TS: Jealousy- Completed

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Sep 10

OS: Jealousy (By Spriya) (Thanked: 39 times)

"Arnavji, please give that container to me" khushi asked pointing the number of containers stacked in bathroom self at the the same time her corner of eyes was on the clock which was close to nine thirty, that indicates stopping time of water.

Arnav gave that container, taking it she pointed other "Take that too arnavji, please" Pouted khushi.

Controlling his anger arnav gave that too but khushi being khushi purposely pointed each one taking time as much as possible. 

"Finished, now move" arnav shut the door on her face giving all in go.

Khushi stood gazing the clock excitedly, when it strikes the exact time evil smile appeared on her lips.

"Laad governor, I'll torture you till you confess what's in your mind and why you forced me to marry" she muttered counting in reverse.


"Khushi...khushi.." arnav shouted from bathroom. Khushi squealed jumping outside the door attracting other members of the house.

"Sankadevi, what are you doing? Damadji is shouting, here you're dancing. Are you gone mad?" scolded buaji tying a towel on her head.

"Hann khushi, see he's shouting. Go and check" garima too agreed with buaji.

Khushi pretending as good wife, knocked the door "Arnavji.."

Like waiting for that opportunity arnav rushing opened the door.

Arnav let his head out "Water stopped..." said with gritted teeth as he can smell khushi hand on this.

Buaji and garima looked shocked seeing his soap filled face "Arey khushi, looks like water stopped. Help him" garima concerned for her damad whose nose carries mountain of anger which scares her what if he got angry by this.

"Are you looking for muhurth? Go take water from Street pump" buaji came with bucket seeing her stood still without caring about her husband.

Seeing her plan backfiring khushi started chewing her nails. This buaji na...

Her face lit up getting an idea, let's enjoy on his expense "Woah...buaji you don't know he will not let me work. He'll feel pain whenever i work. He always tell me, khushi your place is beside me not behind me nor you should work for me. If you want anything then order, arnav singh raizada wife should not strain herself. Her wishes will land on her feet before she could voice out. And i don't want to hurt him" she finished shyly bending her head.

Arnav could only mutter his favorite phrase hearing her fake story. Here his eyes are literally burning but she...Buaji and garima smiled seeing their daughter living happily with her husband.

"Then, wait I'll bring water" garima dropped the bomb putting temporary full stop to khushi plan.

Khushi hiccuped "Maa, how can you hold full bucket of water. Already your leg is paining. I'll look after him. You please do breakfast for him, he's getting late" she effortlessly pushed both into the kitchen.

Getting this chance arnav harshly bitted out who was silent respecting two old ladies who genuinely concerned for him "What the hell khushi! Here i am standing with this stupid stuff and you're...leave it. Now i want water. And What are you trying to prove before them?"

"Thank god, finally you remembered what comes after your what the" khushi taunted blowing air to her face where her tendrils keep disturbing her waiting for its owner to lock it behind her ear.

"Khushi..." His knuckles turned red by the pressure he given.

"You want water right, then come with me" khushi said tying her dupatta in one side.

Khushi breath hitched seeing his half naked state, only towel is tied on his body. Control yourself khushiit's restricted area. She gulped controlling her nerves seeing him like this for first time.

"Come" she hold his hand, guided him to street. Arnav like a good boy following his wife, what's in his hands when he can't even see anything around him.

She stopped reaching the pump, withdrawing her hands "Stand still" ordering him she engrossed in filling the bucket. While arnav perked his ears to gauge where he's.

"Damadji is here, any problem khushi beta" arnav can hear some old lady voice for which khushi replies about water issue and the lady excused from there.

Suddenly he felt a splash of cold water on his face, before he could tell her to slow down another splash made his eyes red.

Rubbing his eyes to erase the irritation formed due to the force of water he gritted in annoyance "Are you mad?" Khushi stood with puppy face while her mind doing happy dance.

"Here take this kerchief, it is soft you'll feel good" Out of nowhere they heard new voice.

Khushi frowned being interrupted, shifting her gaze on voice she stood open mouth. There five to eight girls stood gawking her husband without shame.

Khushi snatched the kerchief from the girl "Who are you?"

"Preeto friends, we came for her wedding" one of the girl answered, in fact she's the only one genuinely not staring him. She looks disinterested. Khushi smiled at her and turned at the girl who forwarded the towel "I thought you came here to enjoy wedding, but looks like you're enjoying something else" Arnav was amused hearing her jealous cum possessive sarcastic wifey voice. His earlier irritation, annoyance took back seat. His brain want to see her possessive side more so he jumped in the opportunity.

