All I want is just you

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Aug 8, 2017

All I want is just you ( previously named as you are my everything) (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 35 times)

Oh god it hurts don't throw daggers on me. I know I know I just disappeared. What to do back to back festivals kept me on my toes, to top of if there's any award on "worlds most laziest person" then I will be winning that without any competition. I hope this time the story will proceed without any interruption. I even just can't drop and go for new one because I just loved it when this idea came up in my mind. Ok, I think you would have forgotten this story long back so I'm restarting it. 

The story starts from the episode where kushi revealed that her engagement was broken to Arnav and lavanya leaves RM.

He was too happy about her broken engagement. His happiness knew no bounds he was literally jumping in joy. 

His mind and heart will always have a war when Kushi is concerned. But most of the times his mind over powered his heart ending up hurting  her knowingly or unknowingly himself too. 

He was furious when he came to know that she was engaged. He don't know why he was angry? Day by day that anger increased. He insulted her taking out his anger and frustration. But again and again he was one hurted more. 

But gradually realization drowned upon him. He loved her not yesterday or the day before that but from the moment she fell in his arms. 

From the moment she entered his life he started experiencing new emotions that he never know they exist. He don't know what's happening to him or have any control on it. So he let it out in his well known way 'anger'. But still that girl has the audacity to stand back him which no one dared to. 

He tried to stay away from her not liking the effects she has on him but brutally failed every time. He wanted to break her and assure himself and her that she doesn't matter to him by announcing his engagement with lavanya but the plan backfired him. He was the one who was broken when he came to know she was engaged. 

All these days he was confused with these new emotions and messed up everything. Finally he settled with his emotions and his mind and heart screamed one thing that "he wanted her" "she is his, he can't let go of her just like that". 

He decided to clear up the mess from his side first so he confronted to lavanya and she being a good friend understood him very well. But he can't get the guilt out of him. He unnecessarily dragged lavanya in this. He hoped she too get her soul mate like him. 

And now he have to clear the things of her side. Whoever may be How dare he try to get his kushi. She is his, he will not allow anyone to even lay their eyes on forget about marriage. But he have to do something to get her. When he was thinking about breaking her so called engagement she herself confronted him that her engagement was broken. 

But what if she loved her fiancee? NO that can't happen. He never seen her being happy about her engagement. She even cried on his shoulders due to that basted, how dare he hurt his Kushi?he won't leave him in peace. When this thought came to his mind he was as angry as hell. When she told him that day, his first concern was her he wanted to comfort her so he didn't reacted much. To top of it she didn't open up anything about that. He even don't know who was that idiot. 

He pulled out his phone and dialed his scape goat's oops sorry Aman's number.

"Hello Aman I need each and every detail of kushi's fiancee ask Arjun to get the details"he didn't waited to get the reply from other side. Can anyone say 'no' ASR. Poor Aman he has no other option other than obliging his boss's every word. 

After few minutes his phone rang indicating call from Aman. 


"Sir Arjun sir is out of city and will be after 2-3 days"

"Ok, inform him after he returns" he don't need a detective to know about that man but seeing kushi's reaction on that day he don't think he can get anything from her or others. She was about to say but stopped suddenly from revealing anything. Even his family don't know that guy and he can't just go and ask her family, can he. 

He leaned back on his reclaimer using his hand as pillow. He took a deep breath. He wanted to know what's in her mind and to let her know about his feelings. But for that he need to talk to her alone and here that's next to impossible. One or other will be always there to disturb them and his di, no he is not ready to let anyone know about his feelings before he confront kushi. He have to get her alone but how? His ASR brain stared planning to get his girl alone. 

Aug 9, 2017

chapter 2 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 32 times)

Next morning

Arnav is getting ready for the office in his room planning to steal his lady love to get some conversation. He has to open up his heart to her as soon as possible before any other idiot come between them.

Akash barged into his room startling him.

"bhai come soon, we have to leave as early as possible."

"what happened Akash?" he asked setting his tie.

"I don't think you want to be here when your pyaarasa NK bhai comes here" he said giving him a teasing smile.

"What?that monkey is coming here?when?" 

"In few minutes"

"Who asked him to come here?"

"Bhai it's my wedding. So obviously mom called him here"

"What the... come Akash let's go" he grabbed his laptop bag walking out with Akash tailing him.

