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Only his (By Spriya) (Thanked: 47 times)

Plot credit- Inaara_khan

#1. Gap between his and her

"Khushi...Khushi where is my black tie?" arnav shouted from his room.

"It's in the second drawer" came a reply but not from the expected person. Hp answered placing his black coffee in tea table.

"Where is khushi?" arnav asked picking his tie from the bed where he hides it below the pillow earlier.

"Bhabhi is in kitchen making breakfast. She told me to give your black coffee" hp replied and excused from the room.

Sighed in disappointment he marched downstairs and without wishing anyone he entered into the kitchen. He stopped for a minute seeing her in saree. It's been a long time he had last seen khushi in saree, life is not like before for them. Both are running without wheels in their respective careers. Khushi opened the restaurant which he gifted in their first marriage anniversary and not to say it was their contract marriage anniversary.

Later khushi rescued arnav from shyam; they exposed shyam before anjali. After knowing the person whom she worshipped as god tried to harm her first son chotte, anjali emerged like Kali matha, and beat him left and right before handing him to police. Following by she got divorced and he was sentenced to five years in jail. It's not an easy path for a woman like anjali who doted her husband like anything faced biggest disappointment and betrayal in her life that too at the stage of rejoicing her much awaited pregnancy. But with the help of her family members, she overcomes the betrayal. And the arrival of her rajakumari erased all the bad memories. Now she started working for her and trying to become independent with the help of khushi. Khushi played a major role in anjali post-divorce life, she not only encouraged anjali to work but also made her see the outer world which arnav failed to expose. Arnav understood how unfair of him to make his di like a porcelain doll in the name of protecting her.

In amidst of this arnav and khushi failed to maintain their relation somewhat. When arnav was busy she'll be free and when he gets free she will be busy with his family. Unknowingly they are drifting apart which is still unknown to them. Sometimes this leads to argument and but they managed not because of their understanding but due to their family and dependency on each other.

"Khushi, what are you doing here? I am calling you from the time I came from jogging" he asked hugging her from behind.

"Arey, Is that a question? I am cooking, what else anyone does in the kitchen" she startled at first but replied once she realised whom. Her hands fastly working on removing his hold but he in reflex tightened his hold around her bare belly.

"You didn't answer my second question?" he asked desperately.

"What second question? Don't play Kaun banega crorepati with me. Move I have to finish remaining works before going to restaurant" she answered and pushed him by her elbow. Her push is like an ant bite for him, ignoring her pushes he lowered his head to her neck. Before he places a kiss, there comes his enemy.

Laxmi entered shouting Mehh...mehh...Arnav face reflects as if he lost his whole business in a minute. Khushi laughed seeing him and pushed him outside.

"Khushi...stop...i will drop you at restaurant" he tried his luck.

"No arnavji, you have an important meeting today. Akashji already left for office. I'll take mohanji with me" she replied at the same time her hands are busy in making rolls.

"'s been..." before he completes his sentence, anjali called khushi.

"Coming di...come arnavji" saying this she dragged him to the dining table and served him his food.

Hurriedly or say in annoyance arnav ate food and left for office. Following him, khushi to left for restaurant after making sure all is kept ready for nani and anjali. Payal is in gupta house, so work is doubled for khushi in home. Mami is as usual busy in her beauty sleep.

The day passed with arnav trying to call her in between his work but there she is busy. Adding to his frustration, her p.a answered his call. The plan of hearing her voice failed miserably. Evening she called him, to his bad luck he was in meeting, so his mobile ranged itself in silent mode. Both forget the call after immersing themselves in work.

When he reached home, it's already nine. After freshening he came downstairs searching for khushi. At least he could share his dinner with khushi, thinking of this plan he reached dining table only to get disappointed.

"Khushi...Khushi...Khushi" he shouted on top of his voice. His voice echoed making him know that no one was in home. He dialled khushi number which went unanswered. Suddenly he remembered aakash saying something before his meeting. He tried to recall it and succeeded in that too.

"Bhai, i am leaving early. I am going to buaji house" aakash said shyly. Something will never going to change, arnav smiled himself.

"Bhai, we planned for a movie outing. Will you join us?" he asked adjusting his specs.

"No aakash. You enjoy" arnav answered disinterested and aakash bid bye to him.

That time he doesn't know they all are going to the movie. If he had known before, at least for the sake of staying with khushi he would've accompanied them.

All pent-up emotions of not spending time with each other, not properly talking with her other than asking about their meals and medicines and the morning incident all this reached its peak making him blind in anger.

"Hp...Hp...Hp" he shouted. Hearing him he came running from kitchen.

"Bhaisahib, dinner is ready. You can eat, shall I serve?" hp literally sweating in fear seeing ASR after a long time.

"Where are others?" he asked with gritted teeth. He doesn't want to jump to conclusions so he thought to clarify with Hp.

"They went for a movie" the minute hp uttered this, arnav stormed outside.


"Jiji, the movie is amazing na. How strong salmanji is, he looks like...." khushi talks non stop with payal failing to know her life is going to change upside down in few minutes, hours, days.

"Kushiji, I thought to ask this before but forget in movie. Didn't bhai know about our movie plan? When I asked him he looks confused, I think he doesn't know you are coming" asked aakash pitying his bhai for missing this wonderful opportunity of spending some time with his wife.

"I called him jijaji, he didn't picked up. So he doesn't know about our plan" replied khushi.

"Pagli...Is it a reason? You should drop a message or informed aman, he would've conveyed it to arnavji. What if he gets angry?" questioned payal smacking khushi head for her silliness.

"Don't worry payalji, he is not interested in these things so he'll be happy for being spared" laughed anjali interrupting them.

But khushi drifted into her world, what if he gets angry like jiji said? It's not your fault of attending calls khushi, leave it. Enjoy the moment, said her brain. But her heart beats rapidly indicating something is not right.

"Hope aashmi doesn't trouble buaji" anjali said while stepping up in a car.

"She's quite child di, she'll not trouble anyone" said khushi taking her seat beside anjali.

"Hope so..." anjali said worriedly. Only youngsters came for the movie, so they left aashmi, anjali five-month old daughter in the insistence of nani who thinks anjali need atmosphere change.

"Hello...hi..bye...bye...Move aside phattisadi, I need window seat" mami showed tantrum and everyone must be wondering when did mami is considered as a youngster, well mami is always young with her beautipull facewa..

Anjali chuckled hearing mami and soon they reached gupta house. After picking aashmi, all left for raizada mansion except khushi who slept there in sofa itself. Seeing her tired form nani and anjali have no heart to wake her, but payal has a different opinion. Her instincts are warning her, so she tried to wake her but khushi being khushi didn't move a bit.

In tiredness, all slept as soon as they reached shantivan. Arnav who have been roaming in garden, slept there in anger.


"Arey sankadevi, get up. It's already nine, don't you have work. Arnav bituwa called ten times from morning, get up sankadevi" buaji trying to wake her. Seeing khushi sleeping like kumbakarnan she splashed a bucket of water.

"Rain, rain...Where is my umbrella?..." khushi opened her eyes panicking and wiping at the same time.

"Pagal...Your place is not here, mental asulyam" buaji smacked her head.

"Don't start buaji..." khushi made face for getting scold from morning itself.

"Oh devimayya...pagal ya kya buaji. It's nine. Why didn't you wake me before? You have only time to chant nandhakis**** thousand times. I am getting late for restaurant. Big order is there, how can i finish it before time" khushi muttered started getting ready. In between this, her mobile beeped, in hurry, she put it in her bag without noticing it and after hustle bustle, she went for restaurant.

On the other side, arnav whose anger melted down by morning came to his room and dialled her number when he noticed empty room. She didn't pick up so he sends a message as he know if she's down then he'll not even get a minute to talk with khushi amidst of his family.

"Evening party by 8 p.m. Be ready, it's important. I'll pick you by 7 and your dress will reach you by evening- Arnav"

Before he could search khushi in downstairs after getting ready for office aman called, so without breakfast and seeing khushi he left not knowing there life is going to turn upside down in few hours.

The day as usual passed in a blur, arnav being busy in office and there khushi is hell busy on new order.


"Hai..khushiji.." Nk waved entering into her restaurant kitchen.

"What a surprise, come nanheji" khushi exclaimed seeing him making him chuckle at her face which is full of flour.

"Just like that khushiji, I visited one of my friends here so thought to drop by" replied nk taking his seat on kitchen slab.

"Oh...What do you want? Coffee, tea?"

"Coffee is better"

"By the way, i am angry on you khushiji, you left me yesterday for the movie. We already planned na, I missed masti. If I knew it before I would've cancelled the meeting with my friend" he faked being hurt.

"I thought you'll be busy, you actually missed the fun nanehiji, chalo...No problem. My work is finished, how about next show today?" khushi winked asking him.

"Wow, perfect idea. I will ask everyone in our home" saying this excitedly he called RM.

Meanwhile, khushi cleaned herself and took her mobile to call her arnavji, whole day she didn't speak to him. To her, bad luck mobile switched off showing low battery. Cursing herself, she thought to call him from restaurant landline. Before that, nk reached there.

"Khushiji, no one is coming. Payal bhabhi has sleeping as she had a headache and di want to spend time with aashmi. I think we should drop our plan" nk said dejectedly.

Seeing his fallen face khushi cheered up "No problem, I am here na, I'll accompany you" she said as she thought it's her fault of not informing him yesterday when nk already expressed his wish of watching hindi films in theatre with family.

"Super khushiji, thank you. Come it's already going to seven. If we start here, then at least we could make out for next show amidst of this horrible delhi traffic.." Nk jumped in excitement and they both made their way towards theatre.

"Nanheji, my battery is dead. Will you please inform our family of we reaching home late?" she requested taking her seat in nk car.

"I already informed to dadiji" nk answered chirpily.

Khushi smiled, turning her gaze to outside. Suddenly she turned realising something "Nanehiji, give me your phone. I want to speak to arnavji"

Nk without delay gave her phone, she called, called, called only to get an engaged tone which disappointed her to the core.

Laadgovernor, always busy. Couldn't he remember he didn't speak to me whole day. I'll scold him..hmph.., she mumbled herself.

"What happened khushiji? Again fight with your husband ah?" nk asked teasingly for which she could only shake in negative.


"Mami where is khushi? I searched her in whole house" arnav frowned on not seeing for more than a day. He himself got her dress in order to spend time with her before the party so he wrapped his work hurriedly but she's nowhere to be seen.

"Haain...Hello..hi..bye...bye...didn't phattisadi informed you? she went for a movie?"

"What the...You all gone there yesterday na, then why she went today too and damn I already messaged her...leave it. When did she leave?" he asked controlling his rising temper.

"She left from her restaurant straightly with nk chotte" replied nani entering the living room.

Before they could understand what happened, the tea table and a vase are on the ground shattering into pieces.

"Chotee..." nani gasped. Arnav marched upstairs without saying anything.

"You did not do right khushi" ASR mind roared.

"What she just went for an outing? Is it a crime?" Arnav heart defended khushi.

"It is not a crime but without informing me for straight two days, is it right?"ASR mind screamed again.

"Maybe she's busy. Don't hear your mind which always leads you to wrong in khushi matter"Arnav from heart defended his soul again.

"I am always right. If she wants relaxation, why didn't she thought of accompanying me? It's almost three months or so, we spend some time with each other, couldn't she miss me like I miss her?" ASR effortlessly avoided heart and questioned again.

"Why are you letting your ego in between. Admit it, you are jealous as she went with nk, not you. So you are defaming her and what if she didn't saw your message" Arnav heart retorted.

"Then how come she informed home. I was just a call away, why didn't she dropped a message or called me whole day" ASR mind jumped.

"She might be called or maybe your line was busy. But message..." Arnav heart this time couldn't get point to defend his soulmate.

"See, cat got your tongue. I am always right" ASR mind screamed and satisfied himself throwing all fault in khushi.

Finally, he did what his mind said, he left to the party alone where aakash stayed in home as he is not needed when ASR is there not knowing this party is going to change his whole life.


        ~Anger and Carelessness are the start of destruction of beautiful relationship~




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Dec 23

2. Is it too late? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 47 times)

#2. Is it too late?

"Wow...woah kitne sundar haain..I don't ever get tired of salmanji" announced an excited Khushi munching her popcorn.

"Haan khushiji, see how strong he is and his arms..." Agreed an equally enthusiastic partner Nk.

During interval nk asked seeing the empty popcorn tub "Khushiji, do you need anything? Coke or juice?"

"Nope. I don't want anything nanehji" replied khushi in a dull voice.

