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Nov 19, 2017

Moments (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 32 times)

"If we could only have this life

For one more day....

If we could only turn back time..."

Moments, One Direction

A split second can change your life. Every second you live, every second you chose to live later and every second you wasted can all change your life. Looking back to those moments, don't you ever feel to go back and change all those wrongdoings you did? 

Arnav Singh Raiazada, the young business tycoon, was just 13 when his mother committed suicide after discovering that her husband had an extramarital affair. As fuel to fire, the mishap happened on his then 18 year old sister Anjali's marriage. With the marriagr broken, Arnav and Anjali were kicked out of the house by their father's greedy brother. The siblings were then taken cared by their mother's family in Lucknow which comprises of their Nani, Mamaji, Mamiji and cousin Akash. At the age of 18, Arnav went to Harvard to pursue BBA and then MBA and returned to India to open a fashion house which today is the biggest fashion house of Asia and 3rd in the world - AR Fashion House.

For a man who had everything, Arnav had just one thing missing - a girl in his arms. People had their greedy eyes hooked on that piece and the world saw many models clinging to the bachelor in an attempt to become Mrs. Raizada. But everything crashed when a certain woman walked poorly through AR ramp and fell straight to ASR's arms.

Love is strange. For a man who believed in status and money, falling in love with a small town girl was almost impossible. Note the keyword almost. From the girl who ruined his fashion show to Mrs. Raizada, Khushi Kumari Gupta had to travel through the most toughest routes of the world. 

Things fell apart when his brother-in-law started lusting over his love. The overprotective brother in him chose to believe the lies the scumbag told him and that caused him to misunderstand the woman he loved. From forcing her to marry him to insulting their marriage by calling it a six months contract, Arnav had surpassed every boundaries of humanity. The relation which started with misunderstanding soon turned into pure love as the couple fought together against Shyam and brought the truth before Anjali. But her denial to the matter worsened the things. With a series of misunderstandings and quarrels ruining the family atmosphere, there came in a person from his past - his dadi.

Khushi was the one who brought light to his dark life. The woman who taught him not to be afraid to love. The woman who assured him that she won't leave him like his mother did. Every fibre of his body froze when his dadi told him that the woman with whom his father had extramarital affair, the woman who ruined his family, was none other than his lady love's foster mother. But the live he had for his girl made him to choose her and her mother. The lover and son in him chose not to believe in anymore lies. Leaving behind dadi he married his woman again, this time full of rituals and no contract, and the couple together once again brought Shyam's truth before the family, this time with solid proofs by the help of Arnav's second cousin NK. Shyam was kicked out and the peace in the family was restored.

For a woman who recently divorced her husband, with whom she was mad in love for years, Anjali recovered faster. She joined Arnav and Akash at office and sometimes helps Khushi and Payal, Khushi's sister and Akash's wife, in their tiffin service. It was all good when Arnav's ex gf entered with a kid who is similar to Arnav in many ways. But the family was quick in realising her ploy and she was kicked out with Arnav and Khushi adopting Aarav, the boy, as their son.

From a a boy who lost everything to a man who got everything, Arnav was living his life with his beautiful wife and perfect son when dadi chose to make a reappearance.

Yaaayyyyy got my friend's laptop and now i can update in's the story i wrote for the first time since my college started. So this one is special for me. Here's MOMENTS for you.....

Do comment your views my lovely readers....

Regards, Archana

Nov 19, 2017

You and I (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 45 times)

"You and I...

We don't wanna be like them....

We can make it to the end...

Nothing can come between

You and I...."

You and I, One Direction


Sorry if the title doesn't make any sense. What can I do. After all I'm just another crazy directioner!





"And that's how you get -6 as the answer!" Arnav said and kept the pen down. He looked to his left at his son who was scratching his head in an attempt to understand the integer maths his father was teaching him.

"Understood?" Arnav asked. "No" Aarav said sheepishly.

"What the! Why? This is so simple Aarav. Why can't...." Arnav was cut off by Anjali who came there, "Shhoooo......chotte you need to be more patient when teaching kids. It's not like you're presenting the company's overview to clients"

Aarav chuckled and Arnav glared at Anjali. Anjali rolled her eyes and said "Aarav baccha....take a break. Go play for a while" "Thanks bua" Aarav cried and ran away.

"What the!" Arnav cried watching his son's way.

Anjali shrugged and walked towards the stairs when she turned and asked "Where's Khushi?"

Arnav rolled his eyes and said, "she and Payal went for shopping"

"WHAT? SHOPPING WITHOUT ME!" Anjali screamed.

"Yes they went off even before you came. Said that you're not a good shopping mate" Arnav said smiling evil.

Uh oh! Khushi dear, you are in trouble.

Khushi huffed as she entered the bedroom and closed the door behind. She heard a chuckle behind her and saw Arnav laughing at her. The husband of hers was relaxing on the king size bed and laughing at her misery. How dare he

"What's there to laugh? You traitor! You said to di that me and jiji deliberately went without her?" Khushi asked angrily.

"Yep" he said popping on p. He leaned to the bedside table and took a cherry from the fruits kept there.

Khushi marched to him and hit him on his chest. "Ouch" Arnav cried and she started hitting his broad chest with her tiny hands. "You know even our daughter can do better than you" Arnav said laughing at her efforts.

"Shut up. Why did you....wait. Our daughter can do better? We don't have a daughter!" She cried.

"I meant the daughter who will take birth soon" Arnav said smiling.

Khushi frowned. "I'm not pregnant. Don't tell me that you have an extramarital affair"

Arnav laughed and pulled her to him. She crashed onto his chest and he wrapped his arm around her. "Aarav wants a sister. So....."

"So?" Khushi raised her eyebrows.

"So why don't we......?" He trailed off.

"We....?" Khushi said.

"God...why don't we fulfill his wish?" Arnav said frustrated.

Khushi broke his hold and said "How?"

"Khushi!" Arnav cried and Khushi burst into laughter.

"Hasi aah rahi hai....bahu hasi aa rahi hai tumhe...." Arnav said and started tickling her. Khushi squealed, "Nahi...Arnav ji....."

"Jawab do mujhe..." Arnav demanded and continued tickling her.

"Nahi doongi..." Khushi squealed and somehow got rid of his hold. She ran out of the room laughing.

"Listen....we should definitely work on that..." he called out.

"No way" she called out from the stairs.

"I want a daughter" he cried and then his phone rang.

Aman mathur

"Yeah Aman, got my daughter?" He asked as soon he took the phone.


" the file?" Arnav said biting his tongue. Damn you Khushi.

Nov 19, 2017

Light it up (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 80 times)

Light it up, on the run….

