Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

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Dec 16, 2017

Chapter 11 - Her phone... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 104 times)

"I'm not satisfied at all.." Arnav passed an angry look to Yash.

"ASR don't worry. Tomorrow also we will cast other models, then we will finalize the one you like.." Yash said. 

Arnav nodded and walked to Khushi,  "Let's go! Your kids play end here.."

"I'm not playing, I was really dreaming about myself being a supermodel.." Khushi smiled and left the pink duppata on the table again.

Arnav let out a mocking chuckle to which Khushi glared at him. 

"You think too high of yourself! I don't look like a model, but DM perform miracles also.." Khushi said. 

Arnav chuckled again, "Do pray more okay. I don't think high of myself. I am on top of the world, get that?"

Khushi frowned, "Over confident Mr. America.."

"You guys keep fighting all the time ahn?" Yash asked. 

"Tumse matlab?! (What it has to do with you?)" Arnav and Khushi asked at the same time, putting their hands on their hips. 

Yash grinned sheepishly, and went from there. 

"Let's go.." Arnav turned to Khushi.

"I won't go by elevator again.." Khushi pouted following him.

Arnav frowned, "You don't need to tell me that. I'm not mad that after knowing about your fear I would get you there.."

"Who knows? Now that you know my weakness, you might do that purposely.." Khushi said.

"I don't know if I should get that water bottle to splash water on myself to cool me down or should I continue fighting with you!!" Arnav glared at her sarcastically.

"Should I help you splash that water on your face?" Khushi asked smiling sweetly to him. 

Arnav clenched his fist controlling himself, he walked to the stairs.  And Khushi follow him smiling at her victory. 


Arnav was staring at the window side appreciating Mumbai. It was all new for him, something he would just see pics or in news with his mother. Today he was seeing and living it for real. Although he didn't like the heavy traffic and many people walking here and there and the noise. He like this place, it felt homely like his mother said.

Khushi stare at him, "Mr. America keeps thinking all the time. How come he is so boring? Two weeks I will have to bear him and his silence ki dunya.."

"Hey!! Soniaaaa..Anikaaaa.." Khushi shouted waving at her friends.

Arnav shut his eyes irritated with her scream. 

He saw two girls coming on their way, while the driver stopped the car.



"Why did you stop?" Arnav rolled his eyes,  he couldn't believe he was going to watch the girls gossip now.

"They are my besties.." Khushi pouted and looked at Arnav.

"What should I do with your "besties"?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Nothing!!" Khushi looked at him angry. 

Anika and Sonia reached near them. 

"Khushi!!! How are you? Why didn't you call us Pagli?" Anika said and hit Khushi's forehead lightly.

Khushi smiled, "Have been busy with our guest, Mr. America!!"

The girls peeked to see the so called Mr. America. After seeing and realizing he is the ASR! 

They stand straight and widened their eyes shocked or happy they also didn't know how to decipher their feelings right now. 

"I'm dead.." Sonia whispered to Anika. 

"ASR.. Oh my God.. We are so lucky.. " Anika did a happy dance in between.

Only Khushi looked at them with a boring expression, "Don't tell me you both are also his fan.."

"Ask who isn't my fan Khushi.." Arnav smirked. 

Khushi raised her hand smirking at him. 

"And I'm very happy that you're not. I never wanted mental patients behind me also.." he said.

Khushi fumed in anger:You're calling me mad? 

"Not only me, your friends only called you pagli.. Hence proved.." Arnav said.

"I hate you.. I really hate you.." Khushi threw her phone in frustration outside the window and after some seconds they only heard sound of it breaking, a car passed and helped to break it more in pieces. 

Sonia and Anika looked at Khushi feeling pity of her.

Khushi made a crying face staring at her phone, "Oh no.. My phone died.."

"You killed him!! Don't you want to confess your crime and go to jail? At least I will get some peace from a mad like you.." Arnav smirked.

"I didn't kill him, you killed my phone.  Urgh.. I hate you more now.. I had so many pictures of mine with Rohan, my friends.." Khushi said glaring at Arnav. 

"Look who threw the phone? You right, so it's not my fault.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders. 

"ASR.. Can we get one autograph please?" Anika and Sonia ran madly to Arnav's side.

"Sure.." Arnav took their diary and adorned it with his signature.

The girls scream in excitement, while Khushi folded her arms grumpy.

"I can't believe it. My phone died and they care about him. What's so special about Mr. America?" she thought with her eyes angrily on Arnav.

"Sonia.." a handsome man, waved at her calling her to the car.


Another man entered in the car, curiously gazing to them.

"Coming Sid.." Sonia shouted and pulled Anika.

"We will get going. Sid and Nakuul are waiting for us.." Sonia said to Khushi.


Khushi peeked to see them, she waved smiling. 

They both waved back also smiling. 

"Bye ASR.." the girls smiled shyly.

Arnav looked at them, "Bye!"

"Let's go driver ji.." Khushi said staring sadly at her broken phone. 

"Kabhi alvida na kehna Ji.. Phone ji you died but don't worry, I will buy your twin brother and we both will take revenge for your death from your killer (Arnav)" Khushi said looking back sadly.

She looked at Arnav angrily, "He just won a battle, I will win the war!!"

Arnav giggled. Khushi frowned, "Why are laughing? I'm talking all serious and you're laughing.."

"With such an angry little kitten expression, you think you're scaring me?" Arnav asked.

"DM do you hate so much or what? Why did you make me cute that I can't even scare him now?" Khushi looked up and complained to DM. 

"I said she doesn't perform miracles! If so, my life would be different.." Arnav said with a different tone now, Khushi did feel the change of expression on his face.  The smile faded away, and that's what she did not want to. Why did he stop smiling?

"Don't stop.. You have a beautiful smile Mr. America.." Khushi quickly said her feeling out.

The driver nodded in acceptance. 

Arnav frowned, he looked away. 


They reached home. Buaji was walking towards the kitchen in hurry because the food was getting burnt, she was about to slip on the way but Arnav quickly held her at the same time and managed to save her.

Buaji sighed and closed her eyes.

"Be careful Buaji.." Arnav said.

Khushi smiled seeing him care for her Buaji. 

Buaji patted Arnav's cheek smiling,  "Thank you beta.."

Khushi: Buaji who told you to walk in hury like that? You could fall and get hurt. Already you have back pain, do you want to bring more problems to yourself? What do you need to run like that? Lali is here only.

Buaji smiled and closed her ear to not hear Khushi's scoldings. 

"Buajiiiii.." Khushi pouted.

"Don't you know ears bleed when you open your mouth?" Arnav asked sarcastically to Khushi.

"I'm not talking with you!" Khushi said.

"Khushi! Don't talk with Arnav beta like this.." Garima came to them glaring at Khushi.  Khushi looked down sadly.

Arnav smirked.

"What happened here? I can smell something burning.." Garima said.

"Haan. I forgot I was frying Khushi's favorite pakora and they.. " Buaji hit her forehead.

Khushi widened her eyes, she went herself running to the kitchen.

Arnav, Garima and Buaji came behind her.

Khushi made a crying face seeing the burnt pakora, that were not even in state to eat.

"My pakora also died. Everything is dying.." Khushi cried.

Everyone looked at her weirdly.

"Why didn't I die only?" Khushi said angry.

Buaji walked to her and slapped her lightly on her cheek,  " you even realize what you're saying?..don't talk such thing again.."

"If you die, then what will be of us? Don't even say such things Khushi.." Garima said with moist eyes. 

Arnav just couldn't decide who is more mad in this house, is it Khushi or her family members? For such a petty things and they're crying for real.

"Offo Mumma and Buaji.. I just said like that.. Please don't cry.. Khushi won't leave you all so soon.." Khushi said smiling, and the three shared a trio hug. 

Arnav stare at them, his eyes were moist now. He quickly went outside the kitchen unable to watch that scene anymore.

He called his mom, who answered his call in seconds as if she was waiting for his call only.

"Mom.." he said.

"Arnav.. How are you?" Ananya asked smiling.

"I'm fine. You?" he asked.

"I'm also fine beta. How's your work going?" she asked.

"Good.. We just completed our work on the outfits and now just casting models.." Arnav said.

"Are you liking Shashi's house?" she asked.

"Did you left me with any other option?" he smirked feeling much better after having a talk with his mother. 

"They are good Arnav believe me.." Ananya said.

"Hmm.. They good at heart but are crazy mom.." Arnav said remembering about the incident that happened now.



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Dec 17, 2017

Chapter 12 - Sharing pakora.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 89 times)

Arnav went to his room to take a rest, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, then threw it on his bed.

He turned back to go to his bathroom, when his eyes landed on a lost Khushi standing on the door.

Khushi came to call him to the garden side, as her family was there only, when she saw him shirtless.

She hipcupped shocked, and when his eyes met hers. She quickly looked away.

"Checking me out Chipkali?" Arnav smirked.

"Yes! I was checking you and do you know what I realized?..You're out dated.. And can I use a product after the expiration date? The answer is a BIG NO!! And the reason is you're bad for health.." Khushi said.

"Only you can manage to talk nonsense with such a convincing face.." Arnav said.

Khushi pouted, she turned her back to him: Papa is calling you to the garden. If you want come, if not stay here only..

Arnav looked at his bed, then at Khushi's who was facing her back to him.

He nodded, "I will come.. Now let me freshen up or do you want check more?"

Khushi widened her eyes, she nodded sideways and escaped from there running.


At the garden..

"Jiji with whom do you keep chatting all the time ahn?!" Khushi teased her sister.

Payal rolled her eyes, "Khushi leave me in peace!! I'm chatting with Anika only.."

"Acha!! Then tell her that tomorrow I want to go out with them.." Khushi smiled.

"Yeah, she was just telling me that only. She also called Arnav.." Payal said excitedly.

Khushi sighed hard staring at Arnav.

"Yes, take him only. Then show Arnav beta our Mumbai only. You still didn't see anything beta.. Tomorrow they will show you.." Garima said.

"I have some work with Yash, my partner.." Arnav said indirectly denying the invitation.

Payal sighed sadly, for Khushi's surprise she also made a sad face. 

"But tomorrow is Sunday! Maybe that ullu ka patha Yash doesn't even know that.. Who works tomorrow??" Khushi pouted.

"Yes, enjoy tomorrow Arnav then you will work in Monday.." Shashi said.

Arnav nodded, "Okay.."

"Yippeeeee.. It's going to be fun!!" Khushi jumped up and down happily.

