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TS: Soulmates (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

*First Shot*

"Arnavji..." An hoarse whisper escaped from khushi who stood pasted to the poolside wall by arnav.

"Shh..shh..." Arnav stopped her from speaking and moved her soft tendrils behind her lobe.


Seeing her in red saree undid his knots and her laboured breathing playing something with his nerves. Adding to his misery, fairy lights in poolside, diya's on pool due to diwali making him feel romantic.

"It's been two days, i kissed you" he murmured letting his lips play on her face.

"Haww... don't lie. What about yesterday night, you didn't let me sleep half of the night" she finished shyly.

"I am speaking about daytime" He replied drowning in her.

"Someone will come..." She whispered taking his blazer in her fist.


"Now, don't start again" saying this he slammed his lips on her her. Her hand automatically wound around his neck and his hands sneak into her bare waist lifting her lightly from ground.

"Mm..." Khushi struggled to come out of his hold.

"Arnavji, what are you doing? Someone will come and what must be they'll think seeing us" she scolded him panting heavily.

"It's enough. I can't take this separation anymore. How many days we are going to act like cat and mouse in this house. Nani is planning my marriage with lavanya. What if she become problem for us in future" He argued holding her cheeks.

"No one can separate us. We're married arnavji. Only few days, please bear this separation. After that we'll disclose the truth to everyone. And do you think lavanyaji didn't know about our love, she knows arnavji. She's keeping quiet because i requested her. And moreover i stay here spending time with you in nights na, i came here with the excuse of anjaliji. Please few days, after jiji marriage we'll let others know. Already her marriage is stopped because of us. I don't want her to feel sad seeing us happily married  destroying her happiness. And i have one more important issue to confide with you..i have doubt on shyam, paying guest in buaji house" Hearing her non stop reasoning her decisions he stopped her.

"We'll speak about your paying guest after sometime but now let me take my fill for today" shutting her he hugged her tightly.

Smiling she rested her head comfortably on his chest and her hands encircled his waist and shoulder.

"Ahem ahem..." Lavanya cleared her throat.

Breaking their hug due to intruder arnav smiled hiding his disappointment while khushi shied away.

"Oops i disturbed in wrong time, but no regrets. Anjali di was searching for you both. You know chamakili, working part time as watchman for love birds have kick" lavanya winked. You must be wondering what she's speaking, she's speaking about her new job of keeping this love birds safe escaping from others.

"Lavanya, khushi told you know..." Arnav thought to apologise even before he could utter lavanya interrupted "It's ok ASR. I know we're not made for each other and i know you both are married. Khushi apologized on your behalf the next day you married" she smiled genuinely happy for her both friends. Arnav heart filled with love when lavanya told khushi apologized on his behalf. Isn't this is called soulmate? Soulmate who understands you and your thoughts even before you voice out.

Excitedly lavanya started telling him another secret "And you know i am also in search of groom for payal. Only then you both could think about starting your life na. I have shortlisted five grooms let me give you details, you can cross check them ASR"

Arnav could only smile in gratitude. He also involved in searching groom for her, till now payal didn't approve anyone which itself giving him doubts on her. He thought of consulting this with khushi but this diwali preparations never let him spend some time with her.

"Shall we go?" Lavanya asked holding khushi hands.

Nodding, khushi left with her, throwing a smile towards him indirectly informing him about her departure.

Arnav smiled in return and shakes his head in acceptance.

"Arey khushiji you look beautiful. Red saree suits you perfectly. Chotte likes red. Lavanyaji instead of blue you should wore red, your ASR would be flattered" Anjali winked not knowing she's making the two girls uncomfortable.

He's already flattered by his owner, lavanya mumbled loud enough to khushi who can only blush crimson.

"Ok, chalo it's time for puja. But still shyamji is not here" Anjali worried and her eyes constantly checking the entrance.

"He'll come di. Don't worry, maybe busy in work" khushi consoled anjali though in her heart she felt something wrong. Why anyone would work in festive days? Even the workaholic laadgovernor is not working.

"Haan di. Maybe he's busy in work" agreed lavanya.