Let’s make love tonight….

Make it up, fall in love, try….

Dusk Till Dawn, Zayn





AR Fashions, New Delhi


“Good morning sir” the receptionist greeted him with a perfect smile and Arnav said smiling, “Good morning Lisa. How is your daughter?”

“She is fine sir, thank you” Lisa said politely.

“You could’ve taken a day off to look after her” Arnav commented and Lisa said smiling, “No sir, it’s fine. Her fever is gone. She went to school today”

Arnav nodded and then walked into the office premises. Everyone stood up greeting him and he returned everyone’s greetings politely. He stopped at a cubicle and said to the man there, “Isn’t today your wife’s birthday Sourav?”

Sourav looked up in surprise and nodded. Arnav chuckled and said, “You had asked me for a leave last week, remember?”

Sourav nodded and said, “Sir you said that since the project is hectic every employee needs to be here and….”

“It’s fine. You can take a half day off” Arnav said and walked away even before Sourav could lounge at him with thank yous. Employees looked at him with awe wondering if this was the same person who used to set the office on fire a few years ago. Every employee of AR smiled at each other and said in mind, ‘Hats off to you Khushi mam’





“Got your daughter sir?” Aman asked with a sly smile keeping the file down on the table before his boss.

Arnav glared at him and Aman chuckled.

“I saw your wife purchasing birth control pills from a pharmacy yesterday. So don’t laugh as if you don’t have such conversation with your wife!” Arnav retorted.

Aman laughed and said, “But sir what were you doing in a pharmacy?”

“Getting diabetes medicines. Now don’t make up stories in your perverted mind!” Arnav cried.

Aman chuckled and Arnav said, “Why are you laughing? Go and do your work man!”

“And my work is to obey your commands! Trust me ASR, if the office people weren’t convinced that you’re head over heels in love with Khushi mam and if I wasn’t a man, then I would’ve been declared as your mistress!” Aman said.

Arnav laughed but soon stopped when both the men heard a voice, “Mistress? You have a mistress?”

“Khushi!” Arnav sprang up from the seat looking at Khushi who had just entered the cabin and had heard the last word from Aman’s mouth.

Aman bit his tongue and looked at Khushi.

“Aman ji, who is this chudail? Tell me! Laad governor, you’re cheating on me. Just because I denied having a baby and you went to sleep with women! You disgusting man!” Khushi blasted.

Arnav cried, “Khushi, Aman was just talking about other things!”

Khushi narrowed eyes at Aman and Aman nodded like a child.

“So this is what you both discuss? About mistresses?” Khushi asked keeping a hand on hip.

There came a knock on the door then and Arnav said “Come in”

A woman walked in and said, “ASR I’m sorry to interrupt but where is Aman….oh he’s here. Aman dear you forgot your tiffin!”

“Good that you came Sonali!” Khushi said, “I just caught our husbands talking about mistresses!”

“MISTRESSES!” Sonali cried and looked at her husband.

“NO” Aman and Arnav cried.

“Let’s go mam. Let them enjoy with their mistresses. We’ll go to bar!” Sonali said and tugged Khushi’s hand.

“Yeah let’s go!”

“BAR?” the men cried.

“Yes bar! We’re going to a bar and dance with men!” Khushi said.

“NO WAY!” Aman cried and pulled Sonali to him. Arnav held Khushi’s arm and said angrily, “What the hell did you just say?”

Khushi and Sonali looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Oh god!” Sonali said in the fits of laughter and rested her head on Aman’s shoulder, “Look at your faces!”

Khushi closed her mouth and laughed into it, looking at Arnav who was standing glaring at them.








“I love you”

“I don’t”

“I love you”

“Shut up Khushi”

“I love you”

“Let me sleep”

“I love you”

“Stop it”

“I love you”


“I love you”


“I love you”

“FINE! I LOVE YOU TOO! HAPPY!” he said and turned so that he is lying flat on the bed.

Khushi giggled and laid her head on his shoulder, softly kissing it over the t-shirt fabric. “Are you still angry?” she whispered and threw her arm over his chest.

“You’re clingy!” he whined and removed her arm. Khushi huffed and threw her arms and legs over him earning a glare from the husband. “I love you sooooooooo much hubby” she cooed and smooched him.

“Gross” he said and turned his head.

Khushi gasped and attacked his face with kisses and Arnav laughed.

“Waise I thought about it” Khushi said lying back on his chest.


“About what you said yesterday….” Khushi trailed off.

“Yesterday….?” He trailed off.

“About daughter….” She said drawing circles on his chest.

“Hmm?” he hummed.

“So why don’t we….”

“We….” He trailed.

“GOD WHY DON’T WE HAVE ****?”  Khushi blasted and sat up.

“We have it every now and then baby” he said and relaxed throwing his arms on the void surface on the bed.

“NOT THAT!” she cried.

“Then?” he asked

“Do you want a daughter or not?” she asked.


“No?” Khushi gasped.

“I’ve got a mistress who will give me a daughter!” he said and turned on his back.


Arnav sat up and looked at her. “So shall we?” he asked with a sly smile.

Khushi huffed and smacked his chest hard that he yelped.




Nov 21, 2017

Chasing the clouds (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 35 times)

"But baby...

Running after you is

Like chasing the clouds..."

Clouds, One Direction





Today is the day. Arnav had been waiting for this since the day he stepped onto the business world. From an emerging businessman who was struggling to set his foot right in the industry to the CEO of world's 3rd biggest fashion house, ASR is today seated in the front row of Forbes Businessmen Awards. Although he had won some awards on best fashion house and emerging businessman, this year he is certain that he will win the award he had been ogling at for all these years - Businessman of the year, the biggest award and honour a businessman can ever get in his life.

The smile didn't leave his face as he recalled his efforts for the past years and his success in the industry. No one can stop him now. Not even the Philips group who had been consistently winning the award for the past 20 years.

"Stop smiling like a fool" he heard Aman hissing and he rolled his eyes. "Aman, I was asked to get any one person accompany me to this function and why on earth did I invite you?"

"Because you didn't want Khushi mam to squeal Arnav ji and cry out her hearts live in front of cameras when you win your award" Aman said chuckling.

There suddenly came a noise and Arnav and Aman looked back from the front seat to the door of the huge crowded venue. People were gathered around at the entrance and media were going crazy. Arnav and Aman looked at each other and heard the announcement, "And there ladies and gentlemen, we have the star of the show...the man who had been talking the award for the businessman of the year to his fireplace for the past 20 years. He is back here and might take the 2017 award to meet its ancestors....fingers crossed....stand up guards, move aside people, focus cameras, ladies and gentlemen, GREET THE LEGEND....welcome to the show Mr. Adam Joan Philips."

