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May 23

The Boss is Back (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 94 times)

The Boss is Back





“Hey” Ivan greeted as he sat near Arnav.

“Ivan...” Arnav said, “I was thinking...why we don’t visit AR fashions?”

“As Aaron or as Arnav?”

“As ASR” Arnav said smiling.

“Sure. But why?”

“I want to get a glimpse of my life as ASR. May be a walk in ASR’s den might help me?”

“But haven’t Khushi and Akash changed your cabin?” Ivan frowned, “They are the CEOs right?”

Arnav nodded and said, “But I’ve heard that most of the employees there are still the old ones. They might recognize me”

“Okay, let’s do it!” Ivan said smiling.

“Let’s go!” Arnav stood up and Ivan chuckled, “Wait!”

Looking at his brother from head to toe Ivan said, “As far as I have heard, ASR is a man of suits! He has never walked into AR without wearing a suit.”

Looking down at his casuals Arnav smiled, “Time for some makeover!”





The security guard at the entrance of AR frowned seeing a sleek black Audi stopping before him. It was already informed that Khushi mam and Akash sir won’t be coming. If so, then who is this? Ah why should I open the door for him/her? Not my boss, not my problem! The security thought and resumed to the video he was watching in his mobile.

“Ah so this is how you do your job huh? I’m just a second away from firing you, ****head!”

A familiar voice boomed and the security guard gasped.

No! It’s not him, is it!

The mobile slipped from his hand and he slowly looked up.


It’s him!

After four long years, he is here!


“ASR” he stuttered.

“Yeah, ASR” Arnav said glaring at him, “When someone comes to AR, isn’t it your job to enquire who they are and what they are here for? Is this how you do your job? How about I confiscate that ****ing mobile of yours and reduce your salary such that you can never buy a mobile in your life?”

“I’m....sorry sir....please forgive me....” the guard cried.

Arnav looked at his name tag and said, “Ramdev, don’t you know that ASR doesn’t give a second chance?”

“Sir please sir....I’ve two kids...please don’t fire me...please....” the guard cried and Arnav said, “Fine. Now listen, I should see you doing your job properly and if I get one single complaint that you are not doing it well, you can kiss good bye to your job!”

“Yes sir” the guard saluted and Arnav looked at Ivan who said to guard, “What are you looking at? Open the door for THE boss!”

The guard flustered and opened the door of AR and bowed down, “Welcome back sir!”

“Thank you Ramdev” Arnav said smiling and he entered the office with Ivan trailing him.

“That was good! Impressive ASR” Ivan whispered and Arnav chuckled. “I like this. Being ASR isn’t that bad!”

“You do realize that you are being yourself!” Ivan whispered and Arnav whispered back, “If only I could bring back my memory. ASR definitely act like this right?”

“I think so. Your behaviour out there matched Aman’s description of ASR”

“I wish he was here!” Arnav whispered and Ivan whispered, “He is safe! You know he is.”



They walked to the reception and looked at each other. Rolling his eyes Arnav walked up to the reception desk, to the makeup clad woman who was busy with her nails.

Ivan tapped the desk and asked, “Can I meet your boss?”

“Boss is on leave” she replied not once looking up from the nails.

“Your nails aren’t half that good as you think it is!”

The woman stopped doing her nails and cried as she looked at the men, “MY NAILS ARE BEAU......”


Isn’t this the same person her colleague told her about? Since the day she had joined here an year ago, she was told about the previous boss of AR. The cold, the ruthless, the arrogant...the ASR.


“Sir......” she stood up.

“Smitha right?” Arnav asked and she nodded yes.

“Married?” Ivan asked and she nodded no

“Kids?” Ivan asked and Arnav chuckled. She flushed and nodded yes.

“Ah” Arnav said, “How many?”

“One girl sir. She is 2!”

“Good” Arnav said smirking, “And let me guess, the nails are being done for your 2 year old girl’s father?”

Smitha blushed and nodded yes.

“Aww...sweet” Ivan cooed.

Arnav smiled and said, “’s so sweet that you are grooming up yourself for your beloved. I wish you a romantic path ahead. I know it requires a lot of planning and preparation but...MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF THOSE STAYS OUTSIDE THE PREMISES OF AR. YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR BEING A RECEPTIONIST NOT FOR SHOWING OFF YOUR NAIL SKILLS! IF I SEE YOU WITH ANY MAKE UP PRODUCTS WHILE YOU’RE BEHIND THAT DESK, YOU’RE SACKED! DO YOU GET ME?”

“Yes sir” she whispered and looked down.


