All I want is just you

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Nov 3, 2017

chapter 11 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 49 times)

At the nick of time Arnav turned the car thus they escaped from the truck. But they didn't got even a minute to breathe in sigh of relief. The car lost its control and tumbled into the forest. The car laid upside down after hitting a tree. 

After some minutes Arnav got his consciousness. The safety balloon and the seat belt managaed guard his life even after the tragedy. But he got injured in his forehead and forearm.  

With much difficulty he got himself out from the car and reached the other side frantically looking for Kushi. 

When he pulled her out of the car she was unconscious. He patted her cheeks but she didn't respond. He rubbed her hands but no use she didn't even moved her lashes.  He lifted her in his arms and ran to find help ignoring his pains. 

The rain poured mercilessly making it even more difficult for him. He passed every huddle to get his kushi safe and sound. Finally he found a house midst of a garden. He shouted for help but before he reach their door step he too lost his consciousness. He fell on the ground with her still in his arms in a tight hold.


His lashes felt heavy when he tried to open his eyes. The sun's bright light didn't helped him either He felt like someone kept a rock over his head. His whole body aches. But the flashes of that horrible incident made him sprung up on his feet with her name on his lips. 

When he looked around he couldn't find her. He got panicked he ran out of the room shouting her name. Someone tried to pull him back but he wriggled out from their hold. He could even hear some voices calling him but he just ignored everything and continued to search her. 

Every passing second increased his heartbeat a million times not finding her before his eyes. He was devastated. 

Somewhere he could hear her soft voice. His feet took him to that direction on its own accord. Their he found her sitting on the bed cuddling herself. 

He ran to her as fast as his legs could take him and gathered her in his arms pouring numerous kisses all over her face. 

"I got scared Kushi. Thank God you are fine" he whispered between his kisses. 

But she didn't respond to any of his actions. He came out of hug and looked at her eyes. She just stared at him blankly. 

"Kushi...." he called her confused by her reaction cupping her face.

"W...ho are.... y...o..u..?"she stammered n a badly audible voice. But he heard her clearly. Her words made him numb. His mind stopped working. Everything around him started spinning.

"Beta" he felt someone's hand on his shoulders calling him. 

He looked at the person hoping atleast he could clear him. His mind was totally jammed. 

"Beta can you please come out. I want to talk to you" an old man nearly of his nani's age asked him politely. 

Arnav nodded his head. Giving a last look at Kushi he went behind the old man silently. 

"Beta we found you and that girl(kushi) unconscious before out house two days before" he said calmly.

"Two days..." Arnav was shocked.

"Haan beta your head was injured and you we so wet by the rain making your condition even worse. So you were unconscious for past two days. I think, now are fine"

He nodded lightly "and Kushi?"his voice was soft but that held impatience. 

"Woh beta" the old man hesitated which made Arnav to raise his head which was hung down till now. 

"She got affected by Retrograde amnesia" 

"What?" he asked partially shocked and partially confused. He don't know what was that but he knows that it's not going to be any good news. 

"She lost her memory. According to her she was just a eight years old kid" the old man cleared himself seeing Arnav's confusion.

That's it Arnav fell on his knees with a thud. 

"What have I done" his eyes glistered. He heart sunk with guilt. 

I can see that look on your faces. I can even read your mind you know. you were thinking "oh here comes another memory loss story" right? What to do thats what my mind gets and moreover all most all concepts were written on our arshi. And now it's nearly impossible to find a totally new concept. But don't  worry I have my own pack of twists in this story. Hope you like today's update and will like the upcoming updates. Waiting for your views. See you soon. Till then bye, take care. love you.

Nov 5, 2017

Chapter 12 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 56 times)

"Hold on yourself beta" the old man tried to console him. 

"It's all my fault. Why I'm being the reason of her pain always? It would have been better if I didn't come in her life" Arnav was broken. Tears flowed from his eyes uncontrollably. 

"Atleast you are lucky to have her alive beta. Many don't have that fortune"the old man eyes glistered drowning in his own past. " Don't put blame on yourself beta. Something were destined to happen one or other way. We can't blame ourselves for that. If we did it will go on without an end. We have to just stop worrying and concentrate on the next move " 

Still Arnav didn't have the energy to gather himself. He was broken completely. 

