OS - My doctor..

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Oct 22, 2017

OS - My doctor.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 179 times)

"Good morning Mumma.." Arnav kissed her cheek lightly and took his seat peeking at the kitchen.

 He pouted not seeing her. "Mumma Khushi?" he asked.

 Garima smiled nervously: She will come soon dear.. Now you like a good boy have your breakfast.. Arnav frowned: Khushi left without talking with me?

 "It's was urgent Arnav.." Garima said and ruffled his hair.

 He shrugged his shoulders, and stood up, "I won't eat anything till Khushi comes here.."

 He sat on the sofa of the living room with a grumpy mood messing with the TV remote and then throwing everything in front of him.

 "See pagal has started his pagalness.." Madhumati rolled her eyes "I don't know why Khushi brought him home, she should have sent him to a mental hospital.."

 Garima gestured Madhu to keep quiet.

 Arnav looked at her, "I'm not mad.. I will complain to Khushi about you.. You called me mad.. I'm not mad.. Khushi said whoever calls me mad, she will beat them.."

 Madhu chuckles: And I'm not scared of Khushi.. Arnav pouted and went to his room closing the door sobbing.

Garima put her hand on her hips: Are you happy now? You made him cry Madhu.. Khushi won't like this at all..

 Madhu shrugged her shoulders: He would cry as always..

 Garima shook her head going to the kitchen, "I don't know what to do about my life.."

 Sometime later...

 Khushi reached home all tired, doctor by profession she spend the morning time in treating her patients and didn't even had time look after herself, but she wasn't worried about that too. She was just thinking about Arnav, HER only her patient who is always with her and she missed to see his face early on the morning.

 Khushi smiled to her mother, "Are you okay? Did he trouble you?".

" He was crying since morning for you.." Garima said.

 Khushi felt sad, "Where is he now?".

"In his room, Khushi take something for him to eat also.." Garima gave her the plate.

 Khushi went upstairs to Arnav's room.

 She knocked the door softly calling him, "Arnav.." He inside the room buried his face on his pillow pouting.

 "Don't you want to talk with me?" Khushi asked.

 "NO.." Arnav screamed.

 "Okay.. Then I will leave now.." Khushi said pretending to leave.

 Arnav went running to open the door, he held her hand stopping her: No.. Please Khushi mat jao..(don't go)

 Khushi turned to him smiling and hugged him tightly, "I'm sorry.. I know I should see your face before anything else.. But today I had to urgently leave for hospital . And you were sleeping.. I didn't want to disturb you..

 Arnav smiled in her embrace, "OK.. OK.. I forgive you Pari..".

Khushi broke the hug: Did you had your breakfast??

Arnav nodded sideways touching his tummy, "No, and I'm very hungry.." Khushi took him back to the room, and feed him.

After eating, Arnav smiled to her.

Khushi ruffled his hair smiling back to him, "Kya hua?"

 "I want ice cream.." Arnav pleaded her.

 Khushi nodded: Okay.. But ice cream only today..

Arnav giggled: Pari you always say that but when I plead you then you always give me.. You never say no..

 Khushi smiled and kissed his forehead: That's because Pari likes you a lot..

 "Arnav also likes Pari a lot.." Arnav replied clapping his hands.

 Madhu who passed by the room rolled her eyes, "This girl instead of looking for a man to get married keeps taking care of a kid..".


Night time..

 Khushi changed into her pyjamas and walked out of the bathroom, Arnav came in her way: Boo.. Khushi shut her eyes scared of the sound and his sudden appearance.

 "Hahahaaa.. Pari I caught you.." Arnav laughed.

 Khushi: You scared me Arnav.. You can't play like this.. Bad manners..

Arnav pouted: Am I not allowed to play now?

 Khushi: You're Arnav.. Not like this..

 "Everything I do is bad manners.." Arnav frowned and jumped to her bed.

 "Arnav.." Khushi stare at him smiling.

"Jumping in your bed also bad manners.." Arnav said before she could scold him.

 "If you know then why do you do it?" Khushi laid on her bed, covering him with the blanket.

 Arnav rested his head on the pillow, staring at the night sky with stars.

 "Everything you do isn't bad manners.. You're my good boy.." Khushi whispered sweet nothings to him near his ear, while brushing his hair.

 Arnav still didn't say anything, he kept playing with his toy.

 "Are you upset? Did anyone scold you?" Khushi asked him, if Arnav doesn't talk with her or stays irritated means he is hiding something.

 "That bad aunty called me mad today Khushi..I'm not mad.." Arnav said to her clutching her hands. "Buaji?" Khushi asked to him.

 Arnav buried his face on her neck crying, "Haan.. She is very bad.. I don't like her.. I only like you.. You're good.. You're my Pari.."

