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Dec 18, 2017

Episode 19 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 67 times)

Thank you for your thank yous and comments. Special thanks to Kpoonam, reena, Candie, Lily30, arshigeet. Enjoy the very long update...

 "Faroe  Islands!!!" exclaimed everyone. 

Arnav grits his teeth. 

He says " I don't know if i'm still angry with my father or not. But this Shyam is going to get one from me.. " 

He says "This is the right time.. We are going to tell this to everyone..." 

Nk says " Atlast!!!!". 

Khushi says " wait till I break his bones for cheating both our families..."

 They get out of the room and descend the stairs. 

Arnav says "No Nk anyways we are going to tell the truth to the Raizadha members. So we'll not be keeping this false shelf.." 

Khushi says " Arnavji just look here.... " She points out of the window.  

They see a clear view down. 

Khushi continues saying "Why are there so many guards proliferating around RM????" 

Nk comes along and they all view through the window. 

They see Shyam coming out. Arnav is shocked to see him. 

He exclaims "Where is Di?? She's nowhere near him?? Oh god ! why are so many guards here?? Dammit I think we are late... " 

They all rush downstairs and Shyam enters the house like a king. He has guards with him and he places a set of papers on the table. 

He says " Sign this  Asr!!" Arnav is shocked seeing it. 

These are the property papers. He reads it out that Arnav is transferring his RM to Shyam..." Arnav says " As if I would get scared seeing this..." 

Everyone comes there and is shocked. Naniji asks " What is this Damaadji???" 

Shyam says " I don't like to act anymore..... I'm tired of everything now... I want Rm(Raizadha Mansion) in my name..."  Akash says "Are you out of your mind?? Where is Anjali di?? You said you are taking her for a surprise... " 

Shyam says "A small correction Akash. It's a surprise for everyone.... Now I don't have time.. Sign this Asr!!! " 

Arnav holds his collar and punches him. 

He couldn' t punch him more as the guards get hold of him. 

He spits on him and says "I did a mistake leaving you free... I should have broken your bones on that day itself after knowing your real face..." 

Nani says "What  are you talking chote?? You know about this ?? Hey God!! Can anyone explain me what is happening??" 

Shyam says "Let me begin Naniji...." 

He eyes Khushi and Asr glares at him saying " When I am there I would never allow you to even think of her...." 

Khushi says " Before you touch me I'll kill myself Shyamji...!" Shyam looks on.. Nk glares at  him and says "I came to know your bitter truth before itself... So that's why.." 

Aranv signals him not to tell him anything.... 

Shyam says " Sign this... Or else..." Arnav asks sloppily "or what?? What the  **** would you do??" He howled...  

He then says "I know you wouldn't come to my cadence in a straight way... Look at this ...." He switches on his laptop and everyone is shocked to see Anjali unconscious sitting on a chair roped.. Everyone is shocked seeing it. 

He continues "Chote's di is in my hands... I can do whatever I want..." 

Nani bellows holding his collar" you cheat!!! How dare you?? You asked me right whether I trust you or not before taking our bitiya with you??? Why did you change all of a sudden ??? What happened to you ...?" 

Shyam releases her hands and says "I didn't change Naniji.. I was like this, I am like this and I will be like this only..." 

Lavanya says " Why didn't you tell me before Nk if you knew the truth?? " 

Nk says "I'm sorry La but Nannav and Khushi Bhabhi asked me not to... I said to them to inform everyone. But they remained obstinate. You toad faced guy!!! Your mind is full of trench.. " Shyam says " Well thank you Nk..." 

He smiles at him deviously. Nk fumes with rage.   

Akash says " Why didn't you tell us all bhai??" 

Payal bellows at him and says " The biggest regret in my life is not telling about you to anyone else... " Akash looks at her shocked "Payalji!"  

Payal says " Yes Akashji! Shyam lived as a Paying guest for some days. He got engaged to Khushi and..." 

Payal says the rest of the story to all.  Naniji and the others are transfixed. 

Akash asks "Why didn't you tell me before Payal...?" 

Payal says "No Akashji... I thought....." 

Akash shows his hand to stop her. He gets angry..

Akash says "I won't spare you if anything happens to di." 

Shyam says " It totally depends on ASr's sign on this. Asr Do you really wish to see your di like this? or even worse??? "   

Arnav fists him with a thud. He sees the laptop and thinks about his Di. Arnav takes the pen.  Nk says " Don't do this Nannav.." 

Arnav says "What else do you expect me to do Nk??" 

Shyam says " I don't want any misleads.. Sign it properly!" 

Arnav glares at him. He signs the papers. Shyam lets out a cold laughter.. "

At last RM is mine!!!!!! I own this property...! I own this money!!!!! You know what Naniji I married Anjali for money not for love... You want to know how??? " 

Akash turns to Shyam and asks "But why us? You can find rich men all over the country for money... Why did you marry only di? " 

Shyam says " Do you really think I married your di just for the sake of money?? It was also because of the revenge... A revenge which I was hankering for years. A revenge to the Raizadha's But to be precise the dixits...." 

Everyone is shocked. 

Naniji says "I didn't think an orphan like you would go to this extent.."  

Shyam continues "Naniji, I am not an orphan, In the beginning even I too had a family. But my family was destroyed by you all filthy dixits.....!" 

He says it with rage in his eyes. Everyone is shocked. 

He continues "you might be remembering a driver who was hanged of no fault of his because his master that bloody imbecile had asked him to do so in his name. Well he is none other than my Father!!"  Everyone is shocked.. He holds Arnav's collar who is transfixed and trying to connect what is happening and what he had seen till now. 

He continues saying " remember Sooraj?? You slush! Remember we used to play together in the fields of your house. But your father used to remind me of our statuses right ?? He was a status maniac. All he wants is money. Don't blame me. First blame your father! You might have no chance to remember me since I disappeared after that day when that bloody man called me a scanty.  Scanty to even eye you all. I was depressed like hell!!! You all talk about loyalty but where was your loyalty those days???" 

Everyone is now snooping at Shyam's words vigilantly .


16 years ago...

A man joined the Dixits as their driver. He was very loyal to them.

He used to regularly drop a drunken dixit home along with dixit's bodyguards and was very much obliged to the Dixits for their compassion towards him.  

Dixit was a businessman and he used to attend all the night clubs not caring for his children. He always used to be busy at his work and never care for his wife.

But Dixit used to pay the driver's only son's (Shyam) school fees regularly.

One day Sooraj(Shyam) a 17 year old boy  came to their house and saw Arnav unable to fix his wave board.

He helped him fix it and the two became friends immediately . Arnav was playing with him for about two to three days when Dixit came to know about it, He immediately stopped him from meeting him reminding their statuses. Shyam got extremely dejected. 

Next day,  Dixit and the driver were having a very serious conversation. 

Driver asks "Sorry to ask sir are they really killed??" 

Dixit says " It was done by  mistake, It just hit the opposite car very harshly, A couple younger than my age died." 

Driver asks " So it will become a police case will it?" 

Dixit looks on and says "I guess so..." 

Shyam was hearing all this conversation behind a bush along with Sarojini who was at the other end (remember?? She said she heard the conversation between them....).  

Dixit says "I am giving you 5 lakhs. I am transferring the name of my car to your name... because the owner of the car is supposed to be questioned if there is a problem." 

The driver looks twitchy as he couldn't say anything back. He was badly in need of money. But at the same time he didn't like to bribe. 

Dixit continues and says "Don't worry! You'll be out of the jail within a day or a two. My men will bail you out. It's just that my name will be spoilt more if I be in jail." 

The driver says " You have done this much for me sir. I am always indebted to you. I will do whatever you say.".

He bowed in front of him.   He agreed very soon.  But destiny was not in his hands as the lawyer on the other side said that the couple were the parents of a young girl and the young girl is now an orphan. The crime committed by him is not an ordinary one..  So the judge gave him a death sentence. This shocks everyone.

The driver was hanged . Dixit felt really bad for him.

Sooraj was in utter rage with both the families. He went to see the couple's family and saw the girl who was 5 years old. 

She was none other than Khushi.

Yes!!! Dixit's car hit another car  in an accident.

Khushi's parents were the only one  in the car.

Fate played it's game. Shyam saw Khushi being adopted by Garima and Shashi and he sees them telling her lies about that their parents went abroad and had sent her gifts. (Khushi came to know that her parents actually died when she was 8 years old)

Shyam notices them to be the reason for his father's death sentence as the lawyer from their side was very much strict. 

He then plans to take revenge on them first.

But when he reaches home he finds his mother dead because she couldn't believe her husband had bribed and was sentenced to death.

Shyam cried bitterly. So his target shifted to the Raizadha's.

He went for justice to Dixit house but also found him at loss as his family had left him by now. He asks justice to him but he throws him away. Shyam gets angry and manhandles him.

He takes all his property and money and produced a false certificate  claiming himself to be a  BL graduate using Dixit's powers .

He produced the divorce certificate to Sarojini via post after forcibly making Dixit to sign it.

He claimed Dixit to be dead to the raizadha's .

He produced a false death certificate .

He abducts him to (Faroe islands (he doesn't tell the location to the Raizadha's))  avoid any attention.

Then he heard from an intermediate that RM needs some changes regarding the property matters.

So there our Daiyya ho executes his plan and goes to Rm officially. Then he sees Anjali there and things happen.

Guys refer episode 14 'the past update' again if you want.



Shyam lets a cold laughter and says "I won!!! I won!! This Sooraj has turned into a Shyam for you all. Darkness has overtaken the sunlight." 

He continues releasing Arnav's collar "I had kept your father on my custody.... Yes ! he is alive...Go find him yourself! Let me see who takes your case in the police station after claiming him dead with a death certificate...  "

Mama and Mamiji are teary eyed knowing their Damaad is alive.  

Nani says "What!!! How dare you??? So it must be you who had informed him dead to the world... Why did you do like this???" 

Shyam says "I can't tell you all my lady!! I just wanted mere revenge.......!" 

Nani says "My Dammadji is alive! Where have you kept him you idiot??" 

Shyam says " Naniji I think you might all have forgotten that I am the original Shyam now.... I can't say everything...!"  

Khushi says "Arnavji!!! Say something!! Why are you transfixed??" 

Arnav is standing like a statue eyeing Shyam. He is petrified by his "all of a sudden acts". It was a fall for the Raizadha mansion. 

Shyam then says "Get out Arnav and Khushi... I want you both out of my house..". 

Everyone looks devastated by his words.  

