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Chapter 21 - The game not over yet? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 161 times)

“How dare you betray me once again!?” Anjali held him by his collars, Shyam looked down acting that he was crying.

“Rani Sahiba I can explain!” he said gulping.

Anjali slapped him hard, “Explain what? That kid already told us everything, and how could you stay with this woman and your son in front of me, in this house?”

“Papaaaaa..” all of sudden they heard Pari’s voice screaming for Arnav. All of them turned to that side, and saw Sheetal behind them holding Pari and with a knife near her neck.

Pari shouted his name crying bitterly.

“Sheetal just leave my DAUGHTER or else I will kill you!” Arnav glared at her, his heart beat increased seeing his baby, his life crying in fear.

“Not so easily Arnav. You thought you won this game, but don’t forget that me and Shyam are better players than you and your wife. Shyam was just acting now, so that I get time to reach to your weakness, means your Pari. And such fools you both are, you guys really fell on his traps..” Sheetal smirked.

“I said leave my daughter now dammit..” Arnav screamed walking towards her to attack her, but Khushi held his shoulder crying.

“No, Arnav ji she will harm our Pari..” Khushi said sobbing, Arnav calmed himself by seeing her cry, he knew if he act in anger now he can spoil everything.

“What do you want? I will give you everything, just give me my daughter..” he said with his eyes filled with anger.

Pari screamed crying seeing Sheetal pointing the knife to her eyes teasing her.

“Please leave her Sheetal.. don’t do this to my daughter.. you’re scaring her please.. stop it..” Khushi pleaded crying, seeing how much Pari was scared.

Arnav gulped with tears in his eyes, “Sheetal just leave her..”

“Mummaaaaaaa…” Pari cried raising her arms for Khushi to take her, Khushi wanted to go but Sheetal took a step back gesturing her to not move forward. Khushi just knelt down crying, “Sheetal please leave her.. she’s just a baby, what harm she did to you? Do whatever you want with us, but please let my daughter go..pleaseee..”

Sheetal laughed out loudly, “Ayee how innocent she is, she’s so cute scared..”

“Sheetal stop it! I can’t see my Khushi ji crying so much, let just tell them what we want..” Shyam smirked as he took the property papers and handle it to Arnav.

“Sign on it Sale sahab! From today now on I’ll be the owner of AR fashion house, and this mansion.. or better, I will be ASR!!” Shyam laughed.

The whole family looked at the incidents happening in front of them horrified. Arnav looked at his family for a while, then at Khushi and then his eyes landed on his baby crying in Sheetal’s arms pleading for help.

Arnav took the papers from Shyam’s hands harshly, while Shyam smiled screaming on top of his voice, “Hahahahaha.. I won.. Finally I won!”

Anjali shut her eyes in disgust, while Nani shook her head crying not believing this was happening with them. Mami held Nani comforting her with tears in her eyes also.

“Take it!” Arnav threw the papers on his face, Shyam looked at him angrily.

“MY DAUGHTER NOW..” he gritted his teeth staring at Sheetal.

“Sale sahab one more thing..” Shyam smirked staring with lust at Khushi.

“What?” Arnav frowned.

“YOUR WIFE!” Shyam said grinning. The family gapped shocked, while Arnav’s eyes turned red in anger.

Arnav didn’t waste a time, but punched hard Shyam on his face, “How dare you.. I will chop you into countless pieces if you ever think about my wife.. keep dreaming because Arnav Singh Raizada will never ever hand over my wife to you..”

Shyam looked away caressing his bleeding lips as he clenched his jaws.

“So you’re ready to lose your baby then..” Sheetal said smirking.

“Are you ready to lose your life then?” Akash pointed a gun behind Sheetal’s back smirking. Sheetal gulped.

“Leave Pari now otherwise I will shoot..” Akash said shouting.

Sheetal nodded sweating in fear now, she left Pari on the floor. Khushi went running to Pari, she hugged her daughter crying, and kissed Pari to her heart content.

Arnav smirked nodding his head as if praising Akash, Shyam was held by police men who came running inside the mansion. And Akash hand over the gun to the police, “Thank you sir for giving this to me!”

“Heyyy.. you can’t arrest me! I’m owner of this mansion, I have loads of money.. you can’t put me in jail” Shyam yelled struggling in the police men’s hold.

