What Shall I Name This Love?

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Sep 26

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

A loud knock at the door of Arnav’s room woke him up, he got out of the bed and opened the door just to find Anjali standing in front of him.

“What happened Anjali?”

“Bro, I got a call from the university, they are telling me due to some reasons the dates of paying the fees have been preponed and today is going to be the last day to pay, if I don’t pay my fees by today, I’ll have to wait another years and I don’t even know if I’ll get another chance again” Anjali said worriedly.

“What? How could they do that?”

“I don’t know bro, I just got a call and they informed me about this, will you be able to manage to get money?” Anjali asked

“I’ll try my best” Arnav said

“Please do” Anjali said as she walked away sadly.

Arnav sat on his bed wondering what he was going to do, how was he going to get money for Anjali? Maybe if he hadn’t talked about Khushi to Aakash and if Khushi wouldn’t have heard it, she would have helped him, but now she was so angry he was sure she wasn’t going to help him.

He picked his phone a dialed Khushi’s number but disconnected immediately, he knew that she wasn’t going to help him so what was he supposed to do now?

He had no one to help him apart from her, and if for that he had to stop Shrey from going to the wedding if that was the only option.

He dialed her number again and it kept on ringing but she dint receive the call.

He tried a couple of times but to no answer, without wasting any more time, he jumped out of his bed and rushed outside, he had to talk to Khushi in any case and for that he had to visit Singhania mansion.


The guests had started arriving by the time Arnav reached he just hoped that he could get a chance to talk to Khushi.

He rushed inside making sure Mr. Singhania dint see him and headed directly to Khushi’s room.

There were so many girls inside who were making stories and giggling while Khushi sat in front of her dressing table and a stylist was getting done with her hair.

“Khushi! Can we talk please?” Arnav asked

Everyone turned to look at him in surprise, Khushi looked at him and then turned away behaving as if she hadn’t seen him.

“Khushi please, just once… I’m ready to help you” Arnav said

Khushi stood up and stared at him in confusion for a while and then told everyone to leave them alone for a while.

“I really need money for Anjali, today is the last day and you’re the only one who can help me”

“And why would I help you Arnav?”

“Because I am ready to do whatever you wanted me to do, I’ll do everything I can to make sure Shrey doesn’t get here, please just give me one chance”

“Fine, you’ll get the cheque but bear this in your mind, if in any case Shrey comes here, you’ll have to bear with the consequences.”

“Anything is fine, as long as I get the money”

Khushi nodded positively as she walked towards her cupboard and got out her cheque book, she signed a cheque and gave it to him.

“It’s a blank cheque, address it to whoever you want and fill in the amount and you better not double cross me, if in any case that happens, you’ll see the worse side of Khushi Singhania”

“I won’t double cross you ma’am trust me”

“The problem with me is that I don’t trust men Arnav now get going before Shrey comes here”

Arnav nodded positively as he rushed outside quickly, he had no idea how he was going to stop Shrey from coming to the wedding but he had to do it anyway.


Arnav was all set with a few men he had hired to stop Shrey from going to the wedding.

“Listen to me very carefully now, we have to go to his room and either kidnap him or give him sleeping pills so he can sleep and wake up when everything would be finished.

We have to do that before he comes out of his room, once he’s out I’m sure he will have company of many people so we won’t get a good chance” Arnav explained

“I think it’s best to kidnap him, what if the pills don’t work?” one of the men said

“We just have to stop him from going to the wedding so we would just tie him up in his own room an sit there making sure he doesn’t escape, once the day is over we can let him go” Another one said

“Fine then, we’d go tie him up in his room” Arnav said.

 “Make sure we all pretend that we are his friends and are here to take him to the wedding, that’s the only way we’ll be allowed to go to his room”

Everyone nodded positively as they all headed inside the hotel room, Arnav hid himself behind the men nervously, he couldn’t believe he was actually going to kidnap someone, this was so ridiculous.

The men finally managed to convince the receptionist that they actually were Shrey’s friends and they were here to take him for the wedding, after the long convincing part she finally allowed everyone to go to his room.

“Listen, as soon as he opens the door, you both get hold of him and I’ll get something tied on his mouth as soon as possible so he can’t scream, is that okay?” the man asked looking at Arnav

“Anything is okay, I don’t care what you do, I’ve hired you to do the work so don’t ask me”

“Okay everyone, masks on” the man ordered

Everyone hid themselves behind the masks including Arnav as they stood in front of Shrey’s room.

The knocked at the door and as soon as Shrey opened the door, they did as they had planned, they got hold of him, shut his mouth and tied him to a chair.

Arnav stood in a corner staring at the men doing their work, this was scaring the hell out of him he just hoped that Shrey never got the idea that he was the one behind him.

Shrey kept on trying to hit the men and escape but he wasn’t enough for all of them, they finally tied him up well and settled down next to him.

Sep 27

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 62 times)

“He ran away!” The men exclaimed.

“What? You mean to tell me I’ve just been out for a few minutes and he ran away? What were you all doing? How could he escape?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“We have no idea how he managed it, we had tied him up so well”

“What the hell were you doing?”

“We got bored and dint realize when we feel asleep, he mustn’t have gone far, we can still catch him before he goes to the wedding”

“Then why are you looking at my face, go and find him, he should reach the wedding at any cost or else neither of you will get your payment” Arnav said angrily as the men set to work.

He dint know if they could be able to get him on time, maybe he should go to the Singhania mansion and inform Khushi about it and keep an eye over there and maybe if he sees him coming he can do something.

He quickly rushed to the Singhania mansion hoping everything would go as planned, he dint want to make Khushi angry because he knew if Shrey reached the wedding, something worse awaited him, he knew Khushi’s anger very well.


He arrived at the Singhania mansion and checked all over, he couldn’t see Shrey anywhere yet, which was a bit of relief for him.

He rushed directly to Khushi’s room where she was sited all ready for the wedding.

“Arnav! What are you doing here? I thought you were to stop Shrey from coming here” Khushi asked in surprise.

 “I tried to, I actually got him kidnapped and tied him in his own hotel room but the stupid men fell asleep and he escaped”

“What? Where is he now?”

“No idea, I’ve sent the men to look for him and I came here myself to be sure he isn’t here yet, I’ll wait at the gate and as soon as I see him coming I’ll do something”

“You better get going Arnav because if Shrey comes here then you have no idea what I’ll do, I’m obviously not getting married, not at any cost so if you don’t want to pay the price make sure he doesn’t reach here”

“I will” Arnav said nervously as he rushed to the gate.

He stood behind a tree his eyes fixed on the gate, praying and hoping that the men must have caught him, it would be much easier than finding him here.

Time ticked by and yet there was no sign of Shrey, Arnav stood there wondering where he might have gone, there was no other place he could run away to than Singhania mansion then why wasn’t he here by now? Or could it be that the men caught him? But then why dint they inform him?

He pulled his phone out and called him hoping and praying he was caught, there was nothing else that could make him feel better right now than the news of Shrey being caught.

“Did you get him?” Arnav asked

“No, he’s nowhere to be seen, we’re still looking around for him”

“What? Look for him I have no time to waste” Arnav said angrily almost throwing off his phone.

