Chronicles of Jr. Raizada(s)

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Nov 24, 2017

Chronicals of Jr. Raizada(s) (By Spriya) (Thanked: 77 times)

#1: First rays of the sun

Arnav's scrutinizing gaze analysing each and every inch of the bundle of joy placed in the cradle.

"Nani why he's not opening his eyes? Shall I call the doctor? Yes, that should be right. Why would he sleep even after four hours of born?" He asked frowning his eyebrows for the unteempth time making nani sigh in annoyance.

"Chotte, this is the last time I am saying this. Some newborns will take time to open their eyes, that's normal unless the baby did not cry at the time of born. But your son already proved he's another ASR taking the whole hospital in his head even before"  Nani replied showing her irritation openly.

"Haan nani I had doubt on that too. How did this small body of his produce so much noise? Is it normal? What if his throat pains due to that? Maybe we should give him little water. He must be thirsty" Arnav said sincerely showing all his patience level to not barge into the doctor cabin, who said his son is normal but here his son is not even opening his eyes. On the top of it his family members also not understanding his plight. They are acting so cool as if nothing wrong happened distributing sweets grinning ear to ear from the past hours.

"You know what...Forget it. Aakash will you book another room for me. I think I am going to lay in next ward due to high pressure" Nani said in displeasure. Agreed her grandson was a newly turned father, but everything has a limit, Hasn't it?

"Dadi he's just excited and worried at the same time. This all must be new for him" Aakash supporting his brother as he knows in next six months he must be in his Bhai's place. 

"That why I was trying my best to explain each and every question of his. But everything has limit aakash. He's behaving as if he is the only father in the world and his son is the only child took birth" Nani retorted in low voice or else his grandson will create a mountain out of a molehill which happened few hours before.

"Chotte see na how pink his cheeks and feet are" Anjali squealed as soon as she took hold of her neonate nephew.

Unfortunately, her nephew let out a wail hearing her high pitched squealing and new warmth also not settle with him.

"Di...Why are you overreacting? See now how he's crying. Change your dress before picking him. Your jewellery and this heavily worked saree will prick him" Arnav dismissed her in no-nonsense tone taking back his junior in his arms. That was the first time arnav ignored anjali which she didn't take it to heart. 

"Arnavji if nani is saying something hear her fully. Don't trouble and argue with her. Come here" Khushi who witnessed the scene lying in the hospital bed, couldn't accept her husband's indifferent behaviour to the other family members henceforth.

He throws one heart-wrenching look to his baby as if he's leaving him for which everyone in the room sighed heavily.

"Haire nandhakis****...Arnav beta Are you going to any battle?" Buaji asked not able to keep her astonishment.

Khushi gritted her teeth turning to others "Why don't you all grab some food for yourself?"

All nodded before ran out as if they're waiting for that opportunity for hours.

"Enough is enough...ARNAVJI...This is the limit. You're going overboard with this behaviour of yours" she scolded angrily, which he cared less.

"Don't shout khushi. He'll get disturbed" He said nonchalantly.

Khushi looked at him as if he grew horns. Few seconds before he tortured everyone with the question of why his son is always sleeping and not opening his eyes but now he's scolding her for the same issue with altogether reason.

Khushi determined to put some sense in him so called him with stern face "Arnavji will you come here or not?"

He hmmed before taking his son in his arms whose small frame fits perfectly into his torso.

He took his seat in a nearby small chair holding his son. Making sure to cover his son properly in small softy cloth and giving him enough warm on his arms arnav finally glanced his wife "What do you want to speak?"

"Will you give my son to me or I am also look at him from far?" Her voice came as sarcastic as ever.

Arnav bewildered hearing her question, now his attention was fully on his wife "Khushi you're his mother. Why should you look at him far? Here take him" arnav handed him though half-heartedly.

Khushi took him in her arms with motherly warmth. Her eyes twinkled in joy albeit taking him five to six times already she feels she's holding him for the first time.

"His eyes, toes, fingers are so small haaina" Khushi asked totally drowned in the cute bundle.

"Haan, see na how red his cheeks are. His feet also pink. See na how small his fingers are" Arnav also drowned totally into the life whom he and his wife created together with so much of love.

"You know khushi when I give him my finger he held on to me tightly. I feel...I felt as if I took rebirth. I felt even more responsible now. I felt he's seeking my support. I..."He stopped abruptly too overwhelmed to continue.

Khushi eyes glistened like her name, glistened in happiness.

"What name we should give him? I want something to start with A.. like you!" Khushi elated each time seeing the life she and her husband given and she exclaimed the question with same.

"Aarush" Arnav whispered not wishing to wake his son up.

Khushi snapped her head like the name at first sound.

Seeing her questioning eyes arnav answered even though she didn't in need of any explanation "Aarush- First ray of sun. Like his name he's the ray of our life. The minute we become aware of his arrival he saved us, our straining relationship. He's the one knocked some sense on his father. He's the one who let his father know the true colours of sheetal. He's the one who let his father know the strength of a relationship if his mother was not enough and he’s combination of our both" Arnav said with glistened eyes.

Before sheetal could plan their separation, the news of Raizada junior made the whole issue altogether which led sheetal out of not having any other choice as arnav concentration was only on khushi neglecting aarav. Her plans spoiled when she was caught red-handed mixing something in juice which turned out as abortion pills. Later they thought to adopt aarav but he politely refused stating he can't accept khushi as his mother which hurts even though what sheetal feed him was lies.