"If you were broken like this, then who will look after your love" the old man said with a little smile. His experienced eyes captured without a miss. And he know that it will pull back the devastated man before him.

"Don't look at me like that. Even a blind man could see the love streaming in your eyes.  You carried her up to here in that bad condition of yours and the first name you took as soon as you opened yours eyes was her's. It said it all."he said it as a matter of fact.

Hearing this few more tears escaped from his eyes. What had he planned and what it had ended up. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and got up with determination wiping his tears erasing the traces of his vulnerability. 

He walked towards the room where he saw kushi sometimes before. He sat infront of her looking directly at her eyes. She had that same blank expression which teared his heart. But he was determined that he will make everything back to normal. 

"Kushi, my name is Arnav. I'm your friend" he started the conversation introducing himself. 

"My friend?" she asked meekly he nodded. 

"But I don't remember you" she stared into his eyes deeply.

"Really, I thought you remember me. But you forget me. So bad" he tried to make her ease. She didn't moved her eyes from him, still looking at it deeply to find something in it.

"I'm sorry" her eyes glistered in no time.

"Hey I was just kidding, don't cry I can't bear it" he said wiping her tears. 

"Sacchi You are not angry for forgetting you na" she looked so innocent.

"No, have you eaten anything?".

She nodded her head sideways. 

"Wait, I will get you something" he said getting up but before he get out of the room an old lady came there with a tray smiling at him. He identified her to be that old man's wife. 

"I brought food for you two take it. I will check on my grandson and come soon" he thanked her and she went from there. 

"Come on Kushi eat" he held the plate before her. But she just looked at him and the plate. 

"What happened kushi?"he asked concerned.

"I....I.. can't eat myself" 

"What? Did you got hurt in your hands?"he got confused by her statement and pulled her hands to check. 

"No, I'm fine" she resorted quickly pulling her hands back.


"Amma used to feed me otherwise I would mess up everything" she said sheepishly.

He saw her with amu****t, a small smile curved up in his lips. 

"Ok, come I will feed you" he took her plate and started feeding her. She ate from his hand like a good girl.

 "Arnavji, when will amma and babuji return?"she asked munching her food. 

"What did you called me?" he was shocked hearing her calling him like before.

"Arnavji, you are big na so only. Why? Don't you like it? Then how can I call you?"she started thinking forgetting her previous question. 

"No, you can call me whenever you like."he said feeding her another morsal. 

He has too many questions to be answered. He can't tell her anything without thinking. Thank God she forgot her question about her amma. He have enquire the couple about everything as soon as possible.

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Nov 8, 2017

chapter 13 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 47 times)

Dear readers

Your poor writer was under captivation by the fever monster. Now only she got her freedom. And she came running back to you to give the update. Hope you like it.

"Sir, can I have some words with you"Arnav asked to that old man sitting beside him on the sofa in hall after making Kushi sleep.  It was not a big house but a cute one. 

"No, we can't until you call me dhadhu" the old man smiled at him sweetly. 

"Ok, first of all thank you very much for helping us dhadhu" he smiled back. He didn't find it difficult call him dhadhu which never happened before. He is always possessive about these things but here he felt home. 

"You are always welcome. You wanted to say something" he asked placing the newspaper back on tea table. 

"Woh, I want to know about Kushi's condition"  Some medical elements and the specific mentioning of the name of amnesia said it all that the old man himself an doctor. 

The old man sighed. Adjusting his spectacles he started to explain " beta the type of amnesia Kushi is suffering will leave them in particular period of time. They won't be aware of any changes happened in after that. They would even find it difficult to identify their own parents if they were different in appearance from what they were during that time" 

Between their conversation his wife came there with a coffee for her husband along with a cute little boy who came rubbing his sleepy eyes holding his grandmother's pallu. 

"Beta how are you feeling now" she enquired.

"I'm feeling better now dhadi" he smiled politely.

"Did you had your food" He nodded. 

"Ok then i will get back to the most difficult task"she turned to leave.

 "What?"Arnav asked confused. 

"That one, mission making Kushi eat" she said dramatically. She was so energetic and funny like his nani.