The phone rang at reception and the girl looked at Arnav.


“Sorry sir” she said in a meek voice and took the call. “Hello AR office. How can I help you?”

Although the reception was a separate area from the main office interior, Arnav’s shout had reached every nook and corner of the building and made sure that it’s reverberated back to each and every employee’s ears.

And everyone knew it before they even looked up from their desks.

He is back!

May 31

ASR is showing up (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 109 times)

ASR is showing up





After bidding bye to Ivan who dropped him at RM, Arnav walked inside the mansion. It was late at night. After their fun at AR Ivan had suggested to go to a club and the brothers (as Ivan likes to call him) partied hard.

“Welcome back”

Arnav stopped hearing the stern voice and bit his tongue seeing Khushi, Anjali and Akash in the living room.

“Ah you guys didn’t have to stay up late. Me and Ivan usually go to these late night parties and....”

“Aman is missing!” Khushi hissed, “Police are all over Delhi searching for him. Me, Akash, Jiji and di are hell worried about him, praying that he is alive. And here, his two best friends are partying like animals!” she shouted.

Arnav looked down and said, “Sorry”

Khushi shook her head and walked away. Anjali followed her.

“Heard that you went to AR today” Akash said crossing his arms.

“Yes” Arnav said.

“But you don’t remember anything. Why did you go to office then?” Akash asked.

“To get a glimpse of my past life!” Arnav said and walked to the stairs.

“And did you get a glimpse?”

“No” he said.

“It’s an office bhai. We cannot have unnecessary people walking in and out!” Akash said.

Arnav stopped walking and turned back. “It’s my office!”

“It is ASR’s office” Akash said calmly.

“Just because I don’t remember my past life doesn’t mean that I’m not yours and Anjali di’s brother Arnav Singh Raizada!” Arnav said angrily.

“You don’t realize it bhai!” Akash said, “You don’t remember anyone or anything from your past. Anyone can manipulate you. If the word goes out that you are in office then our rivals might approach you as allies and you might fall for it. I don’t want to see AR’s downfall that’s all!”

“You’re right. I don’t remember anyone but it’s good if you remember that I still have the brain of ASR and ASR can’t be fooled!” Arnav said harshly.

“Says the person who believed Siddarth Jha was Shyam Manohar Jha! Accept it bhai. You have the brain of someone you don’t even know. An empty useless brain!” Akash scoffed.

“Yes I was fooled. Come on everyone makes mistakes!”

Akash scoffed and looked away. He then said, “Now look. I don’t like to use this tone to you bhai, but I have to. Please don’t come to AR again. It’s for the best! And don’t puzzle your brain on things where you can’t help.”

Arnav smirked and said, “There is one thing to remember brother mine. Never underestimate ASR” and he walked away while Akash looked at him flabbergasted.





“I’m sorry” he said holding his ears.

Khushi looked up from the file and then resumed back to the work.

“Khushi” he cried and sat near her on the green recliner, “I’m sorry. Forgive me”

Khushi kept mum and turned the page of the file. Arnav sighed and kept silent observing her.

Ignoring the person sitting next to her and his apologizing tactics Khushi buried her brain in the file which had the statistics of AR for the past few months.

The merging with Denkins has increased the orders for AR fashions and workers are unable to meet the requirements. There is a call for more employees but that would mean more expenditure for the company. This calls for a need for increasing the efficiency of existing employees.

But they are already working hard from 9 to 6. How can I ask them to work more? Khushi sighed.

“There is an idea” Arnav said and Khushi turned to him. It was only then she realized that he was reading the file.

“What?” she asked.

“Err...” he frowned, “This problem...increasing employee efficiency...I feel like I’ve done this before....”

Khushi’s face lit up. “What did you do? What step was taken?”

Arnav took the file from her hand and went through it. Khushi looked at him frowning at the file and bit her lips. Does he remember something? Wow, this would solve the problem at AR and Arnav ji will be one step closer in getting his memory back.

“Time” Arnav whispered, “Yes...adjust the clock!”

“Clock?” Khushi frowned.

Arnav looked at her and said, “There is a main clock at AR which rings at 9 am. Then at 12.30 am and 1.30 am the break time and finally at 5 am. Adjust the clocks such that it would ring at 8.58 am, 12.32 pm, 1.28 pm and 5.02 pm!”

Khushi scoffed and said, “How would that bring profit?”

Arnav kept the file at the desk and said, “By adjusting clocks we have saved 8 minutes a day. That means 32 minutes per month. AR has thousands of employees. Calculate the work done by all of these employees in those 8 extra minutes and then you’ll know!”

