OS: Annav's doll

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OS: Annav's doll (By Spriya) (Thanked: 54 times)

"Doll..." Shouted an excited four year old arnav running inside the house.

"Annav...Mera annav aagayi" squealed an equally excited three year annav ki doll.

"Slow down arnav, you will get hurt" ratna his mother warned following him. They both came to her friend garima house whom living in an foot distance.

"Khushi beta...slow down, you will get hurt" her mother garima warned the same.

"Doll, see i am going to participate in zonal painting competition" arnav said excitedly showing her an adverti****t in newspaper.

"Annav, will you draw me" she asked cutely taking her place beside him.

"Haan. I'll paint you like a princess with long hair, big eyes, beautiful dress, sitting in a big throne.." before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted.

"Even if you doesn't paint, she will always be a princess. Princess of Gupta. And you just bloody beggar" khushi dad shashi gupta spit venom on poor boy who doesn't understand half of what he said except beggar.

"Shashiji, what are you saying? How can you speak like this? He's your friend son. Just because they are poor, doesn't give you right to speak about his status" garima retorted not able to hear her husband's indifference. Before a month they're close friends and all turned upside down when arnav's father lost his whole business without a penny. Now they're living in a small rented house nearby her mansion. Arnav and khushi was always inseparable that continues after their loss also.

"Then ask them to befriend according to their status" shouted shashi.

Seeing her father and mother fight, khushi slowly moved near arnav holding his little finger "Daddy is bad. Don't hear his words. Hear your doll words ok..." She stated cutely making arnav smile forgetting his earlier worry.

"I am sorry shashiji, it's our fault to come here. But don't worry hereafter you need not to see us near your vicinity" ratna stated firmly, holding arnav hands she left the house held her head high promising herself not to step here until they regain their old status.

"Annav...annav.." khushi too followed them holding his finger.

Even though arnav can understand only bits he knows his mother only do right so he too followed her but seeing Khushi refuse to leave his hand accompanying him he pleaded  "Mamma doll.."

"Garima, go hold her. She doesn't need this boy friendship" shashi ordered sternly with disgust seeing his daughter clinging to arnav.

Garima couldn't do anything other than watching all this, she can't rewind the time her husband insulted her friend nor her friend's decision as it is her dignity. Only option left was to keep Khushi away from them.

"Khushi, leave his hand.." garima struggled to separate her hand from his finger. Her wails deaf all the person on gupta mansion.

Seeing his doll crying face, his mother and garima aunty struggling arnav bend down to her level "My doll is good girl right. She's strong, she'll not cry. I'll see you after painting your photo like princess, until then you should not cry and disturb others" she heard patiently firmly pressing her little lips and wiping her tears.

"Ok. But promise me, annav will come back to her doll" she asked extending her palms in promise.

"Doll promise" little arnav hands fitted perfectly in her palms. Showing his teeth he kissed her before disappear to achieve his maa's promise.

Days passed, months passed, years passed along with their memories. Khushi totally forget a person called arnav in her life except something. That something is she calls someone as annav who in turn calls her doll nothing else in her mind.

After that insult arnav family moved to mumbai. New city, new faces, new neighbours, new house they changed totally. One thing is there that is ratna wish of making khushi as raizada bahu. She want to show they got what they lost by her son and want to slap on shashi gupta face. Not that she want revenge but the fact they came across few years ago made her determination strong. Arnav father told the truth in death bed, that shashi gupta deceived them by leaking raizada company details for commission. Because of him they lost their whole penny along with dignity which carries raizada pride from centuries. While arnav have no idea except promising to a cute girl whom he call as doll. Many times he asked his mother about her details but she always shut him saying she'll tell once the time comes.

Twenty five years passed by now with these changes. Arnav doing exports business along with Telecom sector. While gupta's are also not less, they are leader in their field of fashion. Often khushi name came to limelight for her achievement. Currently her marriage issues are the talk of the town. There are rumors she's dating someone and marriage is going to happen soon. Seeing this ratna decided it's time to intervene not knowing the actual truth.

"Dad it's all rumors. Don't you know about these medias. It's just a friendly hug and they took it in other light" explained not so calm gupta princess Khushi gupta.

Not believing in his daughter words shashi warned "I don't care about all these, like i said earlier you should only marry whom i choose. If you're already in love or something then forgot all that ****s" 

"I'll not sit quite accepting your chavinesm. I am big enough to decide what's right and wrong for me and whom to marry and whom not. Don't dream about my marriage according to your wishes" argued an equally raged khushi aka annav ki doll.

Shashi gupta being a man of arrogant refuse to bend according to her daughter "I am seeing you from past few years, your behavior changed. From where did you gain courage to back answer me"

"Because i got to know the world and persons who can go for any depth for money" khushi replied furiously left from there without turning back.

While the weather in delhi like this there in mumbai it was totally opposite.

"Arnav you asked me about doll. Now the time came. Her name is khushi gupta. She's your close friend and her parents are close friend of me and your father. It says right, money blinds people like it blinded khushi father. He deceived us by leaking our company secrets. Because of he..we..."

"I know" said arnav shocking ratna in process who till now thought arnav have no idea about the truth.

"What you know? Khushi or the truth of her father?" Ratna questioned recovering from the shock.

