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Nov 24

Leave my heart open (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 86 times)

I’m so sorry. I made a mistake in the last update. First I said that Satanists targets Christians and then Adam was said to be Christian first and then jew. Actually Adam is jew and I read somewhere and also saw in the film “Adam Joan” that Satanists targets young jew girls below the age of 10 and sacrifice them for the devils. So clearing the confusion, Adam Joan is JEW.




“Written in these walls,

Are the stories that I can’t explain….

Leave my heart open,

But it stays right here empty for days….”

Story of my life, One Direction


He was lying on his hotel bed looking up at the beautiful ceiling when the hotel telephone rang in the middle of the night.

“Hello” he said hoarsely.

Sorry to bother you at this hour Mr. Philips. But you have a visitor – one Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada. She demands to meet you!” the receptionist said in her professional voice.

“Send her in” he said.

Yes sir

He kept the phone and sat up on the bed. Khushi? Why would she visit him at this hour? Did….did Mrs. Malik tell her everything? Oh god, does Arnav know? Does Anjali know?

His thoughts were interrupted by the ring on his hotel room. He sprang out of the bedroom to the main door and slammed it open. Before him was Khushi in the same sari he saw her wearing during the dinner. But her face was not radiant as he saw during dinner, but was soaked with tears.

“Khushi…come in. What happened? What’s wrong?” he said and moved from the door for her to enter.

Khushi walked in and sat in the living room. Adam gave her a glass of water and she drank it. He sat on the opposite couch to her and asked, “So….why are you here? Late at night?”

Khushi looked up at him and asked, “When you met Arnav ji at award show, did you know that he was your son?”

Adam looked at her shocked. “Do you….did she tell you?”

“Answer my question Mr. Philips”

“No” he said looking down, “I didn’t even know what they had named my son and where they had taken my children!”

Khushi looked down and said, “What should I do now?”

Adam sighed and looked away, “For all my life, I tried finding them. I didn’t know what my son’s name was. Only Anjali Adam Joan. But I never found her. I tried Anjali Malik. No. Little did I know that my children are taken care by their aunt’s family.”

“Should I tell Arnav ji or should I let dadi and nani do the job?” Khushi asked, “I wanted your consent. What should I do now?”

“They will be broken” Adam said.

“Of course they will be” Khushi said, “But that doesn’t mean that this should be kept hidden!”

“Khushi, I lived 28 years of my life alone. I’m 54 now. How long will I live? 20 years more? It’s fine. I’ll live the rest of my 20 lives with the same routine!” Adam said smiling sadly.


“It’s better if they don’t Khushi. Raizadas are their family. They brought them up. They were there when no one stood up for them. They don’t deserve Arnav and Anjali being away from them! After everything they have for my children, I’m happy that they are staying with the family” Adam said.

Khushi sighed and said, “Do you have a picture….of my….mother-in-law?”

Adam looked up and nodded. He walked to the bedroom and took out a pic from his suitcase. He walked out the living room and extended the photo frame to Khushi.

Khushi took the frame and saw a young Adam with a beautiful young woman holding a three year old baby girl in his arms. Khushi smiled through tears and ran her fingers through the woman. “She was so pretty”

“Yes she was” Adam said looking up.

“Now I know why Anjali di is pretty!” Khushi said smiling.

Adam smiled and Khushi returned the photoframe.

“I’m gonna tell them no matter what” Khushi said determinedly.

“Khushi…” Adam began when Khushi showed her palm, “No. I’ve decided”

She stood up and walked out of the hotel room.




Short update. I know. But I’m affected by cold and on top of that I’m travelling to my home in train. So couldn’t type more with my running nose :(

Nov 26

Hard to face reality (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 79 times)

“Sometimes it’s hard to face reality...

Even though you might get mad at me...”

Hard 2 face reality, Justin Bieber ft. Pooh Bear





“Thank you Mohan ji. Sorry for bothering you at this hour” Khushi said as she got out of the car.

“It’s okay bhabhi ji. But is everything alright?”

“Oh yes. I just wanted to return that bag to Mr. Philips” Khushi said and hurriedly walked into the mansion not waiting for Mohan to comment about her not having any bag when they were leaving.



She entered the living room and stopped on tracks seeing Arnav sitting on the couch. He stood up and asked angrily, “Where did you go? At this hour!”

“I have to talk to you. Something urgent!” Khushi said hurriedly and held his wrist. She dragged him upstairs to their room and locked the door.

“What is it?” he asked confused.

“Arnav ji, this is serious. I want you to be prepared for this!” Khushi said seriously.

“Okay” Arnav said frowning.

“’re not Nani ji’s grandson” she blurted out.

After hearing no reaction she looked up at his face and saw an amused smile.

“Is this some kind of a prank?” he asked smiling, “Not working Khushi”

“I’m not joking” she said angrily.

“Right. I’m not Nani ji’s grandson. I popped up from the aquarium in the living room right?” he said laughing and walked to the bed.

“I went to Adam” she said and he turned frowning, “At this hour? Why?”

“I heard him and dadi talking outside. Do you know how both of them know each other?” Khushi asked.

Arnav shook his head no.

“Adam is dadi’s son-in-law” she said.

Arnav frowned, “Son-in-law? What are you talking about? Maliks have only two sons. How can there be a son-in-law?”

Khushi sighed and said, “Arnav, Maliks had three children. Two sons and a daughter. And Adam is Maliks’ son-in-law. And you and Anjali are not Aravind Malik’s and Ratna Malik’s children but Adam’s and Amaira, the youngest Malik’s, children!”

“OKAY STOP” Arnav said angrily, “IS THIS DADI’S PRANK. SHE IS HELL BENT IN DESTROYING MY PEACE AND CAME UP WITH A STORY. AND ADAM IS WITH HER? HOLY ****! I’M DONE WITH HER!” he screamed and was about to walk out of the door when Khushi held his wrist, “I’m not joking Arnav. This is not a prank either. This is the truth. Adam is your father! If you don’t believe me, dadi or Adam, go to Nani ji. She’ll tell you the truth!”






Exactly two hours later Arnav knocked on the door of his sister who opened it with weary eyes.

“Why are you up at this hour?” she whined.

But Anjali’s whining ended when she had a good look at Arnav’s red and puffy eyes and his cheeks strained with tears.

“Chotte” she cupped his face “What happened?”

“Did you know that we are no one to the Raizadas?” he asked in tears.

Colours drained out of Anjali’s face. “What? What are you talking about?”

“Did you knew that we are not Ratna Malik’s children?” he cried.

“Chotte” Anjali shouted, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?”


Anjali looked at him in shock. She saw Khushi, dadi and Nani standing behind Arnav and ran to Nani. “Nani, what is he talking about? He has gone mad. Saying that we are not your grandchildren! Tell him to stop this Nani” she shook the old woman in tears.

Nani looked at her in tears and then looked down. Anjali looked at Khushi and dadi who nodded a yes. “This is the truth Anjali bitiya. Sorry for hiding this for long” dadi said slowly.

“You are all lying. LIARS! JUST LIARS YOU ARE!” she screamed.

