What Shall I Name This Love?

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Sep 14

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

It had been a week since Arnav was on the mission to find out all he could about Khushi but wherever he went, he only got general information about her.

In the past week, Khushi had been so silent towards him, either she talked to him about work or shouted at him, or stayed silent completely.

He knew there was a lot going on in her mind… but he couldn’t understand what it was that was disturbing her this much.

All her efforts of showing her anger to him were obviously going in vain because Arnav now knew, this wasn’t the real Khushi… the real was hidden behind the mask of this rude and arrogant Khushi and no matter how much he tried to hate her or dislike he, he just couldn’t.


Khushi was sited in her cabin in her usual angry moods busy working when the door to her cabin opened.

“I don’t need any kind of disturbance for now” She said without looking at the person.

“Khushi, we need to talk”

She shut her eyes painfully as soon as she heard the voice… it hadn’t changed much in all this years, because it was the voice that destroyed her entire life.

It was the voice of the person who was the reason behind her being this way… behind her not wanting to get married… the reason to why all that happened to her that night.

How could she forget the voice of the person who ruined her entire life in a matter of few seconds?

She stood up in a hurry, her eyes on the floor as she quickly rushed towards the door to leave, but someone got hold of her hand.

That touch, it got her so scared she almost screamed.

Arnav came running to her cabin when he found a stranger holding Khushi’s hand and she was in tears.

Having no idea on what to do, he quickly rushed in between and pulled Khushi away as she hid herself behind him.

“I can clearly see she’s not comfortable in having any kind of conversation with you so would you please leave her alone?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Listen you better not come in between… this is between me and her”

“And who are you to tell me that, please leave before I create a scene”

“Khushi, I’ll see you at home in the evening” Shrey said as he walked away after glaring angrily at Arnav.

Khushi pulled Arnav and she made him look at her.

“What did you just do?” She asked angrily.

“I was just trying to help Khushi”

“Did I ask for your help? And I’m Ma’am for you not Khushi… stay away from my problems Arnav, stay away from me… I don’t need any help from you, I can help myself… I don’t need the help of any man, they can’t help…

They all just know how to get what they want and then leave, so whatever you are trying to achieve by this won’t happen, you won’t get anything so better stay away from my person problems got that?”

Arnav just nodded as Khushi walked away angrily.

At that moment he dint know what to do… maybe it was better off leaving her alone with her problems… but then there was something about the tears in saw in her eyes, and they gave him the strength to go even against her and find out what the actual problem was.

“Time to find out who the stranger was… might be some sort of helpful information” Arnav said to himself as he walked in to his cabin.

He sat down on the chair trying to remember where he had seen this man, it was for sure he had seen him somewhere… only if he could know where.

He searched for Khushi’s school information and finally found the photograph he had seen him in. he was in the same class as Khushi. Although he was grown up now and looked quite different, it was still easier to recognize him in the picture.

He went through the names until he found out his name, Shrey Malhotra. He had heard that name somewhere… it was a name that he had often come across.

Typing the name in the search box, he pressed the enter Key, and all the information about this man was in front of him.

Shrey Malhotra was the director of the Malhotra Garments, this huge business was a result of his father’s hard work of twenty years.

After completing his studies in India, Shrey had moved to America and with his father’s money started his own business which was now touching heights in just a matter of two years… this could just be a miracle.

All shut the laptop as he sat there thinking about all the connections between Shrey and Khushi.

It was weird to see that Khushi wasn’t happy meeting her school friend after two or more years.

There was surely some reason behind it… something that he was missing out on.


“You called Shrey here, dint you?” Khushi stormed in her father’s office angrily.

“Yes I did, because he’s the guy you are soon going to get married to”

“I’d prefer dying than getting married to a cheap man like him, he had nothing good apart from a name inherited from his father” Khushi shouted angrily.

“Khushi! Mind you tongue!” Mr. Singhania said angrily

“Get this straight through your mind Mr. Singhania, number one you don’t have any damn right to force me to get married to that man, he isn’t even a man! Number two, I’d prefer dying than getting married to him and number three, dare you allow him inside the mansion today, you’ll never see my face again and that’s a promise from me” Khushi said as she walked away angrily.

She had just exited the office when she met with Shrey. Trying to ignore him she tried to walk away but he again got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“Let me go” Khushi said angrily.

“Khushi please, don’t I deserve a chance to apologize? To explain why whatever happened were never my intentions?”

“No, you don’t deserve, the only thing you deserve is punishment for what you did to me”

“Then punish me, punish me in any way you can but please talk to me, listen to me”

“And why do you think I would do that?”

“Because I love you”


“What’s up, you seem lost?” Aakash asked as Arnav walked inside the house.

“We just have like three weeks, I haven’t been able to arrange any money… bro I want Anjali to fulfil all her dreams… I don’t know what I’ll do” Arnav said as he sat down.

“Is that the only thing disturbing you?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because you were so confident about it Arnav, and you still have three weeks left, there’s a lot you can do about it… I’m sure that’s not what’s really disturbing you”

“Bro, what if you had a friend in school who was a girl… what might be the reason that would make you unhappy, or make the girl unhappy to see you after some years.

I mean you get separated and meet after years but then there isn’t that happiness that should have been.”

“Maybe love…” Anjali said as she walked in.

“How is that?” Arnav asked

“Maybe they were in love and then something happened and they broke up and parted their ways… there might be something bitter left”

“So it means Khushi and Shrey were in love” Arnav whispered to himself.

Sep 15

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi turned around with a smile on her face as she walked towards Shrey who was quite hopeful that finally his confession changed Khushi’s attitude towards himself.

“What did you just say? That you love me?” Khushi asked

“Yes Khushi, I do”

“Wow… it’s great… I mean Shrey Malhotra is in love with me…” Khushi said as she suddenly started laughing out loud.

“What was so funny Khushi… is my love funny for you?” Shrey asked

“Exactly… doesn’t it sound funny that the guy who once forced himself on me is now in love with me, funny isn’t it?

You used to be my friend Shrey, I had trusted you and everyone else who was with us, I had always believed that if I were ever in any kind of problem you would help me… but what happened was completely opposite of my expectations.

That night when you kissed me forcefully neither of our friends even tried to stop you, and you, the one who was supposed to protect me from danger, ended up pushing me to the greatest danger of my life.

Now you are back in my life claiming that you love me and you think Khushi is stupid enough to believe you and forgive you.

Listen to me very carefully, I said it before and I’m saying it again, I better be dead that get married to you”

Khushi turned around and walked away leaving behind a heartbroken Shrey.

He had just thought that maybe confessing his feelings would change her views towards him, but winning Khushi’s trust once again was something next to impossible.


Arnav walked around in his room trying to put all the pieces together.

There was something bitter between Shrey and Khushi like Anjali had said but was it really because they were in love and had a rough break up or because of something else?

