Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

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Mar 24

Chapter 21 - Take our bahu home! (The end) (By Angel23) (Thanked: 124 times)

“Namaste ji.. Namaste..” greeted Rohan’s parents who reached in Gupta mansion happily. Rohan and Meera stopped their tracks, Rohan hide Meera behind the same pillar, “Dammit.. my parents are here!”

Meera glared at him, “Now you will stop this marriage if you still love me Rohan!”

While Shashi and Garima looked at each other nervously.


At the living room:

Arnav was shocked seeing his mother chatting happily with Rohan’s parents and Khushi’s parents, Khushi was scared that Rohan parents came, Rohan was trying to think a way to stop this marriage and Meera was glaring at him.

Arnav went to his mother, he sat beside her and whispered, “What are you doing here? And when did you came Mom? Why didn’t you inform me?”

“I came to see how my son will take my bahu home!” she said smiling calmly, “Aman told me everything that’s happening here, and trust me Arnav.. if you don’t do something about this, you will not step home!”

She smiled again, while Arnav almost gasped with his mother warning him!

“But.. Suhana (Rohan’s mother) you were about to come one day before the engagement, there’s still one week left!” said Shashi.

“Actually Rohan’s father has some work in London, so he will take and we decided to do Rohan’s engagement tomorrow itself.. like this, he can go everywhere he wants too..” she laughed.

“WHAT??” Arnav, Khushi, Meera and Rohan shouted with wide eyes, scaring Rohan’s parents.

“Haan..” Rohan’s father said, “Beta sorry for this, but it’s really urgent work and I can’t miss your engagement..”

“Are you okay with this Shashi?” asked Suhana.

Shashi nodded unwillingly, he looked at Khushi’s side who seemed clearly upset with this decision, her eyes were on Arnav as if pleading him to save her, and Arnav blinked his eyes assuring her that everything is fine.


Engagement Day!

Anika was helping Khushi to dress up, Khushi looked down with moist eyes. Even though Arnav told her that he would stop this engagement she was still scared of what will happen tonight.

Anika and Sonia gasped when they saw Arnav jumping in the room through the balcony, he walked in making them look at him with wide eyes.

“Sorry girls..” he said for scaring them.

Khushi recognized his voice, she quickly looked up and stare at him through the mirror. She stood up with her heavy lehenga and jumped to him, hugging him tightly bursting in tears.

“Khushi.. shh.. don’t cry.. I won’t let you marry Rohan.. please.. stop it!” he consoled her, caressing her back gently, “You’re making it difficult for me..”

“I don’t want to marry Rohan.. I don’t want.. please don’t let me be his, please do something Arnav..” she cried, burying her face on his neck.

“What?? .. Khushi.. you.. ASR.. you both?” Anika asked coming out of shock.

“You both love each other??” asked Sonia with wide eyes.

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug, Arnav nodded his head, “Yeah.. it’s a complicated story, all I can say now is that you both should never hide your love from Sid and Nakuul, otherwise you will end up in our situation!”

Both seem to understand what Arnav tried to convey, the girls looked at each other and ran from there to their respective lovers, to confess their Love that they always hide from them.

Arnav closed the door, and Khushi hugged him from behind with tears slipping from her eyes, “You’re helping other love story, and doing nothing about ours!”

He turned to her, and cupped her face, “Khushi the solution to break this engagement is…”

Someone knocked the door before Arnav could speak, he asked Khushi to open it. Khushi nodded, wiping her tears she opened the door faking a smile. That’s when Rohan and Meera entered with tensed faces.

Arnav was confused seeing both together, and holding each other’s hand.

“Rohan…” Khushi whispered with same confused face as Arnav.

“I’m sorry Khushi.. we need to stop this engagement!” Rohan said.

“Yeah.. we really need to!” Arnav rolled his eyes, “Because she’s mine!”

“She’s mine!” Rohan glared at him, tightening his hold on Meera’s hand, he understood Arnav was talking about Meera.

“What the.. Khushi was, is and will always be mine!” Arnav frowned, pulling Khushi near him by her waist. Now Khushi saw that Rohan wasn’t talking about her, but Meera.

“He’s talking about her!” both girls whispered.

“You love Meera?” Arnav asked, frowning.

“Haan.. and you stole her from me.. it’s your habit to steal those who are meant to be with me, right?”