“What did you thought Shyam? I never lose a game in my life, you’re just a player right, but I owned the game..” Arnav smirked.

“You thought that I don’t know you want my property? From the start itself, we knew that you wanted my money by using Di. That day Khushi told me to pay attention while signing my files because you could use your tricks to make me sign, I realized how your brain works, so I transferred before all my property to Khushi’s name. Basically signing this papers now means nothing to me, as my property is in Khushi’s name now..” Arnav said.

“What???” Shyam whispered in shock.

“We only didn’t knew that you would actually try to kill a baby for property, but when Pari was still in danger, bhai acted like he was upset about it till you release Pari and when he looked at us, I signaled him that I already called the police for help..” Akash said smirking.

“And when you asked for Khushi bhabhi, I knew bhai wouldn’t choose one of them, so I asked the police to hand me a gun so that I could scare this Sheetal and she let Pari go..” Akash said.

“Nooooooooooooooo..” Shyam shouted crying, how he could be a fool to not realize their plan.

“Go and shout behind the bars.. hello hi bye bye making noisewa in our house..” Mami pouted.

“Inspector punish these both severely, like my grandson (Arnav) says show them hell..” Nani said glaring at both. She started feeling dizzy, and Payal noticed it. She and Mami held her shouting her name.

Payal helped Nani sit, “Are you okay Nani ji?”

“Hmm.. I’m fine..” Nani said whispering.

Arnav rushed to her, holding a glass of water, he made her drink carefully, “You shouldn’t take stress Nani..”

Nani smiled and nodded, “My heart is relieved now..”

Anjali went running to her room crying, Arnav watched her go but this time he stayed back. He didn’t go to console his Di, he didn’t go to hug her and tell her that everything will be fine. His heart was hurt beyond repair this time..

The police took Shyam and Sheetal outside, who were crying out. Arnav came behind them, “Inspector, last time this man escaped from jail somehow, I don’t know if he had contacts or not that help him in go out. But this time, I want you to make sure he doesn’t escape..”

The police man nodded his head, “Don’t worry ASR! This time he won’t escape. I will myself handle him and this woman..”

Arnav held Sheetal by her neck harshly, “I would really kill you if you harmed my baby. Be careful when you deal with my dear ones..”


Arshi’s room:

Khushi hugged Pari tightly leaning her back on the pillow behind her, Pari hide her face on her mother’s chest sobbing softly now.

“Shh.. stop crying my angel.. police took that bad aunty and uncle now.. papa will punish them also..” Khushi said.

Arnav came inside and sat beside them, he lifted Pari and made her sit on his laps, “Heyy my baby is crying!!”

“Bad aunty scaled (scared) me..” Pari said in between her sobs.

“And you got scared my baby? Aww aren’t you that brave princess we watched her movie?? Hmm.. where’s my brave girl?” Arnav asked smiling as he tickled her to lift her mood.

Pari giggled trying to hold her father’s hand, “Aaaahh.. Papa stop..”

“Papa will only stop when my baby says she’s not scared of anyone..” Arnav said.

“You should only fear DM when you do wrong deeds..” Khushi added smiling.

“Pari not scaled of anyone only be scaled of DM when we do wlong things..” she said cutely, Arnav hugged her tightly.

“That’s it my princess..” he whispered patting her back, to make her sleep.

Khushi kissed Pari’s hair, “For a moment I got scared, but how could I forget when I’m with you nothing bad will happen..”

Arnav smiled kissing her forehead, “I love you and Pari a lot, and I would do anything to save you both..”

“I love you too..” she said blushing, and tilt her head to kiss his lips when the family came inside his room.

Khushi quickly sat back straight, blushing hard that they came in while she was about to kiss Arnav, while Arnav pouted.

“Wrong times!!” Mami said closing her eyes with her both palms.

Nani smiled embarrassed, while Akash, Payal, Lavanya and NK giggled.


“Look who’s saying that! The one who barges inside everywhere he wants with his famous anger..” Khushi mocked him.

“Khushi what the..” Arnav looked at her frowning, while everyone laughed.

“We came to see Pari but seems like you both are busy so we’ll come later..” Nani said smiling.