When he came downstairs Anjali saw him all ready and is rushing out as fast as he could. She very well knows the reason. Giggling she called him. 


"Haan di" he stopped in his tracks turning to her.

"Chotae where are you going this soon?"she asked hiding her smile.

"Diiii...... I don't want to be here while that monkey arrives" he answered irritatingly. 

"Hawweww chotae you are calling NK bhai as monkey. How could you?"

"Di monkey can only be called as monkey. Anyways I have to leave now" before he could turn and go he heard his so called monkey's shout.

"Nannav mare bhai how are you man?" Nk jumped on him hugging.

"Good until now. Can't promise after this" he said closing eyes cursing Nk under his breath. 

"You naughty boy. You didn't change even a bit" he said shaking Arnav by his shoulders.

"What the.... why should I ?"he pushed his hands off his shoulders.

"But I like you every much Nannav" saying this Nk kissed Arnav's cheeks. Arnav made a disgusting face.

Akash and Anjali were laughing seeing his expression. He glared at them that's enough to shut them up. 

"Don't come near me you monkey" he said taking two steps backwards.

"Nannav don't call me that" Nk said widening his eyes.

Nani came there after pooja while mami following her behind.

"Aree Nk beta when did you come?"enquired nani. 

"Now only nani" he took her blessings.

" are you?" Nk hugged mami.

"I'm fine NK betwa. How are use(you)?" She asked him hugging him back. 

"I m fine maasi, see" saying this he twirled.

"Didn't I tell you, he is a monkey" Arnav murmured in Anjali's ears. 

"Shut up chotae" she hit his arms playfully.

"Ok di I'm leaving before that monkey turns to me again, bye di" he said looking at Nk who is doing dramatic greetings with mami. Arnav eyed Akash to follow him.

Arnav opened the door only to find Kushi standing there murmuring something to herself munching her chenna's.

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Aug 10, 2017

chapter 3 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 35 times)

Kushi was busy in her own world didn't acknowledge the door opened by Arnav. She was about to knock the door again. That was straight on Arnav's nose. Arnav who was mesmerized by his angel didn't noticed too. 

Both of them came to sense when his senses instructed his brain that his nose was hurting and her after she hearing his signature "what the". 

She didn't even waited to say a simple sorry. She just walked past him glaring and pushing his hand that was blocking her way gaining one more "what the" from him.

"Bhai let's go" said Akash who came a while later and oblivious to the commotion happened there.

"Haaan you go I will get Mr. Metha file and join you." It was a white lie. He wanted to get a glimpse of his clumsy queen to get an idea of her ignorance. It's not any new thing but after what he realised about himself he can't let it go just like that. 

In hall

Kushi greeted everyone and frowned at the new face. 

Before anyone NK introduced himself to Kushi.

"Hi this is NK" he extended his hand towards her.

"Kushi" she replied accepting his hand for handshake with a smile.

Seeing Arnav back to the hall Anjali enquired about it.

"Chotae you back? Do you need anything?"

"Haan di I came to get a file" he replied keeping his eyes only on his girl and her hand in NK's.

"Oh ok" saying that Anjali took the honour of introducing them. While Arnav took long strides towards his room. He can't stand there and stare at them when he himself gave getting his file as a reason for his return.

"Kushiji this is NK bhai our cousin brother" she said all smiling.

"Nk bhai this is Kushiji appki hone waali babhi ki behan (your's would be sister-in- law's sister)"

After getting his so called file he came out and stood half the way in stairs. He was not pleased with the site before him. Nk and kushi were chatting like long last friends. She is all smiling. 

Not able to stand the site he rushed out.

He groaned inwardly. Why can't he bring that smile on her face. 

(The following are the conversation between his mind and heart)

"Because you are rakshas. That's what she called you right?" his heart mocked.

"Shut up I'm not that rude"came a instant reply from his mind.

"Oh really" his heart gave a sarcastic smile.

"Ok I'm rude but that doesn't mean she will move freely with that monkey"said his mind irked.

"Because he doesn't scare her like you did"his heart answered back.

"That......that.......I didn't mean to do that. She came crashing all my resolutions which no one dared to and that made me mad at her"his mind tried to reason out for its actions in past.

"Is it not the reason that you fall for her"his heart gave a knowing smile.

"Whatever, but I can't let that monkey close to her. She is mine. Only I should be reason of her smile"his mind is not ready to bow to his heart.