When interval started she saw a newly wedded couple. They both sat so close to each other with her head on his shoulders and his arms around her shoulder and hands tied together in love. Seeing that khushi imagined herself and arnavji in that position. Her cheeks coloured automatically which didn't last long as realisation dawned on her, they never go out as a couple like that. After shyam truth out she's busy with anjali taking care of her. Most of the time she and arnavji spend their time with anjali, though she denied taking their help. After aamira birth, she was busy with the baby to remember arnav. But those days they're happy, aren't they? or Is it a misconception? They were never close to each other except emotional support in weak moments. During happy moments either she was doing c****s in the kitchen or he will be busy in work. They never moved beyond a kiss and hug, each time one or other things kept them apart.

"What happened khushiji? Why are you dull? Is it because of the interval, but don't worry they'll start back in few minutes" Nk said with sad face seeing her thinking deeply and hearing this she forgot her earlier tension.

"Seriously nanehji...i am feeling bad for an interval, you're funny nanheji" She laughed unaware of a pair of eyes gawking her.

"You didn't answer me yet"

Smacking herself she replied with a smile "Coke is better"

Nk disappeared in a minute taking her order.

"It would be nice, if arnavji joined with us" she thought with a frown.

'Oh really, then why didn't you invite him to join. It's your plan, then only you should invite him not the other way around. Shall I call him? But phone battery died' Her heart blamed her brain.

"Khushiji here take this..." Nk came back with her coke along with some popcorns.

"Thank you nanehji" She takes the items from his hands throwing a thanking smile forgetting her earlier worry for time being.

When an emotional scene played on the screen where the hero and heroine separate due to rift caused by their respective careers all of sudden her mind took her back to her own married life.

Why it looks so much similar to our life? Are me and arnavji drifting apart? When was the last time we had a good conversation? When was the last time we tied in a romantic atmosphere? When does we go out like a couple? But we're managing, isn't it? Di was devastated, her divorce, her delivery and the last my restaurant took a toll on our time. So we're not able to spend time together. But...Jiji and jijaji are not like us. They spent time with each other even between this chaos. Does it mean we're failing in our relationship? No no...

Yesterday also he tried to come close to me, but di's interruption stopped him. Our charm is still there, but it was not like before. How the hell I let our relation slip out of my hands? In-between this chaos we are not the same Arnav-Khushi anymore. It's time to hold it back. Better than never late.

'The whole day, we didn't talk. Hope he doesn't angry with me. Even if he is angry, then I'll bear the consequences. Enough of ignorances from both ends. Yes, this time not only he is at fault she is too. More than him she knows the value of relationships, and now the most important relationship is leading to somewhere that had no scope. Every day he's taking care of the office and I look after the family, nothing exciting in our relation. Something has to be done to bring our passion back. Use your heart Khushi, how many films you watched. Stole some romantic ideas according to his standard, not the sanki level'

Finally, her mind analysed her marital issues ignoring the movie. Turning towards nk she called him, when she noticed him engrossed in movie she leaned in his ears.

"Nanehji...Will you give your mobile? I want to talk to arnavji" She asked in a whisper.

"Now?" Nk asked in shock.

"Khushiji, In this sound, you cannot hear or speak anything. The movie will be finished in half an hour, I think you can speak after that" He whispered back as the volume was obviously high.

"It's ok nanehji..I will message him. Your phone" She asked extending her hand. If it was earlier she would've agreed to the reason he provided but her mind was determined to speak to arnav not knowing it was late to mend it.

Stuffing his hand into his jeans pocket Nk struggled to get his phone nonetheless, he found it and gave it to khushi.

In hurry she snatched the phone from his hands making him shocked "Khushiji, you're behaving as if you'll not see or talk with nannav henceforth" He passed a comment seeing her desperation.

"Nanehji..." She shrieked widening her eyes.

"Sorry..." He smiled sheepishly. Khushi mumbled something on her own dialling arnav number.

Nk resumed his work, while khushi waited for arnav to attend the call. It ranged...She called again...Again went unanswered making her worry.

Who ask you to come to a movie without speaking with him? Does he fine? Did he take his medicines? He must be reached home by now. Maybe waiting for me. Pagal..You left your husband enjoying here, She blabbers incoherently before sending a message to his phone asking his whereabouts.


On the other side, in the party hall arnav was surrounded by his business colleagues talking randomly. He is faking his attention to others while his mind was still fighting and blaming khushi actions and for her absence. When bartender handed him a drink he sipped in a go, in his turmoil he took shot after shot. After settling di, he expected Khushi's full attention on him. But what happened was nothing he expected. Day by day he felt a crack in their relationship. They were not like before. Their passion, eagerness, dhak dhak died in between the chaos. His shrewd mind struggled to find the reason for lack of enthusiasm in their relation. Besides his egoistic side was also showing his presence now and then these days.

His mobile beeped indicating a message popping on the screen. Swiping the mobile he opened his mail, when the notification shows the postcard symbol.

His eyes dilated seeing the content when the image loaded showing in full screen.

That was khushi and Nk sitting beside each other and khushi was leaning on nk ears. And another photo where nk leaning on khushi ears. Below the image, there was something written in bold letters. And two more photos where she was laughing with payal, anjali and aakash.


Your wife is only happy with others not with you...Rot in hell Mr. Arrogant Singh Raizada.

-Your wife's well-wisher.


His fingers tighten its hold on the glass while another hand crushing the mobile. Already his mood was off as he expected and planned to come here with his wife making her accommodate to his lifestyle. This mail worsens it more. Gulping one more shot his mind busy deciphering who would mail such thing. Someone purposely want to irritate him or trying to separate him and his wife.

Calming his nerves with much difficulty he called khushi number only to get switch off tone as her battery was dead long back.

Kicking air in frustration he tried once again. Failed in his attempt he finally noticed some message from Nk mobile. Thinking it to be some stupid forward message he swiped it off as nk always send him some nonsense forward message.

Emptying the next shot he got up to go home only to stood back when his eyes blurred and head started spinning. Taking support on the bar counter by placing his palms he stood steadily.

Shaking his head he tried to clear his vision when he heard someone introducing themself to him.

"Hey, ASR...Good to see you. Do you need any help?" The owner of the voice held him when he denied but fell back the next instant.

He wants to deny their help but his body couldn't support him. He struggled hard to open his eyes and want to stand without support but in contrary, he stumbles upon the person. Within a good few seconds his eyes closed, his body falls on the person who held him. The person smirked in return moving aside his forehead hair.


Waiting for its reply, she got irritated when finding none. Without delay, she called to a home landline.

"Hello..Di...Are you hearing me? Di.." Amidst the whistling sound, khushi couldn't hear anything like Nk said. Taking the phone she stood up to go outside only to sit back when everyone shouted to sit down.

Gritting her teeth, she cursed herself for not having this thought earlier. She should've known before, her relation with arnav started ebbing away when they have not even utilised fully.

Chewing her nails she started planning to surprise arnav. He gifted her restaurant on their anniversary. What did she give? A mere heart shaped dollar like Nk gifted them. Even though it was enough for him which he himself admitted, he only wants her love nothing else, then how can she fail to fulfil his wish?

Sankadevi mind worked overtime coming up with a plan, she hurried nk to drive fast when they're returning back to home at night.

"Missing nannav ah...?" He teased taking a sharp turn in the road.

"Nanehji...Drive slow.." She founded her voice from shock calming her breath.

"Sorry Khushiji, I didn't notice the car..." He smiled apologetically handing a water bottle to her.

Obeying to her wish nk drive speedily and no time they reached home. Hp opened the door.

"Hpji..Did arnavji arrived?" Khushi asked as soon as she stepped her foot inside the house.

"No bhabi. Arnav bhaiyya went for a party" Hp answered waiting for her command.

Khushi stood shocked. She never knows he had a party to attend.

If only you have little time for your husband, you will know. Her heart screamed.

Not wanting to show her disappointment to others she left upstairs but Nk eyes captured the shock. He didn't want to interfere in their issues unless it was needed so he too left without saying anything.

Is it too late? Why didn't he inform me? Doesn't he want to take me along with him? Jijaji always took Jiji whenever he goes to party.

Twisting her mouth in annoyance she put her phone in charge. Taking a towel she enters washroom to freshen up.

After few seconds she walked out wiping her face. Taking her phone in hand, she thought to call arnav keeping aside her anger.

As soon as it gets life phone beeped with messages and calls from arnav. She hurriedly opened it. Not everyday Arnav Singh Raizada messages his wife. He will call khushi but never messaged till now.


"Evening party by 8 p.m. Be ready, it's important. I'll pick you by 7 and your dress will reach you by evening- Arnav"


She bit her tongue seeing the time that shows morning seven. Realisation dawn on her it's been two days since she spoke to him properly. Here she's scolding him for not taking her to the party but he willing to take her up. She messed up big time.

Hitting her forehead she slumped down on the bed. Sighing she tried calling him which went unanswered.

Laadgovernor would be hell angry with me. Hey devimaiyya can't you feed some brain on your devotee. See now, she is messed up, she complained to her devimaiyya.

Waiting for him to pick her call she tried twenty times but all went unanswered. Biting her nails she waited for him and dossed on the sitting position.


"Khushiji...Khushiji..." Anjali shook waking her.

Rubbing her eyes khushi got up hastily. Anjali noticed her wandering eyes, pressing her shoulder she sat on the bed "Chotte is not in home yet. If he drunk he may not step here. You know nani is strict in these matters"

Khushi make her eyes big hearing her saying arnav will drink. Reading her thought anjali pressed her hands "Sometimes it was unavoidable. These business parties will be like this only. Don't worry if you order him he'll stop it too" Anjali said with mischief.

Eventually, khushi smiled and hugged anjali wishing her morning.

"I'll be downstairs. Come fast" saying this anjali left the place.

Promising herself to settle the matter between them khushi got ready for morning pooja.

"Bhabhi...Some courier arrived for you" Hp knocked the room stating the purpose of his arrival.

"What? Courier early morning" Scrunching her brows she got the envelope. Dismissing him khushi closed the room door opening the envelope.

When the content fell out, her heart stops beating. Her breath got stuck in the throat. Her eyes are ready to let its teardown, lips quivered. With shivering hands, she took it in hand reading and capturing the content.


This is what happens when you marry a Casanova.

-Your well-wisher.


Along with the caption, there was a picture of bare arnav lying on a bed with a girl over him. Their half body was covered under a quilt. His bare chest was covered with many lipstick marks. The girl face was hidden on his neck, and her arms circled around his torso hugging him. His right palm rested on her back.

Khushi couldn't see after that, her eyes blurred. A heart-wrenching cry escaped from her mouth echoed on the four walls witnessing a lone soul crumbling like a paper. Drawing her knees to her chest she hides her face inside it. Her tears drenched her whole form.

The photo lied crumpled beside her like her life. 



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3. Illusion? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 46 times)

Rubbing his eyes he extended his right hand searching for khushi.

"Khushi...Khushi...Close the curtains" He mumbled hiding his face on the pillow.

Getting no response, "Khushi..." He yelled again holding his head as it aches like hell. He feels as if his head will burst out any moment.

"Khushi...Bring my coffee" He shouted in annoyance of her ignorance getting up.

'Where is she?' Mumbling he sat leaning on the bedpost.

Clearing his vision he noticed the surroundings. He was in some room which is surely not his. Where was he then?

Supporting his head in his hands he tried to remember what happened yesterday. 

A message arrived, khushi photo along with some caption and then I tried to call her. Failing on that I stood up to go home, what happened after that? Gulped few shots and I didn't even go overboard keeping khushi in mind. But I lost my conscious falling on someone...Who is that someone? He or she? The person tried to introduce themself. Why couldn't I remember anything? Usually, I will not forget even if I have gone one or two begs, now what happened? Agrhh...This headache...

Where am I? He mumbled coming back to the present, his eyes keenly analysed his surroundings. He lowered his eyes noticing he was still in yesterday clothes. Feeling uneasy with the tie choking his throat he unbuttoned the first two buttons loosening his tie and discarded the coat.

Hotel room, How was I here? Who dropped me? Stepping out of the bed he checked the room thoroughly which shows no trance of persons in the room except him. He checked his wallet and mobile which he placed in his coat pocket yesterday.

Seeing missed calls from khushi number and message his anger increased. 

Finally, she remembers she has a husband!

With the same anger, he strode outside, when he crossed the hallway he realised he slept in the same hotel where party happened yesterday.

Taking his car keys, he took wheel behind the seat and speeding towards Raizada Mansion.

"Aman find who helped me yesterday in The imperial stay" Ordering him through bluetooth he pressed the accelerator hard using his full power.

