Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

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Nov 19, 2017

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (By Angel23) (Thanked: 66 times)

"What Ma'am? I don't want to know anything.. I just want fresh milk.. Next time bring this milk in conditions to drink okay?.." the elder woman scolded the milk vendor standing in the door of her mansion.

"But ma'am.." the man made a crying face, it's becoming an habit from him to ear her trantums everyday. 

"No ifs and but.. Get lost now. Tomorrow bring me a fresh milk.." the woman said frowning and ready to close the door on his face. 

"Next time..(he smiles sarcastically).. I will bring a cow here so that you yourself see what's fresh milk.." he said descending the stairs and walking to the gate. 

"Nandhikis****.. How shameless this man is? Is this a way to talk with me?" she widened her eyes shocked and closed the door taking her milk towards to breakfast table. 

"Did you hear what he said Garima? I'm not going to buy milk from him now.  It's about my self respect.." Buaji said pouting and sat beside Garima. 

"Leave it.." Garima chuckled shaking her head in disbelief.

"Buaji don't I say to you that the world has changed.. We can buy milk from shop also.  Why do you want to get behind people to pass everyday from your house just to distribute milk?" Payal laughed.

"Bitiya you don't understand that these little things.." Buaji smiled. 

A girl hugged her from behind with a huge smile on her face, "These little things bring joy in our life.  Hain na Buaji? Like scolding the milk man without his fault everyday.. Opening the door of your house early in the morning and enjoy the cool breeze with the pretext of taking milk!! And many other thing that kids like you Payal bitiya won't understand now.. We have seen this world.. You are still a kid who needs to learn a lot.. Hain na Buaji?" the girl completed for her. 

"Haan..absolutely right.." Buaji smiled and caressed her cheek. 

Garima, Shashi and Payal laughed.

Khushi, the girl sat with them smiling.

"Payal bitiya serve me some juice and snacks.. " Khushi mimicked Buaji.

"Aww.. Serve yourself Khushi.." Payal glared at her. 

"Pagli.." Buaji hit her forehead smiling.

Khushi giggled and took juice to pour in her glass. 

"Drink milk bitiya.." Buaji said passing to her. 

"Shii no. I hate milk Buaji.." Khushi made a yuck face. 

"Eat well then Miss Universe.. Can't you see day by day you're getting thin?" Garima scolded her. 

"Mumma I eat na. If I don't get fat, what's my problem in that?" Khushi pouted munching her snacks and showing to her mother that she is eating.

"Guess who's coming?" Shashi said leaving his phone aside with a smile on his face. 

He rolled his eyes when he saw his family talking with each other not even interested in what he said. 

"Guess who's coming?" he said a bit loud this time interfering in their daily talks. 

Everyone turned to him. 

Khushi jumped from her seat happily, "Rohan? Is it Rohan Papa?"

"No.." Shashi nodded sideways.

Khushi sat again rolling her eyes, "Then??"

"Tell us.." Garima said curiosily.

"Will you kill us from curiosity?? Reveal na.." Buaji said tired of waiting. 

"Arnav Singh Raizada.." Shashi said smiling. 

Khushi look at him weirdly, "Ahn?? Who's this man?"

"Who is he Shashi ji? Garima asked with a confused smile on her face. 

Shashi: Oh God. Don't you guys know ASR? How come I'm a business man and my family doesn't know anything about this? He is a king in fashion world.. And moreover, Madhumati at least you should know him because he is Ananya's son. Don't you remember her?.

"Haan..haan.. Now I see.." Buaji nodded.

"Papa don't say king of fashion world.  You know Rohan is the king and no one else is better than him.." Khushi frowned.

Shashi smiled and held his ear: Sorry..

Payal: Come on Khushi. You can't compare the Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR with Rohan!! Papa is right only, as I listen about him with my friends.. He is just the best..  No one can beat him when it's about grabbing a deal..

Khushi pouted: Stop it Jiji.. No one is better than Rohan.. And this arnav or whatever is nothing in front of my Rohan..  I have full faith in Rohan.. You guys will see when world recognize the talent he has.. 

"Okay okay..  We are not here to fight who is better.. Eat your food you both.." Garima said.

"When is he coming Shashi ji?" Garima asked. 

"Next week.." Shashi said, "Make sure his room and everything is changed according to his liking.. I will soon talk about this with you.."

Khushi widened her eyes, "Is that man going to stay with us?"

Shashi nodded and stood up, Garima quickly brought his bag and car keys.

"Papa what's this? You're bringing Rohan's enemy and now mine too here at home? And you want to change everything to his likes? This is not fair.." Khushi said upset, she crossed her arms cutely.

Shashi kissed her forehead smiling, "Drama queen!! Rohan is the best okay. Now cheer up.."

Khushi smiled:Bye Papa.. Have a good day..

"Bye Papa.." Payal waved at him smiling.

Khushi also stood up, after Shashi left.

"Miss where are you going?" Garima asked her. 

"To talk with my best friend!!" Khushi smiled.

"Let her go Garima.  One shouldn't deny anyone meeting DM.  She will be angry.." Buaji spoke in Khushi's defence. 

Garima shook her head and left to the kitchen.

Khushi sent a flying kiss to Buaji and walked out of the mansion. 

"Payalia where are you going now?" Buaji asked staring at Payal who stood up leaving in hurry.

"When it was Khushi you let her go na without asking.." Payal said.

"Khushi bitiya went to meet DM na, you will go to meet your friends..and I don't like your friends.. One should have friend like DM.. Not those girls who come home and laugh like ghost possessed them.." Buaji said rolling her eyes. 

"Buajiiiii.." Payal pouted. 

Buaji laughed: Go and don't return with ghosts here..

Payal giggled and went running outside.

Buaji went inside the kitchen to help Garima. 


Somewhere in New York..

Raizada Mansion.. 

"Mom seriously what's the need for that?" an angry young man looked at his mother.

"Beta you're going to Mumbai first time in your life. It's good to stay with people who are like family.." Ananya, his mother caressed his forehead. 

"Mom you know them, not me.  For me I will not feel any family vibes from them.. And it's better to stay in a hotel than with people I don't know. I will not be comfortable with them.." Arnav said.

"For me?.." she smiled. 

Arnav frowned: I don't like this about you. I can deny everyone but not you.. 

Ananya giggled: This is mom's super power.. 

Arnav smirked: Yeah right.. 

"What a mess you did in your room.." Ananya started taking his clothes from the floor. 

Arnav: I was packing my bags..

"Like this?" she made a weird face.

"I was talking with Aman while packing, some clothes fell in the process and you know.."he sat on the bed with a sheepish grin. 

Ananya side glanced at him, smiling: You know I think you will like your experience in Mumbai with another family. They are like you know real Indian family. Shashi and his wife, Madhumati and their daughters. It's so nice to have a big family..

"Like I care Mom. You're my family only and you're more than enough for me.." he said rolling his eyes.

Ananya smiled, she sat beside him and cupped his face: My dear son. Even you're my family only..

Arnav rested his head on her lap, checking his emails on phone. 

"You know Shashi sent me a pic of their family.  I really liked his daughter, her name is Khushi..she looks like a sweet girl.. And you know.." Ananya spoke excited only to be interrupted by him. 

"Wait Mom.. I'm going to Mumbai first work reasons,  not to bring a bahu here at home. I will bring my hard earned money for you okay, don't ask me for a bahu now.." he pinched her cheek. 

Ananya shook her head, she took her phone to show him their picture.

"Look.." she pointed "She is Khushi, that's her elder sister Payal. This is Shashi and his wife, Garima..and Madhumati, Shashi's sister.."

"Mom you want me to get married to this clown.." Arnav pointed to the pic. 

"Arnav.." Ananya slapped his shoulder lightly glaring at him. 

Arnav chuckled: She's not my type.. 

"But she's my type.." Ananya said stubbornly.

"Who's getting married? Me or you?" Arnav smirked. 

Ananya shook her head, the door ring bell, so she went to open the door leaving Arnav in the room. 

Arnav took her phone and was going through the pictures of the family he was going to stay with. 

He gulped when a picture of Khushi appeared in front of him, she was in red!!  His favorite color.. She was not his type, but he couldn't just take his eyes off her.  

Hum Tumhare Hain Tumhare Sanam (I am only Yours, my love)

Nov 19, 2017

Chapter 2 - Arshi first meeting! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 81 times)

In Mandir..

"Namaste DM. You must be thinking here comes the girl who never leave me in peace na.. Please don't think like that.. I really consider you my friend and I love to express my feelings to you.. So I'm going to take time okay.. It's better to sit here.." she winked at DM idol and sat on the floor near the idol. 

"First of all thank you for giving more one more day of my life and my family also.. Thank you for making us a cute and happy family.. Please keep blessing our family like this.. Now second.. Did you hear what Papa said DM? He said some man named ASR will come in our house.. I really don't like it that he is the best in comparison to Rohan..  I only know Rohan is the best na.. So its your duty now to make the world realize that this Arnav whatever is nothing.. Let my Rohan show his magic.. And leave everyone awestruck with his talent.." Khushi prayed. 

"Aree everyday a flower falls on me,  why today no?" Khushi pouted staring at DM.

"DM please make that flower fall.. Please..then I will call Rohan and say to him don't worry DM is with you,  you will be the best.." Khushi pleaded with a puppy face. 

Still the flower didn't fell, Khushi angrily spoke: So you want this Arnav to always be on top of the world?

The flower fell on her lap, Khushi widened her eyes astonished. 

"You're very bad DM.. He must be your bestest friend, more than me I think.. That you want to fulfill his wishes and not mine.. Now I understand why he is the best, he has you with him.." Khushi said and stood up. 

"I am going.. " she said and walked to leave.  Then turned back smiling, "I will give you laddo everyday, what about that?? You leave that Arnav and be my best friend.."

"He also offers you laddo na, laddo toh Kya.. Jalebi, rasgulla, barfi, everything he must have given you.." Khushi said frowning. 

"But...leave it DM.. Today you really hurt me.. Bye bye.." she said and went from there.


New York..

"Arnav come here.." Ananya standing in the Mandir of their house, called him to start her morning puja.

Arnav shrugged his shoulder, "I'm getting late for work.."

Ananya rolled her eyes, she looked at DM's idol: Forgive this boy!! 

Arnav: She did wrong with me..

Ananya looked at him sadly, "Beta this is not DM's fault.."

"Mom I'm not going to pray for her and that's final. Can I go?" he asked.

Ananya nodded, Arnav took her blessings and left from there. 


One week later..

At airport..

Khushi reached with Payal and the driver to pick Arnav. Shashi gave her this responsibility.

Khushi picked a card where she wrote Arnav, so that he recognizes them. 

They waited for a while, but no signal of him.

"Did he cancelled the flight or what??" Khushi asked to Payal. 

