Aisa Deewana Hua Yeh Dil

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Sep 10

Aisa Deewana Hua Yeh Dil (By Angel23) (Thanked: 72 times)

The car came to a halt, and he at the back seat shifted his attention from the phone to his surroundings,  it was just his enemy, traffic!!

He sighed hard, which made his driver shiver in fear, but what the poor man could do if it was traffic, does his sir expect him to blow the cars away from his way?!

Arnav glanced at the window side, and the place in front of him made him travel to the past with a smile on his face..


"Aman what the hell? My car tyre got punctured and you're doing nothing!! Seriously.. I told you, in middle class people places only this can happen.." Arnav barked in frustration, here he was getting late for his meeting and Aman was still doing things on his phone.

"ASR I already called the mechanic, he is coming.. Please have patience.." Aman gulped.

Arnav frowned and leaned on his car, and waited for barely five seconds and stared barking again to Aman.

Aman was just cursing the person who was only messaging him that he was coming soon when he wasn't seeing anyone. And soon his boss would kill him.

Meanwhile, a girl was playing cricket on the courtyard with few kids.

She grip the cricket bat preparing to batting, she shut her eyes tightly before praying to her friend, DM.

"Please make me get a six!! I promise I will offer you my Jalebis.." she prayed.

"Didi fast.." the kids shouted.

"I am ready.." she also screamed and the focus went to the cricket ball.

The kid bowl the ball, and it was reaching near Khushi, whose attention was only to get a six!

"Didi.. Didi.. Didi.." every kid of her team cheered for her.

Khushi hit the ball hard, and  everyone rolled their eyes to see where the ball disappear on the sky.

"Ayee DM.. I didn't told you to make the ball reach to you so soon.." she pouted.

"Where did our ball went?" the kids searched for it near.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "But at least it's a six!!"

"Didiiiiiii.." all screamed to her.

She shut her eyes tightly, "Ok! Ok!.. I will bring the ball back to you guys.."

"Where? I think we will have to buy another ball.." the kids whined.

"No need.. Khushi is here na, I will bring the ball back to you kids.. Just wait and watch.." Khushi smiled nervously, she was herself not sure if she would find this ball anywhere.

"Aman..What the.. Ouch.. Dammit.." before he could utter anything to Aman, a cricket ball hit his forehead.

Aman giggled silently while Arnav glared at him.

"You're finding it funny.. Who the hell threw this to me?" Arnav looked around trying to spot the person who dared to do this with him, he would surely not spare the one who did this when his mood is already off.

Khushi was running here and there trying to spot the cricket ball, "DM it's all your fault.. Please help me find this ball otherwise kids won't spare their Didi.."

While praying with closed eyes, she bumped with a car on her way.

"Ouch.." she stepped back making the people around her laugh at her  "What are you laughing? Just go away losers.. And you stupid and useless car why did you came in my way? .. I wish I had some super powers to pass through you and people wouldn't laugh at me like this.." Khushi scolded the car.

"Excuse me.. Did you just call my car stupid and useless? Do you have any idea of how much it costs?" Arnav glared at the lady.

Khushi: Ohh mister, why will I have an idea of how much your car costs when I don't want to buy it? Don't eat my brain okay..

Arnav chuckled sarcastically: It's not that you don't want to buy it, it's that you can only have this car in your dreams Miss..

Khushi gritted her teeth and showed him her cricket bat prepared to beat him up.

Arnav and Aman stepped back.

"What happened? Got scared? Don't come here to preach me about your car.. If you're so rich, what are you doing here in our place? Ahn answer me? Listen this is not your place, I will call my uncles here and will beat you hard that you will never forget my face and will never be able to seat in this so called car of yours.." she yelled to him.

Arnav held the cricket ball and looked at her bat.

Khushi saw his forehead bleeding, and the ball on his hand.

She opened her mouth in "O" shape and dropped the bat in shock.

"Ayeee DM.. What I did? .. I almost killed someone.. Thank God he didn't faint.." she thought.

"You!!!!!!!" Arnav glared at her, he wanted to strangle this girl right now.

"I am sorry Ji.. I was playing cricket and I hit the ball too hard that's why.. I'm really sorry .. I don't want to kill anyone.. I'm not a murderer.." Khushi said crying.

"What the.." Arnav looked at her with are-you-mad look!

She held his hand and pushed him with her till they reached the courtyard.

Arnav was on the way telling her to let him go, but she was adamant on taking him with her.

"Ayee NK.. What happened Khushi bitiyaaa? Who did you kill this time?" Buaji came near them.

Arnav gulped, "Is she really a murderer? What the.. Arnav tu bhi na.. What are you thinking? Not anyone can kill me like this, especially this girl.. Why am I getting scared of her?"

"Nahin buaji!! I just hit this man with the cricket ball unwillingly.. And now it's my duty to heal his wound na.." Khushi said innocently.

Arnav stare at her.

*Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"No! It's not needed.. I'm getting late already.." Arnav said staring back at Aman who was following them.

