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Dec 25, 2017

Kabhi khushi kabhi gum, (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 35 times)

After ten minutes raizada brothers reached to restaurant.there already one table booked for them.its was little away from other customers.and really peaceful.thry both prepared their self for the meeting.after two minutes.arnav suddenly feel gust of breeze.he feeling like his Khushi nearing to him.he slowly turn to the direction where he feeling her unique aroma.when he look at the he got biggest shock of his life.he don't know it he looking the real scene or not,front of him Khushi coming towards him in full of business attire.she looking completely as business women.her perfect poster just killing to see.she looking dead drop gorgeous on her business attire.arnav looking her with open mouth.khushi smirk seeing his shocked face.thats was she expected.her killer smirk not ready to leave.like him.some other two people also under big shock.arjun bavya looking each other shocked way.its really shocking to them.finally girls do,e to boys.they three gasps in big shock.

Arnav:Khushi ..bavya:Arjun...Arjun:bavya..

Khushi smile and got surprised hearing Arjun bavya shout.but Arnav just focusing on Khushi.he still can't believed.it is really true?his Khushi is a business women.and he already got to know.with her only he going to do deal.both girls take the seat and ask boys to seat.arnav Arjun slowly take a seat.they three under the shock.

Khushi:(smile charmingly)I hope you both not that much shocked.so let me introduce ourselves.i am Khushi Singh obroi.MD of Aditya fashion house.and this is bavya Singh obrois.CEO of Aditya fashion house.and also my sister.

Arnav:(finally got little sense)Khushi what is this.why don't you tell me about this.your are a fashion tycoon.why did you hide such a big thing from me.i truly can't believe this.

Khushi:(smile)sorry Arnav.and let me explain you what happened fully.even I don't know you're my client until yesterday.after we meet second time  only I come to know you're my new client.so I let it be and thought to surprise you by arranging this meeting.please don't get upset,

Arnav:hey nothing like that.i just buoy big shock after seeing you as my client,still I can't believe this.it is really you or not.hope I can be okay.

Arjun:and you bavya.i hope you too don't know about this meeting.

Bavya:(gasps)hey I don't know about this surprising meeting with you both.if I know this.I will tell you na.

Khushi:(confused tone)wait a second.do you both know each other early too.

Arnav:(to Arjun)yes me to want to know.arjun how do you know about khushi's sister.

Arjun:woo bhai.our family and their family was family friends from very long time.after long time they all met today.so we both meet each other today on marriage hall only.

Bavya:(smile)yes do..we both met each other today only.now our both family being together in marriage hall.(wonder tone)but tell me.how do you both know each other.abd I remember we bith meet him on that rainy night right.are you both keep on touch after that.

Arnav and Khushi dong know how to answer her question.arjun bavya look at their siblings lost faces.first time both of they seeing their strong and rough siblings like this.somewhere they calculate something.arjun and bavya raised their eyebrows looking them.after composing Arnav told to bravely.

Arnav:okay don't give that look.its true.we both love each other.and wishing to get married.

Arjun and bavya gasps in shock hearing him.they both big shock.khushi look at him surprised way.she don't expect Arnav will tell their love to them.


Arnav and Khushi then start to tell how they meet.how love started to bloom between them.arjun and bavya really surprised hearing their love.just meeting two times.both of them started to love each other.their love don't have any dramatic scenes,fights,even a love calls,.but when looking their faces they can see how much deeply they both love each other.and even more surprising thing is .bith of them still not proposed each other.their love story one of the weird love story,but they really happy about their siblings relationship.because they know.not like other youngsters .both if them was really mature and serious type.arjun know that Arnav not any flirt type or dating type.he was really serious person.and bavya know that her sister not any dating person,she was really hard personality.so both of them believe Arnav Khushi take a right decision about them.so their rest of meeting went hearing arshi love story.

After 20 minutes obrois and raizadas come out from restaurant.next moment both bavya's Arjun's phone ring on same time.they attended the call and after talking they said to Arnav Khushi same time.

Arjun:Nani asked us to come Chandra mahal.

Bavya;dadi asked us to come home.

Arnav Khushi surprised hearing them,then they come to know bith family now together.all four board to their cars and drive to Chandra mahal happily,

In Chandra mahal..whole obrois and raizada family chatting happily in living room.all take a tour around the house.all of them really happily meeting like this after many long time,now they all talking each other.then Nani asked to aru.

Nani:Arundathi where's your son Aditya.its been long time lastly I meet him,where's he.

Arundathi:(low tone)he is no more devayani.he died in accident 12 years ago.

Nani:(shocked tone)hey devimayya!!when this happens .i am very sorry Arundathi.i truly don't know about this.

Arundathi:it's okay devayani.i know you don't know this.its all fate.

Nani:yes Arundathi!its all fate.we can't stop anything.(normally)so then where's your bahu nandini.i hope now she is here.i don't meet her after the marriage.where's she.

Rajesh and Aru mouth shut it hearing her question.they don't know how to answer her.when she try to said,suddenly all of them hear Khushi voice .both family turn and saw obrois and raizadas youngsters standing together,they four come towards family members.then dadi introduces Khushi bavya to raizada family.no doubt raizada family really liked the both girls,.they four take a seats with family members.then Nani asked the, how they all together.arjun bavya tell the whole story to them expect arshi love.family members surprised hearing them.but very happy they four working together.then Nani asked again.

Nani:Arundathi you don't tell me where's nandini.where's she?

Aru dong know what to said.she look at Khushi who already being hard hearing Nani question.she don't know what to do.unluckily nandini come to living room for keep some stuff.and Nani clearly saw her.when she try to call her.khushi's statement stopped her.

Khushi:she is no more Nani Ji.when my papa died.she to died .

Nani look at her shocked way.she don't expect this.why she saying our this.just now she saw nandini.then why Khushi saying like this,it she saw some other women.raizadas being silent hearing get,and Arnav notice Khushi not said that with sad or hurt.he sense some raw anger on her voice,her face being firm sharply.without wait a second Khushi left from there.raizadas surprised by her act.without wait Nani asked aru to tell what happened.aru to decided to tell them everything.after all they not strangers.so aru told them what happened twelve years ago.how Aditya died.how nandini betray them.how Khushi cut their relation with nandini and throw her out from this house.and how she being a servant here.raizadas jaw dropped hearing the past.all of them under great shock.they truly not expect all this.all feeling really sad for obrois.specially for bavya and Khushi.Arnav's heart crying in pain hearing all this.he don't know how she bravely faced her this painful past.first her father died who was really close to her.and the mother who have to comfort her children just behave selfishly and just think about her happiness.no one can bear such a betray from their own mother.and he come to know she is not that much soft teddy bear type.she was fully mirchi type.she was almost like him.maybe more then him.so there many thing he don't know about her.he want to know about her fully.raizadas try to comfort Rakesh and Arundathi.after sometime they all back to normal.thry don't want to drag the past more.so all of them try to talk normally forgetting everything.after moment Khushi come back getting changed to casual blue salwar.actully she totally looking different on her casual attire.the seriousness she had on her face when she wearing business dress fully vanish from her face.now raizadas truly mesmerized by her simply stunning beauty.she gorgeous on just simple salwar.they all really liked her.arnav smile proudly looking his family staring Khushi mesmerized way.he now know his family like her very much.so he already got their approval.then she joined to family members.and all not drag nandini chapter again.its evening time.so raizadas had their evening time with obrois.then raizadas decided to go.truly they all not have a heart to go from there.but what to do.arnav totally not ready to go from here.obrois also don't like them going.without wait aru asked them.

Aru:devayani how many days you all going to stay in Lucknow?

Nani:maybe two or three days.why Arundathi.

Aru:(hopefully)can't you all stay here that two three days.we are really want your family stay here .please stay here na.

Raizadas really happy hearing aru invitation.nani readily agree with Aru.other members to agree happily,Arnav Khushi happy about this more then anyone.so three days they going to be together.and Arnav already planned something.before this three days end.he decided propose Khushi.he can't delay more.he want to make her his wife very soon.then raizadas agree to stay.but they need their cloths.so aru send some of her workers to sheesh mahal bring their bags.its going to be very fun.

In night.Arnav's family already settled their selfs in house.they all got their own rooms.now all of them joined to dinning hall.thry all chatting happily.arshi time to time sharing secrets eye looks.other side Arjun secretly admiring bavya.he don't know something on her pulling him towards her.when all going normally.suddenly nandini come there to keep the dishes.those all her golden chances to see her daughters.everyone become silent seeing her.until now nandini don't know it raizada family who come here.when she try to look at her daughters her eyes fell on Nani.she surprised seeing her.after long time she meeting Nani.for few seconds she forget who is she here now.she smile happily at Nani.khushi who already angry by her presence and burn even more looking nandini happy face.her anger peek to high.nandini asked to Nani happily.

Nandini:maji you..oh I can't believe this.how many years ago lastly I met you .i don't know it's was you who come.if I know next minute I come to meet you.how are you ma Ji.how is...

Khushi:(aggressive best tone)enough!!!.thats your limit.how dare you.how dare you to interfere on my family time.who give you the guts to talk to my family members like this.dont you remember your place in this house.this is your last warning nandini Gupta.if you again do something like this.then remember that's will be the last time you entering to this house.now before you face my earth fully get the hell out from this place.(shout more)get out..

Nandini run from there tearfully..she very hurt by Khushi behaviors towards her.its was truly hurting.bith family gasps seeing Khushi angry avatar.raizadas gulp seeing her beast look.arnav truly stunned by her anger.he never expect Khushi this much short tempered person.looking like she was angry type more then him.for few seconds bith family scared by her .she breathing hardly.after composing herself bavya get up and give glass of water to Khushi.after drinking the water she become normal .she then sit back and told to family members apology way.

Khushi:I am sorry guys.i just lost my control when I saw her.i spoiled your all mood.i apology for that.

Anjali:it's okay Khushi.dont said sorry.we can understand.please calm down.lets forget what happened.

Khushi nodded at her .then all of them try to be normal.after some minutes again begin to chat eating way.but already bid of sacredness  towards Khushi pinned on everyone hearts.she is not normal girl for sure.

Next day morning..all of the already wake up.after having the breakfast all youngsters come out from house and walk around the mahal.youngters mean.anjali Shyam,Arnav Khushi,Arjun bavya,akash,both girls showed the whole place to them,raizadas really like their house.its really peaceful and charming .then they saw some houses in same design build in orders.when they asked to bavya.she told them that's was their servants cottages.they all living there.raizadas smile hearing them.after sometime all of them beck to house expect akash.he stop in middle seeing someone.he saw some girl in yellow salwar picking flowers in garden.her back facing him.he slowly move towards her.suddenly the girl turn and he stunned seeing her.she was very beautiful girl.she looking him nervously,he found her cute with nervous face.he asked her slowly.

Akash:who are you.whats your name.i don't saw you in this mahal.where are you from.

Girl:(nervous tone)my name is payal.i am Not belong to mahal.i am daughter of this mahal servant.please don't tell anyone I picked flowers from garden ..please..

Akash smile looking her nervous face.he nodded his head.without wait a second payal run from there.he call her out.but she didn't stop.he saw payal enter to one of servant cottage.after looking there sometime he went inside the house.

Family members chatting in living room,aru Rakesh Nani telling their old moments to youngsters.they happily hearing their stories.its really fun to hear old stories from our grandparents.when they all talking.suddenly khushi's phone ring.she saw the id and come to know it's was Arnav's call.she look at him surprised way.he ask her to go like attending the call.hearing that Khushi too went like attending the call.after few seconds Arnav too get up like talking on phone.family members don't take this seriously.they know how much both of them was workaholic.but bavya Arjun grin seeing them going.both very well know that they went from there planning only.thry both look each other.soon their grin expression turn to soft.arjun look at her dreamy brown eyes admiring way.he find himself lost of her eyes.bavya to don't know why she looking him like this.his simplicity personality disturbing her very much.the way he looking her making her weak.both looking each other without blinking .unfortunately whole family notice their eye look.family members surprised seeing them like this.aru and Nani grin seeing them.both look at the couple and wink each other.both grannies planned something.akash Anjali cough fake way to get them back to sense.they both co,e back to sense and saw whole family looking them with teasing reaction.they both got embarrassing and look away.family members chuckle seeing their awkward faces..

In garden..Arnav saw Khushi standing on fresh garden.withiut think anything he hugged her from behind.khushi smile knowing who is that.she turn and hug him back.both of them broke the hug and he kissed her forehead.she smile and asked him.

Khushi:why you asked me to come here.you know right.our whole family present here,what if they saw us like this.

Arnav:so what.let them see.we not going to hide this forever right.today or tomorrow thry will come to know about our love.and I can't wait to tell them about us.very soon I want to make you mine.

Khushi lay smile shyly little hearing his talks.they both look each other deeply without blinking.arnav looking her with soft smile.suddenly she make a hard face looking behind.her face no more showing any happy reaction.he turn to see what make her suddenly mood off.when he turn he saw an talk thin forties man looking them with surprised way.after moment her start to water the plants.arnav dont know why she looking him like this.suddenly she held Arnav hand and drag him inside the house.arnav confused by her behavior Karnak stopped her in middle and asked her.

Arnav:Khushi what's wrong.why we come from there suddenly.and who is that man.it he servant of this house..

Khushi:yes he was servant of this house.in the same time lovely husband of nandini Gupta.until you here.try to be away from them how much you can.i don't want even their shadows fall on you.undestood.

Arnav shocked by the information.so that's was shashi Gupta who married khushi's mother.he look at Khushi and saw she trying to control her emotions.he slowly nodded at her.then she held his hand,then both again joined to family members.khushi back to normal .but Arnav still thinking about nandini and shashi.somewhere he eager to know about them and talk with them.that idea strongly sink on his mind.and he will do that in anyhow.

After sometime .whole family spending time in garden area.just now they had their professional lives.and elders are talking about their. Old times.suddenly payal come there to keep some snacks for them.khushi bavya not notice her presence.but akash notice her very well.he surprised seeing her.small soft smile appear on his face.payal not saw him.she just keep the tray looking down.and get the glass from table,but accidentally her eyes fell on him.he smile at her.she look at him surprised way,suddenly he wink at her.she gasps and left the glass on her hand.all of them jerk hearing the cracking sound.they all look at payal who is scared by her own act.she look at everyone nervously.bavya greet her teeth looking payal.khushi look away in irritation.and they both reaction towards payal notice by whole family.specially raizada brothers.aru call for another servant for clean up.in minute place got cleaned and payal hurriedly left the place,bavya spoke out in anger.

Bavya:the both mother and daughter Both well know how to mess our mood. Don't know why they doing this.both of them mess of our life.

Everyone hear her words silently.akash got hurt hearing the way bavya taunting payal.he truly not like that.then Nani asked to aru.

Nani:who is that girl Arundathi!.why bavya beta telling like this?

Arundathi:she was nandini's daughter devayani nandini now living with her only.

Raizadas become slinced hearing aru statement.they not expected this.akash stunned by the truth. He never expect its will turn like that .arnav Arjun look at Khushi and bavya. They can see how much hardly they both try to control their emotions.they know it's maybe hard for them.they surely can't forget the events Happen on their past .they feeling hurt for them .Both feeling like to comfort them But Because of family their hands tied to not do anything.then All try to change the topic and start to talk normally.

After sometime .in side the house. When whole family chatting .on of servant informed to Aru that their family temple Head leaders Come to meet them .dadi Asked them to come .After Moment few elderly mans enter to living Room and greet Aru and Rakesh they both Asked them to sit. then Aru Asked them normally..

Aru:may I no what the Reason of your All Arrival

One man: Arudathi Ji. There nothing  you don't know .every year we keep a big pooja  in our mandir  and the  first Respect Always went to obrois  family .means your family and this  year also we going to arrange a big pooja. So we all want you attend the pooja with whole family .

Aru:(smile)sure.why not.i will attend the pooja with my whole family,

Man:and also we arranged the respect pooja also which held every six years.i know you remember that pooja.its held every six years,and obrois family only start that pooja.so please come without Ignore.

Rakesh aru agree with them.and promised them to come .then they ready to go.rakesh give them bundle of money for pooja arrangements.they all thanked him and left the place.nani asked to aru what's all this.then she told to Nani.its was their family rituals.thry doing this from many years.then all chat again..

At night.after having dinner .all of them left to their room .when Arnav looking for Khushi,he saw she standing on balcony and looking the moon.he smile and hugged her from back.she smile feeling his hug.she make him come front of her.he held her by waist and asked her softly.

Arnav:don't you sleep.why you here?