"Just relax Khushi. Big big people make a late and marking entry.." Payal smirked and leaned on the car.

Khushi: Enough enough Jiji.. You're praising this Arnav more than enough.. Is he some President or what?

"Khushi shut up.. I'm just so excited to see him for real.. OMG..He must talk like in British accent.. Handsome he is in pictures, imagine in real life Khushi. I'm sure that every Mumbai girl is going to faint just by staring at that Greek God.. " Payal said.

Khushi looked at her weirdly, "Jiji have you gone made or what? He is a big business man, so he might be in his late 50..and you're thinking like that for him.."

Payal frowned, before she could say Arnav is just 25 years old.  Khushi disappeared from her view. 

Khushi entered in the airport to look for Arnav. 

"Hello aunty.." she smiled at a woman standing in front of her.

The lady smiled in return. 

"Can you tell me if you saw someone named Arnav??" she asked. 

The lady: No. I don't know..

"See even you don't know. I wonder how people think he is big business man when no one knows even his name.." Khushi giggled.

"But.. even I don't know how he looks.. But he must be a 50 years old man.. Might have some white beard you know.. He must wear spectacle as his eyesight might be know he works a lot.. For my father to like him.. Means he is good.. And my father said he is his inspiration.. So he must be like my father.. Didn't you see anyone like this?" Khushi asked after explaining how she thinks Arnav looks like.

The lady nodded sideways.

"Okay.. Let me make a cartoon of an old man.. That will help for him to recognize himself.." she drew an old man next to Arnav's name. 

Then she turned and raised the card, but the next moment dropped it on the floor shocked.

Guess how she recognized the great ASR??? 

"ASR.. ASR... ASR.." the crowd moved along with him at just one step he took. 

His bodyguards surrounded him to make sure he doesn't get stuck with the people there, to protect him against those who wish ill of him. 

Especially girls were running like crazy ones, just to get his autograph. And he was like, he doesn't care!! 

Khushi peeked to see him in middle of the crowd. 

A complete opposite description of what she thought about him. 

She was left with mouth slightly open, and blinked her eyes. 

Hum Tumhare Hain Tumhare Sanam 

(I am only Yours, my love)He had a gelled black hair, she couldn't see his eyes as he wore his specs. His lips were stern making you really fear him, Khushi pouted at her thoughts.

He is a typical alpha male but even more perfect..

Soon, Arnav reached near her with a smirk on his face. 

"Never saw any handsome man before?" he asked still with his expressionless face. 

"I've seen.. I'm just shocked you turned out to be like this.. I thought you were a 50 years old man.." Khushi giggled showing him the cartoon she drew. 

Arnav gritted his teeth, while his bodyguards were trying hard not to laugh at the cartoon she made. 

Arnav glared at them.

"By the way, I don't know you, then how do you know me??" Khushi stretched her forehead confused. 

"I don't waste my time drawing cartoons, when I want something I go behind it.." he said.

"Should I think you want me??" Khushi asked teasingly. 

"Don't think. Be sure that I will never want you.." he said smirking taking off his glasses.

Now Khushi could see and get drown on his dark brown eyes. 

"ASR.. One autograph please.." the ladies shouted. 

Khushi pouted and walked alone till the exit door. Arnav followed her with his bodyguards, that's irritating for him. Because of his mom he has to depend on girls like Khushi.

Khushi opened the door at the front seat for her. 

"I will not sit at the back seat.." Arnav gritted his teeth. 

Payal sadly looked at him, she was happy when Khushi left the space for him to sit with her.  But here he was denying. 

"Why? Big people like you like to sit at the back side na and order driver.. Go there.. No go that side.. Take this shortcut..and blah blah blah.." Khushi frowned.

"Do more research on me because I'm not like others. I never sit at the back side.." Arnav clenched his fist, now he was really trying to control himself.

"No problem. There is always a first time, Hain na Jiji?" Khushi smiled.  

Payal gulped seeing him clench his fist, his anger is also known by her and her friends: I should do something before he punches my only sister. I can't lose her.. 

"Khushi let him sit where he wants. He is our guest.." Payal smiled awkwardly.

Khushi frowned and made space for Arnav.

"Listen.. We don't have space in the car for your bodyguards.. I think they will have to return to New York.." Khushi said as she sat in the car beside Payal.

Arnav didn't reply, he was switching on his phone. 

Khushi looked at Payal, "Why didn't he reply at me??"

"I don't know.." Payal shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh now I got it.. From the time he came to me..  he's only talking in English.. I think he knows a bit of Hindi only.." Khushi whispered.

"Heyy Mr. America I'm telling you we don't have space for your bodyguards. Shall I tell them to return to your planet??" Khushi said in English.

Arnav shut his eyes irked with her, "I understood what you said.."

"Then why didn't you reply??" Khushi pouted. 

"Are you seeing my bodyguards here?" he turned to her. 

Khushi looked around and saw no one.  She turned to Arnav and smiled sheepishly: Where are them? 

"In my planet.." Arnav replied sarcastically.

"Urgh.. No one insulted me like this.." Khushi looked away embarrassed. 

Payal giggled. 

"Jiji don't laugh. After he leaves you will only be left with your sister.." Khushi glared at her. 


Gupta mansion.. 

Arnav, Khushi and Payal reached in Gupta mansion.  Arnav was staring at their garden side, which gained his attention.

"Are wah.. Mr. America has a soft corner for gardens.." Khushi smirked. 

"Tell me one thing Mr. America how many awards you won till today?" Khushi asked while they were walking towards the door.  She wanted to compare Arnav with Rohan.

"I don't know.." Arnav replied. 

Khushi: Don't worry tell me na. I won't cast an evil eye on your success..

"And I'm not scared of little kitten like you.." Arnav looked at her weirdly.

Khushi opened her mouth in "O" shape. 

Payal bit her lips smiling. 

"Khushi what he means to say that he has won many awards that he lost the count on them.." Payal said.

"Now that's smart.." Arnav said. 

"And I'm not dumb okay.." Khushi turned to him angrily. 

"I never said that.." Arnav smirked. 

"I know you meant to say that.." Khushi rolled her eyes.

"When you recognize yourself, what can I do?" Arnav said.

Khushi knocked the door with full force.

Arnav smirked staring at her. 

She was knocking the door staring at him angrily. Buaji opened the door but Khushi kept knocking on her face.

Arnav couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

Payal laughed out loudly.  Buaji widened her eyes shocked. 

Khushi turned to her and smiled sheepishly: I'm..

"Have you gone mad Khushi? Why knocking the door as if you saw some dog behind you?" Buaji scolded her.

"There is indeed a dog behind me.." Khushi said gritting her teeth. 

"What the.." Arnav glared at her. 

"Kya hua beta? What did you say?" Buaji smiled confused.

"Nothing.." Arnav nodded sideways. 

"No, you said something what the.. What's this? Oh.. Water na.. I know little bit of English.. Heyy Lali bring water for him.." Buaji shouted to the maid. 

Arnav rolled his eyes thinking, "Where am I stuck man? Did mom thought well before sending me to this asylum.."

Garima came running with puja thali in her hand and nervous smile printed on her face. 

"Beta.." she said and stood in the door "I'm really sorry for making you wait here.. move you both.. Let me welcome him.."

Arnav wanted to tell her that it was not needed as he doesn't believe in these things, but his heart didn't feel like saying. Seemed like she made an effort of decorating the mansion for him, and they would feel bad. He didn't want things to get more uncomfortable than it was.

Khushi and Payal entered and stood next to Garima.

"Mumma you must welcome him in a grand way. Do some 20 rounds with your puja thali.." Khushi teased him. 

"What the.." Arnav frowned at her. 

"Have patience beta. Water is coming.." Buaji smiled.

Arnav felt like banging his head on a wall now. 

"Lali fast.." Buaji shouted. 

Garima start with praying, and Khushi mischievously started singing. 

 Meri saason mein tu hai samaya (You occupy every breath of mine)

Mera jeevan to hai tera saaya (My whole life is under Your shadow)

Meri saason mein tu hai samaya (You occupy every breath of mine)

Mera jeevan to hai tera saaya (My whole life is under Your shadow)

Teri pooja karoon main to hardam (I worship You always)

Yeh hai tere karam (It's all Your blessings)

Kabhi khushi kabhie gham (Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness)

Na judaa honge hum (We shall not be separated) 

Kabhi khushi kabhie gham (In times of happiness, in times of sadness) 

She started throwing flowers to Arnav from Garima's puja thali smiling. Arnav glared at her, still he had to keep quiet. 

Garima glared at her, and signaled her to keep back the flowers. Khushi smilingly kept it back, because she managed to irritate him, her job is done. 

A cool breeze made the flowers on Arnav's hair and shoulder fly back to her. Khushi looked away smiling, while her hair was flying on air, she was trying to escape from the flowers. 

Arnav kept staring at her, while Garima was applying tikka on his forehead. 

Hum Tumhare Hain Tumhare Sanam 

(I am only Yours, my love) 



 Thank you so much for the comments!! 

Note: Rohan is not Khushi's boyfriend. He is her best friend. 

Nov 20, 2017

Chapter 3 - Khushi fight with Arnav.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 83 times)

"Come in beta.." Garima made space for him to enter in the house.

"Here is it your water.." Buaji handle to him.

"Aiyoo.. Such a handsome man is drinking water from my hand.." Lali exclaimed and rolled her eyes like fainting. 

She fell on Buaji's shoulders, making Arnav look at her weirdly.

"Is she fine?" he asked to Garima, pointing to Lali. 

"Haan beta don't worry. Everyone is in this house is a real nautanki.." Garima smiled walking with him towards his room.

Arnav nodded, "She seems to be the only sane person here.." he thought.

"Mumma except me.." Khushi added joining them. 

"Oh please. You're number one nautanki here.." Arnav gave her a are-you-serious look. 

Khushi pouted. Garima looked at him surprised, Arnav felt embarrassed for his sudden outburst. He kept quiet after that. 

Garima: She is indeed very naughty, but a good girl by heart..

Khushi smiled, "I love you Mumma.. "

"This is your room beta.  If you need anything then call us. You should take a shower and rest for a while.  I'm sure you must be tired na.." Garima said.

"Okay.." he mumbled and walked inside his room.

"Mr. America.." Khushi called him while he was closing the door.

Garima went from there.

"Don't break anything in this room. It belongs to my best friend.." Khushi warned him. 

Arnav closed the door on her face without replying.

"How rude he is.." Khushi said angrily and left the room.


Arnav's room:

"If there is someone who doesn't care of her son, then it's you Mom.." Arnav complained talking with her over the phone. 

"What happened? Are you okay?" Ananya asked worried. 

"I'm fine, but soon I will go mad with this family. I knew it was better to stay in hotel only.." Arnav said and threw a photo frame in frustration.

