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Dec 10, 2017

And we run (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 78 times)

“They are the hunters...

We’re the foxes...

And we run...”

I Know Places, Taylor Swift





An unfamiliar burning sensation on her forehead woke Anjali up from her deep slumber. She blinked her eyes a few times and fixed her focus on the ceiling up. She looked to her left to find Daniel pressing a cotton ball on her forehead. The medicines penetrated deep into her wound and she hissed in pain. “Sorry” he mumbled.

Anjali blinked at him. Did he just apologize? He threw away the cotton ball on the dustbin and Anjali sat up clutching her forehead. It was only then she realized how her hands were untied. She was resting on the bed? The last she remembered was him slapping her hard and her hands still tied to the pole where she hit her head.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled at her and stood up from the bed where he was sitting beside her. She said nothing but looked away. He cleared her throat and was about to say something when his phone.

“Yes Nathan”

“Danny, Adam is here!”


“He landed here Daniel. Our men spotted him at airport! Jeez, the man is fast! Got here easily!”

“But how? How did he...” he stopped himself. Flashbacks of his conversation with mother replayed in his mind.

A guy named Adam came here, an hour ago. He asked about you both.

Why are you at London?

What are you gonna do with them?

Oh ****! Mother, how could you? So she blabbered everything to Adam or was it Adam who made her call me?

“Danny you there?”

“Yeah...yeah tell me. What should I do?”

“I’ve asked Patrick to bring Arnav to the abandoned palace at the hill! Do the same will you?”

“The same place where dad was killed” Daniel said.

“Yes” Nathaniel said with gritted teeth, “I want Adam’s death from the same platform where he killed my father!”

Daniel hummed and looked at Anjali who was watching him with her big eyes.

“Do it fast! Meanwhile, let me distract Adam. Gotta play for a while! And tie up her hands and blindfold her. Yep gag her too.”

“I gotta walk her out of my apartment Nathan. I cannot take her out showing to the world that she is my hostage!”

“Oh ****! Do whatever you want but I don’t want her to escape!”

Daniel hung the phone and looked at Anjali. He walked to her and held her arm yanking the girl to him. She gasped as she was lifted from the sitting position and fell on his chest. Her forehead hit his hard chest and she cried in pain clutching her forehead with the free arm.

“Here....let me see” he left her arm and moved his palm to her face. She nodded no and turned away when he held her wrist and turned the woman to him. “Let me see Anjali” he said sternly and removed her hands from the band aided wound. All her hair had fallen to her face when he yanked her and the man carefully removed the strands that had stuck up in the band aid.

He looked up to her eyes which were gazing at him curiously. A chuckled formed in his lips and he asked, “What?”

“’re complicated” she said in a daze. He smirked and tucked her hair at the back of her ear and moved the back of his hand over her cheek, “How am I complicated?” he whispered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and he came close to her. “One moment you’re angry and hurt me....and then you take care of me....” she whispered.

He smiled and leaned closer to her face when his phone buzzed all of a sudden causing Anjali to jerk and step away from his hold. Daniel looked at her in shock and stepped back. He took the call and said, “Yes Peter.....yeah....oh thank you. We’ll come down!”

He hung the phone and bend down to take the ropes he had discarded when she hit her head and fainted. He looked at her standing a few feet away breathing heavily. He took a deep breath and walked to her. Holding her wrist he pulled her to him, “I don’t want you to run away, do you get me?” She said nothing and he shouted, “DO YOU GET ME!” She nodded. He said sternly, “Just for your information, me dressing up your wound changes nothing! NOTHING!” and he pulled her along.

But both of them knew that it was gonna change EVERYTHING.





“Pa.....” he whispered.

His hands and legs were tied up to a pole and he was sitting on a cold hard floor when he watched his father walking in with his wife.

“Wel well well....stand up everyone. Respect the legend. It’s Adam Joan people....give him a round of applause!” Nathaniel said with his wicked grin, “Ah, there is his beautiful daughter-in-law! Welcome, come in!”


“Arnav ji” she cried and tried running to him but many goon stopped her. “Leave me, I wanna go to him!” she cried struggling to get rid of their holds.

