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Nov 30, 2017

Trust.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 150 times)


"Khushi go and rest.  You're pregnant now.." Anjali came to her smiling. 

Khushi stopped on the way, and turned to Anjali.  She smiled and caressed her belly: Don't worry Pari likes walking, that's why I can't even sit in one place..

Anjali giggled: Khushi app bhi na.. Let Chote come here and I will complain everything..

Khushi smiled: Laad governor will do nothing to me Di. He knows that I don't feel like resting everytime. Now even he starts walking with me here and there in our room.. 

"Really?" Anjali asked surprised.

"Hmm.." Khushi nodded. 

"But you need to rest Khushi.." Anjali patted her cheeks. 

Khushi nodded and went from there to her room. 

"Because my baby is growing inside you. My baby needs to rest and you're so careless.." Anjali frowned thinking.

While Khushi reached in her room, she carefully leaned on the bed.

"Pari Mumma has reached to bed now.. You need to sleep now my baby.." Khushi whispered smilingly to her belly.

Her phone rang suddenly, Khushi gasped. She looked at her phone and a smile broke in her lips after she saw the caller ID.

"Arnav ji.." she said smiling.

"Are you and Pari okay? I'm sorry I'm late today. I'm just driving back home Khushi.. I'll reach in few minutes.." Arnav said in a worried tone. 

Khushi was amused, in these nine months of her pregnancy it's not only a new life who will change their lives, her Arnav also changed. He turn into a lovely person, he fights less with her, he tries to cook, find his clothes and make his coffee alone to not disturb her. He helps her in almost everything he can.

"I'm fine Arnav ji. Pari is also fine..and you don't need to say sorry.." Khushi said.

"Okay. I'm coming back.." he said.

"Aaah.." Khushi screamed in pain. 

"Khushi.. What happened Khushi???" he asked her worried. 

Khushi shut her eyes in pain, she breath in and out.

"Yes, I am..fine.." Khushi said hiding her pain from him, she just don't want him to drive fast because of her normal pains during pregnancy.

"Khushi are you really OK??" Arnav asked again. 

"Haan.. I'm.. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...." she screamed a loud, "Aaaahhh.. I'm not fine Arnav ji.. Aah.. I think Pari is coming Arnav ji.. I'm aaahh.. having labor pains.."

"Calm down Khushi.. Shh.. I'm reaching home.. Try to rest.." Arnav said driving with full speed now. 

At the same time he was worried and happy for Khushi. 

"I can't Arnav ji.. Please come.. I need you.." Khushi cried holding her belly tightly.

"I'm coming my angel.." he whispered.

Khushi dropped the phone, crying she rested on the bed. 

Anjali and Akash came running inside the room. 

"Khushi what happened??" Anjali asked worriedly, she caressed Khushi's forehead. 

"I'm having labor pain Di.. Arnav ji is coming.." Khushi managed to say. 

Akash: Let's go to hospital Khushi.

Anjali nodded and helped Khushi to walk,  Khushi stood up with great difficulty.

"Arnav.." she whispered his name, resting her head on Anjali's shoulder tired of crying and shouting in pain.

"He will come.." Anjali said. 

The three walked to the car, Mama and Mami also came.

Arnav reached, he went running to Akash's car: Khushi.. 

Khushi looked at him, she smiled slowly: Arnav ji our Pari..

Arnav nodded, he opened the car's door and sat beside her, hugging her tightly: calm down.. Be strong.. 

Khushi nodded, she shut her eyes tightly, now she knew it's her responsibility to bring a new life to this world and give happiness to her world (Arnav).


At the hospital... 

They heard a loud and cute scream crying. 

Arnav who was praying for his wife and daughter, smiled brightly after hearing a sign of his daughter.

Anjali and Akash had moist eyes now, they smiled.

"Congrats Bhai.." Akash said side hugging him. 

A lone tear of happiness escaped Arnav's eyes.

"Congrats Chote.. You're a father now.." Mami said and kissed his forehead. 

Soon the doctor walked out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

"Congratulations ASR.. It's a girl.." the doctor said and walked away. 

Arnav whispered: Pari.. 

"I thought Ananya for her Chote.  Pari is such a common name.." Anjali pouted. 

"No Di.  We both choose Pari. Because she's an angel in our life.." saying this a happy and proud father entered in the hospital room to meet his cute and small family. 

He just left behind his sister full of jealousy of not having the privilege to give name to the new baby, whom she was thinking to be hers now.  

Note: This is the prologue. As per reader requests (Arushii and Chamkililaadgovernor), I'm going to start from where Anjali and Sheetal start their plans against Khushi. I will start updating from January..  Thanks to those who voted.

Dec 11

Chapter 1 - A lovely morning.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 195 times)

2 years and some months later..

"Khushi can't you  see others happy? You know very well Di state. She lost her baby and you're hurting her.." Arnav shouted at her. 

Khushi stare at him with moist eyes, "What did I do Arnav ji?"

"Don't feign innocence now Khushi. You refused her to stay with Pari. Don't forget Pari is my daughter, and I have my rights over my daughter.  She will stay with Di,  Mama, Mami, Nani or anyone she wants.  And you won't stop her.." Arnav said with eyes spitting fire on the poor Khushi.

"Arnav ji I never said that Di, I never refused Pari to stay with anyone from your family.." Khushi said crying. 

"ENOUGH.. Enough of your melodrama now Khushi.." Arnav shouted at the top of his voice, "You're always behind my sister happiness, first her husband and now Pari..what's wrong with you? Are you jealous because I love her more than you?"

"Khushi.. Khushi.. " she heard her husband's voice and felt a pat on her shoulder.

Khushi jerked, and turned behind only to face her husband. 

"Khushi are you okay? Why are you sweating?" Arnav asked her, he pulled her lightly towards him.

Khushi's body softly crashed with his. Her hands automatically raised to rest on his shoulder.

"What happened?" he asked with a softer tone relaxing her.

"Nothing.. I was just in a dream.." Khushi shook her head faking a smile to him.

"You were day dreaming? About what?" he asked curious now. 

"Nothing special.." she tried to hide. She didn't want to say that for a moment she feels scared that he might not trust her, he might scold her for his Di as he has already done in the past. He might just put the blame of Shyam on her over again like he did. She didn't want to face those accusations again.  And somewhere their daughter entry in their lives made Khushi feel that Anjali will once again interfere in their relationship. And one such dream came in her mind, where as always her Laad governor didn't trust in her. But reality knock her and she saw a different Laad governor in front of her, this one instead of scolding her without listening to her, he first asked to know about her, she could see care in his eyes and the same care transferred to his voice and actions unlike that one who used to show care in his eyes and pain through his actions for her. Arnav is a changed man now, is this only for her?  Will this situation be different? Will he choose her over his Di this time? Will he understands and stand by her side now?

Arnav: Tell me,  even if it's about Salman I won't get angry. 

Khushi's lips broke into a smile, "I don't day dream about Salman ji, now.."

"Acha? Who stole your dreams now?" he asked wondering who's his wife favorite now. 

"Aap (You)  Arnav ji.." she said with her pink painted cheeks.

Arnav stare at her surprised for a moment. How much this woman loves him and he only gave her pain? She didn't deserve that, but she handled everything. He was a heartless monster who forcefully married her and destroyed her life, still through their marriage she had a smile on her face and pain on her heart. She never gives others pain, that pain is hidden only in her heart and he can only see that through her eyes. Her innocent hazel eyes like her innocent heart can't hide the pain from him. Sacrificing your life for your loved ones was one of her characteristics.  He tried to find many flaws in her, but never could and that irked him in the past.  Today he realized why he never find flaws in her.. She is a flawless angel in his life.. She came only for him, she is a ray of happiness in his miserable life. 

"Where are you lost Arnav ji?" Khushi waved her hands to him. 

Arnav blinked his eyes, "How did you become mine? I still can't believe in my luck!"

Khushi blushed hard, she rested her head on the crook his neck.

Arnav smiled, "Don't blush like this,  I've to go to office now and if you start with your antics I won't be able to go.."

Khushi giggled, "Arnav ji..stop teasing me!!"

"Chote breakfast is ready.  Come fast.. Pari is waiting!" they heard Anjali's shout.

"oh how could I forget I came to call you downstairs to have breakfast.." Khushi hit her forehead. 

Arnav kissed her forehead where she hit herself, "Don't hurt my wife!!"

Khushi stare at him lovingly, "I'm not hurt Arnav ji..let's go.."

She held his hand and both went downstairs.

While descending the stairs, Arnav's eyes scanned around the living room looking out for his little Princess.

Khushi understood his gaze, "Pari is with Nani.."

Arnav stare at his daughter, on Nani's lap. She was cute in a pink and white dress, her hair in cute pigtail hairstyle. And off course like her mother, their pink soft cheeks.

He never found anyone cute other than Khushi and Pari in his life. Before becoming a father, he used to hate kids but his daughter changed his point of view, now he can't live without playing or having fun with her.  He can't live without hearing her cute voice. 

"Pari.." he smiled as he approached her. 

Pari smiled brightly seeing her father, Nani helped her to stand and as she got free, she went running to her father's arms. 

Arnav lifted her hugging her tightly, "My princess.."

Pari smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.

Khushi caressed her cheeks, "Now Papa is here, let's have breakfast now baby.."

Pari said in her baby language, " Papa makes Pari eat.."

Arnav nodded, "Hmm.. Papa will feed Pari only.."

She smiled in victory, and everyone finally could move towards the breakfast table. 

"Seems like Pari loves you more than Khushi Arnav. She wasn't accepting to eat with Khushi. She only wanted you.." Sheetal said with smile.  A huge fake smile! 

"Haan.. Pari loves you more than me Arnav ji.." Khushi smiled, in her innocent mind it didn't passed that Sheetal was actually mocking her. 

"Hello hi bye bye maybe something lacks in your motherly love for Pari. Otherwise why would a daughter refuse you?" Mami mocking her was more clear.

Khushi felt hurt with her words, but she knows how Mami is.  She just smiled and looked back at her plate. 

"Something lacks in your motherly love too Mami otherwise why would have a problem with Payal when you know your son loves her? Couldn't you understand your son's feelings? Where is your mother's love then?" Arnav gritted his teeth glaring at Mami. 

Khushi raised her head and stare astonished at her husband.

"Chote don't misbehave with your Mami. This isn't AR." Nani scolded him.

"When she was misbehaving with my wife no one uttered a single word. And now that I defended my wife, I'm misbehaving?" Arnav said angrily.

Everyone looked down scared of him.  Nani just kept quiet not knowing what to answer him. 

Pari raised her spoon to Arnav's lips, "Papa eat!!"

Arnav's attention went to her forgetting this little argument between them. 

He tried to smile to his daughter and let her feed him her meals. 

Khushi laughed out loudly, "Arnav ji you're eating baby's food now!! Can't believe the great ASR.."

Everyone laughed on him too.

Arnav glared at everyone. And they kept quiet except Khushi who was still laughing clutching her stomach.

"Are wah! Khushi ji isn't scared of Chote anymore. Gone are those days where you would see Khushi running away from him all frightened. Today she even laughs at you.." Anjali passed her evil comment purposely to hurt Arnav's ego. 

"I'm her husband now Di, not her boss.." he said staring lovingly at his wife.

Khushi smiled to him.

Anjali smile, but under the table she clenched her fist angrily.  Earlier everything she used to say affected her Chote. Now he seems to be blind in Khushi's love.


"Arnav ji wait.." Khushi came behind him towards the car.

Arnav turned to her. 

"I want to go to Amma's house. Can you give me a lift?" she asked.

"Can you stop asking me? Sit in the car.." he said heading to his seat. 

Khushi sat on her seat with Pari on her lap. 

Arnav helped her with the seat belt. How much he loves helping her with the seat belt!! Why? Because he gets the chance to steal a kiss from her.  And right now he just pecked her right cheek smirking.

Khushi blushed, "Pari is here!!!"

Arnav shrugged his shoulders: It's my right!! Besides I don't get this chance all the time. 

Anjali came quickly to them, "Khushi ji where are you taking Pari?"

"Relax Di. They are going to Amma's house.." he said after gazing at his extremely worried Di. 

"Oh. Okay. Take care Khushi kissed and my little princess. Khushi ji make sure she eats at time and don't let her play here and there. She might get lost and she is just a little baby you know.." Anjali said. 

Khushi nodded, "Yes Di.."

"Khushi is a mother Di.  She knows all that.." Arnav said. 

"Yes, only I could never have the privilege to feel how is to be a mother.. " Anjali said with teary eyes. 

"I didn't meant that Di.." Arnav said as he felt guilty that unknowingly he hurt his Di. 

"I know.. You both go..take care.." she smiled and went from there. 

Khushi looked at her sadly.


Reaching Garima's house, Arnav parked the car and stare at Khushi and Pari. 

"Call me when you're done okay.." Arnav said. 

Khushi nodded.

Arnav dropped a kiss on her forehead. And then lifted his Pari to his lap, he kissed her forehead whispering, "Bye my Cookie.."

Pari smiled, she kissed her father's forehead like he did: Bye Papa..

Arnav was like Aww.  He hugged her tightly and then gave her to Khushi.

Khushi climbed down the car waving at him.  Arnav waved at both and went to his office. 


Thank you "100" plus thank yous!! I'm so happy that a prologue of mine reached to this number of "Thank yous". Thank you so much for the comments. 

And this was supposed to start in January. But since I ended two stories of mine, I thought to write a small part. 

Maahiak: Yes dear, this is the expanded version of the OS- Trust.

Dec 12

Chapter 2 - A visit to Nani's house! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 124 times)

Pari asked her mother cutely, "Mumma we going Nani's house.."

"Yes my baby. We are going to Nani's house. Nani will make our favorite jalebi.." Khushi said, adjusting her daughter dress and then knocked the door. 

Buaji opened the door, "Aree Nandhikis****.. No one leaves me in peace in this house.."