Khushi caressed the back of his hair calming him, "Shh.. Don't cry.. I'm here with you.. I will scold her and ask her why she troubles you.. Now stop crying and sleep.." Arnav nodded and faced her.

Khushi wiped his tears with her hands. Arnav closed his eyes to sleep. She placed him properly on the bed and laid beside him singing lullaby for him. Her mood turned off just by seeing tears in his eyes, she doesn't like to see him sad. After the day she took him to her home, she always did her best to make him smile and improve his condition. Even if it means pamper him more than needed she would do only for him. A strange connection she shared with him, a stranger in her life!!


 It was a normal day of her life, switching off the lights of one of the rooms of the hospital. She held her bag to go home.

 Suddenly a man completely alone and quiet on his place on a dark room caught her attention.

She walked inside the door calling him, "Hello..". He didn't reply.

 "I'm talking with you..who are you? And what are you doing here?" she approached the person holding his shoulder.

 Arnav turned violent, he raised a chair with his hands and threw it to her side which hit Khushi's forehead.

 Khushi screamed in pain: Ouch.. Aah.. He was looking down but seeing her cry in pain, somewhere hurt him.

 He looked at her and stood up trying to touch her wound.

 The guards and other doctors came to her rescue.

 "Dr. Khushi why did you came inside this room? This mad man will kill you with his anger only.. Stay away from him.." her friend warned her and held her hand taking her away from the room.

 "Leave me.. I know what I'm doing.. Please everyone just leave from here. I will look after him.." Khushi said.

 "We can't leave you here Dr. Khushi with this man.." one of them said.

 "Off course you can.. I'm a doctor and I know how to handle myself with the patients..please.." she gestured them to leave.

 Everyone obeyed her.

Khushi turned to Arnav who was clutching the bed sheet angrily.

 "See you hurt me.." Khushi pouted and sat beside him, "Am I that bad? Don't you want to talk with me?"

 Arnav looked at her, he slowly released the bed sheet and his hand touched her forehead.

 He hissed in pain just by touching where she got hurt because of him.

 "Are you scared?" Khushi asked him. Arnav nodded and looked away.

 "You don't know anyone here?" she asked him.

 Arnav nodded sideways.

"Then how did you came here?" Khushi asked curiously.

Arnav clenched his hair frustrated as he was himself trying to spot his parents, but he doesn't know anyone. Khushi understood his gestures, she hugged him tightly caressing his back, "It's okay. You don't need to get worried. I'm here. I will take care of you..".

He calmed down in her embrace, while tears were rolling down his cheeks. Khushi kept caressing his back feeling sad for him.

 Flashback ends..

 "Good night my cute angel .." she whispered in his ear and closed her eyes to sleep. *************************************

"Khushi.. Look at my sketch.." Arnav called her.

 "One minute.." Khushi said working on important reports of the hospital.

 Arnav arranged his pencils and books and then tiptoed to go out of the room.

 Khushi looked at him going, "Arnav.. Stay here.. Why are you going?".

"You're busy.." he replied innocently.

 Khushi smiled and left her reports aside, calling him to sit with her on the bed and show her, his sketches.

 He showed it to her excitedly.

 Khushi was shocked seeing his sketches who were perfect just like someone who has experience in it. "How is it?" Arnav clapped his hands smiling.

 "It's beautiful.. Where did you learn this?" Khushi asked him still shocked.

 "By looking at you.." Arnav said.

 "No.. I mean that.. it's beautiful.." Khushi shook her head in disbelief.

 While Arnav smiled happily. Khushi thought it must be related to him and his past, as he doesn't remember anything about himself, only his name.

 "Gift?" Arnav asked. "Gift. What do you want?" Khushi smiled.

 "Kiss.." Arnav clapped his hands excitedly.

Khushi kissed his forehead lovingly, and Arnav frowned.

 "Not there.. Here.." he pointed to his cheek.

 Khushi widened her eyes, "Why?? I always kiss you in your forehead.."

"Because I want here.. I saw in a movie where a girl kiss a boy here.. Same you do with me Pari.." Arnav said cutely.

 Khushi cupped his face and tightly kissed him on his cheeks smiling, "Here is your kiss.."

 Arnav smiled.

 "Ayee Nandhikis****.. Garimaaaa come here.. Look your daughter's acts.. Girl you're going to spoil our reputation.." Madhumati screamed shocked.

 Khushi looked at her, while Arnav frowned and clutched Khushi's hand.

 "What happened?" Garima reached panting.

 "Look at your daughter.. She shamelessly kissed a man on his cheek!" Madhu widened her eyes.

 "But.. Madhumati Arnav's behavior is like a 5 year old boy.. He doesn't think the way you're.." Garima rolled her eyes, Khushi also did the same.