There were only two people who could give him the answer, either Shrey or Khushi and it was difficult to get answers from either of them.

He sat with his laptop trying to look for any information online that he could get to help him but found nothing actually.

Maybe he was being too curious, he should just wait and give it time, he would get a way soon, he just needed to be patient.

“What’s wrong Arnav, you seem quite upset” Aakash asked as he walked in to Arnav’s room.

“There’s something I need to find out and I can’t, it’s just been eating my head up, I don’t know what to do”

“Find out about what?”

“About my boss… there’s something I need to find out about her, and I’ve been trying… so far I’ve found only one information, I don’t know how to proceed”

“Her? I thought Mr. Singhania was your boss”

“No, actually his daughter is the one who handles the company so she’s my boss”

“You mean Khushi Singhania?” Aakash asked looking surprised.

“Yeah… but how do you know her? And why does her name bring this kind of expressions on your face?” Arnav asked.

“Nothing… I know her because she used to be my friend long back and then we all moved on”

“Used to be? I have heard of love breakups but what’s with the friendship breakup? And how was she your friend? I’m sure she wasn’t in the same school with you”

“We met through a common friend, I was a part of her friend’s group, but one night changed everything” Aakash said as he walked away.

By this time at least Arnav had got a hint, there was something that had happened, and maybe Aakash knew it, he only had to ask him and find out.

Right now he seemed quite disturbed, so maybe he could wait till tomorrow until he talked to him about this topic.


“What the hell is happening, why isn’t anyone working well? Are you being paid for sitting here and cracking jokes? I want all the designs in one hour or else you are fired” Khushi shouted at an employee.

Arnav had just walked in when he saw an employee walking out of Khushi’s cabin.

“Arnav, to my cabin right now” Khushi shouted.

“Be careful, she’s in a very angry mood today” The employee who had just walked out warned Arnav.

“Yes Ma’am” Arnav said as he walked in.

“Did you make any dresses so far?”

“Yes ma’am one is completed, I’m working on the other one”

“So what were you waiting for? My invitation? Should I have to ask you if it’s complete or should I have to force you to show it to me after it’s complete?

I can see none of you are concentrating in work, I think I need new employees now. Get me the damn dress!”

“I’ll get it right away ma’am” Arnav said as he turned around to walk away.

After a few minutes he walked back to Khushi’s cabin with the dress he had designed and showed it to her. By now she seemed a bit calm.

“Here’s the dress ma’am” Arnav said as he handed it to Khushi.

Khushi stood up as she looked at the dress and how beautifully Arnav had designed it and within a few seconds all her anger had vanished.

“Wow Arnav, this is truly beautiful, something as I had imagined when I drew the design. You’ve designed it so perfectly.

Thank you so much for bringing my dreams into reality, I never thought I’d see my own design created into such a beautiful dress… Thanks a lot” Khushi said happily as she hugged him.

Arnav stood still awkwardly while Khushi kept on blabbering on how much she loved the dress and what not.

Khushi stepped back suddenly realizing what she had done.

“It’s beautiful, I’ll keep it. Make sure you get the other designs ready soon, or else I’d have to shout at you again” Khushi said

“Its okay ma’am I understand, you dint seem to be in good moods”

“How did you?”

“You just know… I hope you are okay now”

“Yeah I am…” Khushi smiled as Arnav turned to walk away.

He had just opened the door to go out when Khushi called him.


“Yes ma’am…” Arnav said as he looked at her.

“Thank you so much, for the dress once again and for understanding me, no one had ever understood me as much as you do” She smiled

“You’re welcome ma’am” Arnav smiled back as he walked away.

Sep 16

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

As the day at work came to an end, Arnav headed back home worried about Anjali’s further studies.

Although he had promised her that she would study further, he dint know where he could arrange all that money from.

It was now less than a month left, and he hadn’t even thought of anything on how he’d get the enough money. He could have taken a loan from the bank but he knew it was going to be difficult as he dint even have any property…

He headed to his room and sat there silently thinking on what to do when Aakash walked to his room.

“What’s disturbing you today?” He asked

“Nothing really bro, I’m just tired… I think I need some rest”

“Okay, take rest, I’ll come to call you after dinner is ready” Aakash said as he turned to walk away.

“Bro… you dint tell me about Khushi and how you came to know her. I mean it’s quite strange, she’s even younger than me and you are like four years elder than me so how come you both had the same group of friends?”

“It’s simple Arnav, she belonged to a very rich family, everyone wanted to be friends with her, and the friend through whom I met her, was a bit younger, maybe somehow of her age… and for friendship you don’t see age.”

“So can I ask you one question and hope for an honest answer?”

“Sure… ask anything”

“What had happened? I mean do you know anything related to Shrey and Khushi?” Arnav asked

“Never ever mention his name in front of me again Arnav, I might lose my temper really bad, and I guess I’m no more in moods to talk about this, I’ll go and cook” Aakash said as he walked away angrily.

It was for sure Shrey had done something because as of now, he knew that Khushi hated him, but Aakash also hating him, had something to do.


Khushi silently walked in her room as she settled down on the bed.

It had been so long… she had forgotten most of things about her past excluding some, but after Shrey came back, all the memories that had faded away, became clear once again.

At this point of life, she actually dint know what to do… should she be thankful to Shrey that whatever he did led her to at least realize that the people she had trusted her life with dint deserve it at all, or to be angry because it was only because of him that it all happened to her that night.

The memories of that night were so painful they never faded, no matter how much she tried to get over it, no matter how much she tried to convince herself that whatever happened would never change, she would never be the same again no matter how much she tries to.

Some things are meant to change people and make them look at themselves in a different perspective and maybe that’s what had happened to her.

She no more looked at herself like the little happy Khushi who was so eager to get married, she looked at herself as the girl who was left alone by all of her friend and by the only guy she had loved.

Maybe if that day Shrey hadn’t done what he did, she should have been the same, but then she should have been with the wrong people, and the wrong life partner who was never there for her.

She hugged her pillow and broke down into tears not being able to understand when the dark shadows of her past would leave her.

“Khushi” She heard a voice as she stood up suddenly.

“I told you not to show me your face again, why the hell don’t you leave me alone Shrey Malhotra?” She shouted angrily.

“Khushi please for once, I beg you… talk to me… let me explain myself please”

“Shrey, nothing on this earth can change what you did, I am who I am today because of you and you know what, I am not happy at all being this girl.

You snatched everything from me, you snatched the innocence from me, you snatched all my damn dreams and you think coming here and asking for forgiveness for what you did would change things then it wouldn’t.

I will never forgive you, not in this lifetime, not in the next lifetime”

“Why so much anger Khushi, what did I do? I just kissed you come on, people do kiss each other, I made a mistake can’t you forgive me for it”

“Just a kiss… you have no idea what you just a kiss did to me. It shattered my whole damn world.”