After parking the car barely he took the car keys and slamming the car door shut, he marched to his room ignoring anjali's constant calls.

"Chotte..Wait..Chotte.." Why is he angry now, hope he does not lash out at poor Khushiji. Sending a quick prayer to her beloved god she stood few seconds staring at the way arnav went with a cold face.

Opening his room door fervently, he shut it immediately in the same way with a thud making khushi to feel the presence of him.

Hearing the bang khushi flinched lifting her head from her knees. Her shining cheeks were drenched with tears, eyes which twinkle always was swollen, her smooth forehead wrinkled indicating her misery, her straight tendrils are ruffled over her face. In simple, she sat devastated.

Seeing her form, all the anger he had till now flown out of the window. Reaching her in two strides he kneeled in front of her taking her face in his palms.

Worry runs through all of his veins, his heart thudded in fear.

"What happened khushi? Did anyone say something to you? Did anyone scold you? Amma, buaji or babuji everyone is fine right? Say something dammit" He shouted desperately. He cannot bear her tear stricken face which was ever smiling always.

In his fear, he failed to read her eyes which carries angst.

"Where were you last night?" She questioned hoarsely pushing his palms away from her cheeks.

"Dammit...I am asking something and you're blabbering something. Why are you sitting like this? What happened?" He questions back taking her face in between his palms forcefully.

"Don't shout arnavji. I am not blabbering anything. Answer me where were you last night?" She too pushed his hands forcefully standing from that place. He too stood following her, staring straight into her eyes.

"Dammit..I went to a party. Got your answer, now reply me" He pulled her gently caressing her arms controlling his bubbling anger handling her craziness.

She closed her eyes for a minute to open again "Party must be ended by midnight, where were you till now?" She asked calmly though he can feel her gritting her teeth.

He frowned at her interrogation but nonetheless answered as he can see how serious she was.

" drunk...So stayed in one of the room...Sorry to not inform you before...I...knocked out..Not in the state to confide with you" He answered lowering his head in guilty as he felt he's the reason for her state which is partially correct. 

Swiftly she stood before him, clenching and unclenching her fist, inhaling she pulled his coat which comfortably rests on his shoulders and throws it on the floor.

"Khushi..." He calls her in amu****t. 

Trying to get a hold of her erratic heartbeats, khushi lunged forward discarding his tie in a blink.

His amu****t reached it's peak and he started enjoying the little things which his wife was doing now.

If this is how my welcome would be if I got drunk then I'll drink daily, he thought not knowing the inner turmoil his wife was experiencing. And if he know her thoughts then he'll never ever touch the hot drinks in his whole life and will never attend any parties even if it brings a loss to his company. 

Without delay, she started unbuttoning his shirt. He stood astounded and soon it turned into bewilderment when she broke some of the buttons in haste.

"Khushi..." He called halting her.

Slamming his hand away she disrobed his shirt in haste.

What has gotten into her? He thought.

Her eyes widen seeing no traces of lipstick mark on his chest. Not believing her eyes she rotated him frantically searching for any trace.

Seeing her flipping and rotating him like a spin ball he gripped her arms stopping her "What is going on khushi?" He asked genuinely not understanding a bit of her actions. Earlier he liked the way she pounced on him with a right but now feeling conscious under her scrutinizing gaze.

"So you wiped the traces cleverly which proves you guilty" She yelled barely controlling her anger.

"What the hell are you saying khushi?  What did I wipe?" He asked not grasping the head and tail of her queries.

Moving aside her tendrils furiously behind her ears she asked through gritted teeth "With whom you stayed yesterday?"

Frowning he replied "No one. Why?"

"LIE..." She bellowed frightening him.

"What?....Why should I lie khushi?" He uttered after recomposing himself from the shock.

"I didn't expect this from you arnavji. I didn't...You always break my heart. Hell, how do I forget, You LOVE TO BREAK MY HEART. YOU BROKE it ONCE AGAIN... YOU BETRAYED ME..." She roared waking up the ASR in the process.

Irked by her words arnav gripped her arms pulling her towards him. She came crashed into his chest. Her doe eyes expanded in its full space feeling ASR after a long time "What, I broke your heart? Funny...I break your trust, really? Where did I fail? I waited...Waiting...From past two days for what, just to spend some time with you? But where did madam went, you didn't even feel the need to inform me before going to enjoy your leisure time. Where am I standing in your life khushi? Whenever I want to spend some quality time, you always spent your time with family or restaurant. Where was I standing in between your busy schedule? We're HUSBAND and WIFE dammit. Do you even realise what does that mean? What purity and relation that carries? I agree we had some cracks in our relationship earlier, but after all the misunderstanding where are we standing? I feel still we are there" He screamed on her face. 

Gathering all her strength she pushed him with a force that he stumbled a few steps back.

"Do you remember you have a wife..Tch...You forget her just because she doesn't give her time to you. How sick! And you have gone to enjoy with.." She stopped feeling disgusted to utter the word.

Composing herself she continues "If you have so much problem on living with me why are you still sticking with me. Oh..Yeah...wait...I am a fool, our contract marriage ended long back" She thinned her lips clenching her fist at the mere thought of realization. They're not husband and wife anymore...

"What?" Shock would be an understatement seeing her speaking like him, Where was his khushi? Why the hell is she angry with me?? It must be my state to get angry on her for ignoring me from last days.

"What nonsense you're blabbering? Did you left your brain somewhere?" He couldn't help but to believe she may speak all this in her craziness. He believed his khushi will not crush any relation like this. She is a gem who even gave a chance to shyam. They don't even have any major tiff that will separate them, they crossed that path didn't they? His mind assured.

"I was in right sense, arnavji. You're not. You forget you have a wife..You ..." She would've retorted back if not for the knock on the door which interrupted them like always.

She inhaled a deep breath while he yelled not caring to inch towards the door "Who?"

"Bhaiyya..Naniji is calling you both, l..." Hp stuttered from another side.

"Out!!" Arnav didn't let him finish.

"We're not done yet" saying this to khushi he strides to washroom taking his clothes as he knows if they didn't go downstairs probably for each minute either of the family members will disturb them.

Wiping her tears aside she took a towel and went to the guest room as she doesn't want anyone to know about their fight.

Within few minutes khushi descended the stairs with downcast eyes only to get engulfed in a bone-crushing hug.

"Chamikili..." Hearing this squeal khushi raised her eyes in surprise.

"Lavanyaji... When did you arrive?" Khushi smiled at her forgetting her worry.

"Just an hour back...And you're too busy to come down with ASR haan" lavanya winked expecting a blush.

Khushi's eyes teared, gauging the various emotions playing on her face lavanya panicked dragging her to her room which anjali allowed to her.

Making sure to lock the door lavanya made khushi to sit on the bed "Chamikili what happened? Why your eyes are red? Did you cried?" She asked seeing her tear stricken face.

Swallowing the cry which erupts from her throat, she took rapid breaths.

"You're scaring me. Where is ASR?" Lavanya stood up to call arnav.

Khushi jumped stopping her from doing any such thing.

"You're not doing anything..." She warned with her tear stricken face.

"Then what do you expect me to do chamikili. You're crying and you're expecting me to sit silent seeing you like this. I can't..." Lavanya yelled opening the door.

"I'll ask ASR"

Khushi took long strides halting her, pulling her by arms.

"I'll back in a minute" Khushi said seeing her questioning gaze.

Covering their room distance in not less than a minute Khushi saw washroom door closed indicating arnav presence there.

Ignoring that fact, she kneeled down on the floor beside the bed and started searching for that image.

'Where was that photo? It was here earlier' frowning she started searching the whole room.

That envelope also missing 'How is that possible? I opened and read the content sitting here and crumpled the photo throwing it beside me'

'Does arnavji?..No no,.. if he has seen them, then he would've reacted. What is happening? How it'll disappear within few minutes?'

'Is it my illusion? Did I assumed something, no no..It was real. I saw that photo..' She hides her face in her palms in confusion.

While a pair of eyes stood gazing her actions in a victory.


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Jan 4

4. Clear in air (By Spriya) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav stood under the shower with cold water cascading down on his features erasing the awful touch of someone which he himself unaware. His hard, cold palms were pressing on the opposite wall supporting his body. His eyes closed, lungs doing its work properly though in a brief time.

'What the hell is she blabbering? When did I betray her? What lie did I say to her? Why is she accusing me of something which I never know what it was? Why the hell is she claiming that I betrayed her? Wasn't she the one who went ahead ignoring me all the time? Then why is she blaming me now? I just went to a party, what else I did? Why is she behaving as if I gave her place to some other women? Can't she know she is the woman of my life? Hell, that was not the question in the first place. Dammit!!!' He slammed his fist against the wall in despair. 

Inhaling a deep breath he opened his eyes abruptly when a sudden thought popped into his mind.

'Do anybody trying to separate us? Even I got an image, has it been related to khushi's behaviour. But unlike him, she is not a person to fall for such tricks. What is going wrong? Only she has answers for her behaviour'

That cold air somehow cooled his mind. Wiping his wet hair with a towel he realised he forget to take his clothes in hurry. Tying that same towel around his waist he left the washroom.

When he stepped into the room, he saw her sitting on the bed with her palms hiding her beautiful face. Ignoring her he made his step towards wardrobe only to halt his step, hearing her muffled sob.

Swiftly changing his direction he reached her in two strides not forgetting to close the door.

"Khushi.." His soft voice made her raise her head.

The heart-wrenching state of her red swollen eyes clouded with misery churned his insides.

In a blink his palms came in contact with her cheeks, kneeling down in comfortable position oblivious to his uncomfortableness as his mind and heart were only on khushi.

"Khushi..." He gaped when she eyed him innocently.

"What had happened to us khushi? Why we're so near yet so far? Why our heartbeat increases yet it didn't give us serene feeling like earlier? Why everything looks wrong? Why??" His low cracked voice brings more tears to her eyes.

He leaned resting his forehead against hers and continued "Have you realise how aloof we become these days? We aren't same as before.." He gasped some air not able to continue further.

"Why are you devastated khushi? How can I know the problem if you refuse to share it with me? Or...Do you think I am not worth to know your problems? Are we.. split that much?..." He squinted lowering his hands from her cheeks, not getting any response from her.

When he moved back a little she stopped him by wounding her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

Gulping her throat, she opened her mouth to speak. But no words come out rather, a sob arises within her threatening to spill out.

Swallowing it by difficulty she continued "I... Don't want you to betray me...Will you?" He frowned at her question. She waited for his assurance that never came as his thoughts are busy in deciphering behind her behaviour.

With batted breath she started to spill her state again "I don't want to believe but I couldn't ignore either.... It's screaming something else on the contrary of my belief. What shall I do? I want to be selfish. A selfish who wants to possess you only for her. A selfish who wants to claim her rights on you, no one...I mean no one should dare to touch my precious. What I have to do to make you only mine? Tell me..." She asked desperately and caressing his nape hair simultaneously.

Terrorized by her words he closed the distance between them leaving a millimetre gap "There's no need for you to feel insecure. I am all yours, always yours. Only you have that right khushi. None has their rights on me more than you not even di..." The minute he told the latter part khushi crashed herself against his chest shifting all her weight on him.

He stumbled on his sitting position and the force she lands herself on him make him sit with a hard thud, if not for his hands that balanced them both, they would be rolling in the hard floor by now.

All those months of ignorance, anger, hurt, disappointment flown out of their minds. Only they matters.

"Then why had you let some chudail to touch you. Ever my thought crosses your mind when you to...I am not gonna forgive you ever for that" she warned him dangerously while he shuddered at her words grasping the meaning. Before he could clear his stand she pounced on him like a hungry lion.

"Where did she kissed you...Here.." She asked placing her index finger on his left cheek and without giving him time to acknowledge her query she pressed her lips hard on his left cheek with a noise. His eyes widen and mouth opened in shock. Never ever khushi had kissed him, it was always him to kiss her, cuddle her and hug her to his heart content.

"Here???" She questioned shifting her finger from his left to right cheek. Without delay, she shifted her lips too. 

"Here too???" This time her finger rested on his lips. Her eyes darkened imagining some chudail kissing him on his lips.

Not giving a thought she smacked her lips on him. His hold on her waist got tighten anticipating a mind-blowing kiss. Had she not bite his lips, it would be added to one of his precious moment.

"Ouch...What the!! Khushi..." He jumped not expecting this and her earlier words registered on him making him unleash his ASR avatar.

"That's what happens if you do something like you did yesterday" Her possessiveness overcome by anger that she changed from sweet khushi to terror khushi.