"She is sleeping "he replied

"What, without taking food" 

"No, she ate" 

"What she ate?"

"Yes,"he stammered.

"And she ate without a fuss" the couple together asked in utter surprise.

"Yes, but why are you both so surprised" Arnav was more confused by their surprised reaction.

"Because she woke up before you and we are trying to make her eat something from that time but she didn't budge. In fact she messed up everything behaving like a child. Then only we got to know that she was suffering from retrograde amnesia" dhadhu explained.

"Seems like these amnesias are only for brain not for heart" she smiled teasing at him making him embarrassed and went from there picking her grandson to kitchen to fill his little tummy. 

"How much time will it take to get back her memory" they resumed back that conversation.

"It can't be said beta. It may take days, weeks, months, years sometimes they never will be. But they can make new memories and live with that."it shattered Arnav's hopes.

"Can the recreation of past events help her any way" Arnav asked curious to find a solution .

"Unfortunately, this type of amnesia can't be cured in that way. And there is no specific diagnosis for that." Dhadhu said shattering him more.

"And this type of patients need their loved ones around them always and I think she will have that fortune with her" he said indicating the importance of his presence around her. He nodded understandingly. 

He promised himself that whether Kushi get cured or not he will be always there for her.

"What she said about herself?"he further enquired to get clear idea to how to handle her.

"Well, She didn't talked much to us. But kept on crying for her parents and complaining that they left her alone on her 8th birthday" 

He gulped his tears. His kushi had suffered a lot. And he added more to it.

You will get the answer for your every question in upcoming two to three updates. Thank you very very much for comments and thank yous. Keep supporting. Bye take care love you.

Nov 15, 2017

note to readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 25 times)

Dear readers I know I didn't post anything for past few days. Sorry for that. My mind is not in proper condition to think, write or do anything. I'm just all blank. We lost the most important person of our lives. My friend's father passed away. We never separated them as your's and mine. He is my father too. I still can't believe that he is no more. Everything is before my eyes but still I'm thinking that dad went somewhere for work and will return soon. When I myself can't handle this then how will she be. I even don't have a idea what am I blabbering to you. Anyways I just felt like pouring it out to you. I will soon try to update, after all that's my only escape for my every misery.

And one more thing I have created  accounts in IF and wattpad with the same name 'asu29494' so don't worry it's me who posting the stories there. The same stories that I had posted here nothing new. I will posting my stories in all the three sites MeD, IF and wattpad but my every new update will posted on MeD first where I got so much love. Thank you very much for such a love you have on me.

Thanks for those comments about my note in previous update about my fever. I'm bit crazy I do whatever strikes me. And my crazy mind wanted me to put myself in the light of a poet. How can I deny. So I tried my hand there too. I posted my first poem in wattpad under the title "simple things" which I had written a month back. Now when you recognised my words to be poetic I felt like saying it to you. You can read it there or if you want I will post it here too. I'm not that poetic so don't expect more actually don't expect at all. I will feel bad if I disappoint you.

See you soon. Take care love you.

Don't ever waste a single moment with your loved ones with your silly fights and arguments. Because we don't know what next moment for us will be.

Nov 19, 2017

chapter 14 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav sat at the backyard of the house watching the calm water flowing in the nearby stream. But his mind was not calm. Everything was because of him. His thoughts flowed to the time of the incident. 

"Yaah Aman"he attended the call with much irritation and cursing Aman for disturbing his special moments with Kushi that too when he was very close to propose her.

"ASR you asked me to contact Arjun for collecting information about kushiji's ex-finance right. The reports arrived" Aman said making ASR alert. He wanted to know who that bloody hell even dared to get engaged to HIS Kushi. No one, I mean no one has the right to even put an eye on his procession. How dare he to get engaged to her.

"Yes tell me" came a curt reply.

"Woh....... woh........ ASR......that" Aman stammered not knowing how to open up this matter to ASR.

"Stop stammering Aman" he said with gritted teeth. Already his mind is planning ways to murder that leech and here Aman is testing his patience.

"ASR kushiji's ex-finance is none other than Shyam Manohar Jha your jijaji( brother-in-law)" he said as fast as he could but clean and clear to the listener.