"Ok leave it. Come or else chotte will literally breath on my neck" anjali said dragging both with them.

During pooja, arnav stood beside khushi gazing her as if to swallow her. Khushi's face failed to maintain it's original colour due to his constant gaze. At one point even mamiji wondered which blush she put that she was glowing like cherry not knowing the reason behind that colour is her own nephew.

When khushi distributes the prasad aakash took few seconds to let his eyes wander around. Noticing everyone on their own work he asked what is nagging him from morning "Why didn't you took payalji with you? It would be nice if both sisters celebrate in same place" he smiled covering his nervousness. 

Arnav who noticing and following khushi's each move surprised hearing aakash question.

Why he is interested in payal presence? Is it the reason why payal ignore each alliance? Wondered arnav.

Arnav cornered khushi when no one is around "Khushi I want to talk to you. It was important"

"I too want to discuss important matter, arnavji.." khushi replied.

"I want to know did payal love anyone?"

"Haww...how can you think of my jiji like this? She is not loving anyone" Khushi replied irritatedly.

"Why are you getting hyper? I just asked. By the way, why you're making faces hearing love. Didn't we fall in love. Come on khushi, i am sure she's loving someone. That's why she's ignoring all the groom" he stated calmly.

"I don't know but if she love someone then she must confess it to me earlier. We didn't have any secrets" khushi replied proudly.

Arnav rolled his eyes hearing her dramatic answer "Oh, so do your sister know about our love and marriage?" He raised his eyebrows in question.

"Nahi..." She replied in low voice.

"Then ask her khushi. I am 90 percentage sure she's in love and if i am right i know whom she fell in love with" he said remembering aakash who searches payal whenever khushi is near.

"Who arnavji? Tell na..please.." she questioned with puppy face which melted him if khushi phone not rang.

"Buaji is calling..." Muttering this she attended the call.

"Hey sankadevi, come home. Shashi is not well" ordered buaji.

Khushi panicked "What happened to him? Had his stroke come again?"

"Come and see" saying this buaji cut the call making khushi restless.

"Arnavji..buaji...babuji health is unwell. I want to see him" tears slipped from her eyes.

"Shh..shh...come. Nothing will happen to him. I am here na" arnav wiped her tears and dragged her downstairs.

Anjali who seen arnav and khushi rushing outside holding each other hands, she called "Chotee..."

Arnav stopped and turned "I'll be back soon" without waiting for her answer he rushed out dragging khushi with him.

"I am scared arnavji..." She cried with quivering lips resting her head on his shoulder.

"Shh..shh... don't be scared. Trust me i am here na" he consoled in between pressing his lips on her head assuring her.

When they're near laxmi nagar arnav mobile ranged. He let it rang but khushi attended it.

"Bhai, di fell down near stairs. Come home soon bhai. She's crying in pain. I already called doctor" aakash said in single breath.

She heard anjali cry on background, before she could answer "Di is calling me, come soon bhai" aakash cut the call.

"Who Khushi?" Seeing her silent without speaking anything he questioned.

Khushi panicked "Arnavji di fell down from stairs. Your presence is needed. Go home arnavji" she misspelled the words in hurry.

Arnav stopped the car in shock "What?"

"It's not time to think. See we already reached laxmi nagar. I'll go from here and you please go and see how is di" khushi said opening the door.

"But..." He felt as if head is struck between small hole. He cannot decide whom he could support, both his di and wife needs him.

By now khushi get down from the car "Don't think. Go..." Saying this she run towards her home.

Arnav started his car seeing her entering her home safely.

"Jiji...babuji..." Khushi shouted as soon as she entered.

"Come to babuji room" came an shout from payal.

Khushi ran there only to stood still "Babuji how are you? What happened?" She took her place near him.

"He'll be fine once you agree to marry shyam babuwa" buaji said coming near her.

"Buaji, don't compel her" Said shyam that's when khushi noticed his presence.

What is happening here?

Shashiji shakes his head as no which shyam manipulate as yes.

"Here take this" buaji handed her the ring and made her stand.