“Of course you can go to him dear. You both will be going together won’t you Romeo and Juliet?” Nathan said laughing. Arnav looked at the man in his semi conscious state and every single fibre of his body froze seeing the sharp knife in his hand. the goons got hold of  Adam and Nathaniel walked to Khushi.

“No....” he whispered.

“Last wish young lady?” he asked with his sly grin.

“Let me go!” she screamed.

“Uh oh, sorry, can’t fulfil that!” Nathan said chuckling and the next moment pushed the knife through her body.

“KHUSHI!!!!!!!” he screamed and sat up.

“Khushi” he whispered and looked around. No cold hard floor, he was lying on the backseat of a vehicle. He looked at his hands which were tied up and looked to find Patrick and the driver looking at him shocked.

“Ah he had a nightmare! Gosh such a nightmare for us” the guy who was driving said to Patrick who nodded and looked to the road. Arnav sighed and leaned back on the seat. It was a dream. He said to himself. A dream. Nothing has happened to Khushi. It’s a just a dream...





“So this is the apartment?” Khushi asked as Adam drove into the gates of an apartment complex. Adam hummed.

Khushi took of f the seat belt, adrenaline pumping through her blood. They were at the apartment complex of Daniel, the address which Melanie gave them. Within minutes, they’ll have Anjali! Khushi breathed heavily.

Adam drove the car towards the entrance of the apartment when he suddenly braked. Khushi fell on the dashboard and cried, “Why did you do that for?”

“Anjali” he whispered. Khushi sat up in action and looked to the front. There was a black car parked at the apartment building entrance and a guy dressed in black jeans grey t-shirt and black trench coat was walking towards it with his hand strongly holding a girl’s wrist – Anjali.





Dec 20, 2017

One Step Closer (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 58 times)





Khushi was about to open the car door when Adam switched the gear to reverse mode. “What are you doing?” she cried. He said nothing but reversed the vehicle out of the apartment complex. He drove past the complex and rested the car under the shade of a tree.

“Eyes on road Khushi. We need to follow them” Adam said and Khushi nodded.

The black car zoomed out of the apartment complex and Adam ignited the engine. Keeping a safe distance, he accelerated the car following the black one.

His phone rang and Adam took the call driving the vehicle with one hand.

“You must be a fool if you follow that car Adam” a voice greeted him.

Adam frowned and looked at the black car. The glasses were tinted and he couldn’t see through it.

“Don’t you recognize me? Haven’t you heard this voice when you forced Melanie Rodriguez to call me?”

“Daniel” he gritted his teeth and Khushi looked at him alarmed.

“If you think that I did not spot your vehicle zooming out then I’m right – you’re foolish!” there was a shift in background and Adam heard, “Aww you want to talk to daddy sweetheart? Here....”

”Papa....” Anjali’s voice came.

Adam stopped the car. “Anjali.....are you okay dear?”

“Come and save me please....I’m here in....” and her voice was muffled, “Oops you’re not giving out our location update baby! Why invite him to our heaven? Let’s enjoy our honeymoon days!”

“Now listen you son of a ****” Adam shouted, “If you touch my daughter then....”

“Then? What will you do? How can you stop me Adam? You don’t even know where she is!”

“I’M GONNA KILL YOU” he screamed and slammed his fist on the steering wheel. Khushi rubbed his shoulder calming him down even though her face held worry as she didn’t know what the men were talking about.

“Your father do have a loud voice Anjali” he heard him telling and could heard Anjali’s muffled voice.

“Daniel....” Adam said taking a deep breath, “You want me right? Leave my children alone. I’ll come to you. Where should I come? Just tell me the place!”

“What’s the thrill in that Adam Joan? Hunt us down!” and the call was hung.

Adam looked at the phone with a smirk. “You’re so stupid my boy!”

“What happened?” Khushi asked.

“They are not in that car and he called me to provoke me. I provoked him instead and he started taunting me!” Adam said typing something on the phone.

“How does that make him stupid?” Khushi asked.