Khushi held her and said, “I know this is hard but...”


“Anjali” Arnav screamed and held her shoulders. Anjali looked at him shock and he said, “This is the truth. Maliks had a daughter. Amaira. She married Adam Joan Philips and we are their children!”

“Adam?” Anjali asked, “Amaira? What the hell?”

Arnav told her the whole past that Nani told him.

“I don’t believe this” Anjali said shaking her head.

Arnav threw his arms up in the air and said, “Dadi, show her the pic you showed me!”

Dadi forwarded her a photo frame and Anjali snatched it.

“It’s you” Nani said and Anjali looked at the little girl in the frame. She looked up at everyone and asked, “Where is he staying?”

“Anjali bitiya it’s not....” dadi began when Anjali shouted, “WHERE IS HE STAYING?”

“Hotel Blue Palace” Khushi blurted out, “Room no 304”

She turned to leave when Arnav stopped her, “Di. Why now?”

Anjali turned to him and said sternly, “I don’t believe the stories Mrs. Malik is making. Adam was here the whole evening and didn’t say a word. If this is true, I want to hear it from him!” and she turned to leave.

“I’ll drop you” Arnav said.

“NO” she said sternly, “I want to do this alone Arnav” she said sternly and walked away.



Nov 27

Daddy don't let me go (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 91 times)

“Daddy dance with me...

I want you to see the woman I’ve become

Daddy don’t let me go...

I want you to know I’ll always need your love.

Daddy dance with me, Krystal Keith





“Here you go” Adam said and handed her a cup of coffee. Anjali nodded and took the cup. She looked at the man as she sipped the coffee. He sat down on the couch before her and looked at her expecting her to start the conversation.

Anjali kept the coffee mug on the desk and said, “So....I’m here at this hour at night because....”

“It’s morning” Adam said chuckling.

She looked at the watch. 4.30 am.

“This hour at morning” she corrected and continued “because Mrs. Subadra Malik told me a wild story of you being my father”

Adam shifted in his seat and said chuckling, “I don’t understand how that is a wild story”

“Tell me the real story with enough proofs if you want me to believe that you’re my father!” she demanded.

The smiling demeanour changed and Anjali suddenly regretted her words as she saw his face growing dark and red in anger. Clutching his fist he said with gritted teeth, “I don’t have to present any proofs to prove to the world that Anjali Adam Joan is my daughter! Do you get that? NEVER EVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!”

Anjali sank back to the couch seeing his outburst and said, “What do you expect me to say Mr. Adam Joan? I was sleeping peacefully and then my brother tells me that I’m your daughter. You expect me to believe whatever Mrs. Malik tells me?”

“Listen...this is not some story that you can use to make Aarav sleep. This is the truth, the reality! It’s not like I knew that Arnav Singh Raizada is my son! Hell I never knew what they named my son. I only knew the five year old Anjali whom I rescued from the clutches of devils. 28 years! 8 years inside jail! And then afterwards 10 years in Scotland. I wanted to rush to India and get you both but I couldn’t. Stupid laws and stupid restrictions kept me chained to that foreign country. And when I came back, I couldn’t find you. I survived 28 years in a hope that I will, one day, find you both! You had a family to look after you. Me? Whom did I have? Just four walls of my house that reminded me of nothing but my dead wife, missing daughter and my newborn son, about whom I know nothing! And finally I found you, in the most unexpected way, at a dinner when I saw Subadra Malik and heard Arnav introducing his sister Anjali, in this hotel room, I was thinking of different scenarios when you both will come to know about this; how to speak to you both and then you walk in demanding the REAL STORY? THIS IS NOT A JOKE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Anjali sat numb. She looked at his face gulping. Adam sighed and stood up. Rubbing his face with his palms he said, “I’m sorry....I have....bad temper!”

Anjali looked down and whispered, “Now I know from whom Arnav inherited that infamous temper of his!”

Adam took a deep breath and poured a glass of water from the jug. Anjali leaned and took the coffee mug. Taking a sip she said, “When I went to bed tonight, I never knew that I will come across such news and then meet my real father. Having him shout at me was the least of least expected!”

Adam chuckled and looked at her. She smiled and he sat on the couch. He looked at her for a while and said softly, “You’ve grown up so much....for me you’ll always be my little princess”

She looked down at the photo frame she was holding. “I do look like her, don’t I?” she asked and looked at him. Her eyes were beginning to water and so were his.

“Absolutely!” he whispered, “But not as beautiful as her, I should add”

“Of course you would say that” she retorted and Adam chuckled. “Let me see that. Mrs. Malik gave you this?” he asked and extended his hand towards the frame.

She nodded and asked, “When was this taken?”

“At one of our stay at Maliks. You were two then. We were trying to get you say Anjali which came out very wrong” he said smiling at the memory and Anjali giggled.

“Why don’t I remember anything? I was five right?” she frowned.

“I don’t think anyone remember each and every events that happened when they were five. You may remember me and your mother but as you grew up you were told that your parents are Aravind and Ratna. Your little mind forgot us!” he said.

She nodded and looked down. “Don’t you want to know anything about me?” she asked and looked up.

“You are 33. Independent. Divorced” he said.

“My divorce and my life before becoming Raizada is such a long story” she said and leaned back on the couch, “Do you know how Aravind Malik and Ratna Malik died?”

He nodded yes and said, “I did enquire you both you know. Aravind had an affair. Ratna committed suicide. Aravind followed. Your marriage broke and you both were out of Malik house. But no one knew about Ratna’s family. By then Avinash and his clan had died in an accident. And the ashram people told me that Mrs. Malik died which was a lie, I understood it today.”

“When they kicked us out” Anjali began, “Nani ji took us to Delhi. We changed ourselves to Raizadas. The bitter words of chacha ji angered Arnav and triggered him to pursue MBA at Harvard and start a business. All my brother wanted to do was defeat chacha ji and get the sheesh Mahal under my name, which he did. I met Shyam when I was 20 years old, at a temple. He was the sweetest guy I had ever seen. I fell hopelessly for him. My love for him was so dangerous that Arnav warned me many times not to get obsessed with him.” she chuckled and said, “We all do crazy things in love, don’t we?”

Adam chuckled and nodded.

“I married him. Everything was so perfect. He loved me. The whole family loved him. He is an orphan so stayed with us. He was the only one who can control Chotte”

“Chotte?” Adam frowned.

“Arnav. We call him Chotte”

“Ohh...ok” Adam mumbled.

Anjali felt a pang at her heart seeing his dejected face. She shrugged it off and continued, “Everything was good until she entered – Khushi!”

Adam frowned.

“Khushi is the perfect woman, EVER!” Anjali said smiling, “She came into Chotte’s life like an angel. He fell in love with her but his egoistic mind did not let him express that. We all knew about his love for her but what none of us saw was my **** husband’s lusty eyes on her!”

Adam sighed and shook his head.