"Repeat it. I don't get you" Arnav heard it clearly but didn't want to accept it. He doubted his own hearing capacity. 

Aman understood his dilemma. After all he is his one and only friend for years. Even though no one have idea about it and ASR never sad it aloud to him or others but he know what place he holds in ASR's life. He sighed but he can't help it, this has to be known by his boss it's the matter about his most important persons of life. Yes, he knew ASR had something for Kushi. Because he never behaved like this with any girl. Doing those challenges and silly fights was not him. But his engagement with lavanya made him little confused then the cancelling the engagement and his interest in Kushi's ex- finance confrimed his previous instincts.

"You heard me right ASR" with that Aman started explaining everything from start. How shyam saved kushi from goons in Lucknow after his video release, him staying as a PDF in Gupta house etc to till date. (Except him trying to kill Shashi as no one have knowledge about it expect Shashi and Shyam himself).

He failed as a brother and failed as a lover too. He didn't do much investigation about shyam before itself. Yaah, he was not matured that time and struggling himself with his emotions. Still he could have done something. And when it comes to Kushi he spoiled everything in her life. Because of him she suffered a lot and now he had made it even worse. In his anger and carelessness he pulled her into this state. 

He sighed hard he can't even go to meet his di. Due to heavy rain land slide occurred and because of that the only road to get back to city got damaged. It will take atleast ten days to prepare a temporary path. And making Kushi travel in this condition won't be good. 

When he was drowning in his own misery and guilt, he heard the loud shriek of Kushi.


In RM 

"Yes, yaah ok Aman" Akash cut the call after hearing Aman.

"What happened Akash? Did Aman told anything? Did they find out where chotae and Kushiji is?"asked the impatient Anjali. 

"No di. They are trying to find out bhai and Kushiji by tracking their phone signals but it showed their last location to be some remote hilly area. But the process is getting delayed due to bad weather and they are trying their best to move further. They will soon find them di, you don't worry" Akash said what he heard from Aman.

"Chotae...." Anjali cried uncontrollably so as the others. 

"Don't worry di, bhai will be safe and sound" he consoled her sitting beside here. "I hope they are fine" he whispered to himself.

Raizadas and Guptas were searching for their children who went on a trip for a day and didn't returned back even after a three days. They didn't even get the assurance of their safety atleast through phone which was switched off from the night they were missing. Raizadas took the guilt on them for sending Kushi along with Arnav without their permission. But Guptas didn't hold any grudges over Raizadas as they too in same situation as them. Akash and Payal's wedding had put on hold until this mess clears and their siblings reach their home fit and fine. 

Akash along with Aman were taking care of AR saying some lies to the employes and media. like ASR is on his business trip and something this and that. They can't reveal that he is missing to the outer world that to with a girl then their image will be at stake. And for media it will be a good feed for their own benefits. When anything about ASR will be a hype then this news will be icing on cake for them. Arjun is taking the charge of finding ASR with his secret special team and updating their every move to Akash and Aman.

Many wished Kushi get back her memory soon. I'm sorry guys that's not going to happen. According to what I had planned for this story she has to remain like this. Just relax and enjoy the story on its flow.

Thanks for your love and care and forgive me for my mistakes if I had made any. Still I'm not out of it. My friend's broken form is playing in my mind all the time bringing tears in my eyes. Seeing ever smiling cheerful girl all gloomy is the worst thing in the world. 

Guys I don't think I will be able to give updates daily. So I had planned to give it twice or thrice a week. I hope you are ok with it. 

Bye take care love you.

Nov 24, 2017

chapter 15 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 38 times)

Arnav and the old couple reached the room hearing her scream. There stood kushi and the couple's little grandson holding his toy car in his hand with a confused look. 

As soon as Kushi saw Arnav she ran to him and hugged him tight making him worried. 

"What happened kushi" he asked caressing her hair. 

"Arnavji I hate him" she said pointing towards the kid. 

Arnav looked at the kid who still stood with the same confusion not understanding what's going on.

"Aryan beta what did you do?"dhadi asked her grandson calmly.

"I didn't do anything dhadi. I just asked aunty how she is feeling now" Aryan said innocently.