"Didn't you like it? In one day, how can you judge others Arnav? Have patience.." Ananya said.

"Mom patience with that Clown, her Buaji who takes my "What the" as "Water", a maid who faints after giving me water to drink, if she gives me food, then she might die, an aunty who does puja to welcome me.. You know I'm not used to all this Mom.. And you know with great difficulty I control my anger.. I don't want to hurt them.." Arnav said.  

"Haha.. Arnav, you seriously made me worried for nothing..and see you don't want to hurt them, that's a good signal.. Means you're liking them.." Ananya smiled. 

"I don't like them Mom. You know them that's why I don't want to hurt or spoil your relationship with them.." Arnav gritted his teeth. 

"Okay. But you're going to stay there only. Learn how to control your anger beta.. That's a good exercise.. Bye bye.. Sleep well.." Ananya said giggling. 

Arnav left the phone on the bed angry. His eyes landed on the photo frame he broke.

"Dammit.. Now that psycho will come and scold me for breaking this.." Arnav rolled his eyes. 


Later at night.. 

Shashi returned from office. Arnav who was still now sitting in the living room with his phone, while the ladies were chit chatting, stood up and took blessings from Shashi.

Khushi smiled amused, she never thought Mr. America would take blessings from her father. 

"Mera joota hai japani yeh patloon englishtani, sar pe laal topi roosi phir bhi dil hai hindustani.." Khushi started singing smilingly. 

Arnav glared at her, then his eyes shifted to Shashi.

"How are you uncle?" he asked. 

"I'm fine beta. I should ask you how are you? Did my daughters reached in time to pick you?" Shashi smiled patting his back. 

"I'm fine.." Arnav said.

"Yes, we did Papa.  I completed the mission given to me, to find ASR.. See without knowing anything about him,  not even his face.. I managed to find him.. See how smart I am Papa.." Khushi cut Arnav.

"You only managed to find me because the crowd was shouting my name.  Otherwise you would stay there till now looking for a 50 year old man right?" Arnav looked at her.

Khushi frowned cutely to him, she put her hands on her hips: Oyee. Thinking about the wrong person, I found the right one. Isn't that smartness?

"No, that's dumbness!! Admit it you wouldn't get to know that I'm ASR,  if they weren't shouting.." Arnav said rolling his eyes in frustration.

"I won't admit.." Khushi nodded sideways.

"Because you know you're wrong.." Arnav said. 

"Youuuu.. I didn't know what DM saw in you.." Khushi said pointing her index finger to Arnav. 

"What the.. What DM has to do with our fight?" Arnav uttered confused.

Shashi, Garima, Buaji and Payal looked at Khushi weirdly. 

Khushi pouted: Only I know what DM has to do with you. And I'm really angry with her for giving you what she isn't giving to Rohan.. 

"WHAT THE.. " Arnav looked at her more confused.

"Lali bring water for Arnav beta.." Buaji shouted. 

Arnav rolled his eyes hearing this.

"Beta you drink so much water. Everytime "What the..", "What the.. " Buaji smiled.

"Let it be,  it's good to drink water everyday.." Garima said sweetly. 

Shashi bit his lips embarrassed to Arnav, "Sorry beta.  My family is a bit crazy!!"

Arnav thought: At least you know.. 

"It's OK.." Arnav mumbled.

"Khushi say sorry to him.." Shashi ordered her. 

Khushi jaws dropped: Papa you're telling Mastani to say sorry to this Deewana?

Payal giggled and pinch Khushi on her shoulder, "Stop your drama over movies now.."

"Khushiiiiii.." Shashi widened his eyes.

"Mr. America I am sorry.." Khushi pouted.  

Arnav was about to say it's OK,  when she cut him again, saying: But I'm never wrong!!

Lali came with water for Arnav, "Sir ji.. Take this water,  (whispering only to Arnav) if you want take my life too.."

Arnav widened his eyes, "What the..."

"Beta water is in front of you only.." Buaji looked at him confused. 

"Hey What the ki dukan, please stop it. I'm getting headache just by hearing your what the.. what the.." Khushi gave him a disinterested look. 

Arnav look at her furiously.

Shashi face palmed, "Madhumati he is not saying water.."

"Then? I know English Shashi.. You can't fool me.." Buaji smiled. 

"This means.." Shashi realized that there was no way how to explain that Arnav was using swear words.  Buaji would get very angry,  "It means water only.." he smiled sheepishly.

Payal was having fun watching the comedy movie.

Lali was still waiting for Arnav to take water from her hand, Arnav looked at her weirdly: I don't want..

"Sir ji drink it. I pour the water in this glass with so much love for you.." Lali smiled shyly. 

"I wish you had put poison on it.." Khushi said glaring at Arnav.

"Named Khushi right??" Arnav asked sarcastically.

Khushi pouted: Papa see he's calling me poison!!

Shashi looked at Garima helpless. He couldn't scold any of them,  one is his guest and other is his daughter.

Arnav understood his looks to Garima, so he himself decided to stop fighting with Khushi. 

"I think we should have dinner.." he said.

"Yes. I will serve it right now.." Garima took Khushi with her to the kitchen.

Arnav walked till the living room with Shashi.

"I don't want to fight with her uncle. But.." he tried to explain, he was looking for words to say sorry to Shashi, but how!! The great ASR find it very difficult to say a simple word like "Sorry".

"It's okay beta. Actually Khushi is a bit crazy you know. But she is my bundle of happiness.." Shashi smiled.

"She is not a bit, she totally crazy.." Arnav said without thinking, when he realized what he said.  Shashi was looking at him with wide eyes.

"I mean.. She is a bit crazy!!" he cleared his throat.

Shashi laughed, "I understand beta. You're don't speak much that's why you're not used to stay with people like Khushi.."

"Maybe.." Arnav nodded.

"Acha forget all that, how's your mother? Tell her that I'm very angry with her, after leaving with her husband to New York, she never came to visit us. Did she forgot about her friends now that she has a husband?" Shashi said. 

"Actually.. Mom and Dad aren't together anymore.. they divorced.." Arnav said looking away, to hide the pain reflecting on his eyes.

"Oh. I'm so sorry.." Shashi said sadly.

"What had to happen, happened.." Arnav said staring at nothing in particular.

"Ahm, tell me what work do you have here?" Shashi smiled changing the topic. 


In the kitchen..

"Khushi I'm warning you, this is the last time you're fighting with our guest.. Did you hear me??" Garima twisted her ear.

"Aaaahhh. Mumma is murdering me,  help me Buaji.." Khushi hissed in pain.

Buaji: Leave her Garima. This is age to do "Galti se Mistake.."

Khushi smiled and showed thumbs up to Buaji: Yeah,  that's right Buaji.. 

Garima widened her eyes: You did watch that movie?? 

Buaji smiled sheepishly and nodded: How can miss Ranbir Kapoor??  

Garima shook her head, "I don't know what to do with you both.."

"Simple do nothing Mumma.." Khushi said hugging her from behind.

Garima raised her hand to beat her, Khushi jumped to hug Buaji hiding from her mother.

"But listen to me beta. Don't fight with him, he is your father's friend son. They might work together one day, this might spoil their relationship.." Garima said.

"I'll try to not tease Mr. America.." Khushi nodded.




Nov 21, 2017

Chapter 4 - Disaster morning for Arnav! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)

While having dinner,  Khushi was quietly on her place trying hard to not speak. 

Garima was relieved that Khushi was calm now. 

Shashi: Rohan called me,  he wanted to talk with you Khushi..

Khushi jumped from her seat happily, "Really?? Why didn't he call me?"

Arnav looked at her weirdly, "Now I'm sure she isn't a bit but totally crazy. Someone just called her and she's jumping as if she won a deal. Even I know how to control myself.." he thought.

"Your phone was switched off I guess.." Shashi said.

"oh yeah.. I forgot to charge.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

"Do charge it everytime. Then you can irritate people on your phone, it's my advice one day they will break your face in real, so it's better to stay safe with your phone.  They will break their phone in your frustration, instead of you yourself.. " Arnav whispered to Khushi.

Khushi looked at him angrily, she looked away sighing hard and left from there running.

Arnav smirked.

Shashi: Now where did she go?

Payal: What else Papa? To talk with Rohan..


Khushi's room..

Khushi jumped in her bed, resting her head on pillow and talking with her friend. 

"Hi Ro!" she said smiling.

"Why are you calling me Ro instead of Rohan? Are you angry Angel?" he asked.  

"I'm calling you like that for you to remember that other than your friends who call you Ro there, in Mumbai you have a friend who waits for your call everyday.." Khushi pouted. 

"I'm sorry.. I really am Khushi.. But I got busy with works and all.." he said. 

"It's okay. I understand your situation.." Khushi smiled.

"You're an Angel that's you forgive me for my every mistake. But I promise you that I will be back soon only for you." he said.

"Aww really? I will be waiting eagerly Rohan.." Khushi's eyes lit up in happiness.

"You know I've been  in stress all these weeks, but after hearing your voice. All stress has gone somewhere else, I fell relaxed now.." he smiled. 

"I was also angry till now,  but now that I talked with you I'm with a huge smile on my face.." Khushi smiled. 

"Really? Who made you angry?" he asked. 

"Mr. America.." Khushi said. 

Arnav was passing by her room, to go to his and he heard her saying "Mr. America".

He opened the door of her room, "You really don't want to leave me in peace. And I've a name.."

Khushi frowned: Oh hello. I'm talking over the phone. 

Arnav realized she was indeed talking over the phone, but he also wasn't going to accept defeat soon: About me..

Khushi bit her lips getting caught, "I wasn't talking about you. There.. are..many Mr. Americas in the world.. why should I talk only about you?" she stammered.

"And you only know one Mr. America till now.." he said.

"At least you admit you're Mr. America.." Khushi raised her both eyebrows smiling.

"Khushi you're smart for yourself, but for me you're the dumbest person I've ever met.." Arnav said glaring at her, "Your talks makes no sense. Only you see sense in that.."

"Then go na.. Who knows you might get infected by my dumbness disease? Go go.. You're so intelligent, and you need to keep working and lost the count on your awards.. So don't let my dumbness affect you.." Khushi said and stood on the door waiting for him to go. 

Arnav: Good you know what you're.. 

Khushi closed the door on his face, making him shut his eyes and look away.

"You dumbo.  Didn't you understand that I say that for you to go away? Khushi Kumari Gupta is smart.." Khushi shouted. 

"You're dumbo,  not me.." Arnav shouted back. 

He went angrily to his room,  and sat on his bed.

"What the.. Why am I fighting like a kid with this Psycho?.. " he thought.


Next morning.. 

Arnav woke up early and looked around in the mansion, it was silent all over still here could hear some sounds coming from the kitchen.