He continues "Ya this is my house and I have all the rights to keep who I want and whom I don't wish to.. Others can stay here or maybe must... It's an order. " 

Payal says "you cheat!!!! You have been making things out of your mind... We all are going out of this house....." 

Shyam says " Let me see how Payalji!!! Our guards are all over the house... I have ordered them anyone other than Arnav and Khushi are not supposed to go out.. so it is a house arrest for you all...." Mami says " I believed you damaadji but you threw mud on all our eyes... " 

Shyam laughs frostily ...  Mama says "Why call this idiot a Damaad now Mano?? He has surpassed all the limits. He is a dog.." 

Shyam says "Whatever you want you say Mamaji But this house is now mine...." 

Lavanya says "I need to go home... How can I ???" 

Shyam says " Aah! It's a good feeling. Someone is asking permission huh!!. These days I have been asking permission to other members of the Raizadha's. Presently,  I am the boss... It feels sooo good.. But I am afraid Miss. Kashyap  you can't...! " 

Lavanya stamps her foot. Nk says " Now leave our Di free. Nannav has signed the papers..." 

Shyam sees him slyly and says " And if I don't ???"  

Arnav goes and beats him massively. The guard takes charge of him. 

Arnav couldn't let go of them.  He hears a voice and fumes in rage "Throw him out of the house guards...!" The other members of the Raizadha's also couldn't do anything as they themselves were caught by the guards. Shyam goes towards Arnav who was held by some goons. 

Arnav tries to unleash the goons but he couldn't. 

Shyam says "I'm leaving you free... If you go to the police or tell anyone else, you will see the members of your house clamoring in my brutal torture. And you don't need my answers on what would happen to your di after that.. " He smirks saying this. 

The goons throw him and Khushi out of the gate. 

Shyam bellows "ASR is in the streets!! Look everyone!! Asr is homeless!!! AAHHAhahahaha". 

He goes away slamming the house door.  

Arnav goes to Khushi who was in the ground and makes her get up "Khushi are you all right ???  I am really sorry ..." He cries and hugs her. Khushi hugs him expressionless. 

Arnav says " Khushi just says something. You can go to Buaji's house and just say like you are missing them." 

Khushi sees him and asks "And What about you??? " 

Arnav says " I can take care of myself.... You go Khushi..." 

He places his hand on her cheek. Khushi swipes them away. 

She shouts at him" Are you out of your mind Mr.Raizadha??? Do you think it will be possible?? Shyam had strictly warned us not to tell anyone. Even if I keep mum to them.. He might react in any way knowing it.. We don't know how his reactions would be ... Leave that... What would happen to you???" 

She places her hand on his teary cheek and she hugs him. 

He hugs her back crying "How am I going to save you and our kid  Khushi???"

Dec 25, 2017

Episode 20 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 64 times)

Merry Chistmas everyone......Thank you for your thank yous and  lovely comments Kpoonam,Srani, Prajakta_k, Lily30, reena. Do continue this. Sorry for the late update... This one is an interesting one please comment your reviews.  

Arnav hugs Khushi crying. He falls down and clamoured. Khushi kneels down and says hugging him in her chest "Shhh... Don't worry Arnavji...That idiot would get his sins back.... Don't cry otherwise I'll break down.... You are a very strong person Arnavji... you have immense courage to handle all the problems... This is nothing for you... When I am with you I feel this loss is nothing for me... Please don't cry Arnavji... Have faith in Devimaiyya Arnavji... She won't let anything happen to our family... No matter what happens Arnavji you must not make yourself fall down.. This is not the end of life... Don't think like Arnav think like Asr Arnavji.... What would he do in this situation?? How will he react to these situation??"

Arnav says "I feel like dying Khushi...I have nothing left with me.....Why am I still breathing??? " 

Khushi says "It's okay Arnavji even if he takes everything from you, you are still existing, you are still alive, god has kept you alive these years just because of some purpose.." 

Arnav then gathers his courage. He gets up with all his spirits arousing him. 

He says " He has only taken my house but not AR designs or my account.." 

He calls his friend and tells something to him and then along with Khushi he goes to AR by an auto. 

They are in the auto... 

Khushi asks "Arnavji is this the first time you are coming in an auto??" 

Arnav says "Khushi!! Shhh he didn't recognize me..otherwise I'll be mobbed...... just say slowly ..... No, I have traveled twice..." 

Khushi says "omg!! Twice is a huge number for you...."  

The auto gives a jerk... 

Khushi exclaims "ooouch" keeping her hands on her stomach... 

Arnav asks "What happened Khushi....? Are you ok???" 

Khushi says "ji..." 

Arnav shouts at the driver " can't you drive slowly you idiot???"  

The automan says" But you had only asked me to go soon..." 

Arnav says "are you giving back answers to me?? Wait....." Khushi holds his hand. 

Arnav controls his words sighing.... 

He gets a call from Aman and answers..." Yeah cool Aman Thank you.... " 

Khushi asks "what Arnavji???"  

Arnav says in a low tone "I have decided to shut Ar temporarily..." 

Khushi exclaims "What??Hey Devi Maiyya... what is going to happen???" 

They reach AR designs..... 

Arnav comes inside with Khushi. They were the only one present. They go to Arnav's cabin. Arnav makes Khushi rest in his hot seat. He  walks in a fidgety manner here and there.. Khushi remains silent as she herself was perplexed with thoughts. 

Hours pass by.... 

Khushi breaks the silence asking "Arnavji can't we just call the police and arrest him...?? I mean we can also alert the police about Di.... Anyway Shyam hadn't released her even after your signature. So anyways Di's life is in danger.We can't just leave him like that.." 

Arnav says "I had thought  about that too Khushi... But my  wrath for him said that I'll handle him myself... " 

Khushi says "But it is very dangerous Arnavji... I mean it is not possible...How willl you deal him alone...?" 

Arnav says "Mein hoon (I am) Arnav Singh Raizadha.... whom do you think you are dealing with  Khushi??? I have seen many people like him... But I just broke down as a brother not as ASR.. Thanks to you Khushi... For reminding me... It would not have been possible without your incentive..." 

Khushi was about to ask something but Arnav receives a call.. He switch on the speaker.

Nk: It's me NK Nannav.....

Arnav answer's it "Yeah Nk... Tell me..."

Nk: Nannav Shyam Jiju had incarcerated everyone here. Rm is like a jail.. It's like we have all been under house arrest.. I don't know how come Shyam had arranged all this..The whole house is under cctv except the washroom. He has taken all our cell phones and  is closely examining every move of us...I'm in the washroom with La's spare cell phone.. His men are like Giants and  they look at us as prey. The Situation is dreadful here.... Don't worry about us  Nannav... What makes me think is  about you and Khushiji only. I tried to even sneak to the top room and get some info. But it was not at all possible.. I couldn't do anything... Every move is being monitored... I don't know what will happen.... Di's life is really important Nannav so don't make hasty decisions... if only we could have said all these to police... But I wonder how Shyam had left you both freely outside...."

Arnav: He just want to see us suffer..He is a sadist."

Nk: But why is Shyam monitoring.......

Arnav : Shhhhh.....Nk let's just stop this talk otherwise he'll come to know what we are all planning... He doesn't know that his main secret is out now... Well as you said he is monitoring everything let it be... I'll talk to you later... I'll show my wrath soon......Don't worry....

Nk: Ok Bye Nannav take care of Khushi ji.....

Arnav cuts the call and has his eyes crimson with rage. 

Khushi asks him" What shall we do now Arnavji???" 

Arnav says "I am going to faroe islands..." 

Khushi exclaims "What??" 

Arnav answers " Yes Khushi we don't have any other choice. Rm is fully under that toad's control. He warned us not to tell anyone otherwise Di's life would be in danger. I somehow have this feeling that we'll get all our solutions there. But what makes me think is that why would Shyam make my father his captive just for mere revenge. He won't do anything without a profit. Anyways...  you'll go   to Gupta's house...." 

Khushi says" Par.." 

Arnav says "its final" 

Khushi says "Fine!!! Then you will first have to divorce me and then go... I'll be in Gupta's house.." 

Arnav says "What the hell are you talking Dammit???" 

Khushi answers "Then what do you expect me to say Arnavji?? " 

Arnav says "Khushi you are not supposed to travel when you are..." 

Khushi snaps at him saying "Pregnant you mean??? May I know if this is even valid these days??? Wherever you go I will come... you can only leave me alone in Gupta's house when we are separated. Remember the conditions of our permanent marriage??? You have a life time commitment with me Aranvji.....! It's a deal with me..." 

Arnav smiles and says " I thought you are just a sweet maker's daughter. But you proved to be a businessman's wife...My wife" Khushi hugs him and he kisses her on her forehead.. 

Khushi asks him still hugging "I will come with you Arnavji No matter where. Even to the stars.... So what have you decided??" 

Arnav says breaking the hug "Do I even have a choice after this??? Yes... But before we must have a word with the doctor.." 

He calls the doctor and she says that its fine for Khushi to travel as she is healthy. Arnav says " Off we go to Faroe islands..." 

Khushi asks him "but we haven't booked the tickets..How are we going to go there??" 

Arnav says "yes  we will be leaving in the next two hours in my charter  flight..." 

Khushi gulps with her eyes ogled.  

They reach the grounds. 

Arnav and Khushi  board the flight . Khushi holds Arnav tightly when the flight takes off. He smiles seeing her. It steadies. She sees the splendid panoramic view for the first time.


Aranv admires every bit of Khushi's awe. She clutches Arnav's coat. He breathes heavily on her. She looks at him scared. Their lips were an inch apart. The Glazing reddish yellow light from the sky hit their faces. 

Khushi says "Arnavji.... somebody might see us.." 

Arnav says "Relax Khushi.... This is my flight.. BTW,Even if they see what's the big deal Khushi???.. we are husband and wife...We have all the rights..." 

He nears her.. She closes her eyes. She feels his lips and they kiss each other passionately. Khushi too kisses him well and he gets surprised as she had taken a step ahead with him too. He further smooches her more hard. After sometime they both exhaust with gasps.  Khushi hides under him due to Shyness and he miles looking through the window. They take nap and Arnav wakes up after some time. They have a good time with each other. Khushi talks about herself and Arnav talks about him. This flight trip made them to know more about each other.

Meanwhile at Anjali's place…..

Anjali wonders what was happening to her. She has her face covered with sweat. She is roped and is not able to get rid of it. She was wondering where she was. She had been shouting the whole time and none came. She was exhausted and couldn’t do anything until now. She finds a sharp tool nearby the wall. She rubs her tied hands against it and the rope breaks. Her hand is free and she frees herself  from the chair in which she was sitting. There was a camera. She has an escape……

Meanwhile in Faroe Islands…..

