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Dec 22, 2017

Soulless... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 8 times)

“Now that we are friends, can you come with me tomorrow for a movie?” Arnav asked

“Oh now I get it… you had a crush on me since the first time you saw me but you might have thought if you try talking to me I’ll avoid you so you did the opposite, you avoided me so I could talk to you.

And now suddenly you must have realized that before we keep fighting like cats and dogs you should make up.”

“What a stupid theory…” Arnav said as he stood up.

“Admit it you had a crush on me, or else I’m not coming with you tomorrow”

“You’re so childish. Fine I had a crush on you but still I know it wasn’t that so you can think whatever you want to”

“If it’s that, why do you want to take me out for a movie?”

“Because that’s what friends do? If I had a crush on you I would be here trying to kiss you” Arnav laughed

“You’re such an idiot” Khushi said as she turned away from him.


Next day

“We have decided to get engaged” Adarsh announced the good news to both his parents and Nia’s mom.

“Really? Nia you are ready?” her mother asked as she stood up and looked at her.

“Yes mom, I’m ready but like I told you earlier, only for the engagement” Nia said

“I am so happy for you, I can’t believe you’ll get engaged soon… oh my god, I feel like a teenager now, getting excited like this”

“Mom” Nia said as she blushed

Her mother excused herself as she headed to her room while everyone else at behind having their talks. Nia and Adarsh couldn’t stop looking at each other, Adarsh dint have to say anything to express his happiness, the smile on his face said it all.

He never knew that the girl he just saw once randomly and liked would end up being his life partner, it was like a dream come true.

“I don’t know why mom’s taking so long, I’ll just check on her” Nia said as she walked to her mother’s room looking for her.

She was just about to open the door when she heard some whispers.

“Yes, I mean really I can’t tell you how happy I am, I wanted to give her all the happiness in the world and I know Adarsh would always keep her happy.

You know, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share the news with you, I can’t believe she’s getting engaged… it feels like it was just years back when she came into my life and look now she’s all grown up.”

“Yes as soon as I get free I’ll come to see you, I can’t wait to”

“Anyway I need to go, I’ll talk to you later”

Nia opened the door and walked in leaving her mother completely surprised.

“Who were you talking to mom?” She asked

“No one, it was just a friend, I wanted to share my happiness with her so I called her” She smiled as she walked away.

Nia stood there in confusion, was she really talking to a friend or it was somebody else?

There was so much about her mother she dint know, but she knew that she was hiding something from her, and that’s what she had to find out. What was it that she was actually hiding from her?


“Geet, I was leaving, so if you are done with your work, I can drop you home” Maan said as he walked into Geet’s cabin.

“I’ll be done in five minutes” Geet said

“Okay I’m waiting for you in the car” Maan smiled as he walked away.

He sat inside the car trying to gather confidence, he dint know why he always got nervous while talking to Geet.

Within a few minutes Geet walked towards the car after locking the office and sat inside while Maan drove off.

“I hope you are liking it here, I mean working with my company” Maan asked

“Yes sir, I love working here” Geet smiled

Maan nodded as he looked outside the window, he was trying to think about what he could talk to her but there was nothing he could talk of that’s when he spotted a small café outside.

“How about we have some coffee before I drop you home?”

“I’d love to, but we would get late”

“Ten minutes, I promise it won’t take long”

Geet nodded as they both stepped out of the car and headed to the café.


“How did you like the movie?” Arnav asked as they both walked out of the theatre.

“I hate you Arnav, I know you chose a horror movie so that whenever I’d get scared I’ll get hold of your hand and whatever” Khushi said

“Seriously Khushi? I had asked you to choose which movie you wanted to watch but you left the choice on me, and I love horror movies that’s why I chose that”

“Liar, I know this are just your tricks of trying to get closer to me” Khushi said

“Really? You think so?” Arnav asked as he got hold of her hand.

“Arnav! What are you doing? Leave my hand”

“Trying to get closer to you Khushi” he said as he pushed her to the nearest wall and pinned her there.

Arnav stared at her while she looked back at him nervously… he moved closer and closer to her until he was just an inch away from her lips.

He stared at her glossy pink lips almost losing control over himself, they were so intoxicating, anyone would have been tempted to kiss them.

“Arnav people are looking, this is embarrassing” Khushi whispered.

Arnav moved behind as he stared at Khushi for a while then started laughing out loud while Khushi just looked at him in confusion yet a smile curved up on her face seeing him laughing so freely, otherwise he was always the stern faced Arnav.

“Khushi you’re crazy, I mean I was going to kiss you and you were worried about people? You should have been worried about how to stop me from kissing you.”

Khushi turned away from him as she blushed deep red.

“Now tell me, who has a crush on who? I just asked you for a movie, and you were like really going to let me kiss you” Arnav giggled

“You should thank me that I at least made you laugh and you’re here teasing me” Khushi said as she walked away frowning while Arnav stood there still.

It was after ages he had laughed out so freely and he dint even realize it. Until yesterday he hated Khushi so much and just after being friends with her his behavior completely changed.

Maybe the Arnav he had been trying to hide for so many years wasn’t hidden yet, although no one else ever saw him, Khushi did see him today as the Arnav who he was before than incident occurred and changed his entire life.

Maybe Khushi had come to his life to teach him to live life like he used to live before… but he dint want to forget his mission and get carried away in all this.

He had something more important to do than to let a girl affect him like this.

This wasn’t right!

Dec 22, 2017

Soulless... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 8 times)

“Thank you for dropping me home” Geet said as she stepped out of the car.

“Pleasure is all mine, take care of yourself” Maan smiled

“You too” Geet smiled as she walked away.

“Geet!” Maan called out suddenly.

Geet turned around as she looked at Maan who was staring at her in confusion, as if he called her out by mistake.

“What happened sir?” She asked

“Nothing… just like that… I guess I’ll see you at work tomorrow”

He got inside the car and drove away quickly while Geet stood there in confusion.

Sakshi who had been peeping outside through the window was furious by now after seeing Geet and Maan together.

“Mom! This Geet is getting close to Maan and you are letting me take any step… if I lose him, I swear I’ll do something really bad” Sakshi said angrily.

“Relax sweetheart, just a few days more until the right time comes, and then all will be well… Geet would never get Maan, he’s all yours my dear” Her mom said

“If I don’t get him, I’ll kill that Geet, she can’t snatch Maan from me, she better gets that in her mind, Maan is only mine. He belongs to me only!”

“I know and that’s why I’ve made the plan, but we have to wait for the right time, or else things wouldn’t go as planned. Just be patient for a while and I promise Maan will get married to you only and not that Geet”

“I hope so mom” Sakshi said as she walked away angrily.


Nia was standing next to the window in her bedroom when Adarsh walked in suddenly and hugged her from behind.

“I’ve got some good news for you… guess what?” Adarsh asked

“That we are getting engaged and the date is fixed”

“How did you know?”