“A series of events passed. Shyam made Arnav believe that Khushi loves him back and I’m the throne in their path. He tried to kill me thrice but I escaped! We never knew that it was him, but Arnav....he knew it all along. He forced Khushi to marry him, to save me. He never told me anything because I was pregnant and was adviced not to take stress. But months after he realized that Shyam fooled him and Khushi is innocent. Together the couple brought Shyam’s truth out but I didn’t believe them. I was in my own bubble that I refused to come out of it. They tried again and again and finally on mine and Shyam’s wedding anniversary they proved it to me that it was my beloved husband who killed my unborn child!”

Adam gasped and Anjali said, “That moment when you feel that everything you believed in was false!” tears rolled down her cheek, “I loved him so much. So much that I still can’t recall his face without a smile appearing on my lips. After everything he did to me, I still smile at those memories – memories in which he was acting as a perfect husband.”

Adam stood up and walked to her couch. He sat near her and wrapped his arm around his daughter. “It’s okay” he said softly, “We all do crazy things out of love”

“But I should not love him” she cried, “He killed my unborn child, tried to kill my brother, tried to kill me, lusted over my sister-in-law. HOW CAN I LOVE A MONSTER?” she screamed and covered her face with palms.

Adam drew her close to him and Anjali rested her face in his chest. “It’s okay” he kissed her hair, “It’s not your fault. We do sometimes love people whom we shouldn’t. We sometimes do things that are not pleasing.”

“I’m scared” she whispered, “I don’t think that I’ll refuse him if he comes back to me stating that he’s clean! I’m weak!”

“You’re not” he said firmly, “You overcame your divorce and stood up on your feet. You now work with your brother at his office. You are very strong Anjali!”

Anjali sniffed and Adam hugged her close. “Don’t cry...I don’t picture my reunion with my daughter after 28 years to be an emotional drama” he said smiling. She chuckled and withdrew. He wiped her tears and said sternly, “No more crying”

She nodded her head like a five year old and said, “Ok papa”

Adam froze and asked, “What did you call me?”

Anjali smiled and hugged him, “Papa...isn’t that what you’re supposed to call your father” she whispered.



Nov 28

Doors of perception (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 96 times)

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would be seen as it is, infinite.”

William Blake





Anjali had stayed in for the night and had informed Arnav about the same. The father and daughter were having their coffee in the morning, the next day, when they heard a sharp knock at the hotel room.

Adam walked to the door and opened it to find Steve. “I’ve been calling and calling” Steve said breathlessly and barged into the room.

“What happened?” Adam frowned.

“This” Steve pointed to Anjali, “This is what happened?”

Anjali stood up with a confused face and Steve turned to Adam, “What is this woman doing here?”

“She is my daughter” Adam said.

“Ok good but...wait. WHAT? YOUR DAUGHTER?” Steve screamed.

Adam smiled and said, “Yes Steve. This is Anjali!”

“But...” Steve turned to Anjali, “You’re Raizada’s sister!”

“Long story” Anjali said smiling.

“So you’re his daughter? And ASR is his son?” Steve asked.

Anjali nodded.

Steve rubbed his forehead and said, “That’s not what the world think dear!”

Adam and Anjali frowned and Steve threw the newspaper he had brought with him on the table.

On it, on the front page, was Anjali and Adam standing outside Adam’s hotel room. It looks like someone snapped them when Anjali was at Adam’s door yesterday night. Adam was asking what happened and why she was in tears and had his hand on her shoulder. Nothing seemed wrong with the pic but everything was wrong with the headline.

Adam Joan’s new fling!

“Fling? NEW fling? They write it as if I had a series of flings!” Adam cried.

Anjali took the paper and ran her eyes across the words. It was about how she was snapped going into Adam’s room at 3 in the morning. There was also written about Khushi’s visit to Adam stating Looks like ASR’s wife and sister found their love interest in the legendary-21times-winner of businessman award.

Tears rolled down her cheek and she looked up at Adam. “Hey it’s okay dear” Adam said softly and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “We’ll clear this. Don’t worry. Right Steve?”

“Absolutely!” Steve nodded, “You’re his daughter and Khushi is his daughter-in-law. So nothing to worry about. Once this is clear, everything will be fine!”

Anjali nodded and wiped her tears.

“We need to go and drop her at Raizada house” Adam said to Steve.

Steve hesitated and said, “The entire lounge and premises is filled with reporters. You can’t go out!”

“Back door?”

“Let me see. Wait” Steve said and walked out.





The back door was an good idea to move out. Steve drove the car towards Raizada house with Anjali in the back seat. “Arnav called me” Steve said, “RM is full of press. He told me that Anjali knows an alternate way to enter the compound.”

“Yes. Around 100 m before the main gate of RM there is a small muddy road. It leads to the servant quarters. We can park the car there and enter the house through back door.”

Steve nodded and Anjali asked him, “What is papa planning?”

“I don’t know dear. But he has something up his sleeve that he wanted to stay back at the hotel!” Steve said.

Anjali nodded and looked out.

“Don’t worry you” Steve said, “Adam will clear it up”

“I know but it’s still cringe worthy you know. He is my father and the headline is so so wrong” Anjali said chuckling.

Steve laughed and said, “I can imagine that reporter’s face when he/she hears Adam’s revelation that you’re his daughter!”

Anjali smiled and said, “Anjali Adam Joan. Sounds good!”

“It does but Arnav Adam Joan? No way....”

Anjali laughed, “Arnav Adam Joan. No...Anjali matches perfectly!”

“So you’re changing the surname?” Steve asked.

“Of course” Anjali said, “I don’t know about Arnav but I, definitely, am gonna change my surname!”

“Has Adam talked to a reunion?”

“No. They’re yet to have a conversation!”

Steve nodded.





Exactly six hours later Delhi Times newspaper was officially sued by Philips Corp for publishing immoral news about the CEO Adam Joan Philips and his daughter Anjali Adam Joan. Adam’s livestream was aired on his personal twitter, facebook and instagram and also in Philips Corp. website about how the world was creating news about him and his daughter.

Right now, he sat before a channel interview, which was decided before his visit to India. Apparently it was to announce that Philips Corp. was expanding their business to India but right now, the topic definitely not about Adam Joan’s professional interests.

Raizadas sat in their living room with Anjali stuffing her mouth with popcorns. Arnav narrowed his brows at her and Anjali said, “What? I’m gonna watch him roast her. So let’s just be prepared!”

Arnav rolled his eyes and others chuckled.

“So Mr. Philips your livestream has gone all over the world and it says that Anjali Singh Raizada, business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada’s sister, is your daughter. Does that make ASR your son?” the interviewer asked.

“No Sherlock, he was dropped down from heaven....sorry hell” Anjali commented and ate popcorn while Arnav glared at her.

“Yes he is. Well if Anjali is my daughter then obviously her brother would be my son right?” Adam said laughing.

The interviewer laughed and said, “Well may I just ask you why this was not revealed earlier?”

Adam shifted in his seat and said, “I was separated from my family for a very long time. Just had a teary reunion with my daughter last night and then the morning newspaper popped up saying that she is my new fling....really? I’m not Donald Trump to kiss my own daughter!”

“SAVAGE!” Anjali cried and threw a bunch of popcorn on Arnav’s head.