He turned to look at the mansion wondering what Khushi would do incase Shrey turns up here just when his eyes fell on the window of Mr. Singhania’s room.

He saw a figure pacing around and when he tried to look at it keenly he was left shocked, it was Shrey!

When did he come here and how did he reach to Mr. Singhania’s room without him noticing? Did he come before he arrived or while he was in Khushi’s room informing her?

What was he going to do now? He was sure that after the kidnap Shrey wasn’t going to be alone, he must be having someone with him, so how was he going to stop him?

He quickly rushed back to Khushi’s room and stood in front of her while Khushi stood up and looked at him.

“What now?” she asked

“He’s in your father’s room, I don’t know how he got there, I’ve been keeping an eye on the gate, I never saw him coming, I think he must have got there while I was in your room or before I arrived”

“You must be kidding, how could he get here Arnav! It was your job to stop him from coming here”

“No it wasn’t my job, I was doing something I’d never done before, I wasn’t experienced in kidnapping for heaven sake Khushi”

“Dare you talk to me in that tone, you know I still can get that cheque cancelled because you were of no help to me”

“No! Please don’t do that, my sister has big dreams and I can’t see them getting shattered”

“Well then you’ll have to pay the price of your deeds, I had told you he shouldn’t come here and if he does the consequences for you will be worse now be ready to face them.”

“What will I have to do?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“You’ll have to come downstairs with me and tell Mr. Singhania that you and I both love each other”

“What? When did it happen?”

“Are you out of your mind Arnav? It’s a lie we are going to tell him not a fact, so I’ll say I don’t want to get married to Shrey because we both love each other and maybe the mess will be sorted”

“Mr. Singhania will kill me, Khushi do you see the difference between me and you? You’re so rich, and I am nothing near to rich, no one would accept this besides why do I have to say that, you can just lie to him that you love someone else”

“And you think he would believe it without me having someone to show him that this is the man I love, look Arnav you’ve got no other option, this is the only way you’ll be able to send your sister to the university… it’s just a lie you have to tell Arnav that’s it and the wedding will be canceled that’s it, then we’ll have nothing to do with each other”

“You’re so cruel” Arnav said as he stamped his feet angrily

“Well this is just the beginning, you haven’t seen the worst side of me yet”

A few girls ran to Khushi’s room calling her for the rituals, she held Arnav’s hand and pulled him downstairs with him.

Everyone looked at them in surprise, why was the bride holding another man’s hand and bringing him downstairs with him?

Mr. Singhania and Shrey both stared at Khushi in utter shock wondering what she was up to.

She stopped in front of them trying to hide the smile that was forming up seeing the shocked faces of Mr. Singhania and Shrey.

“Shrey, I’m sorry I can’t get married to you because Arnav and I love each other” Khushi said pretending to be sad

“What? How can it be possible Khushi? Why did you agree to get married to me if you loved him?”

“Because I dint know that he loved me too, I loved him but I thought he dint but he came to me just a while ago and confessed his love to me, I’m sorry Shrey but I can’t get married to you” Khushi said

Mr. Singhania gave an angry look to Arnav who hid himself behind Khushi, he knew his daughter very well and he was sure this was a part of her plan for escaping the wedding.

“Really Khushi? You both love each other? Well I am more than happy to know that my daughter is finally in love, now that we already have all this guests here and the preparations have been made, I know you can’t get married to Shrey because you love Arnav but you can get married to Arnav right? So I prefer you both get married here today, right at this moment” Mr. Singhania said

Both Khushi and Arnav looked at each other in shock, this wasn’t how they had expected Mr. Singhania to react.

Sep 28

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“What?” Arnav uttered in complete shock as he gave Khushi the angry look, she had promised him this wouldn’t go wrong and now it was going all sort of wrong.

“Mr. Singhania, I love him doesn’t mean I have to marry him, love is different and marriage is different” Khushi explained

“No Khushi love leads to marriage so if you really love Arnav you’ll have to get married to him right now or get married to Shrey, but today you are getting married and that’s my final decision.”

“And you can’t force me to do something I don’t want to” Khushi said angrily

“If you love Arnav, why don’t you want to get married to him? Or is it because all this is some drama? Just say you dint want to get married to Shrey and had to act like you love Arnav so you could escape the drama?

You know what Khushi I don’t care who you get married to, but today you are getting married because I’m done with all your excuses, as a father it’s my duty to get you married and I’ll fulfil it today, both Shrey and Arnav are standing in front of you, the decision is upon you”

“I love Arnav but I don’t want to get married and he is okay with that, we both are okay with whatever relation we have right now”

“And just so that I can remind you, we live in India and if you are thinking of some sort of a live in relationship then forget about it, I’m giving you ten minutes, I need an answer” Mr. Singhania said as he walked away.

Khushi stood still unable to decide what to do, she had sworn never to get married and now here she was stuck in between Shrey and Arnav, she dint love either of them and neither did she want to get married to any of them, what was she supposed to do now?

She knew Mr. Singhania very well, and if he’d said he wanted her to get married he would do anything to get her married off, and if Shrey was the last guy left on earth, she’d still not get married to him, he was behind what had happened to her, how could she forget it so easily?

Maybe she could just go and lock herself up in her room and says he dint want to get married and she lied about being in love with Arnav and anyway he can’t force her to get married without her wish.

That idea seemed better until she thought of what would happen after this, her father wasn’t obviously going to sit silent, what if after he got to know that all this was just a drama he forces her to get married to Shrey, would she ever be able to live her life with such a man?

She dint trust her father at all, she knew he could do anything and that made the idea look bad, whether she believed it or not she had to get married today and that too, to Arnav because Shrey dint stand a chance at all.

He was the one who messed up everything anyway so he had to do this for her, maybe she could get married to him and then get divorced and she’d have her life back.

She got hold of Arnav’s hand and pulled him away with her while Arnav just wondered what she was up to.

“I told you things could go worse and they did, all because you couldn’t keep that Shrey locked in that hotel room of his for a bit longer”

“It wasn’t my mistake Khushi”

“It was, you dint do what you promised so now face the consequences, you have to get married to me”

“What the… I hope you’re joking”

“Do I look like I’m joking? I’m dead serious, it was your fault and you’ll have to pay for it”

“Marriage isn’t a game Khushi, and what about all that you told me before that you’d never get married and stuff, where did it all go, where did that strength of yours go?”

“That’s none of your business, you’ll do as I say”

“I won’t… not everything will happen as you want… Khushi please try to understand, marriage is a beautiful bond between two people who want to spend their lives with each other, whatever you’re thinking can’t happen, we can’t just get married like that”

“For heaven sake Arnav! Do you think I want to spend the rest of my life with you? In the same house with your coward brother? Oh please!

Just so that you know I would never get married with Shrey and you know Mr. Singhania how he is, we have no other option”

“No way, you have no other option, I don’t care what you do with your life but you can’t spoil mine like this, I won’t let you… I’ll go downstairs right away and tell him that I can’t get married to you that’s it, end of story!”

Arnav walked towards the door angrily to walk away when Khushi called him out.

“What about your sister Arnav, how is she going to study without paying fees?”

“Are you trying to blackmail me Khushi?” Arnav asked as he turned to look at her with disgust.

“Well I had no intention of, but now that you messed up everything, this is the only option you have”

“How can you be so heartless?”