Khushi gaped at him and he shrugged, “Time management! Basics Khushi....these are the alphabets of business!”

“ASR is showing up” Khushi whispered and he smiled, “I remember it! asking Aman to adjust the clocks”

Khushi’s eyes glistened and she nodded.

“He understood it and patted my back” Arnav smiled, “I remember that moment!”

“Step by step” Khushi said smiling, “You’ll remember everything”

Arnav smiled and then said cheekily, “Since I’ve solved your problem, will you forgive me?”

“Now Aaron is showing up” Khushi groaned.

“Don’t you love Aaron?” he asked pouting.

“Of course I do!” Khushi laughed.

“Then give Aaron a hug” he said widening his arms.

“NO” Khushi said.

Arnav frowned and Khushi said, “Arnav ji wouldn’t like it!”

Arnav laughed and said, “Leave him. Come to Aaron. Don’t you love him?”

“Hmm...Aaron is not a bad choice. After all Arnav ji was a laad governor!” Khushi said crossing her arms.

“Aha” he said, “Come here” Khushi smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

Arnav buried his face in her hair and inhaled the scent. “This seems familiar” he whispered and nuzzled his nose to her neck. Khushi hummed and slid her arms up to his back.

“Please don’t give up on me” she whispered.

“I won’t” he whispered and hugged her tighter.

She pulled out of the hug and asked, “Are you doing this because you feel bad for me or guilt for what has happened?”

He frowned and she said, “You know that you are Arnav Singh Raizada, my husband.  You don’t remember me. You don’t remember our moments and promises. Yet you’re our room with me! You don’t have to do this!”

He smiled and said, “You know that I don’t remember you. You know that I don’t remember being Arnav. Yet you’re here in this room, sharing a bed with me. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”



“Because you’re mine!” she cried.

“Same” he whispered, “Because you’re mine!”

She smiled and he cupped her face. Moving his face close to her, he whispered, “I’m still the same person you fell for.”

“But Arnav was not like Aaron” she whispered.

“Arnav have faced many incidents that made him tough. Aaron doesn’t have any. Aaron or heart beats for you and just for you... I have lost my memory but not my feelings.”

“Arnav...” she whispered and clutched his shirt collar.

“I love you” he whispered and bent down to kiss her.



Jun 4

Who would it be? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 103 times)

Who would it be?





“I wanna say something”

Arnav announced at the dining table. Payal stopped serving Akash. Anjali looked up from her plate. Mami looked at him and Khushi kept down the glass of milk she was trying to make Ayan drink.

“I want to join AR. No...let me rephrase that. I wanna come back to AR” he said firmly.

“As ASR?” Khushi asked and Arnav nodded.

“NO” Akash said and everyone looked at him, “You don’t remember anything”

“But I can look after the office. I have the brain of ASR” Arnav said shrugging.

“But Chotte” Mami said frowning, “You don’t know who your rivals are and they might take advantage of this”

“She is right” Anjali said, “Although I would love you going back to AR, this might be dangerous!”

“But I want to do this” Arnav cried, “I’m trying my best to rewind my memory and my family is shutting all the doors for me. Please give me a chance. Nothing will go wrong. I’m not asking for the CEO chair I used to have. Akash and Khushi are the CEOs. I want to join and learn business. This might help me to get my memory back!”

Everyone looked down and Akash said, “Fine. You can AR. But before taking any office decision please consult me or Khushi!”

Arnav nodded and Akash smiled, “Fine then! Welcome back ASR!”

Khushi smiled and Arnav nodded.





“WHAT? YOU’RE CLOSING THE CASE?” Anjali screamed and Akash pinned her down to the chair.

The inspector sighed and said, “We did everything we can. There’s no trace of Mathur”


“I’m afraid he is dead!” inspector said.

“If he is,” Arnav said, “Where is his body?”

Inspector looked down and Arnav said, “I’m gonna file a habeas corpus. Dead or alive, we need Aman Mathur!”

Arnav stood up and looked at the family, “Let’s go!”

Everyone stood up and followed him but not before glaring at the police inspector.





“What if he’s really dead?”

Akash, Khushi and Payal had walked forward and Anjali walked slowly with Arnav. Arnav looked at his sister who asked the question with a quiver.

He didn’t have an answer for that. “He’ll be fine” yet he said for his sister.

“He is not” Anjali said slowly, “If he was he would’ve called! He is somewhere out there unable to contact us....may be locked up...may be dead!”

“He cannot leave us. That’s not Aman! He never quits!” Arnav said.

