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Oct 8

Chapter 20 - Friends again!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

“Girls let’s roam around this beautiful place..” NK said throwing his hands on air with a smirk.

“When your paradise is here in front of you, why roam around other places..” the girls giggled staring at Arnav dreamily.

NK pouted, “Cheaters..” he went from there and bumped with Lavanya on the way.

“Wait.. wait.. am I seeing well?? Is NK, the playboy being ditched by his girls??” Lavanya smiled teasingly.

“Loser.. you were waiting for this moment only na..” NK put his hands on his hip, glaring at Lavanya.

“Not Loser, but Winner.. do you get that?? You lost because these girls who were all over you, now are behind bhaiya.. means my bhaiya is more handsome than you.” Lavanya stuck her tongue like a kid to him.

At the same time, Anjali was running away from Shyam laughing, and she bumped with Lavanya making Lavanya land on NK’s arms, his lips unknowingly touched her cheek and his arms automatically traveled to her waist.

She looked at him deeply, and he was also lost in her.

Anjali wanted to say sorry, but seeing them having this so romantic-moment, she didn’t want to disturb, so she went from there to Shyam.

“I lost yet I won a kiss from you..” NK smirked.

“Aww.. it wasn’t a kiss.. leave me..” she struggled in his arms, NK rolled his eyes.

“You kiddo.. always crying like a baby..” NK pushed her lightly and went from there, leaving Lavanya curse him behind.

Later she smiled a little touching her cheek that had contact with his lips minutes ago, “Pagal..” she muttered and went from there.


Khushi was quietly staring at other talking with each other, she was sitting beside Nani who was making boring faces to her.

“Nani kya hua??” Khushi looked at her smirking.

“Why don’t go and do something rather than staying with a Nani like me??” Nani said pushing her lightly.

“Aww now you’re a Nani.. you’re so young to be a Nani..” Khushi giggled.

“That’s true.. I am really young, that’s why I understand things that even you’re pretending to not understand..” Nani said.

“Naniiiiii.. I said na, Arnav is only my friend.. not more than that.. you only ask him.. he will say the same..” Khushi said shrugging her shoulders.

“But give it a chance also.. you don’t know but love only happens.. it doesn’t inform anyone..” Nani said pouting.

“Haan but..” Khushi was about to reply her, but Arnav came and sat with the two, facing Khushi.

“Are you sure you don’t want to be my friend??” Arnav asked her cutely “Soch lo.. you don’t know what you’re losing Baby..”

Khushi looked at him, “Hmm..” she nodded her head as if saying “Yes, I’m sure..”

“You’re really bad Khushi.. when you were a baby also you tortured me so much just to accept being my friend..and now you’re doing the same thing.. please don’t do this with me.. please say yes.. otherwise I will not talk with you Cute baby.. I’m warning you already..” Arnav said everything that came in his mind to convince her.

Khushi remained silent, with a hiding smile on her face. The past flashbacks ran on her mind, when he came in Ratna’s room and took her Doll, blackmailing her to accept his friendship, but as always she won!!

Arnav cupped her face, “Acha.. I’m lying Cute baby.. I’ll always talk with you.. no matter where I am.. but you should talk with me too na..”

Khushi was about to nod her head, when NK came and forced both to play volleyball with them.

Arnav groaned in frustration, while Khushi giggled seeing his expressions.

Nani sat on a chair and watched the family play volleyball together.

In one group was, Anjali, Shyam, Ratna, Arnav, Payal, Kabir, Mami and some of the girls and in other group was Khushi, Lavanya, Akash, Mama, Radhika, NK and Raj and the rest of the girls.

They start playing, and Arnav threw the ball, Khushi managed to not let it touch the grass, after that Shyam also saved the ball and passed to Khushi’s group again. NK grabbed the ball and passed to the other group again.

Lavanya was trying to catch the ball, but was not able to. NK laughed at her face.

Akash threw the ball and it landed on Payal, who let the ball fall.

“Ohhh noooo…” the group made sad faces, Payal smiled sheepishly saying sorry. And Akash felt guilty that he made her lose.

Khushi ran and hugged Payal, “Heyy it’s okay.. we will win..” she said smiling.

Payal felt relieved, the ball was handled to Arnav’s group and they continued playing.

During the game, girls were purposely clinging to Arnav, sometimes others were pretending to fall on him just to get close to him, it was irking Khushi.

“Why did you brought your friends here??” Khushi asked to Lavanya.

“They wanted to see bhaiyaa..” Lavanya replied innocently.

“Bhaiya is only for you, Lavanya don’t you see for them he is more than bhaiya.. look at them.. they are throwing themselves on my Arnav!!!!” Khushi said jealous.

“Ohh sorry.. I will warn them to stay away from your Arnav..” Lavanya smiled teasingly.

Khushi blushed when she realized what she said. The ball came to her direction and she wasn’t paying attention.

The ball hit her forehead, “Ouch..” Khushi frowned and rubbed her forehead.

Arnav stare at her side as soon as he heard her hissing in pain. He went running to his Cute baby.

“Are you okay??” he asked and dropped a kiss on her forehead warmly, making Khushi feel as if someone who she has the right to call as her own, was taking care of her.

Arnav rubbed her forehead lovingly, and whispered sweet nothings to her as if she was still that baby who used to cry and he used to pamper her all day to make her feel better.

Khushi nodded, “I’m fine..”

“Who threw the ball to her???” Arnav frowned.

“Arnav bitwa it’s okay na.. it’s just a game..” Mami said trying to calm him down.

“It’s not okay.. what if something happened to Khushi??” Arnav said worried for her.

Khushi stare at him.. Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Later, Arnav did not allow Khushi to play volleyball and took her with him to an isolated place.

“I’m fine Arnav.. nothing would have happened to me.. it’s normal..” Khushi assured him.

Arnav stare at her without saying anything, Khushi stare at him as if trying to read his face.

“When you were brought to my house, you were a little baby Khushi.. and I made you fall unknowingly.. after I saw tears in your cute eyes I felt so guilty to hurt a fragile doll like you.. when my mumma scolded me for hurting you.. I promised myself that I would never let you hurt yourself when I’m there for you.. that’s why even this small wound on your forehead breaks my heart in pieces.. maybe you yourself don’t even imagine what you’re for me Khushi..” he broke the silence between them.

“You too don’t know what you’re for me..” she replied cutely to him.

Arnav smiled hearing that, “Really?? That’s why you’re not accepting my friendship??”

Khushi nodded and started walking with him.

A cute little puppy came running to their direction, Khushi widened her eyes and turned to Arnav. She hugged him tightly.

“Take this dog away from here Arnav.. take him away..” she cried, jumping impatiently and buried her face on his neck.

“Khushi.. calm down.. he is a puppy.. na.. I brought him for you.. don’t you like him??..” Arnav pat her back lovingly.

“No.. I don’t like him.. take him away.. he will bite me..” Khushi said clutching his shoulder.

“But.. I thought you weren’t scared of dogs now.. don’t you remember you used to play with that dog near our mansion??” Arnav asked her confused.

Khushi faced him crying, she nodded her head like a baby: Haan.. I used to play with that dog but he left me.. and I don’t know where he went.. then I found one dog in a park.. I went to play with him.. but he bite me on my arm.. dekho.. I still have that mark.. I don’t want to play with dogs anymore.. I’m scared now..

She cutely showed him her arm where a dog bite her. While the cute puppy was licking Arnav’s  shoes calling him.

Khushi stepped back a little to hide from the puppy. Arnav just didn’t knew if he should smile at the way she cutely told her story or feel bad for her.

“This one will not bite you.. trust me..” Arnav made her sit, and then took her tiny hands to reach the puppy who was very happy in receiving attention now.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly but slowly she started caressing the puppy and then started enjoying playing with the Cute puppy.

“He has something..” Khushi said pointing to a heart shaped locket tied around the puppy’s neck.

Khushi analyzed the locket taking it out of the puppy’s neck, as soon as Arnav gave her the permission to go ahead.

She opened the heart, and found two pictures on it, hers and Arnav’s picture.

She smiled brightly, and looked at him.

Arnav had cute puppy face indicating her to at least now accept his friendship.

“Lo Maine Kaha Tumse Dosti Karungi (Okay, I say that I’ll be friends with You) Tum Bhi Kaho Mujhse Dosti Karoge (Now You also say that You’ll be friends with me)” she sang smiling and extended her hand to him.

Arnav was about to shake hands with her, but then he smirked and sang, “Dekhunga… Sochunga… Kal Parso Kuch Kahunga… (I’ll look, I’ll think, I’ll tell You my decision tomorrow or the day after)”

He stood up and was going away without her. While the family watched them secretly, the girls were like “Ohh we lost..” and the boys team were jumping in happiness as they won.

Khushi jaws dropped but still she was happy, she knew he was only saying that to tease her as she tortured him a lot.

She went running to him "Arnaaaaavvvv" and jumped to him smiling wrapping her arms around his neck. 

Arnav smiled and held her tightly.

(Imagine Arshii)

After seeing Khushi and Arnav together, the family cheered for them happily forgetting about their challenge. They were really happy to see the cutest friends together once again!!

Oct 17

Chapter 21 - I didn't learn how to live without you!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

Raizada mansion:

Arnav held Khushi’s hand taking her quickly to his room.

“Arnav what are you doing?” Khushi asked being guided by him.

“I want to talk with you in our poolside..” Arnav replied opening the door of his room, and let Khushi inside.

Khushi sat on a chair smiling, and staring at the pool. Arnav smiled to her.

“You have changed..” he said.

“Me? No.. I haven’t changed at all.. I’m still your Cute baby..” Khushi said, shrugging her shoulders.

