My Heart Is With You.. - COMPLETED

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Dec 10, 2017

Chapter 11 - Last part.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 79 times)

"Khushi is not answering my calls.." Arnav turned to Prem worriedly. 

"I think I know where they are.." Prem said and walked out of the room followed by Arnav. 


Shashi parked the car smiling to Khushi. 

Khushi: Where are we Papa? 

"I'm not your Papa Khushi.." Shashi said. 

"You know you're behaving strangely today.." Khushi giggled.

"Come and I will show you who is my son.." he climb down the car and Khushi also followed him confused. 

"Akash.. Akash.." Shashi called him out. 

And Khushi turned behind her only to see Akash, Arnav's friend.

"Akash you here? " she asked. 

"Yes Love.. I'm here for you.." Akash said smiling and walked near her. 

Khushi moved backwards, "What are you trying to do? Aren't you ashamed of calling me names when Payal is your girlfriend?"

Shashi start laughing.

Akash looked at her smirking. 

Khushi gulped, "What's happening here? Why is everyone so strange today? Is this some joke or what? Please stop it all of you.. I'm not liking this at all.."

Akash pulled her harshly near him, he pricked her arm angry: Joke you made out of me.. I still didn't forget what you did to me.. And yeah, Payal is not my girlfriend neither he is your father.. He is my father!!!"

Khushi blinked her eyes shocked.

She took a step backwards and was close to the edge of a cliff. 

"Be careful.." Akash said. 

She turned behind and saw down the cliff, she gasped scared and shut her eyes tightly.

"Arnav.." she whispered his name. 

Akash gritted his teeth hearing that, "God knows what kind of love is this.. Despite not remembering anything. You still only go to many times we have met and you never looked at me like that?  And Arnav.. Just few days and so much trust.."

Khushi looked at them all frightened. She wasn't getting anything they were saying.

"Akash before she dies once again,tell her what happened in the past.. Seems like she still doesn't remember anything.." Shashi smirked.

Akash nodded and start narrating everything about their past life to Khushi.


"You have to kill this girl Arnav.." Shashi said staring at Khushi's painting on his huge living room of their palace. 

"I don't kill anyone.." Arnav curtly replied. 

"That's not what I heard from your neighbors.." Shashi turned to him smirking. 

"Seems you went to my place to find details about me. You didn't have to. I would tell you by myself. I do kill those who are my enemies, who want to harm our place and nothing else. In my place, to survive you need to go through these things. It's all easy for you all who live protected by your army.  I do protect myself and my people. That's it.  I will not kill anyone without any strong motive.." Arnav said. 

"Exactly. Not everyone is like you and I needed someone who has guts like you to do this job for me. Arnav kill this girl and I promise I will protect you and your place.." Shashi smiled. 

"Thanks but no thanks.." Arnav said with his stern face. 

"Arnav please. You don't know this girl humiliated me in front of everyone..she declined my marriage proposal in front of everyone.. Everyone just laughs on me now.  You have to kill her so that I can take my revenge.."   Prince Akash said.

Arnav chuckled softly, "She said no? She must be brave ahn.."

Akash glared at Arnav. 

Shashi gave him a look like Calm down. Akash nodded. 

"She is very brave and no one can defeat her.. So I thought.. You.. But even you.. seem to be scared of a Princess.." Shashi gave him a pity look. 

Arnav frowned: I'm not scared of anyone. Challenge accepted. I will kill her..


After many days passed Arnav tried to kill Princess Khushi but every time he fails to do so. He realized he is really in love with her, hence decided to protect her from Shashi and Akash instead of murdering her. 

One fine day, he went to her room.

Khushi was dressing up, she widened her eyes seeing him.  She quickly took her duppata to cover her neck.

"Can't you enter without permission? Thank God I was already dressed otherwise.." Khushi scolded him. 

"You're going to be my wife. It's my right and I'm not any other man.. I'm your man.." he said intensely. 

Khushi lowered her eyes feeling shy. 

"I need to talk with you something important.." he said. 

Khushi nodded, "Tell me.."

Arnav cupped her face, "Before I tell you everything I want you to know that I love you Princess Khushi.."