Arnav looked at her weirdly. Khushi smiled sheepishly.

"Why am I so happy that he is going with us? Maybe because I'm Khushi I get happy even with the worst person like Mr. America.." she thought. 

"Beta don't you want to try pakora?" Buaji asked moving the plate towards Arnav.

Arnav nodded sideways, "No, thanks.."

"Buaji explain to him what pakora is.  He is Mr. America na, maybe he never heard about that.." Khushi giggled.

Arnav glared at her, "My mom is Indian ok?! I know what pakora is.."

"Oh, what's aunty's name?" Khushi asked.

"Ananya.." Arnav answered. 

"Hmm.. Beautiful name.." Khushi said smiling. 

Arnav smiled a little, Khushi noticed in his eyes that he loves his mother a lot, that he couldn't control his emotions when his mother was the topic. 

"Are you sure you don't want? It's world's best pakora made by my sweet Buaji.." Khushi smiled and handle to him, the half of pakora for him to try, the other half she ate. 

"Try it.. You will like it.." Khushi said convincing him to take. 

Arnav took it from her hand, then look at pakora, he was thinking that her lips touch was still on the half pakora she gave to him, and he was going to eat that. 

Khushi looked at him thinking, "Mr. America try it. I swear it's good only.."

Arnav nodded and ate it. Khushi, Garima, Shashi, Payal and Buaji looked at him curiously to know if he like it or not. 

Arnav: It's good! 

Khushi smiled brightly, "I knew it you would like it Mr. America. Here, take more.."

Garima whispered to Shashi, "I don't know about us.  But Arnav gets along with Khushi na. Only she manages to make him comfortable.  She might fight with him, but in these three days he is here, most of the time both are always together, Hain na Shashi ji?"

Shashi nodded smiling, as he saw Arnav taking more pakora and Khushi serving juice for him. 


Sometime later... 

Shashi, Garima, Buaji and Payal left the garden.  Only Khushi stayed with Arnav there. 

"Missing your phone?!" Arnav smirked. 

"Not much!! I don't stay all day with phone like Jiji. Only when I need to call someone and such things. Otherwise I'm not addicted to it.. " Khushi said, "But it's my phone na. My heart na is feeling sad that I lost it, now I've to get used to a new one.."

"You only broke it.." Arnav said. 

"I didn''re responsible for it.." Khushi said.

"Just go back on a flashback Khushi and see who threw the phone.." Arnav said. 

"I threw it because I was frustrated with you. So the reason why I threw is you,  so you're responsible for it.."Khushi said. 

Arnav rolled his eyes, "The phone just broke right, why are still fighting over it? It's not going to come back.."

"Yeah right.." Khushi nodded. 

"Dumbo anyone can fool you and readily accept na.." Arnav smirked. 

Khushi leaned on the bench swing, "Now I'm really tired of fighting with you.  Let's save it for tomorrow.."

"Yeah your already dead-brain died more right?" Arnav smirked staring at her. 

Khushi beat him on his shoulder, "Arnaaaav.."

Arnav laughed staring at the sky.   

"May DM protect me from going to asylum after you go from here.." Khushi laughed. 

"Oh so you weren't mad before?" Arnav asked. 

Khushi nodded sideways smiling.

"Tomorrow morning we will go to Mandir, then we will leave with my friends ok?" Khushi said. 

"You know I don't pray.." Arnav said. 

"I will pray for you, it's not a big deal. You just accompany me there.." Khushi said.

Arnav stare at her. 

Chham chham aaye, mujhe tarsaaye 

Whenever you come like the rain, I feel thirsty

Tera saaya chhed ke chumata 

I tease your shadow and kiss it

O o o tu jo muskaaye tu jo sharmaaye 

Whenever you smile, whenever you go shy

Jaise mera hai khuda jhumta 

It seems to me like my God is rejoicing

Tu hi meri hai barkat, Tu hi meri ibaadat 

You are a blessing to me, you are my devotion

Aur kuchh na janu, bas itna hi janu 

And I know nothing else, I know only this

Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai yaara main kya karu

I see God in you, what should I do my beloved

Sajde sar jhukta hai, yaara main kya karu 

My head bows down in worship to you, what should I do my beloved

Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu 

I see God in you, what should I do my beloved

Rab ne bana di jodi

God has made this pair 





Dec 23, 2017

Chapter 13 - Praying for him.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)

The next day, Khushi woke up early to reach Mandir and then catch up with her friends. 

She reminded herself that today she won't go alone, but with Arnav. 

She smiled and went to his room, she knocked it once.

Arnav didn't reply. 

Garima was passing by and saw her about to knock for the second time.

"Khushi!!" she glared at Khushi,  "Let him sleep. Why are you spoiling his sleep early in the morning?"

"Mumma he promised he would go to Mandir with me!!" Khushi said innocently.

"Or you forced him to?" Garima asked sarcastically.

Khushi: Mummaaaa he really said he would go with me..

Arnav opened the door of his room, he shifted his eyes from Garima to Khushi, then from Khushi to Garima again wondering what both mother and daughter were doing outside his room. 

"Good morning aunty.." he broke the silence.

"Good morning beta.." Garima smiled and look at him seeing him ready,  "Are you going to Mandir with his Pagli beta?"

Khushi pouted. 

Arnav nodded: Yeah aunty..

Garima smiled and patted his cheek, "It's good you like to pray, otherwise other boys by staying abroad forget these costumes and rituals.."

Arnav was about to explain to her that he doesn't believe in God. He never wants to lie to anyone about his personality and he doesn't care what others think of him. Especially Garima, he started liking her and he doesn't want her to create an image of something he is not.

"Yes Mumma.. I only said to you, he has an Indian heart!" Khushi said cutting him off.

He glared at her. Khushi pulled him to go with her.

While Garima stand smiling staring at them going.


Khushi walked out of the car when they reached in Mandir.

Arnav held her wrist, as soon as he reached near her.

"Why did you lie to aunty?" he glared at her.

"I didn't lie to Mumma. I said the truth only.." Khushi said.

"Khushi don't provoke me! You lied to her and you know that. I don't believe in God.." he shouted.

"I didn't lie, you do believe in DM it's just something happened that you're angry with DM now.  Otherwise you wouldn't accept me to pray for you.." Khushi shouted back to him.

Arnav looked at her astonished for a while, she really has guts to shout at him.

Khushi struggle to remove his hold on her, "Leave me.."

"Whatever.." muttered Arnav and let her go.

She went running to the stairs that would make her reach inside the Mandir.

"See DM this is your friend. Here I protected him and he spoke so badly with me.." Khushi muttered and rang the bell, with one hand and the hand was holding the puja thali.

She joined others who were praying also. 

After praying for her family and Rohan. 

She opened her eyes and looked back at Arnav, he was leaned on the car checking his phone and waiting for her.

"He is a Devil only but DM I know he is good at heart. Please keep him happy always and his family also. I know he hides everything of him to me. I can read pain in his eyes,  please DM fill his life with happiness. Make him forget his pain and may success follow him in every work he does.." she prayed from her heart. 

Tu hi to jannat meri, tu hi mera junoon 

You are my heaven, you are my only passion

Tu hi to mannat meri, tu hi ruh ka sukun 

You are my only wish, you are the peace of my soul

Tu hi ankhiyo ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak 

You are the soothing of my eyes, you are the eat of my heart

Aur kuchh na janu main, bas itna hi jaanu 

And I know nothing else, I know only this

A flower fell again to her.

"DM heard your prayers bitiyaaa.." the priest said.

Khushi opened her eyes and found a flower on her feet. She picked it and smiles, "He is really your friend!"

She took Prasad from the priest and walked away from there.

Arnav seeing her sighed in relief, "Do you work in Mandir or what?"

Khushi pouted,  and ignored his mocking question to her.

"I added you in my list of prayers that's why I took time." Khushi said.

"Please remove me then. I wouldn't like to wait again for long time.." he said and took his seat.

Khushi stuck her tongue to him, and took her seat also.

"Prasad.." she said and extended her hand to him.

"I don't want.." he looked away.

"The food you eat also is given to you by DM only. So there is no harm in eating her Prasad. Eat!!!" Khushi ordered him.

"I don't want.." Arnav shove her hand.

"Devil.." she muttered angrily.

Arnav started driving, ignoring her. 

Khushi kept looking at him, she felt bad as she prayed for him and he refused to eat prasad.

Arnav frowned, "Give na that Prasad whatever.."

Khushi smiled, she jumped on her seat happily and gave him a bit of barfi to eat.

Arnav eat from her hand, his lips touched her finger.

Khushi heart beat increased when his lips touch her fingers, it actually looked like he dropped a kiss in her fingers.

She gulped, staring at him while Arnav was looking at her while she feed him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

He broke the eye lock staring ahead the road, "Where should we go to pick your friends?"

Khushi was caressing her fingers shyly. 

"Hmm.. Go left.." she said, "No I mean right.."

She hit her forehead lightly, while Arnav looked at confused: Right or left? Or you don't know how to differentiate between both?

He smirked at his last question.

"I know go right.." Khushi said glaring at him.

Arnav shook his head, Khushi looked at her plate again, she remembers she didn't apply tikka on him.

She took her finger and dipped it on the vermilion box.  Then raised her hand to reach his forehead.

Arnav glared at her wondering what she about to do now.

Khushi took her hand back and hide it with her duppata smiling sheepishly to him.

"Oh DM.. I got scolded just to feed him Prasad now imagine what I will to through to apply tikka on his forehead..he will kill me now.." she thought faking a smile to Arnav.

Arnav continued driving.

Khushi slowly raised her hand again and prepared her finger to touch his forehead this time.

Arnav glared at her again, Khushi smiled sheepishly again, "Mosquitoes.. There are lots of mosquitoes in this car.."

"You're one of them who never let me in peace.." he said.

"Chipkali is better, don't make me a mosquito now.." Khushi glared at him. 

She raised her hand for the third time and this time Arnav held her hand, "What do you want??"

Khushi gasped scared, as he caught her.

"Tikka.." she pointed to her finger filled with vermilion.

"Apply it dammit.. Why are doing craziness?" he scolded her.

Khushi applied it on his forehead, while his attention was on his driving.

"No matter what I do, I always get scolded by him!!" she muttered angrily and looked away. 


They reached at Sid's mansion and they were already ready in his car.

He signaled Khushi to follow his car and Khushi looked at Arnav.