Khushi:(soft smile)it's been very long Arnav.i don't get a chance to enjoy the nature in my birthplace.after twelve years back I come here.i missed all this very much ..

Arnav:(smile)if you missed you birthplace this much.why did you go from here?

Khushi;(slow voice)I have to go from here that time really badly Arnav.if I don't go from here that day.today I can't stand front of you like this.the was this house had my sweet memories.this same house have my bad bitter memories too.which I can't forget until I die.which memories changed my entire life.i will never forget all of this.

Arnav look at her face silently.he can see how hardly she trying to hide her pain.she must be hurt remembering her past.he cup her face and slowly make her look him.she look at Arnav eyes deeply.she can see he getting worried for her.he cup her both cheeks and slowly move towards her rosy lips which glowing in moonlight.khushi waiting for his action.she really need his love and support now.he now just one inch away from her lips.both of them don't know what to do for few seconds.next second their both lips joined.both of them start to kiss each other slowly with so much passinote.she grip his hair tightly and kissing him more deeply.both of them kissing like no tomorrow.the peaceful moonlight witness their memorable first kiss.he exploring her mouth without miss a inch.he rolled his tongue on her mouth fully.after long 15 minutes both of them broke their kiss and breathing hardly.thry look each other with soft smile.when he try to kiss her again.khushi pushed him away and run from there smiling shyly.he smile look at her vanishing figure cares his hair in joys...

Next update:khushi's warth on nandini..proposal...fight on mandir.arnav talk with nandini.

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fabulous update
Jan 12, 2018

Kabhi Khushi kabhi gum.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 48 times)

Next day..all of them joined to dinning hall for the breakfast,today they all little sad.because today raizadas going from here.truly they all not like to go from here.but what to do.thry can't be here forever right.all of them spend and talk how much they can.in those situations Arnav planned something on his mind.he want to propose Khushi today in anyhow.after their last night romantic first kiss.he can't be away from her anymore.thats was truly memorable kiss.he still have the effect of that kiss.khushi to in same situation.whole night she don't sleep.whenever she closing her eyes.their first kiss flashing front of her eyes.both new lovers can't be live away anymore.so Arnav planned something special today evening.

At evening..raizadas already packed their bags.and aru and Rakesh arrange a farewell evening party on Chandra mahal Terrence.khushi wearing simple elegant full sleeve length red gown with normal jewels.she made her hair to curl style.they all enjoying their time very much.suddenly all of them notice Arnav's Absence.they all wondering where's he..when all searching him.suddenly they all hear a group of violin sounds from outside the home.its playing in really romantic rhythm..Khushi hurriedly followed that music.family members to run behind her...Khushi come to house main garden.next second her breath gasps in shock.she cant believe this..

The whole garden decorated with only rose flowers.there a rose petals path for to go..both side decided with flowers.end of the path.there a stage arranged in fully red and white roses..behind the stage.group of violin composers playing really romantic music lyrics..she truly surprised seeing all this.she don't have a idea who arranged all this.and next second her this doubt also got cleared..Arnav front of her wearing full white and white coat suit,he have a rose bouquet in hand.an romantic smile dancing on his face,he very stylishly coming towards her.she just stunned seeing him.he come and stood front of her.she looking him without blinking.he come closer and told her romantically..

Arnav:it's took 28 years for me to find you in my life.before you come.i don't have believe in love.but after meeting.i am worshipping the same love dearly.in can't anymore.its enough I be away from you.left become one.i love you Khushi..I love you very much..after your arrival.i can't think a life without you..I truly blindly,madly love you,loving you.and always do..please accept my love my angel..

He sit on knees and forwards the red rose bouquet to her.khushi looking him with soft smile.arnav waiting for her to accept his love.she slowly forward her hands toward bouquet..it's all like some fairy tales stories..the way he proposing just like some princess stories scenes..she truly never expect he will make her feel this much special..then she take the bouquet..next moment Arnav take her to big tight hug.she smile and hug him back.both lovers shared their happiness with love filled hug.When they try to kiss each other.suddenly both hear a loud cheering sounds.they turn and saw whole family standing behind them with most happy faces..they broke the hug seeing them.family members run towards them with happy faces.they all hug arshi happily.bavya and Anjali take Khushi to big hug.raizada brothers and Shyam hugged Arnav tightly.khushi and arnav accepting their loves with happy face.and finally Nani said loudly in happiness..

Nani:hey devimayya!!!i truly not expect this..my grand son fall in love..but I never notice that.how can I am not notice this..oh god.i am so happy.i am very happy for your both love.

Arundathi:(smile widely in happiness)yes devayani!!even me to not expect this..I never know my Khushi calm in love,but I am very happy about her selection..I don't said this out loud.but I had a little wish to get them married.now see.thry itself love dearly.i am so happy about you both..

Anjali:(happily)ha dadi Ji..I am very happy for them.and even more happy about it.finally my akkudu kadoos brother fall in love.who always keep hugging his works.now he select a percent girl who can control him.importantly who can fight with him back,all the best chote!

Everyone laugh hearing Anjali.thry start to tease Arnav.khushi giggle happily seeing his poker face..then whole family celebrate their new found of relation.their relation going to change in friendship to relationships..they all really happy about that.then soon raizadas cancelled their trips to Delhi.now more then days.they going to stay for a weeks.or then what.after all it's was marriage of both big families in Lucknow and also marriage of two celebrities.they all have a many plans about the marriage.its going to be one of unforgettable marriage in whole Lucknow..then they take the new couple to inside the house.they have a two many things to talk.all of them enter to house without noticing someone witness all of those events happened now.he left the place to inform this happy news to someone.

Servant cottage..shashi enter to house with having happy smile on his face.nandini who cutting vegetables in hall notice his happy face.payal and buaji to present in hall.nandini smile and asked him normally.

Nandini:what's the matter shashi Ji.you looking really happy about something.anything we should know,

Shashi:(smile)yes of course..more then me.its was you who have to know about this news..you will be really happy after hearing this.

Nandini:(smile)then tell me quickly..what's the matter..

Shashi:you know raizada family's elder son Arnav right..he proposed our Khushi beta today for the marriage in garden front of the whole family..and happily Khushi beta accept his love..

Nandini:;(gasps in shock)what!what are you saying.it is true?

Shashi:yes Nandini..looking like they both love each other quite long time.and even both families accept their love gladly..and now there already preparations started for the marriage.i think this month  itself engagement or marriage going to held..

Big happy smile dancing on Nandini face,she just can't control her happiness.buaji and payal to really surprised hearing him.and payal very happy about her sister marriage..she was really happy.then suddenly tears falls from nandini's eyes,all of their smile fade seeing that.she crying silently,shashi asked her worriedly.

Shashi:what happened Nandini.why you crying suddenly..don't you happy about this marriage?

Nandini:(chocking tone)how can I am not be happy shashiji.no one can be happy more then me after hearing the marriage news..this is my elder daughter wedding.i am truly happy about that..(tears fall more)but I can't feel the happiness completely..every mother wish to be with her daughter this time.my daughter going to bahu of someone house,every mothers teach her daughters good and bad things about married life,.its very important for every mother.but God not give that luck to me..I can express my happiness with my daughter..I can't pamper her dearly.i can't to be with her until she go to her sasural,.because of my own mistake..today I lost all of this happiness.now I am hearing my daughter weeding news like third person in her life.cant I ever get forgiveness for my mistake.oh god how much more you going to punish me.cant I ever get my daughters back,,

She fell of floor and crying broken way,guptas feel really bad for her.payal crying silently seeing her mother condition.she already sick thinking about her sisters.its not good for her to cry like this.how much she wishing to clear all of this problems.but she is helpless.she can't do anything.but looking her mother state,she can't be sit quietly also.she have to do something.she plan something on her mind,then buaji and shashi console Nandini.after long time she become normal.she now just want to meet her daughter.her heart just craving to meet Khushi.without hearing anyone she rushed to mahal.

In the mahal..Arnav Khushi sitting on sofa together holding hands.whole family surrender around them.they all almost discussing engagement to honeymoon..arshi looking their family with adoring smile,then Nani told happily,

Nani:let's arrange the engagement without wasting anymore time.after taking the engagement we should arrange the marriage in month.i don't like to delay.

Arundathi:(happily)me to..let's call the pandit.he will select perfect date for the engagement..with that we can close a date for marriage too.(to Rakesh)Rakeshji.call our family pandit,

He node at her and call pandit,he told pandit every details trough phone itself.and pandit to choose a date quickly and told him.after cutting the call he told everyone happily.

Rakesh:panditji choose next week Sunday as engagement date,he to,d me.its was really good date for the engagement..even informed me,he will tell us choosing a date for the marriage.

All of them really happy about it.thry all shared sweet on this sweetest moment.all of them really happy.specially the couple.bavya and Arjun start to tease their siblings.their not get chance like this always.anjali to join with them.they all teasing the couple very much..other members smiling seeing youngters. they all very happy to see them like this.whole family now in joy mood..

Nandini watching all of their joyful moments hiding behind the pillar.she crying seeing they all sharing the happiness together..and she looking all that like some third person.her eyes moist more seeing Khushi smiling happily holding Arnav's hand.aru and Nani sitting beside her.she don't deserved to be with her daughter this happy time.her visual  getting blur because of uncontrollable tears.weeping continually she looking her daughter logging way.suddenly she feel someone pat her from behind,she turn and saw its was payal.she held Nandini shoulders side ways and slowly take her from there.she know.how much she watching all these.that much she will get hurt.then both slowly left the place.and they not notice Arnav witness all of their reactions from hall.he sense how much nandini's heart broken now.somewhere he feeling pity for her.already he have a idea to meet her.now he have to do that very soon,maybe he can do something..

After sometime,it's already night.whole family present in hall.all of their mouths now just chattering about arshi marriage,there five days remain for their engagement.so there many things to do..tomorrow an jeweler coming to home for jewelry selection..it's going to be big engagement..so they have to do all perfectly.when they all talking.arnav informed them he will come attending a call.after informing to family,he came out of the house.khushi look at his fading figure sometime and back to family chat.

At servant cottage,,Nandini and payal arranging dinner on table,shashi buaji to present on hall.when they all talking normally.thry hear an manly soft voice from doorstep.all of them turn and saw its was Arnav,they all really shocked to see him here.its was really unexpected..thry truly never expect he will come here..Nandini quickly get up and look at him respectfully..after knowing very well what relation he sharing with Khushi.their respect for him increase even more..he was son in law of this Chandra mahal.and of course nandini's elder son in law.she hurriedly move towards him.and asked him respectfully..

Nandini:Arnav beta!what a pleasant surprise...come inside.

Arnav slowly enter to house and Nandini make him sit on sofa.payal hurriedly went to make a tea.other three standing front of him,Arnav asked them to sit.but they denied.after telling few times.they agree to sit equal to him.then payal served him tea.then Arnav said to Nandini softly.

Arnav:(little smile)you know right ..what relation we both sharing now.technically you're my mother in law..hope you know that..

Nandini gasps hearing him.other people to shocked by him statement.so that's mean.he know everything..Nandini so happy about.arnav accept her as his saas.her eyes got little moist.she got emotional..Arnav feel sad seeing her like this.he told her with warm tone.

Arnav:I know what happens in past.i can't take your side fully.because whatever you did purely wrong.no child can bear such a big betray from her mother.and I know.you now truly regret your mistakes..I can see.you now craving to be with your daughters.everyone need to forgive for their mistake.i don't know.when will Khushi forgive you.but I really want to see you both untie as family again..

Nandini:(weeping tone)you don't know beta..how many years I craving to be with my daughters..I accept ..I did really big mistake..which can't be forgiven that much easily,I hurts my daughters very much..now I am bearing the punishment for hurting them..I don't know when I can get forgiveness for my sin.i really want my daughters back...

Arnav feel really bad seeing her like this.he can see how much he missing her daughters.he get up and sit beside her.and hold her hands..

Arnav:I understand how much you wished to get your daughters back.even I to want to see you all untie again.dont worry,now I am with you.no matter what happened.i will try my best to untie with your daughters.i don't want my Khushi life without her mother presence..how much she try to deny.she can't change the fact you're her mother.you don't worry.very soon.you will get your daughters back.trust me.

Nandini cup him face and look at him with lot of hopes and love.she never expect Arnav will be this much kind.other members to really surprised seeing Arnav's kindness towards them,they all really happy about his care towards them..atlest he have a pity for them,now they strongly believe Arnav surely untie them again.after telling much comfort words to Nandini.arnav came out from the home.they to come behind him.now all out of them house.arnsv take the blessings of Nandini shashi.they to bless him whole heartily.. When he try to said something.he hear a firm voice from behind.he turn and saw its was bavya..

Bavya:jiju !!what are you doing here?

Arnav don't know what to said..bavya looking guptas angrily,they look each other nervously.she said to arnsv with tight voice..

Bavya:you don't know what will be di's reaction .if she come to know you come here.just now you both enter to new relationship..don't let any problems effect your bith relation.(point guptas)and this family important on that.their presence enough to create a problem in your both life.stay away from this family.they all poison on our life.lets go from this place.come.

Bavya held his hand and take him from there,Arnav left from there looking them.gultas really hurt the way bavya talked.buaji got angry on bavya.nandini calm her.and they all enter to house.now their only hope was Arnav.they really hope.they will get any help from him.but everything don't go for their wish right.

Next day morning..all wake up early and now they all talking breakfast together.after having breakfast it's time for jeweler to come.and the way they expected.jeweler come to house.all ladies surrender around him on living room expect Khushi,mans smiling seeing ladies eating jeweler ears..Khushi smile seeing all this..when they all busy selecting jewels .she did some business works with Arnav.both going to marry.but can't forget that.before that both of them was business partners.even works need their attention,Arjun and akash take the responsibility to look after her building branch in Delhi until the marriage end.its was under the work still.so she don't need to worry.

When all present in hall.akash notice payal sitting alone in garden.no one notice her presence expect akash,he slowly move from there making a exuse.he come and sit beside her.payal sense someone presence beside her.when she saw akash.she got really surprised.she got up and move away from there.akash to follow her behind.now both of them far away from family members.payal try to go more.akash blocked her way.she got nervous by his act.she standing there nervously,akash asked her softly.

Akash:why you running away payal..I can see.you not happy about something.why can't you share with me.i know we both strangers to each other.but we know about each other background very well ..I fully know whatever happen in your both families life.so you don't need to run away from me.tell me what's the matter..

Payal look at him normally.she don't know why.the way he try to support her.making her heart beat fastly.she like the way he taking interest on her.and she be living his words.and her heart asking her to share everything with him.akash look at her silent state .and asked her straightly to get her into the conversation..

Akash:don't you like your sister getting married happily.do you hate her?

Payal:(quickly)of course not,how can you think like that.you don't know how much I love her.i always respect and considering her as my elder sister.she really important person in my life.this marriage going to give more happiness to my sister.how I am not can be happy.i am really happy about this..

Akash:(smile hearing her)then what making you think this much.is everything okay.are you worried about something?

Payal:(low tone)my all worries just about my mother..you don't have any idea how much sick she is..she was really weak nowadays emotionally..her desperate to be with my sisters just breaking her more.she can't live without thinking about them.every second her mind just thinking about them.i don't know when they both forgive her.and I don't know when these problems going to end..I really want to be with my sisters.but they not ready to even think about that.i am feeling really sad about my mother,what if something happened to her.i can't bear that.

Payal share her all worries with akash.and he to support her gladly.he can understand how much she wishing to untie this family.she want her sisters back.somewhere he feeling sad about her situation..he can just support her.how much he wishing to solve all of her problems..his heart paining seeing her sad face.when he try to said something.suddenly his father call him from inside.payal come back to her normal state and left from there,ask ash look at her vanishing figure with thoughtful face and went inside the house.

Inside the home..ladies are selecting jewelry for Khushi.she just let them choose her jewels.already many jewels selected.still selection going on.when all of their own land.arjun's stare fell on bavya,he notice she was confused about selecting jewels..he slowly went and sit beside her.bavya sense his presence and suddenly got little nervous about their closeness..then she saw Arjun take a necklace from box and place on her hand.he told her huskily without anyone can hear..

Arjun:this beautiful diamond necklace suit your milky skin perfectly.trust me..