Her eyes landed on a cute doll, and she knows it's their Pari. 

She smiled and screamed in excitement, "Garima come here.. Look who has come.. Our doll.."

Pari smiled brightly: Naniiiiiii..

Buaji smiled and asked Khushi to come in. 

Garima and Shashi came running to see their granddaughter.

"Alee Nani's princess has come.." Garima smiled and took Pari from Khushi's arms. 

Khushi took blessings from Buaji, Shashi and Garima. 

Shashi smiled, "How are you bitiya?"

"I'm fine bauji. Today we came to visit you all. It's been days since I've not see you all and I'm hungry for my jalebi.." Khushi said smiling. 

"Jalebi!!" Pari said smiling in excitement of eating her favorite sweet like her mother. 

Everyone laughed at her cute excited face which remind them of a kiddo Khushi. 

"She is just like you Sanka Devi.." Buaji laughed and pinched Pari's cheeks. 

"Garima you go and make jalebi for Pari and Khushi. While I will play with my princess.." Shashi said stealing Pari from Garima's arms.

Garima pouted and went to the kitchen quickly, Khushi laughed and went to help her. 

Shashi and Buaji kept playing with Pari. 


Raizada mansion.. 

"Hello hi bye bye. Arnav bitwa insulted me in such manner. I'm so hurt.." Mami said while in the kitchen with Nani, Anjali and Sheetal.

"I agree, I didn't like the way he spoke to you Mami. You're elder to him.." Sheetal nodded. 

"What can be done now? He was just protecting Khushi. He can do everything for her, even if it means hurting his family.." Anjali said.

"I also said to you Manorama to not comment anything that comes out of your mouth, you never know when you hurt someone or not.." Nani scolded her.

Anjali and Sheetal gritted their teeth angry that Nani was in Khushi's side also.

"But one thing is right. Chote is becoming like this because of Khushi bitiya. He never spoke with his family in such a way, he always respect his family members. Don't know why good boys change after marriage.." Nani shook her head in disappointment.

Now Sheetal and Anjali smirk in victory, as Nani thought wrong about Khushi and that's what they want.

Payal heard Nani talking bad about Khushi, she sadly went back to the living room. 

"Nani thought wrong about Khushi. Why did I feel like this Sheetal is the one instigating everyone here? I don't like this woman at all. Wonder what her intentions are.." Payal thought.

Akash patted her shoulder, "Payal.."

"Yes Akash ji.. Do you need something?" Payal asked, like a dutiful wife she mentally prepared herself to do what he says or ask her to bring.

"No Payal. I was going outside and I saw you distracted. Is something disturbing you?" he asked. 

"No. I am fine but I was thinking about Sheetal.." Payal said.

"Sheetal? Why were you thinking about her?" a confused Akash asked.

"Akash ji she is just a guest and you know when she talks like she's from the family. She keeps interfering in our family matters.." Payal frowned. 

"You girls are so complicated!!" Akash rolled his eyes smiling.

"You were going outside na.." Payal reminded him, as soon as she saw him making fun of her complain she understood Akash isn't going to see from her point of view, he wouldn't feel like there is something wrong with Sheetal. So she decided to not say anything further.


Gupta house.. 

"How's everyone at home Khushi?" Garima asked.

"Everyone is fine Amma ji.." Khushi replied relishing her jalebi with her daughter.

Pari licked her finger enjoying the taste of jalebi, she was in her own world just like her mother. 

Buaji giggled. 

"And Arnav beta? Is he fine? How's business going?" Shashi asked.

They heard a knock. Everyone smile as they knew who it was.

"Arnav ji has reached bauji. Now ask him about business and all.." Khushi said and went to open the door for her husband.

Arnav came inside with her, "Namaste.." he said smiling. 

"Namaste beta.." Garima replied. Arnav touched her feet, then went to greet and take blessings from Shashi and Buaji.

"We were talking about you only now.." Buaji said.

"Really? I hope she didn't complain about me.." Arnav sat beside Buaji.

Everyone laughed and Khushi pouted.

"Why would I complain about you Arnav ji?" she looked at him with a cute pout adorning her angelic face.

"I don't know what's cooking in your crazy brain.." he shrugged smirking.

"Actually I was asking how is your business doing now.. Everything fine na beta?" Shashi asked.

Arnav nodded, "Haan bauji. Everything is under control. Next week we will be working on our fashion show. It will be a tiring week.."

"Baby Pari look your papa has come.." Buaji tickled a happy in her jalebi world Pari.

Arnav stare at his daughter munching jalebi. He widened his eyes, "Pari will you eat all this?"

Pari nodded her head with a sheepish smile.

"I'm keeping an eye on her Arnav Ji. I was eating those jalebis till now.." Khushi said.

"I know Khushi! I have complete trust on you and you may do much craziness you want but as a mother I know you will never harm your daughter.." Arnav smiled.

Khushi felt touched by his words. He trust her.. She smiled amused. 

"Right! A mother will never harm or be careless towards her child.." Garima nodded. 

"Khushi bitiya go and bring juice for Arnav beta.." Buaji asked her.

Khushi nodded. 

Arnav: I'll go and bring myself.  You call me beta and treat me like an outsider Buaji..

Buaji nodded sideways: It's not like that..

Arnav smiled and went to the kitchen himself.

Khushi smiled at the thought of how Arnav attached himself with her family.  Starting by calling them like she calls. He also now started calling Garima as Amma, Shashi as bauji.  He likes coming here often and has a good time chatting with her father. 

Pari also likes a lot to visit her Nani's and Nana's house, not only because of jalebi. At afternoon sje gets the chance to play with them at the courtyard and she is just like a free bird who likes to play in open places. 

Arnav returned with a glass of juice in his hand and sat chatting with Shashi.

Khushi and Garima arranged the table for lunch. After they placed the plates, Khushi called them to have lunch.


Raizada mansion.. 

Anjali was worriedly watching TV, while Hari prakash was serving lunch.

Payal saw her: Di aren't you going to have lunch? What happened? Why do you look worried? 

Anjali rolled her eyes, then turned to Payal's side: I'm worried about Pari.

"Why? Pari is with Khushi.. Nothing will happen to her.." Payal said.

"Payal you know how your sister is right? Khushi is careless for herself, imagine with Pari? Here I'm with Pari, Chote, Nani everyone.. But there.." Anjali sighed. 

"Khushi is her mother Di.." Payal said politely, yet she did feel angry the way Anjali was saying about her sister. 

Anjali clenched her fist thinking, "No, Pari is my daughter. Very soon I'm going to take my daughter with me. I just need to prove Khushi as a bad mother in front of all especially in Chote's eyes. Then no one can stop me from succeeding in my plan.."


After having lunch, Garima came to the living room: Khushi take Arnav beta to rest in your room. 

Khushi nodded, "Let's go Arnav ji"

Arnav stood up and went with her to her room.

Pari was sleeping peacefully in Buaji's lap.  And Buaji was pinching her cheeks softly, "Shashi look at her cheeks.. She is so cute.."

Shashi nodded, "My princess is very cute!! Let me go and buy some toys for her.."

Buaji nodded and Shashi left from there to buy toys for his granddaughter.  


Arnav leaned on the Khushi's bed, "Whenever I come here, I remember those days I came to take you back with me.."

Khushi giggled, "And how much you suffered without AC, water, mosquitoes.."

Arnav nodded, "But it was all worth it. I don't repent any moment spent with you.."

Khushi rested her head on the pillow, ready to rest for a while.

Arnav moved near her, he wrapped his arms around her waist protectively, "Will you become TV for me again?"

"Which channel do you want to watch?" Khushi asked chuckling. 

"News!" Arnav smiled.

"Now only we got to know that ASR will have his Fashion show next week. I'm no in fact we all know it's going to be a big success after all he is ASR. He never loses.." Khushi said in a reporter tone. 

Arnav giggled softly, "Thanks Khushi!!"

"You're welcome Arnav Ji. I will pray everyday to DM for you.." Khushi said and kissed his forehead softly. 





Dec 13

Chapter 3 - Sheetal's punishment.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 145 times)

Some time later.. 

Arnav woke up, he rubbed his eyes and  looked at Khushi to wake her up as it was late and they needed to go home also. 

He saw her sleeping peacefully in his arms, her head taking his chest as her pillow. He smiled and decided not to disturb her.

Softly and quietly he dropped a wet kiss on her forehead, Khushi slowly opened her eyes and looked up to him smiling, she felt his movements and woke up also. 

Arnav groaned in irritation that he disturbed her sleep, what can he do when he can't resist when he stare at his wife?!

"Arnav ji.." she smiled reading his expressions. 

"Couldn't control myself and I disturbed your sleep.." he said making a sad face.

"It's okay Arnav ji. You didn't disturb me.." Khushi said, she sat on the bed.

Arnav pulled her to the bed again, and his body on top of her.  He smirked. 

"Arnav ji!!!!" she widened her eyes, "Anyone can come here, please leave me.." she pleaded. 


Arnav: I will leave you..

Khushi smiled. 

"After I get what I want.." he took her index finger and made her caress his lips. 

Khushi pouted. 

"I feel shy you know it!!" she made an excuse. 

"The lights are switched off Jaan.." he brushed his nose on her neck. 

Khushi shivers with his touch, "Still..It's..not our room.."

"Papa.. Mumma.." little Pari knocked the door with little sobs, "Please open door.. Papa..mummaaaa.."

Khushi lips broke into a smile, Arnav shut his eyes smiling also, it's his Baby and he can't even get angry or complain about her. If it was someone else,  he would curse and get irked about it.

Khushi stood up and quickly opened the door for her baby, Pari hugged her legs tightly.

"Mumma you left Pari.." she cried. 

"Alee my baby, Mumma is here only.. See Papa is there also..don't cry.." Khushi lifted her and kissed her face.

Pari closed her eyes enjoying her mother's kisses on her face. 

"I wish I was in Pari's place.." Arnav said.

Khushi smiled blushing.


Raizada mansion.. 

They returned home. Arnav searched for the keys on his pocket, but to his surprise his Di already opened the door for them. 

"Chote where were you? It's so late now, don't you think of Pari? She can't be outside for long. Did she eat anything?" Anjali asked worried. 

"Di I'm her father and I know what's right and wrong for my daughter. You don't need to teach me that.." Arnav said sternly. 

Anjali gulped, she kept quiet. And let them enter. 

"Pari..where were you?" a little 3 years old boy Ayush, came to her smiling.

"Nani home.." Pari replied cheekily.

"Really? I will go tomorrow with Mumma there.." Ayush said excitedly.


"Pari go with you Ayu Bhai.." Pari said smiling.

"Yes, we'll go together and play together in Nani's house.." Ayush said.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other smiling after seeing the siblings cute talk. Ayush is Akash and Payal's son.

Anjali quickly interfered: No, Pari went today only. What's the need to go tomorrow also to Buaji's house? 

Khushi: It's okay Di. She likes to stay there. And today we couldn't go together because Jiji had some work. So Pari didn't play with her Bhai today. Tomorrow she will play with him Hain na Pari?

"Yippeeeee.." Pari jumped in happiness smiling.

"But.." Anjali frowned. 

Arnav knelt down to reach Ayush and Pari's level.

"You'll bring jalebis for Papa tomorrow?" he asked brushing his nose with hers.

"Yesh.." Pari nodded her head cutely.

"Yesh..yes.." Arnav laughed and brought her closer to him. 

Khushi giggled at her daughter.

Ayush noticed a new doll in Pari's hand. 

"Pari you have a new doll.." he said.

"Nana gave Pari.." Pari said showing him her doll.

"Shii..what a cheapwa gift..can't they buy something worthwa to gift ASR's daughter?" Mami made an disgusting face.

Khushi and Payal felt sad and insulted. 

Arnav and Akash glared at her. Mami didn't felt affected by her son's warning, but only glare of Arnav and she quietly sat looking away scared to face him.

Anjali also gave a disgusting look to the doll, but faked a smile to her Chote.

"Chote give her to me, I will serve Pari's dinner.." Anjali said.

"She already eat with us, we had dinner at Buaji's place.." Arnav said. 

"Arnav uncle can Pari play with me now?" Ayush asked. 

Arnav nodded, "Take her.. Pari go with Bhaiya to play.."

Pari nodded, she held Ayush's hand and they went running to play with their toys. 

Khushi went to her room followed by her husband. 

"Hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa hundred percent joru ka gulam now.. " Mami rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"You dare to put my son against me one day.  I will teach you a lesson.." Mami said glaring at Payal.

Payal: Sasuma I didn't do anything.

Akash looked at her irritated: Ma please stop it.

He walked to his room unable to stay with them. Payal followed him also.

"I need to do something fast. Arnav relationship with Khushi is so strong. How will  I be able to break them apart? Think Sheetal..think.." Sheetal thought faking a smile to Mami and Anjali. 

"Chote scolded me today instead of Khushi. What's happening now? How come he trust Khushi more than me now? Nahin, I will never let this happen. Chote is my brother and he will always love and trust me more than Khushi. Khushi will have to leave this house. And Chote himself will give me Pari.." Anjali thought.

"Oh my goodness. What are these two thinking? Something is fishy here. But whatever it is. Is against that Phati sare and that's what I want. It's better to watch the fun.." Mami smile showing her teeth. 


Arshi's room..

Arnav took towel and came to Khushi, he rubbed her hair with the towel: Khushi you should take care of yourself. Why don't you dry your hair? You might fall sick because of this..

Khushi nodded smiling, hearing his scoldings. 

Arnav stare at her smiley face through the mirror, "I know I sound stupid but I truly care for you Khushi.."