"Seriously!! Unbelievable.." he thought, he ASR was told to follow someone.

Khushi giggled seeing his face, "This is what happens when you don't know about some place!!"

"Shut up.." he said.

"You up shut!!" she took her finger to her lips and cutely glared at him. 

"Acha.. Mr. America are enjoying with me?" she asked casually.

"No.." he replied curtly.

"But I am.. I am actually having fun!!" Khushi glared at him, "We fight a lot, but it's fun na!!"

"It's fun for you, for me it's a nightmare that I end up with a mental patient like you.." Arnav said.

Khushi frown, "I never expect you to say something good also! I knew this would be your reaction.."

Arnav smirked, "If you know, why do you ask? Do you like to get your heart broken everytime?"

"No, I get a hope that at least you will say something good to me.." she said.

"I will never say something good for you!" he said.

Khushi rolled her eyes, her mind went to a flashback.


Today in the morning, she woke up and as usual she wore her slippers and stood up to go to her bathroom.

But a phone took her attention, "This is Mr. America phone, why did he left it here? Maybe he forgot.. I will give it back to him.."

Saying this, she put the phone on her purse to not forget to return to Arnav.

Flashback ends..

"Mr. America you forgot your phone in my room.. Wait.." she searched in her purse and smiled when she found it.

"Here is it.." she said and hand it to him.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Dumbo. It's for you this phone.."

"For me??" she asked surprised.

"No, I left for Payal that's why I keep it in your room.." he replied sarcastically.

"But it's yours.." she said not sure if she should take or not.

"I've two phones Khushi. Take one, as you see it's your phone twin brother.." he smirked.

Khushi looked at the phone and saw it's same as hers, she smiled:'s my phone twin brother..

"But he will not take revenge on me now, because he's my friend.." Arnav said.

"Smart you're!!" Khushi smirked.

"Thank you!!" she said genuinely with a smile which brings a brighteness to her face. 


Soon they reached to Shopping and Arnav made a face.

He and Khushi walked out of the car and joined her group.

"Hi ASR.." Sonia said with a dreamy smile.

"Hi.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi widened her eyes, she whispered in his ear: Don't give her hopes if you don't want anything with her..

"What??" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

Sid felt jealous that Sonia was giving more attention to ASR than him now.

"Hi Sid here.." Sid interfered waving his hands to Arnav.

"Nakuul.." he said with a charming smile.

"You already know me!!!" Anika blushes.

Arnav nodded, "I do.."

"I do.." Anika repeated imagining their wedding sequence.

"He means I do know you Anika, he didn't mean I do of marriage.." Khushi spoke quickly before Anika misunderstand things. She doesn't know why, but she didn't like Arnav's smirk towards the girls and the girls looks to him. It was making her feel insecure, but why?? 

"Let's proceed.." Payal said.

"Wow I'm so excited to shop with you guys.." Sonia said.

"You're fashion designer na, will you help me choose the clothes that fit me? Please ASR.." Anika said walking with Arnav.

Khushi was in the other side, she frowned thinking Arnav choosing clothes to Anika, then helping her wear them.

"Shii Nooooo.." she screamed, both Anika and Arnav looked at her weirdly.

Khushi pulled Arnav behind her and faced Anika, "He is fashion designer only, not sales girl.."

"What the.. I'm not girl!!" Arnav widened his eyes.

"Haan sales boy. You go and ask help from them Anika. Don't trouble MY guest.." Khushi scolded her.

Nakuul sighed that at least Khushi stop Anika. He wouldn't bear to see other man choose clothes for Anika. Only he has the right to.

"Why man? Why am I feeling like that? She's just my friend.." Nakuul stood confused with his feelings for Anika. 

Khushi held Arnav's hand tightly and pushed him to an ice cream shop.

Anika and Sonia pouted sadly as Arnav went far from their views.  

"Relax Chipkali.. why are you getting so hyper?" Arnav asked.

"I'm not hyper.. You shii.. I actually saved you.. Would you help her choosing her clothes? Shiiii.. You can't do it.." Khushi said angrily taking her frustration out on him.

"What shii? It's just I would suggest her the clothes she would take na..and what does it matter to you?" he looked at her amused seeing her expressions. 

"It does matter to me because.." she stopped talking feeling lack of words. Now this became a question to herself.

"What do you think? I don't know what you were going to do? You were going to help her wear her dress and Shiiii.." she shut her eyes not wanting to imagine ahead.

Arnav hit her forehead lightly, "Dumbo.. Do you think I would do something like that? I don't know from where crazy things come up in your brain.."

"I see in movies when heroine pleads the hero to help her choose clothes.. Such things happen only.." Khushi pouted and caresses her forehead where he hit now.

"In real life such thing doesn't happen ok and plus I'm not any hero and she's not the heroine.." Arnav said.

Khushi nodded her head chirpily and, "Will you buy ice cream for me?" she asked.

"Yeah I will.  I think you need to cool your mind with ice cream.." he teased her and went to buy ice cream for Khushi.

"I want vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce.." Khushi ran behind him excitedly. 

"I will buy ice ice cream for you.. It will cool your mind quickly.." Arnav said with a deadpan expression.

Khushi glared at him, "No thanks. I want vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce only.."

Dec 28, 2017

Chapter 14 - Khushi's jealousy (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)

Arnav and Khushi walked around the shopping malls,  and Khushi happily relishing her ice cream on the way.

"Don't you want to buy anything?" he asked her.

"Will you buy for me?" Khushi smirked. 

"Don't you have money?" he smirked back.

Khushi glared at him, "I don't want anything.  I have everything, why waste money?"

Arnav stare at her, she's different woman from all those he has met. She is a happy with little things in life,  and unlike all those girls who cling to him, just to get recognized, to get attention from media, to get money and luxury life. But Khushi was different, she wasn't interested in all this.. Her only mission was to be happy and keep others happy.. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi took him to visit parks, some roads for him to get accostumed with the place and later at the end of the day, they went to the Gateway of India.

Arnav stood watching the place, while Khushi with her friends were clicking selfies.

He was staring at her only now, capturing her every emotion on his heart, the smile.. the pout.. her crazy antics.. her laughter..every act of her didn't go unnoticed by him.

Khushi felt a gaze on her, she turned to his side and smile softly realizing it's him.

To his surprise, he smiled back at her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

She slowly left her friends and walked to him. 

"Can I take a selfie with you?" she asked smiling.

"Is this a way to propose someone?" he smirked.

Khushi rolled her eyes, he took his phone and gave to her.

Khushi chirpily took a picture of them.

"Can't you smile?" she asked pouting.

"Why? Is it a rule?" he asked teasing her.

"Nahin, but.. Let it be, the picture is best like this only.. The beauty and the beast!! Isn't it?" she giggled.

"I'm not beast!!" he shrugged his shoulder.

"Acha leave all that.. Tell me did you like my Mumbai??" she asked spreading her arms.

"I like it! Especially knowing it with you.." he smirked.

Khushi blushed unknowingly, her brain started thinking what did he mean by the last sentence.

"You're a clown right, so without seeing Mumbai would be boring. You made it fun.." he said hiding the smile playing on his lips.

Khushi widened her eyes, before she could reply him. Sonia come running towards them, interrupting their little conversation.

"ASR join us for dinner. We're going to Sid's house.." Sonia said.

Arnav looked at Khushi, waiting for her to reply.

Khushi smiled brightly when she saw he was asking permission from her!!

"It's getting late Sonia. Amma and Buaji must be worried, we need to leave.." Khushi said.

Arnav smirked raising his eyebrows, "Is she jealous of Sonia?!" he thought.

"But Payal accepted my invitation Khushi. And Garima aunty also knows us, we're not strangers and you're completely safe with us.. If you want I will call Garima aunty.." Sonia said.

Khushi hipcupped getting caught.

Arnav shook his head, "Actually I'm not feeling well. So that's why she doesn't want to go.."

Sonia nodded, "OK! Get well soon ASR.."

He smiled, "Bye beautiful.."

Khushi stomped her foot on the road and get inside the car angrily.

Arnav took his seat on the car smirking, he started driving and stole glances from her.

"Why did you have to call her beautiful?" Khush broke the silence with her shout, her eyes dangerously glaring at him as if she would kill him right now.

"She is, no?" he replied calm driving.

"Yes she is. But not for you.." Khushi replied and crossed her arms.

"Hello!! What's wrong with you? Don't you think you're behaving like my girlfriend? Getting jealous like this.." Arnav said confused with her.

"I.. I. I'm not.. jealous.." Khushi stammered confused with her behavior. Why did she shouted at him like that? She shouldn't have done that. It's his life and he does what he wants, he can flirt or do whatever he wants with Sonia. What does she have to do with it? But why is her heart breaking in pieces when he sees her throwing his handsome killer smirk to Sonia? When he called her beautiful.. She felt a sharp pain in her heart..

"So what problem you have if I go near your friends?" he asked.

"I don't have any problem.. You go and dinner with her.." she pouted and looked away.

"I don't want.." he shrugged his shoulders, "I want to have dinner with you!"

The moment he blurted out his feelings, he felt like banging his head on a wall.  Why did he said that? He cursed himself!

Khushi smiled shyly.

"You, Garima aunty, Buaji and Shashi uncle.." he quickly covered up.

Khushi glared at him and started playing with her duppata to pass time.


Soon they reached home, and Buaji asked them to fresh up and come to dinning hall. 

Arnav returned and took his seat. 

Shashi smiled, "Did you have fun?"

Arnav nodded his head.

"Beta did Khushi took you to Gateway of India. It's a unique vision.." Garima said excitedly.

"Yes, she took me there and you know what? Instead of telling me about the place, she kept clicking pictures with her friends.." Arnav complained.

Garima: Pagli.. I will scold her for that..

Arnav chuckled, while Garima patted his cheeks. 

Khushi behind them, placed her hand on her hips angrily staring at both.

While Shashi and Buaji were surprised that Arnav was talking with Garima openly. He seems to like Garima only in this house. 

"Mumma you betrayed me!!" Khushi complained like a kid and sat beside her. 

Garima turned to her, "It's not like that Pagli, you didn't show him Mumbai properly.."

Khushi widened her eyes, "I did Mumma. He only kept fighting with me for silly things.."

"He didn't fight with you, you only like to fight with him all the time.." Garima glared at her. 

Khushi glared at Arnav and looked back at her plate, "No one loves me.."

Garima hit her forehead lightly, "Pagli.. Who said I don't love you?"