“Because just before stepping out to this car I had dialled my friend in Scotland who had switched on his tracking device and connected it to my cell. Any call with duration longer than 1 minute can be tracked down!” he said with a smile.

Khushi gaped and Adam looked at the phone at the message he had received.

“They are travelling in the direction opposite to us” he said and turned the car around.





“Sit straight girl” Daniel said angrily at Anjali who was squirming and making muffled noises. His phone rang and he took the call, “Yes Nathan”

“Patrick will be joining you with that son of Adam!” Nathan said.


“Church road”

“Got it”





“Are you sure that they are in there? I don’t find any cars or humans.” Khushi said looking at the building.

“They are there. Jake, the Scotland Yard friend of mine, said that the car stopped here!”

“Are you really gonna walk into that hell?” Khushi whispered to Adam.

“Ive got no option Khushi. I’m their target. They want me”

“They want Arnav ji and Anjali di to die in front of you” Khushi hissed.

“Whatever it is, I’ll save them both. You stay here and call the police if anything goes wrong” he said determined.

Khushi nodded no and said “I’m coming with you.”

“No” Adam said sternly, “Two lives are already in danger. I don’t want a third. You’re staying here”

And with that he parked the car far away from the building and got on his foot.






Dec 22, 2017

Don't Cry (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 72 times)

“Give me a whisper and give me a sigh...

Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye...

Don’t you take it so hard now...

And please don’t take it so hard...

I’ll be still thinking of you...

And the times we had....”

Don’t Cry, Guns N’ Roses





“Ah welcome Adam” a voice greeted him as he walked into the building.

The face before him....he could now recognize it anywhere....the same face he saw at Melanie’s house. Nathaniel Stephens!

“Where are they Nathaniel” Adam asked crossing his arms. He saw many men coming out to the hall where they were standing. One of them was Daniel, Adam recognized.

Nathan looked at the men and nodded. Adam looked at the men who went inside the building and soon returned with two figures.

Anjali, on seeing Adam, starting struggling in the hands of the hefty goons creating noises out of her gag. Adam looked at Arnav who was being dragged by the men. His head stooped low and hair was hanging low. His whole body was slumping and nothing about him looked healthy.

“What have you done to him?” Adam roared looking at Nathan.

Nathan chuckled and said, “We know that he is a martial arts expert. Couldn’t take risk Adam. So we just gave him some drugs to weaken the boy!”

Adam clutched his fist and lunged forward when he heard a gun shot. He froze and turned to Arnav and Anjali and saw that the man holding Anjali had fired a gun to the air.

“If you move, Adam Joan, the next bullet will meet your daughter’s skull!” the man said and pointed the gun to Anjali who stood pale and frozen.

Adam breathed heavily and raised his hands in air. He walked backwards from Nathan who stood straight and dusted his shirt.

“Let them go Nathan” Adam said calmly, “I’m your target. Kill me!” he spread his arms. Nathan looked at Daniel who was smirking.

“What’s the fun in that?” Nathan asked and walked towards Anjali, “The real fun is watching you suffer! And that’ll happen only if THEY suffer!” and he pulled the girl by her arm.

“NO!” Adam cried and walked forward when the goons held him. Arnav looked up from the men’s hold and saw his sister squirming under Nathan’s hold. He staggered forward but was pulled back and kicked on his knees. He let out a yelp as he slumped on the floor. “I didn’t drug you for no reason tiger!” he heard the man saying and kicked him on his shoulder.

“Look at you Adam....” Nathan said in hatred, “None of the threats worked. None of the attempts worked. If I knew that I could make you bow to me by touching your daughter, I would have done this earlier man!”

“Nathan” Nathan turned to his brother who called him in a low warning tone, “Leave her!”

Masking his surprise Nathan laughed, “Why is that, brother?” and he tightened his hold on Anjali’s waist and pushed her to him.


“Should I?” Nathan asked and looked at Anjali who was in tears. “Aww princess is in tears. Let me pull out your gag!” he removed the cloth that was covering her mouth and Anjali let out a huge gasp sucking air.

