Beside you always- Sequel of bonded by love

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Aug 19, 2017

Beside you always- Sequel of bonded by love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 53 times)


"Aman, what the hell? How can they deny me? I want that car before this evening" ASR shouted at top of his voice standing on his cabin.

"ASR car is ready. They are fitting accessories" replied aman.

"Did you joined as advocate in their company?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"It's just they need an hour ASR

Why are you getting hyper? Before party starts the car will be before you, i guarantee you" replied aman.

"Now it's confirmed, you're working for them. Why are speaking like their sales manager?" The earlier tension gone.

"Mind it aman, i need that car before evening. You know i never let her wishes unfulfilled. This time she asked this new car and i want that to be perfect for her"

"Don't worry ASR. When aman is here why fear?" Aman said in a dramatic way.

"Nowadays you speak a lot. Forgot ASR haan?" Arnav asked raising his eyebrows.

"Who'll forget their lifetime nightmares?" Aman said with wicked smile.

"You..." Before arnav could retort his mobile ranged.

"Haan khushi. I'll be there before party" replied arnav taking his seat.

"Don't miss our advi birthday ok. I don't know why you gone to your office even after knowing your darling will never sit quite if you're not with her in this day. She is pestering me" came an complaint and threat from his wife.

"Do you think I'll miss my darlings birthday, never. Her gift is getting ready, soon i'll be there with her present" a smile playing on his lips at the remembrance of his two girls. Don't think he has twins or two girls, he call his wife also a girl even after these years she's still the same innocent, strong women.

"Come home soon. We're waiting" from her voice itself he can predict she's shying away and he very well can guess a full blown smile on her face.

After their princess Advika born their life is filled with happiness. Not only theirs, family also got contented. Two years, their prince Aadit also joined in their choti si duniya.

Today is the day in which their first love symbol make her presence in this world before 22 years. Being raizada princess, a big celebration was bound to happen isn't it. So all are busy in party preparations except workaholic ASR.

Aman noticed his smile which was absent from his face these days due to office pressures which family doesn't know yet. AR was under heavy loss, they lost many deals which they don't know how.

"ASR, we have grab this mehta deal or else there'll be a chance we may undergo bankruptcy soon" aman said seriously. He is also one of the three who knows AR current situation and he even warned arnav not to present that costly car to his daughter on her birthday. When did ASR heard others, that to when it comes to his daughter he'll never listen anyone not even his khushi. Even that car took it's birth from ASR farmhouse which is close to his life. Due to crisis he was bound to put farmhouse in mortgage.

"Let's look after this after my darling birthday" arnav dismissed aman.

"ASR is it necessary to gift that car? Advi will understand you ASR, you no need to take risk" advised aman. ASR one glare is enough to shut his mouth.

Evening RM is decorated for Advika singh raizada birthday party. Arnav's gift was already standing outside in garden.

"Arnavji, i don't know where our advi went. She's said she's going to her friend house. Guests started arriving still she ain't here. Call her arnavji, she's not picking up my calls" khushi shared her worries with arnav who was getting ready standing before mirror.

"She'll be here soon. Don't worry khushi. She must be stuck in traffic" replied an cool arnav as he know his daughter is time conscious like him.

"Dad..." Their son aadit came running to their room.

"Why are you panting aadhi? What is the need to run like this?" Scolded khushi and arnav passed him a glass of water.

"What's the matter?" Arnav directly came to point as he know his son well. He is crazy like khushi but he know where to show his craziness and where not. As a father he know his both child in and out.

"Dad, di cancelled her birthday party, guests left from here and she's on the way to home. Her voice is different dad, i don't know how to say but she sounds void, there is no happiness in her voice. Isn't it strange?" Aadhi shared his worries.

Before arnav or khushi could reply they heard commotion in downstairs.

"Arjun what are you saying? Do you realize what you are going to do?" Asked anjali.

"I am sorry anjali. It's my duty, i cannot compromise on that" replied her husband ACP Arjun who helped arnav in karan case.