"Ha ha ha good joke that won't happen even in your next birth"his heart is not ready to leave the chance tease ASR.

"You are challenging me, the ASR" his mind got annoyed.

"Oh I know you are the great ASR right. Then go, go and say that three words to her"his heart challenged. 

"What words?"his mind didn't got what his heart ment.

"Those magical words I LOVE YOU"his heart replied casually.

"That.......that........"his mind hesitated, its not that easy like his heart said. 

"Ha ha ha see didn't I say that you can't"his heart is not ready to leave him today.

"ASR can do anything"his mind also nowhere to give up.

"Then go and say to her"his heart wanted to win over his mind at any cost.

"I will"his mind replied confidentially.

"Let's see"his heart know what to do to get ASR to its way. 

He sighed finally after the end of the argument between his mind and heart. Unusually his heart raised it's voice over his mind. That vow to happen when Kushi is concerned. He shrugged and walked away.

By then he reached the car and he drove to AR. But still replaying the scenes of his love and his monkey cousin and the conversation between his heart and mind.

Hi dears I'm back again. Sorry for making you wait this long. 

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Aug 11, 2017

chapter 4 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 29 times)

Arnav was leaning on his cozy black leather chair all lost (what else in thoughts of his lady love only) His left hand playing with the paper weight on table and right hand resting on the arm of chair. 

Akash walked glancing the file in his hand towards his Bhai's cabin. 

"Akash sir" called Aman from behind stopping Akash on his tracks.

"Haan Aman" Akash replied politely closing the file in his hand.

"Woh sir are you going to ASR's cabin?" asked Aman with some unreadable look.

"Yaaah, why Aman?"asked Akash observing Aman's weird behavior. 

"Sir can you get this file signed by ASR, please" he pleaded extending the file to Akash.

"Well, but you can get that signed by bhai yourself, right?"asked Akash unsure.

"Yes sir, but when I went to his cabin after knocking many times I didn't get any answer from ASR" before he finish Akash interrupted.

"What?"he asked all panicked wondering what happened to his bhai.

"Don't worry sir, he is all fit and fine but lost somewhere. So can you..." he said hesitatingly maybe be was wrong. Because, ASR and lost never.. that never happened before but when he peeped into his cabin it looked like that. He even thought to get his eyes checked.

Akash was like 'really' because he is also never seen his bhai lost. So it's better to check on his bhai by himself. Getting the file and giving a nod to him Akash moved towards Arnav's cabin.

Akash knocked Arnav's cabin thrice but didn't got any response like Aman said. So he pushed the door open and entered in. 

Aman is right his bhai was lost somewhere not even acknowledging his presence. He called him to get his attention but Arnav remained unaffected. 

Akash watched him in wonder he is not stilled or something because still his hand is playing with the paper weight. 

He moved towards Arnav and shock him to bring him back from whatever land he is.

Arnav startled by Akash's touch. And blinked at him not understanding what's going around him.

"Bhai, are you ok?" Akash asked all concerned.

"Yaah, I'm ok" he said and walked towards the door.

"Bhai where are you going?" Akash asked confused by his action.

"Haan I'm .....I......I'm going back home" ASR stammered for the first time in his life.

Akash was left with open mouth while Arnav moved out. 

 "Am I dreaming or something" he thought and pinched himself to confirm the happenings. First his bhai was all lost and when he came back to sense he just moved out saying that he is returning home which is very much unlike ASR.

Arnav got to his SUV and passed his seat belt. He himself was confused of his own behavior. Can love change man this much? he wondered. Igniting the engine he dove back to shanthivan.

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Aug 12, 2017

chapter 5 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 32 times)

When he entered shanthivan his face took the dark shade of green in jealousy. Why will not he? In hall both NK and Kushi were hi-fing talking something. He took his long strides towards them and sat opposite to them. But still they didn't noticed him, roaming in their own world which raised his angry nerves to peak. And the poor soul caught in that was Hp.

"Hp........Hp....." he roared shaking the whole mansion. 

Kushi flinched hearing his shout. Actually she got the message of his presence by her erratic heart beats but she shrugged it off thinking how come he would be here at this time. To top of it she still thinks that her dhak-dhaks as acidity. That's what the reason she ignored him not able to control her heart which is thudding like it gone for a 100 m race when he is around. She wondered how he creates acidity by his mere presence.