"Aarush Singh Raizada" Khushi said with smile bending her head to kiss aarush.

"STOP" Arnav stood up abruptly.

Khushi bewildered by his shout, in fear she cuddled aarush close to her chest.

"Don't kiss him. He is a small child, easily prone to allergies. What if our kiss cause any allergies on his skin"

Then only she remembered anjali saying 'Your husband can't even let anyone kiss your baby. So much possessiveness already'

"You got to be kidding, right!" Khushi asked praying what she heard should be wrong. Thank you devimaaiya, I kissed him as soon as he born or else this laadgovernor will never let me do that intact.

"I was way too much serious" He let his ground steadily clearing his stance.

"Laadgovernor...I don't know what I am going to do with you...Hey devimaaiya don't let my son to be another laadgovernor. Show some mercy on your devotee" She prayed dramatically.

"Shut up khushi. He is my son so obviously, he would be like me" Arnav argued back forgetting the little one who started wriggling on khushi arms showing he's waking up.

"LG..." khushi muttered focusing her attention to aarush.

"ARNAVJI, see he's going to open his eyes" Khushi shouted in excitement not wanting her husband to miss this minute for which he is waiting like hell.

Next instant Arnav was beside khushi with expectant eyes. His left arm goes around Khushi's shoulder without much effort while his right one cuddled his little one.

Without making his father to wait more aarush blinked opening his little eyes trying to adjust the light which is alien to him.

"Aarush" Arnav and khushi whispered his name for the first time. Like understanding his parents call aarush stared at both without blinking.

"Khushi, he's's seeing you" Arnav shuttered in joy with the trace of glisten in his eyes.

"His eyes are like you arnavji.." Khushi said what thought first came into her mind.

Aarush let out a small cry when khushi unintentionally took him away from her chest. Arnav softly pressed him back to her warmth which stopped his cry.

Arnav looks astounded at khushi "He knows your warmth"

"He knows you too" khushi stated pointing arnav's finger in aarush fist who held it to his dear life.

The new parents ecstatic in their new phase of life keeping Aarush Singh Raizada as their universe. 


So tell me guys how this os was. I planned to write as os series which captures every phase of junior raizada's but the ball was on your court. I don't want to write without knowing readers wish..It was going to be light-hearted one which covers only happiness.

So tell me guys shall I continue this? Anybody like to read more??

I'll update once in a while or if you guys want I'll write often.

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Nov 26, 2017

2. ASR and Nicknames! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 72 times)

#2. ASR and Nicknames!

"Khushi why he's crying? You held him correctly right?" Arnav asked seeing his son crying his lungs out. Khushi was unsure of his feeding time too as just before some hours she fed him.

His small red cheeks were drenched in tears and eyes shedding its precious like pearls. His pink petals are trembling asymmetrically. He's wriggling his smalls hands and legs on air. The sight itself churning his parents.

Arnav felt helpless seeing aarush crying face "He's quite before sometime. Hold him closely Khushi" He patted aarush back though nothing changed.

"Arnavji...I think he needs to feed. See him" Khushi motioned him through her eyes showing aarush who was rubbing his face on khushi chest waiting for his feed.

"Oh..Junior was hungry. We like a fool couldn't even understand" Arnav said shocking khushi.

Khushi shocked by the fact that he calling himself as a fool. Did he realise what he spoke or he gone mad seeing his son!ASR and fool it will never be in a single sentence.

Sensing her staring him arnav downcasted her head by his hand "Stare me as much as you want after feeding him"

Khushi's concentration shifted to her son whose cries subsided lately. She remembered how the nurse guided her how to feed before fulfilling her son's stomach.

If she felt ecstatic by just holding him before then it was wrong. A euphoric sense filled within her when her child taking his fill of milk. Her life, she and her husband created this life. All of sudden she felt her topmost priority was her son for whom she can do anything even if she had to drop her habit of eating jelabi, even to stop her craziness.

Not only her arnav's perspective also changed. Still, now khushi was his wife but now she is his child's mother. Like him, his son also needs her maybe more than him. Their each and every emotions going to be related to aarush. Their each and every fights going to affect their little one. Their each and every actions going to be a role model for him. Their each and every word make him a good/bad man. They have to be careful around him. A new responsibility seeped in him. He determined not to trouble khushi henceforth.

Like a gentleman, arnav covered them both with a towel patting them time to time with his hands.

"Khushi do you need anything? Shall I call anyone for help"

She nodded as no and continued feeding him.

In few minutes aarush little stomach was full. Khushi carefully held him on her shoulders placing her one arm on his butt and other supporting his neck before burping him.

Arnav looked at her weirdly "Khushi he..." Before arnav could continue khushi put her finger on his lips stopping him from saying further. She's not ready to hear another absurd set of questions from him. She is too tired to explain anything he asks.

Khushi placed aarush near her and lied down beside him "I need to take rest. Will you look after him?" she asked despite knowing arnav's nature. Her motherly nature wants an assurance which he obliged happily.

"If you want anything don't hesitate to ask. I'll be here only" Arnav assured dragging the chair near to the bed.

He doesn't know how long he stares at his son. As soon as aarush was fed he gone into his lovely sleeping while arnav started his staring session noticing each and every movement of his muscle giving his finger in-between his junior fist.

Suddenly arnav panicked seeing aarush started to squirm in his place ready to wail out.

Arnav pressed the call button in no time as he's unsure of the reason for aarush cry and even if he tries to find out it may take some time.

A small wail along with a hiccup escaped from his little mouth waking his mother in the process.