"Please!! My heart will not be at peace knowing that you're bleeding because of me.. I swear I won't beat you with my bat, neither my uncles will come here to beat you up.. To tell you the truth, I'm really scared to hurt someone.." she whispered near his ear "I just pretended that I would beat you so that get scared and don't show to me your attitude.. And I learned this in my Salman Khan's movie.." she giggled.

Arnav looked at her amused.

"Take him in then bitiya. Otherwise he will faint and we will be blamed.." Buaji said guiding them inside the house.

Arnav looked around the house, it's a small one and according to his palace he can compare this house to a room in his place.

Khushi pulled him to sit on the sofa, making him gasp and Aman giggled.

Never ever he saw someone commanding his boss like this.

Khushi ran to bring the first aid box, and sat near Arnav.

She raised her hand to reach his forehead.

Arnav looked away, he was actually scared if she apply ointment to him then he will have a burning feeling.

"Kya hua?" she asked him.

"Nothing.. I said there is no need to do this.. I'm getting late, this wound will heal on its own.." Arnav said and stood up to go.

Khushi pulled him back to sit again, Aman couldn't control his laugh now.

Arnav widened his eyes staring at Khushi, "Are you mad?"

"Mad you're with me na! I called your car stupid and useless.. Acha I am sorry for that too.." Khushi pouted.

"It's okay.. Now I want to go, it's serious that I'm getting late.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Let me apply this on you.. You will feel better.. I swear.. Ask anyone here in my house, I will not hurt you again.. Buaji tell him, he will not feel any pain with my magic touch.." Khushi smiled staring at Buaji.

"Haan bitwa.. It's true only.." Buaji smiled to Arnav.

"Bitwa, ASR, Chote. No one calls me Arnav.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi touched his forehead, applying ointment to him without his permission. Arnav wanted to yell in pain, but he didn't feel anything.

Her touch was so soft, that it seemed someone was touching on a place where he didn't got hurt.

Arnav kept staring at her face lost in her innocence and beauty. 

And Khushi was busy in treating his wound caused by her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"It's enough na.." he whispered.

"Hmm.. It's enough.. When did I say that I would keep you here in my house?" Khushi joked.

Aman laughed and Arnav clenched his fist.

"Ohh bitiyaa accompany them till outside.. Who knows bitwa will faint on his way.." Buaji said keeping the first aid box on it's place.

"What the.. This woman is hell bent on making me faint.." Arnav frowned staring at buaji.

Khushi took them till their car again.

"Here you are.. Good bye and I am sorry once again.." Khushi smiled leaving them at the place they were.

She caressed his car, "Handsome car sir ji like the owner itself.."

Arnav couldn't help but chuckle at her words.

Aman sighed in relief, at least Khushi managed to get his boss mood better.

"I will go now.." she smiled and ran from there, but the tyre of the car gained her attention.

"Any problem?" she asked pointing to the tyre.

"It got punctured.." Aman said.

"And he isn't doing anything to get it repaired.." Arnav glared at Aman.

"ASR.. I..he is on his way.." Aman gulped his saliva.

"No problem.. I can help you sir.. We have our mechanic Happy ji..  He will treat your car like I treated you.. And if you want, we will wash this car too.." Khushi said excitedly.

"No! I just need to repair it's tyre only.. Where is the mechanic?" Arnav asked, thanking God that he found someone who could help him.

"I will call him.." Khushi went running like a butterfly to call her uncle, she got a work for him!!

Flashback ends..

Arnav leaned on his car with a fresh smile on his face, reminding of someone special to him,*His wife*.


Raizada mansion:

A mansion who could be described like a Palace! Many servants roaming around the living room some with flowers on their hands, others with dishes being prepared on the kitchen and they were transporting it to the dinning hall, and other cleaning to huge palace.

Nani, the elder of the mansion ordering them what to do and controlling each movement of the workers.

While Anjali, Arnav's sister happily decorated his room. The prince of the mansion's room, she made sure everything is of his like otherwise she is very aware of her brother's anger when he doesn't get the things on his way.

While Anjali, Nani and Payal (Akash's wife) excitedly took care of the arrangements to welcome the great ASR.

Akash and Mama were busy in AR, checking files, the photo shoot schedule, the designers work and the fashion show dates so that they could show everything to him on time.

The door bell rang, and everyone stopped..

"Chote has arrived.." Anjali descended the stairs smiling.

And Nani ran to open the door, but the two were stopped by a little cute girl.

"Wait Anjali bua and Dadi.. I will open the door for Papa.." the four years old girl smiled and tried to open the door.

Nani and Anjali agreed, after all from all of them, she is the one who misses him the most and deserves his love and attention.

"Open it fast Anika.." Nani patted her back.

She nodded and opened the door for her father.

"Welcomeeeeeee Papaaaaa.." she screamed in happiness after seeing his face for such a long time.

Arnav lips curved into a smile by seeing Anika in front of him. The only person who he comes here for.

He lifted her and she pecked his cheek, "I missed you Papa.."

"I missed you too my angel.." Arnav whispered and hugged her tightly.

"If you miss her so much, then why don't you come to stay here with her forever?" Anjali asked.