“Why don’t you ask your brother the same question, how could he have been so heartless to see me getting molested and he just stood there not caring”

“That was his mistake, you can’t punish me for it”

“Why not? If I could get punished for Shrey and Aakash’s mistakes why can’t you be punished for their mistakes and you’re forgetting the mistake was yours, you dint do your work well so you’re getting punished for your own mistakes”

“I can’t do this, I won’t do it”

“Fine then, I’ll get the cheque cancelled right away” she said as she started dialing a number on her phone.

Arnav just stared at her being confused, he dint know what to do, was he really ready to do this? To take such a major decision of his life based on Anjali’s studies?

He could just tell her he dint want her money and leave from here, he was sure he’d be able to manage the fees from somewhere else but what if it’s too late, Aakash had sacrificed so much for him and NK to study so why couldn’t he sacrifice a bit for Anjali?

“It’s upon you, decide what you want to do, either get married to me or I get the cheque cancelled”

“Wait, what about the divorce?”

“It isn’t a bit deal Arnav, we’d stay together for a month and then say things dint work out, it would be mutual and then everything will be back to normal, it’s just a month, think of it”

“If anything goes wrong after this I don’t know what I’ll do” Arnav said as he sat down

“So does this mean a yes?”

“Do I have another option? I hate you for doing this to me”

“Well hate isn’t a new thing to me, everyone does hate me one more added to the list… anyway I’m going downstairs, get dressed and then come down, I’ll tell Mr. Singhania we are getting married, I can imagine his expressions, he thought he’d be able to get the truth out of me but poor him, he doesn’t know I am steps ahead of him” Khushi smiled proudly as he walked away.


“What now? Don’t you dare change your mind now?”

“That wasn’t what I called you for, I was just curious, he’s your father so why don’t you call him dad? Why do you address him as Mr. Singhania?”

“Because he might be my father for the namesake but he never behaved like one, and I don’t like personal questions, don’t ask again” She said as she walked away.

Arnav frowned, he just hoped this was a dream and he was going to wake up soon to realize it, how happy he would be.

Sep 29

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

He stood in front of the mirror as he looked at his reflection, he was dressed in Shrey’s wedding outfit, a very expensive one which he’d never even dreamt of but then it meant nothing to him.

This wasn’t any kind of a real wedding anyway, it was just some sort of a deal between him and Khushi, and it was just going to last a few days.

As hard as it is usually for women, it’s the same with men, getting married to someone because then you are choosing your life partner, the person who’s going to walk with you hand in hand for the rest of your life no matter what.

But here, things were different, he wasn’t choosing the girl he was going to spend the rest of his life with, he was making such a beautiful ritual a business deal, and that pricked his heart.

If there was any way he could escape this even right now, he would…

There was a knock at the door of his room, and then a voice came.

“Sir, if you’re ready please come downstairs, everyone had been waiting…”

“I’ll be there right away” Arnav said as he took a deep sigh preparing himself to take such a big step of his life without even informing his brothers and sister.

They were going to be so angry with him, he was snatching away their right from them anyway, the rights of attending their brother’s wedding and being there with him in his happiness, but anyway this wasn’t his happiness.

He headed downstairs all nervous while everyone stared at him, Shrey was already giving him angry looks and it was for sure he was making plans in his mind to stop this wedding if there was any way to stop it and Arnav wished he could, he really wanted to forget about everything for a while and just run away from here… As for Mr. Singhania he had the shocking kind of expressions on his face.

They clearly stated that he couldn’t believe what was going on, like he was so sure Khushi and Arnav dint love each other so why were they getting married?

He knew how dominating his daughter could be but he still had no idea how she was able to convince Arnav to take such a huge step of his life and to make it worse he never liked Arnav and whatever he had said a while back was to get the truth out but things dint seem to be going the way he wanted them to.

Khushi and Arnav were all set to get married and he wondered how his daughter was going to survive in such a small apartment with so many people, not having the luxuries she’d had over here…

Although all this years they had never got along well, he was a father after all, and he was worried about his daughter’s happiness.

Khushi stood still as Arnav walked towards her and stood next to her, she couldn’t she was doing the one thing she’s dreamed of since childhood and the thing she’d sworn never to do, but anyway it was fine as long as it was just a deal.

She stared at her father confidently as he looked back at her hoping she was soon going to change her mind, because he knew she wasn’t going to stay happy with Arnav and he was sure they dint love each other, he just couldn’t figure this out.

“So shall we?” Khushi asked Arnav with a smile

Arnav stared at her blankly for a moment, there we a hundreds of thoughts running in his mind and he wished there was one which would help him escape this marriage.

Khushi got hold of his hand and pulled him towards the wedding altar, and all the while Arnav looked lost which dint go unnoticed by Mr. Singhania.

“Arnav, may I have a word with you before the marriage begins?” Mr. Singhania asked

“Why do you want to talk to him? Whatever the talks are will now happen after the marriage” Khushi said knowing she couldn’t trust her father, she was sure he was up to something.

“It’s just a few moments”

“No, what do you want to talk to him about? That I was a hell of a daughter to you and he’s going to regret getting married to me or somehow you’re going to fill his mind up with nonsense and tell him not to get married to me?” Khushi asked angrily.


Arnav just looked at them confused, why were they always fighting, why couldn’t they ever behave like a father and a daughter? And now what was it that Mr. Singhania wanted to talk to him about?

Was he going to show him a way to get rid of this marriage? Well he would do anything to…

“Let’s talk” Arnav said as he walked aside and Mr. Singhania followed him leaving Khushi behind al shocked and worried.

“What is it that you want to talk to me about?” Arnav asked

“Look I’ll come straight to the point, I know very well that you and Khushi don’t love each other, so tell me why are you doing this, I understand she just wants to go against me like always but on what basis are you taking such a huge decision of your life?” Mr. Singhania asked

Arnav turned to look at Khushi who was looking at them keenly, she looked worried hoping Arnav wasn’t going to tell the truth to Mr. Singhania…

Tu hi bata mere maula…tu hi bata mere rabba…

Faasle milon ke hain dono hai alag hi disha…

Kabhi yeh mil payenge, nahin kisiko hai pata…

“Arnav! You know you can tell me the truth” Mr. Singhania said

“What truth sir?”

“Why you’re getting married to Khushi… did she blackmail you? Did she force you? I know my daughter very well, she can do anything to prove me wrong or go against me so tell me what she did to you that you agreed for this marriage”

Arnav’s eyes were still stuck on Khushi who was yet looking at him worriedly and for a moment he wondered, did he really want to tell out the truth?

No matter what she did or blackmailed him or what he knew this would have never happened if he’s just managed to keep Shrey locked in that hotel room a few hours more but he messed up… and despite of all this he couldn’t forget that she helped him Pay Anjali’s school fees and asked for something so small in return…

Khushi wasn’t really bad, maybe it was just the situation that was making her bad…

“No Sir… There’s nothing of such sort… Khushi and I both love each other so much and that’s why we are getting married, there’s no other reason behind this” Arnav said

Ek baat usme bhi hai to ek baat usme bhi hai…

Hai dhoop sa woh agar, woh chaandni raat si hai…

Milpaye kabhi dono kya teri isme hai raza…

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

“Arnav I know there is something, please stop hiding it from me… you know marriage is something big and you can’t get married to any random person…

It’s about your whole life, do you want to spend it with the girl you don’t love? Do you want to spend it knowing that you could have had a better life instead of this?