“Nahin Nani ji.. please come in..” Khushi stood up and asked them to get inside the room.


Anjali’s room:

Anjali was destroying her room by throwing everything on the floor, she cried and sat on the floor hugging her knees tightly.

“No one loves me.. No one loves me.. everyone left me.. kyun? Don’t I deserve to be loved?..Shyam..I hate you.. you betrayed me.. I hate you.. you shouldn’t have done this to me.. I fought with everyone for you and you dared to bring that witch and her son to my house.. I hate you.. such a fool I am.. why couldn’t I see the truth.. everyone must be laughing at me right now.. haan.. they are laughing that I was here worshiping a husband who stayed with other woman in front of me only.. and he never loved me.. he only wanted this property.. property.. ahhhhhhhhhhh“ she said crying and screaming while pulling her hair in anger, pain, jealous, and what not.

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Chapter 22 - The last thing to be done! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 180 times)

Arnav slowly opened his eyes feeling peace after so many years, he finally managed to get rid of those who hurt his love, Shyam and Sheetal. But there still one thing left to be done, and she’s the reason why he, himself hurt Khushi! Because of her, he betrayed his own love, because of her love, he didn’t accept Khushi’s love, because of her happiness, he snatched Khushi’s happiness, because of her pain, he broke the heart of an innocent girl, because of her tears, he accused Khushi, because of Anjali, he was about to lose his Khushi! Shyam and Sheetal knew what they want somehow, but the true villain in this story and Khushi’s life is Anjali only. She was the one who accused Khushi and believed in her husband back then, she was the one who joined with Sheetal to snatch Pari from Khushi, she was the one who wanted to separate Khushi from him, she was the one who made everyone believe that Aarav is his son, she was the one who brought Shyam back to this house. If everything happened like this, then it’s only because of her!

His thoughts came to an end, when Khushi turned to his side wrapping her arms around his waist and cutely burying her face on his chest hiding from the sun rays peeking on their room.

A smile appeared on his face, and he was more determined to do what he wants to do now, from today now on he only wants Khushi’s happiness in true terms.


Arnav came downstairs after fresh up, and looked around.

Nani smiled, “Khushi bitiya is in the kitchen with Payal bitiya and Manorama..”

Arnav nodded, “Di?”

Nani was surprised that he was asking about Anjali, “Chote I think it’s better you leave her alone now. If you go and pamper her again, then I fear this might happen again..”

“I know what I’m doing Nani. And believe me, this is for the best..” Arnav said.

“She’s still in her room..” Nani informed him.


Arnav opened the door of her room, he entered and sighed after seeing the state of her room. His attention went to her, she seemed lost in thoughts sitting on the floor and hugging her knees.

“Di..” he called her after closing the door.

Anjali looked at him for a while, “Did you come to laugh at me now? I really admit today that you’re really intelligent, you found out the truth about Shyam while me being his wife all over these years, never could find his truth!”

“That’s because you’re used to people who pamper you!  As much attention and love they give to you, and you’re ready to fall on their traps..” Arnav said.

“It’s your fault.. you let yourself know about this cruel world, that’s why you can judge better than me, you know exactly who loves you and who’s betraying you! That’s why you choose Khushi over Lavanya.. but me? You kept me behind na.. I didn’t know anything about this world, that’s why whoever gave me love and attention I do everything for that person..” Anjali said sobbing.

“It’s not true! Even I failed sometimes, I failed to trust Khushi first because I thought she was with Shyam, I judged her wrongly but I repent for my mistakes and do you know why our relationship is still strong, that’s because I failed but Khushi didn’t let us fall apart, she gave me a second chance and I did my best to keep us as one. We did our best to keep our marriage working by trusting and loving each other..” Arnav said.

“So what I did then? Didn’t I give a second chance to Shyam?” Anjali asked.

“NO! You had given him a second chance when his truth came out but still you kept meeting him secretly, he didn’t change right?! And now you gave him a third chance, but you’re forgetting that a mistake done many times, it isn’t called a mistake but a person’s choice! And using you again and again against me was his choice Di, he never repented for that and you should have known that..” Arnav shouted.

“Haan haan.. shout as much as you want.. it’s my fault only..” Anjali cried.

Arnav stood there staring at her, while Anjali waited for him to come and hug her now, to say to her that he was there for her, but he didn’t. 

