Hidden Love and mystery

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Aug 31

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 26 times)

The story starts from the point where Arnav calls khushi "The biggest mistake of his life". Arnav leaves after he had said that and goes on a long drive. (A small change in this that there is no past which is shown in the serial so everyone can sit back relaxed.) He sees how is father and mother has been dead before him and how his di's wedding has stopped, how his chachi threw him and his di out.of their house and how he reached his bank and then everything goes like a flash and in another side he see a flash back of how khushi saved him from the kidnappers and was almost lost her life for his and he feels he is suffocating because he could not breathe after hurting her and rushed back to RM and the secene he saw brought peace to him but he don't know that there is a big blow to him and he have to be strong for that and be prepared for it.

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Sep 3

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 21 times)

a small clarifications

* Anjali loves some one but she has no contact of him.

* khushi is elder than Payal.

*khushi knows every detail of raizada

*the past of Arnav is some what different in this and you will know in coming updates.

there will be other characters to you will come to know.

Monday is the update

Sep 4

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 14 times)

After Arnav said those words to khushi. She thinks" why is that I should always bear his anger why does he not show it to some one else why should I bear the brunt? Just because I thought to help his sister I get this type of treatment then why doesn't he help his sister to come out of it and say what ****ing **** is his fear brother in law is. Enough of being selfless what I got in being selfless nothing but pain, humiliation, and tears as she was thinking about that she saw how Akash has ignored payal and said that both the sisters are the reason for the misery of the family.

khushi calls " payal come to terrace and call even nani to I have an important decision to take."

khushi goes to terrace and waits for payal and nani and thinks again about the decision she has taken and thinks how to take the bull by its horns."

nani and payal comes to terrace and nani begins "khushi bitiya did you call me."

khushi " nani I have decided to call ma and pa with AB and adi and take the bull by its horns."

nani " but maan said to wait for that till your 22 nd birthday know then why are you taking risk it may harm your life bitiya."

Payal" but di let's wait na why are you taking the risk you have worked hard for this na then why are you doing this Di?"

khushi shouts just more than Arnav when he is angry for a minute they both get frightens" you are saying me to wait payal Singh khurana/raizada?"

nani and payal understand that khushi is very angry the way they were getting treated even khushi is okay the way they treated her but the way payal was treated was making khushi very angry the girl was treated has princess in her family but she has been treated has a mere maid just to satisfy her stupid husband and sasuma."

khushi "enough is enough I have enough of your stupid grand daughter stupidity who doesn't wants to see the reality of the world even I treated my sister has princess even she has never worked in our house you know everything nani even for your family well begin we are here to protect what is yours and we had enough payal you are going to dress the way you used to dress before you were in our house and I have informed ma, papa, AB, and adi to come and check in a hotel and then to call me so they will call me and then I will excute my plan and nani you will call everyone to living room at Sharp 10 o'clock so I don't want any mistakes and you payal you have to go to the hospital and check that everything is going well in our absence and ask Priya to call me and the progress of our fashion house. I will see Mr RAIZADS escape from me tomorrow. COUNT YOUR DAYS MR SHYAM MANHOR JHA YOUR DAYS ARE IN NUMBERED AFTER THE ARRIVAL OF MY PEOPLE SAFELY."

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Sep 5

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 31 times)

khushi thinks of an plan and then thinks to excute it from tomorrow morning itself and then makes a call and goes to bed seeing Arnav has reached and he come to apologize for what he said to her she never wants his sorry and he have earn his apology this time for that she will a real tough time thinking this she goes to sleep.

this is the scene Arnav has seen when came to home don't know what is about to hit him tomorrow morning.

Next morning

Arnav wakes up and sees the place where khushi was sleeping is empty and goes in search of her and comes to face nani and ask about her when nani says" khushi has gone out and will be here in some time and ask Arnav to be ready that there are some guest who are coming at Sharp 10 o'clock so no excuse this Time." Nani says sternly and when she starts moving there is loud noise in the kitchen.

Nani moves to kitchen when she sees mami shouting at HP " where the hell is my morning tea you stupid hp? "

Nani moves inside the kitchen and ask " what is happening here maoramma, why are you shouting at early morning ? "

Mami " what to say sasuma both the Gupta sisters have disappeared early morning they did not give my morning tea and also they have not made the breakfast see they have destroyed the peace of this house and have disappeared for God knows where ? and makes an disgusted face and she sees her sasuma is giving her angry glares where she will be ashes."

Nani " what are you in this house maoramma are you the head or am I dead that you are insulting your daughter in laws have you forgotten how you came into this house or do you want me to remind you that today you are going to make breakfast and HP to assist you in that and I want you ready at Sharp 10 o'clock in the living room."