Tell me what it is, why you’re doing this and maybe I could help you and I could help my daughter because she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

I’ll give you money if you want but you have to tell me the truth first, If she’s been blackmailing you with anything I promise I’ll sort it out but for heaven sake tell me the truth…”

Arnav looked at Khushi once… Maybe this was the right time, maybe it was the right thing to do, he should tell Mr. Singhania everything and he’d help him pay Anjali’s fees.

It was the last option he had, when Mr. Singhania was so willing to help him, it would be stupid not to take the help and put himself in the situation he was in right now.

Sep 30

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

“I need a few minutes to think” Arnav said

“Fine take your time, once you’ve decided what you want let me know” Mr. Singhania said as he walked away.

Arnav stood there as he stared at Khushi, he couldn’t even understand why she was doing this or why she always wanted to go against her father, he was sure there must have been a reason but only if he knew the reason then maybe it would have been easier to make a decision.

Although he knew he could do anything to escape this wedding, he dint want to leave Khushi alone to struggle with this, although she never spoke of it, he knew there was a lot going on in her life that was constantly hurting her and now he dint want to be the reason behind her pain.

No matter was she did, at one point he knew if Khushi was wrong he wasn’t right either and maybe he couldn’t be selfish enough to live her alone in this situation, she will be embarrassed and hurt, she even told him once that she doesn’t trust men and he dint want to give her another reason not to trust men once again.

He took a sigh and walked towards Mr. Singhania, he had made up his mind, there was no way he was going to escape this all alone, if it was escaping it then they would escape it together or not at all.

“What’s you decision?” Mr. Singhania asked hopefully.

“I love your daughter sir, and I promise to keep her happy always, can we please get married now?”

Mr. Singhania looked at Arnav in shock as Khushi still looked at them in confusion, she had no idea what was going on.

“Very well then, as you both wish” Mr. Singhania said disappointedly as they walked back towards Khushi.

Arnav walked to the altar while Khushi stood behind with her father.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to him, or maybe he’s really in love with you to make such a huge sacrifice even when I gave him an option to escape” Mr. Singhania said

Khushi looked at Arnav in surprise as tears filled her eyes, in this very short moment, all the hatred and anger she had towards him vanished somewhere, Arnav had been given an option to escape and if he wanted he could have escaped but he chose to stay, why would he do that?

“Thank you so much Arnav” Khushi said as she stood beside him.

“Don’t thank me Khushi, I just wanted to show you that not all men are same, and I wasn’t going to leave you in problem like my brother did” Arnav said

She dint know what it was about him, but today she had to accept since the incident that changed her, she had never had a soft corner for anyone, but today she had it for Arnav, he made her realize that he was far different from his own brother.

They sat down as Khushi continued staring at him, since the first day they met, she had always felt something different towards him, like she was never so rude to him like she was with everyone else, he just sounded like a good person and today, he proved that he really was.

“Khushi, can I ask you for something now that we are getting married?” Arnav asked

“What do you want Arnav?”

“I know you never wanted to get married and if the situation wasn’t like this, you wouldn’t have ever gotten married, but now that this is actually happening and you have to live with me in the same house for a month, can we be friends?

I mean why is there need of behaving like strangers or a boss and employee, can’t we forget everything that happened with this new beginning, so today instead of making the seven promises of marriage, we’ll make promises of friendship?”

“I don’t make friends Arnav, have you ever seen me with a friend or heard me talk about a friend? What you did for me today is something I really appreciate and this is why I’m telling you this.

I don’t believe in love and friendship, or maybe I do but I keep myself away from it regarding the incidents that had happened in the past, I was betrayed by my group of friends, they all saw what Shrey was doing to me and they just sat there watching and having fun.

And about love you very well know what your brother did to me, I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made in the past, it took me a very long time in being who I am today and I wouldn’t want to break once more, because if that happens, I’ll die”

Arnav looked at her sadly, he knew there was more of this, only a kiss couldn’t have made such a huge impact in her life and whatever it was, still did hurt her.

“We can’t be friends but we can be cool with each other right?”

“I accept that” Khushi nodded


“Now what?” Arnav asked as they stood in front of the door of his small house which was nothing compared to the mansion Khushi lived in, he dint even know how she was going to manage here in such a small place.

“Let’s go in, why are you nervous to walk inside your own house?”

“I have two brothers and a sister to answer Khushi”

“Well I’m sorry, I can’t help you there, but I can help you knock the door” Khushi said as she knocked the door before Arnav could stop her.

“Looks like there isn’t anyone home” Khushi said

“Thank God, at least I’ll get time to decide how I’ll explain this to them” Arnav sighed

Just then the door opened and they were face to face with Aakash who was staring at them in complete shock.

“Arnav! Khushi! What did you guys do?”

“Well we just got married” Khushi said as she pushed Aakash sideways and walked in as she sat down on the chair.

She looked around the house, the hall was not even half of her room but it was simple and cutely decorated, next to it was the kitchen and three door, which she guessed were the rooms.

“This is a beautiful house, I dint have a proper look at it when I was here last time Khushi smiled

“Arnav! Will you please tell me what’s happening?” Aakash asked

“Bro, it’s a long story, I promise I’ll explain everything later, just know that we both got married that’s it, I’m so tired anyway and I need to rest” Arnav said as he tried to walk away.

“You can’t walk away just like that without answering me Arnav! This is something we all should have been aware of” Aakash said angrily

“I know bro, but I promise I’ll explain everything, just give me time, see even Khushi is tired, we need to rest”

“Fine” Aakash said as he headed to his room angrily.

“We have to share the room” Arnav said to Khushi as he walked to his room and Khushi followed her.

“I hope not the bed” Khushi said as she walked in.

Arnav locked the door and looked at her, he was going to tell her what she was scared to listen to.

“Unfortunately yes, we have to share the bed too, we don’t have any extra mattress or anything, we don’t even have guests to visit us so we dint keep… but don’t worry, I promise I won’t touch you”

“How can we share the bed Arnav” Khushi said sounding nervous.

She was nervous and more than that she was scared, she had started sweating already and Arnav couldn’t understand what was wrong with this, they just had to sleep on different sides, he surely wasn’t going to do anything he wasn’t supposed to.

“Don’t worry Khushi, we’ll put pillows in between” Arnav said

“Arnav I… I can’t share the bed… I’ll sleep on the floor it’s fine” Khushi said

“But what’s wrong with it Khushi, you know you’re used to sleeping in that comfortable bed of yours, you won’t be able to sleep well even on this bed and you’re talking about sleeping on the floor as if I’ll let you”

“You won’t understand Arnav, you won’t!” Khushi said as she walked away suddenly leaving him confused.

Sep 30

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

Arnav walked out of his room and found her sited on the sofa lost in thoughts, her expressions were lost, she was calm but it seemed like there was a hurricane of thoughts inside her mind, and he couldn’t understand what they were.

What was it that was hurting her so much? What was it that she couldn’t forget not even after trying so much? Why was it hurting her like this?