“Get up!” Arnav said, “You said it’s my fault na, I’m the one who kept you hidden in this mansion and never let you know about the outside world. I’m the one to be blamed for what happened in your life, so today I’m going to rectify my mistake. Today I will let you go and alone you will face this world, you will get a chance to learn like me, and who knows you may start judging people better now..”

“WHAT?” Anjali blinked her eyes shocked, “Are you asking me to go out of this house?”

“You see how can I never do any bad to you? This was supposed to be your punishment for spoiling my wife’s life, but will turn to be a good journey for you and trust me you will become a better person. My love and attention to you turned you into a worst person. So let me help you only, pack your bags and start your life afresh..” Arnav said in a serious tone.

“I thought as my family you will support me and tell me that you’re here for me but you..” Anjali said crying, she turned to face him but Arnav already left the room.

Anjali threw a pillow on the floor angrily, “No one loves me.. everyone is fake!”


“Arnav ji.. Arnav ji..” Khushi shouted smiling, running around the corridor to find him. Arnav was just coming to her side, when she bumped with him.

He held her by her shoulders, “Khushi what happened?”

“Arnav ji I am so happy today!!” Khushi exclaimed, and Arnav smiled as he could read from her eyes shining eyes how much happy she was, but what could have happened that she was this happy today.

“Why?” he asked.

“Jiji is pregnant..isn’t this a happy news? Pari, Aarav and Arush will have another sibling to play with and have loads of fun!” Khushi said.

“Really? How? I mean how do you know? Yesterday I didn’t ..” Arnav was shocked still happy for them.

“Now only she was cooking breakfast with us, and she went running suddenly to the bathroom and when she came back she told me and Mami ji that she threw up. So only we know she’s pregnant..” Khushi said chirpily.

“What the.. you should call a doctor to confirm it, instead of being happy like this and spread fake news. Who knows she may have eaten something that did not go well?” Arnav said shaking his head.

Khushi pouted, “I know what’s to be pregnant Arnav ji. And I can feel it it’s a good news..”

“Really?” Arnav smirked.

“Yes really, you’re ASR and that doesn’t mean you know everything.. it’s women thing and they know it better than you.. okay?” she asked cutely glaring at him.

“Okay..” he cupped her face placing a soft kiss on her lips, Khushi felt shy.

They went downstairs to congratulate Payal and Akash, and when they reached the living room everyone were pampering and congratulating Payash.

“You’re suffocating Payal and her baby guys! Let her breath..” Arnav passed his sarcastic comment.

“Chote!” Nani shook her head smiling and everyone laughed. Mami was beside Payal caressing her hair happily that she’ll be grandmother again.

“You have to take carewa of yourself bahu, and also I’m here to fulfill your wishes.. I’m so happy, I just hope it’s a baby girl..” Mami said pinching Payal’s cheeks as if Payal was the baby.

Payal giggled and looked down shyly. And everyone were so shocked seeing that Mami changed suddenly towards Payal.

Arnav came forward, “Congrats Payal and Akash!”

“Thanks bhai/Arnav ji..” both said at the same time.

“Arnav uncle I’ll have another baby sister like Pari..” Arush jumped on Arnav smiling, Arnav lifted him smiling.

“And you have to take care of your little sister well ok? Love her and pamper her so much but never forget to teach her what’s good and what’s wrong and let her live the way she wants too, let her fail so that she learns her lesson alone and never blame you for the wrongs happenings in her life..” Arnav said with moist eyes, he was talking about Anjali now.

“Okay uncle..” Arush said making a confused face as he didn’t understand what his uncle was teaching him.

Akash and Payal looked at each other sadly.

“See HP came with sweets. It’s time to celebrate now..” Khushi said smiling, purposely to catch Arnav’s attention and not let him be upset over Anjali.

“Pari see jalebi..” Khushi called her, and Pari came running to take jalebi.

“Jalebiiiii..” she took one so excitedly as if jalebi is her life. Nani giggled seeing her reaction, and called her to eat Jalebi with Nani.

Pari went to sit on Nani’s lap munching her jalebis just like her mother.

“Here is it Payal bhabhi, take two jalebis! One for you and other for your baby..” NK said smiling handling the sweet to her.