Arnav entered in the mansion, "Now I've reached, will you let me breath first?"

Anjali kept quiet after he said that, and Nani blinked her eyes to Anjali.

Anjali plastered a smile on her face.

Arnav went directly to his room, with Anika on his arms.

He opened the door of his room, and the sight of the person laid on his bed in coma made him feel guilty as he always feel when he comes to his room.

"Anika I want to talk with your Mumma.. Will you go and play outside for a while?.." he said while leaving the girl to stand on her own.

Anika nodded though sad because she wants to spend time with her Papa.

Arnav closed the door and went to sit beside the lady.

After some minutes of silence, he stare at her face..

"I am Sorry Sheetal.. I fell in love.. It wasn't because I wanted to.. But I couldn't stop myself from going to her.." he whispered caressing her forehead.

His phone rang, and he knew who it is.. His wife!!

He picked up the call and waited for her to speak.

"Laad governor.. I hate you.. I hate you.. I hate you.." he heard her angry voice.

"My angel.. I love you.. I love you.. I love you.." he smiled.

"Liar.. If you loved me would you leave without informing?" she pouted.

"You know very well why I don't inform you.." he smirked.

"But you also know it very well that I don't like when you go somewhere without informing me.. And now you left London to Mumbai without saying good bye to me!!" Khushi cried.

"I said when you were sleeping.. Listen if I saw you crying, then I wouldn't be able to go away from you Khushi.." he said.

"Ok!! Come back soon please.. I miss you a lot.. And enjoy your time with your family ok?" she smiled.

"Hmm.. Is Ayan alright?" he asked.

"Yes our baby is fine.. He is enjoying his Lavanya aunty and NK uncle wedding functions.." Khushi said.

"I will talk with you later Khushi.. Bye love you!" he said.

"Bye.. I love you too.. " she blushed.

Arnav left the phone on the bed.

"Enjoy.. Only if she knew that I don't enjoy here.. I only feel guilty.." he said to Sheetal. 


Dedicated to Carolin.. Here it is the story dear.. Don't think I forgot about it :), I was really thinking about the plot and the reason why Arnav would hide this marriage from his family..

Arnav is the mysterious one here :D.. Keep guessing about his character..

Sep 13

Chapter 2 - Helpless!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 97 times)

Arnav walked through the corridor of the first floor.

Where he met Anjali on the way.

"Di.." he called her, this time with a soft tone.

"Haan Chote.." Anjali turned to him with a smile. The one that never leaves her face, even if she is hurt.. She is that strong woman who never lets anyone know break her down.

"I am sorry Di for talking with you like that.. I didn't meant to.." Arnav said, and cupped her face touching his forehead with hers.

"Chote since when do you say sorry to your Di?! I'm not upset as I know how my brother is.. So it's okay!!" Anjali said and caressed his hair.

"Is everyone treating Anika well here?" he asked to his Di, who joined his walking.

"Haan Chote.. Why do you always ask this? .. No one will mistreat your daughter here.. Anika is your daughter, means she is my life too.." Anjali said "Trust me, whether you're or not, I will always treat Anika the way I treated you in Ma absence.."

Arnav nodded, "And I only trust you and Nani.."

"Stay here Chote with her.. She misses you a lot.. Her mother doesn't respond to her and you suddenly shifted to London leaving her alone here.. She misses her parents Chote.." Anjali looked at him, touching the topic he always avoids.

Arnav stood thinking about his wife and his son. How could he leave the woman of his life and his little cutie pie? He find it too hard to even breath without both, without hearing their voices he feel helpless.. How could he leave Khushi and Ayan alone? But at the same time, he knows he is doing very wrong to Anika..

"Di.. I have work to handle in London.." he quickly came with a reply, avoiding a conversation with him himself who would not reach to a healthy conclusion but only leave him more guilty than he was.

"Okay.. Then take her with you to London.. At least do something to stay close to your daughter.." Anjali shrugged her shoulders, not understanding what's her brother problem.

"Di then with whom Sheetal will stay? Anika will miss her mother too right?" Arnav replied irritated.

"Ok you know what you do better.. Calm down Chote.." Anjali said and stopped walking "I just wish that Sheetal regains her conscious again and everything will be the right track then.."

She went from there leaving Arnav alone.

Arnav kicked his feet on a pillar frustrated. Everyone has so many questions to him, and he can't answer at least one!! One answer would open all the secrets he has been hiding from a long time from his family.

"Papa.." Anika came running to him, he stare at her and knelt down to receive her hug.

She jumped to him and wrapped her arms around his neck smiling.

Arnav hugged her back and dropped kisses on her hair.

"Are you angry with papa?" he asked cupping her face.

"No.. Yes.. Yes I'm little angry with you Papa.." she said remembering about something.

"Why?" Arnav kissed her both cheeks, he is just praying that Anika doesn't say what Anjali said to him.

"Papa you didn't brought a Doll for me.. I pleaded you to bring from London..remember it?" Anika pouted.

"Who said Papa forgot about that?" Arnav asked to her, with a hidden smile on his face.

"You brought a Doll for me Papa??" Anika asked clapping her hands excitedly.