He had lots of questions and he knew even though he’d ask her about it she was never going to tell him, and they were already too tired for the day.

“Khushi” Arnav said as he sat next to her.

“I’m sorry Arnav, I dint want to leave like that, I just wanted you to understand me, I can’t really share the bed with you, I’m sorry but even if I try I’ll not be able to”

“It’s okay Khushi, I understand you… I’ll look for a solution, you can sleep on the bed, I’ll figure out something for myself and anyway Anjali would also leave soon for her studies then I’d be sleeping in her room.

We’re both tired so I think we should rest, we have to get to work tomorrow, you’re the boss you’ll not have any problem but I’ll have to be on time, so let’s get to bed”

Khushi nodded as she stood up, they both walked back inside the bedroom, Arnav handed Khushi a blanket and took one for himself as he walked outside.

He wondered where he was going to sleep, and if Aakash found him sleeping somewhere else and not in his own room, he’d have questions to ask again.

He sat on the sofa hoping he’d make an excuse in the morning that’s if Aakash woke up earlier than him, the only option he had as of now was to sleep on the sofa, and that seemed the best.


The night had just turned darker, the whole street was silent, everyone was asleep by now lost in their own world of beautiful dreams, but then there was one place where a night was full of nightmares.

Khushi tossed and turned on the bed as she fought the unseen monsters that were within her not letting her get a peaceful sleep.

She kicked and punched in the air, she wanted to shout and cry but no voice came out, everything was dark, the monsters were haunting her so bad it was unbearable.

“Stop!” She shouted suddenly as she sat up on the bed and looked around the room all scared.

A few moments later, Arnav rushed in quickly as he switched on the lights and found Khushi sited on the bed crying badly.

“Khushi! Are you okay? What happened? Why are you crying? Please stop crying” Arnav said as he rushed towards her.

“Arnav save me, please save me…” She cried as she got hold of his arm and rested her head on it, her hold on his arm was so tight which made him feel she had a terrible nightmare.

“Khushi, it’s okay… I’m here, please go back to sleep…” Arnav said

“I can’t sleep Arnav, I can’t… it’s been ages since I slept peacefully, every time I try to sleep the demons haunt me so bad it makes me feel that death is better than being this way…

Why did it have to be me Arnav? Why was I the one to go through all that? I’m scared, every time I close my eyes I feel scared thinking there are a thousand eyes around here watching me…

It’s terrible, it’s awful, I can’t explain how much it hurts”

“Hey… it’s okay Khushi, I’m right here with you okay, everything is going to be fine, please sleep” Arnav said as he held her into his arms and massaged her head lightly.

Within no time she was lost deep into sleep he dint feel like leaving her all alone here, he dint want to move either not wanting to spoil her sleep so her just sat there until morning.


Next morning

Khushi woke up yet holding Arnav’s arm, Arnav was deep asleep as he leaned on the corner of the bed.

She looked around for a while trying to remember what had happened when she remembered how she had woken up in the middle of the night and Arnav had come for her support.

She pulled out her hand slowly from his hold trying not to wake him up but she was unsuccessful. Arnav stretched his arms lazily as he opened his eyes and found Khushi sitting in front of her.

“I’m sorry, you were so scared last night I couldn’t leave you alone, please don’t take it wrongly, I was here just to be with you and make you feel that you weren’t alone, that’s it” Arnav said

“It’s okay Arnav, I dint ask for any explanations” Khushi said as she stood up.

The bathroom is outside, I’m sorry our house is small so we don’t have bathrooms in each and every room like you’d be having in your mansion, this one month is going to be terrible for you” Arnav said sadly

He jumped up suddenly and stared at Khushi in shock.

“What happened now?”

“How could we both be so stupid Khushi? How could we get married thinking we’ll get divorced in a month? It’s impossible! According to law, we have to be married for at least one year before we get divorced”

“I’m not stupid like you Arnav, we did get married but ritually not legally, this was just for my father to see, after a month I’ll go back home and tell him things dint work out that’s it, there’s no legal process”

“Oh yeah, clever you” Arnav said feeling ashamed, how couldn’t he have thought this?

“Now get ready and get going to work, remember I’m the boss”

“You’re back to the usual you, can’t you be good like a normal person?”

“I am not a normal person, my life isn’t normal like everyone out there so stop asking stupid questions, just show me everything and I’ll be good on my own”

“Fine” Arnav said


Arnav had already left for work, Khushi had been busy arranging her clothes in the cupboard so she got late, she walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen to find something for herself to eat.

“Do you need anything?” she heard a voice.

She turned and looked at Aakash who was standing behind her and the turned away again not paying heed to him.

She opened the fridge and continued looking for something she could eat but there was nothing that could really help her.

“What are you doing?” he asked again.

“Minding my own business and I’d like if you do the same”

“What’s wrong with you Khushi, I was just offering you help, what’s the damn big deal about it?” Aakash asked angrily

“Did I ask for your help? No! I’m just tolerating you because you are Arnav’s brother but that doesn’t give you any right to talk to me, as long as I am here I would prefer you to stay 50 meters away from me, get that?”

“Are you doing all this for revenge? Look it was all my fault, Arnav had nothing to do with it, why are you punishing him for my mistakes?”

“Aakash please, let me be! Whatever that’s between me and Arnav is our personal matter, I don’t see the importance of talking about it to you, now leave me alone before I lose my temper and forget that as much as this house belongs to Arnav, it belongs to you too”

“Khushi!” She heard Arnav’s voice

She turned to the door and he was standing there, his eyes burning red with anger.

Oct 3

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 66 times)

He walked towards her and stood in between her and Aakash, there was something scary about the look he was giving her, and being a girl who hadn’t been scared of anything for so long it was quite weird that she felt scared of the look he was giving her.

“He is my brother, you shouldn’t be talking to him like that!”

“And he’s the man who left me to…” she suddenly stopped talking as the memories flashed back in her mind and tears formed up in her eyes.

She ran away before anyone could notice them but it was too late, Arnav had already noticed it and he followed her.

“Khushi Stop!” he shouted at her but she dint want to listen.

She dint want to stop, she just wanted to run, run away from the reality, run away from the traumatic past, run away from everything that was hurting her this much.

She stopped far away under a tree and sat down, breaking down completely, she knew she had made a wrong decision, she should have never got married to Arnav, how could she have forgotten that Aakash was there, and as long as he was there she was never going to forget her past.

She hugged herself tightly burying her face in her arms, she wanted to run away from all those flashbacks, from all those images forming up in her mind once again, from that terrible past she thought she’d left behind.

Arnav came to a halt as he saw Khushi sited under the tree with her pale face, tears yet rolling down her eyes as she tried her best to stop them but maybe there was something that was hurting her so much she couldn’t tell anyone.

He wanted to go to her and be with her, ask her what was wrong and just make her feel better but then he thought it wasn’t a good idea, he had just been angry on her a while back.

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Faasle milon ke hain, dono hain alag hi disha…

Kabhi yeh mil payenge nahi kisiko he pata…

He turned around to walk away but he dint feel like either, how could he just leave her all alone here hurt and crying? How could he be so heartless to her when he knew she had a terrible past and maybe a while ago he just reminded her of it?