She stumbled back only to regain herself in a moment, standing up on her feet equalling to him "You're speaking about trust, really?" She yelled in hurt. His words about trust pierced her soul bringing back the old memories which were long forgotten or Was it huddled in a corner waiting for a moment to come out?

His fury drastically changed into remorse and guilt. His wrongdoings to the poor soul whom he claimed to love were hitting back with the vehemence as a result of her words. His head which held high in arrogance earlier was now hung down in shame. He has no words on his defence for his earlier behaviour to the contrary of the present.

"I agree, I wronged you khushi. It was totally a prejudice from my side. But this time, I didn't do anything that could hurt you khushi. Trust me for once, I may be heartless, ruthless, arrogant, monster and anything than a betrayer. Trust me...I was not..Like..My..Father..I will never be" He choked on his last words. He swore himself the day when he witnessed his father's betrayal and the repercussions of his actions which led his parents to choose the path of self-destruction not caring for the two souls whom they give a life. He'll never ever betray anyone who depended on him. That was the reason he broke up with lavanya.

Khushi inhaled wiping her never-ending tears which were mercilessly flowing from past few hours. Along with him she too felt his pain through his words. And his eyes are so expressive at least to her, that she can read him. If it was another situation she would've cuddled him and hide him in her small frame not letting him remember his fateful past. Though she knows few of his past, still she doesn't know it from arnav's perspective. Before she muddles deep on his past, his pleading misty eyes choke her heart. Those chocolate orbs never carried a tinge of tears till now. But today those carried myriad of emotions that she was confused what to read through that eyes and what not. One thing she clearly read was his pleading, pleading to believe him. She saw the same naive khushi once upon a time pleaded him to believe her, to give a chance to prove her innocence. She saw the same craving in his eyes. How can she act ignorant then?

"I want to trust you, but I..can't" She stammered through her sore throat. His breath caught in throat fearing the worst.

"Why?" He whispered not getting why khushi is hell-bent on proving her mistrust. He went to a party and came here straight away, from where did a woman land on? He could only frown at his thought until khushi open up.

"I got a photo of yours with a..Girl.." She uttered in disgust closing her eyes.

"What the!!" As usual, his golden phrase comes out of his mouth as if it was waiting in a queue for its chance even before his brain would analyse her words and it's truthfulness.

Khushi sighed as if she was already prepared to hear her husband's famous phrase.

"Unbelievable, show it.." He demanded thinking it would be that particular someone who sends him khushi's photo on yesterday night.

She fiddled her fingers with nervousness, What should she show him now? She has no proof now. She reacted at instant and regret now. Her own heart fighting against her brain about his fidelity.

"It was lost, I don't know where it went" She whispered shifting her gaze downwards.

"What?" He scrunched his brow and his ASR brain working fast to fathom the weird things happening around them.

"How did you received it? In mobile or ..." He asked and his question was cut short by her answer.

"Courier" She answered albeit her mind warnings. Her mind wanted to scream on his betrayal while her heart is hell-bent to do the opposite thing. Unlike earlier she reacted seeing the photo, she let her heart overpower her brain.

"Then where it went khushi? Search the room, it will be somewhere here only" He said frantically searching for the envelope.

"I filtered the whole room, I don't know where it went within few minutes. Even the moment, I argued with you, it was crumpled lying here. I left downstairs and after coming back, I didn't see it here in the room" She whispered lost in her own analysis.

If it was lost from this room, then it must be possible only by any of the family member. Never an outsider can enter into RM and after the shyam fiasco the security was manifold ten times than before, She mused.

Who can it be? If a family member knows this then why the hell they did not confide in the face with me. If they're really my well-wisher they should have scolded arnav and let the truth in front of all. But instead someone is playing, why? What will that well-wisher gain by that? Her thought wandered on the possibilities.

"Khushi, did it was written something like well-wisher?" She darted her eyes in shock.

"How do you know?" She whispered as he came towards her.

"****, someone is framing us khushi" Arnav roared getting his answer at her question.

Khushi hiccupped on his words.

Is it? Did really someone is framing against them like he said? Does it mean he did not share himself with that woman? But that photo looks so real, Is it must be an edited picture? His skin has no traces of being touched by a woman. How is it possible? Did I accuse him without any fault of his? Her thoughts were surrounded by that women and him only not the person who is trying to play in their lives.

Conversely, his thoughts were revolving around the new grown enemy or well-wisher, only time will tell...




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Jan 6

5. Back to square one (By Spriya) (Thanked: 81 times)

"Why would anyone want to frame us? How are you sure about that?" She asked unmindful of the slight knock on the door.

Reaching her in a blink, cupping her shoulders he started to speak "Because I too got an photo of yours with family and nk, stating you're happy only with them. Wait let me show you"

He rummaged his mobile and found that photo "See..." He raised the phone showing it to her.

She strode fast snatching the mobile from him. Her eyes dilated at the caption.

"Yey...Arnavji. This was taken yesterday. Me and nanheji went for salman khan movie" She blabbered on hurry immersing in the photo despite of her husband's bubbling anger.

He snatched it back gaining her attention on him "You've time to go for a stupid movie with him but can't have time for me" He yelled as yesterday events flashed before his eyes distracting him from the current problem.

"That is not the problem now arnavji. For god sake, keep aside your anger. Think rationally" She shouted back equally proving she is no less than ASR.

"How come that will not be a problem, when it was the start of everything we're facing now?" He yelled not caring for the loudest knock on the door.

Khushi glanced at the door and him. Within a microsecond her heart contemplated whether to open the door or continue the arguement with him.

As if sensing her thoughts he roared in cue "Don't ever think of opening the door. We're not going out until this..." The constant loud knocks didn't let him continue.

Squinting he strode angrily towards the door, opening it harshly he shouted at the same intensity without seeing the person only to regret later.

"Can't you know the manners? If we didn't open the door even after the constant knocks then you should understand we're not interested at the moment. I don't know why everyone is hell bent on knocking my room door now and then. What problem do you guys have with me, spending my time with my wife? Whenever I come home after a hectic day all I need to spend some quality time with my wife. But you guys never let that happen. Morning you'll need khushi to do pooja and to cook for you all when I need a cup of coffee from her hands and if it was not enough you guys occupy her with various works not leaving her alone a single minute even in night discussing some ****s. If khushi has to do all the works then what was the need for servants in this house then? If by miracle she grant her precious time for me then you all have to drop at my room ruining the moment. I seriously doubt whether you guys have any idea about the word called PRIVACY. When I didn't want to marry you guys pestered me for marriage and when I married you guys are not even letting me to enjoy my married life. I am better as bachelor rather now. Still if you want then take her and don't expect us to behave like husband and wife" He bellowed without pause shrugging khushi's palm which rest on his shoulder in order to calm him.

"Cho..ttee.." Hearing anjali's broken whisper along with a muffled wail, his head shot up in bewilderment.

There stood his di with tears cascading down her eyes and the tear drops fell on little aashmi head.

"Di...I am sorry..." He whispered in shock trying to pick little aashmi from her who in turn buried her face into her mamma's neck in fear.

"No..I am sorry. I should not disturb you...but when I heard...loud noises I thought of check...I am sorry" Saying this in a meek voice she turned her side to leave.

He held her shoulders gently "Di..

Come inside.."

Khushi took a step forward to pick up the weeping aashmi in her arms. When aashmi peeked through arnav before jumping on khushi's waiting arms, khushi throws a accused stare before pointing at him "You scared her..."

Gulping at the scene he left his di as coming towards khushi.

"Give her to me" He asked seeing khushi patting aashmi back in attempt to calm her. Neither she forwarded nor she denied, when he asked aashmi.

"She'll be fine chotte. Sorry to disturb you" Anjali once again apologized taking aashmi in her arms. Even though anjali put facade an understanding smile arnav knows she was hurted by his words.

More than her, aashmi's little scared face churned his insides. She was the first child, he grew fond of. Till now he never shouted in front of her. He swore himself to be more careful in front of her. He doesn't want her to face the same fate as them. He doesn't want her to miss everyone's love including his though she's devoid of father love, he's trying his best to act like one to her. And seems like today he took a step back in his vow.

"I was in another tension di. Don't you know me? Give her to me, I don't want her to cry because of me" He forcefully took aashmi in his hands as khushi took his dress from the wardrobe handing him.

When aashmi's teared face came in contact with his skin he realised he was still bare chested and that bring back their earlier argument. He face palmed mentally and cursed himself for distracting from the main problem to another in blind anger or Is it jealousy?

Anjali left from their sighing and that soon turned into victory smile for intruding them in correct time.

When she reached the living room, from no where from lavanya squealed hugging her "Thank you so much di"

Anjali completed the hug smiling to the moon "No need to thank me. Oh, goodness I intruded them in correct time or else..." She stopped when payal made her appearance.

"Lavanya ji, when did you arrive?" Payal asked while lavanya artificially plastered a smile on her face. She doesn't need an intruder now.

"Morning. You were busy in your room, I suppose. Excuse me" Lavanya excused from there ignoring payal's frown.

"Call me when breakfast is ready. Oops... Don't work too much payal ji. Spend some time with aakash" Anjali said thinking arnav's words all the while. Lest she is ready to bear same treatment from aakash too one day.

Payal's frown increased further by her words but nonetheless she nodded before disperse to her room.


Entering the room, she made sure all the curtains are down and all doors are closed before taking her mobile.

Calling someone she waited for the other person to attend.

"I'll call you back" The person from another side said and end the call even before she could greet with hello. She groaned in annoyance. Sat with a thud in bed she brought her knees close to her chest waiting for the call.


"Wear your dress" Khushi thrust his dresses on his free arm not meeting his eyes.

Silently arnav obeyed shifting aashmi into khushi arms.

"Don't be scared baby. Mamu scared you na. Bad mamu...We'll beat him ok. Mami will teach you how to beat mamu" Khushi cooed making aashmi smile as if she is understanding what her mami says.

"Don't turn her into another sanki" Arnav took his seat beside aashmi who was sprawled on the middle of the bed.

Khushi glared at him while aashmi crawled fastly towards her seeing arnav ready to pick her.

"You only know how to scare peoples" Khushi muttered placing aashmi in her lap.

"Am I? But it doesn't look like that. Someone is never scared of me, infact she loves to back answer me" He voluntarily started the conversation kissing aashmi little fingers.

Aashmi snatches back her fingers and showed it to khushi blabbering incoherently complaining about her mamu. 

Arnav laughed pressing his lips on aashmi cheeks. She giggled due to the soft tickle caused by his stubble.

"Angry with mamu haan... Sorry baby, henceforth mamu will never shout his doll. Don't stay with your mami and hear her ideas, ok. Else you've to accompany her to asulyam" He chuckled taking aashmi in his arms who readily came to him.

Khushi slapped him playfully "You're having fun by teasing me"

"Any doubt?" He raised his brows amidst of his concentration on aashmi.

She pouted in reply. His face suddenly turned grim "Khushi, leaving aside all our grudges for a while, we have to find out who is trying to get nasty with us. By your words, someone from our family is helping them for sure"

"Hmm...Why always us?" Her voice cracked at end. Gulping the threatening tears she lean her head on his shoulder "Why was it always us? Why our love is being under test again and again? Can't we be normal like others, without worry?

"Because we're strong, only strong people are targeted. This time we're together. No need to worry. I am here na, I'll not let another shyam to interrupt on our lives" He assured cupping her cheeks.

Aashmi made a growl patting arnav cheeks frantically for attention. He bend down kissing her cute little nose. 

"Just like her mumma" Arnav cooed the baby.

Khushi snapped her head towards him in shock "What do you said?"

He chortled making her shock manifold "Don't be shocked. I know and admit, Di is attention seeker. Toda se...But the whole credit goes to me. In the naming of protecting her from the cruel world I learned, I failed to show her the basic awareness. Even mamma and that man made her like that...They never let any scratch on her skin and I followed their path. See now where it led. She chose wrong person for herself and at the end she had to see the cruel world more than I ever can imagine. I..Never...Let aashmi like that. I will show all the good and bad things to her and will guide her. I want her to be ASR in outer world and khushi in her own world" Khushi hugged him rounding her arms on her shoulders. She didn't miss the twinkle in his eyes. It had been long time they sat like that discussing things.

Aashmi too copied khushi trying to circle her arms around him but to fail miserably due to her small hands and flexibility.

Khushi laughed made her little hands circle his neck and she licked his cheeks when her little mouth came to contact with his cheek.

"It tickles khushi..." He giggled when she wet his cheeks with saliva.

Khushi circled her arms around both with a smile.