“Because that’s what our parents are here for Adarsh… its common sense”

“But you don’t know when they’ve decided it, so it’s still a good news… we are getting engaged after two days… God! I’m so excited” Adarsh said happily

“After two days?”

“Yeah, you said you are okay with the engagement right? Don’t worry we are just getting engaged not married”

“I know but it could have been at least after a week or so… there would be lots of preparations and mom and I can’t manage all that so suddenly”

“I know Nia and you don’t have to worry about that, we all will work together and everything will go well, trust me”

Nia nodded positively as she got lost into thoughts again.

“What happened? Aren’t you happy with our engagement?”

“No Adarsh… it’s not that… I wouldn’t say yes if I wasn’t okay with it… I’m just worried about mom… it’s been quite a while she’s been acting strange… I remember I’ve also told you many times…

She’s just acting like teenagers you know when we were young, we would do something and act funny and stupid to convince our parents we dint do it… it’s something of such sort…

I don’t know what she’s hiding from me and why she’s actually hiding it… I’m just fed up of thinking about it. Whenever I ask her she makes an excuse”

Maybe there is something she’s hiding but maybe she’s also waiting for the right time to tell you about it… give her some time I’m sure she will tell you”

“I hope she does, this thing has been disturbing me for quite some while now”

“She will and if she doesn’t, just sit with her and talk to her, things will be better okay?”

Nia nodded positively as she hugged Adarsh.


“I’m hungry, can we have dinner somewhere before you drop me home, I’ll be lazy to cook anyway” Khushi asked

“Sure, where would you want to go?”

“I don’t know, I’ve been here for a short time… you’ve been here for long, tell me, which is your favorite restaurant?”

“I actually haven’t gone to any restaurants so I have no idea, anyway get in the car, we’ll look for a place on the way”

“What? You’ve never eaten outside?”

“I never had the time to, or when I had the time I wasn’t hungry, anyway doesn’t matter, as long as I’m fit and fine, food is just a name”

“Like I said, you’re weird! Sometimes I feel like you are an alien from Mars or somewhere…”

“You never know, I might be” Arnav smirked

“Shut up” Khushi said as she slapped him on his arm.

Arnav stopped the car outside a restaurant as they both headed inside and got themselves a place to sit.

“What would you like to eat?” Khushi asked

“Nothing, I’m fine… order whatever you like for yourself”

“Today you aren’t busy so why aren’t you eating, I mean it’s a good chance to taste something outside, I’m sure you’d love it, try something at least”

“I’m not hungry really, please order something for yourself”

“You know Arnav, people normally say that it’s impossible to understand girls, what I feel is that it’s impossible to understand you.

You’re so strange, you don’t eat outside, you run faster than the wind, you have strength that is much more than normal, you scare lions, and what’s more weird is just a day ago you hated me so much and now suddenly you are taking me for movie and dinner.”

“So what’s strange in that?”


“You’re the strange one, I’m telling you to order for food and you are wasting your time thinking about illogical things, I guess it’s your hunger, eat something all those thoughts would go away”

“Does that mean like we are really friends, and you don’t have any motive behind this friendship?”

“Friendship is friendship, there’s no motive for friendship Khushi”

“I hope so” Khushi said as she called the wait and ordered for her food.

Arnav just stared at her wondering how she was going to feel when she actually finds out that his sudden friendship towards her actually had a huge motive behind it.

He tried to brush off the thoughts as it dint matter to him, whatever she felt was her own problem, he would get what he wanted and would just leave.

Dec 22, 2017

Soulless... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 11 times)

“You’re weird, I mean all this food in front of you and you don’t even feel like tasting it?” Khushi asked

“So what’s weird about that?”

“You don’t really sound like a normal human being Arnav, you need to visit a doctor soon”

“I don’t, you need to visit one, you’ve been talking nonstop, just shut your mouth and eat”

“How will I eat if I shut my mouth?” Khushi giggled

Arnav just stared at her angrily, it was so tough to pretend to be good to her when all he wanted to do was to walk away from her.

Only if it wasn’t his motive, he would have left long back, this girl was just becoming a headache for him.

He looked around the restaurant while Khushi was busy eating like crazy, her and food were like best friends, she could eat more than normal.

Arnav’s eyes fell on the calendar as he stood up suddenly.

“Fifteen days” he said

“Fifteen days for what? What’s up with you suddenly?” Khushi asked

“Nothing, I had some work so I have to leave this place after fifteen days” Arnav said as he sat down.

He had to leave after fifteen days and never to come back here, but before that he had to finish what he’d started with Khushi, he had to make her trust him, and fall in love with him but how was that going to happen in fifteen days?

“Khushi, can I ask you for something?” Arnav asked


“For this fifteen days that I’m here, would you spend your time with me? I mean after work, we can go out, roam, watch movies, have dinner and fun?”

“That sounds great, but why would you want to spend your time with me?”

“Just like that, I have no friend apart from you” Arnav said

“Okay done, I’m in” Khushi smiled

Arnav knew the only way of making Khushi fall in love with him was by spending more and more time with her, and that’s what he was going to do now.


Next Day.

Nia was sited silently in her room. It was just a day left and then she would be getting engaged to Adarsh.

Although Adarsh had always been a good guy and she even said yes for the engagement, there was something yet missing, that feeling that she always thought she’d feel when she was in love.

On top of it, to make it worse, she was going to get engaged without both her best friends, she hoped they were here with her on this big day.

“Have you decided what you’re going to wear Nia?” Her mother asked as she walked in.

“I don’t know, I’ll wear anything mom”

“Nia, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy with this engagement?”

“Why do you ask that mom?”

“Because of your behavior, I mean girls are normally so excited, if you would be happy, right now you wouldn’t be sited lost here, you would have gone out for shopping and all”

“I just miss my best friends, and Dad… I wish they were here with me, then maybe I would be happy like you’re saying.”

“I also miss your dad Nia, but he would never come back, dead people don’t come back Nia! Talking about Geet and Khushi you know you’ll have them in your wedding right? So come on cheer up and go shopping”

Nia nodded as she stood up just when Adarsh walked in.

“Going somewhere?” he asked

“Yeah, I was telling her to go shopping, she’ll obviously need something to wear on her engagement”

“That’s what I was here for, I thought we’d go shopping together” Adarsh said

“I’ll just change” Nia said as she walked to the washroom.

“You can wait for her here, I have lots of work to do, I’ll get going” Nia’s mom said as she walked away.

Adarsh sat on the bed as he looked around at the room.

“Mom, I need help, please zip up the dress for me” Nia said as she walked out.

Adarsh stood up as he stared at her, how beautiful she looked in the navy blue dress.

“Aunty left, I can help you... If that’s okay with you and you can trust me, I’m going to be your fiancé” Adarsh giggled

Nia nodded as she turned around, Adarsh walked towards her as he placed his hand on her bare back feeling her soft skin.

She closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath while Adarsh zipped the dress for her.

He moved closer to her neck and placed a soft kiss while Nia just turned around and looked at him nervously.