“What has gotten into you?” Arnav cried and Khushi patted away the popcorns from his hair. Aarav giggled at hi-fived Anjali.

The interviewer chuckled and said, “And ASR? What about him?”

“Well we met at the award show and then he asked me to come home which I did. And... “ he was cut in by the interviewer, “So you never came home for all these years? Like....Arnav is a Raizada and so is Anjali and....”

Adam chuckled and said, “Like I said, I was separated from them!”

“By whom?”

“Fate” he shrugged.

“You really don’t want to talk about past, don’t you?” the interviewer asked raising her eyebrows.

“Thank god you realized!”he said and leaned back on the couch.

Arnav burst out laughing and Anjali shook his head, “This guy!” she muttered, “That interviewer is gonna lose her job!”

Adam looked up and said, “Listen it’s just that those are some bitter memories. So let’s just sum it up. I had been away from my kids for very long time. I met Arnav at award show. I came back home but stayed at hotel. Anjali and Khushi, my daughter-in-law, visited me. Photos were taken and people interpreted it in a very wrong way. So I’m here, to clear it up that Anjali is my daughter and not my NEW fling. if I had a series of guys do have a wild imagination....NEW FLING” Adam finished laughing.

“Oh but the pic really looked scandalous!”

“That’s it!” Arnav cried, “She lost her job!”

“It didn’t. It’s just that you wanted to be scandalous” Adam said smirking, “When 20 people witness the same incident, we have 20 different perceptions. And among them only one, or sometimes none, will be true. That’s the problem with humans. They see what they want to see. It’s just a game of mind!”

“Woah!” Anjali exclaimed.

“He’s so cool” Aarav gaped, “Let me note this. Might come useful for essays!” he said and hurried for his notebook.

“Impressive” Akash commented.

“That’s my daddy” Anjali said lifted her non-existing collar.




Nov 29

Where are you now (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

“Where are you ‘cause I’m thinking of you...

You showed me how to live like I do...”

Where are you now, Justin Bieber





“Why are you standing here?” Arnav asked Adam who was standing alone in the balcony of Raizada Mansion.

Just an hour after the interview Adam joined Raizadas at RM and everyone had dinner together. Nani asked him to shift his belongings from hotel to RM to which he agreed. Dinner was over and everyone were chatting in the living room when Arnav saw Adam slipping upstairs.

Adam turned and said, “I cannot stand that lady!”

“Dadi?” Arnav asked.

“She is your Nani, by the way!” Adam said nodding.

Arnav nodded and walked to stand near him. Both of them looked around the vast premises of Raizada mansion and Adam asked, “Were Raizadas so rich from the beginning?”

“No” Arnav said, “We’re actually middle class. Had a small house at Vasant Vihar colony.”

“And this?” Adam asked motioning the big mansion.

“After my business flourished, I constructed this house!” Arnav said. Adam nodded.

“Listen...I....I cannot change my name okay?” Arnav said stammering.

Adam looked at surprised, “I never asked you to change your name, did I? Why would you do that?”

“ mean di is changing her name to Anjali Adam Joan. So...I you said, remember, my company is my identity. AR is my identity. ASR is my business name. I’m known by the name Raizada! So I cannot change it. Not that I don’t accept you. I do but....”

Adam cut him in and said, “It’s okay Arnav. Waise bhi Arnav Adam Joan is very weird!”

Arnav chuckled and Adam laughed.

“It’s weird you know...” Arnav said chuckling, “Like, I was jealous of you since I started realizing that every year the award is taken by you! And suddenly I found out that you’re my dad!”

“Award!” Adam laughed shaking his head, “You have to go a long way to reach that award Arnav. The position you’re in is not great! You may be the best in Indian fashion but trust me when I say this, me and my rivals were at your present stage by the first year of our business! Of course our fields are different but the business tactics and management is same everywhere! You have to improve!”

“I will” Arnav said determined, “I’m not gonna let you take that award anymore! It’s high time that you stop getting on that stage!”

Adam burst out laughing and ruffled Arnav’s hair. “This boy” he said in fits of laughter.

“I’m not a boy” Arnav retorted and fixed his hair.

“You are!” Adam said firmly, “You’re my boy!”

Arnav looked at him and smiled warmly at that. Now he know why Aarav smiles when he calls him my boy!

“Listen” Adam said, “How long has Anjali been divorced from Shyam?”

“You know about Shyam?”Arnav asked surprised.

“She told me yesterday” he said.

“It’s been six months! She moved on very fast you know. I never expected that!” Arnav said smiling.

“She didn’t”

“I’m sorry?”

“She didn’t move on” Adam said and turned to Arnav, “She still loves him, after everything he has done. She still may go back to him if he comes back!”

“That’s ridiculous!” Arnav cried, “Who told you this? Di? She has gone mad!”

“Mad in love” Adam completed.

“Bull****!” Arnav cried, “Why would love the person who hurt her beyond extend?”

“The same reason why Khushi is still with you!” Adam said softly.

Arnav froze and looked at him.

“I know about the contract marriage!”

“Listen” Arnav said angrily. His breath started to become irregular, “It’s all past. We’re over it – Khushi and I! We love each other and now have started a family with Aarav.”

“I’m not blaming you Arnav” Adam held his shoulder, “I’m just telling you about Anjali. She is faking her happiness. She may be ok. She may not be heartbroken but she still loves him. She is faking to all of you that she hates him! She is so lonely Arnav! She is holding up but she’ll break at some point!”

Arnav took a deep breath and said, “What should I do?”

“Nothing but keep an eye on her!”





Adam was resting on his guest room late at that night when he heard the door knock. He got up from the bed and walked to the door, opening it to find Mrs. Malik before him.


Subadra walked in without an invitation and sat on the couch in the room. Adam rolled his eyes and walked to the bed, sitting on the edge, without bothering to close the door.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” dadi asked angrily.


“You said the whole world that Anjali is your daughter!”


“So? Adam, the whole world includes the people who once tried to kill her!” dadi chided.

“It’s been years. Plus, I have killed all those priests, for which you sent me in jail which I should add. No one can harm her now!” Adam said.

“You really think so?” dadi raised her eyebrows.

Adam frowned.

“Do you know why I told the ashram people to tell you that I died when you came to enquire about Arnav and Anjali?” dadi asked.

Adam nodded no.

“Because some people were following you Adam!” dadi said.

Adam frowned and dadi said, “I saw them, in a car behind you but you didn’t notice. They were watching every move of you. So I didn’t take the risk of telling you where Anjali and Arnav are! You went back disappointed and so did they! On that day I realized that some people are still behind you in the hope that they’ll get Anjali. So I never contacted you and told you where she is! But NOW you’ve announced to the whole world that she is your daughter!”

Adam sat shocked and said, “People following me? I’ve been living alone for the past years and no one ever attacked me!”

“They don’t want you. They never kidnapped you! It’s your Jewish daughter that they want!”

“The ritual was meant to sacrifice young Jewish girls below 10 years! Why would they still want to take Anjali?” Adam asked frustrated.