"How can you say this? Promise me you'll not arrest chotte" pleaded an crying anjali.

In this mean time aadit and arnav came downstairs following by khushi.

"What is happening here?" Arnav asked with stern voice.

"Chotte, see na he is talking rubbish. He's saying you are murderer and you are involved in human trafficking" anjali dropped the bomb making all of them in shock.

"What the hell?" Shouted aakash who was silent till now.

"Jijaji what are you saying?" Came an voice from payal while arnav stood shocked to react same as khushi and aadit. They can't believe what they heard.

"Sorry to say payal. We have enough proofs to arrest him" said arjun nearing arnav with arrest warrant.

Before arjun could proceed, khushi stood before arnav like a pillar "What rubbish you are speaking arjun? Don't you know he have many rivals, they must have manipulate it and send you wrong proofs. You believe that proofs even after knowing arnavji personally" khushi shouted furiously.

"I am sorry khushi. We got proofs from trusted person" arjun tried his best to keep the situation in control.

"He/she must be lying" khushi and anjali said in same time.

"She's not lying" all turned their gaze to entrance.

"What are you saying advi?" Khushi asked confused like ever hearing her daughter words.

"Khushi, she is the one give complaint and proofs to arrest arnav" arjun said slowly gauging their expressions.

Arnav staggered few steps in shock. His daughter, his darling put complaint on him. What made him shocked was the look in his darling eyes. The eyes which carried enormous love for him is replaced by rage. Her eyes are red as sun which can burn anyone who came in her way.

"Darling...don' know me?" Arnav asked stammering fearing for her answer. While others are still digesting the news.

"I am ashamed to call you. I never.. expected this, out of many persons involved in murder...and...human trafficking. I never ever forgive you...never..." Advika cried but her voice held determination.

"I HATE YOU DAD...I HATE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...." his darling daughter words ringing on his ears before he close his eyes.


So this is the prologue. And i was clear on my plot but need some time to execute it perfectly with twists. So updates will be very slow. Moreover for next three months i'll be hell busy, so updates will be like once for a week or fortnight. Mystery will be less in this story.

Hope you guys ok with it!


Aug 21, 2017

1. Breakdown (By Spriya) (Thanked: 53 times)

"Arnavji..." Khushi shouted holding his falling body. Beads of perception formed on his body.

"Arnavji. Open your eyes. Jiji get sugar" shouted khushi rubbing his palms taking him in her arms while aakash rubbing his feet. Meanwhile, arjun called the doctor, anjali and aadit standing beside them.

Khushi thrusted sweet in his tightly closed mouth only to get failed.

"Di, he's not opening his mouth" khushi said restlessly. Unlike everytime he faint due to low sugar, they'll give him sweet, but today it looks different. Other times he'll not sweat this much.

"Bhai..bhai" aakash patted his cheeks and trying to open his mouth.

"Chachu, we have to shift dad to hospital without delay" said an scared aadit.

Agreeing to him, they started for hospital without waiting for ambulance.

"Arnavji..." Khushi patted his cheeks whose head was on her lap in backseat, with her quivering hands time to time trying to get an reaction from him. Seeing him motionless, fear gripped her heart.

"Don't worry mom, dad will be fine" consoled aadit, though he himself is scared. He couldn't understand what suddenly happened to his happy family. All were happily arranging for his di birthday, di also happy isn't it? Then what happened to her suddenly, why is she behaving weirdly and why the hell she provided proofs against dad? Is she in right set of mind? Or Someone polluted her mind? His mind worked overtime.

"Jijaji, drive fast. Arnavji is not responding" khushi said gulping her tears and praying to her beloved devimayya.

Aakash nods and give extra pressure to accelerator. In other car anjali, payal and arjun are following them.

Without delay arnav was admitted in ICU. Khushi rested her head on aadit shoulders and he holds her hands tightly trying to assure each other. The most important person in their lives are struggling for his life. Within few minutes, their life went upside down.

