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Jan 6, 2018

Carnival Night (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 119 times)

Carnival Night





“When on earth will they finish their meal?” Khushi groaned and Aaron chuckled as they watched Akash and Payal lovingly feeding each other.

“There is a carnival at Chandni Chowk” Aaron stated and Khushi looked at him. He shrugged and she looked at the couple who was lost in their world.

She looked back at Aaron and said, “Let’s go!”



“Let’s get on that ride” Aaron cried and tugged Khushi’s hand.

“Ah no no no!” she tugged back.

“Come on’re such a spoilt sport!” he whined and she shrugged, “I’m scared of rides okay” she cried.

He hid an amusing smile and asked, “I thought you’re I-love-challenges type!”

“I am” she cried.

“Ok then, I’m challenging you! Get on this ride with me! Khushi Kumari Gupta never backs out from challenges does she?”

“No she doesn’t but....” she stopped and stared at him. “What?” he asked.

“How do you know my name?” she whispered.

“Khushi!” he cried, “Your name is Khushi”

“No. My full name!” she whispered.

He paused and stood confused. “You told me once, when we met!”

“Let’s go take the ride” she said changing the topic. He nodded cheerfully and dragged her. She tagged along with her mind pondering over how he called her full name because she was hundred percent sure that she never told him that!





“So you brought me for house hunting in the name of a date?” Anjali asked raising her eyebrow as she opened the window panes and looked out at the night sky.

She felt him standing close behind her and soon felt a pair of hand wrapping around her waist. “I’m buying this house! Wanted you to see this before I show Ivan and Aaron!” he whispered and nuzzled his nose behind her ear.

She turned to him and asked surprised, “You’re settling here in Delhi?”

He nodded and said, “I spoke to Denkins. He asked me to lead the Indian branch! How long can I stay in Denkins’ employee apartment? Have to find my own place!”

“What about the boys?” she asked.

“Ivan is Denkins’ PA. So he’ll have to go back! Aaron...I don’t know. I never told him that I’m settling here!”

She nodded and walked away from him. She circled in the empty house and said, “Why are you showing me this house?”

“How is it?” he asked crossing his arms.

“Cosy” she said smiling and looked around, “Small but cosy” She walked into the kitchen and then to the bedroom humming a song. It was a single storey house in a quiet colony of New Delhi. It had two bedrooms with attached bathroom, living room and a small dining room attached to the kitchen. “So you’ve finalized this one?” she asked as she walked towards him who was sitting on the kitchen slab.

He nodded and she nodded an approval, “It’s nice!”

He jumped from the counter and wrapped his arm around her waist, “Now the reason why I showed this house to you...”

She hummed and he asked, “Will you move in with me?”

She froze and gaped at him. He chuckled seeing her reaction. “Aman...main....what are you....” she stammered.

“I want you to move in with me” he said holding her close, “Will you?”





Aaron moaned as he gulped down the golgappa. He had lost count on how much he ate it but there was no stopping for him as he ordered the man to get him one more plate.

Khushi chocked on her golgappa and burst out laughing.

“I love this!” he moaned and gulped down another one. She nodded and placed her empty plate at the counter. She extended her hand to his plate but he slapped it away. “It’s mine” he whined and swatted her hand away.

“You like it so much?” she asked surprised.

He nodded and said, “There is an Indian restaurant in Washington where Aman, Ivan and I used to hang out. It was from there I tried this for the first time! It’s my first love!”

Khushi burst out laughing and he smiled cheekily. “Bhaiyya ek aur plate de na” he said to the vendor who gaped at him.


“Arnav ji....just try one!”

“No no’s too spicy. I hate golgappa” he said swatting her arm away. Khushi huffed and wrapped her arm around his arm. “For me” she pouted.

“Khushi” he warned.

“Please please pretty please” she whined.

“Fine, just one!” he sighed.

She squealed and stuffed a golgappa into his mouth. Arnav shrank back but gulped it down. “How is it?” she asked cheerfully.

“Can I get a glass of water?” he asked with a painful expression.


“Khushi!” she jerked and looked at Aaron who was patting her shoulder. “Where are you lost?” he asked.

She shrugged nothing and he said, “Let’s go?”

“You’ve finished emptying his store?” she asked looking at him and then at the vendor.

“Very funny” he huffed and pulled her along as he walked towards is motorcycle.

She hopped on the vehicle and held his shoulder as he started it. They drove through the busy streets of Delhi and she asked suddenly, “Do you have any girlfriends?”

“Presently no!” he said chuckling.


“Many” he said.

“Oh” she said and kept quiet.

“Why did you ask?” he asked smirking.

“Nothing. You’re so charming and cheerful! It’s no wonder that you had girlfriends!” she said.

He laughed and stopped his vehicle before RM.

She got down and looked at him. “Thank you. I really enjoyed it!”

Aaron bowed to her and laughed, “Looking forward for more hangouts Ms. Gupta!”

She smiled and he saluted her. Giving her a wink he rode away while she stood watching him go.





Jan 7, 2018

The Man With A Beer Bottle (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

The Man With A Beer Bottle





“I wanna talk to you” Aaron declared as soon as Aman walked into the apartment. Aman sprang back in surprise, not expecting his friend to be up at 1 am in the morning.

“But before that, where were you?” Aaron narrowed his eyes.

Aman shrugged and took off his jacket. “Why aren’t you asleep?” he asked.

“Answer me first” Aaron said and crossed his arms.

“Date” Aman mumbled and said, “I’m tired. We’ll talk tomorrow!”

“NO!” Aaron cried, “I want to know how I know Khushi!”

“How would I know that? You said that you both met at restaurant!” Aman cried.

“Not that” Aaron said, “How do I know her before losing my memory? What’s her relation with me?”

Aman froze on his steps and looked at him.

“I don’t know. May be you met her somewhere” he mumbled.

“Lies” Aaron said narrowing his eyebrows, “She told me that we got introduced through you!”

“Aaron I’m really tired. Can we stop this **** right now?” Aman asked angrily.

“I want to know” Aaron cried.

“Shut up” Aman said and walked away.

“You can’t just walk away like that” Aaron shouted but all he got was the noise of door slamming shut.





Aman was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling when the door knocked. He groaned and walked to his bedroom door.

“I swear to god Aaron...” he stopped himself finding Ivan standing before him.

“How long will you hide it from him Aman? You gotta tell him everything!” Ivan said.

Aman opened the door wide and Ivan entered. He closed the door behind him and said, “You know that we cannot tell him!”