Anjali sighed and wrapped an arm around Arnav’s arm. Leaning on his shoulder they walked slowly. “I just want him back. I cannot lose him again!” she whispered.

“Did anyone know about your affair?” he asked.

“Yes” she said and looked at him, “My brother knew. He had confronted me!”

“Akash knew?” Arnav asked surprised.

“No my other brother!” Anjali said smiling, “I used to call him Chotte!”

Arnav stopped walking and looked at her shocked.

Anjali chuckled and said, “You look like the same when you found out about me and Aman!”

“But Aman said that ASR, that’s me, never knew!” Arnav cried.

“You came to know about it a day before your marriage with Khushi, which never happened. You were to have a don’t hurt my sister talk with Aman right after your marriage! But that too, never happened!” Anjali said smiling sadly.

And she walked away.

Arnav stood still.

I was about to talk to Aman about his relationship with di.

Sidharth Jha stopped Aman from contacting the family about my accident. He blackmailed Aman and that made him take me away to America. But why Aman?

Why did Sidharth target Aman? He could’ve let Aman call Akash or anyone to hospital and then blackmail that family member. Or he could’ve just killed me right there! Ah he didn’t because I lost his memory.

No, something doesn’t add up together!

Why was it Aman? Why not anyone else?

Not because he is my PA and best friend, NO!

“And one more thing. I’m not alone in this quest of ruining Raizadas. Someone is paying me!”

Sidharth’s dying words bounced in his ears.

Someone was paying him! Someone who doesn’t want me, Arnav, to be back in Khushi’s life or to be clear, in Raizadas’ lives.

He or she doesn’t want me to be back as ASR.

But then, why Aman?

I was about to talk to Aman about di. This means, that if I accept Aman in the family then Aman becomes one among Raizadas.

Then a piece of Raizada property goes to Aman too.

This person whoever he or she is, doesn’t want ASR back because the property is under his name. He didn’t want me to talk to Aman because he didn’t want Aman to be in the family.

Sidharth wanted revenge. His employer wanted property!

Arnav gasped.

That means, whoever paid Sidharth is one among Raizadas!

One among them who would be benefited by Arnav’s absence.

He did not want Arnav’s absence alone....he wanted Aman away too. Two reasons; One, Aman might get a share of property if Anjali marries him; Two, Aman had a great hold at AR Fashions. This will not give the other person a chance to grab office.

He wanted Anjali and her property to stay intact with him. He wanted AR fashions with him. He wanted to be the sole bread winner of the family! He wanted to be the ASR and take away everything ASR had!

“Bhai, you coming?” Akash called from the car and Arnav stared at him.

“Yes” Arnav said and got into the car in the passenger seat.

Heard that you went to AR today. But you don’t remember anything. Why did you go to office then?

Please don’t come to AR again. It’s for the best!

He looked sideways to Akash who started the car and concentrated on the road. He then looked out of the window and wondered.

If he wanted property and AR, why did he make Khushi as co-CEO along with him then?

Why give Khushi a position at RM even though she is not my legal wife?

Why did...

“Are you okay?” Akash asked and Arnav looked at him.

“You look disturbed Chotte” Anjali said from back seat.

“Akash” Arnav asked looking at his brother, “If you could be like anyone, who would it be?”

Akash chuckled and said, “You. I have always wanted to be you!”

Everyone smiled and Khushi said, “You are. When Arnav ji was away, you took care of everything he was handling. And you did a good job!”

Akash smiled and looked at the road. Arnav stared at him and his words bounced in his ears.

I have always wanted to be you!

He didn’t want to be LIKE ASR. He wanted to BE ASR.

He didn’t want an empire like his brother. He wanted his brother’s empire!


Jun 6

I Don’t Like Him (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 88 times)

I Don’t Like Him





“Do you think you can spend your whole life with that woman even after knowing that her aunt is the reason why you and your sister became orphans?” Dadi screamed and he sighed.

“Yes. I can and I will. Because Garima aunty is not at fault. It’s your son’s fault. He played with two women!” Arnav said.

“You’re a fool. That middle class girl has you wrapped around her fingers!”

“No, Shyam has your wrapped around his fingers” Arnav said smirking.

Dadi looked at him shocked.

“What did you think, I would never find out that Shyam brought you here from aashram? You’ve underestimated your grandson dadi!” Arnav said crossing his arms.

Dadi gulped and Arnav said, “Now I’m going to the mandap to marry the woman I love and to expose the two leeches who are trying to ruin my family – you and your favourite son-in-law!”

Dadi smirked and said, “You think exposing would be enough? You would never get hold of our third one. The mastermind!”

