of our family me and my brother wanted to solve this problem....at that time only Arnavji himself came to us. He wanted peace back in his family ,he wanted his brother's happy face back again so he contacted with me and my brother to solve this problem together. Akash jiju's brother NK was also involved in this mission. Though at that time I used to dislike NK with all my heart still I accepted to work together with him in this mission as for me my family's happiness was most important.From NK only I came to know what all happened in Raizada family after the marriage.

After that I talked with jiji and came to know how the family members behaved with her after the marriage. It was only the three brothers who talked with her normally.

We tried every trick to make our family accept this marriage and be normal with the children of the respective house.Four months run away like blink during this mission but nothing worked.Finally NK gave a insane idea that if jiju and jiji have a child then family will accept them.I was really angry on him for that stupid idea. Jiju also was angry with this idea as he didn't wanted his child to use like that.

I felt hurt....really hurt when Arnavji agreed to that idea. I felt more angry on him than NK....I don't know why....maybe during that family union mission his eyes....his innocent looking eyes made a place in my life....maybe I wasn't expecting to those eye's owner something like that....maybe I....I just....that day something changed between us....it felt as if all those four months that we spend together he erased that just agreeing to that stupid idea.I left that team....I started to work individualy to made my family accept Jiji again.But Ranveer was still with them as a team member.

After more four months when I had almost left the hope of reunion of our family I came to know jiji was pregnant .After that her in-laws accepted her and gave the respect of daughter-in-law.I don't know how jiju agreed....I don't know why jiji did that....

After that two months later one day jiji was going to fall from temple steps and maa was there in same temple....she saw her and saved her from falling and there happened mother-daughter reunion. I know it was NK and my brother's plan. It was not like that we had not tried this trick before....we did...before NK put that pregnancy idea we tried this accident drama once but that time that idea didn't worked.

Then what changed this time?Maybe that time wound was fresh....everyone was hurt because of marriage....or is it true that the news of pregnancy melted maa's heart?I don't know.... When jiji was in her 9th month finally Buaji and Dad also accepted her....and the DEAL was successful....a good investment and a great fruit....the baby brought family together....

I saw my family member's hurtful faces after hearing di's affair and I saw their miserable sate after di eloped.I don't understand why some bunch of people who are called society is so bothered about others life?....I saw society people's disgusting reaction towards our family after that marriage incident.... I heard from Jiji and NK how hurt Raizada family was because of that marriage....I saw jiji's suffering first wanting to be with her love and then wanting to be with family and wanting to have the love of her in-law family. I saw both family members reaction after hearing jiji's pregnancy news.... Love-Family-Society-Togetherness-Hurt-Deal and all that....WHERE A RELATION CALL MARRIAGE STANDS BETWEEN ALL OF THESE?

Sep 14

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 30 times)


I never gave a real reason to my family that why I don't wanna merry. I always used to give some lame excuses. Because I know no one will understand my point of view.

In our society a girl's life starts and ends under a man.A girls life alone has no value. I know like Arnavji many men also suffer because of some selfish type of women like who had affair with his father. If there are selfish men in the world then there are selfish women too.But society always point their fingers toward women while like Mr.Malik type men also equally involved in these type of sin.People can talk behind their back but they get respect in front of all.

Husband is equal to God ,Haven lays under husband's feet -this is what our society teaches us.Even after being so modern still girl's mentality is revolve around these concept.

My family never consciously differentiate between me-my sister and my brother but if I notice deeply than it's clear that we have a huge difference between us . When family came to know Payal jiji's affair there were a huge fuss about this but when they came to know about Aman they didn't said much.If I ignore this saying that they have learned from Payal jiji's matter than also there were many things where they unknowingly differentiate between us.

Girl's are always praised for their sweet heart, lovely heart, their sacrifices,their motherly lovely nature etc. etc.....I don't know why but I think while saying all these actually paternalistic society wisely makes women weak and indirectly use them for their own benefits.

If not for Aman and Preeto I would have never agreed for marriage. For their happiness I become weak. In front of their emotional blackmail I bow down.

Its not needed to ask a girl to sacrifice her happiness for her family....she does that with her will.Its not like boys don't do sacrifice for their family.... they do...even Arnavji has agreed for this marriage for his sister's, for his family's happiness....But no one can deny that maximum time its girls who sacrifices....After all they are the face of mother, they are the face of Devi....this is how paternalistic society builds a girl's mind even before they know.

Will any one understand if I say all these to them? I tried once to express myself through Madvi masi's incident but......I think if I say all these to a living human being then he/she will laugh at me at first and then will suggest me to see a psychiatric.

I always get dominated infront of my loved ones.Its not like they purposely dominate on me ....its just that for their happiness I bow down. I was determined that I will never bow down in this matter..... I will never marry. But at the end I become weak and said yes for marriage.

