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Oct 19, 2017

Chapter 9 Kushi goes to checkup.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 80 times)

One and a half month went in a jiff with not so improvement in Arshi's relationship. But Arnav never left a chance to care for her. He makes sure ,she eats in time and takes her medicine. He was sure one day she will accept him. Nani though didn't let their secret out still she was not in talking terms with her.

Now kushi was 2and a half month pregnant. Her anger towards Arnav didn't even decrease a bit. And she didn't stop working. her job was the only relief she had. Today she took a day off from her office. She's feeling so uncomfortable. She thought to visit a doctor.

Child care hospital -

Kushi was waiting in a lobby for her turn. A lady came and sat beside her. she was seven months pregnant. She was smiling to herself. Kushi looked at her wierdly.

" Hi...." said the lady. Kushi smiled in return.

Lady - Iam Shivanya. I came here for checkup. what about u ?

Kushi was just looking at her not speaking anything. Shivanya - Hey...don't hesitate. its just I can't sit silently for so long. I am waiting for my husband. so thought to talk with u.

Kushi smiled and said - Iam kushi. And yeah I also came here for checkup.

Shivanya - Which month u r ?

Kushi was a bit uncomfortable. she didn't discussed with anyone about her baby. Kushi - woh....its 2 and a half.

Shivanya - Wow...that's so nice. u know kushi it my first baby after 5 years of our marriage. When I got pregnant na....My hubby and mom started to pamper me so much. I was so scared to do anything. but later got used to it. By the way , is this ur first baby ?

Kushi - yes.

Shivanya - then ur family also pamper u so much na....

Kushi smiled sadly and said - I have no one Shivanya. Both their face fell down hearing kushi.

Shivanya - Iam sorry.

Kushi- that's OK.

Shivanya - don't worry. Now u have ur husband and baby na. U know kushi , baby's are just like a blessing we got showered with. Many people are there out without baby. We both are lucky enough to get a blessing ( kushi's mind listened her words very clearly )Now u have me as a friend. will u come to attend my baby shower tomorrow ?

Kushi don't know what to say. she don't want to break Shivanya's heart. So she just nod her head. Shivanya got excited hearing her.

Shivanya - This is ur first checkup na...( Seeing kushi nod ) today doctor will make u hear ur baby's heartbeat. u can see ur baby today.

Kushi was in awe unknown to her. 'heartbeat of her baby....and she will hear that....' She's feeling goosebumps all over her body.

Shivanya - Its the best feeling u can feel. The first time when u hear ur baby's heartbeat it will make u feel out of the world. The first time when u see ur baby na....there is no words to explain that kushi. I carved so much for this baby so it was a pure blessing for me and u will also feel the same. And ( suddenly she felt her baby kicking her ) Look kushi...he is kicking me ( she kept kushi's hand over her belly and Kushi felt her baby's movement. tears brimmed in her eyes). U will be so happy in ur pregnancy phase. U will feel proud to carry ur little one. No feeling is better than feeling ur baby and no bond can be the best than Mom and baby.

Shivanya was speaking this and that about baby and carrying it and so on... unknowningly provoking the mother inside Kushi. Everything of Shivanya's words made Kushi to imagine the same with her baby. Shivanya's husband came there....

Shivanya - Kushi meet my husband Rehan. And Rehan meet my new frnd Kushi. Shivanya happily introduced each other. they exchanged pleasentaries. And speaking sometime with her they both went away but not before inviting kushi for their baby shower. kushi also agreed to go there.

After she went Kushi kept on thinking Shivanya's words. She waited for sometime. Actually she went there for just to see a general doctor, but after hearing Shivanya she didn't knew why she waited for a gynecologist and once her turn came she went inside.

Doctor - Hlo Mrs.Kushi. doctor said with a smile.

Kushi - hlo doctor..

Doctor - So...u r pregnant. Till now who was the doctor u consult.

Kushi - Actually doctor, this is the first time I came for checkup after conformation. so there is no one whom I do regular checkup.

Doctor - that's nice. Where is ur husband ?

Kushi smiled nervously and said - woh...doctor he couldn't come.

Doctor - that's not done. u should be accompanied by ur husband. he should know ur health issues dear.

Kushi- I will bring him next time doctor.

Doctor - fine. and she started her question session and called the nurse.

Doctor - nurse , make the sonography system ready.(nurse went to make everything ready) Come dear. let's see what ur little one is doing inside.

Kushi's heart started thudding. her curious increased. she went and lyed on the bed and doctor started to apply gel on her stomach. Kushi could feel her heartbeat increasing every second.

Doctor placed an instrument over her stomach which kushi didn't knew what. Doctor started to examine and a smile appeared on her face.

Doctor - Kushi dear seems like ur little one is so excited to come out and torture u.

Kushi didn't understood her words. doctor indicated to the screen. Kushi looked at her side ways and that's it , she couldn't see anything as her eyes filled with tears. Truely she was feeling out of the world. She couldn't imagine that her flat belly had made a place for someone to grow inside. Her motherly feeling waked up inside her. she couldn't find any words to say her emotion right now. she could see her little one's heart is beating inside her.

Doctor saw tears in her eyes and wiped it away- oh kushi...don't cry now. see ur baby..and hear ur baby's heartbeat ( she said and placed a instrument again on her ear, but kushi's eyes was glued to the screen only )

She could hear her baby's beat. It was like her baby was saying ' hlo mumma ' to her.

Doctor - Shall I make a CD of this session. because u r nowhere seeing ur baby due to ur cry. doctor teased her. but she nodded her head and ordered for a CD , to see her baby again.

After the sonography session, Doctor - everything is fine dear. but ur food habits need improvement. u r a bit weak and also u r having morning sickness , so u should be strong to overcome that OK. Follow ur medicine correctly and not to forget bring ur husband next time.

Doctor asked the nurse to help kushi with diet chart and regular checkup dates every month after today.

Oct 20, 2017

Chapter 9 Kushi's Desire.. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 75 times)

Kushi went to her room and locked the door. She sat on the bed with her reports and saw that again and again. She saw her baby , a tiny feature with it's heart beating. she could still feel that heartbeat lingering on her ears. She could never forget that music. She was thinking all this that's when , a knock came on the door.

She went and opened the door thinking it to be Arnav but there stood a cute figure of Adithi's daughter and once the door got open , she ran inside looking for something.

Mishti - Mami....where is Mamu ?

Kushi smiled to the little girl and said - He must be in office.

Mishti - u look so beautiful when smiling Mami. Actually kushi never talked with her this sweetly. Adithi never allows her near Kushi and kushi also maintain distance with them.

Kushi smiled and sat on the bed with Mishti on her lap. Kushi - Why Mishti baby is searching Mamu ?

Mishti giggled and showed her white teeth. Kushi admired the little girl. Her cute face and her big eyes her pink Lips and her cute smile , her innocence , her pony adding cuteness to her face , her floral frock and her baby language. Kushi started imagine a daughter of hers with the same cuteness. It will be so happy to have a girl , to make her hair , to make her wear colour full dress, to teach her speak and so on....Kushi talked with Mishti sometime.