Bavya gasps hearing his bold statement.her shocking eyes meet his intense eyes.they both shared a intense deep eye look.no one notice their eye look.arjun completely fall on her brown magic eyes..whenever he looking her he feeling some kind of warmth on his heart.he feeling like to take her away from this whole family.bavya to on same state.she always find her self weak whenever he looking her.something on his disturbing her very much.no one notice their eye look.but unexpectedly khushi's eyes land on her sister.she arch her eyebrow seeing her sister lost state.she surprised seeing their both lost state.she can't do anything because she surrender around whole family.she then normally call bavya little loudly.arjun and bavya startled by her call and even more surprised by their own act.both saw Khushi looking then with grin expression.they look away to control the awkwardness..Khushi now clearly know.there something cooking between them.she point this on her mind and decided to ask this later yo bavya.

Next day.today was important day for obrois.now for raizadas also.its was their family traditional temple pooja day.both families got ready to attend the pooja.even all Chandra mahal workers going to attend the pooja.khushi and bavya changed to pure traditional attire.raizadas boys to changed to traditional kurtas.now all ready.bith families boarded to cars and left to mandir.

At mandir..both raizadas and obrois.reached to temple.and mandir leaders welcomed them respectfully its was really big pooja.thousand of people now present in temple.both families come to god idol.and pandit start the pooja with permission of senior obrois..both families engrossed in pooja.not notice Gupta family standing beside them.even they not notice obrois.but soon Nandini notice her both daughters standing beside her.she got really nervous and happy seeing her daughters this much closely,she was standing beside bavya.and Khushi standing beside her.nandini very happy to be with her daughters closely,she try to not let them know about her presence,now aarthi going on.all of their focus only on aarthi.and nandini's focus on her daughters.after long time aarthi end and pandit distribute prasad to everyone.finally to guptas..now it's time for special prasad.which was only for obrois.temple leaders arranged this special prasad for respect,pandit with temple leaders bring the prasad with decorated thaali,Arundathi smile at them and waiting for them to give the prasad.but all got surprised when he passed by her.he move from there without giving her the prasad.they all turn to see to whom he going to give their prasad.when they saw the person.obrois blood boiled.raizadas to got angry expect akash Arnav..Khushi bavya tight their fist in great anger.pandit smile at Nandini warming way and told her softly.

Pandit:we very happy to have your whole family here.and we all like to give this special prasad to your hand.you are one and only daughter in law of the Chandra mahal.and its was you who have to take this..please accept this prasad..

Nandini look at pandit shocking way.she don't know how to react.unknown to her she forward her hand to accept the prasad.but next second they all hear a big thud sound.all of them gasps seeing the scene front of them.the pooja thaali flying on air and fell on the floor with big thund.nandini and pandit really shocked by this.both turn and witness khushi's angry kaali avatar.she breathing highly in uncontrollable anger.both families really nervous seeing her like this...Khushi look at Nandini angry filled way and asked pandit angrily,

Khushi:how can you do such a big mistake panditji..don't you know this gold digger women nothing to us.she is not obrois bahu anymore.for us she died many years ago.we don't have any  relation with thus shameless women.nandini Singh obroi died for us..then how can you give social respect to her.she is servant on our house.and you giving special respect to her.(told loudly to everyone)listen everyone.this gold digger two rupee women no one to us.she lost her relation with us many years ago.if someone treat her as obroi bahu.then remember that will be last time we coming to this mandir.ipand I will stop all the support you all getting for this temple.mind it..Nandini Singh obroi dead for us..remember this always..

She give Nandini an deadly glare and went out the temple..Nandini fell on the knees with tears.the whole area filled with pin drop silence .after giving last look to Nandini both families went behind Khushi.arnav feel so sad seeing her like this..he can't take her side front of Khushi.and he know.no mother can bear this much hate from her own daughter.without can't do anything he left the place.payal support her mother crying way.she to hurt by the way Khushi talk.whole Gupta family broken by khushi's words.suddenly Nandini faint ..they got panic and hurriedly take her to hospital..

Next update:arshi first sensual make out..obrois brothers arrival..jealousy..

Little note:hello guys..hope you all good..sorry for the late update.here weather was really bad.i can't even touch my phone.luckily now weather coming back to normal.so I can update smoothly.next update of the stories depends on the votes of this update..so pls vote more..

And want to said this story going to be more mature after this update.hope you all don't have problem about that..it's will be really intimate and hot..hope you all not upset about that..

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Fabulous story
Write mature scenes..
Jan 25, 2018

Kabhi khushi kabhi gum (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 41 times)

IN Chandra mahal.after reaching to home.khushi straightly marched to her room.all of them don't stop her knowing she is angry now.all clearly can understand her state.both family angry about Nandini arrival to temple expect Arnav akash.thry all take seat on sofas.and Nani started.

Nani:whatever that Nandini did on temple not good thing.after knowing very well about Khushi beta.how can she agree to accept the prasad..

Mami:hello hai bye bye!she did really big mistake today.see how much our Khushi beta angry now..it's all because of her.

Rest of the family agree with her.arnav akash look at them wondering way.thry bith wondering why they all blaming Nandini.she don't did any mistake.its was pandit who went to give her the prasad.thry both don't want to argue with them now,and Arnav need to talk with Khushi.he don't like the way Khushi talked with Nandini.he decided to talk with her.

After sometime.now all going normally.khushi to become cool little.thry all try to not let her remember the mandir scene again.its matter to forget.but Arnav in determine to talk with Khushi.he saw she standing in garden ..he straightly went to her with determination.after reaching her he call her firmly.khushi turn hearing his firm voice.then he asked her seriously..

Arnav:Khushi don't you feel you behaved badly with Nandini auntie today in temple (her jaw tighten )she is your mother Khushi.how can you talk with her like that.its true that she did big mistake.but still you have to give her respect as mother.whatever happened she still your mother.its really bad the way you talk with her today.i truly don't like it..

Khushi:(tight voice)you don't need to tell me how I have to talk with that women.and why suddenly you got this much big soft corner towards her.you just know her for days Arnav.but I know her from birth.so more then you.i know about her very well.you should stop supporting her.i will not respond you calmly like this every time..she was closed chapter in my life.dont try to open that my supporting her.just forget about her.its would be good for you and our relationship..just close this chapter here..

She left the place almost giving him strong warning.but Arnav not going to hear her words.he very well know how much stubborn she is.but he now know how to control her.he will not leave this matter like this.he will surely win this task.with a determination face he left the garden..

At night time..both families talking in hall after having the dinner.suddenly the land line ring.arundathi attended the call .next second her face got million dollar smile hearing the caller voice.all of them wondering who is that.after talking full of five minutes Arundathi cut the call.

Nani:(smile)who is thst Arundathi.you looking really happy after talking with that caller..

Arundathi::(happily)that's was our very close relatives..I mean Rakeshji's bother's family.i informed them about khushi's engagement..and surprisingly they whole family coming here tomorrow for khushi's engagement.and going to stay here until the marriage.i am so happy about that.

Rakesh:(happy smile)I am so happy about this news..it's been long time I met my brother's family.after he passed away.i just missing his presence very much.and have to said.kalyani raised her both children alone.she even not ready to take any helps from me.now see.her whole family really popular in Mumbai.i just can't wait to meet them.

All smile hearing him.and Khushi bavya happy about going to meet their relatives after so long. Both just waiting for  tomorrow to come.

Next day early morning..Arundathi Rakesh arranging things to welcome their relatives.and raizadas to helping them.they should welcome their relatives happily.

Arnav going to his room after coming from the jogging.in going way suddenly he stopped hearing Khushi voice,she calling for bavya.but he saw bavya now where to see.he thought maybe she need some help.he open her room door to see what she want.next second he completely mesmerized by the view front of him.his mouth opened widely ..

Khushi standing showing her fully bare back to him.she just on her skirt and blouse.she struggling to hook her blouse from behind.arnav gulp Arnav seeing her milky bars back.soon he got so hard seeing her like this.his eyes not moving from her back.suddenly Khushi told thinking bavya..

Khushi:bavya how many times I gave to call you.where you went suddenly.okay come on.help me to hook this blouse.i can't hook this,come on hurry up..

Hearing her Arnav slowly closed the door and move towards her with full of desire filled eyes.he gulping continually seeing her shinning milky back..she asking to hurry up.he caressed her back and place wet kiss on her back.khushi jerked feeling the kiss.she turn quickly and shocked to see Arnav.who looking her romantically,he quickly covered herself and asked him with gasping tone.

Khushi:Arnav what are you doing here.and how can you kiss me lie that.you can't do that.

Arnav:it's you called me to hook your blouse.and also why can't I do this.i am your would to be husband..I have every rights on you,I can touch and kiss you everywhere..you can't stop me sweety..

Saying that he kissed her cheek.goosebumps spread everywhere on khushi's body.she feeling really hyper feeling him close to her.he looking her romantically and slowly take away the towel covering her body.she felt cold seeing he staring her half naked body desire fully.the blouse she wearing really thin.its just covering her ****.and now not that to.her loses blouse giving fabulous view to his hungry eyes.her bare navel just torturing his desires.when she try to move away .he hold her by waist and crush her bare body with his hard chest.she gaps feeling the sudden close shock.arnav also hard feeling her body like this.he cupped her face and make her look him.she got lost on his intense brown eyes..he to lost on her dreamy green eyes.without think anything he take her lips for sensual kiss.she to start to kiss him with same feeling.both of them kissing each other forgetting the whole world.he freely roam his hands on her bare back.she moan in pleasure kissing way.he got more hard hearing her ****y moan.kissing way he take her to bed and slowly make her lay on bed.he now top of her body.they both kissing each other like no tomorrow..he roam his hand on navel and suddenly pinched her belly Botton.she gaps in sudden pain.taking the chance he enter his tongue on her hot mouth and explore her whole mouth how much he can.he didn't left any single place untouched on her mouth.after very long time he broke their kids to take the breath.before she got normal breath he start to suck her neck robbing her navel way,she moan with so much pleasure feeling his hands on her body intimately for first time.he touching her body the way he want.and she to let him take control of her self.suddenly she go up in high pleasure feeling he kissing her **** upper the blouse.she moan loudly in ultimate pleasure,she never experienced such pleasure in her entire life.he kissing and sucking her both **** hardly.he worshipping her upper parts so hardly.after enjoying her both big melons ..he hardly bite her nipples..she winch in little pain.hearing that he start to suck to sooth her pain.there already many bite marks on her **** inside the blouse.after enjoying her **** upper the blouse.he raised little and look at her romantically,she to looking him same way.but his next act just take his breath away,he slowly place the hands on blouse and start to removing the blouse.he removing very slowly.if she want she can stop him,but she doesn't stop him,and he happy about that.with many desires he take off her blouse from her body,but before he stare her fully they hear a knock sound from door.they both look at the door with shock.an servant asked khushi to come down.both of them come to their sense.and Arnav get up from her body without looking her.khushi take her removed blouse and hide her **** with that.both try to get their normal breath.after moment ..Arnav turn an look at Khushi.she sitting on bed hiding her ****.her whole upper parts visible to him expect ****.and he saw she looking like a red rose in shyness.he smirk looking her like this.he feeling proud knowing because of him he is now blushing like this.she not ready to face him.he make himself decent and told her with romantic tone.

Arnav:I hope you don't angry with my act.if you angry also I am not going to ask sorry.because that's my rights.its will be good if you get used to my touch.

She turn more red hearing his words.he smirk looking her face.then he take two steps towards her and told her with typical possessive husband tone.

Arnav:and don't wear this saree.change your saree.and specially from now other awards don't wear such blouses.its showing your beauty clearly to out.i don't want anyone stare your body expect me.and I really don't like that.your beauty only belong to me.dont let anyone admire that.understood.

She slowly mode her head with blushing.he smirk seeing her like this.he surprised seeing her kitten shy behavior.after kissing her head he left the room with satisfied smile.khushi look at his fading figure with shy and went to change her dress.and decided to dress the way her husband want..

In downstairs..arnsv joined to family members after having a cold shower.still he have the efforts of the make out.he try to be normal front of the family.all of them now waiting to welcome the guests,,when Nani ask about Khushi to bavya.thry all saw she coming down getting ready.arnav smirk seeing she accept his orders truly,she wearing yellow colour saree with long sleeve fully covered blouse.her whole body covered by that saree.she smile at him with blush.he smirk looking her shy face.then she join with him to family members.he whispers her huskily without anyone hear.

Arnav:thank you for take my demand seriously.i am really happy to see you like this..

Khushi:(whisper back)I don't want to make my would to be husband sad.if he don't like to see me wearing like that.i will not wear all that again.

He smile hearing her.she to smile back.he happy that she already start to care about his likes dislikes...then all hear the cars sounds from out.arundathi Rakesh eagerly waiting to see them.then two cars parked front of the house.obrois rushed to welcome them.

An elderly women same age in Arundathi came out from one car wearing salwar ..after that two middle aged couples come out from the car.they all smile at Rakesh Arundathi happily.elder lady was kalyani ..she take Khushi bavya to happy hug..she really happy to meet her grand children after long time..they all hug each other..after greeting hugging...all of them take them inside..then again Arundathi hugged kalyani..

Arundathi:it's been long time lastly I meet you kalyani.you don't even care to come here na.are you forget all of us.

Kalyani:(smile)why you talking like that aru.how can I forget you all.its you who forget my family..

Rakesh:(smile)okay leave all that..Arundathi do you notice our tej and shakti.see how much they both changed..

Tej shakti sons of kalyani.and their wives janvi ,pinky.tej was elder son.shakti was younger son.and importantly they to obrois,and very big family in Mumbai..raizada brothers surprised seeing them.of course they know about obroi family.they very respected family in Mumbai..but still there some people missing on their family.then Arundathi introduced raizadas to obrois.very soon they all become friendly,then finally Khushi asked to kalyani with eagerness..

Khushi:oh oh Nani.you all keep talking.from very long time I am trying to ask.where's my babies..I am just eagerly waiting to meet them,where's they three..

Kalyani smile hearing her.before she tell something.someone lift Khushi from ground and start to spin her.everyone got surprised.then all smile seeing the obroi brothers..they three circle around Khushi  and hug her tightly.and they drag bavya too..all of them smiling seeing junior obrois bond.then the elder bro shivaay broke the hug and kiss Khushi forehead sweetly.she smile and he told her teasing way.

Shivaay:it's good atleast now you asked about us.i thought you forget about us..

Khushi:(pull his cheeks)how can I forget my cutie pies..it's you three doesn't care about me.thats why not even a call for a day..

Omkara:(second brother)Khushi how can we forget you.you are our only darling.

Bavya:(fake angry)really om..then what about me.dont I am I darling to you all.

Rudra:(third brother)why you said that my sweety.you also our sweety pie.

Three brothers hugged the sisters giggly.all of them smile seeing the,.then Khushi asked to shivaay.

Khushi:hey where's is priyanka ..don't she come ..

Shivaay:she went to London for attend some of her friend wedding.she will come day after tomorrow..

They all talk like that.without caring about others.junior obrois went upstairs..rest of them smile seeing them.tej told to all ..

Tej;when they all together..they don't need anything.even our presence.

All of them chuckle hearing him.but his this statement not went well with two people.arnav and Arjun frown seeinh Khushi bavya closeness with obrois brothers.and shivaay's kiss to Khushi just burn Arnav.both of them highly jealous about their closeness with obrois brothers.

next update:Khushi shocking act...struggle in arshi relationship.

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Fabulous update
Feb 21

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 40 times)

In obroi mansion..both sisters and brothers chatting happily whatever coming on their mind.its been so long they all talked like this..it's was happy moment for they all.they five sitting on bed.bavya sitting between om and rudra..and shivaay laying on bed and resting his head on khushi's lap.and she carely caressing his hair.when they all talking.suddenly shivaay asked to Khushi.

Shivaay:hey Khushi..I totally forget to ask you.where's your soon to be husband..I heard that he to staying here.you still don't intro us to him.where's he..

Omkara:hey ha..even me to thought to ask.where's your future husband.even we both want to meet him.come on call him.

When Khushi try to said something obroi brothers saw an two handsome boys same age on them enter to room.they three give confused look to they both.and seeing obroi sister giving I-know-them look making them more curious to know about them..Arnav and Arjun look at the obroi sisters who settled very well with obroi brothers..Arjun frown looking bavya sitting between they and rudra very closely circle his arms around her.and arnav glare firmly at shivaay who laying on Khushi lap.she smile at Arnav happily.and told to obroi brothers..

Khushi:here you go guys!my would be husband mr.arnav Singh raizada..

Obroi brothers smile at him happily.they three got up and went towards him to gentleman introduce.khushi even intro Arjun to them.they three shake hands with raizada brothers.om told to Arnav.

Om:it's very nice to meet you Arnav.actually I heard about you many times.but this is first time I am meeting you.i am very happy about your both relationship..congratulations Arnav.