"Buaji..." Khushi mind stopped it's working. What the hell is happening here? Buaji said babuji is ill but here she's forcing me to marriage that too with shyam. How can she?

In her contemplating she failed to notice shyam who stood before her with ring in his hands ready to put it on her.

When he held her left hand she came to the land, only to get shocked seeing him so close to put the ring. 

.....to be continued.


It's a two shot. Next shot will be up soon.

Hope you guys like it!!!

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Sep 13

Shot.2 Revelation (By Spriya) (Thanked: 82 times)


-Second shot-Revelation

"Stop it!" Khushi shouted withdrawing her hand from shyam hold.

Ignoring weird and shocked glances of others she went near her babuji who was lying in bed "Babuji Do you trust my choice? She asked him holding his hands.

"Are you gone nuts? Why are you asking him? Didn't i told you he is wishing the same and he'll be fine once your marriage is fixed and now get engaged" buaji literally ordered her.

"I can't buaji" khushi told sternly.

Shocked seeing an angry khushi payal pressed her hand on her shoulder "Khushi.."

Calming her nerves khushi sat beside shashi and taking his hands on her "Babuji, I don't want to marry shyamji. You trust your daughter, right?" Seeing him noding with difficulty "Then please don't force me. Don't take stress" she pressed his forehead with affection.

While shyam stood like fish out of water, he thought it's easy to convince this family and marry khushi. Meanwhile garima stood as silent spectator as they're under her sister-in-law mercy now. She's the only close relation they have and garima didn't want to miss her.

"Shashi don't hear her words, she don't know what she's missing in her stubbornness. Shyam babua is a gem, we will not get a good groom like him for our sankadevi" Buaji tried to convince shashi who shakes his as no and khushi too object but buaji continued "Just think along with innocence she has set of antics which could piss anyone and look at bright side shyam babua promised to help us knowing our financial condition. He liked our sankadevi and from where we should get groom like him for her?"

"Buaji don't force khushi. Give her some time, it's her life. We should not force her" payal jumped in for her little sister.

"You keep quiet payalia. You don't know anything. Don't forget your marriage stopped because of her. Before she could do another stunt in your marriage we should marry her off" Finally buaji spilled her desperateness of marrying Khushi with shyam breaking khushi heart in process.

"You need not to show your highness for khushi Mrs. Madhumati" The loud authoritive voice of Arnav singh raiazada echoed in the small room of gupta house.

Hearing his voice two persons froze while others stood confused like ever.

Khushi being first shocked person, wondered how did he land here when he left for shantivan. She's sure now the truth will be out in few seconds, arnav can't sit quiet hearing buaji accusations.

While shyam sweated fearing for his life which is going to be finished soon. The only thing which favouring him was arnav didn't notice him or say he's showing his back towards entrance.

Arnav stood before buaji ignoring other members including shyam, still he didn't noticed him. His only focus was Khushi and her tear stricken face "Hereafter khushi will not be a burden on you. She has her own home and own family. She'll not interfere in your family matters" With the same intensity of anger he turned towards khushi "Pack your bags khushi. Take every single thing of yours, you are not going to stay here anymore"

Khushi stood flabbergasted seeing the happenings. She thought to calm him down "Arnavji..." Before she could control the situation buaji intervened.

"Who are you to interfere in our family matters? And how could you just order her to pack her bags? She is in her home, you're not her boss to boss around her in home too" Buaji said with gritted teeth.

"Yes am not her boss but Husband who has full rights on her. Got it"

"Arnavji..." She held his hands to stop him saying further.

Everyone stood open mouth trying to digest what they heard. How is it possible? How can an introvert angry man like arnav singh raizada will marry an extrovert? chatterbox khushi kumari gupta? They both hate each other, aren't they? When it happened?

"What? When? Khushi is it any prank?" Payal asked coming out of shock.

In the meantime, silently shyam slipped away from there knowing he cannot win khushi from ASR for now.

Garima finally decided to break her silence "Khushi, what is this?"

"It is true jiji. We.. We're married" khushi admitted hung her head in guilt of hiding this truth from them.