The people moved aside for the legend of business industry and Arnav watched the 54 year old man walking through the red carpeted floor. He couldn't help but gape at the man like he did since the day he saw him at the same award venue 7 years ago. With his slightly grey hair gelled to a short quiff and dressed in a black in black suit and glasses without frame adorning his tanned face, his body language screaming authority and his eyes showing its power, Adam Joan was a freaking legend.

The men watched the king walking towards the front row with a man running in front of him showing him his way. Arnav and Aman, along with other dignitaries, stood up as the man in fifties walked to them. "Right here sir" the man in his uniform showed his palm and bowed. Mr. Philip followed his hand and so did Arnav.

"Thank you" Mr. Philip said and sat on his seat next to Arnav. Arnav sat down and looked at Aman who was to his left. He then turned to his right and cleared his throat. "Hello Mr. Philip, nice to meet you"

Mr. Philip looked at him with his scrutinising eyes and then at Arnav's forwarded palm. He raised his eyebrow and asked in his deep voice, "And you're?"

Ouch! That hurts! Arnav took back his palm and said, "Arnav Singh Raizada"

"I didn't ask for your name young boy. From which company are you?" Mr. Philip asked scoffing.

"AR fashions" Arnav said curtly.

"Now that's something I'll remember. Names aren't important in business field. Your company is your identity" Mr. Philip said and extended his palm. Arnav nodded and shook palm.

"AR Fashions. You had been taking home the award for best fashion house for years, haven't you?" He asked as soon as they let go of the handshake.

"Yes" Arnav said smiling proudly.

"I remember. See you remember a company's name boy, not its owners' name. Lemme ask you, what is my name?" Mr. Philips asked.

"Adam Philips" Arnav said.

"How do you know?"

"The announcer just...."

"Ah the announcer. Its just been three minutes past the announcement and you've already forgotten my middle name. The moment you step out of the venue you'll forget my first name and then I'll be back to the name my company gave me - Mr. Philips. That's the identity we all have. We cannot chase behind it. It comes to us."

Arnav kept silent and nodded.

"By the way, you can call me Adam" he said.

"You're elder to me" Arnav said.

"Call me Adam" he said again, this time sternly.

"Ok Mr....sorry Adam" Arnav said laughing.

"And your name young boy. Sorry I forgot"

"Arnav and I'm not a young boy. I have a 6 year old son" Arnav said laughing.

Adam laughed and shook his head.

And for the first time in his life, Arnav was not jealous of the man who had been taking his eye candy for years.

"And the award for the businessman of the year goes to.....give it up for the man who won this for 20 years....ADAM JOAN PHILIPS" the announcer announced and for his shock, Aman found Arnav smiling and clapping for the man who took the award home.

Nov 21, 2017

If I could fly (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 46 times)

“If I could fly…

I’d be coming right back home

To you….”

If I could fly, One Direction






“So you’re an Indian settled in Scotland?” Arnav asked Adam as both men sipped vodka at the after party of the award function.

“Yes” Adam said, “I’m from Mumbai. Flew to Scotland at the age of 20 and built my empire there!”

"Are you married?" Arnav asked.

"Was" Adam said and drank the drink.

"Divorced?" Arnav asked and soon regretted "I'm sorry I...."

"It's fine. No I'm not divorced. It's...she died" he said.

"So you live alone?" Arnav asked.

"What's with you boy?" Adam asked laughing. Arnav smiled sheepishly and Adam said "It's hard to believe that your a father. You act like a boy."

"My wife begs to differ" Arnav said laughing.

"Then she must be childish than you" Adam commented and Arnav nodded yes "got that right"

Adam laughed and muttered "kids"






"No Aarav"

"Please dad"

"I said no"

"Dad please get me gucci boots. I want gucci boots from Paris."

"I'll get you one from India."

"No....Paris one. I need a Paris one."

"Aarav" Arnav chided.

"Arnav ji...Aarav is right. You are at Paris, city of fashion, and you can't get him gucci boots?"

"Fine. I'll get one. Happy?" Arnav cried and the next moment the phone was hung.

"What the!" Arnav cried as he watched the phone screen.

He lied on the bed of his hotel room. It was his last night at Paris where he had come for the businessman award. He has lost the award, like every time, to his opponent Mr. Philips. But why doesn't he seem to be an opponent rather than a good friend, someone really close? The two of them hit together as if they had known each other for years.

Suddenly his phone rang and he smiled seeing the called id. "Hello Mrs. Raizada. Knew that you cannot spend a few minutes without talking to me!"

"What? I called you to remind you about the gown your promised to buy from Paris. Do not forget that. Bye Arnav ji...mwuaah!" and the call was hung.

"WHAT THE!" he cried and called back.

"What do you want?" she cried.

"You cannot talk to me like that!" he cried.


"Because.....I'm your husband and I'm out in another country and I'm missing you and...."

"And I've lots of work here and I'm super busy and I've got no time to speak rubbish to my whiny husband"

"Khushi...." he whined.

"Arnav ji...." she said matching the tone.

"I miss you"

"Come back then"

"The ticket is for tommorrow!"


"Do you miss me?"

"No. I've got my boyfriend"


"My boyfriend. Didn't I tell about the hot guy who works as cook for my dabba service?"


"His name is Vishaal! He is super hot Arnav ji. I went for a coffee with him and...."


He heard her laughter and soon heard her voice in fits of laughter, "Such a jealous puppy you are. I was joking....god....this laadgovernor!"

"Not a joke Khushi" he said angrily.

Khushi burst out laughing and said, "Gotta go. Vishaal is waiting for me!"


"Chillax. Aarav is waiting for me. He wants ladoo. Bye hubby. I love you!"

He smiled and could almost hear Aarav's "Lord save me from this" in the background. "Bye wifey. Love you and I miss you so much!"






“But why can’t we go in?” Arnav asked to the police guard standing outside the famous church of Paris.

“Sir, there are some valuable things missing from the church. So we cannot let anyone in. Sorry” the man said and Arnav nodding.

He walked back and got outside the crowd before the hospital. Setting his vision on the coffee shop outside the church premises, Arnav walked there and ordered a coffee.

“Ah we meet again!” he heard a voice and turned to find Adam.

“Hello” Arnav said surprised, “You here? To visit church?”

“Yeah, apparently they have closed down!” Adam said sipping his coffee.

Arnav thanked the man who handed him his coffee and turned to Adam. “Does this happen occasionally? Theft at church?”

Adam shrugged and the man behind the coffee counter said, “Yes sir. It’s common everywhere. Haven’t you heard of devil worshippers?”

