IPKKND3 Spoiler: PP’s Naagin Dance To Shock The Family; Is This Advaay’s Trick!

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Aug 8

IPKKND3 Spoiler: PP’s Naagin Dance To Shock The Family; Is This Advaay’s Trick! (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 8 times)

The makers of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 are leaving no stones unturned to attract the audiences. Recently, they changed Barun Sobti's look, now it is Shivani Tomar's turn!

In the upcoming episodes, Shivani Tomar, who plays the role of Chandini and is all set to get married to PP, will be seen in simple dress and less makeup. But, Advay will be seen stopping Chandini and PP's marriage.

Advay Caught!

As the viewers know, Chandini gets to see Advay's fake passport. In fact, Advay is not Advay, but Dev. Although Chandini gets the passports, she won't be able to know that Advay is her childhood friend Dev.

Advay Escapes!

Advay is relieved and continues to ruin Chandini and PP's marriage. In the upcoming episode, PP will be seen doing naagin dance. Wondering, if this is also Advay's trick?

Chandini Apologises

The answer is yes! Apparently, Chandini will be seen apologising to PP's mother for the mistakes in the past. Chandini requests PP's mother not to stop the marriage.

PP Misbehaves With Chandini

Seeing Chandini apologise, PP rushes to her and misbehaves. Advay, who will also be at the place, stops PP and forces him to drink something that makes him act like crazy.

PP's Naagin Dance

PP will be seen doing ‘naagin' dance in front of everyone. His mother and Indrani look embarrassed, while PP goes on doing crazy acts.

Advay & Chandini Challenge Each Other

Also, according to the latest spoiler, Advay challenges Chandini that he will not let her marriage happen with PP. In turn, Chandini challenges him that she will complete all the rituals for her father's pride.

PP & Chandini's Wedding Ritual

According to a ritual, PP has to lift Chandini, who will have to carry diya. If the flame of diya blows off then it would be considered inauspicious.

Advay Completes The Ritual

Advay gives PP an injection because of which he faints. Surprisingly, Advay follows the ritual. Unfortunately, he gets hurt as a nail pricks him. But, still Advay completes the ritual, which surprises Chandini.

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