“I don’t know! You tell me! You’re the Jew one!” dadi cried.

Adam rubbed his face with his palm and dadi said, “This is why I never wanted you to be back. You’re a walking disaster! You’re surrounded by danger and I never wanted Anjali and Arnav to be with you! Not because I hate you. I really like you. You are nothing less than a son to me!”

Adam looked up at her, “I thought you hated me, right from the moment that your daughter married me!”

“I did but old age made me wise Adam” dadi said, “I always thought that you took Amaira away from us. Later I realized that it was actually me and my husband who pushed her away from us! We tried to lock her in a cage, you taught her to fly. We made her walk through the lines we drew, you taught her to draw lines. We liked her, you loved her. You’re the best husband a woman can dream of, Adam, and you should be proud that your son is like you!”

“I thought you hated Khushi!”

“I’m always bad at judgements. I hate Khushi, I do, even now because for me she’ll always be the daughter of that woman who had affair with my then-married-son. But I was wrong when I said that she is not perfect for Arnav. It’’s exactly like you and Amaira. They both are perfect for each other! Just like you and Amaira were perfect for each other.” dadi said.

“Can you say that last sentence again?”Adam asked with glistening eyes, “I really want to record it!” he took out his phone.

“Shut up you idiot!” dadi chided.

Adam was about to say something when they heard a scream.

“Khushi!” Adam and dadi whispered as they recognized the owner of the scream and ran to Arnav and Khushi’s room.

Adam opened the door to find Khushi who was sitting on the floor clutching her head. Blood was flowing out of her palm as she tried to control it by pressing on her head.

“Khushi!” Adam cried and ran to her, “What happened? Where is Arnav?”

“Some...some people...came in...they took Arnav ji....” Khushi said crying in pain.

By then the whole house woke up and came to the room. “Khushi” Payal cried and ran to her. Khushi gasped breathes and soon fell unconscious. Akash screamed for securities and ran out to check. “Call an ambulance HP!” Adam screamed and was about to search for a cloth to stop Khushi’s bleeding when he noticed something else.

Everyone of Raizada house was in the room. Except Anjali!

Adam gasped and ran to Anjali’s room.

Akash ran from the opposite side and said breathless, “Securities saw no one and...what happened? Are you listening!”

Adam ran past him and stormed into Anjali’s room. Akash followed him.

The room was empty.




Dec 1

Back for you (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 79 times)

“I’ll be coming back for you....”

Back for you, One Direction





His blurry eyes registered dim orange lights as he opened them with great difficulty. His head was hammering him with pain and his legs and arms were sore. Scrunching his eyes for several times, Arnav finally opened them fully and looked around to find a small room dimly lit with orange bulbs. His eyes caught a metal door at one end and some cardboard boxes on the other side of the room. He looked up to see nothing but an orange bulb hung from the ceiling.

Flashes took him to when he was sitting with Khushi having a conversation about Adam. Someone had hit his head with something hard and the last he heard was Khushi’s hysterical scream.

Arnav groaned in pain and lifted his hands to hold his head but no! He looked down to find himself tied on to a chair. He looked around in panic. Where am I? Who are these people? What do they want from me? Oh god, Khushi! The last he heard was Khushi’s scream. Is she okay?

His thoughts ended when the metal door creaked open and many men came in. Every one of them was foreign, Arnav noted.

“Ah you’re up!” one said as he walked forward to him. Arnav could find guns on everyone’s waist and he looked at the man getting a clear picture of him. He looks older than him but not very old...must be in his thirties! He had long face with thick brown stubble. The one thing Arnav noted about the guy was his dead eyes. He felt himself cringing looking at the guy’s eyes. The man stood before him and bore his scary dead eyes into Arnav’s skull.

“Listen Arnav....I don’t have anything against you but I’ve got no choice. I have to kill you man!” he said in his steel voice.

Arnav froze and looked at the man.

He leaned to Arnav and said, “You don’t know me don’t you? No worries, your father knows me well!”

Arnav frowned and the guy said, “Well let me introduce myself. I’m Nathaniel Stephen!”

Arnav didn’t react and Nathan said, “Still got no ring? Ah you won’t. You weren’t even born when it all happened right? Well, it was my father, Stephen Paul Ryder who took away your sister and who was killed by your father!”

Arnav gaped and then gulped. “So....” Nathan stretched, “This is the least I can do for my father! Killing you and your sister in front of your father!”

Arnav froze but then cried, “MY sister? Where is she?”

Nathan chuckled and said, “In another room dear. Don’t worry you both will meet when we slaughter you both in front of Adam Joan!”





Khushi walked to Aarav’s room. She had woken up an hour ago, that makes five hours since Arnav and Anjali were taken. Doctor had bandaged her forehead where she was hit by something hard like a vase. She and Arnav were talking when she saw many men in black clothes and mask coming in through poolside and knocking down Arnav who was sitting with his back facing the poolside. All she remember was one man swinging something like a vase to her head and Adam holding her when she said that some people took her Arnav ji.

Opening the door of Aarav’s room she walked in. She saw her son curled up in a bundle on the bed clutching a pillow and sobbing into it.

“Aarav” she whispered and sat near him.

Aarav sat up and hugged him, “Where is papa ma? Anjali bua...what happened to them?”

Khushi said nothing but caressed his hair. He must have woken up by the commotion outside and have realized that someone took his father and bua.

“Some bad people took them dear” Khushi said softly with tears rolling down her cheeks, “But don’t worry. We all will find them!”

Aarav sobbed burying his face in his mother’s neck. Khushi kissed his hair and said, “They will be fine baccha...don’t cry....”






Arnav and Anjali are safe. But I can’t guarantee it if you try to inform police about this message. Find them Adam Joan. I’m waiting for you.

Adam stared at the message for the nth time since he received it just few minutes after his children’s kidnap. Akash who was with him when the message came instantly took out his phone to call police but Adam stopped him. Explaining the whole past to him, Adam told, “They are dangerous. I don’t know who they are but I’m sure they are related to the Satanists that I killed. Even Scotland Yard couldn’t find them Akash. Informing police is waste of time!”

“So what do you suggest?” Akash asked as he sat near Adam on the bed.

“They want me to find them! Just like I did years back when they took Anjali. They want me Akash. Arnav and Anjali will be safe!” Adam said calmly.

Akash sighed and rubbed his face with his palm. Adam patted his shoulder and said, “It’s all my fault and I’ll rectify that. I’ll find them. Don’t worry.”

“No it’s not...”

“No Akash! Now you need to concentrate on your pregnant wife and other family members. On top of that you gotta manage AR and make sure that no one points out that Arnav and Anjali are missing!” Adam said sternly and Akash nodded.

“What are you gonna do? From where do you begin?” Akash asked.

“From that place where it all began – Scotland!” Adam said firmly.

“But they were taken from India!”

“Yes they were but the answers to the kidnapper’s identity lies in Scotland where I buried all twelve Satanist priests who dared to point knife at my daughter!” Adam said. He took out his phone and dialled Steve, “Book me a ticket to Scotland!”



Dec 2

I put you there (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 78 times)

“Whenever I close my eyes,

I put you there....”

