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Nov 10

THE MAGICAL KEY : THE HAUNTED HOUSE (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 2 times)


Leela waked up in the morning, she was prepared to go,give the exam after studying and preparing for the long period of time.

She said to herself , ” Where are  my documents which will be checked at the centre. They are with Sam.”

Sam stood at the door of Vijay Lakshmi Express train travelling from his home town Damanpur to Surajpur.Sam looked outside train dreaming about Leela whom he will get married to .

Sam said,”OK I love you too.I will bring your documents.” and kissed on the phone.”

Suddenly his bag was into thief’s hand who ran far away towards the snowy mountains surrounded by red sky.

“Stop ,Right there and return my bag.”shouted Sam but none of them even looked back.The train started moving again.

He thought all the love letters of the college days were lost. He felt a jerk in his heart.

Sam got down and ran towards the lost and found room where he saw many men in one line.The officer told him that it will take time to get the bag.Sam was lost and frustrated that how come he is going to get the bag.He went inside the bathroom and splashed water on his face.

A man in completely in white clothes appeared and gave him a magical key.”This key is going to take you to another door you wish too.You just have to put the key inside the door and say the destination address.I will come back whenever you need me.”said the GOD.He vanished.Sam opened one door and came out of the near compartment door he wished to.He felt relieved and took a deep breadth that finally he had a weapon.

He found another bag which his friend Aakash carried.In that bag property papers were kept.He found Aakash voter’s id card.He directly landed at the home door of Aakash house and gave the envelope in which the papers were kept.Aakash thanked him for which he was depressed too much and told that the gang who robbed the train lived across the mountains. Even police is unable to catch them.He showed in newspaper that a policeman was killed by a gangster named BRYAN.

Aakash led Sam towards the river, the mountains and showed the road which led towards the village of the gangsters.Aakash said,”Best of Luck for future endeavours.You are risking your life.Your bag is 100 percent lost.”Sam walked after Aakash left.



Sound of animals and insects came from the jungle.Cold Winds blow from all the different sides.He found a liquor shop.Bottles were spread all around.He found a door in that shop.A man in a heavy rough voice said from behind after putting gun on Sam’s head.

“Get down on your knees.Why did you come here.Someone must have told you about this dead end.Go back and never show your face again.”

Sam in a trembling voice replied,” I never want to come here but gangsters took very special thing from me.Will you show me the right direction.”

“Forward 185 m is their village and backward is your hometown. Never say a word to them about me or I will kill you.” said the man.

“Thank you sir”, said Sam.

Sam ran away and waited behind a rock.He watched the campfire where meal was cooked.Gun was in every man’s hand.He saw a house in which stolen materials were kept.Men used to live in houses made of mud.They all were drunk.He made a plan to go in the mid-night.


After waiting for two hours at 1:00 am in the morning.He  walked silently towards the house. Mobiles,bags,laptops,precious stones and boxes , all these things were kept in the small wooden hut.Everyone was sleeping.The door was open.

A man said,” What is the problem my boy.Are you lost.” He wore dark black coloured clothes and black moustache.

He picked his bag but before he could come out one of them captured his shoulders. The man said, ” You are not one of us.Get ready for your death. Why did you come here ?.I am Bryan,The leader of this gang. “Firing a bullet in air he wakes up his sleeping fellows.

Sam punched his stomach and kicked his legs.He jumped over him picked the bag and ran away.Crossing the forest and the river he stopped in front of the haunted house.He didn’t realize the path while running.He stopped for a moment.A bullet shot near his legs.

Sam called ,” Oh My God ! , I don’t want the bag.Spare me . Please ! .”

Bryan shouted,”Stop everyone ,put your guns down.Get inside boy or you will die if you turn back.No one has ever come out of that house alive. Death is on both sides.”

Sam said to himself ,” I won’t be able to win from them.It is their land.I have no choice but to move inside the house.”

The house had no door and was looking like den from outside but made of wood.Sam looked scared and worried that death is waiting for him.