A pair of red eyes curled the fingers into a tight fist seeing the scene unfold. The knuckles turned white matching the eyes in intensity.

"Dreaming of a happy family ah? Let's see how you become family" Whispering the owner of the eyes disappeared.


"Don't be like di. Don't trust your husband blindly. What if the photo was true? After all I was toxicated, i did not know what happened" Arnav whispered bending in khushi ear making the whole atmosphere tense contrary to the earlier.

Her eyes dilated and her arms automatically unwounded from his shoulders. 


She saw her mobile started ringing with the same number she called few minutes before. Placing it on her ears "I am ready. What I have to do now?" She whispered clenching her fist.

"Wow... That's like a good girl. Brainwash khushi against ASR. I want them to split on their own" The voice end even before she could voice out  her doubts.

She groaned seeing the blank screen. How to separate them? How come they'll split on own when they started to smell the problem? It was a wrong move to hide the photo and envelope. Arghh...


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Jan 10

6. A bird added to the nest (By Spriya) (Thanked: 50 times)

"Why are you speaking as if you deliberately did that? I doubted you..Seeing you with someone else is something that I can never digest. So I acted like you...Act without analysing the things..." She passed letting out a chuckle and continued further "But that was until your outburst. I realised how you must have felt saw me with shyam. For your eyes that was true like my eyes were true when I saw you in that photo, when the truth was something else. Moreover I know you Arnavji, you never lie. If you deliberately did that then you'll oust me or put an facade of hate. Nothing like that happened even if it had happened it has to be without your notice and there's no point of holding any grudge against you. I believe that is what mature love is" She maturedly making him wonder how lucky he was to get an innocent yet matured partner.

"I can't remember anything. After seeing the message, I have no mood to stay there, so I thought to reach home and wait for you. Alas! My eyes blurred and head spinned when I stood up. Someone came to help me. I don't remember anything after that. When I opened my eyes this morning, I realized I was in a room and that turned out be the hotel where I attended the party" He sighed taking a breath while his brain was recalling yesterday events.

"Woh..Arnavji..That photo.." She spoke reluctantly not able to ask him her thoughts. She doesn't know is it shy or disgust?


"Pjiwjn.." Aashmi made noise seeing the two persons around her neglecting her.

"What the! Doll see mamu and mami are discussing, don't disturb us ok" He stated earning a glare from his wife.

Khushi made aashmi lie on bed and gave some toys to distract her. Aashmi being child grabbed the toy started to play with that forgetting her anger.

"This is how you should distract her" Khushi eyed aashmi whose whole concentration was on the new toy. Yep, a new toy which arnav buys for each week after getting an earful from everyone as he bought new toy everyday.

Arnav smiled and moved back with a frown when khushi tried to place her hand on his.

Khushi perplexed at his actions "Arnavji.."

"Where are we?" He purposely cleared his throat.

When khushi looked at him with same perplexion he initiated the topic.

"From your earlier actions it was sure something... Something..More intimate that photo. That's why you behaved frantically. We have to find out what had happened. I believe that's what you want to tell" He said and shuddered at his thoughts picturing himself with a women, god knows how it had taken.

He don't want to make her sad asking minute details. Even if she says the details he don't know how he's going to tolerate that, lest he think of khushi's emotions. Seeing the hesitancy on khushi's voice and her actions sometime before, he can feel the intensity. It disgust him fearing Khushi's right could've been shared. If it had happened then he can never ever face khushi. His conscience itself will kill him. And he does not want khushi to act as puppets in anyone hands, not even him. For that he'll prove the truth but if yesterday something had happened then there is no future for them. He was determined on that.

Gulping at his thoughts he added "I'll ask aman to investigate" His voice slowed down. Zillion thoughts were buzzing around his brain. Had it been old ASR, he would turn the world upside down for khushi's doubt on him. But now he believe if he can doubt her with shyam then she have right to doubt him. Fortunately or unfortunately the well-wisher did one good thing, after reading the caption he concluded some known person is getting nasty with him. That distracted him from earlier anger and frustration on khushi. He is not ready to let another shyam nor his ego in between their relationship.

Khushi's mouth zipped as arnav mentioned about intimate photo. Though she acted nonchalant while explaining to him, it hurts. It pains to realise someone is so close to him in the name of separating them. It would be better if they tried another ways, but... Like any other girl she too expected her husband's first love would be only her. Later on facing the real world especially when she fall hard for a man like ASR, she murdered few of her fantasies. Even when she slowly accustomed to his style she didn't like those parties he attends. Some of the parties would be so atrocious that too if the party was at night.

Suddenly an awkward silence filled the room. Pondering over his question earlier when he asked before di arrives, she got her answer now. If she had attended the party with him then they wouldn't have to face this issue now. No one ever tried to mess with them if they had gone as a couple. If anything happens, either of us would control the situation. Alas!!!

Arnav cleared his throat bringing her out of thoughts "I need coffee and breakfast"

Khushi snapped in worry "Oh I totally forget, wait I'll bring here or do you want to come down?"

"I'll come down" He got up and held aashmi safely in his arms.

A thought crossed his mind and he stretched his arms to halt her by arms but to bring back the instant when guilt surfaced his soul.

"Khushi.." He called her instead. She turned in dart as if she sense the guilt in his voice.

"We need to keep eye on everyone. Someone from our family is helping them. And I mean EVERYONE. No sentiments, I know when the truth is out we are going to be the most painful souls. Keep it in mind"

Khushi nodded digesting the fact that anyone could be from the family is involved.

Arnav followed her. When he was in last step anjali took aashmi from his arms without meeting his eyes. Another wave of guilt added to his collection. When he opened his mouth to speak a soft body crashed on his chest followed by a squeal.

"ASR! Good to meet you and I missed you like hell"

Khushi's eyes dilated and her brows scrunched in agitation. Her scrutinizing gaze absorbed lavanya's cosiness with arnav that too in living room. She had seen lavanya hugging arnav before when they're engaged but now it was different. She didn't expect this from her now.

She also noticed how arnav wriggle in discomfort. Dismay to his efforts of breaking the hug lavanya tightened her hold. Khushi gritted her teeth ready to pull her away from her husband. But she stopped in her tracks when arnav wounded his arms around her shoulders as she whispered something in his ears. Khushi's blood boiled seeing the closeness they share in the middle of the living room unmindful of the visitors, hell he has wife waiting for him.

After good five minutes lavanya reluctantly broke the hug.

"I missed you lavanya" He said eyeing khushi from the corner of his eyes.

"Aww...You missed me, don't lie after chamikili came you forgot me. You didn't invite me after you married" Lavanya pouted, khushi badly wanted to smack her face with something. Curling her fist she called him rather shouted gaining everyone attention on her "Arnavji...Breakfast is ready"

She glared and gestured him to follow her. He gulped visibly and glanced at lavanya before following her.

Anjali who was silent till now came near lavanya "Chotte is married Lavanyaji, moreover this is not London. You can't hug him like that before his wife. Hope you know your limits. Thankfully not everyone saw you behaving like that, be careful next time" Whispering this she made her way towards dining area.

Lavanya blinked her eyes following her.

"Hello hi bye bye..What happened phatisaari? Angrywa on morning. Arnav bituwa be careful" Mami sniffed eyeing khushi who was busy placing the vessels making a noise.

"Khushi..." Payal's loud voice brought back her to the world.

"Khushiji you seems tensed. Anything bothering you?" Anjali asked guessing it would be the result of lavanya's action.

"Woh.. Nothing di. I.." Khushi assured them covering her feeling.

"Have breakfast khushiji. Chotte why are you not saying anything?" Anjali shifted her attention to arnav who was staring his plate as if that was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Yeah khushi sit" He looked up eyeing khushi to take her seat.

Khushi tried to read his eyes while taking her seat. Like his face his eyes also void of emotions. Khushi couldn't decipher what he was thinking. She felt a change in his behaviour.

Keeping aside her thoughts she forwarded her hand in order to serve him.

"I'll serve myself" His curt voice was subsided by nk.

"Hey...Good morning di, masi, nannav, khushiji and..." Nk cheered the atmosphere by his greeting and his brow scrunched seeing the new face.

Sensing his gaze on her lavanya introduced herself "Lavanya Kashyap, ASR friend"

Nk smiled cheekily completing the handshake "Nice to meet you lavanya"

"Why all of you looks gloomy? Khushiji you too?" Nk asked  dramatically especially seeing khushi. 

"Nothing nanehji. Sit, have breakfast" 

Khushi shrugged nonchalantly.

"Di, you know yesterday me and khushiji went for a movie. Salman khan movie..."

"Stop it NK. Dining table was not for discussing, if you want to speak then do it in your room or on living room" Arnav roared out of annoyance. The more yesterday talks happen the more he got disturbed.

"Spoilt sport...You missed the fun nannav" Nk sulked taking his place beside lavanya.

"Friends..." Nk diverted his attention on lavanya.

Lavanya hesitated and glanced at arnav before accepting his offer.

"What do you do Lavanyaji?" Nk asked filling his plate while others immersed on their breakfast except arnav who in the name of eating examining others.

"Working at London AR branch" She smiled taking a morsel of food.

"Don't say me you're like ASR, my eyes and ears bleed hearing his what the!!" He mimicked making others laugh at his facial expression.

"Shut up NK" Arnav bit out the words through gritted teeth.

Nk innocently put his index finger on his mouth and what followed was another fits of laughter amidst of three restless souls.

"Even school kids are more mature than him, excuse me" He muttered excusing himself from there.

"Chotte don't forget to take medicine" Anjali shouted feeding aashmi on the meantime.

Khushi too stood up after few seconds "I'll check on him"

"Hey chamikili, empty your plate. Half of the food is still there, now I can see how you look so slim" Lavanya made her to sit back.

"I am full Lavanyaji..." Khushi tried to get up. Payal sprang up from her seat "Khushi eat, you are looking pale"

Nk snapped his head hearing the word pale. He opened his mouth ask why but cut short by anjali voice who pestered khushi too eat.


"Khushiji..." Nk called her as climbing the stairs.

Khushi who reached up stopped on her tracks.

"Any problem? You looks pale khushiji" Nk asked now reaching khushi.

Khushi fiddled with her fingers contemplating whether to share her worry with him or not. She knows whenever she is in distress nk was always there to help her. If anyone she can trust with her secrets then it was Nk. Even when arnav showed distrust on shyam matter at first, Nk trusted her without a question.

"Yes" She nodded meekly.

"Come with me khushiji, not here we can talk on garden" Nk said remembering how she looks distracted from the time they came home. He mentally slapped himself for not asking her problem earlier.

When they reached garden khushi recited whatever happened till now without delay.

"I don't know what to do nanehji. Again someone is trying to separate us. They sent a photo but it disappeared within minutes. It's hard to believe someone from our family is doing this or helping the culprit. I can't digest it...How can I look everyone with doubt? I was clueless..." She buried her face on her palms.

"Khushiji, we'll find the person. Don't cry. I was with you, we'll find the person like last time" Nk consoled placing his hands on her shoulder.

"Who can it be? Di? Nani? Mami? Mama? Aakash jeejaji? Payal jiji..No they'll not do anything like that. I don't know nanehji" A stream of tears left her eyes.

"Khushiji. What if it was shyam?" Khushi looked up in shock "How can he be? He's in jail"

"Khushi...Khushi" Payal voice alerted them. Khushi quickly wiped the trace of tears.

"Someone is calling you, You left your phone in dining table" Informing this payal handed her the mobile and left back to room as aakash is sleeping still. She have to wake him.

Khushi smiled thankfully and attended it "Hello.."

"You didn't trust the proof right. Here is another proof, and this time a live show. Go to your room, see yourself what your Casanova husband is doing- Trust this well-wisher"

The voice ended not giving her a chance to speak. Her heart galloped fearing for the worst. Nk noticed her grim expression "Khushiji.."

Khushi ignored him and started running inside like a maniac. Panting heavily she reached her room only to get horrified. If not for the hold of Nk who run behind her she must have slumped on the ground. 


What makes khushi shocked? What arnav did this time? What about your thoughts on anjali and lavanya? Will they be involved?

Stay tuned for answers!

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Jan 11

7. Clouds move away (By Spriya) (Thanked: 61 times)

Nk frowned following khushi gaze. There stood arnav and lavanya hugging each other. Arnav's one arm rested on her waist while another circled over her shoulder. Her face was buried on his shoulder and her arms surrounding him the same way as his. He gulped feeling khushi's broken state.

"Why is he acting like that? Khushiji that may be a friendly hug, don't take it wrong" Nk whispered slowly only for her to hear.