“No.. I didn’t mean that.. I mean you’re grown up now.. I was so shocked when I saw you Khushi.. maybe my mind was still on the past.. I thought I would see that cute and little girl waiting for me.. and now I saw a woman.. time flies..” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded, after some seconds she pouted.

“Am I not cute anymore?” she asked him looking at him with big eyes.

“You’re Khushi.. you will always be my Cute baby..” Arnav smiled.

Khushi smiled and moved her face near his, he smirked and brushed his nose against her nose, then waited for her to reciprocate.

“Now what was your problem? Why didn’t you want to talk with me??” Arnav asked pinching her cheek.

“I felt shy..” Khushi confessed, no matter what happens, to her Arnav she never lies.

“Shy?? Why??” Arnav smiled confused.

“Shy because I saw you after many years na.. it felt strange to talk with you.. it seemed you’re not the same anymore.. but then.. today you made me play with that dog.. just like the way you did in the past.. I realized you’re my Arnav only..” Khushi said.

“Hmm.. for me it’s not that strange because I used to call you everyday.. see if you at least talked with me all these years of our separation.. you wouldn’t feel shy..” Arnav said blaming her.

“It’s not my fault.. you deserved that punishment..” Khushi said.

“You’re still angry with me Khushi..” Arnav looked at her with a worried face, his eyes changed it’s color.

Khushi placed her palm on his right cheek, nodding sideways: No.. I’m not angry with you.. I want to tell you that I’m really proud of you.. you know I always prayed for you that you achieve everything you want.. and you did it Arnav.. people screaming for ASR.. seeing you receive awards.. seeing your talent being recognized by everyone.. trust me.. makes me feel very happy.. I’m really happy and proud of you..

Arnav smiled warmly at her.

Khushi closed her eyes and kissed his forehead warmly, “I know you never left me.. you were always with me in my heart.. you said one thing truly in that time of our separation I learned how to be independent.. but listen.. I still didn’t learn this life without you..”

“Neither I learned how to live without you..” Arnav whispered.


Next morning..

“Good morning Mumbai..” Lavanya reached in the breakfast table that was in the garden. Ratna specially decided that they would have breakfast today enjoying the sun rays and the view of her garden.

“Stupid.. who said we are Mumbai??” NK glared at her, making space for her to sit.

“Duffer.. I just said that because look we are so many here.. that it looks we are whole Mumbai itself..” Lavanya giggled.

“If we are many then you should go back home..” Radhika gritted her teeth.

Lavanya stopped laughing, and looked down with an embarrassed smile, while NK felt hurt seeing her like that.

“Ma she is just joking..” NK said frowning. Radhika rolled her eyes.

Raj: Lavanya and Payal are also like our daughters and they can stay here when they want.. it’s their house also..

Radhika smiled embarrassed.

“Where’s Khushi and Arnav??” Ratna asked looking around.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders. But hearing Khushi’s laughter all of them turned their heads behind.

Khushi reached on the gate, running and looking back laughing, while Arnav came behind her running also with a smile on his face and his gaze fixed on her.

“I won Arnav..” Khushi declared jumping.

“I let you win Khushi..” Arnav reached near her, drinking his water.

Khushi frowned. Arnav handled his bottle to her, “Drink it.. otherwise you will faint..”

“Nahin..” Khushi looked away, nodding her head in negative.

“Drink it..” Arnav raised the bottle to touch her lips.

“Nooo..” Khushi faced her back to him.

“Acha baba.. you won.. I lost Baby..now drink..” Arnav wrapped his one arm around her waist, hugging her from behind, and his other hand trying to make her drink.

Khushi felt goose bumps now, her heart beat increased with his touch on her. For a moment she didn’t knew how to react, she stood still while Arnav was pampering her to drink water.

“Khushiii..” Arnav called her loud. Khushi turned to him, and he made her drink water. She looked at him, while drinking from his hand, and he was only staring at her only.

The one who treats her like a Baby has reached!! How many years passed, and she never received this kind of care and love for her.. Only Arnav pamper her like this.. Only with him she feels she belongs to someone, she has someone who would protect her always.. with him she feels she is special.. she is important.. she means a life to someone…

The family was awed by them, the way Arnav cared for Khushi still now didn’t change from the way he used to care for her. Radhika clenched her glass of juice, staring at both getting close to each other.

“Things are not going the way I want to..” she thought.

Ratna smiled, “Where were you both?” she asked as soon Arnav and Khushi approached them in the table.

“Jogging!!” both replied at the same time, then looked at each other smiling.

“I’ll just freshen up and come back..” Arnav said to his mother, who nodded.

Mama: Bitiya I need your coffee please..

Khushi smiled and nodded, “You will get it in minutes Mama ji..”

Arnav while walking, stopped and turned to Khushi: I also want coffee..

“Today you’re going to taste the best coffee made by our daughter..” Raj said smiling to Khushi, as soon he remembered their conversation.

Mama pouted, “Just don’t forget me Khushi bitiya..”

Mami: Me also Khushi bitiya.. it’s not only him who gets headaches with his wife, I also get because of him..

Khushi widened her eyes, while everyone giggled silently of Mama’s shocked face.


Khushi’s room:

She quickly walked out of the bathroom chanting on her mind, that she must not forget to make coffee for Mami, Mama and Arnav.

Khushi was drying her hair with a towel, not noticing someones’s presence in her room.

Her eyes later landed on him, “Arnav.. what are you doing here??”

Arnav shrugged his shoulders, “Do I need a reason to meet my best friend??”

Khushi nodded sideways, “No.. but you should have called me na.. I didn’t see you..”

“I was enjoying seeing you dry your hair.. in your own world..” Arnav smiled.

Khushi blushed.

“You know, you’re so so soooooo beautiful.. that if I wanted I would make you AR’s top model.. but you see.. you’re like a precious diamond for me.. And everyone keeps their precious things hidden.. same I will do..” Arnav said.

Khushi hide her face on the towel, “I’m that beautiful..”

Arnav jumped from her bed, and walked to her taking the towel off her face, he pinched her cheeks smiling, “You look more beautiful blushing!!!!”

“Ahmm.. I found this basketball ball in my room… you kept it for me na..” Arnav showed to her.

“Hmm.. you still remember about it?” Khushi nodded.

“I do.. it’s my first ball Mumma brought for me.. I thought it would be in dustbin right now!!” Arnav chuckled.

“None of your things I threw.. they are still safely with me..” Khushi said.

“You know this ball made me remember my competitor in basketball Aman.. do you know about him??” Arnav asked.

“Haan.. we meet often..” Khushi replied.

“Khushi I said I don’t like you talk much with boys..” Arnav said jealous.

“WE.. means me, Payal, NK.. everyone..” Khushi said calming him, “I’ve made all the boys my brothers because of you..”

Arnav chuckled.

Oct 17

Chapter 22 - Arnav's cabin! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 129 times)

Nani reached in the room clearing her throat.

Khushi and Arnav looked at her startled.

“Arnav your father is calling you..” Nani said to which Arnav nodded and went from there.

“You made all the boys your brothers means Arnav is the only one who isn’t and I can conclude now that you love him..” Nani smirked.

“No.. Nani app bhi na.. it’s just..” Khushi stammered not knowing how would she explain to her Nani.

“It’s just you love him.. accept him na Cutiepie..” Nani caressed her hair, trying to make her confess.

“My Cutiepie Arnav is only my friend and nothing else..” Khushi smiled pinching her cheeks.

Nani pouted and both went to the kitchen.


Khushi served coffee for Arnav, who smiled in return thanking her.

His phone beeped.

Khushi: Your phone..

Arnav looked at her, “First your coffee, then phone..”

Khushi sat beside him happily, that he chose her first then his other things, these small gestures by him make her always feel he still cares for her the same way as before.

“You like my coffee??” Khushi asked serving for herself.

“I just loved it.. you will make for me everyday ok??” Arnav said still relishing the taste on his mouth, it’s the best coffee he ever had!!!

“Not everyday.. everything in excessive is bad for health..” Khushi said in a scolding tone.

“Who gave you the right to scold to me??” Arnav raised his eyebrows.

“This is a care wala scold for you okay.. and you only gave me that right remember??” Khushi said pointing her index finger to him smiling.

He nodded, “You really didn’t forget anything about us!!”

“Did you??” Khushi asked.

“Somethings.. like you favorite things.. I really forgot…” Arnav said with a teasing smile.

“Arnav how could you? Everyone can forget about me and my things, but you don’t have the permission for that..” Khushi pouted.

“Just kidding.. even if I lose my memory.. I would remember about you..” Arnav chuckled.

“Acha.. how??” Khushi asked.

“I would write everything about you in my body.. just like that movie Ghajini..” Arnav said.

Khushi giggled and he joined her.

Ratna rolled her eyes, “Food is in front of you and both are ignoring it..”

Khushi and Arnav looked at Ratna, then smiled sheepishly eating their food otherwise they would listen from their mother.


Arnav’s room:

Khushi knocked the door of his room.

“Come in..” Arnav said frowning staring at his shirt button that just fell.

“Dammit.. all these things happen when I’m in hurry..” Arnav was busy in his world cursing his life.

“What happened??” Khushi asked him, seeing him whisper things she couldn’t hear.

“Dekho (look)” he showed to her his button.

Khushi smiled and shook her head, “There is nothing to be worried about.. I will fix it in seconds for you..”

She went running to her room and came back with a needle and thread.

While she was stitching for him, he was staring at her.

“Everytime I look at you.. I feel like I have to tell you that I love you.. I just can’t keep this secret with me anymore.. but my confession has to be special for you..” Arnav thought.

“Careful this needle might prick you..” Arnav said caressing her finger. Khushi nodded.

“And it’s done now..” Khushi said showing to him.

Arnav nodded and brushed his hair quickly, taking his bag.