“You’re gorgeous Nia, I’m glad I’ll soon have you as my wife” Adarsh said

“I think we should get going” Nia said as she walked away quickly.


“Lunch?” Maan asked as he walked in Geet’s cabin.

“It’s okay sir, you can…”

“I know you don’t bring lunch from home, God knows what kind of a diet you are on, but today I think I have extra which I won’t be able to finish alone, so please join me” Maan said

“Sir but it’s your food”

“So is it written anywhere that I can’t share? Come on now, you’ll continue with the work later, go wash your hands, I’ll start serving meanwhile”

Geet nodded as she stood up and walked away. When she came back, the food had already been served and Maan was waiting for her.

“Thank you for this” Geet said

“Don’t thank me for this, I’m selfish, I’m doing this for myself, if you’ll eat well and stay healthy,  I’ll be happy” Maan said

Geet stared at him when Maan realized what he had just said. It was quite clear he was attracted to her, it was just funny that she couldn’t notice that he was just trying to get some time with her, trying different excuses every time.

Saanchi walked in the office when she found Maan and Geet having lunch together and talking to each other while they laughed their hearts out.

She walked away angrily not being able to take this anymore, she had to do something before it was too late.

“Mom! I can’t wait anymore, that Geet will take Maan away from me and I won’t be able to see that” Saanchi said angrily

“Okay relax Saanchi, I think it’s time to execute our plan, we’ll do it tomorrow night, okay?”

“But mom, Maan would never come with me, what should I do?”

“He would come, because tomorrow is Geet’s birthday” her mother winked at her.


“Can I drop you home?” Arnav asked as he walked into Khushi’s cabin.

“No, I have some work to finish up, you can pick me from home at seven, I’ll be ready by then” Khushi said

“Okay great” Arnav said as he turned around to walk away.

“By the way Arnav, where are we going today?” Khushi asked

“Do you really want to know?” Arnav asked as he walked towards her.

“You’re asking as if you’re planning to kidnap me and lock me somewhere, obviously I want to know, tell me”

“Well that isn’t a bad idea, I can kidnap you, it would be fun to have you locked somewhere, then it’ll be you and me only in one room and I’ll have all the pleasure to stare at such a beautiful lady for all that time” Arnav smiled

“Stop flirting, pick me up at seven” Khushi said as she stood up and pushed Arnav out of the cabin.

“Why, are you scared that you might fall in love with me if I flirt with you?”

“Arnav! Shut up!” Khushi said as she blushed and turned away from him.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 4 times)

“Can I talk to you for a minute please? I promise I’m not here to disturb you” Saanchi said as she walked in to Maan’s cabin.

“Sure. Come sit”

Saanchi pulled out a chair as she sat facing Maan, it was just until evening and then she would throw Geet out of Maan’s life forever.

“Actually we have planned a huge birthday party for Geet, it’s her birthday today so I was here to invite her workmates and you are her boss so you definitely have to come and please don’t tell her about it, it’s a surprise”

“Wow it’s her birthday! And she dint even tell me, anyway what’s the venue, I’ll surely come” Maan said excitedly hoping he’d get some more time to spend with Geet.

“We are having it at home, I’m sure you know where we live”

“Yes, I’ll be there”

“Okay then see you in the evening” Saanchi smiled as she walked away.


“I can’t believe we’ll be official tomorrow, I’m so happy Nia” Adarsh said as he hugged her.

“I’m happy too Adarsh” Nia said as she broke the hug

“But you don’t look like you are… what’s the problem Nia? Am I not the type of guys you wanted, or is there something wrong I’m doing… you said you’re ready for this then what’s the problem, why can’t I see you as happy as I am?”

“Adarsh I am happy, it’s just that I don’t know how to express it”

“Don’t tell me that Nia, if you don’t remember the first time I saw you, you were happy and laughing with your friends, I could literally see it… you know when I saw you that time… it was beautiful, it was only you and how happy you were with life and I fell in love with that girl I saw…

I couldn’t sleep for weeks, all I kept seeing was your face full of smiles and laughter and I felt like I was already crazily, madly and deeply in love with you…

But now it’s so different, that happiness is lost somewhere and I don’t know why but please talk to me, you can tell me anything I promise I won’t tell anyone neither would I judge you”

Nia just stared at him as tears started rolling down her eyes, how could this guy love her so much?

Itni mohabbat karo na… main doob na jaun kahin…

Wapas kinaare pe aana… main bhool na jau kahin…

“Nia trust me, I would try to understand you, I won’t judge you and I won’t even tell anyone about it”

Nia nodded positively as she walked towards him and hugged him.

Dekha jabse chehra tera…. Main to hafto se soya nahin…

Bol do na zara… dil me jo he chupa… main kisise kahunga nahin…

“I don’t know if this is the right way to explain it but Adarsh, I do feel happy with you but then it still feels like something is missing… maybe it’s because I have a lot more going in my mind than just our relationship.

Sometime I just sit and question myself, am I doing the right thing to you? What if I am not yet in love with you, what if someday I fall in love with someone else, I wouldn’t ever want to hurt you”

“Then why did you take this decision, you know I could wait until you were really sure of this”

“I don’t know Adarsh, maybe I did it for mom… I’m sorry I’m just so confused, at times I feel everything with you and at times there’s nothing”

“Okay relax, we are just getting engaged and after that you’ll have a lot of time and we’ll only get married if you are ready okay?”

Nia just nodded positively as she hugged him tighter, how could this man love her so much?


“What are we doing today?” Khushi asked excitedly as she walked into Arnav’s cabin.

“I don’t know, maybe you could give me some idea?”

“I have one but I bet you’re going to dislike it”

“Tell me”

“Why don’t we visit the jungle together? I mean remember where we first met? And I’m sure you aren’t scared of Animals as that day the lion ran away after you came”

“Okay we’ll do that, just be sure you don’t get scared”

“Khushi Gupta never gets scared” She said proudly as she walked away.

“Thank you for the idea Khushi, you’ll fall more in love with me in the middle of the jungle in the middle of the night” Arnav smirked.


“Hey Maan! You’re finally here… come in” Sakshii said as she invited him inside the house.

The whole house was decorated so perfectly, it seemed more of a club than an actual house.

“Where is Geet?”

“Oh stop being so impatient, she’s in her room getting ready, you can have a seat, I’ll bring you something to drink meanwhile”

Maan nodded as he settled himself on in a corner while Sakshi walked away.

“Make sure she doesn’t get out of her room or else she’ll spoil everything, be around her room always” Saanchi ordered two men.

She headed towards the bar and served a drink for Maan, in which she mixed some powder.

“Now this is the beginning of Sakshi and Maan” She smiled as she walked towards Maan and handed him the drink.

“I talked to Khushi, she’ll be here in five” Saanchi said

“Great” Maan said as he took a sip of the drink.


Arnav and Khushi walked towards the jungle while Khushi got hold of Arnav’s hand and made sure she stayed close to him.