He sighed in relief, at least someone was awake and he could inform that he was leaving. 

He passed from Khushi's room, her window was slightly open and he could see her sleeping cutely cuddling with her pillow, her hair was falling on her face everytime and she was lifting her hand to arrange it irritated.

"Who could say that an angel sleeping there is actually a devil when she wakes up.." he rolled his eyes and walked towards the kitchen. 

Garima smile warmly at him: Good morning..

"Morning.." he said.

"Means you don't want me to a have a good morning.." Garima smiled.

"No. I didn't mean that.." Arnav quickly said.

"Then you should wish me a Good morning and not only morning.. You know I get very happy when Khushi and Payal wish me everyday..  I might be in a bad mood on that day, but only their wish makes me fine and strong to face one more day in my life. I'm sure you mother must feel that also. You kids mean a lot to us.. And I treat our guests like my family and in that terms you're my son, and I don't want your morning only, I want you to wish me the way Khushi and Payal wish.. " Garima smiled explaining to him.

Arnav stood pondering over her words, when she finished he looked at her,  "Good morning.."

Garima smiled and patted his cheek.  How much he hates when someone treats him like a kid, but he couldn't scold her. 

"Why did you wake up so early?" Garima asked him. 

"I usually wake up early.." Arnav replied. 

"And I want to inform that I'm going out to my office.." Arnav said. 

"Wait beta. What's the hurry? Let me prepare something for you to eat.." Garima said cooking fast now as if he would flee from there if she didn't finish her cooking in one minute.

"No aunty.  It's not needed. I will eat something on the way.  Don't take trouble.." Arnav said.

"You know you're such a big business man. You need to take care of your health too, do you know it's not good to eat those fast foods? Please beta. Sit in the living room, in five minutes I will bring your food.." Garima said. 

Arnav nodded unwillingly and went to sit. 

Garima stood there staring at him smiling showing her teeth. 

"He is such a sweet boy.. I don't know why people call him rude and other bad names.." she thought. 


Arnav took a newspaper and started reading it.

"Mummaaaaaaaaaaaa.." Khushi screamed running to the kitchen. 

Arnav shut his eyes in frustration: Early in the morning also I've to hear this Dumbo voice.. Gone are my peaceful mornings.. 

His eyes shifted to her, Khushi stumbled with the edge of the sofa while running and fell on the floor hitting her forehead on the floor. 

Arnav quickly stood up : That's your work..

He scolded her, and extended his hand. 

Khushi pouted with tears in her eyes, she held his hand tightly and Arnav helped her to stand. 

He lifted her and made her lay on the sofa. 

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam...

Khushi wiped her tears like a baby,  "I got hurt.."

"What's the need to run like pyscho then?" Arnav frowned. 

"Aaah..DM I'm feeling dizzy now.. I lost so much blood.. I will die now.. I haven't seen much in life and you already taking me with you.. " Khushi mumbled staring at the blood covering her little finger. 

"What the.. You will not die because of it.." Arnav rolled his eyes. 

"How do you know? Are you in my body to fell if I will die or not? It's happening with me na.." Khushi glared at him. 

"You would have died by now if you were to die with the energy you wasted by talking nonsense now.." Arnav said.

Garima came running to the living room, "Khushi what happened??"

Khushi made a baby face staring at her mother, "Mumma look I fell on the floor.. My forehead is bleeding now.."

"oh my God.. How this happened??" Garima sat with her with teary eyes, she hugged Khushi tightly caressing her hair.

"Don't cry bitiya. I will apply ointment on it, you will be fine in two minutes.." Garima kissed her forehead and walked to bring the first aid box.

Arnav had a little smile on his face seeing the way Garima cares for Khushi, it instantly made him miss his mom, who would have done the same thing.  The difference was unlike a Baby Khushi who keeps complaining to her mother, he would lie that he wasn't feeling any pain but still his mother would come behind him to cure him. 

"What were you doing that you got hurt like this?" Garima asked caressing her wound. 

"I was running.." Khushi said pouting. 

"Like a physco.." Arnav added complaining to Garima about Khushi.

"And Mr. America instead of saving me, kept scolding me Mumma. If I'm crying more now it's only because of him.." Khushi also complained.  

"Aunty I was the one who made her comfortable here in sofa,  otherwise she would have been still crying on the floor.." Arnav said.

Garima giggled staring at both. Both looked at her confused. 

"You both look like school kids.." Garima said and continued giggling.

Arnav and Khushi felt embarrassed, they were indeed looking like school kids who fight for things without any reason. 

"Mumma there is a chipkali in my room.." Khushi whispered to her mother. 

Garima widened her eyes: Chipkali.. 

Khushi nodded innocently: Please go and kill her. I won't be able to sleep with her in my room.. 

Garima nodded sideways: Even I'm scared Khushi..

Khushi cried: now who will kill that chipkali in my room? 

After few seconds, Garima and Khushi turned to Arnav.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief.

"Now don't say you're scared. You're a man Mr. America please.." Khushi blinked her eyes. 

"Beta please go and kill her, I'm really scared of chipkali.." Garima said hugging Khushi. 

Arnav stood up and went to Khushi's room cursing Khushi from inside. 

Khushi and Garima took toed behind him. 

"That side Mr. America.." Khushi pointed as soon as she saw him searching for it. 

"I'm not seeing it.." Arnav said while his eyes were looking for the chipkali. 


"Mr. America look properly na.." Khushi pouted. 

Arnav glared at her, "You come and look na.."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. " Garima shouted seeing the lizard behind Arnav on the wall. 

Khushi after seeing it also started screaming, "Mr. America behind you.."

Arnav turned behind him,  "What the..  I will go deaf with both mother and daughter.."

He took Khushi's sandal and hit on the lizard, which made her fall. 

"Aww my sandal.  I will never use that again in my life.. Couldn't you use other thing??" her jaws dropped.

"Your clothes maybe right?" he asked sarcastically.

"No, no, no.." Khushi said quickly.

"Should I kill your sister?" he smirked teasing Khushi, and about to kill the lizard on the floor. 

"Haan.. Kill her fast.." Khushi nodded quickly.

"Don't you feel any pain seeing your sister lose her life?" Arnav asked teasing her more. 

"Beta don't waste time, she will escape otherwise.. Please kill her.." Garima said scared. 

"When her mother isn't feeling any pain? What am I?" Khushi pointed to Garima. 

Arnav shook his head and killed the lizard. 

Khushi and Garima sighed in relief.

"Mr. America one more favor.." Khushi smiled sheepishly and jumped in her bed.

"Please take her away from my room.." Khushi said. 

Arnav walked away from there without answering her. 

Khushi pouted: I hate youuuuuu..

Arnav rolled his eyes on the corridor, "When did I say I love you??" 


Thank you for ur comments and thank you's. 


Nov 23, 2017

Chapter 5 - Arnav takes Khushi's help.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

While Arnav left, Garima suddenly remembered that she didn’t even gave him food because of Khushi’s acts early in the morning.

“Khushi, see because of you he left without eating anything..” Garima glared at her.

“He will eat something on the way Mumma, so chill..” Khushi said covering herself with the blanket and closed her eyes to sleep.


 In the car, the driver looked at Arnav: Sir where are we going??

Arnav looked at him, “I need to go to Yash Rawal’s residence..”

“Sir I don’t know where it is..” the driver looked at him confused.

“Even I don’t know..” Arnav shifted his eyes from his phone to the driver, who smiled sheepishly to him.

“Wait, let me ask someone inside..” Arnav said getting out of the car and going again inside the house.

“Now I need to ask for help to my work.. great.. I should have come before to India, I wouldn’t face such difficulties..” he rolled his eyes.

He passed from the kitchen and saw Garima cooking, he thought not to disturb her and smirked at the plan on his mind.

He went quickly to Khushi’s room, and the door was already open. He walked near her and patted her back: Khushi..

“I’m sleeping..” Khushi turned her face away, snuggling with her pillow.

“Wake up..” he frowned and patted her again.

“Let me sleep yaar..” Khushi frowned in her sleep.

“Look chipkali in your bed..” Arnav said to scare her.

Khushi  woke up in a jerk, she jumped from her bed screaming: Aaaaaahh.. where is it??.. please kill her..

“Why should I kill you??” Arnav smirked.

“I’m not chipkali..” Khushi pouted.

“Yes you’re Chipkali, and from now on I will call you that. Don’t you remember me asking where should I kill your sister? And you said yeah, kill her.. so this means you’re also a Chipkali..” Arnav said.

Khushi: Mr.America when did I say that??

“Try to remember it..” Arnav chuckled.

Khushi remembered it when she was so scared, and she couldn’t even think of what he said and in her fear she just accepted being called a Chipkali by Arnav.

“Listen I’m not Chipkali.. yuck.. such a ugly name..” she made a disgusting face.

“Ugly or not, you’re a Chipkali now..” Arnav said shrugging his shoulders, “Don’t waste my time with your bakwas talks, go and freshen up in 5 minutes, you have to go with me..”

“Am I your maid or what? Where do you want to go??” Khushi frowned.

“I’m your guest, so go..” he said sitting on her bed, “the countdown begins now..” he smirked staring at his watch.

“You’re a guest okay, not my husband..” Khushi sat with him, like she won’t obey his words.

“Don’t you guys consider your guests as God? Are denying God Khushi??” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“No.. I’ll come in five minutes only..” Khushi looked at him with fear, as if she would get punished if she didn’t obey God’s words. She went running to the bathroom.

Arnav smirked seeing his plan successful.

Khushi came back running, and went towards her closet confused.

“Why did you came back?” Arnav looked at her.

“One minute, I need to choose my clothes.. OMG.. I just wasted 2 minutes here.. I only have 3 minutes to bath..” Khushi said and in hurry just picked whatever came in her front.

She went running back to the bathroom, on the way she slipped with her duppata that fell. Arnav stood up and held her by her waist preventing her from falling.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee…

Both looked at each other, Khushi’s hand automatically raised to touch his shoulder to secure herself, her heart was beating fast in fear to fall, but now the beats were different ones..

“Thank you..God ji” she whispered breaking the eye lock between them.

“What the..” Arnav frowned.

“God ji awww.. don’t you have any shame? Don’t use swear words..” Khushi slapped his lips.

“Khushi are you serious? Did you really believe I’m God?? I’m not any God. Now go and freshen up.. and take your time.. don’t run like a physcho otherwise you will get hurt again..” Arnav said.

“No Mumma also says to me guests are like God only..” Khushi said innocently.

“I’m not.. now go..” he said pointing to the bathroom.

“If you’re not, then I can go back to sleep hain na??” Khushi smiled showing her teeth.

Arnav glared at her: Khushiiiiii..

“Okay, okay, I’m going..” Khushi said heading to the bathroom.


“This Yashu’s residence..” Khushi pointed to a mansion in the car with Arnav and the driver.