“Where are you going Arnav??” Khushi asked him.

“Office baby..” he answered “And I’m late..”

“Office?? So soon.. now only you reached.. I thought to show you Mumbai..” Khushi said sadly.

“I just have few important works.. and after that we can go out..” Arnav said.

Khushi smiled and nodded.

“Okay.. then quickly change your clothes and I’m waiting for you outside..” Arnav said caressing her cheeks, then he went outside his room. Leaving a smiling Khushi behind.



Arnav reached for the first time in AR in Mumbai. Every employee stood up to greet him; he just nodded and walked in front.

Khushi was still smiling and replying to the “Namaste” alongside with NK, Lavanya, Payal and Akash.

Arnav rolled his eyes and went in the cabin especially made for him, his father came to welcome him in his new office from now on.

“I think I don’t need to say good work.. because you’re excellent at what you do..” Raj said smiling.

Arnav side hugged him.

Khushi reached with her gang.

“Congratulations for your new home now..” Khushi said smiling, and extended her hand to shake with his.

Arnav raised his eyebrow, and did not shake hands with her: Is this the way you congratulate me?

Khushi smiled sheepishly, “No, but this is like how business people do na..”

“I don’t want this way with you..” Arnav said.

Lavanya smiled, “Khushi just give a tight hug to bhaiya..”

Khushi took baby steps to reach him, shyly because everyone was looking at them including the employees who were witnessing the great ASR smiling!

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and rested her head on his shoulder: Congratulations Arnav..

“Now that’s how I like..” he whispered only for her.

“Now quickly open this cabin.. I’m dying to see it..” NK said excitedly.

“Then die..” Lavanya replied sarcastically.

Khushi slapped her lips lightly, “Shh.. aisa mat bolo (Don’t say like that..)”

Lavanya pouted, “You always are on his side.. what about me?? Don’t you see how much he tortures me??”

NK glared at her, “I won’t give you that happiness..”

“Don’t worry Lavanya.. now I’m here to protect you from this monkey..” Arnav smirked.

Lavanya smiled and hugged Arnav tightly, “Thank you bhaiyaaa..”

Raj smiled at their craziness.

Arnav opened the door of his cabin, Khushi smiled excitedly.

“Wow..” he whispered staring at one particular thing, that was his picture with Khushi hanged on the wall when they were kids, and then it had other pics of them and his family around the huge one.

The atmosphere of the cabin made him feel at home only, everything was simple, stunning, organized.. just like the way he wishes..

“Who did this decoration?” Arnav turned to them.

Everyone pointed their index fingers to Khushi, she just shyly looked down.

“That’s why I loved it.. it had your touch..” Arnav smiled.

“Awwwwwww…” both heard everyone saying it with dreamy faces. 

Oct 23

Chapter 23 - Romance in the Rain.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

Khushi rolled her eyes staring at her watch, this must be the tenth time she is checking time waiting for her best friend to finish his so called “few works!!”

“Khushi are you still here? Where’s Arnav??” Raj passing by, spotted her and confused asked.

“Papa your son is really a workaholic, he is making me wait here, with his so called works of 5 minutes everytime..”Khushi complained.

“You should go home then..” Raj laughed out loudly.

Khushi nodded and stood up sadly, she really wanted to go out with Arnav and spend time with him alone now. There is too much to share with him.

“I’m done Khushi..” Arnav reached there, stretching his arms lazily.

Khushi glared at him, “And I’m done with you!!!”

Raj giggled silently. Arnav pouted: Why??

“Why? You still ask me why Arnav??” Khushi widened her eyes in disbelief, staring at him.

“I didn’t realize when minutes turned to be hours..” Arnav said sheepishly.

Khushi pouted, “Now where will we go now?? It’s too late to go outside now..”

“Papa you go home. Me and Khushi will dinner outside..” Arnav said turning to him father, Khushi looked at him with questioning eyes.

As Raj nodded, Arnav grabbed Khushi outside of AR. And both went to a beautiful restaurant with a sea view, where Arnav booked the table only for him and Khushi.


“Is this to pacify me for waiting hours for you?” Khushi asked smiling, staring at the sea.

“No. I know a sorry is enough to pacify you!!” Arnav smirked.

Khushi shook her head smiling to him.

The dishes ordered by them arrived with the waiter, who smilingly placed in their respective places and wished them.

Arnav served for Khushi, and then for himself, “You should eat more Khushi.. look at yourself you’re so thin now.. my Cute baby was so cute and chubby!!”

“What to do? I do eat, but nothing happens!!!” Khushi pouted.

Arnav giggled: Okay, the way you’re, you’re perfect also..

Khushi smiled, “Thank you!!!”

“Now tell how your life in London was? What changed and what didn’t?” Khushi asked him eager to know.

“It was great! But it’s doesn’t feel homely. I missed here, you, my siblings, my friends.. the fun we had.. the kind of bond we share.. mumma and papa.. Nani.. everyone was here, so my heart was here also..” Arnav replied.

“I missed you too. Your absence was noticed in every moment of my life.. there was never day where I missed to say “I wish you were here..” Khushi said.

Arnav caressed her cheek, “And now I’m here..”

Khushi nodded.

“And it wasn’t bad also. You know Archana aunty and Dev uncle were really cool.. and their daughter Sheetal was a good friend of mine.. she practically stayed with me from college to work..” Arnav continued.

“You said you hate girls except me!!” Khushi said, her tone changed to jealousy one.

“Hmm.. I said that.. but she is a good girl..” Arnav said, “And it’s not that I like her a lot, she has few qualities that I hate in girls, but was a nice company also..”

“Sheetal is a good friend of mine, but you’re more than that for me Khushi. Don’t compare yourself with Sheetal or any girl.. because they will never reach your place in my life..” Arnav said to her, after noticing her jealous face.

Khushi smiled brightly and stood up hugging him tightly, “Thank you for always keeping me in your heart..”

She went back to her seat, while Arnav was in his thinking mode.

“Khushi’s talks are like she also love me. She get jealous whenever I talk about other girls.. this is a good sign.. I shouldn’t waste time now..” he smiled thinking.


They returned walking. Khushi was busy talking about her life when he wasn’t here, and Arnav patiently listened to her talks.

“Tell me something.. did you ever fall in love?” Arnav asked to her clearing his throat.

“When all boys are my brothers, where would I fall in love Arnav?? I’m this world lucky girl because all Mumbai boys are my bros..” Khushi giggled.

Arnav smiled brightly, now his way was clear. Even if it wasn’t, he would make her his, because Khushi is his Cute baby!

“Oh no..it’s raining!” Arnav said touching his wet cheek.

Khushi closed her eyes smiling, she spread her arms enjoying the rain.

Arnav stare at her intensely, watching her cute acts in the rain as if it’s something new for her, made him shut his mouth. He just didn’t knew what to say, he was speechless with his Cute baby.. she was beautiful in the rain.. her bright smile inviting him for a kiss!!! How he wish he could kiss her now.. but first her permission!

“Arnav come na..” Khushi gestured him to come with her hands.

“I’ll get sick..” said Arnav under a tree.

“Since when you, ASR is scared of a rain??” Khushi giggled.

“I’m not scared of rain.. scared of you!” Arnav replied, “You will make me lose my control..” he whispered to himself.

“Of me? What did I do?” Khushi pouted, she went running back to him, wiping her wet hair with her hands.

Arnav blinked his eyes staring at her.

Khushi looked at him and waved her hands, “Arnav!! You still didn’t told me why are you scared of me??”

“You want to know why?” he whispered huskily.

“Hmm..” Khushi nodded.

“Come here..” he called her closer.

Khushi took a step closer to him, smiling confusedly, “Now tell me!!”

“More closer..” Arnav said staring at her as if no one is in this world except for both.

Khushi took one more step, “Arnav.. what’s this??”

“More closer..” Arnav said.

Khushi took one more step giggling, now she was only inches away from him. Her lips nearly touched his, and that made her stop smiling when she realized both are so close to each other.

“Tell..me..now…” she stammered getting lost in those dark brown eyes.


Arnav cupped her face, and Khushi closed her eyes shivering.. She was confused whether she was shivering because of his touch or of the rain..

Arnav tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, then he moved his head closer to her ear, and dropped a kiss on her earlobe.

Khushi looked away, whispering his name.

Arnav woke up from his dream land, he quickly left her. Khushi tucked her hair behind her ear again looking down and shyly.

“I..it’s late na.. we should go home..” Arnav said embarrassed. Khushi nodded looking down, she also started walking with him back to home.


Raizada mansion..

“What happened to you both? Chote why are you both wet? Didn’t you return with car??” Ratna asked worried.

“Romance in the Rain.. aye ayeee..” Nani shouted purposely smiling.

“What?” Raj asked to her.

“Nothing! I’m watching a movie na..” Nani pointed to the TV while her eyes were glued to Arshi.

Arnav: We went to dinner outside, and then returned walking but it started raining and we got wet..

NK: What? You both went to eat and didn’t invite my person.. how mean Khushi.. I didn’t expect this from you..

Khushi smiled sheepishly, “I also didn’t know!”

“Now it’s very late you both. Go and have shower with warm water, and then sleep ok..” Mami said kissing both forehead.

Arnav and Khushi went to their rooms.

On the way, Arnav looked at her, “Good night Cute baby..”

“Good night Arnav..” Khushi replied shyly and went to her room quickly.


Khushi stare at the moon with a smile that couldn’t leave her face.

“Heyy DM what happened today? Is this right? Why did Arnav behave strange today? Why am I smiling too much?? I just can’t stop thinking when he kissed me here.. (she touched her earlobe with a smile).. what’s happening?? And why am I feeling good about this??”

 Payal came to sit with her.