"I find it difficult to express my feelings, since I was a child I never could express my feelings to anyone. I just knew I had to work hard and earn money for my Di. I had to take a role of a father for her.  In between all this, I lost the habit of expressing my feelings to anyone. And the same I did with you, I loved you so much and I cared about you but I never could tell you. But now, I feel scared to lose you Khushi. I did very wrong with you, I destroyed your life and if there comes a day you would want to leave me then you would look back and see no reasons to stay with me either. Because  I never did anything that could make you happy. I was always the reason for pain in your life. That's why now I like to care and express my feelings to you everyday, if there comes a day you would leave then if not much, I would have a bit of a right to ask you to stay back.." he said staring down, he actually didn't want her to see his moist eyes. 

Khushi stood up and threw herself on his arms with tears in her eyes, "Arnav ji.. How can you think like that? I would never leave you.. In the past I didn't, it's not now that I would.. I know how much you love me and I can see that you did change a lot for me.."

"I call you few times Jaan. But I really mean it Khushi. You're my life and I'm really scared to lose you.." he whispered.

She nodded sideways caressing the back of his hair, "You're my Jaan also. I will never leave your side.."

"And yes.." Khushi faced him pouting, "Don't call my husband stupid.."

Arnav chuckled.

She slowly moved her face near his, shyly she pecked his lips and hugged him tightly hiding her face.

Arnav smiled happily, he hugged her tightly, "Is this to make me happy?"

Khushi nodded, "Aapki Khushi meri Khushi (Your happiness is my happiness)"

"You're my Khushi. So you're mine and yours at the same time?" he asked.

Khushi looked at him confused, she saw his smirk and immediately knew that he was teasing her.

"Laad governor you never leave a chance to tease your wife!!" Khushi pouted, she pushed him slightly and sat on the bed.

"What did I do?" Arnav smirked more.

"You're purposely saying things with no sense to make fun of me.." Khushi pouted.

"Me?" Arnav faked innocence.

Khushi threw a pillow to him smiling, Arnav escaped at the right time.

"Arnav.." Sheetal came inside the room, she looked at Arnav worried. 

"What?" Arnav put his ASR's expression. He is only Arnav for his Khushi.

"Are you okay? Khushi this is not way you will fight with him. What if he got hurt?" Sheetal turned to Khushi.

Khushi looked at her weirdly, "We weren't fighting Sheetal.."

"And you're just a guest Sheetal. I hope you know that it's bad manners to enter in a married couple room without knocking.." Arnav said, he showed his annyonce clearly to her. 

Sheetal gulped for misunderstanding the situation, she thought she could take advantage of their fight and create a good impression in Arnav's eyes for her and her plan flopped badly. 

"The fault is mine I didn't closed the door.." Arnav said. 

Sheetal looked at him hell embarrassed, "Sorry Arnav.."

"Why are you here by the way?" Arnav asked crossing his arms. 


" I.. I actually.. I came to talk with.. you.." Sheetal said intimidated by him. 

"Not you, I want to talk with you.. Let's go outside.. "Arnav said.

Sheetal nodded and walked out of the room.

"Urgh.. Why am I not able to create a misunderstanding between them?" Sheetal gritted her teeth in irritation. 

Arnav inside the room, pulled the blanket for Khushi and covered her properly, "Good night Khushi.."

"Good night Arnav ji.." she kissed him on his cheek lightly.

"Arnav ji don't scold her much, it's only one day she took a leave in AR.." Khushi said.

"What the.. How do you know I was going to talk with her about that?" Arnav looked at her astonished. 

"Biwi hoon teri (I'm your wife).. I just know it.." Khushi smirked. 

"Biwi nahin, Mind reader ho tum.." he said.

Khushi giggled.

"She didn't went to work in AR today, and didn't even informed me. She might be a friend and now our guest but that doesn't mean I will tolerate this.." Arnav said.

"But Arnav ji she is a single mother and maybe Aarav needed her.. We weren't here and we don't even know that.." Khushi said.

"Khushi going by everyone's emotional story of their life no one would come to office then.  I can't be like that towards my employees.." Arnav said.

"If it was me, would you do the same?" she asked with a puppy face.

"You're a different case meri jaan.." he pinched her nose.

Khushi smiled and Arnav went from there ignoring her pleads to not scold Sheetal.


"Can I know why didn't you come to office today?" Arnav asked standing on the corridor with Sheetal. 

"Actually.. I.. I mean.." Sheetal look here and there trying to find an excuse.

"Chote Aarav had fever today. So Sheetal stayed with him,  I only asked her to do so.." Anjali came quickly to save Sheetal. 

"Haan.. Aarav was having high fever Arnav.." Sheetal sighed in relief.

"Still you have to inform me. Many works are pending there waiting for you and I could had asked someone else instead to do that.." Arnav said.

"Chote you're not a mother! Do you know when a child is sick, his mother can't think of anything else apart from her child. How can you scold Sheetal like this?" Anjali said.

Sheetal looked down, "It's okay Di. It's my fault only.."

"Next time inform me.." Arnav said going somewhere. 

Anjali: Chote your room is that side..

Arnav: I know Di. I'm going to see Aarav..

He went towards Arnav's room. 

Anjali and Sheetal widened their eyes shocked.

Sheetal ran to reach the room before Arnav, but her high heels didn't help her. She slipped on the floor and fell badly. 

"Aaaahhh.." Sheetal screamed. 

Anjali covered her mouth with her palms shocked.

Arnav turned to her side, "What the.." he said after gazing at Sheetal on the floor. 

Payal was coming upstairs with Pari and Ayush in her arms, she stopped watching the funny scene but somewhere controlled her laughter. 

Pari and Ayush laugh out loud, they were kids and the scene was very funny for them. 

Khushi ran outside the room hearing sheetal's scream. 

"What happened?" she asked as she reached. 

"Mumma.. auntie fell.." Pari giggles and hide her face on Payal's neck laughing more.

Payal pressed her lips to suppress the smile on her face. 

Khushi's eyes landed on a crying Sheetal on the floor. 

Anjali walked to help her stand: Are you okay? 

"Nahin Di.. It's hurts.." Sheetal cried. 

"But why did you fall?" Arnav asked confused.

"Chote she is in pain and you're asking questions.." Anjali scolded him. 

"Sheetal are you okay?" Khushi asked genuinely worried for her. 

"Can't you see I'm not?" Sheetal replied rudely. 

"Talk with respect with my wife.." Arnav glared at her. 

Sheetal gulped, Anjali interfered: Chote Khushi is wrong too na, she is seeing Sheetal state and still asking. Can't you all see she is in pain? 

Khushi stare at a different Di in front of her, not at all the same Di who used to care for her when she was pregnant. 

"I don't want to know, I'm just saying no one will speak to my wife like that in front or even behind me.." Arnav said angrily. 

Payal nodded her head smiling proud of having a Jiju like Arnav, who is there for her sister. 

Anjali shook her head, she opened the nearest door room for Sheetal to rest.

Khushi quickly went to her husband, "Calm down.."

They also entered in the room, while Payal took the kids to sleep.

Khushi took the first aid box and handled to Anjali. 

"Chote she sprained her ankle . Can you help her make it straight ?" Anjali asked. 

"I'm not doctor Di.." Arnav replied and rushed outside the room, he didn't feel comfortable to touch another woman other than Khushi now. 

Khushi smiled amused staring at her husband actually running from there. She knew he didn't want to make her jealous by helping Sheetal. 

Sheetal jaws dropped hearing Arnav's rude answer.  This was the right time to get close to him and he answered like that! 

Payal came there and stood with Khushi.

Akash also came: Is everything fine? I heard someone screaming..

"Sheetal fell on the floor.." Anjali said.

Sheetal shut her eyes in pain.

"Akash help her. She sprained her ankle .." Anjali said. 

Payal glared at him.

Akash got frightened by her glare, "I.. But Di.. I'm not doctor na.."

Saying this he also rushed out of the room, leaving Sheetal pouting. 

"Let me call HP then. He knows how to treat this.." Khushi said smiling at the Raizada boys. 

"What? That cheap servant won't touch me.." Sheetal made a disgusting face. 

"It's okay Sheetal. I will try to make it straight.." Anjali said. 

"No Di. It will hurt me a lot.." Sheetal shut her eyes in pain.

Khushi: Then let me try. I will try not to hurt..

"Please call Arnav. I only trust him.." Sheetal said crying.

Anjali smirked hearing what Sheetal said. "Yes Sheetal.. Go on.."

"Arnav ji won't come to help you Sheetal. He is like he doesn't want to make me feel jealous.." Khushi giggled "That's why I said I will call HP. He will put your ankle straight trust me.."

Sheetal gritted her teeth, and Anjali was angry that Arnav denied helping Sheetal because of Khushi only. 

"Call him then.. I can't bear this pain.." Sheetal said.

Khushi nodded and quickly called HP to help her. 

Payal smirked thinking, "It's good that Arnav ji didn't help this high heel Queen. And it's even better that Akash also rejected. And the best thing is that HP is the one helping her.."


Arshi room..

Khushi hugged Arnav from behind, who was sleeping facing his right side. 

Arnav opened his eyes.

"Why didn't you help Sheetal?" Khushi asked with a mischievous smile. 

"I said na I'm not doctor. I'm a business man.." Arnav said looking away.

"Hmm.. I also sprained my ankle back then and as far as I know you still didn't change your profession.." Khushi smirked. 

"I would feel uncomfortable.." Arnav said the truth.

"Because of my presence?" she asked. 

"Even without you. I would feel like that.." he said. 

"I wouldn't feel bad Arnav ji. I know you will never betray me.." Khushi said ruffling his hair, "And what you would would be for your friend only.."

"I wish I had the same trust in you when I saw you with Shyam.." he said staring deeply in her eyes.

"Arnav ji stop thinking about past.." Khushi scolded him.

She went to close the door and joined him to sleep. 





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Dec 14

Chapter 4 - Aarav's jealousy! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 149 times)

"Hey DM why did I had to lose it now?" Khushi pouted searching in the entire room for it. 

Arnav walked out of the bathroom, and saw her attentively searching for something.

"What are you searching for Khushi?" he asked. 

"Arnav ji I lost my earring.." she turned to Arnav upset and showed him one piece left with her. 

"It's okay. I will buy another one for you.." Arnav said. 

"No Arnav ji. It's just a waste of money, I know if I search properly I will find it. I lost it here only.." Khushi said getting in her mission again. 

"Khushi you will waste one entire day looking for it. I will buy another earring for you.."Arnav looked at her through the mirror. 

Khushi nodded still her eyes were scanning the room with the hope to find it. 

Arnav smiled and shook his head. 


At the breakfast table.. 

Mami sat and look at Payal with big eyes, "Come early to home not like Phati saree yesterday who even had dinner at her parents house.  And don't forget that he have to start Ayush's birthday party arrangements.."

"Ji sasuma.." Payal nodded. 

"Jiji you don't worry. I already asked Aman ji to buy what would be needed in Ayush's party. He would be bringing it home only today. Rest assured, I will make this party the best one for him.." Khushi smiled happily.

Payal blinked her eyes thanking her sister. 

"Aman? Isn't he Arnav's PA?" Sheetal asked. 

Khushi nodded: It's him only.. 

"Khushi bitiya I think you didn't see that your husband and your daughter aren't here. Don't you want to call them to have breakfast?" Nani asked in a different tone towards Khushi. 

Khushi: I will go and call them now Nani ji. 

She said and went from there looking for Arnav and Pari.

On her way she found HP, HP: Didi are you looking for Bhaiya? 

Khushi nodded.

"Bhaiya is in the garden with kids.." HP said and went to the kitchen. 

Khushi went to the garden, where she found them playing. 

Arnav was standing with Pari, the little princess was cheering for her father who never missed to catch the ball passed to him by Ayush and Aarav. 

"Papaaaaa.." she clapped her hands jumping.

Arnav smiled at her, she saw her moving ahead and she could get hurt with the ball at anytime if he wasn't paying attention on her. 

He caressed her forehead taking her slowly behind him.  

While Ayush threw the ball to him, he caught and passed to Aarav.

Aarav missed to catch the ball because he was jealous by seeing Arnav his father give so much love to another baby instead of him.  She calls him Papa everyday and he has to call his own father as Uncle. Is this fair to him? 

"Oh.." Khushi made a sad face when she saw Aarav failed to catch the ball. 

And by her voice she took everyone's attention. 

Aarav glared at her. Arnav, Pari and Ayush smiled. 

Pari and Ayush ran excitedly to hug her. 

Pari fell on the way, Arnav and Khushi worriedly wanted to save her. 

But Ayush helped her stand up, Pari smiled at her brother and continue running to her mother. 

As soon as she reached Khushi, Khushi gave her and Ayush a tight hug. 

"Mumma Pari no hurt.." she said, explaining to her mother that she didn't got hurt. 

Khushi nodded and patted her dress removing the dirt. 

Arnav looked at Aarav: It's ok big boy. Next time you will catch it. 

Aarav nodded smiling, he hugged Arnav suddenly. 

Arnav smiled amused, he also hug Aarav back.

"You know Aarav why you couldn't catch the ball?" Khushi asked him, as she left Ayush and Pari and walked near Aarav. 

Ayush and Pari followed her like good babies. 

"Because he still didn't have breakfast.." Arnav said. 

Khushi glared at Arnav, "Arnav ji!! How could you take my punch line.."

"It's too obvious Khushi. You always come with breakfast, lunch and dinner in your mind.." Arnav said.  

"Let's go kids!!" Khushi said stressing the word "kids" excluding him.

The kids followed her obediently, and left Arnav.

"What the.." Arnav muttered.

As she took the kids to the breakfast table.  Anjali quickly snatched Pari from her arms saying that she would feed Pari today.

Khushi just nodded and looked behind, her husband still didn't come. 

"Did Arnav ji felt offended by my words?" she thought and walked back to the garden. 

He was facing his back to her. Khushi hugged him from behind, "Arnav ji why didn't you come to have breakfast?"

She peeked to see his face and realized ASR was actually checking his emails on his phone and here she thought he felt bad.