"See Arnavji he is calling me aunty again" she complained with a pout in childish voice. 

Arnav and couple stood dumbfounded not knowing what to answer her. 

"Do I look like an aunty" she asked at verge of crying. 

"No no Kushi he is just teasing you. Am I right Aryan" Arnav asked Aryan. 

He looked at his dhadhu and dhadi who nodded their heads to accept it. So he too nodded not understanding anything. 

"See he is just teasing you. Nothing else" Arnav pacified her.

"Really"Kushi asked for surety. 

"Really"he nodded.

She then walked towards Aryan but stopped in middle and turned towards Arnav again. 

"Arnavji I'm so big" she said closing her mouth with her palms. 

"How did I grow up this much?"she asked running back to Arnav.

"Woh woh" Arnav don't know what to say. He looked at dhadhu and dhadi who shook their heads that they too don't have answer for that. He looked around not knowing what to say her when suddenly something  strike his mind. 

"Haaan You drink complan daily na so only you grown big" all thanks to the intruding ads. He felt irritated that time but that only saved him now.

"Yeeeehhhh finally I'm grown big now no one will call me little girl" she jumped up and down.

"Who said no one call you little girl. I will call you that" long gone his self-loathing yet not completely but his love towards his kid Kushi over powered his emotions.

"Arnavji...."she whined.

"Ok ok I won't call you little girl" with pause he said "but I will call you little angel". 

"do you like it?" he asked flickering her nose. 

She nodded her head vigorously with a full blown smile. 

Turning towards Aryan "see I'm big because I drink complan so don't call me aunty. Call me Kushi ok" she said cutely with her hands in her hips.

Aryan just nodded his head. The next moment Kushi was before him extending her hand asking him to be her friend. Every though Aryan don't know why this big aunty is acting like a child of his age he liked very much so he accepted her friendship instantly. 

She pulled Aryan to go with her to show her his toys and play with her. But not before informing Arnav and moved away after getting his nod. 

Arnav, dhadhu and dhadi stood there looking at their retreating figure.

"Complan, Haan" dhadhu smiled at him patting his shoulder making him embarrassed and moved out with dhadi. 

He is going to have difficult time in handling her. If in matter of few hours is like this then he wondered what will happen further. He prayed kushi's Devi mayya to help him. Anyways there is no much difference from now and before. She is same "pagal". 

Thanks for the comments and thank yous. Hope you like today's update too. Oh dears I don't know how interesting the story would be but I will try my best not to disappoint you. 

Dec 7, 2017

chapter 16 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 52 times)

"Kushi how much you remember"he asked her feeding her the last morsal.

"Hmmm?" she gave a confused look.

"Umm that you said you forget me na and you asked me where are your parents. So only, if you say how much you remember then only I can tell what happened after that. So tell me" he said wiping her mouth. 

"Haan it's my holiday so mumma papa said that we are going to our relatives house for holidays. We were traveling in car and I slept on mumma lap and and I don't remember after that" she said scratching her head trying to remember. 

"Ok ok your mumma papa said you are going to visit relatives right?" 

She nodded

"That's us"


"Yes, me, nani, di, Akash, mama, ma...." she cut him off before he complete.

"Hawww I have so much relatives"she said astonished.

"Yes, you have more relatives" he smiled at her cuteness.

"Then where are they?"she asked crooking her brows.

"They are in Delhi" 

"Then why are we here?"

"When you came to our home I was getting ready. You saw me with your sleepy eyes and was adamant to join me as I said I'm going to hilly areas. You like hilly areas right?"he asked pinching her nose for which she nodded her head vigorously. 

"You didn't let me go so I brought you along with me. So only we are here. Soon we will go back to Delhi" 

"Really" she was very happy to see more people.

"Really" he assured her.

"Yehhhhhhh" she gleamed clapping her hands. 

She is such a question bank sometimes. Only Arnav can handle her. He too will blabber whatever comes to his mind at that moment and then will memorise his own words for not being caught saying some other story the other time. 