“Who?” Arnav frowned.

“Aren’t you the great ASR? Find it” Dadi smirked.


Arnav gasped and sat up.

Sweat beads formed in his forehead.

“Arnav ji?” Khushi called out and sat up, “What happened? Bad dream?”

“I saw.....a woman....dadi...I called her dadi in the dream!” Arnav whispered.

“What did she say?” she asked.

“Nothing” he whispered and got out of the bed. “I need some fresh air” he said and walked out of the room. Khushi sat on the bed and watched him leaving.





So that was dadi. Arnav leaned on the terrace railing. He called the woman dadi. So it was the before wedding fiasco where dadi revealed Garima’s deeds before him. He recalled Hari Prakash telling him about the chaos she created at the wedding hall.


He turned and saw Akash standing at the terrace door with a frown, “Why are you up so late?” he asked Arnav.

“Why are you up so late?” Arnav asked back.

“Had some files to look into” Akash said smiling and walked to him. He stood next to his brother and said, “You said you wanted to be back at office right? I was thinking, why don’t you start with preparing a report?”

Arnav looked at him and Akash said, “The statistics of last few months had been submitted and a detailed report has to be made. It’s usually done by Khushi’s PA. But why don’t you do it? By that way you can learn about the past few months performance of AR and some “ASR level” suggestions might come up in your brain!”

Arnav smiled and nodded, “Sure”

“It’s good to have you back brother” Akash whispered and Arnav looked at him. His eyes spoke honesty and Arnav nodded smiling.

“Earlier this morning you said you wanted to be me. Why did you say that?” Arnav asked.

“’re perfect. I’ve adored you right from my childhood” Akash said smiling, “Your way of handling things, taking care of your family....I wanted to be you! You’re my idol, my big brother whom I always look onto!”

“And you hated Aman” Arnav stated.

Akash chuckled and said, “Jealousy. Not hatred. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t be as good as you nor him. If you were the perfect boss then he was the perfect PA. I was so jealous of him because it was him whom you would turn to. Any problem? You took your cell and dialled Aman. From your morning coffee to your honeymoon destination, everything had Aman Mathur’s influence. I wished to be in his position. I wished you would turn to me!”

“I’m sorry I...”

“No it’s fine” Akash smiled, “I can never be Aman. I realize it now. The sacrifices he made for you..I can never imagine myself doing that. He is the best friend one can ask for!”

Arnav smiled and nodded. Akash smiled and stifled a yawn. “I’m sleepy” Akash said, “Goodnight bhai!”

“Goodnight” Arnav said smiling.

Watching his brother go, his brain screamed.

It’s not him! The third one on the list....It’s not Akash!

But then...who?





If it was alarm clock which woke up Arnav every morning, this morning it was different. Arnav sat up on the bed startled and looked at Khushi who sat up as well. Scrunching her brows she looked at the door which had a person pounding on it from the other side.

“Khushi ji! WAKE UP!”

A familiar voice screamed and Khushi gasped. A smile lit her face and she looked at Arnav happily.

Meanwhile Arnav frowned hearing the unfamiliar yet familiar voice and looked at Khushi raising his eyebrows.

“Nanheji” she whispered.


Ignoring his question, Khushi ran to the door and opened it. “Khushi ji” “Nanheji!”

Arnav gaped at Khushi hugging another man. A familiar feeling of jealousy crept into him. Who is this guy? Why does he seem familiar!

“Khushi ji I’ve missed you so much. You don’t even....” the guy stopped his rant when his eyes fell on the person sitting on the bed.

He gasped and looked at Khushi. Khushi smiled and nodded.

“Nannav!” he cried and ran to Arnav. “You’re back! NANNAV IS BACK!” and he jumped on Arnav.

Arnav gaped as the guy hugged him tight and clinged onto him like a monkey. “Move away!” he cried and pushed him away. “Who are you?”

A wave of shock passed the guy and he looked at Khushi. Khushi bit her lip and said, “Nanheji he has...memory loss!” she craned her neck to Arnav and said, “This is your cousin. Actually Akash’s cousin. Nandkis****. Everyone calls him NK”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that Nannav is back?” NK asked Khushi, “You just called me and asked me to come back soon!”

“I couldn’t tell it over phone” she said smiling. Looking at Arnav and said, “He and you used to be....well tom and jerry. He was the jerry who always irritated you!”

“No wonder I dislike you” Arnav muttered looking at the guy. He shouldn’t have hugged Khushi. Arnav muttered to himself. I don’t like this guy!

“Chill Nannav, although your memory is zero your anger is at its peak!” NK laughed and punched Arnav’s stomach.