 "You scared me Buaji.." Khushi sighed.

 "Whatever it is.. You can't stay close with a man.. Don't forget your future husband is coming today and he might not like this.." Madhu said.

 Khushi's face fell, she didn't want to marry the person her family chose for her. Her life was so perfect like this, with only her family and her cute patient, Arnav.

 "Hahahaaa. Future husband.. Whose name is this?" Arnav laughed out loudly.

 "Khushi is going to marry Samar, so Samar is her future husband." Madhu said.

 "Marry? What's this?" Arnav asked confused.

 "It's a lifetime commitment.. Means me and Samar will live with each other forever.." Khushi explained to him sadly, she doesn't know why but it hurt explaining to him that she will stay with Samar.

 Arnav looked at her sadly, "Who is Samar? He is going to stay with you forever.. What about me Pari? I want to stay with you forever.. Please marry me.. Don't stay with Samar.. Pari I want to marry you.." Khushi was taken a back, "Arnav.."

 "Please marry me Pari.. I don't want you to stay with Samar.. I want to live with you also.."

 Madhu: She will never marry a mad like you..

 Arnav pouted, he started crying. Khushi tried to wipe his tears, he looked away crying.

 "Say you will marry me first.." Arnav said stubbornly.

"Arnav don't be stubborn.. It's already decided. And I will never leave you even if.. If I.." Khushi stammered.

 "Even if she marry Samar.." Garima completed for her.

 Arnav cried more, "I don't want.. I want you with me.."

Khushi: Please stop crying.. "I won't.. I won't.. First say you will marry me.." Arnav shouted.

 Madhu: She will not marry you. Keep crying..

 Khushi looked at him helplessly, she made him rest his head on her lap.

 Arnav sat on his place again not looking at her. Khushi again pushed him to her lap.

He sat again and went running outside the room.

 Khushi went behind him running.

 "Arnav be careful.." she screamed.

 While he was crying bitterly, he descended the stairs and his vision was blur now.

 He didn't see anything on his way. He slipped on the stairs.

And was about to fall but Khushi held his hand on time.

She pushed him back, "Aaarnav.. Be careful.."

 Arnav shrugged his shoulders: Leave me..

 "Shh.." she hugged him tightly. Arnav also hugged her sobbing, "Please don't leave me Pari.."

 "I will not leave you. Pari will marry you only.." Khushi whispered to him.

 "You will marry me?" he blinked his eyes. Khushi nodded.

"Khushi.." Garima looked at her shocked. Khushi looked at her mother and aunt. "I don't want to marry Samar Ma.." Khushi said.

 "And you want to marry Arnav?" Madhu said sarcastically.

 "I don't mind marrying Arnav. He is a part of me now.. I will always care for him without any problem.." Khushi smiled caressing Arnav cheek.

 While he was happily smiling.

 "But Khushi.. You can't.." Garima said reluctantly.

 She didn't want Khushi to marry a man like Arnav who still behaved like a kid. *******************************************

1 year later..

 Khushi walked here and there in the hospital corridor crying. Today Arnav suddenly had an attack while they were on shopping.

 After seeing a girl, he suddenly screamed and she wonders what happened to him, he fainted after that.

 She clutches her mangalsutra tightly, "Please protect my Arnav DM, don't let anything happen to him.."

 "Who are you? How did you find Arnav?" the girl asked.

 "I'm Khushi. I found him in my hospital..he suffered from an accident that time and then he didn't remember anything about himself.." Khushi said.

 The girl nodded, "Thank you for taking care of him when I was not there.."

Doctor came out of the room with a bright smile on his face. "He is alright Dr. Khushi.. I can't believe that.. He isn't behaving like a kid now.." her friend, NK smiled happily after examining Arnav.

 Khushi gasped smiling, "Sachi? Is it true? Arnav is alright now.."

NK nodded: Go and check up yourself..

Before Khushi could go, the girl went running inside the room. Khushi followed her with a smile on her face, she wanted to give a tight hug to her husband.

 "Jaan.." the girl ran to him and hugged Arnav tightly.

 "I missed you.." Arnav replied hugging her back.

Khushi stepped back with a frozen state. "Where were you Arnav? We all thought you died.." Lavanya cried.

 "It was an accident created by my enemies.." Arnav replied.

 Lavanya caressed his hair, "I cried a lot that day when police told us you died. I thought I lost you.." "You didn't.." Arnav smiled warmly at her "Destiny brought us together again.."

Khushi looked down with tears flowing from her eyes.

Lavanya smiled and hugged Arnav again tightly.

 "Khushi?" Arnav looked at her. Khushi looked at him with a hope.

 "Thank you for helping me. For staying with me in this two years.. And I'm sorry for troubling you.." Arnav said blinking his eyes.