“Now answer me princess. Should I let you go?” Nathan asked smirking. Anjali struggled to untie her tied hand and push herself off from him but the man’s grip strengthened. “Leave me” she cried.

“Nathan stop!” Daniel said and Nathan looked at him with narrowed eyebrows. “What is it with you?” he snapped.

“This is not right! This is no way to treat a woman” Daniel said calmly but sternly.

“There are no rules in treating your enemy” Nathan spat and leaned to Anjali’s face.

“STOP!” Adam shouted.

“Nathan STOP” Daniel shouted and pushed Nathan off Anjali. He held her arm and pulled her behind him, shielding her from Nathan.

“Hey Nathan, are we missing something here?” one of the men asked, “Are you sure that your brother has not fallen for this Jewish girl?”

Nathan glared at Daniel who said, “I don’t have an enmity towards Anjali or Arnav. Our hatred is towards Adam. Let’s finish him off!”

Nathan raised an eyebrow and said aloud, “You know what Patrick,” he looked at Patrick who had asked the question, “I’m now sure that this boy has fallen for this ****!”

Daniel said nothing but stared at his brother.

“Whatever it is Daniel” Nathan said, “I cannot change my decision.” He walked to the table in the room and took the sharp knife. He turned to Daniel who was still shielding Anjali.

“Untie her and bring her to me” he commanded.

Daniel looked over his shoulder to find a shivering Anjali who had her forehead leaning on his shoulder and a frozen Adam who was being held with goons. Taking a deep breath he turned and held her tied up wrists.

He started untying it and she whispered, “No....please.....don’t leave me...”

He looked at her and found tears rolling down her cheek. He looked down on the ropes and whispered, only for her to hear, “I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise” She looked at him and even in the midst of the tension and fear she felt a wave of relief hitting her.

He turned and held her wrist. He was about to walk her to Nathan when they all heard one of the men running inside.



“COPS MAN.....COPS ARE HERE.....RUN!” the man screamed and everyone started running into the building.

“” Nathan asked shocked and looked at Adam who now stood free since the men holding him ran away.

“Did scoundrel” Nathan shouted.

Adam smirked, although he knew that it was not him but Khushi who might have dialled cops after hearing the gun shot.

Nathan took out a gun from his pocket and Daniel rushed to him. “NO!” he said and held his arm. Nathan looked at him in anger and kicked him on his stomach. Daniel fell a few feet away. Adam rushed to Nathan and tackled him down.

“This is the police. FREEZE!” a gunshot was heard after the voice and Adam looked up to find police. Many men dressed in police attire rushed in and paramedics ran to Arnav who was now on Anjali’s lap.

“Thank you sir, we’ve got him!” the police said and took hold of Nathan. The men looked at Daniel who stood stiff. They were about to walk to him when Anjali cried, “No....he is with us!”

Adam snapped his neck to her and Daniel looked at her shocked.

“He is with us” Anjali repeated and police stepped backwards. “Sorry sir” and they walked outside when Nathan kicked the police who was holding him. Getting hold of the gun the police man had he pointed it to Adam.

“Good bye Adam”

And he pulled the trigger.

“PAAPPPPAAAA” the whole building shook with Anjali’s scream.





Dec 30, 2017

Nothing to be afraid of (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 73 times)

“There’s nothing to be afraid of...

Even when the night changes...

It’ll never change

Me and You....”

Night Changes, One Direction





Taking huge effort, he lifted his heavy eyelids, which seemed like a huge door under the effect of wind, and looked at the white ceiling. The ceiling fan was working at a low speed and the room seemed very bright and white.

“Ah you’re up!” he heard a voice and looked to his left. There, near the door of the room, was Adam. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he walked towards his bed and pressed a button.

He just looked at him with a blink and watched doctors entering the room.

The doctor checked him up and nurses took out a scissor and white cloth. His eyes followed to their vision and saw a thick white bandage on his right shoulder.

“He’s absolutely fine. Needs some rest!” doctor said and patted Adam’s shoulder. Adam smiled and thanked him. The nurses finished dressing up his wound, which he didn’t bother to look at, and left the room.