“But we have to!” Ivan cried, “Although I love having Aaron as my brother I cannot stand him not being with his family. He deserves to know that he is ASR and have a family!”

Aman groaned and walked to the window. “You know we can’t Ivan!”

Ivan sighed and said, “I cannot watch it anymore. Don’t you feel bad for Khushi?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course I do!” Aman cried, “Do you know how much it pains me when he talks about ASR without knowing that HE IS ASR? He no longer boss me around, he no longer says what the, he no longer talk to me about Khushi bhabhi, he...”

“Aman...Aman calm down!” Ivan rushed to him, “Relax”

Aman sighed and hugged him. “I want to set everything right but I’m unable to...” he whispered.





The apartment was quiet as Aaron opened his bedroom door and walked to living room. It was 3am in the morning and he was unable to sleep. Thoughts about Khushi was disturbing and he badly needed a long drive.

Wearing his helmet he started his vehicle and zoomed out of the apartment complex.

Minutes later, he stopped his bike near a cliff and got down. He had discovered this place a few weeks back when he and Ivan decided to explore the city. It was a quiet corner of Delhi and he sat down at the end of the cliff looking down to pure darkness.

“Who are you?” he heard a voice and jumped in shock. He was about to slip down to the cliff when he felt someone holding his arm and pulling him back. He fell flat on the mud and looked up to find an outline of man in moonlight.

“Who are you boy? What are you doing here?” the man asked.

Aaron stood up and said, “I’m Aaron! I was just....wait who are you to ask me this? You don’t own the place!”

“Of course I do!” the man chuckled, “It ain’t a public property Mr. Aaron! It belongs to me! And I live there!” he pointed to the house few metres away from the area.

“Oh....I’m sorry! I’ll leave!” Aaron mumbled when the man said, “You seem disturbed. Want some drink?”

He looked at the man and hesitated.

“Come on” he urged and Aaron nodded, “Sure!”

They both entered a wooden house and Aaron looked around. It was very cosy and warm. He sat on the couch in living room and the man forwarded him a beer bottle.

He gulped it down and the man asked, “What do you do?”

He kept the bottle down and looked at the man. He was a short but well built man with a warm smile and neat hair. “I work as a waiter at Bluebell restaurant!”

“Ah it’s very famous. I’ve been there once with my friends!” the man said smiling.

And that was how the conversation began. Soon Aaron found himself talking more about himself to the complete stranger and both the men laughed at Aaron’s stupidity when he balanced plates on his nose and how the manager rebuked him.

“Well, that was good! I feel better!” Aaron said standing up.

‘knew that you’re troubled. Glad that I helped!” the man said smiling warmly.

“Well I’ll take my leave. Thank you so much for letting me in Mr.?” he asked extending his hand.

The man shook hands and said smiling, “Jha. Shyam Manohar Jha!”








Jan 16, 2018

He Is Back (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 34 times)

Sorry for not updating! My wifi at hostel broke down and i had no option to update the story! Now that it's back I'm gonna shower you all with updates.

Double update for you my lovely readers :) :)

He Is Back





The clock said 6 am and Aman walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. Yawning like a kitten, he stretched his limbs and opened the fridge, bending down to grab the milk bottle.

He was yawning and sleepily making coffee when the front door opened and Aaron walked in.

“Aaron!” Aman called out surprised.

Aaron stopped at his tracks and looked at him.

“You were out all night?” Aman asked.

“Yes I was” he said shrugging.

“But where?”

“Why do you care? Stop acting like a mom!” Aaron snapped and stormed to his room, shutting the door with a slam.

Aman blinked and stood stiff. The vibration on his pocket indicating that he has received a message brought him back with a jerk. Taking out his cell, he read the received message.

Felt bad that he snapped at you? Ouch, it hurts huh? Get used to it Mathur! ‘Coz this’ just a beginning.

The coffee mug fell from his hand down to the floor where it shattered into pieces. Aman gasped and backed himself up to the counter.

“Hey everything alright?” Ivan came running hearing something breaking and patted a frozen Aman’s shoulder.

Aman looked at him and said in a panic filled whisper, that dreaded the hell out of Ivan, “He is back!”





“Hey Aman, you’re still up here?” the 55 year old security of AR asked surprised.

Aman hummed as he typed something on his laptop.

“I was closing the office. What are you doing here? Everyone of AR, from drivers to designers, are at ASR’s wedding!” the security asked shocked seeing ASR’s right hand working hard on his boss’ wedding day.

Aman chuckled and said, “I’m going for the wedding kaka. But not before I take care of his honeymoon package!”

The security chuckled and said, “Okay baba...I’m leaving the key here. Lock it when you leave!”

Aman hummed as he dialled the hotel at Malaysia where his boss and bhabhi are supposed to enjoy their honeymoon.



“All set!” he patted himself an appreciation as he drove his car through the lone streets of Delhi towards his boss’ wedding hall.

“Arrey yaar. It’s too late! I should take the short route!” he muttered to himself and turned the vehicle to Bantra road.

The stereo started playing ‘Wah wah ramji’ and he chuckled to himself singing along the lyrics.

“Jodi kya banaayi...

Bhaiyya aur bhabhi ko...

Badhai ho badhai...damn I should’ve sung this for their Sangeet!” he said to himself.

Suddenly he started slowing down. What is that? Oh a man is waving for him to stop! No my boy, my boss is getting married and I’ve to reach there as soon as possible. No wait...he is standing before a trashed car....oh no!

Aman pressed his brake pedal and sided the vehicle. He got down and watched the guy running towards him.

“Hey” the guy said breathlessly. American! Aman could see it.

“I was passing by and saw this car trashed. There is a guy stuck up inside the vehicle! We need to get him out as soon as possible!” he said breathlessly.

“****. Did you call an ambulance? Police?” Aman cried as both of them raced to the car.

“Yes” the guy cried.

“Hold me, I’m going in to unbuckle his seat belt!” Aman said and the guy nodded. Aman crawled into the upside car and shivered when he felt blood flowing out of the man to his neck. Holding his breath he unbuckled the seat and shrank back when the man fell down like a heap. The guy pulled him out and then proceeded to pull out the man. “His leg is stuck” he whispered.

Aman sighed and said, “One of us should go in. We cannot pull him out!”

“I’ll go” the man said and crawled in. Aman sat on the ground and looked at the injured man who now had his upper body on the road, next to his feet. His face was resting on the red giving Aman a view of his thick hair which was now wet with blood. He shuddered at the amount of blood. Is he dead? He whispered to himself.

