My Laadgovernor

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Nov 2, 2017

My Laadgovernor (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 53 times)

Hello guys!!

Long time no see??  

I'm here with my first os. I was studying in my library when out of no where I got this thought so I penned it down. I wrote this in 30 mins.

"I knew it khushiji that you will come. I love you so much!! I don't love that Anjali who I call as Ranisahiba. How can I love her? How can anyone love a woman like her who is lame, clingy and complaining wife. She complains on every single thing be it either about her Puja, my late comings, my over working, her Chotey's over work load, her Chotey's diabetics, her family members absence, each and every single thing. If HP is absent she complaints, if HP did a lot of work in a day she complaints, what is the need to talk about the house help before me.

She is just a complaint box. How can a sane man fall in love with her. Like wise I don't love her. I'm here living with her bearing all her tantrums because of the money her brother has. She doesn't deserve anyone's love where as you deserve love of everyone amd anyone in the world and most importantly my love, respect and time.

I love only you. You live in my breath, every time I take breath I think you, every time I eat I think about you. There is not a single moment in my life where I don't  think about you. The day I saved you from those goons your innocence, your simplicity is all that appeals me. You have each and everything in you a man expect from his woman.

So I followed you everywhere in Lucknow and when you shifted to Delhi I came behind you and wished to live with you. I just played a sympathy card showing I don't have any parents and relatives and am living on my own in hostel where people don't give me edible food, that's all your buaji insisted me to live you all as a P.G. I just needed that and next step was to say buaji that I was looking for suitable girl who is traditional and has family values instilled in herself, and showed her some traditional hints that is given by Devimayya to bind you and me in a knot.

She agreed for the alliance and was behind you to accept. But you took a lot of time to agree for this. Trust me Khushiji, I swear many times I thought to forcefully marry You, but how can I do that. So waited and waited for your nod but it didn't come. In between all this your father came to know that I married, so to shut his mouth I played with his life which resulted him to this condition where he can't open his mouth.

For the sake of your father you agreed to marry me but the coincidences were purely created by me like on in the day of Diwali your and my name in a heart written in the front wall of your house or your father hyperventilating which leaded only in your firm decision of our marriage.

But you came to know that I'm married. I prevented that Anjali not to call you to our house but she didn't hear me and called you. If not for that day, today we would have been married!!" Shyam confessed all this by hugging a girl from back who was squirming in his arms but he wasn't letting her go.

His this confession shattered a man who was hearing all this from the terrace door. He was heartbroken to know that his brother-in-law was in relationship  with a girl whom he loves.

Arnav craned his neck a little to confirm that the girl his brother in law is hugging is khushi and saw that she was wearing a yellow colour shalwar which khushi was wearing when she came to the RM.

"Don't move Khushiji, I'm sure you are enjoying being in my arms!!" Shyam said lustily.

Not able to hear anything more Arnav left from there.

While descending the stairs he banged with a person. Not willing so say anything or scold that person, he apologised and was about to go away when he heard

"Arnav Singh Raizada and sorry. Unbelievable!!" Exclaimed the person dramatically .

Not able to believe the voice he raised his head to confirm the owner of the voice and indeed he was surprised to see Khushi, his lady love standing there with mischievious look on her face

"Khushi??" Arnav whispered still unsure as he saw her just a while back in the arms of his jijaji and it's impossible for a person to be there at two places at the same time. And he is sure she didn't come back from there this soon and banged with him.

"Nahi Dukhi!!" Khushi said bringing him back from his reverie.

"Khushi You!!" Exclaiming this Arnav hugged khushi tightly not allowing the air to pass between the two.

" b......r....e.....a....t...h!!" Khushi said with so much difficulty gasping for air on between.

"Oh I'm sorry!!" Arnav said coming out of the embrace slightly blushing.

"Come with me!!" Saying this Arnav grabbed her hand and dragged her to the poolside.


"Cho diye hame!!!" Whispered the girl whom Shyam hugged from the back..

Shyam immediately left the girl as he didn't recognise the voice .

"Who are You??" Shyam asked shocked as she was wearing the same clothes like khushi.