Sometime later her phone beeped with a msg and she opened it to see a msg from Shivanya. She had msg'd her address and had asked kushi to visit her Home. She smiled thinking her. She couldn't understand why Shivanya is so attached with her in such a short span. Kushi thought to go there to have a change of surrounding.

Next day Eve 5 -

Kushi got ready in her yellow silk cotton saree. As usual Nani didn't care to ask her where she is going and she was not in a mood to answer Adithi.

She went to the address sent by shivanya. Once there , people guide her to Shivanya's room.

Kushi - Hlo mommy...Said kushi seeing Shivanya.

Shivanya got so excited to see kushi there. Shivanya - Hi..kushi..come. I was looking for u only. y u came late ?

Kushi - oh ho...Question bank , I will answer u pls calm down.

Kushi started speaking with her helping her to get ready. Rehan came inside and saw kushi and greeted her.

Rehan - Shivi...Common eat this.

Shivanya - I don't want it. pls....she pleaded.

Rehan - This is not done Shivi. u didn't had anything from long hour. it is not gud for u.

Shivanya pouted looking at him. Rehan shook his head and said - fine I will feed u and u like a gud girl should eat this. At least for ur son dear....

Shivanya agreed and Rehan fed her. Kushi was looking at them adorably. How much Rehan cares for Shivanya ? He pampers her so much ' while thinking Shivanya's mom also came and started fed her juice. kushi looked at her longingly. She imagined Arnav in place of Rehan and Herself in the place of Shivanya. but they both love each other unlike her case. At sometime when she feels sick, she wish to have someone to care for her. but....She exhaled deeply thinking her fate.

Shivanya introduced Kushi to her Mom. Shivanya - If u guys forget ...kushi , my frnd is also pregnant. u guys should offer something to eat to her also.

Smiling sheepishly Shivi's mom went and offered her some juice and fruits to eat. After sometime function started.

Shivanya had no frnds in shimla and kushi was the only one who she called as her frnd. So she kept kushi glued to her throughout the function. Kushi was watching every ritual carefully. She asked Shivanya what every ladies are whispering to her.

Shivanya - ithni bhi kya jaldi ? wait for ur turn dear.

Kushi pouted hearing her. Shivanya giggled seeing her cute face and pulled her cheek. The function finished and they had dinner. Must say kushi enjoyed the time being with Shivanya.

She went to mandir and Sat there after praying. Today's events went across her mind. She imagined her baby shower function. Automatically her hands went to her tummy and caressed it. A sweet smile appeared on her face.

Kushi was in her dreamland of her with her baby. Her desire to carry this baby in her arms got strong after today's function. Suddenly her thought's went to Arnav and tears formed in her eyes.

She thought 'Arnav ji never loves me. he married me to have this baby only. And after how iam behaving with him all this days....( A sudden pain passed in her soul ) will he ask me to go away from my baby after its birth ? its true that I didn't wanted this baby, but now I want my child. I can't go away from my child....How can I ? After feeling it inside me how can I leave my Baby ? What will I do ?

She hugged her tummy and said ' Baby...iam so sorry for everything.. Pls forgive me... I will protect u till my last breath. I want u , I can't go away from u. Will u forgive me ? Iam not a cruel mother to unconsider my child. I had some reason when I said i can't bare u inside me. but now, I will do anything for u and I will bare everyone's hate but I can't leave u. I can't my Child...." she cried heavily. Luckily none saw her.

Wiping her tears she said to herself " I will never leave my baby and go. Not at any cost. Arnav ji can do anything for this baby na...then he have to accept me also...."

Devimaiyaa got irritated " ahhh....this stubborn girl...going on thinking everything on her own....what will I do with this girl ? " and slapped kushi's head.

Kushi sat and thought for sometime and it got remembered her " Arnav never said to go her away....and when he came to know about this baby....he asked me to marry him. if he cared about only his lyf , he would have asked me to abort this baby.but he didnt asked so....That means he truely loves this baby and when he wants this baby , as a mother he will never ask me to go away from my baby.yeah....this is only true....I will speak with him about this. he will never deny...." a content passed over her soul. Whatever it is she will handle , but cannot let go off her child.......

Oct 21, 2017

Chapter 10 A cry.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 92 times)

It was so cold outside. Arnav was pacing to and fro in the hall waiting for kushi. He had already tracked her through driver that she was in mandir. But still she didn't reach home. The problem is , she won't even say if she has any difficulties.

Its been exactly Two and a half month that he heared her voice. he sometime find it difficult to digest that the woman he loved refuse to acknowledge his love. Don't know how long his wait would last.

Sighing he sat on the sofa on the hall waiting for her.

Mishti - Mamu....Mami kahaan hei..?

Adithi - He is also waiting for his lovable wife only mishu. Don't know whether he knows where is she or not ?

Arnav - Won't u leave any chance on throwing tauntrum on her.

Adithi rolled her eyes and with her daughter she went away. Arnav was getting anxious every passing second. Mishti sat on the center of hall doing her drawing. Arnav waited but still she didn't come . sighing he stood up and went to his room. He got fresh up and went out. He was near his door that's when he saw the main door getting open and kushi entering the home. She was a bit glowing which warmed his heart.

On the other side kushi was happy thinking about her baby. She was entering the home that's when she saw Arnav standing on their room doorstep. Both looked at each other. Arnav didn't understand what's that she was thinking but the look she is giving him is very different. It was like pleading to him something. He mentally slapped his thoughts ' kushi and pleading HIM....that's next to impossible '

Kushi was thinking ' How should I initiate my talk ? what should I say him? ' and all.

She was thinking all this that's when something caught her attention. She was shocked and her eyes open as big as possible. Arnav noticed the sudden change in her expression. ' she is panicking... but why ? '

Before he understand anything , he heared her voice shouting for Mishti. He looked at his surrounding and that's when he saw the chandelier hanging on the roof is ready to fell on her niece. He started running.

Hearing Kushi's shout both Nani and Adithi came out. They were too shock to react seeing the chandelier was about to fall on their princess.

But none could reach there except Kushi. She lifted Mishti and tried to move. But the chandelier fell , hitted kushi's shoulder and her back hip, making her scream in pain. Blood started oozing out from the cut. She stumbled and fell on the floor hitting herself badly.

Poor baby Mishti got so scared of all this that she start to cry.

Kushi was screaming in pain and crying badly. Arnav, Adithi and Nani ran towards her. even all this commotion kushi didn't let a little scratch on Mishti.

Arnav reached to kushi and Adithi lifted Mishti from her hugging her baby. Arnav lifted kushi in his lap. Kushi clutch his shirt and cried holding her tummy.

Arnav - Kushi....

Nani - bitiya.....Nothing happened bitiya. u will be all right. Nani said. Kushi just kept on crying and she clutched Nani's hand and that hold said to Nani that how much pain she was undergoing right now.

Adithi - what the hell u r waiting for Arnav ? lift her dammit , we should reach hospital.

Arnav lifted her. Kushi was pleading to all the god to save her child, but she couldn't voice out anything. Arnav lifted her in his arms and Both the siblings ran to the car as fast as they could. Kushi's vision started to blur and she felt unconscious in her husband's arms.

Arnav reached his car and placed kushi and Nani and Adithi along with Mishti started towards the hospital.