"Yes.." he nodded.

"Yaaay!! Thank you Papa.. I will tell Nani about my Doll.. Thank you.." she went running downstairs to her Nani.


Arnav's study..

He leaned on his chair, "I can't do this anymore NK.."

"I told you.. Your marriage with Khushi would add to the problems.." NK said walking away from his haldi function hall to a corner where he could hear Arnav's voice properly.

"I knew it too NK.. But I love her a lot.." Arnav said.

"I know Bro.. Do you think I'm against your both love? No.. I just wanted you to sort out the problems in your family and then work on your relationship with Khushi.. You know what I mean right?" NK said.

"Sort out the problems here or break this family once and for all?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"I don't know.. But I don't think this lie will last for long.. One day or other everyone will know who is the real culprit.. And what do you think will happen? And plus the truth about yours and Khushi's marriage and that their Prince has a son also.. It will be very hard to digest all this at once.." NK sighed.

"Why is my life complicated?.. I really don't know what to do.." Arnav sighed in frustration.

"What do you want to do?" NK asked.

"I want to live my life happily with my Khushi and Ayan.. I want to give the best for Sheetal and Anika.. I don't want my family to break, especially Nani and Di.. You know how much they mean to me.. If anything happens to them, I will not  be able to live.. Will I be able to do this NK?" Arnav said.

A knock disturbed their phone conversation, Arnav quickly ended the call and ask the person to come in.

"Bhai.. Welcome back.." Akash smiled and walked inside the study.

Arnav looked at him, then ignored and put his focus on his laptop.

"Reports.." Arnav said extending his hand to Akash.

"Bhai.. Why are you still angry with me? .. Everything is sorted now.. Why are you still in the past?" Akash asked making a sad face.

"Everyone is sorted for you? Are you sure?" Arnav asked sarcastically not able to control his anger now.

Akash nodded, "Haan Bhai.. I know you're angry with me but.. Forget it.. I already moved on and you too should.. Forgive me please.."

"Just shut up Akash.. How can you say to me that you moved on when the fruit of your past is right here in front of you? How can you live with your own daughter, Anika and ignore her as if you don't share any bond with her?" Arnav yelled.

Akash widened his eyes, "Bhai please talk slowly.. Someone may hear it.. If Payal listen then.."

"Then just get out from here.. Don't show me your face because I will not be able to control myself if you say rubbish like this again.." Arnav walked to the door and opened it for Akash, indicating him to go out.

His phone beeped, he took his phone out of his pocket ready to throw it on the floor.

But the message was from someone who relieves his stress. 

"Haldii!!" she wrote and then send to him a selfie of her and Ayan.

Khushi was with a white and yellow combination sari, with hair left open and curly at the end. Her sindoor and mangalsutra was clearly visible to him. Ayan was on her lap, with blue shirt and white pants glued to his mumma, and his cheeks painted with haldi which brought a smile to Arnav's face.

Oct 9

Chapter 3 - Khushi suspecting and Payal's evilness.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 65 times)

“Khushi.. you’re looking gorgeous..” Arnav said smiling, talking with his wife over the phone.

“Does it even matter?? When you’re not here with me I don’t worry about looking beautiful or not..” she replied.

“I will come back soon Jaan..I promise..” he whispered.

“Aree nahin.. you should spend time with your family Arnav.. do not think about me and Ayaan.. we have you here always, but your family only see you once or twice in a year..” Khushi quickly said.

“Hmm.. but I miss you, your smile that makes me forget all the worries in this world, your shoulders where I rest when I’m tired.. Your craziness that makes me laugh.. your eyes that makes me fall in love more and more with you.. Even your sugar free jalebi I miss..” Arnav said and sat on his chair again.

“Acha laad governor.. when you’re here what you say.. I will make you mad one day with my craziness.. you say I’m fat because I eat jalebi everyday.. I even start dieting now because of you.. and now you say you miss my jalebi..” Khushi pouted.

“That because you do everything exaggerated baby..” Arnav chuckled, remembering how much they fight over petty things that make no sense at all.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, “How’s your family??”

“All are fine.. I’ve not talked with them properly till now..” Arnav said.

“Why?? You shouldn’t worry about your work only.. take your time for them too.. and give Nani, Di, Mami and Payal the sari I bought for them.. say you bought for them okay.. they will be very happy..” Khushi said.

“Okay.. Ayan?? What is he doing now??” Arnav nodded.

“He is playing with NK and other kids..” Khushi said staring at their son, who has gone completely on his father. But he is a sweetheart like his mother, everyone in London, their friends and family love Ayan. He is that kid who you can’t ignore!!!

“NK is already practicing how to be a father, on his marriage he is playing with kids..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Paaapaaaaa..” Anika came inside his study room shouting for him.

Arnav widened his eyes in shock, he immediately cut the call.

“Anika.. what happened?” he asked and called her to sit with him.

Anika jumped to his lap, and smiled, “Papa will take you outside today??”

Arnav nodded caressing her hair, “I will take you..”

“I wish mumma could move or talk with us.. then we three would have loads of fun..” Anika said looking down with an upset face.