They both arrived at Faroe islands after some time.  They descend the airplane stairs. Arnav wears his ray ban sunglasses looking cool. Khushi looks at the place in an awe. It was her first flight as well as her first foreign trip.  They both get inside the taxi and Arnav makes random calls. They reach a hotel. 

Khushi asks him" Arnavji where are we???" 

Arnav says "Khushi we are in Torshavn. It's the capital city of Faroe Islands. This is  Hotel Torshavn.  Mostly tourists check in here…. I'll say the rest later…" 

Khushi has her head inverted . She wasn't sure where her dear hubby was taking her. But wherever it might be she has full hopes on Arnav. They reach their room and Khushi is in a trance. But this time Arnav wasn't admiring her. He was crying his loss bitterly. How he couldn't meet his family. He didn't know whether his plans would even work or not. He left everything and is in a do or die situation . Khushi calms him down and hugs him. She motivates him thoroughly. She makes him sleep on her lap. He looks like a baby when he is sleeping. 

The next day they both woke up and Arnav asks Khushi to get ready. Khushi gets ready. They both leave and reach a house. 

A man comes out and beams at him. Arnav hugs him and he introduces him to Khushi. 

" Khushi meet Mr. Ratore my friend and Ratore this is my wife Khushi." 

Mrs. Ratore comes out. She meets Khushi and they all get inside. Mr and Mrs Ratore got married recently and they all chat. Ratore says that they have to go to the supermarket and asks Arnav and Khushi to join them.  It was like a departmental store and Khushi was fascinated. She goes to a rack and sees a man with a hurt in his hand. He was taking his goods and was keeping in his baskets.

She finds it similar to something. She rushes to Arnav and says this to him. She points it to Arnav . 

She says "Arnav ji don't you think we saw the same hurt in papaji's hand??? Well he is  a foreigner and he is definitely not your father and that too Shyam has held him captive so this definitely is not him . But what wonders me is this hurt…." 

Arnav says "Khushi you are just imagining things… just leave it. Come let's go.." Khushi takes a snapshot of the person's hand and they all depart.

Dec 27, 2017

Episode 21 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 51 times)

Thank you for your thank yous and comments. please keep motivating me. Special thanks to Kpoonam, Londoner, reena, Lily30. Let's go to this interesting update.

Khushi , Arnav along with the Ratores reach home. Khushi was awestruck seeing all the places around while going in a taxi. It was also the first time for Arnav in Faroe islands. But he doesn't seem to care about the ambiance. As he has been to many other places before. When they reach home Ratore asks Arnav and Khushi to see the places around. Khushi seems upset with the picture.

Arnav says "Arre… Khushi why do you keep peeping into your phone?? I said na… It might just be some bruise… You have started over imagining things…. Come we'll go out for a walk in the meadows… Ratore where is a good landscape??….preferably a nearby one….coz I don't want to tax Khushi….."

Ratore says " Divya (his wife) show them the way…wait its better you both go alone because couples need privacy…" He says with a wink.

Khushi goes and tells Ratore that she had taken a picture of someone's hand and is curious about the contusion. She sends a multimedia message to him.  

Ratore says "all right Khushiji I'll check it later. I have some work now.."

Khushi says "Are….it's not an urgent one it's just my curiosity.. Take your own time Ratoreji…."

Arnav says "this girl has gone mad…. Let's go Khushi..."

Divya says "Take Ratore's car Arnavji… hav en god rejse (have a good journey).."

With that they go on a drive in Ratoreji's car, Khushi sees the magnificent mesa while driving which made her put an arm around Arnav. She was scared as well as fascinated. Arnav was smiling all the way seeing her. He couldn't stop smiling seeing his wife. He never gets bored of her. Every time she comes up with something to elicit him.

Arnav drives the car in the free road increasing his speed. Khushi gets scared and he slows down. He remembers how Khushi gets scared with the speed. They see the glorious view of the highland with the vast lake surrounding it. The gleaming  yellow rays of sun fell on her face. It felt fresh with positivity.

The view was magnificent.

There were no words to express how Khushi felt. Of all the hardship she faced in her life showing a smile , she felt she was born to be here. She felt she was just alive after all this time for this view.


They further went travelling. Arnav brushed her hand while changing the gears and he looks at her frequently. He at a point kept staring at her.

Khushi blushes and says "Aranvji…. Look at the road not me…. Look how beautiful is the view outside…. "

Aranav says " Not more than you Khushi…" Khushi blushes at him. Arnav says "oh…! Khushi Kumari Gupta can also blush…"

Khushi mantled and tuned his face forcefully to concentrate on the road.

Khushi asked Arnav where was he taking her. Khushi got her sweaters on as she felt some cold air surging through the car glass. The view outside was breathtaking.


She asked  "Arnavji!!! I am asking you something…answer me dammit.."

Arnav raises his eyebrows and looks at her….

He answers " We are almost there Khushi….."

Khushi holds her stomach and says "your father is so bad.. He makes his wife really impatient.. I don't know why I am reacting in this way… Arnavji!! Your baby is just like you… you know it was not me who had said dammit but your baby… Look how restless our baby is… Just like you… this jr. Laadgovernor is too much… Already I am handling this one but another one would make me mad….! I don’t know how…"

Arnav brakes his car and eyes Khushi . Khushi was not able to continue her words and saw the shock of her life. It was sumptuous.  

Khushi had happy tears seeing the place and hugs Arnav. There was a single bench. Khushi felt the cold winds hit her face. It was really cold. But it was manageable.

Arnav asks " Khushi is it too cold shall we go back???"

Khushi says "It's okay Arnavji.. who knows when I'll be getting the chance to see these places again…"  They both walk together. Arnav has his arm around her with Khushi leaning on him and they both sit on the bench. Khushi is still leaning on his shoulders. They talk and talk for hours together. Arnav has his hand on Khushi's stomach and sees it saying "

When are you going to come out?? I am eagerly waiting to see you. I don't know why but I feel like lifting you and swinging you to the outside world. I feel like teaching you all the things I have learnt in a go. I feel myself responsible seeing you. I can feel you. Do you hear me??"

He caresses her belly and pecks it . Khushi was watching all this teary eyed. She pecks a kiss on Arnav's forehead.  They both talk for a while when suddenly Arnav sees someone faraway talking with another man and blurts out shocking " Raj!!!"

Khushi asks "Who??" Arnav tries to go near him but the man along with him board a car nearby and it vrooms away. Arnav wonders "What?? What is Raj doing here???"

Khushi asks "Who is Raj Arnavji?? "

Arnav says "Nothing he is a good family friend of us. I mean 'was' precisely. He cheated Nani asking money for his sister's education but in the end we came to know that he is lying and has no sister. We further came to know that he had cheated AR employees claiming  himself to be the future son in law of the Raizadhas when Di wasn't married." "oh no!" let out Khushi.   

Arnav says "But what makes me wonder is that how is he here… Anyways lets go home …"

They drive back to Ratore's house..

Meanwhile in Anjali's place….

Anjali went outside and shouted " Koi hai???( is anybody there???)"  It felt like she was trapped inside a mansion full of rooms. It was unusually cold. The climate was different. Anjali ran here and there and finally reached a room.  Anjali opened the door and saw the shock of her life…

At Arnav's place..

Arnav and Khuhsi reach home and are welcomed by the  Ratores. They all have dinner and Ratore says "Haan yes Khushiji you asked something right??? Ya I examined the photo…. The hands were  of a prisoner  "

Arnav and Khushi have their eyes ogled.

Arnav asks "How do you say this??"

Ratore continues " Look thoroughly in this photo Arnav you see an unusual bulge in there. It means the person is a prisoner…"

Arnav asks "But a prisoner must not be freely let outside. He must be inside the jail…"

Ratore says "Because there are increasing number of prisoners in jail, there is no space in prison. But they are being tracked every ounce. Each move of them is being recorded. It's through the GPS."  Arnav asks "How??? I mean any person can escape if they have their lives on their hands.. Then how is it possible to monitor them???"

Ratore says "Through RFID chips…!" Arnav and Khushi get shocked hearing it.

They both exclaimed  "What".

Meanwhile at Anjali's place…..

Anjali sees a man and has tears in her eyes… The man strides away seeing her with fear… Anjali was about to take a step but the man says " I would kill myself if you take a step ahead…" Anjali cries "papa!!! You are alive…" The man asks "Who the hell are you??? " Anjali says teary eyed "papa I'm Gudiya your Anj…" The man bellowed "Get lost you idiot!!!! If you say a word more I'll kill myself….Do you want me to do that???" Anjali has her spines thrust. She runs away and goes to the main door side having tears rolling. But obviously it was locked. She sees a man past the corridor coming. She quickly sees a barrel nearby and hides under it. The man keeps walking here and there to ensure security.

Meanwhile in Ratore's place…..

Ratore continues " Yes Arnav… These were first used in pet animals as their owners didn't want them to lose tracks. These were used in dogs, cats etc but nowadays it has been legalised by the government to ensure this kind of tracking in humans too. It is illegal in India. So many people from India are also researching about this illegally."

Arnav asks "But how do you really track them…?"

Ratore says " Through Microchip implant. A human microchip implant is typically an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. This type of sub dermal implant usually contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, law enforcement, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information."

Khushi says "I don't understand Ratore ji…"

Ratore says " The RFID chips are typically used to track human beings. They are implanted  mostly in forearms, forehand and other accepted body parts."

Khushi exclaims "So they insert the chip inside our skin????How is this possible??… I mean gps systems can hurt."

Ratore says "The chips are grain sized ones and they are implanted inside the skin for tracking purpose.  It's like a rice grain" Let me show you…"

He switches on his mobile and shows the picture of an rfid.

"These are inserted through injections in human…. Mostly parents keep track of their children by implanting these chips in the child's body…"

"Brutal!" let out Arnav.

Ratore continues "Every move of the person is monitored in this technology including his heartbeat and his blood pressure.It can't be taken out also. If it is to be taken out, It is done only by the surgeon. So in this case, the person who has this chip is monitored every now and then… They can also fix a desired area for the person to move freely. If he changes his tracks, he might also be given shoot at sight order…."

Khushi says "Jail is better than monitoring every move of us. Implanting the chips in our body gives me chills in spine..."