“Fine then punish me for it, but please talk to me, I love you come on”

“No punishment would be enough for you to make me feel the peace I had before… and why are you singing the song of I love you? I’ve heard of that and I’m fed up… all you guys are just the damn same, you say I love you just so that you can have a girlfriend to show off and to fulfil your desires on.

I am not one of those girls Shrey and next time before you even think of stepping inside this mansion, I am warning you, you’ll find yourself behind the bars.”


“Get lost!” She shouted at the top of her voice.


“You okay Bro?” Arnav asked as he walked into the kitchen to help Aakash.

“Yeah, dinner is almost ready, where are Anjali and NK? Call them for dinner, meanwhile I’ll put everything on the table”

“Why did you get angry?” Arnav asked

“Arnav, look let’s not discuss this…I don’t want to talk about anything related to the past. Whatever you are researching about Khushi isn’t connected to me and even if it is, I’m sorry I’ll not be able to help you.

I just need one help from you, if possible please don’t mention either her name or Shrey’s name in this house ever again.

They are the pages of my past that I’ve left behind and I want them to stay there” Aakash said

Arnav nodded as he walked out of the kitchen when his phone rang.

“Yes Ma’am” he said as he received the call seeing Khushi’s name flashing on it.

“Arnav, I need you at my house in the next half an hour, hurry up” Khushi said as she disconnected the call not giving Arnav a chance to talk.

Arnav quickly rushed out of the house and got on the scooter as he drove to Khushi place hoping all was okay. It was very rare of her to call him like this suddenly after work, if there was any work, she normally informed him in advance.

As soon as he reached the mansion, he rushed directly to Khushi’s room.

Khushi was sited on her bed silently doing nothing, she just seemed to be lost in some thoughts.

“You okay?” Arnav asked as he walked in.

“Arnav, I have some work for you. I need to design a dress very urgently and so we have to go to the office and work on it right now, we have to get it ready by tomorrow morning”

“But how is that possible ma’am? I mean a design? Then material and everything else.”

“I have the design already, everything is set, we are going to the office and getting started, no more discussions” Khushi said as she walked out of her room followed by Arnav.


As soon as they arrived at the office, Khushi headed to the designing room while Arnav stood outside a bit confused.

It was weird, she was the owner of this company, if she wanted she could tell him to design this dress alone, in fact she had told him that she had stopped designing dresses, so why was she working on this dress with him?

What was so special about it?

He walked to the room silently as Khushi flipped through the pages of her design book looking for the design she wanted.

“What dress are we going to make?” Arnav asked

“Not really a dress, we are going to design an outfit, a wedding outfit” Khushi said leaving Arnav all surprised.

Whose wedding was it? And why did she want the dress designed by tomorrow morning? What could be so urgent?

Sep 16

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

It had been almost three hours since they had been working on designing the outfit. Both of them were so lost into it they couldn’t even realize they had worked three hours continuously without taking rest.

“Shall I get you some coffee, we should take some rest… you’ve worked for long” Khushi asked

“Sure, get me coffee, meanwhile I’ll just finish up with this side of stitching”

Khushi walked away as Arnav continued stitching the dress.

A while later, she walked back with two mugs of coffee as she handed one to Arnav and they both sat down next to each other staring at the coffee mugs.

Khushi started sipping her coffee while Arnav just looked at her, it was stupid that he was finding such a normal thing as sipping coffee cute.

Khushi turned her head towards him and he looked away hoping she dint notice that he had been staring at her.

Inn dino dil mera mujhse hai keh raha… tu khwab saja… tu jee le zara…

Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat… karle tu bhi mohabbat…

“Can I have the mug if you’ve finished the coffee?” Khushi asked

Arnav handed the mug to her as she stood up and started walking away, while he sat there just lost in thoughts.

Khushi turned back and looked at him, he looked so calm so silent, lost in his own world of thoughts. She couldn’t stop but smile on how innocent he look while he just sat there doing nothing.

Arnav turned his head up and looked at her, he gestured something to her while she nodded negatively and walked away with a huge smile on her face.

She dint know why, but suddenly all this was feeling good… working with him, spending time with him… talking to him… it all made her feel like she was in a different world, far away from her past and the pain she’d be holding on in her heart for so long.

Be rang si hai badi zindagi kuch rang to bharu…

Main apni tanhayi ke vaaste ab kuch to karu…

Jab mile thodi fursat, khud se karle mohabbat…

Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat… karle tub hi mohabbat…

“How far are we?” Khushi asked as she walked back and found Arnav already working on the outfit.

“Not even half way, but I’m sure if we continue like this, it would be ready by tomorrow morning”

“I hope you aren’t tired, I’m sorry I know this isn’t right… I disturbed your personal time. You can go home and rest, I’ll finish up this on my own”

“No it’s okay ma’am, working with you feels good, I don’t even feel tired” Arnav smiled

Khushi just turned away not knowing how to react… she wasn’t the only one feeling good by spending time with him, he also felt the same… maybe this wasn’t the unusual kind of feeling she thought it was, maybe it was just something normal.

“Can I ask you something? If you promise you’ll not get angry on me” Arnav asked

“I dint know you fear my anger, I mean it’s something normal, everyone is used to it in the office”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it because I can see what they all can’t”

“And what is that?”

“They don’t see that your anger is just a way of hiding your pain, they don’t see that there is some kind of moistness in your eyes when you are angry, because in reality it’s not really anger but just pain” Arnav said as he looked her into the eyes.

Khushi closed her eyes quickly before tears showed up but maybe she was too late, as a tear suddenly rolled down her eyes and she could do nothing about it.

Arnav walked closer to her as he wiped the tear away from her cheeks as she opened her eyes and stared back at him.

Usko chupa kar main sabse kabhi le chalu kahin durr…

Aankho ke pyaalo se peeta rahu uske chehre ka noor…

Iss zamane se chup kar… poori karlu main hasrat…

Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat… karle tub hi mohabbat…

“What was your question?” Khushi asked as she looked away from him.

She couldn’t explain how much this staring into each other’s eyes made her feel. It was something so beautiful yet painful when the memories of her past came back.

“Why are we designing this outfit overnight? Who is it for? And why is it so urgent?”

“It’s for me… and before you ask if I’m getting married then the answer is no. I don’t think I’ll ever trust any man so much that I can actually get married to him”

“They what is it for? Friend’s wedding?”

“I don’t have an answer for that Arnav”

“What problem do you have with men? Is it because of your dad?”

“I don’t know if it’s because of him or not, all I know is that all the men who were important in my life, were the reason behind why I lost the importance of my own life.

It’s difficult to explain things Arnav, just know that I can’t trust any man, there’s this fear built up inside me that if I do, I’ll be left broken again.”