"Khushi, they're helping us. Give me the cloth. They took effort to took it for me, we should appreciate their effort"

She glared him pushing his extending hands which are ready to snatch the kerchief from her.

"Err...see how his eyes are red. Why are you restricting him. He's willing to take our help" the girl tried her luck again; why not when an handsome man is standing in street giving them free show.

"Haww...hey devimaiyya don't they know a word called shame is in dictionary. Why can't they stare salman khan whose pictures are pasted for adverti****t" she mumbled herself but loud enough for arnav as she was standing before him blocking him.

Giving lopsided smile he bent his head near her ear and asks in low voice "Kyun farak padta hai, why it matters to you?"

She turned abruptly hearing her  question in unwanted time. Till now she only asked him why is it matters, now he's asking the same question.

She stared him trying to read his soul, who is this man? He came in her life like a cyclone and swallowing whole of her feelings before disappearing into the place where no one can understand him. Why her heart beat increases whenever he's near? Why his each and every emotions matter to her? When she can ignore shyam who betrayed her then why can't she throw this man away from her heart and mind even after he inflicted pain in her wherever she goes. Why? Why is it matter to her? Why she felt like crying seeing him engaged to lavanya? Why she felt like shutting herself in room seeing him close to lavanya hugging her? Why she felt the need of him whenever she land in trouble? Why her heart earn for his glimpse even if it was hate? Why she still living with him agreeing to his contract? If she says it's for her family then it was a white lie as she know he'll not let aakash suffer. Then what it is? Why it matters when some other girls stare at her husband? Yes husband, why is it matters? Is it because he tied mangalsutra on her or some other reason? Why? Why? Her mind screamed while heart calmly smiled "Because it was love"

"Khushi.. Don't you think soap are drying in my body, it's sticky?" He whispered near her ear making her out of her thoughts.

Tightening her lips she hurriedly empty the whole bucket on his head in irritation both by his question and the girls. Shocked by her gesture arnav wiped his face not knowing what effect he's giving to the other occupants there.

Khushi noticed all pair of eyes still gawking her husband. Smacking her forehead for this stupid prank which turned sheer torture for her, she wrapped her dupatta around him covering him. Arnav baffled by her actions, he never thought Khushi will do something like this. Why she's getting angry and jealous on them? Isn't she loves shyam then how can she be jealous and possessive for him? Why she's glaring them like he's her possession which are restricted? Even she said they should stare salman khan than him. What is it mean by? Am i important for her? How it will be loved by her? His heart jumped in joy with this thought even though his mind giving warning signals.

Both minds travelling in same path after long time.

Throwing a deathly glare towards the girls, she dragged him inside and released her hold when they reached her room. Turning to him she warned in same heat and frustration "Don't ever think of giving this free show to others. It's only my haqq...no one else.." And  smiled hiding from him before marching outside.

Arnav stood pondering over her words, now he's sure somewhere in her heart he's there. Is it love or something else he should find out. Maybe his stay in gupta house will give him answer for his riddle.  

~Jealousy sometimes helps us to know our love which we unaware of and do good too~


Again another **** from me as am in no mood to write but my hand was itching to write.

Thanks for reading:)


Sep 11

Shot-2 Truth (By Spriya) (Thanked: 80 times)

Dedicated to Angelinarshi. I did not planned to continue this, but for you i wrote it. Hope you like it. Thanks for all your support- Lily30, sujesan61, Angelinarshi, Vasuarshi, Londener.


After that water encounter, khushi didn't came before him. It's night 10, still she's playing hide and seek with him.

"Khushi, it's late. Damadji must be waiting for you. Go beta, I'll clean it" garima literally pushed her out of kitchen.

Running out of excuses from morning khushi pouted before stormed to her room. In a heat of moment she warned him, it's her haq..Now facing it's results. How can she face him? What if he demand answers? What she'll tell then?

Her mind though reasoned he'll not ask her as he was hell angry on her for dragging him all the way to laxmi nagar only to irritate him.

Sending thousand prayers to her friend devimaiyya khushi entered only to get satisfied. He slept making pillow walls in not so called large bed.

"He did one good thing in his whole life by favouring me" she smiled in glee. Without making noise she took her place beside him.

The next minute she felt his breath near her ear "What haq you talked about?" Asked he waking from his feigning sleep.

Khushi breath stuck in throat, "I don't understand what you're asking" she lied trying to calm her irregular breathing due to his close proximity.

"Don't lie khushi. I can read it in your eyes" his eyes seems genuine to khushi but she can't fall for his words even after experiencing his stupid behavior.

"Then why can't you read my turmoil by this forced marriage" khushi asked in same tone shutting arnav.

Hearing her question his mind again took him to the memories of that fateful night which turned their life upside down. 