Khushi whined: Mummaaaa.. Is this a way to show your love to me?

Arnav smiled a little and then served juice for himself. 

His phone rang and he checked who it was. Another smile appeared on his lips and he stood up excusing himself.

Khushi notice the smile on his face. She gritted her teeth, "Oh so Mr. America has a Miss.America (Girlfriend)"

When Arnav came back the smile was still on his lips, he took his seat and took his juice to drink and his eyes landed on Khushi.

She was looking at him with a crying face making him wonder what he did, and practically murdering her food with fork. 


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Jan 3, 2018

Chapter 15 - Arnav hurt.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)

The next three days were going to be tough ones for Arnav as he was going to work on details of his fashion show and reached late at home. 

He wasn't spending much time with Khushi. And she was upset about it, she didn't see him at all because he used to leave early and reached at home, the time she was already in her bed.

"Thank God Mr. America's show is tomorrow only.." she thought smiling happily.

With this thought, she went to the kitchen to greet her mother and Buaji. 

"Good morning mumma.. Buaji.." she smiled.

They smiled more whispering something to themselves.

Khushi raised her eyebrow confused, "What??"

"Khushi bitiya did you forget what day is tomorrow?" Buaji asked her.

"What's so special tomorrow?" Khushi asked.

"Pagli tomorrow is Rohan's birthday!!" Garima said widening her eyes that Khushi forgot Rohan's birthday.

"Whaaaaaat??" Khushi screamed panicked.

"Are you planning to make the family deaf??" they heard Arnav's voice coming inside the kitchen.

"Beta you returned. Did you forgot something?" Garima asked worried.

Khushi heard his voice, a smile appeared on her face.

"Mr. America.." she said turning to him.

Arnav smiled softly, it's been three days since he has not seen her angelic face, he had not witnessed her crazy antics, and has not even heard her sweet voice.

"Actually I forgot my laptop.." Arnav said shifting his gaze to Garima.

Garima nodded.

Khushi pouted sadly, "Tussi ja rahe ho? (Are you going?)"

Arnav nodded.

"Tussi na jao (Don't go)" she said ready to cry for him.  Three days without him, it's like hell for her. Why doesn't she feels like that for Rohan who went away from her for years now? And Arnav just three days and she's missing him so much!

"I have work.." he explained to her and walked away from there kitchen to take his laptop on his room.

"Why did I feel bad staring at her face? Why am I missing her? What's wrong with you Arnav? No girl did this to you earlier.." he muttered going to his room.

Garima: Khushi I want to share a good news with you..

Khushi looked at Garima, and nodded her head not interested to listen, she was sad that he was going! 

"Guess what?" Garima asked smiling hugely.

"What?" Khushi asked.

"Rohan is coming back today!!" Buaji shouted happily.

"Yaaaay.. Oh my God.. Rohan is coming back.." she jumped in happiness.

Garima and Buaji smiled seeing her happy.

"How? He didn't told me.. How can he be this bad with me? He shared this with you all and didn't told me.." Khushi pouted.

"He called me yesterday when he was at airport.." Garima said.

"Offo Mumma.. We have so much to do, arrangements for him, Ayee DM..what are we going to do in such short time?" Khushi panicked.

"Relax bitiya. Can't you see we already did the arrangements and Garima is already cooking his favorites dishes. Where's your mind?" Buaji asked.

"What's wrong with me? Was I thinking so much about Arnav that I'm not even realizing what's happening around me?" Khushi thought biting her nails.

Arnav passed by kitchen, "Khushi I'm going to airport to pick my friends, do you want to join me?"

Khushi turned to him, she happily nodded her head: Yes!!

Garima wanted to deny, because she thought that Khushi would like to wait at home for Rohan who would be coming at any time. But since Khushi said yes, she didn't say anything further.

Buaji was so shocked that Khushi for first time, left something to do with Rohan to go with Arnav.

Khushi went running upstairs to change her dress and came running to the car where Arnav was waiting for her. 

"Relax Khushi.. I won't run away.." he said staring at her panting heavily.

Khushi used her duppata to wipe her forehead, "Paniii (Water..)"

Arnav took the bottle at the backside handling to her.

Khushi gulped the water in one go, then frowned to him. 

"You would run away, the same way you run away early in the morning from me.." she looked away angry.

"That's because the Fashion show is approaching na. We have to work even more harder to get this perfect.." Arnav said.

"You have time to pick your friends from airport but not wish me good morning? What takes more time?" Khushi argued.

"My friends work with me okay.." Arnav said.

"But today is last day na, how will they help you?" Khushi asked confused.

"Meera, is our supermodel so she's coming to work. And Aman was working in New York with other projects, so he's coming now to check the last arrangements with me and as my loyal friend he's always there for me. He can miss anything, but will not miss any of my fashion shows.." Arnav smirked.

"Doesn't this girl needs to train?" Khushi asked. 

"No, she's the best. She will get the things in the last minute itself. I trust her,  that's why I made her the showstopper of this show.." Arnav said.

"Is she the one who called you that day?" Khushi asked hesitantly, now reaching to her real point. She wanted to know if Arnav was close to this girl or not.

Arnav raised his one eyebrow to her, Khushi embarrassedly pouted: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

"Are you taking my interview? Why are you asking so many questions?" he asked.

Khushi: That was my last question. Answer it na..

Arnav shrugged, "Don't want.."

Khushi clenched her fist, she was so close to know Arnav's relation with this girl, but he had to stop right there.


At the airport..

"Mr. America tell me na.." Khushi patted his shoulder.

"Khushi stop eating my brain okay. I said I won't tell you, why do you care with whom I talk in my phone or not?" Arnav said irked with her, she was constantly asking him the same question.

Khushi gritted her teeth, "Is she your girlfriend?"

She went directly to the point, but when she turned to him, she realized Arnav went before he even heard her question.

She followed him and saw Arnav hugging a girl, she happily hugged him back whispering something.

Her heart broke seeing this scene. 

Then Arnav side hugged the man standing beside Meera.

Arnav turned to Khushi, he held her hand but Khushi shove his hand lightly.

Arnav was hurt with this action of her, he thought she doesn't like if he touch her.

"Who is she ASR?" Meera asked staring at Khushi.


"She's Khushi, I'm staying at Shashi uncle's home na, she is his daughter.." Arnav said.

"Hello Khushi.." Aman waved his hands at her smiling.


Khushi plastered a smile on her face, "Hi.."

"Khushi he's Aman and she's Meera. Aman works with me as my PA and is my best friend. And Meera is AR's supermodel. She's also my friend.." Arnav introduced them to Khushi.

Khushi smiled brightly when he said Meera is his friend, a silent sigh in relief that she is not his girlfriend.

"Let's go, and yeah Aman it's the last time I'm here to pick you. I'm your boss and now it looks like I'm your PA and you're my boss.." Arnav said smirking.

Aman smiled.

They walked towards the car, Khushi held Arnav's hand tightly because of the crowd.

Arnav looked at her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"Why do you want to hold me now?" he asked remembering what she did earlier.

Khushi didn't answer him, instead tightened her hold on him, for which Arnav smiled a little, he liked that she held his hand on her own.  

Arnav protected her from his fans, who were busy in asking autographs and hugs with him.

Aman helped to push the crowd away from him, and with lot of difficulty they managed to get in the car.


Arnav parked the car near a hotel, Aman and Meera got outside the car holding their bags.

"So will meet you guys at 3pm!"Arnav informed.

"Will you drop me at home?" Khushi asked him. 

"Why? Don't you want to see the venue of my fashion show?" he asked clearly upset about it.

"It's not like that. I really want to see it, but Rohan is coming back so I have to be at home.." Khushi said. 

"Oh..Rohan.." Arnav nodded his head and looked away, he drive back to her home.

“Tomorrow is Rohan’s birthday so I’ve to buy a gift for him and help mumma if she needs me..” Khushi explained, she doesn’t know why but she felt the need to say this to him.

“Go then..when did I stop you?” he said rolling his eyes, so Rohan was more important for her than him.

 Of course he is, after all he is her best friend, whereas for him both keep fighting all the time and she clearly hates him!!

 Arnav slammed the steering wheel of his car frustrated, when she got outside the car heading to her home.

 “Khushi..” he called her out.

 Khushi turned to him and came running back, “You called me??”

 “Rohan’s birthday is tomorrow, so is my fashion show.. that means you won’t come?” he asked as he realized this now.

Khushi bit her lips not knowing what to answer him, “I wanted to come on your show really.. but..”

Arnav nodded gritting his teeth, “It’s okay, I got your answer..”

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 Note - as per readers request, Arnav will be the first to realize his feelings for Khushi. 


Jan 3, 2018

Chapter 16 - She didn't came! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

"Princess.." they heard a scream in the living room. 

Khushi turned to the person smiling,  she screamed: Rohan!!! 

She went running to him, leaving her family giggling and Arnav who was descending the stairs after freshening up, frowning.

Khushi hugged Rohan tightly, "Finally my wait is over!!"

Arnav clenched his fist, he was ready to break anything in anger and jealousy now.  He wanted to pull Khushi away from Rohan and say to her that she only can hug him. 

"Yeah, finally I came only for you!!" Rohan pinched her nose.

Khushi smiled and walked with him to her family.

"Not fair. Only for Khushi you came back?" Payal pouted faking anger.

"No, I came back for you all.." Rohan smiled sheepishly.

Khushi smacked his shoulder, "Liar!!"

Arnav was silently watching them, talking and pampering Rohan. 

Garima looked at him, she walked to him smiling: Beta he is Rohan, Khushi's best friend and our son, he is very good man and always makes people around him laugh, he is just like Khushi. He spreads happiness where he goes..

"Unbelievable.. Even you aunt! What's so special about this Rohan!!" Arnav thought, even more hurt.

Garima: Come beta..

"Aunt actually I'm going out.." Arnav said.

"Beta tomorrow is your show na. You need to rest at home only, stay here and I will cook delicious food for you, then you rest and prepare yourself for tomorrow.." Garima said.

"It's ok Aunt. I'm used to these shows now. And I'm going out with my friends, not for work.." Arnav said.

Khushi came to them, "What's cooking between you both?" she asked chirpily.

"Nothing, Arnav beta is going out so I asked him to stay because his show is tomorrow.." Garima said.

Khushi pouted, "Now enough Mr. America. Please stay with us, look Rohan is here also and we will have fun.."

Arnav didn't reply to her, he turned to Garima: I'm going aunt. Take care..