“If you’re this scared why did you want to come here?” Arnav smiled

“I’m not scared, I’m just feeling cold”

“Oh Maybe I’ll help you feel less cold then” Arnav said as he pulled her closer and held her in his arms

“Better now?” He asked as Khushi just blushed and nodded.

They headed inside the jungle as Arnav told her stories about the jungle, and it was weird, it felt like he’d been living in the jungle for so long, everything he said about it made it feel so.

“You’re talking like this jungle is your home”

“It is, that’s why the lion got scared of me” Arnav said

Khushi looked at him in confusion and he ended up laughing at her reaction.

“Did you hear that?” Khushi asked as she heard some sound.

Arnav closed his eyes for a while and opened them suddenly as he looked away from Khushi, as if there was something he was hiding in his eyes from her.

“We need to leave from here right away Khushi” He said as he got hold of her hand.

His hand was so cold as if he’d just come out of the freezer, Khushi looked at him in shock, why was he scared, there was a time he wasn’t scared even of the lion and now he was scared of some Animal sound? Only the sound when they couldn’t actually see the Animal.

“Arnav but you said this is your home, you see now who’s scared” Khushi said

“It’s dangerous here right now, we’ll come back some other time, we need to leave Khushi and I’m not kidding” Arnav said

Khushi just followed him as he pulled her until where they had parked the car. They could hear the sound again and this time Arnav gripped Khushi’s hand tighter.

“I’ve never seen you this scared Arnav” Khushi said

“I’m not strong right now, I can’t fight them Khushi” Arnav said as he pushed her inside the car.

“Stay locked in this car, don’t you dare step out, I’ll be back in a while” Arnav said as he walked away leaving a confused Khushi behind.

He stood in a corner as he closed his eyes and called out Rosie’s name as if they were having some kind of telepathic talk.

Khushi was yet sited in the car looking outside when she saw something quite weird, something just passed the car like the wind and it seemed like a human being, but how could a human being run so fast?

There was surely something she couldn’t see, but what? Why was Arnav saying he wasn’t strong? He was fit and fine then where did his strength go?

Did this mean that what she saw that night was just an illusion, maybe the lion dint disappear because of Arnav, but what if it did? Why would it be scared of a normal human being?

There was a lot of confusion about this and she really needed to talk to Arnav and ask him questions, all this was just too weird to digest.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 5 times)

“Geet! Go wake Sakshi up” her step mother shouted.

“I’ll just finish with this and then go wake her up” Geet replied as she quickly arranged back the utensils.

She had no idea what had happened here last night, when she woke up in the morning, all she found was a mess, and as usual she was the only one who had to clean it up.

She had been doing the cleaning since the past two hours but it dint seem to be coming to an end.

Her head had been feeling heavy too since she woke up, it felt as if she was drunk while she remembered really well that the only thing she drank was juice that Sakshi brought for her.

She looked at the hall and it looked much better than it was two hours ago, but as for now she had to wake Sakshi up before her step mother got angry on her.

She rushed to Sakshi’s room and knocked at the door for quite some while but she seemed to be deep asleep.

She pushed the door slightly as usual it opened up, this girl never learnt to lock her bedroom door while she was asleep.

“Sakshi please wake up, mother is calling you” Geet said as she walked in.

She stood still for a while analyzing what she had just seen, was this true? Or was it a dream? Was this really happening?

But why? How and when? Why dint she have an idea about it?

Sakshi stretched her arms lazily as she sat up and looked at Geet who was staring back at her in shock.

“Sakshi!” Geet said out of disbelief

“What? You have no rights to interfere in my personal life so get lost before I get you thrown out of this house” Sakshi said angrily.

Geet just stood there still unable to move, she couldn’t believe her eyes yet, she believed that maybe it was a dream, and maybe she’s wake up and everything would be normal.

“What is Maan doing here?” Geet asked angrily.

“Oh I forgot to tell you, we had a party last night and he was here for it, he got drunk and he couldn’t drive back home so he stayed back, any problem?” Sakshi asked

Geet turned to look at Maan who was now struggling to open his eyes, she couldn’t believe this was for real.

Maan sat up and looked around for a while, he was surprised to see Geet, but moreover he was surprised to see Sakshi half-naked while he was on the bed in the same state.

 Sakshi walked towards Maan and sat next to him as she cupped his face.

“Oh Maan, last night was the best of all for me, you were so good” Sakshi said

“Maan’s eyes were stuck on Geet, he was all confused, he dint know what happened, how he ended up here and why Geet was looking at him like that and why Sakshi was saying all that to him.

Geet walked away from there while Maan pushed Sakshi away from him as he looked at her suspiciously.

“What are you talking about?” he asked

“About last night, the way you made love to me and told me we were going to get married and have beautiful kids who looked like me” Sakshi said leaving Maan completely shocked.


Khushi walked in her cabin making sure she dint want to talk to Arnav, this guy was behaving strangely day by day and it was scaring her off.

She remembered last night when Rosie came back, he just went away and told Rosie to drop her home, he dint even care to explain a thing to her.

What was it that was happening?

Why was he so weird? At times he made her feels so happy and at times he made her feel like she was just some stranger for him and not even a friend.

She settled down and opened up her laptop as she tried to do some work but for some reasons she wasn’t able to concentrate.

This guy was affecting her more than she’s thought.

Arnav stood outside Khushi’s cabin with Rosie as they both stared at Khushi who was being very uncomfortable.

“Do you think this is the right thing we’re doing Arnav? I mean just look at her, why does she have to get such a punishment?” Rosie asked

“Because it’s in her destiny… anyway thank you for your help last night, those sounds sounded real”

“Anytime” Rosie said as she walked away.

“Time to answer your stupid questions my dearest Khushi” Arnav smirked as he walked into Khushi’s cabin.

Khushi felt so happy seeing him here yet pretended to be angry, she dint know what it was, just a few days back she couldn’t even stand him around and today she was feeling so relaxed seeing him here.

“I know you’re angry” Arnav said

“Good that you know” Khushi said as she avoided looking at him.

“I’m sorry Khushi, I dint mean to do that, I know you felt bad about me telling Rosie to drop you home when you went there with me, and I just left without explaining things but believe me, I dint want to hurt you”

“I don’t want explanations Arnav, just leave me alone”

“I’m sorry Khushi, please”

“What’s with you Arnav? Why were you behaving so strange? And then you just ran away from there as if your life was in danger, what the hell is going on?”

“It’s something related to my past Khushi, I do trust you but I don’t think I can yet talk about it to you, just believe me, whatever it was, was very painful and someday I’ll tell you about it but not today”

“Okay” Khushi said as she calmed down.

“Now to get your mood back, I have a surprise for you tonight”

“I’m not coming with you anywhere”

“Please Khushi, just one chance”

“Fine” Khushi said finally giving up on her anger.

Arnav smiled as he walked out of the cabin.