"Why is it happening again? Now who is this new rival? Chote..." anjali cried sitting beside aadit.

"Jijaji, If we get stay order from court on arrest warrant then is there any possibility of getting arrest?" Questioned aakash.

"That would be better or else we'll take him under our custody and you all need permission to visit him. Already two constables are standing outside. Unless this news is with us there is no problem and our team will not disturb you but once it goes out, visiting hours and persons should be limited" replied Arjun.

"I'll consult with aman until then please wrap up this matter" aakash requested and called aman to get bail or get stay order. 

"Who brainwashed our advi? She'll not go against arnavji, would she? Then why? Didn't she knows arnavji will never do something like that? How can a man like arnavji who loves his ladies will do human trafficking? He have major anger problems but never will, he kill someone. Couldn't she think before acting? Just like laadgovernor. See now what happened because of that nature" khushi blabbered wiping her flowing tears which stubbornly made its way down.

"I am sure di was misleaded by someone but don't worry mom. We all here na. We'll overcome this and moreover dad will never do wrong or illegal so please don't cry" aadhi consoled his mom not knowing it is not easy to come out of this web which is going to destroy his beautiful family.

"Mom if you keep crying how'll you face dad. He is right, you are cry baby" he teased with mischievous glint to keep the atmosphere calm. Like father, their son also against his mom's tears.

"I am not baby.." khushi whined slapped his arm.

"Haan haan i know..." He pretend to accept her defense. Mother and son moment was disturbed the moment doctor come out of ICU.

Family members run towards him, Khushi reached him first as she sat nearer.

"How is he? What happened to him doctor?" Asked an impatient khushi.

"Now he is stable. Come to my cabin, I'll give details" said doctor making his way towards his cabin.

"Khushiji come. Aadit you wait here along with them" aakash said eyeing anjali, payal and arjun.

"Nahi. I'll come with you. I want to know dad condition" aadit denied stubbornly.

Aakash eyed khushi for permission, he didn't want his 20 years nephew to witness this discussion. What if his bhai condition was serious, aadit can't handle it.

Khushi nodded? in positive, however strong she is; sometimes she too need support. Aadit strode next to khushi and holds her hands leading her towards doctor cabin.

While arjun noticed otherwise irresponsible aadit was slowly taking the charge of situation becoming a responsible person. Like everyone he too thought aadit will turn into a spoil brat seeing the amount of arrogance he carried outside and amount of pampering he's getting from khushi. Though Khushi is a strict mother who values relations and emotions aadit will everything Khushi taught but only around family premises otherwise he's a perfect example for rich brat who enjoyed each and everything from his father earnings. Arnav too know about this unlike khushi who has no idea how her son was outside. But whatever arrogance, ego, attitude he carries he is a perfect gentlemen in girls matters, khushi's upbringing stood there like a rock. 

"Doctor what happened to my husband? His sugar level decreased, isn't it? That's why he fainted haaina.." khushi asked with bated breath while aadit pressed her hands in assurance and making her calm.

"Sorry to say Mrs. Raizada. It is not due to his sugar level. It was due to emotional breakdown and it was near to heart attack.." before doctor could continue khushi breakdown in aadit arms.

"Khushiji control yourself" consoled aakash keeping his hand on her head. He is also shocked and hurt like Khushi but time demands his strong support if he too breakdown then who will look after his whole family. So he pretend to be strong.

"Don't worry Mrs. Raizada. Here me out fully. He is out of danger. He needs complete rest at least for two weeks. Don't show your weakness to him, it only increase his stress and if he gets stressed this time i am afraid to say he'll undergo severe neural breakdown which is not good for diabetic patients like him. Keep him out of tension. We'll shift him to normal ward after keeping him in observation for 24 hours. Don't disturb or visit him until then" doctor clearly stated arnav condition.

They three left his cabin after hearing precautions.

"Jijaji, advi is alone in home. Please go check her. She's not safe. Someone may be trapped her. I'll speak to her morning. Will you look after her now?" Wiping her tears Khushi requested politely, she did not want family members to think bad of her advi just because she gave complaint against arnavji.