“Khushi..” Payal called her.

“Hmm..” Khushi looked at her.

“I want to share something with you!” Payal said smiling.

“What?” Khushi asked curious.

“I think Aakash loves me..” Payal said shyly.

“What? How do you know? He told you that? It’s such a good news..” Khushi widened her eyes smiling.

“He didn’t told me.. but the things he does.. makes me feel like that..” Payal said.

“What he does?” Khushi asked confused.

“Khushiiiii.. you ask so many questions like a baby who doesn’t know ABC of anything.. that’s why bhaiya calls you Cute baby.. I mean that he is so gentle with me unlike with other girls, he talks sweetly with me.. he looks at me for a long time.. and.. and..” Payal said smiling.

“And??” Khushi was very curious now.

“And he kissed me here today..” Payal pointed to her cheek profusely.

Khushi widened her eyes, “Arnav also kissed me.. does he..love me?” she thought. 



Oct 23

Chapter 24 - Dhak dhak! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

“Do you also love him??” Khushi patted Payal’s shoulder, to take her out of her dream land.

“Me?... I don’t know what to say..” Payal said shyly.

“Payal tell me na..” Khushi frowned pouting.

“I don’t know..” Payal said stubbornly, making Khushi glare at her.

Lavanya was coming behind them, with a bowl containing fruits and a knife, she gestured Khushi to calm down.

Then naughtily attacked the poor Payal from behind, placing the knife near her neck, “Say yes or no??”

“Lavanya.. ahaaaaa.. what are you doing? Do you want to kill your friend?” Payal screamed scared.

“Just say then if you love Akash or not.. then I will leave you..” Lavanya said smirking, “And you know I’m crazy, I don’t mind spending time in jail also..”

Payal made a crying face to Khushi to save her.

Khushi felt guilty, “Lav leave her..it’s her problem if she doesn’t want to share things with her so called “sisters” as she say..”

Lavanya dropped the knife on the floor yawning, “Khushi you’re such a bore.. I was kidding with her..”

“Yes, I love Aakash..” Payal announced staring at their sad faces.

Now the boys reached running after hearing the scream, and were taken by surprise with Payal’s sudden confession, especially Akash who didn’t expect this at all.

“Wow..” Arnav whispered staring at the girls, “Wish I had the same luck with Khushi..” he thought.

Payal widened her eyes staring the boys, Arnav, Akash and NK.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh…” she screamed hiding her face with her palms. Akash ran to her, “Payal what happened??”

“Did you saw a ghost??” NK asked staring weirdly at Payal.

“Haan, right behind Akash.. and his name his NK..” Lavanya rolled her eyes.

Arnav walked near Khushi, cupping her face he asked, “Are you okay?? What happened?”

“Woh.. leave it.. you won’t understand..” Khushi said looking at Payal.

“Then make me understand..” Arnav turned her face to look at him.

“Even then you won’t.. it’s girls thing..” Khushi said.

“Stubborn..” Arnav said, and left her walking to Payal.

“Aww he got angry??” Khushi thought staring at Arnav now.

“Akash go away from here..” Payal faced her back to him.

The boys realized the girls didn’t want to say anything to them, they silently also left the room. Akash was on cloud nine after knowing Payal also loves him.

After the boys left, Lavanya just blinked her eyes in disbelief at Payal: You mad girl.. what’s your problem?? He loves you and you love him.. that’s it..

“It’s not that’s it.. I want to see when you fall in love also..” Payal glared at Lavanya, and jumped to the bed not wanting to talk with anyone now. She was already so embarrassed that Akash heard her confession.

“At least I won’t scream like you did.. you scared the poor man..” Lavanya stuck her tongue to Payal.

“Shut up..” Payal said burying her face on the pillow.

Later Khushi and Lavanya also slept on their sides, Khushi was in the middle of the bed, thinking about  her situation.

“Point number 1 Khushi.. Arnav is your best friend.. how can he fall in love with me?? No chance.. but wait.. Akash is also Payal’s best friend but he fell in love with her na.. so yes chance.. Point number 2.. Arnav also does sweet things for me.. he stare at me for a long time.. he gets jealous when I talk with boys.. he smiles only with me.. And is gentle also.. he even said that I’m this world most beautiful girl.. Akash also did the same with Payal.. so here we also have a yes chance.. Point number 3 Arnav kissed me.. hum.. you know where DM.. you see everything but I don’t have courage to say this to you.. and Akash kissed Payal there.. there is a difference in the kisses, while Arnav kissed me here, Akash kissed there..so no chance.. stupid you’re Khushi.. no matter where he kissed me, he kissed me na.. kiss is a kiss.. so this means Arnav loves me??.. DM it’s so complicated.. answer me na.. and if he loves me. Do I love him?? How will I know about that??” Khushi pouted hugging her pillow.

She glanced at Payal, and softly patted Payal’s cheeks, “Payal.. Payal..”

Payal looked at her, “What??”

“How do you know you’re in love with Akash??” Khushi asked innocently.

“I don’t want to talk about this now..” Payal looked away closing her eyes.

Khushi sighed frustrated and closed her eyes to sleep.



Arnav’s room:

“I won’t understand about love?? That Cute baby is a fool only.. she is the only one who didn’t understand our love.. and now she says I won’t understand!!!!.. I realized I love her when I was 22 dammit..” Arnav thought.


Next morning..

Arnav returned from his jogging, and walked to the kitchen.

“Do you do these exercises everyday bitwa??” Mami asked seeing his sweating.

“Hmm..” Arnav nodded.

“Doesn’t your body get tired??” Mami asked with wide eyes.

“Mamiiiiii…” Arnav whined, hugging his mother from behind. Ratna caressed his cheeks smiling.

Khushi chuckled, shaking her head behind them. She was with HP in another side of the kitchen.

Arnav looked behind to her, he walked near her. Khushi started hearing her heartbeat doing dhak dhak as soon as he was approaching her.

“DM what’s happening with my heart? Is it on a world war 3 here??” Khushi clutched her dress.

Arnav ignored her and opened the fridge taking water for himself.

“Doing this doesn’t suit you..” Khushi said sarcastically to him.

“What??” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“Ignore me!!!” Khushi said pouting, “I already said to you that you won’t understand..”

“I won’t?? I have lived more years than you.. and I know what’s love okay.. and better than you.. yoouuuu.. Cute baby..” he whispered angrily, but his words could never hurt her.

“I also know what’s love okay.. better than you.. love is when a boy talks sweetly with a girl and is gentle with her.. when he looks at her for a long time.. when he only smiles to her.. and when he kisses her here and..(she pointed to her cheek) and.. ( let me add my new feeling also just to convince him I know more- Khushi thought) when your drums are played in your heart doing dhak dhak.. this is love Mr.ASR..” Khushi shouted confidently.

Arnav stayed silent for a while, pressing his lips to suppress the smile on his face, after trying hard.. he started coughing smiling.

Mami, HP and Ratna started giggling not able to control themselves. Arnav also burst out laughing at his Cute baby.

Khushi pouted staring at them, “Kya hua? Isn’t this love??”

Arnav laughed more, “Payal told you this?? Is this what were you talking that I won’t understand??”

Khushi nodded her head in positive, “How do you know Arnav??”

“Mr.ASR has brains okay.. you’re only talking in a girl’s point of view.. and you pointed to your cheek.. this means Akash kissed Payal in her cheek na..” Arnav clutched his shirt laughing.

“And what’s this drums play in her heart???” Arnav laughed. Ratna and Mami also giggled staring at today’s generation way of speaking.

Ratna: At least what she said is right na.. stop laughing now..

Arnav chuckled: Hmm.. it’s half right.. everyone has their own love story.. so you can’t compare Payal’s love story with others.. for everyone it’s different.. and love is when you’re happy with someone and when that someone isn’t with you.. you feel like you’re no one.. okay??

Khushi nodded her head, “Okay.. I will beat Payal for giving me wrong definition of Love..” she went running from there like a butterfly.

Arnav and his mother shook their heads smiling.

Ratna: By the way, nice definition of love.. do I have the right to ask whether my son fell in love??

Arnav smiled, “Yes you have the right..”

Mami smiled excitedly to hear who’s the girl her nephew who hates girl fell in love.

Arnav whispered in his mother’s ear making Mami pout.

“It’s that girl who your son took care when she was a baby of two years old!!” Arnav whispered and went from there smiling.

Ratna blinked her eyes in shock, while a smile slowly spreading in her lips and her face brightened in happiness.

Mami: Tell me fast..

Nani also entered in the kitchen running, “Haan haan.. tell me who is this witch that took my grandson from my Cutiepie (Khushi)..” she said angrily.

Ratna whispered smiling, when she wanted to scream out: It’s Cute baby..

“What?? Same name he gave to that witch as well..” Nani widened her eyes.

“Maaaa.. he loves his Cute baby, Khushi!!!!!.. My dream came out true.. I’m so happy..” Ratna jumped in happiness.

Nani yawned: You both are really fools.. I already knew about that.. you guys need eye checkup..

“Then why did you came here sasuma??” Mami asked.

“Excuse me.. I’m his Nani.. and I’ve the right to know.. now let me pray to DM and ask forgiveness to her for calling my Cutiepie a witch..” Nani said going from there.

Mami and Ratna rolled their eyes smiling.


Khushi in her room was running behind Payal, “I really hate you Payal.. you lied to me.. love is not that all thing you explained to me.. how can you lie to me like this??”

Payal stopped running and sat on the bed tired of running, “Pagli.. what’s wrong with you??.. I told you that’s love for me..”

“Oh you’re right.. Arnav also told me that everyone has different love stories.. now how I will find mine??” Khushi whispered and sat beside Payal disappointed.

“Khushi love just happens.. you just feel..” Lavanya sat with the two.