“Khushi not everyone is the same, it might just be a coincidence that they all turned out to be like that but that doesn’t mean you think that all men are going to hurt you”

“Maybe you might be right but for me, as far as I have seen life, the reason of all my problems, all my pain are men… only men… they think that just because they are physically stronger than us girls they can do whatever they wish and we’d just sit here silently and watch and cry.”

“And that’s what you are doing if you haven’t realized, you are crying from the inside Khushi… why don’t you just left whatever that had happened in the past go and begin living a new life”

“And maybe I don’t deserve that new life Arnav”

“Every girl deserved all the happiness in the world and you also do… then why are you running away from all this? Khushi getting married is every girl’s dream and I don’t think that what you told me was the only reason you wouldn’t want to get married.

I can still see happiness in your eyes when you look at bridal wear and a hope… a hope that one day you’ll also be dressed as a bride, you’ll also get married then what is it that’s making you so harsh about marriage?”

Khushi turned away from Arnav as she shut her eyes painfully, he was a good guy but she couldn’t trust him, he was a man after all, and all the men in her life had turned to be worse than she ever thought.

“Aakash… Please tell him to stop”

“Shrey let me go”



She opened up her eyes suddenly and looked around feeling scared… she rushed towards Arnav and hugged him tightly as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Please tell him to stop kissing me… Aakash please tell him” Khushi cried

Arnav just held her tightly in his arms wondering why she was calling him Aakash, why she was talking like this. Everything was so confusing, but as of now, he had understood one thing, something had surely happened, and Aakash and Shrey both did know about it.

There was some connection between Aakash and Khushi, it wasn’t just friendship, it wasn’t like Aakash had said… something was surely wrong somewhere and he needed to find out what it actually was.

Khushi pulled apart as she looked at Arnav in shock then turned away and rushed to her cabin.

The past was so painful, painful than anyone could ever imagine.

And yet, she woke up strong, and showed up strong in front of everyone.

It was the first time that someone had noticed the pain behind her anger, and she dint like it.. It wasn’t safe for her. No man should ever see the vulnerable sight of her… she had shown it to one a few years back and he did nothing but left her all alone in need.

There was no way she was going to let herself fall weak, not even in front of Arnav, because no matter how good he was, he still was a man.

Sep 19

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Where had you been Arnav? I’ve been calling you, do you have an idea how worried I was?” Aakash asked

“I was in the office, some urgent work” Arnav said

“At least you could have called me and informed me, now that you are grown up doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring for you”

“I’m sorry bro, it just got out of my mind”

“It’s okay, go take some rest, you’ll have to go back to work in a while”

“I don’t want to rest, I want to talk to you…”

“Talk to me about what? We can talk later, you look really tired Arnav, please rest”

“Why did you lie to me bro? Why did you tell me that Khushi and you were just friends? I know there’s something more that you’re hiding from me, and that’s what I want to know”

“There’s nothing I’m hiding from you Arnav, I had told you everything”

“No you dint! There’s a lot you dint tell me, Khushi wasn’t just a friend whom you met through your friends, she was much more than that to you wasn’t she?”

Aakash turned away from Arnav but today he wasn’t going to stop, he needed answers because the pain he had seen in Khushi’s eyes was something unexplainable.

It hurt him so much seeing her in that pain that he even wondered how much it could be hurting her.

“Answer me bro, tell me what was it? Tell me why you aren’t friends anymore? Tell me every damn thing”

“Yes we weren’t friends only, we loved each other” Aakash shouted angrily.

Arnav just stood still staring at him for a while.

“But she’s much younger than you bro.”

“I know but love doesn’t see age, it just happened and five year difference isn’t much anyway…”

“Then why aren’t you both together? What happened? I need to know bro, please tell me”

“I went wrong somewhere, I did wrong to her and I thought I dint deserve to be in her life, so I left, I never looked back at her neither did I ever try to contact her”

“What did you do? Please tell me what had happened”

“Like I told you, Khushi and I met through a group of friends, at first we dint talk much to each other but then as time went on we started getting closer.

She was such a cheerful girl, always happy and smiling and making others happy, playing pranks on everyone and doing crazy stuff. She was like the craziest person on earth and I fell in love with that craziness of hers.

You know no matter how rich her father was, she never behaved like she came from a rich family, she never treated anyone differently, she always treated me so good.

With time we both fell in love but neither did I knew that she loved me nor did she know what I felt for her.

It took me time until I realized that she felt the same towards me so I finally managed to gather enough confidence to confess to her and she was the happiest girl on earth.

As time went on our love grew deeper and deeper but none of our friends knew about it, I dint want them to know because somewhere I was scared, because I came from a low class family unlike them all.

You know she was so excited about us getting married, she always used to tell me she would do this and that, and the biggest craze she ever had was for her wedding outfit.

I mean girls normally dream about their weddings but for Khushi it was more than a dream… we both were so happy but one day… things changed”

“What happened? How did things change?”

“We had gone out, actually it was at night and we all were sited in some garden playing a truth and dare game. Khushi and I were just stealing glances at each other and smiling like idiots.

The game went good for quite some time until the bottle pointed towards Shrey, he was Khushi’s best friend. He chose a dare and he was dared to kiss Khushi”

“What? That’s ridiculous, I’m sure he refused”

“No he dint, which was the most shocking part of it. Actually we all were quite drunk and Shrey was like over drunk, he tried to kiss Khushi while Khushi kept on refusing.

He tried to convince her by telling her that everyone who was here was doing it and it was just fun but Khushi dint want to listen.

She was continuously looking at me hoping that I would stand up for her but I don’t know what had happened to me that time.

I was just nervous, I knew if I did so, the truth that we were together would come up and I dint want that to happen. Actually I really don’t even know what the real reason was.

She kept on begging for me to help her but I dint, I just sat there like a statue. Shrey forcefully kissed her and she pushed him away as she ran away.

I managed to get out of there and follow her but by the time I did, she had just disappeared somewhere.

I tried a lot to look for her but couldn’t find her anywhere so I thought she might have got a taxi and she must have gone home”

“That was disgusting. And you loved her bro, how could you let that Shrey do that to her? How couldn’t you stand up for her? Even if things had been different, maybe you wouldn’t be in love with her but that wouldn’t mean you stay silent and just see something wrong happen.

She said no, she refused and that bloody Shrey dint stop and you, being the human being you are dint have the guts to stand up and punch that guy on his face?

I don’t believe that you loved her bro… that girl loved you she trusted you and thought you’d come forward and stop Shrey but you dint. She dint deserve this at all bro, she dint” Arnav said as his eyes became moist.

“I know Arnav, it might have just been a kiss for everyone else, but I know what it would have been for her to be kissed without her will and I being the coward I was sat there silently.