"She's my nephew khushiji. How'll i let her like that. She's just 22 to understand this cruel world. You don't worry payal and di will look after her. I'll be here with you until bhai open his eyes" aays aakash.

"I too want to stay here. I will not leave this place without hearing dad's voice" interrupted aadit.

"Aadit, don't be stubborn. Advi will share everything with you than us. So you're going home, understood" this time aakash told him sternly.

Aadit eyed khushi in pleading way but she too ordered him to go home as today was advi birthday and she and arnavji will never want advi to stay alone that too in this particular day. With half heart aadit, anjali, payal left for shantivan while arjun stayed there to look after police case.


"I can't believe my dad have another face. I just can't handle know he was the best dad ever...but that doesn't give him right to take one's life and transporting...models...i just can't believe it, even after the proofs i seen. I... didn't expect...this from..him. Didn't the model's are human beings?... Didn't she is too a girl like his daughter.. wife.. sister...? Shouldn't my face appear before his eyes while... doing this illegal activities...Even after is happy with family... Didn't his conscience mock him?....And he...fainted..there in downstairs...I felt to go to him and tell him i am always his darling but...the face of victims holded me back..." Advika stopped for a moment.

"I...The thought of...the money we're getting from this business is what we spend is enough to... feel me...disgu...." Before she could spoke further aadit grabbed her with a force and soon his fingers are on her cheeks..And mobile touched the ground with the force aadit throw it away.


"Do you realize what are you speaking? And whose on the call? How do you behave like a jerk? Where is your brain? Why are you keeping mum...SPEAK DAMMIT.." shouted an enraged aadit singh raizada who look like carbon copy of ASR now.

Hearing his shout anjali and payal came running to the room only to get shocked seeing the reverse roled siblings. Advika stood shocked to acknowledge other's presence while aadit boiling like lava.

"I am your di. How can you slap me?" Advika asked composed herself from the shock. She cannot digest the revelations she got on her birthday, first the truth about her dad and now her ever smiling, prankster brother is burning like volcano and top of it he slapped her. Never in her life no one slapped her or hit her. She is and was always a princess.

"It was not the answer to my question. What the hell you're doing behind our back?" He questioned with the same anger and shaking her vigorously by shoulders.

"Don't speak without knowing anything. I know what am doing. If you forget let me remind you, i am elder to you so i know what is right and what is wrong. Don't be judgemental just because he is our dad" she also shouted with equal rage.

"Will you both stop it?" Shouted anjali seeing them both ready to pull each other hairs.

"Then tell her to spill that damn truth according to her. How can she accuse dad just like that? I want to know whom he killed according to her" aadit said last bit sarcastically.

"Bua, how can he slap me. Tell him to go out and i'll give him answers once he prepared to hear what i am saying without being delusional" advika said with gritted teeth.

"Are you both kids or what? Is this what your mom and dad taught you? You are both are at fault so don't point each other" payal break the invisible tensing atmosphere. Hearing her they both turned their head on other side.

"First, advi. You tell me clearly. What you came to know and how you concluded your dad is culprit" asked anjali making the siblings sat on bed and she and payal took place opposite to them.

"Ask her to tell whom our dad killed?" Asked aadit and earned a glare from anjali.

Karan khundra..came an whisper from advika singh raizada.

Anjali and payal sat frozen.




So what do you guys think about this chapter?

What do you think about advika character? Is she misleaded or is she doing all this by her own? If by her own how come she know about karan murder? Is she know about karan full history or just acting as a puppet in enemy hands, if had any? Did arnav really killed karan? Or Is it a misconception? Is aadit is behaving correct or he is changing into ASR? Now how do you think they will overcome it?

And i revealed arshi children ages and their ages will be on next chapter.

I planned to finish this in 10chapters. Let's see how many parts it is going to take. And the number of chapters depends on your response, if you guys love the plot then I'll try to drag it with new twist or else i'll end it within 10 chapters. Flashback will be shown on arshi moments so don't worry.