It would be a lie if I say that Arnav didn’t noticed Adam freezing at the word. He ignored it and nodded no at the man behind the counter. He said, “They worship satan. Many valuable things have been missing from this church. People believe that it’s done by them!”

“Ha” Arnav laughed, “It must some thief who sells these things for crores. And you all believe in devils!”

“No sir. Those people are everywhere. They appear as pure souls and believer of Christianity but deep beneath they worship satan and does crimes against Christ and Christianity” the man said.

Before Arnav could counter, Adam intervened, “There’s a museum nearby. Wanna visit?”

Arnav looked at him and shrugged. “Ok then”

I know we have less Arshi scenes but dear, patience is bitter but it bears sweet fruit

Nov 21, 2017

Don’t Forget Where You Belong (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 71 times)

“Don’t forget where you belong….

If you ever feel alone….


You were never on your own….”

Don’t Forget Where You Belong, One Direction




@Keerthi yes dear. I watched Adam Joan recently and was blown away by amazing Prithviraj and the story. This plot instantly came to my mind and i decided to pen it down. P.S. Nice to see a malayali :) 



Raizada Mansion, New Delhi


“When will chotte reach Delhi?” Nani asked as everyone gathered for breakfast.

“His flight lands at 5 in evening dadi. I’ll be going to get him from airport!” Akash said and nani nodded.

Khushi and Payal brought the breakfast along with Hari Prakash and Manorama chided, “Hye Payal….I told you not to do any work didn’t I? You’re 4 months pregnant! Sit down!”

“I told her mami ji. She won’t listen to me!” Khushi said sighing.

Akash held Payal’s arm and made her sit on the chair. Payal chuckled and said, “I’m pregnant not a patient!”

“Mom….breakfast!” Aarav cried as he ran into the dining room and hopped on the chair. Khushi placed a paratha and curry in his plate and the boy started swallowing it. “Aarav!” Khushi chided.

“I’m late!” he cried which came out as ‘Omlette’ from his full mouth.

He gobbled the breakfast and ran out of the house without giving everyone a chance to return the bye he gave them.

Everyone continued their breakfast when HP ran to the breakfast table crying out, “NANI JI NANI JI!”

“What happened HP?” Anjali stood up from her chair, fearing something happened to Aarav who ran out few minutes ago.

“She…..she….she is here!”

“Who?” nani asked standing up.

“Dadi ji is back!” HP said.

A silence prevailed in the room.






“Anjali bitiya….calm down. You cannot speak to her like that!” Nani said sternly.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Anjali shouted, “This woman left me and my brother when we needed her. Years later she came back and tried to create misunderstandings in the family and then she is back again! Why? Ruin us again? I DON’T WANT THIS WOMAN IN HERE NANI. KICK HER OUT!”

“Di….calm down!” Akash whispered and held her arm.

Khushi and Payal looked at each other and then at dadi who was sitting on the sofa, sipping the tea as if an ever calm Anjali shouting out her lungs is a common thing.

“Why don’t you say anything? Why are you back?” Akash asked slowly but sternly.

Dadi kept the tea down on the table and looked up at everyone. “I heard news that Arnav has a child now! A grown up child! Girl or boy? Was it ‘the child’ who ran out in a school uniform?”

Nani cleared her throat and said sternly, “It doesn’t concern you Subadra. After what you’ve tried to do with Arnav bitwa and Khushi bitiya and her family, you should realize that you’re no longer welcomed here!”

Dadi stood up and looked at Nani with fire in her eyes. “My grandchildren live here. I belong where they belong!”

“Well your grandchildren don’t think so!” Nani said smiling.

“And it’s all your daughter-in-law’s fault!” dadi said and glared at Khushi who looked down.

“Stop it” nani said angrily, “I won’t stand you being in my house and insulting my daughter-in-law. It would be nice if you leave Raizada house Subadra. Ashram is where you belong”

“Tell me about Arnav’s child? How come he has a grown up child?” dadi demanded.

“We adopted him” Khushi spoke for the first time. Everyone looked at her and Khushi said looking at dadi, “Arnav ji and I adoped Aarav three months ago.”

“IS THIS A JOKE?” dadi shouted and looked at nani, “Adopted a child? Why? Can’t your favourite bahu conceive?”

Before dadi could intervene Khushi spoke, “Me being able to conceive or not shouldn’t be your concern dadi ji. Aarav is an innocent child who got trapped by a vicious woman. We saved him from her clutches and decided to adopt him. He is now a member of Raizada parivar.”

Dadi looked at nani who nodded.

“Devyani, I want to speak to you in private!” dadi said and everyone looked at each other.

Nani narrowed her eyes and said, “Fine”

“But nani….” Anjali began when Nani said, “It’s ok bitiya. Now everyone leave the living room” she ordered.

Everyone looked at each other and slowly dispersed to their rooms but not before hearing Anjali’s stern warning “I want her to leave as soon as she finished her talk with nani”








“Damn!” Khushi cried frustrated and threw her phone to the bed.

Apparently dadi didn’t leave. After her talk with dadi, Nani declared that Subadra will not be leaving soon. She was given a guest room and the woman has already started to behave as if it was her own house. Anjali had a shout row with nani who didn’t budge from her decision. Akash tried a stern stand and Manorama tried an emotional one but nothing convinced nani from her decision to let Subadra stay. And on top of that Arnav’s phone is switched off.

Her phone suddenly rang and she leaped to it.

“Arnav ji” she cried.

“Yeah tell me” he said, “Sorry dear. I had switched off my phone during take-off!”

“When are you coming?” she cried.

“Evening. Just 2 more hours. Why? Khushi what happened?”

“Everything is downhill here!” she said.

“What happened? You’re scaring me. Are you okay? Is Aarav okay? Did something happened to di? What…”

“Dadi is here” she said.

For a moment he kept mum and then said, “Why?”

“I don’t know. She spoke to nani and is now staying here!”

“Is Aarav back from school?” he asked.

“No. But she knows about Aarav. She made a fit that we adopted him.”

“It wouldn’t do good if she meet him. Don’t let her see Aarav. I don’t want her to hurt my boy” he ordered.

“Yes. Akash ji did say that. He is going to get Aarav from school and will be taking him to park or somewhere till 6 or 7. By then he and di wants you to come and talk to nani!” Khushi informed him.

Arnav sighed and said, “What does this woman wants now?”

Khushi hummed and Arnav asked, “Did she say something to you?”

“No” she said instantly.

“Khushi” he called out warningly.

“I took her some water and she said that I cannot conceive. It’s a curse from your mother!”


“I know but it still hurts!” she whispered.

“Khushi…don’t let her words affect you. You know that no one in this world can curse a noble soul like you!”