Ratore says "It is legalized in most of the countries.. so they openly do it, well with prior license…"

Khushi then says "Do you think the person in this photo might have this chip implanted in this place…"

Ratore says "yes Khushi zoom the  picture and see for yourself. You'll see an unusual bulge there. It means that the person has himself implanted with an RFID chip…"

Khushi then let out a shout.

Arnav asks "What happened??"

Khushi says "Nothing… shall we leave??"

Arnav says "ok  Ratore we'll see you tomorrow.. It was a nice dinner. Thank you"

Ratore asks " But where are you going to stay ??? stay here instead na??"

Arnav says "maybe later but for the time being I have to go. so long Divya …."

Khushi hugs Divya and they both leave. 

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Episode 22 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 EVERYONE!!!! THIS YEAR I'M GOING TO START SOMETHING NEW IN MY LIFE....IT'S A NEW FACE OF MY LIFE... I NEED ALL YOUR SUPPORT BADLY. WISHING YOU ALL A SUPER SUCCESSFUL HAPPY LIFE AHEAD....... Donno why comments and Thank yous have reduced for my previous update please don't stop commenting.It motivates me a lot. This story needs your comment.... Anyways thank you all. Special thanks to Candie : No itz just for an example. the person is no way connected... Lily30, reena.

In Rm…..

Shyam speaks to his guards over the phone In Faroe Islands "Who asked you to keep her in the same mansion you fools…. They might see each other… There are lots and lots of places in Faroe islands to keep her… You don't know what blunder you have made… There is Sund, Hvitanes and even Torshavn… I donno… Change the location…and yes,  You know what I stated previously to do to her right???  Have you done it to her or not?? Where are you all you fools… This is really important… You have been working good all these years and now you are all so bad and that too at this last moment…"

In Faroe Island…..

Arnav and Khushi are in the hotel room. 

Arnav asks "What happened Khushi??? Why are so tensed… Are you worrying about Di.?" 

Khushi says "It's not that Arnavji… But I seriously remember seeing this hurt in papaji's hand. "

Arnav continues "But why do you really connect Ratore's words to papa….."

 Khushi asks "You still like him at the corner of your heart na Arnavji…?" 

Arnav fakes a cough and changes the topic "But why do you think that the hurt in papaji's hand would just be because of RFID… Do you have a proof??" 

Khushi answers" Do you remember seeing RFID details in the screen of the top room??" …

Khushi says "Shyam has implanted an RFID chip on papa to monitor him and that's why there was an option called the RFID details on the screen… But why would Shyam do this???" Arnav has his face smirked… 

He says "You are really intelligent Khushi….." 

Khushi asks "But Arnavji…. When we are at Faroe Islands why aren't we searching for your father??? We went out yesterday to your friend's house and you uttered no word in front of him…. We also had a nice time with ourselves. But why aren’t we searching for him.. You have not asked to anyone else on our way too… you seem to not at all care for papaji and di…" 

Arnav says "Khushi do you think I don't have all this going in my mind??? I can't sleep for two days…. It's just that I want to know about this RFID and too indirectly through Ratore…. But I somehow feared that Ratore might come to know about Shyam and I don't want my plans to fail… I noted this before itself after the day we saw the in screen . I already know that Shyam is keeping track of my father through an RFID. So, that's why we are here…." 

Khushi exclaims "So you already know???"  

Arnav answers "Whom do you think I am Khushi??? I keep looking at things not merely but conscientiously. I confirmed my thoughts when I saw Raj here…" Khushi says "Do you this Raj is also involved in monitoring your father????"

Meanwhile at RM…

Nk sneaks to the top room not wanting anyone to see him as he knows that Shyam went out for some work. He goes upstairs and searches the cupboards for some clues. He then takes out the false shelf and tries to ascend the stairs when he heard a stern voice "What are you doing here NK????". He turns around to see the shock. 

In Faroe Island…..

Arnav grits his teeth and says "That's why Raj is here……" 

Khushi asks "What??? What are you talking about Arnavji???" 

Arnav says "  Raj is a scientist….. well a failed scientist…. He joined AR designs to compensate his expenses…He was really talented… so I offered him a job…. well then of course things happened and I didn't see him after that….I somehow feel that Raj would give answers for all our questions… We need to extort answers from him" 

Khushi asks "But why didn't you stop him today when we saw him???" 

Arnav says "I was looking at other things…. see this pic Khushi…." 

He shows her the pic he took where Raj is speaking to someone in the car. 

Khushi asks " What's here Arnavji??" Arnav answers " Look through the glass of the driver's place… you see a phone attached near the rear view mirror of the car with mobile holder….It is visible clearly…. The location in the mobile points to Leynar" 

Khushi says " Brilliant! So do you think that's the place where Shyam had kept Papaji???" 

Arnav says "for that sake I must interrogate Raj…. We'll go to the place tomorrow… Sleep Khushi…" He pecks her and caresses her stomach. They both sleep….

Meanwhile in RM……

Nk turns to see Shyam… Who was frowning at him… Shyam says "Ohhh!! So Nk bhai knows my truth do you??? Fine if you are so keen to know about what I am up to then let me do one thing… "Nk has his face aghast….He calls his guards…

Meanwhile in the other end of Faroe Islands……

Anjali is inside the barrel for many hours and keeps her hand on her stomach saying "Nothing should happen to you… I won't let anything happen to you… With that she feels the barrel moving upwards… She sees the light and her heart pounded very fast. She looks up and sees her father teary eyed he then suddenly hugs her and  she is startled. She was about to say something when he closes her mouth and he takes her out. He signals her a shh…. He checks here and there panting… He holds her hands and runs to a nearby room. The room was vast and it has wooden furniture. He crouches and takes a tile out. There a hole in it. He signals Anjali to get inside. They both reach down  via a descending ladder. Dixit switches on the light and hugs Anjali. 

They both have a tearful reunion.  Anjali says " I can 't believe my papa is alive.. I can't believe this ….. But your death certificate is also with us how can this be????" 

Dixit says "Gudiya, but here I am alive…. They say paper proves you. But in this case it doesn't… You have to trust your eyes.." 

Anjali pushes him away and asks him " Don't you really recognize how your Gudiya looks after 16 years??? I am very angry with you… why papa you said those piercing words to me???? hmmm!"  

Dixit says "Because each and every move of mine is being monitored…. " Anjali gasps. He adds "yes beta they have inserted a chip in my forehand see…" 

He shows Anjali his hurt and Anjali looks teary eyed. She kisses his hand. 

He adds further "This is an RFID (Radio frequency Identification) chip that tracks a person's move bit by bit. Even my heartbeat as well as my blood pressure..The main device is in this mansion and the copy is sent to a person. I heard from the men that they have kept you  imprisoned in one of the rooms nearby…So I got alerted and badly wanted to meet you… but since I am under observation they might find it. So when you came to me, I shouted at you as I didn't want others to know that you've escaped and have found me. If I lose my control and react as a father they'll surely know that we've met… I am sorry Gudiya for shouting at you." 

Anjali says " Oh Oh.. I'm  also sorry papaji…  I didn't know this before" She says hugging him. She adds "What about now?? I mean won't be captured for this??" 

He says "relax gudiya, this room is fitted with copper and Aluminium coil…  It absorbs all the Radio waves which is the key for tracking me. That is, I won't be tracked at this time as these materials absorb the waves instead of conducting it through me to get me tracked.  So I won't be available to them now. They won't be able to track me when I'm  here In this trap room. " 

Anjali hugs him and says " You know what papa.. you are going to become a grandfather soon…" 

Dixit exhilarates and hugs Anjali teary eyed "You don't have to worry anymore papa I'll get you out soon…" 

Dixit says " I don't know if it is possible because once I come out of this room I'll be tracked  again… as only this room is coated with aluminium and Copper not the outside world."   

Anjali says "How do you know if even this room existed and you are not tracked when you are here??" Dixit says " It's because I created this room Gudiya.." 

Anjali has her jaw dropped.  Rahul adds "Yes gudiya I'm free to move anywhere around but will be tracked every ounce.. well they don't know why I had brought copper and Aluminium materials. This room already existed. The first time I landed here dramatically I myself was literally shocked.  In these years I have been fixing these. I got  a confirmation that this technique works when the goons threatened me where I went as I wasn't visible to them for few hours. Well come with me I'll show you the way out. " 

Anjali and Dixit travelled through the room which caved. Dixit lit a torch and there was a brown copper door in front of them. He said "This will lead you to the mainland. Go and save yourself" 

Anjali asks "But what about you??" Dixit answers "I'll be here… You first go and see to the things." Anjali says "But what if they hurt you?" 

Dixit says "They didn't hurt me until these years… " Anjali raises an eyebrow and takes off his shirt to reveal his bare back body which revealed whipped bruises.

She cries and says "Don't act in front of me papa.. I don't know from where you make excuses to hide your pains… but you cannot pretend in front of me. I'm your daughter. You can't lie me."  

She further adds " I will not take a move out of here without you.." 

Dixit looks on and says " But bitiya…" 

Anjali says "I'll die if you compel me to go out.." Dixit says "Sh…..Don't talk like these and all bitiya. Okay but you'll stay here because I think by now the men would have found out that you are missing. Let it be.."

 Anjali says "But it's okay I'll go and tie myself up again…." 

Dixit says "are you mad?? You know what they are also planning to insert another chip on your forearm…" 

Anjali exclaims "Hey bhagvan!! What is all these chips doing???" 

Dixit says "you better stay here beta…. Don't worry I'll bring you food here often… if only you'd listen to me that…" 

Anjali says "No papa this decision is final I'll stay here.."  

Dixit says "My gudiya is stubborn just like me.Ok beta I'l;l take a leave now otherwise the'll ask questions to me... " 

Anjali cries and says "I feel pity on you papa… Who is behind all this???" 

But Dixit was now ascending the stairs hurriedly and got up. Anjali didn't call him back as she knows that those men are deadly. She clamored thinking about her Father's situation.

Other side of the door from the trap room.....

  Meanwhile in the other end….

Arnav and Khushi are in their room. 

Arnav gets ready and says to her "Khushi you'll stay here. I'll go to Raj and deal with him…" 

Khushi says " par…" 

Arnav says "Par war kuch nahi (no if's and but's) you are going to stay here.." 

Khushi says" But Arnavji listen to me… how am I supposed to stay alone here..?" Arnav says "Hmmm… you are staying at Ratore's house…" 

Khushi pouts and says "then I'll say all to him.. " 

Arnav says " Ok! Fine let's go…"Khushi says " where??"

Arnav replies "Raj….!" Khushi smiles and hugs him. 

Arnav says " This girl has gone mad…!" They both search for Raj as they reach  Leynar.

