Accha Chal Tha Hu ... Dua Mein Yaadh Rakna

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Aug 24

Accha Chal Tha Hu ... Dua Mein Yaadh Rakna (By Nanak) (Thanked: 13 times)

Hello everyone. I wanted to do this for long time but the only reason pulled me back was my best friends, my soul sisters, their arrival but not anymore. I'm leaving this Forum. I wanted to come back but every time what I felt here, what happened with me here pulled me back.

MeD always felt like home but now it's suffocating here. It's like the connection I had with MeD - Arshi - felt like broken. Truth to be told I stopped writing because of MeD, not because of my studies. Yes, as a writer I shouldn't have but as a person I did, for my own mental goodness.

Today I write at Wattpad, India Forum, Asian fanfics and blogs. Nothing felt like what MeD felt to me ... But I have decided to let go. The amount of problems I faced was too high and I can't fight anymore with me. I tried but now all I could see is imposters blocking all the memories I had here.

I've decided to leave the forum which was once my home where we friends not only lived as friends but as a family. I've decided to leave the platform which made me write. Truth to be told up to this date I don't feel the absence of Arshi. On 30th November, 2012 I haven't saw the last episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon but was reading a story here at MyeDuniya.

Through years the stories here and the forum made sure to create the Arshi aroma and made us stay connected to the show, connected to Arshi and connected to Rabba ve. It's saddening to see an imposter in name of ASR and a girl who can't act stealing Rabba ve - the song we cherished and long being butchered by their cold chemistry. The Forum's banner made all sense, Thank You very much.

So this is it. If I start on talking about or thanking people I met here, It would take hours to write. I have earned wonderful readers - wonderful friends and sisters here and It's more than enough. The stories I have read here are part of my life which no one could erase. Too many fun and memories which I thought at least would remain as memories are gone. What's the use of staying then?

I'm removing my stories from here starting today. I wish you guys a very happy life ahead. There may be a day I might be back (I won't but I'm waiting for a miracle) to meet my friends but thank you for erasing all the memories. Pechan ko dabba karne ke liye thank you. This Forum losted it's and now me too.

Love you and miss you guys.

AK, Ash, Linaya ... waiting for you guys <3

Thank You.

IPKKND Forever

Nandhu and AK

Nan  ~  


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AK, Ash, Linaya, Nandhu