I am afraid what if in my in-law's house also same happen?What if I get dominated there also?What if I always get dominated in our relationship?What if I get dominated by my husband?I am afraid.... afraid of my future.... afraid of this kind of relationship.... afraid of this kind of marriage.... I am afraid of marriage.

While writing I have not realized.... its dawn.Someone is knocking in my door to wake me up.Piush my nephew who was sleeping in my room wake up with the knocking sound.So,bye dear diary ....I have to go now....


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Oct 5

I Am Afraid of Relationship/Marriage (By Parichayhin126) (Thanked: 34 times)


I was thinking will I be able to write again before my marriage.Today maa is sleeping in my room.We.....I mean she has talked almost one hour with me.Giving lessons how to behave in my new house, how to respect my new family. She came to my room to teach me 'do' and 'not do' lessons.But at last ended up talking about my childhood naughtiness and how I become silent with growing age.She had got emotional and then started crying.I made her sleep and tried to sleep myself. She was tired of doing all the works whole day so she slept within sometimes....but me?I am not able to sleep..... after turning and tossing for half an hour here I am writing diary.

From my childhood I was a little reserve type of girl but I didn't realize when and how I become so reserve that I stop talking with the people around me.Jiji being Jiji used to talk nonstop with me but I just used to listen her. After Jiji's marriage that also stopped. It is not like my family members don't talk with me.They talk.....but my talk always ends with monosyllable answers.Other than some of my close friends I actually never talk with anyone freely.

I don't know why but I don't find anything appropriate to join in their conversation.They all have different types of topics to talk.But Maa gets mingle with everyone. When maa is with Buaji and neighbor aunties she will talk with them all religious things,tv gossips, neighborhood gossips,kitchen etc.But when she is with Dad she will talk about news,society, country and all that.Again when with jiji and Aman she will talk with them about their friends,study, adventure, dreams etc and even criticizes young generation's addiction toward new technology with fun.Listening their fun talk I used to smile sitting in a corner but never tried to join them.Today when I am going to leave this house I am feeling like maybe I have missed a lot of beautiful moments without knowing and pushing them away from me.

I am going to leave this house just after some hours.Why only girls has to leave their house?

Tomorrow at 11 am is the auspicious moment when my marriage will happen with Arnavji. After that at 1 pm will happen Aman and Preeto's marriage.We will start for the venue from our house at 8 am....This is how our schedule is made for tomorrow....Tomorrow?Or Today?.....Its 12:05 am now.....so that means I have only some hours left....left for what?I don't know....

Marriage venue is Aman's hotel. When he left his study in middle everyone was so worried that how will be his future....He opened a small restaurant near our college but when Preeto came in his life everything changed.

Before asking for Preeto's hands from her family he made his own identity.Aman made his own identity first as he wanted to give a happy life to Preeto.We never thought Aman will become this much responsible one day....but he become so....for the love of his life... for Preeto he change himself for better.

Because of his hardwork his small restaurant turn into a big hotel. This made us from a mere middle class family to a higher middle class family.

Though still we are not equal to the status of Raizada in wealth .....but I really felt good when I came to know that except Monorma aunty no one cares about status much.

When our family came to know about Aman's affair with Preeto they as usual scolded him. But this time they didn't scolded much.

But in their love story after that came two obstacles ...one is Aman's educational status and other one is me.Preeto managed to convince her family about his study matter but the second obstacle was me.

I was already 27 years old and was not ready for marriage so my family was not ready to make Aman marry first. I am one minute elder than Aman and as I am a girl they said I have to marry before him....Like seriously?!!!!

I wasn't able to give a reasonable reason to them that why I don't wanna marry and they weren't ready to leave me alone. So after lot of argument,emotional blackmails and convincing finally I had to agree for the marriage.

Seeing their lovey dovey relation I sometimes think that how will be my relation with Arnavji?

Jiji and Akash jiju also had problems at the initial days of marriage but now they also live such a lovey dovey life.After being with each other from so many years still they can't live without eachother for a day.That day jiji came to my room to sleep but then Jiju's video call came and leaving sleeping Piush in bed she left to balcony with mobile phone. While I was writing diary sitting in room she was talking with jiju in balcony. At morning I found her sleeping in balcony in sitting position.

Is that what call love where you can't stay away from your partner.... I saw during the marriage rituals how Jiji-Jiju,Aman-Preeto,NK-Sheetal are stealing moments to romance. All these seems stupid and filmy to me but deep down in my heart somewhere I know I also want to spend such romantic moments with my partner doing all these crazy things.

While convincing me for marriage once jiji has given a crazy logical suggestion saying...

"As you and Arnavji both run away hearing the name of marriage so you both should run away with eachother marrying eachother."

I don't know how will be my and Arnavji's relation.... Will we be able to love each other?Or our marriage will be just a marriage of convenience without any love?


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