“But how come you both are so interested to know about love??” Lavanya asked raising her eyebrows.

“Now you also don’t come with your new definition of Love.. Arnav already told me one..” Khushi pouted.

“Akash now knows about me.. how will face him now??” Payal said.

“Just go to the man and say you want to be his girlfriend..” Lavanya said hitting her forehead.

“Are you mad? He is the one who has to say it to me..” Payal said frowning.

“My old generation.. Nowadays it doesn’t matter if it’s boy or girl who takes a step ahead..” Lavanya rolled her eyes.

“But it’s beautiful when a boy propose to a girl.. I think..” Khushi gave her opinion.

“Okay I agree with you Khushi..” Lavanya nodded.

“Didn’t I say the same thing??” Payal asked sarcastically to Lavanya.

“You know I like to complicate you jaan..” Lavanya said sheepishly.


Arnav knocked the door that was already open, “Khushi.. I’m going to office..”

Khushi smiled and nodded to him, “Did you had breakfast??”

“I will eat something on the way..” Arnav said.

“No. How can I let you leave without eating? Come with me..” she stood up and went running to him.

Arnav whined, but could never say no to his Cute baby.

“Bye girls.. hmm.. Payal I like the drums playing in the heart feeling for Akash..” Arnav smirked going with Khushi.

Khushi hiccupped widening her eyes.

Payal and Lavanya looked at each other confused.


Thank you so much for the comments dear readers!

Nov 5

Chapter 25 - Her heart screams! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 131 times)


Arnav returned from office with a tired face, he left his bag lazily on the sofa and fell there also.

Ratna chuckled staring at him, while reading her magazines, “Work pressure??”

“A lot.. Papa leave his employees enjoying in his company.. like really.. today I would fire some 7 people there because they simply do nothing for the betterment of the company.. and Papa is too much, he keeps these people because some are his friend’s son, or other stupid reasons.. I would never do that..” Arnav complained.

Ratna: You know your father can never say no!! Especially for his friends who he consider as family..

“Yeah right..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi placed the cup of coffee in front of his eyes, “This helps people with stress!!”

Arnav looked up to her, he smiled: This no, you help me. Whenever I see your face, I calm down..

Khushi smiled shyly. Ratna smiled teasingly to Arnav: Acha ji?? Staring at your mother doesn’t do any magic on you..

“You’re forgetting that you’re Ratna Raj Singh Raizada!! And your husband brings me stress..” Arnav winked at her.

Ratna laughed. Radhika smirked, “Look how much Khushi has grown up now.. she now knows how to cook, how to clean to house, finished her course..”

Ratna nodded faking a smile, she wasn’t sure where Radhika wanted to reach with this conversation now.

“Haan Khushi is a beautiful woman now!!!” Mami exclaimed happily.

Raj and Mama reached in the living room at the same time, and sat there with the family.

“So Raj bhaiya.. don’t you think we should start looking for a good boy for Khushi?? She needs to get married now..” Radhika said staring at Khushi with an evil smirk.

Khushi gulped hearing this, marriage means she will have to leave her family, she looked down sadly.

“Khushi will not get married to anyone. She’s destined to marry with me, and I will not let her go to anyone..” Arnav said clenching the cup of coffee in his hands, his eyes got darker and his face full of anger scaring everyone in the living room.

Khushi looked at him shocked.

“Calm down Arnav..Khushi didn’t get married to anyone still.. and you like Khushi? You want to get married with her.. I don’t have any problem, in fact I’m so happy that you both will be here with me..” Raj said happily.

“She will not get married with anyone other than me.. I hope you’re clear about this Radhika aunty..” he said gritting his teeth, and then walked out of the leaving room.

Radhika clenched her fist thinking, “Ohh no! Arnav loves this girl. He just spoiled all my plans..”

Mama smiled: Why are you all with such shocked faces? This is such a great news, Arnav loves our Khushi bitiya. We have to start preparing their marriage..

“Haan. And not only Arnav, Anjali also will get married to Shyam. This means we have two reasons to celebrate today..” Ratna said smiling.

“HP go and bring sweets..” Nani shouted to HP, who was dancing in the kitchen, he and OP heard the great news from the kitchen and since then they were celebrating.

“It’s on the way ma’am..” HP screamed and went running to the fridge to take the sweets, Khushi’s favorite jalebi.

“Ayee DM.. I was troubling myself to know if Arnav loves me or not, and here he jumped directly to marriage.. I don’t know if I’m shocked, happy, sad or what..” Khushi thought staring at nothing in particular.

Nani patted her back, “Why are you standing Sweetheart?? It’s time to dance!! Anjali come here.. we want to see the brides dancing now..”

Anjali giggled shyly, “Nani app bhi na..”

Nani pouted: What’s the problem now?? Be thankful you both have your Nani who wants to dance in your wedding!!

Everyone laughed at Nani’s antics, except Khushi who was in her world and Radhika who was angry that because of her only Arnav’s rishta got fixed with the girl she hates the most.

“Khushi go and pacify your ASR.. did you see how he got angry?? For a moment I was scared of my own brother..” Anjali said laughing.

Khushi widened her eyes scared: Me nooo... Here he looked like he would murder someone, if I go alone now to him, he might murder me also..

Everyone laughed.

NK: It’s okay Princess. Let me drop you till his room, we both will handle him..

“Haha.. what a joke!!.. You will handle ASR!! The one who is scared of a small cat will handle bhaiya..” Lavanya laughed sarcastically.

“You shut up! What problem do you have with my son?? Always talking bad about him, if you can’t praise him then it’s better to shut up.. do you get that girl??” Radhika vent out her anger on the poor Lavanya.

Lavanya blinked her eyes to hide her tears, she hide behind Payal who was consoling her.

“Ma what’s your problem?? She is my friend and what she says or not to me.. it’s between us.. what’s wrong with you?? Why are you scolding her like that??” NK said angrily.

“This house always have problem with me.. now my son is against me also.. that’s what left..” Radhika rolled her eyes and went from there to her room.

Lavanya bit her lips, she looked at everyone: I swear I didn’t want to spoil Aunty’s mood. NK I’m sorry..

“Heyy what happened to the tigress? Saying sorry to me..” NK smirked.

Lavanya smiled she went running behind him and hugging him tightly, “Today you said I’m your friend na.. isliye sorry..”

“Now another rishta on the way..” Anjali whispered to Khushi.

“Who??” Khushi asked confused.

“NK and Lav, who else..” Anjali smiled.

“What?? This love thing is very confusing, now NK and Lav hate each other then how come they love each other..” Khushi said frowning.

“Khushi love has different forms..” Anjali replied, she got a call from Shyam and went to her room to attend his call.

“Arnav was right only. This love is like a crime cases.. Each case is a different case..” she thought scratching her forehead cutely.

“Khushi bitiya don’t you want to talk with your loverwa??” Mami asked blushing.

Khushi looked down smiling, she went running from there.

“Aww how cute she looks blushing!!” Nani said and everyone smiled.


Khushi tip toed inside Arnav’s room, she looked around: Arnav!!!


Arnav was inside his bathroom, he shut his eyes tightly: God.. how will I face her now??.. Because of Radhika aunty I jumped directly to marriage without even confessing to her.. she might want answers now..

“Arnav.. you came here na?? How did you disappear like that?? DM did a ghost take Arnav from here??” Khushi said looking around with big eyes.

Arnav laughed hearing her innocent talks. She heard his voice coming from the bathroom and sighed in relief, then hit her forehead.

“So many things happened in a day, it seems to affect your brain Khushi..” she thought.

“Arnav are you okay???” she asked.

“Hmm what happened to me?” Arnav asked confused with her question.

“No, actually you got so angry in the living room, I never saw you like that..” Khushi replied.

“I’m fine. It just the fear of losing you that made me behave like that..” he said.

“This means he loves me.. let me confirm my doubt..” Khushi thought, raising her eyebrow.

“What Akash does to Payal, and NK to Lavanya and Shyam bhai to Di, do you do the same for me???” she asked.

“Can you simplify this question? I didn’t understand anything..” Arnav smirked teasing her.

“Urghh this matter is complicated, so is the question na.. answer me..” Khushi said irritated, she feels so shy to talk about love with her best friend!

“I also do the same for you Khushi..” Arnav replied smiling, he walked to open the door to face her, but she was already running like butterfly.

Khushi reached in her room, she leaned against the door blushing, her heart beat increased and she could only hear her heart screaming “He loves you!!”

Nov 6

Chapter 26 - I can marry you but.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)


Khushi woke up rubbing her eyes, she looked at the sky smiling after remembering yesterday’s happenings. She never ever thought Arnav would say that he loves her, and their family would agree without a second thought for their marriage.

There was a strange happiness inside her, as if she got her life again. A new fear of a new life, new relationship with Arnav, a new responsibility for her..Everything seem so new for her..

Here she thought that she would dance in her Di’s wedding, and now she will dance in her wedding too.. What??.. Her marriage got finalized with Arnav!!!..She was getting married!!!

Khushi went to the mirror in her dresser looking at herself, “I’ve grown up really.. I never realized that time passed by, and I’m not a little baby anymore.. Now I’m going to get married.. and the great thing is that I will not have to leave my family.. I will be here with everyone especially with Arnav..”

“Pam pam pam pam..” Lavanya and Payal barged in her room, singing and dancing happily.

“What are both doing??” Khushi asked putting her hands on her hip.

“We came to take the bride to have her breakfast!” Payal said giggling.

“Very funny you both.. stop teasing me..” Khushi shook her head, and went to choose her clothes.

“Wear red, I heard it’s bhaiya favorite color..” Lavanya said smirking.

“I will not wear red, it’s his favorite. Why should I wear it??” Khushi pouted choosing a yellow and white salwar kamez for her.