"Hai..re..nandhakis****..what is this? Sankadevi tell me did he forced you to marry him? Or else why would you marry him when you hate him the most? I'll release you from this unwanted marriage!" Buaji shaking khushi for answers.

"What the!! Why should i force her when we love each other" words come out of his mouth in annoyance.

Payal ignoring his answer taking her hands in her "Khushi, tell me clearly what's all this? He's saying you both are in love but you hate him na"

"Nahi we are not hating each other. We are in love and married under inevitable circumstances. Trust me jiji, amma, buaji, babuji i really wanted to marry him with all your wishes but it just happened. Please will you all forgive me?" She asked with puppy face which melted everyone.

What can they do when everything finished already? They can't be angry with her for so long. At last only her happiness and her security matters. They know raizada's are nice and they love khushi too the most. Only problem is arnav anger and ego which hurts Khushi but now seeing him stood for her before her own family shows how much he loves her.

Buaji patted her head "Forgive me tiyaliya. I only look for your secure future not your happiness. I am happy seeing his love for you. Be happy betiya" shashi smiled in happiness.

"Did your family know about this beta?" Questioned garima eyeing arnav.

"No one knows. We thought to let you all know once payal marriage fixed" arnav replied.

Khushi scrunched her eyes remembering something "Arnavji, di fell down na. How is she?"

"I...give me my mobile khushi" he stammered at first remembering he forgot to check his di and panicked later. He came here to get his mobile which accidentally khushi took it with her but got distracted by the drama.

"What happened to anjali betiya?" Buaji asked seeing them panicking suddenly.

"She fell from stairs" replied arnav trying to contact aakash taking long strode to outside.

"Arey...nahi. She fell near stairs" khushi smaked herself for blunder.

Throwing an angry glare he excused himself, but garima stopped him and insists take khushi with him.

Speedometer in his car touched its full value while khushi who have phobia of speeding cars hid herself in his arms hugging him tightly.

In no time they reached shantivan. Arnav ran inside, khushi too followed him.

"Di.." he reached near her who sat in living room.

Kneeling down he checked her legs, "Nothing chotee, am fine. Brace got distangled" anjali assured him.

"But di.."

"Trust me, i am fine" Anjali smiled and just now she noticed khushi sat beside her.

"Khushiji...why you took stress? I am fine"

"Di.. can't i come to see you?" Khushi pouted making arnav smile.

"Haan baba..you can come here anytime"

Turning to arnav, she held his tightly "Chotte, woh...Do you tell me if i ask something?"

"Anything di..." He tightened his hold supporting her while others stood confused.

"When did you planned to disclose your marriage status?" Anjali asked with mischievous smile.

Khushi hiccupped, di knows how?? Arnav smiled knowing she found his secret as usual.

"Hello...hi...bye...bye... Your chotte is running away from engagement, you'll be grandmother when he plan and announce his marriage" Mami jumped in her usual mode.

"Arey..mamiji. You're outdated. Who knows soon you'll be a grandmother" Winked anjali.

Arnav whined seeing her teasing mode "Di..." While khushi started searching for a place to hide.

"Only if chotte agree to marry Miss. Kashyap which is no where to be near" nani sighed. Her only wish is to see her grandson marriage before close her eyes in peace.

"Nani, you're also old fashioned. You don't know these days youngsters are fast. They'll marry without letting family know and romance right under their nose" Anjali teased noticing the couple trying hard to keep their face straight.

"Hello..hi...that means arnav bitwa and Mis. Tiptop married" Mami widen her eyes grasping what anjali said.

"Nahi..." Three loud voice shouted at the same time.

Seeing the source of voice mami got confused not only she, nani and aakash also couldn't understand anything "Haain...what happened arnav bituwa, phatisadi, Miss. Tiptop"

"I and khushi are married" arnav told the truth seeing there's no way to escape and there's no point of hiding the truth when gupta's also know it.

"What...??" Mami jumped in shock, nani face glowed.

"Khushiji betiya is our bahu. Is it true?" Nani smiled cupping khushi cheeks. Khushi nods her head shyly.

