KuchBhi: This Week's Bizarre Outcomes of Unfortunate Events!

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Aug 14

KuchBhi: This Week's Bizarre Outcomes of Unfortunate Events! (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 2 times)

Kuch Bhi moments have a way of creeping into the most shocking, scary scenes that can set your heart racing. Before you go gasping about all the unfortunate events that unfolded this week, we're giving you a glimpse of the surprising, baffling and cringe-inducing moments that are sure to demand a double take. 

We saw some fine specimens with outcomes disastrous enough to prompt a face-palm and some tried and tested stuff that just won't go away regardless of its banality. From Ishqbaaz to Woh Apna Sa, here's a definitive documentation of the bizarre things TV served us this time around-

If your twisted lover doesn't levitate to save you from a 20 feet high swing, is he really your twisted lover? 

It's drama time in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? as Chandni (Shivani Tomar) is set to get engaged to Pratham. Advay (Barun Sobti) takes on the role of her wedding planner to covertly ruin her wedding ceremonies. It so happens that Chandni is to complete a jhulan ritual in imitation of Radha and Krishna while Advay wants to be the one seated next to her. He arranged for a remote-controlled pulley and has the swing climb over 20 feet high (we know this because the fear struck guests at the ceremony count it out loud) with Chandni still on it. When she calls for help Advay calculates the time and distance and runs to the nearest vantage point to take a leap from. He levitates his way through the air before land on the swing. 

We were pretty confused when he started calculating his leap and just when we thought we were alone, Chandi's sister gave our bafflement a visual equivalent in the frame. This was precisely our expression calculating whethere our decision to watch this episode was right. 

This overtly ambitious bullet on Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaaz has a bit of a history. Every time the show features a bullet things tend to go south. We knew from the moment the gun was aimed at Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) that something big is set to happen. The bullet that probably doesn't have the caliber (quite literally) to be able to even reach the car, sends it catapulting in a huge blast! The animate way in which the tires roll off towards the camera and the car bursts in flames is so obviously fake we're not even worried about Shivaay dying (who by the way, has shifted to the passenger seat along with the steering wheel)

While the scene robbed us of the feeling of fear and intrigue for the characters' fate, Anika (Surbhi Chandna) has foresight. She senses the blast seconds after it happens and has a dramatic teary-eyed hair flip. And, we don't know if she's upset about Shivaay being hurt or about having to be in the same frame with the blast nobody can look away from. 

The convenient flashback nobody cares to explain on TV! 

Chandra Nandini has a scene that ca qualify as one of the most underrated kuch bhi moments on TV. This week we saw Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) navigating through the palace after Chandragupta takes back Bindusara's Yuvraj title. Nandini sneaks into the palace after making a flimsy excuse and from then on we're served a barrage of flashbacks. Her feet touch the palace ground and immediately her memories are triggered. She visualizes being at the palace and looks very surprised at her visions. We cannot even begin to comment on how accurate Nandini's reactions to these B/W flashes are as we follow in mimicry. 

This fire-proof band of goons

Woh Apna Sa garnered quite a bit of TRP recently and we tried placing the reason for it in the episodes this week. And, we found exactly what makes the show so great. Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) is told that Aditya (Sudeep Sahir) is an area affected by bomb blasts. Just when you thought our hero is in buckets of trouble, the heroine enters the scene in a rickshaw! She grabs a burning log and does what saviors do best- starts rigorously swatting at the goons. The goons are reacting to every move from a distance as we can clearly see the fire-tip a foot away from them as they jump in the air and dramatically fall down at their cue. 

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