“Princess your mother will be fine.. trust me Anika.. she won’t stay like that forever..” Arnav cupped her face.

Anika nodded her head, “When Papa?? Will I have to wait much??”

Arnav nodded sideways, “Soon princess.. are you praying everyday for her??”

Anika: Haan Papa.. everyday I pray with Nani and bua for mumma.. I’m a good girl also.. so DM will fulfill my wish soon na???

Arnav: Yes, I also pray everyday for your mother Anika..

Anjali who was till now standing on the door, smiled with tears in her eyes.

Arnav looked at her and smiled a little, while Anika hugged Arnav tightly.

Anjali: Sheetal has the perfect man for her.. today I’m so proud of you Chote..

“Sheetal doesn’t have the perfect man for her Di.. I’ve become the perfect man for Khushi now..” Arnav thought.

Anika went from there, leaving Anjali with Arnav alone.

“I just wish Sheetal regain her conscious soon.. I can’t see Anika crying everyday for her mother.. your coffee Chote..” Anjali said and passed him a coffee.

“What do you mean Di? Anika cries..” Arnav looked at her confused.

“Hmm.. every night after Nani tell her stories then Anika goes to your room to meet her mother.. she keeps crying and pleading her mother to wake up..” Anjali sighed.

Arnav nodded upset, to see this little girl suffering without a mother’s love and warmth.

“Chote listen to me.. I know you love Sheetal and Anika a lot.. then please stay here with them.. maybe Sheetal just needs you to get out of coma..” Anjali said.


“I can’t Di..” Arnav frowned and opened his files in order to escape from his Di’s conversations.

“Why not Chote? Is work more important than the girl you love and your daughter?? Why are you punishing both like this??” Anjali argued.

“Di.. please.. I don’t want to talk about that.. change the topic..” Arnav said.

“Okay..” Anjali looked away.



Khushi frowned staring at her phone, he just cut the call without saying anything to her. And she clearly heard a girl calling him papa.

NK came to her, “Khushi come na.. let’s dance..”

Khushi pulled NK to a corner, “NK does Akash have a daughter??”

“Why are you asking this Khushi??” NK asked gulping.

“It’s just I heard a girl saying papa while I was talking with Arnav.. and Di has a son, so it only could be of Akash.. but Arnav didn’t told me that Akash is a father.. he only told me that Akash married Payal.. so this girl was calling Arnav or Akash..” Khushi said wondering who’s this girl.

NK looked away wiping the sweat beads forming on his forehead, “I don’t know.. maybe it’s Kunal (Anjali’s son) friend..”

“But why would she call Arnav papa??” Khushi asked.

“Khushi.. maybe you’re thinking too much.. go and dance.. it’s my wedding.. won’t you dance??” NK pushed her lightly to the dance floor.

He went to his room quickly wiping the haldi on his face with a towel, and quickly called Arnav.

“Arnav this secret will not remain as a secret any longer..” NK said “Khushi is already suspecting this.. Anika called you papa and you let her hear that..”

“Anika came suddenly.. I didn’t even had time to react.. I only cut the call so that she doesn’t hear.. things are becoming complicated.. one side is my family and the other is Khushi.. I just don’t know what to do or whom to tell this.. you know Di loves and care for Sheetal like a sister.. if I tell her that Sheetal is not the one I love but Khushi.. she will not accept it so easily..” Arnav said.

“Then share this with Khushi before it’s too late..” NK said.

“I didn’t share this with her till now because I’m scared she might break down.. her family disowned her.. and she only has me and Ayaan as her family.. but it looks like that I will have to say this to her only.. I can’t live a lie now.. at least she has the right to know.. when I come back, I will explain to her everything.. what I did and why…” Arnav said.

NK smiled relieved.


While Arnav was busy talking with NK, Payal overheard their conversation and smirked, “Ohh so this is what keeps you away from here.. now this will be fun..”

She smirked and went to her room.

Akash looked at her, “Payal kya hua?? Why are you smiling like this?”

“Good news..” she said.

“What?? Are you pregnant??” he smiled and stood up to hug her.

Payal nodded sideways, “No this good news.. I found a way to degrade ASR’s image in his family.. till now everyone respects him a lot na.. his Di and Nani are always by his side.. but now I found something that after knowing about it.. Nani and Di will be very upset with him.. no one will forgive him for this sin..”

“Kyaa?? Tell me fast Payal..” Akash smirked.

“Arnav married another girl in London.. that’s why he doesn’t stay here.. I think her name..her name.. haan Khushi.. right.. her name is Khushi..and they have a son too.. that’s what I understood.. shii.. your brother is really a man with no feelings at all.. he made Sheetal pregnant and didn’t even married her.. he left his daughter here with his Di.. and went to London.. there also the same thing.. I wonder who is the next victim of his.. thank God I married you.. you’re such a good man Akash..” she hugged her husband happy that he is different from his cousin brother.

Akash gulped and hugged her back, “Anika is not bhai’s daughter.. but my daughter with Sheetal.. but I will never let you know that Payal because I love you a lot.. and now that bhai married another girl.. I will use this opportunity to destroy him to secure my future with you Payal..” he thought



Oct 11

Chapter 4 - The shocking news.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 97 times)

Days later..