That day after she left, I never met her again, neither did she call me nor did I… I knew she deserved a better guy, the one who would stand up for her no matter what and I had already failed her so I decided it was better if we weren’t together”

“You dint do right with her bro, you dint… and that Shrey, if he comes in front of me, I swear I’d kill him” Arnav said angrily.

“Arnav! Relax. It all happened in the past and I’m sure Khushi has moved on from it”

“Do you really think so bro? That incident still haunts her, and you know what the best part of it is? The girl who was so crazily dreaming about her marriage and her wedding outfit, no more dreams of it because she’s decided she’ll never get married.

You dint do good with her… I Arnav Singh Raizada, who always respected you as an elder brother, who always thought that his elder brother would never be wrong or do wrong to anyone is telling you that you dint do right with her!” Arnav shouted angrily as he headed to his room and locked himself inside.

He punched the wall angrily and kicked the bed wondering what type of a human Shrey was, that after doing all that with Khushi he was yet here trying to talk to her.

He couldn’t believe that his own brother was so weak that he couldn’t even stand up of the girl he loved.

He knew that whatever happened wasn’t right, but he knew it wasn’t the only thing that made Khushi take such a huge decision about her life.

There was something more to it, something that happened maybe after whatever Aakash told him… there was something that led her to this, and that’s what he had to find out next.

Sep 20

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 64 times)

Arnav walked inside the office wondering how he was going to find out about Khushi’s past, or how he was going to face her knowing that his own brother was one of the reasons behind the biggest wounds of Khushi’s life.

He passed near Khushi’s cabin and stopped for a few seconds as he stared at her, she was busy working on her laptop.

Everyone in the whole office seemed to be happy today, it was quite weird to see everyone happy at once, he couldn’t understand what it was actually… if it was his sadness that was making him feel so or maybe there was a reason behind everyone’s happiness.

He walked to his cabin and settled himself down when one of his co-worker rushed in with a box of sweets.

“What’s the good news?” Arnav asked in surprise

“Ma’am informed us in the morning that this month we all are getting a bonus”

“What? I mean why? It’s not even Diwali… any special occasion?”

“Yes, she’s decided to get married… she’s getting married soon”

“What?” Arnav asked in complete shock.

There was no way he was going to believe that Khushi would ever get married, not when she herself had said that she was never going to get married. How was it possible then that she agreed to get married?

And if it was true, then who was she getting married to? And did it mean that the outfit he designed was actually for her? He couldn’t understand what was going on.

He stood up and rushed to Khushi’s cabin, he dint know why but he wasn’t feeling good at all about this, he dint like to even hear that she was getting married to someone else, he dint know why he felt that way, but maybe it was because he knew that so much had happened to her in the past and he just wanted the best for her right now.

“May I come in madam?” he asked as he knocked at the door.

“Yes Arnav, come in… please have a seat” Khushi said with a smile.

Arnav sat down as he stared at Khushi… she was smiling, she actually seemed happy about whatever that was happening but still somewhere he felt uncomfortable, as if whatever that was happening wasn’t right.

“Isn’t it funny I designed the outfit yesterday and you told me it’s for you but nor your wedding and today morning when I walk in, I get to know from everyone that you’re getting married… so a simple and short question, why did you lie to me?” Arnav asked

“Look Arnav if you’re forgetting I’m your boss so you better not talk to me in that tone, you don’t own me so I don’t owe you and answer”

“Okay fine, I’m sorry I forgot where I belong, by the way congratulations, may I know who the groom is?”


“You aren’t serious Khushi… how can you get married to that guy? You forgot what he did to you? Did you forget your past? Are you out of your mind Khushi?

Why are you up to spoiling your own life? What will you gain by doing all this?”

Khushi just stared at Arnav as he kept on talking and showing his displeasure towards her marriage.

“You know what you’re right, you’re my boss and as an employee I shouldn’t be saying anything, it’s your life do whatever you want, as if I care” Arnav said as he walked out of her cabin angrily.


Arnav sat down in his cabin as he got his phone and dialed Aakash’s number.

“Yes Arnav” Aakash said as he received the call.

“Why did you do that to her bro? Why did you? I promise if anything wrong happens in her life now, then I won’t ever forgive you, get that in your mind, I Arnav Singh Raizada will never forgive you” Arnav said as he disconnected the call angrily.

He was so angry right now he wanted to break everything in his cabin but he just tried his best to be calm.

What he couldn’t understand was why would Khushi lie to him that the outfit wasn’t for her wedding?

And it was okay if she decided to get married but why the hell on earth to Shrey?

There were so many guys outside there better than Shrey, then why did she chose him? Even after what he had done to her in the past?

Or would it be like she finally agreed because maybe her dad pressurized her? But she never even listened to her father so for sure it wasn’t the reason.

Or maybe Shrey was blackmailing her? But if it was so, she wouldn’t seem happy like she seemed.

The way he saw her behaving in her cabin made him feel like this was completely her own decision and she was happy about it.

All this was so frustrating, he felt like he could shatter the whole world at this moment.

For a while he couldn’t even understand himself and as to why he was feeling this way, Khushi was right, this was her life and who was he to be concerned about it? But he also couldn’t deny that he was concerned and worried for her and the last thing he wanted for her was to get married to Shrey.

A guy like Shrey dint deserve her, not at all!


It had been a while since Arnav was trying to calm himself down but he couldn’t.

The more he tried to calm himself the angrier he got.

Khushi walked in his cabin suddenly with fury as she looked at Arnav straight into the eyes.

Arnav stood up wondering what he did wrong again, because the anger on her face was something real scary.

“I thought you were a nice guy Arnav, at least for once I could maybe try and believe that maybe all men weren’t the same, maybe there were some who were different but you just proved me wrong” Khushi shouted angrily.

“But what did I do?” Arnav asked in surprise

“What did you do? You’ve been trying to spy into my life! Who the hell gave you the permission to do that Arnav?

How the hell on earth would you talk about mine and Shrey’s past when I never told you about it? How would you know what he did to me if I dint tell you about it?

Get this for once and for all Arnav, I’m not some kind of a book you’re doing a research on so just stop interfering in my damn life!” Khushi shouted angrily

“I just wanted to help you Khushi”

“By stalking me? Tell me how did you find out about my past? Or maybe you talked to Shrey about it? Tell me how you got to know it Arnav!”

“Aakash is my brother for heaven sake Khushi!” Arnav shouted at the top of his voice.

Khushi went completely silent as she stared at Arnav in shock.

Sep 21

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Did you just say Aakash is your brother?” Khushi asked

Arnav stared at her silently knowing it wasn’t the right time for her to know this, she was already angry on him and this was going to make a more furious.

She slowly walked towards him and smiled while she shook her hand with Arnav.

“Congratulations Arnav, your brother is the most coward person I’ve ever come across” Khushi said as she walked away.

“Khushi, listen to me” Arnav said as he rushed behind her.