He made up his mind, he surely wasn’t going to leave her here alone or let her keep crying like this, he had to do something, to make her feel better even though she was going to push him away from her he had to be with her.

Ek baat usme bhi hai to ek usme bhi hai…

Hai dhoop sa woh agar, woh chandni raat si he…

Milpaye kabhi dono, kya teri isme hai raza…

He walked towards her and got hold of her as he helped her stand up.

“I’m sorry Khushi” He said in a low voice

Khushi broke down more as she pulled him into a tight hug, she continued crying as she held him tighter and tighter, wanting all her pain to disappear, wanting to feel better, to feel at home and know that whatever that had happened in the past happened, there was nothing that could change it and she should move on.

But then what would happen when Arnav would get to know about it? Would he look at her the same way? Would he let her hug him like this? Would he see her the same way? Or would things change… maybe he would judge her like the rest of the world and maybe her past actually defined her whole life for her, there wasn’t a thing that would change, and she should just stop hoping.

She opened her eyes in surprise, why was she concerned about what Arnav was going to think of her? Why was it that she was worried about him only and not anyone else? What was happening to her? Why couldn’t she understand it.

She pushed him away suddenly and took a few steps backwards, she had to stay away from him, how could she forget what she had promised herself? She wasn’t going to trust any other man again! She wasn’t going to fall in love again!

Na paas aasake… na door jaa sake…

Agar pyaar inko kheenche takrar inko roke…

Yun to bade hai inke kadam… inhe raasta tu hi dikha…

“Khushi… please talk to me” Arnav said as he looked at her feeling defeated.

“What do you want me to talk to you about Arnav?”

“About what’s hurting you so much, why can’t you share it with me, maybe then it would stop hurting you this way”

“And why do you care if I’m hurt?”

“Because I… I just care, I don’t know why, but I know I do, and it hurts me terribly seeing you hurt like this” Arnav said

Khushi turned away from him as tears rolled down her eyes once again, she dint know why but she just could take his words, they were so heavy so intense for her… they meant more than he could think and that’s what she dint want.

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…

“Please leave me alone Arnav”

“Khushi please talk to me, tell me what it is that’s been disturbing you, why is it that you are like this? What happened? Please talk to me”

“Arnav I told you earlier I don’t trust people anymore, especially men and how can I forget you are a man, how do you expect me to trust you after all that happened to me?”

“Because I wasn’t the one who did it to you Khushi, I am a friend, I want to be a friend for you, I want you to lean on my shoulder and cry and tell me your problems and I want to wipe away your tears and tell you that everything is going to be okay.”

“Don’t do this Arnav please don’t do this to me”

“What shouldn’t I do Khushi?”

“Stop making me dream, I don’t want to dream of a thing because I know in the end everything is going to shatter, all my dreams and my heart once again, and I really don’t have the strength to go through all that once again… please understand me Arnav, it’s terrible, it’s difficult”

“It’s difficult for me too to see you this way”

“And that’s my question Arnav, why? It’s my life, they’re my problems, then why is it difficult for you?”

“Because it is, and I don’t know why”

“Then go find out why, and the day you do, come to me with an answer and that day I’ll answer all the questions you have for me but as of now, just leave me alone” she said as she walked away.

“Why do I care? Why does it hurt me too? I don’t know Khushi, I wish I knew the answer and I wish you could trust me enough to tell me the truth, but if this is it, I’ll make sure I find an answer for you so I get my answers.” Arnav said as he walked the opposite way.

Oct 4

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

Khushi walked in the office with her heels making the noise, as everyone heard the sound of her walking, they all got back to work and pretended to be serious, they had always avoided her anger, she usually became the worst person when she was angry.

She headed to her cabin and settled down on the chair looking as fresh as never before, maybe it was the glow that all newly wedded brides had on their face despite the fact that the marriage between her and Arnav was just a deal.

Arnav kept on staring at her from his cabin as she started working on her laptop and dint even try once to look at his cabin or anywhere else, her eyes were glued to the laptop only.

There was something painful about seeing her this way, she sat silently in her cabin pretending to work but he knew in actual she was working because he just noticed her wiping away a tear from her eyes.

It did hurt him, seeing her pretending to be perfectly fine when her whole life seemed to be shattered, and he wished he could do anything to make her feel better, anything that could save her from this misery because if seeing her like this hurt him this much, he wondered how hurt she must be feeling going through all that pain that she dint even want to share with him.

But why did he care? Khushi was right! Why was her pain making a difference to him? he had seen many people hurt before and he sympathized with them, but it wasn’t the same with Khushi, he wasn’t sympathizing, he was feeling her pain in his chest.

He stood up suddenly without thinking of anything and headed towards the coffee machine, he filled a cup with coffee and then headed to Khushi’ cabin, he dint knock, he just walked in like it was his office.

“Do I need to teach you manners now” Khushi asked as she stood up angrily while Arnav placed the cup of coffee on the table.

This time he dint care about her anger because what he was seeing was more painful, her eyes were bloodshot and they seemed a little bit swollen. Khushi realized Arnav staring at her and she sat back down and she fumbled with her purse, she pulled out her shades and wore them.

“Thank you for the coffee but I dint ask for it and you need to learn how to knock before you come in”

“Will you please stop the drama in front of me Khushi?” Arnav asked

“And will you please stop the drama of caring about me because I know you don’t, no one cares about anyone unless they are getting something out of it so please don’t show me this fake care, I was done with all that long back and now if you don’t mind will you leave”

“I will, but please do drink the coffee, I’m sure you haven’t eaten anything since morning”

“I don’t need your care Arnav, please leave me alone!” Khushi shouted at the top of her voice.

Everyone else stood up wondering what was going on, half of the employees were sure Arnav was fired, even Arnav himself trembled on her loud voice, it was scary and full of pain.

He dint say another word, he just walked away silently while everyone else started asking him questions about what had happened but he dint bother to answer anyone, he just walked silently to his cabin and sat there.


Half an hour later when Arnav walked out of his cabin and had gathered enough strength to look at Khushi, he turned his head towards her cabin hoping to see her but she wasn’t there.

“Where did she go?” Arnav asked his workmate.

“No idea, she left right after she shouted at you, it must be some meeting” He said

“Thanks anyway” Arnav said as he walked back to his cabin got his stuff and rushed out, as far as he knew Khushi dint have any meeting to attend today so where had she gone?

Did he hurt her too much? But he was just worried for her, he wanted to make her feel better that’s it.

“Why?” Khushi’s voice rang in his mind and he was carried away in thoughts again.

She had told him to find an answer but he was unable to, he dint know why he felt this way, but he did feel it, wasn’t that enough?

He jumped on his bike and a hurry and drove home hoping to find her there but she hadn’t gone home.

“Maybe she’s gone to visit her dad” He thought as he headed to the Singhania Mansion.

He parked his bike outside and headed inside the mansion looking for her but no one was present there apart from the servants who informed him she wasn’t there too.

He was getting more worried now, he couldn’t understand where she might have gone, he just hoped that wherever she was, she was okay.

He pulled out his phone from the pocket and dialed Khushi’s number but it wasn’t reachable which got him even more worried.

“Maybe she went back to the garden behind the house” Arnav though as he got back on his bike and drove home again.