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2. Khushi's accusation (By Spriya) (Thanked: 53 times)

"Khushiji, you wait here. I'll come after getting dinner for us" said aakash, seeing her ready to deny "You need energy to look after bhai"

"Here is your mobile khushiji, aman get it from RM. Riya and reyan called me asking for bhai, you speak to them they're not trusting me" aakash handed her the mobile. Khushi nods and called her niece and nephew respectively.

Reyan, anjali and arjun 21year old son. Riya, aakash and payal 20year old daughter. Both are studying in harvard all credits to ASR. Both rehan and riya staying in one flat and obviously it was raizada property. He even wanted his son aadit to study in harvard like them,but being khushi son, both mother and son duo taken whole delhi in their head stating they'll never separate for which ASR have to bow down having no option. While advika studied there and returned few months back. Like khushi, arnav created big mess when advika announced her wish of pursuing her studies in harvard. It took lot of effort from khushi side to make him agree but when it comes to convincing khushi to let aadit study abroad he failed.

"Mami, what is this? I called advi to wish her but instead of her maa feed me the details. What happened? Why advi is doing like this? How's mama? He cannot take this issue lightly, can he? Where's he now? Did he opened his eyes? In which hospital he's admitted?..." Rehan spoke on other side without giving chance for Khushi to speak.

"Rehan..take a breath. Your mama was absolutely fine. He's sleeping under medicine effects. Don't panic and don't dare to take next flight. Got it" khushi consoled and warned later.

" can i sit quite, knowing our family needs support. It's my final semester or else i would've been there by now" rehan said dejectedly.

"It's ok rehan. Where's riya? Don't tell me she's packing her bags" khushi asked, in return he chuckled letting her know that indeed her guess was correct. Every kid was close to every member of raizada family. So if any of elders got hurt or ill all kids will assemble on time. Though each one have different characteristics they will not let their inhibitions hinder in family happiness.

"Give your mobile to her" ordered khushi.

"Mami she's adamant on not taking your calls" rehan said after a minute of silence.


"She is afraid of talking to you as you'll convince her according to your decision" reyan answered chuckling as it was so true, if they're stubborn then his mami knows how to convince everyone. Why not, when she's handling the worst mood swing certain raizada from past twenty five years.

Khushi chuckled forgetting her earlier worries for time being. "Ok tell her to come home" said khushi, the next instant she heard riya's squealing. Smiled khushi cut the call and the smile fade off from the minute call ended.

"Madam, we shifted sir to normal ward. If you want you can see him, but don't disturb him" the nurse politely informed to khushi whom she admired many times when khushi helped being trustee of that hospital.

Giving her a quick thank you khushi rushed inside.

"Arnavji..." Her fear filled, concerned voice filled the room where arnav was attached to many wires lying in the center of that hospital room.

Unlike other times, he didn't reply to her. Her ears perked up earning for his husky voice.

"Arnavji..." She called again only to get dejected. Slowly taking baby steps she reached near him. Her quivering hands caressed his face "Get up na, arnavji... You're making me...cry...twenty two years back then and now" she wept slumped down in nearby stool.

Holding his hands she let her frustrated thoughts "You only think about advi haaina. She accused you and you straightly landed in hospital without caring about me. Don't you care about your wife whom you promised to be with always. What will she do if anything happens to you? How'll she live knowing her husband is ill? How can she face her children whom she promised their parents will be always with them? How can she be happy like her name if the reason of her happiness was not with her? Didn't once her thought cross your mind before faint like this? I hate you raizada but love you more Don't leave me alone, if you're so desperate to see heaven then tag me with you or else I'll follow you wherever you go and torture you with my non stop crazy talk. Do you hear me raizada?...get up now..." She wailed when his eyes refused to open.

"Mam please control your self..." The nurse stormed inside hearing khushi's loud cry.

"Sorry" khushi wiped her tears with her back of palm but still like a half closed tap it keeps running.