Days passed slowly Kushi needed her Arnavji all the time. she will be sticking to him wherever he goes. She played with Aryan but she had to see her Arnavji atleast once in an hour otherwise everyone's ears would be deaf by her scream for her Arnavji. This made Arnav to be around her all the time. He too liked it but he can't let that old man struggle by himself for the family expenses and adding two more people's responsibility to his shoulders. So he decided to help him by doing accounts job for others in the village for some thousands. He couldn't get better job than that in that remote area in fact that was quite high position in that place. Ofcourse Kushi was very adamant not  to let her Arnavji go away from her even for some hours but Arnav managed to convince her. She was such a stubborn girl but will hear whatever her Arnavji says.  

Initial days Arnav find it very difficult to leave her for work because It became her habit that she will eat only from Arnav's hand. Dhadi tried to feed her but she just turned her face not even taking a single morsal and will come running to him. Slowly he made her understand she should also listen to dhadi. But our kushi is Kushi, she will eat her food like a good girl during breakfast and dinner as it was fed by Arnav. But lunch would be a cat and rat chase making the old lady hell tired just to put a single morsal into her mouth. And if she ate also that will be much less when compared to her breakfast and dinner. It made Arnav to run back home most of the time only to make sure she filled her tummy properly. And in nights she will fall asleep only in his arms cuddling like a kitten. More than a lover he became her father taking care of her every second. 

Every day when he was back home after work there will be a complaint ready to fill his ears sometimes it will be her breaking Aryan's toys or him pulling her hair and the list goes endless. But one day the complaint was completely different and that day he, the great ASR become something that he never ever thought even in his dreams. 

When he was back from work that day he was shocked to see his baby girl crying with consoling dhadi beside. 

"Kushi baby what happened, why are you crying?" he asked her cupping her cheeks. 

"Arnavji it's not fitting me" she said wetting his shirt. 

"What?"Arnav was confused by her statement. 

"I can't sit in Aryan's wooden horse" she cried more saying this. 

Arnav was stunned. He don't know how to solve this problem. 

But was stunned more hearing her request and that was him to be her horse. Not able to stand her tears he too accepted her request. And that's the mistake he did. After that he almost became every animal in the forest just for her. She even made him mice after hearing the story of lord ganesha from dhadi. He too did it without a complaint just to see that simle on her face. He become her anything and everything. And for her, her whole world revolves around her Arnavji.

Today he was bit late to home and when he reached he saw dhadi pacing left and right with worry. 

"Dhadi what happened?"

"Beta kushi... Kushi...."she stammered not knowing how to say this to him.

"What happened dhadi? What happened to kushi?" he became panicked hearing her name. 

"Beta, Kushi is missing"

"WHAT?"he was hell shocked hearing the news.

"She went for playing but didn't return back home"tears started to flow from her eyes.

"She always play with Aryan right? Where's Aryan?"he asked searching for the kid. 

"Beta Aryan came back home early as he got hurt in his legs but Kushi went on with other kids" 

He can't blame anyone here. As it's a small village everyone knows the other so sending her with others was not a big deal. But the question is where the hell she gone not returning home till this late. He ran his hand through hair frustrated. 

"Ok I will look for her. Where is dhadhu?" 

"He went in search of her" she said hiccuping.

"Ok you take care of Aryan, I will bring back kushi" saying he ran to search for her. 

Hello guys nice to see you again. Hope this bit long update is enough to convince you for my long absence. 

You know what my mother is pestering me all the time asking me to do one or other thing making me scream "god why did I grew up" in my mind. It's better to be a kid. And she will be breathing fire when she sees me with my phone. Anyways I try my best to give you updates often. And some more concepts running in my mind I can't keep quiet but I have to complete this before starting others. Soon I will be posting prologue for them letting you to choose your interested one.

Ok enough of my blabbering. Bye take care. Love you all.

Apr 10

Chapter 17 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 49 times)

Hi guys, how are you doing? Its nice to see you again after a long. Do you still remember this story. Hope you do.  But sorry, now also I can't give you daily updates. Maybe one or two in a week, hope you ok with it. 


He searched her everywhere like an maniac but couldn't find her anywhere. His mind flashed thousands of thoughts. And the negative ones scared him to hell. His powerful mind always helped him in business but definitely not in this. Its just killing him mercilessly. His body felt numb. All that he wanted was to she her before his eyes. His eyes brimmed with tears of helplessness. He returned back home with hoping at least dhadhu would have found her. 