The first thing khushi noticed was a panicked arnav whose expression shows confusion "What happened?"

"He's going to cry. Feed him" He slowly took back his finger not wanting aarush to have difficulties while taking his food.

Unfortunately, Arnav's little movement disturbed aarush who let out his wail.

Khushi tried to get up abruptly only to halt back due to her pain "Shh... Mamma is here" she consoled patting him forgetting her pain.

"Where did that nurse went? It's been five minutes I pressed button still she's not here" Arnav scolded the nurse helping khushi to sit and took aarush in his arms to place in khushi lap. As soon as he picked aarush his expressions changed from worry to horrified.

Khushi scrunched her eyebrows seeing her husband's horrified expression whose arms carries aarush.

"Give him...Why are you shocked?" Khushi tried to take aarush from his arms.

"He wetted his dress" He said in a displeased tone.

"Oh, give him to me. I'll change his clothes"

"Don't you put diapers on him. I have to clean my shirt now, it smells eww..." Arnav asked placing him in her arms twisting his face at the same time.

"Aww... Laadgovernor staring him, showing your love by being possessive doesn't only make you a father. You should take part in his growth. Don't dream I'll leave you just like that"

"Haan haan...You didn't answer my question yet. Why you didn't put diapers?" Arnav asked effortlessly pushing away her advising part.

"I wonder what happened to your brain. It always took vacation whenever it was needed" Khushi mocked cleaning aarush butts. She doesn't know where did his knowledge gained by the books he studied during her pregnancy went.

ASR in him waked up hearing her mocking "Khushi..Don't test my patience"

"Then what do you expect me to say. You restricted everyone from kissing him for what? Allergies. Don't diapers cause irritation on his skin? or ASR...." Khushi also replied with the same irritation.

He stopped her in the middle as he got his answer "Oh yes, You're right khushi his skin was so soft. That harsh diaper materials will harm his skin. I read newborns wet more often in a day. Do one thing change his clothes more often, don't use diapers. We can use one after he turns one by that time he'll be little grown" he said more sincere as ever.

"Then buy more clothes for him" Khushi replied in annoyance. She thought to use diapers after a week but here her husband is planning to extend it to a year.

"Yeah sure, I'll order aman to deliver the cloths" Saying this he casually took his mobile to call aman.

"Chotte will you stop behaving like this. Do you even realise you're going overboard?" Anjali grabbed his phone who entered the room along with others heard the last conversation. To say anjali was too much annoyed.

"Di..Stop it. Give my phone back. I have to call aman" Arnav tried to take it back from her.

Aakash interrupted and stood before him "Bhai don't take me wrong. You should take rest. Seeing khushiji's labour and looking after little champ you look tired"

Arnav eyes widened, if possible it will be out of sockets "Do you mean I am blabbering in my tired state. Unbelievable aakash"

He muttered some incoherent phrases in irritation while khushi bit her lips stopping herself from laughing out loud.

"Haan arnavji. See now we both are going to sleep. Can't you join us?" Khushi pointed herself and aarush and moreover, she wants him to take rest. Like aakash said he's been in tension from morning itself, now it's almost going to be night.

"Yeah bhai, you take rest. Only one person should stay at night. You stay here, we'll come here on morning" Aakash buttered as he knows if he asks arnav to take rest in the home then there'll be another squabble which no one is prepared to face it. Meantime nurse entered whom anjali dismissed not wanting arnav to yell at her creating another mess.

"Arnavji, here I am placing your food and medicine" Payal said showing the tea table before the sofa which is placed in the luxurious comfortable hospital room.

In no time they all retired themselves before giving some instructions to khushi about what should be done and what should not if aarush cries at odd times. Nani wanted to stay there but considering her health condition they took her to home.

"Arnavji take your food and sit beside me" Khushi called him shifting slightly on her side for arnav to sit.

Seeing her shifting he crossed the distance between sofa and bed in less than a second "Careful. Why're you straining yourself?"

She smiled in return "I am much better than earlier"

"You're never going to accept what I am saying without arguing with me, Are you?"

"If you know that then why're you taking trouble in asking?" She replied taking the food packet from his hands.

"Khushi you should not eat outside food" As usual her overprotective husband jumped in and he's ready to snatch the food back. Like predicting his actions she moved her hand away from his reach.

"Khushi..." His displeased voice didn't stop her, she forwarded a spoon full of morsel before his lips.

His astonished face fixed on khushi "If you want to gaze me then you are most welcome after finishing your food and medicine" She repeated his dialogue making him smile.

He opened his mouth allowing her to feed him.

"You're fearing about your capability" It was nothing but a plain statement which reflects his inner turmoil.

Chewing his food he shifted his gaze elsewhere "Hmm..."

"You'll be the best father you know that?" She said cautiously feeding him another morsel.

"Do you think so?" He asked with unsure eyes.

"It's not a thought. I am cent percent sure. You know everyone is not practised to behave as a good parent. It comes naturally. Parents grew themselves along with their child's. If you push yourself too much then you'll fail to live the present. Give yourself a chance, live as a normal not this, surely not like an obsessed person. I am here to guide you, hold you, scold you whenever needed. Do you understand what I mean?" She consoled him patiently knowing his thoughts. Thanks to the websites he goes through during her pregnancy which she peeked in to. She somewhere read, child care naturally comes to a mother than father. Mother's don't need any other guidance, they can easily grasp and fit themselves in parent's shoes while father's stumble a bit on that. Adding to that she feared, he's comparing himself with his father.