"I'll manage. Please give me some time alone with him" requested khushi seeing the nurse fail to move. She nods and left them alone.

"Don't you know advi is your carbon copy both in looks and mind. Like you she also believed what shown to her without investigating the matter. Remember shyam matter, seeing and hearing few words you declared i am the culprit. You both are alike, you both fail to trust the person whom you love the most. She's doing the same. Didn't i warned you to teach right and wrong instead of pampering her to the extent where she doubts you now. Did you forget the glimpse of you in her from childhood?" Khushi said eyeing arnav keenly and drifted into past.

"Daddy...daddy..." Shouted an four year old advika running down the stairs.

"What happened darling?" Arnav met her half way lifting her.

"Dad..dy..." Advika wailed more seeing her worry filled eyes of her dad. Children always exaggerate things not knowing actually they are giving more attention to trivial things when they see their loved ones, they love the attention they got from them.

"Sh sh..." He wiped her tears and running nose without making face not surprising others as it was a habit of him. He'll never feel disgusted with his childrens but advika is always one step ahead of all. He'll do anything for her even if he have to watch cartoons for whole day without complaining closing all disturbing source like his Bluetooth and laptop.

"What happened to my baby? Did mamma scold princess?" He asked taking his place in sofa with her in lap. 

"Nahi...nahi...daddy i paint drawings, he...adhi..teared and scratched my papers" said little advi cried more.

" darling is strong haaina. She'll not cry for little things right" asked arnav for which she noded vigorously and wipes her tears cutely.

"Then leave it, he's your brother. Your little brother, he doesn't know it is important that's why he tear it or may be he likes your drawing. He don't know how to draw na, thinking he's drawing he scratched your paintings" arnav explained patiently.  

"But it is wrong to took my belongings without my permissions, right. You told me that day we should not take others belongings without their permission" she retorted back not satisfied with her dad reply.

"But he's your little brother darling. He's just two. Do you think two year old kid know how to take permission. He just started speaking sentences, when he grew he'll learn what i taught you" arnav stated patiently to his stubborn daughter.

"But..." Before advi could complain about her brother they heard khushi stern voice calling advi.

"What happened khushi?" Arnav questioned seeing her having tear stricken aadit on her waist.

"Ask this to your daughter" she stared him furiously.

Frowned he shifted his gaze to his daughter and questioned her through his eyes. She press her lips as no and stared her father innocently.

"Don't act advi. Tell your daddy what you did to adhi?" Scolded khushi.

Seeing her mother stern face advi blabber what she did.

"When i finished drawing i left for washroom when i return back, i saw my drawing sheets are teared and scratched. Adhi was standing holding the table, in anger i...i pushed all the colors and papers down and rushed running to you" advi finished making arnav in shock.

"Darling are you sure aadhi teared it? And how can you push all that when adhi was standing near the table. What if he got injured?" He raised his voice making advi wail.

"He's already injured. And you know aadhi didn't tear her papers, riya did. And she was beside aadhi which madam easily declined and concluded aadhi is the one guilty just because he was standing there" khushi declared angrily.

Before arnav could correct advi she started crying seeing her mom's angry face. Seeing advi wailing aadhi started wailing making their parents in toes. 

"Daddy...daddy.." an seven year old advi came running through the entrance door.

"What darling?" Arnav asked without fail taking her bag and lifting her.

"Daddy, rehan stole my progress report. Ask him to give me, he's jealous as i am topper" complained his darling.

"You must be misunderstood darling, why he has to stole your progress card" arnav reasoned taking her shoe shocks and changing her into casual cloths.

She circled her arms around his neck hearing his reasoning "No dad, you don't know anything. I seen with my own eyes he took it from my back escaping from others"

"Mama..." Rehan entered the room squealing as his mom allowed him to stay in his mama house tonight.

"Hey buddy..." Arnav cheered in happiness and steadily he reduced his enthusiasm seeing his darling glaring rehan.