"I'm Preeto!!" Saying this she ran way from there in the search of Khushi.

"****!!  What did I do!!!! This girl will say everything to everyone and I don't even know who she is. What if she goes and say this to that Anjali or Sale Sahab!! Shyam said to himself running in search of the girl named Preeto.


"What happened to you Arnavji??" Khushi asked as soon as they reached poolside.

"I have to ask you something, but promise me you will say me everything the truth!! Only truth!!"Arnav said his eyes pleading.


"Did you know Shyam before you met him at my house as Di's husband??"

"Wh..a..t a..r..e yo..u" Khushi stammered still in shock.

"Yes or no??"


"How did you meet him?"


"Khushi please, I want to know everything and that too now!" Arnav pleaded desperately.

That's it. Khushi explained him everything how she met Shyam, how he saved her from the goons Who were molesting her, how he came to her house living as P.G, how he was engaged to her, how she came to know about Shyam being his jijaji, how she and her family warned him, how he portrayed Anjali to be dominating him in their marriage, how Anjali doesn't let him live peacefully and how still he is back of her, lusting after her even after being married!!

In the last she bawled her eyes out!!

Arnav hugged her to comfort her!!

"Believe me Arnavji I didn't know that he was married to Anjaliji, as soon as I came know I broke my all ties with him. We even threw him out of our house!!"

"Shhh shhh!! I trust you khushi!!"

"You should have told me all this earlier!!"

"How Arnavji, we didn't have any proof and why will you all believe us over your brother-in-law?"

'She is right, he believed her because he saw everything with his eyes on the terrace or else if she came and said all this in her own he would have shouted on her calling all this rubbish' Arnav thought to himself.

"Khushi I have to say you something.." with that Arnav said what all he heard and saw in the terrace which shocked Khushi as Shyam was behind her father's state.

"Khushi, I have a doubt?? The girl whom Shyam was hugging was wearing the same clothes as yours. How I mean you were coming from the living room right?"

"I think that is Preeto, we both liked this shalwar so we bought it with same colour and pattern and decided to wear it today. She came with me to see the decorations and went towards the terrace as Nanheji asked us to see it!! Leave all this now Arnavji, we have to do something. He is very dangerous. He can try to harm Anjaliji!!"

"Khushi!!" Preeto came running in her direction.

"What happened Preeto??"

"Khushi..." She hesitated to say it before Arnav so understanding it khushi took her aside and Preeto explained what ever happened at terrace.

"It's ok Preeto. I know all this you just go from here if he knows it then he may try to harm you and thank God you didn't say anything that you are from bride's side!!"

"Ok, but take care of yourself!!" Saying this Preeto left from there from the back side.


"I heard it khushi. I have a plan in my mind khushi but you have to help me to implement it!!"


"Before that wait a second!!" Saying this Arnav ran from there inside his room and came back with something behind his back and directly went on his knees.

"I know I hurt you alot from the start when you fell in my arms, from that time I made sure you were suffering in pain even in my absence directly or indirectly. I made your life a living hell. Due to me you have suffered a lot. I'm sorry for each and every time I hurted you with my words and actions. I'm so sorry for leaving you alone after our first almost kiss and declaring my engagement with Lavanya. Who does that when I try to kiss a girl and decides to marry another but I did to hurt you and I'm very sorry for that. Please if possible please forgive me for my wrong doings and accept my love.

I love you khushi, I really do. I don't know why and how I fell for you but I did. Will you accept my love, will you marry me, will you help me in becoming a better person, a best husband??" Saying this Arnav forwarded a ring which he was hiding behind his back.

"Yes!!" Saying this she went on her knees and hugged her laad governor.

"I know you expected a filmy proposal and a fairy tale wedding but I'm sorry I can't give you all that!!"

"And I'm not marrying you or proposing you because of all that happen a while ago. Even before this I was coming on the terrace to say you 'kyu farakh padhta hai'!!"

"I don't want all this, I just want my laad governor!!"

The way she said my laad governor brought peace to his heart.

                    -The end-

How was It? How did you all like this.

Do comment your thoughts on this.

I'm not going to continue this. It was just an os so let it be one.

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