Khushi was not in the state to hear anything. If only nk came a second before he could have the chance to find the reason behind khushi's state.

"Will you please leave me alone?" She murmured in request.

"No khushiji, you're not in the state to manage yourself" He mumbled back in worry. 

"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE. CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND A SIMPLE SENTENCE?" Khushi screamed making three persons to jump at their place.

Nk looked at khushi as if she had grown horns and arnav stood thunderstuck, lavanya literally shivered looking at the fury on khushi eyes.

"I'll always be there for you" Nk mumbled left the place.

Neither khushi acknowledged his words nor she saw him walking with fallen face. Her eyes only fixed on arnav and lavanya accusing them. Her fury grew no bound when she saw lavanya hand still placed on arnav arm.

"LEAVE" She bellowed eyeing lavanya. 

Lavanya stood still with a frown and eyed arnav. When arnav squint in assurance she left the room with downcast eyes. Khushi waited until she disappeared and slammed closing the door.

Turning back with same fury she reached arnav in three strides and grabbed his collar "What the hell is happening Arnavji? What is she saying when I came? How could you hug her closely? Doesn't that right reserved for me? What is all this? Why are you behaving differently?" She screamed her queries on his face.

"You heard right. That is the truth, try to accept it. It's better we maintain our distance" He said releasing his collar from her hold and showed his back turning oher side. His mind replayed what happened few minutes back. His jaw clenched in fury.

Curling her fingers, she clenched her fist. She couldn't accept what lavanya spoke before nor she could accept arnav words. Her heart teared at the mere thought of their both words. Her tears flowing like a river without mercy. Her mind and heart recalled the words again and again.

"ASR, yesterday night it was me. It's me who helped you to reach your hotel room. I tried taking you home but you're drunk too much that I can't handle you" Lavanya spoke.

"What the!!"

"It had to happen long back but...Better than ever late" Her voice laced with happiness.

"Tell me it was wrong. You dropped me and came here right?" Arnav asked with bated breath.

"Sorry to not please you with the answer you expect. I loved yesterday night. You're one handsome hell ASR. I wish the night continued without dawn" Lavanya spoke in glee.

"How?" His voice didn't come.

"What how? It happened just like that. When I thought to leave the room you held my hand stopping me, what can I do then? I did what I felt right at the moment. When my love was reciprocated after long time how can you expect me to back off? You know I was nervous of your reaction, so I left at early morning. I am glad you remember us, I feared what if you forget what happened last night. Thank God it didn't happen" Lavanya blabbered yesterday events caressing his back.

He felt hundred deaths hearing her words. He felt as if his whole body was kept in boiler. His limbs forget its presence in his body. His brain froze on her words failing to hear what lavanya is saying.

He freaked out when he felt her lips close to her ears.

"LAVANYA" He roared but next moment his face calmed down when she hugged him forcefully and whispered something.

"Someone is watching and hearing whatever we're discussing in this room" His eyes widen and his brain came back to function mode only after her words.

She inched closer to his ear so that their talks will not be heard, still wounding his arms around his neck.

"It was me at night, but trust me nothing happened. I never betray my friends and never broke chamikili home. Someone from your family is doing this. They asked my help, when I refused they threatened me but only after few threatens I realised if not me then they'll not hesitate to contact another women. How can I let that happen? I can't trust unknown person entering into your lives destroying your life. So I willingly took the offer, in the name of favouring them I thought of collecting their details and reveal it to you. But I never know they're hearing whatever happening in your room. Either camera or transmitter is fixed here. They heard about your patch up and send me here to create misunderstanding. The message came as soon as chamikili left your room when di disturbed you. That's why I hug you on the living room told you to complete the hug. Behave as if you both are under fight. Now also chamikili is going to come here. I don't know how but she'll be here" She mumbled slowly on his ears.

All of sudden she realized she whispered on his ear for prolonged time and fear resurfaced of being caught by the culprit.

"WE LOVED EACH OTHER WHOLE NIGHT" That was the correct time khushi came running there.

Arnav brain busy processing on the new information in the mean time khushi going to slump down. When nk tried to console her and she couldn't digest the scene she shouted only then arnav and lavanya realised her presence. 

The single sentence echoed on khushi's mind again and again her heart beat increased likewise her breathing. Her body shuddered showing its intensity. Due to the running she had from the garden to the room her hairs ruffled here and there hiding half of her face. Pushing it back behind her earlobe she grabbed his arms harshly turning him simultaneously.

"You want to keep distance from me right, I will do it. But say it seeing my eyes" She shouted in rage with determination meeting his eyes.

When he downcast his face, She raised it forcefully "I asked something. Say it on my face. Say it I'll go from here, I'll never show my face henceforth" She repeated stressing each and every word.

His breath hitched, he want to shout and scream at her not to go. But what can he do when his room was under scrutiny. His ASR brain run in all directions, somehow he have to convey the truth to her. He does not have the strength to see her devastated thinking about him when it was not even in the first place.

Exhaling he forcefully grabbed her arms "Yes Miss. Gupta" He screamed on her face. Khushi widen her eyes and next instant he pushed her. Before she could regain herself he marched outwards.

Instead of feeling angry, khushi mind captured something. Without wasting time she followed him as he enter into one of the unused guest room which was located on another side of RM.

Scrunching she followed him inside. Next second what she heard was thud. When she turned back for the source and saw him standing there with open arms.

The face which void of emotions sometime before was screaming love.

"Can't you come to your laadgovernor"

As if waiting for that sentence she ran crashed into his waiting arms forgetting every thing other than his love. Her heart realised he's up to something that's why he behaved strangely.

"Why did you say like that laadgovernor? Tell me it was wrong, whatever she said was fake. Tell me.." She questioned in mumble simultaneously beating him on his chest.

"It was fake, whatever I said was a lie" He whispered tightening his hold on her as much as possible. Khushi let out a deep breath in relief hugging him as tight as possible.

"I am always yours. No one can separate us" He whispered breaking the hug.

"Then why are you separating yourself from me now" She pouted taking fistful of his shirt.

"What to do, we are running out of time" Khushi turned serious as he closed the window of the room.

"You found out something right" She asked from his back.

"Yeah. Someone is spying on our room khushi. We need to be careful"

"What??" Khushi screamed opening her mouth in shock interrupting him.

"Haan. That's why we acted like that and that was the reason I shouted at you. I am glad you have brain" He chuckled at end which she ignored.

"Tell me clearly"

He recited whatever talk happened between him and lavanya. Khushi heard everything patiently.

"According to lavanya she's the one with you. I don't know Arnavji, but I feel something is amiss. Something is not fitting on the story she said. If the photo was true then what lavanya said was wrong, if lavanya was right then photo would be wrong" Khushi said staring nothing at particular.

Arnav frowned not getting head or tail of what is she saying "What? Nothing happened means nothing happened"

"Arnavji, the photo is intimate. Don't ask me in detail. I want to speak to lavanya, only then I can trust her"

"Khushi, she is already doing favour on us..." His sentence was cut short by his wife.

"Our doubt should be on everyone Arnavji. Didn't we learnt a lesson on shyam matter. My foremost doubt was on shyam and lavanya" She said taking pause for brief time.

"So you're going to act like we're are on some fight, so that the culprit will not plan some other nasty thing" Khushi asked for which he nodded in approval.

"But I want us to act normal infact more with pda" Arnav head snapped on her direction who till now pondering over khushi words.

"Why? To give them chance to separate us? Ridiculous khushi" He dismissed the idea right away.

"It is not ridiculous. They want us get separated if we do the same then they'll keep silent and we'll miss the chance to caught them red handed. But if we act as nothing happened then the culprit will do some other thing to separate us. Surely we'll get some clue Arnavji. Trust me it'll work" She explained and waited for his answer with hope.

Seeing him reluctant to agree, she added "I am better than you in these ideas laadgovernor. I am not asking you, I am ordering you" She commanded him pointing her index finger.

He wrapped his index finger on hers, pushing it down "So you have dare to command me?"

Khushi chuckled keeping straight face "Miss. Gupta has dare to deny you but Mrs. ASR has dare to do anything ASR" She replied in the same way.

He chortled pulling her in his arms "So caught the clue?"

She twisted her mouth in reply mocking him "Is it a clue? I am flattened Mr. Raizada. You always bad at that"

He put a scorn expression at her mocking.

"What, don't make face Mr. Raizada. Who would give that as a hint? Seriously Miss. Gupta" She laughed at his face.

"I never called you like that after marriage so I thought you'll understand, see you got the meaning and followed me here. So I am successful" He explained whining like a kid.

She pinched his cheeks in glee "So sweet"

"Khushi..." Arnav whined again and the room was again filled with laughter.

"Ok, enough of teasings. Don't tell this to lavanya?" She commanded him like a jealous kitten.

"Why?" He asked in amu****t.

Having no idea about arnav thought she continued her reason "Don't share our talk and our new idea with anyone"

"Ok, It applies to you too" He agreed as he already planning to execute his wife plan.

"I did not share it with anyone" She pouted.

"Lie. You must have share it with NK right?" She nodded in reply.

"See equal, he and lavanya knows what happened till now but that was not going to be the case henceforth. I'll not share it with lavanya vice versa" He explained patiently and she accepted it without denial. 


"Payal why are you looking dull?" Aakash questioned pushing his glass up on his nose.

"Khushi is on some problem aakashji. She looks pale from the morning and I saw her in garden with nk, she cried. I don't know what it was. I think she and Arnavji had fought" Payal expressed her worry.

"They both are matured payal. They know how to handle their relationship. If it go out of hands we'll interfere until then leave it on their own" Aakash assured typing something on his laptop. While payal frowned not convinced by his answers. 




Jan 13

8. Step ahead (By Spriya) (Thanked: 57 times)

"Did you take your medicines?" Asked khushi playing with his shirt buttons. He nodded as no earning a glare from his wife.

When she turned to go out he pulled her back to him "How did you enter our room on the correct time?"

"I got a phone call" She answered releasing herself from him.

"Hmm..Who are all at home today?"

"Di, jijaji, jiji, mami, lavanya, nk. Nk was with me when the phone call came and jiji handed it to me" She replied thinking who could it be.

"Lavanya was with me. Ok so is it male or female voice?" He asked mentally noting all the details.

"Male arnavji. But anyone was paid to speak like that" Khushi twisted her face.

"Leave it, aman must have collected details. I'll call him"

Without delay he called aman who inturn said few things which made him confuse more and he passed some other orders too.

"What did he said?" She asked as soon as he cut the call.

"Lavanya was spotted at the hotel and she was correct, she is the one who helped me to reach the room but she left the premises when some paid girl entered the room" He informed whatever aman said.

"When did that girl left the room? Who was with her? I am sure someone must be there to take the photo" Khushi asked her doubts taking her seat on the bed.

"And am sure someone was following you too. Remember I got a photo of yours from theater" He added.

Khushi pursued her lips "Yeah, seems like many persons are working on the mission to separate us"

"Hmm. I am sure the culprit will unknowingly leave clues behind" He voiced out his thoughts.

"Come arnavji, I'll give your medicines" She called him out and started going out.

"I should thank the culprit" He said with a genuine smile.

Khushi turned back in question, he cleared his stance "Else we would be running in our respective works ignoring each other"

Khushi could only nod in acceptance. We only realise the value of relationship's after losing them or if any problem arrives, thankfully they realised earlier.

"Come down husband" She kissed at the corner of his lips and giggled at his shocked face before running down like a butterfly. Who cares, when her husband loves her, ready to destroy whoever plan to separate them and she trust her husband.

With a serene smile he followed her downstairs.

Khushi called HP pouring water into a glass "Hariprakashji..."

"Ji bhabhi" He made his presence and whispered politely standing in front her.

"Will you please take arnavji's tablet from upstairs" She requested with her own polite smile and he came back in blink taking arnav tablets.

"Why did you asked him? I am going to climb up anyways" Arnav asked coming out of the room.

"We're going out and I don't want you to go upstairs and dig your head on your laptop and files even in Sunday, so yeah take this medicine" She spoke as if it was already planned and forwarded her palms.

"What, we're going out. You didn't tell me. I have meetings and conference khushi" Arnav recited whatever he kept lined up for the day.

"That'll wait but not your wife. Stop wasting time else I know how to make you eat this tablet" She winked making him astounded.

Is she my khushi? Where does she hide this shade of hers till date?, He wondered.

She saw him immersed on his thoughts, thinking something she forcefully opened his jaws and pushed the tablet followed by water. Her unexpected action caught him off ground. He gulped it with difficulty as it happened in a blink.

