OS My birthday

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Aug 22, 2017

OS My birthday (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 42 times)

Warning: dear readers I don't know hindi but I tried my level in this story. All thanks to arshi, the hindi I know is because of them. Please forgive me for the mistakes.

"I can't Kushi"

"But why Arnavji?"

"You know why"

"But Arnavji shif ek dhin keliye please Haan kardho na(but Arnavji it's just for one day please say yes)"

Kushi was trying to make him take an off form his office the next day and spend time with their family as its his birthday. But our workaholic ASR is not ready to budge making excuse with his so called important meetings.

"No"he said while typing on his lappy.

"Naniji keliye (atleast for naniji)"

"No"he said without taking his eyes from his laptop.

"Di keliye (atleast for di)"


"Mamiji keliye (atleast for mamiji)"


"Mamaji keliye (atleast for mamaji)"


"Akashji keliye (atleast for akashji)"


"Jiji keliye ( atleast for jiji)" 


"Nanheji keliye ( atleast for nanheji)"

"No"she just went on with the names of family members and he replied the same still looking at the laptop.

"Lakshmiji keliye ( atleast for Lakshmiji)"that's when he raised his eyes from laptop.

"What the.... seriously Lakshmi keliye?"she nodded her head vigorously smiling like a kid. 

"Unbelievable man"

"Arnavji please maanjayiye ( Arnavji please accept it)" she pleaded with a puppy dog face.

"Whatever" he shook his head seeing his crazy wife's antics. She pouted sadly "Ok do whatever you want" finally he gave in to his wife's wish after all she made such a cute face warming his heart how can he reject her. 

"Yeeepppyyy" she squealed jumping up and down.

"Listen only family members tek hai (ok)?"he warned. She accepted readily because she knew how much he hates party and stuffs.

"Waise Arnavji humme nahi patha aap Lakshmiji se ithne pyaar karthe hai (and Arnavji I never know that you love Lakshmiji this much)" he raised his eyebrow confused. "Wahi aap inkeliye haan karthena (that you accepted for her only na")

"Kushi tum...(Kushi you)"before he catch her she ran away from there giggling.

"Pagal" he muttered smiling to himself resuming his work. She never leave a chance to tease him. He was not a person of such things but with her it's altogether a different story. He love to tease her and when she does the same he will act like i-dont-like-this but he secretly enjoys it.

Next day( The great ASR's birthday)

Kushi got all ready today earlier itself. She didn't slept last night anticipating for the following day. And now she is admiring her cute husband sleeping like a baby waiting for him to open his eyes. She is so excited for the day but didn't have heart to disturb her husband's beauty sleep.

Finally Arnav woke up from his deep slumber. Rubbing his eyes and yawned stretching his boady. When he opened his eyes he was taken aback.

"What the...."

"Happy birthday Arnavji........"she made his ear deaf by her scream and squeezed him in her tight hug taking breath out of him. Thanks to him that he made the room sound proof otherwise the whole Raizada members would be there by now with her scream.

"Kushi saans leene dho(Kushi let me breath)" he pushed her lightly catching his breath. 

"Sorry" she said biting her tongue. 

"Arnavji challiye jalthi tayaar hojayiye(Arnavji come on, get ready soon)" 

"For what?"he asked still in his sleepy mood.

"Arnavji ithini jaldhi boolgayi aaj aapka janam dhin hai. Bahout kuch karna padega (Arnavji you forgot it that soon. Today is your birthday, we have lot of things to do)" she clapped her hands in glee jumping out of bed.

"Kushi it's just 6 now" he said glancing at the clock. 

"Haan toh mandir jaana hai phir bhahar jaana hai phir..(so what, we have to visit temple then outing then)" she was about to continue but he stopped her in middle. He don't want to listen to that long list one more time which she is resiting to him for the nth time from last night.

"Ok ok main chaltha hoon(ok ok I'm going)"with that he took his towel and entered the bathroom for a cold shower after all it's going to be a long day. 

After some minutes he came out with his track pants and a towel around his neck wiping his hair only to see his pyaar pathini (lovely wife) measuring the room one corner to another running no no flying. He doubted whether it's his birthday or some...some..... whatever. Because he can't state what can make people go this crazy. She is restless, excited, enthusiastic and what not. 

Smiling he went to his cupboard to pick his brand new suit. All of a sudden the door got closed making him jump at his place. She was standing before him pressing her lips. 

"What"he raised his eyebrow.

"Aaj bhi aap suit pehanega Kya? (you are going to wear your suit even today?)"

"Haan toh(yes, so)"he shrugged.

"Arnavji aaj aap suit nahi pehanugi(Arnavji today you are not going to wear your suit)"she declared crossing her hands.


"Hum aap keliye nayi kapda layahoon(I have bought a new dress for you)" she said smiling excitedly and ran to take it from the bed.