"Do you think I can be a perfect father? What if I lashed at him like I do with you when I was in business tension? What if I showed my dark side to him? I don't want him to become another ASR, I mean in the terms of handling relationships. I want him to know the outer world but not like the way I did. I don't want him to be innocent yet I want to live whom he was, at least with the family unlike me. I..." Something stopped him from saying further. He has so much to share, so much to seek answers for his doubts but he stopped not knowing how to proceed further. It was always difficult for him to open up his feelings.

"I said na...I am here. Do you think I will let you scold my jelabi. Hmphh.." Khushi fortified.

To say arnav was terrified hearing his wife calling his son as jelabi, dismissing her assurance he was ready to start the fight "What jelabi...JELABI!!!! Dare you call him like that"

"Haan, jelabi. See na how cute he's. Just like my jelabi" Khushi said with dreamy eyes imagining jelabi as aarush and aarush as jelabi.

"Seriously, Arnav Singh Raizada son was called as jelabi.. Unbelievable" Scorned arnav.

"What? Hello Mr. Raizada for your kind information he's my son also. I can call him whatever I wish" Retorted an equally irritated khushi.

"Guess what, he was lucky. I named him instead of you. If I let you name him you must be named him as Aloo kumar, Ladoo, Briyani....ufff...It sounds horrible along with surname...Hope he does not turn as to be a foodie like you" Arnav mocked her indicating he's back into his ASR mode.

Khushi mouth formed perfect O's hearing his mocking "Laadgovernor... At least I'll call him jelabi, laddoo all are sweet names. What name will you give, if you want to call him with a nickname? Yeah I know must be Deal, Laptop, Bluetooth and not to mention your big What the!!!!" She huffed and turned her face away from him. Long back she finished feeding him.

"You proved you always remain as a dumb.." Words slipped from his mouth in displeasure.

"Haww..You.." Before khushi could retort back junior let out his wail like sensing his parent's silly fight.

Khushi shushed and patted him sending him back to his sleep. Meantime arnav cleared the food packets and washed his hands before taking his place near aarush.

"He doesn't like our fight" Arnav said patting his small head.

"Maybe" Khushi smiles shrugging her shoulders. 


Hope I am not boring you with this update. I felt the need to show how the couples handle the new life.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this story and encouraged me to write more. This will be updated every week and Hope i'll be able to keep up to your expectations. You guys are most welcome to share any ideas which you wish to read. I was not much experienced in writing light-hearted crazy stuffs so if you feel any part is boring, feel free to share it. I'll change it!


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Dec 6, 2017

3. Aman meets Jr. ASR (By Spriya) (Thanked: 81 times)

#3. Aman meets Jr. ASR

"I was surprised khushi. How did he sleep the whole night without disturbing us" Arnav asked without shifting his gaze away from his son. Little did he know that aarush cried more than five times few in hunger, few due to his wet diapers, all was handled by khushi with the help of a nurse.

"He was like me. Will never disturb others" Khushi stated proudly raising her invisible collar.

"Yeah, like you. Even if an earthquake comes while you asleep, you'll never know" His sarcastic comment was not approved by his son who showed his displeasure by started weeping due to some disturbance.

"What the aman!!!" The disturbance was created by none other than ASR right-hand man Aman Mathur.

"What the hell? Is this way to greet my son? Who buys an extra large bouquet for this auspicious? And did you forget the manners? Can't you knock before entering the room" Arnav scolded aman seeing him carrying a big bouquet of flowers along with some gift box. 

Instead of answering his boss, aman only smiled at him before reaching khushi.

"Congrats bhabhi...Welcome, Jr. ASR" After greeting her, he held aarush's little hands in his for a handshake which left the couples bewildered.

"Don't butter my son aman" Rushed the possessive father.

"Amanji don't make him another ASR right away" Cried the baffled mother.

"Cool guys...Anyhow, I am going to work under him if he decides to take over his father's business, so a little bit of buttering won't harm my future" he winked making arnav perplexed seeing this side of aman. Gone the anxious aman waiting for his order.

He shifted his attention back to the little bundle in the cradle "Hope you're having a good stay here Junior ASR. I am always at your service right from picking your dresses, choosing best schools, shortlisting extracurricular coactivity classes, dropping you there if needed, selecting best universities until guiding you in business world if required and I am always will be your right hand like I have been to your father, you should keep that in mind. Yeah by passing time I may get old so don't forget this old man haan" he said all this ever so sincere caressing aarush cheeks.

"What the!!!"

"Shut up arnavji. See how he's showering his love. Don't mock him" huffed khushi.

Arnav looks at them weirdly, one stood flashing all his teeth before aarush and another sat in bed admiring aman and aarush bond. 

"Aman did you hit your head somewhere before coming here? First, this bouquet and now this speech of yours" Arnav asked with a frown.

Aman ignored him and forwarded the gift box to khushi and the bouquet lay on a chair as it was big enough to occupy half of Khushi's bed.

"Googleji said newborn needs warm atmosphere, so a small gift from my side. Sweaters, hope you like it"

Khushi smiled in gratitude. Opening the box she astounded which was not needed actually "Wow it was super amanji. Glad you got vibrant colours"

"But why did you bought dozens of sweater? One is enough naa" Khushi questioned taking all the sweaters in hand feeling its softness.

"Being the prince of Raizada clan, How can we let him use old clothes! Let him wear new dresses every day" Aman replied earning a proud smile from his boss and annoyed expression from his boss wife.