"Mama... you know today advi friend tried to tear her progress card planning to defame our advi. Will it happen, when superman is here? I heard their talk during break so before they took her card, i took and keep it safe in my bag and spoofed with hand made report which i made during my next break. Wait let me give her card first.." rehan chirped searching for her card.

"Here..." He jumped handing her card "Advi, they are fooling you. They're not your friends. Be careful, but don't worry i am here na i'll look after you haaina mama" rehan asked for permission to arnav which arnav obliged happily.

But his gaze accused his darling while corner of his eyes he noticed Khushi standing with advi milkshake glaring both father and daughter.

Arnav shrugged his shoulders "Buddy, go freshen up. See mami came with your favorite milkshake" he gently told rehan and turned his darling. While rehan rushed to his room.

"I am sorry. It's my fault" she said without waiting, she run downstairs pushing khushi in process.

"Arnavji, she's not doing right. Tell her,i am tired of changing her. Either she'll sleep or taking book in pretense of studying whenever i am pointing her wrongs" khushi slumped beside him worrying for her daughter.


"What the!!!!" Khushi was brought back by aakash voice.

"What aakashji? Any clue?" Khushi asked wiping her tears.

"Nothing khushiji. But somehow the news leaked outside. Media started hovering over the hospital. Moreover...aarav was appointed to look after the case as department feel jijaji favouring us" aakash dropped the bomb.

"Aarav means...who?" Khushi questioned fearing for the answer.

"Sheetal son aarav" 


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Feb 18, 2018

3. Aarav good or evil? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 30 times)

Thank you very very much for showing patience to read this story. I was overwhelmed when my lovely readers remembered this story and asking about the future of the story and asking about the updates. Now if I think back, I don't know why I withheld this story. But now I am back, I am going to complete all my stories in a row. You'll get updates for all my stories henceforth.

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Recap: Arshi have two children. Elder aadvika, 22yrs and younger aadit, 20yrs. After several years on the birthday of aadvika she made a complaint against Arnav for attempt murder and human trafficking. Knowing this Arnav broke down emotionally when aadvika brutally declares her hate for her dad. Inbetween this AR is under severe loss which no one knows except Arnav, Aakash, Aman. Anjali was married to Arjun who helped Arnav in finding Khushi when Karan kidnapped her. Arjun was stepped down from the case and Aarav enters the scene. When Anjali asks advika about the person whom her dad murdered she claims, she says the name of Karan.

After knowing the case is now in aarav hands, a doubt arised in khushi mind. After sheetal left they're not in touch, infact sheetal requested not to contact them as there's a high chance of aarav to recall the past again which is nothing but a lie. A kid lived his six years of life thinking orphan, was suddenly introduced into a big family saying they're his family for people's selfishness. When the truth was open before everyone the most affected person was aarav who cannot understand why suddenly he got a family only to get snatched later. To make his life beautiful without past demons sheetal totally cut her contacts with arnav family. But the victim cannot forget their miseries, can they? Without his fault, he was played. Is it destiny or what? Sheetal's unconditional love gave him perfect life but did he forget what happened with him years back? Raizada family left deep markings on his life, only he knows it is good or bad.

"Will he help us?" Words left from her mouth in own accord while her brain was busy analysing the situation.

"Don't know khushiji. It's been many years since we saw him. Maybe he will help us maybe not" Aakash answered adjusting his glass.

"We know Aarav too, doesn't it mean he will favour us according to law" She asked remembering Aakash words related to Arjun who step down from the case just because he is their relative.

"Nahi, khushiji. Jijaji was living with us. And he shares close relation with us but Aarav was different. He's just friend son that too we're not in contact. And moreover department doesn't know his relation with us" Aakash answered holding Arnav palms.

"Hmm... How did the news leaked to media? Aren't our PR is full packed? Never a news gone to the media without our permission, how did it happened now?" Her voice turned distant thinking of the problems lining up in their lives.

Aakash cleared his throat, thinking whether to tell the issue or not. It was already planned among him, his bhai and aman that they're not going to disclose the financial crisis and the loss AR is undergoing to any of the family members.