“What the” Arnav cried and clutched his stomach.

“And your what the too” NK added.

“Can you move out of the room because I want to freshen up?” Arnav asked politely with a rude face.

“You’ve a washroom for that” NK said smirking and pointed to the washroom, “Go ahead....ah you want Khushi ji to join you?” he turned to Khushi, “Khushi ji your husband needs a morning dosage!”

“Nanheji” Khushi hissed with her cheeks red.

“What the” Arnav cried at the same time. “Get out of here. Why is this guy inside our bedroom?” he asked Khushi who shrugged.

“Because I’m your brother and hers too” NK said laughing. He blew a kiss to Arnav and said, “Later Nannav. Khushi ji, do give him a relaxing massaging session. He needs it!”

“Shut up” Arnav said.

“Get out” Khushi said at the same time.

“He needs it” NK said as he walked outside.

“NO I don’t” Arnav cried.

“Yes you do” NK said and closed the door.

Khushi looked at him and raised an eyebrow with a smirk, “You do?”

“Oh god” Arnav groaned and covered his face with his palms.

NK! Nanheji! Nandkis****! Whatever!

I don’t like him! Arnav decided.



Jun 6

A Drive Down The Lane (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 127 times)

A Drive Down The Lane





“Got your massage?” NK asked plopping near Arnav on the couch. Arnav ignored him and continued reading newspaper.

“Massage?” Akash asked from opposite couch frowning.

“Yeah, Nannav wanted.....” NK began when Arnav hit him with the newspaper, “Shut up” he growled.

“Aww....Nannav mere bhai, you are still the same tiger!” NK said laughing.

Akash shook his head and said, “Nannav.....errr...bhai”

NK burst into laughter and Arnav glared at Akash.

Akash bit his tongue at the slip and said, “The police inspector had called. He promised to reopen the case and requested you not to file a habeas corpus”

“What is habeas corpus?” NK asked.

“It’s a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court!” Arnav said, “Corpus means body. Dead or alive, the person’s body has to be brought before the court!”

“You mean....Aman is dead?” NK whispered, “Khushi ji told me everything. Sidharth Jha and stuff....”

Arnav took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know. I really wish that he is okay. He just disappeared from earth”

“Di would be broken” Akash whispered and both his brothers looked at him, “I really wish that he comes back. I have never seen her that happy like she was when you and Aman came back.”

“Don’t worry” NK chirped and attempted to rise the mood, “Everything will be alright. We all have suffered enough for the past four years. Things can go wrong now!”

Arnav nodded and Akash smiled.

“So when can I meet Ivan Bosch, your charming brother as mami described!” NK asked laughing and Arnav smiled. “He’ll be here soon!” he said.





“I love this!” NK sang and Akash and Ivan laughed.

“It’s been long that I’ve enjoyed this much!” NK said and looked around the car. Arnav was driving with Akash next to him telling him the way. Ivan and NK sat in the backseat. In the span of few minutes, NK had grown fond of the American and requested him to join the brothers’ dinner.

“Right” Akash said.

“Yes Akash, thanks that you agree with me” NK said smiling.

Akash turned back and said, “I was just telling bhai to turn right!”

Ivan chuckled and NK huffed.

Akash turned back and frowned at the road. “Bhai I said right!”

“Yes this is right!” Arnav said rolling his eyes.

“Oops, I meant left!” Akash said biting his tongue.

“What the!”

Ivan and NK burst out laughing and Arnav sighed.

“Akash do you even know the way to this so called restaurant?” Arnav asked

“Yes I do!” Akash cried.

“God!” Arnav groaned and shifted the gear to reverse.

He drove towards left and increased the speed in the lonely road and Ivan frowned, “I don’t think we would have a restaurant here Akash. It’s too isolated!”

Akash face palmed and said, “I’m sorry I think it was right!”

“Akash” everyone cried.

Arnav stopped the vehicle on the roadside and looked at his brother who smiled sheepishly.

“Do you have your mobile?”

“Yes bhai”

“Jio connection?”

“Yes bhai”

“Do you have network here?”

“Yes bhai”


Akash jumped and took his mobile. Switching on maps he said, “Yeah, it was the previous road. Right!”

“Right” Everyone said nodding.

Arnav sighed and turned the vehicle.



Arnav drove the vehicle and smiled at his brothers’ banters in the backseat. Ivan and NK has become best buddies. And spending a whole day with NK....he doesn’t seem bad. He is nice but irritating, yes. And he shouldn’t be so close to Khushi. She is mine dammit!