Khushi twisted her face in displeasure "You proved you're working under ASR. Stupid fellows, it was hardly two days he born, already our room must be flooded with a mini supermarket. Why're you both wasting money like this?"

Arnav gently ignored the later as the earlier part took his attention "What the!!! Stupid fellows!!!!" 

"Haan, any doubt. You shifted a whole kid shop in our room. Following your path amanji also bought half of the shop" came a retort from her.

"So what, he is my son. Whatever I earn was for him, no one can stop me from doing those things" Arnav argued showing his stand.

"Bhabhi ASR is right, Junior deserved it. Can I hold him?" Aman asked politely.

Before khushi could nod arnav intervened "Did you wash your hands properly? That bouquet would have been touched by many workers, who knows it has bacte..."

Khushi smiled seeing his concern, back then it irritated her. But now she also feels to keep her baby safe as she was informed by the nurse who helped her yesterday, a premature newborn in next room was prone to infection. Though her son was perfect in health, she couldn't help to worry and being precautious. Her husband was successful in rubbing his overprotectiveness on her too.

Aman widens his eyes "Yeah, you're correct ASR. Wait let me wash my hands" saying this he strode outside.

Khushi laughed seeing aman back to the form, obeying ASR commands "Poor amanji..." 

After good five minutes he entered showing his hands in air whistling the way.

"Now can I have the honour of holding you?" He asked to aarush who by now blinking his eyes seeing a new person. 

"You have gone mad aman. You're giving a lenghty speech as if understands it and now asking his permission, you should ask mine" grunted arnav.

"He's my small boss, I need his permission more than you ASR" Aman stated raising his eyebrows.

Shifting his attention back to aarush he bends little to caress his little cheeks who in turn dangling his hands in air as if asking aman to lift. 

"See he gave his permission" Aman blinked his eyes proudly lifting aarush in his arms.

"How you know to lift a child?" Arnav questioned seeing aman lifted aarush without much effort and holding him properly which went unanswered as new boss and employee was in their own world.

"How are you champ? Hope your daddy doesn't bore you with his What the! I'll tell you some secrets about your daddy. You can use that as a weapon when he scolds you" Aman winked making arnav to mutter his favourite phrase. In contrary his son was hearing that with so much sincerity as if he was listening his some favourite music.

Khushi who was silent till now got attentive in curiosity "What secret he's saying? What did you hide from me?" She asked turning arnav to face her.

Arnav bewildered with her question, in fact, he's not sure what secret aman was saying "He's kidding. I have no secrets khushi"

"He's lying bhabhi" Aman smiled mischievously. 

"What the aman! Khushi why would I lie to you?"

"When he was kid, he shows himself as calm, introvert before everyone but he does all mischievous things which I am sure he's not ready to share with anyone. It'll shame ASR image" Aman fluttered his eyes.

Arnav gritted his teeth, sensing this aman quickly changed the topic "See ASR your son knows smile too"

All other thoughts flew from everyone minds. Arnav reached aman in two strides, indeed aarush was smiling, smiling for the first time. His little cute lips stretched on both ends with slightly opened mouth showing toothless mouth.

"Khushi he's smiling like you" Arnav's elation transferred to khushi too.

Seeing them aman gently placed aarush in arnav arms who took him to khushi. 

"Hey devimaaiyya thank you...My jelabi is not like his father, kadoos who needs money to smile. Hmph..."

Arnav didn't counter back as he was happy his son was not like him. He's smiling constantly unlike him who finds it difficult to smile until khushi enters.

"Hayee...Meri jelabi made his papa smile" Khushi announced in content seeing her two soul smiling in happiness like her name. What else she need!!!




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4. Fighting for their rights (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

#4. Fighting for their rights

"Can't his fingers ache if he clenches his fist always" Arnav started another round of questioning session.

"It's a newborn trait arnavji. It'll not pain" Khushi replied taking aarush closed fist in her hands kissing it.

"His toe fingers also curled" Arnav examined his toe keeping it on his palms. He chuckled showing how small aarush legs in his palm.

"Do you have any other plan than staring at him like he is your candy..Oops...Your laptop. You always stare at your file and laptop in the same way as if it was the most beautiful thing in the world and your life depended on it" Khushi made an irritated pout.

"What the!!"

"For god sake. Stop this what the arnavji. I am already sure if you continue this habit of yours then aarush first word would be what the" She grunted imagining aarush saying What the in childish language.

"Do you know what my world is?" He asked in husky voice taking his place beside khushi leaving aarush.

"What?" She frowned hearing change in his voice.

"You, aarush and...Then Aarush sibling" His husky voice on her ears made her close her eyes.

"I thought you forgot me after your son came" She whispered taking a  fist full of his shirt.

Caressing her palm which rested on his shirt he leaned pecking her cheeks.

"Never... You're my laptop and he is my Bluetooth" He laughed out loud seeing her popped out eyes.

"You're teasing me" She freaked hitting him.

Their little banter disturbed their little soul who wailed loudly kicking his tiny hands and legs in the air.

"See, my son doesn't like to see you scolding his dad. Haaina champ..." He cooed in a baby voice taking him in his arms.

Aarush blinked open his tiny eyes feeling a warmth. His cries subsided slowly.

"Why my baby is crying?" He cooed giving his forefinger to aarush fist which he held swiftly in a tight grip.

Gazing his father aarush closed his eyes slowly. Soft snores after good five minutes indicated his sleeping state.

"He slept again" Arnav murmured in disappointment making him sleep on the cradle.

Pulling over the blanket on him, he moved aside making sure aarush have comfortable sleep.