He saw the guy joining him and nodded towards the injured man. Aman sat up and pulled the man out easily. He sighed but then cried, “Oh god!”

The guy looked back at the car and gasped. “It’s starting to burn! Get away man!” he cried and held the injured man’s legs. “Take him! We should get away before this explodes!” he cried.

Aman held the man’s shoulders and the two men rushed towards the either side of the road. The car burst into flames and the two fell forward due to the impact. He could hear the guy crying out in shock but Aman sat up in shock.

His mind went back to few second before. His brain gave him the image that was registered when he took a glance at the injured man’s face just a second before the car exploded.

Gasping loudly he crawled to the injured man who was lying a few feet away. Holding his shoulder and turning him, he sprang up in shock.

He could recognize that face, regardless of the amount of blood that was starting to clot all around the chiselled face.

“ASR” he whispered. 

Jan 16, 2018

Messing up with Mathur (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 99 times)

Messing up with Mathur





Be it breakfasts, lunch or dinners, everything is dead in RM unless it’s Ayan’s antics echoing in the house. Khushi walked down the stairs of RM wearing her office clothes expecting a dead silent dining room but froze on her tracks hearing Akash’s loud voice.

She hurried to the dining room and saw Anjali peacefully eating her breakfast not bothering Akash who was shouting at her. Payal stood holding a bowl of curry and Ayan was sitting on his high chair blinking at his father and bua.

“What’s happening?” she cried and Akash turned to her.

“Talk to her” he screamed pointing at Anjali, “She wants to move out!”

“What? Why?” Khushi asked surprised.

Anjali looked up and said, “A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to move in with him and...”

“Wait, HIM?” Khushi cried.


“Di why would you move in with a guy?” Khushi asked calmly, “Who is he and how do you know him?”

Anjali looked down at the plate and said shutting her eyes tight, “It’s Aman!”

“MATHUR?” Akash asked shocked.

“Yes” Anjali opened her eyes and looked at Akash.


“Akash calm down” Payal said, “Let di talk!”

“SHE IS NOT MOVING OUT! WITH AMAN MATHUR, DEFINITELY NO!!!!” Akash declared and stormed out of the house.

Khushi looked at Anjali and said, “How did this happen?”

“What?” Anjali asked.

“I mean you and....Aman?” Payal asked frowning.

“Long story” Anjali said smiling.



“Di, need your help” Arnav said on phone.

“Ha bolo Chotte!” Anjali said balancing the phone between her shoulder and head.

“Can you fill in for me for a day at AR?”

“What?” Anjali asked surprised.

“I have to fly to London urgently! So...”

“What about your assistant Riya?” Anjali asked.

“She resigned a few months ago di. A guy joined today as my PA. I cannot ask him to fill in since he is not familiar to his job. I need you at the office di and yeah, please explain his job to my PA!”

Anjali sighed and said, “Okay. What’s his name?”

“Aman Mathur” Arnav said.




“I hope you’re clear Mr. Mathur!” Anjali said, her lips forming a thin line.

Aman furrowed his brows and nodded with his eyes down at the files of AR.

“Okay then, you have your cabin there, just outside the CEO’s office. We expect you to have 100% punctuality and efficiency. Being ASR’s PA is not easy and I want you on your best!” she said sternly.

He looked up at her and nodded, “Yes mam”

She nodded and asked, “Any doubts? Anywhere you need further clarifications?”

“Umm...who are you?” he asked with a sly smile.

“Excuse me” she asked surprised.

“You’re not ASR. ASR is a man, I have heard! And you don’t work here!” he pointed to her red sari, “So who are you, so important to ASR that he trusted you with AR for a day?”

“He is my younger brother!” she said and leaned back on Arnav’s chair.

“Ah! So that’s why the receptionist told me that “ASR will meet you soon”. What’s your name female ASR?” he asked laughing.

“Anjali” she said.

“Anjali!” he repeated the name, “Beautiful name!”

“Is your interrogation over?” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“No, one more question: what do you & your husband do?” he asked smiling.

“That’s two questions combined to one!” she said raising an eyebrow.

He shrugged.

“He is a lawyer. I’m a house wife!” she said calmly.

He nodded and stood up, “It was pleasure meeting you Anjali. Can I move to my cabin now?”

“Yes you can and call me mam” she said sternly.

“Sure....Anjali” he said and walked off.

“Jerk” she muttered.



“Having a great time?”

Anjali turned and saw Aman leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and a sly smile adorning his lips.

“Shut up” she muttered and turned back to the lonely garden where she stood.

“Seriously, what are you doing here? Everyone are dancing inside” he said standing beside her.

“I can’t dance! Not with this leg!” she muttered pointing to her leg.

“Is that why you’re here?” he whispered.

She looked at him and he said slowly, “Or is it that Shyam is dancing with another woman?”

She sighed and said, “That’s his friend. Shyam ji wanted to dance and he asked her since I can’t...”

“Dance with me” he whispered.

She looked at him with surprise. “Look at my leg Aman!”

“Do you know Sudha Chandran? She had a wooden leg!” Aman said.

“I’m not her! I’m not confident to dance with my limp and look like a duck in front of people!””

“You are and you’re gonna do that” he said determined and held her hand.



“Everything is set Nani ji!” Aman said to Nani as the workers, under his instructions, completed decorating RM for Payal and Khushi’s moohdikhai ceremony.

Nani thanked him and walked away leaving him with Anjali.

“You might know the reason don’t you?” Anjali asked holding his arm, “Why did Chotte go for this hurried marriage? Why? Right on Akash’s wedding?”

“I don’t know Anjali”

“You’re his best friend” she cried, “Obviously you would know!”

“I don’t know, believe me!” he said sighing, “I know that he loves her. He loved her since the day she fell to his arms at Lucknow fashion show but I have absolutely no idea why he married her without any prior notice!”

She sighed and looked away.

He could see tears flowing out to her cheeks and he held her palm and rested his palm over her, “It’s okay. I’ll talk to him. I’m not only his best friend but yours too!”

She looked at him and asked sniffling, “Will you?”

“I will” he said smiling faintly.



“Here you go” he said holding out a coffee mug. She took it and started sipping it as he joined her on the couch, next to her, seated on his living room.

“The apartment is cosy” she commented looking around.

“Your brother is a good employer” he said.

She nodded and sipped the coffee.

“So he just kicked him out, for no reason?” he asked.

“Khushi ji and NK bhai accused him for kidnapping Chotte and Chotte kicked him out!” she said.