Back for you, One Direction





Anjali wriggled her hands in an attempt to untie herself but in vain. She looked around the small dimly lit room in tears. The clock in the wall says that she had woken up an hour before although Anjali is doubtful whether the time on it is right because it shows 3. Is it 3 am or 3 pm?

The door opened and looked at it in fear. A tall young man came in with a plate of food. Anjali scrunched her eyes due the light that entered the room as he opened the door. Okay, so it’s day time! 3pm! Was she unconscious for so long? He shut the door behind and walked towards her.

“Your food” he said in his strong voice and placed it before her. She looked at the plate with a sandwich and some grapes and looked back at him.”Eat” he said and untied her hands. He then walked to the other end of the room and sat on the floor leaning to the wall.

Anjali looked at her untied hands in wonder. She looked at the man who was lost in his thoughts and a hope of survival sparked in her. May be she can slip away right now? With her hands untied....she can just....

“You know just wipe away the thoughts of escaping Anjali” the man said smirking as if he read her thoughts. Anjali narrowed her eyebrows and he said, “You cannot escape with me on guard here! Don’t be stupid and now eat!”

She looked down at the sandwich and said, “How do I know that there is no poison in it?”

The man sighed and stood up. He walked to her and took the sandwich. Looking at her he took a bite and kept it back on the plate. He took one grape and ate it. “See” he said with his hands open wide, “I’m alive. NOW EAT!”

Anjali said nothing afterwards and dug into the sandwich.  She literally moaned at the taste, feeling so hungry all at once. She finished the sandwich in a swift moment and also the grapes. She wiped her mouth with the nightgown she was wearing and looked at the man who was staring at her.

He stood up and walked towards her with the rope. Kneeling before her he tied up her hands and then took the finished food plate. She squirmed with her hands and he said coldly, “You must be grateful that your legs aren’t tied up unlike your brother!”

“Brother?” Anjali cried in shock.

“Yeah, couldn’t take a risk of Arnav escaping” he shrugged and walked towards the door ignoring Anjali’s cries “Why is he taken? Who are you? Why did you kidnap us! ANSWER ME!”

“QUIET!” he shouted and turned to her. Anjali sank back to the wall hearing his voice, “If I hear you scream like that again...” he threatened with rage and she meekly nodded looking down. He walked out and slammed the door shut. She heard the lock sound.





“You sure about this?” Adam asked to Khushi as both of them unblocked their belts.

Khushi nodded determined.

“I don’t know why I allowed you to come with me” Adam mumbled and stood up as all passengers started moving out of the plane.

“Because I wanted to come” Khushi said rolling her eyes, “They’ve caught my husband and sister-in-law. I want to help you papa. This is the least I could do!”

Adam sighed and nodded. Both of them walked out of the plane.

Collecting their luggage they walked out of the Scotland airport. He started looking around and Khushi frowned, “Are we waiting for someone?”

“Taxi” Adam said and raised his hand seeing a taxi at a distance.




“WOW” Khushi cried as they entered the house, “You live here?”

Adam nodded.

“It’s so big!” Khushi gaped.

“I’m rich” Adam shrugged.

“Was....Anjali di born here?” Khushi asked.

Adam nodded.

“You were rich back then?”

“This is my parents’ house Khushi!” Adam said and walked upstairs with Khushi following him. He walked into a room and said, “This is your room!”

Khushi looked around the luxurious room and nodded, “Thank you”

“Make yourselves comfortable” Adam said smiling and Khushi smiled, “What’s the next move?” she asked.

He looked at the time. It was late at night. “Dinner and then we’ll talk!”

“Oh I’ll cook some....”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll cook!” Adam said cutting her in, “Take rest. You’re jetlagged aren’t you?”

Khushi nodded.




“This is so good” Khushi moaned as she ate a spoonful of pasta, “You cook well”

He smiled and said, “Thank you”

“So tell me about you”

Adam looked up surprised, “Uh why would you ask that? We’re not here for that!”

“Well it was only when I stepped here that I realized that I know nothing about my father-in-law! So tell me about your parents, your life before meeting Amaira Malik!”

Adam cleared his throat and said, “I was born and brought up in Mumbai. My parents were never home. They had settled here in Scotland. Dad started the Philips Corp. My father was grandma’s only son. I was looked after by my grandmother, in Mumbai. I think I know more about my grandma than about my parents. But when I was 19 she passed away. It was a normal death. She was very very old! But it affected me a lot! I didn’t drink, I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep. Dad and mom came to Mumbai. I was then studying at Mumbai Law College. They got me transferred to Edinburgh University here in Scotland and took me away from Mumbai. But I didn’t go to Edinburgh and dropped out for an year. I did many jobs – worked in a bar, in a petrol pump and in many places. Dadi’s death had pulled me down to depression. Dad and mom were worried about me. They took me to a therapist and all sorts of people. It was only then I saw how much worried they were. So I agreed to join Edinburgh the next year. I was 20 by then. I joined the same course but right from the beginning. On my first day I saw Amaira and that was the beginning!”

“And she saved you from depression” Khushi stated.

“She saved me in all possible ways a human can!” he said softly. Khushi smiled and looked at the wall where there was a huge family picture of Adam, Amaira, baby Anjali and an old couple.

“Your parents?”

Adam nodded.

“Where are....I mean....they’re not here!” Khushi stammered.

“They died! “

Khushi nodded.

“Killed actually” Adam corrected.

Khushi looked at him.

Adam rubbed his forehead and said, “That day when Anjali was kidnapped, when she was five, my parents had taken her out to a park. Those people came in a van and tried to take her. My parents tried to stop and they were shot at point blank distance!”

Khushi gasped. Adam sighed and said, “It was horrible. My parents are dead, my daughter is missing, my wife is away in India at her seventh month of pregnancy.....” he rubbed his jaw, “Then I found Anjali but in a blink lost her, Amaira and also my new born son! From a contented family man to an orphan – in a flash!” he said smiling sadly.

Khushi looked down and gulped her pasta, realizing that the sufferings her husband and sister-in-law had in their life and the pain she suffered in her life is nothing before the pain the person sitting before her is living in for the past twenty eight years.

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To get to you (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 74 times)

“I’ve been running through the jungle

I’ve been crying with the wolves

To get to you...”

Wolves, Selena Gomez





Anjali was leaning back on the cold wall of the small room when the door of the room slammed open. She saw the same guy who brought her food along with some guys storming in. A man was leading them and he stood before her looking at her in disgust.

“So this is the girl for whom Adam killed my father and other priests!” the man said in disgust, “Must say you have grown into a very beautiful woman!” he kneeled down to her and she sank back to the wall. “Aww are you scared of me princess?” he whispered in his sly voice and ran his fingers through her face. Anjali shifted her face away and squirmed through her ropes.

The guy stood up and turned to others, “We must move her from this place! You know Adam. He will hunt us down!”

Everyone nodded and the man said, “I want Daniel to lock her up in his house!”

Anjali saw the man who brought her food looking up.  He must be Daniel! He said, “ apartment?”

