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Dec 19, 2017

Ts-Laado..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 75 times)

Birpur, Rajastan.....

It was a beautiful morning , when a beautiful girl of the 'Maheshwari palace' woke up. It was 5.30 in the morning. She stretched her arms and went to freshup for the day. she wore her green with orange colour Rajasthani attire.

"Kushi baisaa " called a maid of their palace.

" Haan hira " Smiled Kushi politely.

" Dadu saa , said that groom's family is coming to see u today and asked u to come to mandir by 10' o clock" said the girl.

" OK hira...." said Kushi smiling.

Her dadu Bhairav Maheshwari ,had done everything for her.He had take care of her like her parents. she wished to study, he had done that also which is very difficult in this village.He literally had went against the whole village for that. She is 23 right now and her age of girls are now a mother of two kids.But he never cared for that, she is his first priority. When her dadu can do this much she can also do something for him right ?

She had her morning pooja and then breakfast and she started to mandir nearly at 9.30. She went and prayed to shiv ji.

She saw her dadu and went near him smiling. Dadu - pooja finished laado ?

Kushi - ji dadu....

Suddenly there came a man running to him. Man - Dadu saa, there is a panchayat for a issue. u r needed there.

Dadu - OK. chal beta..He said to kushi and both went to the panchayat.

On the other side...

Arnav Singh and his sister Anjali Singh along with Dadi Parvathi Singh were going to Birpur , of course to see the bride for their Arnav.

Arnav - Dadi , is it necessary for me to get married right now ?

Anjali - Bhai...no more excuses. first u made me as ur excuse. I got married. second u made business as excuse, u are developed in that also. Now what is the problem in getting married.

Arnav pouted. Dadi chuckled - now what happened ? cat got ur tongue ? ur sister is asking something na...answer.....what is ur problem ?

Arnav - Dadi, actually I don't wanna get married. Iam happy now and I wanna stay like this always. What if I got a chudail in form of biwi ?

Dadi and Anjali laughed hearing him. Dadi - today no excuses. we r going to see a girl and u r going to get married. that's all. (turning to Anjali ) Now u r pregnant. soon I will have my great grandchild in my hand. now if Chote got married, Then in one yr he will also give me a grandchild. this will be so exciting.

Arnav couldn't help but smile hearing them. Anjali - Waise Bhai...what do u expect from ur wife ?

Arnav - pehali bath...woh chudail nahi honi chahiye...She should be a lioness yet polite. u both r my world....And a girl who comes to our home as my wife , should love both like I do. She should be like my best frnd. She should not hurt others. she should be honest.she has every right to rule my heart ,but she shouldn't try to rule me. In short words....Lakhon mein ek honi chahiye....

Dadi and Anjali looked at each other. Dadi thought ' I will keep on hunting a girl for u my Grandson till u find ur 'lakhon mein ek ' I just wish that u also get married like Anjali and settle in ur life ' She sent a silent prayer to Devi maa.They went to the temple where they were going to meet the Bride. They saw that Dadu is walking to people assembled there.


As soon as the villagers saw Bhairav Maheswari...everyone stood up in respect for him. He went and occupied his seat.

Kushi - Dadu...I never seen this people in our village till now. who are they ?

Dadu - Woh...before one yr....The near by village added under our panchayat. these people are from there. I think.

Dadu - what is the issue ? why panchayat is assembled here ?

A lady came crying in front with her day old baby. On the opposite side stood her husband and his Mother. Dadu was confused seeing them.

Dadu - What happened ?

Man - Hukum.....My wife was pregnant. we all expected a boy. But it turned out to be a girl. So like always....We asked my wife to end that life. but she is not budging it.

Dadu and Kushi along with the villagers are shocked. Dadu - What ?

Lady - Haan Hukum saa...this is a tradition of our village. If a women give birth to girl child , we will kill the baby. Girls are only burden of fathers. Who will raise her and get her married....? We want only Boy who will be our pride.

Arnav and family was shocked hearing it. Anjali clutched Arnav in one hand and her other hand went to her baby bump.

Dadu - Yeh kya bakwaas hei chora...Will any one kill a baby like this ? No I won't accept it.

Man - Hukum.....U cannot change our tradition like this. it was going on for centuries. U cannot stop it like this.

Lady - Nahi...Hukum , this is my baby. pls save her.

and the villagers started to support and protest the issue. Dadi - Chup....ek dhum chup.....listen u chora....It may be a tradition in ur Village, but not ours.We all consider girl child as a blessing. Not as a burden. I will not accept this.

Kushi - Nah Hukum.....U r wrong this time. And kaki saa is saying right.

Dadu and Villagers were shocked. Their Kushi baaisaa won't say wrong things. what happened suddenly , that she is supporting infanticide.

Parvathi dadi was shocked while Arnav and Anjali also. They didn't expect Kushi to speak like this. ( Guys...they have seen Kushi's photo beforehand ) Dadi now surely know what will be her grandson's decision.

Kushi turning to the lady - I accept ur tradition kaki saa....BUT ON ONE CONDITION......