“What foolish creatures girls are, just lie to them about some painful past stories and they believe you, well Khushi this is just the beginning, wait and watch how you fall in love with me” Arnav smirked as he walked into his cabin.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 11 times)

“Nia! Where are you?” Adarsh shouted as he rushed inside.

“What’s up, why do you seem so happy? I know it’s your engagement today but relax” Nia’s mother said

“It’s not about the engagement aunty, I mean I’m obviously happy that I’m getting engaged to her but there’s something else, It’s a good news and I want to tell Nia about it first” Adarsh said happily.

“She’s in her room, you can go there, you’ll get some privacy in case you want to hug her happily” She giggled

Adarsh rushed to Nia’s room as he knocked at the door and then walked in.

He rushed towards her and hugged her happily as she hugged him back.

“What’s up Adarsh, what makes you so happy?” Nia asked

“I’ve got something to tell you, I mean it’s not going to be really a big good news for you but for me it’s been something I’ve been waiting for ages… so I thought I’d just share my happiness with you”

“Anything that makes you happy would make me happy too, tell me what is it?”

“You know it’s been long I’ve been trying to get a contract from one of the best fashion designers ever, like you know my company supplies all types of fabric and I’ve been sending samples every year to this particular designer hoping someday he would get fabrics from us to design clothes from them, so every year he’s been rejecting all our fabrics but this year he actually liked them and if things go well, I might get a huge order to supply fabrics to him”

“Oh wow! That’s really some big news”

“It is right? I even talked to him and I’ve got a meeting fixed with him” Adarsh said as his smile faded away.

“So why aren’t you happy about going to meet him?”

“I am happy about the missing obviously, it’s just that I’m going to miss you, he’s not from India, he’s abroad so I have to leave next month, you know he’s a very busy man, so I’ll go discuss all this with him and then I have to make other trips to a few more countries to meet some other clients so it might take me quite longer”

“It’s okay Adarsh, you can go, I’ll not refuse for sure”

“I know you won’t Nia, I was just wondering if you could join me for the trip, I don’t know but I feel scared, I feel like if I go away without you something wrong might happen, I have this gut feeling”

“I wish I could Adarsh but you know I have to start looking for Khushi and don’t worry nothing would happen to me, you’ll find me here just like I am right now when you return”


“I promise”

“Thank you, now let me get going, we are getting engaged in the evening there’s a lot to do and please don’t dress up too much, I’ll not be able to control myself” he winked at Nia

She just blushed and turned around as Adarsh walked away.


“Geet, I can explain” Maan said as he walked to Geet’s room.

“Sir, what do you want to explain to me?” Geet asked as she stood up

“Geet, Sakshi and I… I don’t know how it…”

“It’s okay sir, you need not to explain, I mean it’s your life you can do what you want who am I to judge… anyway I don’t really care, if you slept with her it was your choice and I don’t get it why you are trying to give me explanations, I mean nothing to you anyway so don’t…”

“Geet listen to me”

“Sir, if Sakshi sees me here with you she might misunderstand, I have many problems in my life I need not to add more please” Geet said as she tried to walk away but Maan got hold of her and pulled her back.

Running his hand on her waist he pulled her as close as he could and looked her into the eyes as Geet tried hard to escape.

“Tell me you really don’t need an explanation Geet, tell me my hand on your waist doesn’t make you feel a thing, tell me it dint hurt you when you saw me sleeping on her bed, tell me what I feel is only one sided” Maan said angrily.

“What are you saying sir”

“Geet I’m trying to say that I love…”

“Geet!” Sakshi shouted angrily as she walked inside followed by her mother.

“Did you see mom, she knows I love Maan and Maan loves me too still she’s trying to snatch him from me… Maan please remember what happened last night, you can’t leave me after that…

Last night you made love to me Maan, what if it leaves a mark with me, what if I get pregnant? Remember you hadn’t used protection, Maan tell me you won’t leave me please” Sakshi said sadly

“Geet looked at Maan as tears rolled down her eyes, she walked away followed by her step mother who was surely going to make her pay for something she hadn’t done.


“Khushi hurry up” Arnav shouted.

Khushi quickly finished typing the mail sent it as she rushed out of her cabin, the whole office was empty by now, Mr. Raizada had piled up so much work for her than it took her more time to finish it up.

“I’m sorry Arnav, I had to finish work, I know it’s late but you can drop me back home a bit late, there’s no one to ask me anything anyway” Khushi said as she got lost in thoughts.

So many days had passed by since she came here leaving behind both her best friends and her father, although she had changed her number, her father had her new number but until today he dint even call her to ask her how she was doing.

“Hey, what happened are you okay Khushi?”

“You won’t understand Arnav how it feels like when people we expect everything from end up disappointing us, it’s terrible” Khushi said sadly.

“Khushi” Arnav said in confusion.

“Give me a minute please” Khushi said as she walked away from him and stood in a corner trying to control her tears.

She always tried not to think about her father and moreover about her best friends who couldn’t trust her enough but when she dint, her heart broke into a thousand pieces.

She wiped her tears away and turned around just to find Arnav standing there, he dint say a word, he just got hold of her hand and pulled her into a tight hug.

A few moments later he broke the hug and looked at her.

“Feeling better now?” he asked with a smile

Khushi nodded positively as he got hold of her hand and pulled her outside with him.

“So tell me where do you want to go today?”

“Somewhere where I can drink” Khushi said

Arnav looked at her in a bit of surprise and then nodded as the both headed to the car.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

Geet had spent the whole day locked in her room, she dint want to step out and face either Maan or Sakshi.

She was resting in her room when she had Sakshi shouting, she definitely knew this had something to do with her and she tried to ignore it but she couldn’t stop overhearing.

“I can’t stand her anymore mom, I don’t care if there’s no one to do the housework, we’ll hire a maid but I don’t want to see her in this house anymore” Sakshi said angrily

“You can’t take the decision on your own” Her mother shouted back.

“Yes I can, I don’t trust her, did you see the way she was behaving with Maan? If she stays here she’ll snatch him away from me”

“Sakshi calm down, there are many other ways”

“No mom, you have to decide, tomorrow morning it’s either her or me in this house” Sakshi said angrily

Geet jumped back on her bed as she broke down into tears, she knew whole heartedly that she’d never tried to do any of what Sakshi was saying and it hurt her that she was going to be punished for something she never did.

Maybe now was when she would understand what Khushi must have felt like when she and Nia punished her for a mistake she never committed.

She really dint have a good relation with her step mother and sister and still it was hurting her so much, then what about Khushi? Who had treated them like her own sisters, who did what not for them?

Maybe this was Karma, she was getting punished for what she had done, and if this was the punishment she was ready to accept it if it meant she could find Khushi back.

She stood up and walked to her cupboard and packed everything, she would leave this place early next morning and go somewhere far where she wouldn’t face Maan or Sakshi ever again.