 Khushi smiled sadly and nodded her head.

 "You're welcome.." she whispered.

 "Yes, thank you so much for saving my life.." Lavanya said smiling.

 Khushi nodded and went running outside of the room.

 Reaching in the middle of the corridor she broke down.

 "You thanked me as if I'm a stranger to you.. I don't mean anything to you now.. You forgot about me.." Khushi thought crying.


Khushi's room:

 Arnav was packing his clothes in her room.

Khushi stood there looking down and playing with her sari's duppata.

 "I think you must be thanking DM that I'm going away now.. I used to trouble you a lot na?" Arnav smiled.

 "No.. I wished you stayed here.." Khushi said.

 "Do I have a reason now to stay?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

 Khushi wanted to say that she is his wife, so he has that reason.

 But then she thought he doesn't love her, what he did was as a kid and he doesn't consider this marriage as she does. She kept quiet.

 "Baby are you done?" Lavanya smiled standing on the door.

"Almost done baby.." Arnav looked at her.

Khushi clutched her duppata more controlling her tears.

 "Please stay here for a while. Today is Karwa chauth.. And you both can stay here.." Garima said staring at Khushi.

Arnav nodded, "OK.. we can stay here Mumma.." Garima smiled to him.

 Khushi walked out of the room.



 Every married women on the balcony were trying to spot the moon to break their fast.

 Khushi was also doing the same silently, she thanked her mother that she made Arnav stay. At least she would see her husband's face for the last time.

 Lavanya came dressed in a white sari with golden details.

 She smiled staring at him, Arnav smirked: You're looking gorgeous..

Khushi shut her eyes in pain after hearing that.

 Her husband was complimenting another girl!

 "What's the use? I didn't observe fast for you.." Lavanya pouted.

 "Next year.." he said.

 Lavanya giggled and nodded.

 Garima: Khushi observed fast for you Arnav beta.. Break her fast.

 "How can I Mumma? She isn't my wife.." Arnav said.

 A tear escaped her eyes.

"Look moon is there.. " the ladies smiled and everyone started moving here and there to break their fast.

 Khushi took this opportunity to disappear from there.

 She went running to her room and sat on the floor of her room crying bitterly.

 She hugged her knees burying her face.

 Some minutes later, someone patted her arm.

 She looked up to see and it was Arnav.

 She embarrassingly looked away wiping her tears.

 "Why these tears?" he asked huskily.

 "Nothing.." she nodded sideways.

 "Did your husband die?" he asked.

 Khushi placed her fingers on his lips: Don't say that.. He is alive and with DM's blessings he will live for a long time..

"Then? Why don't you ask him to break your fast?" he asked her.

 "I can't.." Khushi said crying.


"He will not accept.." Khushi replied.

"Did you try? Ask me Khushi.. Ask me to break your fast.." Arnav said cupping her face.

 Khushi looked at him astonished: Arnav.

Arnav held her hand taking her to the window side.

 Then he broke her fast after completing all the rituals.

 He kissed her forehead closing his eyes. "Thank God you consider me as your husband Khushi. I thought you only married me because I was stubborn that day.. I thought you considered me to be a burden for you.. That's why I was close to Lavanya, I wanted to see a reaction from your side which you only gave me now when you went running from the balcony crying.." he thought. *********************************************

 Next day..

 Arnav held his bag throwing to his car and turned to Khushi: Let's go My doctor..

 "Only as your doctor?" Khushi asked.

 "As my lifetime doctor.." Arnav said and held her hand.

 "Lavanya doesn't share anything with me.. She was once my girlfriend but on that day in hospital itself I said to her that you're my wife.." Arnav explained her.

 "Then why did you say baby to her? Why did you say she was looking gorgeous? Why did you hug her? Why did you say I'm not your wife?" Khushi pouted.

"Because I wanted to know if you love me or not.." Arnav said.

 "I love you.. I love you more than you think.. Didn't my sindoor and mangalsutra told you that? You didn't need to break my heart like this.." Khushi said crying like a baby.

 Arnav smiled to her, he hugged her tightly whispering sweet nothings to her, "Sorry.. I'm sorry my Pari.. I love you too.. I love you so much.. I was scared to lose you also. I thought you considered me as a burden.."

 "Listen you're my favorite patient..how can I consider you a burden?" Khushi pouted resting her cheek on his shoulder.

Arnav caressed her waist, "And I hate doctors. Just don't know why God gave me a doctor as my wife.. And I love this doctor a lot.."

 Khushi smiled blushing.

 "Now I'm a man buaji.. Can I take my wife?" Arnav smirked.

 Buaji bit her tongue, she was still shocked that Arnav recovered. Arnav and Khushi got in the car, Khushi waved at her mother and Buaji. And they went to start they new journey together...

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