“I’m your boss, so don’t you dare call me by my name” Khushi shouted back

She walked away angrily leaving Arnav all confused and hurt, he knew his brother had made a mistake, but why was she punishing herself by saying yes to get married to Shrey?

He had to do something about this, and he knew the only way was to bring Aakash and Khushi face to face and let them have a talk, and Aakash should have to apologize for what he did to her.

Arnav walked to Khushi’s cabin and found her sited calmly concentrating on her work.

“What’s my fault here? What did I do Khushi? I’m sorry I mean ma’am”

“Your fault is that you’re Aakash’s brother, you fault is that you tried to invade my privacy, you tried to stalk me, you know I can send you to jail for that?”

“Then do, send me wherever you want to, but for once did you even try to find out why I did that? I did it for you, because I wanted to see you happy, because I wanted you to live your life, get dressed in the best bridal outfit and get married to a good guy, I just wanted to get you out of where you were stuck, I wanted to make you feel better Khushi”

“And why would you do that? Why would you want to see me happy?”

Arnav stared at her silently, he dint have answers to her questions, because he himself dint know why… he just dint like seeing her like this, he just wanted her to be okay.

“Please meet Aakash for once, and talk to him”

“You want me to get back with a guy who couldn’t stand up for me Arnav?”

“No! I don’t want you to be back with him, he’s my brother and I love him a lot but I would never want you to go back to him because what he did to you was wrong, I just want you to meet him once and let him apologize to you for what he did, that’s it”

“He can keep his apologies with himself, I don’t even want to see his face and now if you don’t leave me and my personal life alone, I wouldn’t think even for a second before firing you so leave me alone!”

“Just once please Khushi, you know the decision you’ve taken is wrong, you can’t get married to Shrey, he doesn’t deserve you”

“I said leave!” Khushi shouted at the top of her voice.

Arnav walked away silently and headed back to his cabin wondering what to do.


“We are getting engaged tomorrow, is that fine with you?” Shrey asked

“No, why this engagement? Why can’t we just get married at once without this engagement stuff” Khushi said

“I thought you wanted it that way, I don’t mind anything as long as I’m getting you as my wife”

“Great then, we’ll get married, after one week exactly, I want it to be big and grand so I need time for preparations”

“Anything you want” Shrey said happily as he tried to hug her but Khushi just walked away from him.


Arnav walked into his bedroom directly as soon as she reached home.

He dint want to talk to anyone at the moment, his mind wasn’t in the right place and he knew if he talked to anyone, especially Aakash, he would just lose his temper.

There was a knock at the door of his room and after a few seconds Anjali walked in.

“If you’re free can we talk for a few minutes bro?” she asked

“If it’s not important can we talk later? I just need to rest for a while”

“It’s important, actually I was asking if you managed something about my fees… there’s only some time left, actually I had applied and I’ve even got the letter, but I have to pay the deposit of fees in a week’s time”

“A week?”

“Won’t you be able to manage? It’s okay if you can’t, I’ll cancel the application”

“No you won’t, you’ll fulfil your dreams, don’t worry I’ll do something and arrange for the money, you relax okay?”

“Thank you bro” Anjali said as she hugged him happily.


Khushi was sited in her room staring at the outfit Arnav had designed for her overnight, it was beautiful, but it made her feel nothing. Not the excitement, not the happiness neither the nervousness of a bride to be.

“I hope you don’t have any stupid plans about this” Mr. Singhania said as he walked in

“About what?”

“About your wedding with Shrey, I know you surely have something going on in your mind, because you’ve never done as I wanted, this is the first time and I really have a doubt on you”

“I’m getting married to Shrey because I want to, I wouldn’t if I dint want to, no matter how much you’d try to force me, so get this clean and clear in your mind Mr. Singhania, I’ll always do as I find right, not as you want me to do.”

“Khushi it’s just a week, do you realize you’ll get married and go away from here, can’t we be normal for this one week? Can’t you call me dad? Can’t we talk without fighting?”

“Call you dad? I’ll not call you dad even when I’ll be on my death bed breathing my last breaths, so don’t even dream of it”

“What are you exactly punishing me for Khushi? Tell me what haven’t I given you?”

“Your time” Khushi said as she walked away angrily.


Arnav walked from one place to another, he couldn’t understand a thing.

He was feeling uncomfortable, he knew it was Khushi’s life and it was completely her decision on whom she wanted to get engaged to, he still dint like it.

It was as if there was some thorn pricking in his heart, he couldn’t understand why he felt this sudden kind of pain just by knowing she would soon be engaged to someone else.

Was it only because she was getting engaged to Shrey, a guy who dint deserve her or was it because she was getting engaged!

He kicked the wall angrily feeling frustrated, he was feeling too many emotions at once, he was scared and worried for Khushi, he was angry on Aakash and Shrey, and then he was worried about Anjali’s school fees.

Why did all the problems come at once to him? What was he supposed to do now?

Sep 22

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 65 times)

“Ma’am are you awake?” there was a knock at the door of Khushi’s room.

“What is it?” Khushi asked feeling irritated

“There’s someone here, he says he’s your old friend and he wants to meet you, I’ve told him to wait in the hall” The servant said

“I’ll be there” Khushi said as she stood up wondering who it might be, after all this years.

She headed downstairs all the while thinking of who it could be, who after all this years remembered her and was finally here to see her.

Maybe a common friend between her and Shrey, Shrey must have informed them about their wedding.

She walked towards the person but yet couldn’t know who it was as he was sited facing the opposite side.

“Excuse me” Khushi said

He stood up and nervously turned to look at her while she stared back at him in complete surprise, not a surprise actually, it was more of a shock.


“Khushi… how have you been?”

“Get out!” Khushi said angrily as tears started rolling down her eyes as she remembered her past and all the beautiful moments she had spent with him thinking he would always love her and take care of her but she was wrong.

“I need to talk to you Khushi please”

“What’s up with you? I mean have you guys planned something like coming back into my life one by one to remind me of the past I’ve left behind? First Shrey and now you…”

“I am here to talk to you, I promise I won’t justify myself, I know what I did was wrong and you should never forgive me for it”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because of Arnav!”

“Why can’t you brother leave me alone? Would he ever listen to anything I say? He always does whatever he feels like, look Aakash I’m warning you, if this keeps on happening I wouldn’t think for a second before firing him”

“Khushi it was my fault, please don’t punish him for something I did. He just wanted me to ask for forgiveness from you and believe me I wanted to do that long back, I just couldn’t gather enough guts.

He made me understand that what I did with you was completely wrong and I know it was, he just wants to see you happy that’s why he did all this.

Please don’t get married to Shrey Khushi, I know I don’t deserve forgiveness for what I did and Shrey did something worse than me then how can you forget about it all and agree to get married to him?