Shivaay:yes Arnav!when I come to know my baby going to marry.i just wondered who is that.but after meeting you.i come to know.she choose best person as her life partner.i know about you lot.we all very happy for you both..

Arnav Khushi smile hearing them.they accept their wishes happily.then they both join with obrois.they all start to chat together..so soon they all become very close and friendly.later Anjali akash and Shyam to join with the group.soon the room filled with they joyful voices and laughers..the whole Chandra mahal filled with happy smile.both elders of raizada and obrois heart filled with lot of happiness hearing their children joyful sounds.they all very happy about it.

After sometime in garden area,all youngsters chatting in garden about they self.khushi sitting with obroi brothers and bavya sitting with Anjali.raizada mans sitting together.when all going smoothly.suddenly payal come there to keep snacks for them.obroi brothers frown seeing her.bavya's jaw tighten seeing her again to spoil her mood.khushi try to be normal how much she can,after giving last look to them.payal went from there with sad face.after she went rudra asked to bavya.

Rudra:hey bavya..if I am not wrong.she is payal right.shashi Gupta's daughter.

Bavya:(hate tone)yes Rudy.she is shashi Gupta lovely daughter.

Om:Khushi!why they all still here,don't you hate that family.why you letting them come here still.

Shivaay:yes Khushi.why you doing this.even we don't like them a bit.we all know how much you both beard because of that Gupta family.just throw them out of your both life.

Khushi:(hurt filled hate tone)do you think I keeping them out of love.no.not at all.i am just keeping them here to make them suffer the same pain we both suffered.specially that Nandini have to bear all the pain we both beard.she definitely have to pay for her betrayal to this family.until she suffered completely I won't leave her.just wait and watch shivaay.what I am going to do with her.

 She grips the chair handle tightly to control the anger and hate she getting.her eyes turn red in aggressive anger.shivaay quickly hugged her side way and kissed her forehead to comfort her.she try to calm herself.they all understand her anger and hate.but two persons don't liked her hate towards Gupta family.thats was akash and Arnav.they both know she hate guptas,but this I h hate not acceptable..obroi brothers try to get her to normal state.after sometime she become normal and start to talk normally,then again they all back to normal.and start to talk normally,after that they don't take guptas topic again.

At night.after having warming dinner all went to their rooms.after chatting bit obroi brothers went to take rest.after they landed to here.they don't take a rest.now Chandra mahal filled with peaceful silence.but one soul just restless to talk with his love and try to ask her many thinks.arnav searching Khushi everywhere,he really want to store some good sense on her head.she not doing good.he have to stop her hating Gupta family.after searching her everywhere he saw Khushi standing on terrace and admiring the moon with soft smile.he marched towards her.feeling someone behind her.khushi turn and saw Arnav looking her with determination face,she smile at him.when she try to ask him something he asked her with firm tone.

Arnav:do you think.your hated towards your mother too much.she don't deserved that much hate.khushi I know she did a big mistake.but Khushi everyone do mistake.and we should give them a chance to repair their mistakes.she deserve a chance Khushi.its been twelve years.there many things changed in those years..even she regretting her mistake.please Khushi forgive her.she really loves you.she need you Khushi.please forgive her.

Khushi hear all of his words silently.in her face expression we can't see she controlling her anger very badly.but next words she asked Arnav make him shut his mouth completely.he can't open his mouth after that.

Khushi:will you forgive your father Arnav!!(he look her sharply)will you forgive your father who was reason for your mother death.can you forgive him.even your mother died when you was sixteen years old.how many years passed.why didn't you forgive him after he died also.you still hating him like enemy.you didn't even take his surname right.why don't you give him a second chance to repair his mistake.every person do mistake na Arnav.can you forgive him now..you can't right.because according to you.he is killer on your mother.because of his betrayal you mother committed suicide.i am I right..so when you can't forgive your father.how can you expect me I will forgive my so called ex-mother...maybe our sides of stories different.she is not reason for my father death(little broken)..but she is reason for my dreadful childhood.do you think I hate her for some silky matters..she killed my childhood Arnav..she completely shattered me.you don't know how I face my papa's death.his death was really unexpected..I just cannot bear his lose.i almost lost my mental state.after big struggle I came out from his death little.i got recover bit hoping Atleast I have my mother with me.now she will be with me as both father and mother..but my little hope to broken completely when I saw she come and stood front of me getting married to some other man.i just can't believe that,how can she move on so soon.how can she forget my papa so soon.don't she lived with with full on twelve years..do you know she got married just In two months after my papa's death.how can she forget him that much soon and bring some other man to my papa's place.again I forgive her that betrayal thinking.thats okay.my unconditional love for her make me forgive her thinking it's not wrong if widowed women getting married again.that time my little brain don't think too much because my love for her.i beard her betrayal to this family..but the things she did make me even more broken.(eyes got moist)after getting married to new man.she completely forget that actually there another two souls who just need her love and warmth.her presence really needed on our life that time.we both needed her very much..but she was so happy on her new life.how much happy that.she fully forget about her blood daughters and give her all love and attention to her new daughter...she even ready to give birth to another baby of her new husband..can you imagine..what will be an twelve years girl state when she witness all this..in all she make me orphan fully when I have a mother,what will you do if you on my place.do you think whatever she did fully right.can you still forgive her and live with her still after knowing she completely forget you and your sister.how you react if your mother did something like this to you..now answer me..little moment ago you told about her many things na..now tell me..what did you said.she need me right..where she went when me and my sister need her.its she come to comfort us when we need her.its she come to shower her love to us when we both daily cried for our papa.then why I have to think and forgive her.she did many hurtful things to me Arnav.her past deeds created big damage on my heart..for me my mother already died along with my papa.so don't try to bring death person to my life again.i don't like why you always taking her side.but you have to understand..because of her I beard so much pain on my life.i still can't come out from her deeds..so please try to understand my pain and stop taking her side..I don't want because of her we both get into any problems..please..if you truly love me.you will understand my state..

Without wait a second she went from there broken way.arnav look at her fading figure with moist eyes..he don't have any idea that she keeping this much big pain inside her.he know whatever Nandini did not forgivable..but it's was on of his weakness which no one knows..he was weak in motherly warm.he don't know why he can't bear if any mother crying because of their children.maybe he feeling like that because he lost his mother in very early age.thats why he supporting Nandini like that.but that's because of that.he can't forget Khushi beard so much pain because of her.he look at the sky and saw there a star brighting very much.he speak on mind,.

Arnav:what can I do ma.i can't see Nandini auntie in pain.in the same time I can't bear Khushi broken state.i really want they both get together again.because I know how it's feel living without a mother..I don't want my Khushi to feel that.do something ma..make everything alright..

After looking the star last time he went from there.many people wish many things many ways..but no one can stop what destiny decided for them.lets see what devimayya written for them..

Next day..today pre arrangements happening for Arnav Khushi engagement..tomorrow was engagement..there many things to do..already invitations went to all guests.its engagement for both big celebrities in fashion industry..so it's would be grand engagement..Rakesh and Arundathi can't control their excitement and happiness.Of course it's was their khushi's engagement..what can make them happy more then this..

Now it's was afternoon..lunch time.all of them joined to dinning hall.now all set for tomorrow engagement..even Bride and groom eagerly waiting for their engagement.thats was first step for them to new life.when they all ready to have lunch.suddenly they all hear an sweet girl voice from behind,they all turn smile happily looking that girl expect raizadas.they don't know who is she.obrois got up and reserve her with warm hugs..she was really charming and beautiful girl with fair skin,Khushi bavya hugged her tightly and ask her in excitement...

Bavya;priyanka!!!what a pleasant surprise..we thought you will come tomorrow..

priyanka:(chirpy tone)it's called surprise..actually my flight was tomorrow only.but after knowing my favorite Khushi didi getting engaged I just can't control my eagerness.so fly from London to come here..

Khushi:(smile)it's really awesome! I am very happy about you soon arrival.love you my baby sister..

The three girls hugged each other again.priyanka was same age of bavya.even two months younger then her.so she was little sister of Khushi.she really innocent girl with obeyed nature..she still take know to know a decisions alone..and she was like little child..that's why Khushi love her dearly the way she love bavya.she consider priyanka as her baby sister..then obrois intro priyanka to raizadas..then they all take her too dinning table.then all of them start to have the lunch with joy..

In kitchen area..Nandini looking the happy family moments with longing face.she really want to part of that family time.and behind her payal looking khushi's loves towards her baby sisters..she treating them with so much love and care.how much she wishing to get Khushi that love for her.why they both can't expect her as their sister.she try to control the jealousy she feeling when she saw bavya and priyanka getting so much love from Khushi.she really jealous about their sister bond.why why they join her with that sister bond.she really want to part of their love.she to want to feel her elder sister love.dont know when all will happen..she praying to god make that happen very soon..

Next update::akash shocking statement to family..khushi's anger towards Arnav..slap for Nandini.

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Fabulous update
Mar 10

Kabhi Khushi kabhi gam. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 44 times)

Next day morning.everyone in Chandra mahal doing work with hustle bustle..all rushing everywhere in great energy.anjali looking after decorations with Arjun akash..other side bavya and priyanka looking after outside arrangements,obroi brothers take a charge of foods..all busy of their own works,they don't want any single mistake to happen in arshi engagement ..all having bright smile of their faces.bith families elders looking after other things.its was big day for all of them.now everyone waiting for evening to come..

At evening..in Khushi room.its time for Khushi to get ready.before that she called her both sisters and gifted them two same design diamond necklace as gift..both of them accepted her gift with great joy.then they left the room to let Khushi dress up.then Khushi take a quick warm bath.and get ready on her new red colour full sleeve lehenga.it have a fully net designs.the whole lehenga covers with designs..it fitted on her body so perfectly.its showing her so stunningly.she wear a heavy diamond set which selected by bavya.the necklace was covering her neck totally.she put a charming make up.she made her duppatta side way.totally she looking gorgeous..after 20 minutes she fully ready.then she hear someone coming inside.she turn and got surprised seeing Arnav front of her in royal Indian attire.he wearing white and red combination stylish Kurta with white pant.he comb his hair to usual way.his alpa aroma spread on her room dangerously..totally she flat by his greek god look.he truly handsome.

Arnav looking at Khushi without blinking.he totally mesmerized by her look.truly she is beauty.he got stuck on her green eyes which now covered with dark kajal.her stunning view making him gulp hardly,she doesn't did anything specially.her ever charm look today brighting more in limelight.he don't know if he can be match with her.but deep inside an voice rise speedily shouting "mine..yes she is mine..no one have rights on her"those lines continually running on his nerve.then unknowingly he move towards her.

Khushi saw Arnav coming towards her with dreamy look.she too move forward.they both come closer.next moment Arnav pull Khushi towards him.she crash herself with his hard chest.he holding her waist firmly,they both shared a deep eye look.he falling again and again on her deep wonder green eyes.same goes to Khushi.he asked her with deep intense tone.

Arnav:do you know.just one beautiful word not enough to describe your beauty.i don't know which word I should use to describe about your beauty.today you out of the world.i am feeling so proud to say that,this gorgeous creation of God just belong to me.only to me.you looking so stunning Khushi..

Khushi's face gig red hearing his compliment..this is not first time she hearing such a compliments..but hearing from our spouse little joy,she circle her arms around his neck.they joined their foreheads together.they be like that sometime hearing each other heartbeats..then Khushi came out from hug and hold Arnav hand.she told him with deep emotion tone.

Khushi:Arnav today our engagement day.our first part to new life.just like marriage.even engagement very much meant to our life,today we going to get everyone blessings,but I want to we both take a blessing from the person who meant world to me.i don't love anyone the way I love that person.not even my dada dadi..more then anyone his blessings was really important..come lets go to him..

Before Arnav think and ask.she drag him out of the room.she taking him to third floor.everyone present in hall.so there no one expect them.then Khushi opened of the big room door.he look around the room keenly.its truly have the look of Royal.just like some King room.then his eyes end on the middle wall where a big big photograph almost his height tall hanging perfectly.its on of good looking man picture.he maybe six feet.he soon come to know that's was khushi's father.he notice that man have many resemble of Khushi.this is first time he seen khushi's father picture.arnav looking the photo with huge respect..then he look at Khushi and saw she already looking her papa photo with deep emotions.he notice huge pain on her eyes with moist silently,she slowly cares the photo.she told Arnav with faint smile..

Khushi:Arnav meet your father in law Aditya singh obroi..this gentleman raised me as fully pampered girl.(gulp)you know whenever I do some prank with family members he is the one who come to save me first.he won't let anyone blame me.he is partner in my crime.when the rain season start.i am not allowed to eat ice cream..and without anyone knowledge he used to bring me ice cream.we both eat hidden from everyone.(smile with tears)he is not just like father to me.our relation like some best buddies..I tell my all things to him.he is not strict type father who control children life.he is really open and friendly type.whenever he with me I feel so bless to get him as my father.he don't like when someone yell or make me cry.if he saw me crying.thats it..he will turn the whole house upside.i don't feel safe and protection the way I feel with my father.he is the fully reason today where I am I.he be perfect father to me.(tears falling)he be strong strength to me.but my unlucky I don't get a luck to be with him long.the person who bid bye to me promising he will come back soon with lovely smile,,return to home in structure with pool of blood..I can't forget the day when I see my papa lifeless body..it's still hurting Arnav..

Arnav hugged her tightly comforting way.this is first time he witness khushi's complete broken state,she never be vulnerable front of anyone until  now.he kiss her head continually and soothing her carely.after moment she came to sense and broke the hug.she wipe her tears and scold herself to break down front of him like this.she felt embarrass about her act.understanding her state,Arnav cupped her face and told her comforting way.

Arnav:Khushi relationship not just about love and happy.when two people bonded to live forever.they take a vows as they will stand for their spouse when they need them.not just in happiness.even in the soreness,sadness..we can't expect only happiness in our life.just like happiness sadness also part of our life.we have to face that together.so don't feel embarrass about your act.thats your right on me,you can share your all emotions with me,don't feel Shane to share your emotions with your better half..

Khushi smile hearing him.she happy about the fact Arnav understanding her unsaid feelings.then both take Aditya blessings and left from there..

In hall.soon obrois bring Khushi to hall.now the whole Chandra mahal filled with guests.raizadas bring Arnav too.they both get to stage,bavya and priyanka standing beside Khushi holding ring tray.anjali standing beside Arnav..soon the ceremony started.arnav Khushi exchanged their rings with happy smile,an big applause sound arch on whole hall.bith families clapping in great joy.tears start to fall from arundathi Rakesh  eyes...they feeling so happy .right now they just missing their son very much.they know how many dreams Aditya see about his daughter wedding.they know now his soul must happy seeing his daughter relation,.both wish the couple whole heartily,then everyone start to contrasts the newly engaged couple.arshi reserving their wishes gladly.family members make they both sit on decorated sofa and surrendered around them.janvi and pinky kiss Khushi forehead and start to take selfie her.both raizada obroi boys surrender around Arnav and start to click pics with him.bavya priyanka just glued beside Khushi.both of them not ready to leave their sister.other members looking after guests.function going with full swing.in talking way.priyanka get up to get a drink for her.she take a glass from table.when she turn suddenly she bumped into someone.little amount of drink fell on that person dress.she look at the person with apologize face.then she got shock seeing akash.she told him with sorry  tone..

Priyanka:oh my god I am so sorry akash.i truly didn't see you behind.i am really sorry.

Akash:(smile)it's okay priyanka.its accident.i don't mind.i can wipe that with water..don't worry.

Priyanka;thrn come let me help you.i will clean the stain.(he deny)no akash.its my mistake.i should repair that.come lets me clean it,

Without hearing akash words priyanka take him inside the kitchen.she wet a cloth and start to clean his Kurta,she didn't notice a soap laying in floor.accidentally she placed her leg on that.suddenly she went to slip.akash quickly hold her tightly.she grips his Kurta tightly.she looking him with scared look.for a minute her heart beat stopped..he carefully make her stand.she still holding his collar.when they both lost in situation.they not notice someone looking their closeness with pain filled eyes.unknowingly bit of tears start to fall from her eyes..she quickly left the place without cant gearing thrust closeness.then akash priyanka came to normal sense.she feel shy to face akash right now.he to feeling awkward to face her.she left the place with blushing face.she went back to Khushi with same smile.akash make himself comfortable came out from kitchen.after coming out he meet first person as payal.he look at her keenly.he send some sadness of her eyes,she try to avoid his eye look.when he try to ask her something.she quickly left the place.he confused by her behavior,she never showed him this behavior.he stepped forward to go behind her.before that rudra come to him and take him from there.rest of the function was going with full of swing.