Arnav turned to her leaving his phone aside, he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her near him, "You only called the kids.."

"So what? You're my baby also.." she said smiling. 

Arnav smiled naughtily, "Really?"

"Yes!!! Now come and have your breakfast otherwise Nani won't like it. She's waiting for you.." Khushi held his hand pushing him to the living room. 

Arnav sat on his chair, and Khushi served for him.  After that, she looked around to spot a chair to sit. Sheetal took her chair today and she couldn't even say anything.

Arnav understood what she was looking for, he signaled her to sit on his lap.

Khushi widened her eyes, she placed her finger on her lips gesturing him to keep quiet. It would be too embarrassing if he said that aloud.

"HP.. HP.." Arnav shouted. 

Khushi looked at him wondering why did he call HP.

"Bring another chair for Khushi.." he said. 

HP nodded and in one minute the chair was there for her.

Arnav stood up and placed the chair near his,  he signaled her to sit.

Khushi smiled and sat beside him,  then he took his seat.

Pari was smiling brightly watching her Papa and Mumma together.

Anjali brought the spoon near her lips, but Pari shoved her hand keenly watching her parents only. 

Anjali looked away angry, why does Khushi takes every person she loves from her? First she took Chote, then Shyam and now Pari! 

"No Khushi.  This time I won't let you take Pari from me.." Anjali thought frowning.

"Arnav does Aman have some work at afternoon time?" Sheetal asked. 

"Yeah.." Arnav nodded. 

"Oh then how is Aman going to bring those things you asked for Khushi?" Sheetal asked to Khushi, "Didn't you inform Arnav about it?"

"What?" Arnav asked Khushi. 

"Actually I asked Aman ji to buy few items I would need to decorate Ayush's party hall. I didn't know he had work today.." Khushi said. 

"You should have asked Chote na Khushi ji.  Now everything will be a waste, we will have to early in the morning tomorrow leave to decorate his hall fast. And we will have less time only.." Anjali said faking a smile while taunting Khushi. 

"I didn't want to worry Arnav ji about it, that's why I only said to Aman ji.." Khushi said. 

"But Aman works for Arnav right? What kind of relationship you share with him?" Sheetal asked. 

"Excuse me.." Arnav glared at her. His sharp eyes warned Sheetal to think very well before she says something that could cost her badly.

Sheetal gulped and drank water in one go scared of Arnav. 

"Sheetal Aman ji is like my brother. Only we both managed to eat Arnavji's brain till now.." Khushi giggled. 

Arnav looked at her, "No problem Khushi. I will ask Aman to bring what you need, then he will resume his work.."

"Thank you so much Arnav ji.." she smiled happily. 

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Dec 15

Chapter 5 - Ayush's birthday.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 144 times)

At night.. 

Arnav was watching TV with Mama and Akash. 

Sheetal came and sat beside him smiling. 

"Did you find a good house to stay Sheetal?" he asked her casually.

"No, I've been searching for but you know it's difficult to find here in Mumbai.." Sheetal faked a smile. 

"Let me know if you need help.." Arnav said. 

"Yes, but I'm sure soon I will find myself.." Sheetal nodded. 

"You know Arnav, Aarav today said that he wanted to play basketball and that reminded me of our past days. You remember how we used to play?" Sheetal asked smiling.

Arnav nodded.

Sheetal kept on talking, but his attention wasn't on her anymore.

Khushi passed from the living room. Arnav stare at her, his eyes followed her till she disappeared from his view. 

Sheetal fumed in anger when she saw he wasn't paying attention to her, only staring at Khushi.

"What does she have that I don't? I'm more beautiful than Khushi and still he can't take his eyes off her.. Why dammit? Why?" she thought.

Khushi entered in the kitchen. Arnav was like no-don't-go. He still wanted to stare at her, and she left!

Pari and Ayush came to Arnav, both sat on Arnav's lap. 

Arnav smiled and caressed their heads.

"Arnav uncle tomollow my happy birthday.. Where is my gift?" Ayush asked. 

"Uncle will give you tomorrow only.." Arnav said patting his cheeks. 

Ayush smiled: Yaaay..

"My gift Papa?" Pari asked. 

"But it's not your birthday tomorrow na.." Arnav said.

"When is Pari's birthday?" Pari asked cutely.

"23 August baby.. There is still time.." Arnav replied. 

Pari didn't understand how much time does it take for her birthday, all she prayed was for it to come quickly because she wanted gifts also.

Arnav kissed her forehead softly, then he kissed Ayush's also. 

Sheetal signaled Aarav to go to Arnav also. 

"Uncle me?" Aarav asked as he stood in front of Arnav. 

Arnav smiled and kissed his forehead also. 

"When everyone is scared of ASR. I don't know how you get along well with kids Chote.." Anjali said as she sat with them. 

Arnav just passed a faint smile. 

Khushi came with Nani, and asked her to sit. 

"Nani ji sit.  Arnav ji is good at heart, he is also like a kid. That's why kids like him!!" Khushi said innocently. 

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Khushi I'm not kid!!!"

Everyone giggled. 

"Khushi let me massage Nani's feet today.." Sheetal said as she stood up. 

"No Sheetal. Why are you taking trouble? I will massage Nani.." Khushi smiled. 

"Let Sheetal bitiya do it.." Nani said.

Khushi nodded obediently and passed the bowl with oil to Sheetal.

Sheetal smirk, she knows now she managed to make a place in Nani's heart for her. 

Khushi went to sit with Arnav. 

"Is all the arrangements done for Ayush's birthday?" he asked her.

Khushi nodded, "Arnav ji you have to see how beautifully decorated it is.."

Sheetal massaging Nani's feet smirked, "You just wait and watch how beautifully I will spoil your day tomorrow Khushi. Tomorrow Arnav will have to scold you, I promise you that I will make Arnav lose his trust on you.."

"Chote can Pari sleep with me today?" Anjali asked smiling. 

Arnav looked at Khushi, she nodded.

"Yeah Di.." Arnav said.

"What kind of relationship is that you share with Khushi Chote? Why couldn't you say yes on your own? Why did you ask her first? Why am I not your priority anymore?" Anjali thought with moist eyes. 

"Hello hi bye bye Sheetal after Nani's massage. Can you massage me also? You know my feet hurt a lot.." Mami said.

Sheetal cried inside, but faked an innocent smile to Mami: Sure Mami ji. Is that anything to ask? I will massage you after Nani.

"No, you will not bitiya. I am so sorry that I forgot you are already in pain because of your sprain and still you are massaging me. You are so nice.." Nani smiled and caressed Sheetal's hair.

Sheetal smiled back, "Nani I'm fine now. Just a bit of pain that will pass soon..let me serve you.."

Aarav came to his mother, "Mom are you okay?"

"Yes my baby. Mom is fine.." Sheetal blinked her eyes to him.

"Why is Papa not caring for Mom? Mom is right only, Khushi aunty is a bad woman,  she snatched Papa from my Mom.." Aarav thought. 


Arshi's room..

"Arnav ji will you come in time tomorrow? Please you know Ayush loves you a lot, he won't cut cake without his Uncle.." Khushi said. 

She tied her hair in a bun, and stare at him waiting for his response.

"Yes my baby.. I will come soon.." he said and made her lean on him, he hugged her from behind, and planted a soft kiss on her neck. 

"Did you buy gifts for him?" Khushi asked excited to see. 

"Hmm.." Arnav went to his closet and took some gifts box to show Khushi. 

"I bought a car toy for him! Its controlled by a remote.. I'm sure he will love it.." Arnav said, "And tomorrow Aman is going to bring a bicycle for him.."

"Wow.. I'm sure he will be very happy.." Khushi smiled, her eyes landed on a pink wrapped gift.

"Pink seriously Arnav ji? Ayush is boy.. What's this?" Khushi looked at him weirdly.

"Khushi I'm not mad! This is for my Princess.." Arnav said.

"Oh! What is it?" Khushi smiled sheepishly.

"Doll..she loves Doll na..So I bought one more for her.. I choose this myself.." Arnav smiled.

"Arnav ji you're such a nice father. I really love to see your bond with Pari.  Not many are like you.." Khushi said. 

Arnav kept the gifts back, and he then he laid again on bed. 

He took Khushi's hand and caressed it, "If I'm like that it's only because of you. I learned how to be a good husband and father only for you and our baby Khushi. You're the reason behind this changed Arnav.."


Next morning.. 

No one was quiet in one place in Raizada mansion today. Payal was worried in making the birthday boy change his clothes and her son was running here and there making it more difficult for her.  

Khushi was in the kitchen packing the food and cold drinks to take to the hall. 

Anjali was with Pari, making her bath. 

Sheetal was with her son Aarav, she was feeding him breakfast.

While Mami was applying make up, after all it's her grandson's birthday and she has to look more beautiful than anyone especially Payal. 

Akash was into his files, hearing scoldings from his wife, because he wasn't helping her dress Ayush.

Mama was talking with the driver, what he need to do today.

Nani looked at everyone engrossed in each work, she giggled.

Arnav descended the stairs and found her on the way.

"Good morning Nani.." he said. 

"Good morning. What's your task?" Nani asked smiling.

"Task? Which task?" Arnav asked confused.

"Everyone is doing one or other thing today, so?" Nani said. 

Arnav smirked understanding that this is all because of Ayush's birthday party. 

"I'm going to help my wife.." Arnav smirked and went to the kitchen.

Nani stare at him going, "Doesn't this boy think of anything else other than Khushi?"

Arnav entered in the kitchen, he wanted to hug her from behind without her knowledge but seems like the "dhak dhak" of his wife spoiled his plans.  She already knew it was him. 

"Arnav ji don't even try. I'm very busy today as you can see.." Khushi said without even look at his side.

"I really love our dhak dhak thing, but sometimes it's such a spoilsport.." Arnav rolled his eyes. 

Khushi giggled, "Good that you know that I feel your presence.."

"By the way don't you have any work to do Laad governor?" Khushi turned to him raising her one eyebrow trying to imitate him, which she failed miserably.

Arnav laughed at her. Khushi pouted and beat him with a rolling pin.

"Ouch.." Arnav caressed his shoulder.

"What happened? Did I hurt you?" Khushi asked worried.

"Hmm.." Arnav nodded making a sad face.

"Really? Arnav ji I swear I didn't want hurt you. I was just kidding, I.. I'm sorry.." Khushi said with tears brimming in her eyes.

"There is one thing you can do. You have to kiss me here.." Arnav pointed to his cheek.

Khushi nodded, she tip toed on her feet to reach him. Arnav was happy that he would get one kiss from his wife.

Khushi stopped on her way to kiss him, "Ek got hurt here (she pointed to his shoulder), and you want kiss here (she pointed to his cheek).. You want to fool me.."

Arnav frowned,  "Did your brain had to work on the way to kiss me only? Why couldn't you think that after I get the kiss?"

Khushi laughed, she beat him on his shoulder more, "Go to the table, I will come and serve your breakfast.."

Arnav smiled and walked to leave.


Khushi came to serve him breakfast.

"I will have breakfast alone today it seems.." Arnav said.

"I'm here only Arnav ji.." she said and sat with him. 

"You eat also na. Why didn't you brought a plate for you?" Arnav asked.

"I will eat later. You eat.." she said.

Arnav took a morsel and feed her. Khushi accept him feed her.

They feed each other in their world, but someone had to come and disturb them.

"Hello hi bye bye..everyone is on works and you're here romancing with your husband Phati saree.." Mami said glaring at Khushi. 

Khushi stood up immediately feeling embarrassed.

Arnav pulled her to sit again, making her look at him shocked.

He stare at Mami, "Since when make up is called work?"

Mami faked a smile to him embarrassed, "Hello hi bye bye.. Arnav bitwa you misinterpret me.. I was saying it's good that everyone is work and you both romance.."

"I didn't misinterpret anything Mami. I'm saying for the last time to you to stop taunting my wife otherwise the consequences won't be good. I'm serious, if I remove the hello hi from your hello hi bye bye you won't like it all.." Arnav said. 

Khushi gulped seeing her husband ASR's form.

Tears brimming from Mami's eyes as she sat beside Arnav: I am sorry Arnav bitwa. Please don't bye bye me from this house. I won't repeat what I did..

Arnav stood up, and went to the kitchen. 

Mami gulped, "Phati saree go na and pacify him. Say to him to not let me go. I'm a VIP here in this house,  please. Phati saree he only listen to you.."

Khushi: Mami ji Arnav ji won't make you leave this house.

"How do you know?" Mami asked.

"I know it Mami ji. You're worried for nothing.." Khushi smiled.

Arnav passed from there again, he kissed Khushi's forehead: Bye, see you soon..

Khushi nodded. He glanced once at Mami, who gulped in return.

And went from there.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Arnav bitwa is no less than ghost.." Mami said widening her eyes in fear.  

Ayush came running to the breakfast table all handsomely dressed, "Khushi mamiiiiiiii" 

Khushi smiled and hugged him tightly when he reached her, "Happy Birthday my baby.." 

"Thank youuuu Khushi mamiiii.. you're first to wish meeee..." Ayush said smiling cutely. 

Khushi kissed his cheeks smiling. Payal glared at him, "I also wished you but you were sleeping!!!"

"I didn't hear you wish me mumma. So for me Khushi mami wished me first.." Ayush pouted, glaring at his mumma, who scolded him to get dressed. 

Payal just shook her head in disbelief. Mami glared angrily at Khushi, she wanted to wish her grandson in a  grand way but because of her fear of Arnav she forgot and Khushi took her place. 

Thank you so much for the love and support 

Dec 18

Chapter 6 - Sheetal's plan.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

At the birthday party hall..

Khushi and the family reached at the hall they booked for Ayush's birthday party. 

Everyone was present, except Arnav and Akash who were still in office.

Khushi stare at her phone expecting some message from him, but nothing!! 

"Laad governor.." she muttered and called him. 