“Yashu?? You know him??” Arnav asked her.

“Nahin, you said a big name na. I can’t remember it, so Yashu..” Khushi nodded sideways.

“Yash Rawal isn’t a big name Chipkali..” he shook his head.

“Mr.America you should say thank you to me for making you reach in your destination and safe also, here you’re calling me Chipkali..” Khushi pouted.

“Do you think I will say thank you to you?? I killed your sister, and you helped me reach here.. that’s all..” he said walking out of the car.

“Mr.America will you leave me here alone??” Khushi looked at him with a puppy face.

“Ma’am I’m here na, how come you’re alone??” The driver asked.

Khushi glared at him, the driver smiled sheepishly at her.

“See how you’re not alone??” Arnav smirked eying to the driver.

“I’m very hungry Mr.America. I didn’t even had my breakfast because of you..” Khushi said opening the car door.

“I’m not here to eat but work Chipkali..” Arnav said irked. 

Khushi made a sad puppy face and sat again in the car looking down.

“Let’s go..” Arnav said walking ahead.

Khushi’s face lit up, she ran to reach him: Wah wah..Khushi you’re great.. you achieve everything you want.. even the great ASR listened to me..

Arnav glared at her: Self praising yourself?? I’m sure you’re not used to hear praises on yourself, that’s why you start doing this favor on your mad person na?

Khushi pouted: Rohan praises me everytime.. you only don’t like me neither I like you..

“Good you know..” Arnav said.

“Aww how mean..” Khushi widened her eyes  hearing him confess he doesn’t like her.

Yash opened the door for them, Arnav smiled a little and side hugged him.

Khushi joined her hands smiling: Namaste Yashuu..

Arnav widened his eyes, he cleared his throat to make her realize what she said.

“Yashu! Cool name ahn.. no one called me like that yet..” Yash giggled.

Khushi bit her lips, “Sorry..”

“No, it’s okay. By the way, who are you? ASR’s gf??” Yash asked curious.

“Do you think I’m in my bad times??” Arnav asked sarcastically.

“Girlfriend toh kya.. He is not even worth to have me as his boyfriend..” Khushi glared at Arnav.

“What the..” Arnav uttered, “Have you gone crazy??”

Yash laughed out loudly, “Please come in, You both are enemies right?”

“Nahin ji.. Khushi doesn’t like to have enemies.. he is just a Mr.America..” Khushi said entering with Arnav in the mansion.

“You can’t really be enemy of a person who lost her senses..” Arnav said.

Yash chuckled.

“If I’m mad, do you think I would be in state to bring you here?? You talk a lot.. still now I’m showing you my decency.. otherwise you would see another face of mine..” Khushi frowned.

“Which face, Chipkali one??” Arnav smirked.

Khushi looked away.

“ASR let’s move to my study. We can talk about the outfits there only.. till then Miss you could sit here in the living.. be comfortable..” Yash smiled.

Arnav nodded, he walked with Raj heading to the study.

“Yash..” he said.

“Yeah ASR..” Yash looked at him.

“Can you ask someone to serve breakfast for her? She didn’t eat anything since morning just to help me find your house..” Arnav said.

“Yeah sure. I’ll be right back..” Yash said and went to inform his chef to cook something for Khushi.

Khushi sat watching TV, she was happily watching cartoons. Arnav came back to her and face palmed after seeing her sooo happy just by seeing cartoons.

“Khushi I just asked them to serve breakfast for you. Wait few minutes..” he said.

Khushi nodded, “Thank you Mr.America but I shouldn’t be thanking you because you’re so rude..”

“Then you’re welcome and not welcome also..” Arnav said.

Khushi pouted.

“After eating, you can throw yourself out of here..” Arnav said teasingly.

Yash: I just asked the chef to cook, we can go now ASR..

Arnav nodded, and both walked to the study.


While both were checking the designs, Arnav could watch Khushi from the glass door. He saw her leaving with her bag.

“She forced herself to come here when I said no. And now I just teased her, and she’s really going..” he thought.

“Excuse me Yash..” he said opening the door, he walked fast to reach her and held her hand.

Khushi looked back at him, she looked her hand in his big and hard hand. Arnav realized he held her hand, he left it slowly.

“Wait here..” he said.

“You only..” Khushi looked at him disbelief.

“I didn’t said anything..” Arnav cut her off, “Go and watch your cartoons whatever..”

“Nahin, I just did my work by making you reach your destination. Now I’ve to go..” Khushi replied.

“I didn’t memorized the way back..” he said.

“The driver did..” Khushi said gritting her teeth.

“How do you know? Are you in his body to know what his brain memorized or not??” he asked stubbornly.

Khushi remembered of her fight with him, where she asked him how does he know she will die or not.

“Copy cat.. find better dialogues instead of copying mine..” Khushi said.

“I will... stay here, so that I can come back and fight with you all the way back..” he said.

“Okay, and I will win this fight..” Khushi said. 

Nov 24, 2017

Chapter 6 - Dangerous disease! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 72 times)

When Arnav ended his work with Yash, they walked out of the study heading towards the living room. Arnav uttered “What the..” as soon as he saw Khushi sleeping peacefully on the sofa.

He turned to Yash with an embarrassed face, but soon turned to confusion when he saw Yash gulping staring at Khushi.

“Why is he looking like that to her??” he thought and turned to Khushi, and what he saw made him grit his teeth.

Khushi’s duppata fell on the floor and her neck was visible to Yash, that’s he was keeping his eyes glued on her.

Yash: I’ll wake her up..

Arnav walked faster than him to reach Khushi, “No problem, I’ll wake her..”

He bend down and took Khushi’s duppata from the floor and covered her, “Khushi wake up..” he patted her cheeks.

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, then after seeing Arnav’s face in front of her, she twisted her lips unpleasantly, “Kyaaa yaar.. I was in such a nice dream and I woke up seeing a nightmare..”

“This is not a place to sleep..” he gritted his teeth.

“It’s okay ASR..” Yash smiled, “I don’t mind.. “

“See.. he doesn’t mind, and by the way if there are two things you can’t control in life then they are sleep and susu (urine)!!!” Khushi giggled.

Arnav rolled his eyes, “You’re really mad!”

Khushi pouted: Am I not saying right Yashuu??

“Don’t call him Yashuu..” Arnav glared at her.

“He allowed me to, didn’t you hear he said it’s cool name? You have problem with everything that come out from my mouth hain na?? every problem, Khushi’s is the cause for you hain na?? Bolo na.. why are you quiet?” she scolded him beating his chest with her index finger only as if it would hurt him.

Arnav: Yeah right..

He went to sit on another sofa glaring at Khushi. Khushi also glared at him, Yash took the opportunity to sit beside Khushi.

“After so hints of mine, this guy is still behind Chipkali. Whatever happens, I’ve to protect this Chipkali..I might not like her, but she is woman also.. I can’t let this man do anything to her that she doesn’t like..” he thought.

“Hmm.. Yash.. I’m thirsty, can you bring a glass of water for me?” Arnav asked.

Yash nodded, clenching his fist. Arnav smirked seeing him irritated that he wasn’t getting time to look or talk with Khushi.

After Yash left, Arnav looked at Khushi: Come here Chipkali..

“No way. I’m better here away from you..” Khushi glared at him.

“I said come here dammit..” Arnav barked.

Khushi jumped from her seat frightened, she quickly ran and sat beside him.

“DM raksha karna..” Khushi chanted clutching her dress.

“I’m protecting you only..” he said staring at her.

“Nahin, now I’m praying for my God only, not you God-Guest..” Khushi said.

“What the.. I know..” Arnav widened his eyes in disbelief.

“Do you remember I called you a dog yesterday? Today I got know my words were true only!! Did you see how you barked??” Khushi widened her eyes speaking in whispers.

“From God to Dog. If someone wants to learn how to insult someone after praising them, then they must learn from you Khushi..” Arnav looked at her in disbelief.

“You felt insulted??” Khushi giggled.

“No, I didn’t right??” he shook his head.

“From today now on, when I’m happy with you I’ll call you God, but if I’m angry with you, then I’ll call you the reverse of God..” she grinned.

“Reverse of God?” Arnav looked at her confused.

“Haan, start with the last letter till the first of God..” Khushi smiled.

“Dog..” Arnav said without thinking, after he realized he glared at her.

Khushi laughed more, “I’m joking ok! I won’t call you Dog.. it’s a heavy word you know.. Mr.America suits you more.. you with your British accent.. hello..what the.. how are you.. yoyo..” Khushi started blabbering her things mimicking Arnav at last.

“Water for you ASR..” Yash returned and handled the glass to Arnav, he passed a look to Khushi.

Arnav clenched the glass in his hand, he left the glass and covered Khushi properly with her duppata.

“Oyee Mr.America what are you doing? You left your pure water to commit a sin by murdering me ahn??” Khushi frowned at him.

“You’re infected by a dangerous disease right?” Arnav asked her.

“Which one?” Khushi asked him confused.

“Really? You have many that you lost the count on them??” Arnav asked her acting.

“When did I become so sick??” Khushi asked scared of herself, “DM you make him lost his count on his awards, and me on disease? Do you hate me that much??”

Arnav smirked, “Thank God this dumbo is a dumbo really.. Here I’m acting and she is going with the flow.. Now I see how Yash is going to get close to you..”

Yash quickly sat far from Khushi gulping, “It’s better to go home right? Otherwise her condition will get worse..”

“Home no, she needs hospital..” Arnav added and stood up.

“Hospital nahin, I need Mandir..” Khushi also stood up with a crying face.

“Are you that sick that you lost hope on doctors? Now you need a miracle??” Yash asked astonished.

“Miracle nahin, she needs a Maha-Miracle directly from DM right Khushi??” Arnav said pressing his lips to not laugh at this.

Khushi nodded and held his hand, “Let’s go..”

Yash nodded, “Yes, you both should go only..”


Khushi sat on the car quickly, and told the driver to go to Mandir.

“One minute.. what happened exactly to me??” she asked to Arnav, looking at her body.

“You’re a dumbo!!! We really need to reach till mandir to cure this dumbness disease from you..” Arnav chuckled.

“Aww you were talking about this.. and I was..” Khushi jaws dropped.

Nov 25, 2017

Chapter 7 - Sharing is caring! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 83 times)

Arnav leaned on the car staring at Khushi.

Khushi looked at him: Let’s go..

“I don’t want..” Arnav shrugged his shoulder.

“Why? She has given you everything and you deny going to her house??” Khushi asked pointing to Mandir.

“She hasn’t given me anything, I did what I did myself..” Arnav said gritting his teeth.

“Don’t be so proud of yourself. DM has given you everything only okay.. see DM you choose him to be your best friend and me not.. just look at the way he speaks about you..” Khushi frowned.

