Jab Arshi met Sarun

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Aug 12

Jab Arshi met Sarun (By Azala)

It was a normal morning of Raizada household with Naniji patting her Lakshmi, Mamiji and applying nail Polish,Anjali-Payal-khushi making breakfast, Akash glancing secretly towards kitchen, Arnav talking with his favourite Aman and the ever missing mamaji. Arnav's talk with Aman had finished as he took the tea that khushi kept for him.And started reading newspaper. A news caught his eyes and automatically what the.. escaped from his eyes but loudly.And he stood up.Khushi who was coming from kitchen ran towards him asking what happened. As if khushi wasn't enough Anjali also came out and started her usual chants. - Arnav was already shocked and these nanad-bhabi due is eating his mind with their over worried reaction. But somehow he controlled himself and showed them the news.The whole Raizada paribar except mamaji bend towards the newspaper to see it and gasped loudly. - Arnav:I'm going to call Aman.who the hell is Sanaya-Barun. - Khushi:Arre rukiye.Ye sarun hain.Bohot famous hain aur unka shows kya bataye la jabab aur..... - Arnav:Really?if they are so famous then why journalist used our photos?Don't they know them? - Anjali looked again towards the paper.It has Arnav-khushi's honeymoon photo with the caption that says two famous TV star and best friend are having affair with each other... - Anjali:Chottey darasal you two really have similarities with their face. Arnav:What? Khushi:Sacchi arnavji.I'd thought you to be Barun Sobti when I saw you for the first time. Anjali:Haan chotte khushiji also resembles Sanaya. Arnav jaw dropped at these and dropped even more when Anjali showed him Sarun's photo. - Arnav wasn't ASR for.nothing.He recovered quickly and called Aman to communicate with Sanaya and Barun's Agency and call media for press conference. - In a few hour ASR with his beloved wife sat in press conference before media waiting for Barun and Sanaya.While ASR is wearing his usual brown three piece suit,his wife was wearing a blood red Saree.Arnav was typing on his mobile looking frustrated as Barun and Sanaya was late. While media was just shocked seeing ASR as they heard he was ruthless. And They thought he'll look scary but here he is looking handsome. With Barun's look and his own aura is just making female reporter was going gaga over them whom khushi was busy glaring. - Finally Barun-Sanaya came.Just after entering there,Barun said"Tintin they really looks like us." Sanaya:"Ha yaar" Khushi waved at them and gave her bright smile whereas Arnav kept his ASR mask on and said "You are ten min late,Mr sobti and Ms Irani. - Barun:Actually Mumbai traffic you know.And call me Barun. Sanaya:And me Sanaya. - Arnav gave whatever look as Khushi glared at her husband. She looked at Sarun smiled looking apologetic.Barun and Sanaya also smiled. - Media was baffled to see two pairs of same looking person.They somehow recovered as Arshi and Sarun took their place. - Sarun and Arnav explained the whole story.And Sarun and Arshi gave answer of the question they asked.And as usually ASR threatened the media to write an apology for this scenario.They agreed and started asking ASR some question about why he never appeared in media and about his business.It was 20 minutes ASR was answering them patiently with his boring answers.Suddenly they heard snoring sound and looked around to see Khushi,Sanaya and Barun all were sleeping. Khushi kept her head at Arnav's shoulder and Sarun slept on each other shoulder. - Actually like khushi Sarun also can't stay without talking. They got bored and slept.Arnav ended the press conference and the sounds of door clicking woke all up. . Arnav(sarcastically): Good morning. - All(ywaing):good morning. Arnav looked at them in disbelief. He can understand khushi's and sanaya as khushi was always crazy and sanaya being her look alike had high chances of being like her. But his look alike barun too behave like them!unbelievable. - The three came back to their sense.And khushi started blabbering how much she loves Barun and Sanaya.And that she likes their show very much.And requested for a autograph. Being same kind of person Sarun and khushi became friends easily. And went for lunch together dragging Arnav too. The three kept blabbering but it wasn't irritating Arnav as he was busy staring at his wife. - After lunch khushi took many photo with sarun.Then bid them teary good bye.Arnav sighed in relief that even though they were like khushi in many ways ,they weren't as dramatic as his wife . - Barun:Cute couple. Sanaya:Ya.may god bless them - All his journey towards their home khushi kept weeping.Then came back to her tigress mode when Arnav initiate a fight. This is how the day of Arshi-Sarun met ended. Khushi was lucky coz in next weekend Arnav met arrangement to make khushi's meet with Sarun another time. The End - "It was just a random thought of mine sorry for the mistakes."

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