"Waise, i came to know by your night adventures. You must lock the door before doing romance chotte, everyone will not sleep in same time. But i don't know how and when you both married" anjali winked mischievously and end with pout.

"You might be shocked knowing how our marriage happened. It is filmy like khushi" arnav chuckled remembering their marriage.

"Wow...tell me chotte" except mami everyone surrounded him for his flashback and Mami was still trying hard to digest the fact that her nephew is married.

"Why don't you ask this to khushi? She's the right one for telling you. Only a Dramabazz like her can satisfy you all" hearing him khushi slapped his arm playfully. While family awwed..seeing him smiling after getting her slap if it was before there must be earthquake by now.

"When we gone to nianital, now don't ask me when i took khushi with me. She dropped in car ****y herself. My car stopped half way, thanks to your khushi. There Khushi's half sister trouble wantedly landed with her. Her dress got stolen, someone exchanged her dress with bridal lehenga. We dropped in dhaba for lunch, seeing khushi in bridal dress group of people thought her as run away bride. We stayed there at night until my car repaired. Earlier the bride who exchanged khushi dress was actually a run away bride. Some goons from that bride family came to dhaba searching for that girl ended up kidnapping khushi thinking her as bride. In all this your khushi madam face also covered with dupatta, they are so close to marry her with that groom. She struggled to get away from them but when did her half sister let her in peace. I followed them and ended with big fight, the dhaba members thought we are lovers running away from them. They forcefully make me tie mangalsutra on her" arnav released his breath after detailing his marriage.

"It's too cheesy ASR" lavanya laughed imagining arnav in that situation.

"Why i am thinking there's more into this story?" Anjali raised her eyebrows in question.

"What?? after that nothing big happened. We realized we love each other that's it" arnav shrugged dismissed the topic.

Khushi eyed arnav lovingly. That day played before her eyes. Only she knows how much it meant to her, not only that day but previous night also.

"But di, if you know they're married before then why did you said like that in evening" asked lavanya.

Khushi frowned "What di said lavanyaji?"

"That i should wear red instead of blue"

Anjali laughed "Just to tease khushiji. It was hilarious to see your both expressions"

"Di..." Khushi whined hugging her.

Anjali who was excited till now got sad remembering something breaking her hug she held out her hands for arnav "Chotte... I don't know how to tell, i am feeling restless from morning. I don't why, i feel void, something is incomplete. I thought it's because of my worry on you. But even after overwhelmed hearing your marriage i feel something wrong gonna happen. I..please chotte make all things right. I don't want to see our family in misery"

"Shh...di.. Don't worry nothing is gonna wrong" arnav gave her assuring hug.

"Bye bye to Miss. Tiptop hello hi to phatisadi manorama" mami mumbled herself melting the atmosphere. 

"Nahi..hello hi to Khushi ASR mamiji" Lavanya joined hitting khushi shoulder playfully.

"Did khushi betiya family know about this? Why did you hide this from us? We're more than happy to accept khushi betiya in our family" nani asked dejectedly on missing his grandson marriage.

"Today only they came to know. When we returned shashi uncle is admitted in hospital and moreover khushi didn't want to start our married life without settling payal life as her first marriage was stopped because of us. And now payal liked one groom her marriage in cards" arnav said eyeing aakash from corner of his eyes.

"What????" Aakash shout confirmed arnav's prediction. 

...to be continued


I thought to write it as two shot but couldn't finish in this shot. So i extended, one more shot is left. Hope you guys are not getting bored.

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Shot.3 Confession (By Spriya) (Thanked: 65 times)


"Khushi betiya, stay here tonight. Tomorrow we will put official proposal to gupta's" nani said making her way towards her room.

"Come di. I'll drop you in your room" arnav helped anjali.

Nani who going to her room turned "Khushi betiya, stay in guest room not chotte's room"

"Nani.. It's ridiculous. We're already married what is the use of keeping her in separate room" Argued khushi's desperate husband.

"If you want to get married with all rituals then stay away from her for sometime" nani replied sternly.

Sighing he took anjali to her room while khushi informed about her stay to family.