 Khushi says "Arnavji how do you say that Raj is here…" 

Arnav says "Hmm.. you know what Khushi ??" 

Khushi curtails him and says "Offoh I've heard this dialogue so many times… Change it…"

Arnav smiles. Then he suddenly sees someone far off near the mansion with a binocular and recognizes him. 

He barges towards him and holds his collar asking "Where is my papa…?Dammit! " The man looks fretfully at him after recognizing him. 

He looks at him with aghast and says "ASR…. Ahj…kj….doig.. her… What are you doing here??" 

Arnav says "Let it be… What are you doing here????" 

He answers "just like how you are…" Arnav " This will be your last day on earth Raj… Answer me where have you kept my father??"  

Raj says "I don't know what you are talking about…" 

Arnav punches him hard and says "Don't you even dare... do you want more of my punches?? I'll give you more money if you answer me else get my punch. In either way you'll get something from me either a bunch of money or punch. …" 

Raj says "Alright alright I'll say to you…."

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Episode 23 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thank you for your thank you's, votes and comments. Special thanks to 

Rani: , Candie: , Avni: , Londoner: , Lily30: ...

Raj says " My dream is to research about the RFID. But I couldn't get the permission officially also I didn't have enough money to research abroad. So I came to AR for earning money but still my earnings were enough for my daily expenses. So I had asked Naniji for some money in the name of my sister or a sister. Also I had said that Anjali is my fiance to the AR employees just to make money. But then you came to know about it and fired me. I and  Shyam became friends when I had some work with him regarding my property matter. I was running out of money and it was Shyam who had helped me.I became successful abroad in doing this research.  I had asked for a person to test my research to Shyam.  He arranged for a person and said that he was really interested in this. Little did I know that the person was your father . I asked him personally whether he was really interested in doing this. He said that he was interested in helping me. As a part of research I had to give him a small amount for helping me. My research was well appreciated by the government of Faroe islands. But one day, he said that he'll buy it especially Mr. Dixit's project. So he gave me an advance and said that he'll be paying the rest monthly in instalment. I too agreed as he was a great friend of mine. Surely it proved to be a 'was' when he didn't pay the rest of my money. I also had asked him in person when I came to RM in Delhi.  But then I came to know that he is your son in law. If I ask you the amount then you will remind me of the debts I have to you.I fled the place and came back to Faroe Islands . Later I came to know that Shyam had forced your father to accept it (the consent for the research) as he was in need of money.  He had extorted the money from him. Your father was unwilling for this research but since Shyam had forced him, he did it. It was a great profit for Shyam as he could also observe Mr. Dixit's movements. I had taught him how to do so when he was with me once. So it was easier for him to note the movements. He had the technical knowledge of this from me.  So, I thought I could inform this to the police. But I need a proof to expose him. Also, I had not given him any kind of bill or any other proof to claim that the project is given to him… He is not licensed to hold this research." 

Arnav and Khushi have their mouth oval shaped. 

Arnav says "But still you know that he is having my father captivated. You don't need a proof. You can expose him red handed."

 Raj replies "That's not possible. As the project's name is still mine officially. So if the cops get aware of this then they'll also land me in jail for this conspiracy as I was also involved in this, may it be unknowingly too. so I thought that I must first have a word with your father and then proceed with my plans. " 

Arnav says "How did you know that he is my father?"  

Raj says "Because you have his eyes ASR. Initially I had this doubt, But then I confirmed it when he said that he is the son in law of the Raizadhas. " 

Arnav releases his hand which was on his collar and says "Do you know where he kept my father? " 

Raj says " In this building…." says Raj pointint to the mansion (as shown the pic of Leynar)

Arnav and Khushi gets nervous. They were so near all this time speaking to him. 

Arnav could sense his father's presence already. 

Arnav says nervously " Why didn't you go inside…" 

Raj says "Do you think Shyam would leave your father freely around?? There are lots of guards…" Arnav says " I'll pay you well and I am not like that snake to deceit you, but I need your support in this. Of all the lies you had told to the Raizadhas, you will be given mercy depending on what you show in this . Raj further asks "How are you here??" 

Arnav says "Di is also kidnapped by that snake… Thought she might also be here…" Raj is shocked. He asks " Why didn't you tell this to me before?? How??" 

Arnav says all. Raj is shocked. 

Khushi says "But how do you think that Di would also be here Arnavji?" 

Arnav says "Because when Shyam had shown me di's state in his laptop, I could see a small clock in that video and the time was just the same as it was in the secret room's tv. Another thing is that, the chair in which Di was sitting was similar to the chair in my father's footage also the one similar to the secret room. " 

Khushi asks " Why didn't you discuss all this with me before??" 

Arnav says "Already you are sleeping less with all this, I didn't want you to suffer more. I care for you too Dammit…." 

Khushi  hugs him teary eyed. Raj clears his throat. 

They break the hug and Arnav asks Raj "Say Raj…!, when you have implanted a chip inside my father's forehand, do you also know to take it out??? " 

Raj replies "ofcourse…!" Arnav breathes out and says "Will you detach the chip from my father's forehand…" 

Raj says " Ofcourse! I will… but for that I need to see your father in person…" . 

Arnav says gritting his teeth" Today is the end of that Shyam… First, I must get inside and barge towards the villains" 

Khushi asks in a shocking manner "alone??" 

Arnav says "Of course.." 

Raj says " If I had to deal him alone I would have surely done this before itself. No ASR don't make hasty decisions… We'll plan and then we'll….." 

Arnav says "What plan??? Already we took our time to expose Shyam but he took the chance and made RM in his name. We kept thinking and had never exposed our plans. This should not happen again. Once bitten twice shy as it says …. Khushi you be here…" before Khushi and Raj could answer anything Arnav strides away to the Mansion. 

Khushi censures and says" These Raizadhas are so stubborn..!"

Meanwhile at RM……

 Shyam taunts everyone. They are all tied. Nani and Payal are in tears with red eyes. 

Payal shouts  saying "what do you think of yourself  Mr.Shyam??? Do you think we are all fools to obey these… enough!!!! It is better to die than listen every word of yours…." 

Nani says "How could you do this Damaadjii?? Well you are not anymore our Damaad… Donno how Anjali bitiya would handle this… "

She spits on him. 

Shyam lets an astringent laughter and holds Nani at gun point. Everyone is shocked.. 

Shyam says "I pity you for your age but you are going too much. You said that day na naniji? that you won't be knowing whether you'd live until ASR's kid comes to this world… actually you were right that night Naniji or perhaps that early morning. Good bye Naniji…" 

He sits on the futon chair still pointing the gun at Naniji. Akash and Nk try to release their ropes which was fastened well by Shyam but they couldn't. Payal screams. 

Mama and Mamiji shout "No don't you dare Shyam ".


As Nk was about to sneak the top room stairs, Shyam got really angry and he called for his guards and asked them to summon all the Raizadha members. 

He said "Nk, You want to know what my plans are…, don't you? What will you do next? You'll go and vomit all the things as a proof against me to the RM members… why not I myself tell them the truth… "

Everyone were forced to the  top room and Shyam removed the false shelf… Everyone went aghast seeing it.  

They were all forced by the guards to ascend the spiral stairway inside the cupboard. They at last reached the secret  room. Akash was about to hold Shyam's collar. But he couldn't as he was held by the guards. Nk fumed with rage. But he din't want Shyam to know that Arnav ,Khushi and himself had already had an adventure in this room as said by Arnav on that day. Shyam forced everyone  on each chair and they were all roped by the guards. 

Shyam smirks and  says "I thought you all didn't like to roam freely around the house. So I planned to capture you all and tie you all up. Wow I like these reactions…." 

Mamaji says "You are a saddist Shyam….. Wait till the media folks gets aware of this…  Do you think everyone would remain silent?? They would surely ask about ASR what will you answer??"  

Shyam says "Offoh!! Mamaji… I'll take care of all those…. Don't you worry …..Do you think I had  executed my plans without the knowledge of these??  Hmm…" 

Nani shouts at him.." What do you want from us?? Take away all… but why don't you leave Anjali bitiya??? You said you'll give back our bitiya when we sign the papers…. You cheated all of us..." Shyam lets out a cold laughter and says "Who asked you all to believe me Naniji???" Everybody starts blaming at him. 

Shyam sighs and says "I think I must also put a tape on all your mouths too… then perhaps you all might shut your mouths…"  

He leaves the place descending the stairs and places the false shelf and locks the cupboard and goes away..

Flashback ends…..

Shyam says "Or perhaps you die watching your Damaad die.." 

Everyone is shocked. Yes, they all are tied by Shyam and his guards in the secret room.

Shyam switches on the screen.. Everyone didn't know what was happening.

Meanwhile in Faroe islands…..

While all these were happening at RM , at the same time….

 Arnav sees the main door of the mansion and avoids it as he knew that the most protection would exist here. He goes around the place and checks for a way. He then sees a small window at the back side of the house.  He thought that it was the best to enter from that place. He sneaks inside the kitchen as the window wasn't fastened. He sees a guard roaming here and there for security.  He first thought of fighting with him. No he mustn't, as the other guards would get alerted  and they might all ambush him. His first task is to find his father. He sees another guard with the same dress on the other side and hides quickly. It came in his mind that they were all wearing an uniform. So, He sneaked towards a guard ensuring no one sees him and places a hand on the guard's moth and hammers him so that he makes no sound.  He hides the body inside the barrel and wears the uniform. He walks trendily like an army officer and checks all the rooms ensuring that he  doesn't look hasty as he didn't want the guards to doubt him. He searches slowly as if he is guarding something, at the same time he searches for his father.

At the same time when Arnav entered the house….

Raj roams here and there looking tensed.. 

Khushi asked him " Why are you looking so tensed Mr.Raj." 

Raj pretends saying "How can't I Khushiji, Arnav is so stubborn.. What would happen to him???" Khushi says "That's what I was supposed to ask you … When we are three of them  we could help him there na??.Come let's go... " 

Raj suddenly turned more tensed and restrains her saying "Khushiji.. you don't go anywhere.. If you go then ASR would kill me. I'll go and search him." 

Before Khushi could say more Raj fled towards the east side of the mansion and soon was out of sight. Raj then looked here and there and fulminated about the time. He then thought of freeing himself here but for a second he thought that it's not allowed in foreign countries. But then he decided to free himself.. Hehe 'nature is calling'. He went near the tree side and freed himself. Being so much educated he had to do this. He then let out a sigh of relief. AS the cold winds had surged him, He couldn't control it. He went near the riverside to wash his hands. After washing, he saw the shock  of his life. There was  a well hidden door in front of him.( the door view from outside.. Look at the pic..) . At first, he couldn't believe his eyes but then as he went nearby it was visible. If anyone was there then they might not have known it as there were more marshes in front of the door  grown making it well hidden.