Once reached the hospital again Arnav lifted her and voice didn't come out from his mouth. Adithi shouted for doctor.

The same doctor who examined kushi the day before saw her and was shocked to see her condition. She immediately attended kushi and she was taken into Emergency ward.

Arnav and others Waited outside. Adithi and Nani was so guilty seeing Kushi. They never acknowledged her but if she was not there, their Apple of the eyes Mishti wouldn't... No they don't want to think about that.

Arnav sat there Immovable. He literally died a thousand of dies seeing kushi's tears. His eyes refused to stop the tears and his senses refused to acknowledge anything. all he wants now is his kushi to be fit and fine.

Adithi never saw her brother this broken after their mumma's death. she went near him and caressed his hair.

Adithi - Nothing will happen to her Chote. don't worry. she will be alright.

Arnav leaned on his sister's shoulder. Nani- Nothing will happen Bachua. don't lose hope.

Don't know what is happening in his surrounding. He just sat there quietly. Nurse came and asked for a medicine and Adithi did all the necessary things. they all just wished nothing to happen to kushi and her child.

Oct 22, 2017

Chapter 11 Kushi's past.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 97 times)

Its been an hour kushi was taken inside but there is no news of her. Arnav was still very silent. The doctor came outside and looked at Arnav.

Doctor - Excuse me....u r Kushi's husband right ?

Arnav nodded. Doctor - Will u come with me pls ? I need to talk...

Arnav went inside with doctor.Arnav - Doctor my Kushi is fine right ?

Doctor looked at the man before. He seemed to be broken completely. If in other case , she would have gave a earful for such carelessness. but Arnav doesn't seem so. Doctor - Actually how all this happened ?

Arnav narrated the whole incident happened. Doctor - I don't know what to say ? For now Ur Wife and Baby is very fine.( Arnav released the breath he held for this longer ) She was very near to loose her child. But by gods grace, they both r doing good. Blood loss and such a shock is very harmful in pregnancy phase. u should be more careful hereafter. as she is pregnant I can't give her high dose medicine which could affect baby's health. I hope u understand. take care of her.

Arnav - I will take care of her doctor. thanks for saving my wife and baby.

All were waiting for her to gain conscious. thats when , a Church Monk came there praying for every patients gudness.

She was passing by. A nurse came there said Mother about kushi's condition and her heart wished to pray for the girl. She went and stood beside Arnav.

Mother - Hlo my child.

Arnav looked up . Mother- Actually I heared about ur wife. I wish to pray for her. can I ?

Arnav and others nodded their head. and all went inside. once inside Mother's eyes brimmed with tears seeing the figure.

Mother - kushi...My child.. cried mother confusing others.

Adithi - Do u know her ?

Mother nodded her head and went near kushi and caressed her hair. Mother- Oh...Jesus... Pls save ur child's life. let she be happy and under ur care always. let all her pain vanish in thin air. Spread ur blessing over ur child my lord....Amen..she ended the prayer with tears.

Mother - u r her husband ? she questioned looking at Arnav who nodded his head.

Mother - God bless u dear...

Arnav- But may I know , how u know my wife ?

Mother looked at kushi and asked everyone to come to her room. Mother - This is my room. whenever I reach here. I will stay here only.

Mother - I don't know whether u know about her or not. But iam really shocked hearing that ,kushi got married.

Adithi - why ?

Mother - because she is hard like a rock when she decides something and it will be hard to broke that.

Mother - Do u know about her ?

Arnav- Not fully. but from she joined my office I know everything about her.

Mother Rosy looked at the man before her and she could see the love he held for Kushi. She smiled and said - seems like u love her very much.

Mother - Iam so happy that finally , someone managed to Break the rock and made a place in her heart.

Arnav- I couldn't get u ?

Mother - u wife is such a person my child. Her parents was My friends so from her birth iam seeing her. ( she started narrating abt Kushi ). Mr.shravan Jaiswal and Mrs. Arpita Jaiswal was her parents name. Nearly after Seven yrs of their marriage kushi was born to them. So she was just a fairy princess for their parents. One day when she was playing on her garden , As much as I remember , she was Five then. She saw a poor baby and she was adamant in taking her to her home. ( she chukled remembering the adamant girl ) But she didn't bother anyone. she knows how to get things done in her way so easily. And as a result her father started a Orphanage Named ' Happy Home '. Her father was a successful business man. so there was nothing that she couldn't get. But she grew as a down to earth person. there won't be any arrogance or pride of being rich. Jesus had made her such an Angel.but her parents was not lucky enough to live with her. One day her father and mother died leaving her ( A lump formed in everyone's throat ) After that she lost herself in this big world. Her father's brother decieved her getting hold of all the properties. I still remember the young girl Who stood strong to not let her father down. She didn't bother and packing her luggage she went to the orphanage started by her father , saying that was also her father's home only. Later she came to know about those properties which her father bought in her name and she can't sellit until she reach 21. Days went on like this. She studied well and through the profit of her property she made everyone study. she also dreamt of a nice life with her husband , his family and relations. but everything got shattered......(mother cried remembering the incident )

Nani - What happened that all her dreams shattered ?

Mother - She was doing her undergraduate then. may be 19 yr old. One of her college professor wished to marry her. ( This shocked Arnav. he couldn't Imagine kushi with others man ) He said to his mother about kushi it seems. he and his mother came to our orphanage asking her hand. Kushi didn't had reason to deny and more over she respects my words. and I wanted her to get marry , so kushi agreed ( Arnav heart pained thinking that )

But( mother couldn't speak as everything came into her memory ) But that woman...

Flashback -

Kushi came to the waiting room dress up properly. Her professor were seated there with her mother.

Seeing kushi that lady gave a mocking smile. Kushi was confused seeing her smiling like that.

Lady - So u r the girl?

kushi nodded uncomfortably. That lady didn't seemed to present there with gud intention.

Lady - Must say. U r looking very beautiful. And My son is behaving as if someone did magic on him. u used ur beauty perfectly.

Kushi's eyes filled with tears hearing her words. Professor - Mom what r u saying ?

Lady - Then what should I say ? ( looking kushi ) and u , what u thought ? that u will marry my son. No way. What u thought....He is well educated , has own home, Earning a gud salary , u would've thought that u will seduce my son and will marry him and get settled in ur life. I know girls about u , don't know how u born. what caste u r and whose blodd is running in u ? don't know how ur mother gave birth to u? u r illegitimate or......

That lady couldn't speak more as she felt a stinging sensation in her cheek.Kushi slapped her hard.

Kushi- Dare u speak something about my parenting ? Who the hell r u to speak about my birth. And for ur kind information its ur son who came behind me not viceversa. Get out....she shouted.

All others present in the hall was very shocked seeing their kushi in such a state.

Crying kushi ran from there and locked herself in the room.

Flashback ends-

Mother - That day when that Lady raised her hands on Kushi's parenting, though she acted strong but she was broken completely. And as a result she Decided never to get married.

I tried to convince her but she said that she didn't want again someone question on her parenting. And u can't believe for the past six years iam trying to convince her only to fail.