“Khushi don’t talk nonsense. I’ve my own reasons for why I do not pray for her, it’s very easy to talk when you’re not in my situation..” he said, his eyes turned dark with only pain and nothing else.

She looked at him and could read his eyes perfectly, “What happened?” she asked serious.

“Why should I tell you? Who are you to me?” Arnav asked.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi didn’t had the answer to his question, she looked away and faked a smile: Right.. why would you tell me? We just know each other from one day only.. who am I to you?.. Just a stranger..

“I don’t have much time..” he said.

Khushi nodded and went running to the mandir to pray.


Gupta mansion:

“Listen na..” Buaji patted Garima’s hand smiling entertaining herself by telling Garima news about her favorite serials.

“Madhu app bhi na.. now I can’t stay all day listening to what happened in each serial..” Garima looked at her in disbelief and went to the kitchen.

Payal was passing by, a upset Buaji smiled again seeing her: Payalia come, I want to tell you about my serials..

Payal started singing pretending to not hear what she said and went running back to her room.

Lali came smilingly to Buaji: Buaji I can listen to you all day. I don’t mind..

“Lali just get lost..” Buaji shouted glaring at her. Lali pouted and went running from there, “She hates me so much..”

Khushi and Arnav reached, Khushi ran and sat on the floor near Buaji, Buaji was on the sofa as soon as she saw Khushi, she smiled brightly.

“Don’t take tension Buaji, Khushi is here. I will listen to you..” Khushi smiled resting her head on Buaji’s lap.

Buaji caressed her hair smiling: I was just waiting for you bitiya..

Arnav sat staring at both.

“Hmm.. you both are here.. means I’ve two people company..” Buaji said excited.

Khushi smiled, “Haan.. today you’ve Mr.America here also.. he doesn’t speak much, so I think he must be a good listener..”

“What the..” Arnav glared at her.

“Lali bring water for Arnav bitwaaa…” Buaji shouted. Arnav rolled his eyes yet again, he must avoid saying “What the..” now everytime, otherwise at each what the he will receive a glass of water.

Khushi laughed out loudly, shaking her head.

“So, today.. I’ll start telling the story from the start only.. Ankita, is a bubbly and chirpy girl just like my Khushi bitiya..” Buaji clenched Khushi’s cheek.

“And Prem, an angry young business man just like.. Arnav bitwa..” Buaji smiled surprised how both characters of the serial turned out to be like Arnav and Khushi.

“Both met with each other and their first meeting wasn’t a good one, both fought a lot.. they just can’t live without irritating each other, they just fight like kids..” Buaji giggled.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other. Khushi stuck out her tongue to him: I’m sure Prem is better than you..

Arnav: And I’m sure Ankita is better than you..

“How do you know? Did you ever met her?? Budhuu.. she is inside the TV..” Khushi argued.

“Dumbo.. she is not inside the TV, she’s a real life girl playing a character in a television serial..” Arnav said.

“I know that.. I’m not that dumbo..” Khushi said glaring at him.

“At least you know you’re..” Arnav smirked irking Khushi more.

“Buaji continue the story..” Khushi said with her eyes throwing glares at  Arnav.

“Then after fighting a lot.. they finally realized they can’t live without each other..” Buaji said dreamily, “What do you both think happened next??”

“Dosti..” Khushi quickly replied smiling.

“Dumboo pyaar hua hai.. (love happened..)” Arnav replied.

“Nahin, it’s friendship that happens next na Buaji..” Khushi said, “Do you remember how much I used to fight with Rohan when we were kids? And now we can’t live without each other??”

“No, Khushi.. love happened next.. you and Rohan are best friends, while you and Arnav are more than best friends..” Buaji replied.

“What??” both asked confused.

“Ohh, I mean Ankita and Prem are more than best friends..” Buaji hit her forehead for the mistake.

Arnav and Khushi nodded. Buaji kept telling them what happened next, and by that time both fell asleep.

Garima returned and saw Arnav sleeping with his head resting on Buaji’s shoulder, and Khushi sleeping on Buaji’s lap.

She smiled, “Madhu..” she whispered slowly.

Buaji looked at her, Garima gestured her to look at both. Buaji smiled, Garima giggled: You made them sleep with your stories..

“I thought they were enjoying..” Buaji whispered smiling sheepishly.


Dinner time..

Everyone were silently having their dinner. Khushi pouted seeing everyone so serious, she started throwing her legs on air under the table irritated, and one of her leg hit Arnav’s.

“Ouch..” Arnav hissed in pain.

Khushi widened her eyes staring at him, she muttered “Sorry” to him.

“What are you doing? Can’t you stay quiet and eat your food??” Arnav asked irritated, he has been noticing her antics.

Khushi got angry and hit him again with her leg, this time purposely.

Arnav glared at her, she smiled victoriously at him.

He took his glass and pretended to drink, but then purposely dropped on her dress.

“Aaahh..” Khushi stood up brushing her wet dress now, “Don’t you know how to drink properly?? See you spoiled my dress..”

“Khushi this is not a way to talk with guests. He didn’t do it purposely, it happened by mistake. Say sorry to Arnav beta now..” Garima scolded her.

Khushi: Mumma he did this purposely only to irritate me.. he loves to eat my brain..

“How can I eat from an empty plate??” Arnav teased her whispering only to her.

“Shup Khushi.. say sorry to him..” Garima glared at him.

“I won’t.. I hit on his leg purposely and he also spoiled my dress with juice.. tit for tat wala situation hai mumma…” Khushi crossed her arms sighing.

“You also hit on his leg?? Khushi enough of your crazy things..” Garima said.

Arnav: It’s okay aunty. Now let her change her dress, otherwise this little kitten will catch cold..

Everyone laughed on what Arnav said.

Khushi pouted thinking, “When he talks everyone laughs, and when it’s me they scold me..”


Later, everyone gathered to the living room to watch TV together, Arnav didn’t want to but they forced him, so he also agreed to his bad luck he had to sit between two girls, Payal and Khushi.

“Oyeeeeeee it’s a six..” Khushi screamed and stood up jumping and dancing, they were watching cricket.

Arnav frowned, he just rolled his eyes and continued watching.

Buaji passed popcorn to Khushi: Share it with Arnav bitwa..

Khushi hugged the bowl containing the popcorn, “They are mine.. I won’t share it with anyone..”

“Yesss.. another six..” Shashi said smiling.

Khushi looked eagerly at the TV again and jumped once again in happiness, this made her all popcorns fall on the floor.

Arnav face palmed: Khushi your brain went to some permanent holidays or what??

Khushi looked at her popcorns on the floor with a sad face, “You cast an evil eye on my popcorns..” she looked at him angrily.

Payal: Just leave her Arnav! She is totally mad, you will really waste time with this mad sister of mine..

Arnav looked at Payal: Didn’t you all ever tried to admit her in a mental hospital? Maybe she needs a check up..

Payal giggled.

Garima came with another bowl of popcorns for Arnav, “Beta take it, I made this especially for you..”

Arnav smiled a little, if there is one person in this house that he started liking then it’s Garima, she treats him like her own son. He feels mother’s warmth when he is with her.

Khushi smiled: Please share with me!!! Sharing is caring..

“I don’t care for you, why should I share?” Arnav asked her.

Khushi pouted, “I know I denied to you. But trust me, I would share with you.. Khushi never denies sharing food with anyone.. I swear..”

“But I do..” Arnav said eating his popcorn with a smirk on his face.

Khushi glared at him, she looked back at TV.

After sometime, Arnav placed the bowl of popcorns on her lap.

“I don’t want you to die because of popcorn only..” he said teasing her.

Khushi smiled brightly, and took the bowl and put in between both: Let’s share it..

Arnav stare at her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee…

Time passed by, they changed many channels and watched a bit of everything today. Arnav never watched TV so much as he did today, and frankly saying, he did enjoy it!!

Khushi fell asleep resting her head on his shoulder,  Arnav looked at her uncomfortable, he tried to wake her but she was in a deep sleep.

She snuggled more to the crook of his neck finding comfort in it, Arnav shut his eyes: What is this Chipkali doing man? What will other think when they see us like this??

Khushi hugged him tightly as if he is her pillow, Arnav tried to move a bit. Khushi frowned and held him more tight, “Noooo..” she muttered in her sleep.

“I’m trapped now..” he thought “It’s better to take this Chipkali to her room before anyone switch on the lights and find us in this positions.. what’s wrong with this girl man? She’s squeezing me as if I’m her pillow..” he looked at Khushi weirdly.

Silently he managed to get up and before Khushi could cry like a baby, he lifted her and tip toed to her room, Khushi smiled after finding comfort again. 

Reaching in the room, he left her on her bed and covered her properly with the blanket. Khushi frowned again, she held his hand pushing him to stay. "Pillow.. come to me.. why are you falling..every..time on the..flo..floor??"

"What the.. she really thinks I'm her real pillow and I fell on the floor when she's not able to catch me??" Arnav widened his eyes. 

Khushi pushed him with force, he fell on top of her. 

Khushi frowned feeling a weight on her, she opened her eyes slowly and was shocked seeing Arnav on top of her. Arnav was quickly trying to get up, but failed miserably. His eyes landed on a shocked Khushi.. 

Before she could scream and gain everyone's attention, he placed his palms on her mouth: Shhh.. 

Both kept staring at each other.. Rabba vee.. Rabba vee.. 

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Nov 26, 2017

Chapter 8 - Miss America?? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 95 times)

Khushi struggled to push him away, Arnav rolled his eyes: Do you think yourself as super woman or what?

He himself got up.

Khushi stood up and glared at him: How dare you come close to me like this? Aren't you ashamed to do such acts that too in my house? 

"Look.. You're the one.." Arnav said angrily.

Khushi indicated him to stop: Shup.. Now you will say I'm the one who made you fall on me?..seriously Arnav.. I was sleeping and you took advantage of my state..

"What the.. " Arnav frowned. 

"What the what? Never I want to see you close to me like this. You're Mr. America, don't expect to do your American acts here.. I'll just not say anything to my family because you're my father's best friend son.. I don't want to spoil his relationship with aunty.." Khushi said with teary eyes. 

"Dumbo now you proved to me that you are really blind. To the one who you should scold, you didn't and I haven't done anything still you're behaving like I did wrong with you.." Arnav said. 

"Don't try to feign innocence now..  I know very well what.. doing.." Khushi pointed her index finger to him. 

Arnav pulled her by her waist angrily, Khushi hissed in pain: Leave me..what are you doing Arnav?.. You're hurting me.. I said leave me.. I will shout.."