Meanwhile on the other side….

Khushi is perplexed with the thought and didn't know what to do. Then her crooked mind told her to see for Asr. She then went to the mansion side and same like Arnav went through the kitchen window. If Asr knew  that she had climbed the window. He would kill her. She sees a guard in charge of protection guarding. She then gets a plan and does the same thing what Arnav did with the same hammer.  She wears the uniform and goes in search  for her hubby.   

Hope you all liked this update.....

Jan 7, 2018

Episode 24- The truth.... (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 59 times)

Enjoy my longest update......

Inside the mansion….

While Khushi was having an adventure for herself, Arnav had already found his father in a room. 

But there were  three men guarding him. Arnav found him happy. His father looks contented. He didn't know how as Arnav had seen him really pale in the monitor. 

What made Dixit happy. Tears rolled in his eyes seeing his father outside the room. He couldn't react more as the guards may come to know about it. He went inside the room and said to the guards "Shyam sir asked you all to go the first floor. It's my turn… " 

They all went out. At first his father didn't react much. 

Then,  he then revealed himself and Arnav's father was shocked. His father shouted at him hiding his tears "Get out..!" Arnav was shocked at this. 

His father grinned at him with tears and shouted " Who the hell are you???" 

Arnav then understood what his intention was as he already knew about the chip matter. He smirks and hugs his father.  His father couldn't say more, he tried really hard to repel Arnav but a hug proved that he couldn't hide his love. They both had a teary reunion. 

Arnav says " I am sorry pa.." 

His father places a hand on his mouth and indicates his forehand. He understood everything and grits his teeth saying "That snake..! Filthy blood! How dare he do such a thing???" 

He says "Not to worry papa.. this would be his last day on earth. How did you handle all these pains papa??? That too for years…." 

His father was not concentrating on his words but him. 

Arnav had grown up. He saw him when he was a small boy, Now he is like a military man in front of him. A perfect man. He felt so good to see his son grown up so well with trimmed beard and taut chest. He hugs him and cried again.

Arnav says "Papa mamma died and…."  

Dixit says "I know… I came to know that Saro died through Shyam. He had been updating me about you all just to make me jealous and see me more in pain. He is a real sadist… Anyways now I am not afraid as my son is here now. He'll take care of everything….." 

He pecks a kiss on his forehead. Aranav has more tears. 

Suddenly they heard Shyam's voice with whisper of gasps behind his voice saying "Wah…wah…wah…! What a union..!  Father and son are united… wait till I get hold of you all…." Shyam was looking through the screen about all. There was a cctv camera in Arnav 's father's room with speakers attached to it . 

They both heard Nani's voice "Chote…! Damaadji…..!" 

with others  

"Nannav uncleji" "Bhai!! Fufaji!!" 

"Arnavji! Fufaji!"

 "Arnav! Damaadji!" 

"ASR!" . Everyone in the secret room was perplexed including Shyam. 

Shyam asks "But how the hell did you reach Faroe islands ???? How did you know all my secrets you fool! Leaving you free was my biggest mistake…" 

Arnav scolded him back but it was just a one way connection. His father says "He can't hear us back… we can only hear his voice..…" 

Arnav says " This is mere torture…! My blood boils seeing you as his slave and that too that toad's slave…." They then hear Shyam's voice aloud 

"seize them!" 

Oh no! He had warned the guards …. 

Dixit says " Quick! Come with me.."  

Meanwhile near the river….

Raj was transfixed at the place for some time. He then went nearby and cleared the marshes just to ensure it to be a stone carving. But it wasn't. It is a door! He tried to open it. Yes he could. He went inside and it was dark. He lit his lighter and skulked inside. Meanwhile Anjali on the other side got scared and hid under a table. This man noticed some movements and hid near a barrel. Anjali was also scared as well as Raj. They were hiding for about 20 minutes fearing each other. Then Anjali could sense something fishy. His lighter was on and that's how she could sense that even he was scared seeing her. She then gathered courage and went near him and he swiftly went away. She searched for him as by now he had even unlit his lighter. The room was dark again.   They both wandered and suddenly Anjali hit something hard while moving backwards . 

She shouted "Devi Mayiiya!!!". 

She could sense herself being aborted. But she fell on the arms of someone. He lit the lighter and saw her. They both lost themselves seeing each other's eyes in the dim yellow light. She realised that he was no harm. 

Anjali then steadies herself crying "Hey Bhagvan! What would have happened if I had really fallen…My baby! (she caressed her stomach)…Thank you…!"  

Raj says "Anjali!"

 Anjali is shocked and asks "Wait a minute how do you know my name? you must be….. RAJ! dare you!"  

She pushes him. 

She shouts "You were the one who cheated on our family…. " 

Raj was shocked and asks her to relax but she wouldn't budge. 

She then heard Raj saying "Arnav is searching for his father…" and then get's shocked and releases him. 

She let out "Chote! How? Chote is here…. I knew he  would come to rescue me…" 

Raj says "Do you want to know who is behind all this??" as he said this, they could here thundering footsteps . 

He says " Oh no! I think they have found Arnav.." He holds her hands and gestures her to come out. But she shook him away … She says "Are you mad We need to save Chote!.. Let's go upstairs…" 

Raj says "You have gone out of your mind. I promised Arnav to save you… We must go out and call the police instead of being caught here… If we go upstairs even we'll we captivated…. I promised him to save your family..." 

Anjali says "But my family is … Wait a minute.. are they alright??... What happened to them.." 

Raj says " No time to discuss… let's go…!" 

He held her hands and they both ran outside. The cold winds hit Anjali's face and she breathed. 

Anjali asks "Where in the world are we??"He says while running "

 This is Leynar, Faroe islands. " 

Anjali lets out a shout and then says " I thought we were in India. Now I realised why I felt different. I thought because I was pregnant…" Raj ignored her talks and they ran outside making sure that he didn't make her run too fast.

Shyam on the other side….

Shyam asks his guards " find Anjali and ask Dr.Clifton to insert the chip inside her forearm….. WHAT???... this can't happen!…..WHY ARE YOU ALL SO IRRESPONSIBLE YOU FOOLS????..... FIND HER!... I'm sure even Khushi might be there if Arnav is there…. Find her too…. If you fail, I won't cut your salary… But I'll cut you all idiots…!" 

Everyone in the room had their heads spinning. 

Nani let out "You are soulless Shyam! Why do you keep us alive.. Kill me…! I said Kill me..!" 

Shyam says "Who are you to order me??? Your orders were only fulfilled in the past. This is better. All of you die watching your family members die. This is how even I felt when my father was caught…!" 

Lavanya says "Why have you kept me here??? I am no way in this….! Leave me…..! I won't tell anyone outside…" 

Shyam says "As if you wouldn't miss Kashyap….! If you talk more then I'll have to deal with your Nk…" 

Lavanya shouts" Stop it! Thank god ! Chamkili didn't marry you…. Otherwise, I donno what you might have done to her…"  

 At Arnav's place…

 Arnav and his father was about to run when they saw the goons surrounding them and they heard a voice "Arnavji….!" Khushi shouts. 

Arnav is shocked and has his eyes red "why did you….Dammmit.! I asked you to…" 

A goon said "Chup!!! Get hold of him!" 

Dixit cries and says "My BAhu!" 

Khushi is teary eyed . She thinks of taking his blessings but she couldn't.  The guards got hold of both of them and asked Dixit "Where have you kept Anjali…" 

Dixit says " Anjali bitiya? Is Anjali bitiya also here…?"  

A goon knocks his head off and says "Don't you dare lie us! We found you and Anjali stepping inside the third room in the first floor. That room didn't have a camera inside. We went there and couldn't find her. Then we couldn't track you too. Where is she you fool???" 

Dixit is shocked as well as Arnav and Khushi. 

Arnav's blood boiled with rage seeing his father hurt but he couldn't do anything..  Arnav didn't want to open his mouth but  he was literally shocked on the other side knowing that his sister and his father have met. Khushi was proud on the other side as Arnav had guessed Anjali would be in Faroe islands. 

Dixit answers " I don't know I kept her there only but donno.." A goon slapped him. Arnav couldn't do anything he tried his level best to free himself but there were more guards holding him.  All these scenes were caught in Shyam's screen. Mami and Nani had already fainted. Akash and Nk gave voices but  everyone's concentration were on the goons. Lavanya was crying aloud by now. Nk calmed her giving her positive words. Shyam gives no attention to them as he was fully immersed on the screen and instructing his guards via Bluetooth headset. The guards beat Arnav massively to let out the truth from his father. Arnav keeps telling him not to tell them even for his life. Dixit looked really panicky. Khushi then faints seeing all this. Nobody could do anything  Shyam asked them to stop beating Asr and asked the goons to tie them up.

 " He wouldn't tell like this now.  Give him frequent treatment like this. Implant the Rfid now itself for everyone ……." 

A goon answered him via bluetooth " Boss, Dr.Clifton is unavailable today, He'll be back tomorrow evening…." 

Shyam says "Oh god…! Fine but ask him to give me more amount this time. I've got two people for his project and perhaps another one coming in few months….." 

Arnav's face went crimson but he couldn't react. Knowing worst things happening in front of you and not reacting is the worst thing.   

Meanwhile in the Aerodrome….

Anjali and Raj are about to get inside the flight. 

Anjali sees the place once again and asks Raj "Everything will fall in its place na Raj?"  

Raj says "Don't you worry Anjali… Except that.." 

Anjali aks "What??" They both were now ascending the stairs and they were checked. They got inside and after few minutes the flight takes off. Anjali was silent and slept and didn't realize that she was sleeping in Raj's arms. Raj couldn't help. He thought that she needs rest but at the corner  of his heart he liked it. 

Few hours later Anjali wakes up and says " This is not Asr's flight.. then whose is this ??" 

Raj says "Its mine Anjali after my research got successful here I got a very big fame here…" 

She says "wow… will the police land there on time..?" 

Raj says "Yes I've informed them as soon as we left from there… don't worry Anjali everything will go fine…They must have reached there by now…" 

Anjali asks "You said you'll tell me who is responsible for all this… Tell me Raj who kidnapped me and who is responsible for my father's situation??" 

Raj asks "Do you really want to know this Anjali??…I mean we could reach home and then……." 