You can’t do that to yourself, you can’t destroy your life like that, believe me you’ll get a better guy than me and Shrey, you just have to wait”

“I wish better guys existed Aakash, I wish… and about me destroying my own life, don’t worry about it, you and Shrey left nothing to be destroyed anyway, you both destroyed everything that night and I’ll never forgive you both”

“Then why are you getting married to him?”

“I don’t owe you an answer to that, you were here to ask for forgiveness, you can leave if you’re done” Khushi said as she turned around and walked back to her room.


She settled down on her bed and stared at the floor blankly.

All this years she lived believing that if someday Aakash comes back, if some day he asked for forgiveness, she would just break knowing how much she loved him and how she couldn’t  be with him after all that happened…

But maybe things had changed, not everything was as she thought it to be, she had lost all the feelings she had for him except the hatred, but it was quite weird how they just vanished without her realizing she was actually losing her feelings towards him.

She closed her eyes trying to stop her tears but it dint help, as soon as she closed her eyes, she would go back into that dark part of her past, only if she could do anything to forget about that particular part…

She opened her eyes as tears continued rolling down her eyes.

“Shrey Malhotra, you’ll pay for each and every tear drop that I’ve cried because of what you did to me, I wish I had never met you, I wish you weren’t a friend to me in the past then maybe things would have been different today”

“What would have been different?” Mr. Singhania asked as he walked in.

“If my mother was alive, things would have been very different today Mr. Singhania, wouldn’t they?”

“You’re missing your mom? I can understand you’re going to get married you at least wish you’d have her by your side”

“No Mr. Singhania, I just wished I would have someone I can call mine to be on my side, unfortunately there’s no one”

“Khushi how long will this go on?”

“As long as either of us is alive, now if you may excuse me I have to go to the office” she said as she picked up her phone and walked out.


As soon as Arnav arrived in the office, he was informed by a coworker that Khushi wanted to see him, he headed to her cabin nervously wondering what was going to happen.

“May I come in ma’am?” Arnav asked

Khushi nodded positively as Arnav walked in and she gestured to him to sit down, he sat opposite her staring at her feeling all scared and nervous, he knew she wasn’t happy with him so he was obviously not expecting any sort of good from her.

“Like I told you yesterday, I hate anyone trying to interfere in my life and I think since you’ve joined this office that’s what you’ve been trying to do”

“I’m sorry ma’am”

“Arnav look, I don’t have any issues with you, and most of all I love your work and I wouldn’t want to fire you because of you trying to interfere in my life so stop doing that.

It’s very rare of me to talk to someone this calmly when they’ve done much that I dislike, the only reason I’m calm is because despite interfering in my life, you helped me get over one phase of my life, I mean Aakash.

He came home in the morning and asked for forgiveness, and that put an end to everything between us, now talking about my marriage with Shrey I hope you won’t interfere, I’ll do what I like and I don’t need your opinion for that so mind your own business.

This is your last chance, if you try once more to interfere in my life, your talent wouldn’t be able to save you from getting fired, got that?”

“Yes ma’am”

“You may leave now”

Arnav stood up and he walked until the door and turned back to look at Khushi.

“I’m not trying to interfere but if any day you feel like you need a friend, remember I’ll always be there and please just for once, think about yourself and your happiness and you’ll realize that the decision you’ve taken of getting married to Shrey is completely wrong.”

Khushi just nodded as Arnav walked away feeling helpless, there was nothing he could do to stop Khushi from spoiling her own life, and he couldn’t even understand why he was so much worried about her at the first place.

It was her life, she could do anything she wanted, then why was he so worried about her?

Sep 23

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 70 times)

Arnav settled down in his cabin trying to divert his mind from whatever Khushi was up to, it was none of his business so he shouldn’t be concerned.

He switched on his laptop and started working out on his budget, and how much he could save, it took him almost half hour doing all the calculations of items they would so without so they could sell it and get some money for Anjali’s studies.

He went through his phone contacts hoping there was one person he could find who could help him, maybe give him a loan which he would return with time.

His eyes stopped on NK’s contact. He dialed his number and waited for him to receive the call.

“So you finally remembered that you had a brother” NK said as soon as he received the call.

“I’m sorry NK I was quite held up, so many issues around I couldn’t even get time to call you, I’m really sorry”

“It’s okay bro, I understand… you’re the only one working so it must be hard to manage everything, I hope I could finish my course early and get some job but don’t worry I have only three months left then I’ll come back home and get a good job over there and everything would be fine”

“That’s great, anyway I’ll talk to you later”

“Is everything okay bro? You don’t sound okay, I hope Anjali’s fees is managed or is that stressing you up? I can get a part time job here if it helps”

“No don’t worry about Anjali, I’ve managed everything you need to concentrate on your studies only, I have some work I’ll talk to you later”


“And come back home soon, we miss you”

“I miss you all”


Khushi was sited in her cabin lost in thoughts…

There was a lot going on in her mind about which she couldn’t talk to anyone and after so long she felt lonely once again.

She had a father who was nothing like a father, her mother had passed away, her friends were the worst people she could call friends, well to make it clear her ex friends, and now she dint trust anyone, after all that happened in her life she dint even have a shoulder to cry on.

She packed up and walked to the car, maybe going back home and talking to her mother’s photograph would make her feel better.

She had just stepped out of the cabin when she heard Arnav call out her name.

“Ma’am, there are this papers you need to sign” Arnav said as he walked towards her.

“What are they about?”

“It’s the new order, we have to make purchases which cant happen without your permission”

“I’ll read them and sign them later”

“It’s a bit urgent, if you could sign them today they we could make the order”

Khushi looked at Arnav as if she was wondering she could trust him or not, until today she had never signed any paper without reading it.

She took the pen from Arnav and signed the papers as she walked away leaving the whole staff in surprise.

“Oh My God! What did you do to her Arnav?” Aman asked as he walked towards him.

“What do you mean?”

“You know she’s never signed any paper without reading” Another employee said

“And if we ever give her any documents to sign last moment, she gets furious… once she even fired an employee because he did that… I mean it was really no good reason to fire someone but she did and we thought the same would happen to you but we all were surprised” Aman said

“Maybe because this might really be important, stop overthinking guys”

“Believe it or not Arnav, but she’s different with you, not like she’s with us”

“And just for your kind information, she does shout at me like she does at everyone else, and I’ve almost got fired too, so I really don’t find this like you’re saying” Arnav said as he walked to his cabin

He settled down and started doing his work but he couldn’t concentrate.

Everyone’s words were going on in his mind and he dint knew why but he liked it, he liked knowing that she was different with him, that she dint treated him much better, but the questions was why would she?

In fact he had done so much, interfered in her life which he shouldn’t have and made her angry many times but why dint she fire him?


Khushi had just walked inside the mansion when she found Shrey sited with Mr. Singhania.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as she walked towards him.