“So Daniel....” Adam said and sat before him, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“About what?” he asked, his voice strained.

“Why did you save me?” Adam asked leaning back on the chair.

Daniel smiled faintly. “Felt like I should! How many days was I unconscious?”

“Two weeks! We’re in Scotland by the way. Your mother, Khushi and Anjali are out to have food!”

Daniel nodded.

“You went against your brother....for what? Just because it wasn’t fair to kill me and my children because of your father’s deeds or did you do it for someone particular?” Adam asked smiling.

Daniel looked at him and smirked. “Was it that obvious?”

Adam chuckled and said, “Yes it was!”

“Did she say anything?” he asked.

Adam shrugged and said, “Well she went hysterical that you got shot and was in front of this room instead of her brother’s room which is two blocks away!”

Daniel laughed and leaned back on the pillow. “Take rest” Adam said and walked out.





“I’m glad that you’re okay?” Khushi said softly and clutched his palm.

He smiled faintly and looked at her, lying on the bed. “I feel so weak” he mumbled.

“Don’t speak. You need rest. It’ll take a few weeks for the effect of drugs to disappear!” she said and caressed his hair.

He took a deep breath and shifted towards the left in the bed. Patting the right bare side he whispered, “Get on!”

Khushi smiled and lied down. Arnav smiled and hugged her from back resting his head on her shoulder. “I missed you so much” he whispered and hugged her as tightly as he could with his weak hands.

“Me too” she whispered, “I was so scared.”

“It’s all over” he whispered.

“I want to tell you something” she sat up and turned to him. He nodded and she said, “I never told anyone. I wanted to break it to you on your birthday, next week, but I can’t hold it anymore!”

He struggled and sat up.

She smiled at him and said in tears, “I’m pregnant!”

It isn’t nice to laugh at people. But it would a lie if Khushi said that Arnav’s face did not look laughable. The messy hair wasn’t helping either! The man sat gaping with his eyes wide and mouth open in his hospital gown and the bright light from the ceiling was making his gaping features look more presentable and laughable.

And that’s what she did.

Khushi burst out laughing and Arnav was jerked from his gaping session.

“Khushi....are you serious...” he cried and held her arm.

She stopped laughing and nodded her head.

“What....I mean....oh my god.....that’”

Khushi sighed and shook her head. Leaning in, she kissed him shut.





“A baby! Ha....chotte is gonna have his own Chotte!” Anjali said laughing and Arnav glared at her.

“I wonder what we’ll call the baby. Chotte’s Chotte? Chotte 2? Chotte reloaded?” Anjali said and Khushi and Adam burst out laughing.

“We need to work on this” Anjali said to them and Arnav said, “That’s enough! You’re sassed me enough. Now tell me what’s going on between you and the blondie!”

Anjali laughs ceased and Adam and Khushi leaned in interested.

“Um....nothing much!” she shrugged.

“Yeah” Adam said leaning back on the chair, “He just changed sides for Anjali. Anjali just stayed before his operation theatre instead of her brother’s and is a regular visitor to her kidnapper’s room. And we all saw them having a moment when he was shot and was being taken to the ambulance. So yeah....nothing much between them!”

Arnav chuckled and Khushi raised an eyebrow at Anjali who glared at Adam.

“I saw you di” Khushi said laughing, “You were over him when he was shot. He had his head on your lap and you were like....hovering over him....even I didn’t do that for Arnav ji!”

“Yeah and....wait you didn’t? WHY?” Arnav cried.

“I don’t think that’s relevant now Arnav. Now Anjali back to your nothing-much-relationship with Daniel!” Adam said,

“There shouldn’t be a relationship” Arnav said sternly as he could, “What is with you falling in love with negative people?”

“Arnav ji” Khushi hissed. Anjali looked down and bit her lip. Adam glared at Arnav who scratched his head sheepishly. Adam sighed and shook his head. He stood up and said, “Anjali....let’s go for a walk”

Anjali looked up at him and he nodded smiling. She stood up and he wrapped an arm around her.