Arnav smiled. It sounded so right!

My Khushi!

“And Khushiji said that....” NK voice reached his ears.

Arnav groaned. Everything about this guy is perfect except the fact that he cannot say a sentence without Khushiji in it. Arnav knows that they are just brother and sister but still..still.....

“BHAI WATCH OUT!” Akash cried and Arnav gasped seeing a woman before him. He pressed the brake as a reflex and the vehicle screeched a stop. NK and Ivan rushed out of the car and so did Akash.

“Are you okay?” they asked the woman. She dusted off her heavy sari and looked at Arnav who was still inside the car.

“Andhe ho kya” she screamed at Arnav and looked at the three boys.

“We’re sorry. Aap thik tho hai na?” NK asked and she nodded.

While his brothers tended to the woman and helped her carry her vegatables that fell on the road, Arnav sat still gripping the steering wheel.


“Khushi must be waiting” he murmured to himself, “Go fast Arnav, go fast!”

Increasing the speed he rushed his car through Bantra road, the shortcut to the wedding hall.

Suddenly he saw a woman.

“****!” he cried and pressed his foot to brake. The vehicle screeched stop just few cm from the woman.

He got off the vehicle and gasped seeing her.

“You cannot go to the wedding hall!” she said.


“Bhai” Akash jerked him.

Arnav gasped and looked around. Akash, NK and Ivan was back in the car and he looked outside to find the woman he was about to hit walking away.

“Is she okay?” he asked.

“Yeah” they said.

Arnav took a deep breath and started the car.

“Ivan” he called out and Ivan looked at him.

“When you found me trapped inside the car that you remember the surroundings?” he asked.

“Aman said that the road was named Bantra road” Ivan said.

“No the surroundings. Did it have any lamp post or trees around or something like that?”

“The whole road was surrounded by forest in both sides. Where your car laid....umm...let me there were no posts or anything. just a road and forest in both sides!” Ivan said.

Arnav nodded and drove.

The place he saw just now in his flash of memory was not as Ivan described.

Yes it was just a road and forest around but he distinctly saw a lit lamp post when he screeched his car stop.


Before getting into accident, he met her.

He had a conversation with the third person before the accident.

Now he knew who the person was.

But the question is what did they talk?

And why did she do it?


Jun 10

Arnav? Nah.....Annav (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 105 times)






“Are you sure?” Ivan asked.

Arnav nodded and sipped the coffee.

Ivan took a deep breath and said, “So you gonna confront her?”

“Gotta ask Aman before I do something!” Arnav said.

“Ah yes” Ivan said taking his cell, “He had called this morning. Must say your future-brother-in-law is hell impatient!”

Arnav chuckled.


“And one more thing. I’m not alone in this quest of ruining Raizadas. Someone is paying me!” he said.

Arnav opened his mouth to ask something but no voice came up his throat.

“You’ll never know who! And I won’t tell anyone who it is! Good bye ASR. Good bye Ivan! Continue your journey without your third musketeer!” And with that Siddarth pulled the trigger to his own forehead.

“NO!” Ivan cried and Arnav gasped.

Arnav rubbed his face and turned to go when Ivan cried, “Arnav, his phone is ringing”

Arnav took Siddarth’s phone and switched on the loudspeaker.

“Hello boss, we’ve shifted the guy to AR’s godown in Andheri as per your orders”

Arnav cut the call and Ivan said, “AR’s godown! So the person who is paying Siddarth is...”

“One among Raizadas” Arnav whispered.

“Let’s go get Aman!”Ivan said.





“Are you sure?” Aman asked gaping.

Arnav nodded, “I’ve been getting flashes of memory. I’m damn sure it’s her!”

“How could she? I mean, why would she?” Aman cried and took the chicken from KFC bucket.

“Ivan” Aman called out, “Where’s the pepsi!”

Ivan placed the pepsi bottle before Aman who cried, “Where are French fries? Are you a total idiot! You brought me KFC bucket chicken with pepsi but without FRENCH FRIES!”

“We had French fries” Arnav said slowly, “Err...we ate it” Ivan smiled sheepishly and Aman gasped.

“You. Ate. My. French. Fries” he said angrily, “MY FRENCH FRIES”

“Shut up Aman,” Ivan cried, “We’re worried about this person and trying to figure out why she did and you are....well creating tantrums for French fries!”

Arnav shook his head and Ivan said, “He’s been very cranky lately!”

Aman pouted and said, “I miss Anjali. How is she?”

“Not good” Arnav said, “I really want to tell her that you’re safe but....”

“I know” Aman said sighing.