“And?” he pressed.

“And I don’t believe them”

“Why not?” he frowned.

“Because Shyam ji isn’t like that! He lies, I know. He had lied for getting money but that was his ego preventing him to ask money from me. But he is not cruel!” she said.

“I don’t know the truth but I can tell you that when ASR told everyone, in phone, that he is in Scotland it was blatant lie. We have no associations with any industry in Scotland! May be he was giving you and Akash a clue, by mentioning a country not related to AR, that he is not in that country!” Aman said.

Anjali looked at him and he continued, “Khushi ji had asked me whether we have any meeting in Scotland and I denied. I think she got suspicious and started to look into it. And I thought that ASR is planning a surprise for Khushi ji. He had mentioned it to me once that he wanted to take her someone where. So I believed that it’s his prank and didn’t look into it!”

“I don’t know what to do” she said crying, “Whom should I believe? Chotte or Shyam ji? Chotte never lies to me and have always protected me but.....Shyam ji is my....” she buried her face in her palm and sobbed hard.

“It’s gonna be okay” he said patting her shoulder, “Just give it some time. Everything will come around!”

“It’s hard” she said uncovering her face and rubbing her nose, “Walking back to that home....brings back memories....everything is downhill now, EVERYTHING. My relation with husband...Khushi ji...I....I can’t...I...”

“Hey hey relax” he wrapped an arm around her, “Anjali, ANJAL:I calm down! Listen to me!”

She started breathing heavily and started ranting, “He...he said he loves me....chotte too loves me....Shyam ji always cared for me...chotte...chotte too cared for me....they...”

Aman pulled her to a hug and whispered, “its’s all gonna be okay...”

She wrapped his arm around his torso and he patted her back. Under the dim lights of his living room, he could feel her relaxing beneath his hold.



“So that’s how it began!” Khushi stated.

Anjali nodded.

“And now he asked you to move in with you?” Payal asked.

Anjali again nodded.

“You’ve already decided haven’t you?” Khushi asked smiling amused.

“Yes” Anjali said smiling, “I wanted to inform Akash but the stupid guy thought that I was taking his permission”

Payal chuckled and Khushi said, “We all wanted you to move on from Shyam which you did. Everyone wants you to find your happiness and if you think it lies in a certain dumbbell called Aman Mathur, then go for it!”

Anjali smiled and hugged her. “You’re the best” she whispered. “I know, I’ve been told!” Khushi said laughing.





Jan 27

The Well-wisher (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 104 times)

The Well-wisher





“What’s happening here?” Aaron asked as soon as he entered the house finding and angry Ivan shouting at Aman.

“He is moving out!” Ivan cried.

“What? Where?” Aaron cried in surprise.

“I’m settling here, in Delhi!” Aman said, “I’ve been offered to look after the Indian branch of Denkins’ Fashions. So I’ve bought a place near to the office!”

“What about us Aman?” Ivan asked.

“Your call guys!” Aman said shrugging.

“That’s fine! His decision! Why should we control our lives according to his schedule! We’re going back after your work here in Delhi Ivan!” Aaron said and stormed into his room.

“WE NEED TO TALK AARON!” Aman shouted.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Aaron shouted.

“What happened between you both?” Ivan asked confused.

“I don’t know” Aman shrugged.

“Does this have something to do with his message?” Ivan whispered.

“May be” Aman whispered.





Slamming the door shut, Aaron sat on the bed holding his laptop on his lap. Opening google chrome he typed,

Arnav Singh Raizada

Clicking the Wikipedia page open he leaned back on the headboard reading the words.

Reading the words and looking at the blank column of images he recalled the words of his new friend, Shyam.

“Jha. Shyam Manohar Jha!”

“Aaron Felix Bosch, my full name” Aaron said smiling.

“I’ve seen you someone man! Where is it...I don’t recall!”

“No, I’m new here in town!” Aaron said.

“No” Shyam said, “I’ve met you....years back....ah, aren’t you Arnav? Arnav Singh Raizada?”

Arnav Singh Raizada?


“Oh sorry. I must have mistaken! But as far I recall, he had a pretty similar face, Aaron! Ah leave it, it’s said that you can find 6 people with the same face of yours!” Shyam said laughing. Aaron smiled and nodded.

The laptop before him said stories about how ASR took AR from bottom to number 1 position.

“Why doesn’t internet have one single picture of ASR?” Aaron muttered in anger as he typed in youtube.

Search: Arnav Singh Raizada

Search: ASR AR Fashions

Search: AR Fashion show

Suddenly his fingers stopped at the search results. There were many links to AR Fashion shows but one attracted his eyes. It was by some local news channel, posted years ago.

Kaun hai yeh ladki jo ASR ke bahon main gire?

And it had Khushi’s picture.





Aman was busy with the merging fashion show of AR and Denkins when his phone rang. “Mathur here” he said in his professional voice not looking at the caller id.

“Meet me at XYZ cafe, NOW”

Aman froze hearing the familiar voice. “What do you want....after all these years...why are you back?” he hissed.

“XYZ cafe, NOW”





“So you’re really moving out?” Mami asked.

Anjali hummed as she checked the answer papers of her students.

“It’s so tiring huh?” Mami asked laughing, “Economics teacher and part time model of AR! You’re tiring yourself Anjali!”

“I love my jobs” Anjali said smiling.

Mami smiled faintly and said, “You will be visiting us frequently, won’t you?”

Anjali looked up from the papers and smiled. “Mami, I’m not leaving the city! Aman’s place is just few minutes from RM!”

“But still! You’ll not be here anymore” mami said sadly.

Anjali chuckled and walked to mami who was sitting on her bed. Hugging her tightly she said, “I’ll be visiting daily!”

 “Ek baat poocho?” Mami asked and Anjali withdrew from the hug.

“Do you love him? Aman?” mami asked.

Anjali nodded.

“Why don’t you marry him then?” mami asked.

Smiling sadly she said, “He never asked me to!”

Mami was about to say something when Anjali’s phone beeped with a message.

Frowning at the unknown number, Anjali read the message.

The love Aman Mathur has been showering on you is just a facade! You don’t know his true face!

-       Your Well-wisher





“Aman we have a meeting right...”

“Sorry Khushi I’ve to go!” Aman said and rushed out of the office.

“Aman!” Khushi called, “It’s an important meeting you fool!”

“I’ll call you later!” Aman called out and exited the building.

“Idiot!” Khushi muttered.