“You will see she will wear red only if she loves bhaiya..” Payal whispered in Lav’s hear who nodded smiling, and both went running from there.

Khushi looked at the red salwar, then at her yellow and white in her hand.

“If I wear red then he will like it na..” Khushi said to herself blushing, she picked the red salwar kameez and went to the bathroom to change.


At the breakfast table..

“We have so many things to do.. decoration, food, dance, haldi.. clothes how can I forget?? Where should we start from??” Ratna asked her family members, she massaged her forehead already taking stress.

“Mumma why are you worried about petty things? It will be done.. I will take care of this..” Arnav frowned.

“You’re the groom beta.. you shouldn’t work at all in your wedding, just enjoy.. we will do the necessary..” Ratna caressed his cheek.

“Yes, Arnav this is not AR where you can handle everything alone.. this is your marriage and you need everyone’s help expect yours..” Raj giggled.

“That’s true.. marriage is not AR.. here you’re not the boss, but Khushi will be.. and you will be her you know Slave!!!” Mama laughed.

Arnav frowned: What the.. I will never be Khushi’s slave..

“Who told you to be?” Khushi asked as she reached at the breakfast table.

Arnav turned to her, and was left speechless. He just kept staring at her not even bothering about his family’s teasing smiles and coughs.

Rabba vee… Rabba vee…

Payal and Lavanya high five because Khushi wore red, this means she also loves Arnav!

Khushi gulped with the way Arnav was staring at her, she thought of the day he kissed her in here earlobe, she quickly went to sit to save herself from him.

Arnav blinked his eyes coming to the reality.

“We were telling him that he will not be boss anymore after marriage.. because you will control him bitiya..” Mami said clapping her hands, while Mama fumed in anger because he knows she is hinting this towards him.

Akash laughed shaking his head in disbelief at his parents.

“Mama and Mami are so cute.. I wish I had parents like them and not serious as mine..” Payal said to Lavanya, who nodded.

“It’s not too late! You will have them as your parents soon..” Akash whispered to her.

Payal blushed sipping her juice in between. Akash smiled caressing the back of his hair.

Lav rolled her eyes seeing their old type romance, she never thought she would be like Payal and Akash with her boyfriend. But NK also makes her feel like a stupid girl when he comes near her, she also feels what Payal said to her, a strange feeling in her heart which she does not feel with any man other than him.

 “I will not control him Mami ji.. who can control the great ASR? He will fire me from the marriage itself..” Khushi giggled and everyone laughed at the joke, while Arnav looked at her amused.

“I will never fire you from this relationship because it means my life..” he said smiling to her.

Khushi looked at him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee…


“Arnav..” Khushi went running to Arnav, who was just sitting on his car ready to go to his office.

Arnav stood up again, and walked near her worriedly, he cupped her face: What happened??

Khushi raised her both hands that had his tiffin, “Your lunch!!”

“I didn’t need it. I would eat something from office’s canteen Cute baby..” he said looking at the tiffin.

“I prepared this by myself…” she stressed each word for him to listen to her.

Arnav smiled taking it from her hand, he went from there. Then looked back at her frowning.

“Kya hua??” Khushi asked.

“I forgot something..” Arnav said.

“What? Do you want me to take it??” she said innocently.

He mischievously walked again near her, and pecked on her cheek. Khushi gasped, she widened her eyes turning red.

“I just took it now..” Arnav whispered huskily to her, and went from there smirking.

Nani came behind a frozen Khushi, she smirked: Ayee aye.. you both still didn’t got married and now itself behaving like Hubby and Wifey.. so sweet Khushi..  tiffin and in return a kiss!!! I like it.. Oh my God.. I just love it..

Khushi blushed hard, “Nani..” she whined and went running from there.


While Nani, Ratna and Mami were making a list of the things they would need to prepare for the wedding, Anjali was with them talking the color of decoration she wants and her outfits, which she specially pleaded her mother to ask Arnav for it.

“I will ask him to design a wedding outfit for you..” Ratna said smiling and caressing her hair.

Anjali smiled and kissed her cheek thanking her.

“Khushi Anjali just gave us a long list of what she wants, now you say what you want..” Ratna looked at her.

“I.. I don’t  know.. you choose Mumma.. I will be happy with everything you do..” Khushi said looking at them startled, all this while they were talking about the marriage preparations, her mind was on Arnav, his kiss!!

“This is not done Khushi..” Mami pouted “Didn’t you hear how Anjali demanded from us so many things?? You should also do the same, after all you’re also this family daughter..”

“I seriously don’t know Mami..” Khushi smiled.

“Let it be Khushi, if you don’t want to say.. Arnav will say to me..” Ratna winked, picking up Arnav’s call. She put it on loudspeaker mode for everyone to hear.

“Mumma..” Arnav called her.

“Haan beta.. why did you call??” Ratna asked him.

“I just called for you to ask NK to come here, that monkey isn’t picking up my calls..” Arnav said.

The girls giggled.

“Okay, Arnav.. I wanted to ask you something..” Ratna said smirking, Khushi nodded sideways with a crying face to Ratna.

“Hmm ask..” Arnav said.

“If I ask you to design a wedding outfit for Khushi, would you??” Ratna asked crossing her fingers, she just hoped he would say yes, instead of saying for her to buy on a shopping mall.

“There are many shopping malls with such dresses Mumma. Why give me one more stress? Don’t you know how much work I have here in AR?? One needs time and creativity for designing..” he said.

Khushi jaws dropped, she didn’t like it that he denied doing just one thing for her, only not for her. It’s about their marriage, couldn’t he stop work for her?? How mean he was..

“Okay. I knew this would be your kind of answer.. No problem, we will find a wedding dress even better than your designs.. You just hurt Khushi’s heart” Ratna pouted.

Khushi looked down sadly, tears were ready to slip from her eyes and she was just controlling it, she wouldn’t cry for anyone like this, but the matter was Arnav never denied anything for her, that was hurting her more.

“Tell your Princess that her lehenga for our marriage was designed long ago..” Arnav smirked.

Ratna along with others looked at each other astonished.

“What?? Really bhaiyaaa.. OMG.. you’re so sweet..” Lavanya screamed.

Khushi smiled amused, he already thought of their marriage also!!

“Making fun of us.. very bad Chote.. you almost scared me.” Nani said pouting.

“But you guys should know that I never say no for my Cute baby..” Arnav laughed.

“Acha.. and then when you come back you will talk with your Cute baby about what she wants for your marriage because she’s refusing to say it to us..” Ratna said smiling.

“Don’t worry Mumma. We’ll plan everything together.. Okay Baby??” he asked to Khushi.

Khushi blushed she hid her face with her palms while everyone laughed at her face.


Khushi was walking around the corridor to Nani’s room, she went to take Nani’s medicine. She found Radhika on her way.

Radhika called her, “Khushi come here..”

Khushi gulped, then nodded: Ji..

“I want to talk something important with you..” Radhika said with a stern face, then took Khushi to her room.

Khushi just looked at her waiting for her to say something.

“So you will marry Arnav??” Radhika asked smirking.

Khushi nodded her head in positive: Ji..

“Hahaha.. Yes, yes.. you will marry Arnav Singh Raizada.. how can I think you would ever say no? Of course it’s an yes without any doubt.. By marrying Arnav, you would get a luxury life and that’s what you been waiting for right?? And what a luck Khushi.. what a luck.. my nephew himself wants to marry you..” Radhika said walking around Khushi.

Khushi: No.. I never thought like that.. believe me aunty.. I don’t want any luxury life..

“Acha?? I don’t believe you, you might have this innocent and sweet face.. but you cannot fool me..ask yourself.. do you love him?? How can you love Arnav when you didn’t even spend time with him all these years ahn?? And without love directly to marriage? If it’s not your interest than what it is??” Radhika asked angrily.

“It’s not like that..” Khushi cried.

“It is like that.. you know you should be grateful to this family that they brought you here.. you know very well that when your parents died.. you would be left with your Dadi.. and she didn’t want you because you’re a burden for them.. here also you’re a burden for us.. and now you want to be here with us all your life.. wasn’t it enough that we gave you education, a place to stay.. and now you want to be glued to us all your life.. please leave us.. you came here as a guest, and guest don’t come to stay all this time.. Khushi.. you don’t belong to Raizada.. you’re just an orphan and my brother felt pity of you that’s why he took you here.. and now it’s time for you to give us a break okay.. but you don’t want this na.. you want to marry Arnav so that you stay here.. you knew very well when I talked about a boy to marry you.. I wasn’t mentioning Arnav but another man.. but you took advantage of the situation now that Arnav said that he wants to marry you.. if you had some self-respect left in you, you would say no to this marriage and say thank you to this family, pack your bags and go away from here.. but no, Arnav, Raj bhai, Ratna bhabhi sacrificed so much for you.. I’m sure that Arnav doesn’t love you, but since you’re his best friend and he knows your past and how much you’re dependent on him, he agreed to marry you out of pity only.. if you were not here, I’m sure he would choose a girl of his class to marry.. now he has to live his all life taking care of Baby!”

Tears flowed from her eyes hearing this, Khushi shut her eyes tightly.

“Please aunty.. I never thought anything like that.. I..” she broke down crying, Khushi fell on the floor hiding her face with her palms.

“Then prove to me.. cancel this marriage.. come on Khushi.. I want to see you living without anyone of this family.. especially Arnav..” Radhika smiled staring at Khushi on the floor crying. This is what she waited to see.

“I will really pray you call off this marriage, because I really think you’re a bad luck to the person around you.. your parents lost their life because of you and now I don’t even want to imagine what can happen to my Arnav because of you..” Radhika said smirking, then went from there closing the door with a bang.