Khushi nodded smiling, "I know it.."

"No, I really love you. All this time I was lying to you but now I know I really love you.." he said. 

Khushi was shocked, still she maintained a calm look, "Why were you lying?"

"First of all. I'm not any Prince Aarav.. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada. I was sent to kill you by King Shashi and his son Akash. Believe in me Khushi. Now I want to protect you only. You were right and they are wrong. I know that.. I took that deal as a challenge only, but after meeting you and stay with you all the time. I fell for your innocence, your beauty, braveness and you're good person at heart, which I'm not. I'm sorry that I ever thought to harm an angel like you.."

Khushi looked at him with moist eyes, she nodded her head and looked away.

Arnav hugged her from behind, he tucked her hair behind her ear softly and with a guilty tone he asked "Are you angry with me?"

Khushi nodded sideways, she turned to him and hugged him tightly, "Now that I gave my heart to you. I can't take a step back even if I have to die.."

"Shh.. I won't let you die in the hands of your enemies.. I won't let them win.." Arnav tightened his grip on her.

"I didn't accept to marry Akash because he was a filthy man. He didn't had good intentions with me, he just wanted me to make me his slave only. That's why I denied his marriage proposal. I didn't like him at all. It's not my fault. I'm not oblige to like or marry someone I don't want.." Khushi cried in his embrace.

"You did good. God protected you for me.." he said and kissed her forehead.


Arnav and Khushi were enjoying the cool breeze while sited on the edge of a cliff staring at the beautiful view in front of them.

Khushi who was till now with her head rested on his shoulder, look up to him: What are you thinking?

"I'm feeling a strange fear.. It's been days that I haven't had contact with Shashi nor Akash. I wonder what's their plan.  And how will I save you from them?" Arnav said.

"Unfortunately you'll not save but kill her.." a voice came behind them.

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other shocked.

They turn behind and saw Shashi, Akash and their men surrounded them.

"Look what a place we got you both. No weapons needed to kill her Arnav,  just make her fall off the cliff. No one will doubt you.." Akash said smirking. 

Arnav made Khushi stand behind him.

"Oh! He still wants to save her.." Shashi laughed.

"I sent you to kill her and you fell in love with her. Don't you know how much I hate her? And you betrayed us. No problem, I will kill you both lovers now, Hain na?" Akash smiled.

Arnav nodded sideways, "I won't let you kill her.."

"How will you escape from us then?" his men laughed and walked near Khushi. 

Arnav thought they were many and he wouldn't be able to get out of this without being killed by these evil men. He knew there was no way to escape and this was their hand.

He turned to Khushi, "I am sorry.." he whispered and pushed her off the cliff.

Khushi screamed, and Arnav shut his eyes in pain after seeing her go away from him.  Still he couldn't let her die in the hands of her enemies. He couldn't let them win.

Shashi laughed shocked, "Oh my goodness.. You killed her? What kind of lover are you? Oh no wait.. You were lying to her right, you were still doing our plan na? Good job Arnav.."

Akash nodded smiling.

Arnav took the knife from one of Shashi's man hand and without any second thought angrily he walked to kill Shashi but Akash saw this coming, he took his knife and stabbed Arnav on his back many times killing him.

Shashi gritted his teeth: Useless..

After all they left, only Khushi and Arnav's dead body were there separated from each other. It started raining suddenly as if the nature was crying for separation of Arshi. 

Flashback ends..

Khushi was crying hearing her past life story, she screamed and fell on the ground with a thud.

"That's why I have those nightmares.. You all knew it.. You all are my enemies.." she shouted to them. 

"What were you waiting for then? Why didn't you kill me if I was with you all?" she asked. 

"I wanted you to fall in love with Arnav.." Shashi said "So that you feel the pain of being separated from your love and the one who betrayed me once again.."

"This time only I will win.." Akash said.

"The last time you didn't win Akash. Arnav won, he said that he will protect me from you both and he didn't let me die in your filthy hands.." Khushi said.

"And this time I also will not let them win.." Arnav said as he walked near them with Prem. 

Akash immediately held Khushi harshly, "Don't come here, I will push her off the cliff now.."