"Shut up. First of all you're the one who hugged me while sleeping on the sofa, you didn't want to leave me that's why I came here silently so that no one see us in that position. When I came here, it was again you who pushed me to you and I accidentally fell on top of you.  I was trying to get up when you woke up suddenly. And secondly, when we were in Yash's mansion you were also sleeping na, and your duppata was on the floor.. That time I covered you because Yash was staring at you with bad intentions..but no.. Khushi knows perfectly how to judge everyone right? A man who wanted to take advantage of you, you give him space for that by calling him Yashuu.. And here you are the one who cling to me and falsely accused me.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

Khushi lowered her eyes, while tears slipped from her hazel eyes. 

She does know it's her habit to hug her sister when she sleeps, and today she did the same with Arnav. And now she understood why Arnav acted like that, he only wanted to save her from Yash.

Arnav left her and walked away from her room.  

Khushi wiped her tears seeing him going, she wore her slippers and went running behind him. 

"Mr. America.." she shouted.

Arnav stopped walking and turned to her angrily said: What? 

"Woh.. I know.. the fault is mine.. I really like to hug my Jiji while sleeping.. and I did the same.. with.. you.. and I made you listen so much.. I pushed you na.. aren't you hurt??" she asked and tried to hold his hand to check if he didn't got hurt while falling.

Arnav shoved his hands away. 

"I am sorry Mr.America!!" Khushi looked at him sadly.

Arnav started walking again to his room, Khushi ran to his room and reached before him, she stood on the door blocking his way.

"I will not leave you till you accept my apology.." Khushi said determined.

Arnav stood with his stern face, staring at her.

"Please.." Khushi made a sad puppy face. 

Arnav: I don't have any interest with you..

Khushi nodded: I know..

Arnav angry: I don't look at you in other ways also..

Khushi smiled sadly: I know.. 

Arnav: I'm not those man who would touch you without your permission.


"I know.." Khushi joined her hands saying sorry to him. 

"And I also know our parents are best friends. I wouldn't do anything that spoil their relationship.." Arnav said. 

"I know.." Khushi whispered.

"You're a dumbo..  I was right about you only.." Arnav said glaring at her. 

"I know.." Khushi said. 

"Good that you know.." Arnav looked away.

"Please now accept my sorry! Now I already admitted I'm dumbo also.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Arnav side glanced at her, "Okay.."

Khushi smiled in relief, her heart was now not feeling guilty anymore. 

"Can I go inside my room now?" he asked. 

Khushi nodded and made space for him to enter. 

Khushi turned to him and sat on the recliner.

Arnav raised his eyebrow: Excuse me.. I want to change! 

"Haan toh change na.." Khushi sat relaxed smiling. 

After she realized what she said, she covered her lips with her palms and widened her eyes.

"Oh what did you say Desi girl? Actually with what you said now Desi girl doesn't suit you na.. Let's change to Miss America. You want me to change my clothes with you  here??" Arnav smirked.

Khushi nodded sideways: Nooooo.. I didn't realized what you said..

"Acha? Don't feign innocence now Khushi.. I know what you meant to say.. You pushed to fall on you and now..shi shi.. Khushi is this how you're??" Arnav said pressing his lips to not smile at her so innocent face trying to explain that he got it wrong.

"Nahin.. I'm not like this.." Khushi said sobbing. 

Arnav noticed she was crying, he quickly walked near her: Khushi relax.. I was just kidding..

He raised his hand to wipe her tears but dropped it, it's so awkward for him to console someone. He doesn't know how to do this. 

"Khushi.." he whispered her name. 

"I'm not that type of girls.." Khushi said crying more. 

"I know.." he said. 

"My parents didn't taught me to behave like this.." Khushi said wiping her tears cutely with her both palms. 

"I know.." he rolled his eyes. 

"I said na I didn't realize what I said.. I just.. " she said and laid on his bed burying her face on the pillow and crying like babies do. 

"I know dammit.. Didn't you hear me saying that I'm just joking?" Arnav said. 

Khushi still hiding her face on his pillow crying asked him: If you know then why did you call me Miss America? Why did you say I'm not Desi girl anymore? Why?..

Arnav lips broke into a smile, that's very rare for him to smile when someone is actually eating his brain. 

"Dumbo.." he said.

"I prefer be called dumbo than Miss America.." Khushi said. 

"Now stop wetting my pillow.. Stand up.." Arnav said "Are you seriously crying like a baby?".

Khushi stood up, "I cry like this.."

"Pagli.." Arnav muttered.

"I'm not Miss America.." Khushi cried.

"What the.. I said Pagli now.." Arnav rolled his eyes in disbelief.

Khushi looked down.

Arnav held her by her shoulders firmly, "I know you're mad, Chipkali, world's most dumbest person, physco, Pagli and all.. But also know the type of girl you're.. The values instilled in you by your parents.. I know you're not like the modern girls.. You're that Typical Desi girl!!!"

"Were you just teasing me?" Khushi asked. 

"Dumbo you realized that now?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"I was so scared.. You.. I thought.." Khushi sighed in relief.

Then she glared at him and started running behind Arnav, Arnav first uttered "What the..", he started running also.

Accidentally both fell on the bed while running behind each other, Khushi: Aaah my back.. 

"Budhiya.." Arnav laughed at her. 

Khushi pouted and after seconds she joined him laughing.


Nov 27, 2017

Chapter 9 - Arnav buys vegetable for Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

Next day..

Khushi descended the stairs with Garima and Shashi. She was looking around expecting to see Arnav, but he was nowhere to be found.

Garima was reading for the third time a list she was giving to Khushi to buy in market, “Khushi don’t forget to buy fresh tomatoes, don’t let those vendors fool okay?? If you want take Lali with you…”

Khushi nodded and took the list from her hand: Don’t worry Mumma. I will buy everything for you..

Garima smiled and moved away.

Khushi turned to Shashi, “Papa where is Mr.America? I’ve not seen him since I woke up..”

“He already left for work.. you know he only came here for his first biggest fashion show here in Mumbai, everyone is so excited for it.. he has plenty of meetings to attend.. arrangements and all.. and they just have one week to prepare all this.. but I’m sure everything will be done perfectly..” Shashi said.

“One week? This means Mr.America will only stay here for one week??” Khushi asked.

“No, he will stay here two weeks..” Shashi said.

“Great..” Khushi clasped smiling.

“Great? Don’t you hate him??” Shashi asked confused, his daughter is really unpredictable.

“No Papa, he is just irritating but good hearted man.. you know Papa yesterday I went with him to his partner mansion, Yash.. I was sleeping and that man was staring at me with bad intentions..” Khushi said.

“What?? Who is he? Did he do anything wrong with you? Just tell me everything, we’ll go now only to police station and take an action against him..” Shashi clenched his fist.

“No Papa, that’s not needed! Arnav saved me from Yash in such a funny way!! Haha.. And me fool didn’t even realized it..  and don’t worry Yash didn’t even touched me Papa.. Arnav didn’t let him.. do you know Arnav said that I’ve a dangerous disease and listening  to this Yash got scared..” Khushi laughed.

Shashi smiled amused with Arnav’s idea, “He’s good boy then, just he doesn’t express much. He’s so silent that I don’t know how to speak to him, I don’t know if he is liking our home, our people here or not.. don’t know if he is comfortable.. and I can’t even ask him, he will not tell us the truth na..”

“Hmm..” Khushi nodded thinking, “Papa you tension not!! Khushi is here, and if Khushi is here, Mr.America will never be No-Khushi!!!” Khushi winked.

Shashi shook his head, “What you said, I didn’t understand. Just make our guest comfortable here..”

“Done..” Khushi showed thumbs up to him.

Khushi then went to market; she was buying vegetables with Lali and Payal.

Payal: Khushi make it fast na, it’s so hot today.. I’ll burn myself here!!!

“Jiji app bhi na.. wait na. Mumma said for me to buy it fresh.. I can’t upset mumma..” Khushi pouted.

“Oh my God!!!” Lali dropped the bags on the road, and widened her eyes.

Khushi: Lali what happened??

Lali pointed her index finger to a car, “Look at him! Does such man exist in this world??”

Payal and Khushi turned to look, only to find Arnav in the car with driver.

Khushi rolled her eyes and pinched Lali’s arm: Lali are you serious?? You dropped my vegetables because of Mr.America?? Mumma will scold, beat and insult me for that..

Arnav’s eyes landed on Khushi, who was busy in scolding Lali.

Payal waved at him smiling, he asked the driver to stop the car and walked towards them.

Payal excitedly: OMG, he’s coming here…

Khushi looked at Arnav, who now reached to them: Hi Mr.America. Give me money to pay for your mistakes..

“What the.. why??” Arnav frowned.

“Because of you, Lali dropped my vegetables and now Mumma will scold me for wasting money. So pay for this, the mistake is yours to be so handsome that no girl can handle herself after staring at you.. you will create world war 3 one day..” Khushi just blurted out without even stop to pound over her words.

Arnav smirked.

Lali and Payal giggled silently.

Khushi extended her hand: Give me money..

“I know girls are crazy about me, but I didn’t know my effect on you would be double. Because they are crazy just by saying when they see me, but you become crazy in real..” Arnav said.

“Oyeee.. I don’t become crazy about you okay.. I said other girls, I didn’t include me on that..” Khushi said.

“Oh really??” Arnav smirked.

“Stop doing that! (hinting towards his smirk), for’re like.. haan.. bhaiya.. I see you as my big bro you know..” Khushi said.

“What the..” Arnav frowned “I don’t have dumb sisters..”

Payal and Lali giggled again.

Khushi pouted and looked away.

“Get in the car, I’ll drop you three..” he said, and took his wallet from his pocket.

“Hahaha.. you’re our guest and you will drop us??” Khushi laughed.

“I’m not guest anymore, Garima aunty said I’m like her son only. So it becomes my duty to make you three reach home safe and sound..” he said gritting his teeth.

Khushi smiled amused hearing this from him.. Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Payal and Lali went to the car. And Khushi stayed with Arnav to buy the remaining things.

“See if mumma says you’re her son, then you’re my bhaiya..” Khushi teased him.

“Shut up Chipkali.. I’m not your brother..” Arnav glared at her, “What do you want to buy??”

“My tomatoes fell on the road, and Cauliflower, Eggplant, Garlic, Bitter Gourd, and..” Khushi stood thinking what loss she had more.

“Go, go.. buy what you want.. I’ll pay for it..” Arnav said patting her shoulder.

Khushi nodded happily, “Bhaiya give me this.. not this tomato, this is not fresh.. you’re hiding from me.. now I’ll have to fight with you again..”

Arnav looked at the vendor, “Give her what she wants, she will suck your blood until she gets what she wants..”

Khushi pouted, “You don’t spare me even for a minute na. I wanted to be friends with you, but I dropped the idea now..”

“I’m not dying to be your friend either..” Arnav replied back irking Khushi more.

Khushi sighed: Bhaiya why are you standing still?? I will really suck your blood now..