After walking in darkness he found many dead bodies lying around a table.On that table was a box in which treasure of gold and jewels was kept. He watched a gate between two dark wooden pillars and ran towards it to open with the help of the key.Firelight was at every corner.

A voice came,”Wait ! don’t you want gold.You are the first one who didn’t fall into the trap.What do you wish?.Who are you?.Where did you come from ?”

” I just want to open this door and go back to my house.But the men outside will kill me.I don’t want your gold.” said Sam.

“You won’t be able to run.” said the man.He wore black pants and black coat with diamond ring in hand.His face was white and lips were red.” My name is Stephen and I will leave you free,if you help me. ” said Stephen.

“How can I help you.” said Sam.

“I want some one trustworthy. I was once the leader of the gang outside.But Bryan and his men cheated me.I want to defeat them and become the leader again.I am trapped into this house for two years.What is the thing in your pocket” replied Stephen and attacked Sam with his sword.

Sam jumped backwards.”But I can escape easily with the help of this key.” said Sam showing the key to Stephen.Sam told every thing about the key.Sam opened the door before Stephen can catch him.

“So if you wish to help me do come back.I will make you rich.” answered Stephen.




Sam came back to his house like a flash. “Sorry I disturbed a lot for the bag.I don’t need it any more”,said Leela picking a glass of coffee.

” What !! ” ,said Sam and ran towards the bathroom. He splashed water on his face and searched the bag.Their were old newspaper and magazines.Looking at the boiling milk which came out of the kettle,he thought,” What a fool I am to marry her.”He started cursing himself.

Sam went to Aakash home with the help of the key and read it in a local newspaper that a young boy is lost.Varun realized that the people don’t know the whole story and Bryan’s gang supposed him to be dead.

Frustrated Sam decided to help Stephen.He immediately went to the haunted house.



“Welcome my friend , I thought a lot about you.”said Stephen.He continued ,” Your key and my plan will surely defeat them.”So listen to my plan.But how did you come back through that door so quickly.”

Sam quietly walked towards the table.He said ,” I want to get rich because my wife considers me foolish and treats me like a toy.This is a normal key of my house.”

But before Sam could realize.Stephen attacked him.Sam, a brave boy,shifted back and defended himself.He made up his mind that he has done a mistake to come back and he must correct it.He kicked Stephen and then picking his brown old metal plating sword ran away.He ran towards the village where gangsters lived.Stephen lay unconsciously on the floor.

Sam sat besides a old dense banyan tree.He closed his eyes for a moment and slept quietly.

” How did you manage to come out of that house.You are a Champion !” said Bryan.Sam waked up  and said,” Please leave me alone.I will tell you the whole story in front of everyone.”

In the mid night , when every one them was going to sleep.Sam shouted,”My name is Sam.I can make you all rich.Their is nothing to fear from that haunted house.Stephen your old leader is living inside it.You all can go inside it.”

Sam realized that men respected him for what he has done.The other group members gathered as they watched and shouted ,” HERO , CHAMPION……” They fired bullets in air as birds flew away in dark creaky night.

Standing on a stage like wooden platform in front of which fire was lighted.He raised the Stephen’s sword.They all bowed in front of him and claimed to lead them in that house.

Sam said,”He has killed many of you inside the house.Let us go inside and kill him.”

Sam led them but Stephen had ran away with the box of gold.The old stories of how Estrogen every plan successful and how did they cheated him went on to their minds.They all wanted to kill him.

” He ran away.” said Sam.

Bryan replied, “Where did he go ?.He was living all those years over here and we thought he is dead.” Bryan looked closely to the wounds of the dead bodies.

“He must have ran across the valley through that bridge.” said Bryan to everyone.

“Let us chase him down and kill him.” said Sam.They all walked to the bridge.The hanging bridge on the mountain above the valley was old made of wooden tiles and ropes.

Bryan shouted ,” He must have gone to the otherside.Let us come tomorrow.”