Dec 20, 2017

Chapter 2 Kushi's condition.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 84 times)

Lady - Tell us baisaa...what is the condition ?

Kushi came forward with her stern look - Not one but two...First , like u said the baby's life will end. but before her U should choose a way to end UR life. She said making everyone confused.

Kushi - Confused....Kaki saa , she is a girl , a burden..this is what u said right ? u r also a women so u also a burden on others right ? So u also should die. if she doesn't have rights to live , u also don't have any rights to live.

Villagers looked at their Kushi baisaa shocking. Dadu smirked ' his laado is upto something '

Kaki - What ?

Kushi - u heared it right kaki saa. if u want to kill that baby , then u should also die. The tradition u r saying is applicable for u also right ?

Kaki was dumbfounded ,even others also. Kushi - And SECOND....Ask ur SON to get PREGNANT and DELIVER a baby.

Everyone looked at her stupified. Arnav was looking at her curiously. Some of the villagers laughed.

Kushi - This is not a matter to laugh. U people should think....(turning to the man and lady ) U guys will keep on killing Girls thinking her as a burden. One day there will be no girls to be called as beti, bahu, pothi and so on....if there is no girl in this world, who will give rise to next generation. So just prove me that there is no need of a women in this world,then I will let u do whatever u want.

Kaki - Jyada zaban math laga chori...( don't speak too much girl )

villagers - Talk to our Kushi beti with respect. She is heir of Maheshwari's

Kushi showed her hands to everyone signaling them to stop. Kushi - Kyun kaki, being a women , how could u ask to kill a day old baby ?

Kushi - (looking at man ) u know what is father? A first saviour ,who will protect their baby from every harm of this world even it cost's his life. but here u are being her first enemy. Do u know what is the value of women in everyone's life ?

Women who is first a daughter is a family's pride. women, who is a wife is the one who stands with her husband no matter what , and no matter however u treat her , give rise to ur family. Women who is a mother, give birth to a new life whom she love with all her being. Understand every cry of her baby without even its word. Raise ur family without any expectations , do every service to u without complaint , To bear every torture and taunt u throw at her.

And what u men do to her ? Think Daughters as a burden , Wife as a useless and mother of ur kids as a waste.

And what u say ? u men work hard everyday for ur family right ? So hard that u consume alcohol to relieve ur stress. Let me tell u one thing ,if alcohol is a solution for pain and stress then every women would definitely need that before giving birth to Ur heir. Because no pain is equal to the pain the women undergoes during her labor. U guys won't even respect that soul who does everything for u.

If u guys are so allergic towards girls , then why u people build temple and pray every day bowing urself in front of a devi maa. She is also a women na....

Killing a girl is not a custom.... it's u people's foolishness....And let me tell u Without women , the world u living will be as a hell. Keep this in ur conscience.

They are not saying u to keep them over ur head. they just ask u to, let them be equal to u. If u people can't protect her, atleast don't harm her.

Kushi was panting pouring all the anger she had inside. 'what does this people think women as ? '

Dadu looked at her Laado proudly. Arnav stood spell bound seeing this girl's braveness to lash everyone at their mistake. He had loved his Dadi , maa and sister. but hearing her his respect towards them reached its peak. And he will be more than proud to have this women in his life as his wife.

Dadi - Arnav...how do u think about the girl now.

Arnav just smiled and whispered smiling - Lakhon mein ek ( One in lakh )

Dadi and Anjali jumped in glee. Anjali - I also like my bhabi very much.

On the other side.

Kushi - OK leave it. I know all these words of mine are nothing but a rubbish for u. So let's come to the point. Do u guys know... what is the punishment of killing a baby. U guys will be arrested under a case of 'attempt to murder ' and ur punishment will be 25 yrs of jail. Decide u wanna kill or let her live. not to forget , if u decide to kill u should accept my two conditions.

Dadu - Decide chora....u want a happy life with ur family or u r gonna spend ur life in jail ?

That man and Kaki along with the people with them looked at each other not knowing what to do. Suddenly the baby's mother said - Hukum...I don't wanna live with this man who is a monster. I want my baby safe. I will raise my daughter on own.

Man - Pls forgive me Hukum. I realise my mistake. I will live my life with my family. I promise that I will never harm my baby. I will raise her being a gud father.

Kushi - Fine.....U have to sign these papers. she showed a blank paper.

That man bought the paper and signed it. kushi asked her Dadu's employee to write something. kushi - this paper says ' Iam the father of the baby. I will protect her always. I am responsible for her safety.' ( she said that person to file the paper in police station ) I have send it to the police station. Remember , if a single harm neared her....U will spent rest of ur life in Jail. ( she warned him making him gulp )

Kushi went away from there crossing Arnav giving him a clear view of her. He was totally blown by her attitude.

Dadi - shall I fix the engagement date ?

Arnav - Fix the marriage as soon as possible.

Dadi and Anjali looked at him with Open mouth. People moved away one by one. Dadu saw them and went near them. For the first time , Bhairav Maheshwari was nervous to see someone. Dadi saw him and greeted him and introduced Arnav and Anjali to them who took his blessings.