Nani goes to Anjali room and syas" if you want your husband back you have get ready at Sharp 10 o'clock and come to living room."

At the same time in the center of the Delhi there stands an famous hospital where a girl with the latest trend of PK FASHION HOUSE where even the ASR is waiting to get a glimpse of the owner and to make at least a small fashion show with them.

When the girl was about to enter inside the cabin a girl in mid twenties came to her and said Dr.PAYAL there is a patient waiting for you and all the other patients have been attended by Dr.Sushi as he is on leave with the permission of MS.A So you have to attend it while hearing this Payal settled in her cabin and said this should be the last patient and don't A lot anything for today because I have to see the accounts and di said me to come early as there is a big discussion is going to happen Sahara you know everything you are a very good help to us and what happened to the M.D. of this hospital still got no time to see his friend ask him to come now I need to brief him a about the happenings you know if not he will kill me."

At the heart of Delhi there stands a very big expensive building made of glass where you can see everything from inside but not from outside because the glass is tinted and there comes a black sleek jaguar car and comes down a beauty with white sleeveless t-shirt and a black jeans and rayban aviators on and curled hairs without any make up and there comes an man in mid thirties to welcome her and he takes her inside the building and the persons who are working stops to greet the lady and then continues their job because of the angry bird she becomes if the job is not done."

The man starts maan we have lined your meetings like you asked us for and the meetings have been lined from tomorrow at Sharp 9 o'clock and then Adi sir called to inform that they have reached and they have checked in Le meridian suit no 1215, and no 1216 and the sixth floor that's all for today ma'am."

Lady ask Priya to come in with the details of the fashion show and no disturbance and announce that "ADITI KHURANA IS BACK" AND veer make ready for the press conference day after tomorrow evening in the same Le meridian

Veer " yes ma'am your order will be ready ma'am."

Veer informs priya about the arrival of ma'am and says ma'am has called you."

Priya " welcome come back "KHUSHI".

note *Khushi is 25 yrs *Payal is 22 yrs *Arnav is 28 yrs *Akash is 24 yrs

Sep 13

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 26 times)

Priya" how are you khushi? How is everyone at home ?"

khushi" everyone are fine and ya whaar are the progress of the fashion shows and the deals we have been lined up and is there any new clients?"

Priya " yes there some new clients and the fashion show is starting within three months and AR DESIGN'S have asked for an appointment from four months since.we are an international brand they are waiting for AT least an fashion show so that they can place their brand internationally and get recognized and even Mehta fashion house is also waiting for a joint venture with us. This is the brief for now within these four months."

khushi " okay Priya I'll look from here on and ya inform AR DESIGN'S that the CEO is ready to see them and ask them to prepare an presentation for the joint venture and if and if only we like the presentation we will proceed further."

After that priya takes her leave and khushi goes into her thoughts " ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA you have seen the love of KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA but not the possessive lover of ADITI SINGH KHURANA you will fall on the knees and ask your forgiveness and will profuse your love and will make me your first priority" and then got a call for which she was waiting from yesterday and started to the hospital were payal is working and picked her up in her jaguar car and have instruction on how to behave with everyone Khushi drives the car and thinks how is the atmosphere is going to change in the house.


Everyone were ready in their respective room's and they are waiting for the call that will be given from nani at Sharp 10 o'clock. Each and every one are in their own thought of this unknown guest and the reason for the visit at the crucial time not knowing that their life is going to take a big turn and then they will realise the importance of the people in their life and they will never think to take them for granted .

Khushi comes to gate of RM and horns the car and the security comes and sees it is the khushi bhabi but is surprises to see her in western attire and even more surprised to see the ever smiling girl is some what giving a chill down his spine and the opens the gate and she goes and parks the car and ask payal " are you ready to face then Payal ? See payal it is going to be tough to fight with your love but for the self respect and the safety of this family we have to face them and say we are not what they think of us they can't treat us like that and we are not slaves for them."

Payal " Di why are you requesting me this life is what you gave me so I'll do what you say and please di u know what ever you do for me and ask is for our wellbeing only so no request it is the order you have to give me okay I am going in you come after sometime.

khushi " you know what I love you princess you and AB are the world for me so don't worry about anything your di is there for you.

Payal " i love you too di I am alive because of you."

Please a small request please me with comments I am some what disappointed to see the response If you want the story to continue please do give the comments

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Sep 14

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 37 times)

While khushi and Payal were talking outside Nani called everyone to living room and they were seated in the sofa and HP serves tea for everyone.

khushi:" Payal go inside and settle yourself they will reach here in few minutes and I will park the car and come okay and don't talk to anyone except Nani."