"Hi Jaan.. Missing me?" Arnav's instant reply to her call. 

Khushi blushed, but mentally scolded herself for falling in his tricks. 

"Are you sure you will reach here in time?" she asked. 

"Yes.." Arnav replied. 

"Arnav ji if you don't reach in time today, more than Ayush I will be angry at you.." Khushi pouted. 

"I know Khushi. I will reach before he cuts cake. I promise, I just don't want to reach there with those irritating guests of yours. One will keep talking nonstop,  the other will clench my cheeks, then those married women staring at me like I'm everyone's husband.. I don't like crowded places, you know that.." Arnav said. 

Khushi giggled, "Okay. I will be waiting for you, bye.."

"Bye.. I love you!!" he smiled. 

"Same to you.." Khushi said, as she was standing beside Nani, Anjali and Payal. 

"Earlier I thought that I'm unromantic, but now I realized that's it's not me.. It's you, such a rude reply.." Arnav said. 

Khushi rolled her eyes, "Arnav ji I will give you your file at home. Right now Im in the hall and Di, Jiji, Nani are with me.."

"Oh.. It's ok.. At home you will not give me file, but my I love you OK?" Arnav asked smiling.

"Okay.." Khushi nodded smiling. 

She cut the call, and kept it back on her purse. 

"Khushi mami.. Come..let me show you my cake.." Ayush came and pushed her to the centre of the hall to show her the cake. 


Sometime later..

The guests became more comfortable chatting with each other while their kids played with the birthday boy. 

Khushi was watching her daughter playing with other kids. She smiled and captured those moments with a camera of her phone.  Later she would show to Arnav. 

Pari was panting because of running, she turned looking around searching for her mother. 

Anjali came to her with a glass of water, "Pari,  do you want water?"

Pari nodded sideways, "Mumma.."

Anjali frowned, "What??"

Pari got frightened seeing Anjali's scary face, she took a step backwards. 

Anjali quickly plastered a smile on her face, "Drink water baby.."

Mami: Hello hi bye bye, Pathi saree is her mother but Anjali bitiya always does her mother duty. It's really difficult to know who's Pari mother.. Anjali or Khushi.. Phati sare always busy on romance with her husband.. 

Nani standing with Mami by far, shook her head in disbelief.

"Who is herself a kid, what will she take care of her kid.." Nani said. 

Mami laughed silently.

"Mumma.." Pari said with her sweet low voice. 

Khushi noticed her daughter's sad face while talking with one of the guests. 

"Excuse me.." she said and rushed towards Pari. 

Pari saw her mother coming to her, happiness was back in her life. 


She also rushed to her mother with a huge smile on her face. 

She crashed with her mother's legs.  Khushi held her, "Baby Kya hua?"

"Pari very tired Mumma.." Pari looked up to her smiling.

Anjali watched the scene with a broken heart. 

Khushi lifted her, Pari rested her head on Khushi's shoulder.

Khushi patted her back, "Mumma will take you to sit then.."

She took Pari to sit with the family on the table.

Payal cooed Pari who giggled in return.

"Khushi come here.. Haha..ahh.. Help me.. I'm going to fall.." Sheetal came to them, and laughed crazily taking the edge of the table as her support to stand.

Khushi looked at her confused, "Sheetal are you OK?"

"I am okaaaaaay.." Sheetal laughed.

Khushi widened her eyes shocked.

"Sheetal are you drunk?" Akash asked. 

"No Akash.. I drank juice only.. " Sheetal laughed sarcastically. 

"Khushi.." she looked at Khushi with disgust, "Just look at yourself.. What kind of clothes did you wear? Do you think you are any match to Arnav? You don't just really deserve him.. He really deserves a better person and someone of his class.. But.. Buuuuut.. As they say love happens.. But one thing you're cute ahn.. " she pinched Khushi's cheek. 

Khushi's eyes were moist now, as everyone was staring at her and commenting.

"And your daughter is exactly like you. She's cute yaar.. But I don't think she's like Arnav. She is only just like you. What an irony na. Aarav is just carbon copy of Arnav, but Arnav isn't his father and Pari is completely opposite Arnav, but Arnav is her father!!!  Wait.. Maybe Arnav is actually Aarav's father.. And Pari.. hmm.. Oh yeah.. Di told me you had an affair with her husband, so what happens if Pari is Shyam's daughter.. Great Hain na?" Sheetal laughed.

Khushi shut her eyes in disgust, she was sobbing.

Sheetal fell on the floor suddenly. And Khushi was confused how did she got there. 

Sheetal caressed her cheeks that were burning now and looked up to see who slapped her. 

"Arnav.." she whispered shocked, but quickly covered by crying bitterly like a kid. 

Khushi looked at Arnav crying, she hugged him tightly.

Arnav hugged her back, "Shh..stop crying.. You know all she said isn't true then why are you crying?"

Khushi calmed in his embrace.

Arnav turned to Sheetal glaring at her, "I'll deal with you later.."

"Chote she is drunk.." Anjali came to defend Sheetal.

"That doesn't give her any right to insult my wife Di.." Arnav gritted his teeth. 

"But this a kid's party, who brought alcohol here?" Akash raised the question confused. 

"Isn't it you Khushi? You only asked Aman to bring everything here. So it's only you who asked to bring alcohol. And this is the result.." Nani said angry. 

"But Khushi doesn't even drink, why would she ask Aman to bring it here?" Payal said to defend her sister. 

"I don't know, but you can't blame Sheetal for this. Khushi only was organizing this party right? Only she has the answer for this alcohol presence in this party. Maybe Sheetal drank it thinking it to be juice and it turned out to be this disaster now. Now Khushi can't feign innocence and Arnav you can't raise your hand on Sheetal without knowing the matter. Your wife might be proven wrong also.." Nani said.

Anjali and Mami were so happy that Nani doesn't trust Khushi anymore. 

"Without looking at my Khushi's face and without asking her the truth, I am telling you that she didn't brought alcohol to this party Nani.  I know her in and out, and I don't even need to ask if she did this or not. And as for Sheetal, she's drunk or not. I don't care. She dared to insult my wife and I will make sure she pays for this.." Arnav said facing his Nani. 

"Arnav.." Nani widened her eyes shocked with the way Arnav spoke to her.

"Enough Nani. By loving you all so much and always respect your words. I always ignored this woman, this woman means life to me and I never trust her. I always choose you all over her. But now I don't want this anymore. I want to love and trust her as she deserves. And just because of small misunderstandings like this, I'm not going to suspect my wife like that.  And I don't understand why you think Khushi did this, you know how Khushi is and still Nani you're accusing her.  She is the same Khushi who trained Lavanya to become the way you like.  Now why are you against her??" Arnav asked. 

"People change with the priority they get.." Nani looked away. 

"Unbelievable.. Anyways I'm not going to waste time trying to prove my wife innocent in front of you all, she is innocent for me and that's enough!!" Arnav said.

The guests clapped their hands smiling to Arnav who showed his trust on his wife. The girls were like they also wished to have someone like Arnav in their lives. 

"I still didn't cut the cake.. Why are you all clapping?" Ayush asked cutely.

Everyone laughed now. 

Arnav turned to him, "Let's cut cake now.."

He called Khushi through his eyes, she came to him. 

Pari also ran towards her father who came, now she wants him to pamper her.

Payal and Akash stood behind of Ayush, who was smiling hugely to his cake. 

What happened now, the kids didn't understand anything. There were more worried to cut the cake.  

"This is not possible. Arnav ruined my plans. It was supposed for me to insult this Khushi and then she would be responsible for my state. All would blame her for bringing alcohol here with Aman. But Arnav as always chose to believe in her.." Sheetal thought.

Anjali and Nani helped Sheetal to stand up.

"Arnav scolded me.." Sheetal cried. 

"It's okay.." Nani caressed her hair, "I will give you lemon juice to drink.."

Sheetal nodded acting that she was drunk and all she said was because of her state. 

Ayush cut his cake with Pari, and everyone clapped for them smiling. 

Payal helped him put the piece of cake in a plate. Ayush took a bit and feed his mother, then his father. 

Then he feed Khushi and Arnav. Making Mami glare at him for not giving importance to her. 

Pari opened her little mouth, "Bhaiiii.. Pari wants cake.."

Ayush giggles seeing his cute sister antics, he feed her also.

Mami fumed in anger.  Mami's friends laughed at her face. 

Ayush jumped from his chair and went to feed Nani, then he feed Mami. 

Mami patted his cheeks, "My boy!! I know you wanted to feed Dadi first but everyone came in your way.."

She said embarrassed. 

"No Dadi. I wanted this way only.." Ayush smiled. 

Mami's friends giggled more. 

Mami pouted, "Naughty boy.."

Arnav squeezed Khushi's hand softly,  "You okay?"

Khushi looked at him,  "I didn't.."

Arnav placed his finger on her lips, "I trust you.."

"But Nani.." Khushi whispered.

"I don't care about others!" he cut her again. 

Ayush went to feed cake to Anjali, who was with Sheetal. 

Ayush then looked at Sheetal and remembered that a while ago this woman made his Khushi Mami cry and Arnav uncle also scold her badly.

He frowned and skipped Sheetal.  He went to feed other friends of his leaving Sheetal glared at him. 

Arnav walked to Anjali, “Di I’ll take Khushi and Pari to farm house this night. Help Sheetal pack her things..”

“But Chote…” Anjali was shocked.

“Wasn’t I clear Di?” Arnav asked with a stern face.

Dec 18

Chapter 7 - Arshi in farm house.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)

They guests started to leave, as it was late and they were with their kids.

Akash and Payal were thanking everyone for their presence.  While Ayush was saying bye to his friends.  He seemed to be more comfortable with friends from his Nani's (Garima) neighborhood rather from Mami's side. 

Pari was also copying her brother, waving at her friends.

Garima took the opportunity and went to Khushi and Payal.

"Khushi who is this woman? And how dare she talk to you like this? Do they still doubt your relationship with Shyam? Why didn't Nani say anything to defend you?" Garima asked.

"Exactly Amma. I also don't like Sheetal a bit. She is instigating everyone against you in our family Khushi.." Payal said. 

"I don't know.." Khushi whispered, "I can't believe Sheetal said those things to me. I like her, and she seems to be a good person. Maybe she talked like that because she's drunk. What hurts me the most is that Nani didn't show her trust on me. And Di didn't say anything to defend me in front of Arnav ji, she went to help Sheetal. That also means she still thinks that I had an affair with Shyam.."

"Don't worry about anyone. Arnav ji is with you and that's enough.." Payal patted her shoulder.

"You have started to talk like your Jiju.  He even said that if he is with me then that's enough.." Khushi pouted with tears still in her eyes. 

Payal giggled, Garima also smiled: And it's enough dear. In this marriage journey, when you have support from your husband,  it feels like you conquered the world..

"Indeed I felt really good when Arnav ji spoke for me. When without looking at my eyes, he said that I didn't brought alcohol here.." Khushi smiled.

"Smile as much as you want Khushi. I will wipe off the smile on your face soon.." Sheetal thought angry, "For now I need to save myself and keep staying in Raizada mansion.."

Arnav reached near the trio, with his daughter on his arms. 

"Mumma.. Papa is asking.. what talking you, Nani, and Payal Mami?" Pari asked. 

Arnav smirked, "Can we both know what's cooking here?"

"Nothing beta. I was just saying to Khushi that it's good you supported her.." Garima said. 

"What to do Amma? Your daughter still wants Nani, Mami,  Di and everyone to trust her.. My trust doesn't matter.." Arnav said.


"Your trust matter the most for me.." Khushi slapped his lips lightly.

"Khushi you slapped me in front of my sasuma!" Arnav said in a dramatic tone. 

"It's for you to learn to never talk nonsense.." Khushi said crossing her arms angry.

Arnav looked at Payal like your sister is in bad mood today, to which Payal and Garima giggled.

Pari: Mumma you hit Papa..

Arnav nodded making a fake sad face. 

"Papa deserved that.." Khushi said. 

Payal and Garima decided the leave them alone. 

"Why?" Pari pouted, "Papa you make mistake?"

Arnav nodded sideways, "papa never does mistakes.. Mumma is short tempered now.."

Khushi widened her eyes, "I'm not short tempered. You're that Arnav ji.."

"Who slapped me on my lips?" Arnav asked walking towards his car.

He opened the car door for Khushi, who sit and Pari sat on her lap. 

Arnav closed the door and walked to his seat. 

"Mumma you make mistakes.. You hurt Papa..  I get hurt you kiss me.. Now Papa hurt.. Give Papa kissy.." Pari said.

Khushi nodded sideways, "Papa is big, you're not.."

Arnav smiled.

"Big or small. Mistake is mistake Mumma.." Pari said. 

Khushi jaws dropped, while Arnav smirked,  "That's ASR's daughter!!"

"Mummaaaa give kissy to Papa.." Pari demanded. 

"Papa is driving now baby.  Let Mumma rest for a while, then I will make sure Mumma give kissy to Papa OK?" Arnav said.

Pari nodded smiling, she rested her head on Khushi's chest. 

Khushi caressed her small body,  and kiss her forehead.

Pari soon fell asleep on the car along with Khushi who cried much and was having headache now. 

Arnav smiled staring at his cute family, he continued driving. 


At the farm house..

Khushi placed Pari on the bed, and placed two pillows on her side. 

She walked out of the room and went to the living room.

Khushi sat with Arnav, who was watching TV.

Arnav pulled her more close to him, Khushi closed her eyes and snuggled to him.

"You shouldn't be upset over what people say Khushi. Sometimes in anger or jealousy, they talk things that are not true but to make you feel bad or useless they say it. Sheetal was one of them, I love the way you dress but still she said that you are no match of me because of clothes. Just to make you feel useless, but it's not true. She said about Shyam, you also know it that Shyam and Pari have nothing in common and neither they will have. You know you never went close to Shyam the way you did with me.  Then why did even accept her talk to you like this?  Khushi do you know what your problem is? You always accept people accuse you and you cry silently.  You have to answer them back.." Arnav said.