"Arnavji..I...Want to ask you something" She said with hesitation.

Arnav raised his eyebrows in question and eyed her to proceed further.

"Can I and aarush stay in amma house for few days..."

"No" He replied instantly making her sigh in disappointment.

"Please arnavji...Amma, buaji and babuji everyone wish the same. Even during my pregnancy, I didn't go there for your satisfaction. Please..Only few days...It is custom also...Please naa..." She tries to melt him by her pout.

Seeing him lost in thoughts, she grabbed him by his hands and put a sound kiss on his cheeks.


How can he deny after her cute pout and not to say her kiss, he nodded accepting her deal but not before putting a condition.

"Only under one condition. I too will accompany you and stay with you two" He commanded.

"Shall I ask buaji and amma to ask permission from nani?"

"Not needed. They already asked" Nani said entering the room. Khushi pushed arnav away from her, the instant.

Greeting and exchanging pleasantries everyone standing like a queue for taking their fill of holding aarush.

Khushi smiled seeing the attention and love her son was getting. While arnav gazed all of them weirdly.

"This is hospital, not an exhibition and surely my son is not exhibiting" He said in nonchalant earning a playful slap from his wife.

But everyone seemed unaffected by his words.

"He's going to his nani, nana house so we're utilising this time" Only anjali cared to reply amidst of standing behind aakash waiting for her turn to take her nephew in her arms.

"Haire nandhakis****... Don't scare my grandson manorama" Buaji warned as soon as she entered seeing aarush wriggling in manorama arms.

"Haain...Hello bye bye..He's enjoying with her beautiful grandmom.." Manorama mami twisted her eyes showing big eyes to aarush admiring him.

"You don't go to her... I'll give you makeup tips. You will become modelwa then in award stage you give credit to this beautipul modern grandmom, I'll never mind" She laughed making everyone chuckle.

"Haire nandhakis****... Don't hear her words mere laddoo... I'll teach you good manners, some people never know what to speak" Buaji twisted her mouth in annoyance taking aarush in her arms.

"Hello hai bye bye... Don't ever think of changing aarush to say bye bye to me..." Mami said dramatically.

"Jiji...Give him to me. See how you're struggling to fight with him keeping him in your arms" Garima appeared before madumathi taking aarush in her arms by easily convincing her using their fight.

Falling on her words buaji gave aarush to garima and continued to fight with manorama. They two in their own world fighting who'll be better grandmom to aarush.

"You have grown clever garima. Don't you think, the stones in your saree are pricking him" Shashi showed how aarush scrunching his face in irritation.

Nodding garima handed aarush to him. Keeping him close to his heart shashi admired his grandson. He don't know how aarush arrival was lucky for everyone but for him, aarush was his lucky charm. From the time aarush starts grown on his mother womb shashi health starts improving. At his eighth month of growth when Khushi's godbhaarai happened shashi was fit and fine.

"Uncle, you're just recovered. Don't take stress. Give him to me" Anjali cleverly took aarush from him.

"Di, this is not fair. Yesterday also you spent time with him" Aakash stepped as next member.

"Di, Don't stand for a long time" Payal interrupted having aarush in her arms before aakash.

"What the!!! Excuse me he's not a ball that you all can play with him" Arnav put a full stop to their play taking aarush from payal and handing him to khushi.

"Bhai...This is not fair. You let everyone to hold him when it was my turn you snatched him" Aakash complained with a sad pout.

"Jijaji...Here hold him" Khushi laughed in pity eyeing aarush to take him in his arms.

Aakash smiled in victory taking aarush in his arms while arnav grunted.

"Ok then..Visiting hours over. You can all leave now" Arnav said standing ready to drag everyone out.

"Haan haan..Chotte come. Aakash will stay here until you fresh up and relax a bit" Anjali said with concern holding his hands.

Arnav opened his mouth to deny but before his voice come out khushi interrupted "Di is right. Go home arnavji. Jijaji is here na. Go..."

"No...I can freshen up here too. No need to go home" Arnav stood firm on his decision.

Khushi persuades one more time only to accept her failure. Everyone bid bye to new parents promising to call them every hour to get details of aarush.

Aakash glanced back standing near the door "Bhai..Nk called me. He's coming tomorrow"



Hope you all like this. If anybody feels I am dragging unnecessarily, please free feel to point out..

Thank you!!!


Feb 11

5. Jr. in his grandparents house (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

#5. Jr. in his grandparents house

“Wait!!!” Arnav shouted seeing Khushi trying to get down from the bed with difficulty.

“What was the hurry to get down? Won't I come after clearing the bills” He yelled in concern holding her shoulders.

“I am not that much weak arnavji. Just a little discomfort that too because of lying in bed for more than two days. Hold aarush, buaji having hard time holding him with her knee pain” She said in concern eyeing buaji.

Arnav looked at Khushi and aarush for a brief time pursuing whom to help. Thankfully aakash entered at the same time with a smile.

“Ready to go home champ” He asked politely catching aarush little fist in his hold eyeing arnav in question.

Arnav nodded as he took aarush from buaji arms.

“Bhai I think you should take Hp with you. He'll be helpful, buaji and amma will not be overloaded with stress and I am sure they wish to spend their time with aarush than doing c****s” Akash said seeing buaji trying to take a basket.

“Yeah, Send him..” Arnav commanded while buaji’s denial was suppressed by Arnav’s powerful voice.

“I got him here. Where is he? I told him to follow me” Aakash inquired, realising he was missing and let his eyes wander around the entrance of the room.