After function end.guests are already left.now family members present in hall.khushi bavya priyanka left to change their dress.after getting change.they three join with family.khushi sit beside Arnav and hold his hand.both look at their joined hands.their new engagement rings shinning on their fingers like stars.bith felt huge satisfaction and happy seeing that.both shared a silent eye look.she slowly rest her head on his shoulder.she felt so bless to be with him like this with her whole family.they two hearing family talk with smile.after sometime in talking way suddenly Arjun get up from the sofa and stood front of everyone.all amused by his sudden act.bavya looking him with scared reaction.he take a sigh and told everyone confidently.

Arjun:guys I need to tell something very important matter to you all.its about my life matter.if I don't reveal that now.i don't get guts again like this.

Mami:(tension tone)hello hi bye bye!!my son..don't panic as like this.what you want to tell us.please tell soon..i am scared.

Arjun:(smile)there nothing to worry ma.its happy news only.(after pause)ma I love someone.and I need to marry her..

Everyone gasps heaRing his confession.all of their mouth open widely out if shock.its unexpected..Arjun looking their all reaction with innocent face.knowing or unknowingly khushi's stare move towards her sister bavya.and she saw she looking really nervous.somewhere her doubt got confirmed.now she waiting for Arjun confession.when she try to ask.anjali asked him shockingly.

Anjali:oh god.i am not dreaming right.whats happening.what happened to raizada brothers.just now we finished once engagement..now another ready to wedding..please someone pinch me..

All agree with her.arjun Arnav rolled their eyes seeing  Anjali dramatic act.then Nani asked him eagerly.

Nani:actually I am really happy about this.if you really fall in love with someone girl.tell me us name too.

Arjun:(big sigh)its....(pause)bavya...

Instead of getting shock.family members scream in joy.arjun bavya shocked seeing that.they not expected this.khushi run towards bavya and hugged her tightly out of happiness.mami and Nani hugged Arjun in great joy.anjali told happily.

Anjali:I knew it.i only expected this.i had huge doubt on you both from beginning.now it's cleard.i am so happy.

Mami:(happily)hello hi bye bye!!i truly not expected this from my son.who always be office son.anyways I am really happy about your choice.i really like bavya.

Nani:me to manorama..I truly happy about the face that both obroi daughters going to come out house as bahu.i liked bavya from beginning.i really had a wish to marry her one of my grandson in other two.now it's truly going to happen(to arundathi Rakesh)but still I want your both approval.are you both happy about this.

Rakesh:of course we are really happy about this.we more then ready to send our both grand daughters to raizada family.there nothing to deny.

Arundathi:ha devayani!we happy about this marriage.(look at bavya)but I want to know what is bavya's response to Arjun proposal.bavya beta are you ready to marry Arjun.

Khushi:(happy tone)dadi!whats there to ask.cant you get the answer looking her face.when my sister turn red out of shyness like this.(to bavya)don't tell me you don't like my dever.because we all know your answer.

Bavya lowered her head in shy.everyone got her answer.all really happy about this.arjun smile in happiness seeing her agree.arnav and akash congrats him..there many happy things happening on their life.furst arshi now bavya Arjun.its truly blessed moments.soon family members shared their happiness through sweets.without knowing some problem going to knock their house door..

Next update:slap to Nandini.akash shocking act.hate,anger..

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fabulous update..
Mar 31

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 73 times)

At night after dinner..just today they finished arshi engagement..but already there another engagement...they all talking about Arjun bavya engagement..then Rakesh told everyone..

Rakesh:I think we should do their engagement after arena Khushi marriage..just now we finished one..it's not look good to do another engagement..what will other think.we should do that little lately..

Arundathi:(smile)it's true..but Rakesh Ji..don't you think that's was really far date..Arnav Khushi marriage was next month..I think we should do Arjun bavya engagement before their marriage.even they both maybe wish to get official soon na..

Nani:(suddenly got a idea)what about we keep their engagement day of haldi..you know right our marriage rituals are much different from other family.we keep haldi a week before the marriage..that will be good..it's not really far away for marriage..just 25 days more..what said?

Everyone liked Nani idea..specially Arjun..he very happy about the date..he give bavya teasing look..she look away in shyness..she got caught by her sisters..they wink at her teasing way..then Khushi said teasing way..

Khushi:looking like my devar can't wait to get my sister soon..he already giving her eating look..I doubt will they both wait until wedding..(to arjun)devarji..please be patience ..my sister won't run away from you..you don't need to give her hunter look..

Bavya Arjun blushing hearing her trading comment..family members laughing hearing her..then pinky told Khushi same teasing tone..

Pinky;even we can told this to you both Khushi beta.do you think we don't notice arnsv beta hungry state towards you..he everyone time be ready to attract you..we also doubt ,before going to mandap,you will go to labor room..

Khushi turn betroot colour hearing pinky comment,,everyone giggling seeing her blushing..she saw Arnav looking her with teasing smirk..he sitting beside her..like pinky said he giving her the bedroom look..without cant control her shy.she hide her face on Arnav's chest..he chuckles at her shy act and hugged her comfort way..everyone smiling seeing the cute couple..then all continue talk.

Khushi going to her room after good night to everyone..all went to their rooms for sleep..when she come to her room.she saw Arnav already present there..and laying comfortably on her bed..he already changed to night dress..she smile at him..when she try to go washroom for change..suddenly Arnav pull her to his side..she fell on bed beside him..he hugged her side way..and keep chin on her shoulder..

Khushi:Arnav  let me go,.i need to change my dress..I will come after changing the dress..

Arnav:(casual tone)no need to go washroom..you can change your dress front of me.i won't mind baby..

Khushi:(sarcastic tone)in your dreams mr,raizada..don't get such a expectations before the marriage..it's not allowed..

Arnav:(challenging tone)oh really!!then what about the allowed you give me when you called me to hook your blouse..don't you allowed me to do whatever I want..even I went to see your boo...

Before he complete the word Khushi closed his mouth quickly..she looking him with red face..he smirk at her..and kissed her palm..she take away her hand..she look away in shyness..nowadays she blushing very much because of him..then he cupped her face and bring her more close towards him..he told her with love filled voice..

Arnav:I don't know any rules..I don't know what allowed and not allowed..all I know,you're mine and just mine..I just waiting for the moment when I will mark you as mine fully..I can't share you with anyone expect my babies who will born for us..I can't share your love with anyone expect them..you're mine and only mine..never try to deny or forget that..

Khushi looking him with lovely smile,.she can see his possessive love towards her..without saying snugging she hugged him tightly.she know he can understand her unsaid feelings..he hug her back with same love..he can fully understand her unspoken feelings..he feel so peace being with her like this.after sometime he recall something and told her teasing way..

Arnav:Khushi I think we should try pinky aunty idea..what about we have our first night befire the marriage..think,we don't have to wait for baby after marriage if we now itself do baby planning..what said ,let's make baby..

Khushi turn dark red hearing  his talks..she hardly hit him on chest..he cough feeling her hard punch..then he laugh silently seeing her red face..he hugged her more tightly..soon both went to peaceful slumber dreaming about their future..

After some days,,obrois and raizada brothers doing their office works in study room..because of functions snd other things.they don't get chance to look after their office works..thankfully their PAs doing all works correctly.but still workaholic obrois and raizada brothers can't be sit without doing deny works..all engrossed of their works seriously..

Outside in garden area..elders are chatting each other..all taking about their children life.

Janvi:(satisfied smile)I am very happy for both Khushi and bavya..they both got wonderful partners.(sigh)now I wish my children to get settled on their life..rudra and omkara still not ready to get married..they both always running away from marriage topic,,

Pinky:(same sigh)yeah..even shivaay skipping the Marriage topic.he was elder to them.but he to not ready to get married..don't know why they like this..

Janvi:(hopeful tone)Atleast I want priyanka to get married..she now on her correct age to marry..hope we can find a good guy for her..

Anjali;don't worry aunty..you will get good groom for priyanka..she is such a genuine girl.she will surely get someone perfectly,

Mami:(after minute)hello hi bye bye!!janviji..don't take me wrong because I am asking this suddenly..actually I liked your daughter priyanka the moment I met her..she really nice girl.i thought to ask her hand on of my son hand.now Arjun going to marry..do you agree to give your daughter hand to my son akash for marriage..

Obrois Indeed surprised hearing mami proposal..they never expected this..obrois shared a looks..even raizadas got surprised..Anjali Shyam shared a look..mama Nani shared a look..mami waiting for obrois response..soon obrois smile at raizadas,then tej told to mami..

Tej:we really happy about your proposal manorama Ji..even we really like akash beta.we happily agree to give our daughter hand to your son..

Raizadas smiling happily hearing that.actually they to liked mami proposal..they just bit wortied about obrois reactions..now seeing their acceptance all really happy..

Nani:we really happy about this..another marriage..hey Devimayya..thank you so much..you growled our bond even more,

Arundathi:(happy tone)that's mean..all obrois daughters going to be bahu of raizada family.its truly unexpected..I really happy about this..now we became more close..I am really happy..

Janvi;(same happy)me too (to mami)but still I want your son approval.i don't need to worry about my daughter.she will obey my word.but we want to know akash beta reply..it's will be good if we ask him once..

Mami:(proudly)there no need of this..my son never disobey me..he will surely agree for this proposal..you all can fully trust me on this..he will agree..I am guarantee for that..

Obrois fully trusted her words..because they know akash was obeyed child..they strongly believe he will never deny elders,,

In living room..elders told proposal news to youngsters...

Khushi:what!!priyanka akash marriage..another marriage..oh my god..what's happening in Chandra mahal..is everyone possessed by wedding sprit..continually wedding getting fix..it's indeed shocking.

Arnav:(same shock)yeah..even me wondering the same..first me..after that Arjun..now akash..there surely something happening in Chandra mahal..

Shyam:(laughing tone)arre Saale Saab!there nothing wrong in Chandra mahal..it's you three got possessed by love sprit..you three can't ignore the obrois girls charm..first you started the game.now your brother finished that..

Anjali:(support her hubby)exactly!suddenly my brothers got love sick..and soon finds their partners.so don't blame the house..

Bavya::(exclaimed)wow!!thats mean..we three sisters going to be married to same house..that's was amazing..

Bavya happily hugged priyanka who already blushing by the news of marriage..she really happy about her marriage with akash..she can't deny that,she had feeling towards akash from little long time..she already given her approval to marriage.she really happy now.then mami sit beside akash and told sweetly.

Mami:I always selected best for my son.now see,I got excellent bride for him.(to akash)you both will be best couple akash beta.i am very happy for you both..

She kissed akash forehead..,show her happiness out..but still akash not utter a word..he being very silent.no one notice his disapproval face.they thought he happy about marriage like them.no one asked him anything..but suddenly shivaay asked to akash..

Shivaay:akash bro..why you being so quiet..why you not saying anything..there any problem?

Arjun:shivaay tum bhi na..don't you know my brother is fully shy type..it's already big wonder that he present here when talking about marriage.otherwise he must be run away from here long ago.

Everyone laugh hearing Arjun and believed akash indeed shy.but suddenly thry hear his firm voice..

Akash;I am not ready to marry priyanka..I don't like to marry her..

Everyone smoke fade hearing akash statement..obrois give him shocked look.raizadas got worry and angry on him.mami asked him angry way..

Mami:hello hi bye bye!!akash what are you speaking..do you lost your sense?

Akash:(firm voice)I am talking with full sense ma,.i didn't agree to marry priyanka..I don't have any idea about her,.and I love some other girl..I will only marry her..

Whole family shocked by his words..they never expected something like this..obrois feel big insult and hurt.raizadas feeling shame to look at obrois..Khushi bavya consoling priyanka who ready to cry..mami asked him angrily..

Mami:who is she?

Akash:(big sigh)PAYAL!!

Now obrois got the biggest shock.they all shocked to core.raizadas gasped hearing the name.they never dreamed something will happen like this..obrois boiling in unbearable anger hearing the name..khushi's eyes turn dark red hearing the name.once again guptas reason for her family happiness to break..her sister happiness break because of her..she feel like to explode the whole place..she shaking in uncontrollable anger..Nani asked akash angrily.

Nani:akash what the hell are you saying..have you lost your mind..how can you love that girl.dont you know how much big sorrow obrois went through because of that Gupta family.how can you love that shameless women daughter..

Akash:(determine tone)even I know whatever happened ,there no mistakes of paysl.she is child that time.she don't have anything to do with her mother mistake.,it's nandini aunty hurtled obrois..not payal..

Everyone stunned the way akash supporting payal.khushi bavya finding very hard to control their anger....Rakesh,arundathi facing the disgusting state.they can't hear all this.obroi brothers consoling their broken family..Arnav ,Arjun still can't believe their brother sudden transform..then mami asked him angrily.

Mami:what if we don't agree  to marry you to that girl?

Akash:then I will never marry any other girl in my entire life..if you still force me to marry someone.i will go away from here very far..I will be df return again.

Raizadas shocked by him reply.thats really strong blackmail..they can see he firm on his decision..then Nani told to on of worker..

Nani:(order tone)bring the Gupta family here,right now..

Next update:decision..fight,,flashback..

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Fabulous update
Apr 20

Kabhi Khushi kabhi gam (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 55 times)

Gupta family enter to Chandra mahal with different emotions. They don't have any idea why obrois family called them suddenly... Somewhere they  feeling scared..its not good sigh.. Soon now all standing front of obrois and  raizada family. They all not looks good. Obrois  raizada  giving them firm look... Nani look at guptas with angry face.. Asked Nandini angrily .

Nani:Nandini do you know what kind of problems you caused us again..cant you leave us alone..why you always coming behind us.

Nandini.:(confused tone) Naniji..what I did to you all..why you angry with .Me please tell me what happen.. 

Homi:(angry tone) hello hai bye bye...Afler planning everything so smartly..you try to play innocent ..how smartly you trained your daughter for this..again and again you proving you're a gold digger..

Nandini very hurt by mami words she indeed dont know what they all talking..guptas truly confused by their talks..but buaji angered by this... 

Buaji:manoramaji..we must be workers here..but that's doesn't mean you all can talk anything about us..even we also have self respect,,what our payal beta did you all..tell us directly..

Nani:(sarcastic tone)look who talking about self respect..don't we all know about your all self respect level.we all fully know what kind if people you all.(disgusting tone)but we never tought your daughter also will be like that..she very perfectly make our son fall on her trap.now because of her first time our son disobeyed our decision..

Akash:Nani please..whatever I said payal don't have any idea about that..and she don't trapped me doing anything..it's me who fall on her..

Nandini:(yelling beg tone)hey devimayya!!someone please tell me what happens exactly..what are you all trying to say..

Mami:don't pretend like you don't know anything Nandini...don't you know your daughter spread fake love trap for my don.unfortunately he fell on her trap..now he not ready to marry anyone expect your daughter..for your shameless daughter he now either fighting with us..don't you know all this..

It's was big blast for Guptas..it's totally unexpected..they don't know something happened like this..they don't know what to said..they looking the both family with shock filled face..payal looking akash with blank expression..he look at her back..there nothing to said..then after composing her but.Nandini told sweaty way..

Nandini:manoramaji I truly don't know all this..and I surely know my daughter never play such a dirty game..it's must be your son who love her..I never rises my daughter like that..

Akash:yes ma..Nandini aunty right..payal don't have any connection with my confession.she don't know I love her..don't blame anyone wrongly..

Raizadas truly don't like the way akash supporting guptas..thus is not their son who they know.this is truly some other person..then Nani told Nandini ordering way.

Nani:okay Nandini..if your daughter innocent like you saying..ask your daughter to make my son marry the girl see selected for him..she have to deny his love right now..

Akash:dadi this is unfair..you can't force us to anything without our wish..(determine tone)and dadi I swear ,,if you force your wish on me..I am even ready to marry payal without your all wish..(marched towards payal and asked her firmly)payal right now ,right here tell me your true honest response to my love..you don't need to worry about anyone.i am with you..tell me..will you marry me??

Both families shocked by akash out burst..this is purely unbelievable reality..all of them don't know what to do..but still one person looking everything with deadly calm..that's was Khushi..she don't react that much for current situation.she just have calm reaction on her face..she don't let anyone judge her reaction..but all of them got blast hearing payal reply..

Payal:(confident tone)I am ready to marry akash..I accept his love,.

Akash got big smile on his face hearing payal reply..raizadas don't know what to said..obrois under the great shock..but surprisingly Khushi got small hidden smile her face..no one can judge what kind of smile that's was..even guptas shocked by payal reply..Nandini asked her shocked way..

