Aisa Deewana Hua Yeh Dil

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Nov 13

Chapter 11 - Akash's truth revealed.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)


"Everything is set.." Sheetal smile to Arnav and Khushi. 

Khushi clapped her hands excitedly: Let's go downstairs then.. We have to see a bomb being exploded today..

Sheetal and Arnav smiled amused following her downstairs. 

In the living room, Nani was disturbed thinking about the shock she got yesterday. She looked at Akash disgusted.

"He is staying with his own daughter for years and never showed a father love to her...shii.. Did I stay alive to witness this?" she thought while a tear escaped her eyes. 

"Papa.." Anika came and hugged Akash.

Arnav smirked seeing his plan starting.

"Anika.. Are you looking for Arnav Bhai?" Akash asked her faking a smile. 

"Nahin, you're my Papa.." Anika said shocking Mami,  Mama, Payal and Anjali. 

"Anika what are you saying dear? Chote is your father.." Anjali said patting her cheeks.

Anika nodded sideways: He is my Papa. Mumma told me..

Akash started coughing in shock. Sheetal crossed her arms and send a smirk to him. 

Payal pushed Anika away from Akash, "If your father left you, it doesn't mean you make my husband your Papa okay.."

Sheetal held Anika before she could fall, "Yes, her father left her only and you will be shocked to know that it's your dear husband who left her.."

Akash stood up, he held Sheetal angrily and started pushing them out of the house.

"You shameless woman.. After not getting my brother, you're after me na.. You don't deserve to stay here.. Just get out.." he screamed.

Anika had little tears in her eyes after seeing the way her father was treating her mother. 

"Akash stop.." Nani shouted at the top of her voice, anger was clearly visible on her face. 

She walked to Akash and slapped him hard on his face. 

"This wasn't in the plan.." Arnav whispered.

"Whatever it is,  I'm having fun..ayee Ayee.. Nani what an action.. I will order some popcorn for us.." Khushi whispered back to him smiling. 

Arnav chuckled staring at her. 

Khushi pouted, and stand straight: I do know how to behave like a serious woman.. 

"But I prefer my Pagli more.." he smiled. 

Khushi also smiled, "Means I'm allowed to dance.."

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Khushi flinched after hearing Nani's loud scoldings to Akash. 

Arnav side hugged her giggling, "It's okay.."

"You all are ASR here.." Khushi whispered, making it difficult for Arnav to control his laughter.

"Nani.. What did I do?" Akash asked her sadly. 

"I want to ask you why did you do this?  Why did you left your own daughter? Why did you accept Arnav to take Sheetal and Anika's responsibility when it was yours? Why didn't you stop the marriage with Payal? Why did you commit such a sin and still here like a saint? Why you made everyone think bad of Arnav when you're the one at fault? You knew everything right? Still you kept quiet.. Arnav sacrificed his life for you and you couldn't even do a bit of what he did.." Nani screamed crying.

"I thought bad of my grandson because of you.." Nani said. 

Arnav walked to her, he caressed her shoulder: Nani..

Nani turned to him and hug him tightly while crying, "I am sorry Chote.. I'm really sorry.. I thought wrong about you.. But you proved to me that you're a real man.. No matter what happened you protected Sheetal honor.. You became a father for this little girl when her father was in front of her seeing her cry everyday for her mother.. Still he couldn't console her.. And on top of that you also had Khushi and were handling both families trying not to hurt both.. I really don't know how you did this.. But I really respect you more today.. And as more I respect, more I disgust having a grandson like you Akash.."

Mami looked at her shocked: Sasuma what are you saying? Arnav bitwa did something wrong and the blame goes to my son? This is so unfair.. 

"Shut up Manorama. First ask to your son what he did.." Nani looked angry at Mami.

Mami gulped in fear, and looked at Akash: Tell them Akash you did nothing..

Akash nodded: Nani you're falsely accusing me..

Nani slapped him, "How dare you Akash.. I know what I am saying.. I'm old but my brain is still working.. Do you get that? Now tell everyone the truth here, or I will say myself.."

"Are wah!!! Nani is the real ASR here.. Akash doesn't know whom he messed up with.. Haha.. Now this will be fun to watch.." Khushi giggled amused with them.

Ayan giggled loudly as if he was laughing at Akash's state. 

Khushi widened her eyes staring at Ayan and placed her finger on her lips indicating him to be quiet. 

Ayan mimicked his mother, he placed his tiny finger on his lips smiling naughtily.

Nani melt a bit seeing her grandson smiling and his cute gestures with his mother that she did not fail to see. 

"Akash tell the truth to everyone.." Arnav said. 

"Which truth? Anika is not my daughter, she is yours.. Don't put your blame on me Bhai.. How can you be so selfish like this? You're trying to clean your image in the family by spoiling mine.. I always loved Payal and be loyal to her.. If you're not loyal to Khushi,  it's not my fault.. " Akash said angrily. 

Arnav clenched his fist hearing what he said. 

Nani slapped Akash again, "Don't you dare say something against Arnav. Shame on you..he only saved you.. And now.."

Ayan now got scared of his Nani, he went running to Khushi and hugged her legs hiding his face. 

Khushi lifted him and took Anika also in her lap, she went to their room to stay with the kids.

"But Nani.. What proofs do you have? Bhai himself showed to you the DNA reports that proved that Anika is his daughter.." Akash said.

"Do you want to get slapped again?" Nani asked him sarcastically.

"Nani enough.. I get it you love Arnav more than Akash but it doesn't mean you have to humiliate my husband in front of all.." Payal said coming in front of Akash. 

"The husband you're so proud of is not worth your love..he has deceived you and us.. He is a monster only.." Nani said. 

The door was being knocked, Arnav smirked and looked at Payal:You will get to know the truth now..

He went to open the door and brought the DNA reports of Akash and Anika along with the doctor, which was Payal's friend. 

Payal looked at them confused.

Her friend smiled sadly, "I'm sorry Payal. But according to these DNA results.. Akash is Anika's father.."

Payal widened her eyes shocked: This is not possible..

"It is. Mr. Raizada wanted me to especially do this test, because he didn't want you to think that he made fake DNA reports. I'm your friend,  and I wouldn't lie to you.."

Payal looked at Akash,  who gulped in fear. 

"Payal I can explain.." he said.

Payal slapped him hard on his cheek, "How dare you Akash.."

Sheetal smiled in relief, Arnav looked at her smiling, finally they won! Everything was crystal and clear now.

Mami looked embarrassed. 

Anjali was equally shocked knowing the truth. 


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