Nk is speaking something to her but none entered her ears than the conscious about the man sat opposite to them. She nodded her head smiling not hearing anything noticing the angry bird by the corner of her eyes.

Hp came running to the hall "ji bhiya".  He looked at Hp with the look 'i will bite your head off' which made Hp to gulp his saliva hard.

"What take you this much time? bring my coffee" he roared again scaring the poor Hp. Hp fled from there in a split of second to save his life from the angry lion who is ready to pounce any time.

Kushi didn't even dared to turn his side. Nk in his cool avatar not knowing that he himself is the reason for the volcano eruption moved towards his nannav. 

"Nannav mare bhai why are you keeping this anger on your nose" he said touching Arnav's tip of nose sitting on the arm of the car where Arnav sat.

Arnav gave his famous glare which made NK to jump from his seat. "Cool down bro cool down.Why are you angry? What happened? tell me I will solve everything"he said with his dramatic attitude.

"Oh really"Arnav asked sarcastically raising his brow. Nk nodded innocently. "Then hear, you are my problem" he said pointing his finger towards Nk. "Now you are away from her and I'm fine" he muttered under his breath which is not even audible to himself.

"What? Me, what did I do? What did I do man?" Nk asked surprised not knowing why is his nannav angry on him.

"Stop eating my brain Nk" he said irritated and walked to his room not before shooting a glare at Kushi who was a silent spectator all this time like she don't exist.

Nk scratched his head confusingly. Kushi left the breath of relief after his disappearance which she herself don't know she was holding from the time he arrived.

"Kushiji can you understand why nannav is angry like this?" he asked her keeping his hands on his hips.

"Leave it nanheji laad governor is always like that" she chided.

"Laad governor?"he asked confusingly wondering whose is new person.

"Haan laad governor, your nannav. He keeps on ordering everyone like governor" saying this she pouted.

"Ha ha ha really kushiji it's suit's him better than nannav"he laughed clutching his stomach. Kushi too smiled seeing him.

Nk got a call and moved from there talking. Kushi sat there flipping the pages in the magazine kept on the table.

Anjali came there calling for Hp. 

"Ji di" Hp came there with the coffee cup.

Anjali frowned seeing the coffee cup. "What is this?" She asked pointing the coffee cup.

"Woh di Arnav bhiya asked for it"he replied.

"Chotae, is chotae home?"she wondered.

"Ji di" nodded Hp.

"Ok come with me you have a work"she called him.

"Di coffee?"Hp asked looking at the plate.

Anjali looked around and noted Kushi in sofa.

"Kushiji please take this to chotae's room" she said and moved not waiting for the reply.

Kushi's eyes popped out but before she could react both Anjali and Hp are gone leaving the coffee cup in her hand. 

"Hey Devi mayya why are you doing this to me?"she complained to her best friend.

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Aug 18, 2017

chapter 6 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 41 times)

"Devi mayya raksha karna" she chanted continuously all her way to his room.

She knocked the door gathering all her courage but didn't got any response from the other side. She slightly pulled the door and sneaked in to locate him. But he is nowhere to be seen.

"Don't know where this laad governor disappeared suddenly"she hit her forehead "are youstupid Kushi, may be he w as in bathroom" she chided herself.

"Thank you Devi mayya for saving me. Hurry up Kushi otherwise that raakshas will catch you and torture you with his 'what the'"She blabbered inaudibly and tiptoed into his room. She carefully placed the coffee on the table without making noise like a cat to steal milk. 

She didn't wanted to face him at any cost. But luck was not in her side today. Before she exit the room a strong arm pulled her arresting her in his coffin closing the door behind. 

She was too shocked to react. Her heart raced. She clutched her dress in her small fist closing her eyes tightly. This is what she feared for to her bad luck it happened. His closeness always make her heart go crazy.

He watched her every act with amu****t. He is happy about the effect he had on her. He called her with his husky voice sending shiver on her spine.


"" she stammered still closing her eyes.

"Kushi look at me" he whispered.

She slowly opened her eyes and raised her eyes to look at him. She was lost in those deep chocolate pool. He is not less he too lost in her hazel eyes. 

After entering into his room he paced the length and breadth of the room angrily. How dare she? She ignored him, HIM and chatting with that buffoon NK. Unable to take the site he marched to his room but here too he can't calm his mind thinking what would they be doing downstairs. He wanted to be the only one for the reason of her smile. But except him everyone is doing that job perfectly that too that NK it irked him very much. Failing to stay anymore he was about to go down when he saw her coming towards his room with his coffee. He smirked by the idea popped up in his devil mind. He hid behind the door waiting for his prey to fall in his trap. 