Anjali made arnav sit before him, taking his hands in her "I am so much happy for you chotte. I can't believe you fell in love and married khushiji"

Arnav smiled "Finally your wish is fulfilled"

Anjali expression changed from excited to sorrow. Arnav frowned cupped her cheeks "Di..what happened?"

"I have another wish too chotte. Rajakumari, hamara rajakumari who'll be the universe of me like you, a mama's doll, nani's angel, mamiji's Cinderella and khushiji's jelabi"

"Di..." He pressed her hands in assurance.

Anjali suddenly got anxious "Chotte...I took important decision in my life. Please be with me chotee. There's envelope in side table drawer"

"Di..shh..please calm down. Nothing wrong will happen. Where is it?" Arnav asked getting up.

"Here chotte" anjali pointed the side table. Arnav stood to take it.

"Chotee..wait" anjali stood herself seeing some paper peek in behind the table.

"Di..." Khushi entered her room chirpily only to stop abruptly.

"How shyamji photo is here. He said he's orphan" her last words attracted the siblings.

Arnav went near her "What do you mean by why? Obviously he's di husband his photos will be here"

Khushi rounded her eyes in shock hearing him and noticed the photo clearly. Earlier she forget to notice anjali. "But he said he's bachelor and orphan. He's the paying guest i said that day arnavji"

"What the hell? Khushi are you sure. Look at the picture clearly, you must be misunderstood" Arnav heart started beating harshly fearing for the worst.

"Maybe she's right" Anjali who was silent till now said shocking his brother and his wife.

"Di..." They called in chorus.

"I am sorry chotte. I hide this from you. I got doubt on him after he came from lucknow. His unusual client visit make me do background check on him. You're busy more than him yet you find time for us and you only travel whenever needed. But he's totally..I did not want to become another Ratna Malik. So i asked detective agency to check his details. Till now i only know he's cheating on me and not know it was khushiji" anjali declared firmly.

Arnav stood shocked seeing her face, there's no sorrow or misery. She stood unaffected by this. Is it easy to take her husband betrayal? Or It become habit to take betrayal?

"Di...i..." This time also both said in same time.

Anjali laughed keeping her misery to herself. It's not easy to face another betrayal when her heart is already bruised in past. But she have to do it for her, for her family, for her chotte. It was waste to cry over spilt milk.

"Chotte, take action against him. But before that i want single signature from him giving divorce"

Arnav could only nod at her ASRish form.

Anjali eyed both of them to sit before her, handing him the envelope asked him to open it.

Arnav opened and smiled seeing the content written in paper. Anjali decided to adopt a child from orphanage.

"My rajakumari. She's just a week old chotte. Her parents abandoned her. I want to give her our raizada name. Will you accept my decision? I know you'll look after her expenses but i want to earn for her. Please chotte..."

Arnav awwed of his sister. Khushi become silent spectator in all this, she didn't want to interfere between siblings.

"I'll di. I'll support you whatever you decide" Anjali hugged him overwhelmed.

"Khushiji...come here" anjali hugged her too.

"And di one more news, aakash is in love" Arnav decided to finish all in once.

"Who?" Anjali and khushi shouted making him close his ears.

"Payal" The minute he uttered, his two important ladies gone into their crazy mode waking everyone in process. If it was day they should be in gupta house by now.

Following days, shyam fell in ASR's trap and sentenced to five year jail including his cancellation of lawyer degree. The paper anjali found behind table was will paper stating arnav's  wealth all come under shyam manohar jha if anything happens to anjali, this stood as strong evidence in court. Anjali adopted the girl child. Raizada's planned to do both wedding in same day.

Still aakash and payal is in ji mode but arnav and khushi enjoyed their days throughly.

Today wedding night after marriage.

"Arnavji i am tired, am going to sleep" khushi said with mischievous smile taking her place in bed.

"What the!!! You're kidding right" he bounced on her checking whether she's really tired or saying lie.

Seeing her trying to hide her smile he caught her made her speechless by his actions. 

After arnav throw her out of the dhaba room in dark, she fell unconscious. Within few minutes arnav got remembered of her fear and rushed to help her only to see her lying unconscious. Her few minutes of silence taught him what she is meant to him!