Asking Vishal to fill Aman’s place, Khushi walked to her cabin where she found a courier.

For Khushi Kumari Gupta. She read and ripped off the cover.

It revealed a file – a medical file – with a letter attached on the top.

Trusting people is hard. Especially when you have had not-so-pleasing experiences in life. But in spite of everything we trust some people whom we should never be acquainted to! One among them is Aman Mathur. Even ASR, the man who could see right through the wrong, believed him. ASR got him as his Friday man, the only man who knows his deepest secrets – even the ones you never knew!

You may not believe me Ms. Gupta/Mrs. Raizada (as you wish to entitle yourself) but the truth lies in the medical report! Read it and you would wish that you should’ve never believed Aman Mathur!

-       Your Well-wisher





Closing the laptop with a gasp, Aaron sat up straight in his bed.

The video of Khushi walking on a ramp and falling into ASR’s arms played before his eyes again and again.

“Then where is your ex-boss?”

“He disappeared!”


 I hate him for leaving me at the altar but there is a hope that he is out there.

Don’t ever tell me that he is dead because he can never die for me! For me, my husband is still alive and one day he’ll be back and I’ll kick his ass for leaving me!

I’ve hope that one day he would walk into Raizada mansion as the same ASR who walks into AR with looks that would burn everyone, except Aman Mathur!

The way her eyes welled up when he first saw her at Bluebell restaurant. How Akash, Payal and Anjali froze seeing him! How mami ji smiled when he called her mami. How Laxmi rubbed herself on his legs when he walked into RM!

His mind went back to every time when Aman used to look at him while talking about ASR.

It was all him!

The look everyone had when they talked about ASR to him!

It was him!

He was ASR!





Jan 28

Story Time (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 110 times)

Story Time





‘Hope you’re okay with this meeting” he said smiling as the person sat before him in the cafe.

“Ji but....what do you want to talk to me bhaiyya?”

‘Hari Prakash ji, I want to know the whole story of Arnav Singh Raizada, that’s me!” Arnav said smiling. (why refer him as Aaron when he himself know that he is Arnav :))

HP looked at him in shock.

Arnav showed him his mobile where the video of Khushi falling in his arms at Lucknow fashion show played.

“I know that I’m Arnav. I want you to tell me everything, everything about your Arnav bhaiyya!” Arnav said.

“But why me bhaiyya? Khushi bhabhi, Anjali di aur….....”

“No HP,” Arnav said, “I want someone who can give me an honest and non-biased story. I don’t want Anjali’s biased report on Arnav and Payal’s report which will favour Khushi! I want the truth and I know that only you can tell me that; the person who had seen the in and out of Raizadas for the past thirty years!”





“Late” Anjali said sternly as Aman ran to her.

“Sirf 2 hrs late” Aman said smiling sheepishly.

She gave him a sharp look and Aman chuckled. Sitting near her on the rock she was sitting on, he said, “Sorry baby. I was busy”

“Busy with what?”

“I had a meeting”

“With whom?”

“A friend of mine”

“Which friend?”

“Anjali” Aman asked wrapping an arm around her, “What’s wrong?”

“I was waiting here for you for the past 2 hours and then you come running claiming that you had a meeting with your so called friend!” Anjali shouted.

“Jeez, relax....I was so busy! I had works at AR too!”

“I got a message from someone”

“What message?” he asked sensing something wrong.

Without a word, she showed him the message she had received.





Name of the patient: Aaron Felix Bosch

Age: 28

Name of father: Alexander Bosch

Name of mother: Karen Adriana Bosch


Status of the patient: Unfit

Cause of unfitness (if any): Severe blow to head, leg fracture, broken ribs

Consequences (if any): Amnesia, eye concussion, breathing troubles

Surgeries undergone by the patient (if any): Kidney transplantation



Name of the recipient: Aaron Felix Bosch

Name and signature of the donor (in case of transplantation surgeries): Aman Mathur


Khushi didn’t read anything beyond that.

Her mind recalled the words Aman told her.

How I found him? Well I didn’t!

Ivan decided to help. He gave the guy the name of his dead younger brother and took him to Washington with him.

I joined Denkins and the third day of my job....I saw someone similar to ASR picking up Ivan after his day!





The love Aman Mathur has been showering on you is just a facade! You don’t know his true face!

-       Your Well-wisher

“So you trust this ****ing message over me!” he asked angrily and threw the phone to her.

“I want to know who this sender is!” Anjali cried.

Aman stood up and said, “How the hell would I know who the sender is! The point is that you doubt me!”

“I do not doubt on you! I just want to learn the truth!”

.”What truth!” Aman cried.

“You’re hiding something Aman!” Anjali said angrily, “We were together for all these years but suddenly you left with a resignation letter on Akash’s desk. You never called me for the past four years and suddenly reappear at AR with my brother living with you in another name! Why??? What are you hiding?”

“I’m not hiding anything” Aman shouted, “Whatever I told you was true! I found Aaron when I joined Denkins. I tried informing you but then I heard.....”

“You’re lying” Anjali said calmly, “I can see it Aman. Whatever you’re saying doesn’t make sense! You thought that Khushi and us hate him and didn’t inform him about his whereabouts? That makes no sense!”

“It made sense when I told you this story for the first time. Now that you’ve got this message you’ve started to conduct logical assessments on my words, haven’t you?” he asked angrily.

“I’m not Aman” she said softly and held his arms, “I want you to share! Tell me what’s inside your mind! If we’re gonna live together, be with each other, then we’ve to share things Aman!”

“Then maybe I don’t want to be with you” he said and shoved her hands off from his arms.

“Aman” Anjali gasped.

“You’ve to believe me Anjali! If you cannot then I don’t want you to be with me!” Aman said angrily.





“What happened after my disappearance HP?” Arnav asked.

“Everyone waited for you. We had hope that you would come. But after two hours Akash bhai and NK bhaiyya decided to search for you! They searched everywhere but couldn’t find you! Everyone assumed that you left!” HP said.

“But why couldn’t they spot my accident?” he cried.

“The road you mentioned in a short cut bhaiyya. It’s not even a road but a muddy path which can only let one vehicle go at a time! I don’t think Akash bhaiyya or NK bhaiyya went there!”

He sighed and said, “Then?”

“Dadi ji went back to ashram after the damage she caused. Garima ji committed suicide! After few days NK bhai, Khushi bhabhi and Akash bhaiyya revealed Shyam’s true face before Anjali bitiya. Shyam was arrested!”

Arnav nodded his head.