Like the way he thought she fell in his tarp but the way she acted made him laugh but he controlled himself before even the sound of his breath escapes that give her any suspension.

When he saw her trying to escape without his notice he got alerted and pinned her to the door not giving her a chance to escape. No one escapes after messing with ASR. He wanted to teach her lesson for ignoring him in his way but when she was that close to him, he just forgot everything and when he saw her twinkling innocent eyes he was totally out.

Their trance was broken by NK's shout. He was searching for kushi who was missing in the gap when he went to attend the call. 

"Kushiji......kushiji........."NK shouted. 

Jerking from the lost state she was in, she looked around to understand the happenings and was shocked seeing their position pushing him away she ran out as fast as she could not even giving a single glance at him.

"I'm going to kill this monkey for sure"muttered irritated Arnav.

Always one or other is there to disturb them. He got a nice chance today but that stupid Nk spoiled everything. No one let him in peace with his girl here. He has to get her away where no one can even dream of disturbing them. 

He thought an idea and smirked "now we can see how you escape from me. Wait for me Kushi kumari Gupta"

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Aug 20, 2017

chapter 7 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 62 times)

In night Gupta house

"This laad governor always doing one or other thing to disturb me, he will never let me in peace. uurrggg" she pulled her hair sitting on the bed.

"Kushi what are you blabbering" Payal hit her little sister's head playfully who entered the room just now to see her sister taking to herself. 

"Jiji I'm not going to RM here after"she said with a determination.

"What's this new drama?" Payal asked sitting beside her.

"Haan jiji I will not even come to meet you after your marriage. Please jiji you come and meet me here daily. You will do it for me na?" She asked with hopeful eyes holding Payal's hand.

"Why? what happened? why you don't want to visit RM? what there that scaring you?"Payal asked crooking her brows. 

"That laad governor is there na, what else is needed more than him"she pouted.

"What? Kushi behave yourself. Arnavji is a good person. why are you calling him names"chided Payal.

"What? Him.... good person.....jiji you are supporting your sasural now itself and do you know what he did today. He pull...."she closed her mouth widening her eyes realising what she was about to say.

Not even giving a glance to Payal who is listening to her with full attention she lied on the bed pulling her blanket over her head and whispered good night before closing her eyes Payal shook her head at her sister's antics and lied beside her.

As soon as she closed her eyes those deep chocolate pool flashed before her. She groaned and turned to other side to get some sleep but still that intense honey orbs not ready to leave her mind. Getting another hit from Payal she fixed one position and slowly sleep took over her.

Next day in RM

Everyone is at the breakfast table except Arnav. 

"Anjali betiya where is chotae?"asked nani not finding her im-so-perfect grandson in the table.

"Haan nani don't know what happened? he never got late. Let me check him"after getting a nod from nani she went to check on her chotae. 

In Arnav's room

When she entered the room she saw him leaning on the head rest with eyes closed. She rushed to him.

"Chotae..... what happened? you ok?"she asked touching his forehead doubting whether he had temperature or not. Worry and concern was written all over her face.

"Nothing di, I'm just tired. You don't worry" he felt bad for making her worry. 

"Don't worry? How can you say that chotae? If not me then who will worry for you?"she huffed.

"Ok sorry drama queen" he chuckled seeing Anjali face which formed three 'o'.

"What the..."

"That's my line di"


"That too" he raised his eyebrow with small smile playing on his lips.

"Chotae tum" she smacked his arm for teasing her. Then she called Hp to bring food for Arnav.

"Di what's the need to bring the food here? I would have come down"

"You said you are tired, right?"

"Haan toh?"

"So today I will feed you" when he opened his mouth to protest she put a morsal into his mouth.

 "good boy"she said closing his mouth. Without any opinion he too ate from his sister's hand shaking his head muttering  "unbelievable".

After finishing the breakfast she made him lie down and ordered him to not step out of the bed. 

"I'm sorry di" Arnav muttered seeing her retreating figure. 

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Oct 26, 2017

chapter 8 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 47 times)

Chapter 8

Welcome welcome welcome 

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In Gupta house

" will not go there" kushi shouted from the bathroom. 