He parked it outside the house and rushed towards the garden shouting her name and looking everywhere he could hoping he was going to find her but she wasn’t there too.

He walked inside the house feeling tired and defeated as he sat on the sofa when Aakash walked in.

“What happened? Why aren’t you at work?”

“I am looking for Khushi, did you see her? I mean she came to the office but then left suddenly, I’ve looked for her in all the places possible but she’s nowhere”

“Then call her”

“I did, but her phone is unreachable too, I’m really worried about her, what if something had happened to her? What if she’s in some sort of danger? I’m so worried bro” Arnav said.

“Relax Arnav, she might have gone to a meeting somewhere and switched off her mobile, why are you over reacting?”

“Because I know she dint have any meeting today, and I ended up hurting her… if anything happens to her I’ll never forgive myself for it” Arnav almost broke down.

He had never felt this terrible, he had never feared losing anyone as much as he feared losing Khushi today… what was happening to him? Why was she affecting him this much?


The day ended with Arnav still trying to find Khushi and to contact her but nothing had helped yet. She dint even have friends that he could have called and asked about her, what was he supposed to do now?

He walked from one place to another, giving pressure to his mind, trying his best to think of all the possible places she could be in where he missed out but there was none.

He had checked all the places possible and hadn’t found her yet.

He had to inform Mr. Singhania about it, they could go to the police station and file a missing complaint, he wasn’t going to feel good until he knew she was okay.

He was just thinking about going to the police station when the door of the hall opened, he quickly ran out of his room to the hall where he saw Khushi walking in.

She stopped walking as soon as her eyes fell on him, tears of happiness rolled down his eyes, he found himself smiling like an idiot, he was happy that she was back and she was safe, what more could he ask for anyway.

Arnav rushed towards her with the highest speed his legs could manage as he got hold of her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Where had you been stupid? Do you have an idea how worried I was about you? And then on top of that you had your phone switched off, you could have at least called me and informed me Khushi, I was dying thinking about you.

What if something had happened to you, don’t be so careless next time, please don’t leave me like that, it was as terrible feeling” Arnav said not leaving her yet.

Khushi stood all shocked and numb, it was like after ages someone was this close to her, or since someone had hugged her, she was left surprised and couldn’t react at all, she tried to break the hug but Arnav wouldn’t let her go, the more she tried the tighter he held her into his arms.

Oct 5

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 69 times)

Arnav broke the hug after a long time as Khushi stood still staring at him, he was so worried about her, he was checking her arms and her legs for any injuries as if she’d had an accident or something.

“Thank God you’re okay, I was so scared Khushi” He said as he hugged her again.

A tear dropped down her eyes as she felt his care towards her, it was a feeling she’d never felt for so long, no one had ever cared for her like he did, not even her own father, the last times he remembered about someone caring for her was in her childhood when her mother was alive.

“Please don’t ever leave like that Khushi, at least inform me so I’ll not be worried okay?” he said as he broke the hug and cupped her face.

“Hey… what happened, why are you crying? I’m sorry if I said something wrong I was just worried” Arnav said as he wiped her tear away.

“I am okay Arnav, I just needed to be alone that’s it, and anyway why are you worried about me, whatever will happen to me will be for good”

“Why are you saying that Khushi, of course I care for you, I’m your husband” He said

She smiled as she stared at him, everything seemed to be changing after so long, there was someone who cared for her, there was someone who made her feel wanted, it was just a beautiful feeling and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“Now what makes you smile?” Arnav asked

“Nothing, I’ll inform you next time if I go anywhere” She said as she stepped backward and then rushed to the room.

“She just disappeared and now she’s smiling Oh God! Someone said truly, girls are strange you won’t ever understand them” Arnav said as he settled down on the sofa.

“Can I disturb you for a while?” Aakash asked

“You wouldn’t disturb me at all, come sit” Arnav said as he shifted aside so that Aakash could join him.

“I wanted to talk to you about Khushi… I know your marriage isn’t normal and as much as you pretend it is, I’m sure you won’t be able to give me an answer on why you were sleeping outside here yesterday night” Aakash said

Arnav looked at him in surprise not knowing what to say or what to do, there was no excuse he could actually think about.

“I came to get some water and saw you if you’re wondering how I found out… anyway that’s not the point, it’s your life and I’m with you in whatever decision you’ve taken”

“So why did you tell me about it?”

“Because I noticed you and Khushi a while back before she went to the room, believe it or not, there is surely some connection between you both, something that feels right…

I could see how worried you were about her, and how calm she was with you, she’s a different Khushi to you and a different Khushi to me, I know I did wrong to her and I accept it, I was a coward but I don’t want you to be like me Arnav”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t hurt her like I did, I know right now you have no idea what’s happening and there are a lot of things that you don’t understand at the moment but there will come a time when everything will be clear and at that time I want you to stand by her…

You know when I met her after I got to know that you work for her, I realized there was something, I don’t know how to explain, I mean yes she was hurt by me and by Shrey and by all her friends but what she is right now, isn’t only because of what we all did to her, there’s something more to it, something she tries so hard to hide.”

“I know bro, I have talked to her so many times, I know there’s something dark and terrible, and I wish she could tell me and maybe I would help her”

“She will one day, or maybe you’ll find out, all I want is for you to understand that whatever it might be, you won’t hurt her or judge her”

“I won’t ever judge her, I’ve known her so well at least I know she’s a good person and that’s all that matters anyway”

“That’s good, anyway that’s all I had to tell you” Aakash said as he stood up to walk away.

“Bro, can I ask you a question?” Arnav asked

“Sure, anything” Aakash said as he turned to look at him.

He seemed a bit nervous, this was anyway a bit of awkward conversation and he was going to make it more awkward by his question.

“You loved Khushi and maybe you still do, then why are you telling me all this, I mean don’t you feel bad or jealous or something of such sort?”

“Maybe my love for her wasn’t really love, because if it was, she wouldn’t be what she is right now and I wouldn’t have done what I did to her in the past”

“So you don’t love her anymore?”

“I respect her Arnav, she’s your wife and that’s what I’ll take her to be” Aakash said as he walked away.


Khushi was lying on the bed with the smile that refused to disappear from her face. She dint know what this feeling was but it was beautiful.

It was beautiful to feel someone care for you, it was beautiful the way Arnav reacted towards her, everything suddenly seemed so beautiful that it ever was.

She was smiling a genuine smile after so long, she felt happy from the inside, it wasn’t the show off happiness, everything felt calm and relaxed.

She hugged the pillow tight and closed her eyes as she drove into the world of dreams where all this while she’d been having nightmares only, everything seemed to be changing and it was changing for good maybe.

The whole world had suddenly become so beautiful and for this specific moment, it was as if she’d forgotten about all the terrible memories of the past which kept on haunting her every now and then taking away her happiness.

She wanted to behave like a teenage girl, she wanted to jump on the bed, she wanted to sing songs and dance to the tune and do everything crazy that would make her feel more better.

She stood up and rushed to the mirror staring at her reflection, it had been long since she had looked at herself in the mirror and admired her own beautiful reflection.

She was lost into admiring herself when she saw Aakash’s reflection, he was passing by and she had left the door to her room open…

Within a few seconds all her happiness vanished away. The butterflies in her stomach were dead, the smile from her face faded away and she no more found herself beautiful as she looked at the mirror.