He was back home head hung down, devasted, messy and what not. 

All of a sudden a soft body classed against him. 

He looked down only to find her smiling at him saying something but nothing entered his ear. 

His mind screamed these words which smoothed his aching heart.


He embraced her in a tight hug kissing her whole face repeating the process a several times. His helpless tears turned to tears of joy which soon turned to anger. He pulled her out of embrace.

"Where did you go you dammit?"

"Do you even know how much worried I'm?"

"Where the hell you go? Say something dammit? I'm asking you only. Open your mouth."he asked shaking her holding her arms in tight grip. 

Kushi stood still shivering seeing her always lovely arnavji roaring like a lion. Dhadhu kept his hand on his shoulders to make him calm. But nothing happened. He just shooed his hand and again held kushi in his tight grip.

"I said open your mouth. Where the hell where you?" He shook her to get some answer but got only tears in return which teared his heart. Pushing her back not wanting to hurt her more he walked inside the home not even glancing back at her. 

She cried and cried in dhadhi's arms but he didn't came to console her. He was too hurt by her antics. Yes antics, our kid went with her friends to fetch mangoes from far especially for her arnavji. That's what dhadhi said about her missing play. Whatever, he went through hell in those few minutes. He decided not to talk to her until she realize her mistake and said the same to dhadhi who came as the peace bird between the two stubborn children.

Everybody gathered for dinner. Like always arnav didn't fed her. He just ignored her making her cry more. 

She did eat from dhadhi's hand quietly not wanting to make him even more angry. But neither of them ate properly. Both ate their food just for sake. 

Seeing this dhadhi sent dhadhu to knock some sense in that stupid ASR's brain who too is now behaving like a child along with kushi. 

He rested his back in the head rest. His arm closing his eyes. Kushi's tearful eyes haunted him. 

Dhadhu knocked his door before entering in. 

"Dhadhu, come in dhadhu " he sat at the edge while dhadhu took a seat beside him. 

"She is just a kid." Dhadhu said not looking at him.

"You shouted at her for this small thing." Arnav was like "really". Dhadhu smiled at his expression.

" Ok, not a small thing for you, but she just wanted to collect mangoes that too for you." He smiled hearing dhadhu. 

"She never disobeyed your words." He just nodded sighing.

"If you just said she will listen to you like a parrort" dhadhu smiled saying this. He patted his back and left him alone to process his mind. 

"Yes, you stupid" his hit his head with his own palm for his foolishness. "How could you shout at her. She is just a child. How would she know it's wrong roaming like this. All that you want to do is tell her what to do and what not. But what you did? You scolded that poor child. Why I'm like this?" Ended with self loathing he sat holding his head in his hands. 

Kushi entered in still sniffing. Her eyes, nose, cheeks literally whole face turned red due to her cry. 

Arnav held out his hand for her. She readily came running to him. 

"I'm sorry little angel" he apologized hugging and kissing her hair. 

"I'm sorry arnavji" she too apologized. 

"For what?" he asked confused.

"I'm made you worried na, dhadhi said. So only, sorry" she said holding her ears. 

How cute, he is such an idiot to scold this cutie pie. Not able to control himself he pulled her nose for which he again received a cute pout making him laugh. 

"Where are my mangoes" he asked lifting the heaviness in air that was full of emotions. Enough of heaviness, let the heart fly in the air with the child beside. 

Then both stared tasting the sour mangoes with animatic tale of "kushi's adventure tale of collecting mangoes".

Apr 17

Chapter 18 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 72 times)

Thanks for all your comments and thank you. Sorry for being late. Morning sickness tortures me a lot. Ok enough of my blabbering. Here goes the update.


"Sir, there's a car down there" one of the members of Arjun's crew said. 

Yes, they reached the village as the temporary path had been set after the damage caused by that horrible landslide on the stromy night. 

"Let me see" Arjun reached their with his members

"Sir, it's ASR's car" one of them said after examining the broken number plate. 

"Sir, what if they did not sur....." 