"Kushi why are behaving like this? Come out first and what's the problem you have going there?" Payal shouted from outside trying to get her stubborn sister out of bathroom. 

Our dear sankadevi locked herself in bathroom for about half an hour when she was asked to go to RM to give some gifts to the groom's family.

"Never jiji I will never go there. Atleast not in this lifetime" she again shouted. 

Payal sighed hard. She decided to use the last weapon 'emotional blackmail' 

"Kushi can't you do this, even for your poor jiji" 

"Jiji I will give even my life for you but I will not go there" 

"Kushi why are you doing this? Amma and buaji have so much work here and they have to be here to attend our guests and I also can't go there as I'm the bride.  Try to understand"Payal explained her patiently. 

Kushi thought for sometime sitting on the inverted tub(no no tub is not inverted she made it to have a seat) biting nails (bad habit)  "but jiji what if that laad governor do something" still she was not ready to oblige.

"Not again kushi, how many times I have to say you don't talk like this about Arnavji and moreover he would have been in office by now" she tried to put some logic in her sister's mind. Time is past ten, by now our workaholic ASR will be in office not in home roaming around. 

Kushi's eyes lit up. She hurriedly opened the door and crashed with Payal hugging her tight. Finally there was an assurance that see will not face her laad governor who is the one and only reason of her this stunt.

"When Kushi is here why to fear. See how fast I reach your sasural with the gifts. And jiji if you have any message for you to-be-husband say it to me I will deliver it to him pakka" she said with a wide grin.

Payal looked her with disbelief and wondered is she the same person who locked herself in bathroom for half an hour taking the hell out of her just to make her agree to deliver the gifts. She shook her head and left from there not able to bear her sister's mood swing.

In RM 

Kushi came happily carrying all the bags but what she doesn't know was that her laad governor is coolly resting in his room obliging to his di's order not to step out the room owing to his so called sickness.

Kushi sat in hall chatting with nani and Anjali smiling ear to ear. Suddenly her heart started to beat erratically. 

She clutched her dress tightly closing her eyes muttering to herself "Kushi you are gone mad how can you get acidity, even that laad governor is not here. Have to check with doctor otherwise it will burst one day for sure" 

"Kushiji are you ok" asked concerned Anjali by her sudden silence. 

"Not..... nothing di I'm.... I'm fine"she replied stammering. 

Before Anjali could ask further questions her eyes fell on figure descending the stairs.

"Chotae" Anjali called him making Kushi choke the water she was drinking to compose herself from someone effect.

Both looked at Kushi one with concern other with a smirk very well knowing the reason what made her choke. 

After confirming that she was ok Anjali turned to enquire her chotae.

"Chotae what is this I said you to not step out of your room then why you came down that too in your suit?" She asked looking him up and down who was fully ready in his three piece suit. 

"Di just now only I got a call from Aman I have to attend an important meeting in nanital" he said casually.

Hearing the word nanital Kushi eyes grew wide remembering their past encounter. Arnav watched her every reaction from the corner of his eyes. 

"What? Chotae here I'm telling you to not even step out of the room but you are planning to go out that too nanital. How you think that I will allow you?"she asked crossing her arms and tapping her feet.

"Di try to understand I have to go there, it's important" 

Kushi sat observing the siblings like a tennis match. She felt bad hearing about Arnav's illness which didn't got unnoticed by Arnav. 

"What happened bhai?" Akash came there hearing the commotion. 

"Nothing Akash I'm going to nanital but di is not letting me. Fussing over this small thing"

"What I'm fussing, chotae you are weak how can I allow to go out in such situation?"she argued.

"Di I can manage"he tried to convince her.

"But bhai, what meeting is their in nanital I don't know about it"Akash jumped in.

"Woh Akash I thought not to disturb you and to let you enjoy your wedding" Akash blushed hearing this.

"Whatever I'm not letting you to go anywhere" Anjali stood stubborn. 

"Bhai if that so important, I will attend it. You take rest" Akash came up with a solution.

"No no Akash how can you? I mean you are the groom you should not roam like this it's not good" 

"He is right Akash but I'm not allowing you(she said to Arnav)" Anjali was not ready to budge.

"Diiii" Arnav whined.

"What diiii"Anjali imitated him sarcastically.

"What's the problem?" Nk came there munching his chips.  Akash fed him with the information.

"Who asked this monkey to come now" Arnav muttered under his breath. 