Saying this he went from there. Khushi looked at him sadly, she knew he was angry because she wouldn't attend his fashion show tomorrow.

"Hey who is he?" Rohan asked in a cool tone.

"Arnav Singh Raizada! Don't tell me you don't know him!!" Payal threw a pillow to him. 

"I know him, after all we both work in the same field. But you see I'm better than him, so it gets difficult to recognize people who aren't in your level.." Rohan laughed.

"Mr. America lost the count on his awards, so it's very clear that he is the best!" Khushi defended Arnav.

"Right. You're no where near Arnav.." Payal said stucking out her tongue To Rohan. 

Buaji smiled, "Haan Arnav bitwa is just like SRK.."

"Kyun?" everyone asked confused.

"SRK is king of romance, ASR is king of fashion world!" Buaji said.

Khushi nodded and started chatting with them about how Arnav is at his work. She was praising him so much,  that it made Rohan jealous and surprised that it's first time she's actually praising another man than him, otherwise he is everything for her.  Then suddenly this change! 

"Mumma I'm going out.." Payal said taking her bad and went outside.

Garima shook her head, "These talks will go on. Rohan beta go and rest for now. It's very late.."

Rohan nodded and stood up, Khushi looked at him. 

"Let me show you your room.." she said.

"I know my room Doll.." he patted her cheeks.

"No that room Arnav is staying. I arranged another room for you. Let's go.." she said.

"Did you just gave my rights to Arnav?" Rohan chuckled walking with her.

"Jealous?" Khushi smiled.

"A lot.. You're mine Doll.." he said pouting.

Khushi just smiled, today she didn't feel like replying "I am yours" because it didn't felt good, it didn't felt right..

"Rohan it's just a room!" she laughed. 

"It's just a room! Don't forget that room hold our memories together, so it's not just a room.. " Rohan said.

"Okay baba sorry.." she held her ears. 

"Pagli.." he pinched her cheeks smiling.

"There is your room!" Khushi said opening the door for him.

"Hmm.. It's beautifully decorated.." he said amused.

"Good night.." she wished him smiling.

"Good night.." Rohan said and pointed to his cheek, "My goodnight kiss?"

"What? No.." she nodded sideways.

"You used to kiss me when we were kids!" Rohan said.

"Haan, but now we're grown up and I will not kiss anyone but my husband.." Khushi smiled.

"Typical Khushi!" he rolled his eyes. 

Khushi giggled and went running from there.


Aman's room:

"It's suffocating to watch her with another guy.." Arnav said leaned on the recliner.

Aman sighed, and jumped on his bed scaring Meera, who was munching her chips.

"Gosh.. You scared me.." she glared at him. 

Aman chuckled.

"What the.. You guys are ignoring me!!" Arnav glared at both.

"Yeah! Because if I tell you the truth you won't believe.." Aman shrugged.

"What's the truth?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

"You love her.." Aman said. 

"What? No! I don't love her, I don't love anyone.. All these love stuff aren't true.." Arnav frowned.

"Arnav all relationships won't turn out to be like your mother's was. Trust me there can be happy endings too.." Meera said.

"Everything will turn to be like that only.." Arnav whispered.

"Of course not. Why do you think like that? If everything was same then no one would be married by now.." Aman said.

"Everything is same, the difference is that married couple fake their happiness in front of the world, while inside those four walls there's nothing called happiness, only fights, betrayal, violence, no time for each other.. while those who divorce are fed up of that "happy married life" lie.." Arnav replied.

"Things can be different Arnav.." Meera said.

"Look I don't want to be like my father. I don't want to hurt Khushi, by marrying her if I turn out to be a heartless monster I would never be able to forgive myself .. If I betray her with another woman, I will never be able to look into her eyes anymore.. If I insult, shout or scold her for no fault of hers, I will regret all my life, .. If I raise my hands on her, I will.. I will kill myself.." Arnav said in a broken voice, tears slipped from his eyes as he remembered everything his father did to his mother.

Meera and Aman looked at each other.

Aman walked to him, and patted his back, "It's okay. Relax Arnav, I understand what you went through. It's difficult to accept love and marriage after witnessing your mother's marriage break in front of you.."

Arnav wiped his tears quickly,  "I'm fine.."

"In between what you said, I think you didn't realize but you said if you marry Khushi.. Why Khushi and not other girl?" Meera asked.

"We are talking about her.." Arnav replied.

"You're talking about her Arnav. We're just listening, she's in your mind and in your heart. That's why you only dream of marriage with her and you don't want to marry because you don't want to hurt her. You care about her!! Are you getting me Arnav? Whether you accept it or not, you have fallen in love with her.." Aman said smiling.

Arnav blinked his eyes pondering over Aman's words.

"Rubbish.." he said after sometime.

Aman and Meera face palmed.

"I came here to forget about Khushi's betrayal and you both are stressing me more.." Arnav frowned and hugged his pillow.

"Khushi's betrayal.." Aman laughed out loud.

"Yeah.. She preferred that Rohan's birthday over my show.." Arnav said and kicked Aman's back with his foot.

"Ouch.." Aman caressed his back and jumped on the bed again, staying away from Arnav.

Arnav smirked.

"But anyone in her place would do the same Arnav.. She just knows you for days and Rohan for years.. She would obviously choose his birthday.." Meera said.

"Anyone in her place.. blah blah blah.. She's not anyone, She's is she dammit.. And she should have chosen me and not that man.." Arnav said. 

Aman and Meera sighed hard. 

"I'm going home now.." Arnav said putting on his shoes. 

"It's early.." Aman said staring at his wrist watch. 

"I'm staying as a guest in their house. I shouldn't cross my limits..wouldn't like to wake up anyone because of me.." Arnav said opening the door of Aman's room. 

"Good boy.." Meera smiled cheekily.

"Good night bad girl.." he winked at her.

"Then who's good girl?" Aman asked.

"Khushi.." Arnav replied without thinking.

"See that's why.." Aman said only to be cut by Arnav.

"That's why nothing. I don't love her.. I don't.. I don't.. I don't.." Arnav whined like a kid. 


Arnav was driving back home, when his eyes landed on a car and some friends who seemed to have an accident.

He got down the car to help, "Excuse me.."

The group of friends looked at him, "What happened?" Arnav asked.

He widened his eyes seeing Payal, as one of them.

He saw her forehead bleeding, and asked: Payal what happened? How did you guys met with an accident?

"Rahul was driving the car and he was drunk, he bumped with this car.. " a girl said.

Payal hugged Arnav tightly crying, Arnav caressed her hair, "It's okay..this happens, don't be scared.."

"You guys should have been careful. And Rahul you know it very well that you shouldn't drink if you're going to drive. Did you saw the consequences?" Arnav scolded him.

Rahul was the most injured because he was driving, his arm was bleeding profusely and he was crying. He just nodded to what Arnav said.

Arnav took them to his car and headed to hospital.

The nurse took them to get treatment done.

While Arnav stayed outside thinking whether to call her family to inform or not.

He decided to call Khushi and say this to her.

"Khushi.." he said as she picked his call.

"Hmm.." Khushi replied watching her movies on her room.

"Woh.. Payal.. Payal met with an accident with her friends.." he said.

"What? Jiji is she fine? Where is she now?" Khushi panicked.

"Relax she's fine. She just got hurt on her forehead, other than that everything is fine. Only her friend Rahul got hurt on his arms, but even he is getting treated. We are here on City hospital. I will take care of her and bring her home. Inform this to Aunt and Shashi uncle, tell them not to worry as everything is under control.." Arnav said.

"Hmm.." Khushi nodded her head crying.

"Khushi don't cry.." he said softly, he heard her sobs.

"Hmm.." she cried more, it's her sister and she is very scared of what could have happened to her sister in this accident.

"Khushi stop crying dammit. She's fine.." Arnav gritted his teeth. He can't bear to see her sad.

"How did.. this accident.. happened?" she stammered.

"The boy was drunk and he bumped with other car.." Arnav said.

"I already said to Jiji to not go out with her irresponsible friends..see what happened.." Khushi said sobbing.

"She wouldn't guess that this accident would happen. It's not her fault.." Arnav said.

"Let her come home, I will scold her a lot.." Khushi said.

Arnav chuckled and hung up the phone as she went to inform her parents.

He went to complete the formalities and pay the bill.


At home..

Arnav reached with Payal, he was holding her bag and helping her walk.

They reached till the living room and Arnav made her sit on sofa.

He looked at Khushi, Shashi, Garima, Buaji and Rohan with angry faces.

"I told you not to go outside late at night.. Don't be with these irresponsible friends.. Do you even know what could have happened?.. And so on.. This is all you want to say to her and what she already expected.." Arnav said.  

"Because we're worried for her.." Rohan said.

"I know that you all are.  And I know what happened was wrong.." Arnav said, "But going outside at night time, doesn't change anything because accidents happen in day time also, stopping her from being with the same friends again is wrong also, mistakes happens but friends are friends. He did a mistake by drinking while driving, but he has learned his lesson and if Payal doesn't maintain contact with him after this then he will never forgive himself for this, we all make mistakes and we get a second chance, right? And anything could have happened, but it didn't right? Because DM knows everything that will happen to us, if it's meant to happen then it will.." Arnav said.

"All I'm saying is that you don't to put restrictions to her because this happened and shower her your love and not anger, after all she survived and is in front of you all fit and fine. If she wasn't here, then you would be crying and wanting to hug her, she's here so do it now.." Arnav said.

Everyone looked at him astonished. Then they ran and hugged Payal pampering her.

Payal looked at Arnav and smiled as if thanking him. 

Arnav blinked his eyes smiling, he went upstairs to his room.

Khushi smiled thinking about him, she went running to his room and knocked the door.

Arnav opened the door and she pecked his cheek quickly smiling.

"Thank you for saving Jiji, for taking her to hospital and for making us realize that the fact she's with us fit and fine is all that matters" she said.

Arnav was still on the kiss received by her. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi realized that she actually kissed him. Her eyes widened in shock, her cheeks went red and her legs took her to her room fast to hide her blushing face.

She closed the door breathing heavily, she leaned on the door clutching her dress nervous.

"I kissed him.. I said I would only kiss my husband, why did I kiss him?" Khushi asked herself confused.


It was early in the morning, Khushi woke up and went to freshen up.  She went to Mandir to pray it's a big day for her.

"Hi DM.. Missed me?" Khushi asked smiling.