Anjali says " I want to know this now itself Raj!" 


Anjali has tears in her eyes and reacted much less as expected .… 

Raj says " Say something Anjali … I am really sorry…But " 

Anjali had removed her mangalsutra by now and her sindhoor was already washed away by her water falling sweat. 

Anjali says " I din't know he was this cheap..! he has surpassed all the limits.."

 Raj says " I didn't catch you right come again…!" 

Anjali says "Nothing Raj…  Let's reach Delhi first… And ya call the Delhi police as soon as we land there…" 

Raj looked puzzled. 

Anjali remained silent the whole journey….  They reached Delhi after few hours.

At Leynar's mansion….

The guards were guarding them as instructed. Khushi was now conscious and feared like hell. She was shaking having both her hands cuddled on her stomach. Suddenly, they saw the cops outside… one of the guards let out a shout . 

Shyam and the others watching from the top room gets interested.  

Shyam yelled at them…" Fight themm… !" 

"But sir.... "  said one of the guards.  But Shyam wouldn't budge. They were all fighting. Nani and Mami who regained their consciousness got up with spirits arousing them of hopes.  Shyam immersed himself inside the monitor as if he were in Leynar. Suddenly the monitor shuts down and Shyam  bangs the screen. 

Shyam says " This would be the end of you all.  " 

He was about to hurt them when he heard a sound in the secret downstairs 

" Shyam we know you are upstairs, surrender yourself or else we need to you force you…!" 

Shyam gets nervous. His heart pounded very fast. As soon as he could react, he was caught hold by the cops. Then a known silhouetted figure revealed itself as Anjali… Everyone gives gasps and others tell her name In chorus. 

Akash says "Di!! this man is behind all this.. or perhaps it's better not to call him a know what he.." Akash was about to complete his sentence but couldn't continue when 

Anjali gave Shyam a tight slap.Everyone is shocked as well as happy. Then another figure revealed itself to be Raj. Nani , Mami, mama, Akash chorused something. 

Inspector says "you are under arrest Shyam Jha for illegal chip implant, for torturing an old man for years and many more.."  

Shyam says seeing Raj "You! Oh so you might have told all the secrets to them right?? Inspector how can you arrest me without a proof … " 

Inspector says "How can you keep a secret place in this house.."

 He  says " Well this house is mine and I can do anything I wish to …" 

Inspector says " so you can torture people right ??"  Anjali says "Leave all that Shyam how do you say this is your house when this house's name is still mine.." by now everyone were free from the ropes. Everyone looks shocked by her words. What is she saying??  

Anjali says with her raised eyebrows rounding him "Do you remember the file F611 Shyam??" 

Shyam looks shocked. 

Anjali says "When you  were taking the file from the top room  , a paper fell inside the cupboard  which went unnoticed by you  and I read it and discovered that Arnav Singh Raizadha is going to give all his property to Shyam Manohar Jha. I was really shocked reading this.. " 

She gestured the paper to him. Everyone is excited what their Anjali had in for.  

Anjali continued "so I knew Shyam had the other papers and sneaked in my own cupboard to take the file. I read all of them thoroughly and was really shocked. That day I came to know that Shyam had really married me for money.." 

She said giving a death glare to him having tears in her eyes. 

Nani says "Why didn't you tell us bitiya?? How did you handle all this alone??" 

Anjali says " Nani I am used being alone since childhood. I depended on no one to get my works done. I planned to get married at the age of 20 itself thinking just to make myself independent. But thank god, I was about to take a wrong decision and it was called off by his grace. Then I took the worst decision of my life by marrying him. I cried every day, but now I am composed. Do you remember Nk you asked me why I was upset for some days and I reasoned it to be the absence of Chote and Khushiji. Well it was that time I came to know about the truth of him. " 

She faces an appalled Shyam and says "If there were any relation between you and me, it would not also be a hate, but nothing. Even a hate becomes a relation and you are no way related to me Shyam… " Shyam looks panic stricken. 

Anjali faces him with  disgust and says "The first time I noticed you in Chote's room giving a cold laughter. Then your face changed after coming to our room or perhaps now it's my room." 

She looks at everyone and says "  I then wondered why he asked Nk to find a particular file as only I used to find all his files. He could have said this to me. Then, I saw the paper falling from the cupboard. I then saw Shyam and Raj's encounter behind a tree. Shyam threatening Raj saying that he is the son-in-law of the Raizadhas…" 

Raj looked Shocked. 

So Anjali knew all this before itself. Raj liked Anjali's boldness. He starts admiring her. 

Akash says "Does Bhai know about this…?" 

Anjali says "yes Akash he knows about Shyam but doesn't know that I know about him too… and I came to know that Chote knows about him when Khushiji and him were having a conversation. " 

Nani felt so proud of her granddaughter's boldness. 

Anjali says "not only this, I called Shyam' s colleague Mr.Somu and he said that Shyam was fired and is jobless few months ago. Then I saw Shyam sneaking out of my room In the middle of the night ascending the stairs. I followed him and then heard Nani in the Kitchen. I went to sleep peacefully knowing all the truth about him as I confirmed it in his actions that night.  I then went to Khushiji's neighbour's house and asked about Khushi's engagement when I heard Khushi saying about her engagement with him during her conversation with Arnav.  I interrogated their neighbour in disguise as I didn't want to reveal myself. After my conversation with them I raised Khushi in top of my heart. I felt proud that my brothers are the son-in-laws of the Gupta's. " 

She glances at Mamiji knowingly and sees her in tears . Mami had her hands around Payal's waist. Payal sees her and gets tears. Mami eyes her with teary smile. Payal thanked Devi maiyya inside her mind. 

Shyam says "Why did you act as if you loved me and why did you gifted me a pen during our Anniversary knowing that  I am jobless.." 

Anjali says putting a hand on his shoulders "Well Mr.Shyam (Shyam felt new ) when you can act loving me I can also do it much more than you. I had  given you the pen on purpose. I wanted you  to know that I am still the weak Anjali in front of you.." 

Shyam asks "Then how do you say that this house is in your name??"

Thank you for your thank yous and comments.  Special thanks to Lily30, Avni, Candie: you had guessed it right... The person is Anjali.. .

Precap : The Final part!

Jan 11, 2018

Episode 25 - The Finale (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 54 times)

Thank you so much guys for your likes and comments. Special thanks to Candie, Lily30, arshigeet(2) for your motivating comments and all those who had commented before. I would like to thank Kpoonam especially for commenting the most in my update. Thank you for your motivation guys. I had planned to complete this until episode 20 but it was just because of you guys I could write until this much. Thank you  and all the best. I am going to start a new phase of my life...Wishing you all a great year ahead....

Shyam asks Anjali "Then how do you say that this house is in your name??". 

Anjali says "after discovering the other papers in my cupboard , I changed the papers and secretly got Chote's  signatures. Well he would sign the papers still even if I say what's in the paper without asking any questions. But I didn't want him to wonder why I had changed the property's name. So that's why I got his signature secretly. Well he would never read what's in the paper if his Di asks him to sign it. So that's how I got his signature. Not like you employing cheap tricks by threatening people to get works done…" 

She says this by pointing her index  finger on him. Everybody is happy seeing her. Meanwhile at 


Arnav and the others are fighting the guards. Suddenly one of the men was aiming at Khushi and took a knife from his pocket. Arnav saw this and was appaled. Arnav's father was coming towards her and  

Arnav shouts "KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" . 

Khushi shouts "Nooooooo! Not my child…" 


There the guard had inserted the knife in the stomach.  He pulled the knife out and it was fully red in color. Everything turned out black and white. Arnav's eyes were totally ogled. He was about to faint seeing the scene. 

Then there came a painful sound "aaah!" and that sounded like a man's voice.. 

How could this be?? 

Khushi let's a shout seeing the scene. 

And yes now he could hear her voice. 

But who got hurt? 

Then the guard moved away revealing blood stains coming out from the stomach  of a man. 

Yes! It was Arnav's father. 

The other cops were in rage and they beat the guards more. Arnav then realized what happened. While the guard was about to kill Khushi, his father had come in-between them just to save Khushi's child. He knew she was pregnant as Shyam had once updated him with the information. As mentioned earlier he gives all the details of his family members just to proliferate and arise his feelings to meet them. Such a sadist he was, Well he 'is'…. 

Coming to the present. 

Dixit had taken the knife on himself just to save Khushi and his child. Blood drops fell on Khushi and she yelled "Papaji!!!" 

Arnav yelled "papa!!" He fought back the goons  he was fighting with. He went near a Kneeling Dixit. As his head was about to hit the ground, Khushi caught him. He had tears in his eyes not of sadness but full of happiness. 

Arnav came near him and had his eyes red. He then saw the person who killed his father and held him by his neck. A cop said that he'll take care of him and beat him hard tying the chains. Arnav's father was eyeing him with tears and hugged him, Arnav reciprocated his gesture and clamoured. 

Khushi too hugged him and said "Why papaji?? Why did you do this………..?" She touches his feet.

The cops called the Ambulance. 

Dixit says "No betiii! It was my time to die… And that's why God had written this… Imagine if you were in my place……  two people would have died instead of one…." 

Arnav was in tears and says "I'm sorry papa just because you were not punished for the mistake which you did …. It doesn't mean that we must end this relation…… I'm really sorry papa…" 

Dixit says "who said I did Khushi bitiya's parent's accident??" 

Arnav asks "It was You who was driving the car… right?  And how do you know that the other side of the car was Khushi's parents…?" 

Dixit says holding his stomach "Well as I said Shyam says everything to me…. And yes.. I didn't drive the car on that day…" 

"What?????????????" exclaimed both Arnav and Khushi. 

Dixit answers with difficulty "It was Shyam who had driven the car improperly as he got fascinated by it . He accidentally crashed another car and he escaped from the scene after doing so.. So that's why the Driver and myself had a conversation about it as the owner of the car would be responsible for that accident. The driver touched my feet not to tell this to anyone and asked me for a solution that day as he couldn't see his son behind bars and not also myself. So that's why I had asked him to change the name of my car to his name temporarily and release him. But things turned out such a way that he was hanged. I was really depressed. Even Saro didn't listen to me. I pleaded her to hear my story at least once. But she remained stubborn and went away. Well, I'm now going to her …" 

Arnav and Khushi had tears rolling from their eyes. 

Arnav had asked him to go the hospital but he remained persistent so the Cops had called the ambulance but it is yet to arrive. 

Arnav says " But Shyam said that….. " . 

Dixit smiles and interrupts him saying " You are still the same Chote.. you still believe what you hear Chote, not what you see…."    