Payal:" okay di waiting for you."

Payal said and went inside the house and everyone were in the living room and having their tea and when Payal came inside everyone were shocked to see her in a designer dress and that to from an rare designer that to the raizada brothers who were waiting to see and get a glimpse of the designer."

Payal settled herself in the sofa and asked " HP bring a cup of tea and coffee with one teaspoon sugar."

Mami " hello hi bye bye hey khoon bari tang why are you ordering HP where went early in the morning without even making breakfast and now you are coming and ordering around."

Payal " first of all my name is payal and then I have asked permission from nani and then only I went out so why are you making a big fuss out of this and never call me with that name."

Akash" Payal don't talk to my mother in that tone and ya where you went early morning you are daughter in law of this family and you have to look after di in this condition you roam around and then you come.don't be like your sister and spoil the peace of this family which already in tears "

Payal was stunned and don't know what to answer she never thought that Akash will think about her like that and she thought " Di is right this idiotic people should know the value of the people." When she was in thought she heard a aloud voice which is more than Arnav. Even arnav who was in call with Aman came there and Nani who went to bring Anjali was stunned with the voice."

khushi who parked the car and was coming inside got a call and she was talking and coming inside and that is when she heard what Akash was saying to payal and how he was defending his mother where as mami was enjoying the moment khushi tolerated enough and she then said" DARE YOU SAY A WORD MORE MR. AKASH SINGH RAIZADA."

khushi came to payal and " are you okay princess?"

When Payal nodded that she was okay khushi turned to akash hearing the commotion arnav and Anjali came down and was stunned to see khushi in western attire and Payal to be in designer Suit and more than that with the tone with which khushi was talking to akash. Nani was fearing for the outburst and try to interfere saying " Pari please calm down."

khushi gives a glare to Nani and says " Nani please don't come in between us."with the same tone she talked to akash.

Arnav" how dare you talk to Nani like this Khushi?"

khushi turns to Arnav and says " Why only you have the right to talk like this or what please let finish with your brother and then come to you."

khushi turns to nani and says "why don't you ask everyone to sit down ."

Nani ask everyone to settle in the sofa the seating arrangement is mami and Akash in separate single seater, Arnav, Anjali and nani in three seater and khushi and Payal in double seater.

khushi " what were you asking my sister Mr Raizada ask me what you were asking her? "

Akash was silent after the sound of khushi and trying to speak something and that is when mami said " Patti saari what are you wearing and where have you gone early morning without making breakfast ?"

khushi " first of all my name is khushi second its you who said that we are the great curse of raizada brothers so why are you so curious to know where we went it's not that we went without informing anyone."

Akash " don't use that tone with my mother khushiji." said with an strict tone and there comes another voice which they least expected.


Arnav, Anjali, Akash and mami were stunned by the visitor

22 hours ago

Hidden Love and mystery (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 32 times)


Arnav, Anjali, akash and mami are stunned by seeing the person who was there with and young and handsome man of nearly thirties who was witnessing the fence from the beginning. Nani moves towards the person and hugs them and ask them to come inside and sit with them after settling Khushi comes and takes blessings from the person and hugs the man. "

" How are you doing pari?" the person ask khushi after that everyone comes to conscious and say at the same time."

"DADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".Everyone are somewhat curios to know how DADI knows khushi and Payal and how does nani doesn't get surprised by her visit and top to that who is the man who is very much close to their respective wives Arnav is not a much os a patient person in waiting person but he waits for an explanation this time because he already caused a enough pain to khushi for this life time so he goes to take blessings from dadi after Anjali, akash and mami."

"I am fine NANI and you have arrived at the correct time just I was about to discuss what to do with them."Payal comes to take blessings from dadi.

" And how are you doing princess and ya I know when your di is with you there is nothing to worry but you know about your AB and this Nani of yours to know that you are fine." After hearing this Payal can't handle herself and starts to cry for the hardships that her di have to face for this stupid family and even then they never respect her."

khushi startled to see Payal cry and then tries to gather her in her embrace but Nani shows her hand that she will handle her after that khushi steps back seeing to that what she demands will be done but when she said her demand she was startled that she never knew that she will ask this ." PLEASE TAKE US WITH YOU NANI WE CAN'T SURVIVE HERE PLEASE TAKE AWAY US FROM HERE." Everyone specially Akash is the one who is worried about the purpose for which she wants to go and were."

" Okay let's decide this after some time first thing is first khushi what were you Akash while I was coming finish that first and settle everything here for the purpose you came." said Subadra devi alias Nani for khushi and Payal Dadi for Arnav Anjali and Akash.

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