She hummed.

“Don’t worry. Just stay in your room. Avoid her completely. I’ll be back soon!” he said softly.

She hummed and said, “Bye”

“Bye dear. Take care”



Nov 23, 2017

Waves try to break it (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 36 times)

“My hands, your hands,

Tied up like two ships…

Drifting, weightless,

Waves try to break it….

I’d do anything to save it.

Why is to so hard to save it?”

Strong, One Direction



The door of their room slammed shut so hard that the glass doors leading to poolside vibrated terribly. Khushi sighed and looked down to the carpet as she heard him muttering some curses and throwing his coat to the floor.

“Calm down!” she said softly.


“Arnav ji…”

“THAT WOMAN WHOM I DESPISE SO MUCH IS BACK IN MY HOUSE, TELLING ALL SORTS OF RUBBISH ABOUT MY LOVED ONES. AARAV IS A CURSE, MY WIFE IS A CURSE? WOW!!!! SHE IS WALKING AROUND AS IF THIS IS HER HOUSE AND NANI IS DOING NOTHING TO STOP HER! AND YOU’RE ASKING ME TO CALM DOWN!” he screamed and threw a vase to floor. The beautiful flower vase which Anjali had gifted them for their wedding anniversary shattered into pieces once it made connection to the floor.

Khushi said nothing but walked to the door. Opening it she called out for HP. She shut the door again and walked to the wardrobe. Taking out his towel and clothes she dumped them to his hands. “Go take a bath. I’ve to call Akash ji and ask him to bring Aarav home”

She turned to leave when he held her wrist. “I’m sorry” he said slowly, “I was so frustrated and took it on you”

“Nothing new on that” she said laughing. Giving him a peck on his cheek, she said, “Take a bath Mr. Stinky Raizada”

“Join me Mrs. Clean Raizada!” he said wrapping his arm around her waist.

She smacked his chest and said, “Pervert!”

It was when the door knocked and Khushi moved away from Arnav’s hold. “Come in HP!” she called out.

“It’s me!” the door opened and Manoram said peeking her head in.

“Mami” Arnav said, “Come in.”

Mami came in and closed the door behind her locking it.

“I’ve to tell you both something important!” she said whispering.

Arshi looked at each other and then at her.

“When nani ji asked us to leave the living room I stayed back. I hid behind the curtains and heard their conversation.” Mami whispered.



“Now tell me, what do you want to speak?” Nani demanded and crossed her arms.

“So the kid is not Arnav’s?” dadi asked slowly.

“We told you. They adopted him. Aarav is now Arnav’s and Khushi’s child!” Nani said exasperatedly.

“Not that. He is not Arnav’s biological son right?”


“When Arnav has his own children, wouldn’t the past repeat?” dadi asked.

Nani froze.

“What are you saying?” Nani whispered furiously.

“I was worried if Arnav had a girl child. That’s why I came. If Arnav has a daughter, the incident that happened 28 years ago will be back” dadi said.

“How would they know that Arnav has a girl child, if he has in future? How would they even know Arnav? It’s all past Subadra!” nani chided.

“If it happened for a five year old Anjali, then it can definitely happen for Arnav’s future child!”

“So what do you want me to do? Ask Arnav not to have children?” Nani said angrily.

“Tell them the truth!” dadi said.

“NO” Nani gasped.

“Tell them. They deserves to know!”

“We cannot do this” Nani whispered, “I don’t want Arnav and Anjali to know this!”

“How long can you hide? There is a high possibility that if Arnav has a girl in future the same thing will happen. It’s better if we tell him now about the past!” dadi said.

Nani sighed and said, “Stay here for a while Subadra. I cannot do this alone!”

“Arnav and Anjali won’t like it. I came here just because I thought Arnav had a girl child of his own and got worried. Now it’s all good. You tell him!”

“No, you’re staying. I want you to be there when I tell them!”


“Tell us what?” Arnav asked confused, “What past are they talking about? What happened to di when she was five years old?”

“I don’t know bitwa. I married your chacha ji when you were two years old. So I don’t know anything about the incidents in Malik family!” Mami said, “I heard this and decided to share this with you. Something fishy is going on. Sasuma and dadiji are hiding something serious about you both!”

Arnav looked at Khushi and then at mami. “They both have decided to tell me. Haven’t they? Let’s wait!” he said.

“But what will go wrong if Arnav ji has a girl child?” Khushi wondered, “What happened to di in her childhood? And doesn’t she remember it?”







“No. I don’t remember anything happening to me” Anjali said laughing and she looked at the closed door. “Did you both seriously lock ourselves in to ask me about my childhood adventures?”

“Di this is serious” Arnav said and narrated mami’s words.

“Oh” Anjali said, “But what happened to me? Let me think? I fell from stairs!”

“Di” Khushi cried.

“What? I’m 33 years old and you expect me to recollect what happened 28 years ago, that was when your husband was not even born and….wait” Anjali stopped herself

Arnav and Khushi looked at her expectantly.

“I remember something. I didn’t see you when you were born!” Anjali said to Arnav, “I mean, when I came home, it was like two weeks past your birth.”

“When you came home? Where were you?” Arnav asked.

“I don’t remember. But I remember seeing you for the first time and ladies there telling each other ‘Ah finally sister met her brother two weeks after his birth’.” Anjali said frowning, “I never asked anyone about it. I completely forgot why I wasn’t present when my brother was born! May be this is related to what dadi was saying. I was five then! 28 years ago!”

“We should ask nani” Arnav said.

“Let her take time!” Khushi said, “Whatever the matter is, nani ji is worried. Let us give her some time!”


Nov 23, 2017

Voices numb (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 76 times)




“Hands are silent, voices numb…

Tryna scream, out of my lungs…

It makes this harder….”

Moments, One Direction





Everyone gathered for dinner that night. Aarav, under Khushi’s strict orders, chose the farthest seat from the scary woman whom everyone calls dadi and looked around at everyone with his round big eyes.

Arnav and Anjali ignored the elder lady when she sat down in her chair and Nani motioned Khushi to serve her. Khushi was about to when Arnav held her wrist. “Hari Prakash, serve for her!” he ordered and pulled Khushi to the seat next to him.

Dadi was about to say something when Anjali spoke, “Chotte how was the award show? Didn’t ask you about it!”

“You seemed so happy that you lost!” Akash commented.

“Yeah, once again I lost to Mr. Philip but I had a heart to heart talk with him during the inauguration. He is a good guy. Someone special!” Arnav said smiling, “He will be coming to Delhi for some business deal tomorrow. I’ve invited him here! Is that okay with everyone?”