"Maa...woh..." A shrill of ring tone make halt of arnav's talk.

Arnav excused himself from there "I'll be back soon.."

"Some moron published our pictures. Dad started marriage talks. I am warning you arnav, if you didn't start our marriage talks I'll leave my house permanently" khushi threatened without giving chance for other person to speak.

"Madam do you know the manners of greeting?" Arnav chuckled hearing her non stop threaten as soon as he pressed answer button.

"I'll teach you if you fail to marry me. Annav marry me na..i don't want to live here" she pleaded cutely for which arnav want to hug her and kiss her pout.

Controlling his wild thoughts he asked curiously as he know she'll have some bold different answer "Then where'll you go?"

"I'll directly land into your mansion saying you cheated me and now i am pregnant" Khushi answered with winning smile.

"Oh god, doll are you serious. But whenever i came near you, you're running away then how come baby is possible" he teased her astonished. He know she is one impatient lad and bold but never ever thought she was this much bold. Though she didn't allowed him more than kiss she's bold in these talks. 

"I'll tell you how baby is possible when we marry. Now don't tease me, see like you said i am concentrating on business, like you said i am managing both house and company. Now i want my reward as marriage" khushi demanded reminding him of cute two year old doll asking for her chocolate.

"Maa health is improved, i'll talk to her. Few days doll..." Arnav entered into dreamland making her wait in call.

"I want to see her. I only see her through photo in mom's dairy. I am so excited to get up early doing works for her and you then chatting with her whole day without your disturbance and night..." khushi exclaimed and dragged purposely teasing him later.

"Night..." His voice turned husky hearing her voice which carries mischief unaware to him.

"Sleep with maa as you said she's suffering from knee pain, it'll worse in night" khushi laughed imagining his face.

Arnav can only shake his head "You doll.. you're turning naughty day by day. I'll see how long it continues. One day i too will get a chance"

"I am waiting for that day. Ok jokes apart, like a good boy go to maa. By evening you should be here with proposal or else i'll take next flight in night" arnav smiled at her threaten, what else one can do when she threaten cutely which was no where near actual warning.

"Haan, take my painting. I want that as our wedding gift. You're not even giving me clue how it looks. Mom just wrote i asked you my painting" khushi pouted.

"That's surprise babydoll. If you want clue then rack your brain, i told you before parting"

Gritting her teeth "Argh... I'll kill you. How can i remember what happened twenty five years ago" 

"Then wait babydoll.. and give me my daily dose" his husky voice tingling her nerves.





"Hmm what arnav? Go do what i said then I'll give you loads. Bye" she slammed the phone.


What!!! She cut the call didn't she. Then whom? Thinking this he turned only to caught red handed by his maa. Seeing her glaring he smiled sheepishly.

"So you know all, but playing with me. How many days it was going on? When did you know the truth?" Even though she's happy she need some answers.

Arnav slowly walked and made her sit on bed, kneeling before her "Maa, i saw her during one of the business meet in delhi. At first i don't know she is the doll i am searching for. She came with her dad and looking disinterested looking all paper works. Strangely i didn't get angry on being careless as you know i am strict in this matters. But something stopped me. I felt strange around her. You'll not believe me she also felt the same for me. After that meet we didn't saw each other for whole week. In that week i suddenly felt i missed something. And one day i seen her here in mumbai. She came with her friends. She herself came to me and started conversation. I felt i known her from many years. Slowly we got close and that turned into relationship. One day we shared our childhood pics playfully which lead us knowing each other relations that she's my doll, am her annav. That day i came running to you both to inform the same but... unfortunately dad...left us. After a month she called me urgently. I have no mood to see her leaving you here alone. But her adamant nature made me to meet her. She told mom, that day she confessed her dad was the one who behind our loss and her mother wrote in her dairy. I was devastated, i don't have heart to accept khushi forgetting all our struggles, at the same time i don't want to separate from her. Before i come to conclusion she bluntly stated she's going to file complaint against her dad. I was confused, your health also starts deteriorating"

"Did i asked your story? I asked from how long you know her?" Ratna ignored his not so small explanation.

Arnav looks surprised hearing her "Two years maa.."

"You already wasted five minutes with boring story of yours. Now move, i want to see my bahu. Book our tickets. Ramu get our bags packed, call jeweller, our bahu is waiting for us" ratna squealed running out of the room ignoring her son's amused face.

Before she leave his room "Mom don't you want to know about garima aunty?"

"I know she left the world five years ago. And i gone there only to get disgusted with shashi. Leave it" she wiped the lone tear. Shaking her head she chirped changing the atmosphere "Then photo in websites?"

He smiled cheekily "It's me. I gone there to see her"

"I don't know my son is this much romantic" she slapped his arms playfully before rushing downstairs getting ready to welcome their doll.

Fortunately or unfortunately shashi gupta who travelled for business meeting passed away in flight crash. Month later both are married and started their life with arnav teasing and khushi boldness. Like promised khushi gave and taught him what he promised. And like he promised in childhood he gifted her painting like a princess in their wedding night. 


Sorry for this ****. I thought to write something cute but ended up writing this **** in my frustration.

But soon i'll write one cute shot. I know the title and story has no relation but what to do my mind is not cooperating with me. No proof read.

Ok enough of my blabber..

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