“My girlfriend, my best friend and my damn career!” said Rohan, “Meera was my girlfriend, she was the model of my company, and we met due to work issues only, we fell in love later. But she got the proposal to work for AR, she was the happiest to work with you, ASR.. but I wasn’t.. I wanted her to work with me, to be with me.. but you snatched her for me, we had a big fight over this, and that’s when she left to work for you and I stayed behind.. now when I came back, I saw you in Khushi’s house, I saw how you got jealous with me being with Khushi, I realized you had fallen in love with her, so I also decided to snatch Khushi from you for you to know how does it feel.. but then Meera came back, I couldn’t see you with her, I was really jealous and realized that she’s my true love.. I only want her, not any revenge.. that’s why.. I want to break this engagement..” he said.

Khushi walked to him, she slapped him hard on his cheeks, “Be ashamed of yourself Rohan.. I never thought you could do this to Meera and to me.. you wanted to marry me just because you wanted to win from Arnav.. how could you? You were about to destroy our lives, by this stupid revenge decision.. marriage isn’t a child’s play okay?”

Rohan looked down, “I know Khushi.. I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry Arnav too..”

Khushi shook her head, “You’re not the Rohan I knew.. you changed!”

“I’m sorry Khushi..” Rohan said, “Everyone does mistakes, at least I’m repenting for what I did..”

“It’s okay.. now the question is how will we stop this engagement?” said Arnav gaining their attention. 

“Truth… let’s say this truth for everyone.. if we keep thinking about what will everyone say, then we’ll do nothing!” said Khushi.

Arnav smirked, “Ohho meri Dumbo.. finally you thought something smart!”


At the hall..

Khushi reached downstairs with Arnav, and Rohan with Meera, making everyone wonder what’s happening. Shashi looked at his family with a surprised smile, finally they will say the truth to everyone, and he would completely support them.

Arnav’s mother smiled proudly of her son, that he didn’t run away or something like that, he opted for the truth.


She admired Khushi’s beauty in between, thinking how her Bahu match with her son.

“What’s happening here?” Suhana asked to Rohan frowning, “Why are you holding this girl instead of Khushi?”

“She’s the girl I love Mom!” said Rohan shocking his mother.

“Are you in your senses Rohan? What nonsense are you talking about?” shouted his father.

“What? You loved Meera and wanted to marry Khushi?” Buaji intervened glaring at Rohan.

“Keep quiet Madhu.. even our Khushi loves Arnav!” said Shashi whispering to her, she bit her tongue and kept quiet.

“It’s true.. Rohan loves Meera and not Khushi..” said Arnav, then he narrated Rohan and Meera’s story to everyone.

Everyone were shocked to know this, “How could you do this Rohan? You embarrassed us in front of everyone..”said his mother.

“See my daughter was about to marry someone who never loved her, he was just using her.” Shashi said angrily.

“But Khushi also loves Arnav uncle..” Rohan pouted.

“You took advantage of that situation, who asked my daughter’s hand in marriage? You or her?” asked Garima.

Rohan’s parents also were scolding him, and Meera too joined them.

Arnav grabbed Khushi’s hand, who was seriously watching the fight in the hall and guests gossiping around. He took her to stage, and slid a diamond ring on her finger.

Rabba vee… Rabba vee…

Everyone stopped talking and looked at them on the stage, while Khushi looked at Arnav with teary eyes and a smile adorning her face.

“You all know now that we love each other and this was a misunderstanding that happened between us that end up with all this.  I really wished that this marriage thing never happened, I wanted a simple love story of me and my Dumbo.. but now I really feel that this happened to show me that love isn’t easy, you need to cry, to feel the pain, to crave, to run behind your love.. only then you will know what is true love, love is not only about happiness, is about facing obstacles too, is about fearing to lose the one you love.. I also felt the same with you Khushi.. I feared to lose you! But then I’m not someone to give up, I made sure to make you mine..  you might be crazy, world’s most dumbest girl and a Chipkali, but you’re mine.. only mine!” Arnav smiled, “I love you.. I love you Khushi!”

Khushi hugged him tightly, with tears of happiness now, “I love you toooo my Mr.America!”

Shashi and Garima smile with tears in their eyes, Buaji was on top of the world and emotional to hear such a beautiful confession by Arnav.

Rohan hugged Meera tightly, whispering a ‘sorry’ to her. Their parents thought sad that they couldn’t have Khushi as their daughter in law, were happy that Rohan found his true love, that like Arnav said, he ran behind his love!!

Anika, Sonia, Nakuul, Sid and Payal cheered for the couple happily. And the guests were busy in gossiping, about how Arnav looked better with Khushi and not Rohan.

“He even snatched the guest’s attention from me..” said Rohan in disbelief. And the family laughed about it.

Arnav lifted Khushi on the stage, “Mom!..I’m taking your bahu home now!”

He said smiling, and Khushi blushed hiding her face on Arnav’s chest. Ananya smiled and shouted, “Good boy!”

The end!

End of another journey, hope you liked it.. and I didn't bore you guys!

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