Everyone's heart melted hearing it. Adithi felt so guilt thinking about the same words she said against kushi.

mother - After that she completed her degree went to the house her father bought her. Not even listening to anyone , she changed all the property to orphanage people.it worth nearly 80 crores I think so. now also everymonth she gives 50 thousand to orphanage.

Mother looking at Arnav - She never wished for money. all She wanted is love .u must really love her that's why her decision changed after this many years. I don't know that saying all this is gud or bad but as her husband u should know about her.

They talked sometime and went to the ward where Kushi was been. Arnav went inside and took her hand and kissed her forehead.

Arnav- Iam sorry to hurt u unknowingly kushi.Tears rolled. he sensed some movement only to find her getting conscious. he shouted for a doctor.

Oct 22, 2017

Chapter 11 Sorry session... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 87 times)

Arnav shouted for a doctor seeing kushi gaining Conscious. On the other side , Everything happened ran across Kushi's mind like a movie , Making her wake up in fear. Everyone is present there....

She started searching something frantically. Others didn't know what she is searching. Arnav started speaking.

Arnav- What happened kushi ? look at me...kushi...

But she was nowhere to listen. Adithi moved towards her that's when , they saw Kushi relaxing. Arnav followed her gaze only to see his niece , Mishti sleeping peacefully on the sofa. Everyone understood her thoughts.

Adithi - Mishu is fine Kushi. And thanku for saving my baby....

Kushi smiled looking at Mishti. Doctor came inside and seeing the doctor only she remembered something. Her hands went to her belly and clutched the dress over it. Tears started to flow from her eyes continuously. Doctor came near her.

Doctor - Hlo Kushi....

She wiped her tears. Kushi couldn't speak loudly. Doctor went near her and kushi asked - Doctor, My baby is fine right ?

Though others couldn't hear her voice, they can estimate what she must be asking.

Doctor - Well let me ask ur baby itself. how is he/she now ? and she kept her ears near kushi's tummy. Still kushi's tears didn't stop.

Doctor pretend as if she is hearing everything. And said to kushi , Doctor - Kushi dear, ur baby is saying that it is very fine inside. he/she is saying that it is strong ( Kushi relaxed hearing it ) But he is asking u to do something ( Kushi looked at her confused ) He said he doesn't want to be a cry baby, so he wants his Mumma to keep smiling always, so that he will also smile cutely in the future.

Kushi's Lips broke into smile hearing doctor. Arnav looked at her smile , he can afford even billions for this smile of her's. Doctor - I know it is a bad joke but thanks for still smiling over that.

Doctor asked others to wait inside and started examing kushi. Doctor - Kushi , iam warning u , this is the last time u doing such a stunt. OK.

Kushi- I will be careful doctor , she whispered. Doctor smiled at the girl and went after checking her.

Outside Arnav was thinking about kushi's behavior sometime ago. Her anxiety to hear doctor that their baby is fine , has said to him that Kushi started loving their baby already. A tiny ray of hope rose inside him.

Arnav went with doctor and Nani along with Adithi again went inside and saw kushi was lying there with closing eyes. Adithi went near her and called her Kushi slowly opened her eyes.

Adithi - Kushi , Iam really sorry for my behaviour. Today because of u only my baby is alive. Iam ashamed of how I treated u in the past days. will u forgive me kushi ? Asked Adithi holding her ears like a small baby.

Kushi smiled seeing her and said - I was never angry at u. then how can I forgive u?

Adithi - Sachi ? U r not angry with me....? She asked innocently.

Kushi nodded her head as No. Adithi smiled and hugged her. Adithi - thanks kushi. But iam really sorry for my behaviour.

Nani was looking at them fondly. Nani - Adithi bitiya , Go and get something to eat for everyone. its getting late.

Adithi nodded and went out leaving both Nani and Kushi. Nani went near her and sat beside her on the bed.

Nani - How r u feeling now bitiya ?

Kushi was surprised. Kushi - Iam fine Nani.

Nani started to cry. kushi couldn't understand why she was crying. Nani - Will u forgive this Nani also bitiya ?

Kushi- Nani ji..... Kushi also cried hearing her.

Nani - Iam so sorry bitiya. I never hated u. I was just angry hearing u that day ( Kushi looked down feeling guilty ). But today I came to know that what u are ? Not even thinking about ur condition , u ran to save Mishti. A woman who can put herself in danger to save a child can never think to harm her own baby. I dont know why u said like that , but I can understand there must be some reason. I won't ask u what ? not now nor ever. Just forgive this old woman.

Kushi hugged Nani and cried. her words was such a relive to kushi. Kushi- I never hated my child Nani.....

Nani - I know Bitiya.... Don't cry.

Kushi calmed down and Nani caressed her hair. Arnav came inside and saw Nani speaking with Kushi.

Arnav- Nani doctor said they will discharge kushi tomorrow. u and Adithi go home.

Nani - but , bachua how can I go leaving u both alone here ?

Arnav came near her and said - Its a matter of night Nani. We will reach tomorrow morning itself. It is not allowed to stay more than one person. And moreover its not good to stay in hospital whole night with Mishti. u and Adithi go home. I have asked driver to pick u both.

Nani - Par.....OK. take care of her. and I will be waiting for u both come home fast. OK.

Arnav nodded his head. Adithi came there with food for everyone. Arnav bought the food for himself and Kushi and asked them to go. Bidding bye, They both along with Mishti went to home.

Arnav went near the table and opened the food there was food for him and Soup for Kushi. He poured the soup in the bowl and pulled the table near her and said, Arnav- Have this soup Kushi, then u have to take medicine also.

Kushi looked at him blankly. She lifted her hands only to hiss in pain. Arnav- What happened ? Do u feel pain ?

Kushi nodded her head. Arnav is surprised , this is the first time in this 2½ month she is responding him. she was about to push the table but Arnav held the table. he sat beside her on the bed and took the spoon full of soup near her Mouth. Kushi glared at him.

Arnav - Not for me...atleast for ur baby have this kushi...ur baby must be hungry...

That's it without fussing she started to have the soup and hiding his smile Arnav fed her. After soup he fed her Medicine and slowly kushi slept.

Arnav had his food then. He sat near kushi and caressed her hair slowly. He Kissed her forehead. Arnav - Already u started loving our child and one day u will love me also.

Arnav placed his hands on her flat belly and caressed it. Arnav - I never knew , my baby is such a strong baby. U r so lucky that ur mumma loves u. Wish papa also gud luck to earn ur mumma's love. He kissed her belly and looking at her face for once he went and Laid on sofa. don't know when sleep took over him when looking at his wife....

The Dusk just passed only to give rise to a new dawn spreading its colourful rays on the earth....

@Floffypants - Meaning of the title is " why my heart make noises ". hope u read this.

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Chapter 12 Arnav talks with baby... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 106 times)

Arnav and Kushi returned home after she got discharged. Nani welcomed them. Kushi went to her room and rested for sometime. Nani and Adithi was leaving no chance to take care of her.

Two days passed. Arnav talk to Kushi but like always she is keeping silent which really hurt him. He decide whatever she do, he will speak with her today. no matter what. he must know what is that in her heart , For that he needs to open up fully.

He went to his practicing everything in his mind again and again. He went to his room only to find kushi resting in poolside. He was about to go to her that's when Adithi came there with kushi's food.