"No kushi I'm not going to wear any kurtha or that colourful shirts" he said horrified remembering the last time she bought those colourful shirts for him. 

"Pathahe laad governor. Isliye ye layahoon(I know laad governor, so only I bought this)" she said handing over the box to him.

He opened it to find a white shirt and a dark blue jean. He smiled at her taking it out. Saying thank you is really a very difficult thing for ASR but his smile does it for him.

"Tek hai aap tayaar hojayiye hum neche jarahe hai (ok, you get ready I will go downstairs)" she zoomed out like a wind. 

Downstairs everybody was ready to celebrate their chotae's birthday after a long time. Last time they wished him at the last minutes due to Kushi's restriction and that led to small fight and convincing between arshi. This time a full proof plan was made ofcourse by Kushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. The list starts with visiting temple followed by roaming around the city to some important places then food at restaurant then movie (ofcourse salman khan movie) and a small cake cutting ceremony only with the family members by strict orders of ASR.

Everyone was packing the necessary stuffs for the day. Because they had such long schedule when they return back to home it would be night.

Arnav Singh Raizada descended the steps in all his glory making everyone go aww and someone go red by making the appearance perfect for the description of"Greek god". 

The day passed in a jiffy with numerous memories to savour. His nani and di literally become kids along with kushi enjoying their heart out. Being with kushi its ought to happen. Maybe they had been always like this only he missed to notice before. His ever shy brother Akash and Payal opened up a little more with always crazy Nk. He just sit back with content seeing smiles in his family member's face. 

He can't say he didn't enjoyed staying away. He went on a flow along with everyone learning what's real fun or being lively. His life was a scheduled chart with boring activities before which changed for good after the entry of the particular person with the promise being with him all his life. Now it's of all surprises, mischiefs, fun and whatever things for being happy. 

Thankfully Kushi sat with him for the movie not irking like previous time.(ofcourse they had gone for movie numerous times but this is the second time with family and ASR wants his wife only by his side *pocessive ASR*)

All returned back home with a full blown smile on their faces. 

"Now cake cutting" Anjali jumped in excitement.

"Haan nannav mere bhai it's time to cut the cake. Hmmmmm yummy yummy cake" he rubbed his tummy making cute expressions.

And the cake was brought by Kushi to the centre of the hall. Everyone sang the birthday song clapping like small kids. He first fed to his di who fed him back then to Kushi and to the other family members. 

After taking blessings from nani, mama and mami the gift session started by the youngsters. Elders left them to have their time.

Anjali gifted him a kurtha. 

"Di again"

"I'm sure chotae, kushiji will make you wear this one day, hai na kushiji (am I right Kushiji)".

"Bilkul di ( ofcourse di)"

Akash presented him a watch, Payal a locket. This is the first time Payal gave him a gift. He gave a brotherly hug to her. 

"Nannav this my gift" nk handed him a packet. 

When he opened it he found some twenty movie CDs of  salman khan. 

"Nk seriously, what will I do with this?" 

"You are such a dumbo nannav" 

"What the"

"Nannav mere bhai tum yeh films deklegana kushiji ki saath akelle...akelle (nannav my bro you can watch these films with Kushiji alone)" he said holding his shoulders making others giggle, Kushi to blush and Arnav to smirk.

"Kushiji aap ka toffa kahan hai? (Kushiji where's your gift?)"asked Anjali mischievously.

"Humara toffa? Hey Devi mayya humme koi toffa layayi nahi (my gift? Hey Devi mayya I didn't get any)" she said with a scared expression.

"Saachi Kushiji? Ya phir aap aapka Arnavji keliye akelle akelle kuch dheena chathihoon (really kushiji? or you want to give your Arnavji something when you are alone)" teased Anjali.

"Nahi nahi di aesa kuch bhi nahi (no no di nothing like that)" she said quickly trying to control the raising heat on her cheeks.

"Kushiji hum shif mazaak karethe waise Kushiji yesa kuch toh bhi humaareliye hoi problem nahi hai (Kushiji I'm just kidding. But if there is something like that also we don't have any problem)" Anjali winked at her. 

"Di..."she whined like a kid.

"Ok ok let's go to sleep it's late"declared Anjali not wanting to make her babhi go red even more.

Everyone wrapped up and went to their respective rooms having teasing smile on their faces.

Arshi room

After changing Arnav sat on bed waiting for kushi. She came after changing to her night suit.

"Where's my gift?"he asked holding her hand pulling her to sit beside him on the bed.

"Haan Arnavji, ek minute rukiye (yes Arnavji, wait a minute)"she ran to take it. 

"So di was right tum akelle muje kuch dhena chathihoon (so di was right you wanted to give me something alone)" he smirked making her blush who by then back to him with her gift.

