Barun Sobti moves on from football to cricket for next

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Oct 12

Barun Sobti moves on from football to cricket for next (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 7 times)

Barun Sobti has recently seen success with his film ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ which released last week. The actor will soon be moving from a football-oriented film to the sport of cricket for his next project.

Sobti is set to star in a film where he’ll be playing the role of cricket agent Ronojay Sen. Talking about this to Hindustan Times, the actor revealed, “I am familiar with the game of cricket but the whole angle of cricket agent and the role they play behind the scene was very new to me”.

Sobti also went on to say that the industry needs to focus on the underdogs when making biopics too, “Biopics are a fantastic thing, but the industry lacks courage, at times. People make a star out of actors after one or two films, and keep capitalising on the same thing, without having the courage of exploring the world of cinema, which has so much to offer. It’s a kind of security in that people want to know about someone famous, so let’s make a film on that and everyone will like it. Also why only make biopics on people who are rich and famous? How about making films on lesser known people? I really liked Milind Dhaimade drawing inspiration from real life for Tu Hai Mera Sunday. The characters in the film are similar to a lot of people that we see around us”.

Credit :Amrita Tanna

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