Nandini:payal what is this..what are you saying..how you lost your mind,.do you know what are you saying..

Payal:(blank expression)I know what I am saying amma..and I am speaking with full of sense.i am ready to marry akash..and I will not step back..

Raizadas obrois fuming in anger expect Arnav..they all feeling pure hate towards her..when mami try to lash out on payal finally Khushi opened her mouth with bomb..

Khushi:mami I think you should accept their love and arrange marriage to them..

Both families stunned hearing khushi's statement..even guptas..they never expect Khushi will say something like this..she told guptas in calm tone..

Khushi:take your daughter for now..soon raizada family come to your house with Shagun.

Guptas really shocked by Khushi words..they all wondering it is real or some day dream..Nandini observe her elder daughter keenly..somewhere her calm face rising fear inside her..this is not good sigh..without saying anything guptas left the place..everyone looking Khushi without blinking,all waiting for her explanation..knowing this..she told Arnav demanding way..

Khushi:Arnav take your brother from here for a minute..I need to talk with family members..

Without saying anything they three left the place..after making sure they three left..Khushi move towards mami and make her sit on sofa..she take a seat beside..all waiting for her to speak..finally she started with calming tone..

Khushi:I know you all shocked and confused by my sudden statement..and I know no one like my decision..(to mami)but mami think about it deeply.if we all go against to their relation...akash don't think a second to go with payal..if something happen like that..we only face the loss..you will lose your son.and we will lose our family respect.so instead of rejection if we accept their relation.we can keep they both close with us..do you think I am happy about the fact that servant daughter entering our family.more then you its me hate that fact very much..and think about it mami..if they both live with us..we can surely find a reason to show akash that servant totally didn't deserve him..we will surely find a way to separate this unmatched couple..that servant daughter totally not deserve akash..and we can make him understand this when he is with us only..we can't do a thing if he go away from our family...that's why I accepted this Relation..you all just need to be patience...we will surely take her out of our akash life..just do what i said..it's good for all of us..don't spoil anything out of anger..think about it..

All went to deep thought after hearing khushi's explanation..they all know she is totally right..if they reject their relation..they only face the lose...so it's would be good if they agree for this marriage..after taking a long sigh Nani told Khushi with determine tone.

Nani:okay beta ..I am agree with your decision..I am accepting their relation...but beta I am telling you..I will never accept her as my bahu..she don't deserve to call as raizada bahu..she will surely bear a big punishment for cause us this much big pain..I won't spare her..

All agree with Nani..then raizadas talk about unwanted marriage things..they all truly don't like the third marriage,,they decided to talk with guptas today itself..

At late evening..raizadas went to Gupta cottage to talk about marriage..they don't take anything for payal for Shagun.they clearly show their dislike to her every way..now obrois only present in house..all present in arundathi room.all not in good mood..suddenly bavya told with full of frustration tone..

Bavya:di I am cancelling my wedding with Arjun..I don't want this marriage..

Khushi:(calm tone)may I know why you take this decision suddenly..any special reason..

Bavya:(frustration rise more)di how can you ask that so calmly.don't you know  know what happened today in our house..that servant daughter going to be bahu if raizada family ..she going to be bahu of our sasural just like us..she going to be equal to our position..do you think I will accept this.i won't get married to the same house where that servant going to live..I can't live on same roof with her..I feel disgust thinking the fact that servant daughter have equal rights on our sasural..I won't accepted ..I call of the wedding..

Khushi:(deep voice)bavya don't be silly..you thought  I don't think about this..I think about all the side..and do you know the real reason for my decision on this marriage.(smirk)I accepted their marriage for own good..

Everyone confused hearing her..already they sensed she planned sometime really big..then she started again with killer smirk..

Khushi:you don't understand right..then let me tell you ..what you think.i accept her marriage with akash out of care..no...you know why I accept this marriage..because this is right time for payback..a big payback to guptas..how much that Gupta family hurt and destroyed our life..now this is golden chance for the tough payback..just think the bright side..after the marriage Nandini guptas precious daughter life on our hands..she will dance to our thaal only..she must be bahu if raizada family ..but she can't forget that I am the elder bahu..next you..so even there we are the ruler to her..and do you think our sasural wale accepting her happily..they all just waiting to rip her apart..and we can do anything to her with their full permission..she not going to live a so lovely life on raizada mansion..she will regret the decision on agreeing marrying akash..she will bear hard pain for make us cry..those 12 years I waited for such opportunity only..witnessing her lovely daughter hurtful life..Nandini Gupta loss her life slowly slowly like a slow poison.she will bear uncontrollable pain for every pain we bear in past ..just wait and watch bavya,,don't take any decision out of anger..don't we waited to give unforgettable pain to Nandini Gupta.niw it's time for that..don't try to spoil anything bavya.wait for her arrival to raizada mansion..next second her deadline will start..so relax..

Obrois really stunned hearing her true reason..bavya stunned hearing her sister reply..why she don't think about it..it's true her sister really sharp more then her..she totally agree with her sister..for this moment only she waited those years..more then her sister it's she who hate payal very much..she really got good chance to torture payal Gupta and guptas..other family members don't said anything..but they face reaction telling they agree with Khushi..now all waiting for raizadas to return..

In Gupta cottage..raizada family sitting on living room..they don't have single bit of happiness on their face expect Arnav..guptas clearly notice that..even they deny to eat or drink a thing on their house..it's just Arnav and akash drink cup of tea much to everyone dislike..payal sitting front of them wearing simple brown colour salwar.Nandini and buaji dressed her for formality.raizadas don't show any Interest on her..akash disappointed and sad seeing the way his family behaving with payal.then after minute Nani told guptas with less interest tone..

Nani:(to Nandini)look Nandini I don't want to drag this matter anymore..it's already out of our hands..my grandson already fall on your daughter black magic..it's waste of time talk about that..now coming to the point..lets take their marriage along with my younger grandson Arjun's marriage..already we fixed everything..the day of Arnav Khushi haldi function their engagement taking place..after week the marriage will take place here..after finishing Arnav Khushi marriage..we are arranged Arjun bavya marriage in Delhi.so ready to move from here..after week of Arnav Khushi marriage we will take the both couples marriage together..I won't repeat again..be ready for everything.i don't care about akash wedding..because he not doing this wedding with our wish..I just want my other two grandsons weddings happened without any problem..so don't make any mistake,.

Akash and guptas really hurt by Nandi words..akash feel so hurt hearing he is no more important to his family..it's so hurt to see his loved once giving him cold shoulder..is he did that much big mistake.now just his elder brother support for him.he is only supporting him from the beginning..after talking bit.raizadas quickly leave..Gupta family still can't believe these all truly happening..even they don't know why payal take such a decision..don't she know how much big enmity obrois with them..she surely need to answers them..

Raizada family enter induce the house and saw obrois present in hall.they all don't have guts to face them..mami slowly move towards janvi tej and fold her hands front of them..and told with apologize tone.

Mami:I am really sorry janviji..I really hurt you all lot..(sad tone)I keep full trust on my son thinking he will surely accept my choice ..now I fully realize he is not same like early ..he really changed now..he no more the akash we all know..I underestimate my own son..please forgive me..I really shame about my son behavior.

Janvi:(stand up and hold her hand)you don't need to ask sorry manoramaji..it's true we all hurt by all those..but there no faults of yours or your family members..whatever happened we all still relatives..our other two daughters going to join your family..so let's forget everything..now we should focus on our children marriage..it's almost close..don't think about old events..now we all should welcome our new relation with warm arms..

Raizada feel huge relief hearing janvi words..they again and again proving that..they all truly good people..akash really unlucky to loss a girl from such a good family..now all looking forwards about their upcoming relations..don't know what going to happand..hope for good..

Next update:new relations ,,weddings,,slap,,bahu..

Hello hai guys..first of all big  big sorry for very late update..actually I went to a short vacation with my family..just today I came back from vacation..I really sorry guys..I really miss you all these days..I won't do this again..I will try to be more regular..after two days I will update my on of story,.please forgive me for late update..and tell me which story update you all want next ..I will try to give that story update....

Next update depend on this update votes and comments..Allah hafiz..

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Fabulous update
May 17

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 56 times)

In guptas house..everyone surrender around payal who sitting on sofa with head down..no one speak..they don't know from where to start..everything happened like some dream..without able control more Nandini   asked payal sharply...

Nandini:payal what you did..why you agreed to marry akash..after knowing very well..how much they hate us..you still accept to marry him ..answer me payal..why you did this..tell me..

Payal:(low voice) how can I miss this chance amma..how can I miss such a great opportunity..(Nandini give her confused look) how can I miss the chance to be with my sister.. All those years I just died to get them back..they maybe didn't consider me as their sister.. But I always look them like my blood sisters...(silent tears)I need my sisters amma..they can't ignore my life long..they need to Accept me.. I accept this marriage knowing my sisters to going to live three.. I  not get another chance like this ma..it's big chance to make them accept us..please amma..

Nandini hugged her tightly crying bitterly..she don't expected payal thinking this way..her heart feeling huge warm and happiness seeing her love towards her daughters..for some minutes she really thought wrong about payal ..to be with her sister she accepted this marriage after facing all taunts..her love for payal increased  even more..she broke the hug and cupped  payal cheeks..

Nandini: I really don't know what to say beta..for a minute I thought very wrong about you..but hearing your pure reason..my heart filled with so much love and respect for you.. I don't know you loving your sister this much.. I love you beta...

Both mother and daughter shared another hug..shashi buaji smiling with tears seeing their moment..even they not expect payal have such a reason for marriage acceptation..they all hope everything go well..

In Chandra mahal..Khushi and bavya enter to priyanka room..they saw she sitting on bed with blank expression,,but silent long tears falling from her eyes continually..their heart paining seeing theirs sister state..they know somewhere she Had deep feeling towards akash..after facing his direct rejection ..she completely broken..they slowly move towards her..Khushi take a seat beside..bavya standing beside her..both don't know how to console  their broken sister..suddenly they hear her blank question..

Priyanka : I am I so bad di ? I am I so bad that akash rejected me for her..why he rejected me di..   l am I not beautiful enough for him..which way I am imperfect comparing to her..isn't she perfect more then me..

Khushi took priyanka big hug..soon she stat to cry on her di arms..she can't take it anymore..it's unbearable pain for her..Khushi try to console priyanka,..bavya silently crying seeing her sister state.. She really hurt..Khushi caressing her hair softly and told her comforting way....

Khushi:no priyanka.. You 're completely perfect girl ..your not less in anything..it's akash bad luck that he miss a perfect  girl like you..that payal can't even compare herself with your foot ..you're princess priyanka..she is nothing front of you..don't cry for the person who don't deserve you..you have bright life  priyanka..please don't waste Your tears for him..he not deserve you..please don't cry for him sweetheart..we can't see you like this..

Khushi comforting her how much she can..bavya cares her hair and say sweet things to her..after sometime she fall in sleep Khushi's arm crying way..both bavya and Khushi make her lay properly ..after covering her with sheet both come out from room with sad face..when they try to move..Akash Blocked their way..both give him sharp  look..he felt uncomfortable seeing their heated look..they both try to control their raising anger..after doing everything he still have guts to come front of them.. Controlling his nervous akash asked Khushi slowly..

Akash: babhi how is priyanka ?  isn't she okay?

Khushi:(sarcastic tone)she is more then okay akash..who will not can be okay after facing a direct rejection from her alliance guy..she is very good..

Akash:(guilty tone) babhi I am sorry.. I know I hurt her lot.. But please try to understand my point too..how can I marry her when I already loving someone.if I accept her still..it's will be betrayal to her.. I did this for her own good baby..

Khushi:(arrogant tone) yeah thank you so much for your corner towards her akash.. I fully understand you..now I am telling this for  goodness only .please try to be Away from her how much you can..because whenever she see you..she will get hurt only..so stay away from my sister said..you don't need to ask any sorry to her..and yeah tell your so called lover to be away from my sister..don't tell me that I don't warm you..

Khushi left from there angrily..bavya too followed her..akash very hurt by Khushi words..now already everything happened..he can't do anything..with sad face he left from there...

After four days...after proposal drama everyone try to take everything normally..no one talked about that again specially front of priyanka..finally she coming out from heart break..forgetting everything everyone preparing things  for Arnav Khushi marriage functions..there 20 days for arshi marriage..before that there some small functions taking place..everything going good .after that day guptas don't come to mahal..even raizadas don't take any interest  on them..it's just Arnav and akash visiting them two times per day..all busy an shopping and decorations ideas..

Today..all presenting in living room..obviously everyone discussing about arrangements..Arnav Khushi sitting on sofa..when all talking suddenly Arnav told Khushi low tone just to she hear..

Arnav:Khushi tonight come to my room for discuss something important..

Khushi:(whisper back)what you want to discuss that much importantly...

Arnav:everyone arranging all for marriage..but we still not discussed about our first night..we still not talk about private things..so be ready tonight...

Khushi gasps hearing his sudden shocking reply..she look him with wide eyes..he gives her teasing smirk..she already red hearing his talks..she playfully pinch his arms..chuckles escape from his mouth seeing her shy face..he full her close to him more and both talk each other slowly without anyone hear..

When everyone chatting ,suddenly someone enter to mahal..servants are surprised seeing the unexpected person..an elderly women on late sixties enter to loving hall where everyone present..all shocked to core expect raizadas..obrois quickly get up seeing her..she have silent smile on her face..arundathi face bright in happy meeting her best friend after long time..finally Khushi came out from shock and yell in happiness overboard.

Khushi:Nani!!..you here...what a pleasant surprise!!!

Khushi happily run towards her Nani..bavya follow her..both sisters take their Nani to big bone crashing hug..Parvati took her both grand daughters to big hug..it's been age lastly she meet her grand children..then Khushi broke the hug and asked Parvati happily..

Khushi:Nani what a big surprise..I never expect your arrival..you give me huge shock...

Bavya:(same happiness)yes Nani..you don't know how much we missed you..it's been so many years lastly you visited us,,do you forget us..

Parvati:I always missed you both my children..those years I prayed in yatra for you both only.finally my long yatra ended..so here I am..

Arundathi come to receive her bestie with warm hug..both long lost friends shared many emotions hug..

Arundathi:thanks for your arrival Parvati..you don't know how much I need you here..I missed you so much..

Parvati smile hearing her..after talking few words.soon arundathi introduced raizadas to Parvati and infirm all events to her..specially their grand daughters weddings..Parvati very happy hearing all this..after long time she heard heart warming news..of course she know about all past events..her so called daughter cursed huge pain to all of them..she felt huge shame about it..she aware nandini's current status here..she not sad about that..in fact she think this punishment small comparing to her betrayal..and like arundathi she too love Khushi limitlessly..after all she was her first grandchild..and she like the way Khushi grow up with full stronger and respected personality..it's not that she not love bavya..she too very important to her..but her love and proud fit Khushi much more then bavya....now seeing her both daughters grow up as beautiful women..she was very happy..finally she home...

Parvati got well with raizadas ..and they to pleased to meet her..they come to know she is typical Nani type,like strict and controller..but she very good with them..luckily Arnav Arjun took place on her good book thanks to their wives..she happily chatting with everyone..bavya Khushi got glued with her..they not ready to leave their Nani..everyone smile seeing their childishness..she didn't took Nandini topic much to all relief..after talking bit she left to her room to get some rest from her long journey..

At evening..after having good sleep Parvati spend her all time with her grand daughters..they both telling all events happened on their life,,like studies to business..Parvati very happy about her daughters achievement..all now presenting in hall and having evening time..suddenly all jerked hearing a bang sound,,everyones blood boiled seeing Nandini front of them..she standing there breathing hardly like she come running faster..because of it accidentally broke the table vase..both family glaring her angrily..Parvati have blank expression seeing Nandini.soon payal come running behind her,,whole hall filled with pin drop silence,,Nandini looking her mother with tears filled eyes..it's been years she meet her mother..how badly she missed her..with shaking legs she move towards Parvati..

Nandini:(broken tone)ma..ma..you really come..why didn't you informed me ma..you have no idea how much I missed your presence in my life..I missed you so much ma..how are you ma..why you not even called me once...do you forget about your daughter,,I....

Her next words cut off by sharp lap on her face..Nandini stepped back getting burning slap from Parvati..she looking her with shocked face..parvati shaking violently out of anger..her eyes turn dark red..her face written full of hate on her daughter..all stunned by her unexpected act..they never expect she will react with Nandini this way..even Khushi thought her Nani will cry seeing Nandini after years,,but here all happening twisted.payal quickly rushed to Nandini to support her..Parvati told her aggressively..