HP was silent for a moment and then asked, “Do you remember everything bhaiyya?”

Arnav looked up at the expectant face of HP and said smiling sadly, “I don’t!”

HP’s face fell and he nodded.

“I need your help HP” Arnav said, “I want your help to defeat Shyam Manohar Jha!”

HP gasped. “Shyam is back?” he asked in shock.

Aaron nodded and told him how he met Shyam.

“Ji bhaiyya. I will help you!” HP promised.


Feb 7

Well Wisher strikes again! (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 97 times)

Well Wisher strikes again!





“Di!” Khushi cried as she entered the house. Anjali was sitting on the sofa lost in her thoughts and jerked hearing her sister-in-law’s voice.

Khushi and Akash ran to her and asked, “Where is Aman?”

“He dropped me here, just 10 minutes ago! Why?”

“He is lying! He lied about everything!” Akash cried.

“About what?” Anjali narrowed her eyes.

Khushi showed her the report, “See the report is from Delhi City hospital dated just four days after mine and Arnav ji’s marriage date. Aman is his donor! How come that happened? Didn’t he tell us that he found Aaron with Ivan from Washington?”

Anjali nodded and looked at the report.

“He was lying about everything!” Akash said angrily, “And now the guy isn’t picking up!”

“Let me try!” Anjali said and took out her cell





“Thank you HP” Arnav said balancing the phone between his ear and shoulder as he took a tray back to the kitchen at the restaurant.

HP had reported him Khushi, Anjali and Akash’s conversation about how Aman lied to them all.

Why did Aman lie that he met me with Ivan? He was right there at the hospital when I opened my eyes! He thought.


“How are you feeling?” the doctor asked.

“My head hurts!” he mumbled.

“Hey are you alright?” a voice came and he looked at the door to find a man.

“Who are you?” he asked frowning.

The man froze and looked at the doctor.



“Memory loss?” he whispered and looked at the doctor.

The doctor nodded, “Don’t worry. You had a fatal accident and be thankful that you’re alive. Your brother and his friend saved you at the right time!”

“Brother?” he whispered.

“Yes. You see that man who came in? Aman Mathur, your brother’s friend!”

“Who am I?” he whispered.

“Aaron Felix Bosch!” the doctor said.



He could’ve said that to the family!

But why was Aman adamant on keeping me away from the family? Telling me about past was risk, the doctor said but when why didn’t he ever mention about my real family for the past four years? True that I had accepted being Aaron but he should’ve told me that Khushi was waiting for me!

Why did he keep everyone in dark?

Mujhe pata karna hoga ki uss raat hua kya tha! Arnav murmured to himself.






“Fix a meeting with Aroras at 9am tomorrow. Is my schedule free for that?”

“Yes Mr. Denkins” Ivan said looking at the sheet before him.

“Ok then, later Ivan!”

“Bye sir”

Ivan kept the phone down and ruffled his hair in frustration. Heaps and heaps of work are undone and on top of that Denkins preponed the deadlines.

“I’m gonna die” he murmured and buried his head in files when the phone rang with a message.

You have done a great job in keeping Arnav away from me! But I can’t help it but crawl back to him like a leech! Must say, Aaron Felix Bosch is indeed interesting. Do you know what I find more interesting?

Aman Mathur crying out in pain!

Wanna see that? Come to Cyber Road at 1am tonight. ALONE.

-       Your Well Wisher.

Ivan froze under his skin and hurriedly dialled Aaron.

“Aaron, where is Aman?”

“Don’t know man. I ‘ve been trying and trying....did he call you?”

“NO” Ivan whispered and hung up the call.

Oh Lord!

Aman, where are you?

Feb 11

Who is he? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 105 times)

Who is he?





“Hey, want some coffee?”

Aman looked up from the hospital bench and saw the American guy forwarding a cup of coffee.

“Thanks” he whispered and took the cup.

“Relax, he would be fine!” the guy said.

Aman hummed and then looked at him, “Thanks by the way. For being here....I couldn’t save him alone!”

He smiled and said, “The name is Ivan! Ivan Bosch!”

“Aman Mathur”

“And the guy inside?”

“He is my boss. ASR.....Arnav that’s his name! It’s his wedding today!”

“Oh ****! What about the bride?” Ivan asked.

“I’m trying to contact their phones says unreachable! That’s weird!” Aman whispered.

“Here try from mine” Ivan said forwarding his phone.

Aman took his phone and dialled Khushi’s number from it. It started ringing.

“Why didn’t it ring from mine?” he murmured and waited for someone to pick.

But before that, Aman felt someone snatching the phone from him. “Nope! You are not calling them Mathur!” a voice said and Aman turned back in shock.

“Hey who are you?” Ivan cried and took the phone from him.

“You are not informing the Raizadas!” the man said smirking.





Aman groaned in pain as he clutched his forehead. Looking around he found himself lying on a cold floor of a dark room, lit with bulbs.

Good lord! Don’t tell me that I’m kidnapped! He murmured and tried to stand up but fell down in pain. Clutching his leg which was tied up, he called out, “Hello! Someone here?”

“Well hello Mathur!” the sickly familiar voice said as the man walked through the door.

Aman looked at him and froze.

“Why are you back!” he cried, “I told you I won’t bring him back in the lives of Raizadas!”

“You violated the agreement Mathur! We had a deal! You would take him away from Raizadas and I would keep them out of my deeds! But he came back! Now they know that ASR is Aaron!” the man said angrily.

Aman scoffed and the man said, “You crossed me Mathur. And now you have to pay for that!”

Every fibre and cell of his body froze as Aman watched the man pointing a gun at him.

“Goodbye Aman Mathur! And yeah, thanks for keeping Arnav safe for so long!”





Akash, Khushi and Anjali were talking something when the doors of RM slammed open and Aaron and Ivan rushed in.

“Has Aman contacted anyone of you?” Ivan asked urgently.

“No” Khushi said and looked at Aaron who was looking at her.

“I got a message!” Ivan said and showed them the message he had received.

You have done a great job in keeping Arnav away from me! But I can’t help it but crawl back to him like a leech! Must say, Aaron Felix Bosch is indeed interesting. Do you know what I find more interesting?

Aman Mathur crying out in pain!

Wanna see that? Come to Cyber Road at 1am tonight. ALONE.

-       Your Well Wisher.

“What the hell does this mean?” Anjali cried.

Akash looked at Aaron who seemed not moved.

“So you....” Akash said and everyone looked at him, “You know that you’re....”

Aaron nodded and said, “There is something called YouTube!!”