Seeing her dear chotae's sulky face and came up with an idea "Ok you can go but on one condition"


"You have to take Nk bhai with you" 

"What no way" ASR's face was worth watching.

"What no way? then you are not going out" Anjali stated turning her face.

"But di what can I do with this monkey he will add more pressure to me" 

"Haaan di I'm not going to go with this raone" earning a glare from Arnav "I love my dear life. I will be killed in that boring meeting'

"Yes yes for you eating is the best job" Arnav mocked nk for which he just pouted and resumed back to his work (eating).

"Kushiji" Nk shouted enthusiastically waving his hand seeing petite figure peeping beside which he not noticed in all these chaos.

"Great idea Nk bhai" Anjali jumped excitedly.

"What?"NK asked scratching his head.

"Kushiji will go with you. She will take care of you and she too have some experience working in your office. Hai na kushiji?" Anjali declared.

Kushi stood there dumbfounded.

Finally mission accomplished.

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Oct 29, 2017

chapter 9 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 36 times)

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Silence prevailed in the car, they are almost out of the city chaos now.  Kushi was glued to her seat. He sighed hard seeing her., He had done so much to get her alone and here she is not even looking at him. To top of it, all time chatter box Kushi kumari Gupta is all silent now. Her silence is killing him. Yes, he loves silence but not now and definitely not her 's. 


Sometimes back

Arnav measured the length and breadth of his room with his long strides speaking to himself.(kushi's effect)

"Where is she? Why she is taking this much time dammit?"

"Stupid girl I even lied to di because of her and she is not even interested in gracing her presence her"

"Kushi.... Kushi.... Kushi.... come soon dammit" he was restless like never before. After all, he is all set to open up his heart so he ought to be restless.

He stopped in his tracks at an instant in middle of his ranting. His hand moved towards his heart that was thudding like he had gone for a race. His face adored with a beautiful smile. He very well knows what his heart tries to convey him unlike someone. 

He peeped out of the room to get a glimpse of her. 

"Time for action" he said with a smirk and got ready in his usual three piece suit. 

When he climbed down the stairs, he got the desired reaction from her. But today he is determined to get her away from all, only for himself. 

As expected his di started fussing seeing him all ready but when Akash jumped in suggesting he will take the trip he was horrified. Because what can he do when everything was just a act to take away his lady love for a heart felt confession. Ok, he didn't have an idea how is he going to say to her. But for that there shouldn't be any disturbance atleast. 

Finally he managed to say something to stop him. He know his di will suggest him take someone along with him. He know his di that much, so only he planned such a stunt. But he never ever dreamed that she will suggest Nk to go with him. Gratefully Kushi's Devi mayya was in his side clearing his way. 

But his Pagal didn't accept to go with him that easily saying some stupid reasons, ok stupid only for him. Man he was eager to steal her away then everything will seem to be stupid only. Anyways his di managed to make her accept.


He was glancing at her for every minute. She caught him sometimes. She started feeling something. It was not fear. In fact she can't be more secure other than being with him. He always gave that eternal feeling of security even when he was bashing at her. 

When he glanced at her again she is literally shivering. He stopped the car abruptly.

"What the....why are you shivering dammit?" He asked her but she didn't opened her mouth.

"Are you ok? should I reduce the AC?" Still no reply. without an option he moved towards her to check her temperature by himself.

"NOOOOOO.........stay away from me" she shouted jerking him. She leaned back almost plastering herself to the door. 

"Sssshhhhh Kushi relax" he tried to make her relax holding her shoulder.

"I said don't come near me" she said moving backwards even more if that was possible.  

"Ok ok I won't, relax" this time he managed make her relax to some extent. 

"Kushi I won't eat you up. Relax, atleast sit properly" he said going back to his seat. She then adjusted herself properly in her seat seeing him moving back. 

He didn't spoke anything further. He stared the car and drove silently. His mind kept on thinking the ways to make her comfortable. Because when she is not even comfortable and shivering like nothing then opening about his feelings to her is just impossible. Already he hell nervous. Yes, the great ASR is nervous. Everyone would be, ASR was not an exception. But he didn't show anything after all ASR is a master in masking his feelings. 

He moved to the side from the road. She looked at him confused. He pointed somewhere she followed his direction her eyes lit up instantly. 

"Gol guppae........." She ran out at lightening speed. 

"Careful dammit" he shouted back. 