“Khushi, you’ve drank five glasses, what are you trying to do?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“I am trying to be myself Arnav, you know when I was studying, we used to go out and party like crazy and I used to get so drunk, then I don’t know what happened to me suddenly and I changed and I guess I don’t like this changed Khushi much so I’m trying to be the old Khushi”

“Too much alcohol isn’t good for your health Khushi”

“And why do you care, who are you to stop me from drinking when my own father dint care enough to stop me? When my own friends dint care enough to listen to me?

Who the hell do you think you are?” Khushi asked angrily

“I am your friend Khushi”

“They were also my friend Arnav, but they left me.. They dint trust me, they dint love me”

“But I do trust you Khushi and if you really want to hear it then I do love you” Arnav said looking into her eyes.

Khushi spitted out the drink from her mouth on Arnav’s shirt looking at him in complete shock.

“What did you just say? You love me?” Khushi giggled

She stared at him and started laughing suddenly while Arnav gave her a confused look not being able to understand what was so funny about this.

“That was a good joke, how can you fall in love with me in a matter of few days? That’s stupid! You’re lying to me, you’re trying to make me feel better but this won’t work”

“I am very serious Khushi!” Arnav said as he got hold of her.

“Look into my eyes, and believe me when I say it, I love you and I don’t know how it happened, it just did, despite of me trying to fight with you so that I could keep you away, I couldn’t do it, and if you still don’t believe me, you can come with me right now” He said as he pulled her out of the club with him.

“Where are we going Arnav?” Khushi asked

“You’ll know soon” Arnav said as he got inside the car and drove away.

He parked the car outside a temple and helped Khushi out.

“What are we doing here?” Khushi asked

Arnav stared at her hoping that whatever he had planned for would happen, and Khushi would agree, she was drunk enough anyway so he was quite positive about his plan.

He got hold of her hand again and pulled her inside the temple, the priest was there making some arrangements.

“Why are we here Arnav?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Because I love you Khushi and I want you to believe it, I don’t know if there’s any way I can prove it to you but I have this one”

“Which one”

“I want us to get married, so that you can believe me that I love you and that I’ll never leave you like your friends did”

“What?” Khushi asked completely shocked.


“How dare you! You just told me that you loved me and brought me here to get married, did you ask me if I felt anything for you? Arnav marriage isn’t a joke” Khushi said trying to stand still.

“I dint need to ask because I know that you love me too, or why would you be coming with me out every night, why would be so sweet with me and those little things you do, I know they all mean that you love me, so just accept it Khushi”

“You’re weird, you’re strange, at times you behave like you aren’t a human being, how can I love you” She said trying to shove him off.

“Because you do, love sees nothing of such sort Khushi, I’m here sited, if you want to get married to me sit down next to me and the priest will begin with the rituals and if you don’t want to get married to me just walk away” Arnav said as he sat down.

He hoped and prayed that she would agree, this was the only chance he had because she was too drunk to think about anything else, if she refused today, his whole mission would fail because he knew he would need more time to convince her and he dint have much time.

“Khushi I’m waiting, either sit down or walk away” Arnav said

Khushi stood there trying to think on what to do but her mind wasn’t working, why did she have to get so drunk today?

Now what was the right thing to do here? Should she sit down and get married to him or walk away and lose him forever?

The mere thought of losing him scared the hell out of her but was she really to get married? That too in such a drunk state where maybe if she woke up the next morning she wasn’t going to remember a thing!

What should she do? She stared at Arnav in confusion not being able to decide.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

Arnav held her hand as he pulled her lightly and she ended up sitting next to him yet looking at him in confusion.

“Khushi I love you, believe me please… let’s get married” Arnav said brushing his hand on her cheeks lightly.

Khushi’s mind wasn’t in a state to think at all, she just nodded positively t whatever Arnav said and within no time, Arnav called the priest as he began chanting the wedding mantra’s.

Arnav held her hand tightly while Khushi just sat there staring at the flames of fire in front of her, what was she doing?

She wanted to stand up and walk away but stay here and get married to Arnav at the same time, her mind was in a complete confused state.

Arnav stared at her smirking to himself, knowing soon he was going to achieve what he’d wanted and he was glad he would get it before he left from here because he had no plans for coming back, he had a long journey ahead and Khushi was just a step in his journey.

“Arnav, I’m trusting you for this, please never hurt me or leave me” Khushi said

Arnav looked at her in surprised wondering if she had powers to read other people’s mind. She hold of his arm and leant her head on it while Arnav turned his head to look at the priest.

He tried to concentrate on his plan but his mind had already started to wonder, he dint know just one sentence from her would make him feel like this, as if whatever he was doing to her was wrong and maybe she dint deserve it.

But what happened to him was bad also and he dint deserve it too so he dint care what happened to the rest of the world.


“Nia! Hurry up!” Adarsh shouted from the hall.

“This girls and their make ups, they’re never ready on time” Nia’s mom said

“I know, after we get married, I’m planning to get her ready myself” Adarsh giggled.

“I’m ready” Nia said as she walked out of her room smiling broadly.

“Mother-in-law, thank you for giving me your daughter, I’d never find any other girl as beautiful as her, I mean just look at her, how perfect she is” Adarsh winked at Nia.

Nia blushed deep red as she walked out of the house followed by Adarsh, they both got in the car and drove off.

“So now tell me, where are we going?” Nia asked

“To be honest, I have no idea, I just wanted to spend time with you so I’ll take you anywhere you want as long as I get to be with you”

“That’s sweet, let me google some places we can visit then I tell you” Nia smiled

She opened her purse to get her phone but it wasn’t there, she looked around her seat and checked everywhere possible in the car but it wasn’t there.

“****, I forgot my phone at home, can we go back and take it please, I’d need it with me” Nia said

“Sure, I’ll take a U-turn from ahead” Adarsh said.

Adarsh parked the car outside as Nia quickly rushed to get her phone, she had just reached the door when she heard some voices.

“She just left with Adarsh and I told her to call me when she’d be returning so there’s nothing to worry about” She heard her mom’s voice.

“Mom!” Nia said as she knocked at the door.

After a long silence her mother opened the door panting for breath while Nia stared at her suspiciously.

“Who were you talking to? And don’t tell me no one, I heard you talking to someone? Who was it and what’s the need of hiding that person from me?”

“No Nia, there isn’t anyone here”

“But I heard you talk to someone, I’ve got ears mom if you don’t know I can hear, your behavior has been getting strange day by day, what is it that you’re hiding from me?”

“Nothing Nia, you’re just overthinking, I was talking to my friend on the call that’s it”

“One day I’ll find out what you’ve been hiding from me, no matter how much excuses you make” Nia said as she walked to her room, got her phone and headed out angrily.


Geet walked on the streets all alone wondering where she was going to go to.

She left the house without informing anyone with all her belongings and now she was here in the streets thinking of what to do and where to go.

Should she call Nia? But they promised not to see each other until they found Khushi and she wasn’t going to break that promise.

Maybe she’d just look for another job and get herself a small place to live in.

She passed next to an old man who was sited on a bench reading a newspaper when her eyes fell on it, the page had some sort of job vacancy, she stopped to read about it, maybe it could help her.