Anjali was passing from there with her bags, when she heard that. That means her family is celebrating all happy because Payal is pregnant and while she’s depressed after being cheated by her husband, they seem to care less about her.

More tears slipped from her eyes seeing that, she became angry and walked to the kitchen to take a knife.

She came back with determined steps and walked near Payal to kill the reason of their happiness. Arnav saw this coming, he pulled her back by her arms harshly, and took the knife from her hand angrily throwing it on the floor.


“I’m here depressed and no one cares about me.. you asked me to leave this house and you all are celebrating because Payal is pregnant.. her happiness matter the most for you all than the problems of the daughter of this house na?.. If I’m not happy, then I won’t let you all smile also..” she said crying.

Payal looked at her horrified, while Khushi side hugged her tightly too shocked to react over Anjali’s actions. And the family stopped their little dance celebration, while the smile on their faces faded.

“Yes I asked you to leave this house and now I don’t repent it at all dammit. And if you’re sad, then it’s fault only, you’re the reason for your own state and now don’t come to blame on others and destroy their happiness..” Arnav shouted to her angrily.


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Chapter 23 - The end! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 131 times)

Arnav closed the door of his room and walked to the poolside. That's it, all the tears he was trying to control till now just fell from his eyes making him see everything blur.

He fell on his knees with a thud, closing his face with his both palms crying bitterly.


"Aren't you ashamed to try to kill an innocent life? What harm did Jiji's baby to you?" Khushi angrily spoke coming in front of Anjali.

"And what harm did I to you that you spoiled my life?" Anjali asked back with tears.

"I didn't spoil your life Anjali! You only spoiled your own life and your brother's.." Khushi shouted.

"Lie! You, Shyam, Sheetal came in between me and my Chote's relationship.. This man standing in front of me isn't my Chote.. Because Chote could never smile if his Di was upset.. My Chote would do anything in his power to make his Di smile.. Today I lost him, I lost him forever.." Anjali sobbed.

"Have you gone mad Anjali? Instead of asking forgiveness from Arnav bitwa and Khushi bitiya, you're still blaming Khushi for everything?" Nani asked angrily.

"I know.. I know everything!" Anjali wiped her tears, "Khushi is a nice person, she does everything good.. Everyone loves her, and especially Chote.. She means everything to Chote.. I know.. I know that Shyam and Sheetal were the one who destroyed my life.. But for me, Khushi will always be the villain of my life.. You can say everything you want about her, but I know that if she didn't came in our lives then nothing like this would have happened.. Everything would be normal only.. So don't even try to change my mind.."

"Get out!" Arnav said with expressionless face.

Anjali looked at him shocked.

"Do you what your problem is Di? You are a selfish person! And you will always be selfish.. Even in the worst situation all you do is think about yourself.. First I worked hard and loved you so much, so you got used to my love. Then you got married and worshipped your husband like a God, expecting that in return he should only love you and think only about you. When you married him, did I say anything that my Di isn't loving me anymore? Then when I'm married to Khushi what's the problem dammit? Then you wanted every family member attention to you, you made everyone here against Khushi and Payal. That's why you can't even see when they are happy for Payal's pregnancy news? You're so used to see everyone around you and pampering you only.. You're selfish Di.. You never thought about others, only yourself.. In your world everyone that doesn't listen to you is your enemy and those who stop giving more attention to you also become your enemy! But neither me, nor everyone here will live for you. You have to understand that, I'm a married man now, I've my wife and my baby daughter. These two need me as much as I need them.. But it doesn't mean that I would stop loving my sister.. But yes, I now have to set my priorities because I'm not single and with full time for you! The same goes to everyone in this house, Akash won't be giving full time to Mami ji because now his attention will be on Payal's pregnancy stages but Mami understand this and knows that her son loves her but now he has other responsibilities too. This is called life Di.. We all grow up and priorities do change, only love doesn't change. My love will always remain the same for Nani, Mami, Mama, Akash, You and everyone! Did you ever thought that me Arnav Singh Raizada would ever choose too watch cartoons with daughter early in the morning over reading his emails? Did you ever thought that I would take one day off from office just to stay with Khushi because she's with fever? Nahin, na? But it's me Di.. My priorities change after marriage, for that ASR whose office was his home, it's not anymore! His home is where his wife and daughter are! This is how things change.. And this what you taught me, then why aren't you following your advice? Why is it so difficult to understand that to be happy is not only about yourself but the people around you? Why do you only live for yourself Di? Why don't you think about my happiness too? Didn't I work day and night that a smile adorns your face everyday, then it's my time now, can't you a sacrifice a bit also? Is that too much to ask for?" Arnav said totally broken.