Khushi smiled guessing where he must be “He must be waiting for permission”

Arnav called him in loud voice and like khushi guessed he was waiting outside for his master to call him. HP entered politely with his eager eyes fixated on the little one who was sleeping peacefully on his chacha arms. Due to the height difference Hp has to peek in from aakash side yet he couldn't get the clear view of his small master. His feet was threatening to take a step forward but he refrained himself knowing his place.

“HP take that bag beside aakash” Arnav commanded holding khushi in his tight grip.

The ever polite, humble, loyal servant of raizada’s stood uncaring of his master orders for the first time. Arnav frowned seeing Hp standing like a rock. Well, rock according to Arnav and mesmerised as per khushi.

“Hari prakash…”

Hp jerked from his place hearing the loud voice of Arnav.

“Leave it na arnavji, he wish to see aarush. Jijaji…” Khushi trailed down indirectly conveying aakash to handover aarush to Hp. Unlike others she noticed the eagerness on Hp eyes.

Arnav darted his eyes to Khushi and then to Hp who stood reluctant, waiting for Arnav permission. When Arnav nodded Hp offered his full blown smile to him which he never get it for him till now. He's always a kaddoos for everyone then how can he expect an pleasant gesture from the opponent. He never regretted about it.

Taking gradual steps Hp wiped his hand on his towel before placing his tip of the finger on aarush soft cheek. Gulping at the softness beneath his finger he traced his finger on other cheek too. Aarush cheeks form a dimple when he stretched his lips.

“He’s so cute bhabiji. He's looking like Arnav bhaiyaa” Hp exclaimed bringing back his hands.

Arnav smiled in proud escorting khushi outside, aakash and buaji followed them with aarush in aakash arms while Hp took the bags.

Placing aarush safely in khushi arms aakash took his seat behind the wheel as Arnav took his place beside khushi. His right arm was thrown at khushi shoulders and his left palm caressing aarush little head, securing them.

“He's so cute Khushi. I fear if media catches a glimpse of his, they're not going to stop until making him sensational” Arnav shared his worry pecking aarush little head.

“Don't worry about that bhai. I already made arrangements, we're not going to introduce him to the world until you decides, I prefer we should keep him in wraps until he turns fifteen or something”

“Uffo..So much of planning. Jijaaji you too.. I thought only arnavji and amanji was in competition. I swear they already decided what underwear aarush should wear when he turns twenty...offoo...My poor baby…” Khushi pitied her son.

“Shut up Khushi!”

“See na baby, how your pappa is scolding your mamma” She complained to aarush with a pout as if he'll understand her words.

Remaining drive went silent and soon they reached Gupta house. After circling the aarathi thal around the couple and little one they're escorted to Khushi room which was redesigned keeping aarush comfortableness in mind.

Khushi placed aarush safely in the crib which has long grills on four sides with a white soft bed on its bottom providing enough warm and a few little stars and colour toys adorned the blank grills.

“Why are they wasting money? I am sure this must be arnavji idea and a clone of this crib will be there on Raizada mansion too” Khushi mumbled to herself but her heart flattered when she saw the little stars along with expensive toys presenting their togetherness. She was touched realising his thoughtfulness to mingle their choices and wishes.

“Heyyy… I am back…” The loud cheerful voice echoed on the Gupta house.

“Nk bhai…” Aakash rushed forward to welcome him. He totally forget to inform his arrival to the family.

Pushing him aside “Where is my cutie pie?” Nk asked wandering his eyes. When his landed on Arnav who stood up to escape from his blabbering.

“Nannav mere bhai. Congrats… Finally, someone came to control you” Nk cheered jumping on Arnav.

“I just wish someone will control you from jumping like monkey on everyone” Arnav muttered pushing him away.

“Where is khushiji and where is junior khushiji?” Nk repeated his earlier query.

“Hairee nandhakis****.. When you arrived beta?” Hearing buaji voice Nk leaped into the room which was at his right.


“What nahiiii… nanehji when did you arrived? Nobody informed me” Khushi chirped seeing him. Fortunately he entered into Khushi room in order to escape from buaji.

Masking his shock, Nk spoke “Thank god, I found you khushiji. Nobody is saying your whereabouts. Where is cutiepie?”

Khushi smiled at his eagerness and pointed her right side where aarush was sleeping peacefully.

“Hayyee.. He is cute like you khushiji” He screamed in ecstasy for seeing a new born baby for first time in his life.

“What the!!!” Arnav alarmed hearing his last phrase.

Ignoring him Nk went towards the crib and let his finger feel aarush softness.

“Oww.. He's pillow” He shrieked when the softness overwhelmed him.

“What the! ASR son and pillow. Damn” Arnav muttered with a frown.

Before Nk could admire him more HP enter with his coffee.

“Where's my cutie pie coffee? Hpji you should keep him in mind while doing food. You see child need more food in their earlier days, go get his coffee and haan Don't mind nannav orders on diet. He'll turn him into another fitness freak” Nk explained as if he is giving his speech on seminar.

“And yeah give him Horlicks. He will grow Taller, Stronger and Sharper” Nk said with a proud smile on knowing details about baby products.

“What the!!!” Arnav and Khushi shouted simultaneously while HP stood scratching his head.

Nk frowned at their reactions but nonetheless he took forward his action. Rummaging his bag he took few car toys and books.

“See I bought book for him. It has all the alphabets, numbers, numerical tables…” He would've continued if Arnav did not interrupted him.