“Do it Danny!” Nathan, the head, said in anger.

Daniel/Danny looked down and sighed.

“What about her brother?” another man asked.

“Patrick will take him” Nathan said pointing to a brunette man who nodded.

Everyone dispersed soon after leaving Nathan and Daniel in the room.

“Why would you do that?” Daniel cried, “Nathan, I don’t want to lock any women up in my apartment!”

“Look Danny” Nathan said sighing, “I can’t trust anyone with this girl! I want you to take her man. I trust you brother!”

Daniel looked down and sighed. Nathan gave Anjali another disgusted look and walked out.

“You’re his brother?” Anjali asked.

Daniel nodded and walked towards her. He untied her rope and Anjali sprang up. She looked at the opened door but Daniel gripped her wrist harshly, “The moment I untie you, your eyes fly up to the door. Now listen to me, don’t make it hard for me or I’ll have to take actions against you and trust me sweetheart, I won’t be this pleasing when I’m angry!”

Anjali nodded and bit her lip as his nails were digging into her skin. He tied both of her hands to back and pushed her forward, “Now walk”

“Where are you taking me?” she cried.

“Don’t make me tie up your mouth sweetheart!” he said and the girl was pushed out of the room.





His eyes flickered as he felt someone lifting him up. He felt so light weight as if he was floating in air. It is been two days, according to his calculation that he has been taken, and that means two days since he had his diabetes tablets. His sugar level has been disrupted and he  found his eyes drooping shut.

He heard someone say, “What’s wrong with this guy? He is always tired!”

“His sister is fit man!”

“Ah she is! What a beauty man!”

“I wish it was me who took her!”

“But no! Nathan knows us very well and asked his brother to handle her!”

“Daniel is one lucky man!”

If only he was healthy! Even Arnav’s full power mode brain couldn’t lift his body up and beat the hell out of those men who were eying his sister! But what did they mean by took her? What happened to di? Who is this Daniel and where did he take her?

Arnav gasped in pain when he felt being thrown into a hard surface. His eyes flickered shut and the last thing he registered was a door shutting and the surface he was on moving.





“So we’re searching about Stephen Paul?” Khushi asked as Adam drove through the Scotland roads.

Adam nodded and passed her his mobile phone. Khushi frowned and saw a message from a private number.

You know me Adam. You killed him, Stephen, my father – my mentor. Find me Adam Joan. I have your kids.

P.S. Your daughter is really ****y ;-)

Khushi looked at Adam who had gripped his steering wheel.

She sighed and kept the phone on dashboard. “So Stephen Paul Ryder? What about him?”

“He worked as a professor in Edinburgh University. He was my teacher and that’s how he knows about my heritage and my daughter being half-jew!”

Khushi nodded.

“So we’ll go to university and try for his family details. There will be a file about him. He had married very late. If I remember correctly he had two very young sons when Anjali was three!” Adam said driving into the gates of Edinburgh.

Dec 6

Far Away (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 58 times)

“How do I live without the ones I love....

Time still turns the pages of the book it’s burned...”

So Far Away, Avenged Sevenfold





“Now” Daniel said sternly, “I want you to behave Ms. Anjali or I’m going to tie up your pretty big mouth” he tied her up against the bed pole. Anjali nodded in fear and looked around the room. It was a luxurious bedroom with posters of many cars and bikes all over the wall. It was a shame that such a beautiful marbled floor and wonderful curtains are being represented by the enormous heaps of clothes at the corner of the room and many sprawled across the floor. She looked at the bed and scrunched her face seeing guy’s boxers and socks sprawled across it. She looked back at him who was on his phone.

“This is a mess” she called out.

He looked at her said on phone, “Nathan I’ll talk to you later!” he cut the call and raised an eyebrow at her, “Any problem mam? Daniel Stephen at your service!” he bowed and chuckled.

“Look around the room” Anjali said with a puking face.

“My room!” Daniel said and spreading his arms, “My sanctuary!”

“Why am I being tied up in YOUR room?” Anjali cried.

He smirked and walked towards her. Anjali sucked a breath and gulped. She moved back as she can to the edge of the bed since the tied up hands didn’t allow her to run away from the bed. He sat near her on the edge of bed and removed the strands of her hair that fell to her face from the braid she had made. “You wanna know why?” he whispered as he lingered his eyes at hers. Anjali shook her head in no. “No?” he whispered as he leaned closer. Anjali started breathing heavily and tilted her head backwards far away from his face.

He caressed her cheek and whispered, “I’ll tell you why” he smiled sweetly but the next moment said loudly, “BECAUSE I CAN’T LET YOU ESCAPE AND RUN TO YOUR **** FATHER! DO YOU GET ME!”

Anjali froze under his loud voice. He stood up and pointed a finger at her, “The less you talk the more you stay unharmed Ms. Adam Joan!”





Arnav opened his eyes slowly. He saw someone near him forwarding a chocolate bar. He slowly sat up and realized that he was on a soft comfy bed. He saw an old woman smiling kindly at him. “Have it. Your sugar levels would rise!” she said forwarding it.

He chewed the chocolate and looked around the room. It was a luxurious neat bedroom. With no windows, he should add. No chance of escape. The AC was on its full power and he started shivering.

“Oh my, let me reduce that” the old lady said noticing him shivering.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Patrick’s mother, dear!” she said smiling, “Patrick said about you. You both work together don’t you?”

Arnav frowned but nodded along.

“Ah, he said how you fell unconscious and brought you here. You will be staying here until you’re fine!” she said patting his cheek, “I’ll bring you some hot porridge” she said and turned to the door when she saw Patrick entering.

The woman walked out of the room and Patrick looked at him with cold eyes, “I told her a story and I want you to act along it. One wrong move and then, your sister is dead!”

Arnav said nothing but glared at him. Patrick said in a low deadly tone, “I’m a man of words and when I say that I’ll finish your sister if you move against me, I WILL DO THAT!” and he stormed out of the room.





“Well Adam, I don’t know much about Mr. Ryder. Heard that he married an 18 year old at the age of 40 but nothing more than that!” the man at office said.

Adam nodded as he ran his eyes through the file that says professional details about Mr. Stephen Ryder Paul.

He smiled at the man and walked out of the office. He met Khushi who was waiting outside. “Got any information?” she asked. He shrugged no in disappointment.

“Well I did!” she said smiling proudly.

He raised an eyebrow and she looked around. She dropped her voice in a low whisper and said, “Your university is a scandalous one papa. Your beloved professor had a fling with the lab assistant here!”

Adam rolled his eyes and said, “Stephen had a fling with everyone Khushi!”

“Oh” Khushi said, “Well this lady gave me details about him. The woman he married, well apparently the fling started the next day after the marriage, her name is Michelle Rodriguez. They had two sons and after Stephen’s death the kids were taken to their mother’s house, which is just one hour from here! I’ve the address. Let’s go!”

Adam gaped and said, “WOW. I seem experienced in this!”

Khushi laughed and said, “Well let’s just that this isn’t the first time you son has gone missing!”



Dec 8

You'll never be alone (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 70 times)

“But you’ll never be alone...