Dadu - woh laado...I mean kushi....

Dadi - Actually we came here to see ur granddaughter. but after seeing her we are thinking......she stretched the words making him more nervous.

Dadi - After seeing her ,we decided to fix the marriage as soon as possible. I would be more than happy to have ur Laado as my Bahu...

Dadu was so happy hearing them. He laughed in happiness. After discussing the needed things with pandit ji in Mandir , They decided to do engagement after a week and Marriage after a month.

Arnav reached his room and took out Kushi's photo....

Arnav - Iam so happy to meet u my ' Lakhon mein ek Fiance'. I promise , I will be a gud husband to u and a gud father for our babies.

He smiled and kept her photo under his pillow and went to deep sleep dreaming a life with Kushi.

Jun 23

FINAL PART (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 100 times)

After 5 year's to

A loud round of applause echoed in the whole hall and kushi walked ahead to collect the award towards the Dias. Everyone looked at the young lady in awe for her part of service to the girl children.

Kushi collected the Award and was about to get down when anchor asked her to stay back.

Anchor - Hlo mam

" Hlo " Smiled kushi.

Anchor - Mam first of all congrats to u for such a award. I wanted to ask how you chose the name of ur NGO.

Kushi - First of all my greetings to everyone. My NGO's name is LAADO... actually it is my pet name. my Dadu , Dadi saas and sometimes my husband also calls me like that for pampering me. I thought every girl baby who is considered as nothing will be considered as special at my place that's why.

Anchor - Such a nice thought . Some special words from u mam

Kushi - First of all I thank my Husband for being such a supportive husband at every hurdles. Thanku so much. Secondly I thank my family. Thirdly to each and every positive person for being support and every negative person for making me face u and become strong. And I truely feel bad for getting this award (The whole world looked at her shocked ) Because still this society needs many kushi like me to save girl babies. Still people dares to harm girl child and still trying to break them. I advice every girl to be strong so that this society doesn't need a social workers like me.

Remember this Thu hi hein Suraj ki Kiran , thu hi hei barf ka thand, thu hi hei Aag ka Garmi thu hi hei paani ka raahat , thu hi hava ka sukun aur thu hi thufan ka thakath. Thu hi hein beti thu hi maa thu hi Sab kuch. Tere mukham koi nahi pahonch saktha. Isliye pore dhil se aur kushi se aage bado. kyonki Tera mukkabulla thu hi (u r the Rays of sun , u r the chillness of Snow , u r the burn of sun and u r the relief of water. U r the peace of breeze and u r the blow of Strom. u r daughter u r mother and u are everything. none can reach ur place. so with full of heart and full of happiness move on. because only u r the competetor of urself )

Anchor : Wow...it's really true what all u say. we can see the mirror of real women empowerment in ur form. thanks for sharing the stage with us.

Thanking kushi went down the stage. After the function ended she went to her home only to have a grand welcome.

Girl - Congrats mumma. she hugged kushi.

Dadi - I am so proud of u beta.

Kushi - Thanku baby doll and Dadi. By the way where is papa Pari ?

Pari - Don't know mumma.

Kushi - Ok. I'll go and freshup.

Kushi was removing her accessories in front of the mirror when she felt two strong arms hugging her by arms.

Kushi smiled seeing Arnav. Arnav kissed her cheek and said - Iam so proud of u kushi. I still can't believe you r the same girl who cried seeing me in our first night.

Kushi smacked his arms - u laadgovernor....I cried that day because I was Missing my Dadu.

Kushi - Thank so much Arnav ji.

Arnav - Why for believing that u cried for Dadu in First night.

Kushi - No....For being a best husband who supports his wife blindly.

Arnav - Iam a best husband because I got the best wife. I thought My best decision is marrying you. but after marriage you made me realize that it was not BEST DECISION it's YOU who made my decision of marrying you THE BEST. Thum lakhon mein.....NO NO...Karodon mein ek ho Kushi.

Kushi's eyes welled up with tears. Arnav turned her and cooed her saying - Don't cry Laado....It doesn't suit u. thum sabka shakthi ho (U r everyone's strength ) And definitely no cries at this stage ( He said caressing her three month pregnant belly) I want a strong baby like Pari. not a cry baby like u.

Kushi whined more hearing him making him chuckle. Arnav - Ok ok u r the best. I'll go and freshup , u sit and relax. I'll be back in few minutes. kissing her forehead he escaped into washroom.

Kushi looked at his retreating figure and thought - If Iam shakthi u r the shivji of this shakthi. Aur shiv ke Bina shakthi adhura hei ( This shakthi is incomplete without u shiv ji ) kyon baby ? ( She said placing her hands on her tummy ) I just wish u r a boy and One more kushi will get u as her Arnav who respects and loves his better half and daughter. not like those who ill treats girls. hein na. if u r a boy u should respect women Ok....

There she started taking classes to her unborn baby to be a fighter against illness of this soceity whatever it may be.....


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