At the airport, Khushi reached to Mumbai happily with her son, on her arms playing with his toy.

“Khushi are you sure that Arnav’s family know about you??” Lavanya asked, staring at NK confused.

“Haan.. I am sure now.. Payal called me, she is the one who is making this surprise for Arnav.. I’m so happy that they accepted me even after knowing that we married secretly..” Khushi said excitedly.

NK smiled, and let her get in the car. He looked at Lavanya, “Something is fishy here.. how come Nani and Di accepted Khushi if Sheetal is there??”

Lavanya shrugged her shoulders, “We will get answers there only..”


Sometime later..


“Brings sweets.. fast HP.. today you have to make all Sheetal’s favorite dishes.. right now..” Nani smiled, while tears flow from her eyes.

Anjali hugged her tightly also smiling, “A miracle happened yesterday..”

“Haan.. I can’t believe this.. we waited so much for this day and finally the day is here.. I don’t even know how to react..” Nani said.

“If you don’t know how to react then imagine Chote Nani.. his Sheetal is out of coma.. now he doesn’t have choice.. he will have to stay here only..” Anjali giggled.

Payal who was taking care of the kitchen, smirked: Great.. Khushi is coming now, where her husband is busy with another woman and Anika!! You will lose everything today Arnav.. everything..


Arnav’s room:

Sheetal slowly opened her eyes and for the first time after years, she was seeing the sun through the window.

Finally her body could move, she could smile and talk with anyone..

Arnav smiled a little, “Good morning Miss Sheetal.. aren’t you tired of staying in this bed? Wake up!!!”

Sheetal smiled, “Go..good morning.. Arnav..”

Arnav helped her sit on the bed, “Don’t you want to see the world outside? How much it changed??”

Sheetal nodded, “I want to.. but before that.. I want to see.. my daughter..”

Anika knocked the door of her father’s room, as usual to greet him little did she know that her mother regained conscious and would talk with her today.

Arnav whispered, “Your daughter is here..” he stood up and went to open the door.

Sheetal smiled, she peeked eagerly to see her daughter’s face.

Anika walked in looking up to Arnav, “Good morning papa..”

“Good morning cutie..” Arnav lifted her and closed her eyes with his palms, “Papa has a surprise for you here..”

“Surprise what’s it?” Anika asked excitedly.

Sheetal closed her mouth with her palms, smiling while tears left her eyes.

Arnav indicated her not to cry, and then placed Anika on her lap, he slowly opened Anika’s eyes.

Anika turned to see her surprise, she widened her eyes seeing her mother staring at her and smiling.

“Mummaaaaa…” Anika screamed happily and shocked at the same time.

“Anika..” Sheetal pulled her into a tight hug, she was crying bitterly now. Her moments of pain before having Anika in this world ran on her mind. She had to fight with an evil man, Akash to have her daughter in this world, if it wasn’t Arnav, Akash would have aborted Anika.

Anika also sobbed in her mother’s arms, also she suffered a lot without her mother, and no one can replace a mother’s love in this world.

Arnav smiled staring at both.

“Come in Khushi.. there is your husband..” Payal pointed to Arnav.

Khushi smiled and turned to Arnav’s room, staring at Sheetal, Anika and Arnav on the bed, the smile on her face faded.

“Paaaapaaaaa..” Ayan shouted excitedly seeing his father in front of him.

His voice caught Arnav’s attention, “Ayan..” Arnav whispered to himself and turned to the door side, only to get the shock of his life.. Khushi was standing there with Ayan, and NK and Lavanya.

Payal smirked. Anjali and Nani came to the room to see Sheetal, but found a woman standing on the door with a baby, and NK and his wife.

“Who are you?” Anjali asked to Khushi.

Khushi was only staring at Arnav, her eyes asking him to explain what another woman was and a kid doing on his room.

Payal: Di she is Arnav’s wife.. and he is their son..

Anjali widened her eyes shocked, “What???? Are you mad Payal? Don’t you know Sheetal is Arnav’s wife and Anika is daughter?”

Khushi stepped back hearing this from Anjali, and a lone tear escaped from her eye. Arnav immediately stood up to reach her.

Payal nodded innocently, “I know Di.. but she only told me that.. she is his wife and came to meet him..”

NK glared at Payal, “You called us here..”

“Me? I don’t even know her..” Payal said.

Khushi went from there, she descended the stairs crying with Ayan on her arms who was also crying and shouting for his papa.

“Khushi stop..” Arnav descended the stairs as fast as he could to reach his wife.


Arnav’s room..

“Why was that baby calling my papa his mumma??” Anika asked to her mother.

Sheetal who was extremely confused to what’s happening around her, caressed Anika’s back: Wait here dear.. Mumma will come back to you..

She rushed outside the room, where everyone were with same confused expression as hers.

Anjali came to her, “Sheetal why did you came downstairs? Do you need something? You should have called me na.. why are you taking trouble?.. and don’t worry about that girl who came now.. it must be a misunderstanding only.. I’m sure Chote would never marry someone else.. he gave his word to marry you only..”