Adithi - Chote where is kushi ?

Arnav - woh...She is resting. give me the food , I will give it to her.

Giving a naughty glint she went away. Arnav went to the poolside gaining confidence. He went near and called her

Arnav - Kushi....Kushi looked up to find him standing with her food.

He sat there on the table before her and started feeding her. After she finished her food , she was about to get up but Arnav said - One minute kushi....

Kushi gave a questioning look and Arnav gulped and said - woh...woh...Haan ur medicine..

Kushi took her medicine also. he kept on looking her face , tears brimmed in his eyes. Don't know what went into his mind..He hugged Kushi keeping his face on her tummy making her to freeze in her position. When Kushi was about to get up he held her back and said - Pls Kushi...I wanna speak with our baby.

kushi didn't knew what to do and what he is doing. she just sat there immovable.

Arnav - Baby, do u here me ? I am ur papa. I wanna share something to u. Do u know , I don't have mumma and papa. I was all alone. One day I met ur Mumma in my office. and I promise from the day one , I met her I LOVE HER ( kushi's heart skipped a beat hearing it ) Day by day she become my soul. I admired her , adored her. Do u know , I even spoke with my Nani that I love ur mumma and Marry her only. on the party night I wanted to propose her for marriage. ( Kushi was shocked hearing that ) But everything got spoiled because of my carelessness. I tried to speak with her many time, but couldn't. Don't know what she thought. and one day u came in our life.I was so happy. I don't want anyone raise their finger on u that's why I married ur mumma forcefully. And conducted a press meet. Its not only for u but for her also. Do u know , I died a thousand of dies seeing ur mumma in hospital bed ( kushi closed her mouth and sobbed hearing him). I love ur mumma. I can't imagine a life without her. do u know its been 2½ months I heared her voice. it hurts me, when she keep silent. it hurts to see her this close yet distanced from me. I don't know how to pacify her. whatever happened btw us was just because of my love. I didn't took advantage or misuse ur mumma. u r the proof of my love. I respect ur mumma a lot. Pls tell her that iam very sorry and to forgive ur papa. I promise , I will never hurt her. I will be a gud friend and Husband to her. I will fill her heart with happiness. I will never let any harm touch her. pls.... He cried hard burying himself in her belly. On the other side Kushi was also crying hearing him.

Arnav looked up and cupped her face - Iam really sorry kushi. pls forgive me. I LOVE U kushi. I can't live a life like this. I don't know what is running in ur mind. I don't know my words are enough to melt ur anger or not. But pls kushi, whatever is in ur heart tell me. Hit me ,scold me if u want. but pls don't stay silent like this. I can't bare it kushi. pls kushi.....Say something....

Kushi was about to speak that's when they heared a knock. Arnav was irritated and again there came a knock. Wearing his goggles to hide his teary eyes he went and opened the door only to find Adithi standing with tensed face.

Adithi - Chote.....

Arnav- what happened Adithi ?

Adithi - woh....My dadi's ( Aryan's dadi ) sister passed away. I need to go there immediately.

Arnav- OK I will book ur tickets....

Adithi - No , No Aryan already arranged everything Arnav. its just Nani and Mishu went to nearby temple. can u pick them up. We need to go.

Kushi wiping her tears properly came there. Seeing her Adithi explained what happened.

Adithi - Chote go na....its getting late

Arnav looked at kushi , he wanted to stay with her right now but....

Arnav - But Adithi.....

Adithi - Pls...I have to pack our things also.

Sighing Arnav nodded and went to pick them up. Adithi looked at Kushi. Adithi- did u had food and medicine Kushi ?

Kushi nodded . Adithi held her hand and made her sit on the bed. Adithi - I wanna tell u something. its chote's bday tomorrow. Every year I will be with him to celebrate his bday. but this yr , situation is not in my favour. I need to go Delhi immediately. I have bought a gift for him. its in my room. will u give it to him tmrw ?

Kushi thinker and said - I will give it to him. don't worry.

Adithi - Thanku. I promise next tym , I will bring Mishu for vacation and will spend more time with u. Now I will go and pack my things OK.

Kushi nodded her head. Arnav picked them both from mandir. they packed their bags.

It was nearly 6 PM.

Nani entered inside Arshi's room and saw kushi was sitting silently. she went near and called her.

Nani - Kushi bitiya. I will leave now. take care of urself bitiya. I don't have a heart to go leaving u now....

Kushi- Don't worry Nani. U should go there. it won't look gud if u stay here. Don't worry I will take care of myself. And Arnav ji is here na....he will take care of me. u go. but come soon OK.

Nani smiled to her and kissed her forehead and went away smiling. her Experienced ears didn't fail to her Kushi's words. she was happy. she prayed soon everything to get well btw them both.

Arnav went with Nani and Adithi to drop them to Airport. When he came back again. it was past 9.30. he went to his room only to find Kushi sleeping. sighing he changed himself and had his dinner. 'seems like there is No luck of him that would change kushi's mind ' he thought and laid.

Arnav asusual went near her and said - After gaining lot of courage , I spoke with u today. At the right moment Adithi spoiled everything. But whatever I said was true Kushi. pls forgive me Jaan.... caressing her hair and belly for once he went to lecliner and laid. his mind was totally tired. And sleep took a toll on him.

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Chapter 12 Happy bday Papa.. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 98 times)

Arnav was sleeping peacefully in his Recliner. he stirred in sleep hearing some noise. He turned to other side burying his head in pillow. But nothing helped. He groaned in irritation. He woke up only to see it was alarm sound. He quickly switched it off as Kushi was sleeping peacefully.

Arnav- Who kept alarm ? that too at this time. He was so confused. he looked ahead to see the door was slightly open and light was glowing. Shaking his head he went and switched off the lights.

He heared some noise and followed it. He was feeling so sleepy. He neared it and was confused seeing the room. It was their Home theatre room.

Arnav - Noise...from this room....? Scratching his head in confusion he went inside.

A slow music was coming from inside. He went inside and saw no one there. He was about to go from there that's when something caught his eyes.

Arnav - what is this ?

He went near that and saw just a decorated table. 'Again confusion '.

That's when he remembered its his bday today. 'Adithi would have done all this for my bday ' He thought. He smiled thinking about various plans she does every year for his bday. But this is the first time she had done something like this. Every other time she would just wish him with different gifts. He smiled and was about to turn to go that's when a hand from behind kept a cake in front of him.

He jerked and turned only to find his 'dream girl ' standing there with a cute smile on her face.

'Final stage of Hallucination ' he thought. He shaked his head said " No Arnav it's not hallucination , u r dreaming " He concluded.

His dream girl just smiled and moved forward. He saw her litting the candle. ' Oh...how sweet this dream is ' he thought.

Kushi came near him and hugged him making him froze. He didn't knew what to do. 'this is not dream ' his mind said feeling her touch.

She came out of the hug and indicated him to the cake. He looked at the cake and at her again and again.bechara Arnav stood immovable in his place. She tapped his shoulder making him come out from the frozen state.