“Ok we’re leaving you on your own. Try not to make another baby during the time interval. Handling twins aren’t easy” he said as he led Anjali out of the room.

“DAADDD” he could hear both his son’s and daughter-in-law’s cries.



Jan 4, 2018

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 99 times)






“Are you okay?”

Arnav was standing in the balcony looking at the stars when he heard his father’s voice. He turned and smiled at him. “I’m good!”

“Sure?” Adam asked as he stood next to his son. Arnav hummed.

“Listen, I know that you’re worried. Even I was when Anjali was born! It’s natural! You can talk about it!” Adam said wrapping an arm around Arnav.

Arnav sighed and said, “I’m worried! What if I don’t become a good father?”

“You will be a good father Arnav! You’re a great father to Aarav!” Adam declared.

“You don’t understand! All my life I’ve hated that man thinking that he is my father. I never got father’s love until few months ago! The whole concept of being a father came with Aarav’s arrival! Every now and then I’m worried and anxious whether I’m doing right! Aarav is far matured than his age and he is very understanding. He never complains when I fail to remember his PTA meetings or messes up with his homework. He is allowing me to adjust to fatherhood but....I cannot do that to my new born daughter!”

Adam hummed and Arnav continued, “All this while I had Khushi’s help to look after Aarav. But now, she has to take care of herself and then our daughter! Aarav is my sole responsibility. I’ve to be a great father for our daughter and Aarav and also make sure that Aarav doesn’t get insecure. I don’t want him to get an idea that we no longer love him! He will always be our first child!”

Adam nodded and said, “Arnav you’re thinking too much! Trust me I know this feeling! But you need to believe in yourself and your wife. Nothing is impossible when you have her! You just need to be with her and your children and things will fall back to it’s places. Yes, you need to be a bit careful about Aarav because he might get the idea that he’s being left out! Every child feels that when he/she gets a sibling. Aarav, being adopted, is a complicated case! You need to be more careful but come on, you have a whole family with you! You’re not alone, unlike me when I had a daughter at a very young age!”

Arnav looked at him and asked, “It must’ve been very tiring for you right? With di and mamma....huge responsibility at a young age!”

“Oh yes” Adam said smiling, “But the difficulty didn’t stay for long! Amaira was such a perfect partner that we both adjusted to our lifestyle pretty soon. Looking after Anjali and managing college and work at the same time was tiring but it happened, all because of her!” he looked at Arnav and said, “When the world falls apart one can always survive if they believe in themselves and their partner!” he patted Arnav’s shoulder and Arnav smiled nodding his head.





“It’s not fair! That’s my son you’re holding!” Akash cried.

Daniel shrugged and rocked Adil, three months old son of Akash and Payal, in his arms. “ love me! You should’ve known that by now!” he said smirking.

“Di!” Akash screamed at the top of his lungs and hearing the loud voice Adil started crying. “Now you made him cry!” Daniel chided and cooed Adil.

“What’s wrong?” Anjali and Payal ran to them.

“Nothing! Akash is being a jealous jerk. He can’t handle the fact that his son loves cuddling me! Hai na Adi bacha....” Daniel cooed at Adi who had stopped crying by now. Adi giggled and kissed his cheek dripping it with saliva.

Payal chuckled and Anjali shook his head at Akash.

“I don’t like this guy!” Akash cried pointing at Daniel.

Daniel chuckled and said, “Respect dude! I’m your brother-in-law!”

“Why did you have to marry this dork?” Akash whined at Anjali. Anjali shrugged and pecked Daniel’s other cheek which was not occupied by Adil.

“What’s happening here?” Arnav and Adam walked to them and Payal said laughing “Akash is jealous that Adil is kissing Daniel!”

“People love me....” Daniel said smiling.

Adam laughed and ruffled Daniel’s hair.

“Di” Arnav said smiling, “It’s gonna be easy for you once you both have children. Daniel will take care of them!”

Anjali blushed and Akash said to Daniel, “Yeah and you can tell them how you kidnapped my sister and end the story like and kids, that’s how I met your mother!”

“Akash!” Arnav and Adam chided and Akash shrugged.