NK gritted his teeth hearing this, “It’s not a misunderstanding Di.. Khushi is Arnav’s wife and Ayan their son..”

Anjali frowned: I don’t believe in your words.. Arnav will come here then only he will explain us everything.. I’m sure Chote didn’t do anything wrong.. he can’t break our trust like this..

Sheetal walked near NK, “Is this true? Arnav married that girl?”

NK nodded, “And both love each other a lot..”

Nani shouted, “NK.. stop instigating her to believe in your words.. Arnav only loves Sheetal, and Sheetal is this family’s bahu.. for God sake.. they have a daughter..”

“Nani sorry.. but Arnav and Khushi also have a son.. does that mean he loves both??” NK asked sarcastically.

Nani glared at him.

Sheetal shut her eyes tightly, and shook her head. She went running outside the mansion, Anjali tried to stop her but she didn’t hear of anyone.


Khushi opened the taxi car’s door, and ready to just disappear from this place and forget the fact that her husband betrayed her.

Arnav reached in time and closed the door, “Khushi listen to me..”

Ayan clapped his hand smiling to his father, “Papaa.. Paaappaaa..”

Khushi pushed him away with force, “Go away.. why should I listen to you?.. ahn? Do you a better way to explain what is clear to me?”

Arnav nodded sideways and came closer to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, “It’s not what you’re thinking..”

Khushi looked away crying, “I didn’t think of anything.. I saw everything.. you betrayed me Arnav.. you’re already married.. how could you do this to me??.. I hate you.. I really do..”

Arnav brushed his nose on her cheeks wiping her tears, “Please don’t say this.. shout at me, slap me or do whatever you want.. but don’t say you hate me.. Khushi.. I never betrayed you..”

Khushi pushed him crying heavily, “If you never betrayed me.. then what is that woman doing on your room? Why did that girl called you papa?”

“It’s a long story..” Sheetal said standing behind them.

Khushi looked angrily at Sheetal, she tightened her grip on Ayan and opened the car’s door.

“Khushi please wait..” Arnav put his hand to stop her, while Khushi was closing the car’s door.

“Ahhh..” he hissed in pain. Khushi looked at him, she quickly went to him and took his hand caressing it, “I am sorry.. I didn’t see your hand.. I’m sorry jaan..” she said crying not realizing what she was saying and forgetting about her anger, and dropped a kiss on his hand.

Sheetal smiled, “If he is your jaan (life) you should trust him also.. Khushi right.. Arnav never betrayed you.. Arnav never married me in the first place..”

Khushi looked at Sheetal confused, then at Arnav who nodded at her. 

Oct 15

Chapter 5 - The past.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)

“It’s so sad that you hide your wife and son because of me Arnav.. I’m sorry, I only came in your life to bring problems for you..” Sheetal said looking at him.

“No Sheetal.. don’t think like that..” Arnav nodded sideways, while his mind was battling between clearing the misunderstanding Khushi had and explaining everything for his family.

Khushi looked at both confused, she was having lot of confusions on her mind.

Arnav stare at her, “Can we sit and talk Jaan?”

Khushi nodded and Arnav moved close to her, wiping her tears. Ayan jumped to his father’s arms, and Arnav accepted him with a warm smile.


In AR.. Arnav’s cabin..

“I will start telling you how I came to know about Sheetal, this was before our marriage..” Arnav said.

Khushi: Be..before our marriage?? Arnav you lied to me all these years.. don’t you trust me??

Arnav cupped her face: Please listen first. It’s not that I don’t trust you.. circumstances were that I couldn’t tell you..


In AR..

“Good work Sheetal..” Arnav said in his usual husky voice without a smile on his face, that’s the ASR everyone knows, but today he took time to compliment someone’s work.. now that’s a big deal.

Sheetal couldn’t help but smile brightly after her boss recognized her hard work, “Thank you ASR..”

Arnav nodded and walked away.

“Congrats Sheetal.. not everyone is lucky as you’re..” Akash who was standing behind them, walked till Sheetal shaking hands with her.

His smile made her blush.

“Can we go on a dinner date tonight? Just to celebrate this victory of yours?” Akash asked caressing Sheetal’s hand.

“No sir.. how can I??” Sheetal looked at him astonished. She has a crush on him, but never thought he would invite her to a dinner. Does he feel the same for her??

“Come on Sheetal.. am I that bad?” Akash asked her smiling.

“No sir.. it’s just.. I don’t think I should go.. what others will think?” Sheetal said embarrassed.

“Why are you thinking about others? What will they say that I’m your boss and you’re trying to trap me? That’s their usual talks Sheetal.. in fact if I say the truth.. I’m trying to make you mine..” Akash winked and went from there shouting “I’ll be waiting!!”

Sheetal blinked her eyes shocked, she pinched herself three or four times just to make sure she heard it right.. at last, she blushed profusely.

“This means he also feels the same thing I feel for him..” she thought smiling and jumped in happiness.


Days later..