"I can't answer Sheetal, she was drunk Arnav ji. She wasn't on her senses and Nani is elder to me. I can't disrespect her.." Khushi said crying. 

Arnav rolled his eyes, here goes his innocent wife. 

"It's not disrespect. It's about showing them that's you aren't wrong. If you keep quiet and crying everyone will throw stones at you Khushi. Everyone will always blame you, use you and talk the way they want.." Arnav said.

"I won't be able to do it.." Khushi hid her face on his chest.

Arnav kissed her forehead, "You always have me with you then.."


Sometime later, they decided to go and sleep. 

Arnav switched off the TV, and lifted Khushi taking her to the room. 

He left on her the bed gently, Khushi caught his collar, Arnav looked at her with questioning eyes.

She smiled with her angelic face and placed a soft kiss on his lips. 

"I am sorry Arnav ji. But never say that your trust doesn't matter to me. It's matters a lot. The day you stop trusting me now. It might be the last day of my life.." Khushi said. 

Arnav looked at her with moist eyes now, he slapped her lips.

"Now you start to talk nonsense.." he said. 

"And you make mistakes.. You have to give me kissy now.." Khushi said giggling.

"I won't you let you go away from me. Always I will trust you.." he said before kissing her lips gently.


Pari turned to their side, she kicked their faces with her tiny and small feet.

Arnav and Khushi felt a soft touch on their cheeks.

They broke their kiss, thinking that Pari was awake but she was still sleeping only. 

"Gosh!" Arnav sighed in relief.

Khushi giggled silently, and Arnav also joined her laughing at their crazy antics! 


While in Raizada mansion... 

Anjali was in her room laid on her bed with moist eyes.

"My life is destroyed.. Khushi you should have never entered in our lives.. At this time, I would be with Shyam ji and our little gudiya here. My life would be perfect.. But you separated my husband from me, I can never be a mother because of you and are living all those moments I wanted to with Chote..Now only person who can give me happiness back in my life is Pari.. I need you Pari.. I am your mother. Chote will have to give you to me.. And Khushi, I personally want Chote to leave you, so that you feel what I'm feeling right now. Live without a husband and daughter.." she thought. 

Nani walked inside her room, Anjali sat on the bed wiping her tears and faking a smile.

"Stop faking to me. I know you're missing your husband and the little gudiya who we never had the chance to see.." Nani said crying.

Anjali hugged her crying, "Nani I will never be mother. Why? Why DM punished me like this?"

"Don't cry bitiya.." Nani caressed her hair. 

"How can I not cry Nani? Whenever I see Pari, it reminds me of how my little daughter would be. She would be like Pari Hain na Nani? That's why I like to spend time with Pari,  but Chote always talks to me in a bad manner like I can't play with Pari.  Did you saw Nani that day he scolded me saying that I don't need to teach him, he is a father and he knows how to care for Pari? Then he also asked Khushi if Pari can sleep with me or not.. I mean I don't want wrong with Pari. I just want to feel those moments I lost with my daughter but seems like Khushi and Chote think I will snatch their daughter.. And Pari also loves me a lot, maybe Khushi is insecure now.." Anjali said turning her everything in her favor in front of Nani. 

"I can't believe Khushi showed us her true face hiding behind that innocent face. Is she doing this with you?! No wonder how Arnav changed so much. Arnav never talked with me with that tone. It's all happening because of her.  Arnav seems like he only listen to her. My grandson doesn't look like that man whose family was his priority. Now he always behind Khushi. It hurts to see Arnav going away from us like this..” Nani said.

Anjali smiled brightly thinking, “This is what I wanted you to see Nani, that Chote isn’t Chote anymore now, he is behind Khushi everytime..”


“Hain na? I also feel like that Nani” Anjali cried.

“Don’t worry soon he will realize his mistakes..” Nani said consoling Anjali.


 Sheetal’s room:

 “What do I do? What do I do??.. I can’t leave  this house.. I have to make Arnav mine.. please God show me a way..” Sheetal thought walking here and there in her room.

 “Mom, Dad asked us to leave and slapped you..” Aarav cried on the bed.

“Shh.. don’t cry, Khushi only is making your Dad do this..” Sheetal said wiping his tears, “I have an idea.. you’re mom’s dear son right.. will you be able to act like you’re very sick??”

 Aarav nodded, “By doing this Arnav uncle will be my father right? I don’t like that man, I only want Arnav uncle to be my father. You said that Arnav uncle will be my father Mom.. I don’t want to go back to that man please.. I only want Arnav uncle..”

 Sheetal nodded, “Arnav only will be your father dear. Put this in your mind Aarav, Arnav is your father. Don’t talk about that man here, you don’t know anyone. Only Arnav is your father..”

 “Only Arnav is your father..” Anjali heard the last sentence shocked as she came to see Sheetal and support her new friend. 

Dec 19

Chapter 8 - Anjali and Sheetal reunion/The OS.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 143 times)

This update contains how Sheetal and Anjali unite to destroy Arshi, and the other part is the OS (you can ignore it if you already read it). I only gave this update today, so tomorrow you can get a new update . And some little changes have been made in the OS to look like continuation of the story..

"Sheetal what did you just say now?" Anjali asked still in shock. 

Sheetal was shocked that Anjali heard her conversation with Aarav.  She turned to Anjali, "Di..what did you hear? It's not what you're thinking.."

"No, I heard it Sheetal. You just now said to Aarav that Chote is his father.." Anjali argued.

Sheetal smirked thinking, "Oh Thank God she only heard the last part.. Otherwise my plans would flop!!"

"Di..promise me you won't be angry.." Sheetal said wiping her fake tears.

"Sheetal just tell me. Is Chote Aarav's father?" Anjali shook her.

Sheetal nodded, "Haan Di. Arnav is Aarav's father. This boy is a fruit of my relationship with Arnav. Isn't he like Arnav Di?"

Anjali nodded shocked, "But how all this happened?"

"On last day of college Di. We all friends were in a party and I was drunk, Arnav was also, so we both.." Sheetal looked down. 

"Oh my God. But why didn't you ever called us Sheetal? Why didn't you inform us anything? We would get you both married.." Anjali said.

"How could I Di? I was scared that Arnav wouldn't want to assume his responsibilities. He was young, and obviously he wouldn't want to be a father in that age. I was scared that he ask me to do abortion. So I just said to myself that I only will take care of my son. I will be with him always, I will be his mother and father at the same time. But, Aarav is growing up and start asking about his father. So I had to tell him who is his father. Maybe not for a long time, but he has seen and live with his father now. We will now leave with good memories of Arnav with us. I only wish I was in Khushi's place right now. Then my son would be the happiest.  But unfortunately.. Arnav didn't wait for me!!" Sheetal said. 

"No Sheetal, if Arnav is Aarav's father then I will make sure you get justice. And truly DM sent you here at the right time.." Anjali smiled. 

"Means? I didn't got you Di.." Sheetal asked. 

"Think, do you know in reality I really hate Khushi! I don't like her a bit because of her I lost my husband and my daughter.  So I only pretend that I like and care for her only because Chote likes her and also that I want Pari, I want Chote to give me their daughter. By being good, I'm instigating everyone here in this house against her, so that Chote oust her from here and handover Pari to me. And she is really fool, she believes I'm her friend now, when she doesn't know I'm her biggest enemy!! But my bad luck is Chote is the only one who still believes in her and loves her a lot. Till he is like that towards her,  I won't be able to do this.  I want Chote to hate her, I want him to throw her out of here. I want her to live without a husband and her child.." Anjali said.

Sheetal smiled thinking, "I knew it you had something against Khushi. That's why you keep clinging to me. You still didn't forget about Shyam and your lost daughter. This is your revenge.."

"So now it will be much easier Sheetal, we both will make Chote hate Khushi. You will try to make a place in Chote's heart for you again while I will make sure Chote thinks bad of Khushi. Then he will oust her from here. And will accept you and Aarav back and he will give Pari to me..simple.." Anjali said. 

"Great plan Di. But Arnav will throw me out of here tomorrow.." Sheetal pouted. 

"Don't worry.. I won't let you go. We will say.. Haan.. Say that Aarav is very sick and I can't let you both go in his condition. Chote might even argue, but Khushi's heart will melt and she will convince him to let you both stay.." Anjali said. 

"Are wah.. She thinks like me.." Sheetal thought smiling. 


The next morning when Arnav, Khushi and Pari returned.  Anjali and Sheetal executed their plan and as they had thought. Khushi was the one who saved the day for Sheetal and Aarav. 

Days passed by, Sheetal and Anjali were trying their best to separate Arshi but couldn't.  Arnav trusted his wife more than himself. 

As Arnav became busy with his fashion show works in that week only Buaji fell sick. Khushi saw him extremely worried for his works and didn't want to worry him more with Buaji's sickness news.  She knew he won't be able to concentrate on his work then.

After he left to office, everyday after informing Anjali only she used to leave for hospital to see Buaji. 

And Anjali took this opportunity to fill in everyone's mind bad thoughts about Khushi. She used to lie that Khushi went to have fun while leaving Anjali to take care of Pari.

Nani and Mami started treating Khushi rudely after seeing her this behavior.

Khushi one day caught Anjali lying to Nani about her, and that's when her mind was clear that the one instigating everyone against her is Anjali only.  Khushi understood that Anjali still hates her and felt bad but never said a word. 

Arnav on the other side, start missing his wife. He surely noticed that she used to reach late at home but never used to say to him the reason. He also never asked, because he was scared that she would think he was doubting her when he was only worried for her. But then it's not necessary for him to track her always. She has her life and has the right to live the way she wants to.


 Some days later.. 

" Papaaa..." Pari hugged her father who was peacefully sleeping on the bed.

"" he lazily opened his eyes to find his princess cuddling to him, kissing her chubby cheeks, he asked "Mumma?"

" Mumma..cooks..for Pari.." she said in her baby voice.

" And here is breakfast little baby.." Anjali came in, with soup for Pari.

"Is she fine now?" Arnav touched his daughter's forehead, to see if she still has fever or not.

" Haan Chote.. I took Pari to hospital yesterday only.. Doctor said she is better now.." Anjali smiled and lifted Pari to feed her.

" Di..where is Khushi?" Arnav asked.

" Khushi has gone out.." Anjali said "Do you want anything?"

" No.. did she left some blue file with you? I told her yesterday to find it for me.. She told me she will give me today if she finds.." Arnav asked.

" No Chote..but if you want I can ask Sheetal to look it for you.." Anjali smiled.

" No that's not needed.." he said and left to the bathroom.

Anjali smirked and went to Sheetal's room.

" Sheetal take this file and give it to Chote.. Tell him I told you to look for it and you found it.." Anjali said.

" Thanks're helping me in getting Arnav.." Sheetal smiled all happy.

" Okay go.." Anjali patted her cheeks smilingly, as soon as Sheetal left, Anjali went running to Pari who was waiting to eat her soup.

" Sorry baby.. Ma is here.." Anjali smiled and feed her soup.

" Bua why did make Pari wait? Pari .. very hungry.." Pari pouted.

" Don't call me Bua Pari.. Call me Ma.." Anjali smiled pinching her cheeks.

" Why bua? Mumma is my mumma.." Pari looked at her innocently.

" Haan but you can call me Ma, no? Am I not like your mother?" Anjali clenched her fist, but still faked a smile on her face.

" Yes.. Pari will call you Maa.." Pari smiled drinking her soup.

After sometime, Arnav reached downstairs with the blue file on his hand.

Anjali: Chote you found it?

Arnav looked at the file: No Di.. Sheetal gave me, she found it..why did you told her to?

Anjali: When your wife is so busy Chote, God knows where.. And I'm busy with Pari..I had to take help from Sheetal..and see she did what I asked her to without even complaining.. She is a good girl..

Arnav looked at his daughter playing with her dolls, he smiled at her: Parii..what's my baby doing?

" Playing papa.. with my Doll.. do you know her name Papa?" Pari smiled at her father.

" No I don't know.. Tell me her name.." Arnav asked her.

" Khushi.." Pari giggled kissing her doll's cheeks.. " Beautiful like my Mumma.."

Arnav stare at her lovingly, he decided to call Khushi to share with her what Pari just said to him.

" What the.. Phone switched off.." Arnav frowned.

" I told you Chote she is busy.. I think she has gone out with her friends.. These days she doesn't even look at her own daughter face.." Anjali sighed serving the breakfast for Arnav.

Arnav became upset, he left the plate and went directly outside.

" Plan successfully done.. Well done Anjali..if Chote becomes upset with Khushi, he will send her out of here..and I will stay with Pari all day, I will be Pari's mother.." Anjali smiled.


Khushi returned home, and Anjali was playing with Pari, and Sheetal with her son, Aarav.

" Parii.." Khushi smiled and called her daughter in a baby tone.

" Mummaaa.." Pari left Anjali, and went running to her mother's arms.

Anjali got angry with the scene, while Sheetal glared at Khushi.

Sheetal: Khushi can't you let Di stay with Pari for a while? She is your daughter, but she can stay with her family members also right? You can't be this selfish..

Mami came there and heard their conversation, she glared at Khushi: Hello hi bye stay all day outside..don't take care of your own daughter and now come to show your rights.. What type of mother you're? Anjali is the one who stays with Pari all day, and now you come here and snatch her from Anjali, can't you let Chote's daughter play with us sometime?

Khushi looked at Mami with moist eyes, she nodded and left to her room leaving Pari with them.

Pari followed her mother, Khushi felt someone behind her.

She turned and saw Pari behind her, with a lop sided smile.

" Pari..go and play with bua.." Khushi smiled.

" No.. I want to stay with you mumma.. You left Pari in morning.. " Pari complained and hugged her mother's legs.

Khushi knelt down to reach Pari's level, " Aww my baby.. I'm sorry.."