"Done. Come, already it's getting late" She shrugged her shoulders adjusting her duppatta in its place.

Gauging her plan he agreed following her only to halt in his step when a naughty thought crossed his mind. Examining his surroundings by the corner of his eyes he pulled khushi towards him.

Before she can grasp his actions he wrapped his one arms around her waist and other at her nape.

Her body reacted instantly, her laboured breath encouraged arnav. She shuddered when her nape was pulled closer to his face. Her lips quivered when his lips were inching closer to hers.

Somehow she caught herself from being captivated "What are you doing? Someone will come" She stammered through her dilated eyes and hoarse voice.

Ignoring her pleas he placed his lips on her only to hear a loud gasp.

"Chotte..." Nani gasped in shock seeing her grandson being romantic with his wife at the entrance of the living room. Anyone can come in at anytime like she came from puja. Thankfully her grip on puja thali was strong that it doesn't kiss the ground.

Swiftly khushi pushed arnav and turned to face nani. Her eyes darted automatically in embarrassment while her fingers fidgetting with her duppatta.

More than khushi nani stood embarrassed on seeing her grandson standing proudly without tinge of awkwardness contrary to his wife who was blushing crimson red feeling shy to lift her eyes.

Feeling the silence arnav himself decided to break it "Nani, we're going out"

Nani nodded in trance while arnav dragged khushi outside unaware of a pair of eyes watching them.

"So Mr and Mrs got patch up. Not bad, romance how much you want until I separate you both. I'll make sure you go through the pain of losing your love. You've to bear whatever I am going through, I'll make sure of it" The pair of eyes which witnessed the scene scoffed in anger. 

"Arnavji what nani must be thinking? You are..." She asked in annoyance releasing her palm from his hold.

Ignoring her he took long steps back to the home. Khushi stood perplexed by his actions and followed him inside.

Nearing the entrance he slowed down his pace, taking steady steps he entered into living room keeping eye on every sides.

"Bhaiyya anything you want?" Arnav shut his eyes in dismay cursing Hp.

Opening his eyes he commanded hp temporarily dismissing him from there "Fetch my car keys"

Khushi who heard this face palmed herself 'What was the need to run like that? This arnavji na...'

Sensing her presence arnav looked back and hand gestured five minutes.

Exhaling on annoyance khushi stood  lean on a pillar. Meanwhile Arnav scanned the surroundings with microscopic eyes.

His inspection was interrupted by hp who came down taking his keys. Snatching it from him, he dragged khushi outside along with him.

The drive was so silent that their heart beat was clearly hearing outside. From the time arnav ignited the engine he was silent, it's not that he was talkative but his silence was unusual. Khushi persuaded him for his behaviour, but she doubt whether he's hearing what she was telling.

"We're back to square one" She proclaimed not able to bear the silence.

Finally, he shifted his attention to her "What?"

"What what arnavji? I am asking something from past half an hour but you're sitting like a rock" She didn't miss to show her annoyance.

He pursued his lips before uttering "Di.."

Khushi scrunched her brows in question.

"What if it was di?" He said it, finally said what was nagging from past half an hour.

Khushi jumped turning on her seat "What the!!! Do you lost your brain somewhere. No way. Di was like your mother arnavji. How could a mother wish bad for her children? If di gets an ounce if idea what you thought of her she'll break. I didn't expect this from you arnavji" She chided him not approving his thoughts.

"Then what do you expect me say when I saw di gwaking at us when I kissed you and when I entered again she limb speedily as if she's caught. If she was on her original self she must have pestered me with questions about our outing and am sure she must have tease me too. It's not easy for me to doubt her dammit. You can't even imagine what I am going through by the mere thought of di being culprit" He roared pressing the break.

Khushi lunged forward not at all prepared for this sudden break.

"We can't decide her as culprit just by this single incident" She said recomposing herself.

"Dammit!!!" He punched his fist hard on the steering wheel.

"Calm down arnavji.." She pressed her palms on his wrist inorder to calm him.

"I can't dammit. Di, aakash, payal, mami, nani lavanya, nk everyone were close to us. Suspecting everyone is not easy as said khushi. By each passing second my doubt gets increasing on everyone. It's not good for family khushi. Either one or other day it'll become a problem. Before that we've to find out" He stated with a painful expression starting his car.

"Arnavji, I want to go to temple" He nodded and turned his wheels to the destination of his wife wish.

Getting down from the car, khushi glanced at arnav calling him to come inside through her eyes. He denied nodding as no. When she pouted he can't help but to bend down to her wishes. It's the same temple which encountered their many meetings.

Together they prayed for strength, strength to face the truth. Arnav for the very first time prayed with her, prayed to make his guess wrong.

From there they went to the hotel and saw the footages.

"Aman what about her details" Arnav asked pointing at the girl details.

"Our men are following her, she'll be in our custody soon. I'll contact you as soon as she get caught" Aman his Friday man informed and gave few other collected details. Arnav silently messaged few orders to Aman without letting khushi to know.

Bidding bye they both start their journey to home as khushi is not willing to go out.

This time its due to khushi the atmosphere on the car was silent.

"Why are you silent now?" He asked taking a u-turn.

She maintain the same silence. He shakes her shoulder when she is unresponsive to few of his calls "Khushi..."

"Why they have to use another women? I seriously dislike the fact arnavji. Showing you with another women just to separate us.." She stated lost in her thoughts. All of sudden she leaped on his arm getting a clue.

"Arnavji they use women, so they want me to think bad about you not the other the way around" Her face bloomed on her new found information.

"So what, either way their motive was to separate us" He shrugged not getting what she meant.

She gritted her teeth "Arnavji.. In shyam matter you were devastated thinking about me and h..I mean he twisted the truth as he want me. But see now they want me to get devastated that means they want you. They sent an intimate photo of you to me but you got a normal photo of mine. Don't you get the connection" She pouted like a kid whose idea was evaded by his parents. 

"Khushi, it may either way around too. What if they want me to roll in guilt of sleeping with other betraying you without actually making you sad" He told another clue.

"Haann..that means shyam, lavanya was behind this" She opened her mouth in shock.

"Shyam was in jail, his background was already checked. He is not but may be Nk" He murmured earning a slap from his wife.

"Chup...He is my friend. He never think worst for us" She turned her gaze outside the window in dismay.

"Don't forget he has some feelings for you before our marriage" He pursued stopping the car inside the premises of RM.

Khushi sat in shock, 'Nanehji has feelings for me'

"Come... Don't give overwork to your non existent brain" He teased next instant Khushi opened the car ready to beat him.

He escaped in a blink and started running to escape from his pagal wife who begin to chasing him with a smile on her face.

"Arnavji stop, if I caught you...then..." She shouted through her panting breath while running and got slammed herself against a hard thing.

When she lifted her eyes she realised the hard thing was none other than her husband's back and they're now standing in the living room surrounded by whole family.

Quickly she bring her raised her hand back which are ready to beat him. Embarrassed by her actions she stood beside him with downcast eyes.

"Why are you all standing like this?" Arnav asked looking at all not able to guess why everyone was standing in a row throwing accusing glance at him.

"I never thought you'll turn out like your father" Nani's loud voice laced with disgust echoed on the hall.

"I didn't expect this from you even after experiencing several betrayals" Anjali's broken voice followed resonated in the hall.

"I thought you say bye bye to your father habits but you welcomed them hello hai hai..." Mami wept from her side.

"You're always my role model bhai but now I fear to accept it" Aakash dare to speak against arnav on his face.

Arnav and khushi stood in the middle confused with all their glances and words.

"Khushi" Payal leaped forward with a cry hugging her. While Nk and lavanya throw dagger on his sides.

"I never thought you'll do something like this nannav" Nk lunged forward clenching his fingers.

"How could you do this to chamikili?" Lavanya faked few tears but her eyes carries a genuine worry.

"ENOUGH" Arnav roared guessing something had happened in their absence.


Thank you very much for your support on previous update!!! It means a lot. Only two updates are left to finish this story. 

@Lazydoll: I am not offended dear. You'll know why this story was named as only his by last update. I am glad you shared your doubt, I got to know another view when I was in my own prespective

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Jan 14

9A. Smart, Is he? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 73 times)


The hall went silent for a minute only to gain its life back with a fuss.

"You cannot always shut us with your anger chotte. You have to answer us" Nani being the elder one came forward to solve the problem.

"If only I was made to aware of the question nani" He indifferently said trying to swallow the anger, bubbling inside him predicting that photo must have reached the family. He knows from the morning act he did in the living room will make the culprit to do something but he did not expect this soon.

Anjali forwarded an envelope. Khushi who silently watching all the incident in confusion lunged forward snatching the envelope before arnav, fearing for the worst pushing payal away in the process.

What she saw inside was the same photo which she received on the morning.

Culprit is so fast, She thought.

She showed the same to arnav and conveyed that was the same photo through eyes. Arnav examined the photo keenly for any trace of clues which he came up with none other than the thing he already knows. But still his ASR mind busy processing and calculating what should be done and who must be behind it. And when a beep escaped from his mobile he knows the culprit was just a touch away. Opening and reading the content he put it back in its previous place.

Others stood perplexed seeing her calm expression. They thought she'll be shocked and would cry.

"Khushi...Say something" Payal shakes her in fear.

"What do you expect me to tell when it was fake?" She too replied nonchalantly shocking others. 

"Khushiji, but photo" Anjali and Nk voiced out their doubt at same time. Anjali never wants anyone to go through the same fate as hers not even khushi, her brother's wife.

"It was fake di. Matter solved. Shall we move?" She said making her way towards the stairs.

Everyone gaped at her nonchalant behaviour while they devastated and cried over that photo.

Anjali stopped her on tracks by holding her arms "Don't do the same mistake as mine. Don't put blind trust on anyone khushiji. Here everyone was worried but you're behaving as if nothing big happened"

Arnav gritted her teeth seeing his di's distrust on him.

"So you trust the photo more than me. Unbelievable" Arnav yelled holding anjali arm.

Anjali pushed his arm away "You never answered chotte. After seeing the photo you're not even defending yourself, does that mean you know it already or is it true?"

Arnav was taken aback not by her words but by the fury on her eyes.

She is doubting me? She doesn't trust me. She too thinks I am like that man, Am I?

Shrugging his thoughts which are stubbornly entering into unwanted territory on an unwanted time his ASR brain suppressed the hurt arnav.

"Di when I have no problem why are you all fussing over it?" Khushi said sensing arnav hurt over di's words.

"Don't defend me khushi. Everyone who did wrong should be punished and they all think I did wrong let it be" Arnav intervened stopping her.

Nani came forward intruded their conversation "What does it mean chotte? What are you trying to tell?"

"I am telling whoever did wrong should be punished" He repeated again.

This time khushi also scrunched her brows not getting what he meant.

Khushi reached him in two strides called him placing her arms on his shoulder "Arnavji..."

"Why don't you ask it to lavanya?" He showed his hand at lavanya predicting khushi's query.

Lavanya widen her eyes when all pair of eyes landed on her.

"ME...NO!!!ASR I already confided whatever I know" She said horrified by all their accusing glance especially khushi. She stood as if swallow her in a go.

"Really?" ASR smirk returned back to his face. Leisurely he stuffed his hands on his pockets raising his brows in mocking way "Still are you going to stick that excuse?"

"Somebody tell me what is happening here" Payal asked as khushi nodded agreeing to her.

Lavanya looked at everyone before pursuing her lips "I really don't know who's behind this. But they're from your family" A cluster of gasps erupted on the hall.

"When I was in London I got a call and the caller offered me a big amount if I agree to re-enter into ASR life claiming my love this time. I denied right away. I am not a home wrecker to accept the offer. But they didn't accept my denial. Infact I started getting calls on a daily basis for a week and I was forced to accept it. I decided to work for them but favouring ASR and chamikili. According to the plan I landed at Delhi on a week before. They'll contact me only through phone. And yesterday they ordered me to go to the hotel where ASR attended the party. They made him intoxicated and I have to help him, they'll capture it and send it to chamikili and hide it from ASR before he could smell fishy, that was the plan. But I don't know what made them to change the plan, at last minute they asked me to take photos closely. I denied and fought with them when they didn't budge, I left the hotel. That was the mistake I did"

"Like planned earlier I came here in morning. As soon as I met khushi's red eyes in morning I know something terrible had happened. I decided to confront her and when I persuaded her she excused for a moment. In the meantime I got a call saying the work I denied was done already. The photo also removed from the room. I was shocked. The thing I didn't want to happen was already happened. Guessing about ASR temper and khushi's devastated state I sent di to their room to stop their fight. She too agreed and interrupted them. Guess what only after that I came to know ASR room was being spied. The culprit heard their patch up" She took a long sigh before continue her side of her story.