"I know you did. You see today I came here for your friend. Your best friend Arnav, today is his big fashion show, you're his friend na, so you know how important is his work for him, so please be with him, make this show successful for him, not only this, I pray he gets success in everything he does. Unfortunately I won't go to his show, but please you be there for him DM. I really wanted to see his show and be with him, but I can't leave Rohan's birthday. And today is Rohan's birthday, bless with him happiness, healthy life and success.." she prayed and went to home.

At home, everyone was wishing Rohan a happy birthday.

Khushi hugged him and also wished him, "Happy birthday Rohan.."

"Thanks Princess.." he said.

Khushi feed him Prasad smiling.

"You went to pray for me?" Rohan asked smiling.

Arnav eyed to them,  the moment Khushi nodded, his heart just broke in pieces. 

He went upstairs to his room unable to bear all this. 

Khushi distributed prasad for everyone in the living room. 

Then went to Arnav's room to give him, she knocked the door and Arnav saw it's her.

He closed his eyes purposely pretending to be asleep on the recliner. He didn't want to hear her talk about Rohan again. 

The door was slightly open, so Khushi pushed it slowly. 

She entered and saw him sleeping like a baby. She smiled and walked near him, "Mr. America slept. How will I give him Prasad now?"

She thought and said, "No problem, I will leave here. I just hope he see this.. "

She walked to him, and wanted to apply tikka on him, but she left the puja plate downstairs. Staring at herself in the mirror, she saw that she had her tikka on her forehead.

She slowly placed her forehead on his, rubbing slowly to transfer it to him. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav opened his eyes slowly watching her do this. 

She stand straight after applying tikka on him, "May DM be with you always.."

She left after sending this silent prayer to him. 

When she left, Arnav sat on the recliner, he saw the Prasad she left for him and eat it thinking about what just happened recently.


It was night, and he was greeting his business partners. All were so excited for this show except him, she didn't came after all. 

Aman was glancing at his friend, who's never like this.  Nothing affected him like this girl did.  He just hope for a miracle that Khushi comes here and make Arnav happy.

He greeted few guests faking a smile on his face, and after that he just disappeared from there fashion venue and went outside.

His phone ring and he attended the call seeing his mother's name flashing on it.

"Hi mom.." he said.

"Hello dear.. I hope I'm not disturbing you, I just want to say good luck for you show.. I know it's going to be great.." Ananya said smiling.

"Thanks Mom.." Arnav said.

"So how is it?" Ananya asked.

"Sab bekar (everything a waste).." Arnav replied looking back and staring at people coming in and out, but he couldn't see his Khushi

"Hey.. Why are you talking like that? What happened dear?" Ananya asked worried.


"She didn't came Mom.. She didn't.. Don't I mean anything to her? She chose her friend over me.. I know.. I know right she knows him for long time and me for few days.. She had to choose him not me.. But tell me Mom, those people we meet for days, and those days are special, don't they become important for you? Is it necessary to choose according to how much time you spend with that person.. Does only time tells how much a person is important in your life? .." Arnav said completely broken. 

"Arnav you fell in love.." his mother whispered shocked, happy and what not.

"No mom, why are talking Like Aman?" Arnav whined.

"I know it Arnav. You have fallen in love dear. I'm your mother and I know you in and out.. You're hurt because she didn't came, that means she is special for you..And you're talking with your mother, but your attention is on this girl.. Accept it or not, this girl just stole your heart beta.." Ananya smiled.

"Mom will I hurt her like Dad?" Arnav asked unsure.

"Arnav put this in your mind, not every love story is same as mine. Not every marriage breaks beta. When you love truly then you can never hurt the one you love, your father never loved me, that's why he did what did.. but you love her, don't you?  So don't be afraid beta.. Say to her, and bring my bahu home.." Ananya said.

" I love her.." he whispered to himself but his mother heard that and smiled in victory. She finally managed to convince him. 

"By the way, who is she?" Ananya asked.

"That clown you showed her picture to me that day.." Arnav smiled.

"Oh my God.. Khushi! Shashi's daughter.. " Ananya exclaimed, "You said she wasn't your type.."

"Love doesn't see all this.." Arnav replied smirking.

"Acha! Naughty boy.." Ananya giggled.

"Arnav.." he heard a voice known to him.  Wait.. Is it Khushi?!

He hang up the call and turned behind, and his doubt was right. It's Khushi.. It's her.. She came!!

Khushi was coming to him running and smiling. 

She wore a beautiful navyblue lehenga choli, and she looked the most beautiful girl of this world in his eyes.

She reached to him and threw herself on his arms.

"I came.." she whispered breathing heavily in his arms.

Arnav hugged her back, his heart was jumping in happiness that she came. 


Feb 2

Chapter 17 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

Arnav sipped his coffee staring at his surroundings through the balcony. Suddenly he felt someone patting his shoulder, so he turned to the person.

"Morning.." said Arnav after seeing Rohan.

"Good morning for you and a bad morning for me!" Rohan shrugged.

"Why is that?!" Arnav asked.

"You forgot yesterday was my birthday still my best friend left me and went to you! Ouch.. That broke my heart.." Rohan said acting like someone just stabbed him on his heart.

"Oh! Then it's indeed a good morning for me.." Arnav smirked.

"Just one..there will be many Good morning for me from now on!" Rohan said smiling.

Arnav looked at him confused, Shashi came with an excited and joyful smile.

"Rohan beta did you share the good news with Arnav?" Shashi asked.

"I was about to say it to him, but you came now uncle.. Why don't you say it to him?" Rohan said side hugging Shashi.

"Arnav beta we fixed Khushi's marriage with Rohan.. Isn't it great?" Shashi laughed happily.

"What???" Arnav widened his eyes shocked.

"Kya hua beta? Aren't you happy for her?" asked Shashi whose facial expressions changed by now.

"But when did you guys decide it? Does Khushi know about it?! Itni jaldi Kyun?" Arnav came out of shock.

"Rohan wanted to propose her yesterday on his birthday but Khushi went to your Fashion show. So yesterday we decided it, and now we talked with her. She accepted to marry Rohan..and why not? Rohan is her best friend and she wouldn't have found a better life partner than him.." Shashi said smiling.

And it's not too soon Arnav.. I have waited many years to make my princess my wife!" Rohan winked.

Arnav clenched his fist, he left from the balcony.

Shashi and Rohan kept talking about the marriage preparations.


Khushi opened the door of her room after constant knocks.

"Arnav tum?" she looked at him angrily, "Why are you knocking like a thief?"

"Yes, me!!" an angry Arnav pushed her inside the room closing the door with a bang.

"Did you said Yes for marriage with Rohan?" asked Arnav.

"Yes!" she replied looking away, "It's a good news and you should congratulate me instead of getting angry and behaving like this.. What's wrong with you Arnav?"

"How dare you Khushi?!" he held her elbow harshly, "Why did you say yes? Have you lost it? Do you even love him dammit?"

"Leave me Arnav!" Khushi glared at him.

"I won't leave you until you answer my questions! I want to know.. Why did you say yes? Do you love him?" Arnav barked with eyes spitting fire at Khushi.

"Yes, I said yes because I love him.. Now leave me.." Khushi struggle on his hold.

"Lie! You're lying to me Khushi.." Arnav shouted, "If you loved him, then you would have chosen him yesterday and not me.. Why did you came for my Fashion show leaving his birthday ahn?"

"He's my best friend Arnav and I know him in and out.. Our life will be perfect because we know each other, my family is happy with this marriage and his also.. I can't break anyone's heart.. I'm sure this marriage will be a successful one.." Khushi replied looking down, not able to meet her eyes with his. She doesn't know why, but when her parents asked her decision over marriage with Rohan, all she could think was of Arnav. She was really confused why this was happening with her? But their constants praises over Rohan, her family happiness with this marriage talks, Rohan's friendship with her, made her say Yes for this marriage, only to not break her family and Rohan's heart. But she doesn't know why, she's not happy with this decision. She would clearly say no, but only if she had a reason to, why would she say NO? What would be the reason? What would parents say?

"So you don't love him Khushi, you're making those damn sacrifices for you family.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

Khushi looked at him surprised, how does he know that? How can he read her eyes openly like this when no one from her family noticed it?

"So? What does it matter to you? It's my life and my decisions.." Khushi pushed him, while tears slipped from her eyes.

"Yes it's YOUR life.. But my life is not MINE anymore.. Do you know why?" he shouted on her pushing her to the wall.

Khushi shut her eyes crying.

"Because I.." he got stuck on his words, his dark infuriated eyes turned moist thinking how he imagined to share his feelings to her in a beautiful way, to make her feel special! To be the happiest and special day of their lives.. But this girl spoiled everything in accepting to marry Rohan for the sake of her family.

"Leave me Arnav.. What are you saying?" Khushi shouted. Arnav was making her feel guilty of her own decision now. Why was she feeling like this? Did she do anything wrong?

Arnav held her both hands and kept them forcefully behind her back, slamming his lips on hers. Khushi widened her eyes shocked with the sudden kiss, she stayed numb for a while.

Arnav broke the kiss leaving the room with a numb Khushi behind.

Tears started slipping from her eyes, as she caressed her lips, "What's wrong with him?"

Feb 10

Chapter 18 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)

In the car..

"Arnav calm down! They just fixed their marriage, they aren't married yet.." Meera shouted at him.

"Calm down? How can I sit and relax knowing someone I love dearly is going to become someone else? She will not be mine dammit, I won't have any rights over her.. I just realized my feelings yesterday and today a bomb is dropped on me like that.. I didn't even had time to confess and prove to her my love.. I just started to think about my future life with her and someone mercilessly snatched that right from me.. Do you expect me to be calm like that?" Arnav shouted back at her, then looked away at his window side closing his eyes to stop his tears from flowing.

"It's okay.." Aman patted his shoulder as if consoling him, "I understand it what you're feeling, after your mom, you blocked all the ways for love and now that you decided to give it a chance, this terrible thing happened.."

"Guys! Don't lose hope.. Arnav you yourself told me, that she's not marrying Rohan because she loves him but only for her family sake na. So there is still a hope that she loves you but didn't realize it as yet.." Meera said with a small smile.

"Does it matter? She already said yes to this marriage!" Arnav said disappointedly.

"It matters.. Because if she loves you, then you both can convince her family to stop this marriage.. And I'm sure they aren't putting any pressure on Khushi, she herself is accepting this marriage because of her family not that they forced her too, if her family comes to know she loves someone else, I'm sure they won't force her to marry Rohan.." Meera smirked.