She handed him the knife to cut the cake. He got it and turning to the cake he blew the candle. Kushi clapped her hands. He didn't cut the cake. Instead he looked at Kushi and said " won't u say anything even now kushi ? "

Holding his hands Kushi cut the cake. He was all the while looking at her. Tears made their way from his eyes. kushi looked at him and taking a piece , she moved that to his mouth. He could see tears brimmed in her eyes also , he got that without fussing.

He was about to move but stood immovable by the hands he felt around his waist. Kushi hugged him from the back and he could feel his shirt getting wet.

Kushi- I LOVE U ARNAV JI....She said. Arnav couldn't believe he heared kushi's voice.

Slowly he turned around and looked her. She was looking down not able to face him. He lifted her face and saw she was crying. He wiped her tears and asked - What did u said ?

Kushi hugged him tightly and said - I LOVE U ARNAV JI. I really do.

Arnav hugged her to himself and he also cried. Kushi - I am so sorry. sorry for every hurt u had these many days. Iam a fool to stay away from u. I should've spoke with u or let u speak with me. I was scared. I...she couldn't speak further.

Arnav caressed her hair - its OK kushi calm down.

Kushi- Its not OK Arnav ji. Because of my foolishness, u had to bare so much.

She came out of the hug and holding his hand - u won't hate me for this na...? u won't ask me to go away from our baby na ?

Arnav nodded a NO.Arnav - Why u wanted to abort our baby then ?

Kushi - I don't want anyone to call my child Illegitimate.

Arnav hugged her - No one will dare to say something like that to ASR's baby.

Kushi- I loved u before itself , but hesitated that u won't love a girl like me. And after that party night , I thought u would hate me. And when I got pregnant , I thought everyone will blame our child. I don't wanna give my baby a life which is not less than a hell. when u married me and conducted press meet, I thought u did so only because of u cared for baby.

Arnav - Don't u think , u r thinking so much.

Kushi pouted looking at him. Arnav smiled looking at her. Arnav - Now u got to know that , I love u right ?

Kushi nodded her head. Arnav - Never ever think that I will leave u. U r my Jaan. I can't live without u.

Kushi - I came to know. By the way , how many days it was going behind my back.

Arnav - What ?

Kushi - Kissing me..

Arnav smiled sheepishly and said - everyday ( Kushi opened her mouth in a big 'o') then what shall I do ? My stupid wife didn't even allowed me near her, so only I went behind her back.

Kushi - Don't blame me only. have u ever gave me a clue of ur love? Always behaving civil with me, u won't even call me by my name. Ms.Jaiswal this Ms.Jaiswal that....Have u ever behave like a lovely shovely person ? let behave atleast a dreamy look ? A flirty words from u ? no....then how do u expect me to know that u also love me.

Arnav looked at her cute angry face . he pulled her near him and smirking at her , he placed his lips on her making her eyes wide open. He kissed her pouring all the love he had. He broke the kiss and resting his forehead on hers - Now , did my wife came to know how much I love her ?

She blushed and hid herself in his chest and smacked him. They stood like that for sometime. She came out of hug and cupping his cheek - Happy bday Arnav ji.

Arnav- Thanku. this is the best bday I had ever in my life. by the way where is my gift ?

Kushi smiled and gave him a remote. Arnav - A remote is my bday gift.

Kushi's smacked his head - Switch on the screen.

He switched the screen on and the next few moments will never fade away from his sense for this lifetime.

There on the big screen kishi's Sonography CD was playing. He could see his baby's heartbeat. ( he looked at kushi , who smiled at and said ' our baby ' ) his eyes misted. He thought this is best , when like adding honey to A sugarcube , a voice played on the background saying " PAPA.. Hi..HAPPY BDAY PAPA...U R THE BEST....I LOVE U....."

He was so overwhelmed. His baby is wishing him. This will be the best gift a father can get. Till now he loved his baby but from now , he thought his baby is a blessing in his life. He hugged kushi and asked - how....?

Kushi - Evening , I thought to give u a nice gift. What can be a best gift other than our child. so gave u this. I download the voice from net.Don't know whose voice it is....but for now it is our baby's voice.

They say ' Tears and smile won't come together. If it does then it is the best moment of our life ' and it's the exact moment in Arnav's life.

In a blink everything got into track. every misunderstanding btw them got solved. He thought if I spoke all this before itself they would have been happy long ago. but there is no use in crying over a spilt milk.

Arnav kneeled before her and kissed her belly. Arnav- Thanku so much. Papa also loves u so much. And thanks for taking my side and making ur mumma forgive me.

He stood up and again played the video and smiled. Kushi- R u happy ?

Arnav- Very much....

Kushi - OK. its getting late. we should sleep. Baby also sleep. shall we go ?

Arnav had no heart to take his eyes from the screen. But they need to sleep. He lifted her in his arms and went to his room.

Once inside he placed her on the bed. pulling a blanket over her, he kissed her fore head. And stood up to go to recliner. but kushi said to lay him on the bed itself. he also agreed happily. after a long time they slept peacefully.

Speaking and clearing all the misunderstanding is way better than keeping everything inside and crushing urself. and they both understood it well.

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Chapter 13 Happy life... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 101 times)

Kushi woke up at morning only to find Arnav was sleeping near her Like a small kid. 'How much she had hurted him ? ' she thought. She slowly bend near him and kissed his forehead. He snuggled in his sleep. She smiled looking at him.

She got up from the bed and went to get ready for the day. She had her bath and wore a cotton Orange saree with blue border. Her Neck adorned with her black flat beads and her open hair made her look so Beautiful.

Arnav woke up from his sleep and sat on the bed rubbing his eyes. Kushi saw him and went near him and sat on the bed.

She kissed his cheek and said " Happy bday Arnav ji "

Arnav smiled and hugged her keeping his face in the crook of her neck mumbling a sleepy ' thanku '

Kushi -Don't u have heart to wake up still ?

Arnav - hmm....He said.

Kushi - Common get ready. we have to go to office na....

Arnav looked at her and said- Shall we go out today? I want to be with u. Not to office.

Kushi thought and said - Bday boy's wish granted.

Arnav gave a full blown smile to her and kissing her cheek loudly, he went to take bath. Kushi gave him the dress and watch Adithi had bought for him. He wore that happily.

They both went to Mandir and went to restaurant and had their breakfast. They went for a long drive.

Arnav - Kushi tell me the place which u love ? we'll go there.

Kushi- The place I love the most is my Mayka . should we go there ? she asked teasing him.

Surprising her he drove in the direction of her house. they went there. Indeed it was so beautiful inside. Kushi had decorated her home in such a way that he looked on observating everything.

Her house full of Antic Bells, Handicraft decorates, her Beautiful garden with plenty of flower plants. Finally her room , beautiful painted with neatly arranged furnitures. A coconut shaped swing in one side. her cute dolls arranged in one side.

He sat there smiling looking at her photo. Till then kushi came with their coffee.

Arnav- How come everything is properly maintained till now ?

Kushi - We have a Caretaker to maintain all this. she comes early in the morning and cleans everything.

She excitedly went near her cupboard and took her childhood album and started to say everything to him. he was looking her admiring her. He saw one of her photo. she was so chubby in that.

Arnav- OMG...Kushi u r looking so chubby in this.

Kushi glared at him and said - what do u mean ? that I was looking fat...