“Why aren’t you still over that?” Daniel cried and Anjali glared at Akash.

“Because I don’t like you” Akash cried and stormed away.

Payal chuckled. “He is such a jealous man!” she cried.

Daniel laughed and rocked Adil. “See that Adi....your father is such a jerk!”

“I HEARD THAT! DON’T FEED BULL**** TO MY SON!” Akash called out.





“Is she asleep?” he asked in a whisper. Khushi looked up and nodded.

 Arnav climbed on the bed and peeped to the cradle where their princess lay. “She is so adorable” he whispered.

Khushi chuckled and nodded.

He sat next to her on the bed leaning on the headboard and she rested her head on his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” he asked wrapping an arm around her.

“Better” she whispered.

He hummed and caressed her hair.

“I’m so tired” she mumbled and wrapped her arm around his torso.

“We didn’t decide a name for her, did we?” he asked.

“We did!” she said smiling.

“When?” he asked surprised.

“Remember the night when she kicked for first time. You said that name which you wanted to name her!” she said and nuzzled her nose in his crook of neck.

“You considered that?” he whispered. She hummed and said, “That will be her name!”

He smiled widely and kissed her hair. “Thank you” he whispered.

“Don’t! I know how much she means to you; even though you’ve never met her!” she whispered.

“I have heard that she was exactly like you. Perfect but crazy!” he chuckled. Khushi slapped his chest and snuggled to him.

“If only she was here, it would’ve been crazy right?” he asked chuckling. She hummed.

“Arnav that we have a girl child, won’t she be taken by those people? Just like Anjali di was?” she asked worry etched in her voice.

He pressed her close to him and whispered, “I don’t know but I’ll protect her at any cost!”

She hummed and he said, “It’s my promise to you! Our daughter will not find the same fate as di!”

“I’m not worried about her!” she said smiling to his chest, “She has the perfect father, after all! I’m worried about you!”

He chuckled and asked, “You think I would be a perfect father?”

“You’re a perfect father. Ask Aarav!” she said.

Arnav hummed and Khushi said, “Don’t over think. You’re good! And I’m sure that you’ll protect her from all odds, just like you protected Aarav from Sheetal!”

Arnav smiled and kissed her.





Raizada mansion was decorated beautifully for Arnav and Khushi’s daughter’s naming ceremony. Mami was showing off her make up to her friends, Anjali was chatting with guests, Daniel was walking around with Adil much to Akash’s dismay, Payal was dragging Akash to the guests, Adam was playing the adorable grandfather with Aarav and his friends, Nani and dadi sat together with older ladies and was talking about their upcoming Haridvar visit and the couple of the day was standing with their princess who was in hyper mood.

“Your daughter is so pretty!” one of the guests came near Arnav and Khushi and said pinching the baby’s cheeks.

The baby girl whined and buried her face in Khushi’s hair and the guest cooed at her cuteness.

Khushi looked at the woman clueless and looked at Arnav. Arnav noticed her look and said, “Ah Khushi this is Mrs. Mittal, my business client’s wife and that’s her son Rahul!” he pointed to the five year old boy.

Rahul was looking at the baby in awe and pulled his mother’s pallu. “Ma she is so cute!”

Arshi laughed and Khushi rocked her daughter. “Bacha look who it is!” the baby looked at Rahul and leaned to the boy. She pulled his messy hair and giggled. Rahul laughed and leaned to her allowing the baby to play with his hair.

Mrs. Mittal and Arshi awed at their children and she asked the couple, “What have you named her?”

“Amaira” Arnav said.

“Amaira Singh Raizada. That’s a very beautiful name!” Mrs. Mittal exclaimed.

“Ah no! It’s Amaira Adam Joan!” Khushi said and motioned towards Adam who was ruffling Aarav’s hair, “Named after her grandparents!”

Mrs. Mittal looked at Adam and then at Arshi. “So Amaira....”

“My mother” Arnav said smiling.

“Amaira Adam Joan” Mrs. Mittal repeated the name, “She must be very happy!”

Arnav looked up and whispered, “I hope she is! This is the least I can do for her!”





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