Sam asked Bryan about the temple on the otherside. Bryan ignored the question.

Sam thought while sleeping did he made the right decision of coming back or he would have sitting in his home.He watched the nearby door .He imagined different locations he had landed in the last two days.A stone hit his hand and he waked up.He slept again because he could not find anyone who threw it.



Sam slept with them but early morning before anyone could wake up,he was at the temple door with the help of the key.He had opened the door of the same house he was hiding before.

As he came out Stephen was waiting for him.He said, ” Wait there.I will not attack you.You will have to help me.If you agree I will give my treasure box to you.”

Sam replied,”Yes”.Moving closer to the door where he can escape easily if Stephen attacks him.

“Robert ,My Brother.My detective”, said Stephen.As Robert came out from the tree behind.

“He is your brother and you played a game with me and this gang for so many years.You had all the information.Don’t you.What do you want from me” shouted Sam angrily.

“I just want you to bring all of men to this ground through disguise where I can kill all of them.Then you can take the treasure and go away.” said Stephen.

Robert keenly watched the boy.He saw him getting inside the temple but not coming out.Sam immediately told Bryan to start moving towards the bridge.The bridge was broken.A valley was left bet ween the mountains.

“How will we cross now.” asked Bryan.Others encircled around Sam.

“There is a secret door inside the chamber of the haunted house.This is our last chance.” said Sam trembling with fear.

They all went down inside the chamber where a door was locked.Sam quitely put the magical key and wished to open the temple door.

“Hurry Everyone.Let us not wait over here.I am unable hold the door for a long time.”said Sam.They all came out of the temple door without even realizing anything.

They all stopped on the ground. Bryan watched Stephen.Stephen was standing at a small hut crossing the blue waters near a beach.Bryan’s eyes were furious.” Stephen ,I am going to kill you.”said Bryan.They all ran where Stephen was standing.Stephen waited at his place as if there was some plan in his head.

The men slowed their pace of running in the flowing waters.They tried to move faster but their knees were inside the water.Stephen raised his hand and the blue white sky was filled with arrows.

Bryan realized that it is a trap.He shouted ” Save yourself everyone. Save yourself !.” He realized that Sam was involved in the plan.Bryan felt hopeless and died on that spot with an arrow on the chest. All of men were killed.Their dead bodies had many arrows and they floated on the waters.Stephen thanked Robert and villagers who fired the arrows.

Stephen walked to the dead body of Bryan.He took a sigh of relief. Taking a deep breadth he came towards Sam and said,”You have done a wonderful job.I offer you to take lot of golden coins and never  return again.”

“I won’t come back.” said Sam.He took the packet of gold.

Stephen said ,”I have grown older and want peace.I am leaving this land and going far away to another country.You can become a hero of the people by telling the story of killing the gangsters.”

Sam said,”I will always remember you.goodbye !” Tears in eyes he wanted to hug Stephen and Robert.

Stephen and Robert left with the village people.Sam became a local hero among people.Police awarded him a grand prize of 50 lacks for his bravery.Sam gifted Leela a new house,a new ring and a new necklace of jewels .They lived happily ever after.

Sam picked a bottle of rum and made a drink inside the bathroom. Suddenly God appeared and took away the key. “You feel satisfied”, said the God and vanished.Sam lay drunk with a packet of gold and a bottle of rum.He remembered Stephen again.

 Sam remembered Robert who reached to Stephen before Sam with Gangsters could arrive to kill him.He picked unconscious Stephen on his shoulders and crossed the bridge.Then he cut the bridge ropes and break it.It was Robert who threw the stone but didn’t came out.He tried to warn Sam but he was unsuccessful.

Stephen told Sam about the secret door in the chamber which was hiding below the table.There was darkness all around and a passage for few men to walk.They didn’t even realized that Sam had opened the door with the key.Then Sam wished to take the gang to the temple door where Stephen waited to kill the gang.Sam felt asleep inside the bathroom.



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