She swallowed the spicy poori one after the other without a gap making funny faces. He shook his head seeing her antics. He couldn't stop himself muttering "Pagal". 

He reached her after parking the car properly. She thrusted one into his mouth without any warning making him choke. His eyes watered due to the spicy water but she is no where to notice him. She was too busy in savouring her poories.

It had been fifteen minutes they started their journey again she has been talking non-stop about her childhood, neighbours kids, almost everything. 

Arnav was amused by her acts.  "before sometimes she was shivering like nothing and now she is talking like like I don't know what to say. Can food bring this much changes in a person?" He wondered. He don't know about others but here it's Kushi anything and everything is possible with her, I mean weird things. Anyway she is back to her ownself that's a big relief for him.

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Oct 31, 2017

chapter 10 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 48 times)

The car started to climb a mountain. Kushi sat silently(may be tired of speaking continuously for one and half hour) observing view outside. Arnav didn't bother where they were going until she was beside him.

The humidity of the air increased. Lush green blanket covered everywhere. The clouds are just above the ground giving a heavenly feeling. To add a cherry on top it started to drizzle. Everything was just breath taking. 

Kushi pressed ber face to the window observing the view. Suddenly the window rolled down. She gave a quick smile to Arnav and again turned to the window side. She peeked out her head to enjoy the view more and feel the nature's shower. She giggled like a small kid when the chilled rain drops touched her skin. 

"What the.... Kushi stop it" Arnav exclaimed when the cold water made a contact with his skin. She again collected the water and throw it on him which made him turn his face other side to escape from her. She  earned another "what the" from him but  she didn't stop her act as she was enjoying it more

"Stop it kushi. I'm warning you" he said little Sternly.

"Laad governor" she pouted and turned back to enjoy the rain. 

Arnav smiled seeing her cute pout.The whether was way too perfect. it would be remarkable if he opens up his heart to her now. But what he doesn't know was how to do that? 

His fingers tapped the steering wheel impatiently. Poor ASR, had a battle within himself oblivious to the person sitting beside. He took deep breath finally ready to bare his heart before her. 

"Kushi" he called her in a soft voice. 

"Hmmmmm" she responded still facing the window. 

"Kushi ummm I..... I.....woh" he stammered to tell that simple yet magical words. Oh, come on, ASR is not a person who express his feelings just like that and it's not any deal to handle it in his way. Dammit he chided himself. 

Kushi turned towards him instantly wondering what made the great ASR to stammer like this.

He sighed releasing a long breath where as Kushi was so curious to capture the words that spill from his mouth looking intently at him. 

 "This is becoming more difficult man" his mind ranted. preparing himself he again started to tell not facing her. Because it will much more difficult to say it looking at her eyes.

"Kushi I" with much difficulty when he was about to spill the beans his phone shrieked breaking the moment. 

"Dammit, who the hell was that?" he cursed the person who dared to intrude. And that special intruder is none other than Aman Mathur, his scape goat. He wondered how Aman finds the right moment to call him.

He placed the bluetooth in his ear attending it. 

"Yes, Aman" he said in a hoarse voice. He warned Aman before itself not to disturb him. Still he called him intruding his special moment. 

Even though he didn't wanted to attend the call now, but he very well knows Aman won't call him unless until it's very important atleast not after his warning. So he attended the call immediately. 

Hearing the matter Aman said Arnav's eyes turned red with anger. His feet pressed the accelerator more and more. As the car took up the speed the rain also started to pour heavily matching it trying it's best to reduce the burning eyes. Yet, ASR is not any small fire to put off that easily but a volcano.

Kushi who was enjoying the view till now stared to panic sensing the speed and heavy rain. Adding to her misery the black clouds completely masked the sun not letting any ray of hope. The ever so beautiful ride turned to a horrified one in minutes.

"Arnavji please slow down muje darr lagra hai ( I'm afraid) please Arnavji slow down please... "She pleaded, her eyes closed and tears started wetting her cheeks. 

But nothing heard by him. He was driving like a machanic  not caring about the speed or the path or the state of person beside him who was hell afraid by the sudden turn of events.

Tears rolled down her eyes non-stop. She held on to her seat tightly  but nothing was helping her. To top of it he iss also not responding to her which is scaring the hell out of her.

Suddenly a bright flash of light thrown on them Their eyes grew wide when they caught the sight of truck on their way. 



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