“Akash what’s going on between you and Sheetal?” Arnav asked staring at his brother who was busy in talking with gestures with Sheetal.

“Nothing bhai..” Akash said turning to him.

“That’s not what I’m getting to hear from everyone here in AR..” Arnav said “If you have something with her then make it official.. it avoids people talking about you both on your backs.. she is a girl and her reputation might get spoiled because of such nonsense stuff..”

Arnav went from there with Aman, while Akash frowned staring at him going: Always poking nose in my matters..


Months later..

“Please Akash don’t do this to me.. please say it to your family that you love me and not the girl they are planning your marriage to..” Sheetal begged him crying.

“I can’t do anything about it Sheetal.. it’s already decided that I will marry Payal only.. and it’s not for my family.. it’s because I realized that I love her and not you.. what happened between us was not love.. only attraction I think.. you’re beautiful.. maybe that’s why I was behind you.. but with Payal it’s different.. I think I can spend my whole life with her.. you’re not worth it..”

Sheetal widened her eyes shocked, she stepped back crying, “You’re not my Akash.. please say na.. you’re lying.. how can you say these words to me?.. you always said I’m your life.. and now I’m not worth to live with you for a life time.. Akash.. how can you be so cruel? You were playing with me all these time..”

Akash shrugged his shoulders, “Stop crying.. I will give you a good amount.. just disappear from here..”

Sheetal: I will not go back.. if not for me, you will have to stop this marriage because you’re going to be a father soon..

Akash widened his eyes shocked, “What?? You’re.. (Sheetal nodded).. no.. no man.. abort this baby right now.. I don’t want this baby in my life.. I will never be a father for him/her.. just get rid of this problem now..”

Sheetal almost fainted hearing this from him, “You’re worse than an animal Akash.. shii.. how disgusting you’re.. I hate you.. and listen properly.. I’m not going to abort my baby at any cost.. I prefer to live alone with my baby..and being disowned by this society.. but I won’t commit a crime with my own baby..”

Akash shook his eyes, “You’re mad.. you can’t give birth to this baby.. everyone here knows about us.. and if Payal gets to know about us then she will cancel our marriage.. you have to abort this baby..”

“I don’t care what Payal thinks or not.. it’s my baby.. my life.. I will not abort my baby Akash..” Sheetal looked at him angrily.

Akash gritted his teeth, he angrily pushed her.

Sheetal screamed but at the right time, two strong arms caught her, and she sighed in relief and caressed her belly crying.

Akash widened his eyes staring at his brother.

Arnav helped Sheetal stand, and made her sit giving a glass of water for her to drink.

Then he turned to Akash, and angrily held Akash by his collar: If you’re responsible for this, then you should solve your problems and not escaping from them..

“Bhai this girl is lying to me.. I know that I was friendly with her.. but we never get so close..” Akash stammered.

Arnav slapped him hard, “How dare you lie to me Akash? I heard everything..”

Sheetal looked at both crying.

“You will marry Sheetal only.. and will accept your child also..” Arnav said.

Akash looked away: I won’t.. I love Payal bhai.. and everyone in the family is so happy with this marriage.. especially Di.. she herself chose Payal for me.. will you break her heart like this? How will I face everyone then??

“After spoiling her reputation like this, you only still care about yourself??” Arnav shouted.

Arnav sat beside Sheetal and cupped her face, “You know that I would make you marry him.. but he’s not worth you.. I can’t let you marry with a person like my brother..”

“I don’t want him in my life anymore..” she nodded crying.

“I will marry you Sheetal and accept your child as mine..” Arnav announced making Sheetal look at him shocked.

“Bhai?? You can’t marry her..” Akash said shocked.

“Just shut up Akash.. this is my decision.. and why do you have a problem with it? Am I not solving your problem now? Go and marry Payal now..” Arnav shouted turning to him.

Flashback ends..

“So Akash..” Khushi said looking at Sheetal feeling pity for her.

Sheetal nodded with tears in her eyes.

“He doesn’t know what he lost..” Khushi said caressing Sheetal’s cheeks.

Arnav smiled a little, his wife has a pure heart, even by listening only half of Sheetal’s past she already felt like that.

“Then I took the blame in front of my family.. and Nani and Di told me to marry Sheetal after she give birth to her baby.. Akash was still scared about Sheetal’s presence in our mansion.. he felt that he would lose Payal.. and after Sheetal gave birth to Anika.. Akash planned to kill her.. he pushed Sheetal off the stairs.. and she stayed in coma till yesterday.. and I was the one who took care of Anika..” Arnav said.

Khushi gasped shocked, “He’s not a human being.. how could he do that to her.. even after being married to the one he loves..”

Arnav nodded, “And while taking care of Anika, I met you that day.. we fell in love know the rest Khushi..”

Sheetal took Ayan with her and went away from the cabin, leaving Arnav and Khushi alone.

Khushi sat on his lap, and cupped his face, “I’m sorry jaan.. I’m so sorry.. I misunderstood you..”

Arnav hugged her tightly caressing her hair, Khushi hugged him back resting her cheek on his shoulder thinking about everything Arnav told to her.

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