Arnav also smirked thinking about her idea, "Beauty with brains.."

Meera raised her imaginary collar with a proud smile.

"I'm handsome with brains also, I would have thought the same thing you know.. It's just I got emotional seeing my friend in this state.." said Aman pouting.

"How will we make Khushi realize she loves me and not Rohan?" asked Arnav. Well in business, he's an extra expert but in love terms, he's still a student!

"First of all apologize for kissing her without her permission! It's bad thing Arnav.." said Meera scolding him.

"I know.. I wasn't in my senses!" Arnav said thinking how Khushi would be now. He shouldn't have lost control like that, he has to apologize for it immediately.

"And about realizing her love, first thing is friendship.. Which you both already are friends.." Aman said.

"Second is care! If she cares for you, then she definitely feels something for you.." Meera said.


Khushi buried her face on Buaji's lap crying badly.

Buaji just kept asking her what's wrong, but she didn't reply.

"Is it something to do with Arnav bitwa? Bolo bitiya.. Are you crying because of him?" asked Buaji deeply worried.

"Buaji did I do the right thing by accepting to marry Rohan?" asked Khushi wiping her tears.

"I'm not the right person to answer this question.." Buaji said stroking her hair softly.

"Then who is?" Khushi asked innocently.

"You! You should know it Khushi.. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and you should be able to feel who is the right partner to lead this life with you ahead.. Do you think Rohan is the one?" asked Buaji.

"Rohan is my best friend and we know everything about each other.. Our likes and dislikes.. We get along well.. So.." Khushi said still with a confused face.

"Khushi friendship is different from love.. Apart from Rohan, Sid and Nakuul are also your friends, so you should marry them?" asked Buaji.

Khushi nodded sideways.

"Love is different, love is friendship added with different feeling! Friends are those who we want to spend all the time with, but when you're with the person you love, you want time to stop and enjoy that single moment with him.." Buaji said smiling.

"I don't feel like that towards Rohan.." Khushi said with a low voice.

"Then for whom you feel like that Khushi?" Buaji asked.

"I don't know Buaji.. You words made me more confused than I was.." Khushi sat on the bed facing Buaji.

"Okay.. Listen, close your eyes and the one comes first in your mind and heart is the one who you feel for.." said Buaji.

Khushi closed her eyes slowly, and flashes of Arnav kissing her forcefully haunted her mind.

She opened her eyes in jerk, while Buaji was staring at her curiously.

"I didn't saw anyone.." she lied.

"Now what? You still have time bitiya.. I will talk with Shashi if you want to stop this marriage.. No one is forcing you too.." said Buaji patting her back.

"There is no need of that.." said Shashi coming in.

Buaji and Khushi looked at him shocked.

"I mean I talked with the priest, and he said that both will get engaged after one week, and marriage can happen after that without any worries.." said Shashi smiling.

"But Shashi let her think if she wants this or not.. Khushi bitiya is still confused over this, Rohan beta just reached now and suddenly marriage talks, it's all shocking for Khushi.. Give her time to see if this what she wants or not.." said Buaji after seeing Khushi's scared form.

"Khushi herself said that she wants to marry Rohan.. Now what's the problem?" Shashi asked, he sat beside Khushi.

"Don't you want to marry him Doll? I talked with the priest for the earliest day for you both to get married because I thought both of you already have been separated for many years and now you want to be together as soon as possible.. You only said to me years back when you were a child, that you will marry Rohan only when you grow up..and now he wants to marry with you too, your dream is going to be true!" Shashi said.

Khushi didn't reply anything.

"Khushi talk to me.." Shashi said.

"I will marry him Papa.." Khushi said looking down.

Buaji shook her head in disbelief.

Mar 6

Chapter 19 - Happy Arnav, Jealous Khushi, 'both' shocked? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 148 times)

“Why did you call me here?” asked Khushi standing in front of him, on her tree house. Her eyes were all red due to crying, making him feel miserable. It’s only because he forced her to kiss, that she cried like this.

“Khushi I..” he took a step forward, and wanted to hold her by her shoulders but Khushi stepped back showing him her palms.

“Don’t touch me!” she said glaring at him, “From today onwards, you’re nothing to me.. did you hear that? NOTHING.. not my friend, not my Mr.America.. nothing! You broke my trust by misbehaving with me..”

“Don’t say that.. I’m sorry Khushi..” he said guiltily.

“Will a sorry change anything? Do you think I will be able to forget what happened between us? I took you as my friend but didn’t give you the right to cross your limits Arnav! It was my first kiss that you stole from me, a kiss which I wanted to be a special moment given by the man of my dreams!” she shouted, pushing him with all her force.

She held her by her waist, and pinned her to the wall, shouting equally like her, “Is Rohan the man of your dreams? BOLO.. DO YOU LOVE HIM?”

“We’re not talking about Rohan but you! Leave me..” she glared at him, struggling on his hold. Arnav tightened his grip on her, “I know exactly what I’m talking about, if you have so much problem with me kissing you not being the man of your dreams, then you will give your life, your love, your soul and body to Rohan, is he the one whom you’re prepared to give Yourself to him? Answer me, is he the man of your dreams?”

Khushi stopped fighting with him, she stayed in silent thinking about his words.

“He’s not meant for you Khushi..” Arnav whispered, stroking her hair. Khushi shut her eyes, she pushed him away, “That’s my life, and I have already decided about it.. I will marry Rohan and I want distance from you Mr.Raizada!”

“If I didn’t love you, I swear I would throw a stone on your dumbo head! Control yourself Arnav.. you still have time!” he thought.

“Alright! If it’s distance what you want, so be it.. you will not see me near you..” he said nodding his head. Khushi felt hurt, she looked at him painfully and left from there.

“If it’s distance you want my foot.. I won’t let you away from my eyes even for minutes!” he smirked.


Gupta mansion..

It was late at night, the family were talking about the engagement preparations, Khushi was lost staring at her phone, he gifted her! The phone had their picture near India Gate, he didn’t smile at all and she was posing with a big wala smile.

She smiled faintly caressing her phone, when Rohan shook her.

She looked at him startled, “Khushi what do you think? Our engagement on beach or in a resort?”

“Anything you want..” she replied.

“Then beach! It’s final..” Rohan said smiling, as he continued chatting with Shashi and Payal.

“Arnav bitwa..” said Buaji with wide eyes, staring at Arnav’s bleeding forehead. She ran to him, and Khushi looked at him shocked. She rushed to him, screaming his name all worried.

Arnav let Buaji help him, but when Khushi wanted to touch him, he showed her his palm indicating her to stop.

“Kya hua bitwa?” Buaji asked worriedly, making him sit on the sofa as the family rushed to him.

“I had a small accident.. it’s nothing to worry..” said Arnav pressing Buaji’s hands as if consoling her.

“Are you sure beta? Let’s go to hospital..” said Shashi. Arnav nodded sideways, “It’s not needed really..”

Khushi touched his forehead lightly, “Does it hurt?”

Arnav shoved her hands, frowning “Does it matter for you?”

“Buaji please bring the first aid kit..” said Khushi staring at him only, with tears on her eyes. Garima ran to bring it, and handled it to Khushi.

“Let Buaji bandage me..” he said snatching the box from her hand, Khushi snatched it back frowning, “I will do it..”

“I don’t want you to do it..” he said and stood up, going to his room. Khushi sighed watching him going, she took the box and followed him.

Shashi started feeling something is cooking between both, he just wasn’t sure if it’s what was he thinking.


Arnav’s room:

“What are you doing here? Why are you following me now? Weren’t you the one who said for me to distance myself from you?” he asked frowning, as he sat on the bed.

Khushi placed her finger on his lips, “Shh.. I just want to help you, just look at your state..”

“Excuse me.. I don’t need your help.. Buaji can bandage my wound and not you..” he said.

“You can kiss me forcefully, and I can’t help you?” she asked.

“I already said sorry for what I did.. and help, I can do it alone also.. I just want to be away from you!” he said, and looked away.

Khushi walked to him, and turned his face away. Khushi frowned, she sat beside him and tried to cup his cheeks, but he was stubborn. He shoves her hands, scolding her more.

Khushi got angry also, she sat on his lap forcefully making him look at her. Then she took the gauze the bandage his forehead.

Arnav looked at her intensely as she treated him, she didn’t give up until he accepted her to heal his wound.

“First friendship done. Caring part also done.. now let’s head to Jealousy!” he smirked thinking, while Khushi caressed his cheeks asking if he was feeling okay or not. 

“You know you’re really this world dumbest person I’ve met till now.. but I’m still bearing you, you know why?” he asked patting her cheeks.

She nodded sideways innocently. Arnav shook his head, “That’s why I call you Dumbo!”

She pouted and stood up from his lap, going to her room.

“Because I love you, Dumbo!” he said smiling lightly, “Whatever the situation is now, I will make you mine Khushi.. I won’t let you sacrifice your happiness for you family, I won’t let you marry Rohan even knowing that you don’t love me back..”



“Eat na.. you’re not eating anything bitiya..” said Buaji stroking Meera’s hair on the breakfast table.

“Sona eat something, why are you getting shy?” Arnav clenched Meera’s cheek, smiling as with other hand he made her eat. Then he eyed to Khushi.

Khushi was getting red as tomato in jealously, first Arnav was feeding this girl, and then calling her sweet names and if that’s not enough, her family was praising and giving all attention to Meera.

Meera was just eating the food given to Arnav, but her attention was only on Rohan, who seemed equally disturbed in seeing her. He was in same state as Khushi, burning in jealousy! Seeing Arnav feeding his EX-girlfriend, touching her cheek and calling her ‘Sona’.

“You both look so great together..” said Buaji smiling, caressing Arnav’s and Meera’s head at the same time, as both smiled to her. She was purposely making Khushi more jealous, to see if her niece realizes quickly her feelings before it's too late.

Khushi choked on her food hearing this, she started coughing badly. Arnav couldn’t help, but rush to her. He quickly poured water on a glass and made her drink.

“Are you okay?” he asked patting her back gently.

“Nahin..” she looked at him, with moist eyes and left the breakfast table. While Arnav suppressed his smile, happy that his plan is working perfectly.

Rohan and Meera were staring at each other with pain and awkwardness in their eyes. 

Mar 9

Chapter 20 - YOU! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 164 times)

Khushi fell her on bed, and buried her face on her pillow, as she cried her heart out.