Parvati:bas..bas...bahut hogaya...don't you dare to utter another word..bas..how dare you come to meet me after doing such a bg things to this family.,do you think I don't know anything about betrayal..I know everything..don't call me ma on your dirty mouth..i feel disgusting hearing that..you can never be my daughter..you're not my daughter..I give my daughter to Aditya Singh obroi..son of Chandra mahal..father of my grand daughters..not to any lower middle class ****..my daughter bahu of this Chandra mahal..not a servant like you..you can't be my daughter..I never taught my daughter to spread pallu for another man after husband..he alive or died..I raised her with full of moral and cultures..my daughter never gold digger like you who went to warm another man bed after my son in law died..don't you dare to call me ma..if again I hear ma word from your mouth..then remember that day you will face very worst side of this Parvati..

No one utter single word..all don't know how to react..Parvati shooting burning glare at Nandini who crying falling in knees,.she try to touch Parvati legs..but she pushed her harshly..Khushi looking all this with calm face..she happy about the way Nani behaved with Nandini..bavya and other obrois smirking in mind seeing Nandini state..it's looking nice to them seeing her suffering..raizada to feeling the same expect Arnav akash..they don't know how to take Nandini from this situation..she looking really broken..payal try to make her stand up crying way..she really hurt seeing her mother state..when try to take her out all here shashi angry voice..everyone give him warning look..he come stood beside Nandini and hugged her side way..he asked Parvati shouting tone..

Shashi:enough!! Enough maji!!i can't hear anything more about my wife..it's enough..she very happily come to meet you after knowing your return..you very nicely accepted her..can't you all stop breaking her more..why you all still behind her..it's been 12 years..why can't you all forgive her..I accept we did mistake in past.But you all treating us like we did some crime..we got married,.because we love each other very much..it's just we thought to start a new life together after losing our spouses..can't she marry a another man after became widow ..let's forget everything maji..can't we be a happy family together..everyone do mistake maji..but even we should give chance to everyone..please forgive us..we really need you all..

Parvati:(arrogant tone)ho gaya?do you finished your speech or there's more..but you know what..your barking all really useless here..you nicely described your love to each other..but you know what..this society have some other name for your this so called love..I don't need to said it out..and you can never take part on our family..another chance is very far away talk..we already throw you all on garbage.we don't like to take back the trash..(point Nandini)now get out from this place taking this trash..I don't want to make my house dirty keeping here..take her out or else you all regret badly..

Shashi and Nandini feeling big hurt and insult hearing Parvati rude words..why always they facing such a situation..wasn't  there no end for all this?..no one tell anything to Parvati..payal slowly take her parents away from there..Parvati still on peek..she can't control her anger..Khushi slowly near her and told normally.

Khushi:I am happy the way you reacted with them Nani..I didn't expect this from you.i thought you will forgive her..but you proved me wrong..thank you Nani..

Parvati took her to comfort hug..she know how much her grand daughters went through because of Nandini..she will never get forgiveness for hurting her children..she take seat with Khushi.then arundathi told recent events to Parvati..no doubt she very angry..now payal Gupta started to create trouble on her grand child life...she won't let her do anything...

At night...after having dinner Khushi going to her room..in mid way suddenly an manly hand pull her to pillar..she gasps at sudden act..she surprised to see Arnav..he looking her with teasing smirk..she asked him shockingly,

Khushi:Arnav what are you doing..what if someone seen your act..

Arnav:I don't care if someone see my act..I am taking with my soon to be wife..no one dare to question me..and didn't you remember..I asked you come to my room after the dinner..you not come that's why I come here to take you..

Khushi wide her eyes hearing his words,,without give her time to think.he take her to arm bridal style..she stunned by his act..soon he marched towards his room with hurry steps..thankfully no one witnessed their act..then he reached to room ,closed the door with kick.he took her took bed and placed her on it slowly,,he too take a place beside her..now both laying in bed..

Khushi:(scolding tone)Arnav this is too much..your naughtiness increasing day by day..can't you wait 20 days more..

Arnav:(sarcasm tone)you very easily telling this.but you don't know how much it's hard to face it..and you should thank me that I still saving my virginity for you..if some other person in my place he already had his first night experience with someone..(teasing tone)actually I wondering how it's feel having first night before the marriage..

Khushi:(slapped his chest harder)dare if you did something like that..you won't go from here completely..how dare you to think about another girl,that to front of me.i will kill you..

Arnav:(teasing smirk)typical Indian wife..I like it..keep it up..but my dear possessive wife..let me tell you..I am talking about you baby..I want to experience first night with you..not with any random girl..do you get it..

Khushi embarrassed about her over react..she avoid his teasing  look.arnav smiling seeing her awkward state..he cuddle her close to heart and told her with full of love.

Arnav:you don't need to worry Khushi..I completely belong to you..there no one have any rights on me expect you..my whole self only for you love..there no second place for another person..I love you Khushi....I love you so much..

Soft smile appear in Khushi face hearing his confession..she felt big satisfaction hearing his words..she hugged him out of joy..he smile and cuddle her more..both feeling much complete being like this..Arnav's gutter mind turn-off feeling such a peaceful moment..without realizing both fell to sleep dreaming about their future....

Next update::haldi function..Arjun akash engagements..fire accident..

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Jab tak hai jaan
Pyaar kiya tho darna kya
Ajeeb prem kahani
Jun 29

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 49 times)

Next day..when Raizada family come to living room after wake up..they all saw some silent arrangements happening in all without any announcement or noise..they confused seeing that..then all spotted arundathi and Rakesh coming wearing full white cloths..there no glowing on their face..soon Nani asked her worriedly..

Nani: what's happening here Arudathi..what those arrangements for..and you both in white dress..what all this..

Arundathi:( broken tone) today Aditya's Memorial Day devayani!!!

Raizadas just shocked hearing Nani statement..they look at her with sudden shock..

Arundathi: it's been eleven years now..every year just we both do his memorial pooja..but this year Khushi and bavya also going to join..that's why we arranged pooja in home..sorry we don't got chance to inform you all about this..we decided last night only..we apologize for it..

Nani: on arundathi..there no need to ask sorry..we know how much this matter sensitive to you all..even we can't accept Aditya lose still..wait we also joining with you all..

Arundathi smile at them.then they went to change the dress..after changing to white dress all join to hall.obrois already present there..and all ready for pooja..from the time Arnav come to know about Aditya memorial..his heart just searching for Khushi..he very well know what she going through now..even Arjun having the same situation..bavya now where to see..he don't know how is she now..both brothers sitting with family and waiting for their loves..after few minutes pandit arrived ..it's time to start the pooja..then finally Khushi and bavya came down wearing pale white salwar.there no make up or smile on their face..they all can see both cried for hours seeing their swollen eyes..Khushi holding Aditya photo in hand..they both come towards family and she give photo to pandit then both took seat beside Rakesh Arundathi and opposite to their husbands..Arnav Arjun can see how much they both try to be strong front of all..but they can feel them from inside..soon pooja started,all silently began to pray..Khushi looking Aditya photo without blinking with red eyes..she truly don't want this moment.seeing her father memorial happening ..her heart bleeding..she recall her whole childhood with her father..one drop tears fallen from her eyes when she feel bavya hugged her side way..then she sense she silently crying..bavya hugged her sister comforting way and told her softly.

Bavya: please di..please control yourself..please be strong.if you fall broken..here no one can able to strong after that..please di..at least for us control yourself..

Khushi nodded at her slowly..she wiped her tears and close her eyes to pray for her father..everyone feeling really sad seeing her like this..her unconditional love for her late father somewhere even making them love and respect her more..they pray to god make her pain ease...after full one hour the pooja finished..bavya and Khushi did the last rituals..after all end.everyone came out to give foods to birds..when bavya Khushi ready to keep foods..the scene happening front of them make their bleeding hearts boil in anger..

Nandini payal calling birds to have the foods they place in ground..there a pandit standing beside them..he told nandini.

Pandit: nandini ji..make sure the birds eat all the foods..otherwise your pooja for your late husband won't be fulfilled..

Nandini nodded him softly..they both wearing white sarees..obrois boiling seeing she doing pooja for their son..even raizadas got very angry,,bavya burst in anger..

Bavya: how dare she..who give her rights to do pooja for our papa..she doing this purposely..she always want to destroy our peace..I won't leave her today..she finished..( she try to go)

Khushi: ( strictly stopped her) no bavya..not today..we should not get any problems with anyone today..don't forget that we need to complete our papa rituals..we should not give any importance to that women..so calm down..

Parvati:( same tone) you're di is right bavya..it's not time to fight..we need to fulfill Aditya beta memorial rituals..so just constraints on it..we will see that cheap lady later..

Bavya try to cool her anger..it's not that Khushi being normal..more then bavya her beast try to out..but she can't forget her father too..then bavya Khushi move forward to keep foods..then Parvati stopped them.

Parvati: Khushi beta..I think it's will be good if you both do this rituals with your both soon to be husbands..( turn) Arnav,Arjun come on join with your wives..

They both smile and agree with her..then both join with their wives and begin the rituals..payal and Nandini already saw them..her eyes moist seeing her both daughters doing their part of rituals with their would be..how much she want to be with them now..today her husband Remembrance Day..she can never forget that tragic day..also she can't even forget her act in past..instead of being with her broken daughters..she just went to look after her own happiness..she can't forgive her own act..there no forgiveness for her act..then she saw birds already eating the foods her daughters placed..but there no birds coming to eat her food..she felt hug stone fall on her heart seeing that..suddenly she hear her mother voice from behind..

Parvati: ( anger filled sarcastic tone) dekka...even those birds not ready to accept foods from your hand..and my son not ready to accept your pooja..because he knows what kind of women you are..how much you try.you can't change your past behavior doing all this..you will never get Aditya forgiveness..they both doing this pooja with pure love for him..but you doing this just to show others..so your so called fake pooja will never acceptable..just stop all this..

Parvati left from there leaving behind tearful Nandini..why everything just happening to her..even the fate not with her..she left from there crying..payal feeling hurt seeing her mother state..why always everyone hurting her..why there no end of all this..she only know how much her mother cried last night..whole night she asked forgiveness looking Aditya picture..why no one seeing her broken state..she saw her both sisters doing rituals together..why they can't see her mother getting hurt more..she have to keep full stop for all this..after giving them last look she left from there..

At evening.after finishing all pooja staffs..everyone again got ready for marriage preparations..day after tomorrow arshi haldi function taking place..with that Arjun akash engagement taking place..everything already set..now everyone eagerly waiting for one day to go..but akash know their all excitements only for his brothers functions..there no one paying that much attention to his engagement..he not showing his hurt front of his brothers,.he don't want to make her upset showing his pain..he feeling huge pain seeing his family disinterest on his engagement with payal..he can't blame them too..he doing this without their approval..it's wonder that they accepted to make them married..he really hope soon his family members forgive him and accept his love for payal soon..

In girls room..Khushi bavya priyanka selections their dress for day after tomorrow functions..they don't want to hurt priyanka doing all this front of her..but she promised them she totally okay with all..when they three busy on their works..Nani with Anjali and mami enter to room..girls smile seeing them..then they took the seat beside them..

Anjali;(cheerful tone) hmmm..looking like you're all selection section still going with full swing..I see..

Bavya:( exciting tone) yeah di it's not any usual functions na..it's my di haldi function..and my engagement..our heads spinning thinking what to wear..

Priyanka: :( same tone) ha di..already fifty dresses rejected..still there no dresses catch our attention..we are really confused..

Anjali:(chuckles) I know how it's feel..it's girls very difficult work..choosing dresses for their own functions..don't worry there more collections coming..most of from our own company..you three will get best collection...( girls smile)

Nani:(smile) accha baccho listen..we brought some gifts for you three..hope you all like it!

Girls smile hearing her then Nani took the bag from mami and took out three boxes from inside..it's really large boxes..the she placed the boxes in bed and opened all together..girls surprised seeing thick gold jewellery in boxes..it's not looking simple or modern..it's looking pure traditional and old..there big necklaces,,jimmkis,,waist chains,,bangles..everything just looking awesome.nani told them softly..

Nani: those all our kandan jewelries..my sasuma give this to me.after that I give that to manorama..now it's your all turn..it's tradition of raizadas to pass those jewels to next bahus..now you both going to enter our house..so now those all belong to you all.

Mami:( cupped priyanka cheek softly) hello hai bye bye...maybe you're not coming to our house as bahu..but I always considering you as my own daughter..what if you not my bahu..you will be always my daughter..that's why I am giving my share to you..you deserve all this..not any other..( she try to deny) please don't deny this priyanka beta..accept this..actually it's you owner for those jewelries..because I only considered you as my bahu..not that payal..so it's my wish to give you this..so don't deny me.please accept this..

Next moment priyanka hugged mami emotionally..all smiling seeing they both.nani Anjali know how much priyanka went through because of akash payal..they indeed cursed they fate to missed a such a good girl..bavya Khushi smile seeing their sister happiness..then both broke the hug and priyanka told mami with shocked smile..

Priyanka: thank you so much mami ji..I never expect this from you..it's true I loved akash little deeply..I wished to get married to him.his rejection cursed huge damage on my heart..but it's okay.its all fate..I need to forget all mami ji..and I am sure with your all love and support.i will completely forget all this..and again thank you for your love mamiji..

Bavya Khushi hugged her side way..raizada ladies smiling seeing their sister bond..then they left leaving them alone...

At night.arnav standing on terrace looking the full moon..he lost on deep thoughts..when he sense someone beside him.he turn and saw akash standing beside him with same face..he know what he thinking now..he wait till he speak out..finally after few minutes akash asked him blankly..

Akash: isn't am I did any wrong bhai...it is crime to love someone..isn't a big crime to stand for your love? Why everyone behaving with me like I did some big crime..why they can't accept my love to payal..why they all behaving like this..it's hurting bhai..I can't bear our family hate..

Arnav:( sigh) I know what are you feeling now akash..but we can't even blame our family members.the way you disclose your love to payal.no one can react normally..because of you priyanka facing huge heart broken..but I am not saying you did crime by loving payal..she is very nice girl..and even you have rights to love someone..but you know na.how much big rival out both family have with Gupta family..they can't accept payal ask family part because of Nandini aunt betrayal to Khushi family..it's not any small matter na akash..first me also want to untie the both families..I took many steps to untie Nandini aunt with obroi family..but soon I realize how much big pain Khushi bavya bear it because of Nandini aunt..I can't take her side again..it's will even create problem between my relationship with Khushi...but actually I still want to untie them all..but what to do..no one in obroi family ready to forget or forgive Nandini aunt mistake in past..in other hand if we look at their point of view fully..we can understand how much it's difficult for them..( sigh) so it's very hard to make our family to accept payal..maybe it's going to be impossible..( touch his arm) but don't worry akash..as your big brother i a always there to support you..I will do my best to make family members accept your love fully..and even I will try to untie guptas with our both families..don't worry..now you just focus on your new life..now payal going to enter you life believing you will protect her always..keep her trust without breaking..we will face every difficult problems together..

Akash hugged Arnav out of big relief..he feeling so positive and comfort hearing Arnav encourage words.this is what he craved for..his brother support enough for him..Arnav hugged him back with small smile..he can sense some positive vibes from akash..then both brothers shared some sibling moments there after long time..

Next day..priyanka walking in garden looking the flowers.she felt like to get some peaceful air..when she lost on thoughts..suddenly someone bump on her with such a force..she almost lost her balance..she angrily look at the person who bump on her like blind person..but seeing the person her blood rushed to south..she ready to blast..

Payal scold herself seeing she bump into priyanka.she running away from akash who teasing her from morning..but now she know..it's going to be tough to go from here.then she jerked hearing priyanka angry voice,.

Priyanka: what the hell..payal you..why did you bump into me like mad girl..do you forget your place here.nowadays your behavior going out of limit..stay on your limits payal..otherwise you will face huge problem..

Payal:(calm tone) priyanka I know I did a mistake..I am sorry for that..but that doesn't mean you will tell me anything..I know my limits..you don't need to teach my limits..mind your business..

Priyanka:( more angry) how dare you servant daughter..you talking about my business..don't you know the way to speak with your malikin family..or do you forget your place in Chandra mahal.( sarcastic tone) oh how can I expect discipline from Nandini Gupta daughter..she herself a shameless women.so her daughter also will be Like that na..

Payal:( angry rise on voice) priyanka!! This is the limits..I won't tolerate another word against my amma..you problems with me right..so keep the fights between us.don't drag my amma between this..otherwise even I know to cross the limits..