Arnav - No I didn't....

Kushi- No u did. Now itself u r saying so. in the upcoming months I will gain weight and u will tease me for this also.

Arnav looked at her confused. ' saying chubby and saying fat is very different. why she is getting angry now ? ' he thought.

Arnav - R u angry ?

Kushi- S and iam not gonna budge now.

Arnav - I will pacify u ?

Kushi- I already said u that I won't budge.

Arnav smirked and moved close to her. He whispered in her ear - I also said that I will pacify u.

His hot breath touched her sides making her shiver. Her saliva dried in her throat. He moved near her making her to lean back. She was made to lye on the bed completely.

Arnav blewed air in her neck making her to close her eyes. His hands caressed her belly under her saree making her to clutch the bedsheet tightly.

Kushi- This....is....Nnnnot...fair. she stammered.

Arnav- Everything is fair in love my lady love.

Arnav looking his effects smiled and said - I said u was chubby. means so adorable and beautiful.u know , now I want a baby girl like u. He whispered in her ears.

She opened her eyes. He kissed her earlobe and slowly it trailed on her cheek and chin.

He placed his lips on her Rosy lips tasting it. His hands slowly roamed on her arms. It traveled to her cleavage and further down making her Moan. His hands unpinned her saree.

He broke the kiss and looked at her face to find it closed and her face was red.

Arnav - Open ur eyes...She looked at him with her Hazel big eyes.

Arnav - I Love u.

Kushi said - I love u too....And placed her lips on him surprising him.

His molten chocolate eyes looked at her Hazel ones for the permission , which it granted. He started to show his love. A love of a husband to his wife and a love of father to his Child.

Kushi was totally blown away by his love. His gentle touch on her made her to feel so beautiful. ' how much they loved each other ' was the only thought ran in their minds.

After hours of their Love time they was embraced in each others arms. Kushi was silently cherishing the newly found happiness of her.

Arnav- U know what , u should get angry often !

Kushi- Why ?

Arnav moving near her said - So that I can pacify u like this.

Her eyes opened wide hearing him. Kushi- Besharm Kahike...

Arnav laughed at her blushing face and hugged her. Arnav - U r beautiful...

Kushi smiled hearing him. Arnav- And u look more beautiful while smiling.

She blushed. Arnav - And u look MOST beautiful when blushing....

Kushi- Stop it....She hid herself in his chest.

Arnav- Arey....yeh kya baath hua....yesterday u said u wanted me to flirt with u. Now when I do this u r having a problem.

She raised from him and started smacking him. he pulled her in a hug. Kushi- I should have kept quite. Till yesterday u was a gud boy.

Arnav - Till yesterday I lived like a corpse. U became the JAAN of this corpse. And now only I started to live.

Kushi's eyes misted and said - Don't speak like this.

Arnav - Truth is bitter kushi. and what I told is truth.

Kushi- Iam sorry. she said cupping his cheek.

Arnav - why for being a Jaan of corpse ?

Kushi- For hurting u all these days.

Arnav - Leave that. I don't want to even think about yesterday. I just want a peacefull sleep in ur arms from today. A hug on every morning. A love of a wife towards her husband. that's all....nothing else.I want to see only our tmrw. not Yesterday.

Both hugged each other silently lying there. Arnav - U know this place become favourite for me also.

Kushi chuckled hearing him. Arnav- Go and change , we should leave.

She was about to get up but he pulled her back and cupping her cheek he asked - Did I hurt u and our baby ? ( Placing his hands on her bare belly )

Kushi said - U can never hurt us.

He smiled. both changed their dress and went back to their ' Home sweet Home '

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Chapter 13 Caring Arnav (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 90 times)

The day passed. Next day the couple went to office. Kushi was glowing very much. Her assistants also praised her that day. She started her work. Slowly she started to feel back pain. All these days resting and today her working and their yesterday's session had shown her the results. But she hid that from others.

It was nearly lunch time. She called her assistant and was explaining the about the new Software . Arnav was in the conference hall and after finishing his meeting he went to his cabin and rested. he saw the time. it was nearly 1.30 pm. ' did Kushi had her lunch or not ? Let me go and check '

He went to her Cabin and saw the whole team inside. 'should I go ? '

He knocked the cabin and opened the door. Arnav - May I come in manager ?

Seeing him kushi gave a full blown smile to him. He also smiled. but he found it weird. he slowly went near and touched her forehead and asked - Are u alright kushi ? U r looking so tired.

Kushi smiled at his worry. While her assistants looked at their Boss with a wide eye, as they never saw him like that.

Kushi held his hand and said - Iam alright Arnav ji.

Arnav - u guys didn't go for lunch ? its already late.

Pratheek - we r leaving sir. Mam can we will continue after lunch ?

Kushi nodded her head and her associates went away leaving them alone. Arnav held her hands and kissed it lovingly. Arnav - shall we go for lunch kushi ?

kushi nodded and got up only to wince by her back pain. She was about to fall , but Arnav held her safely and asked - what happened Kushi ?

Kushi- Woh Arnav ji my back is paining a lot.

Arnav- u should have told me this first...He scolded her making her eyes glistening.

Arnav looked at her confused. 'why is she crying now ? '

Kushi - Iam sorry.

Arnav hugged her to his heart content. Arnav - why r u crying Jaan ? I just got worried. I am not angry on u.

Kushi - Sachi ?

Arnav nodded kissing her Head. Luckily the whole office was empty. Arnav thought ' For Everyone kushi is something and with me she is totally a small baby '

Arnav - OK come. Let's go and take rest for sometime.

Kushi nodded and as she couldn't walk Arnav lifted her in his arms and went to his private room. He made her lay down and went near to table and bought a pain relieving balm. He turned her to his side and started massaging her back. Kushi was so overwhelmed. She hugged him and said - I missed it.

Arnav- What ?

Kushi - Ur care. U know , at the time of our marriage , I felt so sick and I wanted to be in ur embrace like this. but.....

Arnav - Shhh....Kushi. Don't take all the blame on u. It was my mistake also dear.

Arnav - do u feel sick now also ? He asked cupping her cheek. She smiled and snuggled in him.

Kushi- Yes. Every women face this in her pregnancy Arnav ji. It is very common to get tired and many more things these days.

Arnav was hearing her silently. He thought and said - Kushi iam telling u. Only one baby is enough for us. He said placing his hands on her tummy.

Kushi - why ?

Arnav - because I can't see u in pain like this again.

Kushi laughed at him. Kushi - Arnav ji...this is nothing. Haven't u heared ' No pain , No gain '...

Arnav - but....

She placed her hands on his mouth. Kushi- Stop saying such things. I have already planned to have three babies.

Arnav- Oh....Without discussing me u alone made plans....

Kushi- I thought to say it to u...

Arnav - When after our three babies are born...

Kushi - see u itself accepted my idea. I want three babies. But first one will be a girl. Just like our Mishu....

Arnav looked at her amused. This is not the kushi he saw till two days before. He Caressed her hair and she silently laid in his arms. After sometime their food arrived. And they had it and resting for sometime they went to their Work back.

