Rare two-headed rattlesnake spotted in US

Sep 13

Rare two-headed rattlesnake spotted in US (By Telly_News)

Almost 11-inches-long rare rattlesnake with two heads was spotted in Arkansas, USA on September 6.

The snake's picture, which went viral on social media site Facebook as soon as it was shared, has amazed people all across.

As per a report published in NDTV, "the snake was captured by Quentin Brown and Rodney Kelso," explains Mark Young, who shared a picture of the snake, now named Deuce.

" It was later donated to the Arkansas Game and Fish Crowley's Ridge Nature Center in Jonesboro," said Mr Young.

The possession of the venomous snake is with Arkansas State University and they will now try to nurse it back to health.

Just wanted to update everyone about the two headed rattle snake.

1. It is absolutely real! But I don't think it's a sign from God that the end times are near.

2. I wasn't the one that caught it. Rodney Kelso, the District 2 Manager at Woodruff Electric, caught it.

3. It is still alive.

4. It is being donated to the Arkansas Game and Fish Nature Center in Jonesboro, AR today....

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