“Why? Why am I feeling bad to see you with another girl? Why did you call her ‘Sona’? Why did you touch her Mr.America? .. I don’t like to see you with another girl.. you’re just MY best friend.. haan, I told you to stay away from me.. but I myself can’t stay away from you.. you’re just like a part of my life.. I can’t handle you avoiding me now..” she talked with herself crying like a baby.

Arnav watched this from the door of her room, he felt bad that he made her cry, but why is she so stubborn? Can’t she realize once and for all that she loves him and not Rohan?


Shashi’s room:

“Garima I think I did something wrong!” said Shashi with a worried face.

“What?” Garima asked, sitting beside him.

“I think our Princess loves Arnav and not Rohan, she doesn’t want to get married to Rohan..” said Shashi.

“Kya? What are you saying? Are you even in your senses?” Garima asked shocked.

“I know what I’m saying, and I’m so angry at myself for not seeing this before, when Rohan asked for marriage with Khushi, I thought she would be happy with this decision because she is his best friend and Khushi also likes him a lot, and now Rohan beta loves her also, I thought she would be the happiest to get her best friend in form of her husband.. but what I forgot, is about Arnav beta.. in this short time, Khushi has developed a strange connection with Arnav, you see Khushi never trust outsiders so quickly, but she becomes comfortable with him hain na?”

“No, Khushi and Arnav beta keep fighting all the time like kids, I don’t think they love each other..” said Garima nodding sideways.

“What we used to before marriage also? Fight all the time till the family decided to get us married!” said Shashi sarcastically, “Dumbo!”

Garima widened her eyes and slapped his shoulder, “Okay, now? If Khushi loves Arnav beta, then we can’t let her marry with Rohan.. and Rohan’s parents must be coming also.. how will we do this?”

“First we need to check if Khushi really loves Arnav beta, if it’s confirmed, then we can go ahead..  I will say sorry to Rohan and his family, but I can’t let my daughter spoil her life in getting married to someone she doesn’t have feelings for..” said Shashi, and Garima nodded agreeing with him.




“DM why is this happening with me? My life suddenly changed.. I was so happy with my family, until that Mr.America came and turned my life into a heaven and then Rohan came back, and my life became such a mess.. I don’t even know what I feel now.. I’m marrying my best friend, but I don’t think like that for him.. I don’t have feelings for Rohan DM, but how can I stop this marriage? How can I break Mumma and Papa’s heart? They had such a smile on their faces, what if I tell them I’m not ready yet for this marriage? I don’t love him.. will I fall in love after marriage?” said Khushi talking with DM.

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you know it’s there..” said a little kid, smiling.

Khushi looked at her and smiled, “Who told you this?”

“Mumma!” the girl replied. Then a woman came near them smiling, she looked at Khushi, “I can see you’re having problems in identifying your love! So I send my daughter to help you, it’s said that when kids explain something, it’s easy to understand!”

Khushi looked at her blinking her eyes, “How do you know?”

“Experience! Some years back, I was in same situation like you, luckily I choose the right path and the result is this beautiful girl in front of you!” the woman said.

Khushi smiled, then looked at the lady with pleading eyes: Then please help me choose the right path also, help me see what I can’t..

“You can’t see it, but I can.. and  just I can’t feel it, but you can .. it’s your feelings, so you have to close your eyes and understand your own feelings!” the lady said, and her husband honked, calling her. She picked her daughter and went from there.

Khushi stood still pondering over her words, she closed her eyes for a while. Arnav.. came on her mind, and her dhak dhak started.

She opened her eyes feeling numb, is she in love with Arnav?!

“DM am I love with Mr.America? Why am I thinking about him all the time? Please give me hint!” Khushi prayed.

This time, the flower fell hard on Khushi’s forehead, Khushi hissed and pouted rubbing her forehead.

A baby boy hit on a baby girl’s forehead, “Dumbooooooo..” he went running away from there, leaving the baby girl crying on the middle of the temple. Hearing her crying, he came back to her.  

Khushi watched this, the boy consoling the girl and saying sorry to her. He even kissed the girl’s cheek making her slap him.

Khushi giggled as she remembered of her relationship with Arnav is exactly like this, he calls her Dumbo, fights with her, but in the end he consoles her, he cares for her, he LOVES her!

Khushi widened her eyes, realizing what she thought right now, “Oh my DM… Mr.America loves me.. that’s why he’s having so much problem with me marrying Rohan.. he is jealous of Rohan.. that’s why he said I’m Dumbo but still he’s bearing me.. because he loves me..”

She hit her forehead thousand times calling herself a ‘Dumbo’, and then looked at DM’s idol, “Even you DM called me Dumbo hain na? That’s why you hit me with your flower.. but I’m really a dumbo! Why couldn’t I realize it’s not Rohan but Arnav who I love! ..  Before Arnav came into my life, I always chose Rohan but after he came, Rohan wasn’t the best in my eyes, he was. Rohan wasn’t the best fashion designer, but he was for me. When it his fashion show, I went for him leaving Rohan because I couldn’t break his heart. When he met with an accident, I was feeling the pain, when he talks sweetly to Anika, Sonia and Meera, I get jealous. I love to spend time with him, and not with Rohan anymore.. and when he kissed me..”

She blushed at the last, remembering their kiss moment, “Urghhhhhh I’m such a dumbooooo..” she covered her face with her palms.

“I’m not Dumbo!” said the baby girl fighting with the baby boy.

“You’le dumbo, but you’le my dumbo..” he said smiling, and hugged her tightly.

Khushi smiled staring at them.


Khushi reached in her house, with a smile adorning her face but at the same time worried on how would she stop this marriage, will she be able to break her parent’s heart but this time she has a purpose for doing so? She only hopes they understand her situation, but first she needs to talk to Arnav.

She was walking through the corridor when she heard some whispers, she looked at the side and found Rohan and Meera talking with each other hiding in a pillar.

“What are you doing here?” Rohan asked to Meera.

“Why does it matter to you? We have broken up and I don’t see the need to give explanations to you, on what I do or not..” said Meera glaring at him.

Khushi widened her eyes shocked, she quickly hide on another pillar next to the one Meera and Rohan were, and tried her best to hear their conversation which would help her somehow in breaking this marriage.

“Oh, so you’re dating ASR now..” he asked clearly in jealousy tone.

“I don’t need to share what relation I share with ASR with you..” she said and walked to leave, but he pulled her back, “Yes you need Meera.. I don’t want you to date him!”

“Just leave me okay.. don’t forget you’re getting married to Khushi now..” she said.

“I didn’t forget anything, I just want you away from ASR.. got that?” he said angrily.

“It’s my life, and I do what I want..” she shouted back.

“Your life is my life dammit.. you’re mine only!” he said pulling her near him, their lips almost touched.

Khushi closed her eyes with her palms, talking to herself, “Thank you .. thank you so much for loving each other.. you both are clearing my way!”

She went from there before getting noticed by them, and bumped with Arnav on her way.

“WHAT THE..” he shouted frowning, “Dumbo.. you’re walking with closed eyes!”

Khushi nodded sideways, she placed her palms on his lips and pulled him with her to her room. She closed the door silently and faced him.

Arnav raised his eyebrows, “Did you kidnap me?”

“YES!” she said smiling happily.

“Dumbo really.. you kidnapped me to your room!” he rolled his eyes, and she pouted.

“Just stop calling me dumbo please.. I have already been called that by DM in Mandir also, and I only called myself that many times.. that I’m tired! Don’t call me anymore, otherwise I will have to change my name in ID card, to Dumbo only..” she said.

“Not a bad idea..” he commented sarcastically.

“Okay.. I’m really Dumbo but this time, I’ve done something ‘Not dumbo’ ..” she said sadly.

“You’re dumbo, but you’re my Dumbo!” he said caressing her cheek, with his thumb. Khushi smiled brightly hearing this.

“Can I tell you something?” she asked. Arnav nodded wondering what magic did Mandir to her today, that she was so happy.

“There’s something cooking between Rohan and Meera..” Khushi said, and Arnav was like “What the…”, “Haan, both were dating Mr.America.. I heard them talking now..”

“So?” he asked.

“So..” she smiled asking him to continue through her eyes.

“So??” he asked raising his one eyebrow.

“You’re dating her now?” Khushi asked gritting her teeth.

“You’re marrying him now?” he asked.

“I don’t love him neither I want to marry him!” she replied, making him smile that at least she confessed she doesn’t have feelings for Rohan. Now he would do anything in his hands, to stop this marriage.

“I’m not dating her, she’s just a friend!” he also replied honestly, making Khushi’s heart jump in happiness.

“Who do you love then?” she asked trying her best to control her smile, her excitement, her feelings!

“I love the girl in that mirror..” he said pointing to the mirror.

Khushi pouted, she looked at the mirror and saw herself, then she blushed.

“Got the answer, or I’ve to explain?” he asked smirking.

“I’m not that Dumbo!” she said and beat him on his chest, Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, “And who do you love?”

Khushi stare into his eyes, “YOU!”

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav didn’t know if he should be happy about this or get angry on her for realizing too late.

“Arnav..” she touched his shoulder, not getting a reply for him. Arnav looked at her, he pulled her into a tight hug, Khushi also hugged him back.

“Arnav please don’t let me marry with Rohan.. I don’t want to marry him..” she whispered. Arnav broke the hug.

“Now it’s don’t let me marry with Rohan! All this while I was blabbering nonsense to you na?” he asked glaring at her, “Now your parents already fixed engagement date, they’re preparing for everything, Rohan’s parents are also coming here now.. it’s all messed up now!”

He turned his back to her, thinking how he would manage things now. Khushi looked down sadly, she took baby steps to him, and hugged him from behind.

“Don’t get angry with me.. Hum tumhare hain Sanam! (I’m yours love!)” she said closing her eyes.

Arnav turned to her, he cupped her face, “I’m not angry with you.. I’m just worried how will we break this marriage, without hurting anyone.. if it was for me, I would make you mine long ago, but it’s about you and your family!”

Khushi whispered, “Rohan and Meera! Both will help us, you think Mr.America, if both love each other, then how can I marry Rohan? In this way, Rohan’s parents won’t get angry with my parents, and Mumma and Papa won’t have any problem in getting me married to you!”

“Plan is good, but I need to confirm it if both love each other or not!” he said nodding.

“They do.. they were almost kissing.. I saw them in corridor..” Khushi said pouting, “Don’t you trust my words?”

Arnav chuckled.

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