Oct 30, 2017

Chapter 14 Kushi's antics.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 97 times)

Its been a week that Arshi was enjoying their new happiness. Arnav spends lot a time with kushi speaking with her knowing more about her and Kushi also. Nani still didn't arrive. But she use to call Kushi regularly and ask about her health. But Kushi didn't even let Nani know about their relationship. She thought to give Nani a small surprise.

It was one fine morning Kushi woke from her sleep and saw that Arnav was not there. She went to washroom and saw that Arnav was washing his face. Kushi went near him and Arnav looked at her. Kushi hugged him making him smile.

Kushi- Gud morning....

Arnav- Gud morning Jaan. u could have slept for some more time na. why u got up?

Kushi- That's OK. by the way what r u doing inside ?

Arnav - I returned from Jogging. and if u allow me I will take bath...

Kushi came out from the hug. She saw his face keenly. she went near cupboard and took a shaving gel and shaver with her when Arnav looked at her Curiously.

Arnav- What r u doing Jaan ?

Kushi- Nothing.. Iam going to shave ur beard.

Arnav looked at her wide eye. Arnav - No need of that.

Kushi looked at him sternly to which he became like a kitten. Kushi - What I should do now ?

Arnav - Its OK kushi I will shave myself. why r u straining urself.

Kushi's face fell down hearing him. Arnav looked at her. Kushi - I thought to do all this to my husband. u don't like me doing all this ?

Arnav was shocked to hear her. Arnav - Yes...I don't like..

Kushi's eyes got glistened and was about to move but Arnav held her hand - I don't like my Jaan standing all the while.

He lifted her making her shock and made Her to sit on the slab and said - Iam all urs , u can do whatever u want.

Kushi smiled to him - Tell me how should I do ?

Arnav started telling her . Kushi first applied gel on his cheek while Arnav spoke - Aman always says that , I look gud with my little stubble.

Kushi - Do u kiss Aman ?

Arnav - Excuse me ? he asked bewildered.

Kushi - Then...U know ur stubble pricks me when u...She stopped realising what she was going to say.

Arnav was smirking hearing and understanding her said and unsaid words. Arnav - when I what Jaan ?

Kushi looked down blushing. Arnav - Tell na....

Kushi smacked his shoulder - stop it. Always teasing me.

Arnav- I didn't tease u. It was u who was telling something, but stopped. how will I tease u when u didn't even saying me ? he said with his oh-so-innocent look.

Kushi- Look Aman is not ur wife. Iam only ur wife and u should hear my words when in home.

Arnav- Arnav Singh Raizada ko ithni zurrath nahi hei , ki woh apki hukum ko na mane ( ASR is not courageous enough to unhear ur order )

Kushi - behethar...( Gud ) Said kushi and kept her forehead on his and both smiled. How gud it feels to be with him. she was about to lose all this.

Kushi started to shave his stubble while Arnav was doing his antics like splashing water and tickling her. Bearing all this kushi continued her process.

Once finished she gave a winning smile. She was so happy as if she had won a gold medal in Olympics. Kushi- I did it..

Arnav smiled at her. She kept all the things safely in the box and getting down she kept everything in the cupboard. she was going outside when Arnav held her and went close to her. Kushi was standing infront of the bathroom mirror. She saw Arnav so close to her.

Arnav moved even More close to her and held her arms and started tracing it till down. Kushi closed her eyes feeling his breath on her neck. her heartbeat started to get eratic. He bent down and kissed her shoulder making her breath abnormal. He held her palm and hugged her while holding her hands in his. He took his face near her face and rubbed his cheek against her's making her close her eyes even more tighter. Arnav was seeing her Pink cheeks in the mirror.

Arnav - Now it won't prick u when I do ,what u thought sometime before. he said making her eyes open. she looked at him with wide eye while he smirked.

Arnav- It didn't prick u right ?

Blushing kushi went out pushing him. while Arnav laughed and ran his hands over his hair. Smiling he went to take bath. indeed it was really a gud morning.

Kushi went to guest room to get ready as it was already late. She got ready in her green saree with only her mangalsutra, sindoor and her bangles. She went down and found that Arnav was all ready and waiting for her. they had breakfast and went to office. The day went well.

Two days passed. It was evening kushi was in her room sipping her coffee while Arnav was doing some work in study room. Her phone rang. she went and smiled seeing the name. She picked the phone.

Kushi- Hlo Shivanya...

Shivanya - seems like u forget me totally.

Kushi- No Shivanya. I was little busy with my work. that's all. How r u and ur son ?

Shivanya - Iam fine and my son is doing gud. what about u ?( Actually Shivanya wish to have a baby boy )

Kushi - Iam fine. tell me why u called me ? and u sound a bit excited. is there anything that I should know ?

Shivanya - See u also say iam happy. but this Rehan says that iam crazy..

Kushi smiled - why ?

Shivanya - U know kushi , my son have grew 2 inch more than previous month. this is exciting isn't it....

Kushi - how is that possible ? he is in ur stomach only na then how come u saw him growing ? she asked confused.

Shivanya - U r duffer Kushi ( Kushi pouted ). I measured my belly with inchtape. My belly size increase 2inch more that is what I said. but this Rehan is saying me crazy.

Kushi smiled at her childishness. Shivanya- He can never understand my feeling kushi. I got this baby after 5 yrs. Every bit of this baby is spl to me. don't know I will become mother again or not ? Her voice chocked.

Kushi - Shivi pls don't cry na. Rehan bhai too understands u. he is also becoming father after 5 yrs right. And don't worry u will give birth to a Cricket team and u r gonna have a tuff time in handling them.

Shivanya laughed hearing her. Shivanya - thu bhi na kushi....by the way what baby do u want ?

Kushi- I want this baby to be a girl. Arnav ji too said the same.

Shivanya - Superb. I will have son and u will have daughter. Finally my son is going to get little sister who will tie rakhi to him every year.

Kushi smiled caressing her belly and after speaking for sometime they cut the call. Kushi was happy speaking with Shivanya. In that accident and getting patchup with Arnav , she totally forget to call Shivanya.

Kushi was thinking about her when a crazy idea stuck in her mind. She went and started searching her whole cupboard and draws.

Finally she grinned getting hold of the thing she is searching for. Taking hold of the inchtape she went and stood in front of the mirror. She measured her belly and her eyes become confused seeing the measurement.

Kushi- My belly grew 4 inch more. But my stomach is not showing up that much. she said looking herself in the mirror.

" that's because u r measuring wrongly " came a voice from behind.

She turned to find Arnav.

Arnav- I mean if u measure with saree then it won't be correct. As a designer iam saying it that's all.

Kushi's eyes almost popped out - that means u will take measurement of ur Models also like that only.

Arnav hurriedly nodded his head as NO. Arnav - why would I go and do anyone's measurement. then why iam paying for my designers ?

Kushi looked at him suspiciously. Arnav- Sachhi kushi.

Kushi Laughed seeing his face - I was just teasing u Arnav ji. I know about my Arnav ji very well. He won't deceive me.

Arnav was overwhelmed hearing her talk and hugged her.

Arnav - why r u measuring urself ?

Kushi - I wanna know how much our bacha grown

Smiling Arnav helped her to measure and both were happy to find their baby grown 1.5 inch.

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