"No sunil, the safety balloons are open and there is not much blood here and ASR's car is special one that can withhold more vibration unlike other car's of this type. So they are very much alive. But absolutely hurt, because the accident is that big the front had completely collapsed"

"Ok sir then we ask for their information nearby"

"Ok carry on. I will inform Aman and Akash and join you" 

"Hello Aman, is Akash with you?"

"Yes tell me Arjun, any information about ASR?" 

"Yaah we found his car crashed"

"WHAT" Aman asked terrified by the news.

"Patience Aman, don't worry Aman your ASR will be fit and fine. I will contact you after meeting him in person" 

"Ok call me as soon as you meet him" he said it but his mind is not calm. He walked left and right measuring the length and breath of his boss's cabin. Making Akash tense. 

"What happened Aman, what did Arjun said?" He asked not able to withhold his curiosity and more tensed by Aman's behavior. 

"I hope Bhai is completely fine"he sighed after hearing information from Aman. 

"Don't worry Akash. Arjun won't say it if he is not sure"


"Arnav bhiya dhadhu called you home" 

"Tell him I'm coming" 

"Dhadhu, why did you called me at this time. Is ther...." he asked after entering the house. 

"ASR" Arjun called him shocked and happy by seeing him fit and fine except some plasters here and there. 

"Arjun, you here?"

"Yes Mr. Raizada, you let everyone worry for you there which led me till here" 

He totally forgot having a family over there waiting for him all worried. His mind was busy drowning in self-guilt and taking care of his little angel. Eventhough he knows Aman and Akash can handle everything, how could he let it slip from his mind that too his di. Pushing everything aside he concentrated on present not wanting to add more to his guilt list. Being in guilt gives no profit. Its better to do needed.

"How did you find me?"

"Oh ho Mr. Raizada I'm not a famous detective just like that. But still for your information I tracked your phone signal that led me to the accidental spot." 

"Oh no, you didn't said anything to Aman right?"he said well aware his friends state after hearing about him. Arnav knows that any information about him will reach Aman first before his own family when he is out of RM.  

"Sorry about that, I did" Arjun said with a sheepish smile. "Ok let's leave otherwise your girlfriend will eat me up" he said playfully.

(Arjun is the other one who is close to Arnav after Aman.)

"Girlfriend?"Arnav asked confused by Arjun's statement. 

"Of course Aman, your girlfriend. He tortured me day and night to find you soon. He had called ten times while I'm waiting for you here even after a thousand times assurance from me and your dhadhu"while they were talking there was another ring on the phone. 

"See it's him again, first talk to him and relieve me. Here take it" ,he said extending his phone towards Arnav.

"Hello Aman" 

"ASR ASR you are fine na? Where were you? Can't you just phone your friend you idiot" he stated his scolding after hearing his friend after a long time. 

"Aman breath and yaah I'm fine. I will reach there soon and answer all your questions, ok" 

"Ok come soon you duffer I have to kick you for this play" 

"Ok bye"he was about to cut when Aman called him again. 


"Yes Aman"


"She is.....she is fine" he stammered not knowing what to say. 

"Ok let talk after you reach here" Aman said before cutting the call realizing the seriousness of the matter. Who other than Aman can know ASR.

"Dhadhu where's kushi?"he asked searching her. 

"She went with Aryan, she will be here soon I sent chottu to call them"

"Ok dhadhu" even before he complete his statement there she came all muddy.

"Arnavji I'm here " she said with a wide grin

"Kushi, how many times I have to tell you? not to play in mud" he said dusting her dress. 

"I didn't arnavji, see how clean I'm" she said twirling. 

"Yes, I can see that"such a kid she is. 

"Ok now go and get ready we are going to Delhi" he said patting her cheeks

"Delhi...... that means we are going to meet our family" 


"Yeh I'm going to get more friends. I'm going to Delhi yeeeehhhhhh" she shouted all the way making arnav smile at her antics. 

Arjun stood awestruck by witnessing all these. He had never ever seen ASR behaving like this. He can very well understand what place this special piece hold in ASR's life. He was happy that finally there is someone who can melt that hard stone to live beating heart. But, the behavior of that oh-so-special girl confused him. He retained himself from asking anything knowing it's not right time to know in detail. 

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