Priyanka; what there remaining to cross more..you already crossed your limits..you always jealous about me.jealous about my sisters..you don't like they both getting such a perfect life partners..out of jealousy and anger you trapped the guy who supposed to be my husband.after trapping him smartly now you getting ready to go the same house where my sisters getting married..you want to get equal to them.i know about you everything..so don't talk about my limits..

Payal: ( smile) if this is what you think about me.then I can't do anything..I don't care about what you think about me.me and my family know why I took this decision to marry akash..you won't believe if I tell you also..so don't waste both of us time..just leave without creating more problems.

Priyanka: do you think I will change my opinion about you after hearing such a emotional words..for me you always will be the bug witch who destroyed my life..you took away the person who I loved first time in my life.i won't forget you that much soon payal Gupta.you will surely bear the punishment for scathing my happiness..you won't be happy on your life payal.i will never let you live peacefully..count your days..

Priyanka told all that with full of hate and anger..her eyes filled with full of revenge.after giving her last look she went..payal look at her retreat figure with deep sigh..she totally understand her state..but she not took priyanka warning seriously..she thought she spoke out of pain and anger.but she don't know there some seriousness on her warning..hope God protect her..

In Khushi room..finally Khushi selected her tomorrow haldi dress..she now arranging her dress to wear tomorrow..but suddenly she gasped feeling someone hugged her from behind.she took a relief sigh knowing its her naughty fiancé..Arnav hugged her from behind and placed chin on her shoulder..

Arnav: hmm looking like my fiancée completely ready for tomorrow haldi..see she already place her dress to wear tomorrow..hmm good..but why this hurry?

Khushi: or what..it's not any small function..it's my haldi function.i want everything to be perfect..because this is going to happen on my life once.so I want everything to be perfect.don't you want our haldi be perfect and beautiful?

Arnav: of course I want too..but I am not worry about that..you know why..because I aware that my wedding will be flawless because of my bride..her presence enough to make imperfect to perfect..she is biggest gift for me..there nothing will be perfect more then her..so I am tension free..

She smile shyly and hit him playfully..he kissed her cheek and hugged her tightly from behind..suddenly he turn her towards mirror and asked her in husky tone..

Arnav: hey Khushi..look at us..don't you feel we both being perfect match to each other..we both looking awesome every way..the most beautiful girl in the world with dashing man..what their more to keep us look great..( more huskiness) we both belong to each other Khushi.we both mean to each other..no one can find such a awesome pair anywhere..the world best couple..Arnav and Khushi hamesha!!!

He romantically caressed her waist line..she shirked feeling his hot cares..he slowly place sensual smooch on her crock neck..she moan highly without her knowledge..he slowly draw finger inside her Kurta and play with her belly button..she totally getting weak feeling his romantic touch..he ever slowly start to unzip her Kurta and slowly move aside her long hair..and place complete passionate kiss on her milky back..

Next update: arshi first real make out..haldi..fire accident..

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Jul 14

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 61 times)

He slowly place finger inside her belly button..now it's getting high..she stop his hand from going more inside her belly Botton...

Khushi:( mooning tone ) no Arnav!! Please no.. I can't bear this more..

Arnav:( romantic tone ) why!! am I making you weak very much?? Can't you control your emotions?? Tell me..how you feeling??

Khushi:( totally lost ) l am feeling really weak Arnav..there butterfly spreading on my stomach..your towards doing something really different inside me..

his face got Kind of satisfaction smirk hearing her reply..this what he expected..he slowly hold her by waist and sensually bite her crock long neck..she shirked feeling his bite..he smooth the pain and look at her through mirror..feeling his gaze she open her eyes and look at him shyly..them both saw the first love bite on her neck..her face turn dark red seeing that..then he sensuality licked her bite marek and told her ****ily..

Arnav: this is my first love bite for you.. I marked you as mine forever..it's just a trailer..you will see the main picture after marriage..now itself have a long and relax sleep.. I swear after marriage i won't let you sleep..be ready for sleepless night..

Without can't bear his teasing more..she tightly hugged him..he smile seeing her shy and hugged her back..both of them eagerly waiting for tomorrow haldi to come..

At night..after having dinner with all Arnav going to him room.. But suddenly he hear sound from garden side..there no one..everyone already left to their rooms..Arnav rushed to see what's happening.. But when he reached..he only got shock and surprise..

Akash: payal tomorrow our engagement.. I know very well why you agreed to marry me..but payal its still important day for me..whatever happened I still love you the way I did early.. I know even you love me..but this marriage not happening because of our love..you need to get your sisters back..want to untie your mother with them..but payal payal promise me..you will even focus on our marriage.. You should give chance to our love..promise me payal..

Payal: akash!! I know..we agree to marry for own reasons.. I agree to marry you to get close to my sisters..but that's not mean I don't care about you or our marriage..you know it na..I love you..like you me also love you very much..so I promise.. I will give equal attention to our marriage to.. I won't disappoint you anyway..even you to important for me..please trust me on this..

Akash smile satisfy way hearing her reply..and slowly took her to warm hug..payal smile and hugged him back..all the Tim Arnav looking they both with great shock and wonder..this is truly shocking revelation for him..he never even dreamed there something big behind their this wedding..he don't know what to say..is payal truly doing this for her mother and sisters..and his brother also agree for this..he slowly went from there without making them aware of his presence.. But very soon he have to talk with his brother regrading about this.

Next day..whole Chandra mahal going with hustle bustle..no one have single second to sit..or what today totally three function taking place..first Arnav Khushi hold..after that Arjun akash engagement everyone doing arrangements with full of joy..

After sometime..now all ready to start the haldi function..they arranged both lgroom bride haldi together..there a yellow curtain arranged between for them..now it's time to start..Arnav slowly reached to hall after having big war with his new doti and kurta.this is first time he wearing something like that.he wearing new stylish Kurta doti..of course he looking dapper as always..his family members make him sit on side of curtain..now all eagerly waiting for their bride..Arnav impatiently waiting to see his love first look..then finally that moment come bavya with priyanka slowly bring Khushi downstairs..Arnav totally went to dream land seeing his bride outstanding entry..she looking flawlessly gorgeous on her yellow and white combination lehenga..she let her brown hair open and wearing elegant light Jewels..there thick ankle on her legs which making melodious sounds when she coming.he looking her with open mouth and forget to blink..he came to sense hearing Anjali voice..

Anjali: chote enough na..you can't able to control more if you stare my babhi like this..please be patience till wedding..

Everyone laugh hearing Anjali teasing and Arnav embarrassed face..bride side people hear this and priyanka told proudly

Priyanka: arre Anjali di..it's not jiju fault..it's fully my Khushi didi Magic..who can ignore her ever charming beauty..poor jiju he can't help it..

Anjali:(same proud) arre priyanka..even my bhai not less then your di..no girl can ignore his dashing look.ek dam rajkumar hai rajkumar!!

Arnav rise his eyebrow hearing his di statement..everyone smile hearing they both praise for their siblings..when Arnav try to look Khushi.she already got to her side..her visual completely hide it from him..he make poker face seeing that..when he try to move the curtain Arjun Nani stopped him.

Arjun:bhai what are you doing? You can't see babhi face..it's on of rasam.you have to follow it.

Arnav:( irritating tone) what the!! Who creating this kind of rasams..it's all meaningless..I am not going to follow.let me see her..( he try to remove the curtain)

Nani:( smile and told strictly ) chote you can't do this..if you still wishing to break the rasam.then remember I will ban your wedding night..

Arnav.( shocking tone) what the !! Nani that's not fair...

Everyone chuckles looking Arnav lost face..it's worth to see..other side Khushi hearing his all tantrum..there ladies start to tease her..soon all ready to apply haldi to bride groom..Nani and arundathi started the rasam..arundathi applied haldi on Khushi face with million dollar smile..her happiness no bond today..after applying everywhere she kissed Khushi forehead with moist eyes..same goes to Nani..then Parvati came to apply haldi on her..even she is very happy today..her first grand child getting to marry..soon other people came to apply haldi.now it's time for bavya ,priyanka..both of them look at her with mischief smile..she got alert seeing them smiling.next second she yell out getting full of haldi paste on her whole face..they both laugh seeing her state..soon even they both got covered with haldi..Khushi give them bath with haldi paste..everyone smiling whole heartily seeing they three childish acts..looking thry haldi holiday groom side get into masti mood to play..soon Arjun akash joined hands and apply whole bowl haldi on Arnav face..they won't get another chance like this..to play prank with their big bhai..he totally shocked by his brothers acts..so now who can escape from ASR..he did the same thing with them..even family members got haldi on their faces..haldi rasam going with full swing..then again all set for rasam..both families switched their place.obrois went to apply haldi on Arnav and raizadas come to apply haldi to Khushi..after sometime rasam completed..both Arnav Khushi ready to go their rooms for fresh up..when Arnav try to look at his wife face at least now.they all taking her hiding from all..only ” what the" escaped from his mouth.

Arnav: what is this Nani? You did the rasam without showing her face..now what's the problem..why are you all taking her hiding from me..let me see her face Nani..

Arundathi:(smile ) Arnav beta we forget to inform you..this is obroi family special tradition..we won't show bride face to groom until next day after haldi rasam...so you can see her face tomorrow only,,

His face got whole irritation and anger reaction after arundathi reply..this is getting high..everyone testing his patience,,he only know how much it's hard for him without admire her face fully,,her beauty...he angrily left from there cursing everyone..family members chuckles seeing his angry figure..then Parvati said smiling way.

Parvati: arundathi do you really think Arnav will follow this rasam..I don't think so..I am very sure he will definitely break the rasam today itself..

Arundathi:(smile ) I agree..we can't expect him follow the rasam..but let's keep him on the track how much we can..

Everyone giggling hearing her..all the time Khushi blushing heavily.she can't totally sense Arnav desperate to see her..she know he will surely find a way to see her before tomorrow sunrise..then bavya priyanka take her to give a milky bath to remove the haldi..

At evening time..everyone arranging hall for engagement function..everyone getting ready on their own room.after fully getting ready Khushi went to make her sister ready..there already priyanka helping bavya to get ready..she looking so beautiful on her shy blue designer lehenga..then Khushi apply charming make up to bavya and made her hair to curly bun..after finishing her make up Khushi help priyanka to get ready..she wear dark brown color lehenga with elegant jewels...no doubt they three looking completely gorgeous..now they three forget about the other engagement..

At hall..everyone already ready for the function..Arnav helping his brothers to getting ready.today their both engagements.so he need to do everything twice..but because of that he didn't forget to see his love face..who can stop him meeting her in function time..today he will definitely break their so called rasam..now they both ready..then the three brothers reached to venue..now girls need to come..after sometime the three obrois beauties came down..all admiring the three roses..Arnav Arjun eagerly waiting to get glimpse of their loves..Arjun got his luck.but Arnav don't got the chance.soon after seeing Arnav she quickly hide behind priyanka..he got angry at her act,knowing her sister intention priyanka very securely hide her sister..they both chuckles seeing Arnav red face..soon they bring bavya to stage and make her stand front of Arjun.he totally lost on bavya beauty..he looking her without blinking..when no one get ready for function priyanka asked all.

Priyanka: ( to arundathi) dadi why you all not starting the function..everyone arrived na..for whom we all waiting?

Everyone got silent hearing her question..then bavya Khushi recall today even akash engagement with payal..they both control the nerve looking priyanka who totally forget about it..then janvi told her with low tone..

Janvi: woo priyanka beta..we all waiting for Gupta family to come..

Soon priyanka face changed hearing her mother reply..she try to be normal front of everyone..there many people present around them.obrois sense her discomfort,but they can't do anything ..raizadas can't face the obrois right now..akash heart pumping in worry seeing his family again changed to cold shoulder..he thought they will do the engagement with same happiness..now everything changed..after sometime everyone got cold seeing Gupta family entering inside the house..obrois body burning in ultimate fire seeing them again..they all just controlling themselves for raizadas..guptas slowly enter inside the hall..Raizada family try to behave normally front of guests..but no one notice payal fully still..then they came closer to raizadas and make payal stand beside bavya and opposite to akash..bavya move little away without being so close to her.then suddenly she notice payal attire..she went up in shock seeing payal wearing same desing and colour lehenga as hers..her blood boiling seeing that..even family members notice that..they all wondering how can she wear such a expensive dress..then for the answers all head turn towards akash..he gulp seeing their deadly glare..sending the heart Arnav told Nani quickly..

Arnav: Nani now everyone arrived na..lets start the engagement ceremony ..

Nani nodded at him..then Anjali stood beside bavya payal with ring tray..and buaji stood beside akash Arjun..Nandini shashi standing beside obrois..it's totally awkward moment of everyone..Nandini really want to talk with everyone.but when seeing their deadly glare.she don't even have courage to look at them..other side..she now just want to run towards her daughters who standing front of her like fairy angel..her eyes unknowingly got moist seeing they both..she slowly move towards payal be close to Khushi and bavya..then they start the function..Anjali pass the rings to payal bavya..they both took the rings and slowly side on their grooms hands..everyone applause..then akash Arjun took the rings from buaji and did the same with their brides..applause sounds arched everywhere..soon everyone start to congrats the couples..both family took away Arjun bavya from stage and make then sit away from guptas..they don't give importance to other couple..it's just Arnav all the time giving moral support to his brother who already broke from inside seeing their family acts..

Priyanka giving deadly glare towards payal akash direction..her whole body burning looking they both together like this..she feeling like to rip payal smiling face.how much she hate this moment..somewhere her eyes threaten to cry any moment..all the time Khushi keenly observing priyanka..she completely understand her state.she thought to change her mood..she quickly rushed towards her..

Khushi:priyanka..I can't yaar..your jijaji trying his level best to see me fully..( playful tone) I want to tease him more..please help me to hide myself from him..

Soon priyanka face brighten hearing Khushi..she excitingly held Khushi hand and drag her away  from there..Nandini saw her mother talking with same guests.she slowly move towards her..

Nandini: maa..

Parvati tight her fist hearing Nandini voice.the women already left who she talk with her..she give Nandini a deadly glare..she purposely testing her patience..when Nandini try to start again Parvati stopped her with tight teethes.

Parvati: look Nandini don't wake the worst inside me..I am very hardly try to be on control.just go from here before I do something wrong.

Nandini:maa please..just talk to me..till how many years you all going to be like this with me.i truly regret my deeds maa..please give me a chance to prove myself.

Parvati: everyone looking us Nandini..don't create any drama here.and don't call me maa with your cheap mouth..your no one to me.just go away from me.i don't want any problems in my grand daughter engagement function..

Nandini:(begging tone) maa please..don't kill me alive talking like this..I am ready to do whatever you all saying.please maa just give me one chance..

Parvati:(arrogant low tone) of you still asking me then..do one thing.cone back to me like my old daughter who I married off to Aditya singh obroi..come back as obroi bahu.come back as widowed women..can you come back cutting your all relations with that Gupta family.you should not keep any single relationship with them..( challenging tone) can you do that? If you still did that.just I will accept you sometime..but don't ever expect my grand daughters will accept you...you know about them very well right..so just go from here.you and we again together not possible..

After giving her last look Parvati left from there leaving completely stunned and nandini.she indeed shocked hearing her mother condition..she never expected this.her trust and confidence little by little vanishing away.suddenly she felt hand on her shoulder..she turn and saw shashi standing beside her with supporting smile..he fully heard whatever Parvati said.he very hurt hearing her condition..he really hope Nandini never agree for her condition..

Khushi looking after food arrangements in kitchen..suddenly she felt arnav presence beside her.she quickly got alert and turn other side.next second she felt his hand on her waist..

Arnav:( pleading tone) Khushi please don't play with me like this.i don't like such a game..come on show me your face..

Khushi:( mischief tone) no Arnav..dadi strictly asked me to follow the rasam..please it's just talk of hours..you can see tomorrow whole day na..please baby.

Arnav:( turn to ASR mode) Khushi I am warning you..don't test my anger level.look at me right now.

Khushi:?smirk challenge way) do you really think I will get scared of your ASR tone.don't forget I am Khushi Singh obroi.i am not scared of anyone..

He smile knowing way hearing her challenging tone.he well know she won't scare dog him like others..but he have some other way to make her weak..she suddenly gasps highly feeling wet kiss on her bare back..her breath got hyper feeling his sensual touch on her bare waist.she curse herself for challenging him.kissing way he slowly try to turn her towards him.but bothof them starlet in shock hearing sudden scream from hall.both rushed to see what happen,

Next update:: obrois wrath..fire accident..

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