“She had been visiting that house you bought. Where you and her were planning to move in!” Ivan said and Aman nodded.

“Don’t worry” Arnav said patting his back, “Everything will be alright!”

Aman whispered, “Let’s hope so! I don’t want to lose her again. Not anymore!”

“We’re relatable” Arnav said smiling.

“Arnav, Aman are you sure that hiding Aman’s whereabouts will make her come out of her cocoon she is hiding?” Ivan asked taking a sip of pepsi.

“Yes and give back my pepsi” Aman scolded and snatched the bottle back.

Arnav nodded and said, “Thanks to the police inspector who are helping us out. Damn, he is a great actor. Always manages the Raizadas with the same excuse No developments. We’ve done everything we can!”

“Me missing would caution her!” Aman said, “She would act without thinking and that’s what we’re waiting for since we didn’t knew who she/he was. But now that we know who the person is, what are we gonna do next?”

“Corner her! Wait for her to act and corner her from all directions!” Arnav whispered.





Arnav tickled Ayan who was in his lap. The baby boy giggled and held on to his uncle’s arms. “Arnav bolo Arnav” Arnav said smiling.

“Annav” Ayan said cutely.

“That’s my boy!” NK cried and jumped with joy. “Ayan say it again”

“Annav” Ayan said again and kissed Arnav’s cheek.

“Annav nahi baccha, Arnav....ARNAV...” Arnav said sighing.

“Annav” Ayan said innocently.

“Nannav, you’re gone! Finally, somebody is gonna continue my legacy! Ha ha!” NK cried and patted Arnav’s shoulder.

“Ayan baby, come here....” NK forwarded his arms.

Ayan shook his head and buried his little body into Arnav’s shirt, “Ayan lubs Annav”

“Aww” Arnav cooed and kissed the boy’s cheek. “You can call me Annav”

“Annav” Ayan said again.

“That’s not fair” NK said, “You always burst when I call you Nannav”

“Yes because he is 3 years old and you’re 30! Old man!” Arnav said.

“Hey brothers” Akash walked in to the poolside and sat on the chair opposite to Arnav.

“Akash, I’ve looked at the statistics. The report is on the way” Arnav said smiling.

“Thanks bhai!” Akash said smiling.

“Akash, can I take up the photography for the next photo shoot of AR?” NK asked.

“No” Akash said.

“Why?” NK cried.

“He is AR’s photographer?” Arnav asked.

“He was” Akash said shaking his head, “Until he flirted with one of the models which happened to the wife of a Bollywood actor. It took me days and days to convince him not to sue us!”

Arnav looked at NK who shrugged saying, “She was beautiful! And she didn’t mind my flirting. Hey she gave me her number!”

“Yeah and you called her which was attended by her husband!” Akash cried, “AR almost entered to scandals if it hadn’t been me and Khushi begging him not to give the story to news!”

NK rolled his eyes and said, “As if AR isn’t scandalous! Hey you disowned your own brother in front of the whole world! And you call a simple flirting a scandal!”

Akash looked away and Arnav glared at NK. NK bit his tongue and looked at Akash who removed his specs and rubbed his face.

“Akash, it’s fine” Arnav said slowly.

“No it’s not” Akash whispered.

Arnav glared at NK who looked down.

“I’m sorry” NK whispered and wrapped an arm around Akash’s shoulder.


Everyone looked at Ayan who was still on Arnav’s lap.

“Uffo” Arnav cried, “We almost forgot about you” he lifted the boy and stood up. Rocking him in the air, he looked at NK and signalled to Ayan.

NK got the clue and walked to Arnav. “Ayan, my baby boy” he cooed and tickled the boy who giggled uncontrollably.

“Look who it is” Arnav said in baby voice and pointed to Akash who was smiling faintly.

“Papa” Ayan said.

“Ha papa” Arnav said and bend down to Akash. Akash took Ayan from his arms. The boy sat on his father’s lap and clutched his spectacle.

“Do you know what it’s a spectacle” NK said sitting on the floor on his knees.

“Specle” Ayan said.

“Nah” Akash said, “Spectacle. Spe...”

“Spe...” Ayan said copying him.

“Spe...cta....cle....” Akash said.



“Spectacle” Ayan said and clapped his hands.

Arnav gaped and sat on the floor. He turned Ayan to him and said, “Say Arnav......Aaa.....rrrr....naaa....vvvv”

Akash chuckled and said, “Say it bacha......Aa....rrr...nav”

“Annav” Ayan said

“YES!” NK screamed lifting his hands up in the air.

Akash laughed and Arnav groaned.

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