She read about a job vacancy which was exactly what she was looking for, a good job, good pay and also a house to live in, the only things was that it was in a small town somewhere near Shimla and she dint want to leave Delhi, but maybe this was what fate had.

She copied the phone number on her phone and walked away as she dialed the number hoping she’d get this job, she needed it very desperately.


Khushi woke up in the morning with a light headache, it was obviously because of the drinks last night, and since she came to Shimla it was the first time she got drunk.

She looked around and realized that she wasn’t in her bedroom, in fact this room looked like none of the rooms in her house, so where the hell was she?

She shut her eyes trying to remember where she was last night and with whom.

All the images flashed in front of her eyes one by one.

She saw herself with Arnav in a club where she was getting drunk…

She remembered Arnav’s love confession and opened her eyes surprisingly…

Arnav had confessed that he loved her? Why did she have to be drunk for such a beautiful moment? But she was glad that at least she remembered it.

She closed her eyes once more and tried to remember what happened after that.

She tried hard, she could see flashy images but she couldn’t figure out what exactly had happened.

“Come on Khushi, concentrate, you know you can do this… how many times have you got drunk and then tried to remember what had happened, remember you were always successful” She motivated herself.

She pressurized her mind until she finally started getting clear images in her mind, and when she finally remembered what had happened, she was left with her eyes wide open.

“Oh My God!” She said as she stood up in shock

Arnav walked in at that exactly moment and Khushi couldn’t hold up the question so she asked him about it directly.

“Did we get married Arnav?”

“Yes Khushi” He said with a smile leaving her completely shocked.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

Khushi continued staring at him hoping he would soon tell her that he was joking and they actually dint get married but nothing of such sort happened.

“Are you serious Arnav? I mean how can we? How did it happen?”

“Because we love each other Khushi, you wanted to be sure I would never leave you and to prove that I had to get married to you and you agreed for this yourself”

Khushi looked around the room in discomfort, she dint want to believe this was the truth, yes somewhere she did start liking him but she wasn’t sure if it was just like or love, and then the marriage so suddenly was another bigger shock for her, no matter what she never thought it would be like this, when she was drunk.

“Arnav did you… I mean did we… you know what I want to ask”

“NO Khushi, you were drunk and I dint think it was the right thing to do, so don’t worry nothing of such sort happened between us, it wouldn’t anyway”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

Arnav turned away from her, he had to be more careful with his tongue, he knew why there would never be such sort of a relationship between them but she dint have to know about it, he would have to make an excuse until he got what he wanted and then who cared anyway.

“It’s okay Khushi, stop being worried about it, if you aren’t happy about this you know you can go back home and we would pretend as if it was all a dream, no one would know… all I wanted was for you to trust me, that’s it”

“I trust you Arnav, it’s just that I dint expect all this to happen this way and I guess I need time to accept it, meanwhile can I stay at my place and be on my own?”

“Sure, anything you want… Get ready, I’ll drop you”

“Thank you” Khushi said as Arnav smiled and walked away leaving her to get dressed.

He had only few days left and in this few days he had to get what he wanted, at least as of now he had won her trust so now getting to the last step wasn’t going to be hard.


Geet had to travel to another town that was quite near to Shimla for the Job, she had called on the number she retrieved from the newspaper and they had called her for an interview.

If she got this job, he life would get quite settles as with a good salary they were even offering a house and other accommodations.

At least she won’t have to be in the same town with her filthy step mother and sister, that was a plus point but she was going to miss Maan, he had been a good friend to her and anyway she couldn’t blame him for whatever that happened, it was his choice and he had all the rights to choose what he wanted, just that she never understood why it hurt her this much.

The taxi dropped her right in front of the office where she was supposed to give the interview, she paid the taxi driver and then walked in nervously looking at the huge building, it was quite unusual to find such tall buildings in small towns.

“I have an interview today” She said to the receptionist.

“May I know your name please?”

“Geet Gupta”

“You can wait there please, I’ll let you know when you’re called” The receptionist said pointing towards the waiting area.

“Sure” Geet said as she walked towards the waiting area and sat down.

The interiors of the office were all beautiful, if she got the job, it would be so nice to work in such a beautiful place.

This was going to be a new beginning of her life, far away from her step mother and sister, far away from all the people she knew and all those who knew her, she would be on her own, having her small happy life.

Maybe this was the chance, she wouldn’t be much occupied on anything else so she would start looking for Khushi, she had to apologize to her for what had happened on the graduation night anyway, it was all hers and Nia’s fault that they dint trust their own best friend.


There was a knock at the door of Gayatri’s room, a few minutes later, she opened the door and found Nia standing there.

“Who were you talking to again? I heard you talk mom so please stop lying to me”

“I was talking on the phone Nia, what’s with you doubting on everything I do? You’re behaving like my mother for heaven sake”

“Okay relax, I just came to inform you I’m going out with Adarsh, I’ll be back in the evening”

“You mean whole day with him?” her mother asked

“Yes, is there a problem? Or do you have some plans with me? I can try to come back earlier”

“No, I was just… happy! I mean for you, you’re spending much time with him, I’m just happy about that” She smiled.

“Okay then, I’ll see you” Nia said as she walked away.

Gayatri shut the door of her room quickly and sat back on her bed taking in deep breaths. She was silent for like a minute or two just taking in deep breaths.

“You can come out now, she’s gone” She said

A man came out of the bathroom and walked towards her and settled himself next to her on the bed, he held her hand in his and looked her into the eyes.

“She’s started to doubt, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hide the truth from her Vijay” Gayatri said

“Then why don’t you just tell her the truth? I’m sure she would understand”

“I would have told her about it long back if I knew she would understand, but I know her, she wouldn’t ever accept this, she wouldn’t ever allow anyone else to take her father’s place”

“But Gayatri, don’t you think it would be worse if she got to know about it from somewhere else or in any other way apart from you?”

“I know, but she would get married soon and go with Adarsh, we wouldn’t have to hide this for long”

“You know I don’t like this, meeting you while hiding… it’s crazy”

“I know but I promise we’ll look for a solution for this… and anyway she’s gone out with Adarsh today so you can stay here for longer” Gayatri smiled.

“I still suggest we tell her the truth” Vijay said.


“Here you are” Arnav said as he parked his car outside Khushi’s house.

“Won’t you come in? I’ll make you tea or coffee” Khushi asked

Arnav looked at his watch and then looked around, he closed his eyes for a while then opened them and looked at Khushi as he nodded positively.

“What was that you were doing? It seemed like you were trying to smell something”

“Exactly, I was smelling if there’s danger around”

“You’ll always be weird” Khushi said as she slapped on his hand and walked inside while Arnav parked the car and then followed her with a smile on his face.

“What’s with the stupid smile Arnav, don’t lose control over yourself, you know who you are and what you want, just concentrate on that and nothing else.” He said to himself.

He settled down on the sofa looking at the house that was once his but because of circumstances he could no more stay here so he had to sell it off.