"Khushi open your eyes...i am...sorry.. sorry for all the time i caused you pain" his words choked when he spoke.

"You always mean something to me. Khushi..." He patted her cheeks.

"Khushi...khushi..." He rubbed her legs and hands trying frantic to wake her. Her twinkling eyes which shines with affection, love, mischievous was closed making him restless. He want to see him in her eyes like everytime he sees himself.

Seemed like eternity fluttering her lids she opened her eyes, her teary eyes met an equally teary eyed arnav.


"Shh...i got scared seeing you lying quiet" he hugged her tightly with all his strength.

"Why?" Words left from her mouth in trance, she's still in shock with his sudden hug and tears.

"You matters to me khushi. Your each and every feeling matter to me. I..hurt you a lot like i hurt anyone in my life just because you affected me each single time we met. My..ego got crushed when you stood against me but that fighting spirit in you attracted me towards you. Each time i took effort to forgot you it only get increased by time. I don't know what this feeling is called. If i didn't see you for a day then I'll go mad. I want you always. I want someone like you who oppose my decision if i am wrong, who can correct me if i took any decision in my ego, who can give me warmth whenever i need, whom can scold me like my mom and console me like my wife. Do you know what it mean?"

Khushi breath hitched what he's mean by this? Love! Haven't his description screams love. How? How can a heartless monster like him who can publish her video in national media just because she back answered him, who let her fall from first floor, who send her to disastrous construction site, who spit venom on her just because she spoke against him. Isn't it indicates he doesn't have heart? Then how will he can love the person whom he hate the most. But didn't she read love is blind and it can come to anyone? Will ASR come under anyone?

Arnav break his hug sensing her frozen state "Khushi..." He called her pushing her tendrils behind her ears.

Cupping her cheeks "Say something. It was not a dream"

"Then why did you throw me in that dark room even after knowing i am afraid of dark" She asked the first question snapped in her mind.

"I...i...I just pissed with you. Trust me i forget about your phobia when i shut the door. But the minute it stuck me i came running to you" He hung his head like a guilty child.

"Then what about that construction site"

"I don't know it was dangerous enough to crush down"

"What about letting me fall down from your cabin"

"I don't have any excuse for that" He accepted his fault which itself surprising khushi.

She too have to accept it, she felt something for him. Even though he is the one who cause her pain, he's the healer too. From saving her life in parking lot, rescuing her from that construction site, now too he came here for her. And the man who has mountain ego accepted his mistakes.

"I too don't know what this feeling is arnavji. From the time i met you all i uttered was arnavji did that, arnavji did this, he's arrogant... Earlier me and jiji talk about many crazy things but after meeting you all we discussed was about you. Mainly me. I even many times dreamed of killing you. I made loads of jelabies because of you. Now i got why i behave crazily just by the thought of yours. Do strengthen your business, only then you can meet the expenses of buying flour and sugar for me" khushi got emotional earlier and end teasingly.

Arnav frowned not understanding what she's saying "Why should i need to strengthen my business? And why should i buy flour and sugar for you?"

Khushi smacked her forehead "Haan, don't you need money to buy the ingredients of jelabies for your whole life time. I'll eat tones of it in this life time. May be more than that"

Khushi eyed him expectedly. His face slowly changed from confusion to realisation and finally bloomed into smile which she never seen before.

"Trust me khushi, this is my happiest day in my whole life" he hugged her hiding her in him.

Smiled khushi reciprocated his hug. Breaking their trance arnav marked his first love peck on her forehead.

"Sleep. You look tired" He made her lie down on bed.

Khushi held his hand stopping him from getting up "Where are you going to sleep?"

"There" arnav pointed a small chair.

Khushi plainly refused concerning for his health "Nahi. Sleep here in other side of bed. If you sleep in chair you'll get back pain"

Arnav hesitated, but khushi insisted to sleep in bed. First time they both shared their feelings without fighting like they share bed. Khushi turning to his side kept her palm under his cheek. He smiled seeking her warmth on his cheek. His hand wound around her shoulder. They slept peacefully feeling each other love for first time.