“Sure” nani said, “We all would love to meet the guy who’s defeating ASR every year!”

Arnav laughed and said, “He’s been winning this award for the past 20 years! One should work extra hard to snatch that award from him!”

“Is he hot?” Anjali asked sipping her kheer. Arnav chocked on his food and Akash started coughing. Khushi and Payal hid their smiles.

“He is 54 di!” Arnav cried.

Anjali shrugged and said, “I just asked!”

Akash glared at her and Anjali cried, “Ok fine. Sorry. Jeez, possessive brothers!”

Akash shrugged and looked at Aarav who was silently eating his food. “Hey rockstar, why so mum tonight?”

Aarav smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He could feel dadi’s cold glare on him and chose to ignore it by looking at his father. “Dad, today is my PTA meeting. You and mum would be coming right?”

“Yep” Khushi and Arnav said together.

“And when is Mr. Philip coming?” Akash asked.

“Ah, for dinner!” Arnav said, “Let me confirm it through his PA!”






“Back to India after 28 years!” his best friend, Steve, commented.

Adam took a deep breath and stood up from his business class flight seat. Both men walked through the airport floor when Steve asked, “Are you okay Adam?”

“Do I look like I’m okay?” the 54 year old retorted, “I loathe this country. This is where I lost everything Steve, EVERYTHING!”

“You still have a chance to get back everything Adam” Steve said seriously as both of them collected their luggage.

Adam scoffed and walked ahead.

The men got in the car arranged for them and Adam leaned back on the seat, “Ah I’m so tired!”

“Aren’t you going to that kid’s home tonight?” Steve asked.

“Arnav? Yeah!” he hummed.

“Your acceptance surprised me man. You never agree to these things!” Steve commented.

Adam looked at him and said, “Arnav is different man. He is special!”

“Means?” Steve frowned.

“I don’t know. Talking to him made me feel so happy!”

“You never feel that for anyone Mr. Philips!”

Adam said nothing but smiled and looked out of the window.







“Arrey, you are back!” Payal exclaimed as she saw Arnav, Khushi and Aarav coming back from Aarav’s PTA meeting.

“What took you long? It’s 7.30!” Akash said.

“Meeting ended at 5 and kids wanted to eat ice-cream and play games” Arnav said pointing to Khushi and Aarav who stuck their tongues out at him.

“How was it chotte?” Anjali asked as everyone sat in the living room to hear news.

Arshi sighed and plopped on the couch while Aarav stood smiling sheepishly.

Mr. Raizada, your son is very mischievous. He never listens to teachers and always talks during class” Arnav said mimicking Aarav’s classteacher.

“She is jealous of me” Aarav tried.


Khushi rolled her eyes and said, “He is a child for god sake. Children are mischievous! Nothing new in that!” Anjali and Akash nodded agreeing.

Nani laughed and said, “Chotte you were mischievous than Aarav.”

Arnav glared at Aarav who was laughing at him.

It was then dadi walked into the living room and everyone went silent. Tension was thick in the room as Arnav avoided any eye contact with the elderly woman.

“Err…chotte” Nani began, “Me and Subadra wants to talk to you and Anjali bitiya!”

Anjali and Arnav looked at each other and then at nani. “Tell us” Anjali said.

“In private” Dadi said eyeing Khushi, Akash, Payal, mami and Aarav.

“They’re family. They aren’t going anywhere!” Arnav declared as soon as everyone started to get up.

“Chotte” Nani began when Anjali said, “What is it? Is it something so bad that you cannot tell in front of them all?”

“Anjali” Dadi began when the door bell rang.

Arnav sprang up and looked at the clock. “Oh ****! It’s 7.45!”

“Mr. Philips” Khushi said with widened eyes.

“Why are you so tensed? Go and open the door!” Anjali said smiling amused.

“Err…yeah….I mean….I’m sweaty! I…” Arnav fumbled and everyone looked at him with amused looks. Arnav ran to the door and Akash said to others, “I’m so excited to meet this man who got my khadoos brother to fumble for the first time!”

Everyone laughed.

Khushi walked to the kitchen and others stayed in the living room waiting for Arnav to come in with the guest. Soon they saw him walking in laughing with a man in his fifties. The man had his red-black checked shirt rolled up to elbows paired up with black pants. His expensive polished shoes made tap noise when it touched the floor and his Rolex watch shined as he lifted his hand to adjust his spectacle.

Akash stepped forward and Arnav said, “Meet my brother Akash Singh Raizada!”

“Adam Joan!” Adam shook hands with Akash.  

“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir” Akash said smiling warmly.

Adam smiled and looked at others. Suddenly his eyes fell on dadi who was standing together and looking at him with shocked eyes.

He stood rooted seeing the familiar face he thought he would never meet again in his life.

He felt Arnav saying something and looked at him. He was introducing others to him and Adam looked at Anjali, Payal and others. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear….” He said apologetically and Arnav said smiling, “That’s my sister Anjali. Akash’s wife Payal. My mami, nani and my son Aarav”

His eyes lingered a little longer at Anjali who smiled politely at him. He looked at dadi and then at Arnav, “And who is that?” he asked motioning her.

Arnav looked at her and then said disinterested, “My dadi”

Adam looked at dadi who was standing frozen at her spot. Everyone frowned at her reaction and Adam smirked. “Subadra Malik, nice to meet you again” he said.


Nov 23, 2017

Spaces between us (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 53 times)

“Oh spaces between us keep getting deeper…

It’s harder to reach you even though I try…

Spaces between us hold all our secrets…

Leaving us speechless and I don’t know why…”

Spaces, One Direction



“Subadra Malik, nice to meet you again” he said.

Dadi snapped out of her state and gulped. She looked at nani whose eyes suddenly widened as if she realized something.

“Wait you both know each other?” Arnav frowned.

“Long history” Adam whispered and looked at dadi. He suddenly snapped out of it and looked at Arnav, “I didn’t meet that one person Arnav. Where is your lady?”

“Ah Khushi….she was here. Where is she?” Arnav looked around.

“Right here!” Khushi said as she walked into the room holding a tray of orange juice.

“Arrey why are you all making him stand at the door? Aap log bhi na!” Khushi chided.

“Oh yes” Akash cried “Take a seat sir!”

“Ah call me Adam” Adam said patting Akash’s shoulder and sat in the couch. Everyone took seats and Khushi handed him the juice.

“Thank you” he turned to Arnav and said, “So this is the childish wife you were talking about!”

Khushi gasped and looked at Arnav who smiled sheepishly. Adam chuckled and turned to Aarav, “Hello young boy!”

“Hello” Aarav said shyly and sank into his seat.

