Barun Sobti gets candid about his upcoming movie, returning to television and romance

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Sep 6

Barun Sobti gets candid about his upcoming movie, returning to television and romance (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 7 times)

Barun Sobti continues to rule the Television industry with his charming looks and humble self. The actor refrains from being on social media but is a house on fire for his close knit.  Away from the rat race, he likes to soak in each moment and simply do what he likes. 

In a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, the actor spoke about his upcoming film Tu Hai Mera Sunday, his comeback show, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, and what does romance mean to him. 

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

You ruled everyone’s heart as the angry young man, Arnav Singh Raizada. After IPKKND went off air, fans were left disheartened. Now, you are back with IPKKND 3. How does it feel returning to the small screen?

It is exhausting. I am back in the grind. When you work for TV and do a show for a year and more, what it really changes is the sense of belonging so you put your heart and soul into it. So we are into that zone wherein we are putting in everything that we have and hoping that people will like it.

What was first reaction when producer Gul Khan offered you this role of Advay Singh Raizada?

I wasn’t offered this role. It was not meant to be this franchise. The tentative title was something else. It was a much later decision after the scripting started that they wanted to come back with this franchise. 

When I was offered the role of Advay Singh Raizada, my first reaction was that why the hell would anyone like this guy? (laughs) Then Gul told me that that is why casting is so important. We need a guy who can portray the pain while he is doing such menacing things. It was a very difficult role but then that is the most interesting part.

What is the biggest difference you find between Arnav and Advay?

This is an unfair question because I had immense fun doing both the roles. The major reason why I had so much fun doing all the roles was that it has been appreciated so much. However, the difference between Advay and Arnav is that one Advay is absolutely lonely, he has nobody in his life so you feel bad for him. He is vocal about it and is vengeful. Advay’s losses are so deep that he can go to any extent to make the people who are behind it to make them suffer.

After working with Sanaya in the first instalment, you are now seen romancing Shivani Tomar. How has the experience been so far?

It is awesome. She is a very sorted girl and focusing on the right things. 

Shivani in an interview said that you are the King of Romance on the small screen. However, what does romance means to Barun?

There is no way of defining it. The way I looked at my wife probably, that’s it. It is just got to do with understanding and how someone feels for someone at one point. You just have to be in love for that and I have been in love with my wife all my life. (smiles)

Did you miss TV while you were doing movies?

It is a different element when you do television, there is so much responsibility of delivering episodes. In TV, you live for that one moment, which might be once in a day, week or year. You have to make sure that you capitalise on that and rest it is like any other job.

Many TV celebs are venturing into mainstream Bollywood movies. Have you been offered such roles?

I have passed on on a lot of roles. I purely and simply do what I like. 

About his upcoming movie:

Tell us about your movie, Tu Hai Mera Sunday? 

Tu Hai Mera Sunday is coming out on October 6, 2017. It has always been really difficult for me to explain this film but in a nutshell it is about five boys who meet every Sunday to play football on Juhu beach and one unfortunate incident happens and Juhu beach is banned from playing football, so it is their quest to find space in the crowded city of Mumbai and in the whole journey they end up finding their own selves. 

Biggest challenge while doing the movie?

For me as an actor, the challenge is mostly before the film starts when you have to get into the psychology of the character. While we were filming, it was like a knife through butter. there was no problem at all. We had our own little challenges because obviously, we had to perform the task because it was a very important film for all of that.

Any specific memory related to the film?

I had a blast with the whole cast. I remember everything about it. We shot for 31-day schedule- 12 of which were in Goa. We used to work in the day and party in the night every single day and all of us together. 



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