Khushi shut her eyes tightly crying.

Arnav melt seeing her scared face,  he turned to Akash glaring at him: Leave her..

"If you're real man then come and fight with me.. Let's see who wins.." Arnav said. 

"No Akash,  don't go by his words. Just kill her and mark our win once and for all. Once you kill her and he will also have no reason to live.." Shashi shouted. 

But Akash was already thinking that he has to prove now that he is a real man. 

He left Khushi. And ran to attack Arnav. 

Both were fighting with each other. Prem and Khushi were asking Arnav to stop.

And Shashi was worried for Akash. 

"I thought you as my friend and you turn out to be my enemy.." Arnav said and slapped him hard. 

"You're my slave don't have space to be my friend.." Akash punch Arnav on his face.

Khushi screamed, "Arnaaaav.."

Arnav wiped the blood oozing out of his lips. "You're a loser only.."

Akash groaned and set to attack him once again, they both kept fighting and fighting.

"Arnav stop it.. You're injured.." Khushi cried. 

Prem held her calming her down. 

Arnav stopped to see her, and Akash took the opportunity to push him to the cliff. 

Arnav widened his eyes staring down the cliff, but he wouldn't accept defeat now. 

He held Akash's arms tightly and used him as a support to stand straight again.

Akash groaned again, he tried to push Arnav again but Arnav hit him on his leg. Akash lost his balance and fell down the cliff. 


Everyone widened their eyes shocked.

"Nooooooooooo.. Aaaaakashhhhhh.." Shashi shouted crying. 

Arnav sighed.  Khushi ran to him and threw herself on him crying. 

Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist tightly.

"Don't worry this time we won.." he whispered.

Khushi nodded, "I trust you.."

Shashi got angry, "You killed my son? Now watch my plan B. I won't leave you Arnav Singh Raizada.."

He went to his car and pushed a tied Anjali, Anjali looked at her brother crying: Chote..

Arnav screamed: Diiii.. You're not doing right Shashi.. How dare you kidnap my sister?  I won't leave you..

"Should I kill her since you killed my son?" Shashi shouted to him. 

"No.." Arnav nodded sideways, "Don't do anything wrong with her.. "

"Chote what's all this??" Anjali asked his stammering. 

Shashi placed the gun on her forehead smiling at Arnav, "Bye bye.."


"Nooooooooooo.. Please don't.." Arnav shut his eyes not able to see his sister die in front of him.

"Don't kill her please. You want to kill me right? Then kill me,  leave her please.." Khushi said. 

"Khushi what nonsense you're talking? I won't let you go to him.." Arnav scolded her. 

"Arnav she is your sister.. I can't let you lose your sister  because of me.." Khushi said. 

"Stop talking you both. And tell me whom should I kill? Khushi or Anjali? Arnav you choose.." Shashi smirked.

He stopped smiling sensing a strange sound behind him.  Anjali also felt the same, both turned behind and got shocked seeing a huge stone coming in their way. 

Shashi dropped the gun numb.  Arnav ran and pushed his Di in time to save her life, both went rolling on the ground.

And Shashi lost his life. 

Khushi closed her face with her palms unable to see such death. 

Arnav sighed, he went running to Khushi and pulled her into a tight hug.

"We did it Khushi.." he said. 


Days later.. 

"How dare that Akash? He cheated on me.." Payal thought angrily.

"Let it be, he wasn't worthy you.." Khushi said. 

"I'm worth you right?" Arnav came and hugged her from behind in front of all.

They were in the living room, with Anjali,  Nani, Anika, Ayan and Payal. 

Everyone looked at them with teasing smiles. 

Khushi blushed, "Leave me.."

"I won't.." Arnav whispered in her ear, "Princess Khushi.."

"When will the marriage happen??" Nani asked curious.

"In our next reincarnation Hain na Khushi?" Arnav said. 

Khushi glared at him,  while the living room filled with laughter sounds.

And that's how they lived happily ever after, and completed their love story which was left incomplete in their first life!!!

The end...

Thank you for the comments and support.. this story was short, I was just trying for the first time writing on this topic.. I hope this was good.. 

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