" But you were playing with Bua and Aarav na.. Go and play with them.. then you will come to Mumma in the evening.." Khushi kissed her daughters forehead.

And everyone were burning in jealousy, as Arnav's daughter only loves her mother.

" Nahin mumma.. I want to play now with you.. Pari's doll name you want to meet her??" Pari smiled and went running to Anjali, Anjali thought she came back to him, but frowned when Pari took the doll that was on the sofa.

" Mumma look...her name is Khushi.." Pari giggled.

" Aww my name.." Khushi widened her eyes.

Pari giggled more, " Beautiful like you mumma.."

Khushi planted another kiss on Pari's cheeks, and lifted her to their room.

" Hello hi bye bye look at her.. Even when I scold her so much she still took Pari from us.. shameless woman.." Mami looked angrily at Khushi disappearing figure.

" Don't know why Chote married she is showing us her real face.." Anjali said with moist eyes, as Khushi just took Pari from her.

" I have a plan.." Sheetal smiled slyly.

" What?" Mami and Anjali looked at her.

Sheetal told them what's need to be done. And the two agreed for it.


At night, Arnav returned and went to his room without talking with anyone.

HP called him for dinner, which he denied.

Khushi got worried, she left with a tray to their room.

Leaving the tray on the dresser, she caressed his shoulder: Is everything alright with you?

Arnav hugged her tightly, Khushi stroke his hair: I was with Buaji in hospital, she was not feeling well.. I left your blue file with Di..did she gave you?

Arnav looked at Khushi confused: No.. Di told me you didn't gave her anything..

Khushi quickly understood Anjali was trying to separate her from Arnav, but she didn't say anything.

" Why did Di lie to me?" Arnav said, making Khushi look at him astonished.

"" her happiness knew no bounds today, her husband believed in her words today, after Shyam's fiasco, she never thought he would believe in her over his sister. Arnav always choose his sister over her, but today he shocked her.

" Yes I trust you.." he smiled at her, " That's the promise I did when we remarried.." he kissed her forehead.

" I thought you would not believe in my words.." she closed her eyes crying..

"I will never repeat my past mistakes Khushi.. " he consoled her.

" I you.. Arnav.." she blushed and hugged him again.

" I love you too Khushi.." he smiled. And looked around the room.

"Where is Pari?" he asked.

" She must be playing with Aarav.." Khushi said, and started feeding him.

" Khushi I'm not a kid.." he said irritated.

" You're my kid.." she giggled and continued feeding him.

Their happiness didn't last for long, when they heard Pari crying.

Khushi and Arnav left the room running.

" What happened to my baby?" he lifted Pari from the floor.

Pari was crying uncontrollably, and patted her back to calm her.

Khushi was caressing Pari's hair trying to calm her baby: Pari..don't're mumma's strong girl right? ..then stop crying..

Pari raised her hands to Khushi, Arnav left her in her mother's arms, Pari buried her face on her mother's hair sobbing a little, Khushi caressed her till she calms down.

" What happened to my Pari?" Khushi sat with Pari on the sofa, and Arnav also came to sit with them.

Sheetal and Anjali were burning in jealousy after seeing that Arnav didn't scold Khushi at all.

" Why are you asking what happened to her? If you were a good mother, you would know.." Mami taunted her.

" Khushi you must be responsible now.. Pari is your daughter, and it's your duty to be with her. But you're always with your husband or disappearing all the time from the house, what's there outside that keeps you away from staying with your own daughter?" Nani scolded her.

" Nani I.." Khushi tried to say something, Arnav pressed his palms on her gently.

" My wife takes care of me and my daughter..she doesn't need to show you all that.." Arnav looked at Nani and Mami.

He was in ASR mood, that could be seen perfectly on his face, scaring the hell out of Mami, while Nani just shook her head.

" Mumma..the floor hit Pari badly.." Pari pouted rubbing her eyes.

" Ohh..bad floor.. Mumma will beat him right away.." Khushi smiled and kissed her forehead.

" No..don't beat.. Pari doesn't like fights.." Pari said cutely.

" Acha okay.." Khushi giggled, her daughter is a drama queen yet innocent one like her.

" I have two Khushi now to take care of.." Arnav smiled.

" Papa I'm Pari..not Khushi.." Pari pouted confused.

" Papa is talking about your doll.. She is also Khushi na.." Arnav lifted her  and held Khushi's hand, taking both to their room.

Arshi room:

Arnav placed his daughter carefully on the bed.

Arnav: Show me where you got hurt..

Pari showed him her elbow, Arnav caressed it and she hissed in pain.

"" he said looking at her cute expression just like her mother.

Khushi bandaged the wound and made Pari sleep on her lap.

" Is buaji fine now? You didn't told me.." Arnav asked making Khushi rest her head on his shoulder.

" Better.." Khushi said stroking Pari's hair, "I'm sorry Arnav ji, I didn't want to worry you, you're busy with your fashion show.."

"It's nothing like that Khushi. I would take time to see Buaji. But what's wrong with everyone here? Why I felt everyone is against you?" Arnav asked.

" I don't know.." Khushi shrugged her shoulders, and closed her eyes letting herself drift on a deep sleep.

" You don't know or you're hiding from me Khushi.." Arnav thought, he planted a kiss on her forehead.

And then made her lay properly on the bed, with Pari..


The next morning:

Khushi was serving breakfast for everyone.

"All day same boringwa food.." Mami complained rolling her eyes.

" I can take you to a new restaurant today Mami" Sheetal smiled.

" Take her everyday Sheetal then..because I won't stop eating the handmade food of my wife.." Arnav said glancing at his mami, who gulped looking at him.

" Mami should I do something else for you?" Khushi asked.

" No..why should you? Sheetal will take her outside.." Arnav pulled Khushi to sit on the chair.

He also sat with Pari, trying to feed his little baby.

Anjali: Chote give her to me.. I will feed her.. She only accepts me.

Pari smiled: Maa..  I don't want to drink this milk..

Arnav looked at Pari: Why are you calling her as Ma? She is your bua Pari..

Pari pouted: Bua told call .. her maa..

Arnav frowned: Di can I know why? Khushi is Pari's mother.. And she is alive also..

Khushi nodded sideways to Arnav, who was already angry.

" Chote don't mind me saying this, but more than Khushi.. I stay with Pari. And now I look like her" Anjali tried to continue only to be cut by Arnav.

" You look like aren't her mother.. And let her stay with Khushi also, Khushi will look like her mother only.. Why is it everyday I found you snatching Khushi's rights from her?" Arnav shouted making everyone shocked with his sudden outburst.

Pari shut her eyes tightly, sobbing a little. She raised her arms to go to Khushi, Khushi took her from Arnav's arms: Arnav.. (she glanced at him showing him that he is scaring Pari)

Arnav kissed Pari's cheeks mumbling sorry to her, he looked at Khushi: Take her to my room with Aarav.

Khushi: Arnav you don't need to do all this.. please don't fight with Di..

Arnav: I'm bearing all this since two years.. Today I won't..

Khushi tried to make him understand, but he signaled her to take Pari to their room.


Anjali's room:

"Why are you doing this?" Arnav asked a silent and crying Anjali.

" Chote I just care for Pari..your wife doesn't give attention to a baby, what's my fault if Pari is attached to me now?" Anjali said crying.

" What the.. Di..don't think your brother is blind when it comes to you.. what do you think? Since Pari was born, you're always trying to take Khushi's place in her life.. Why Di? Khushi is her mother.. First I thought it was normal because you lost your baby, and you felt Pari could fill that empty space in your life by making you happy.. But I never imagined that you would start snatching her real mother's place.. Yesterday when I saw Khushi's eyes, she was hurt Di..very hurt.. and why wouldn't she be? Being a mother, she wants every morning to feed her daughter, every afternoon play with her daughter and at night cuddle with her daughter to sleep..but you snatched that happiness from her Di..and that pagli doesn't even complain to me or anyone..she lets you stay with our daughter all day, and is scared to say anything to you otherwise you would feel bad because you lost your baby..that's why she keeps quiet.. And on top of that you're trying to prove her as a bad mother.. Why do you think?  I will fall on this trap now.. I won't Di.. Because I stayed with Khushi those nine months, I talked with her,  I saw her care for the unborn baby on her belly,  I saw the unlimited happiness in her eyes when first time baby kicked her, everyday I returned from office I found her on our bed chatting with my baby in her own world, no one was with her that time, they were more worried for you because you lost your husband and baby..and with Payal and Akash little baby.. But she had me, we both cared for each other every day and waited eagerly for our baby to come in this world.. And now you do this to me and my wife..why Di?.. You gave the blue file to Sheetal to give it to me, to create misunderstanding between us, you told me she left early in the morning without telling you all where she went, when you knew Buaji is ill.. And I don't know what you keep telling to other family members that they are against Khushi now.. Stop this Di.. Please stop.." Arnav said in a broken voice, he walked to leave the room but Anjali held his hand.

" Chote..yes I did all this.. I was helpless Chote.. I love Pari as her real mother Chote.. I can take care of Pari better than Khushi.. (sobbing) Chote you know I can't conceive now, please give Pari to me.. Please.. I promise I will keep quiet in my place with my daughter.. Chote you and Khushi can have another baby..please have some pity on me, please chote..give your daughter to me.." Anjali cried resting her forehead on his hand.

" Di..what are you saying?.. How can I give Pari to you?" Arnav asked shocked.

" Why not Arnav? You know Anjali will never experience a mother's feeling, why can't you help her? She is your sister Arnav.." Sheetal came in the room to protect Anjali.

" Pari symbolizes our love, she is my and Khushi's first child.. And more than me, Khushi has full rights on her daughter, Khushi will never give Pari to you Di..and neither I will accept that. Di Pari has a lot of feelings attached to us.. I'm sorry.. I can give you anything you want that is mine, Pari is not only mine, she is Khushi's daughter, the woman who bear her nine months and dream of Pari everyday.. I can't snatch such a big happiness from my wife..  Bhai hoon, God nahin.. " he glared at both.

" Chote can't you do this for your Di? Your wife totally changed you now.. earlier you would do everything I wanted and today you shouted at me.. I'm sure Khushi instigated you to do this.." Anjali cried badly in Sheetal's arms.

" Hello hi bye bye..true.. ASR always sacrifices his life for his Di, why not today?" Mami taunted him, as soon as she entered in the room with Nani beside her.

" That's because my life doesn't belong to me anymore, it belongs to my wife and my daughter.." Arnav replied back.

" Khushi has really changed you.." Nani looked at him.. " How can you say such thing to your sister? You know she lost her baby Arnav and you hurt her like this, why can't you both give Pari to her when you can have another child? You're being selfish now.." Nani shouted.

" Selfish!!" Arnav smiled faintly.." Selfish I never was..but now I want to be.. I worked hard everyday for the luxury you all are living today.. I listened to Di's words without even thinking of me.. I spent all my day thinking about her, and I'm childhood just passed by and I became the man who couldn't even express his own feelings, because even before he could say what he wished, another person came to him to fulfill their wishes.. I was always left behind.. But the man you're all seeing now, is a changed and happy man, only because of one woman..Khushi, my wife..she is the one with whom I can share my feelings, my pain, my happiness, my wishes..everything, she is the only woman who gives me happiness, and two years back she gave life to a little baby that means my life now, and you all want to snatch her from me.. I can't do that.. If there is someone I would never leave in my life, then it's Khushi and Pari. I made one mistake by hating her because I didn't trust and always hurt her because of Shyam.. I don't want to hurt her anymore.. It's enough you all.." he shouted his heart out, with moist eyes.

" Chote please don't get angry.. And Pari isn't your first child Chote.." Anjali dropped the bomb.

Arnav looked at her shocked: What???

Anjali showed him the DNA reports of Aarav and him, " This is the truth, Sheetal is the first woman in your life, and she gave you Aarav.." she cried.." Please leave Khushi now, and live with Sheetal and your son, then give Pari to me.."

Arnav threw the papers angrily, " I don't believe in this nonsense.."

Sheetal jaws dropped: Even with DNA? It doesn't lie Arnav.. Aarav is our son..

" Why? Because he talks like me, eats like me, sits like me? Are you mad Sheetal? Like really? You seriously think I'm going to give in just like this.. And yes DNA results don't lie, but people like you know very well how to manipulate few nurses and doctors and get your work done.. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada no one can fool me just like that.. I never came so close to you, then how come Aarav is my child?" Arnav shouted coming near her with a dangerous glare.

"" Sheetal stammered unable to maintain eye contact with him.

" I was drunk in a party and took advantage of you..perfect plan Sheetal.." he smirked.


" Mumma..papa angry with Pari..because Pari didn't drink milk?" Pari asked her mother while a small tear left her cute eyes.

" Nahin.. meri Pari.. Papa isn't angry with you.. but you have to drink that milk.." Khushi wiped the tear in her eyes.

" I will.." Pari said and hugged her mother, Khushi hugged her back thinking what is happening in Anjali's room now.


" Which party are you talking about by the way? Because the one I remember I was with you.. I wasn't drunk.." he said making Sheetal looked down in fear.

" Two months you're staying in this house as a guest.. I thought you would not poke your nose in our family matters, but not only that you also had plans to start a family with me? Wah Sheetal.. You even brought my carbon copy here.. That's really funny you know.. You used that innocent child to make him like me and prove to everyone that he is my child, right? Tell me, was this your plan??" Arnav shouted.

Khushi came running to the room hearing his shouts, " Arnav.." she called him softly.

He looked at her worried form, and calmed a bit.

" Khushi come here.." he called her, and she obeyed him.

" Did you ever thought Aarav is my son because he does everything like me?" he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways: You already told me that Sheetal and you were never that close..

Arnav nodded: That's all I wanted, now I don't need to prove it to anyone.. Let's go..