Khushi looked at him with tears and Arnav shifted uncomfortably in his heels. Although he know who he is, he does not remember any face of his past and the expectations the women before him holds in her eyes was making him feel guilty.

“Why does this say that you have kept Chotte away from us? What did you do?” Anjali asked.

Arnav looked at Ivan for explanation and Ivan sighed telling, “That day when Aman and I took him to hospital, he came and stopped us from informing you all. He threatened Aman to hurt you all if he doesn’t take Arnav away from RM. Aman didn’t pay heed to his words and proceeded to call Khushi but the next moment he got a call stating that his wife is killed!”

Everyone gasped and Ivan said, “We understood that if Arnav is here, you guys wouldn’t be safe. On top of that Arnav had a severe accident and there’re very few chances that his memory would be fine! So we....we took him away....for all these years he never contacted us but the moment we stepped on out foot here, Aman started getting messages from him, the well wisher, that if Arnav gets in contact with his family or if he knows that he is Arnav Singh Raizada, me and Aman will have to pay the price!”

Turning to Arnav, Ivan said, “The only reason they didn’t kill you that night from the hospital was the doctor’s statement that you’re gonna have a memory loss.”

“Where have they taken Aman! Who is this bloody well wisher?” Anjali cried.

“Shyam” Arnav said and everyone looked at him in shock.

“Shyam?” Khushi asked.

“Yes Shyam is back!” Arnav said.

“But....that’s not possible!” Akash cried.

“It is and I met him!” Arnav said.

“Wait are you telling me that you met someone named Shyam Manohar Jha?” Khushi asked.

Arnav nodded and Akash said, “Bhai...not many people know this...but....Shyam Manohar Jha died two years ago"




Mar 3

Revelation (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 124 times)

Okay guys, I did a great blunder! I got carried away while typing and wrote that Aman’s wife was killed! I’m actually surprised that no one pointed it out how Aman’s married and in relationship with Anjali. Whatever, I had already set Aman as unmarried and did a great blunder writing that sentence. Just strike it out friends.....







1 am

Cyber Road


“Good that you came alone” the man said as he smirked at ivan who was standing alone by the roadside.

“You asked me to come alone” Ivan said curtly.

The man nodded and Ivan asked, “Where’s Aman?”

“I never said that I’ll bring Aman here” the stranger said laughing.

“WHERE IS HE?” Ivan shouted.

“Ah calm down lion! You won’t see him again!” he smirked.

Ivan froze and looked at him.

“You must be a real fool if you thought that I called you here to return Aman to you and give you both a lecture how to keep Arnav away from his family”

“We did didn’t we?” Ivan shouted, “You threatened to hurt Raizadas and we kept away Arnav for like four years from his family. We kept the word, didn’t we?”

“And now you broke it! You should’ve know that crossing me wouldn’t be pleasing!” the man whispered dangerously,

“Where’s Aman?” Ivan asked dreadfully.

“I told you didn’t I? You won’t see him anymore!” the man said.

“Why are you doing this? Who are you and why do you hate Raizadas so much!” Ivan cried.

“Tch tch....I pity you Ivan. You invited all these trouble into your life. Why did you have to stop your car where I left Arnav to die? Why did you have to save him? You could’ve lived till wrinkles!” the man said and took out his gun, “But’ve left me with no choice!”

Ivan paled but said, “You won’t gain anything by killing me!”

“Yes I identity remains hidden by your death!” he said.

“I don’t even know your name! Nor does Aman. Just a stranger who hates Arnav and Raizadas!” Ivan said.

“Coz now I’m gonna reveal it!” the man said laughing, “The names Jha! Siddarth Manohar Jha!”

He curled his finger around the trigger and was about to pull it when both men heard a voice, “Not so easy tiger!”

Siddarth turned back in shock and found Arnav smiling at him, leaning on a tree.

“So it’s Siddarth! Not Shyam! Trust me, you had me! You would’ve fooled me to death unless Akash told me about Shyam’s death!”

Siddarth looked at him in disgust and shouted, “YOU! YOU’RE THE REASON WHY MY BROTHER DIED!”

“I was living as Aaron when your brother was sentenced to death Siddarth Jha!” Arnav said angrily.

“Oh yes” Siddarth laughed and looked at Ivan, “He don’t remember!” he turned to Arnav and said, “You may not remember but the night of your marriage, Shyam and your dadi had revealed your dear Khushi’s mother’s affair with your father. But instead of believing in them, your found out Shyam and dadi’s connection and how they are plotting against your family! Shyam could not afford you revealing himself before his wife and therefore asked me to kill you!”

“And everything falls into their places” Arnav said, “You tampered with my car and the accident happened. But I was not dead. Aman and Ivan saved me! You threatened them under Shyam’s demand and they took me away!”

“I hate you all! Your wife and brother got my brother arrested. He was hanged to death, just because of your family and you have to pay for that!”

“Why kill Ivan then?” Arnav laughed, “Let the poor guy go! The only mistake he did was that he saved a man from dying!”

“I cannot let him go out revealing who I am” he said laughing.

“It’s already revealed Siddarth!” Arnav smirked.

Siddarth narrowed his brow and Arnav, “I may not remember my life as ASR but I do share the same brain with ASR!”

Pointing to the small Bluetooth device in his ear, Arnav said, “Police is on the way. Even if you kill us both, you cannot escape because every road that cyber road lead is blocked by our men!”

“So before police beat the hell out of you,” Ivan said wrapping his arm around Siddarth, “Tell us where Aman is!”

Siddarth looked at Arnav with fire spitting eyes, “You won’t win ASR! You must be feeling happy since you locked me. Let me break it to you. You’ve lost. You’ve lost your best friend!”

Arnav frowned and Ivan looked at him.

Siddarth smirked and said, “I killed Aman Mathur!”

Arnav froze and Ivan gasped.

“And one more thing. I’m not alone in this quest of ruining Raizadas. Someone is paying me!” he said.

Arnav opened his mouth to ask something but no voice came up his throat.

“You’ll never know who! And I won’t tell anyone who it is! Good bye ASR. Good bye Ivan! Continue your journey without your third musketeer!” And with that Siddarth pulled the trigger to his own forehead.


Mar 20

Interrogations and conclusions (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 124 times)

Interrogations and conclusions





“Have a seat Ms. Raizada” the police officer said kindly and Anjali sat before him in the interrogation. A lady police constable stood next to him with a notepad in her hand and the officer leaned to talk a glass of water. He forwarded it to Anjali who accepted it.