Arnav’s room..

Khushi opened the door after hearing his “Come in”, her expressionless face came in front of him, right now she was just a body without any emotions..

“Cute baby.. I was just going to call you, and now you came.. someone is eager for marriage preparations right??” he teased her.

Arnav stopped smiling after noticing Khushi’s face, she was looking terrible as if she was crying for a long time.

“Khushi are you okay?” Arnav asked with concern.

“Arnav I want to say to you that..” she said, her eyes lifted to face him.

“That??” Arnav asked curious now.

“That.. I can marry you but I don’t love you..” Khushi said with a broken voice, which she quickly covered and made a stern face to cover her real emotions. 

Nithya6193 - thank you so much dear! Actually I'm not able to reply to ur message because I think you don't have a diary yet. But I want to say that ur message reached to me, and I'm so happy reading it.. thank you.. thank u so much

Nov 7

Chapter 27 - Shopping for the wedding.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

“Love will happen Khushi..” Arnav said after recovering himself from the shock his Cute baby just gave him minutes ago.

“If it didn’t happen??” she asked looking down.

“Where do you want to reach with this question?” Arnav asked her back, he took two steps closer to her, and Khushi gulped.

“What will you gain by marrying someone who doesn’t love you? It’s better to find someone who would keep you happy all your life..” Khushi said.

“You’re that person who keeps me happy..” he answered calmly now.

“How will I keep you happy if I don’t love you?” Khushi asked to him a bit irritated. Here she was trying to avoid this marriage, and he was making it so difficult for her.

“And I said that love will happen.. I know our marriage was fixed out of sudden and that didn’t gave us time to actually tell our feelings to each other.. but that doesn’t mean that you don’t love me now and you will not love me in future..” Arnav said.

“What if I love someone else??” Khushi asked trying another solution.

“When you consider all the boys your brother, how will you love someone else?? Khushi you don’t have anyone other than me in your life..” Arnav smiled sarcastically.

Khushi looked away, she walked to leave from there, it was just impossible to beat him with words and convince him to call off this marriage. 

He pulled her back in seconds and whispered huskily: Try hundred ways to call off this marriage, I won’t let you do that. You have no choice other than marrying me, ..zabardasti!.. Yes I’m forcing you because I know no one will take care of you the way I can,.. and no one will make you smile the way I do.. and no one will love you the way I do..”

A lone tear escaped her eyes, she closed it tightly.

“It’s not true. You’re not the only one who can love me..” she whispered.

“I’m the only one Khushi. For you, I can give up my life..” he said, caressing her cheeks with his thumb, he was close to her. 

Khushi wanted to say something else, he placed his finger on her lips: Shh.. I don’t want to hear anything.. this marriage will happen whether you want it or not..

“Khushi bitiyaaaa..” They heard Mami’s voice.

“Go.. Mami is calling you..” Arnav patted her back, indicating her to go. Khushi went from there.

Arnav looked at her going, “I will make you realize your love for me Khushi. I know you already love me.. you just think about our friendship..but why she finding all the ways to make me give up from this marriage??”

Khushi found Radhika on her way.

Radhika: Did you talk with Arnav?

Khushi nodded: Haan.. he didn’t accept..

Radhika frowned: I doubt you said anything to him..

“I did Aunty.. he didn’t listen to my words..” Khushi said crying.

“Then keep trying..” Radhika said glaring at her, then went from there.

Khushi wiped her tears, “How will I cancel this marriage now? But Radhika aunty is right only.. I can’t let Arnav and his family do so much for me.. now.. he also has his life.. sorry Arnav.. I’ll have to be rude with you now to make you realize that you will not be happy with me, to make you leave me.. I don’t see other way for you to break this marriage.. i don't want to be burden for you anymore, I don't want to bring bad luck for you.. Mumma and Papa died because of me.. and now I can't let anything happen with you too.. you're very precious to me.. I won't let Radhika aunty words come true at any cost.."


Shopping Mall..

“Oh my God look at this lehenga Mummaa..” Anjali exclaimed blinking her eyes.

“It’s not that beautiful..” Shyam said frowning, he was actually teasing her.

Anjali pouted and left it sadly, Shyam giggled at her face. She beat him on his chest after realizing he was only playing with her.

Arnav looked at them smiling, he wished to make fun of Khushi also but she looked so disinterested in the shopping, she was just picking the outfits and leaving them again.

“Can I help you choose??” he asked clearing his throat.

Khushi looked away, she shut her eyes in pain as she knows that she will have to hurt him again.

“You can still you will not enjoy as much as Di and Shyam bhai are.. because love exist in between them, and not us..” Khushi said.

“Love exist in between us too, the fact is that realized their love for each other, and here you still did not.. and don’t worry Khushi, because I never give up.. I will love you so much that you will be compelled to reciprocate the same love for me.. do remember this..” he said staring at her deeply.

Khushi looked at him, and both shared an eyelock, she could read the pain in his eyes and even he saw the same in her eyes.

Rabba veee… Rabba vee…


“Arnav Khushi.. did you choose what are you going to take Khushi?? Fast bitiya.. we need to leave for the boy’s section now..” Ratna came to them.

“Khushi doesn’t want to choose Mumma..” Arnav looked at his mother.

“Kyun?” Ratna frowned.

“She thinks that there is no..” Arnav smirked looking at her.

Khushi cuts him off, “You choose for me..”

Ratna smiled shyly: When you both end your romance, then come to that shop..

Arnav nodded, when his mother left, he wrapped his arms around her waist, the shopkeeper smiled and start showing the dresses for Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi was extremely shy, he was so close to her and yes, she was liking it! She wanted to turn around and hug him tightly. But no, she was supposed to stay away from him.

“Should I take this white and yellow sari for your haldi, then green lehenga for you mehndi, blue one for sangeet, pink and white for engagement.. and for marriage I already have..” he asked caressing her waist.

Khushi was feeling goose bumps, she just nodded quickly.

“Did you like it??” he asked smiling, seeing his effect on her.

Khushi nodded again, trying to come out of his hold. Arnav held her more tightly, not letting her go.

“I will take all of them..” he said taking his credit card from the wallet, here Khushi rested for a while. But too late, because she was already red like a tomato.

Then they went to choose clothes for the boys, Arnav looked at her: Will you choose for me??

“Nahin..” she nodded sideways crossing her arms, with a frown  on her face.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like what I did in that ladies shop.. otherwise your face wouldn’t be that red..” he smirked.

Khushi looked at herself on the mirror, she shook her head caressing her cheek: What should I hide from the one who reads my face?

She looked at him talking with a girl, so friendly and wait.. she was helping him choose his clothes. Khushi bit her lower lips angrily, she walked near them and pushed Arnav closer to her.

“Khushi.. tum.. meet Tina.. my college friend, she came to spend holidays here in Mumbai and now end up helping me to choose my marriage clothes..” Arnav smiled amused at her jealously antics.

“Hi Khushi.. you’re his soon to be wife right?? Congratulations..” Tina said smiling.

“Thank you..” Khushi nodded her head, as if she didn’t say that she’s going to be Arnav’s wife, this girl is going to take him away from her.

“You don’t need her, I’m here na.. I..I will help you choose your sherwani.. everything..” Khushi said.

“Really? Will you??” Arnav asked amused.

“Haan I will..” Khushi circled her hand around his arm possessively.

Arnav smirked seeing his plan successful, Tina bid bye to them later. Khushi almost sighed in relief after seeing that Tina left, although she did it secretly Arnav managed to see.

Khushi choose for him his clothes.

Nov 9

Chapter 28 - Proof of Love (By Angel23) (Thanked: 134 times)

“Wow Khushi you have great choices.. you chose the best sherwani for Chote..” Anjali complimented Khushi’s choices.

“Thank you Di..” Khushi smiled in return.

Arnav packed the bags taking it to their car, he went with Shyam.

Shyam: I think I’m enjoying my marriage more now, because me and my sister are getting married on the same day.

Arnav smiled, “I’m also getting married in the same day as my sister..”

Both laughed, keeping the bags in the car.

Soon the girls also reached, they were pleading the boys to take them to a beach as it was a sunny day.

Arnav asked them to get in the car, Khushi went to NK’s car which hurt him, still he didn’t say anything and Lavanya came to his car to fill her space.

“Bhaiya sometimes little distances like this are needed to later stay close forever na..” Lavanya said teasing him.

Arnav smiled, and nodded his head, “You’re right.. distances like this are needed in a relationship..”

Lavanya looked at him confused, but still her brain wasn’t going to think the why Arnav had talked like that.


At the beach, each one got out of the car. The boys went to change their clothes to swim, while the girls were just playing with the sand.

Khushi was playing with kids there helping them making castles. Arnav looked at her from far, he was admiring her.

Ratna patted Nani’s shoulder making her look at Arnav who was busy in his Cute baby, from the time he reached he just cannot take his eye off her.

“Sunno..Sunnooo.. Sunnoooo… please approach us..” they heard a girl calling everyone on the beach.

“If you love someone immensely then it’s time to prove your love now.. come on boys it’s a competition for you all.. are you ready??” the girl with her gang who organized this game to play on this Sunday shouted happily inviting others to join them.

“What we have to do? I’m ready to do anything for my lover..”  one of them in the crowd said staring at his girlfriend.

“It’s simple yet risky.. you just have to take a ring from your girlfriend, fiancé or wife’s finger, and then we will throw it into this deep water, and then you have to jump in and find exactly her ring and not of others..” she said.

“Ohh no.. I don’t want to lose my life..” the man said, and everyone laughed at him while his girlfriend glared at him.

“Ohh come on.. just prove your love to her..” the girl said convincing them to play, “All of you.. it’s the right time to even confess..”

Ratna looked at Raj: Can’t you do it for me?