He held her hand and walked out of the room, Khushi kept asking him what happened but he wasn't in mood to answer her now, later he would explain,  for now he wanted to be far away from this family.

" Arnav what are you doing? Why are you packing our bags?" Khushi asked him all confused.

" I don't want to stay here anymore.." he whispered, and she looked at him shocked.

" What? What happened Arnav? We can't live our family like this.." Khushi said shaking him.

" I know.. I'm not leaving them..  But I don't to stay's suffocating me this place now.. I just want you and Pari now..please.." he whispered broken.

" Okay.." she cupped his face, worried, she had many questions on her mind, but for now it was important to make him calm, pecking his lips, then she helped him pack their bags.

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Chapter 9 - Dil Diyan Gallan (By Angel23) (Thanked: 136 times)

Six months later.. 


Khushi waited for her husband in his cabin upset. 

 (Khushi's look)

Arnav opened the door of his cabin, as he entered he saw his baby on his chair playing with her doll.  That brought a smile on his face. 

He turned to his left, and his smile just brightened seeing his wife.

He walked towards her and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face at the same time on her neck. 

"My favorite PA came to meet me! What happened?" he asked. 

Khushi turned to him, and pushed him lightly.

Arnav took a step back wondering why did she push him. 

"You lied to me.." Khushi said, and her face clearly showed her disappointment.

"When? And about what in the first place?" Arnav asked raising his eyebrows.

"See you don't even know what I'm talking about.  This means you lie many times to me.." Khushi said. 

"No. I don't lie to you.." he said.

"Liar! You only said to me that you had dinner last night with Aman ji. You didn't Arnav ji,  I asked Aman ji and he said that you only stayed here till late. You didn't went to a restaurant with him to eat. Why?" Khushi scolded him. 

Arnav shut his eyes whispering, "I will kill this Aman.."

"You will not kill anyone!!" Khushi glared at him, "If you didn't eat anything, then you could have asked me to warm food for you Arnav ji. Why didn't you? I asked you if you eat and you lied to me.."

"I was really not hungry!" Arnav said, "And if I said that to you, then you would have forced me to eat which I didn't want. So I lied that I eat with Aman.."

Khushi widened her eyes, "Arnav ji, I don't force you. I think about your health only, it's necessary that you eat something before taking your meds.."

"I know.." Arnav whispered.

"I am very angry with you! I will not force you to eat my food from now on.." Khushi said with moist eyes and dramatic tone. 

She walked to leave his cabin.

"Khushi I love your food.." Arnav said trying to pacify her.

"Don't lie to me.." Khushi said angrily, and opened the door to leave.

"Dammit.. This Aman will destroy my marriage one day.." Arnav said rolling his eyes in disbelief that Khushi get angry for things like this. 

Pari giggles staring at her father. 

"Don't put your blame on Aman ji now.  He is a good person, he told the truth to me only.." Khushi returned all of sudden shocking Arnav.

"But.." he tried to say something.

Khushi closed the door not letting him complete. Arnav shut his eyes again. 

Pari giggles more, "Papa you make mistake.. Give kissy to me.."

"My little princess you're having fun na.. Mumma scolded Papa.." she walked to her and lifted her. He started tickling Pari, who tried to get out of her father's hold giggling.

"Paaapaa...stop.." she giggles and scream with her sweet voice.

Arnav kissed her belly smiling, "Here papa stopped.."

He let her stand on his glass table, Pari bend to pick a file.  She hand it over to her father, "Papa bulluuu (blue) papers (file).."

"Aww thanks my little PA.." he kissed her nose taking the file from her hand, "You and your mumma are my favorite PA more than Aman.."

Aman knocked the door, Arnav asked him to come in. 

"I will kill you one day Aman.." Arnav said and didn't even let the poor man breath. 

"Aman uncle.. Pari and Mumma papa's favorite.. You not.." Pari laugh at Aman's face.

"ASR and little ASR.. Good morning first.." Aman said pouting, "I only reached now and you both already scold me!"

"Reach late Aman uncle.. Pari is here first than you.." Pari said.

Arnav smirked, "You see! You reached late so you deserved this only. And what's this, now only you reached and you said to Khushi that I didn't eat anything last night?"

"Yes ASR. You didn't, right?" Aman asked confused.

"I didn't but couldn't you lie! I didn't want to make her worried for me. Now she will stress herself for me, thinking that I don't eat at time,  about my health and all that. When it was only last night that I skipped dinner.." Arnav said.

"Oh! Sorry ASR, if I knew about it then I wouldn't have said the truth to Khushi.." Aman said.

"Why don't you think of it first? You always do this Aman.." Arnav said.

"I said sorry!!" Aman pouted sadly.

"Who said I want your sorry? Go on and be always in your sister's side.." Arnav said with a hidden smile on his face.

Aman smiled and walked out of the cabin. 

Arnav cupped Pari's face, "Now I've to pacify Mumma.."

Pari nodded smiling showing her teeth to Arnav.


NK's cabin.. 

"Nanhe ji I don't like it he lie to me.. " Khushi pouted crossing her arms cutely.

NK smiled as he heard Khushi's complaints about Nannav while checking the pictures of the models he took.  He works as a photographer in AR, and has to do his work perfectly otherwise Nannav will scold him a lot. 

"I think you both are the cutest couple in this world Khushi.." Khushi heard another voice present in the room, and that's Lavanya. 

"Cutest?! He just lied to me and you are talking like this Lavanya.." Khushi frowned.

"Yeah because normally couples fight because of jealousy, financial problems or time issues but you fought with him because you care about him. That's so sweet!!" Lavanya smiled.

"Right! We never fought about anything like that. Oh my God, aren't we the weirdest couple in this world?" Khushi said dramatically.

NK: Lavanya means it's good that you both have healthy fights Khushi..

Khushi nodded innocently.

"Now look at this NK, all day those models keep clinging to him, and he lets them do whatever they want. He only starts the fight between us.." Lavanya glared at NK.

"I love you my Princess.." NK sent a flying kiss to her.

Lavanya looked away, "Rosa liked your pic on instagram. I didn't forget that.."

NK sighed, "I just told she's a friend only..nothing else.."

"If she is a friend only, she could have liked a picture of both us together. She didn't, she only like your picture alone.." Lavanya said burning in jealousy.

"She's my friend, not yours!" NK retorted.

"Oh yeah right! She's yours!!" Lavanya gritted her teeth.

"You're getting things wrong Love.." NK said.

Khushi slowly sneaked out of NK's cabin leaving the couple alone.

When they reached in London, the news also reached to NK and Lavanya. Lavanya decided to work again with Arnav as a model of his company and they found out that NK and Lavanya were dating. And fights like this are usual for them now, if someone goes now to that cabin after some five minutes she would see them cuddling to each other as if they weren't fighting minutes ago. That's how their love is.


"Ma'am ASR is calling you downstairs.." the secretary came to call her.

"Arnav ji is calling me! Why? Shouldn't he be at meeting now?" Khushi thought, then nodded at the lady in front of her.

She walked out of his cabin, and went downstairs.

"This way ma'am!!" the guard showed her the way.

And she followed his gaze, only to see her husband waiting in a car for her.

She thanked the guard and walked to Arnav, "Arnav ji what happened? Why did you call me? You have an meeting now right?"

"Shh..take your seat.." Arnav said eying to the empty front seat.

Khushi sat on the car, and Arnav helped her with the seat belt.

He was about to peck her cheeks, she placed her mouth on his lips stopping him.

Arnav sighed, and she smiled seeing her husband have a hard time in pacifying her.

kachchi Doriyon, Doriyon, Doriyon se

mainu tu baandh le

pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein

honde na faasley

 (tie me with weak threads,

there are no distances in true love).

Khushi looked at the window side enjoying the cool breeze of London.

Arnav was driving, he stopped near a flower stand.  And walked out of the car, running towards the flowers vendor.

"Hi.. Can you make a bouquet for that beautiful woman sitting there?" he asked smiling pointing to Khushi, who blushed in return.

She looked at him amused, he was buying those beautiful flowers just to pacify her!

"Sure! You can choose which type of flowers you want, the colours and all.." the lady smiled.

Arnav choose and the lady prepared quickly a bouquet for him. 

"Thanks!" he said paying for the bouquet and walked towards the car again. 

"Here is it.." he said giving it to Khushi from her window side.

"It wasn't needed.." Khushi said faking anger still.

eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri

mere soNeya sun le meri

dil diyaan gallaan

karaange naal naal bai ke

ankh naale ankh nu milaa ke


(all this anger of yours is just for show,

O my beloved, listen to me,

we'd sit together,

look into each other's eyes,

and talk the talk of our hearts)

Arnav smiled and he knelt down, like he was going to propose her.

"Please accept it! I love you.." he said on his knees.

Khushi widened her eyes, she looked around and everyone were staring at them with smiley faces and Aww looks.

She blushed and opened the car's door.

"Arnav stand up! Why are you doing this? Everyone is looking at us.." Khushi gasped smiling.

"Let them look. I did this for you and if you like it.. My heart is satisfied.." Arnav said.

Khushi took the bouquet from his hand shyly.

dil diyan gallan haaye,

karaange roz roz beh ke

sachchiyaan mohabbataan nibha ke


(talks of our hearts,

we'd have everyday,

living in true love..)

He stood up and everyone clapped for them.

Khushi smiled and hugged him tightly.

She broke the hug, and pecked his lips.

"Thank you.." she whispered. Arnav took her back to the car, Khushi sat on her seat happily, she smelled the fresh flowers. 

"You smell better.." he said giving one more reason for her to blush. 

sataaye mainu kyun

dikhaaye mainu kyun

aiven jhooTi mooTi rus ke rusaa ke


(why do you torment me,

why do you fake all this anger)


dil diyan gallan haaye

karaange naal naal beh ke

ankh naale ankh nu mila ke

He took her to have lunch in a restaurant. 

Arnav like a gentleman pushed the chair aside for her. She sat and also took his seat. 

Then he asked her to choose what she wants to eat.

Khushi passed the menu towards him with a slight frown on her face.

"You will say I force you later.." she complained.

"See that's why I lie to you. You keep making me listen all day for one single thing.." Arnav said.

"Aww.." Khushi looked at him in disbelief.

"Yes.  You also lie to me when you don't want to worry me! Should I remind you the times you lied to me? I'm good only that I never scold you.." Arnav said.

Khushi bit her tongue getting caught, "Okay! I will choose what I want to eat.."

Arnav smirked.

"Excuse me.. I'm going to the washroom.." he said.

Khushi nodded and stare at her handsome husband walking towards the washroom. 

"Ma'am this is for you!" the waiter came with a gift box to Khushi.

"For me? Are you sure?" Khushi asked.

The waiter nodded, "Yes, ASR sent for you ma'am.."

Khushi took it smiling, she opened the box and found a beautiful bracelet gift with a card on it. And a tiny bottle with a key inside it and heart shaped paper in red, with a message written "Key to my heart.."


"A gift for the one who has stolen my heart!" she read and blushed hard.

The waiter smile seeing so much love between ASR and his wife.

tenu lakhaan ton chhupa ke rakhaan

ankkhaan te sajaa ke

tu ae meri wafaa

rakh apna bana ke

main tere layiaan

tere layiaan yaaran

naa paavin kade dooriyaan


(I'd keep you hidden from millions,

keep you adorned in my eyes,

you are my love,

keep me as your own.

I'm for you, for you, O beloved.

Let's never be far away.)


main jeena haan tera

main jeena haan tera

tu jeena hai mera

das laiNa ki nakhra dikha ke


(I'm your life,

and you're my life.

what'd we get by throwing tantrums for each other..)


dil diyan gallan

karaange naal naal beh ke

akh naale akh nu mila ke

They went for a walk after lunch. Arnav was lost in his wife, while she talked non stop.

Khushi stopped talking realizing that he wasn't paying attention to her.

"Arnav ji! Are you listening to me?" Khushi asked waving her hand near his face.

Arnav blinked his eyes, he nodded his head.

"You're lying to me again.." Khushi pouted.

"OK! I didn't listen to what you were saying.." Arnav confessed.

"To not make me upset you lied?" she asked.

"Hmm.." he nodded and Khushi's face lit up in happiness.

Some men were staring at Khushi. Arnav didn't like a bit, he frowned and pulled Khushi near him placing his arms around her waist possessively.

The men embarrassed looked away. 

Khushi giggled, "You're so possessive!"

"You're mine and I won't allow anyone look at you the way I look at you.." he said.

Khushi dropped a soft kiss on his cheek while they were walking. 

raataan kaaliyan, kaaliyan, kaaliyan ne

mere dil saanwle

mere haaNiyan, haaNiyaan, haaNiyaan je

lagge tu na gale


(the nights are dark and my heart goes dark too,

if, my beloved, you don't embrace me.)

At night, while Pari was sleeping in their room. 

Arshi were watching English movie together.

Arnav was giving her English lessons, everyday he makes her watch movies for her to learn it quickly.  And at morning he asks her to read newspaper with him. 

"He's telling her that she means the world to him.." Khushi looked at him.

"Right! You're learning it fast.." he said. 

Khushi smiled.

The couple on screen were kissing now.

Khushi cleared her throat embarrassed to watch such scenes. 

"Translate that for me.." Arnav said teasing her.

"How? They are not saying anything.." Khushi looked at him confused.

"Let me show you how to translate this.." he said naughtily and took her lips into his kissing her softly.

After they broke the kiss, Khushi rested her head on his chest blushing.

"You're becoming naughty day by day.." Khushi complained.

Arnav smiled and pulled the falling blanket to cover them properly.

Arnav closed his eyes slowly drifting to a deep sleep, while Khushi was still watching the movie.

"Arnav ji I didn't understand.." she looked at him and saw him sleeping.

 (Imagine Arshi )

She caressed his cheeks slowly with her palms, placing a soft kiss on his forehead, she switched off the TV and rested back on his chest smiling and closed her eyes to sleep. 



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