If khushi is possessive for me then what about shyam?


Khushi feelings changed after our marriage.

Then the teasingsshy smile, accidental kiss are only his imaginations or real; If that moments are true then what i saw that night should be wrong or fake. 

But will my eyes and ears deceive me? 

Wait, i didn't heard the whole conversation right? What if the truth was altogether different? 

But shyam told they both love each other.

How can i trust him even after he proved to be not trustworthy by cheating di?

What if i misunderstood khushi?

What if? What if???

If's will be answered only if you confront her, his mind and heart fought and this time both heart and mind lead to same conclusion of confronting her. 

Making his mind to end their miseries today itself arnav turned to her only to met an snoring khushi.

"Khushi..." He tried to wake her, but when did our sankadevi waked early. She slept knowing she'll not get answers from him, little did she know if she slept few minutes later then this night turned out to be an beautiful memory in her life.

Night passed with struggling arnav who lost his sleep in confusion while she slept peacefully knowing next morning again she have to act as happy married couple before her parents.

Next morning, Arnav stood frowned in living room surrounding by kids who came for preeto wedding. Again thanks to Khushi for making another plan to irritate her already angry husband.

"Khushi...i want to talk to you" he requested, note requested for umpteenth time from morning.

"Can't you see, i am busy" she purposely avoided him making him more restless.

"Arey, madumati your damadji also here. I must admit it, your titaliya is lucky or else she must be married to that old man by now" one of the neighbour dropped earning arnav attention.

He perked his ears to hear what they're speaking.

"Don't mistake me madumati. I don't like that lawyer man shyam. He looks so older for our khushi betiya. I wondered how you agreed for marrying to that man that too he's orphan. We can't trust anyone these days. I really felt bad when her marriage is fixed. But devimaiyya had different plans for her. See now how damadji is perfect for our betiya. Even an new outsider can guess they both are made for each other. He is caring, he even helped happyji few minutes back. His eyes carries so much love for our khushi. She must lead a happy life madumati" the neighbour lady praised arnav not knowing inside turmoil they're in.

"It's my foolishness to fall for that man words and forcing my titaliya to that marriage. She denied from the start, but i forced her blackmailing with shashi health. I still can't imagine what would happened to khushi by now if she's married to that two timing ****. He was already married in rich family. Shameless fellow he came behind our betiya. You're right, damadji is so kind. He looks like coconut from outside but inside he has gem of heart. I astonished seeing him adjusting here just because for Khushi leaving his luxuries. He..." Buaji praised more if possible after giving enough information to arnav who stood baffled hearing buaji words.

So like always, i misunderstood her.

So like always, i hurted her.

So like always, i crushed her feelings for me. Yes, now i believe the equation between us before aakash marriage was so pure and true. 

So like always, my ego won making me fail before khushi

After knowing the truth arnav want nothing but khushi. Slipping from the crowd his eyes searched for his soul. He felt taken rebirth seeing her happily dancing around with kids.

Without thinking anything he rushed and pulled her towards him ever gently this time making khushi astonished. This is the first time he was pulling gently, with love. Really love, her heart rejoiced.

Oblivious to his surroundings he hugged her tightly burying his face in her hair.

"I..failed you...I failed our love...i failed to understand you...i failed to express my love towards you...i failed to confront you...i failed my love..." He mumbled tightening his hold.

Khushi couldn't connect what he's saying but one thing she's sure that her love is finally reciprocated. Her love won. Her love is not one sided.

Cupping his cheeks, she gently wiped his corner of eyes "You didn't failed me, because keeping aside your ego you admit that you love me...You didn't failed me, because whatever happens you always come to me either by hate or love...You didn't failed me, because i passed... passed in my love. I love you so much arnavji. You asked me yesterday, why is it matters. Because I love you beyond you can imagine, may be more than jelabi" both chuckled at last sentence.

"But..i...we..marriage..." He struggled bending his head in shame of letting down his love.

Khushi put het finger in his lips stopping him "Shh..shh.. nothing matters. We have whole life to undo our wrongs" saying this she hugs him feeling him to her heart content.

"Ok..err..khushi kids are watching us..." He noticed the surroundings finally.

"One live show will not harm them..." She mumbled in trance.

"Er...What if buaji comes?" Arnav tried to break the hug.

"I'll tell her to close her eyes"

"What if aunty comes?"

"I will tell her to turn other side"

"What if uncle comes?"

"He'll not come unless someone help him"

"What if aman calls?"

"I'll break your mobile and his head" she replied angrily breaking the hug.

Arnav stood amused by her answers, two seconds later they both laughed until their stomach pains remembering their precious moments.


This os was end here officially.

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