Everything changed again and she was back to the old Khushi who couldn’t forget about her past no matter how much she tried, she knew she’d never be able to have a happy life and once again, all the dreams she had seen a while again seemed to be getting shattered.

She punched the mirror with her fist angrily as it broke down into pieces hurting her arm while Arnav stood at the door staring at her in complete confusion and pain.

Oct 6

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 63 times)

“Khushi!” he said as he rushed towards her.

She stood there still holding her arm as blood fell down from it, Arnav got hold of her and pulled her aside first making her sit on the bed and then he looked at her wound worriedly, his hands trembled as he let go off her hand and he rushed for the first aid kit.

He dint speak a word, he dint ask her why she did it or if it was an accident or anything, right now he was just worried about the wound in her hand and he wanted to make it stop bleeding as soon as he could.

He quickly pulled out a bandage, some cotton wool and a wound cleanser. He squeezed a bit of the liquid to the cotton wool and held her arm, he hesitated for a moment before he finally started cleaning the wound. His hands kept on trembling every time he tried to touch her to clean her wound, it was as if he was scared to clean a wound on his own arm fearing the pain.

Khushi flinched, no matter how strong a person is or how strong they act to be, such wounds don’t go away without a little pain. Arnav tried to be as soft as he could while cleansing the wound while Khushi just sat there staring at him without speaking a word.

He turned to get the bandage when Khushi noticed his face, she dint know how to react for a moment so she just stood up in surprise.

“Arnav… you’re crying?” She asked in complete disbelief.

Humko Mohabbat Dhoond Rahi Thi Naam Pata Sab Pooch Rahi Thi

Teri Kasam Hum Pakde Gaye Hai Hatkadiyon Mein Jakde Gaye Hai

Hum Ko Qayamat Dhoond Rahi Thi Naam Pata Sab Pooch Rahi Thi

Arnav quickly wiped his tears away and stood up as he got hold of her hand and tied the bandage around the wound without saying anything to her.

When he was done, he put back everything in the box and returned it where it was as he headed outside the room.

Within a few minutes, he was back with a broom and a dustpan, he bent down and started cleaning the broken mirror while Khushi stood there as if she was in a trauma.

It was hard to believe that she had actually seen Arnav crying, but she couldn’t understand why he was crying… was it because she was hurt? Or was there some other reason behind it? If so what could it be?

He walked away with everything and once again returned back with a mop, as he mopped the whole room just to make sure there were no broken pieces of the mirror left.

After he finished he was about to walk away again when Khushi got hold of him, he stopped but dint turn to look at her.

“Arnav, talk to me, why don’t you ask me why I did that or why I hurt myself or why aren’t you shouting at me for breaking the mirror, why aren’t you saying anything? Please say something Arnav, your silence doesn’t feel good”

He stood there still saying nothing, not even a word, he neither looked at her nor said anything and it was hurting her so much.

“Okay fine if you don’t want to say anything at least tell me why you were crying, is everything okay?” She asked as she walked in front of him so she could look at him.

He had his eyes glues on the ground and it hurt her knowing that he dint even want to look at her.

“Arnav” Khushi said as she bent down on her knees and looked at him, his eyes were moist and a bit reddish, and as soon as she went down on her knees, a tear fell from his eyes on her forehead.

“If I made a mistake I am sorry, please forgive me but don’t stop talking to me, I want to hear you say something, please talk to me Arnav please, tell me anything if you want to shout on me then please do that, if you want to curse me or say anything that will hurt me, still say it but don’t stay silent like this” Khushi begged.

Chori Se Yeh Chupke Se Aayi Tere Mere Dil Samayi

Pehle Dil Ka Chain Churaya Phir Aankhon Se Neend Churayi

Saat Samundar Buja Sake Na Aisi Aag Lagayi

Aisa Laga Bas Jaan Nikal Gayi Saamne Jab Tu Aayi

As much as all this was hurting him, seeing her going down on her knees and begging him like this hurt him more. He couldn’t understand what to do and what not to do, his mind was in a dilemma, he was confused about everything he was feeling right now because he couldn’t understand why he felt like this.

He bent down as he got hold of her and helped her back to the bed, still not saying a word, he turned around to leave once again but Khushi dint let him go, she had his hand held in hers as she looked at him determined not to let him go until he talked to her.

“Please talk to me Arnav please” she said as held his hand tighter.

“Let me go Khushi” he said as he tried to pull himself away from her hold but she was adamant on not letting him go at all.

“No I won’t let you go until you talk to me, you are the only one I know here anyway, if you also stop talking to me, what would I do?”

“I said let me go Khushi!” Arnav shouted back this time angrily.

“If you think you’ll shout and I’ll let you go then don’t even think so, unless you talk to me, I’m not letting you go, tell me why you are punishing me like this, what the hell did I do?”

“What the hell did you do? You put your damn life in danger! You hurt yourself Khushi and you expect me to come here and congratulate you about it, oh hey Khushi what a punch it was, congratulations you just broke a mirror with your bare hands and you won a prize for it too!” he said as he got hold of her shoulders angrily.

His eyes were burning red with anger now and he was staring deep into her eyes as if he could see through them.

“Do you have an idea on how I felt Khushi? It felt like the pieces of glass were tearing up my soul instead of your hand, that blood falling out of your hand, almost got me losing my senses and you ask me what you’ve done.

Do you have an idea how much pain I felt inside my heart dressing your wound and then you ask me why I was crying, so here’s the answer Khushi, I was crying because it hurt me, it hurts how much you hate yourself deep inside and show something else to the world, it hurts how you try to harm yourself God know why but it hurts because I can feel it, I feel it’s like hurting me, I can’t see all that so please for heaven sake stop hurting yourself”

“Arnav” Khushi said in utter shock as she looked at him with her eyes wide open.

“Next time you do anything stupid like this, I’ll slap you right away! If you can’t value your life I don’t care but I do, and I’ll not let you do this to yourself… if you don’t care about yourself it’s fine, just remember there are other people out there who care for you, so next time before you think of punching a damn mirror, come and punch me, it would hurt less”

Tez Hawa Ka Banke Jhoka Isne Humko Raah Mein Roka

Boli Aao Tumko Sikhaon Aankh Micholi Khel Diloka

Tere Mere Nayan Mile To Isko Mil Gaya Mauka

Kya Karthe Kya Kar Sakte the Dil Bhi De Gaya Dhoka

He looked at her as she stared back at him in shock and then marched away leaving her like a statue, for a moment she couldn’t believe what she had heard, It was overwhelming, the way he was so worried about her, the way he describe how he felt her pain, she dint feel sad at all, in fact the ticklish feeling was back again.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach once again and it all felt stupid yet beautiful, she laid flat on the bed trying to stop smiling but she couldn’t, Arnav’s words kept ringing in her mind and she dint understand why she was happy about it.

Teri Kasam Hum Pakde Gaye Hai Hatkadiyon Mein Jakde Gaye Hai

Hum Ko Qayamat Dhoond Rahi Thi Naam Pata Sab Pooch Rahi Thi

Humko Mohabbat Dhoond Rahi Thi Naam Pata Sab Pooch Rahi Thi

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