Khushi walked backed with two cups of tea and handed one to Arnav who took it from her but then placed it on the table.

“You should drink it before it gets cold” Khushi said

“Arnav just stared at the tea, he was now trapped, obviously if he refused to drink Khushi would start asking a million questions, how was he supposed to escape this.

He stood up and walked towards her as he settled himself close next to her, she stared at him in surprised while he slowly moved closer to her cheeks and pecked on them leaving her shocked.

“I bet they do to me what tea does to everyone else” he winked

Khushi buried her face in her arms trying to hide the blush on her face, this by far had been the sweetest thing a man could have done to her.

After a while she turned her head back and he was still staring at her.

“What? Stop doing that Arnav, you’re making me blush”

“At least I know what effect I have on you, it was just your cheeks, I wonder how you’ll react the day I kiss your lips”

“Then let’s see that right now” Khushi said as she blushed more and more.

Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

“Don’t challenge me, you’re going to regret it later” Arnav said as he started taking slow steps towards Khushi.

“Oh you’re already challenged Mr. Raizada” Khushi giggled

Arnav pushed her to the nearest wall and he pinned her there, at the moment he had no self-control, he got hold of her hair and pulled it a bit looking into her eyes.

“Oh so you’re going to be a rough kisser”

“I bet” he winked at her and the next moment his lips were on her tasting her mouth like never before.

His lips were cold like ice, just like his hand and maybe actually his whole body, it was quite weird for a normal human being’s body to be this cold while they were still alive but ignoring those thoughts anyway, she tried to kiss him back harder than he was.

His slid down his hand to her neck and gripped it tightly, he kept on pulling her closer and closer although there had been no space left in between them.

He broke the kiss of a moment just to push her on the couch and then bent down on her as he claimed for her lips again, he wasn’t even giving her a chance to react or to do something in return, he kissed her like there was no tomorrow or like he wasn’t going to get to kiss her ever again.

Soft moans escaped her mouth, she had been kissed before by her random boyfriends in college days but this was something different, something beautiful… maybe it was because so she was actually in love with Arnav, or maybe the way he kissed her, he wasn’t soft and slow like all the boys who had kissed her, he was rough, very rough and wild.

He bit her lip lightly and then broke apart as he stared at Khushi who was yearning for more, he couldn’t hide his smile seeing the expressions on her face.

“I need to go to the office” he smiled

“Can’t you skip going today?’

“You’re the one who dint want to accept the marriage, and now you don’t want me to go… why are you such a confused element?”

“Because before I dint know what a good kisser you are, I can go whole day kissing you like this, it was amazing” Khushi blushed

“Let me give you some more amazingness then” he said as he jumped back on her claiming her lips again, he could feel her smile but it faded away soon because he was weaving the magic of his kiss on her soul.

One of his hand ran through her waist while with the other he got hold of the neck of her top and pulled her making her stand up again.

He pushed her through the hall till the bedroom not living her mouth for once, she kept on moaning and digging her fingers all over his body.

With one pull her tore he top as if he had some sort of scissors hidden in his fingers, Khushi dint react at the sudden step he had taken because she wanted this, she wanted to feel each and every part of his body on hers like she was filling his lips right now.

He pulled apart as hugged her bare chest triggering all her nerves, at such moment, people’s body usually got warm but his seemed to have been stuck at the same temperature.

“You’ve still got time, stop me” Arnav said

“I don’t wish to stop you… please make love to me” She pleaded

He smirked as he unzipped her jean and pulled it down leaving her in inner only, she had never wanted anything as much as she wanted him right now.

“Stop me Khushi, I might hurt you” Arnav said as a few thoughts ran through his mind… he knew he wasn’t supposed to do this… he married her for a reason and that was it…

He couldn’t do this to her, it was going to hurt her and that wasn’t what he wanted… but then it was so hard to control his desires, seeing her half naked like this was making him feel too much already then how was he going to convince himself to stop.

He took deep breaths trying to get his mind back on track and stop losing control but the moment Khushi pulled him and locked her lips with his again, he lost it completely.

He pulled off the rest of the clothing she had on and pushed her on the bed, moving on top of her, he held her hands higher than her head and started placing kissed all over her face slowly trailing downwards to the neck and so on.

Khushi clutched the bedsheet tightly, when he pushed himself towards her, she shut her eyes feeling the pleasure and all she could do was to moan and scream out at times when he got so rough.


“Congratulations Miss. Geet, the job is yours” The director said

“Really sir? Thank you so much”

“You deserve it based on your talent, your resume has really impressed us, we hope to see you working as hard as your resume says”

“Sure sir, I promise I won’t give you a chance to complain”

“Great then, so from when are you planning to join us?”

“I can start today sir”

“Well that’s good, I’ll tell someone to show you your cabin and I’ll make arrangements for your living, the company will soon get a car too and as we mentioned in the advert, we’ll give you a house too.

I’ll give you the address in the evening before you leave from here and I hope you won’t face any problem in the apartment, it was quite hard for us to find an empty house in such a small town”

“I’ll be happy with whatever it is sir” Geet smiled as she stood up.

The director called a peon and told him to show Geet her cabin, Geet walked out all happy and excited.

She was going to have a new house and a new car, she was going to live on her own, it was all so exciting for her.

Finally she was going to spend her life the way she wanted to and not how her step mother and sister wanted her to.

She settled down in her huge cabin and looked all around, everything felt beautiful, her life seemed perfect… the only thing she missed were her best friend to share her happiness with and maybe Maan… in the past few months while working with him, she had got so close to him.

He had become more of her friend than just her boss but Sakshi messed up everything… or maybe Maan did, she had never expected him to do something like this.

She dint even know why she dint like it, it was his choice after all, he had the right to do whatever he wanted to but then somewhere she dint like what had happened…


“Are you okay?” Adarsh asked

“You know this is becoming too much Adarsh, I am a hundred percent sure mom is up to something but I don’t know what.

She’s managed to hide it from me successfully but now I really feel like there’s something fishy and I’m not going to feel good until I find out what it is”

“Relax Nia, it’s just that you’re overthinking things”

“I’m not Adarsh… trust me”

“Nia please don’t mind but can we forget that topic for a while? I mean since we got engaged every time we meet you’re always complaining about your mom, even if there’s something she’s hiding from you she might have a reason for it and she’ll tell you about it when she finds it right so can we please not concentrate on her and concentrate on ourselves?

I’ll go abroad soon and won’t get to spend much time with you, all I want is for us to spend as much time as we can now, and I would really appreciate if we always dint discuss the same thing”

“I know Adarsh, I’m sorry”

“I dint mean that you shouldn’t tell me your problems Nia, but this is something clear don’t you think? If your mom is really hiding something from you then let her, I’m sure one day she will tell you about it”

“I know Adarsh, it’s just that I became a bit curious… I’m sorry no more talks about mom now, I’ll give all my time to you” Nia smiled

“That’s like my girl” Adarsh said as he side hugged her.

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