Arnav let's a tear and thinks that his father is right and remembers how he had believed Shyam's words that Khushi too liked him, The terrace scene flashes at him…. What blunder he made… 

Dixit says "Whatever happens, happens for good….." With that he closes his eyes with a smile in his face. 

Khushi and Arnav clamored falling on the ground. 

Then the Ambulance came and Arnav got really angry for their lateness. Khushi asks him to calm down. She hugs him. 

Arnav says " I am an orphan again Khushi……" Khushi hugs him teary eyed absorbing all his sadness to her. She too cried with him.  Later Arnav gets to know from the cops that Anjali is safe and is with Raj in India. Arnav and Khushi let's a sigh of relief. The cops arrest Dr.Clifton as well as the remaining folks involved in the  illegal chip implant.

Meanwhile at RM….

Raj was admiring Anjali badly and Shyam blames his time. . 

She adds " How could you get his signatures when the house is mine?? It must have been from Anjali Shyam Jha to Shyam Jha and not Arnav Singh Raizadha to Shyam Jha…So if you are supposed to get the signatures then it must be from me not from Chote. I changed the name even before you changed the name of this house as yours which proved invalid.. I was the owner, I am the owner and I will be the owner of this house…!" 

The inspector takes Shyam away and the guards too.  Everyone is happy and hugs Anjali. The cops congratulates Anjali . Akash and Nk take them out. The others surround Anjali and appreciate her. They all congratulate Anjali and feels proud of her bravery. Anjali says "Chote ka aana baki hai…." (Let's wait for Arnav…). Raj gives her a shake hand.

Arnav and Khushi completed all the formalities. . The RFID chip was taken out from his body before his funeral. Arnav had performed his last rights. They made others to know about it. It was a shock for Rm and Nani and the others cried bitterly for not being able to see Dixit at least once.. Even after knowing he was alive these years. It's like a child being awarded a candy and the next minute the candy was being snatched away. By now, Mr and Mrs. Ratore had helped them in completing the other formalities  and helped them to reach India with the ash of his father. Anjali hugged them with tears receiving them…Arnav comes to know Shyam was arrested from Akash and Nk but didn't concentrate on that part. RM was silent mourning Dixit's death. Dixit became a hero and AR designs had Arnav's father's photo in the main hall decorated with beautiful flowers… After few days… everything slowly fell on its place. Anjali receives the divorce papers. Arnav decides to talk about Shyam with Anjali. Arnav for the first time comes to Anjali's room and it looked just like how it was when she was unmarried. 

Arnav gasps and asks her "Di??" 

Anjali says "Yes Chote… come in …." 

Arnav asks "Di If you don't mind can I ask you something ???" 

Anjali says "Ya Chote I know what you are going to ask about… It's about Shyam right ???" 

Arnav nods his head. Anjali asks him to sit. 

She says " I burnt all his belongings Chote… don't worry but what makes me sad is that you hid the truth from me… Do you really think that I'll be needing a proof to believe your words?? You didn't understand me Chote till now as I've understood you…You married Khushiji because of my child, is it??"   Arnav is Shocked and nods his head.. 

Anjali says "And Khushiji didn't know the reason for many days ??"

 Anjali says "You can't hide anything from me Chote… tell me" 

 Arnav looks down and says all… Anjali is shocked and cries. 

She continues "I don't know what to say Chote …. Whether to Scold you or to admire you… But one thing is clear, you have made others suffer for your decisions.. Chote what you did to Khushiji is really bad.." 

Arnav says " Yes Di… I realised this very late… but what actually happened ???" 

Anjali says all including how she changed the name of the property as her name. Arnav hugs Anjali as she finishes her last sentence and she hugs him too. Khushi was outside  hearing all the conversation.  Anjali sees her. She gestures her to come inside Anjali says sorry on behalf of her husband and her brother. Khushi closes her mouth and hugs her. Both cried. 

Khushi says "I am not angry with Arnavji anymore but I am really happy to see the love of a brother and sister. No matter how rich he is , how popular he is, he did what a younger brother would have done at that situation. Or perhaps, even an ordinary brother would have thought twice before sacrificing himself to another women without love.." 

Arnav says " But I loved you Khushi.. and …" 

Anjali was giggling by now. Khushi's cheeks became red.  Anjali then says " Even you Khushiji… even you married Chote because of your sister, which no other ordinary sister would have done.. But I must say that you liked Chote at the end of your heart right??" 

Khushi blushes. 

Raj then knocks the door and Arnav asks him to come inside. He says "I'll be leaving day after tomorrow to Faroe islands.." 

Arnav asks him to stay more.. 

But he says that he has work. Arnav and Khushi leave the place. Raj comes and sits as Anjali asks him to do so. He didn't know how to start. 

Then gathers courage and says "Anjali what I think is… ooff!" 

He rubs his hands and continues. Anjali gets surprised. 

He says "What I was thinking is that if you are okay with it, shall we get married? I mean you are single and so am I.. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a family. Or at least for your child's sake?? It needs a father…" 

Anjali says to him " No Raj, I'm sorry… I can't marry for my child's sake.  I can very well up bring my child without a father. I know it's difficult. As far as marriage is concerned, I've lost hopes in it. I failed not once but twice. Do you really think that I'll be having a heart to marry again? I'll show the world what it is to become a strong women. I'll show what an independent women could do.. I'll show the world  the power of a single women … I'm really sorry Raj.." 

Raj says " That's okay Anjali… Or perhaps you are right, I'm sorry I asked this to you early after your loss… I think I was just smitten by your bravery in front of everyone, how you gave a complaint against your own husband. That's a great one....!" Anjali chuckled. 

Anjali says "But don't forget Raj we are still friends… "

 "of course Anjali …." said Raj. 

Anjali continues "I'm sorry to ask you, but it is just a curiosity of mine..why didn't you marry all these years?" 

Raj says " I loved a girl in my college days but she died as she was ill… so I didn't marry anyone till now…" 

Anjali asks him "What about your family?" 

Raj says " I'm an orphan so I don't have one.." 

Anjali says to herself "Not again!!" and she sighs.. 

Raj asks "What …"

 "Nothing" said Anjali and she chuckles.  

She adds "I wish you all the best to start a family soon…" Raj thanks her and wishes her all the best and leaves the room.

ArShi in terrace….

Arnav and Khushi are in the terrace laying on a double bed. Stars in the sky were twinkling. 

Arnav says " That brightest one is my father…" pointing to it. 

Khushi is surprised and asks him" How do you say that ??? I mean you don't believe in all these things....." 

Arnav says" Because you believe in it… and I find it interesting…" 

Arnav says "If only he were alive.." controlling his tears.   

Khushi says "Shhh…" and hugs him.. 

She says " Think Arnavji, God kept him alive these years because of a reason… he died now as a hero instead of a coward… Otherwise everyone would have thought him to be the culprit.. If he was really dead, then how would we know the truth behind your driver's death. " 

Arnav says hugging her" How could he suffer all these years Khushi for no fault of his??" 

Khushi says "Shhh… Arnavji.. he is now happy with your mother.. Now my parents and your parents are happily discussing about us.." 

Arnav smiles and pecks on her forehead as well as her tummy which was little bulged by now. 

Arnav asks her "Please don't leave me Khushi…………. Please be with me by my side….." 

Khushi says "Always…! Forever Arnavji….."

 Arnav says "EvER?? huH/" 

Khushi says " Forever and ever…….!" 

They kiss passionately and are lost in the world of love……    


After 1 year……

Khushi had given birth to a boy.  Arnav was in tears seeing him… He kissed him in his legs and was admiring his son. Khushi and Arnav gave their son the best always. They named their child SaRun…(Oh my gOd! It just came to me like that…) Raj had married a Danish girl in Faroe islands and she is pregnant. Anjali gave birth to a girl and named her as Pari. Not because Shyam wanted to name their child so, But it was because that her daughter is an angel and she believes an angel needs no one for herself. She is there to give blessings to others. SaRun is attached to Anjali and so as Pari who is attached to Khushi and Payal. Nani joined yoga classes with Mamiji joining her later and they are doing well. Akash and Payal had taken a trip to Aviemore as Akash had wished, and Payal was really happy with him. They enjoyed a lot. Mamaji and Anjali started a new orphanage together and they are doing good. Nk and Lavanya are married and they recently posted their honeymoon pics to Hawaii in the social media..Shyam meanwhile had died in jail by throttling his neck. Arnav went to check this if it was true because they had not checked for Dixit when the news came and things went wrong.. So, just to confirm himself, he went there and informed his family about the same. No one took the slightest notice of it. The Guptas are doing great and Shashi is able to talk freely now. Khushi and Arnav are now planning for another baby. Their love remains eternal and grows more and more each day…… Their love is alive forever.…..

Note: I always wanted IPKKND to end like this.... So that's what made me to write... And I had many imaginations in my mind which made me to put forth it into writing... Thank you all for reading... love you..


             ARSHI'S LOVE FOREVER                 


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Hello friends... How are you all... Hope u all are doing well. Just wanted to know how my updates were. Especially the story. This story was in my mind for years together. If you ask me how Arnav and Khushi are I'll tell u that they are really happy loving each other. yes they are still planning for another baby. Sarun is doing fine and is playing with his Pari Didi. Anjali has recently started being more positive than before. Naniji is not well these days but Payal and mamiji are taking a good care of her. Mamaji and Akash are really doing well. They both recently had bought a telescope. Donno why... they both spend time with each other watching the night sky. Gazing at the beautiful stars.Guptas family is doing well too. Shashi is doing really fine. Thank you all who had motivated me to continue. Please give your voting. How was my story?

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New Story (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 10 times)

Hello guys how are you all doing? Good news!! Guess what? I'm planning to write a new story for all of you. Having an amazing response for my previous update, I plan to write another story based on Arshi. I was stupefied seeing the 1400+ thank you's and 25000+ views for my first update. Gained a lot of courage after seeing all your comments.I have no words to express my gratitude to all of you. OK, what I felt like was that the technology thingy of my previous update had actually missed some of the favorite knok-jhok's of Arshi's. Guess what? I'm gonna write another story which is totally different. It doesn't involve technology or any other saas bahu drama. It is truly based on Arshi's love. Yay!!! In this, the characters will be new except for Arshi or perhaps the names of the characters will be different. Okay Okay, I'm not gonna say much. You'll know when the update is in front of you.

Spoiler: Khushi's teenage repeats. When she was in 11th standard, she had loved Arnav who was her senior. What happens when they come across each other again after some years?

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