Sunrays disturbed arnav's sleep. He snuggled more into her hair hiding his face.

"Hmm..arnavji.." Khushi mumbled waking from her sleep.

"Hmm..five minutes" saying this he hide his face from sunrays.

She giggled feeling his breath tickle on her neck.

Arnav sleep got disturbed due to her giggles "Shut up khushi..."

"Haww..laadgovernor started his usual tantrum. Hey devimayya Arnavji always speak two words, what the! Shut up! And not to forget his deal. These three words are absent from yesterday. Is it mean arnavji ghost said sorry to me yesterday?" Khushi widen her eyes imagining arnav as a ghost.

Hearing her words irritation peep into his system "Do you eat anything special Khushi?" He asked moving aside from her.

Khushi frowned "Why?"

"I thought you're taking special food to think like this" he mocked her.

Her face turned perfect O's. She beat him playfully "Don't tease me. And i want to know your future plans" she suddenly turned all serious.

"What plan?" Thinking for a minute "Hmm..i planned to expand our business overseas and to promote pur new projects in small towns. That's it for now" he shrugged his shoulders. Seeing her glaring him he raised his eyebrows in question.

"I am asking about family planning" in her irritation she failed to notice her choice of words.

Arnav astonished hearing her Is she know what she's speaking or i seen Khushi in another light that now i am feeling different? "I don't know you're so fast Khushi" answering this he bend to her level.

Khushi flabbergasted by his move put her palm on his mouth resisting him "What are you doing?"

Kissing her palm "What, you only asked about family planning" He replied with naughty glint as he guessed by her reaction that she meant something else but misspelled the words.

Seeing his naughty glint khushi recalled her words only to fell shy.

"I didn't mean that. On serious note, i want to know about your marriage plans. You hate marriages na, but i can't...i want marriage, I want us to get married with rituals and elders blessings" She asked him unsurely.

Cupping her cheeks he caressed and pecked relaxing her "I know how marriage is important in this society. I don't want anyone to point finger at your dignity for being live in relation with me. We'll date until we feel to get married. Apart from our love we need to explore us. I promise i'll marry you with all rituals"

Feeling overwhelmed khushi circled her around his neck pecking his cheeks bending him to her level.

Later they ready themselves to depart from there, but fate has other plans. The goons, fight and dhaba people put them in a situation where they dreamt for later.

If arnav thought, he could have stopped the misunderstanding though it's not misunderstanding from night and refuse to marry her but the look in khushi eyes made him proceed further with the marriage.

Being an ardent devotee of devimayya khushi took that situation as a sign and strangely she want him to make her his without the rituals and big dream wedding. Who knows maybe her subconscious predicted the upcoming storm in the name of shyam.

Arnav tied mangalsutra storing her each and every expression in his mind. Life always throw him in unexpected situations but this one will be the best.

"Khushi shall we go to your home first?" He asked taking his seat behind the wheel.

"Nahi...arnavji...Please hear me out fully. I don't want to disclose our marriage truth until jiji marriage happens. Please..." She requested with puppy face which he couldn't object.

He realized from the minute he married her, their relationship pace got reversed. He, arnav singh raizada who doesn't hear and obey any words and do what he thought gets easily melted by his soulmate.

He got her call within few minutes of dropping her, saying her father is admitted in hospital. Before him his family reached there. So he delayed his arrival so that no one can get doubts.

That day will be one of the worst and best memories in his and her life.

Khushi broke down in his arms seeing her father in that condition. She shed all her inhibitions before him. The thought of losing his father making her cling to arnav dearly. She felt safe and warmth from him.

Seeing her refusing to stop crying arnav took her to his farmhouse away from others making sure her father get best treatment.

Arnav realized how much pain she carries smiling outside. He decided to give her all the things she wished and desired. In a week moment their love overpowered strengthening their relationship by consuming into one. 


"Where did you lost arnavji?" Khushi asked raising her head from his chest.

"Our special memories" Saying this hugging her they drifted into sleep looking forward for their life. 




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