She gave him a box. He opened it excitedly only to find hot hot jelebies.

"What's this?"his expression was worth watching.

"Jelebiyaan" she put one into his mouth "woh bhi bhina chakkar ki (that too sugar free)"

And she ran to take another, a big one. Big one of her size which he didn't notice which was at the corner of the room. 

"Yeh Kya hai? (What's this?)" he asked amused by the size.

"Koliye na (open it)" she said showing her all 32 teeth.

When he opened the wrapper his mouth formed a big 'O'. 

"What the" 

"What the nahi Arnavji cute pie" she said hugging the big puffy red teady. 

"Woh toh patha hai mujhe (that I know). Am I looking like a kid for you Kushi" he asked cooking his brows.

"Nahi Arnavji yeh appke jesa hai (no Arnavji it's just like you)" 

"Kya? (What?)" he asked not believing his ears. Did she just called him a teady?

"Haan dekha yeh badha hai cute hai aur aur aapka pasand lal rang main hai appke gussha ke jese (yes, see its big, cute and that too in your favorite colour red like your anger)" she said pulling it's cheeks.

He was like like he himself don't know what he have to feel for this. Seriously, a teady bear that too in red colour.

"Aur jab tum hummare phaas nahin hona thab main isse galle lagege (and when you will be away from me I will hug this teady)" she again hugged the teady. 

"Oh really phar hum hamesha aapka saath hoon (oh really, but I am always with you)" he said pulling her by waist hitting her forehead with his. Her cheeks heated up. He felt jealous even it was just a teady. 

"Haan woh toh patha hai. Phar jab aap aapka office main hoon yah phir appka trip main hoon jab main Kya karethe, isliye (yaah I know that. But when your are in your office and when you are in your trips what will I do then, so only) she locked her hands around his neck.

"Then be with me all the time" he pulled her more into his arms looking at her lovingly. She just looked into his eyes amused by the love this man have for her.

She pulled him lightly and went to take a paper roll. 

Ofcourse that was salman khan's poster. 

"Yeh Kya? ( What's this?)"he asked fuming in anger. 

"Laad governor gussa kyun karrahe ho? yeh hummara salman khanji ka poster (laad governor why are you fuming? This my salman khanji's poster"she said smiling at the poster.

"Yeh tumara nahin ( he is not your's)" he gritted his teeth. Already he is tolerating that man with much difficulty now these posters is just irrking him. His pocessiveness towards her is increasing day by day, he even regretted the time he presented the same during raksha bhandan an uncountable times.

"Tum shif aur shif meri hoon aur main tumara, samjhe tum (you are one and only mine and I'm yours, understand)" he declared coming closer scaring the hell out of her by his pocessiveness. The poster in their room before was replaced by his photo a long back by herself making him walk in air. And the films they watch will be English movies most of the times so he controlled himself the other times. Even when Nk presented those CDs to him, he was just thinking about the time spending alone with her. But when she brought that stupid poster again and those words which she used woke up the pocessive animal inside him. 

"Tek hai tek hai shanth hojao hummara pocessive laad governor (ok ok cool down my pocessive laad governor)" she pinched his nose which calmed his nerves. 

"Hmmm lagtha hai tum humara nahi aapka janam dhin bana rahe ho (hmmm it looks like you are celebrating your birthday not mine)"he said eying the things she gave him.

"Haan toh" she giggled. 

"You wanted to tease me, right?"he said making her giggle more.

"Tek hai ab hummara toffa kahan hai? (Ok now where's my gift?)"he asked her in his husky voice. 

She raised on her toes and kissed his stubbed cheek whispering "happy birthday Arnavji" in his ear.

He gave her a heart warning smile and hugged her close to his heart. Now this is what he waiting for. He doesn't need any gift from her. Her presence by his side all the time is more than enough for him. She is the biggest gift in his life.

"I love you dammit" he whispered thanking Devi mayya for sending this angel specially for him. Yes he stared believing in God otherwise how can a devil like can get such a innocent angel only for himself.

End of this story. Their story never have an end.

Finally I finished my long long OS. So tell me how's it. I tried a lot to post it yesterday itself as it's Barun's birthday but I couldn't. Anyways now it's here have fun. Love you all.

I try to update my story today. I was writing this story for past two days so I didn't go for it. Sorry for that. 

Aug 24, 2017

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When said the same in last update of my story "all I want is just you" I got more response than previous time. I felt happy but when I was expecting the same for this story there was only two comments. There are more than 750 views don't it satisfy 50 people atleast. If you don't want to comment it's ok but you can press tank you button. The minimum you could do for me. Sorry I tried a lot to ignore it and keep posting but I can't, not anymore.

Sorry I hurt anyone but couldn't stop myself from posting this. Please let me know what's in your mind. 

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