“The reason why I have you here is that you are the last person who met Aman Mathur before he was kidnapped” the officer said and Anjali nodded.

“When was your meeting with him?”

“Today morning by 10.30” she said.

“Where was it?”

“At Lal Garden park”

“You said that he dropped you home right?” he asked and she nodded.


Anjali frowned and said, “Err....I don’t remember....I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay!”

Suddenly she said, “But I had called him again after five or minutes I reached home. May be I can check my call log?”


Anjali took out her phone and checked the time. “I called him at 12.15 pm. So he must have left after dropping me by 12.00 or 12.05!”

The lady constable noted the details and the man asked, “And after that no one heard of him!”

Anjali nodded.

The man then asked, “After he dropped you did he take a turn or just drove forward?”

Anjali said, “He turned his car!”

“How do you know?”

“Because I saw him turning the car” Anjali said shrugging.

“So you watched him leaving till he went off your sight?” he asked and Anjali nodded.

“Did he take a left or right turn at the junction Ms. Raizada?” he asked leaning forward.

“Left” she said.

“Did he say that he had a meeting with someone?”

“No. He had come to meet me after hanging out with a friend!” Anjali said.

“From the junction near your home, right goes AR fashion, straight goes his apartment or the restaurant he often goes with Ivan Bosch and many other places he had been earlier. But left is a route he often takes, that’s what I learnt from Mathur’s schedule! Why did he go to the left then? The road goes to Paleri, Karmadam, these places ring a bell?” he asked.

Anjali nodded no.

“Think well. Have Aman mentioned about these places or visited these places?” he asked.

“No” she said.

The inspector nodded and said, “We traced Siddarth Jha’s phone and the last location his sim was active was cyber road, the place where he killed himself and before that Paleri, the route to which Mathur drove!”

Anjali sat blank not knowing how to respond.

“We searched the whole place down and there is no trace of Mathur! Nor is his car found!” the man said, “Jha said before death that he killed Ma....”

“STOP!” Anjali screamed and closed her ears.





“Coffee?” she asked forwarding him a cup.

Arnav looked up from where he was sitting and smiled, “Thanks” he took the cup and she joined him near the poolside dipping her legs in the water.

“What’s the news about Aman?” Khushi asked.

“Police are searching for him. They have interrogated di, me and Ivan!” he said.

“I hope they find him soon!” Khushi whispered.

“He....” Arnav whispered, “He said that Aman is dead....”

“No...” Khushi cried, “Don’t say so....Aman cannot die. No...he has to live!”

“But he said...”

“May be he was trying to fool us. He also said that one among us is paying rubbish...why would one among us turn against us?” Khushi said and he hummed.

Sipping the coffee he scrunched his eyebrows but soon faked it with a smile. Khushi noticed it and asked worried, “What’s wrong? Does it taste bad?”

“Umm...not that....err...I like milk in coffee” he said sheepishly.


“Khushi coffee...” Arnav called out.

Biting her lip she forwarded him the cup who sipped it without a second look. The next moment he spit it out.

“Why the hell did you add milk in it?” he asked angrily.

“Woh kya hai na Nani ji and mami ji didn’t drink milk. So milk is remaining and it won’t stay for long. We have to use it by tonight!”

“So? You added milk in my coffee....Khushi you know that I love black coffee...”

“Just adjust for a day Arnav ji!” she whined.

“No way!” he said and slammed the cup on the table.

“It’s okay” he said and she was snapped from her thoughts.

“It’s okay...I’ll have it” he said smiling.

“No” she said and snatched the cup, “I’ll get another one for you. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you...umm...old habits don’t die!” she chuckled nervously.

He raised an eyebrow, “I used to drink black coffee?”

“Drink? Your whole existence depended on this black liquid!” Khushi cried and Arnav chuckled.

She proceeded to stand when he held her hand. Making her sit next to him, he asked, “What all strange things did ASR love?”

“Hmm....” Khushi faked a thinking, “ASR loved his laptop, Bluetooth, toast and juice, black colour, office, files blah blah...”

“And Arnav?” he asked smiling.

She looked at him.

“What does Arnav love?” he asked softly.

“Arnav ji loves gardening, sweaters even during summer seasons....I know.....crazy...badam kheer, gulab jamun although he shouldn’t eat sweets....he loves this poolside, staring up at the sky, complete silence.....peaceful atmosphere is what he loves the most....”

Arnav smiled and looked around the poolside, “Like this? Did we often sit here like this?”

She looked away and hummed.

Arnav looked at her and under moonlight he could see tears dropping down her eyes. Sighing he wrapped an arm around her. She looked at him in a snap and then at the arm around her shoulder.

“What?” he asked chuckling, “Haven’t I held you like this?”

“You have held me in many ways!” she said and suddenly widened her eyes, “Oh no.....”

He chuckled and she cried, “That sounded so wrong....”

“Batao....where else have I held you?” he asked with a naughty glint.

“Stop!” she said slapping his hand and swatted it from her shoulder. She stood up with her face red and turned to go.

“Arrey...bolo...” he said laughing and held her arm. He turned her to him and wrapped an arm around her waist. Pulling her close, he asked huskily, “Have I held you like this?”

Khushi sucked breath and her lips parted.

With his one hand around her waist, he ran his fingers through her nape. She closed her eyes and gulped as he held her by nape and tilted her head upward.

“Like this...?” he whispered.

“Arnav....” she moaned.

Arnav chuckled and stepped backwards, his hands leaving her. Khushi gasped and opened her eyes.

“Conclusion: I have held you in many ways!” Arnav said smirking.

“What the!” Khushi said.

“Aman once told me that it’s ASR....that’s me by the way, hello....ASR’s line....” Arnav said crossing his arms under his chest.

Khushi stomped her foot and he said chuckling, “You look cute when you’re angry! Ah, look at your nose. Lal ho gayi!”

Khushi slapped his chest and said, “Laad governor!”

Arnav laughed and hugged her.

Khushi smiled and hugged him tight. “It’s been so long” she whispered.

“Didn’t you ****ually assault me from the restaurant that day? You pulled me into a hug! Damn it took me a hell lot of self control!” he said laughing.

“Arnav ji!” she cried and slapped his back. “Sorry” he said cheekily and rested his chin over her head.

“Do you remember anything?” she whispered.

“No” he said.

She said nothing but held on tightly.

“But being here with in RM....nothing feels strange. As if I belong here!” he whispered.

Khushi smiled and he could feel her hold relaxing.

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