Raj rolled his eyes: Meri ma, now you’re my wife and we have kids who are going to get married.. how much should I prove my love for you now??

Ratna pouted.

Mami smilingly took her ring to give Mama, Mama looked away singing: Kabootar ja ja ja Kabootar ja ja ja

Mami: You go away from me okay.. she sighed hard making faces to Mama.

Akash took up the challenge, he went forward and Payal shyly took her ring to give him. Shyam also did the same.

Lavanya caressed her ring  in her finger, then looked at NK.

“Give.. I will do it for you..” NK said, Lavanya jumped in happiness: Yaaaayy… thank you.. thank you..

“Then you will pay me for this..” he smirked and went from there taking off his shirt, Lavanya blinked her eyes staring at him shirtless.

“Arnav beta.. you also participate na for Khushi..” Nani said.

Arnav extended his hand to Khushi, Khushi slowly took off the ring from her finger.

“If you don’t find my ring, till it won’t matter for me Arnav..” she said.

“And I won’t give up till I find your ring..” he said huskily, she looked at him and both shared an eye lock before he left.

Few other boys also joined, and the girl ordered them to jump and start to find their respective girlfriend’s ring.

“DM please protect him..” Khushi caressed her heart which was beating more than normal now, worriedly.


“NK..NK.. Did you find my ring??” Lavanya shouted. NK showed his face to her, trying to breath. Lavanya thought he found her ring quickly, “Yaay.. he won.. he won..”

“Oyee shut up.. I just came to breathe a little..” NK frowned.

Lavanya pouted: Then continue searching duffer.. you have to find my ring otherwise I will not leave you..

Everyone laughed.

Akash came out of the beach, smiling: I found it!!!

“Oh my God.. we found one winner..” the girl exclaimed and walked to Akash. Payal came to him running, she was shocked that he found exactly her ring.

Payal hugged him tightly, and Akash almost fainted.

“Aww..” Ratna smiled happily staring at them. Then she looked at Khushi, who was worriedly waiting for Arnav.

“Khushi don’t worry.. he will also find your ring.. after all he loves you so much..” Ratna said caressing her hair.

“Now I’m getting more confused Mumma.. if Arnav didn’t love me as Radhika aunty said, why would he risk his life just to find a ring of mine??” Khushi thought.

7 minutes passed by, Shyam and NK only won. Now only Arnav was left, he didn’t gave signal of his whereabouts, that made Khushi more worried.

“Arnaaaavv.. Arnaaaaavv.. where are you??.. please answer meee..” Khushi screamed.

Everyone got worried now, they were thinking that Arnav was in some kind of danger now.

“For you I’ll give up my life..” his voice ring in her ear, making her more scared of the consequences, he truly wasn’t lying to her when he said that.

“Arnaaaav.. Mumma dekho naaa.. he is not answering me.. so much time how can he stay under water.. where is my Arnav.. “ Khushi fell on her knees crying out loudly.

Now the girl who made this competition felt guilty by staring at her state.  Ratna and Raj were hell scared of what happened to their son, in fact his whole family got worried.

“Please respond to me Arnaaav.. I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry.. I know you love me.. please come back.. you don’t need to prove anything to me.. you already proved to me.. I’m fool and blind not to see how much you love me.. pleaseeeee Arnav come back… Arnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvv…” Khushi screamed.

“Please do something.. please find my Arnav..” Khushi pleaded everyone. Seeing everyone in a frozen state, she herself decided to jump in the water and find Arnav.

NK and Shyam quickly held her arms stopping her, “Calm down Khushi.. you don’t how to swim.. we’ll look for Arnav..” Shyam said calming her.

“Then please go now..” Khushi cried.


They saw him coming in their direction, brushing his wet hair while limping.

“Arnav..” Ratna ran to him, “Kya hua beta??”

“Nothing.. I just.. got hurt.. with a stone in my leg..” Arnav explained hissing in pain, he sat on the sand not able to bear the pain on his leg that forced him to sit.

Khushi ran to him, she cupped his face crying: Tum theek ho? I was so worried.. Arnav.. I..

She didn’t knew what to say and just hugged him tightly, “I am sorry.. it happened only because of me all this.. why did you take my words to heart?.. ahn?.. why did you prove to me? You didn’t have to do this.. I am sorry Arnav.. I promise I will never doubt you.. I was..”

She broke the hug crying, and started beating him lightly on his chest: You’re very bad.. do you know how much scared I was?.. why did you do this to me??.. my heart isn’t big like your to handle this much.. never do this to me again..

Arnav was only staring at her amused, he opened his fist showing to her that he found her ring, “Khushi..I said na.. I won’t rest till I find this..”

Tears flowed from her eyes, she rested her forehead against his and both stayed like that for the moment.

Everyone clapped emotionally for them, except a fuming in anger Radhika. 

Nov 12

Chapter 29 - Radhika's punishment.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 150 times)

Raizada mansion..

“Ouch..” Arnav hissed in pain, he shut his eyes and clutched his pillow, while resting in his bed and his Cute baby was healing his wound.

Khushi glared at him.

He smiled sheepishly to her, and kept silent.

“Scream more na.. when you do foolish things like this? What do you expect to do?” Khushi scolded him.

“Khushi you can’t scold to me.. remember I’m elder to you..” he said keeping his serious ASR face.

“This is my right..” she said, “I can scold you whenever you do this like this, I can scream to you because it reflect my care for you..”

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“You really took time to understand this I explained you years ago..” Arnav said with his gaze fixed at her, “Then you will take time to understand your love for me Khushi.. but it’s not impossible na.. when you understood  now what I explained to you when you were a kid, then you will also understand that you love me too, you can love me Khushi.. just give me a chance Baby.. I will wait for you.. I don’t mind waiting for months, years and so on.. I know one day you will understand what’s love..” he said.

Khushi looked at him with moist eyes, she nodded her head: I know that I will understand.. please teach me with the same patience you did years ago..

Arnav smiled, he pulled her into a tight hug, the first aid box in her hand fell on the floor, but neither him or Khushi cared.


Living room..

“What was Khushi saying on the beach.. I wasn’t understand anything.. why did she say sorry to Arnav?” Nani asked to Mami and Ratna.

Both shrugged their shoulders.

Ratna: Maybe their fought..

Mami smiled: But all is wellz now.. did you saw how both were close to each other there? And the way Arnav bitwa even hurt, managed to find her ring.. oh my God.. I wish someone loved me this much…

“That’s true.. I never thought Chote could love someone to this extent.. When Khushi is with him, he completely change his personality.. “ Ratna smiled.


Arnav’s room:

“Should I bring something for you to eat?” Khushi asked with a smile on her face.

“No..” Arnav nodded sideways.

“Wait here, I’m coming in minutes..” Khushi said caressing his wound, then left the room.

“What the.. What happened to my Cute baby?” Arnav looked at her in disbelief, “Isn’t Mama words coming true? I’m slowly becoming her slave. Even though I said no, she went..” he pouted.


Khushi went to the kitchen, she served food for Arnav thinking about what happened.

“I shouldn’t have listened to Radhika aunty words.. I was about to spoil everything.. If I stopped this marriage, then I would have hurt Arnav the most.. then my family also.. Radhika aunty never like me, where I was in my mind to listen to her..” she shook her head.

Radhika pushed her by her arms, “Khushi..what have you done?”

“Aaah.. you’re hurting me aunty..” Khushi cried in pain.

“Ohh really.. I asked what are you doing? You are supposed to stay away from Arnav, and today.. you just spoiled everything.. now he will think you love him…” Radhika shouted to her.

“The problem was Arnav not loving me, yet sacrificing his life because I was his best friend aunty.. not the fact that he will think I love him.. today I saw that he truly loves me.. only me.. you’re lying to me..” Khushi said.

“How dare you Khushi..” Radhika twisted her arm, Khushi opened her mouth to scream yet she couldn’t, what if anyone comes there.

“Leave her..” both heard a sharp voice.

Radhika widened her eyes scared, she quickly left Khushi and turned to the door only to find Arnav, his dark eyes already pointing danger to her, his clenched fist showing her the level of his anger.

Khushi gulped, she looked down crying.

“Can I know who gave you the right to hurt my wife?” he asked, with a deadly tone.

“Khushi.. tell him na.. I wasn’t hurting her beta.. I was just helping her, she got hurt and I was trying to relieve her pain.. Khushi say to him..it’s true what I am saying..” Radhika said wiping the sweat beads forming on her forehead.

“Haan..” Khushi said.

“Sona..I’m not talking with you.. Keep quiet..” Arnav said, only glaring at Radhika.

Khushi gulped her saliva in fear. Same goes to Radhika.

“I saw everything.. why did you hurt her? I don’t want to know.. just like in AR, many employees of mine escape from giving me explanations over their mistakes, but one thing I don’t spare.. I don’t spare giving punishments to them.. and you’re my aunty.. I just gave you many chances, unlike them.. but everything has a limit.. today you crossed that..” he said walking near Radhika.

Radhika trembled, she start reciting her mantras to save herself from ASR.

Khushi saw him walking closer to Radhika, she wondered what he was going to do, her eyes landed on the knife laid on the table, she quickly took the knife on hide on her back, and start pushing everything Arnav could use to beat Radhika.

“My hands are enough to do that Khushi..” he said looking at her.

Khushi gulped again, and keep the knife back at his place, earning a crying look from Radhika: Hide this knife Khushi.. please..

Arnav gritted his teeth, “Pack your bags and leave this house..”

Radhika widened her eyes: What??

“You don’t have much time.. I can drop you in your in laws home..” he said, holding Khushi’s hand taking her away from the kitchen with the plate Khushi served food for him.

“When I finish eating, I must not see your face aunty..” he smirked. 

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