"Jijaji... Is anything big is happening behind our back?" Khushi asked in torment fearing for the answer seeing Aakash hesitance.

"Hhh... Yeah... Something is happening and we couldn't pin point and find from where and who's doing the things?" He finally shared the worry which keeps nagging them from past six months.

Khushi gaped at him shocked "What?"

Aakash nodded inhaling a deep breath.

"Our... Our company is under loss. We're managing our expenses by keeping our assets at stake. Our PR got weaken by the fact and much more is going on khushiji.. We're trying to fix it but everytime something goes wrong and we end up losing the big deals. Bhai even put the farmhouse in mortgage which you both share some memories and keep it as a sentiment... Bhai doesn't want to say all this to anyone of family members but... now I think the situation demands... If media gets deep into it I fear we have to start everything fresh... and bhai's bail will also become complicated.." Aakash stated with a sigh.

Khushi hided her face under her palms in distress "uff... Big problems are going on our lives and we're unaware of it celebrating and spending dozens of festivals"


"Bua, Chachi... Do you know Karan Kundra?" Aadit asked seeing the frozen state of Anjali and Payal.

Advika too darted her eyes on their direction.

Anjali was snapped out of her shock "Haan..."

"Why you both seemed shocked hearing the name? Do you know him Bua and Chachi?" Aadit repeated his question.

"He killed himself. It was a suicide and it was all over the papers long back" Anjali whispered finding her voice.

"But, I have evidence for his murder" Advika frowned.

"Did our family related to him?" Aadit jumped in analysing the situation.

Anjali was tongue tied. She don't know what to answer them. Along with Arnav and khushi everyone almost forget the horrible incident.

Now the thought of reopening that past itself gives the negative vibes.

Thinking to deal it with the presence of Arnav or Khushi Anjali diverted the topic. Whatever happened regarding to karan was fully depend on Khushi. Letting their children to know about the past would be their parents decision not hers.

"What evidence do you have aadvi? How can you directly complain to police? If you were showed or came across any proof you should have come to us first. Don't you know your dad? How can you accuse him of such thing? I never imagined you would turn out like this. You're like your grandfather, hurting your loved one's..." Anjali yelled a cry when the memory of her unresponsive brother hit her.

"Di... Calm down please.." Payal hugged her by shoulders.

"I have an video within me" Replied aadvika shocking everyone.


"Bhabhi how's ASR now?" Aman asked after reaching there panting heavily.

Khushi could only nod at him, all the details Aakash confided with her was nagging her time to time along with the constant worry of Arnav health. He's still under sedatives sleeping peacefully.

"Aakash sir..." Aman called him and eyed him to come aside.

"Say it here Aman, bhabhi knows everything" Aakash assured him to continue.

"Somehow media smelled the issue. Time to time our office is recieving many calls. Before it would spread we should have to stop the news else we will face heavy loss. Having ASR in this state we can never up if it continues. Already I sent Ankur to handle the media. He'll stop them from hovering over the hospital"

Ankur Mathur son of Aman Mathur following his father path joined AR almost an year ago. In a short span of time he proved himself more worthy

infront of ASR grabbing higher post in AR.

"We got bail too don't worry bhabhi. Everything will be fine" Aman assured with a smile.

"Hello... Excuse me" Their conversation was disturbed by a male voice.

They all turned towards the source of voice to see a tall good looking man in late twenties cladding in a police uniform following him there are two more mens in the same attire.

"You?" Aakash opened his mouth to ask about him only to get dejected when he shrugged entering into Arnav ward.

He stopped one of the men from entering into the room.

"Who's he? Is he the new officer appointed for investigating this case?"

"Yes, our team will lead the case henceforth. He's our team leader Aarav Rathode"

Aakash nodded reluctantly and darted his eyes to Khushi. She passed a dejected sigh and slumped down on the chair.


Hey guys, I reopened this story abide by your wishes. It was going to be a short story. Hope you guys like it.

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