"Hello...hi..bye..bye..." Mami's shock didn't bother anyone.

"Once again they ordered me to act close to ASR. I seriously want to smack that culprit face, I mean I already moved on from my past and 

they again made me do the things which I dislike. Couldn't able to do it without guilty I confided it with ASR" Lavanya looked at up arnav for permission to continue but his eyes were on the person who literally sweating under the air conditioned living room.

"Enough.." He stopped her.

"Then how did you say that sentence on correct time?" Khushi asked who pictured all the scenes in her mind without lapse.

"I saw your shadow behind ASR. Trust me chamikili I didn't mean it. Whatever we're speaking in that room was already spied by someone and I didn't want to turn the situation more complex" Lavanya added quickly.

Nani slumped down on sofa, her breathing got laboured. Arnav hopped over her supporting her by shoulders. Everyone surrounded her in concern.

"What is happening in our house chotte? Isn't shyam enough now another family member is ready to destroy their family member life?" Nani whispered leaning her head on his chest.

"Khushi betiya" She called her as she extended her hands. Khushi sat beside her gaining strength to face the truth. She knows one day they've to face this day but never she thought all will start and end within a day.

"Bhai, who's the person?" Aakash found his voice after dared to accuse him without his fault.

Arnav throw a sharp glance at his side before turning to Anjali who sat with downcast eyes swallowing her worry. Sensing his gaze she lifted her head and pleaded apologetically through her eyes for doubting him.

Ignoring that he shifted his gaze to payal who inturn frowned at his gaze. Ever pair of eyes following his eye direction in a circle.

When his eyes landed on Mami in a row she jumped aside making nearby vase fall on ground "Bye bye...I am not. I am not the culprit" She swallowed her hello hi hi in anxiety.

"Arnavji why are you scaring everyone? How do you know the person? I was with you from the morning you didn't tell me anything" Her accused tone temporarily broke his gaze from mami.

"They forgot they're playing against ASR. Oops they... It's HE. He has no idea what ASR is capable of, see his game ended within six hours" Arnav stated proudly with hidden warning.

"He" Everyone gasped.

"Yup, he. Poor he, doesn't know that ASR security team was much more than what was shown. Shantivan was fully under security, camera's are placed even inside the house"

Everyone gasped in shock again, they never know camera's are inside the house. Even aakash gaped at him in terror, the security management in their home was under his control but he himself unaware of the cameras fixed inside his house.

"He placed a transmitter on my room to hear my and khushi talks, I suppose he placed it yesterday night or today morning. I know it even before I come here but momentarily forgot it on the mess. Thankfully lavanya reminded me and see now the culprit got trapped" Arnav added.

Everyone sat immobile at the revelations.

"Who?" Khushi whispered coming near him. Her heart thudded in unknown fear and anxiety.

Arnav took a brief glance at her worried eyes before pointing at his right side.

Everyone followed in a cue and whom they saw made them blank. Khushi slumped down in shock. Arnav held her in his arms. Tears one by one made through its way down her cheeks.

"Why Nanehji???" Khushi found her voice back and asked through quivering lips. Her hands hardly clutched arnav's trying to gain strength from him. 



Jan 15

9B. Conclusion (By Spriya) (Thanked: 52 times)

"Why nanehji?" Khushi's weak broken voice was the only sound resonated in that big living room, everyone was still in shock not believing their eyes.

"I thought you are my friend" She whispered through her broken voice.

"You're not in my suspicion list from the start until I saw you on the living room" Arnav spill another thought from his bucket.

Khushi darted her eyes to arnav. Seeing her questioning eyes he found himself replying to her "Morning along with di he is too there. And I asked aman to do background check on him, he confirmed big amounts are transferred from his account and traced his phone call. He is the one" Khushi lowered her eyes. Her body shivered thinking of the possible reasons which pushed Nk to do these things.

"Why Nk? Aren't we family? What made you do these things? Leave me, we never shared same page in any matters but what khushi did to you? She always consider you as her true friend. What had happened to that?" Arnav asked not able to bear the hurt faces surrounded him especially khushi. When he saw him on the morning itself, he felt doubt on him. When he guessed anjali's disappearance must be because of his outburst, he knows nk was the one yet to confirm his guess he let aman to work on him. 

For his lined questions, What he got was only silence. Nk stood silently clenching his fist. Khushi who saw him standing silent dragged her feet towards Nk.

Standing before him, she let her trembling hands to shake him for answers.

"Why did you do something like this nanehji? We're always best friends aren't we?"

Every eyes started misting at the truth of Nk being culprit. They just can't digest and believe whatever truth was unfolding before them. They just wish, someone will wake them up from their horrible dream says, it was a dream. Alas! no one woke them instead Nk himself proved them it was not a dream.

Nk pushed her arms away "No... We're not best friends. We're not. We're more than that"

Exhaling he started speaking in a meek voice which contains no fury nor anger but only hurt.

"Can't you realise we are more than friends khushiji? We get along so easily. We share same thoughts. We both are happy in each other company. We both loves desi things. We both love chatting whatever come in our way. We both are always in sync. I know when you're happy, when you're sad, when you're hurt, when you're excited, when you're annoyed, when you want to enjoy, when you want to just sit and chat along with some hot pakoras and coffee, when you want to go to movies, when you want to celebrate. Likewise you too know me. You know what I love, what I like, what I enjoy, what I adore, everything you know me. Even you like me like I do. But everything got messed by HIM" His voiced turned fury when he pointed at arnav.

Everyone froze in horror again catching the underlying meaning behind his words.

"We're so good in our own world khushiji. HE dropped in between us messing everything with his arrogance. Everytime he poked his nose in between us hurting you in the process. I would've been happy if he not insulted you. It pains here khushiji" He pointed his heart inhaling a deep breath.

Arnav looked at him in horror. Till day he had an accused feeling for Nk. He thought Nk came between him and khushi, not to forget the truth because of him he realised his feelings for khushi.

"It pains here everytime when your precious tear was wasted on this man. Every time you cried because of him, I tried to soothe you with my antics. I planned everything to propose you on new year but your behaviour made me rethink my decision. I thought to keep my feelings within me until you feel more comfortable around me. When I thought everything was on right track you went and married HIM!!!!. I was shocked khushiji, shocked to react anything. That's why I went away from here to tend my broken heart. Each time I kept asking myself what was lacking in me that you went on married the man who always hurted you in each step he takes. Why??? Why??? Why???... At a point I realised, Why would you marry him when all you both share was hate. I know he forced you to marry him else you would've denied to marry him. I flied here to rescue you but you asked my help to rescue HIM. He’s my brother before your forced husband. So I helped you to reach him. During that period somehow I connected the dots and found out shyam was behind your forced marriage. Don't you think I trust you more than HIM. When you said shyam was a cheater I trusted you without a doubt but HE did not trust you khushiji. HE doesn't deserve you khushiji. HE is not worth of your kindness khushiji. HE SEPARATED US KHUSHIJI. HE STOLE YOU FROM ME. HE CAME BETWEEN US. HE...HE IS THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING. HE IS” Nk slumped down due to the pressure his body, heart and brain undergoing. Finally, he let out his pain.

Khushi stood as if a bucket of cold water is splashed on her. Her face reflects her inner turmoil.

“So you are the one behind this photo nk bhai. But, Why did you sent photo of bhai to us? Hell, why did you took that photo in the first place?” Aakash questioned finding his voice in this tensed atmosphere.

Nk looked up with a bitter smile “Still you didn't understand aakash. HE SEPARATED ME FROM MY LOVE, IF HE SHOWED A LITTLE TRUST AND LOVE ON KHUSHIJI I WOULD'VE BEEN HAPPY THINKING KHUSHIJI IS HAPPY. BUT HE MADE HER CRY, CRY FOR EVERYDAY. IF HE DIDN'T MARRY HER LIKE THAT, BY NOW I WOULD'VE FILLED KHUSHIJI LIFE WITH COLORS. AND IT DIDN'T HAPPENED SO I REVENGED FOR MY LOVE. I WANTED HIM TO LIVE HIS WHOLE LIFE WITH A GUILT OF TORTURING A LOVING PERSON LIKE KHUSHIJI. I WANT HER TO LEAVE HIM. After shyam truth they're so busy that they themselves fought and I tried every possible way to cheer khushiji by my presence and when it gone overboard I called lavanya, ex- of HIS but when she refused to budge I threatened and took that photo with other girl. She just posed for cameras. Sending it to khushiji, I hide it before he sees it so that he’ll get angry on her for doubting him. I believed ASR anger will destroy himself but... unexpected happened. They got patch up. How can they? How can khushiji TRUST him so much when he showed nothing but DISTRUST on her? That's why I send that copy to you all. And I was the one who send HIM the photos of khushiji so that he'll realise how much unhappy she was with him. Her name was HAPPINESS but all she got after married him was SADNESS AND HURT. I want her happiness back, her cheerful nature back, her innocent antics back which she lost due to HIM”

His face drenched with tears as much as others. Only weeping and sobbing was reverberated in the room. Each family members realised how bad they're at maintaining relationships. Lot are happening in front them yet they didn't find it odd. Nk sprang forward holding khushi hands.

“Khushiji he will not keep you happy. He married you only in hate. Trust me khushiji you'll not be happy with him. I will not pressurize you to accept my love. But leave him khushiji, he's not worth of you. We'll leave India, I'll keep you happy khushiji. Trust me..” He blabbered incoherently.

Khushi doesn't know what to feel now. Should she be happy that culprit was caught? Or Should she be sad it turned out to be nanehji?

But when he said to leave arnav her heart galloped at the mere thought. She pushed his arms harshly making a distance between them.

“You gone insane nanehji. How can you assume everything on your own? Hear me nanehji, I LOVE ONLY HIM. Love doesn't always about happiness nanehji, love is a package of happiness, sadness, worry, hurt, adjustment, compatibility, desire, support, trust. I lived, felt everything with him. I know what he is. You don't need to give certificate for him. You know what even in hate he's honest with me, but you...In the facade of friendship you backstabbed me. More than him you hurt me with this act of yours. I never expected this from you, NEVER” She yelled not caring of her wounded heart.

Nk leaped forward catching her palms in his again “Why are you speaking like this khushiji? I did all this for your happiness and to release you from this jail. Your happiness matters to me a lot, which you can find only with me. Remember our days khushiji, ever you cried when you are with me? Ever we got bored in each other company? Ever we hurt each other? The answer is big NO. We're made for each other. Trust me.. you'll…” His voice was stopped middle way by none other than khushi who pushed his palms away.

I AM ONLY HIS!!! Whatever happened and happens will never change my heart. My heart and soul only belong to him, no one else…” She screamed on his face before running to her room. The hurt he created will never fade, period.

'She’ll never be mine’ His heart and mind chanted making him feel like he swallowed thousand of pills.

Everyone pitied him whilst getting angry. Love reduces anyone, anything. They saw live example now. One side arnav and other side Nk both are pros and cons of it.

“Be ready to catch next flight to Australia. Never show your face to us, NEVER. I leave you without punishment just because you are my brother. But if you try to mess with me, you'll see the worst of me” Arnav howled on him following khushi suit.

It hurts as much as shyam truth hurts. How will ever they cope up with this? How will they survive this truth? Only God will show the path.

“Pass my sorry message to khushiji” That's what they heard from him last.

Only good thing happened was arnav and khushi realised how important husband and wife relation was.

Life was unpredictable as emotions. Suppressed, Unexpressed emotions will always reflect badly. Nk’s unexpressed love failed to capture khushi’s love for arnav. Instead of burying it alive, if he let out aloud or accepted the truth wholeheartedly this would've been saved!!!

As true as emotions are strong as convertible. Time will have all the answers. Maybe Nk will be back to his original self if he found his soul, May be khushi will accept him back as her friend, Maybe a day will come when nk will call arnav as nannav again,Maybe a day will arrive when nk find his revenge stupid, Maybe time will erase these bad thoughts. Maybe..Maybe... Time was the only medicine!!!!



I ended here as this was the end of the theme I thought when  asked me to write something being Nk as culprit. We just tried to explore a part which very few writers did and that's why NK was culprit. We always saw him as a good soul so a little change.

Like said in end, time will change anything. So the rest you can imagine whatever you wish.

It was supposed to be a two shot but by your support I reached here. I don't have any plans to continue this.

Hope you guys are satisfied with the ending!!!!And liked the story!!!

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