“What the! You're proving yourself again. Who on the earth will ask Horlicks for newborn?”

“Hey nannav mera bhai. How will your son grow if he did not take Horlicks? I wonder how you become a father without knowing basics. But leave it see I am here na, I'll look after him and see I bought few toys also” He chirped again showing a talking tom.

“See khushiji, this talking tom will repeat whatever cutie pie talk to him. Try na..” He thrust the toy on her hands.

“Hey cutie pie I bought some more toys for you. Wake na we'll play all sorts of game. I am sure your kaddos daddy is not going to play with you. But why worry when your chacha is here?” He giggled at his own sentence while Khushi chuckled at his childishness in contrast to Arnav who stood irritated.

Nk bend down to kiss his little cheeks when aarush smiled in his sleep.


Khushi closed her eyes in despair as HP and Nk jumped on their place by the shout. All the while our little aarush was busy snoring selling his horses like his mother.

Feb 19

6. Nk with junior (By Spriya) (Thanked: 55 times)


Khushi closed her in despair while Nk and HP jumped on their place hearing Arnav's shout. All the while our little junior was busy sleeping selling his horses.

"Nannav your shout was equal to earth quake, oh god.. My cutie pie will be feared thinking universe is destroying as soon as he stepped into the world" Nk squealed in horror peeking into aarush craddle.

"Shut up Nk" Arnav growled in extra annoyance.

Bending over the craddle Nk whispered "Cutie pie there's no earthquake. Don't be scared ok... It's only your father's roar. He's jealous of you as you're getting everyone attention instead of him especially not getting my attention"

Khushi had hard time controlling her laughter. From the time of aarush birth all she is doing was getting astonished seeing everyone reaction especially her laadgovernor husband for each and every little thing.

"What are you whispering to my son? Dare you talk with him in that broken hindi Nk. I'll sue you if ever you rub your madness and your hindi on him"

Father in him woke up to protect his son.

"Well, nothing..." He shrugged and bend down to aarush ears only to speak in a hushed tone.

"Your father is flaring his nose ready to bounce on your cute chacha. But don't worry, your chacha knows how to escape from his feckless roaring. I'll teach you some techniques from them ok... We'll talk later, sleep cutie pie"

Khushi giggled not able to control her

laughter as his hushed talks reached hers too. Arnav throws a glare at her when she is trying to control her giggles that were threatening to escape.

"What's there too laugh? And you nk stay away from him" He dismissed in no nonsense tone earning a angry stare from his wife.

"What do you mean by stay away from him? He's baby's chacha and my best friend, you can't say something like that" Khushi reprimanded twisting her face.

"As if I care. I am his father and I know what is good and what is bad for him" Arnav retorted not wanting to bend down to his wife wishes like always. He's not a hater of nk but the mere thought of him pestering him time to time always annoyed him to the core making his care to take a back seat. And the mere imagination of aarush walking talking as the same manner of nk itself horrifies him to the core. Lest, he adds nk to the team of his wife whom he can't restrain as she being his baby's mother.

"I am his mother. I also know what is right and wrong for him. Whom he should mingle with and whom not?" She rebuked without giving up the fight.

Arnav got annoyed as usual "Khushi don't make it a habit to oppose whatever I says"

"Same goes to you" She put forth with an attitude.

Arnav twitched his brows and open his mouth to rebuff before his eyes caught something which made his eyes to pop out from its sockets.

"What the hell! Nk put him down now"

Arnav sprinted towards him seeing nk cradling aarush on his arms making some funny faces.

"Don't overreact arnavji" Khushi yelled on his back.

Nk dashed away in horror cradling aarush safely to his chest.

"Hold him properly nk. Don't let his head to slip out of your hands" Arnav guided putting his hand above nk hand at the junction of his neck and shoulder.

"See he lapsed his hands. If aarush head dangle in air, his neck muscle will gets sprain and it will be such a torture" Arnav explained throwing an

acussing glance towards khushi.

"Arey sankadevi Arnav beta is saying correct. You should always pay attention to these things until a child's head stood straight without dangling. Always hold him by putting your one hand under his neck and another at his bottom" Buaji said to her for umpteenth time. Well, elders always care about their childrens and repeat those few things time to time for their own good.

Arnav eyed khushi to hear properly.

"Oh... Then took him khushiji, what if I let him down" Nk said scandilized.

"You'll not... ha... If you love oneself truely then you'll never let them down" Arnav said surprising everyone.


Arnav got alerted in conscious with her call. Marring his emotions he got his son from nk all for himself.

Each time he cradle his son to his chest, his body emote several feelings which overwhelm him at the same time scaring him too.

Aarush beamed at his father with his eyes wide open swaying his clenched fist in air. Arnav render speechless when aarush fist patted Arnav cheeks accidentally. Bending down he kissed the small fist of each hands.

"What my baby want?" He cooed with beaming face and a small smile adored his lips.

Aarush made weird noise as if answering to his father.

"Oh, my baby want to play" He asked in a low voice as if apprehending his son.

"Wahh... Nannav knows baby reading too" Nk cheered teasingly and there goes another round of mocking, retorting between the brothers.

Aakash smiled himself seeing the perfect family time after seemed like ages in between their busy schedules. Indeed aarush bought many changes within few days. The ever workaholic ASR doesn't even spoke a single word about his first baby AR as he claims till now after aarush born. Aman and aakash was the one running the office. Nothing big much happened which needs Arnav attention. If only time will tell what would be Arnav reaction if his presence was needed in his office.


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