“He is such a shy boy!” Adam commented laughing, “Come here dear!” he said extending his arm. Aarav looked at Arnav who nodded at him. He stood up shyly and walked to Adam.

Adam dipped his hand to the sling bag he had carried with him. Taking out a wrapped box from it he extended it to the boy, “For you”

Aarav held it and said, “Thank you uncle!”

Adam chuckled and ruffled the boy’s hair. “Iski kya zaroorat dhi!” Khushi said smiling. Adam smiled and winked at Aarav who smiled widely at the gift.

“It’s a great pleasure to meet you Mr. Philips” Payal said smiling, “We all wanted to meet that person who is defeating the rude and arrogant ASR for years!”

Adam laughed and looked at Arnav who smiled sheepishly. “Rude and arrogant? This guy? I find him harmless as a puppy!” Adam said chuckling.

Everyone laughed and Arnav glared at him. “Waise” he changed the topic, “How do you know dadi?”

Everyone noticed how dadi, nani and Adam stiffened at that. Adam bore his eyes into dadi as he answered, “I grew up in Lucknow. I have met her during my childhood!”

Raizadas must be declared stupid if they had believed his answer. Even Aarav could see right through the lie. Anjali cleared her throat cutting the tension. “Are you married Mr. Philips!”

“Call me Adam” Adam said smiling, “And…yes I was married. She passed away years back!”

“Oh I’m sorry” Anjali sank back into her seat.

“It’s okay” he smiled.

“Children?” she asked.

“Dead” he said smiling.

Anjali looked down not knowing what to say. Everyone bit their lips and the tension was back in the room.

“Listen it’s okay” Adam said laughing, “Happened years back! I’m okay! Don’t feel bad!”

Anjali smiled nervously and Adam asked, “Tell me about yourself Anjali. I know about Arnav – the self-proclaimed arrogant, but a puppy in real, business man who is married and have a kid who is far more mature than him!”

“Hey” Arnav cried and everyone laughed.

“Well, I’m 33 years old” Anjali began, “I work with Arnav at AR fashions as head designer. I got married when I was 23 and got divorced recently!”

Adam nodded and said, “Sounded like a bio data that you submit for a job. You’re too good at writing resumes aren’t you?”

Anjali burst into laughter and everyone smiled.



Time flew as the family chatted with Adam Joan. It was a hungry Aarav who pointed out that it was 9.30 and he wanted food. Dinner was a joyous affair as Adam and Anjali together pulled a glaring whining Arnav’s leg and the whole family watched it in fits of laughter.



“It was an incredible day! Thank you so much for coming Adam!” Anjali said and hugged him. “Thank you for inviting me!” he said as they withdrew the hug. He hugged Arnav and Akash and smiled at Khushi and Payal. Ruffling Aarav’s head and folding a Namaste to mami, he looked at nani and dadi as the duo stuck together. Nodding at them he walked out of the Raizada mansion to his car.

Adam reached his car and opened the car door when he heard “Stop”

He turned and found the person he had expected.

“What can I do for your Mrs. Malik?” he asked crossing his arms.

Subadra turned back to check if anyone was there and walked to Adam. She held his arm and pulled him to the huge tree in the Raizada garden, hiding them from anyone who looked from inside.

“Why are you back?” she demanded.

Adam freed his arm and asked, avoiding his question, “Arnav. You named him Arnav”

“Answer my question. WHY ARE YOU BACK?” she asked angrily.

“I didn’t come back Mrs. Malik. I never knew that it’s them! And plus, if I want to come back, you’re no one to stop me!” he said angrily.

“Listen Adam…”

“No you listen to me! Don’t shout at me stating that I came back. You’re the reason why I lost everything. You’re the reason for my loneliness for the past 28 years! I searched the whole world for them and couldn’t find them! They were Maliks weren’t they? How come they became Raizadas?” he screamed.

“Sshhh!” dadi said.

“You didn’t tell them, am I right? Of course you wouldn’t!” he said.

“Why would I? I don’t want my grandchildren to die!” she said.

“FOR GOD SAKE!” he slammed his fist on the tree.

“Don’t vent your anger on me Adam. They were not safe with you and thus I protected them from you” dadi said sternly.

Adam looked at her breathing heavily for a moment and then turned on his heels walking to his car. Entering the vehicle, he slammed the door shut and drove the car out of Raizada premises.

Dadi sighed and turned. Coming from the secrecy of the tree, she walked to the house when she saw a person she didn’t want to see.

“Khushi” she gasped as she stopped on her tracks.

Holding the sling bag Adam had forgotten to take, Khushi stood with an emotionless face.

“I….he…” dadi stammered and Khushi showed her palm stopping the elderly woman.

“In your room Mrs. Malik. And I want nothing but the truth!”


Nov 24, 2017

Wings are made to fly (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 59 times)

“Don’t let what they say…

Keep you up at night….

And they can’t detain you….

Coz wings are made to fly….”

Wings, Little Mix





35 years back


Sheesh Mahal, Lucknow


The royal Malik mansion stood in the middle of Lucknow city with all it’s glory. The rulers of Lucknow, Rudrapratap Malik and his wife Subadra Malik had three children. Aravind Malik, the brilliant businessman. Avinash Malik, the drunkard and gambler. And Amaira Malik, the princess of Maliks.

The whole Lucknow was jealous of the 19 year old girl’s beauty and various men had tried to win her heart, but in vain. For a girl who was born and brought in a conservative and orthodox family, Amaira had huge dreams – dreams which she knew she can never reach. There were days when she used to sit by her window and watch the flying birds wishing for wings so that she could fly around the world. She wanted to fly, fly out of the cage she was in, fly out to Scotland’s Edinburgh University and pursue law. Her desire to fly grew harder when the application she had sent secretly to the university got accepted. Knowing that her family would never agree to it and would definitely force her into marrying the landlord’s son, the forcing which was going on for the past four years, she decided to fly! The night her application was accepted, Amaira Malik got a loyal servant of Maliks to get her visa and passport. The day after that, she flew to Scotland leaving behind a letter for her family.





Wrapping the fur coat she had purchased from Scotland using the money she had stolen from her father’s locker, she walked through the gates of Edinburgh looking around the huge campus.

The sign boards helped her to get into the classes of Law and the 19 year old sat down on an empty chair. She looked around to find everyone in deep conversation with each other. She couldn’t help but feel left out. Everyone around her were English, she could see that. She could even feel some glances thrown at her slightly dark tanned skin.

Professor walked into the class and greeted them. A few minutes were taken for introduction and every student introduced themselves before the class.

An hour passed and professor was talking about the subject when the door slammed open and a boy dashed in. “So sorry sir.”