“No ma’am..” the vendor said all scared of Khushi, he quickly gave her the best quality vegetables.

Khushi held the bags smiling and satisfied, “Let’s go..”

“Let’s go what? You go, and let me pay for it..” Arnav said.

Khushi stuck her tongue to him, when he faced his back to her.

“I saw that..” Arnav smirked.

Khushi widened her eyes, “How??”

“Means you really made some ugly face to me.. I didn’t saw anything, but going to your crazy antics I knew you had to do something..” he said.

Khushi stomped her feet on the ground and walked to the car.

“What does he think of himself??? He knows me so well after some two days only?” Khushi thought.

Arnav returned to the car, Payal and Lali smiled excitedly, just Arnav being near them bring goosebumps to them.

Khushi looked at them weirdly, “Don’t treat him like a president, he will really think himself as one..”

“Don’t treat her like a mental patient of some asylum, she really is one..” Arnav said to Lali and Payal.

“App.. you’re very bad..” Khushi pouted.


Soon they reached in Gupta mansion, Lali and Payal walked out of the car with the bags, while Khushi stayed whispering something to the driver, who nodded in return.

“Let’s go..” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded sideways, “Mr.America I want to take you somewhere..”

“Oh finally you planned to murder me..” Arnav smirked.

“Are you scared??” Khushi smirked also.

“Not at all..” Arnav shrugged his shoulder, “What a little kitten like you would do bad with me?”

“I’m not little kitten..” Khushi frowned, “Driver let’s go, you don’t hear him otherwise you will become crazy..”

“He will not even say anything, he already knows his ma’am is the one who is crazy..” Arnav said leaning on his seat.

Khushi raised her hands to attack him. Arnav smirked staring at her through the mirror, “Let’s reach to the place you plan to murder me first na..”

After some minutes, they reached in the place.

Khushi excitedly took him with her, she pointed to place: This is where I wanted to show you..


Arnav stood awed by the place. 

"You're fond of nature na?.." Khushi asked smiling. 



Dec 14, 2017

Chapter 10 - Her fear.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 104 times)

"Hmm.." Arnav nodded as he stare at the tree house. 

"I knew it.." Khushi smiled and clapped her hands. 

Arnav looked at her: How do you know Chipkali? 

Khushi winked at him, "That's a secret Mr. America.."

Arnav shook his head, "Is this your house or you plan to enter like a thief?"

Khushi pouted: It's my house only.. Come I will show you, I have keys also..

Khushi went upstairs, and Arnav followed her. 

He looked around and nodded his head in positive, "Can't believe such a beautiful house belongs to a chipkali like you.."

Khushi rolled her eyes as she sat on her sleigh bed, "I expected such a comment from you.."

He also sat with her.

"So stopping my work, you called me here with you? Why?" he asked. 

"To make you happy.." Khushi replied cool.  She widened her eyes shocked when she realized what she said. 

"Oh no. I can't tell him that I promised to Papa that I want to make him happy otherwise Mr. America will never smile.." she thought. 

"What the.. Since when you're so interested in making me happy?" Arnav frowned.

"I'm not interested in making you happy. You stay happy or not. I don't care at all. Really I don't want to make you happy and that's because you are bad. You make fun of me. You called me dumb and you think I will ever want your happiness ahn? You want me to keep you happy after all insults.." Khushi blablered everything that came in her mind to distract him from this topic. 

"Shut up.." Arnav looked at her all serious and not interested to hear nonsense. 

Khushi placed her finger on her lips cutely. 

"Look talk, but don't talk nonsense.." Arnav said, he walked near the window and opened it appreciating the view from there.

"Look talk, but don't talk nonsense.." Khushi mimicked him glaring at him. 

His eyes landed on a wall filled with her pictures, when she was a chubby and cute baby till she is now. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi saw him staring at her pictures, she stood in front of the wall,  "You're not allowed to see my personal things!!"

"Are you fool or what? Everyone saw you when you were a kid. How come it's personal?" he rolled his eyes in disbelief. 

"You didn't na, for you it's personal.." Khushi pouted. 

"I'm not even interested in wasting my time staring at a fat baby.." Arnav said. 

"Aww.. " Khushi jaws dropped, "I wasn't a fat baby okay.. Mumma said I was cutie only.."

"Perhaps she didn't want to hurt you.." Arnav smirked, "Look at Payal, she was really cute and beautiful baby.."

Khushi looked at him angrily, "Pagal..liar.. How can you be so heartless with me like that?.. If Rohan was here, he would never say these things to me.."

"Why do you keep chanting this name all the time? Is he your boyfriend?" Arnav asked irked. 

"No, Rohan is my best friend.." Khushi said. 

"Oh. Then I broke a frame, I think it was your childhood pic with him.." Arnav confessed. 

Khushi: It's your job to break other things. 

"Excuse me.." Arnav glared at her. 

"I will fix it. Don't start fighting now.." Khushi said.

"Good!" Arnav replied. 

"Instead of saying sorry you keep your attitude ahn.." Khushi frowned,  "Heartless Mr. America.."

Arnav's phone beeped, he searched in his pocket and read the message, it was from Yash.  He completely forgot he had to see those models who were doing the show for him. 

He looked at Khushi, he couldn't leave her alone also, "Let's go.."

"Where? To murder me?" Khushi asked.  

"Why would a gain by killing a dumbo like you?" Arnav chuckled walking out of the house. 

Khushi gritted her teeth: DM please give me strength to bear this man.

She went behind him. 


They soon reached in Yash's office.

Arnav: You cover yourself properly OK!

Khushi nodded and arranged her duppata, "And I know how to protect myself Mr. America.."

Arnav rolled his eyes as the guard opened the glass door for him, he entered and Khushi followed him smirking.

"Great Khushi, even he couldn't say anything of your braveness.." Khushi muttered. 

"I didn't say anything because till now I didn't saw anything worth to call you brave.." Arnav replied shocking her, how did he hear what she muttered? 

"That's because I don't show off like you, keep waiting and one day you will see a woman Bahubali here.." Khushi said smiling.

"If I was you I wouldn't expect such miracles from DM.." Arnav smirked. 

Khushi pouted, and following him she reached inside the elevator. 

The heavy doors closed and Arnav pressed the button to the fifth level. 

Khushi looked around, and fear crept over her she felt numb. She felt her body paralysed, and her eyes glistening as the past event ran through her mind once again. 

"Nooooo.." she screamed and banged the door crying. 

"Open it.. Please open this it..someone open it.." Khushi screamed. 

She suddenly remembered she was not alone, she turned to Arnav and clutched his shirt sobbing,  "Open this door Arnav.. I don't want to stay here.. Open it please.. Please get me out of it.."

Arnav who was till now staring at her confused, held her shoulders: What happened Khushi? Why are you crying?

"Open this door.. I don't want to stay here.." she shouted crying and hugging him tightly hiding her face. She was actually trying to think she wasn't in this elevator. 

"Khushi relax. Are you scared of elevator?" Arnav asked. 

"Open this door.." she whispered. 

"We are just reaching. Calm down.." Arnav said.

"I don't want.. I don't to stay here.. Arnav open this door.." she screamed hugging him tightly than before. 

Arnav sensed it was something else, and for his luck they reached in the fifth floor only.

The doors opened and Arnav broke the hug: Relax.. We reached..

He was shocked when he saw she fainted.

"Khushi..." he screamed her name, and lifted her. 

They entered in a room filled with models training the ramp walk.

All of them, Yash and few partners stare at Arnav with Khushi in his arms. But he cared less, he just wanted to make sure Khushi gets conscious. 

He made her lay on a chair placed for him, while casting the models they would take for the show. 

He quickly took water and splashed it on her face chanting her name all the time. 

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, then opened it slowly.

"Are you fine? Khushi talk with me.." Arnav patted her cheek. 

Khushi looked at him, then looked around. She wasn't at that scary place again. 

She was breathing normally now, she pointed to the water bottle in his hand. 

Arnav quickly made her drink water. And everyone wondered who is this girl that ASR cares about.

"What happened?" Yash asked, "Did she got an attack of her sickness??" he widened his eyes scared of reaching near Khushi. 

"Kind of.." Arnav lied, "Why did you all stop? Get on working.."

The models gulped scared of his serious look and started again the rehearsal.

Arnav turned to Khushi, his eyes asked hers if she was fine. 

Khushi blinked her eyes with a small smile. It was her reply to his eyes, that she was fine now. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee.. 

"I'm scared of elevator. I got stuck when I was 8 years old.. I stayed hours and hours waiting, unable to breath anymore and finally someone saved me when I fainted.. That someone is my friend now, Rohan.. I thought I would die but he came and helped me in time.. If I'm alive then it's only because of him.." Khushi said. 

Arnav nodded, he felt sad that as a kid only she had to go through this. 

"I didn't know otherwise.." He said only to be interrupted by her.

"Offo Mr. America I know you don't know. It's my fault only.." Khushi smiled back to her jovial mood again. 

Arnav was much relieved now. 

Khushi: Wow.. Such a great place!! Are we going to watch a trailer of your fashion show? 

"Hmm.." Arnav hmm-ed as he took another chair for himself and sat beside her. Not letting Khushi near Yash at any cost. 

"You can start.." Arnav ordered the models. 

A lady organized them and one by one start coming. 

"This one is good right ASR? We should take her.." Yash said eying to the girl. 

"No, it's an Indian fashion show and she doesn't have that grace. She is still in her international world trying to impress me, instead of showing her talent.." Arnav said.

Yash nodded and thought it's going to be tough working with a perfectionist like ASR. 

"You should take me then. Don't I have that grace!?" Khushi wink at him.

"You can't handle yourself and you want to handle my show? I don't plan to make it a disaster.." Arnav mocked her. 

"Why do you hate me so much? Was I your step mother in previous life?" Khushi frowned. 

"What the.. Neither you're my step mother nor my sister..shut up.." Arnav said.

Khushi: You up shut..

"What the.." Arnav looked at her in disbelief. 

"I mean shut up.." Khushi said and looked ahead. 

Arnav shook his head, and continued with his casting. 

"Can I go and see those outfits there?" Khushi asked as her eyes landed on some beautiful outfits laying on a table. 

"Go.." Arnav said quickly, without her maybe he could concentrate on his work.

Khushi smiled and went near the table, she took one sari and looked at the mirror: Are wah.. I could be a supermodel yaar..

She took one pink long duppata and played with it. 

She let it fly on air smiling, and the duppata fell on her face again. 

Arnav's eyes were stuck on her, he was watching her.

Rabba vee...Rabba vee..  

Khushi's eyes landed on him, she was so shy that he was watching her craziness till now. His gaze somehow affected her, she doesn't know why. 

She signaled him to look at his models instead of her. Arnav was like "What the", but more angry on himself that he distracted himself from work for watching her. 

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