Anjali looked at him numb, she didn't know what to say further.

Arnav held her bag and put it on her hand, "Please go away!"

Saying this he went from there heading to his room.

Everyone silently looking at each other not knowing what to say, what to do or what to feel.

Anjali silently left from there. Khushi went to her at the gate side.

"Anjali.." Khushi called her.

Anjali turned to her.

"I know you hate me but trust me I never wanted to separate you from Arnav ji.. You did this yourself and did nothing to reticfy your mistakes.. By blaming others for you state, your proved yourself as a weak woman Anjali.." Khushi said shaking her head.

"Anyway I only hope that now you're leaving.. Try to start afresh, forget everything and really try to see the world in a new perspective! Don't be stuck with your silly ideas and do respect others more.. This journey you're going to take alone, is going to be the most difficult one of your life because this time Chote isn't with you, you're alone.. But if you choose the right path, you'll have a bright future ahead of you.." Khushi said.

Anjali opened the gate and left from there.

"DM help Anjali transform herself into a better person this time.." Khushi prayed and went inside RM again.

Flashback ends.

*One week later..

Khushi came inside the room, finding her husband packing their bags and Pari helping him.

"Papa I will miss Ayu bhai.." Pari said sadly.

"Papa promise that we'll come to visit Ayu Bhai often ok?" he asking brushing his nose against Pari's.

Pari smiled brightly, "Okish!!!"

Khushi smiled and came near them, "You both are packing, what about me? Are you planning to leave me here itself?"

"Smart you're! That's the plan only me and my daughter will go back to London and you stay here with Amma and Buaji!" Arnav smirked pulling her closer to him, nuzzling her hair.

"Acha? Go then with your daughter.. I will stay here with my parents.." Khushi said crossing her arms with a hidden smile on her face.

"Will you drop you at Amma's house, then we'll head to the airport.. Hain na Pari?" Arnav said.

Khushi widened her eyes smiling, while Pari hugged Khushi tightly, "Nahin! Pari wants Mumma and Papa.."

Arnav smiled and Khushi stuck her tongue out to Arnav.

"Unfortunately your plan to romance with London's ladies failed.." Khushi said taking the shirt from his hand and folding it, then placed it on their bag.

Pari left from there to say good bye to her Ayush Bhai.

Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi's waist, placing soft kisses on her hair, "I only romance with you! My eyes are fixed only in you and not on London ladies.."

"Hmm.. I know! Just joking with you.." Khushi smiled closing her eyes enjoying her husband pampering her.

"Arnav ji can I ask you something?" she asked.

"When do you need permission baby?" he rolled his eyes.

Khushi giggled and turned to him, cupping his face softly, "Are you happy? I mean after all this, do you think it was worth it?"

"No brother would be happy to do this with their sister and see her life destroyed like this. I always thought that I will make Di's life like a princess and would never let anyone harm her.. But guess, she was the villain in her own life! She harmed herself and others to.." Arnav said smiling faintly.

"But I'm happy Khushi.. I feel relieved, I feel like I did something I should have done earlier.. And yeah, it was all worth it.. Shyam and Sheetal got their punishment, our family is back as one once again, Di left for good, and we will give a new and happy life to Aarav thanks to the court who gave me the responsibility of Aarav after seeing that Shyam and Sheetal's true face.. We achieved what we wanted too Khushi.. I came here to prove my innocence and will leave after reforming everyone!" Arnav smiled.

Khushi rested her forehead on his, smiling, "That's all I wanted!"


At the airport..

Nani, Mama, Mami, Akash, Payal, Ayush, Garima, Buaji and Shashi wave their hands with tears still happy smile at Arshi, Pari, Aarav, NK and Lavanya.

Arnav and Khushi waved back at them smiling, then looked at each other.

Now, yes! Their could start a new life afresh without nightmares of the past.
The end

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