“You’re asking as if you’re not happy to see me here, I just came to visit you”

“When you knew I was at the office? Cut the ****! I’m sure Mr. Singhania must have called you here to tell you not to trust his own daughter because he doubts she might be plotting something isn’t it so Mr. Singhania?” Khushi asked

“Khushi I wasn’t telling him that”

“Yes, in fact I was the one who came here to talk to him, I wanted us to get married tomorrow, I’ve got something urgent and I have to go back soon, so if you both don’t mind we can make it tomorrow?”

“But Shrey the preparations?”

“Leave all that to me, I promise you’ll get everything done to the best, just say yes”

“I can’t come with you so soon, I have a lot of work to finish, I can’t leave it all behind”

“It’s okay you can’t stay here and finish it all, I’ll come back to take you with me”

“But Shrey I…”

“What are the excuses for if you aren’t really plotting against him? I’m your father Khushi”

“And I regret every moment the fact that I’m your daughter, Shrey we are getting married tomorrow” Khushi said as she glared at her father angrily and walked away.


Khushi was sited in her room lost in deep thoughts, whatever she wanted to do won’t be possible to plan in a day, what was she supposed to do now? There was no way she was going to get married to Shrey.

“Ma’am Mr. Arnav is here to see you” A servant said as he knocked at the door of Khushi’s room.

“Let him in” Khushi said

“I’m sorry to disturb you again ma’am but you forgot to sign this two pages so I had to come here to get them signed” Arnav said

“That’s not a problem, give it to me I’ll sing it” Khushi said as she took the papers from him and signed them.

Arnav just stared at her in confusion, she wasn’t angry at all for this? Normally she was angry about everything even her own mistakes and he came here nervously hoping she won’t get angry on him for not checking the papers before she left from the office.

“Here” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav who was lost somewhere.

“Arnav… are you okay?” she asked

“Yes ma’am, I’ll get going, thank you” Arnav said as he turned around to walk away.

“You can’t tell me, maybe there’s a way I can help you” Khushi said as she stood up

“Actually ma’am everyone at the office, they were saying that you trust me a lot that’s why you signed the papers without even reading them, so I was just wondering if you really trust me, then maybe I can ask for a small help from you”

“Go on”

“Actually I have to pay my sister’s fees and I don’t have enough money, I was wondering if you could give me a loan and I promise I would return it back as soon as possible and you can also be deducting it from my salary”

Khushi stared at him for a while and then nodded positively.

“Very well, I will help you” Khushi said

“Thank you ma’am I’ll be very grateful, I’ve just joined your company I thought you wouldn’t give me the loan, but thank you so much” Arnav said happily.

“Now can I ask for a help from you Arnav? Don’t think that I am giving you the loan because I need you to help me, even if you refuse to help you I will give you the loan, it’s all upon you to decide”

“Sure ma’am tell me what help do you need from me?” Arnav asked.

Sep 23

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

“You know I was supposed to get married in a week’s time but Mr. Singhania spoilt all my plans and he wants me to get married to Shrey, which would never happen.

I, Khushi Singhania would never get married, so I just need one help from you Arnav, I want you to make sure that you do all you can to stop Shrey from coming here for the wedding.

Get goons behind him, get him kidnapped or give him sleeping pills, I don’t care what you do, I just don’t want to see him turning up at the wedding.

Once that’s done, I promise I’ll give you all the money you need for your sister’s education and you won’t have to return it back to me even”

“But ma’am, that’s dangerous, I mean I can’t…”

“Arnav, do you need money or don’t you?”

“But Ma’am you said if I refuse you’ll still give me the money, please don’t do this ma’am I promise I’ll return your money, my sister has dreamt of this since long, I can’t break her heart”

“Well Arnav I’ve changed my mind now, if you aren’t ready to help me why should I help you?”

“If you don’t want to get married just say no, what’s the need of doing all this?”

“Because he must learn a lesson and my father too must learn a lesson, look Arnav I’m not telling you to kill him, you just have to stop him from coming here”

“I’m sorry ma’am I don’t think I can do that” Arnav said as he walked away.

Khushi picked up the vase that was on the stand and threw it right at the door, it fell down and broke into pieces leaving her as angry as never before.


Arnav walked in his room wondering what he was going to do, he had promised Anjali he would manage and if he even told NK the same but now what was he supposed to do?

Maybe he could take a loan from bank, but he dint even have a property to mortgage, where the hell was he going to get money from?

“Bro! Did you arrange for the money? You know I have to pay by the end of the week or else my admission will be cancelled.” Anjali asked

“Not yet Anjali”

“Does that mean I’ll not be able to go to London and study? All my dreams would be shattered?” Anjali asked sadly.

“No, why do you think so? Don’t worry I’ll manage something okay? I promise you will fulfil all your dreams, leave it all on me, I’ll do something, you relax okay”

Anjali nodded as she walked away while Arnav headed to his room, he sat down on the bed and went through his contacts on the phone trying to call anyone he thought could help but everyone had an excuse.

“What happened Arnav?” Aakash asked as he walked into Arnav’s room.

“What does that Khushi think of herself, I always try to understand her rude behavior and the arrogance she shows towards me believing that she had a bad past and maybe that’s why she is like this but she’s getting on my nerves now.

I just asked for some money help and I told her she can take it back from my salary every month but she doesn’t want to help me, why are rich people so heartless? Or so selfish. I did all I could to help her, to make her feel better and move on from her past but she can’t even help me with some money?

You know what I think I was always wrong about her, she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself only, she’s the most selfish person I’ve ever met.

Have you seen how she talks with her dad? As if he committed a crime, how can someone talk to their father like that?

If she doesn’t want to marry Shrey why can’t she just say no, why does she need me to do all that stupid stuff for her?”

“Calm down Arnav, she might be having her own problems”

“She is a problem herself” Arnav said angrily as he stood up from his bed just when his eyes fell on Khushi who was standing at the door of his room.

“Khushi!” He said in surprise as Aakash turned to look at Khushi too.

“You know Arnav, until today I thought that you were different, you weren’t like all those men I knew, you respected women and no matter what you’d never stop respecting them but I guess I was wrong.

It’s my money and if I refuse to help you with it you have no right to talk like this about me, what’s the difference between you and your brother? He left me alone when I needed him the most and you insulted me and questioned my relationship with my father.

You know nothing about my life and next time before you poke your nose into my business think a hundred times…

Do you know why I was here? I thought maybe what I did to you was wrong, I shouldn’t have asked you for something in return so I came here to give you this cheque, but now I realize how wrong I was, I shouldn’t have come here.

You just turned out to be like all those men out there, and if you need any help from me now, you’ll have to do something for me in return or else you aren’t getting anything from me anymore”

She walked away angrily leaving behind Arnav in confusion, he dint know how to react at all.

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