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn...”

Dusk Till Dawn, Zayn





Adam sighed and sipped the coffee the woman had brought for them. He watched Khushi consoling the woman. He looked around the house and found photos hanging on the wall. Giving the ladies one last glance, Adam stood up walking towards the photos.

It showed the woman, Melanie Rodriguez, smiling at the camera with two boys kissing her cheeks from either sides. The wall was full of the boys’ pictures, they hugging each other, one of the boys riding the other’s back, them hugging Melanie. He spotted one pic of Stephen with the boys who appeared 8 or 9.

“Which one among this is Nathaniel and Daniel?” he asked aloud. Melanie and Khushi looked up. Melanie wiped her tears and said, “The brunette!”

Adam nodded at the brunette boy who was hugging the blond boy. So the blond is Daniel!

“Where are they now Melanie?” he asked calmly.

“I don’t know”

Adam turned to her with dead cold eyes. “Say it” he commanded.

“I don’t know Adam! I know nothing about their doings too. I never knew that they are planning revenge. It’s really hard for me. Nathan was always the one to get into trouble but Danny...he was my perfect boy! He never does anything wrong!”

“Well your trouble-son and perfect-son has kidnapped my son and daughter” Adam snapped, “I want their details. You have their number. Call them before me! Put it on speaker!”

Melanie hesitated and Adam screamed, “DO IT”

Melanie took her phone and dialled a number. Adam and Khushi sucked their breathes and waited.

“Hello mamma” a happy voice greeted them.

“Danny” Melanie cried.

“Mum? You alright? What happened?”

Melanie looked at Adam who took a paper and scribbled something. He showed it to her and she read it, “Where are you son?”

“At my apartment! Why mum?”

Adam scribbled again and Melanie read out aloud, “And Nathan?”

“I don’t know where he’s been mom. What happened? You’re scaring me!"

Melanie looked at Adam’s note and said, “A guy named Adam came here, an hour ago. He asked about you both. I didn’t tell them. He appeared very angry son. Are you both okay? Just tell me that you both are safe because he seemed dangerous!”

A silence prevailed and Danny spoke after a while, “Did he say something?”

“No just asked where you both are!”

“What did you say?”

Melanie looked at Adam who wrote New York.

“New York” she said.

Danny said, “Thank god. Now he’ll go to NY while Nathan and I are in London!”

Khushi looked at Adam with glistening eyes.

“Well I just said a random place. Why are you at London?”

“I’ve gotta inform Nathan that he visited you!”

“Danny you’re scaring me. What is happening!”

“Mum, listen carefully. You remember the guy who killed dad? It’s him, Adam Joan. Dad and his fellow priests had taken his daughter for satan worship and Adam killed them all rescuing her. Now we have taken his son and daughter!”

Melanie gulped her tears and said slowly, “What are you gonna do with them?”

Danny sighed and said, “Mom, we ought to do this. They deserve to die!”

“Why because they are jew?” she asked angrily, this time not bothering to look at Adam’s notes.

“NO!” Danny cried, “Nathan still believes in satan worship but I don’t. I want Adam dead because he killed my father! Nathan wants Adam to watch him killing his children and feel the pain!”

Adam clutched his fist and looked away.

“You’re mad Danny!” Melanie cried, her tears genuine, “Where are they? Adam’s son and daughter?”

Well his son is with Patrick and daughter is here with me!”

“With you?”

“Nathan wants me to keep her till Adam hunts us down!”

“Let them go Danny. Are you crazy!” Melanie shouted.

MUM. I told you this because I don’t like keeping things from you. If Nathan comes to know this, he’ll kill us both! Don’t you dare tell this to anyone. Don’t you dare! I’m trusting you mom. Please don’t make me do something I’ll regret!” Danny said angrily and hung up the call.

Melanie burst into tears and looked at Adam, “I’m sorry....I’m so sorry....I never knew...that my children cruel....”

Khushi patted her back and Adam said emotionlessly, “Give me Daniel’s London Apartment address!”

Melanie nodded and wrote it in a paper. He looked at Khushi and said, “Let’s go!”





“Who is Patrick?” Anjali asked as soon as Daniel finished his call with mother.

He looked at her from the other end of the room where he was sitting on a couch having a smoke. The entire room was filled with smoke and Anjali was in fits of coughs.

“Shut up” he groaned and put his cigarette back to his mouth.

“He has my brother. I want you to know that my brother is diabetic. If he doesn’t take his medicines he’ll fall ill!”

“Let him. He’s going to die anyway!” Daniel said rolling his eyes.

“Why do you hate us so much? What was our fault in everything that happened? My brother was not even born when my dad killed yours!’ Anjali cried.

He said nothing but looked at the ceiling.

“You all are being ridiculous” Anjali cried, “Why would anyone kill young girls as a ritual. Aren’t we in 21st century or are we not? Your father did a crime and my father took the extreme step to save his daughter just like any father in this world would do! Just tell me this, if you and Nathan had a sister, would your father sacrifice her for rituals?”

“We’re not jew!” he said letting out a smoke.

“Bull****!” she cried.

“QUIET!” he roared, “Don’t raise your voice before me Anjali!”

“Oh why? Why can’t I? Are you gonna beat me? Do it! I’m gonna die anyway! COME ON SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO!” Anjali shouted.

Daniel walked to her angrily and said sternly, “I’m warning you. I don’t want to hear that tone from you anymore!”

“Why Daniel? Why should I keep quiet? And if you can’t handle my temper why don’t you kill me. Or is that you’re afraid?” she taunted.

The next moment he slapped her right across her cheek. Her hands were tied up to the bed pole and that caused her to fall towards the pole. Her head hit the pole hard and Anjali let out a cry.






Arnav lied on the bed. He was made to lie by Patrick’s mother because he was affected by high fever. He looked up at the ceiling and let out a huge breath.

A lone tear fell from his eyes. His mind flew to RM. What would be Khushi doing right now? Aarav, wouldn’t he be scared and shattered. Nani would’ve gone weak and mami would be on her detective mind. And Payal, she is pregnant. How will she cope up? How is Akash? How can he look after the house, company and also his siblings missing case at the same time. Where would be di? She is safe, isn’t she? What would be papa doing? He would be running around to find him right?

Papa....sounds weird. Just few months back he hated every letter of that word. Growing up to a father who did nothing but cheat on his wife, Arnav had grown an aversion to the word father. It all changed when Aarav came into his life. He could see his little form in the boy. The innocent face of him craved for love, reminding Arnav of the love he never got from his father. Accepting Aarav was easy but becoming a perfect father for him was difficult. All he has seen is his mama ji pampering Akash in his childhood. But despite everything he did the best for Aarav and the boy never had any complaints yet. Everyone praised him telling him that he is the best father. Is he? He never knew.

He became a father. Having someone to call you papa is great but what more great than that is having someone whom you can call papa. And that moment came to his life, just few days ago.

“I never got to tell him that I accepted him” Arnav whispered to himself as he looked at the ceiling with tears flowing out, “And I don’t know whether I’ll be able to say it anymore!”





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