“Look at the time gentleman!” professor said pointing to the watch the boy was wearing.

“My bike punctured sir. I had a hard time fixing it!”

“Get in”

Amaira was looking down at her notebook until the boy plopped into the seat next to her. She looked at him and found the most handsome face she had ever met in her lifetime. His slightly long black hair was wet and dangling to his forehead and the denim jacket worn over the white t-shirt highlighted his tanned skin. Indian, his face was Indian. She saw him smiling at her and she smiled back.

The professor was talking and she turned her attention from him. She was listening to the class until she heard the handsome boy whispering, “Hey are you an Indian?”

“Yes” she whispered.



“I’m from Mumbai” he whispered.

“Okay” she said and continued listening.

“Hey” he whispered again.

She looked at him and the professor called out, “Is there a problem?”

“No sir” she said meekly and glared at him. He smiled sheepishly and turned his attention to his notebook.

The class was over and professor walked out. She turned to him and he said lifting his hands in air, “Okay sorry. I didn’t mean to get caught on the first day!”

She nodded smiling.

“So let’s introduce ourselves?” he asked with his charming smile.

She extended her hand and said, “Amaira Malik”

He shook hand and said, “Adam Joan”

And that was the beginning of something beautiful. Something that Amaira had never experienced in her 19 years of living experience.




Dadi looked at Khushi who was sitting on the dressing chair.

“Then?” Khushi asked, “Amaira and Adam fell in love is it not so? What happened next?”

Dadi said, “After Amaira left to Scotland we never tried to reach her. Nor did she. She was dead for us. The next year Aravind married Ratna and Avinash married Parvati. Amaira did contact us, once, but my husband asked her never to call us again and she never did. After four years of her leaving the house, one fine morning, Amaira showed up at Malik house with a man and a baby in her arms!”

Khushi looked at her and dadi said, “Adam and she were living together at Scotland. They got married and had a baby. The baby was two years old when they showed up at our doorstep. They had finally showed the courage to visit us.”

“So…” Khushi began slowly, “The baby was…”

Dadi nodded and said, “Anjali. They named her Anjali Adam Joan!”

Khushi took a deep breath and asked, “Then?”

“Anjali’s innocent face didn’t allow Rudra ji to kick them out. We accepted them, even though Adam was a Christian. They stayed with us for a month and then returned back to Scotland. We used to contact each other and slowly we all forgave Amaira. After all, she was our princess!” dadi said smiling sadly.

After a moment of silence she continued, “Three years passed and Amaira became pregnant with their second child. This time, Adam brought her home during her pregnancy. Months flew and when Amaira was seven months pregnant, we got a call from Amaira’s friend in Scotland who informed us that Anjali went missing!”

Khushi gasped and dadi said, “Anjali was missing for a week and Adam didn’t tell Amaira since she was in a complicated pregnancy. Scotland Yard was searching for my five year old grandchild and went in vain! They searched everywhere but according to Adam, not at the right place!”

Khushi frowned and dadi said sighing, “Amaira went hysteric. She was admitted to hospital. Doctors decided to do the delivery. Delivery was done. Amaira gave birth to a baby boy at her seventh month but….she couldn’t make it!”

Tears rolled down dadi’s cheek, “She didn’t even get the chance to see her son. My daughter had the most painful death!”

Khushi bit her lip and wrapped her arm around dadi. Dadi wiped her tears and said, “We didn’t inform Adam. We just said that Amaira is tired after giving birth! After a week he returned with Anjali. It was not the police but him who found her. There was not even a single scratch on the girl but Adam…he was severely injured from head to toe. But despite his conditions, he travelled in utmost happiness, to meet his wife and new born son, only to hear about his wife’s death!”

She drank a glass of water and said, “Adam told us who kidnapped Anjali and why. Anjali was taken by satan worshippers!”

Khushi gasped, “Why?” she cried.

Dadi sighed and said, “Satanists works against Christianity. On every occasion where Jesus overpowered them, they conduct rituals to make the devil happy. Jews are Jesus’ favourite and they sacrifice young Jew girls below the age of 10 on special days!”

Khushi gasped and dadi said, “Anjali is Jew because her father is Jew”

“Adam chased them to get his daughter back. He went to every extend to find her. From tracking down every Satanist priests in Scotland to killing the head priest who was about to stab Anjali to death, Adam brought his daughter back.” Dadi said and looked at Khushi who was crying.

“But the incident scared us all. Rudra ji shouted at Adam and blamed him for his daughter’s death. He asked Adam to go away from our and the children’s lives. Adam refused to leave his children. And I did the worst thing ever!”

Khushi looked at her and dadi said looking down, “Police were looking for the killer of the Satanist priests. I recorded Adam telling us that he killed them and send it to Scotland Yard! They had enough proofs of Adam being a Jew and his daughter kidnapped and thus the Indian branch arrested him. He was taken to Scotland jail for eight years.”

Khushi sighed and dadi continued, “During that time period, we changed Anjali’s name to Anjali Malik. Amaira and Adam became a fairy tale for her. She doesn’t remember anyone kidnapping her since they drugged her. Aravind and Ratna became her parents and she completely forgot her real parents. We named the boy Arnav Malik and the children grew up as Aravind and Ratna’s kids. 8 years later, Adam was released but he did not have the consent to leave Scotland for another ten years! He tried to contact us but we didn’t allow him to reach the children. The only way he could contact was phone and we blocked him and any foreign calls. Adam could no longer contact us. But after ten years, he came back. But by then, Aravind and Ratna had died. Arnav and Anjali was here with Devyani. They officially became Raizadas. Adam tried to find me in the orphanage but I got the orphanage people to tell him that I died. There was no one to tell him where his children was and his sources would never tell him where Anjali Adam Joan and his boy, whose name he never knew, were because there was no Anjali Adam Joan in the records. There were just Anjali Singh Raizada and Arnav Singh Raizada!”

Dadi finished and Khushi buried her face into her palms.

“I’m sorry Khushi” dadi said, “I just wanted to protect Anjali and….”

“You estranged a father from his children! You think that was okay!” Khushi cried.

Dadi looked down and said, “I did wrong but I didn’t have a choice. And this is the reason why I came back. I thought Arnav had a girl child. If Arnav has a girl child in future, and if the Satanists comes to know about Arnav’s past and caste, then your daughter would be brutally killed. Arnav and Anjali are jews and their daughters will be slaughtered before the devil!”

“How am I going to tell them this?” Khushi asked in tears, “Even when their parents died, they didn’t feel like they were orphans. They had nani ji, mami, mama ji and akash….but…how will they feel when they come to know that the people they are living with for the past years are actually no one to them?”

Dadi sighed and looked down in tears.


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